Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019) Movie Script

[distant siren wailing]
[alarm beeping]
[alarm stops]
[subway train whirring]
[indistinct chatter]
Hold it! Hold it!
Okay, hold it, please!
And good morning to you.
Enjoy the show
[man] Yeah, thanks.
Enjoy the show
Enjoy the show
[woman] Thank you.
I'm not
a part of the show.
Unfortunately for you guys.
[woman] Oh.
Hi. Oh, my God,
it's so good to...
No, we don't know each other.
The intermission
is just a woman screaming
for ten minutes.
-[woman] Thank you so much.
-Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
There's no hats allowed
in the theater.
There are no refunds
And have the best time
Okay, Brittany,
we got to talk.
Come on.
Sorry. I just got to take this
very important phone call.
-[tape tearing]
-Okay, I'll hold.
Just hold the phone
for one second.
Okay, I'm all yours,
but first, quick question:
Why do you keep
calling me Brittany
when you know
my name is Babe?
I am lost in the city,
and I can't find my farm.
-You're late every day.
-That'll do, Shannon.
That'll do.
Brittany, this is a job.
I'm just trying
to make you laugh.
Do you know
what that means?
Everyone else has to pick up
after you and do your stuff.
I just feel like you don't know
the things that have to happen
to take care of your being late.
Hang on one second.
Like the things
that I have to do.
Sorry, I'm just--
Got to take this.
Oh, no.
Everyone I know is dead.
[reporter] The New York City Marathon is getting underway right now.
[reporter 2]
Live on Staten Island
this morning.
50,000 people from around
the world are racing today.
So, what brings you in today?
Uh, I have a hard time
focusing. Mm.
You get enough sleep
every night?
How much is enough?
Mm, six to eight hours.
Oh, way more than that.
[British accent]
That's not the problem.
[both chuckling]
[normal voice]
But I...
I had a friend who was
also just very out of it,
and she was prescribed,
Oh, what is it? Adderall?
And now she's very alert.
[clicks tongue]
You know...
some people abuse Adderall
for recreational purposes.
[whispers] Yeah.
That's crazy.
It's true.
I'm sorry you have to
deal with that.
Well, I do.
All the time.
Yeah, but she's
a good girl like me.
Yeah, we met at church,
serving soup
to the homeless.
But, uh, what did...
This happens all the time.
Wh-What were we saying?
Do you snore?
Maybe you're not getting
good quality sleep.
This is not about sleep.
[British accent]
We're getting off track.
Maybe we both need
some Adderall.
[chuckles, British accent]
All right.
[both laugh]
[normal voice]
Uh, you're five-six,
197 pounds.
Your body mass index is high,
and that can cause
a disruptive sleep pattern.
[normal voice]
My wh-wh-what is what?
A healthy BMI is around 25.
Yours is 31, 32.
Uh... [chuckles]
Yelp said you were
a great, cheap doctor,
and I feel like you're
sort of slinging labels
at me all of a sudden.
Just a diagnosis.
Diagnosing me
as what, fat?
All body types
are beautiful.
That's true.
And you also want
to be healthy.
Okay. I feel like you
totally missed the point
of those Dove ads.
Brittany, I'm not gonna
give you Adderall,
but I am glad
that you're seeing a doctor.
Your resting heart rate
is elevated.
Your blood pressure's
very high,
for a 28-year-old.
For you, I'm worried about
fatty liver disease.
Oh, even my liver's fat,
Let's get you healthy.
Diet, exercise.
I want you to try losing
between 45 and 55 pounds.
That's the weight
of a Siberian husky.
You want me to pull
a medium-sized working dog
off of my body. Is that right?
Hey, I know
it's hard to hear.
And look, a lot of people
struggle with their weight
because of thyroid issues
and genetic predispositions,
and in many cases,
they're heavy but healthy.
But you left a lot
of your history blank,
and I can only go off
what you're telling me.
Would you say that you make
healthy lifestyle choices?
Don't wipe this smile
Right off my face
Don't want this fragile heart To break
Ah, emoji
Ah, ah, emoji
Boy, I think
You must be cool
'Cause you use
The alien face...
Alexander, drinks on me
for this side of the room.
[patrons cheering]
This girl's fucking awesome!
[man] Nobody listen to her.
She doesn't have any money.
Hey, you're f--
you're fine.
You're fine.
Thank you.
My girlfriend dumped me.
Well, your girlfriend's
-You want to go to the bathroom?
-Maybe. You're pretty cute.
[both laughing]
You-- You can rest
your knees on these.
[song continues playing]
I'd rather stay emoji
Ah, emoji, ah, ah...
We're, like,
full-blown adults.
-I don't wanna.
-Promise me that
we'll keep in touch.
Gretchen, you're gonna hit
-Oh, thanks, girl.
-And, Brittany.
You'll always be
the funniest person I know.
Who, me?
That's right, bitches!
Suck it!
I'm the funniest person
she knows.
I'd rather stay emoji
Ah, emoji
Ah, ah, emoji
Ah, emoji
[music distorts]
I'd rather stay emoji
Ah, emoji
Ah, ah, emoji
Ah, emoji, ah, ah
I'd rather stay emoji
Don't wipe this smile
Right off my face
Ah, emoji
Ah, ah, emoji
I'd rather stay emoji
Don't wipe this smile
Right off my face
Girls, I got to go
to the bathroom
real quick. [chuckles]
I'd rather stay emoji
Don't wipe this smile
Right off my face
[subway train rattling]
Just when you think
Of me
Oh, look.
Moneybags Martha.
With a lecture,
no doubt.
Hey, guys.
when you're disrobing,
try not to leave
all your shit
in the hallway.
That'd be the third time
this month.
Just saying,
change is possible.
Right? I get going out,
having fun, but...
got to be respectful
of others.
I got to take off
my jacket.
Starting to feel like
everyone's lives
are going places
and mine's sort of stuck.
What? [scoffs]
You've got a job,
um, a top-notch best friend
and roommate.
