BrightBurn (2019) Movie Script

- Ok.. Ok.. Uh I like this.
- Hmm hmm.
Maybe this time we get lucky, like a baby?
Let's just have some fun.
Oh I like fun.
Just shut up and kiss me.
- Ah ouch! Hold on.
- Sorry.
This damn watch.
Come on..
What's wrong..
You feel that?
It stopped.
That's weird I didn't hear anything.
Baby are you ok?
Yeah, I'm ok.
What was that?
Oh my God... right there.
What is that?
Hello, how's our little guy this morning?
Hello how are you?
Oh look at you! Look at you!
You are all sitting up!
Oh oh, yeah kick it!
Look at that big smile! So happy!
You are crawling look at that!
Look at this overall looks like a mini you.
Look at you putting your
little butt in the air.
Yeah you are gonna work
on the farm like daddy.
Yes! Just like a Breyer.
- Bye..
- Bye!
It's time to get ready for school.
Not even close!
I'm gonna find you.
Better not be in that barn.
You totally got me!
You are getting too big for this.
But you'll always be my baby boy.
Ok let's go.
Took you long enough to find me.
- Uh oh.
- Morning guys.
- Eh.
- What were you doing in there?
- I was just..
- Hide and seek.
You know the rules on the barn right?
Yeah, I mean..
Come on, all those boards and the other
shit, I don't want you breaking your neck.
He was only in there for like two minutes.
Did you eat breakfast?
Not yet.
- Want some waffles?
- Yeah sounds good.
Yeah! You are making waffles?
- Yeah I'm making waffles.
- What about some bacon.
And that is what we call a hive.
Wasps and bees both members of
the same insect family,
both with two pairs of wings,
both with stingers.
Can anyone tell me any
differences between them?
Mr. Breyer?
Well, bees are pollinators and
wasps are predators.
Good, good. Anybody else?
And wasps are more aggressive,
more dangerous,
one species the "Polistes Sulcifer" is
what's called a Brood parasite,
they've lost the ability to make
nests, so they use brute
force to make other wasp
species raise their young
and they make them feed their babies
things like beetle larvae and maggots.
Well why you are always talking
about maggots? You must be one.
Ok.. Alright.
Don't worry, smart guys
end up ruling the planet.
Brandon.. Eh.. Eh.
- Eh, hey, it's me, it's mom.
- What's going on, where am I?
It's mom, mom. Look at me.
Eh, you are alright. You are alright.
You are alright.
You are alright. You were
sleepwalking I think.
Yeah I was.. There was..
This voices or something..
Well you are ok now. You are ok now.
Please don't worry about a thing...
Every little thing is gonna be alright...
No don't worry about a thing...
Every little thing is gonna be alright...
No don't worry about a thing...
Everything alright?
Yeah he was.. Sleepwalking I guess?
No just.. He was downstairs, he is fine.
We should go to bed yeah?
It's getting so late.
Hold one of these.
Alright I think it's gonna hold it.
- Do you want one of these?
- Sure.
First couple of years after we adopted you,
I had no clue how to be a dad..
And your mom she was out one day,
and you were balling your eyes out,
but I had the secret weapon.
So you gave me a piece of candy?
Did it work?
I guess.. You didn't turn up
that bad did you? Uh?
Alright, you'll go get the lawn because
I've got to get to the seed store.
Yeah no worries, I'll handle it.
Come on.
Stupid thing.
Oh you are not beating me, I love it!
That's how you shoot. That's how you shoot.
What about this brown one?
I think it's easy to pick up.
Right there, right there..
Happy birthday dear Brandon.
Happy birthday to you...
- Congrats!
- There you go.
This is for little kids.
Oh come on, make a wish! Thank you Erica.
I didn't think they were gonna
bring it. It's pretty nice.
Yeah if you don't want it, slide it
on over here I'll take it.
So Brandon I hear you
are killing it in school.
He tested in the top 1%.
No he tested in the top 1/10th of 1%.
Yeah the whole faculty
it's talking about him.
He is our little secret genius.
