Bringing Up Baby (1938) Movie Script

Good morning, Miss Swallow.
- Why, what's the matter?
- Dr. Huxley is thinking.
Alice, I think this one
must belong in the tail.
Nonsense. You tried it in the tail yesterday
and it didn't fit.
Yes, that's right. I did, didn't I?
David, it's a telegram for you from Utah.
It's from the expedition.
The expedition! Open it. I'll be right down.
David, they found it! They found it, David!
Not the intercostal clavicle?
It's on its way. It'll be here tomorrow.
Just think of it, Professor.
The very last bone we needed
to complete the brontosaurus.
The intercostal clavicle is arriving
tomorrow after four years' hard work.
- Congratulations, my boy.
- Isn't it great? I can hardly believe it!
Stop it. Really, David, there's a time
and place for everything.
What will Prof. LaTouche think?
After all, you're getting married tomorrow.
- Yes, I know we are...
- Right, we're getting married tomorrow.
Isn't that odd? Two important things
happening on the same day.
I think the occasion calls for a celebration.
Don't worry, we'll celebrate.
We're going away
directly after we're married.
Going away? What are you thinking of,
David? After receiving this telegram?
As soon as we're married,
we're coming directly back here...
- and you're going on with your work.
- Alice.
Now, once and for all, David,
nothing must interfere with your work.
Our marriage must entail
no domestic entanglements of any kind.
- You mean...
- I mean of any kind, David.
Alice, I was sort of hoping...
You mean children, all that sort of thing?
Exactly. This will be our child.
Yes, David, I see our marriage
purely as a dedication to your work.
Alice, everybody has to have
a honeymoon and...
We haven't time.
You have an appointment this afternoon.
- Have I? What for?
- To play golf with Mr. Peabody.
What Peabody?
The Alexander Peabody
who represents Mrs. Carleton Random.
Now let me think.
Who may donate $1 million
to the museum to complete all this.
Oh, sure! That Mr. Peabody.
$1 million.
That's pretty white of Mr. Peabody.
You haven't got it yet.
Let me remind you that a lot depends
on the impression you make on him.
Don't worry. After I've received this,
I feel good for anything.
I'll wow him, I'll knock him for a loop.
David, no slang.
Remember who and what you are.
- That's right.
- Go on. You mustn't keep him waiting.
- Goodbye, Alice. I mean, Professor.
- Don't forget your golf clubs.
Remember, let Mr. Peabody win.
Yes, Alice. I will.
Oh, dear. Excuse me.
I can't tell you, Mr. Peabody...
how much this endowment
would mean to the museum...
and to me personally.
If you could just give me
some assurance...
If you could give me some assurance
that you'd...
consider us first before you donate that
million to anyone else, I'd appreciate it.
Dr. Huxley, you seem to be
under some misapprehension.
I haven't got $1 million.
I represent the possible donor,
Mrs. Carleton Random...
whose legal advisor I happen to be.
Yes, of course. I forgot.
Mr. Peabody, then I wonder...
if you could use your influence
with Mrs. Random, that would be nice.
Dr. Huxley, when I play golf,
I only talk golf...
- and then only between shots.
- Yes, of course. I'm sorry.
Couldn't we continue this discussion
over a whisky and soda after our game?
Yes, we could.
Meantime, I believe you hooked your ball.
Yes, I did.
I'll be with you in a minute, Mr. Peabody.
Yes. All right.
Look! You can't...
That's my ball. Just a minute!
Here's hoping.
I say, just a minute. I beg your pardon.
Oh, dear.
- You shouldn't do that, you know.
- What shouldn't I do?
Talk while someone's shooting.
Anyway, I forgive you
because I got a good shot.
- You don't understand.
- It's right next to the pin.
That has nothing to do with it.
- You playing through?
- I've just teed off.
You must be a stranger here.
You should be over there.
This is the 18th fairway and I'm on
the green. If I sink this, I'll beat my record.
Be there in a minute!
What kind of ball are you playing?
- PGA.
- I'm playing a CrowFlight.
I like a PGA better.
I'm trying to prove
that you're playing my ball.
A PGA has two black dots,
and a CrowFlight has a circle.
I'm not superstitious.
- That has nothing to do with it.
- Stop talking and take out the pin.
Oh, my, this is so silly.
See? It's a circle.
Of course. Do you think
it would roll if it were square?
I have reference to a mark on the ball.
That proves it's a CrowFlight. That's mine.
What does it matter?
It's only a game, anyway.
Young lady, you don't seem to realize...
you've placed me
in a very embarrassing position.
Really? I'm sorry.
The most important lawyer in New York
is waiting for me on the first fairway.
Then it's silly of you
to be fooling around on the 18th green.
You don't mind if I take this with me?
Not at all.
Tell the caddy master to put it in my bag
when you're finished.
Huxley, come on!
Yes, I'll be with you in a minute,
Mr. Peabody!
Hey, mister, I think that's your car.
I'll be with you in a minute, Mr. Peabody!
What do you think you're doing?
I'm trying to un-park my car.
- Oh, hello.
- This is my car!
Good. Would you mind
moving it out of the way?
- No. This is my car.
- Yes, I understand that.
If you move it back four feet,
I'll be able to get out.
I'm afraid you've made a mistake.
Maybe this is yours. What did you say?
I said if you move it back about four feet,
I'll be able to get out.
I'm in a terrible hurry, and I can't budge.
- You want me to move your car?
- Would you mind terribly?
- Yes, I will, but...
- That would be awfully kind.
- Take it very easy.
- Yes, I'll go slowly.
What are you doing?
I have to get into position.
Please be careful.
I will. Now, you say when.
- Yes, all right.
- Am I clear?
Yes, you're clear now.
- Now look what you've done.
- That's all right. I'm insured.
I don't care whether you're insured or not!
Let me drive this car.
It's all right. It's an old wreck, anyway.
It doesn't matter.
You don't understand. This is my car!
- You mean this is your car?
- Of course.
Your golf ball, your car?
Is there anything in the world
that doesn't belong to you?
Yes, thank heaven. You!
Now, don't lose your temper.
Young lady, I'm not losing my temper.
I'm merely trying to play some golf.
You choose the funniest places.
This is a parking lot.
Will you get out of my car?
- Get off my running board.
- This is my running board!
All right, honey, stay there.
Help me!
Don't think everything
in the world is yours.
This is my car, I'll handle it.
If you want to come with me, go ahead.
I'll be with you in a minute, Mr. Peabody!
Good evening, sir.
I'm looking for Mr. Alexander Peabody.
I believe he's dining here.
Mr. Peabody has not arrived yet.
Is that so? Well, I'll just wait.
- Yes, sir.
- Good evening, Louis.
- Good evening, Mr. Brown. Right this way.
- Thank you.
May I check your hat, sir?
- Excuse me?
- Check your hat?
No, I better... Maybe you'd...
I'm sorry.
Look at that. I dropped my hat.
I'd better hang on to it.
- Now, watch very carefully.
- I'm watching.
I take an olive, I throw it in that glass,
but there it is.
- Now I throw it in that one.
- Wait. Now, without the... Go on.
I know what happens. That's wonderful.
You take three, don't you?
Only you cheated.
You can see me take three.
You throw it in the glass.
Take another one, throw it.
- Good!
- And then you do this.
I'm so sorry. Oh, hello.
You're sitting on your hat.
- I know it.
- That's silly. Get up. I'm awfully sorry.
I couldn't be more apologetic, really.
Well, I might have known you were here.
I had a feeling just as I hit the floor.
That was your hat.
Look at it. Look.
Yes, it's too bad, isn't it?
Joe here was showing me a trick,
and the olive got away.
First you drop an olive,
then I sit on my hat. It all fits perfectly.
You can't do that trick
without dropping some of the olives.
It takes practice.
What, to sit on my hat?
No, to drop an olive.
Now, if you're going to be angry with me,
what can I do?
Go away.
No. I was here first.
- Then I'll go away.
- What, you...
Won't you just take the olive dish?
No, it's all right.
I'll sit here. You don't mind, do you?
- Not at all.
- This is rather difficult.
- I guess it is.
- Goodness.
Your face is familiar.
Haven't we met somewhere?
Not to my knowledge.
You're wrong. My name's Susan Vance.
I'm Dr. Fritz Lehman.
That's all right. You can sit down.
I don't mind at all.
- You may have heard me lecture.
- What do you lecture about?
I usually talk about nervous disorders.
I am a psychiatrist.
Oh, crazy people.
We dislike the use of that word.
All people who behave strangely
are not insane.
Is that so?
Would you mind if I asked your
professional opinion about something?
Not at all.
What would you say about a man
who follows a girl around...
and then when she talks to him,
he fights with her?
Fights with her?
Is the young man your fianc?
No. I don't know,
I never even saw him before today.
No, he just follows me around
and fights with me.
The love impulse in man very frequently
reveals itself in terms of conflict.
The love impulse?
Without my knowing anything about it...
my rough guess would be
that he has a fixation on you. A fixation...
Wait a minute, I can't remember
more than that. A fixation?
"The love impulse in man frequently
reveals itself in terms of conflict."
- That's right.
- I'm eternally grateful to you.
You're absolutely wonderful.
Thank you very much.
Do you know why you're following me?
You're a fixation.
I'm not following you.
I haven't moved from this spot.
Please, you're following me.
Don't be absurd.
Who's always behind whom?
My dear young lady,
I haven't been behind anything...
but what they call the eight ball.
I haven't been all day.
- You're angry, aren't you?