No, I know. I know.
Did I tell you
about that old,
bald asshole at the school
who was rude to me
and then asked
to see a teacher?
I was like,
"I am a teacher."
Like, what the fuck,
Is that stupid of me?
To be mad?
No, he's a dick.
He was such a dick.
-Should we let it dry?
-We'll do the rest tomorrow.
-All right. Night, Gretch.
[door closes]
[tapping keys]
[British accent] Oh, what a beautiful cake.
You made this for me, did you?
[Brittany laughing on video]
-Oh, I love it! Beautiful.-[Brittany] Happy birthday!
[Brittany whooping on video]
Make a wish, Dad.
[others cheering, laughing]
festive chatter over video]
There are so many ways
you can have
an extravagant lifestyle
in any space.
[Brittany murmurs mockingly] Like us right now!
[Gretchen chuckles]
running down stairs]
[door bangs open
in distance]
Fucking Martha.
Good morning, New York
and all of my international followers.
[chuckles] There are so many ways you can have an extrav--
I see, under
"What are your fitness goals?"
you just drew
a frowny face.
Yeah, uh... I just...
I need to get
a teeny bit healthier.
[British accent]
Doc says I'm a big fat pig.
Well, I mean,
we can help you with that.
[normal voice]
Could've at least faked
a compliment, like,
"No, you don't...
you don't need to
come here in the gym."
Oh, I'm sorry. Um...
I mean, I like your shirt.
You can go ahead with
whatever you're gonna--
what the spiel is.
We have a bunch
of membership options to fit
all your fitness needs,
with rates as low
as $129 a month.
I'm sorry,
I thought you said,
um, "as low,"
and then
$129 for a month.
that's a starting rate.
$129 a month,
and for that you get access
to everything in the gym
except half of it.
That's-- So, every person
we've walked by
has $129
to just give to you?
Is there a sliding scale
for people in debt
up to their tits?
Okay, you do know that people
can go outside, though,
and just be outside
and, like, do things?
And that's the same
fitness experience.
You know, you pay
for our facilities.
But going for a run outside,
that is zero, and then this one
is-- What is it again?
What the fuck are you doing?
-Excuse me. Sorry.
[vehicle passes]
[horn honks]
Cold rain
Mm. Oh, my God.
[music continues playing]
Sea salt.
That's what you have.
You have sea salt.
[Brittany sobbing
in distance]
[sobbing continues]
Hello in there.
It's Catherine.
I think you call me
Moneybags Martha in 3-S.
I don't have
any of my shit out there.
No, I know.
I just want to know
if you're okay, or--
Well, I can make some coffee
if you need...
Are you okay?
I don't... [sniffles]
need your pity, so--
Thank you, though.
No pity.
I Google-stalked you
when I moved in.
A husband, two kids,
a penthouse on 51st and 7th.
You got an Astoria apartment
that you bought 20 years ago
that you just, like,
use as your photography studio.
Zero pity?
It's nice to hear someone
thinks my life is so idyllic.
I'm not trying to flatter you,
you fucking narcissist.
Your life is easier than mine.
I'm broke.
I'm fat.
My liver's shutting down
or something.
And I applied
to rescue a dog
from a kill shelter...
[sniffles] and they told me
that I couldn't give the dog
the kind of future it deserved.
A kill shelter.
I am sure that you have
a lot to offer.
[sniffles, shudders]
I'm almost 30,
and everyone's
falling in love or...
getting great jobs
or having kids
who are fucking adorable
and get 10,000 likes.
Life's hard.
I mean, when I was your age,
I was such a wreck.
Have you ever woken up
on the ground
and realized that the pillow
that you were sleeping on
was... was a dead rat?
It's New York City.
I've slept...
Yes, I've slept on a rat.
Well, I've got secrets.
I've got things that
I'm not gonna tell my kids
until they're older.
I was in rehab.
For alcohol or for, like,
a sprained ankle?
For, like, needle stuff.
Wh-- Heroin?
Are you gloating
about it?
You really scrubbed that
off your Web presence.
Hey, I was 23. I was...
Oh, you don't--
...insecure about everything.
It's dirty.
I found what I thought
was a group
of real artists, so--
We find validation in very
unhealthy places sometimes.
'Cause life's overwhelming,
and every single day,
I'm just trying
to get through it--
just minute by minute,
day by day--
and try not
to get overwhelmed
by giving myself...
little goals.
Please let me be
in my apartment alone.
One block.
One block.
[exhales sharply]
[indistinct chatter]
-[Brittany] Oh.
-[woman] Oh!
-[boys chattering]
Aah! Damn!
Fucking New York.
[panting quietly]
descending stairs]
Look at you.
That step's broken,
so just be careful.
They should put
a sign up.
Hey, um, listen,
I'm part of this runners'
group on Saturdays, and...
You give me
judgmental looks
for three years,
and now you want me
to join a running group
with you?
I thought
we had a thing.
Sorry about
the olive branch.
[grunts, laughs]
[Brittany] Bruno!
-Oh, my God, Demetrius
he's gotten so big.
-[Bruno] Hi, Aunt Brittany!
Look at him.
He's got a little Afro
and everything.
Looking like
a civil rights attorney.
Come here.
Hey, go get changed.
I'm taking Bruno
to the bank today.
Go upstairs
and get changed, boy.
I'm taking you to the bank
just the same way
I took youto the bank
when you opened
your first account.
Bruno and I'll have
about the same balance
as of right now.
you're gonna be fine, okay?
Everything's gonna
work out for you.
You were smart and creative even when you was a kid, and that'll take you places.
Don't worry about it.
Hey, man, what happened to you?
You get caught in the rain?
Oh. It's sweat.
I, uh... I ran today.
Why the hell you do that?
Was somebody chasing you
or something?
Philadelphia misses you,
Cici, hey.
Oh, you look so good.
I look like
I happened to be under a woman
when her water broke.
I don't get it.
No? Just... Oh.
Eh. Bye.
