Brighton 4th (2021) Movie Script

Penalty kick!
Someone is going to get screwed.
I've got a winning ticket. I'd
be son of a bitch if I'm lying!
You'd be a son of
bitch if you miss.
Shove it up your ass!
Someone got bumped right?
What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry.
We are all fans here, but we
don't disturb each other.
I said I'm sorry.
Am I disturbing anyone?
What's wrong?
He's riding me.
You are bothering me.
Just calm down.
Listen to me my friend.
He is just an emotional guy.
What's wrong with that?
Be emotional at home.
We are all emotional here.
It's just a matter of respect.
How much did you
bet? 10 Lari, right?
- It's none of your business.
- I'm just asking.
It's none of your business.
And I didn't bet 10 Lari.
Ok, 20?
30 Lari. So what?
Do you know how much I bet?
I don't care.
Don't you want to know?
No, I don't.
If I bet 2 lari, I'll
behave the same way.
If it irritates you go
and watch TV at home.
- I should go home?
- Not me, for sure.
Calm down!
That guy is crazy.
Take this 20 Lari.
Go and watch the
game somewhere else.
Is it a joke?
No. I'm just tired of you.
Roll it and Stick
that money up your ass.
You heard me.
What did you say?
Stick that money in your ass.
I'll cut off your tongue.
You're so arrogant.
Why should I go?
Let me finish watching.
Then kick him out too!
Get out!
I'm not leaving.
Take your hands off.
Come with me!
Come out!
I'll come.
- Don't push me.
- Get out!
What happened?
I lost the money
that Natela sent me.
The repair money?
It's gone. Together
with the apartment.
I swear, I went to the bank
to make the payment.
The teller told me
to come back in an hour.
She was busy counting money.
And Liverpool
was playing vs Manchester.
Manchester had 2.5 odds.
I thought I'd make
some quick money.
So, I bet.
And that's it.
I want to buy this cheese.
You can taste it.
You too.
How do you like it?
It's a bit dry.
Do you have a softer one?
8 kilos.
50 lari.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
Attention everyone!
Put your partner on your
back. Make turns.
Hello Alik.
How are you?
This is my brother.
I'm going to America.
Can he work here,
while I'm gone?
And stay here at night?
There is a problem
with his apartment.
He can sleep in the
coach's room.
Working on moves, guys.
Grasp the leg.
How are you?
I'm OK.
I bought some cheese.
Polya, take it.
How are you, buddy?
My brother lost his apartment.
Lay down with me.
My feet are frozen.
I packed you an extra sweater.
It could be cold there.
Hi, dad.
What's happened to mom?
She broke her arm.
She fell in the street.
Did they put a cast on?
I have a friend in the trauma
center. Should I call him?
No need. We've already
been to the hospital.
How could she
fall in the street?
Did you buy the cheese?
Pack it well. The dogs are
sniffing luggage at the airport.
Zaza, did you pick up Kakhi?
With a hearse?
Yes. Soso was busy working.
Why didn't you tell me?
I would've send another
car instead of a hearse.
How are you darling?
You frightened him.
Do you understand this?
He wasn't frightened.
We had a nice drive.
Where should I throw this?
Give it to me.
Are there no cars in New York?
I would have sent a taxi.
Give me a break, Natela.
We all end up in the
back of a hearse anyway.
So I'm getting used to it.
Give it to me.
How do I look?
Don't be silly.
Take it off.
We had a flood on the 2nd floor.
I've been dealing
with it all morning.
How are you, Tolat?
Meet Kakhi, Soso's father.
- Sportsman, right?
- He's a champion.
Soso told me.
Tolat is a painter.
Makes portraits.
I can paint you as well.
Here's your mail. Did you
pay the electricity bill?
I'll pay it tomorrow.
You better do it, or you'll
be living in the dark.
Give me one day.
I'll do it.
Tolat, don't forget
to clean the fridge!
You're not the only
one who lives here.
Two Georgian musicians
live here.
They came on a tour with the
dance company and stayed.
Here is your bathroom.
Storage. Just in case.
This is Soso's and your room.
I don't like how Soso is lately.
He wakes up at night.
Smokes a lot.
Wanders around. Smokes again.
Doesn't really study.
He seems to be worried
about something.