- Yes, I am.
The love impulse in man frequently
reveals itself in terms of conflict.
- Excuse me. The what impulse?
- Love impulse.
The trouble with you is that you have a...
Look, all I'm trying to do...
is find the gentleman whom,
thanks to you...
I abandoned on the golf course today.
That's all. Now please go...
Say, this isn't...
Where do you suppose I...
- Hold this a minute. I'll be right back.
- Yes.
- I'm sorry I was so long.
- It's quite all right.
I had a very entertaining conversation
with a young lady who does tricks...
with olives when she gets it right.
Fritz, where's my purse?
I thought you had it with you.
No, I left it right here on the table.
- My diamond pin was in it.
- Your diamond pin?
You just lost a diamond pin.
We're going to find it, all right?
- Don't worry about it.
- Excuse me.
Why, there it is. Thank you very much.
It's very kind of you.
- Thank you.
- Why, no.
This is my purse. My diamond pin is in it.
- Will you please...
- No, I'm afraid...
- Give me that.
- Will you please hand it over?
- Do something about it.
- Keep out of it, darling.
- I did the trick.
- You did? Good.
It is madness for you
to say it's not my wife's.
You've made a slight blunder.
This belongs...
There is the young lady.
Isn't this your purse?
- No, this is my purse.
- There you are. Hand it over.
Just a minute.
Didn't you give me this purse to hold?
Yes, that's right, I did.
I gave him the purse to hold.
There's been a mistake. I lost my purse.
I must've picked up your wife's purse
by mistake.
I wanted him to stay here,
so I gave him this purse...
while I went to find mine.
I was coming back.
- Now, that's all perfectly clear, isn't it?
- No, it isn't.
- She's going to give me an explanation.
- No!
My dear sir, it never will be clear
as long as she's explaining it.
- Now please let me go.
- Just a minute.
He's innocent.
Now you have your wife's purse,
I have my purse...
and Louie will explain it all to you
and everything will be all right.
Please listen.
You can't think I did that intentionally.
If I could think,
I'd have run when I saw you.
If you'd only let me explain.
I just gave you my purse to...
You've torn your coat.
Now, I didn't do it on purpose.
That's not right. It's not my fault.
I did it, but I didn't mean to do it.
I just caught hold of your coat.
Will you do something for me?
A needle?
No, it's simpler than that.
Let's play a game.
Watch. I'll put my hand over my eyes,
and then you go away. See?
Then I'll count to 10,
and when I take my hand down...
you will be gone. One...
I like that. I was only trying to be nice.
Thank you.
Just a minute!
You can't talk to me that way
then crawl out of it.
- When I'm mad, I'm mad.
- Something horrible has happened.
Don't tell me about it.
Just get out of it as best you can.
Please stop following me around,
fixation or no fixation. I've had enough.
- Stop talking, so I can tell you...
- Will you stop crowding me?
- I'm just trying to tell you, you've torn...
- No, I didn't.
- If you'd waited for my explanation...
- Not my coat...
...your coat would still be very all right.
- What is the matter with you?
- You see, I...
Do you realize you're making
a fool out of yourself?
You can't tell me I tore your coat.
There's such a thing as being fair.
Will you please stop doing that
with your hat?
Just stand there, will you?
What in the world is going on?
- No! Please don't move!
- I've had enough of this.
Listen to me. Let's get out of here.
Just start walking.
So now you want to walk.
Well, I'm quite sure
that I don't want to walk with you.
I hope you realize that you've made
a perfect spectacle of yourself.
Have you finished?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Don't just stand there. Do something.
Oh, my goodness. Get behind me.
- I am behind you.
- Get closer.
I can't get any closer. Are you ready?
Be calm. Left foot first.
- Go straight out the door.
- I have to meet someone here. There he is.
Don't you dare leave me.
I'll be with you in a minute, sir.
It's very important that I meet this man
to explain to him what happened...
although if I saw him,
I wouldn't know what to say.
It's perfectly simple.
Tell him you met someone you knew
and were detained.
I can picture myself explaining our exit
from the Ritz Plaza to Mr. Peabody.
It's not Boopie that you're trying to see?
No. His name's Peabody.
Alexander Peabody.
But that's Boopie, and I know him well.
I was going to have supper
with him tonight. He'll do anything I ask.
- Let's go to the Ritz and catch him.
- I'd better go there alone.
If we miss him there,
we'll go out to Riverdale. There you are.
- I couldn't spend that much time.
- Riverdale's only half an hour away.
Yes, but I have to go to Carnegie Hall
to meet Miss Swallow.
- Miss Swallow?
- Yes. I'm engaged to Miss Swallow.
Engaged to be married?
- That's right.
- That's nice.
- Then she won't mind waiting, will she?
- I wouldn't like to...
If I were engaged to you,
I wouldn't mind waiting at all.
- I'd wait for ever.
- But it wouldn't be right.
- I finally got you here, didn't I?
- Yes.
Susan, do they build all the houses
in Riverdale alike?
I don't think so. Why?
Because if they don't, we've passed
this one six times in the last hour.
But it was such a lovely night
for a drive. Come on.
Oh, dear.
There aren't any lights.
Mr. Peabody must have gone to bed.
No, he couldn't have gone
to bed this soon. It's early.
If they expected you, they could,
with the covers over their heads.
If you don't stop nagging, I won't help you
arrange matters with Boopie.
I've a feeling it might be better
if you didn't.
- Why?
- I don't think we ought to do this, Susan.
If we wake him up, he'll be irritable.
I don't think it's gonna work,
but I know where Boopie sleeps.
You can't climb
in a man's bedroom window.
I know. It's on the second floor.
Please, it's too late now.
You can't wake him up.
Can't I?
What are you doing?
- Pebbles.
- What for?
If you throw pebbles against a window,
people think it's hail...
and then they come and close the window.
I know we ought to go now,
but somehow I can't move.
I guess they weren't big enough.
Why not...
- Here's a pip.
- Just a minute!
Jeepers! Let's get out of here.
Don't worry,
everything's going to be all right.
Tomorrow, when Boopie's calmed down,
we'll go and see him together.
Now, just a moment. Don't think
that I don't appreciate all you've done...
It was nothing, David...
Just a moment. But there are limits
to what a man can bear.
Besides, tomorrow afternoon
I'm going to get married.
What for?
Because... Anyway, I'm going
to get married, and don't interrupt.
Now, my future wife has always
regarded me as a man of some dignity.
Privately, I'm convinced
that I have some dignity.
Now, it isn't that I don't like you, Susan...
because after all, in moments of quiet,
I'm strangely drawn towards you...
but there haven't been
any quiet moments.
Our relationship has been
a series of misadventures...
from beginning to end.
So if you don't mind,
I'll see Mr. Peabody alone and unarmed.
Without me?
Yes, without you,
and definitely without you.
Now, Susan, I'm going to say goodnight.
And I hope that I never set eyes
on you again. Goodnight.
Yes, I did see Mr. Peabody,
but I didn't see him.
That is, I didn't see him really.
Yes, I spoke to him twice,
but I didn't talk to him.
But I don't understand.
Did you see him or didn't you?
No, I don't know.
How do I know? Because...
There's someone at the door.
You see, there are some things
that are very hard to explain, Alice...
and as soon as I...
Yes, Alice.
Now, Alice,
before we're married this afternoon...
there's one thing we must have clear.
I don't want any woman interfering
with my affairs. It's fatal.
That's the stuff, buddy.
- What do you want?
- Dr. Huxley?
Sign here.
Just a minute, Alice.
I have to sign something.
Alice, it's arrived!
The intercostal clavicle.
Yes, isn't that wonderful?
Isn't that a marvelous wedding present?
Thank you.
You see, I'm going to be married
this afternoon.
Don't let it throw you, buddy.
Yes, Alice. Yes, isn't it great?
Alice, I'm so excited.
I'll tell you what you do.
You go on down to the museum...
and I'll meet you there right away.
Hello. Oh, it's you.
I can't hear very well.
Come closer to the telephone.
I said, "Good morning, David."
Do you want a leopard?
Why should I want a leopard?
For that matter, why should I?
But I've got one.
- Where would you get a leopard?
- I wouldn't get a leopard.
My brother Mark got him.
He's hunting in Brazil and he caught him.
Of course. It's a stuffed leopard.
Of course. Why should my brother
be hunting stuffed leopards in Brazil...
when he can find them right here
in New York?
David, it's lucky I met you yesterday,
because you're the only zoologist I know.
Of course I know what a zoologist is.
Get out of here. No, not you, David.
Baby, get back into that bathroom.
You're making a nuisance of yourself.
No, not you, David.
No, I want you to come right over.
David, don't be irrelevant.
The point is, I have a leopard.
The question is,
what am I going to do with it?
Susan, I regret to say
the leopard is your problem.
You mean you refuse to help me?
David, you can't do that.
You can't leave me alone with a leopard.
I'll come and get you in my...
Susan! What happened?
Is it the leopard?
No. Nothing happened to me, David,
I just...
I mean, the leopard!
David, the leopard!
Can you hear me, Susan?
Susan, be brave! I'll be right there!
Hold on there, Susan!
Susan! Can you hear me?
I'll be there, Susan!
- You're all right.
- Yes, I'm all right.
- You lied to me!
- No. Just a little.
Telling me a ridiculous story
about a leopard.
- I have a leopard. Right in there.
- Where is it?
- I don't believe you.
- But you have to believe me.
I've been the victim
of your unbridled imagination once more.
Chasing all the way...
