Bright: Samurai Soul (2021) Movie Script

I'm going to tell you a story about light.
Where this was,
the darkness lasted for a long time,
and you could not even be sure
where your body was.
Everyone was resigned to the fact
that the world would be trapped
in darkness forever
and would not stop fighting.
And yet everyone, and more than anyone,
I was waiting and hoping for the light.
The light illuminated the world,
revealing everything.
It shone on this beautiful, ugly,
lovable, spiteful world,
and my own little foolish self.
The old era melted into the darkness,
and the new era
was shining in the dazzling light.
Old things disappeared rapidly,
and things that the world
had never seen before started to appear.
People called it the Meiji Restoration.
- Our dear guest will leave now.
- Okay!
- Hurry and clean up!
- Take it there.
- Please!
- Take this there, will you?
Take care, sir. We look forward
to having you back soon.
Let go!
Let me go!
Be a good girl!
Stay still, you little... Don't make me...
What's this?
You want me to take this?
Just give her a bath
and throw a kimono on her.
She'll look completely different.
Look! She's an elf,
and a fine specimen at that.
She certainly is a novelty.
You don't come with strings attached,
do you?
Heavens, no! She's an orphan
with no strings attached.
Man, that hurts!
Let go of me, jerk!
What's with her?
She's just like a wildcat.
Let go!
Throw her in a cage in the basement.
Yes, sir.
- Stop it!
- Hey, guard.
It's got water inside. Throw that on her
if she gets out of control.
- Water?
- Yep.
She almost drowned on the boat
coming here.
She hates getting wet
for some weird reason.
No hard feelings.
If you behave yourself,
you should be let out soon.
Don't act like you're helping me!
Let me out now!
Make yourself at home.
Hey! I'm telling you
to get me out of here!
What did I tell you? Be a good girl.
Just because she's an elf,
don't try to screw me over...
Why would I do that?
- This is the Great Asahiro, you know.
- What's so great about it?
Top government officials flock here.
In other words,
this is the brothel of their choice.
Plus, this is also the residence
of the most beautiful woman in Kyoto.
It is said that guests become
so comfortable, they forget to return.
This reputation granted her the nickname
"The Forgetful."
You have in your possession
the Great Courtesan Chihaya.
Hey, Izou!
I hear the newcomer is a gem.
Gem? Far from it.
Hey, careful!
A gourd?
High Courtesan.
Are you awake?
I'm coming in.
High Courtesan.
Oh, it's you, Izou.
I brought you a rare treat.
Leave it there.
I also brought you what you asked for.
An English textbook?
Thank you,Izou.
Look at you.
You must have broken her heart.
That tomboy must have scratched me.
A real wild one has arrived.
Hey, wake up.
You are an elf, aren't you?
- So what?
- Don't dare speak to her like that.
She is the one I mentioned.
She just came...
I was sold!
She just came here,
but she thrashed around,
trying to run away.
Hey. Are you forgetting
to greet the High Courtesan?
Why should I?
I'm just going be bossed around,
chewed up, and thrown out.
Isn't that what you're planning?
She talks,all right.
Please give her to me.
Sorry? What do you mean?
She shall be my personal attendant.
What's your name?
Sounds Russian.
Your family may have come from the north.
So did hers.
She's a northern bird.
A bird in a cage?
You're no different from that!
I like rebellious girls.
Having trouble sleeping?
If you're still awake, come here.
What are you doing?
Everyone calls me "Chihaya the Forgetful."
But my clients aren't the ones who forgot.
I did.
I hear it was soon after the Restoration
that I had forgotten everything.
I was all naked and out of it.
I possessed nothing
but this kanzashi hair pin.
I didn't even remember my own name.
I am Chihaya,
the Forgetful.
You know something, Sonya?
There is a land of elves
somewhere in the world.
Somewhere to the north, beyond the seas.
Land of elves?
They call it Hakodate.
There, elves are neither envied
nor feared simply for being elves.
Everyone lives there as they are,
so I hear.
You're lying!
But I can see it.
The dazzling light.
That light will guide me.
I believe that.
