Bring on the Melody! (2017) Movie Script

Please don't make hardsubs out of this.
Thank you.
Here's the local weather forecast.
The cherry blossoms are blooming today.
Finally spring has come to the town of Shimizu.
For today's first song "Hajimari no Asa"
Hajimari no Asa
Please wait for me!
Open the doors! Open the door!
That hurt.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm sorry. I'll be careful.
We're turning to the right. Please be careful.
Oh geez.
I'm really sorry! I'm sorry.
Should we switch places?
I will sit and you will stand.
No, thanks.
To the new students,
today's Admission Ceremony
marks the beginning of your high school life.
From the bottom of my heart, I respect your abilities.
So for the next three years,
Whether on studying or club activities,
I hope you can do your best.
Brass Band Club
I would like to apply for the club.
Are you sure?
Didn't you hear about it?
I've already bought a flute.
I will be the one to gather the members.
It is a matter that the Student Guidance Department has decided.
And the adviser has also agreed to it.
The most important thing is
to set up a brass band club you need a lot of people.
Can I say a few words?
If each piece of instrument needs only one person,
flute, oboe, clarinet,
saxophone, trumpet, horn,
trombone, tuba, percussion.
Just like in baseball, nine members are enough.
Although they're few,
they can still produce a sound.
Music does not depend on the number of people.
Thank you for your support.
What are you saying?
I'm going to gather nine members.
What can a freshman like you do?
Principle, didn't you say you respect the ability of each student?
I'll give you three weeks.
Three weeks, that means before the end of April, if you cannot gather nine members,
then the club will be cancelled, right?
It's not easy to gather all those members, you know?
Homura Chika
1st year
And so, when I gather all the members,
will you be our club adviser?
With pleasure.
Thank you very much!
Please excuse me!
I'll have this.
That's fine, we don't need it anyway.
I think if you succeed in gathering members, we might join as well.
No thanks.
She obviously doesn't know anything.
Please come back to the Brass Band Club.
How can you talk about that so casually.
I will never go back.
Senpai, wake up.
You can't do anything to wake him up.
No way. He's amazing.
Band Members and Instruments Chart
What are you doing?
I'm sorting music sheets.
Are they yours, sensei?
They are.
Can I see them?
Haru no Hikari
I hope someday I can finish this song.
It is very dangerous to drive while using the phone.
When riding a bike,...
Hello there.
We're turning to the left. Please be careful.
Sorry Chika-chan.
Kamijio Haruta?
The one who moved...
in elementary school, 3rd Grade.
Chibi, thin and weak, that Haruta?
Please check the Brass Band Club out!
Please check the Brass Band Club out!
We are the Brass Band Club, please take this.
Please accept it.
That hurts! Stop it!
What are you doing? Do it properly.
I'm not used to bowing to people.
And I never said I'm going to join.
Since you know how to play the horn,
of course, you should participate.
But I want to concentrate on my studies.
Shut up!
Please take a look at our club!
Kamijio Haruta
1st Year
Please take a look at our club!
What is it?
That person, I think she's Yonezawa Taeko-san.
I saw her in a band magazine.
She won prizes in solo competitions.
Winning a solo competition with a tuba is amazing, don't you think?
Unfortunately, I no longer want to join.
Why not?
You're really amazing at it.
I'm very sorry.
That's fine.
It's said that Kusakaba-sensei also joined
an international competition for conductors and garnered second place.
Can you tell me why Yonezawa-san won't join the brass band?
Although we did go to the same junior high,
we weren't really close.
Is that so?
Why did you call me? I'm busy.
Haruta, you're late!
That hurts.
I think I might know why.
What is it?
Although I'm not sure if this could be a hint,
I think Yonezawa-san's body is weak.
Amost everyday she wore a mask.
Playing the tuba needs strong physical and vital capacity.
I see.
Isn't that nice?
It feels like youth.
Why are you talking like an old man?
I mean, they're having fun without any burden.
Isn't that Yonezawa-san?
Please join the Brass Band Club.
Please check out our Brass Band Club.
Stop it.
Stop being so self-righteous.
Brass Band Club?
Miyamoto was actually a really good pitcher.
But after a shoulder injury,
he gave up baseball.
He studied saxophone in elementary school.
I advised him to play it again.
I was too frivolous.
Aren't you going to think about it?
I'm trying to gather nine members.
I mean, you can't play baseball anymore.
Say more and I will kill you.
You don't know anything at all.
I do know.
During junior high, I play volleyball.
my knee was injured in the final game.
I can no longer play.
When volleyball was taken from me,
it felt like I have nothing left.
Suddenly, I heard a melodious sound.