That'll teach you to go around
saying things about people.
You've got to get out of this apartment.
But I can't. I have a lease.
You've got to get that thing out of here.
Don't worry, he's all right.
What are you gonna do?
- Call the zoo.
- You can't!
That's the meanest thing I ever heard.
He's a pet, he'd be miserable in a zoo.
Listen. From my brother Mark:
"Dear Susan, I'm sending you Baby."
That's Baby.
"Guard him with your life.
"He's three years old, gentle,
and he likes dogs."
I don't know whether that means he eats
dogs or is fond of them. Mark's so vague.
"He also likes that song, I Can't Give You
Anything but Love, Baby. "
- That's absurd!
- No, it isn't, really. Listen.
This is probably the silliest thing
that ever happened to me.
It's silly but true.
He absolutely adores the tune.
What's the difference?
It's silly that he likes such an old tune.
I imagine that down in Brazil...
- Stop this, Susan.
- Let me show him to you.
Don't go near the door! Dear, dear.
Watch, David.
He'll go right toward the music.
Look at that. Isn't this remarkable?
It loves it, David.
If we put the Victrola in the bathroom,
will it go back in?
Yes, but the music sounds better out here.
Besides, he likes it.
Here it comes.
Now go away! Please go away!
I'm gonna get out of here.
Susan, I don't like leopards.
- Just think of him as a house cat.
- I don't like cats either.
- Stand still. Don't be nervous.
- Make him stand still!
Don't be silly.
You can't make a leopard stand still.
Do something. Turn off that Victrola.
I don't think it's the music. I think it's you.
I think you've found a real friend.
Isn't it affectionate, like a baby kitten?
I never saw anything take such a liking
to anyone. It'd follow you anywhere.
We'll have no trouble
taking it to Connecticut.
My farm in Westlake, Connecticut.
I'm not going to Westlake, Connecticut.
I will not be involved
in any more harebrained schemes.
Imagine Aunt Elizabeth coming here
and running smack into a leopard.
That would be an end to my $1 million.
If you had an aunt who was going to give
you $1 million and she found a leopard...
- in your apartment, what would you do?
- I don't know.
You have to help me.
There are only two things I have to do,
finish my brontosaurus and get married.
Go on, quitter.
It's no good calling me names,
because I won't argue with you anymore.
I don't want anything to do with a leopard.
Go on, Baby, down the stairs.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Professor.
- Good morning.
You'd better change your mind
about coming to Connecticut.
Susan, we settled that question
once and for all.
But what about my leopard?
That's your problem.
It's not all my problem.
Susan, will you please go away?
All right. Since he likes you so much,
I've decided to give him to you.
I won't take him.
You've got him.
Don't go away! I've got the leopard!
Oh, dear, look at that.
No, David,
all I was doing was driving along.
You were standing on the sidewalk yelling,
and looking very silly.
You know very well
you tricked me into this trip.
Look. Eating your car.
Look at the road!
I have a feeling
something horrible is going to happen.
Everything's going to be all right.
I don't care anymore.
Hello. What's the matter,
did you get Ionely?
Susan, if you know any shortcuts,
please take them.
We'll be there in no time.
I just want to deliver this leopard,
take the first train back to town...
and forget
the last 24 hours ever happened.
Now, what's wrong with the last 24 hours?
I've had a wonderful time.
Susan, I don't know.
You look at everything upside down.
I've never known anyone quite like you.
You've just had a bad day, that's all.
That's a masterpiece of understatement.
Look, I can't discuss anything with you...
with Baby breathing
down the back of my neck.
Get down. Go on. Now lie down.
Susan, duck!
Never hang on to a leopard's tail!
Sing, David!
Anyway, I still insist that he was
right in the middle of the road.
I've never hit anything
that was in the right place.
That wagon was on the side of the road.
It was straight ahead of me.
That's why I hit it.
- What time is it?
- We'll be there in no time.
We just have to stop at Westlake
and get some meat for Baby.
Why, he's already had an assortment
of ducks and chickens.
Not to mention a couple of swans.
All feathers.
Yeah, very expensive feathers.
I don't see how any pair of swans
could cost $150. That was a gyp.
If you'd run, as I told you to,
we shouldn't have had to pay for them.
Susan, when a man is wrestling a leopard
in the middle of a pond...
he's in no position to run.
There it is, David. Please hurry up.
Why, of all places,
when you have a leopard in the car...
did you stop in a town
where there's a circus?
I didn't stop because there's a circus,
but Baby's going to be hungry.
Please hurry.
If Baby wakes up, we'll be in trouble.
I don't suppose it will make any difference,
but you're parked in front of a fireplug.
I know it. Don't worry.
I'll take care of everything. You go ahead.
50, $1.00. Thank you.
Yes. What can I do for you?
I want 30 pounds of sirloin steak, please.
Did you say 30 pounds?
- Yes, that's right, 30 pounds.
- How will you have it cut?
- Just in one piece.
- You going to roast it or broil it?
- It's going to be eaten raw.
- Yeah.
Hey, lady. That's a fireplug.
I know it.
- It's against the law to park alongside one.
- I know it.
- Come here.
- Who, me? Why?
I am Constable Slocum.
Is that so?
- How do you do? I'm Susan Vance.
- How do you do?
I don't care who you are, I just want you
to know you can't park beside a fireplug.
- I was just watching the parade.
- You were?
I suppose you get free seats to the circus.
Elmer and I usually get a...
That has nothing to do with it.
I'm just going to give you a ticket.
Thank you very much.
I'd love to go to the circus...
but you better keep your tickets
because I'm busy tonight.
Yeah? Well, it ain't that kind of a ticket.
Young lady, it might interest you
to know that you're under arrest.
Oh, well. I mean, why?
For parking alongside of a fireplug.
I'm not parked next to a fireplug.
Yeah? What do you call that?
You mean that you think
that this is my car?
Ain't it?
No. That's my car.
Why didn't you say so in the first place?
You didn't ask me.
Say, do you grind this up
before you eat it?
This isn't for me. It's for Baby.
For who?
Hurry up, Baby. Get in!
- But...
- Jump on!
That isn't your car!
No, but it's my leopard!
- Wait a minute! That's my car!
- What are you yelling about?
They stole my car. Last night,
she tried to steal my wife's purse.
Don't stand there.
Do something! Catch them!
Well, Elmer, bless me. Bring back that car!
- I'm glad we finally got here
- Isn't it wonderful?
We could put him in that box
Wait, don't open the door
- until you close those
- I think that is a good idea, too
I hope he won't get out
Stand by that door, and I'll open this one
He'll just walk along, I hope
Come on, Baby. Go on
In the stall, Baby
Come on, baby,
right in there, right in there
Right in there
Now everything is quite all right
No, everything is not all
Everything is not all right, Susan. Maybe
for you, but I've got to get to New York.
Now one thing's settled,
you start worrying about something else.
One of us should worry!
On top of all this, we've stolen a car!
That's all right.
I'll send it back. I don't like it, anyway.
I suppose you'd like me to leave it
with the constable on my way back.
No, you might be arrested.
Besides, it's a hot car.
You're going to file
the numbers off the engine.
No, I'll have the gardener take it back
after it's dark.
- Stop it!
- You're shedding.
Now, where's the telephone?
- Out that door.
- That's all I want to know.
What I want to suggest is...
I don't want any more suggestions
from you. My fiance is waiting for me.
In order to get married,
I have to get to New York.
I want you to be married,
I think you should be married.
I think every man should be.
But I don't think any girl will marry you...
- Iooking the way you do.
- Where's the phone?
- In there, but look at yourself.
- What's the matter with me?
I am dirty, aren't I?
You see? What I want to suggest is...
The only way I'll follow
another of your suggestions...
is if you hold a bright object
in front of my eyes and twirl it.
I understand. I simply wanted to suggest...
I don't want any suggestions.
I just want to clean up.
Where is there a shower?
That's what I was going to suggest,
a shower.
- Hannah.
- Yes, Miss Susan?
Send these into town
and have them cleaned and pressed.
- Why? I can do them here.
- Don't argue with me, Hannah.
Into town.
Have them cleaned and pressed.
It'll take a lot longer.
There's no hurry, no hurry at all.
- Hurry up, David.
- I am hurrying.
- David.
- What?
- What's in the box?
- What did you say?
That's the intercostal clavicle
of a brontosaurus.
It's just an old bone.
Yes, it's just an old bone.
Put it down gently and go away.
All right.
Is there anything else I can do for you?
Hand me my clothes, will you?
They aren't here. They're being pressed.
- What?
- The gardener's taken them into town.
For what? Stop him. I can't wait.
I must leave immediately.
You can't leave without clothes.
I know that. Where are you going?
I'm going to take a shower.
Susan! Don't leave me here like this!
Don't be impatient, David.
We'll talk it over after I've finished.
Everything's going to be all right.
"Everything's going to be all right."
Certainly, everything's going
to be all right.
Everything's going to be...
I'm losing my mind, that's all.
Roaming around Connecticut
without any clothes on.
I don't believe it. How can all these things
happen to just one person?
Susan, where are you?
Will you come out and help me find some
clothes or must I come in and get you?
You wouldn't.
Yes, I would!
Maybe I wouldn't.
- Susan, where's the gardener's room?
- Why?
- Because he must have some clothes.
- What? I can't hear you.
- You can hear what you want to hear!
- What did you say?
I just said... Never mind.
I'll find the place myself.
The gardener must have clothes.
Clothes are clothes.
The gardener's in town.