So a special guy deserves
a very special present,
this is from me and your aunt Merilee.
Go ahead open it!
I shot my first buck with
that very same model.
Whoa, whoa, no, no, no. No guns!
- We talked about this Tori.
- I know.. But...
No come on, he's still just a kid.
I'm 12 years old.
I know, exactly, you are still a child.
Give it to me.
I'm sorry what did you say to me?
I said: Give it to me!
Ok, we are done here.
We are not having
Mexican, thank you so much.
Brandon let's go.
Brandon, come on, let's go! Brandon!
Up! Now!
Brandon.. Listen to your father.
We are leaving. Let's go.
Thank you guys. So fun, thank you so much.
- Ok, sorry. So sorry.
- Don't even worry about it.
I love you guys.
- Babe, I've told you.
- Are you sure you want kids?
I just don't get that kid.
Turns 12 and all of the sudden
there's a mouth on him?
It is so strange, it was so unlike him.
Don't worry about him.
He is getting older.. Changing.
We were so much worst when we were his age.
Do you remember all the running
around we did, sneaking out,
- fooling around in my parents basement.
- Yeah.
You know my parents knew exactly
what we were doing back then. Yeah.
They just didn't give a shit. They had
already written me off at that point.
Aw babe.
We can never do that to Brandon.
- He needs to know we give a shit.
- He will know.
Eh why don't we go camping this weekend?
Just the three of us, go to Drivewood.
We haven't done that in so long.
You know what else we
haven't done in so long..
I know what you are
thinking.. Gone to church..
We have not gone
to church in a while.
Yeah, that's not at all
what I was thinking about.
We need to clean up the closet,
that's what you were thinking.
No, no, no.
- Ok, but you got to be quite,
- I will be quite, I'm always quite,
- he is not asleep yet.
- Shh.
- What's that three or four.
- We've got three we are good.
Go get the flashlight.
This batteries.
Brandon it's gonna be cold you are
gonna need your warm jacket ok?
Eh did you hear your mother bud?
- Eh Hun.. Uh.
- Look what I've found.
What is that?
It's like his idea of porn?
I think so.
- Whoa.
- Bras..
I guess I knew this day was coming.
What is that?
It's this like a guy thing?
No that's not any guy thing I know.
Maybe we should have "The Talk" with him.
Eh Brandon..
You know you just had your birthday,
winch means that you are
becoming a young man and uh..
Your body is changing.
Well we start developing, you know,
feelings about women, women's bodies..
I was just like you when I was your age,
I also thought about girls all the time.
You know,
nobody was around to tell me that,
It was ok to.. Uh..
Touch it or play with it..
With what?
Ah you know with.. Your penis.
Look the thing about,
you know, sex, it's not..
It's not about organs or body parts..
I mean, you know, it is that too but..
You know, it's about finding the right
person and then falling in love.
Look all I'm saying is:
You are a guy, you know,
and you are gonna have
certain urges, you know,
about girls you see in films or
girls in class or whatever..
And I'm just saying that it's ok
to give into them now and again.
Like.. Now?
Like now.
No, no, no, not.. Not right now. No.
Good talk.
What's wrong? What's wrong?
Someone's there by the curtain.
Honey there's no one here.
You have to believe me he was right there!
Who was?
Brandon Breyer.
Brandon where are you baby?
Can you hear me?
Oh my god. Oh my god Brandon..
Your father and I are totally freaked out!
I didn't mean to, I was just taking a pee.
So you don't think I need to take him
to someone like a specialist.. There's..
No. For what?
For talking back to his dad and
keeping literature
material under his mattress?
It's like he's always been, you know,
my little sweet guy and now..
- He is so different.
- It's called puberty.
So I'm over-reacting,
winch I obviously am.
A little, a
little, a little bit.
- I love you.
- Thank you.
- I'll call you. Thanks Mer.
- Ok call me later, bye.
What's that?
I wasn't snooping or anything.
Most of the line work. It's good shading.
Fucking wolf.
Brandon, hey what are you doing buddy?
Buddy it's 10:30 at night.
Are you all right buddy?