How about you?
You can see it too, can't you?
The light
and darkness.
Open the door! We've got a problem!
- What?
- It's about your whores!
What about them?
It's a raid! Someone help!
You have a good nose.
Find the elf I am seeking.
This is your final mission.
I keep my promises.
In exchange, I expect you
to fulfill your mission.
What's going on?
Stay in here.
This is bad! It's a raid!
There must be more than 20 of them!
We've got to get out of here! Let's go!
We can escape from here.
Wait. What about the others?
Forget about them.
We need to save ourselves.
High Courtesan...
I expected nothing less from an orc.
You're strong like an animal.
You shall die!
I've always come close to dying,
but never actually do.
We can exit from here.
I'm sorry! Stay with me!
Look what we have here.
You are...
the great beauty of the Post-Restoration.
The courtesan Chihaya, aren't you?
Get out, you thug!
Isn't this a surprise?
You talk like a common whore.
Asahiro is history.
We can do whatever we want to you guys...
You brat!
Look what I found. An elf brat.
I'll take her.
What do you think you're doing?
You whore!
How dare you!
This mission
has cost me an arm, all right.
It can't be!
Bring this to...
She's in here!
Go get that monster!
Yes, sir!
So her name is Sonya.
Move an inch and you're dead.
Let's get out of here!
You orcs don't feel the heat?
Just hurry up and go!
Hurry up!
Let's go!
You elves don't have this custom?
This is how we see the dead off to Heaven.
Chihaya is not going to a place like that.
She's going north.
The courtesan's hairpin.
Chihaya wanted to go to the land of elves.
A placed called Hakodate.
Hakodate is the land of elves?
I will hire you with this.
You're asking me to take you there?
You can't say no.
Hey girl, would you like to hire me?
- You filthy hit man.
- Hear me out.
My boss was after that girl.
He kidnaps every orphaned elf he finds.
If he finds out that she is alive,
he will hunt her
to the ends of this world.
I see. This is how easily
you betray your allies...
I'm not betraying.
This was my final mission.
He promised to set me free
once I finished it.
I don't owe anyone anything anymore.
I don't want to be...
a hit man anymore.
I've had enough!!
This fang is a symbol of my vow.
Do you know how to go to Hakodate?
Of course.
Got it.
- You're hired!
- Wait a sec.
Thank you, little girl.
You bet!
A Daurian redstart?
That is a good omen to start our journey.
It is said that their call
sounds like lighting a spark.
Before we take off, we use these
and make sparks to wish for safety, right?
Elves don't do that?
I haven't introduced myself.
I am Raiden. You?
He is Izou.
A pillar of light?
I don't care what it takes.
Go get her.
We do not allow orcs to stay at our lodge.
- Why?
- Ma'am, we apologize for troubling you.
Let's go look for another place.
I'll ask you to leave right away
if you cause any trouble.
Understood. We are just grateful
to find shelter from the elements.
You are the first orc I've met
who shows proper manners.
For a human, you fall short of them.
Let's go already!
Take it easy. I'm going.
You really have a soft spot for them.
Children, that is.
That would be elves.
I owe them.
Care to find out?
Keep it short.
It was before I came to this land.
We orcs are also considered a nuisance
in that land.
But one girl
actually called me by my name.
Was she an elf?
She reminds me of that young girl.
When she held the courtesan
and glared at me with rage,
I remembered that girl.
I left that land
because I hated those people
who disliked and mocked orcs.
But even after coming to this land,
I'm facing the same thing.
That's not it.
I bring it on myself.
Is that enough of a reason
to turn your back on your boss?
When all is said and done,
our race is only useful for our strength.
We only get jobs where we kill
or get killed. Such a simple task.
We struggle blindly in the dark muck
day after day.
Is it so wrong to seek
the faintest sliver of light?
I found it.
The faintest sliver of light.
You are quite skilled with the sword.
You are no stranger to battle.
How did you end up as a guard
at a brothel?
I told you.
I failed to die.
And now I'm on borrowed time.
The Restoration?
Want a drink?
Even orcs have a drink or two.