He couldn't have taken all his clothes
with him!
Yes, he could.
Of all the conceited,
spoiled little scatterbrains.
My goodness, the man who gets...
The man who gets you
is gonna have a lifetime of misery!
"Everything's going to be all right."
What do you want?
Who are you?
- Who are you?
- What do you want?
Who are you?
I don't know. I'm not quite myself today.
You look perfectly idiotic in those clothes.
These aren't my clothes.
Where are your clothes?
I've lost my clothes.
But why are you wearing these clothes?
Because I just went gay all of a sudden!
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
Now, young man. Stop this nonsense.
What are you doing?
I'm sitting in the middle of 42nd Street
waiting for a bus.
Go away!
- Who is this man?
- I don't know.
- Stop it, George! What's he doing here?
- I don't know.
Susan, come back here. Stop it, George!
Aunt Elizabeth, it's you!
I've never been so thrilled in my life.
This is amazing to see you here,
and George dear.
- What made you come out here?
- Quiet, George!
Now, stop gushing
and tell me, who is this man?
- Where'd you get him?
- He's a friend of Mark's.
- What's he doing here?
- Susan brought me.
I don't doubt it, but why?
I got a letter from Mark.
He said David was an old friend of his.
He'd been working very hard in town...
and was on the point
of having a nervous breakdown.
I'm a nut from Brazil.
He's very excitable.
We let him do whatever he wants.
- Where are his clothes?
- Susan took them.
- What's he doing in that thing?
- Mark said he should be allowed...
to wear a negligee. No telling what'll
happen if he's not allowed to.
Does he want to wear those clothes?
No, I don't want to wear this thing.
I just want to get married!
Susan, I forbid it!
I absolutely put my foot down. The idea!
- Quiet!
- Please listen to me!
- Quiet!
- Don't talk so much.
Perhaps you could help me.
Perhaps you could help me
find some clothes.
Why, yes.
There must be some of Mark's things
around somewhere.
- Aren't there some...
- Are there?
Yes. There are some
in Mr. Mark's room, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Which is Mr. Mark's room?
It's the end, sir. Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Go away.
He loves me. He loves me not.
David! Where'd he go?
He went to get some clothes.
If he gets clothes, he'll go away.
He's the only man I've ever loved.
David! What will I do without David?
Stop. Get away from me.
George, please be quiet.
- David?
- What?
- Can I come in?
- I don't care what you do!
- Thanks. Where are you?
- Here I am. What do you want?
Go on and laugh.
I know it looks ridiculous,
but I'm past caring.
What are you going to do?
What I've been trying to do,
get back to New York!
You can't go dressed that way.
They're all I could find,
and clothes are clothes. I'm going.
I'm going back to New York...
if only to repair the damage
that's been done since I've known you.
The damage to Miss Swallow,
the museum, Mr. Peabody and everybody...
Mr. Peabody? But, David...
the one way to get to Mr. Peabody
is through Aunt Elizabeth.
Please listen for one second.
He'll do anything she tells him to.
He'll even like you.
He's Aunt Elizabeth's lawyer.
He's her lawyer. Mr. Peabody.
- What's your aunt's name?
- Elizabeth.
- But she has another name.
- Of course.
Never mind. Don't tell me.
Why not? It's Random.
Mrs. Carleton Random.
- Yes, I know. I knew that was coming.
- What's the matter?
Out of seven million people,
why did I have to run into you yesterday?
What have I done?
Susan, Mrs. Random is going
to give away $1 million.
I know.
I wanted it for the museum.
I'm afraid you've made a rather
unfavorable impression on Aunt Elizabeth.
I quite realize that.
- Susan, listen to me.
- What?
A lot of things have happened but
we'll forget them because this is serious.
What, David?
Can you concentrate for just a moment?
There's only one thing to be done.
And this is important to me
and to my work.
You're so good-Iooking
without your glasses.
- Listen to me. Try and remember.
- What?
I've made a horrible mess of things.
Your aunt must never find out who I am.
You do understand, don't you?
Yes, David.
You can tell her that I'm Mark's friend
and I have bats in the belfry...
but don't ever tell her my name.
Can you remember that?
- Yes, David.
- You're sure?
Yes, David. But you are good-Iooking
without your glasses.
Never mind, Susan.
What did I say?
What did I do? What did I say?
- What did I do?
- I just asked you to remember...
- I swear I'll remember...
- Where is it?
- I know exactly what you told me to say.
- Where is it?
Where's what?
- My intercostal clavicle.
- Your what?
My bone. It's rare. It's precious.
What did you do with it?
Your bone?
- You had it. Give it to me.
- I haven't got it.
- Did you carry it somewhere?
- Why would I carry a bone around?
I wouldn't dare give a reason
for anything you do.
I guess you'll have to find another one.
It took three expeditions
and five years to find that one!
Now that they know where to find one,
couldn't you send them back for another?
Susan, you had it.
You took it out of the box.
- Where did you put it?
- I put it back in the box.
- Was there somebody else in the room?
- There was nobody else, but...
- George.
- Who's George?
The dog. Don't you see? Dog, bone.
- George!
- George!
Stop it! You sound like an echo.
- George!
- Nice George.
Did you see him?
- See who?
- George.
Are those the only clothes you could find?
Come back here this minute.
What are you doing?
- Hunting for George.
- Why?
David wants him.
David thinks he's such a nice dog.
George? He's a fiend, and you know it.
- But David doesn't.
- Come here!
He's definitely not in the house.
That's settled.
Don't do that. He knows you want him.
He'll hide.
Susan, where's he apt to go?
- George is apt to go anywhere.
- No. Where does he hide things?
- How can I tell?
- You ought to know.
There he is! George!
My goodness, look at his nose.
He's been digging. He's buried it.
There are 26 acres in this garden.
That's awful.
George, where did you hide that bone?
No, David, not that way.
Now, George, we're not angry.
David and Susan need that bone.
It's a nasty old bone,
it's hundreds of years old.
That's David's bone.
Susan will get you a nice, fresh bone
if you'll show us where it is.
- Look at the nasty little cur!
- You'll ruin everything. Spell it.
George, don't be stubborn.
Susan loves you.
Where'd you put it? Don't you remember?
Where'd you dig?
He's not paying attention... George!
It's easy if you know how to handle him.
Everything's going to be all right.
This must be the spot.
He's going to start digging in a minute.
That's right, George.
- It's very simple if you keep your head.
- I do hope he doesn't hurt that bone.
Isn't he a strong little man, David?
He's got something! Come on, dig.
- Dig.
- I'm digging.
I feel something!
I hope it isn't hurt.
Look, David, a boot.
- A boot.
- Don't hit George, David.
I wasn't going to hit George.
George, that was fine,
but you've got to concentrate again.
David has to find his bone.
No. Not in there.
- Isn't this fun? Just like a game.
- Yes.
George, if you get tired of digging
you just tell David and Susan...
where you hid it, and they'll dig.
Susan, do you think
George is really trying?
Almost every place he's taken us,
we've found something.
- There's nothing here.
- Look, David, another boot.
Another boot. That makes three pairs.
Come on, George, quit stalling.
Where is it?
Don't be discouraged.
George, concentrate. Bones, not boots.
- There he goes.
- See? He's got the idea.
- I'm getting tired of all this digging.
- Yes, what we need is a plow.
- Susan?
- Jeepers, it's Aunt Elizabeth.
Follow him, David, don't let him get away!
Yes, Aunty, I'm coming.
Susan, what on earth are you doing?
What are all these?
Those? They're holes.
I can see they're holes.
How did they get here?
David and George and I were digging.
- Who is this David?
- He's a friend of Mark's.
- Is that all you know about him?
- I know I'm going to marry him.
He doesn't know it, but I am.
If you're planning to marry him
on my money, you're mistaken.
I don't want another lunatic in my family,
I've got enough.
When are you going to marry him?
What's his name?
It's Bone.
- Bones?
- One Bone.
One bone or two, it's a ridiculous name.
What does he do?
He hunts.
Hunts? Hunts what?
Well, animals, I should think.
- Big-game hunting?
- Yes. Very big.
You call that big-game hunting?
Look at that.
Aunty, he's just playing with George.
He won't play with George
another minute.
Tell him dinner's at 8:30 sharp.
George, come here this minute!
Come along, George.
Yes, Alice, I am in Connecticut,
but I can't get in...
because I've been unavoidably detained.
David, listen.
I can't hear you. I'm talking.
Go away. I'll be with you
as soon as I'm finished.
Now, David, you have to listen to me.
Yes, I know that...
Susan, will you please get off the phone?
David, it's about the leopard.
He's making the most terrific rumpus.
- He's hungry. We've got to feed him.
- I can't help that.
What, Alice, dear?
No, it's somebody on the line.
- Keep quiet, Susan.
- You've got to help. This can't wait.
If the people in this house hear him...
they'll think something terrible
has happened.
Susan, get off the line, please...
Hello, Alice.
What? I don't know what time it is!
When you hear the tone,
the time will be 7:37 and one quarter.
Susan, please!
Alice, I can't hear you.
When you hear the tone,
the time will be 7:40.
When you hear the tone,
the time will be 7:40 and one half.
When you hear the tone,
the time will be 7:41.
Pardon me. The time is 8:10.
When you hear the tone, the time will be...
No. My watch shows 8:10 and a quarter.
Who are you?
Who am I? I'm 8:10...
I'm Major Horace Applegate.
- What do you want?
- Mrs. Random invited me for dinner.
Would you please find out
if she still wants me?
She's hung up.
