Brightwood (2022) Movie Script

[electronic tone]
[tinkling tone]
[ominous music]
[eerie music]
[woman, with distorted voice]
Welcome to the
Divorce Survival Guide podcast
where we have open and honest
conversations about
co-parenting, separation,
and the hardest
question of all,
"Should you stay
or should you go?"
-I'm Kate Anthony.
Your divorce survival guide.
-[Dan] Hey-- Hey--
-Hey! Come on!
Can you take
the earbud out for a second?
...toughest waters
you've ever swum in.
-Look, it, it's
hard today, right?
I can barely breathe.
It must be the pressure
or something.
Yeah, you drank two bottles
of wine last night.
...with your sanity
and your heart intact.
Don't-- Can you please
not put the earbud in?
It's just-- [exclaims]
I just, um... [clears throat]
I think there are
a lot of different ways.
And a lot of, um,
different directions
this could go in
and I, I just wanna say
we've been together
a really long time.
A stupid amount of time.
-I'm gonna do the hill.
-No, can we please not
do the hill.
-Go home then.
No one asked you to come.
[sighs and exhales]
[sharp ringing]
This is great.
[clears throat]
What do you want to eat later?
You should focus
on burning calories.
Yeah, I'm trying really hard
to not focus on that
right about now.
I want to do the park trail.
Circle the pond
and we'll head back.
[ominous music]
Hold up a sec. [grunts]
Stupid amount of time, huh?
Yeah, I can remember
when you had more hair.
You know, I could say
what I remember about you.
How you've changed?
Isn't that fucking beautiful?
Sun's nice on the water.
You know, I should say
what I remember about you.
It'd be good to be honest
with each other.
Wouldn't a counselor say that?
I don't know, Dan,
we've never been.
Come on, let's take a photo.
What? Come on. Hey!
Hey! Hey! Come back.
For old times' sake.
-[Jen] Okay.
Let's go.
You gotta get a little closer.
[shutter clicks]
Uh, wait, one more. One more.
[shutter clicks]
Oh shit, I think I blinked.
-Come back here.
Take the fucking photo.
[shutter clicks]
Isn't it more like a small lake?
Than a pond?
A pond is a small lake.
-It's four times around.
-We'll see.
Why did you even come out
this morning?
Because what other quality time
do we have together, dear?
I think it's best
if I just run ahead.
You know I didn't cross
any lines last night.
I don't know where
your lines are located,
but it seemed to me like
you were trying
to fuck every single
woman at that party.
-I wasn't trying
to fuck anybody--
-It was my office party!
I got a little drunk,
what's different.
To celebrate my promotion
of becoming their boss.
-I know.
-Veronica, our senior
accountant, emailed me
and told me you're trying to
get her to text you privately.
I was just being friendly.
She's a 54 year old woman, Dan.
Her kids are in their 20s.
Really? Huh.
Fuck off!
Ah-- Great. If we're just
going round in circles,
why don't you try to lap me?
Not a problem.
[Kate on earphones]
How to deal
with an estranged marriage
with lack of resources?
Actually, this is, this is...
[foreboding music]
[muffled podcast]
[Kate speech,
muffled on earphones]
[Kate speech,
muffled on earphones]
Um, all of that, you have...
[overlapping voices whispering]
[ears ringing]
[Kate speech,
muffled on earphones]
[distorted voice]
[static, silence]
It could be really hard.
Right, but it'll be much harder
if you don't deal with
the core emotion.
[Kate] Your purpose
and your resentment
and your anger...
Me and my divorce support group,
someone has asked...
Um, people wanted help
like how to not feel like
they're defined
by being a divorcee?
[eerie music]
-Whoa! What the hell?
-[loud whoosh]
Why would you
need to run into me?
[eerie music builds]
-[Jen] Hey!
-Jesus! Where'd you come from?
Don't be stupid. Come here.
I want to show you something.
[eerie music builds]
Okay, you're right.
I wasn't acting great
last night. Can I just--
You know, there are
a lot of different ways and...
a lot of different directions
for us. And I just--
Look around.
Okay, I don't see anything.
There's the sign.
Where is the trail?
[sharp ringing]
I-- Maybe there's two signs.
Do you remember there
being two signs?