Your sister is always
moving and shaking
and walking around
and doing stuff.
She won't sit down
for nothing.
On Saturday,
she's spearheading
a Habitat for Humanity.
What are you doing
this weekend?
My legs are so sore.
Would you ever want to go
for a run with me?
I just got in my head.
I want to find a way
to distract myself
so I can get to the point
where I can run a mile.
If I do too much cardio,
I get too skinny too quickly.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, don't do that.
Boink. [chuckles]
Okay, welcome, or welcome back,
to Astoria Runners Group.
-[group whooping, clapping]
I'm Tesla, the organizer.
We're going
a light two miles today.
Oh, my God.
for nine-minute miles,
so if that's your goal,
keep up with me.
You ready?
On your marks, get set--
[group] Hoody-hoo!
[runners whooping, clapping]
You can do it.
Yeah, I know.
I'm doing it.
Oh, sorry.
I'm talking to myself.
I can't give up,
or my kid'll judge me.
I hyperventilated
after a potato sack race
at his preschool.
He was like,
"Papa, are you my mommy?"
And I was like,
"No, I'm your papa."
And he was like,
"Well, why are you so girly?"
So, I taught him about
gender stereotyping.
I went on my first run,
and in six weeks,
I'm running a 5K.
Why are you doing that
to yourself?
You're gonna
lose that thing.
The race?
You don't do it to win it.
You do it to finish it.
You can do it, Seth.
You're a goddamn gazelle.
is half the battle.
[Seth groans]
That was two miles?
I've never done that before
in my life.
What's your name?
I'm Brittany.
Hey, it's Brittany
She needs to take A shit-nee
On the harmony.
Best part of running
Is nothing, I hate it
But when I get home, I'm happy I made it
Doom, doom, doom, doom
-And she had
the same dress on as me.
-Sure, sure, sure.
Britt, let's blaze.
Fucking New York.
What was it
my friend wanted?
Oh, that's on backwards.
Come on, it's funny.
Okay, I'll fix it.
-[Brittany chuckling]
-What? Brittany, oh, my God.
Oh, hey, we need shots.
My roommate here literally
lost a hundred pounds.
Well, 22.
Still, that's, like,
the same weight
as 11 MacBooks.
[British accent]
I got a dozen less laptops
in me stomach.
[crowd exclaiming]
I, uh-- I found
this health calculator
which is kind of cool,
and I have a goal weight now.
Yeah? What is it, like 120?
Uh, 152.
My blood pressure's down,
and I even signed up
for my first 5K.
Shut up.
You're gonna run a marathon?
No, a marathon's 26 miles.
5K's only three.
Oh, my gosh, thank you
for the support, Terrence.
Well, cool.
Are you gonna try and run faster
than the other people or...
Oh, it's just about
finishing it.
Oh, you should
come out after with me
and my running friend, Seth.
[Gretchen] Uh, wait.
[crowd exclaiming]
-Running friend, Seth?
You never mentioned him
Is he a serious runner,
or is he like you?
He's like me, I guess.
Terrence, babe,
tell Brittany
you're excited for her.
[runners whooping, murmuring]
[runners] And seven, six,
five, four,
three, two, one.
[air horn blares]
[runners cheering]
[both panting]
Oh, my God.
We're going backwards.
[Seth exhales]
Oh, my God.
[runners shouting excitedly]
[man] All right! Good job!
[man 2] Proud of you guys.
[Seth sighs]
How's my baby?
Doing okay?
I'm so tired.
[child babbles]
I know. I'm a rock star.
Um, so we'll just do
a large cheese pizza.
That should be enough,
Oh, do you want to do
the appetizer trio, too?
We'll do the appetizer trio
as well.
You want to go see Daddy
by the flowers?
Go see Daddy
by the flowers?
[Brittany chuckles]
-Go! Go, go, go, go, go!
-Oh, my God.
Oh, you're in
our runners' group.
Did you run the 5K?
-Hey, that's great.
-You should join us.
Oh, she has kids.
It's a Saturday.
Oh, no, they're at
their dad's this weekend.
Oh, I didn't--
I didn't know
you were divorced.
That's why I'm crashing
at the studio.
I'm a photographer,
and I've got the apartment
right above Brittany's.
Oh, smell you.
Wait, so you know this
much-talked-about Gretchen.
I thought she was gonna be
at the finish line.
She had a late night.
Oh, I wanted to meet
your best friend.
It's not the end
of the world.
[tapping keys]
Oof. [sighs]
Jesus Christ, is that me?
-[door opens]
-[Gretchen] Brittany.
Oh, my God,
Terrence is in Boston.
-Let's go out.
-Oh, I-I can't.
I got a runners' group
in the morn.
Come on.
Hey, don't you deserve
a little bit of fun?
Just a little Addy.
[dance music pulsing]
I wanted to go to your thing
this morning,
but there was
an Ace of Base cover band
at Vintage last night,
and they didn't go on
until, like, 2:00 a.m.
It's fine.
You don't need
to come to those.
You are so cute
with this whole running thing.
-I'm a runner now.
-Me, too.
I mean, we've all got legs.
We're all in a hurry sometimes.
We're all runners when we
need to be, right? [chuckles]
A marathon?
We don't have to win it.
We just have to finish it.
The New York City Marathon?
I think that is
such a good idea.
you're 40 times
faster than us.
-Why are you running back here?
-I like talking to you guys.
They're very, very intense
at the front.
Not a lot of chitchat.
I don't want you to feel
bad for us or something,
and that's why you're back here.
No, I don't.
You know, I trained for the
marathon about four years ago.
But I had to quit
because I got pregnant.
And my ex-husband's really
dragging me through the mud
right now,
so I'd really love
to do this with you guys.
You girls have fun.
Come on.
Don't you want to
accomplish something epic?
Or be taken seriously
and change how people
look at you?
I don't need to pee myself
on a 26.2-mile race
to feel proud.
Literally no one knows
what you're talking about.