Come on!
What's the matter, Izou?
Adults have a lot on their minds.
A lot?
A lot.
That's not fair!
Tell me what "a lot" is!
Once you grow up,
you'll figure that out all on your own.
Don't treat me like a little kid!
I hate that!
Be quiet.
There will be more people as we head down.
Shouldn't we take a side path?
What's the matter?
Maybe it's my smell.
Orcs can smell one another.
Let's go.
Let's hope this keeps them off our tracks.
Who are we trying to keep off our tracks?
Is my single fang not enough for you?
Isn't it common sense
that betrayal first requires trust?
Maybe for you.
I trust him!
You won't be able to go
to the land of the elves!
Chihaya taught me this.
You can trust someone if you see a light.
I'll take the front.
Put that thing away.
This way.
Stay on your guard!
I know that!
Master Koketsu...
were you looking at?
There is nothing
that you can do anymore.
Stay with Sonya!
What's the matter, Raiden?
Have you lost your mind?
I've had enough.
Set me free.
As you wish.
We made a promise.
If you hand that brat over, that is.
Don't listen to him!
In the end, you are just one of us.
Who besides us
would accept someone like you?
You rotten and hideous
Don't you dare!
Kill him!
We're jumping in!
No way! I'm scared!
There's no way
they would survive such a deep fall.
I rarely get guests.
Are you all right?
Sonya is missing.
Is this the first time
you've seen a centaur?
Who are you?
Who knows?
People call me Tsukuyomi.
Just call me whatever you want.
I've heard about him.
A hermit living at the foot of Mount Fuji.
The half-man, half-horse sage.
I am no sage.
If anything, I am a fool.
A young woman should have drifted
over here with us in the river.
No. I only found you two.
- Don't lie!
- Calm down.
If he was after her,
why would he save us?
I cannot trust any freaks!
Don't forget...
that she is an elf, too.
Are you two looking for an elf?
Do you know anything?
Don't get ahead of yourself.
Follow me.
Whole creation.
Have you ever heard the name
of the Dark Lord,
the master of all things?
No, never. This is the first time.
Is that so?
The Dark Lord is currently
in a long sleep.
Waking him requires
the Wand.
A magic staff is needed.
We are certain
that this object is
in these lands.
What is your evidence?
The bloodless coup d'etat.
The Wand ended an intense civil war
that divided these lands in a flash.
Thanks to its power.
Don't you agree?
Baron Okubo Toshimichi.
The Wand holds an unfathomable power.
If a man cloaked in light wields it,
the world shall be brightly lit.
But if a man cloaked in darkness
brandishes it,
the world shall be covered in deep black.
Those who can use the Wand
are called "Brights."
How is this Wand thing
and the Brights
related to our young lady?
Because the number of Brights is finite.
Most of them are...
elves, you see.
Surely not all elves can use the Wand.
They just may.
No one knows who a Bright may be
until one touches the Wand.
In other words,
my boss was searching for an elf
that can use the Wand.
Did he not tell you anything?
His underlings are just shock troops
for raids. He would not tell us anything.
What is the reason for him
to go as far as burning down Asahiro
to find a Bright?
There are two groups at odds
over control of the Wand and the Bright.
One group is called the Shield of Light.
The other is called the Inferni.
If we happen to find the Wand,
what are we supposed to do with it?
Do nothing. Say nothing.
Leave it all up to us Inferni.
If you find the Wand,
we shall lend you its power.
In our country, we have a saying
that a good deal is only offered
for ulterior motives.
Those pale-colored eyes.
I cannot read emotion in them at all.
He lacks any emotion to begin with.
Are you awake?
Izou! Raiden!
The pillar of light
that appeared in Kyoto,
did you create that?
Power is power.
Will it manifest as heaven or hell?
That is not predetermined.
If you wish to learn about elves,
travel east from Fuji.
There is a community of elves in Yokohama.
Why are you helping us this much?
I have lived a long time.
Long enough to be bored by this world.
A world ruled by the shogun
or a world that installed an emperor
cannot move my heart.
if there is yet another new world
waiting beyond this,
I want to see it.