I don't know what's
wrong with him.
How is my husband?
He's fixing the apartment.
What's taking him so long?
It's already been 4 years.
What is he doing with
the money I'm sending him?
I'm tired. I also want to
have my life.
I want to return home.
Half of my life is already gone.
I work here during the day.
At night I take care
of an old couple.
One of them is disabled,
the other is crazy.
As if I don't have enough
crazy people here.
Look! They get drunk
and hit the walls with
their heads and fists.
This is Sergo, opera singer.
Now he works as a doorman
in a restaurant.
He's always singing.
We're tired of him.
A nightingale.
Meet Kakhi, Soso's father.
Very nice meeting you.
He heard your singing.
My singing?
- Did you like it?
- Yes.
I can sing more.
If your heart is singing,
you should sing.
I always feel like singing.
Should I always sing?
They'll say I am crazy.
How are you?
You look a bit weak.
You are wrong.
I am not.
That's enough.
I brought your cheese.
Give me your hand.
Stretch your fingers.
Do you like it?
Will you wear them?
Cheers, to your arrival.
How did you get your visa?
I told them that I'm
going to my son
and they gave me the visa.
I first flew to Cuba.
Then I went to Bahamas.
From Bahama
for $15,000
by boat
to Florida.
Rain, storm, night.
In addition
there was an epileptic
woman with me.
It was a disaster.
That's how I arrived here.
You want it for yourself?
For my wife.
Maybe too red?
So what?
Hi guys.
Have a drink.
I can't drink.
I am going to work now.
But I'll say a toast.
Then try some cheese
from Georgia.
Looks beautiful.
Very good.
Where did you buy it?
At the Avlabari Market.
People be well.
I can't drink
because of my work.
But can you sing?
See you tomorrow.
- What is this?
- It's Italian.
No, it's Chinese.
It's says "Made in China".
Leather is Italian.
Thread is Italian.
Sole is Italian. So
it's Italian.
I'll pull the truck over.
- Are you tired?
- No.
Give me your hand.
I am fine.
Open the mouth.
Show me the tongue.
Why don't you sleep at night?
- I owe money.
- How much?
You lost them playing cards?
You came to America
to play cards?
I need money.
I have to get married.
Fake marriage. For "green" card.
Without it, I can't
take medical exams.
I can't work as a
mover my whole life.
How much does the marriage cost?
I found a nice girl already.
Her name is Lena.
But I don't have money.
Legs up.
Legs down.
Touch your butt with your heels.
Inhale again.
First inhale, then exhale.
Exhale till you faint.
Once I almost fainted myself.
What's next?
Stretch your legs.
One more time...
Deep inhale.
I want to start working.
I can't work in construction.
I can't lift heavy things.
I can work with old people.
Old people can be heavy.
Are they heavier than you?
My back is already ruined.
Are they heavier than you?
Sit on my back now.
You drive me crazy.
See, I can do it.
Put me down.
Sit down.
And you think you can do it?
You need to sign here.
They'll process the
application in 2 weeks.
You know...
We're not going to get married.
What happened?
No money.
You had it.
Not anymore.
What about the "green" card?
Lena, get ready.
You're up next.
Hold it.
We are having a dance
outdoors today. Come.
I'm with my father.
Bring him with you.
Girls will be happy.
Here is $2,000.
Go and pay your debt.
I owe $14,000.
Let's start with this.
How's it going?
They are with me.
Did you bring money?
- $2,000.
- What about the rest?
Ask Amir to
give me an extension.
Amir said "no extension".
Bring the whole amount.
I'll be back.
How are you?
Hi guys.
Why don't you take my money?
Bring everything,
then I'll take it.
Who's this bearded man?
My father.
He was a wrestler, right?
I know him.
I used to wrestle
when I was young.
He must be embarrassed
to have a son like you.
She is in the hospital?
I'm leaving, guys.
What's happened?
My wife's in labor.
Good luck!
Sit down.
Take my chips.
Good luck, everyone.
Lena, I'm leaving.
Thank you.
You can go. Let me eat.
I fold.
A bad hand?
Don't worry.
"No river, no fish".
Did you come here to eat?
Or to play.
Both. Why?
You are bothering me.
How come?
You are chomping.
What did you say?
You are chomping all the time!
All the time.