So am I.
Why, Horace, what are you doing?
Are you coming in or going out?
He's coming in to dinner.
- How do you do? I'm Susan Vance.
- How do you do, Miss Susan?
- Hello, Elizabeth.
- You're much too big to swing on gates.
- I found that out.
- Susan, where are you going?
I'm just going out.
You should be watching George,
not playing with telephones...
Excuse me.
George is fast asleep in my room.
Now come here, young man,
and don't be afraid.
- You look much better in those clothes.
- Thank you.
- I want you to meet Mr. Bone.
- How do you do, Mr. Bone?
No. You're Mr. Bone.
This is Major Applegate.
Yes, I'm Major Applegate.
At least, I'm pretty sure I am.
That is, I was this morning.
There must be some mistake.
No mistake. I've known Major Applegate
for 20 years. Haven't I, Horace?
Twenty-two, to be exact, I think, Elizabeth.
It was long about...
- How do you do, Mr. Applegate?
- How do you do again. Thank you.
- Now, Mr. Bone, we'll go for a walk.
- I'd like to explain...
- You don't need to.
- That's all right. I understand.
Goodbye, Major Applegate... Mr. Bone.
Strange young man, isn't he?
Is he suffering from something?
He's had a nervous breakdown.
- Had or has?
- Had.
It's left him sort of... You know.
My, my, what a pity. And so young, too.
The trouble is, Susan seems
to be showing the same tendencies.
Is that so? You're all right, though?
- I hope so. Have a drink.
- Thank you.
Conversation at dinner
may be a trifle difficult...
on account of this young man,
so I want you to draw him out.
I don't know what you mean.
Talk about something he understands.
Big-game hunting, for instance.
- He's a hunter like yourself.
- You don't say.
Then, Elizabeth,
you've come to the right man.
There. He's fed.
Now I'm sure he's going to be quiet.
Come on, let's go in to dinner.
Why are you just sitting there?
I'm just trying to figure out
how I ever got mixed up in all this.
"Mr. Bone." Isn't that amazing?
You told me not to tell Aunt Elizabeth
what your real name was.
I didn't tell you
to think up a name like Bone.
Stay there, George.
Come on, quickly! Get out of here!
- Shut the door.
- What's the matter?
Did you ever think what would happen
if Baby and George got together?
- They'd probably like each other.
- And if they didn't?
- Baby would eat George.
- That's what I mean.
There it was, straight before me,
crouching as tigers do before the kill.
But I was ready for him.
I drew a bead, leveled away
and caught him right between the eyes.
My, it certainly was
a thrilling experience...
as I'm sure you'll all agree...
or do you, Mr. Bone?
Have you ever been...
Pardon me. So sorry.
Have you ever been in Arabia, Mr. Bone?
I said, "Have you ever been in Arabia?"
I suppose you've spent
most of your time in Africa?
- Tibet, perhaps?
- No.
- Malay Peninsula, perchance?
- Excuse me.
At least that got a rise out of him.
You see, you shouldn't have mentioned
the Malay Peninsula.
He was horribly clawed there by a tiger.
He doesn't like talking about it.
I had a gun bearer once
who was clawed by a tiger.
He... The poor...
I was just telling Major Applegate
that you were clawed by a tiger...
in the Malay Peninsula.
I've never been there.
You've never... Well, no matter.
What type of gun do you use
in hunting tigers, Mr. Bone?
I personally use a bolt-action Mauser
with a very large bore.
Excuse me.
Susan, imagine giving a dinner party
with your husband stalking...
like Hamlet's ghost all through the meal.
Give me patience.
No, this is too much. I can't stand it.
We were talking about the jungle
while you were away, Mr. Bone.
- My soup is gone.
- It was cold.
Digging trenches.
Blaming it on an innocent dog.
Nothing but a heap of nonsense.
Enough to drive a man crazy.
And then they say,
"Keep away from the bottle. Don't drink."
No, not even a wee drop
to steady a man's nerves.
If one more thing happens, I'll quit.
And where Aloysius Gogarty goes,
Mrs. Aloysius Gogarty goes, too.
A doctor chasing after a dog!
Just picture it.
A vast, mysterious silence
vibrant with life...
strange cries in the night.
- Good gracious, what was that?
- That was a loon, Elizabeth.
L-O-O-N, yes.
Once you've got the jungle in your blood,
I wouldn't be able to keep you out of it.
- Susan, did you hear that?
- I didn't hear a thing.
- You didn't?
- Are you quite sure that was a loon?
Yes, indeed. I've heard many a loon.
And if there ever was a loon,
that is a loon.
- Isn't it, Mr. Bone?
- No.
- Well, what do you say it was?
- A leopard.
Don't be ridiculous.
Major Applegate would know a leopard cry
if he heard it.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
I'm an authority on animal cries.
Now, you take the rogue elephant,
for instance.
Excuse me, Major. You're right.
It is a loon.
Thank you.
The leopard's cry is something that,
once heard, you can never forget.
Yes, I know.
You know. Thank you.
Of course, it varies at different seasons.
- Let me see now, what month is this?
- June.
June? It would go something like this.
I'll just prepare for it.
Now, let me see.
There we have it.
- Pardon me.
- It's still a loon.
Of course, I haven't practiced
the leopard cry in a long time.
I'm slightly out of voice.
- Try again.
- Yes, I shall.
Now, I didn't do that.
It was probably an echo.
It was a long time coming back, wasn't it?
- Try again.
- I shall.
There. That's better.
That's peculiar.
There aren't any leopards
in Connecticut, are there?
- Yes.
- No.
- Why do you say yes?
- You see... Pardon me.
Excuse me.
Susan! Finish your dinner
and stop this nonsense.
All right, but you'll be sorry.
I can't stand it.
I've got to get away from it.
Instead of sitting decently at the table
eating their dinners...
they're howling and roaring at one another
like a lot of banshees.
And then they say,
"Gogarty, you mustn't drink.
"Gogarty, you must keep away
from the bottle."
The bottle.
As if a man didn't need something
to listen to them.
I'm within my rights.
I'm perfectly within my...
If one more thing happens to upset me,
I'll be seeing things.
Hannah Gogarty!
Me gun!
- Now what's happened?
- This is no time for personalities.
What would you be wanting of a gun now?
Hand me my gun.
Be quiet, both of you!
Gogarty, what is all this?
- I saw it outside.
- Saw what?
A cat as big as a cow,
with eyes like balls of fire.
Clean up this mess.
And serve the next course.
Do you realize what's happened?
Baby's escaped!
- I don't care.
- We've got to catch him.
- I've got to watch George.
- You're not staying here.
If you stay here, I'll tell Aunty
that your name is Dr. David Huxley.
- Right now.
- Don't! All right, I'll go with you.
Major Applegate, keep an eye on George!
Thank you.
Baby! The door's open.
- Is he there?
- I don't know.
Nope, he's gone. Oh, dear.
Now Aunt Elizabeth...
Don't lose your head.
- My what?
- Your head.
- I've got my head. I've lost my leopard.
- Now, wait a minute.
Nothing's gained by uncontrolled hysteria.
- Compose yourself.
- What should we do?
I'll call the zoo, say we saw a leopard,
and they'll catch him. Come on.
Susan, I hope this time
you've come to stay.
Yes, I've come to stay, Aunty.
We've just been walking up and down.
Where's that young man going now?
He's just going in to take a rest.
He has to take frequent rests.
The doctor says...
Have you ever had jungle fever, Major?
You have. Then you realize
how important rest is.
Poor Mr. Bone.
In his case, it's rather difficult...
because he has two doctors.
One says rest, one says exercise.
Which do you prefer?
- I think that perhaps...
- Why, Susan, listen to this.
- What?
- This is a cable from Mark.
- Mark?
- Not a particle of sense in it.
What does it say?
"Are you pleased with Baby? Love, Mark."
- Mark?
- And not a word about my leopard.
Your leopard?
- I've always wanted a leopard.
- Excuse me.
You know, he promised...
Thank you very much.
Don't call the zoo.
- I just called. It's all fixed.
- Call back and unfix it.
- No questions, call back.
- I told them they could have the leopard.
You've given away Baby?
You have no right!
- It's your fault. You've ruined everything!
- I've had enough. I quit.
You can't quit. Call them back.
- But you said...
- Everything's changed.
- That leopard belongs to Aunt Elizabeth.
- Aunt Elizabeth?
Just call back and say you were mistaken.
I've just managed to convince them
that I did see a leopard.
- They'll never believe me.
- I'll fix that. I'll say you're a drug addict.
- You're always seeing things.
- Never mind. Give me that phone.
- Hello, operator?
- Not so loud.
Get me Westlake-284.
- I don't know...
- Never mind, David.
Hello. Is that zoo?
Nobody's talking baby talk.
I'm the man that called up
about the leopard.
You don't have to do anything.
It's all been a mistake.
- Stop them!
- What's the matter?
- What did he say?
- It's too late. It was the night watchman.
- He said everybody's out leopard hunting.
- Jeepers!
You've gotten us into a wonderful mess.
Let's think before we act.
- You think. You think faster than me.
- What do you take to catch a leopard?
- How big a leopard?
- We've got to catch him before they do.
- I've got to watch George.
- We'll take George with us.
Aunty, we're taking George for a walk.
- Where's the leash?
- My goodness!
- Where's George?
- Where's George?
- Why this morbid interest?
- I've got to find him.
What for?
He knows where my intercostal clavicle is.
Your what?
Major Appletree,
you promised to watch George.
- I did.