The Girl With Flaxen Hair by Claude Debussy
My once so dim scenery,
became so soft and shiny with music.
I felt like the world became bright again.
I thought, "Music is amazing."
There was no doubt I was saved by music.
So I also want to share the power of music to others.
I want to create music just like that.
Miyamoto-san, just in case you also like music,
let's play it together.
Please join our club!
Please take this! Please think about it!
Please join our club!
Please join the Brass Band Club!
Please join the Brass Band Club!
Here, please!
Please join our club! Please think about it.
You can't?
Please join our club.
Please join our club.
Please join our club.
Please think about it. Please take this.
Please join our club.
Please join our club.
Please join our club.
Toy Symphony by Franz Joseph Haydn
Katagiri Keisuke
3rd Year
Noguchi Wakaba
3rd Year
I was deeply touched by your playing.
Nakatsugawa Megumi
1st Year
Although this will be my first time to play,
please let me join you.
Is it really okay?
You're our first applicant!
It hurts.
It's fine if you don't have experience!
I also haven't learned how to play the flute.
What's wrong?
I'm going to practice playing it properly.
And you've got time to gather members?
Why are you even trying to restore the band?
Practice is not easy, you know?
I'm going to practice.
You haven't even touched it, have you?
I'll do my best from now on.
Please take care of me.
That hurt.
Shut up.
Can't you even hear how bad your playing is?
Sorry about that.
If I also like music.
That's what you said last time.
Miyamoto Kyoji
2nd Year
We are the Brass Band Club.
Please join our club.
Director, your voice is not loud enough.
You have to make it louder.
We are the Brass Band Club!
Please join our club!
And you! That's the way!
Thank you.
No need to go to cram school.
Stop threatening people.
Just distribute the flyers.
But they're not listening!
Nakatsugawa-san, do you have a cold?
I practiced playing the trombone.
It looks painful. Is it tingling?
A little bit.
It's tingling.
Everyone altogether when I say ready!
Ready and!
Don't come near me.
Do your best!
Don't come!
I told you not to come over!
Hold him down!
Let me go!
What are they doing?
But you know, they're not the same.
The taste is not the same.
Well, it's not exactly different.
What's not different?
Let's shop to see a variety of ...
What's going on?
Tuba's mouthpiece is huge.
So a misunderstanding is it will make your mouth like a cod.
Yonezawa-san your name is Taeko.
Taeko =
Taeko = wonderful
Taeko = wonderful child
So it's often ridiculed into tarako, right?
Tarako =
Tarako =
Tarako = c
Tarako = co
Tarako = cod
Tarako = cod
From now on, we will play like this.
Yonezawa Taeko
1st Year
What is that?
What's wrong?
It just feels so quiet.
You know,
we're usually surrounded with all kinds of sounds.
the sound of chalk,
the pulling of chairs,
frictions of cloth.
I really want
to let the Brass Band's
music resound once again.
Students and teachers together
will unconsciously stop what they're doing.
I want to play music
that will ring in the minds of everyone,
and make them never forget it.
Or why don't we play during class time?
Let's boycott.
No way. I'm not ruining my record.
That hurts!
That hurt.
Let's play this.
This would sound really good.
This song's really good.
Not bad right?
It's great.
Sure worth a try.
This is definitely a good part for the winds.
Can we do it?
We'll do our best.
There are also good parts for saxophone.
What's wrong with the director?
There used to be a member called Hiyama Kaiyu.
For one year,
he was the leader for percussion.
Whether it's technical or motivational, he has always been our support.
But last year just before our performance, he suddenly stopped coming to school.
He plays a big role for the band...
That time the song we were going to play
Is this.
Kaiyu-san had so much influence.
Well, yes.
Because he was gone, everyone else left.
That time, Kaiyu was the director.
This guy here is only the acting director.
But why did he suddenly not come to school?
I don't know about that.
Isn't there any clue?
I heard he lived with his grandfather.
He broadcasts a mini-radio program with them.
I often listen to that program!
Just wait!
It does not matter how we are going to play this song.
But I'm against him coming back.
No matter what his reason is he still betrayed everyone.
Sukiyaki by Sakamoto Kyu
Then play from the first two lines of the prelude.
Yes sir.
1 2 3 4 1 2
Pathetique Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven
It's so nice to listen to a professional.
Serizawa-san was the one playing, right?
I think so too!
Her father is a teacher at a music university.
And her mother is a piano celebrity.
Now that I think about it, Kaiyu and Serizawa-san are friends.
Oh, that's true.
The one playing clarinet yesterday was you, right?
It was really good to hear.
Isn't the essence of music enjoying the sound?