Hey you, keep quiet!
He is bothering me.
Then don't play!
Why did you let him play?
He still owes you money.
He's a scammer.
Stay out, bitch!
Bring money tomorrow.
You are on the "counter".
I know where you live.
Why did you play?
To win back.
You lost your father's money?
You are disgusting!
Can I stay at your
place tonight?
They know my address.
You need ice.
To get rid of swelling.
I don't need it.
You do.
What's the name of the guy
you owe money too?
He recognized you.
He was a wrestler too.
I don't remember him.
I don't smoke.
I'm trying to quit.
You will.
I know you will.
I see it in your eyes.
Do you miss home?
Not really.
I miss my dog.
My husband moved
to St. Petersburg.
And married my friend.
Did you punch him?
I don't know how.
I'll teach you.
You need to approach slowly
and strike unexpectedly
and act as if nothing happened.
Get close.
Grab his shoulders.
Like that.
Like that.
So I grab his shoulders?
Like that.
You can do it.
Let's move to the next step.
How is Soso doing?
He's fine.
He studies.
He has lots of books.
He might become a scholar.
What about gambling?
You found out anything?
That's not true.
Just some gossip.
Are you trying to comfort me?
No, I'm telling you the truth.
Where is he now?
At work.
How is the dog?
I miss him.
Don't you miss me?
Show yourself.
Come here.
Look at Kakhi.
Did you see him?
What's up, Kakhi?
So, Kakhi...
I have a proposition.
There is one Georgian woman.
I told you that we came
together from Bahamas.
She is epileptic.
She called me yesterday.
She has a problem at work.
She works for a Kazakh
guy as a hotel cleaner.
Besides her, there are
10 more women working.
They haven't received
salaries in 4 months.
Kazakh doesn't want to pay.
Let's go and talk to him.
Tolat will come with us.
He speaks Kazakh.
I'll tell him that,
I came from Tashkent.
And that I'm looking for a job.
What do I have to do?
Just come with us.
If we help her,
she'll give us some money.
You, me, him - we
all need money.
Plus, we'll make
the women happy.
Nana, how are you?
Good. You?
This is Mzia, my friend.
We work together.
Tell me what's going on.
Who are these people?
My friends, Tolat and Kakhi.
Hello girls.
How are you?
So tell me.
We work for a Kazakh guy.
We clean hotel rooms.
We started several months ago.
We agreed on $600 per week.
He was paying fully,
at the beginning.
Then he started to pay half.
Last 4 months, hasn't
paid us anything.
He keeps saying "later, later".
He owes me $4,000.
He owes $5,000 to me.
He owes everyone at work.
He keeps saying "it's crisis".
Never ending "crisis".
He hires more men or women?
Mostly women.
- Do you have his phone number?
- Yes.
Call him and say
that an Uzbek guy
is looking for work.
Go ahead Nana.
Farik, this is Nana.
Do you have a job?
Speaks in Kazakh.
I'm looking for work.
Do you have anything?
Why are you so skinny?
I need strong guys.
Don't worry.
I won't let you down.
Salary is low at the beginning.
I'll do my best.
Can I make $100 a day?
Not in the beginning.
Lunch is included.
Let me go!
Calm down.
Why don't you pay these women?
For 3 months.
4 months.
Why aren't you at work?
If you don't want
to work - leave.
You are fired!
Talk politely with women.
Politely? You kidnapped me!
Go to the police?
- I will!
- Go then!
I will! They'll arrest you.
You'll be arrested too!
- And you won't be arrested?
- For what?
For hiring illegals.
To avoid taxes.
- That's your gratitude?
- Yes.
Listen, Farik.
Do you see this guy?
Do you see his broken ears?
The same will happen to you.
Kakhi, squeeze him.
Will you pay or not?
Let me go.
Calm down.
In Kazakh.
He says he'll pay.
You'll pay? When?
You keep saying it
for last 4 months.
You owe me $4,000.
Leave me alone.
You owe me $4,000.
I have debts.
I can't feed my children!
When will you pay, bastard?
Calm down, I have
$3,000 in the bank.
You owe these women$40,000.
Give me your wallet!
Give me a second.
Calm down!
Tell me your pin number.
My mother's year
of birth - 1951.
My mother's maiden name.
B, A...
Open the window.