- But you didn't.
Where is he?
- He's gone.
- Gone where?
- Out that door.
- Why didn't you say so?
No, not that door. That door.
- Thank you.
- That's right.
I can't stand this another moment.
Come along. Let's get some fresh air.
- Yes. Shall we run?
- Yes.
I can't understand why a loon
would answer a leopard's cry.
There's something wrong.
- They both sound exactly alike to me.
- No, pardon me, Elizabeth.
Please, the leopard's cry is
entirely different.
As I explained to you in there,
the leopard's cry goes like this.
What a terrible noise.
I don't see how you do it.
It's done largely with the palate.
The hands play an important part
in the resonance and carrying power.
- Why do you put your thumbs together?
- You see, the thumbs...
it's very necessary that the base
of the thumbs are close together like that.
That brings out a sort of pear-shaped tone,
you see?
Having done this, you take a deep breath,
keep the throat well open...
and out comes...
My. That's fine, Elizabeth...
for one who hasn't had any practice.
Really, it is. You've got something there.
- Got what?
- The mating cry.
- Now, don't be rude, Horace.
- I'm not rude.
I was merely alluding to the scream
you did just now.
- I didn't scream.
- You didn't scream?
- I certainly did not.
- You didn't scream?
No. I ought to know if I screamed.
Then there must be
something wrong here.
I should say so.
I've never known anything like it.
Ever since I came into the house
there's been something wrong.
- Elizabeth...
- It's been bedlam!
- Don't you think it's time we went inside?
- No. We've only just left it.
But don't you think
it's a good idea to go back?
No, I think it's a good idea
to continue our walk.
But don't you find it a bit chilly
without a gun?
- Why don't you sing, David?
- I can't.
- You can. You have a fine strong voice.
- But not for singing.
It's not fair. You're just being stubborn.
- That's a dog.
- George.
- What's the matter?
- Something moved in that bush.
Let me go first.
Don't you think it would be better
if I went first?
No. You might get hurt.
Thank you, David.
- I can't see a thing.
- Neither can I.
Are you sure you saw something moving
in here, because I can't...
Susan, where are you?
- Here I am.
- This is no time to be playing squat tag.
I'm not playing.
I'm caught on something.
Help me, will you?
- Help me, will you?
- No. That's poison ivy.
I bet you wouldn't treat Miss Swallow
this way.
I'll bet she knows poison ivy
when she sees it.
Yes, I bet poison ivy runs when it sees her.
I'm not here to discuss Miss Swallow.
I'm looking for George. I'll find him if...
David, are you all right?
- Don't laugh.
- I can't help it.
You look so silly.
Did you hear that? That's Baby.
- It's George, too.
- You don't suppose...
Shut up.
Look, David, they like each other.
But goodness knows
how long that's going to last.
In another minute, my intercostal clavicle
will be gone forever.
Here, George. Come here.
No. Susan, be quiet.
Is there any way to cross this stream?
- Surely it's shallow. We can wade across.
- Good.
The riverbed's changed.
Did we get across?
No, we're right back where we started,
only we're wet.
Now George and Baby have disappeared.
While you were at it, you might
as well have gone to the other side.
While I'm wet I'm gonna go
to the other side!
Don't leave me!
If we'd had a bathhouse,
this wouldn't have been so complicated.
Next time I'll try and arrange one.
Or perhaps there are portable bathhouses
for people like you. There must be.
Don't be so grouchy.
We could have such fun. There's moonlight
and everything is so lovely.
- And I do so like being with you.
- You do?
Well, I like peace and quiet.
But it's peaceful and quiet here.
Let's just stay here and let George
and Baby look for us.
Your sock's on fire.
That's all right. I don't care anymore.
- That's fine. Throw the other one in.
- That's true. You could have...
Don't be upset, David.
Well, who wouldn't be?
Here I am, trying to help you
find a leopard...
so that your Aunt Elizabeth
won't be angry at you.
And then she'll probably give you
the $1 million I need for my museum.
If you'd planned it, you couldn't have
ruined my chances more completely.
You told your aunt I was crazy, didn't you?
You told her my name was Bone
and you didn't tell me.
You told her I was a big-game hunter
and didn't tell me.
You tell anybody anything
that comes into your head...
and you don't tell me.
- Here's something else I didn't tell you.
- What now?
Mr. Peabody's coming
to see Aunt Elizabeth tonight.
Oh, dear. That's the end, that's all.
Peabody's sure to tell your aunt who I am.
He'll never remember
those four years' hard work...
I put in on that brontosaurus. No.
All he'll remember is that I conked him
on the head with a rock last night.
Where's that music coming from, David?
Westlake. There's a circus there. A...
Come and see the Harem Nights, boys.
Sheena and Neema. They've just escaped
from the palace of a sheik.
The owner's got a job for you.
He wants you to take his leopard
to Bridgeport.
- What happened?
- Just gave his new trainer a going-over.
Hurt him bad?
Bad? You think three minutes alone
with that cat did him any good?
Should've shot him last summer,
when he ripped up Calhouney.
What do we do with him?
Deliver him to this address.
They've got a gas chamber.
- I've phoned over. You go along, too, Mac.
- Who, me?
- You heard what I said.
- Where is Bridgeport?
How should I know?
Somewhere on the state highway.
Ask somebody, and get going.
- Well, that's that. Let's get going.
- All right.
Sure you don't want my coat?
- No, I'm completely dry.
- Let's go, then.
I wonder what that is?
Hey, Mac, see what that sign says.
- David, it's the zoo truck.
- Is it?
They've got Baby.
Is George with him?
I can't see George, but we've got
to get Baby away from them.
No. All I promised to do
was help you find Baby.
You found him.
All you have to do is go
and talk to those men in the front...
while I let Baby out the back.
Give me the rope.
But what'll I say to them?
They're from the zoo.
Tell them you're a zoologist.
Talk about zoos. Go ahead, go on.
I can't find Bridgeport.
You've got the map upside down.
- Good evening, gentlemen.
- Hello.
May I help you?
Yeah. Do you know the way to Bridgeport?
I'm not going to Bridgeport.
Not you. We're going to Bridgeport.
Do you know which way it is?
- Yes.
- It's that way, ain't it?
- Yes.
- But I thought it was that way.
- Yes, it is.
- There, I told you.
Don't you worry. I'll soon get you out.
Come on.
Get this around your neck,
that's a good boy.
Put your head through. Come on.
Hey, what's the big idea? Come on.
Put your head through here,
and I'll take you back home.
Come on, sweetie.
...and New York is straight ahead.
This guy ain't got all his buttons.
Well, I... You see...
- We have a...
- David, he's escaped!
- I was just explaining to these gentlemen...
- He's escaped!
Oh, he's escaped.
Shall we help you tie him up, lady?
No, not me. You're mistaken.
Goodnight, gentlemen.
Over there.
We're on the right track now, I'm sure.
Do you see him?
- I think he's further down this way.
- I'll try here.
I'm absolutely certain the sound's coming
from this way.
- What's that?
- Somebody's shooting at him.
- You missed it again.
- Quiet!
Major Applegate, don't shoot.
Stand back, please. I won't miss this time.
You don't understand.
We're trying to catch it.
- You are? Well, so am I.
- It's a tame leopard.
I don't like to say so at this moment,
but everybody knows you're crazy.
- Please don't do that.
- Miss Susan, please!
Why don't you explain to him?
Perhaps he'll catch your leopard.
You know that Aunt Elizabeth was
expecting a leopard from Brazil, don't you?
- I had heard that.
- Well, that's her leopard, and it's tame.
Impossible. There can be no such thing
as a tame...
A tame leopard?
We had it locked up and it escaped.
- Are you sure it's quite harmless?
- Absolutely.
My goodness,
why didn't you say so in the first place?
I apologize to you, Mr. Boney, I really do.
Even though it is tame,
I think we should try to catch it.
Which way did it go?
That way.
We'll go that way, you go that way.
Come on, David. Don't shoot.
No, of course not.
I knew all the time he was tame.
- Is that so?
- Yes, I patted him on the back.
Stretched me hand right out,
patted him on the back.
- He's as gentle as a kitty.
- Gentle as a kitty?
I don't know
why you didn't mention all this...
There he is.
This will all be quite simple.
Let me have that rope, will you?
Now, you hold the gun.
We shan't need that any further.
Gogarty, you stand perfectly still
and leave everything to me.
I've had vast experience in these matters.
Here, kitty.
Come, kitty.
Don't you fool me.
You're not afraid of me, now, are you?
Come, puss.
You say you patted this beast?
In a manner of speaking, I did.
Personally, Gogarty, I think you're a liar.
Get out of me way!
Use the gun!
- You see him, David?
- No.
I seem to have lost my sense of direction.
I wonder where we are.
My guess is, somewhere
near the Canadian border by now.
My glasses! Don't move, Susan.
Here they are.
They're broken. I'm so sorry.
It doesn't make any difference.
The things I've been doing today,
I can do just as well with my eyes shut.
Anyway, David, you look much handsomer
without them.
Stop it.
Look, David, I've lost my heel!
Look at me walk.
- Born on the side of a hill.
- Stop.
- I was born on the side of a hill.
- Stop.
Look, Susan,
we're not getting anywhere like this.
You must be very tired,
and I suggest you go home.
But, David, we can't quit now.
We've let a wild animal loose
on an innocent countryside.
We can't just go home and sleep.
It wouldn't be right.
You misunderstand me.
I want you to go home.
- You mean you want me to go home?
- Yes.