People get so tired,
they piss themselves
during it.
No, they don't.
Yes. Yes.
That's disgusting.
When my cousin ran it,
she shat her pants,
came back to her apartment
for the party we threw for her,
and had to kick everyone out
so she could clean herself.
I have a child,
hopes for another.
It's all I need in life.
Tons of people
don't shit themselves.
You ever think of that?
Okay, listen.
Marathon's next November.
That gives us
less than a year to train.
Brittany and I
will run the marathon.
Seth, you stay home,
you eat ice cream,
and you just look
at pictures on Facebook
of the two of us
at the finish line.
How's that?
While your husband and son
pick out mountain bikes
after his football practice.
You bitch.
[Catherine, Brittany laugh]
We'll never actually do it,
but fine.
You know, a lot of people
fail at this,
but, guys,
I have faith in this group.
[siren wailing]
[Seth] Hmm.
That's a bad omen.
Okay, so I'm guaranteed a slot
because I joined
a marathon group a while ago,
but for you two to get a slot,
you have to join the lottery.
Oh, I love lotteries.
Yeah, but if you don't win,
then you got to raise money
for a charity,
and then they get you
a slot.
And we should
probably join a gym so we
can do some cross-training.
Whoa, wait, excuse me.
Uh, ka-ching. [chuckles]
'Cause all that
costs a lot of money.
Can we do it on a shoestring?
Well, even the lottery
costs money.
I'm fine
with skipping all this,
if it's too much for you.
[subway train squealing]
Hold it!
Debbie's down for her nap.
Oh, "Debbie Does Napping."
It's a reference.
It's fine. Um...
I'm so happy we could
sit down and talk about
this nanny position.
I'm psyched.
Uh, so this would be
the room.
Oh, this is the room?
And this would be your bed.
Oh. Look at that surprise.
Your rsum
is really impressive.
Yeah, people rag on Cornell,
but it's still an Ivy, right?
-You majored in education.
And you babysat
for the Bidens.
Uh, listen, I love kids
and thinking of fun projects,
and I actually kind of flourish
in chaotic atmospheres,
so this is, like...
[clicks tongue]
I just-- I have a couple
little questions.
Oh, yeah. Shoot.
I would love you
to walk me through...
uh, the age-appropriate CPR
for this doll.
Okay. Let's do that now.
The first step
is to obviously...
check to see if the child
is breathing.
Yeah. So...
[chuckles awkwardly]
Ooh, I'm sorry,
this child is dead.
[both laughing]
I know it's--
Oh, my God.
It's 'cause the doll.
God, you are hilarious.
[grunting playfully]
Oh, my God.
You have a great personality,
which I love,
but to be honest,
my husband's kind of
looking for a nanny
who will fade
into the background.
Thank you so much
for coming, though.
Can I get you a bottle
of water for the...
I'm just fading
in the background.
Oh, that's so funny. Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
[clears throat]
No, it's fine.
It's just, I keep
interviewing at places,
and no one thinks
I'm the right fit.
Except for dive bars,
and I'm sort of trying
to stay out of that scene.
Oh, my goodness.
Who is this gentleman?
Oh, this is a foster.
Ooh, someone's gonna come along
and love you. I just know it.
You know, if you like animals,
I should refer you
to my sister.
Is she a dog?
Uh, no, no, she, um--
she owns a company.
They do house-sitting
and pet-sitting.
If a homeowner
is out of town for a while
and they can't take their pet,
they hire people to be around
for 100 bucks a day.
Oh, my goodness.
You must be Milo.
Oh, my goodness.
Fuck you.
I do my hair toss
Check my nails
Baby, how you feelin'?
Feelin' good as hell
Hair toss, check my nails
Baby, how you feelin'?
Feelin' good as hell
Whoo, child
Tired of the bullshit
Go on
Dust your shoulders off
Keep it moving
Yes, Lord, tryin'
To get some new shit
In there, swimwear
Going-to-the-pool shit
Come now
Come dry your eyes
You know you a star
You can touch the sky
I know that it's hard
But you have to try
If you need advice
Let me simplify
Feelin' good as hell
Baby, how you feelin'?
Feelin' good as hell
All right, I'll stay.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
[beep, music stops abruptly]
What the hell?
Bad taste in music.
You the new girl?
I'm the nighttime guy, Jern.
"Jairm"? Like "Jeremy"?
Hello, Milo.
No, it's Jern.
I didn't know
there was a nighttime guy.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing here
in the middle of the day?
Oh. I moved in.
[music playing]
You're living here, yeah?
I sleep here
for the gig anyway,
so now I just chill here
during the day, too.
You just kind of put me
in a weird position,
'cause I have to report this.
Like, contractually,
I have to.
Oh. Okay.
But wouldn't it be shitty
if they told the owner,
and then he canceled
the service altogether?
That would suck.
I mean, I'd get fired,
but who knows
when another opening
would come around for you?
Is this what you do
full-time, then?
Oh, fuck.
How old are you?
Thirty, 35.
Somewhere in there.
Doesn't matter.
You know what?
Stop asking me questions,
all right?
My life is dope.
Look at my house.
I live in a fucking mansion.
Where'd you get that?
The mailbox.
I hate him.
Like, I very much hate him.
You're gonna have sex
with him.
-You're gonna have sex with him.
Trust me, any tension
is sexual tension.
Once I figured that out,
I got along way better
with my uncle.
When I'm with him,
I have this crazy urge
to eat cake, cookies, candy.
Just let that sexual tension
propel you
while the three of us train.
What if we made it
just the two of us?
Look, I know
Catherine's athleticism
and intensity is intimidating,
but she's getting a divorce, and she needs something to channel her energy into.
I just hate when people,
like, pity me.
Cut her some slack.
She only sees her kids
two days a week.
She's got maternal energy
to spare.
I just don't need a coach.
And I definitely don't need her to, like, be my mom.
Brittany, come on.
She's trying.
It's hard
to start a new life.