Think so.
Come on man, let's get inside.
Oh my God.
Tori, Tori, Tori hey!
- Wake up, I need you to come outside.
- What is it? Ok.
- See? Right?
- Oh shit.
So the wolf is back.
No.. No baby.. I..
This isn't a wolf I mean,
this isn't an animal, I think..
I think this might be Brandon.
He was out here, early tonight,
just staring at them..
And the chicken they were
all fucking going crazy.
Babe a wolf can't do this! It can't rip
a freaking door open and break a lock!
And your twelve years old son can?
So you can't explain it either.
Kyle stop, it was the wolf.
I'm going to bed.
Ok guys this came is called:
Willows in the wind.
It's about walking together,
building trust.
Lean back and depend on your classmates.
Oh come on now, focus.
Alright, very good guys. When we
trust each other good things happen.
Alright, you are our next big guy.
Let's hear it for Brandon.
Nothing to be afraid of, your
classmates have your back.
Good job.
Oh shit!
Way to trust the fall, Breyer!
Eh, hey, knock it off!
You ok bud? Dammit Caitlyn
give him a hand up.
Eh hold on,
we're all on the same team here.
He is a pervert!
Caitlyn help him up or
you'll fail this class.
- What are you doing?
- Brandon.
- Let go.. Stop it!
- Brandon.. Brandon stop!
Erica he said he's sorry, it was an
accident they are just kids.
Did you see my daughter's hand?
He is a goddamn animal is what he is.
Eh can we just calm
down here, Erica please?
I want him in handcuffs
and I want him gone.
We are taking action, Brandon
is going to be suspended for two days.
Suspended?! Do your job
arrest him!
I'm sorry ma'am that's not your call.
After the suspesion
he will be in regular
sessions with our school
counselor miss Merilee.
- His aunt? Oh Jesus fucking Christ.
- Right now she is the only counselor..
Do you even know who his real mother is?
I'm his real mother.
I meant whatever in-bread
psycho gave birth to him.
- Eh!
- I know exactly what you meant,
If trash-talking a 12 years old child,
lets you sleep better at night Erica..
Maybe you are the one who needs help.
I'm sorry about your daughter.
Get up, let's go.
I never did shit like that,
breaking a girl's hand? Goddammit.
My dad would whoop my ass.
Yeah well, this isn't something
we can ass-whip away.
I need to tell you something, the other
night when I've found him sleepwalking
he wasn't downstairs, he was in the barn.
Did he find it?
No, no, but he was talking at the trapdoor.
- How does he even know what's in there?
- I don't know think he does,
It was like he was drawn to it.
Babe, he may look like us and
sound like us..
But he's never bled, not once in his
whole life, he's never been cut or..
Broken a bone or had a bruise.
And now it's hurting people!
Means take.
Oh God.
Take the..
Oh God.. Brandon!
Take the..
Take the..
Oh Brandon..
Baby, are you ok?
It cut me!
Ok.. You are gonna be ok.
You are gonna be ok, ok, ok.
You are gonna be ok.
Who am I?
You're our son.
What is this? Where did I come from?
Listen baby,
I know it's been difficult for you
lately, that you feel
different from other kids..
You are different.
After your dad and I got married we
prayed and prayed for a baby for so long
to God, to the universe, or anyone
that was listening and then..
One night, one perfect
night, someone listened.
We did not adopt you from an agency.
You came here, arrived here in that.
We found you in the woods,
you were just a little guy all alone..
You could barely breathe and
so we, we took you in
and you've been a gift,
my baby boy..
I can't even imagine how overwhelmed
you must feel right now..
But you have to know that your dad and I
we believe that you came here for a reason
that you are special and that you
are going to do incredible Th..
- You lied to me!
- We just wanted to take care of you..
- You lied to me! You lied!
- And we always planned how to..
I hate you! You lied to me!
You liars, everything you lie!
- I hate you, I hate this place!
- Eh what's going on in here..
He found it.. He found it.
Take.. The..
Take.. The..
Take.. The.. World.
Take the world.
- Don't scream.
- What are you doing here?