You mean you don't want me
to help you anymore?
- No.
- After all the fun we've had?
- Yes.
- And after all the things I've done for you?
That's what I mean.
All right, I know enough
to go when I'm not wanted.
And don't you worry about me,
I can take care of myself.
Oh, my goodness.
Are you all right? Did you hurt yourself?
No, I didn't hurt myself. It's not that.
It's just that I'm miserable
because you don't like me anymore.
Yes, I do.
You tried to get rid of me
and you don't think of me.
You don't like me anymore.
Your face is dirty.
Now you're being nice to me...
after all the horrible things
I've done to you.
Stop crying, Susan, please.
It's just that everything I do
with the best intentions...
seems to turn out badly.
Yes, it does, doesn't it?
Please let me come with you.
All right, Susan. You can come with me.
- Are you sure you want me?
- Yes.
- Positive?
- Yes, you can come. Come on.
Well, don't you worry, David.
Because if there's anything
that I can do to help you...
just let me know, and I'll do it.
Don't do it until I let you know.
Come on, George.
Look, David. Baby's on the roof.
Come on, Baby. Come on down.
Make him get down.
I suppose you'd like me
to climb up and push him down.
Maybe we'd better sing.
Sing, David.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be back!
Not you, it.
- What are you doing, may I ask?
- Singing.
If you're paying a bet,
there must be somewhere else to pay it.
I'm not paying a bet,
there's a leopard on your roof.
I'm not going to bandy words
with you at this time of night.
There is a leopard on your roof,
and it's mine.
I have to get it,
and to get it, I have to sing.
There's nothing on my roof.
Come on, you fool.
There's nothing on your roof?
- No!
- All right. There's nothing on your roof.
Poor girl. You'd better go down, Fritz.
- Sing if you like, dear.
- Thank you.
You can sing, too.
Baby, don't! Why did you have to do that?
You frightened him away.
- Quiet, it's all right.
- It's not all right.
- Don't worry.
- I have to worry. I've lost my leopard.
- Please help me find him.
- I will. Come with me.
- But he went that way.
- No, he didn't.
- Yes, he did. I saw him.
- You're wrong. He's up there.
- Where?
- Peeking around the corner. See it?
There's nothing there!
Yes, there is.
You just come along into the house.
Let me go! I don't want to go with you.
You don't seem to understand
that there's $1 million at stake.
$1 million? Well, you will get it.
We have it right in there, all in $1 bills.
Now you come along.
No! Don't do this to me! This is awful!
Elmer, look.
- You know him?
- No. Looks like a peeping Tom.
Get your gun out. We'll nab him.
Stick them up.
Grab him, Elmer.
I have to get my dog.
Don't go away, George!
Don't argue. Inside.
- What are you doing?
- I have a hairpin.
I did it once with a trunk.
Anyway, when they find out who we are,
they'll let us out.
When they find out who you are,
they'll pad the cell.
We've picked up a girl
who says she's your niece.
Now, the question is,
have you or have you not got a niece?
Of course I have a niece, but she's not
singing around under windows.
She's decently in bed.
I wouldn't be too sure, Elizabeth.
Horace, do be quiet.
I'll talk to you presently.
Now, lady, do you definitely refuse
to come and identify this girl?
If you continue to annoy me
about this girl...
who is no responsibility of mine,
I'll have you arrested.
- The idea.
- Hello.
She says her niece is in bed.
Just what I expected. That girl is lying.
- I think they're both lying.
- What are you going to do about it?
- What would you do?
- Find out the truth.
You're right.
I'll have a little talk with them.
Come on, Elmer. Open her up.
You two, get your ears up
'cause I've got something to tell you.
- If you wanna get out, better listen.
- I'm listening.
Quiet. I'll get to you later.
I want you to tell me the whole truth.
- What did my aunt say?
- Be quiet, please.
What did my aunt say?
Your aunt said...
Young lady, you haven't got an aunt.
- I certainly have got an aunt.
- Quiet, please.
Look here, young fellow,
I want you to tell me...
just exactly what were you doing tonight?
- We were hunting for a leopard.
- You were hunting for a leopard?
Now look here, young lady,
you know that's silly.
- There never was a leopard in Connecticut.
- There is now.
Now, listen here.
I'm going to stay here if it takes all year.
I am waiting for you to tell the truth.
If you wait for her to tell the truth,
you'll have a long gray beard.
You know, my grandfather had... Quiet!
Young man, I don't want
any more slick remarks out of you.
This is a jail.
Have a little respect for the law.
I'm just trying to explain.
It all started over at my aunt...
Her aunt's house.
Her aunt's house?
- Her aunt promised to give me a lot of...
- Hold on there, bub. Just a minute.
She hasn't got an aunt.
I do. She's my father's sister.
Look here, Constable,
stop wasting your time. Now, quiet.
You want us to get out of here, don't you?
Lady, yes, I certainly do.
I gave you my aunt's telephone number,
didn't I?
And you called her up, didn't you?
What did she say?
- She said that you were home in bed.
- Then what am I doing here?
You're here because your aunt...
Confound it, lady,
you know that you haven't got an aunt.
- If I did have an aunt...
- She'd muzzle you.
You can't talk to me that way.
I don't like to see young people in jail.
I have children of my own.
I don't care about your family.
All I want to do is get out of here.
I don't have time to waste
sitting around in jail.
- Go away, please.
- Shut up, David.
- David, please be quiet.
- Let me tell you what happened.
You're not going to get anywhere
with her. Just come with me.
If one of us talks at a time,
now we're really getting somewhere.
Now then, speak up, speak fast.
- I'll explain the whole thing...
- Elmer!
Get the key here, quick. Lock him up.
A fine officer you are.
Locking up a dangerous criminal
without locking him up.
- Look, it's not locked.
- Thank you.
I've seen it!
I've seen a cheetah in the park.
You have no right to do that!
What's going on here?
- Here's something for you, Constable.
- What's the charge?
We caught him in front of the meat market
in Dr. Lehman's stolen car.
So you're a car thief?
No man is going
to call Aloysius Gogarty a car thief.
Come on!
Lock him up.
Hey, let go!
Here you are, fellow.
This should hold you for a while.
Hello, Gogarty.
Hello, Miss Susan. How did you get here?
Don't worry, Gogarty. I'll get you out.
Sure. Look, she got me out.
Hold on here.
Do you know this young lady?
Of course. Don't I work for her aunt?
- You what?
- Don't I work for her aunt?
If one more person mentions
that she's got an aunt...
I'll put you all
on bread and water for 30 days.
Well, where is everyone?
Who's in charge here?
Right in there. Hey, Constable!
What do you mean
by locking up my niece?
I won't stand for it! Give me the keys.
Madam, you're hysterical.
- What is it you want?
- She wants her niece.
I certainly do. I want my niece right here.
- Who is your niece?
- Give us a description of her.
- She's about so tall...
- Aunt Elizabeth, is that you?
There she is now.
Hold on just a minute.
Lady, tell me, who are you?
I am Mrs. Carleton Random,
and I want my niece.
- You're Mrs. Carleton Random?
- I certainly am.
- And you say your niece is here?
- She certainly is.
That's where I got you.
The young lady here ain't got no aunt.
And you're not Mrs. Carleton Random,
because I talked to her...
on the phone not 10 minutes ago.
I ought to know who I am!
Yes, you should, I think.
You did talk to her 10 minutes ago...
on the phone.
- How do you know?
- I was there.
- Who are you?
- I'm the niece... I'm the aunt...
I'm Major Horace Applegate
of the Explorer's Club.
What are you doing with that gun?
I have been hunting a leopard.
- You've been hunting leopards?
- I said so, yes.
- Any luck?
- Not what I'm accustomed to, no.
I have been a bit confused
regarding the leopards here.
- Boys.
- You have something on your mind.
Not so fast, lady. We just want to find out.
This old battle-ax keeps
yelling that she's Mrs. Random.
Why, that's ridiculous.
Mrs. Random is in bed.
And don't you be calling up here again.
Good night.
Good night. Well, just as you said, doc,
they're all lying.
Obviously. I have no doubt you'll find
you made a very important haul.
Yeah, thanks to you, doc.
If you get their confessions,
there'll be a lot of things you will turn up.
Yeah? Well, I'll try it again. Come on, boys.
I'm warning you.
The first one who lets a squeak out...
I'll put in solitary confinement.
I'm gonna ask this man some questions.
I want absolute quiet.
You said your name's Bone.
You stick to it?
Won't do any good, we don't believe you.
We know that's an alias.
- They're all impersonators.
- Why'd you try to break into his house?
I was after a leopard.
Leopard. Doc, they still stick to it.
All agreed on one story.
How about that bank robbery in Oldtown?
What about it? How much did they get?
They got a pretty penny.
Must've got $5,600...
Say, who's asking the questions,
you or me?
Who was with you last month
in that mail-truck job?
Mickey the Mouse and Donald the Duck.
Doc, make a note of their names.
Now we're getting someplace.
You've gotta speak up.
Quiet, lady. I'm waiting for you.
Quiet, lady. Speak up now.
Hey, flatfoot!
You ain't getting no place. Come here.
- Me?
- Yes, you. Come on, haul it over.
You want someone to talk, don't you?
It's about time. I certainly do.
Get me out and I'll unbutton
my puss and shoot the works.
Say, hold on, lady.
I thought that you were...
- You ain't no lady!
- I kind of had you fooled, didn't I?
Always wanted to make a sucker
out of a copper.
What did I tell you my name was?