[laughter, lively chatter]
[announcer on TV]
Flashback Friday continues
right now with moreDoug.
I have a fun question.
Do you ever actually work
at this job?
Do you like Doug?
I've been here for weeks,
and you haven't checked
one thing off
the homeowner's task list.
I got my first boners
'cause of Patti.
Yeah, I know.
It gets weirder.
I'd be lying down
with my stepmom,
we'd be all cuddled up
on the couch,
and then Patti Mayonnaise
would come on TV,
and I got busted
'cause that blanket would move.
It'd be like...
[makes whooshing sound]
Oh, it would move 'cause you
got a boner for Patti? [laughs]
Way to brag about your dick size
while watching cartoons.
[turns off TV]
Why-- Goddamn it.
You know what?
Cartoons are fun.
And they're colorful
and vibrant,
and they help people actually
get through real-life shit.
Did you know that?
Because when my parents
got divorced, Doug--
Dougis the only thing
that saved me.
How long ago was that?
All right, listen.
Divorce sends shock waves
through a young man's life,
a-and I need certain
considerations taken for
my particular circumstances.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I didn't think about the fact
that you're the only person
this has ever happened to.
My bad.
Oh, shit.
Your dad cheated?
-My dad did not cheat.
-Oh, my God. Your mom?
I don't ask you
personal questions,
like why the fuck
your parents named you Jern.
That's racist.
Is Jern an Indian name?
I mean, I don't even know.
Could be.
Fuck you, man.
So your dad
doesn't cheat on your mom,
but he definitely leaves her.
And then she...
remarries, right?
Yeah, yeah,
she remarries that dude
that you keep
Skyping with all the time--
What's his name?
It's like Desmond
or something, right?
-I was close.
He's my sister's husband.
He's basically like my stepdad.
Okay. How does that work?
I don't... [sighs]
Oh, come on.
Don't get--
Let's make a deal.
All right?
'Cause I need that
juicy, juicy info
that's hidden deep
in your soul,
and you need me
to take out
the trash.
Huh? And also
clean out, uh,
sections of the fridge.
The whole fridge.
For you, yes,
let's do it.
Um, my mom wanted
to be an actress.
She couldn't do that in Philly,
so she left.
My dad got really depressed,
gave up on everything.
A few years later,
he died.
My sister was studying
to become a nurse,
so Demetrius and her...
moved in,
and he basically raised me,
which is awesome
because he himself is awesome.
that sounds awesome.
That sounds like
a Norman Rockwell panting.
I mean,
just totally normal.
-My dad fell in love
with another woman.
At least that's how
they explained it to me
when I was a kid.
But that's
probably bullshit, right?
I bet she just caught him
banging somebody,
and then
we had to sell our house.
That sucks.
What are you doing?
I'll throw that shit out after
I'm done with this episode.
Jern, grow up.
Oh, my God, girl.
Holy shit.
Drake, third row.
It was, like, so fucking good.
I was, like, almost
making eye contact with him,
and I was like,
"I don't know." He's...
I almost barfed
on the train, girl.
[pop music playing]
[subway train screeching]
[bell chiming]
Hold it! Hold it!
[man] Miss?
God. Thank you so much.
[bell chimes]
David's picking me up.
Our two-year anniversary.
He's taking me to
this Mexican restaurant
in Brooklyn
where they make this guac
with sunflower seeds.
Ooh, that'll either be
really good or terrible.
Hey, babe.
I'm David.
Yeah. I'm Brittany.
Been working here six years.
You look great.
You're like
a whole new person.
[British accent]
I'm trainin'
for the marathon.
-Many will try.
Few will succeed.
Okay, babe,
let's do this.
Who's the, uh,
lucky guy tonight?
Well, you're not
going home alone
looking like that, are you?
Yo, girl.
It's Tuesday. Why aren't you
snoozing at Terrence's?
Um, we broke up.
Last week.
I posted about it.
I haven't been on.
Why didn't you tell me?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just...
You know, I just watched,
like, I don't even know,
22 YouTube videos
by this girl
who's, like, 4'11",
and she has
a full-blown lazy eye,
and she has sponsorship deals.
I mean, like...
I'm just confused and annoyed.
What a slut.
We hate her.
Is being annoyed
stupid of me?
[chuckles quietly]
Hey, want to get a drink?
What do you want?
Tequila? Beer? [chuckles]
Whatever you want.
I mean, I-I can't drink.
Okay, what about ice cream?
This is your night,
so you-- you pick
what you want.
Okay, but I want to know
what sounds good to you.
[scoffs] Okay. Well...
I'm sorry.
I'm just... busy now.
I'm working two jobs.
I'm exhausted.
I've lost 34 pounds.
It's a big deal.
I'm just trying
to get my life in order.
Are you saying that
my life is not in order?
Because I'm
a teacher's assistant
for deaf, gifted kids
on the Lower East Side.
You're incredible.
I just...
I just mean, like...
the weeknight drinking
is hard for me.
-You're calling me
an alcoholic now?
Because you're
the only one with
the problem around here.
-Problems, plural.
-Oh, that's mean.
You're fucking mean,
Don't come in here
and judge me.
I have never judged you,
and trust me,
there was a lot to judge.
Wow. We're on the same page
that right now
you are judging me, right?
You know what,
just go take a run
with your loser friends.
-[amplified heartbeat thumping]
-[panting quietly]
You're a loser.
I make fun of people like you
who spend all day
humble-bragging on Instagram.
I'm not humble-bragging.
That's my life.
I'm sorry no one
likes your life.
Those people don't know you.
I know you.
And you may be
naturally pretty,
but your whole life is about
being fucking insecure.
I'm starting to feel good
about myself,
and every time that happens,
you have to tear me down.
I'm not gonna be
your fat sidekick anymore.
Don't throw away
your fat clothes.
What did you say?
I've seen girls like you
do this before.
Doesn't even matter
if you keep the weight off.
You'll always be a fat girl.
It's just who you are.
Do you want to see what
a human koala bear feels like?