-Well, then why
would there be two signs?
Okay, just a thought.
Just a first thought.
Come on.
Look, can we just walk? Please?
-[ears ringing]
Keep moving.
Ahh, I have this weird headache.
I wonder why.
Hey, hey. What are,
what are we doing?
Can we just stop
and talk for a second?
Hey. Hey, Jen, come on.
I... I think this has been more
than four times around.
Shut up.
That was your first lap.
Where's the trail?
[panting heavily]
[soft eerie music]
[leaves crunching]
Okay. I mean, uh--
Okay, I-- It's gotta be
up that ways a little bit.
-We went around the whole thing.
-What are you, worried?
It's right up there.
This doesn't make any sense.
-Did we pass it?
-I don't think so.
-It doesn't make any sense.
No, no. I know
it's not this far.
And that must be
back by the sign.
It's just, um...
I don't know. Hidden somehow.
Well, yeah, you know,
by, by branches.
Well, yeah, with leaves.
And lots of wind.
-Okay, should we go back?
-I don't know.
All right, I have an idea.
You go that way
and I'll go this way.
And then whenever one of us
sees the trail,
we'll just yell out.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, cool. We'll do that.
You know, I really am sorry.
We've been together
a really long time.
A stupid amount of time.
It is stupid, but I still...
You know.
Do you really mean that
or are you just saying
that because I said it?
I don't know.
You didn't
actually say anything.
[eerie music]
[overlapping voices whispering]
-What the...
-...fuck is going on?
No, it's fine.
It's, it's gotta be
right up here.
It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be fine.
The fuck is going on?
[distant male voice]
Ahhh! Jesus!
I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
Did you see the trail?
Just stay here.
-Just stay right here.
I'll be right back.
-Did you see the trail?
-Just-- I'll be right back.
I promise.
-What the fuck
is wrong with you?
-Just stay here.
Okay. What's going on?
[sharp ringing]
-Ahhh! Fucking Christ, Dan!
Did you see the trail?
No. You?
What are you doing?
-I had to take a piss.
-You're scaring
the shit out of me!
I'm sorry.
You didn't see the trail?
-[low ringing]
-[overlapping voices whispering]
Do you hear that ringing sound?
A terrible ringing sound.
You're just hung-over.
Who swims in this
fucking pond anyways?
I, I've never seen
anyone swim in it.
I mean look at the water.
It's dirty. It's dirty water.
-Have you ever seen anyone
swim in it?
See. Neither have I.
It's, it's pointless.
Pointless fucking sign!
It's stupid.
Maybe people would swim in it
if the sign wasn't there.
What, like people just
aren't swimming in it
because of the sign?
I'm guessing.
Yeah, maybe.
Do you think someone's
moving it?
The sign?
Yeah, yeah, that,
that's a great idea.
[Dan grunts]
No, I don't.
-Okay, I'm gonna call somebody.
-Who are you gonna call?
-[Jen] Anybody!
-[Dan] Oh, okay.
-It's not working.
-No bars.
-No service.
-What the fuck?
I told you we should've
never changed providers.
Not now, Dan!
Shit! Shit!
Just try it anyway.
[ominous music]
Come on, come on, come on.
-Keep walking.
Go past it. Go past it.
-Oh, okay.
Go past it, go past it,
go past it, go past it.
[ominous music builds]
-What the fuck is that?
-Oh, fuck. Oh.
-Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.
-No. No way.
-What the fuck is going on?
Was it a homeless man?
What the fuck is going on?
Don't touch me.
I'm sorry.
What is it?
I didn't know you had
two pairs of earbuds.
Why would I have two?
[stutters and sighs]
-You're not doing this, right?
Like as some kind of
a joke or something.
I was mad, I was angry because
you tried to fuck my co-worker.
I didn't try to fuck
your co-worker.
-It's my fault. I get it.
-Yeah, maybe.
But look, I'm not angry anymore.
So, if this is some kind
of a joke...
What-- What do you think
I'm doing? Moving the trees.
Shh. Shh. Please. Please stop.
It's okay. Just please,
please, please stop.
Hey, I have an idea.
[eerie music]
Doesn't it feel like we've been
walking a really long time?
No. Not-- not really.