- Your name is... Doc, what's her name?
- Susan Vance.
Vaunce, kiddie. That's my society moniker.
But the mob all calls me
"Swinging Door" Susie.
Now you peg me?
Come on, toots, open up.
- Open up, I'll make you feel hot.
- Stop that.
I'm not opening any doors here
until you promise to talk.
I talk, I'll talk so much,
it'll make your hair curl.
Hear that, doc? She's promised to talk.
All right, open it up.
Susan, whatever it is, it won't work.
"Swinging Door" Susie hasn't flopped yet.
I'm out this far, ain't I?
Well, so long, gang.
I'm not taking the rap for this job.
It's every man for himself.
Quiet! I meant what I told you. You, too.
Quit beefing. Get wise to your pal.
The heat's on, Jerry.
Ain't his name Bone?
You mean to say
you don't remember Jerry the Nipper?
Make a note of that, doc.
She's making all this up
out of motion pictures.
I thought I saw you with
that red-headed skirt in a motion picture.
There, doc, another woman.
Sure. I wouldn't be squealing
if he hadn't been with another twist.
So he's a lady-killer?
A lady-killer?
Why, he's a regular Don Swan.
Loves the ladies, don't you, honey?
He bops them over. 1, 2, 3, boom!
Just like that.
- He's a wolf.
- Now I'm a wolf!
I'll send you a box of birdseed.
Susie, I want you to tell the truth.
You'll never get into trouble.
You're limping.
I suppose you got shot in a stickup?
- No, I lost my heel.
- Don't bother about him.
Sit down there. Doc, grab this chair.
Elmer, grab a hold of that typewriter.
I wanna get this whole thing down
in affidavit form.
- Young lady, I want you to talk...
- Cigarette me, then I'll talk.
- I don't smoke cigarettes.
- This will have to do.
- That?
- It's a twofer.
- What's that?
- Two for a nickel. Give me a match.
I'm not going to stand for that in this jail.
No smoking, no talking.
Put me back in the cell.
Ain't gonna talk unless I have a cigarette.
Hold it. Sit down.
Doc, give her one of them cigarettes.
If you'll just tell the truth,
we'll make it as easy as we can...
My case, if you please.
There I go again. Sorry. Force of habit.
Forgot where I was for a minute.
How about a little fresh air?
It's kind of hot in here.
It is a little bit muggy.
It's always that way around here,
this time of year.
It's the humidity.
What about the Cleghorn jewels?
That's hot ice.
We're waiting for it to cool off.
We're waiting... What do you mean, "we"?
The gang. All of us.
You all belong to the same gang?
Sure. The Leopard Gang.
That's what I'm after. We'll round them
all up with one fell swoop.
Got that, doc? Fine.
How about you, Elmer?
Not so fast. This is new to me.
Hold on.
You can't spell "leopard" with a "U."
- How do you spell it?
- Double "U."
- What about that bank robbery?
- Boy, wasn't that a honey?
A neater job has never been pulled
in this neck of the woods.
Jerry was the inside man on that job.
He was, was he? Were you there, too?
Sure, what do you think?
I'm a one-man woman.
Where my man goes, I go.
"Babyface" Horace, he's the pick-up man...
Wait! You're talking too fast!
What's that?
Confound it, doc! You only got as far
as the Cleghorn jewels.
We gotta start all over again.
Now, young lady...
- There she goes.
- She's got my car again!
Go on, boys, after her.
Hurry up and get her.
There she goes.
Go get her, boys! If you don't,
there'll be a shakeup in this department.
- Are you the constable?
- Yes.
I'm looking for...
Don't tell me you're looking for a leopard.
I'll lock you up.
I'm looking for Mrs. Carleton Random.
So is everybody else.
Let me tell you, she's not here.
- I have reason to believe she is here.
- Who're you?
Her attorney, Alexander Peabody.
I'm Miss Swallow. I'm looking
for a man by the name of Dr. David Huxley.
Is he here with Mrs. Random?
Lady, the only folks here is a woman
who keeps saying she's Mrs. Random.
Then we got a gangster named Bone.
Then we have "Babyface" Horace. Stop it.
Then... What is it you want?
I can identify this gentleman.
You may remember me. I testified
during the breaking of the Borden will.
Yes, I remember.
I demand to see my client at once.
Slocum, you may have made a mistake.
And if you have made a mistake...
your position as constable in this county
will be in serious jeopardy.
- Are you sure he's the old lady's attorney?
- Positively.
Election next week, too.
Mr. Peabody, just step right inside,
and we'll straighten this thing out.
As a matter of fact,
we don't make mistakes.
Here you are.
Is she or ain't she Mrs. Random?
It's just about time you came.
Of course she's Mrs. Random.
This is absurd. Open that door.
- I told you.
- All right. What about him?
- David, I don't understand...
- Alice, it's just one of those things.
I can't explain it.
It happened, and here I am.
Yes, in the last place
I expected to find you.
I don't like it any better than you do.
And let that young man out, too.
Shucks, looks like I got the whole thing
fuddled up.
I'm sorry, that's all I can say.
You haven't heard the end of this, either.
I... Huxley!
Why did you throw rocks at me last night?
This is the young man to whom
you wanted me to donate $1 million...
for his museum?
Yes. No, I didn't. I changed my mind.
David, what have you done?
Just name anything, and I've done it.
Joe, what are we gonna tell them?
Tell them the truth. We lost the leopard.
You the constable around here?
Until the next election, anyway.
What is it you want?
- We need some help.
- That's what I'm here for. What is it?
We're looking for...
Don't tell me you're looking for a leopard.
How did you know that?
- Know what?
- That we're looking for a leopard.
This has gone far enough.
There are no leopards in the state of...
- Get down, everybody!
- That's a bad cat. Somebody get a gun.
Hold on, don't be alarmed.
There's no need to be frightened.
Everything's going to be all right.
Hello, Baby.
- Is this my leopard?
- Yes. That's Baby.
He didn't act that way with me.
Wait a minute. That ain't my leopard.
Of course it isn't.
That's why I took it out of the truck.
You never let that one out of the truck.
You couldn't touch our cat
with a 10-foot pole.
You mean there's another leopard?
That's what I'm telling you.
Our cat came from the circus.
He just clawed a man.
He's bad.
My goodness! Susan's out
trying to catch the wrong leopard.
Poor darling Susan. She's in danger,
and she's helpless without me.
What's the matter with you?
Come on.
If you don't want to walk, I'll drag you.
You've got to get me out of this, Baby.
What's the matter? You've been slapping
at me the whole way.
We've got to get in here. You might
as well come without being stubborn...
because I'm going to drag you in.
I'm just as determined as you are,
so you might just as well come with me.
I'm going to drag you in here.
I don't like jail any more than you do,
but this is where we've got to be.
Did I fool you this time!
You thought I was doing the wrong thing,
but I've got him.
No, you haven't, Susan. Look!
Boys! Don't leave me in here!
David, help me!
Run while you have the chance!
- I won't leave you. I love you.
- What?
Poke him, David.
Let go, Susan, please.
Please, go back. Can't you see
I'm trying to get it into the cell?
Get in there!
Get the keys, Susan!
Give it to me.
You're wonderful.
You're absolutely wonderful.
You're a hero. You saved my life.
You'll go down in history.
I've never seen such bravery...
Did you want to say something?
What was it?
David, you've fainted.
There's nothing else I can say,
except that I'm glad...
that before our marriage you showed
yourself up in your true colors.
You're just a butterfly.
Now I'm a butterfly.
Where are you going, David?
Don't go up there.
I want to talk to you. See? I've got it.
I can't even see you. Now where are you?
There you are.
I followed George around for three days
and dug holes with him.
And then he came and put it in my shoe.
Darling, look!
David, don't be mad at me.
Thank you very much.
Put it down on the table and go away.
I don't want to go away.
I want to talk to you.
Write me a letter.
Don't! Go back, Susan!
Jeepers, it's high up here.
Please go back down the ladder quietly.
When I go down,
I'll go down quietly, David...
but I want to find out something first.
Why did you run up that ladder
when I came in here?
If you must know, I'm afraid of you.
If you're afraid of me,
that's the same as if...
Don't worry,
everything's gonna be all right.
Every time you say that,
something happens.
Please go down because you've already
cost the museum $1 million.
I haven't. I've got the $1 million.
Aunt Elizabeth gave it to me...
and I'm going to give it to you
for the museum.
I'm sure they'll be very pleased.
Aren't you pleased, David?
- Yes, I suppose so, but...
- It's too late, isn't it?
I've made a mess of everything, haven't I?
I was so happy
when I found the bone this morning.
If I could only make you understand.
All that happened, happened because
I was trying to keep you near me.
I just did anything
that came into my head.
I'm so sorry.
I ought to thank you.
- Thank me?
- Yes.
For what?
I've just discovered that was the best day
I ever had in my whole life.
- You don't mean it?
- I've never had a better time.
- But I was there.
- That's what made it so good.
- Did you really have a good time?
- Yes, I did!
That's wonderful.
Do you realize what that means?
That means that you must like me
a little bit.
- It's more than that.
- Is it?
Yes. I love you, I think.
That's wonderful because I love you, too.
Stop rocking, David.
I'm not rocking. I...
Please, the brontosaurus!
Four years' work went into this.
- Look out, Susan, something's going to...
- I'm falling!
Hold on, Susan! Hold on! Don't let go!
David, look what I've done.
I'm so sorry.
David, can you ever forgive me?
You can, and you still love me.
- Susan, that...
- You do.