Like this.
[woman chuckles]
[R&B music playing]
What's up, roomie?
Who's she?
My family wanted
to adopt a white woman,
so they brought her in.
Jesus, what happened?
You come up short on rent?
Just a little bit
of a heads-up.
That's all I need, okay?
I told that girl I was
an early investor in Uber.
Come on, if we are
gonna be roommates,
you got to be
a little bit nicer to me.
Also, is that OkCupid
that I saw?
Can you just--
Leave me alone.
You know what?
You got Hinge. You got Bumble.
You got Tinder.
Pick one of those.
No, I don't want it to match me
with people I'm friends
with through Facebook.
I want to start over.
I'm really good
at making profiles.
And you cock-blocked me,
and now I have
nothing to do, so--
What the fuck?
What? It's the truth.
Why would you lead with
your insecurities like this?
When I look at this,
you know what I think
to myself?
I don't know if I care,
but what?
"Ew, gross."
Here, do this.
All right,
it's kind of vague,
but it's fine.
Next one is--
Jesus, God, woman.
It's not that bad.
What are you doing
to yourself here?
Just fix it.
I'm just gonna
give you mine, okay?
Do you know how to
spell "herpes"?
This is foolproof
and fail-safe and STD-free.
That sounds like
you're really rich
and don't need a job.
No. [scoffs]
I'm taking everything in.
I am in seek of irreverence.
Okay, so that's what
you're doing all day
on the couch.
I'm not a bum, okay?
I went to NYU.
I created my own major.
Art and utilitarian design.
And all my professors
were like,
"Yo, that kid's
got mad potential."
I don't think
professors talk like that.
But in the field of what?
I was gonna create a line
of functional pieces
of modern art,
like you see
in the MoMA gift shop.
What do you do
when you're not here?
Do you wander
around museums
wearing a monocle?
No, man.
I'm Jeff Koons meets Target.
You're sitting in a chair
in someone else's townhome.
I'm enhancing your life
as we speak, okay?
Which I appreciate.
This next question
is definitely all you.
No, not that one.
Mmm... "average."
Just say "average."
[cell phone vibrates]
I'm not doing any more.
["On an Island"
by William Wild playing]
- I'm moving up the coast
-[dishes clinking]
Light can be freeing...
[utensils clattering]
Do you want
to switch seats?
[chuckles] Yeah.
Bon apptit.
There you go.
Tacos in candlelight.
God, that restaurant
was so loud.
I love that you were cool
with just, like,
walking out of there
and letting me cook
something up.
Lot of girls wouldn't be.
Right. [laughs]
So, I mean, I don't know
any of the basics.
So, um...
born and raised in Philly.
Ohio here.
I moved to the city
when I was 16.
My parents let me crash
with one of my aunts
while I finished high school.
Nice. Um, I moved here
when I was 21
for an internship
at Barden and Rose.
Oh, wow. I--
You know, I don't know
anything about advertising,
but I do know them.
That's, like, the best
in the city, right?
Yeah. They're, um...
I wanted to
get into jingles.
Jingles? Like TV jingles?
Not, like, singing them.
Like, writing them.
The words or the music
or both?
Um, like--
Drinks and tacos
And candlelight
Ryan knows how
To make a night right
[laughing] Oh, my God,
that's incredible.
The wink was bonus.
Was the internship great?
[British accent]
Took a bit of a detour.
[normal voice]
Um, anywaysies...
Okay. I have something
to tell you.
That is not meat.
Not meat?
Doesn't it taste real?
["Dreams-Come-True Girl"
by Cass McCombs playing]
Your eyes are two moons
I hope this voyage
Will not be ending
Very soon
To scry in orbit
With these mirrors
Of perfection
To die in the arms
Of your affection...
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Not yet, not yet.
I want you to go to my bed.
[British accent]
Oh, all right, then.
Hey, no more
of this British stuff.
You can talk
in your real voice.
You don't need to be
guarded with me.
Oh, would you look at that?
So late in the eve.
I gotta get...
I gotta... I gotta...
[door opens, closes]
[siren wailing in distance]
[knocking at door]
Come in.
[door opens]
How'd it go?
It was good.
Did he kiss you?
Uh, yeah.
We had sex, actually.
Whoa. Okay.
[chuckling] Great.
I'm gonna get rid of this girl,
'cause she keeps talking
about Casey Anthony. Ugh.
So, uh,
you want to get high?
Oh, I've got to run
in the morning.
What? Come on.
It'll help you sleep.
And it'll, you know,
relax the muscles
or however
body chemistry works.
I don't know.
All right.
Well, I respect
your discipline.
How strong's the weed?
What do you want to watch?
Dating sucks.
It's just not for me.
I was always jealous of girls
who were, like,
always going on dates,
and it's such a time suck.
Like, we all end up
single anyway.
Have you heard of marriage?
Okay, I know marriage,
but it's like,
in my experience,
it doesn't end well.
I'll tell you what I learned
from my parents' divorce.
In life,
we're ultimately alone.
It's true. We're alone.
That is so dark.
Marriage doesn't work.
Nah. Nah-nah-nah.
Oh, and if it does,
somebody dies,
so you're still alone.
Look, I want to get married.
Even after your parents?
Yeah. My parents fucked up,
but I don't have to.
I want to be with somebody.
It's not just that.
The saddest part about being
a girl who is not a size zero
is sometimes guys talk to you
like you're one of the boys.
You're privileged enough to get
to hear the uncensored thoughts
that they would never
tell a woman.
Fuck those guys.
[scoffs] Like the stagehands
at my theater,
they'll stand
right in front of me
and talk so much shit
about girls on Instagram
that are slutty or ugly or fat.
Look, not all men
are that immature.
Said the man-child.
Don't do that.
And also,
just so you know,
they like all kinds
of people, okay?
All right, let's just...
[program playing faintly
over earbuds]
Good morning.
[Jern sniffs]
What if I want
to sleep with Jern?