I mean, shouldn't we come across
something by now?
Like houses or a road
or anything?
I'm sure we will.
Can I just breathe for a second?
[ears ringing]
What is that ringing?
Ah, you do hear it!
See I told you it wasn't
just the wine.
Maybe we should go back?
No, I think we just have to keep
going in the same direction.
What's the name of that road
south of the park?
What, Bunn Drive?
Where is Bunn Drive?
Hey, look.
It's all gonna be okay.
Everything's fine.
Everything is not fine!
Okay. Fine.
Everything's not fine.
But I know everything's
not fine. I've been trying
to talk to you all morning
because everything's not fine.
Okay. Let's talk.
What do you wanna talk about?
Well, now, isn't really
the right time?
No. Now is a great time.
I just think we need to be
honest with each other.
And if we are,
we can keep going.
I think about stabbing you
in the neck all the time.
I'm sorry that I got
so drunk last night.
It's not about you getting
drunk last night, Dan.
It's endless.
We just keep going and going
like something's gonna change
and it doesn't.
And at this point,
we're just torturing ourselves.
-Every day.
-[stutters] Can we
just take a breath here?
No! Let's be honest.
You snore like a 500-pound man.
You're practically an alcoholic
and I feel like I can smell you
rotting from here.
Your teeth rotting.
I can smell it! In little waves.
And your toenails
are fucking disgusting.
Well, you make me proud
that I'm addicted to porn.
Me too!
People stay together
for so long.
It doesn't seem long.
[sighs and groans]
It feels long.
It's not like
I can recall everything.
It's just like more of the same.
It's like a long
fucked-up weekend.
I don't know what you're saying.
Neither do I.
I think I'd be happier
with someone else.
I think you're gonna die alone.
Fair enough.
And there's just no way
to forgive each other, is there?
Maybe with time?
I don't have it.
Neither do I.
Okay, so, um...
[clears throat, sniffs]
...when we get out of here,
we'll, uh, you know,
start the process.
-The process?
-Yeah, you know.
The process has been going on
for half a decade.
Go call your mom
and live with her.
Oh God, I don't wanna do that.
She's gonna be so upset,
I don't know what she sees
in you, but--
She hates my guts.
She just doesn't want
her loser son living with her.
She's been playing you
for years.
I'll e-mail her.
We'll send out e-mails.
Oh, yeah. Lots of 'em.
-Like a chain letter.
-Mm-hmm. Just let
everyone know all at once.
We can write it together.
Oh, dope.
You know, that'll be nice.
Use some funny emojis.
Some rainbow font.
[pensive music builds]
That way.
Oh, I think I see something.
[eerie music]
No. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no. No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
No. No. No, no, no,
no, no, no. No.
No. No. No. No. No! No! No!
No, no, no. No.
[gasps and laughs]
I'm beginning to think something
really weird is going on.
This is a joke.
It's a good joke.
I know what--
I'll tell you what.
Maybe we should go that way.
Or maybe we should go that way.
What is happening?
What is going on?
[laughing hysterically]
[complete silence]
[distant male voice]
[overlapping voices whispering]
What was that?
That's what it was. "Run."
What are you doing?
Come on.
[eerie music]
-[sharp ringing]
[Jen crying]
[eerie music]
Hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
I see somebody.
-Is it the homeless man?
-I don't think so. Maybe?
Hey! Hey, man!
-Maybe he can't hear you?
-[Dan] Yeah.
-Wait. Hey, hey!
No, wait, wait up!
-Wait! Wait!
[foreboding music]
[intense music]
Excuse us!
-W-whoa, no.
Where are you going?
We just wanna ask you
a question.
Hey, man. Uh.
Why-- why'd you run before?
You all right?
Everything cool?
-Hey. Hey, hey, man.
Hi, this is--
This is really ridiculous,
but we don't know--
we don't know
why we can't find the way
out of here.
It's so weird.
Do you know-- do you know
where the trail is?
Do you-- do you know
how to get out of here?
Go talk to him.
I don't wanna go up to him.
You go up to him.
Go talk to the guy.
What if he's violent?
So you want me to talk to him?
Yes. Yes, I do.
You are a very powerful woman
and I really wanna support that.
-Second gentleman, yeah?