- I brought you flowers.
- You can't be here.
Don't be scared, I want to talk to you.
I want to tell you what
I've learned tonight.
I learned that I'm very special.
You are one of the only people in the
world that knows how special I am.
But someday they will all know.
My mom told me not to talk to you.
I'm gonna take care of that.
Have a good one Gary.
Eh who's messing with me?
Is that you Gary?
Get out of here!
Leave me alone!
Is he awake?
I've called up two times already,
I heard him walking around.
Should somebody go get him?
I mean..
- Morning.
- Eh bud.
You know you are gonna
be late for school, right?
Yeah I know,
I was just in my room, thinking.
Thinking about what?
Just about everything, and.. It's
totally cool.
I feel good.
- Well I'm glad you feel that way buddy.
- Me too.
You know, why don't you grab a seat, tell
minutes late never killed anyone right?
They say she hasn't responded
to any calls or texts.
That's correct. This is the last
place she was seen.
It doesn't look like a robbery.
Good God.
Have you talked to her daughter?
She is a mess right now.
Scared shitless.
I couldn't get two words out of her.
What is that?
So, I know that this is kinda strange, I'm
your aunt and I'm also your counselor
but I'm the only one the district has
got so you are stuck with me.
So Brandon your mom
tells me that you've been
having some issues lately
about being adopted.
- Nothing bad, only good ones.
- Really? How so?
I've realized I'm
special, because my real
parents aren't from a
stupid place like here.
Brandon you don't think of your
mom and dad as your real parents?
I do, I just know I'm something else,
something superior.
Brandon do you feel bad about
what you did to Caitlyn?
You know, sometimes when bad things
happen to people it's for a good reason.
Brandon part of my job is to update the
school and update your mom on your progress
and let them know if you are showing
any growth of remorse and I..
I can't take it easy on you
because you are my family.
Brandon I'm giving you an
opportunity to talk to me.
I'm supposed to update the sheriff tomorrow
and I have to be honest with him.
Yeah my buddy said the
diner was just, was
just wrecked,
and the waitress Erica was gone.
It's been 24 hours.
Kyle do you think your son
could've done it?
- Dude..
- What? He crushed her daughter's hand.
This is not funny right now, ok?
Ok I'm sorry.
So, uh, what is gonna happen with all that.
I don't know, he got suspended for a few
days and I'm sure I'm gonna get a call
from some lawyer telling
me that my son's a
monster, winch, I don't know
anymore, maybe he is.
Yeah, they are all monsters,
I'm going home.
- Come on! One more.
- One more come on!
No, no, I got to get home or
Merilee is gonna kill me.
- Yeah, come on, I'll drive you.
- It's just a few miles down the road.
- Yeah, hang on I'll drive.
- Mommy, I'm ok.
I'm home, I've got sesame chicken.
Alert: Motion backyard.
What the hell..
- Eh.
- Brandon, Jesus, what are you doing here?
I need to talk to you. I know it's late
but I promise I won't take long.
Ok, fine.
Back in your office you mentioned something
about talking to the sheriff tomorrow?
- That's right,
- Yeah, the thing is..
That can't happen. Ever,
it's just not good for anyone.
Not for me, not for my parents and it's
really, really not good for you. At all.
Brandon, listen to me, ok?
I have to do my job..
And to be honest you showing up at
my house this late, it's very inappropriate
I'm gonna need you to go home now, ok?
Ok. I'll walk back.
- Ok sweety, be safe.
- You too.
Alert: Motion backyard.
What the hell? Seriously?
Alert: Motion backyard.
Brandon is that you?
Alert.. Alert.. Alert..
Great, the whole freakin' house
is falling apart.
Oh shit!
What the fuck are you doing?!
Aunt Merilee was helping
me with my homework.
No what the fuck are you doing
in my closet wearing this creepy mask!
It's not creepy!
You scared the shit out of
me, you weirdo..
Come on, I'm taking you home.
- This is fucking insane.
- I didn't do anything.
- Are you gonna tell my parents?
- You are lucky if that's all I do!
- Get in the truck.