Then I'd be
a fortune-teller.
Honey, get all the cardio
you can get.
You'll need stamina
for the race.
When's the last time
you, uh, you know...
Had sexual intercourse,
Four years.
Okay, so this is big.
Yeah. I think I'm ready
to go there with someone.
I don't know.
I always thought Jern and I
were a brother/sister act,
but I'm open to whatever.
I mean, it's not like
I'm gonna force anything.
-Holy fucking shit, Brittany!
You are too pale
to be fucking
sneaking up on me, okay?
That shit
is fucking terrifying.
Not a ghost.
Just a woman.
Do you want
a glass of wine?
Yes, I'd love one.
Will that calm you down?
That's a heavy pour.
Wow, you were, like,
crazy just then.
Why are you
looking at me like that?
Yeah, you were, like,
so scared.
You're not blinking.
[theme from Saved by the Bell
playing on TV]
It's all right
'Cause I'm saved by the
- It's all right
'Cause I'm saved by the
It's all right...
What's up?
Is your neck okay?
It's just from running.
Would you mind, actually--
Would you rub it for me?
It's just this spot
I can't get.
Oh. [chuckles]
All right.
I know. It's bad, right?
You are tight.
What is that?
What are you wearing?
It's just me.
You usually
smell like sweat,
but right now
you smell like grandmas.
Yeah. I got it.
That was good.
[clears throat]
Neck's better?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
[man on TV] I'll take four boxes of Thin Mints.
[woman on TV] Do you know how humiliating this day was?
I need to go to bed soon.
I have to get up early to run.
[clears throat,
grunts softly]
The blanket just moved.
No, it didn't.
I don't think it did.
You want to
check on that?
[Brittany chuckles]
[Jern grunts]
Mm. Let me just get
something, okay?
You fucking... You stay
right the fuck there.
Ah, fuck.
Uh, I'll be right back.
How does this thing even work?
[both moan softly]
Wait, lean back a little.
Lean back?
Yeah, just so I can...
Wait, wait. I can do that.
No, no, no.
I got it. I got it.
[grunts, moans]
[both panting]
Mm, mm, good.
Oh, my God.
No, no. What's wrong?
It's fine. I just...
I just enjoyed that
very much.
I could go again.
I'm recharged.
So, I slept with Jern.
How many times?
Every day this week.
You're gonna fall in love
with each other.
Yeah, no way.
Enjoy this.
Have fun.
This is fun, Brittany.
[camera clicks]
Whoa, look at you.
You look beautiful.
I'm five pounds away
from my goal weight.
Good for you, Brittany, for going after your goals.
I told myself,
by the time I hit this age,
I would have my college degree.
That there frame is up there just collecting dust.
So, instead of throwing a graduation party this year, I'm throwing a birthday party.
I know I ain't do it last year at 40,
but this year, I'm getting it crackin'.
So, the Sunday
after my birthday...
we're roasting a pig.
Oh, I'll pick you up
at the bus station.
You guys, that...
that's the day
of the marathon.
Well, it's for dinner,
so after you run,
just hop on the bus.
Oh, please.
It's for Demetrius.
I'd love to be there
for you, D,
but I'm gonna need, like,
an ice bath that day.
I'm making
a whole new Brittany,
and I can't really
disrupt that right now.
I'm, uh... I'm gonna get back
into advertising again.
I'm doing it.
I'm just...
I'm doing it. Me.
[noisemakers rattling]
[people cheering, whistling]
[whistle blowing]
You look amazing.
Uh, babe, Brittany.
Wow, you--
you look incredible.
Thank you, Terrence,
but on the inside,
I'll always be
who I always was.
I thought you guys broke up.
That was just
a dramatic fight.
You know, the guy
I subletted your room to,
he's never home.
You should sleep there
I mean, I'm at Terrence's
most nights,
but maybe
we can grab dinner
or something?
I'm running a marathon,
so I don't really have time
for anything right now.
Well, this is my stop.
Me and all these
other runners are headed
to the half marathon.
I guess you could call us
serious runners.
Very real, very serious,
marathon-training runners.
What was that about?
[cell phone vibrates]
I got a spot-- the lottery.
Oh, my God,
I'm running to my computer.
Seth, I'm so happy for you.
Oh, no.
Yeah, I didn't get one.
But it's okay.
I just have to raise money
for a charity now.
Totally doable.
I mean, I can't
save money for myself,
but I'll figure it out.
Let's talk about it at
Catherine's housewarming party.
She found a great place with room for her kids.
We're gonna go and support her,
and I'm gonna help you.
Wh-Why would you want
to do that?
Because I'm your friend,
Did you see Rodrigo's
fire installation?
Uh, Tina saw it,
and she liked it.
Yeah. Believe so.
What'd you think?
I found
the whole showing cold.
Very cold.
And in no way subversive;
very literal.
Oh, you guys are talking
about The Walking Dead?
Very literal.
This is...
This is Brittany.
I have the studio
above her apartment.
And we're training
for the marathon together.
[Brittany chuckles]
Uh... okay.
[both chuckle awkwardly]
I'm gonna get another job.
[Seth] What?
You're stretched thinner
than a Listerine strip.
Just tell her.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
So, my family
has this trust,
and every year,
I get to make a donation
to an organization
that I pick.
So, Seth wanted to pitch in,
because we wouldn't even
be running this marathon
if it wasn't for you.
You really inspired us,
You're gonna do it.
You're gonna
run the marathon.
[scoffs quietly]
This money should be going
to something you care about.
It is.
I don't need you to, like,
force your way into my life
and give me pep talks
and checks.
I don't need your pity.
We're just trying to help.
I don't need that.
I can do this on my own.
Do you know what time it is?
I forgot, I--
I have to go to something.
I thought we were gonna
get dinner with Jern.
I told Peter we were gonna
meet your boyfriend.
He's not
my fucking boyfriend.
Don't know why
you keep saying that.
Your place is great.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[mariachi music playing]
I'm starving.
Finally. I'm famished.
