Bring Her to Me (2023) Movie Script

Listen to my voice, my words.
Listen to my voice, my words.
Listen to my voice, my words.
Come to me.
I must have you.
You will be mine.
Sorry about that.
I threw in some
extra in there for you.
You look like you could use it.
Thanks, Raz. You
know me so well.
That I do, which is why I know
you haven't been yourself today.
It's that obvious?
It's that obvious.
Listen, I'm due for a break.
You care to join me?
Could bend my ear a few?
How could I resist
such an invitation?
I'm gonna take 15.
After you.
So what's on your mind?
Confess your sins.
No sins to confess to.
That's boring.
I just feel drained lately.
Are you not sleeping?
No, that's the problem, I am.
So nobody's keeping you busy?
And why would you wanna
know about that, hmm?
- Jealous?
- No.
No, we've known each
other for a while now
and I've never
seen you with a guy
or even heard you bring
one into the cafe.
Mm. This has nothing
to do with a guy.
Besides, I don't have
time for romance.
Who said anything about romance?
Maybe you just need a little...
Would you stop already?
Okay, then what is it?
It's nothing.
It's silly.
Well, now you have to tell me.
All right.
I keep having this dream,
over and over, each night.
So that's it? Just
dreaming of somebody special?
Yes. No.
Not exactly.
Somebody or something.
I always wake up when he, or
it, is about to reveal itself.
It's terrifying.
Sounds something
like sleep paralysis.
These just feel like
something more than bad dreams.
How open-minded are you?
Try me.
I don't know much about dreams
or even how to begin
interpreting them,
but I do know somebody who does.
Maybe she can help.
Think it might be good
for you two to talk.
- I don't know.
- You're probably thinking
of some crystal-rubbing
new age whack job,
but I can assure you, while
she's admittedly eccentric,
she's an academic and
she's very professional.
I mean, you haven't
been yourself lately.
And I want the sassy Mara back,
not the spaced out zombie.
I don't think so.
Boom, it's settled. I'll
bring you to your house tonight.
Wait a minute.
It's gonna be okay.
Trust your old pal
Raz. I've got you.
This is gonna help.
I guess we're doing it, then.
8:00 PM sharp.
And with that settled, should
probably get back to work.
You know, all this time
we've known each other,
you've never made a pass at me.
I mean, not that I wanna
ruin our friendship,
which it certainly would,
yet here you are
coming to my rescue.
I only live to serve.
But you're not for me.
I'll see you tonight.
He sees you.
I'm sorry?
He sees you.
Look, I can't help you, sir.
He commands to bring her to me.
He commands to bring her to me!
Look, stay away or
I'll call the cops!
Commands to bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
- Hey.
- Hey, buzz us up.
We're out front.
Already? I must have
just missed you coming in.
Did you see a homeless
guy out there?
No. No one out here, just us.
Hmm. Weird.
I'll tell you about
it in a second.
Buzzing you in now.
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
Bring her to me!
The one and only. We've arrived.
Okay. Give me a
second, I'll buzz you up.
And here we go.
Is this a bad time?
I did say eight.
- No, you're good.
- Ignore me and come on in.
Well, then, Mara,
let me introduce you
to Miss Abagail Firth.
Is there a problem?
No, no, no problem.
Trepidation perhaps?
I dozed off. You
two woke me is all.
Oh, starting without us.
No, I didn't, I was just
I'm just giving you
a hard time, my dear.
It's Mara, is it?
That's me.
Come on in, Miss Firth.
Oh, please, do call me Abagail.
Deal. Well, come on in.
Make yourself at home, Abagail.
Thank you.
Raziel, why don't you
make us all some tea?
Tea? I was hoping for a beer.
Oh, I bought some earlier.
Tea will do.
And be a doll, Raziel,
make it how I like it?
You weren't kidding about
her being a little eccentric.
This isn't gonna
cost me much, is it?
Relax. She's harmless, and no.
What is she doing?
I'm purifying the room.
I mean, smells nice, though.
Purify from what?
Oh, all kinds of nasty things.
Emotions, energies, memories.
There you go.
So, my dear Mara, come
tell me about your dreams.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- For sure.
Mm, it's good.