- You shouldn't tell my parents.
Brandon get in the truck!
What the fuck!
What the..
Come on, come on.
No, no, no, come on, come on.
Come on! Dammit!
Come on come on come on!
You stupid piece of shit!
Oh shit, ok, ok it's time to go!
No, no, no, come on!
Gotta go! Let's go! Come on!
What the fuck!
Stop, stop! Oh shit!
Fuck, oh fuck fuck,
goddammit, fuck, fuck!
Ok Merilee I know I'm leaving a lot
of messages, it's just that it's
after ten now,
and we still haven't' seen him, so..
Did she say anything
to him at school?
Maybe he said something
to you at school today, or.
If someone was gonna give
him a ride home or son..
Shut up! Where he wants
to go after school, I'm
obviously rambling
because I'm freaking out.
So just please call me back, thank you.
Would you please stop?
I didn't say anything.
Oh my God, Baby!
Where have you been?
Where were you, what happened
to your shirt?
I was playing soccer.
You have been playing
soccer this whole time?
Well, after school,
Royce asked me if I wanted
to play, and as soon as
the game started they..
They were tripping me,
and pushing me to the ground, and
they were all laughing
because my shirt got ripped.
And I just decided to walk all the
way home. I know I should've called.
Actually I'm just really
tired, I'm gonna go to bed.
- Ok let me take this.
- No, no.
Don't worry about it. It's fine.
I'll come up in a couple minutes.
- He's lying.
- Yeah, obviously.
I've told you if we don't do something
this is gonna get worst.
- What the fuck do we do?
- I don't know.
Maybe we need to talk to somebody
he needs a.. Like a specialist.
- What? And say what to him?
- I don't know.
'Hello this is our son we found him in a
fucking spaceship in the woods, now what?'
No we should've done something
a long time ago, this is on us.
Maybe this time we get lucky, like a baby?
Just shut up and kiss me.
Eh baby, what are you doing?
It's a boy.
Oh we tried for so long to
have a baby and he's here.
He's here. Our gift.
Eh.. Eh.. Uh?
They won't let me see him, he has his..
They said that his face is..
Did they know what happened?
Uh, they found him on route 18, they think
that he swerved to not not hit a deer and..
And they are doing the
toxicology to make sure
that he wasn't drinking,
was he drinking?
No he just had like two or three
drinks but he wasn't canned.
How's Brandon?
He is ok, we didn't tell him anything.
No but did he get home ok?
- Yes he did.
- Ok thank God, thank God.
He came over and I still remember when
he left, so I'm just glad that he is ok.
He left you?
Morning baby.
Listen there's something that
we need to discuss with you..
And it's probably gonna
be hard to hear..
- Last night your uncle Noah..
- He died last night.
Brandon do you understand?
Your uncle Noah passed away, he is gone.
I feel like you want me to
cry or something.
Do you wanna cry?
Brandon we know that you
were at Merilee's last night.
Honey, I'm your mom, I will
always defend you.
But if you know something about what
happened to Noah, you need to tell us.
I don't know what happened to him,
but I would never hurt
uncle Noah, I love him.
That is bullshit, he is fucking lying.
- Kyle..
- Look we know you were there..
What else are you lying to us about?
Can you calm down?
- Were you in Caitlyn's bedroom?
- He was camping with us.
Where were you Wednesday night
when Caitlyn's mom went missing?
- This is not helping.
- He's lying to our fucking faces.
I'm gonna go upstairs.
No you are not. You are not going anywhere
until we get all this on the table.
- Kyle I will handle it!
- Right now, right now..
Did you hurt Noah? What did you do to him?
He was my friend and you just fucking..
Leave me alone!
You need to go to your room.
Just go to your room.
Are you alright?
He's hiding that fucking
shirt for some reason.
Eh bud. I wanted to apologize.
We've been going through a lot lately and..
I shouldn't have said what I said to you.
- Come here, come here.
- What? What?
- It's right there.
- That could be anything.
No, no, no that is why he was hiding this
from us last night, that is Noah's blood.