I've allowed you to have sex
with me enough times
that you have to be prepared
to die for me.
Okay. Okay.
[Dan clears throat]
You know, if, if you just, um...
...if you just turn around
and look at me,
maybe, maybe we can find
some way to communicate?
[Dan, whispers]
But then how did you hear that?
Um, okay. I,
I'm just gonna yell
for a minute,
but don't be alarmed.
[yells] Hey!
Don't. Don't do that.
What do you want me to do?
Tap his shoulder.
No fucking way.
[Dan, aloud]
Hey, hey. Hey, man.
Um... I'm a...
I'm just gonna throw, um...
...uh, this, uh, little pebble.
Uh, it's really super small
so, so it won't hurt.
Um, and I'm, I'm just gonna...
...I'm gonna throw it
right... now.
-[eerie music builds]
-[sharp ringing]
[screams and breathes heavily]
[yells] Run!
-[ears ringing]
[static, stops]
That's fucked up, right?
And, uh...
...he looked like me, didn't he?
[softly] He did.
That's really weird.
It's really weird.
What do you think
he meant by run?
[eerie musical sting]
-[ears ringing]
-[screaming stops]
[muffled horror music]
[heart beats]
Help me.
Jen, I...
Help me.
[ominous music]
-[loud whoosh]
-[Dan's voice]
Oh, what the hell?
Why would you need
to run into me?
[Jen screams, stops]
[Jen screams, stops]
[ominous music]
[overlapping voices whispering]
Oh, God.
Oh, God, Jen.
No, Jen, I'm coming.
I'm coming, Jen. I'm coming.
Please hold on. Please hold on.
[distant male voice]
Oh, Jesus fuck!
I'm sorry.
What, what are you doing?
-Just, just stay right here.
-Did you see the trail?
I'll be right back.
Just, just stay right here.
-Did you see the trail?
-I'll be right back, I promise.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Just... just stay right here.
Okay, what-- What's going on?
[eerie music]
-[Dan] Hey.
[Jen 2]
Jesus fucking Christ, Dan!
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm sorry.
Did you see the trail?
Uh... no. You?
What the fuck are you doing?
I mean, I'm...
I had to take a piss.
-You're scaring
the shit out of me.
-I'm sorry.
You didn't see a trail?
You okay?
Oh, yeah.
Uh, let's go this way.
Who swims in this
fucking pond anyways, right?
It's disgusting.
Why would you need a sign?
I haven't-- I, I've never seen
anyone swim in it.
Have, have you? Have you
ever seen anyone swim in it?
Yeah. See it's--
It's a stupid fucking sign.
It's pointless.
Maybe people would swim in it
if the sign wasn't there.
Maybe, yeah.
What is it?
You, you lose your earbuds?
Not mine.
Mine are in my pocket.
There's so many.
Why would anyone need so many?
Your shoulders are red.
They're burning.
[breathes shakily]
Hey, let's call somebody.
Um... who should we call?
[inhales sharply]
[breathes shakily]
[slow heartbeat]
Where are you going?
Uh... no service.
See, no, no bars.
Uh... no.
[eerie music]
I'm not gonna lose you.
We're gonna get out of here.
We have to.
How long have you been here?
What are you talking about?
It never moves, the sun.
It must burn after a while.
We're gonna get out of here.
You and me.
And when we do,
we're gonna be better
to one another.
I promise.
Jenny-- Ahh!
-[soft ringing]
[eerie music]
[Jen 2]
[Jen 2 exclaiming]
[gasps and breathes heavily]
Why didn't you tell me my hair
was thinning so much?
It's so fucking sad.
-What are you talking about?
-I don't know,
it just makes it worse somehow.
This can't be happening.
This can't be happening.
Just get the sweatshirt--
I'm gonna be sick.
I don't wanna look at it.
[exhales] Oof.
I think he figured out that
I wasn't whatever,
me from before.
He seemed--
The way he looked at me.
Are you seriously gonna make me
start thinking about
what he has that I don't?
I mean, is this the same person?
Or is this a different person?
Like it... like it doesn't count
that we just killed a person
if you're the same person,
Then it's not so bad.
How are you feeling about this?
Uh, you know,
I'd have to think about it.