So, Raziel has told me a
little about your troubles,
but I want to hear it from you.
Lay down for me.
There you go.
This feels silly.
I know it does.
Bit like you're gonna have
your head shrunk, right?
Well, we won't be doing
any of that tonight.
I just find lying in
repose just relaxes one,
just opens one up more than
sitting all crunched up
and restricted in a chair.
You do feel relaxed?
Then let's begin.
They started a while ago.
I feel myself drifting
into the darkness,
into a void, to a dark place.
Someone's there, watching me.
I only catch glimpses of him,
but I'm engulfed
by his darkness.
Can feel him all
around me, on me.
In you?
No, not in me.
It's terrifying and
I can't get away.
I can feel his hot breath on me.
And what happens next, Mara?
And then.
You okay?
It ends about the
same each night,
but a little bit more intense.
And when you wake, do you
have feelings of lethargy?
I'm completely drained, all day.
It's like the dream
is sucking my energy.
In fact, it is.
What do you mean?
Well, when you're dreaming,
like truly, deeply dreaming,
the dream state is just as
real as our waking reality.
If you have an
exhausting, active dream,
we often wake up exhausted.
The mind doesn't disconnect
between the dream state
and our waking life,
because the dream state is
just as real as the
rest of our day.
Reminds me of that
old playground talk,
when you die in your sleep,
you die in real life.
It's not always a wives' tale.
Again, the the two
worlds don't disconnect.
The dream is so
real that the body
doesn't realize that it's.
Just a dream.
And that, my dear, you
are correct.
So you know what
my dreams mean, then?
I believe I know
what you must do.
Which is?
See it through to the end.
I don't think I can do that.
Oh, but you must.
The only way you will stop
these dreams is
to see it through.
I don't know.
Look, I'm gonna be here
to guide you through,
along with Raziel.
Raziel, you game?
You'll be okay.
She'll be perfectly fine.
So you're talking about
me falling asleep now?
I wasn't expecting
to do this tonight.
This is just all a bit too much.
We'll be here to guide
you every step of the way.
I feel like I don't have
a choice in the matter.
I'm game.
Good girl.
Up you get.
Raziel, be a dear and
brew some more tea for us.
Now, go get ready for bed,
just as you always do.
You must have the same routine
to not disturb what
we're doing here.
Off you go.
Think you should wait outside.
Of course.
So, my dear, make
yourself comfortable.
You've done this sort
of thing before, I trust?
Just relax.
Close your eyes and focus
only on my voice, my words.
Let me guide you
into the dream state.
Listen to my voice, my words.
Don't fight it. Just relax.
Listen to my voice, my words.
Listen to my voice, my words.
Listen to my voice, my words.
Listen to my voice, my words.
Listen to my voice, my words.
Is she away yet?
She's away.
Do not fear me.
I only wish to talk.
I have to get back.
But you've only just arrived.
I can't.
You must.
And you will.
First, let's dress
you for the occasion.
Do you approve?
It's beautiful.
Tailored for you
and your beauty.
Sit, relax, get comfortable.
You must be hungry.
Your journey must have
worked up quite the appetite.
Whatever you desire is yours.
No thank you.
Is this sustenance
not to your liking?
It's all so lovely to see.
But not to eat.
Libations, perhaps?
Something else?
Anything to make your
time here enjoyable.
Most enjoyable.
I'm good.
Suit yourself.
I've been waiting for you.
Lifetimes, it would seem.
I've been drawn to
here by someone. You.
And finally, you heeded my call.
I had to, even though I
don't understand any of this.
I can't seem to think
of anything else.
I'm frightened yet
compelled to know more.
There's nothing to
be frightened of here.
Savor all I have to offer.
I think she's waking up.
It's too soon!
There is no haste.
Time stands still here.
Soon, we'll be as one.
As one?
When we feast.
- There, there, my dear.
- We're here for you.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm not sure what
happened, though.
You were in a deep dream state.
Tell me, what did you see?
I went further than ever before.
I saw someone.
He was waiting for me.
This is a big step.
And we'll go even
further next time.
Next time?
You take some rest. We'll
continue this tomorrow night.
I can stay the night
if you need anything.
I'll be fine.