A new
What do you see?
I can read it in the stars
that the young elf girl
should still be alive.
You bet.
Have a safe trip.
Humans and Orcs.
Elves, dwarfs, goblins.
I can smell many races.
Orcs have good noses, huh?
And good taste.
Oh, I forgot.
I don't know anything about you.
Are you going to Yokohama
because you are worried about Sonya
like me?
She did hire me.
I'm her bodyguard.
Pulled about by loyalty
and hounded by distrust.
You are quite the busy samurai.
What will you do when this is finished?
You have nothing to go back to, right?
That is true.
I've lost everything with my right eye.
That's not what I meant.
Hey, little boy. Stop crying.
You can have this instead.
Oh, thank you!
There he is!
Let that boy go!
- Kotaro!
- Mommy!
Hey, get back here now!
- It'll kill you!
- Knock it off.
We are just travelers.
- We've done nothing wrong.
- Like we believe you!
Outsiders like you two must be responsible
for snatching and killing women and kids!
You guys must be behind
that elf killing the other day, right?
- What did you say?
- Wait.
These two are not bad men.
I apologize.
I will explain to them
what really happened.
There have been
so many frightening stories lately.
Everyone is on edge.
Tell me about the elf killing.
Many elves and humans with elf blood
have been snatched lately.
It was in the newspaper. Give me a second.
There was a report just the other day
that the corpse of an elf
was found near Yokohama Port.
I don't know how to read.
It was a female elf around 18 years old.
Both of her feet had been severed.
So that she couldn't run away, right?
So many people in this town.
Is there a festival going on?
First, why don't we go to the elf town
and gather information?
What are you dawdling around for?
Everyone is in such a rush.
And rude, too.
What's the matter?
No, nothing.
Why end this?
We are
seeking the new world
that you will lead us to, Master.
I always liked that about you.
You are earnest like that.
I don't need you anymore.
Are you all right?
You get some rest for now.
I'll go ahead for you.
High Courtesan!
Who are you?
My apologies.
You are not her.
You mistook me for someone else, right?
She may be my twin sister.
Go on now.
The smell of elves is too thick
everywhere I turn.
I won't be able to sniff out
the smell of Sonya like this.
Stop right there!
What the? Hey, stop that!
What are you trying to do?
Where did you get this?
I bought them all from one of the estates
in the Yamanote area.
Which estate?
I don't remember
every little detail like that!
Hey! You need to pay for that, jerk!
Chihaya the Forgetful?
That was her nickname.
She seemed to have lost
all of her memories.
Does this look familiar?
It's a memento from her.
The Wand!
Did you hear that a pillar of light
appeared in Kyoto recently?
It shot up to the skies
from the courtesan's room.
It was my sister.
That was
the power of the Wand.
Izou! I found it!
That's Sonya's clothing!
This is my travel buddy.
Is she a ghost?
She's not.
She is her twin sister.
I just met her here.
- I see.
- Now tell me about that clothing!
A goblin selling used clothes
bought it from an estate in the mountains.
I could smell elves
on all other clothing he had, too.
Sonya may be trapped in that estate.
Good guess!
An estate in the mountains?
Does it ring a bell?
Who is this Sonya?
A young elf girl.
She was the courtesan's favorite.
We were supposed to take her
up to Hakodate,
but she was kidnapped on the way.
The people who kidnapped her
have to be the Inferni.
Tsukuyomi spoke about them!
It appears we are going after
the same enemy.
Are you a member of the Shield of Light?
I am.
Let's go.
I will fill you in on the details
as we go.
My sister was a Wand wielder.
- A Bright?
- Yes.
The Shield of Light
learned that the Wand was located
somewhere in Edo Castle
and left for Tokyo from Hakodate.
My sister used the war
between the new government forces
and the oldShogunate army
to infiltrate Edo Castle.
She had to find the Wand
before it fell into the hands ofInferni.
She must have been caught
just after she found it.
She released the power of the Wand
and then disappeared.
That was the courtesan Chihaya?