[clears throat]
Really break it down,
but I, uh-- [clears throat]
I think I'm feeling pretty
good all things considered.
-Oh, he's still alive. Oh, God.
-Oh, God. Oh, God.
What do we do? What do we do?
-[Jen 2] Huh?
I don't know.
Oh, no, no, no, no. I don't
wanna hurt myself again.
We can't leave it.
Stop saying "it"!
No. What, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, God. I don't wanna
look at this.
[soft ringing]
[continues choking]
[grunting and screams]
That is so fucking weird.
[Jen 3, in a distance]
I don't know where
your lines are located,
but it seemed to me like
you were trying to fuck
every single woman
-at that party.
-[Dan 3] No! I just drank
a little too much.
[Jen 3]
It was my office party?
To celebrate my promotion
of becoming your boss.
Veronica, our senior accountant,
emailed me...
[Jen 3]
[overlapping voices whispering]
[dramatic musical sting]
[eerie music]
-[Dan 3 in a distance] Right.
[Jen 3]
I don't wanna
talk about that right now.
Do you even
look at me right now?
-[Dan 3] How should I
look at you right now?
-[Jen 3] Okay, stop.
[Dan 3 speaks in a distance]
[Jen 3 speaking in a distance]
Shut up! [echoes]
-[eerie music]
[overlapping voices whispering]
[muffled conversation]
You know they have great
hair regrowth options now.
They combat it with
an exterior cream and a pill
at the same time.
Super cheap in Mexico.
-I should have started years ago
when we went to Cabo.
Shut up about it already.
Look, they don't know yet.
-...before it's gone!
-Well, it's not...
I, I feel like you're not
taking this seriously.
Well, I'm sorry but...
Come on.
Should we follow them?
-So maybe if you stay here...
You can't leave my sight.
We never split up again ever.
Calm down.
You're the Dan I'm used to.
God knows what would
happen if I had to deal
with a shittier one.
I gotta pee.
Ow. Fuck.
Do you really think that
there are worse ones?
Because if there are worse ones,
then there are,
there are probably better ones.
You know like,
like the other me.
You know, what you were
saying about
the way he looked at you
and the w-- and whatever.
And maybe they are better people
than us. You know, kinder?
Oh, does that make it sadder?
Maybe some of us
are really happy.
You probably
just killed that one.
Why do you think some live
and the others don't?
Good choices?
God, I just don't understand
why this is happening.
Because we're stuck in hell.
Because I'm stuck in hell
with you.
Well, what's different?
Do you really think
we are in hell?
Like a real hell?
And, like, when did we die?
You know before,
what... whatever.
You, you know what I mean?
And we were just running, right?
So, I mean,
did we get hit by a car?
Or maybe a bear came and ate us?
I'm getting tired
of this conversation.
How can you be getting tired
of this conversation?
Look what's happening.
I mean, why is this happening?
My head is pounding.
I'm actually beginning to find
it kinda comforting.
It's probably some
stupid fucking
alien time-alternating device
that crashed here
for absolutely no reason,
because that's just our luck,
and it has nothing to do
with anything!
How long do you think
we've been here?
A stupid fucking amount of time.
Like a long fucked-up weekend.
-[overlapping voices whispering]
-[distant conversation]
-Oh, shit. Someone's coming.
[Jen 4 and Dan 4
speak in a distance]
-[Dan 4] Are you out
of your fucking mind?
-[Jen 4] I want...
-Well, this is different.
-[Jen 4] My arms are burning.
I think I look
kinda good actually.
-[Dan 4] I'm not gonna do that.
-This version, yeah.
Shut up.
Ah, it's so weird, isn't it?
It's like--
It's like watching yourself,
in real time.
Take a selfie of yourself...
or something.
Just so endlessly sad
and unsettling.
-[Jen 4] ...burning. Okay, so
you have to do this for me.
-[Dan 4] Stop screaming.
Oh shit.
This would be a crazy selfie.
Stop it.
Okay, that was loud.
[camera clicks]
-You're psychotic.
-[Jen 4] Dan...
Yeah, says the person
who just stabbed me in the neck
with a twig.
[Jen 4]
Dan, would you just stop...
You know, I think
we look kinda cute
when we're fighting.