I think it's best we just
leave her alone to rest.
Come on, Raziel. Take me home.
Thank you for helping me.
No thanks necessary,
my dear. It's what I do.
Now you rest. We'll
see ourselves out.
He likes her.
He wants her.
Last night was awesome.
It was anything but.
Why can't I have dreams
like normal people?
I mean, I could handle
being naked in a crowd.
Abagail said you
made great strides.
Yeah, I went further,
but it's even more confusing
and terrifying than before.
Then it's working.
You need to see it all the
way through to the very end.
You wouldn't be saying that
if you were experiencing.
Look, I understand,
but if you're.
You're starting
to sound like her.
How do you know her?
Who? Abagail?
I've known her for a long time.
From the cafe. Like how we met.
Right, and that
qualifies her to...
Listen, I think
she's an amazing woman.
She helped me through my
nightmares. Now she's helping you.
As a favor to me.
Right, I didn't mean to
I know.
There's something
else I didn't tell you.
From last night?
You, you changed.
So did Abagail.
You had these awful
faces looking down at me.
I mean, yeah, you
could do so much better,
but you could also
do so much worse.
No, I'm serious.
You sure your dream
just wasn't incorporating
the events and
people of your day?
I suppose you could be right.
Of course I'm right.
And Abagail would
say the same thing.
I'm sure she would.
- Hey, Raz!
- Come help in the back!
- Gotta get going.
- See you tonight?
Eight sharp.
You think she'll
break through tonight?
She has to.
Are we starting now?
Of course, my dear.
I'll be outside.
If she wishes.
Okay, my dear, lay down.
Just relax.
And just focus only
on my voice, my words.
Close your eyes.
Let me guide you into
your dream state.
Listen only to my
voice, my words.
Listen only to my
voice, my words.
Don't worry, you won't have
to do this again after tonight.
What are you saying to her?
- Nothing.
- Well, just careful
not to poison her dream.
She is yours, my master!
She's there.
You came back.
I had to.
So you understand
you had no choice.
Didn't I?
It's your fate. Unavoidable.
So there's no turning back now?
Then let's enjoy
our time together.
There's something
different about you.
Is something not to your liking?
There's a sense of
urgency in your voice
that I don't
remember from before.
Perhaps I feel our time
together is culminating.
I thought time here stood still?
Or my patience grows
thin from your insolence!
Is he feasting now?
No, no. Something's wrong.
She's fighting him.
- Do we kill her now?
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
The master is merely anxious.
Let him enjoy himself.
My apologies for upsetting you.
I only thought we had
nothing but time here.
It's I who should apologize.
My anticipation
for what is to come
has tempered of the night.
And what is to come?
A union, one that will
answer your questions
and satiate my longing appetite.
So that's what this is about?
Our union. You seek a
bride, a suitable mate.
My dear girl, I
do not seek a mate.
Well, what do you seek?
It should be time.
You know what needs to be
done. Go and fetch the blade.
Wait, what needs to be done?
- There, there.
- Wait, what needs to be done?
- What's going on?
- Shh, shh, it's okay.
It's over now.
Oh, I can assure you
it's far from over.
You should be in bed, my dear.
You're not seeing this
through to the end.
- Wait, no, get off of me!
- You're wasting his time!
Whose time am I wasting?
Raziel, take her
back to the bed.
No, what is going on?
It's fine. Mara, you need
to get back to the bed.
Yes, listen to Raziel, my dear.
You must continue your dream.
You seem to be far more invested
in my dreams than you should be.
Because I want to
help you, my dear,
help guide you through
the dream state
so you can see this through.
And I can only do that if
you just fucking fall asleep!
Get off of me!
You should have given her more.
I'm sorry, I thought I did.
Wait? More what?
A simple drug, my
dear, to slow you down,
help you along the way.
The time is nigh. Reality and
the dream state are blending.
That's why it's so important
for you to drink your tea.
Raziel, why don't you
make us all some tea?
And be a doll, Raziel,
make it how I like it.
I've been
waiting for this all day.
You're enjoying
this way too much.
I'm sorry.
Apologies at this point
in time are so preposterous.
He can't help but
take a liking to you.