I said open it.
Calm down Nana.
Come in.
Meet Sergo.
Sit down.
Your countryman?
I'm from Kazakhstan.
Taskent, Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.
Take this card and
call the bank.
What should I ask?
Ask how much money
is in the account.
Who is this man?
A friend.
He'll stay here
for a couple of days.
Help yourself.
Cheese is very good.
Tea, coffee?
I'll have tea.
Give him some tea.
- Can I smoke?
- Sure.
Where are you going?
Come here.
What's going on here?
Nothing? He was
jumping from the window.
He kidnapped me.
I don't have money.
Lock him there.
This bastard duped 20 women.
He owes them money.
- Why did you bring him here?
- Where else?
Anywhere. I don't care.
I'm going to work now.
If I'm back and I see him here,
I'll throw you from the window!
Thank you.
You are all bastards.
I called the bank.
He only has $3,000.
I told you...
I sent all the money home.
My father has cancer.
I have to get him to Korea.
No treatment in Alma-Ata.
You'll pay these women.
Treating father with the
stolen money is no good.
Call Alma-Ata and make
them send the money back.
It's night there.
Banks are closed.
Banks work 24 hours.
Until you pay you'll stay here.
I want to try his ATM card.
Kakhi, sit with him or
he will jump out again.
You are champion in
which wrestling?
Freestyle and sambo.
My dad loved skiing.
I will return the money.
I'll do everything
to return the money.
I believe you. Go.
I trust you.
You are free.
Okay then.
Kakhi, didn't I ask you
to watch the guy?
Where is he?
Where is the guy?
- I let him go.
- Where?
To get the money.
And you believe him?
It's under my responsibility.
Kakhi, listen to me.
That guy will bring the police.
That's what's going to happen.
It's under my
responsibility too.
Kakhi, it's not
kindergarten here.
Can't you understand that
he'll bring the police?
Shit, I can't
leave just like that.
Let's drink.
Let's drink to friendship.
Sveta, please bring 3 glasses.
- Something to eat?
- No, thank you.
What happened to his son, guys?
His son owes money, $14,000.
Yesterday he brought $2000.
Asked for an extension.
I refused.
He gambled his $2,000. Lost.
Got loud. Insulted
He was beaten up and
we put him on the "counter".
Can you stop the
"counter" at least?
Ok, we'll stop it.
What's next?
You can't corner the guy.
Let's find a compromise.
There's only one compromise.
He must pay.
Let's think about it...
Let's think then.
Soso told me that
you are a wrestler.
I used to wrestle
when I was young.
Wrestle with me.
If I win, you'll erase
my son's debt.
If you lose?
I'll pay double.
Where are you going
to get money?
I have an apartment.
In Tbilisi. On Marjanishvili.
Center of the city.
You want to wrestle?
I'm younger than you.
You have no chance.
That's my problem.
How shall we wrestle?
Till touche.
Right away if you want.
What do you think?
We can do it for you.
I'll be grateful.
Till the end.
That's it. Touche.
- Is the debt paid?
- Yes.
Give me your hand.
What happened?
We were on the beach
and he felt sick.
Nothing serious.
I'll call the ambulance.
No ambulance. I'll
be fine soon.
Give him some drops.
Let me fix the pillow.
What's going on?
Kakhi isn't well.
- What happened?
- Heart, I guess.
Did you call the ambulance?
He doesn't want it.
Don't listen to him.
What happened to you?
Heart problems?
Probably I'm just tired.
Why don't you want
to see the doctor?
Doctor's can't cure fatigue.
What can I do for you?
Please sing "Many Years" to me.
I'll go now
bring my friends,
and we'll sing
"Many Years" and...
Thank you.
Sounds good?
OK. I'll arrange
everything and return.
Did you wrestle with Amir?
Did you win?
I wrestled all my life.
How could I not wrestle for you?
Your pulse is jumping.
It'll calm down.
But will you ever calm down?
I don't know.
Let's get some fresh air.
I feel better.
Help me to put on shoes.
Watch your head.
Not enough air.
Feeling dizzy?
Who will bring the body?
Guys will collect here.
He fulfilled my wish.
What wish?
I asked him not
to return without you.
Show him to me.
Shall I remove the sheet?
Leave the room.
There is one more floor.