Oh. Hey, I think I'm gonna hide.
Just like us.
[Jen 4]
You know
you used to like my jokes.
Maybe there's a funny version
of you out there?
Oh, ha-ha.
Do you think it's like a lesson?
Like maybe we have to learn
some kind of lesson,
and then after that
everything will be okay?
Maybe the better ones get out?
[eerie music]
-Oh, it's me. Again.
-[Dan 5] Jen!
-[Jen 4] Hey.
-[Dan 5] Oh, my God.
You're here.
-Just want you to see something.
-[Dan 5] What?
[Jen 4] Let's go over here.
I just want you
to see something.
Oh, this is different.
-[Dan 5] Oh, my God!
-[Jen 4] Oh, my God. [screams]
Oh, shit. Oh,
this didn't happen before.
But why?
Bad choices.
-I'm so hungry.
-I'm starving.
Ah, there's nothing to eat.
You could hunt for something.
[snorts] I appreciate that
you think that of me, but what?
We're in hell.
I don't remember dying.
It's really frustrating.
[eerie music builds]
I don't know if I'd know
what to do without you.
I think it's a trail.
Which way should we go?
[eerie musical sting]
[Dan 2]
What did you mean by that?
-[Jen 2] What?
-[Dan 2] That you didn't know
if you'd know what to do
without me.
[Jen 2]
I don't know.
Maybe you just meant that
you don't know how to leave me?
-[foreboding music]
-That might have been the case
before I killed you, buzzy.
Now that I have--
Oh, that's very romantic.
[distant male voice]
Think they'll run?
Who cares?
[eerie pensive music]
[music builds up]
No. No. No more. No more.
-No more. No more.
-No, please don't "No" again.
I can't fucking take it.
I can't take it anymore.
We just keep walking around
and around
and around in circles.
I can't do this anymore!
-I don't wanna die like this.
-I know.
-I'm a person!
I'm a person!
I have so many...
I have so many things.
I have so many thoughts.
I am. I make good choices.
It's not fair.
-I'm probably the only bad one.
I know.
I don't wanna die with you.
I know.
I mean, I used to think I did.
But now
I don't know what I think.
I don't wanna...
I don't wanna smell you.
I know.
It's just been
a really long time.
A stupid amount of time.
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
I don't... I don't know.
I don't know what's real anymore
or what's good.
Or what's bad or...
Where I should go
or what I should be looking for.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
What's different?
[soft ringing]
That's so stupid.
[both chuckle]
And I'm sorry for everything
I've said or done.
Every day, I don't know
a few times a day for the last,
I don't know...
...eight or nine years.
Okay, me too.
[foreboding music]
What is that?
That's never been there before.
[music builds up]
Oh, my God. Oh.
The smell.
[dramatic musical sting]
[foreboding music continues]
There's something on.
[Dan 2]
What is it?
-It's your phone.
-[Dan 2] What?
What is that?
It's me.
Oh my God, it's me.
How long would it take you
to look like that?
We can't get out.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
I don't know what to do.
[eerie music builds up]
I love you.
I love you.
[leaves crunching]
What was that?
I don't see anything.
[breathes heavily]
-[Jen 2 screaming]
-[ominous music]
[thudding stops]
[ominous music builds up]
[intriguing music]
[continues screaming]
[panting heavily]
[panting heavily]
[Dan 6]
Hey! Hey, man!
[ominous music]
[Dan's voice]
Hey! Stop! Stop! [echoing]
[Jen's voice]
[intense music]
[ominous music]
[water lapping]
[Dan 6, muffled]
Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hold up!
[Dan's voice]
Now let's take a photo.
[Jen's voice]
[Dan's voice, distorted]
[Jen's voice]
There's the sign.
[overlapping voices whispering]
-[Jen's voice]
Where's the... [echoes]
[water lapping]
[Jen's voice]
Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.
[breathes heavily]
-[Dan's voice] No.
-[Jen's voice] Go. Go. Go.
[overlapping chattering]
[sharp ringing]
[overlapping voices whispering]
[distorted chattering]
[intense music builds]
[soft ringing]
[intense music continues]
[overlapping voices whispering]
[ominous music]
[overlapping voices whispering]
[eerie music]
[distant male voice]
[dark music]