How could Brandon have killed Noah and
then made it look like a car accident.
Who knows what kind of
weird shit he could do.
Noah was drunk and wrecked the car
because you let him drive..
- No, no, no, that is not..
- And now you..
Are trying to take out your guilt on
our 12 years old son?
Babe.. You are making a hard
situation, impossible.
Babe we've got to do something..
If we don't more people
are gonna get hurt, or
people will die,
you got to be with me on this.
I will never turn against our son.
He is not our son! He is some thing
we found in the woods.
How fucking dare you
say that to me?
How dare you fucking say that to me!
Babe come on, he is killing us!
We now turn to more
sombre news tonight as
authorities are reaching
out to the public..
For information in their search for missing
Darbo's waitress Erica Connor..
Who was last seen in
the iconic route 74 diner..
Are you ok?
Honey, I might take him away
this weekend, just the two of us.
Take him out to Drive-wood, be
his dad, let him know I love him.
Eh don't forget these.
- Just wear them for me.
- Ok.
You'll always be my baby boy.
Oh my God you are getting so tall.
Go have fun with your dad, ok?
- Seat-belt.
- Alright.
See you Sunday.
- Good afternoon Tori.
- Eh.
Your boy around by chance?
Brandon went hunting with his dad.
Is something wrong?
Maybe you can answer a question for me.
Does this look familiar to you?
Some kind of signature left
at spot where Noad died.
That doesn't look like a..
BB maybe? As in Brandon Breyer?
I don't see it.
Would you mind if I come in,
take a look around?
I do mind, I think actually
you should go.
Alright, but you know I'll be back.
These are deer tracks.
Looks like there's more
than one set of tracks.
Oh man.
Please, please..
Brandon, please, stop, don't hurt me ok?
Don't, don't I'm sorry.
Pick up, pick up!
Kyle I'm sorry, you were right,
baby you were right, he killed Noah..
Brandon, he killed Noah, and.. Kyle?
Where's dad?
He is gone.
Gone where?
You know.
No, no, I don't know where.
Where are you?
I'm home mom.
Please pick up, please pick up.
Please help me.
Got a call from the Breyer residence,
Tori was screaming then the line went dark.
Shit. I'm on my way.
What the fuck?
You've got us here, where are you?
Follow the sound of my voice Tori.
I'm.. I'm here.
Jesus Christ what the fuck was that?
I'm here.
You are safe now, we've got you.
Let's go! Take cover!
- No you don't understand..
- Go! Eh, hey!
Requesting backup at the Breyer residence.
Immediate help!
We have a 217 in progress at route 9.
Requesting backup.
I repeat: I need backup!
Come in.. Come in..
I repeat I have a 217
in progress at the.
Breyer residence,
I need backup immediately!
If anyone can read me, advise
on the suspect, he is out.
The ship, it cut him.
It cut him, it cut him.
Where are you baby?
Where are you baby?
Where are you baby?
Listen to me..
I have never stopped loving you.
I believe, I still believe, you
are a blessing that fell to this earth.
When we found you..
You were so tiny and fragile, and all
we could do was keep you safe..
Whatever you've done, I know
there is good inside you.
I wanna do good mom.
I do.
And you will.
You will always be..
My baby boy.
Oh Brandon, I'm sorry..
Oh Brandon..
Breaking news at this hour:
A passenger jet has crashed..
In the small town of Brightburn, Kansas..
Details are still coming in,
but there are believed to be..
No survivors among the
268 passengers on board.
Investigators are not yet sure what caused
the plane to drop suddenly from the sky..
And crash into this small family farm.
Among the reported dead, are the
residents of the farmhouse..
Kyle and Tori Breyer, they are survived
by their 12 years old son, Brandon.
The mainstream media, as usual, tried
to sell you all a load of bullshit..
Just like that,
half man half sea creature,
capsizing fishing vessels
in the south china sea.
Like, what we were talking
about last week..
Some kind of witch woman who choke
people out with cords.
They are all out there.
They are all waiting.
And they are all gonna eat
us for fucking breakfast,
unless we get our shit
together and do something!