We would be really happy if you could join our club.
Which instrument do you play?
I play the flute.
Being with someone like you
would make my practice quality drop.
I'm not interested in other instruments.
Those who want to be professional players
need to only practice alone.
Only then will there be a result.
Do you play music just to enjoy the sound?
That's wrong.
The word music originated from
sounds that are the essence of songs
Sound in kanji is pronounced as "on"
and the songs are the essence of the instruments.
That's all there is to it.
Enjoying the sound is nothing but a later added meaning.
Enjoy in kanji is "gaku"
Can people like you not talk to me about music?
Practice here is definitely the most appropriate.
There are no neighbors that will be disturbed.
Good evening.
So the program for the next half hour
"Seven Sages Counseling Service"
We will answer everyone's troubles.
This is a session for life advises.
This program is Kaiyu-san's?
Satakichi-san, Hideji-san, Yone-san.
It's great working with you.
Hideji-san, please put some clothes on.
It feels hot after taking a bath.
Just put some clothes on.
No one can see it anyway.
What's this?
It's always like this.
Then the first mail for today.
"I want to convince and gather members but there's no effect at all."
"It's hard to change someone else's ideas."
"But I'm trying my best. What should I do?"
What? You were the one who wrote that?
Satakichi-san please give your answer.
Eh? There's only silence.
Quickly answer!
Satakichi, say something.
Say it quickly!
Just give up!
We are the Brass Band Club.
Please join our club!
We are the brass band club, please accept this.
Only three days left.
Three days.
There are three more days.
About a week ago during lunch break,
she suddenly became strange and isolated herself.
Did she change seats?
Yes, she chose that herself.
Czardas by Vittorio Monti
Serizawa-san seems to be the type who's not interested in others.
she looks really happy while playing.
She is so angry there must be a reason.
What do you think?
Different hair style?
Hearing impairment?
Yes, her right ear.
She wants to focus in class with her left ear.
and the seat by the window is the most convenient.
Hence, she moved there.
She disturbs our practice
because she probably wants to tell herself
that even if one of her ears is impaired,
she will not lose to our band's low level.
It's time for giving out advise.
Satakichi-san, you smell like paint thinner.
You smell!
You just opened it, didn't you?
Really stinky.
Wash your hands first then come back.
Yes madam!
It's time to read a letter from our listener.
"Maybe there's a reason..."
"why I want to keep playing music and not want to stop."
"I'm not really asking for an advise."
"I just need someone to talk to."
Well then,
listener-san please listen to this song: Down by the Salley Gardens
Down by the Salley Gardens by Ludwin van Beethoven and Michael Silvernman
Serizawa-san is surely wearing a hearing aid.
It's hidden behind her long hair.
But I think she lost it somewhere.
Haruta, since when did Serizawa-san start isolating herself?
If I'm not mistaken, it's one week ago...
Yes, during lunch break.
Let's go.
When I was still playing volleyball,
I would always hit the floor.
Serizawa-san's knees have band-aids because they're scratched.
You scared me.
Serizawa-san, good evening.
I'm sorry we weren't able to find it.
I'm sorry.
No way.
Chika-chan, are you serious?
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
It's fine.
I didn't want anyone to know.
It'll hurt my pride.
So thank you for destroying it.
I spent 300,000 yen for this.
It's okay.
Yesterday evening,
Serizawa-san didn't say why Kaiyu-san stopped coming to school.
So this means she knows the reason.
Is that so?
And that is?
Based on Serizawa-san's attitude,
it's not a good thing.
Surely she will cover for Kaiyu-san, or will deny it.
But even if what he's doing is against the law,
it's not actually really bad.
Serizawa-san is protecting Kaiyu-san.
First, Kaiyu-san is living with
old people with personality disorders.
How did you know?
Hideji-san who always want to take a bath.
And Satakichi-san who's always drunk.
They're broadcasting the radio program together.
And upon hearing the sound of all their voices,
it can be deduced that they live together.
If my hunch is right,
the nursing home probably don't have a license.
Go on.
And so,
to pay back to his grandfather who died,
Kaiyu-san took charge of the nursing home.
It's been a while.
The brass band was going to disband.
But we're going to restore it.
Aren't you going back to school?
I will never go back!
Go home!
Kaiyu we need you!
Let's play together as a brass band again.
Welcome back to our broadcast.
So today's letter is...
What's wrong Satakichi-san?
Is it alright to solve others' troubles,
when you cannot solve your own?
Listen, Kaiyu.
Your grandfather's death is not your fault.
On that time, you were just giving all you've got to practicing.
So don't be guilty.