The Inferni is searching for the Wand
with the help of the Meiji government.
The Wand and Brights
are deeply intertwined.
By searching for elves everywhere,
they are hoping to find the Wand.
So there are elves in the Inferni too?
Why would they kill their own kind?
I bet to keep them quiet. To stop rumors
that they are searching for the Wand.
I wonder if she hid it in there
to keep it close to her.
She gave this to Sonya.
So this now belongs to Sonya.
We must give it back to her.
Our surveillance caught Inferni members
going in and out of this estate.
Can you smell Sonya?
If I go to the land of the elves,
can I really do whatever I want?
All of your wishes shall be granted.
Simply use your hidden power, and you'll
even get to meet your dead friends.
Where are Izou and Raiden?
They are being treated in another place.
- Don't fret.
- I see!
Having such skilled children as yourself
in our ranks
is very reassuring
to all of us in the Inferni.
I am certain
that you will revive the Dark Lord for us.
They aren't dead?
She doesn't have the Wand,
but she may be a Bright.
It may be best
to bring her to our homeland.
Let's go.
I can smell Sonya!
My girl!
Who is that?
I knew you were alive.
Master Koketsu.
He is an Inferni officer!
My girl!
I won't let you have your way!
Shield of Light?
What will you do with that girl?
She is...
a Bright, isn't she?
Now go.
There's Anna. Get the carriage!
Right away!
Let's go back to the hideout for now.
The Inferni plans to take that girl
to their homeland.
- They should be sailing from the port.
- How do we stop them?
We will chase them by ship.
The Shield of Light
has a hideout at another port.
Let's go after them from there.
Izou, it seemed like you knew that man.
He used to be...
my mentor.
Is he the man you told me about
at the lodge?
I would have been willing
to give up my life
for Master Koketsu.
And I did take a lot of risks for him.
I was proud to be that way.
But I was wrong.
In the end, I realized that
I was just a pawn for him.
Who we should really be
changes quite easily
depending on the circumstances.
Some things do not change.
I have
the flower that the elf kid gave me
still blooming right in here.
You will keep the promise
you made toSonya, right?
Isn't staying loyal to one's lord
until the end
part of the samurai doctrine?
I'm no samurai.
I am Sonya's
She has returned!
Hurry up and prepare to sail!
Yes, sir!
Hey! Open up!
Open this door!
Turn starboard!
Don't flinch!
Let's do this.
How dare you!
Is this how you replay me
for taking you in?
Find Sonya!
Time to meet your maker!
Save me, Izou!
- Izou!
- Sonya.
- Away from the door.
- Okay!
Are you all right?
Yes, thanks...
You have lost sight
of the path you should walk.
Obey me again.
Pawns must live as pawns.
I'll take back Sonya.
Why are you so frantic
over a mere elf girl?
Because I made a promise!
A promise?
I will
keep my promise toSonya!
It was my mistake back then
to not make sure you were dead.
I can correct that error now.
The Wand!
That girl. She's a Bright.
Where did you hide that?
Hand that over to me.
No way! This belongs to Chihaya!
Do it now.
You're not getting it.
Trust yourself!
Give it to me.
Give it.
Give it now.
Give it to me!
Having no place of your own
means that you can go
anywhere you want to.
See? Anywhere.
No! I don't want to!
I'm scared of water! I hate ships!
By seeing the world, you'll be making
the High Courtesan's wish come true.
Did you hear him? He's right.
Don't treat me like a child!
I apologize, my lady.
Anna, please take good care of Sonya.
I promise...
that I will come back!
We could not find any Wand.
We will have to bring together this land
with our own powers.
What the...
Are you sure about this?
Humans will take care of things
with their own abilities.
Isn't that the case in the world of orcs?
That's also how we do it in our world.
Light gives birth to darkness
as strong as itself.
They both have a purpose
and they both have a meaning.
Everyone emits their light
and carries darkness.
Not being ashamed in front of light
and not being afraid of darkness.
That is the way I live.
I wonder where the light will go
in the end.
What will it shine on?
It's something that no one knows.
Sooner or later,
someone will speak of it again.