But in the end, he's
only doing the bidding
of his mother and father.
Bring her to me.
He grows impatient!
He wants you!
Bring her to me.
Oh, enough of this!
Show this harlot
what you really are!
Bring her to me!
Wakey-wakey, pretty, pretty.
You should be resting.
How can I rest
after all of this?
Aww. Perhaps you
need a bedtime story.
Once upon a time,
there was a woman
who wanted nothing more
than her own child.
Of course, by some
cruel twist of fate,
she couldn't conceive, no
matter how hard she tried.
Prayed, begged, nothing.
Was all she could dream about.
And then one day, her
dream was answered.
Your dream.
My master heard my cries
through the darkness
of the dream state.
He took pity on
my wretched soul.
He answered my prayers. He
made my dream come true.
He gave me his seed,
a son for me, and his
vessel to the world.
Oh, I know, to some,
he's a monstrosity,
but to a loving mother, he's
nothing short of a miracle.
It's ready, Mother.
Oh, my dear boy,
taking care of all
his mother's needs.
All of them.
And doing this to me
is part of your needs?
It's the price I pay for my boy.
Feed my master.
He sees through Raziel. He
picks his meals through him.
His women, prettier the better.
Oh, the whores, all alike.
It is my pleasure and
honor to serve them to him.
You bring the lambs
to the slaughter?
Oh. I know, I know,
I was hard on you.
I said things I shouldn't have.
But I have to admit,
I am going to delight
in the thought of you
being torn limb from limb
and your flesh sucked
from your bones.
Just shut up and
finish it already!
Oh, all right!
Oh, let's use this.
Pry the little cunt's
mouth open.
Listen to my voice, my words!
Sweet dreams.
Oh, won't be long now.
Get the blade and get ready.
The only thing to smite the pain
of you leaving is the
sight of you returning.
There will be no more exits.
I'm here to see this through.
So you have accepted your faith.
I couldn't stay away.
I have my own urges
to satisfy now.
I have craved you
more than anyone.
Then you shall have me.
He's taking her.
I will grant you this,
your final pleasure.
We will be rewarded.
Oh, you are the only reward
I've ever wanted,
my beautiful boy.
Oh, finally, it's all
for you, my master!
Oh, gut the whore
and feed, my love.
He's enjoying her too much.
Time for the blade.
Take your position.
- Skin so soft.
- Oh, silly boy.
It's almost time.
It's an honor to die by my hand.
Now, boy, give
her to your master!
Do it! What's wrong with you?
I can't!
What sorcery is this?
You don't recognize my kind.
I thought you were onto me
when you said I wasn't
like the others.
I'm certainly not.
I sense it now.
Indeed. A demon eater.
I thought you kind
had long been extinct.
Well, you thought wrong,
as one stands before you now.
I search all over for your kind,
traversing through
the dream state,
looking for clues,
finding familiars,
leaving breadcrumbs of my
own, baiting my own traps.
I knew when I met
your vessel Raziel
that he was protecting
something dark, ancient, you,
but I wasn't expecting your
crone of a servant, though.
She made things much more
complicated than needed.
Enough of this taunting.
You're not the only one who
likes to play with their food.
End this.
You're in no position to
make any kind of demands.
Now you can join the eons
worth of your victims,
devoured like scraps of meat.
You can die with that honor.
So be it.
No! I don't understand!
Oh my sweet boy...
Oh, Mother will save you.
The bitch will pay for this.
No. No, this can't be!
But it is. Your
master is no more.
I should thank you for
bringing us together.
He was most delicious.
What have you done, you bitch?
Merely what I have
done for centuries.
Raziel? Raziel.
Speak to me. Raziel,
answer me, I command you!
Silence, hag! You have
no power over him anymore.
He serves a new master now.
No. No, no, no, no!
Let my boy go! Release him!
You sure you want me to do that?
You will do it.
Whatever you are, I will make
sure your soul pays for this!
Foolish old woman.
You should stop concerning
yourself with what I am,
and start thinking
about what I've done,
think about what this
little, unassuming whore
did to your all powerful master.
And if I can do that to him,
just imagine what I
have in store for you.
Better yet, why don't
we find out together?
Bring her to me.
No, no! No!