That is to say,
you don't have to do anything for us.
Because we just want to be pampered by your kindness.
We're all afraid.
If you're not here,
we have nowhere else to go to.
Don't worry about us.
It's your grandfather who taught you how to play percussion, right?
If you give it up,
the one who will be saddest
is your grandfather.
Sukiyaki by Sakamoto Kyu
Welcome back.
I'm back.
Kaiyu Hiyama
3rd Year
Welcome back, Director Kaiyu.
Director Katagiri.
Director Katagiri!
Please sit down.
Please director, do not hesitate.
Sit down quickly.
Director, please.
No way.
Please take the seat.
Are you forgetting
one important thing?
You're one person short.
that time I told you,
what would happen if you can't gather nine members?
Cancel. The. Club.
Cancel the club!
Today is not over yet.
We're still hoping that you can join, Serizawa-san.
I beg you!
You came back.
I'm sorry.
Please join the brass band!
Please join the brass band! Today is the deadline.
Please join the brass band!
Please join the brass band! Today is the deadline.
Please join the brass band!
Join the brass band!
Today is the deadline! Please join.
Thank you very much.
Do you want to join the band? Please join the band!
What is it?
Tezuka-kun, I have something to ask from you.
It's not right for you to do this kind of thing!
Stop this, it's dangerous!
Put me down!
What are you trying to do?
Stop moving old man!
Miyamoto don't call him old man face-to-face.
Stop this! Put me down!
All nine members have been gathered!
Tezuka Kota
2nd Year
Shimizu North High Brass Band Club
is officially restored!
Your music is still not worth listening to.
Are you determined?
Kusakabe Shinjiro
Brass Band Advisor
Jupiter by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Shoko Miyawaki
Sakuraba Koi
Tenor Sax
Fukami Kazuya
Ogiwara Momo
Maebashi Natsumi
Bass Trombone
Aki Aika
Naruse Yu
Barito Saxophone
Ohara Nana
Sakamaki Rekusa
Horiuchi Tyuyoshi
Shimizu Yuka
Thank you.
Rhapsody No. 1 Haru no HikariNatsu no Kaze
We will play this song in the competition.
Yes sir.
Down by the Salley Gardens by Ludwin van Beethoven and Michael Silvernman
Sakamaki-san, Fukami-kun, Homura-san,
you're not keeping up with the pace.
Also, Nakatsugawa-san,
until when do you plan to stare at the score?
You should've memorized it by now.
I'm sorry.
Lift your horns.
Lower down your chins.
Good. It's a lot better now.
What do you think?
At the beginning...
You tend to be out of breath right?
You just need to practice and you'll learn how to do it properly.
You're doing fine.
Thank you very much.
Let's try again.
Ready and!
Look here.
Are you ready? One, two!
5 6
5 6
Shi la shi la
Okay. 5 6
Not good, not good.
5 6
Your blowing is completely unstable.
Have you tried practicing in front of a mirror?
I haven't. I'm so sorry.
The competition cannot wait for you.
Can I play her flute solo instead?
Well then, who will play the piccolo?
You can't change the instrument you're going to play.
The score is arranged that way.
If that's the case,
is it possible to change Homura-san's solo to a simple melody that will be easier to play?
That's not possible.
Recently, everyone in the band has improved.
Right? We all did.
The feeling of playing the instrument with skills.
The two guys in charge of clarinet suddenly improved a lot.
They make good sounds now, right?
It makes me happy.
But, Chika's solo...
Although she's very determined
The sound of flute is very unique so an error would be so obvious.
Chika is really trying. She'll be able to do it.
So what have we been doing until now?
I'm sorry.
I think my heart is changing.
You can date and join club activities, right?
I want to concentrate on practicing.
I'm really sorry.
Homura-san, please practice by yourself.
You have half an hour.
I think Chika-chan wants to play 2-3 melodies immediately.
Trying hard is her trademark, afterall.
What should we do?
What are you trying to say?
Shouldn't we...
accompany and help Chika-chan practice until she can do it?
Let's also add more schedules for our practices.
During weekends too.
I'll go.
I will too.
I'm going.
I have something to do during weekends.
Is that so?
Cram school?
You can't come bacause of cram school?
That's right.
You're saying that even though the others will go.
So cram school is more important than the competition?
They're not comparable at all!
You just don't want to play, right?
-If you don't want to play then just say it.
If you don't want to play, just go home!
-We don't need someone who does not care.
Come on, just go home!
I'm going!
- Don't go.
- I...
I joined the club because Chika-chan approached me.
Me too.
I want to work with everyone and encourage each other to work hard.
Is it the time to be saying that?
Tezuka, pay attention to your words.
Can't we just practice?
weren't you supposed to teach Chika?
Aren't you usually assertive when teaching?
You actually asked Kusakabe-sensei to change the score. How shameless.
I think so too.
We've never done that before.
After all, Chika-chan just began learning her instrument.
That's not it...
How could she still not do it?
Also, how could it be that the amateur ones even when taught,
cannot progress at all?
Who do you mean?
Senpai, I'm not talking about you.
Then is it me?
Anyway, Chika is the problem now.
That's true.
Shut up Kaiyu, you don't understand the wind group at all.
The percussion group are all experienced while most of us are beginners.
You have no right to interfere!
That's not what I was saying.
I'm sorry. I'm really bad at playing.
No, that's not it.
I'm sorry.
That's not it.
And people starts crying.
Senpai, shut up.
Why are you looking at them like they're all idiots?
Hey, you're also a member of the wood wind.
Have you no sense of teamwork at all?
Stop it!
You're the head of the wood wind.
Check your leadership and look at him.
What would the brass group know?
I'm not talking about brass or wood,
I'm talking about how you manage your group!
What management are you talking about?
Calm down, you two.
If you have good management abilities then it would not have been like this now!
You listen to me, not only don't you deserve to be the director,
you're also not qualified as a man!
-Enough already!
Go back to your place.
Stop this now.
This is exactly like last year.
Just because of one problem,
we could end up not joining the competition.
Chika-chan did not restore the band just for us to quarrel.
In case,
we were the ones in her shoes,
will surely give us a helping hand.
In fact,
she's the one who thinks about others the most.
Certainly now,
she's definitely struggling.
wouldn't it be nice to give her a little time to compete with herself?
I want to quietly support her,
believe that she can do it.
Let's start again.
Haruta! Haruta!
Haruta! Hang in there! Haruta!
What to do?
Are you okay?
He was overworked so he needs to rest.
He's going to be absent today.
Brass band members, go back to practice.
I too,
experienced having to give up my music.
Upon entering high school,
my parents told me
to focus on my studies.
But I didn't obey them.
Since you know how to play the horn,
of course, you should participate.
But I want to concentrate on studying.
it was my own wish,
from the bottom of my heart, I want to join the brass band.
that's why...
That's enough.
No need to go on.
You will experience the world soon,
it might be a good one,
but at the same time,
you will also face many obstacles.
There may be a lot of unreasonable things.
During that time,
slowly open your eyes,
you will find that you are
surrounded by your precious friends.
One cannot carry everything on his own.
I heard that you were gone.
Everyone's looking for you.
Leave me alone.
You may not remember.
You often hit me when we were young.
Is that so.
Because you hit me more than those who bully me,
they were all scared of you.
I later realized
Chika-chan, during those times that you hit me
that was to protect me from those bullies.
Even now,
Chika-chan, you're my hero.
let's work hard, okay?
the chibi is now taller than me.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Don't practice at a fast pace immediately.
First slow down the tempo then gradually make it faster.
Don't worry too much, just go slowly.
Your stress and nervousness shows.
I finally did it!
You finally did!
Aim for the top!
It was really great practicing with everyone!
Hey Director, don't mess up tomorrow!
I'll do my best.
Kusakabe-sensei is definitely nervous as well.
There's no doubt about that.
The costumes for tomorrow are here!
Here, a butterfly bow tie.
Would you like to try it?
Is this traditional?
If we won first place tomorrow,
I'm going to confess to her after the ceremony.
Eh? Aren't you too romantic?
Rhapsody No. 1
Haru no Hikari Natsu no Kaze
Don't force yourself to look natural
Try to look around slowly.
Do not run away, do not be confused.
Solo does not mean a person's alone.
It's important to be aware of your surroundings.
Solo does not mean your alone.
Because everyone is here.
57th Shizuoka Brass Band Competition Central District Conference
57th Shizuoka Brass Band Competition Central District Conference
The 8th Program
Shimizu North High School, composition by Kusakabe Shinjiro
Rhapsody No. 1
Haru no Hikari Natsu no Kaze
Conductor: Kusakabe Shinjiro
Good Morning.
Wait a second.
We're turning right, please be careful.
What are you doing? You did that on purpose!
Yes, that's right.
There is such a sentence in which
"as if" plus the subject plust the past tense of the verb
is equivalent to...
This means...
Rhapsody No. 1 Haru no Hikari Natsu no Kaze
Everyone it's still time for class!
Come on everyone go back to the classrooms!
What are you doing? Go back to the classroom!
Kamijio! Stop playing!
Please don't make hardsubs out of this.
Thank you.