Where are your friends?
Uh, something happened
with their kid.
All right, well,
I'm always happy
when it's just
the two of us anyway.
We're just having sex,
I mean, we're not dating.
Uh-uh, no, uh--
We don't have to
define anything.
Okay, so we're not.
I could never date you.
[Brittany chuckles]
Okay, then.
Thank you.
What do you want to eat?
Chips and salsa
are just fine, so...
-I thought you were starving.
-Well, maybe I'm just thirsty.
[camera clicks]
[camera clicks]
[taking deep breaths]
Oh, shit.
[whimpers in pain]
You've made such
incredible progress.
You're giving me sympathy?
It's that bad?
You have a stress fracture.
Uh, from overuse.
Next time, you got to
pay attention to your pain.
Sure. Fine.
What do I have to do
to make sure
I can run the marathon?
It's in five weeks.
I'm sorry.
You're gonna have to
stay off your foot
for eight weeks.
Maybe more, depending.
But the good news
is that your
blood pressure, your BMI--
I'm sorry, what do--
what do you mean?
Then how do I
run the marathon?
How am I supposed
to run the marathon?
Well, in six weeks,
you'll come back,
and we'll see what's next.
You may have suffered
permanent damage.
Brittany, ugh.
How can I help?How can you help me?
How can you help
a former-turned-future fat girl
with a bum leg
and chafed armpits?
Hey, everything's
gonna be fine.
I was trying
to turn my life around.
And now you'll be the man
who proved himself to his son
by running
the New York City Marathon,
and Catherine will be the woman
who got out of a bad marriage
and ran a freaking marathon,
and I'm gonna be a girl
who was stupid enough to think
she could turn her life around
and instead needed
a fucking seat belt extender
and couldn't even walk dogs for a living.
Don't-- Don't say that.
Oh, I got to go.
You got to come with me.
I want to show you
something, okay?
Come with me real quick.
I just want you to see the--
What happened to your leg?
you wouldn't fuck a girl
with an Aircast?
[chuckles] Wh-What?
How about a girl who weighs
50 pounds more than me, Jern?
Because guess what-- the pounds
are coming back from vacation.
Did you hurt yourself?
Yes, Jern,
I hurt myself.
[voice breaking]
It was really nice
to be a woman for once.
People held doors for me.
I'll hold doors for you.
You're not a man, Jern.
You're a misguided little boy.
Milo, come here.
Come here.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, Daddy missed you.
Hey, Milo.
Oh, I missed you so much.
The plants out front
are dead.
Did you pieces of shit
move in to our house?
by Rebecca & Fiona playing]
Fuck the world
I don't care anymore
If you're feelin' like I...
This is the bus
to Philly, right?
Oh. Sorry.
Both feet on the ground
And a
Head up in the clouds
How low can you go?
Let me know
Hey, nothing lasts forever
I just gotta tell it
To myself
So one day I can wave it
I'll be gone tomorrow
I just need to say
what's on my mind
[kids squealing]
Potty, potty.
So finally I can wave it
[singer vocalizing,
song fades]
[Brittany sighs]
Well, um...
you know, we're really happy
that you're here.
Well, thanks for having me.
We put Caroline in the room
with the boys,
so you can stay in her room,
you know, while you're here.
-No big deal.
She can sleep with me
or whatev--
We'll figure it out.
And, um,
a-also, me and Cici
was just talking about this,
but, you know,
if you decide to make Philly
your permanent home again,
you can stay down
in the basement.
It'd be your own apartment
just to yourself.
I'm-I'm not gonna need that.
I'm just gonna be here
a few weeks.
Just need some time to heal.
But thanks.
["I've Got Something Good"
by Sam & Kitty playing]
Hey, I've got
something good...
[Cici] Brittany, can you
come upstairs and help me?
Coming, honey.
I've got something good
[cell phone vibrating]
Baby, I got
Something good for you
Oh, yeah
I'm gonna save it for you
And only you
'Cause that love
Is good as gold
[cell phone vibrating]
And you won't even know
It's cold
Hey, I've got
Something good
I've got something good
[song fades]
[taps key]
Do you love birds?
Majestic creatures,
descendants of the dinosaurs?[video: birds chirping]
Me, too.
But when it rains, all the birds go away.
[dance music pulsing
on video]
...the bird poncho.
It's art meets utility.
What is this?
And it's not just
for liberal elitists.
It's for businessmen
and schoolchildren
and business-children
and school-men.
That's his life's dream?
The fucking bird poncho?
That is so fucking dumb. We got hats. We're gonna do boots.
[taps key, video stops]
I slept with him.
[cell phone dings]
[laughter, chatter]
Mmm, mmm!
[Demetrius] I ordered a pig.
Is the pig here?
What happened to the pig?
It never came.
We've been
waiting on this pig.
That's why we're eating
lasagna and cheesesteaks.
This don't even match.
I wanted a pig ass.
Oh. Sorry.
Hey, hey, guys!
[man] Hey.
Look who it is.
My favorite people.
Yeah, it's the birthday boy.
How are you?
It's good to see you. Hi.
Happy birthday, Dem.
We made it.
We got this for you.
Thank you.
[Matty] Look at this guy.
[Demetrius] Wow, they got me
a gift and everything.
Hold this for me.
Thank you.
Don't open it here. Save it.
-Go back and, uh, enjoy--
-Good to see y'all.
Thanks for coming, man.
You look great. Look at you.
Hold this for me, baby.
Oh, man.
Glad to see y'all.
Uh, we're-we're so lucky
that you could all be here
to celebrate this day
with us.
And we're so grateful
that my little sister,
Brittany, is here with us now.
I would, uh,
like to say a few words
about the man
known as Demetrius.
How'd you two meet?
Uh, Brittany,
let Cici finish the speech.
She's saying a lot
of amazing things about me.
Keep going, baby.
When it comes to
the man I love,
the man who is--
They're just, like,
an odd couple.
That's why I wonder.
Um, we first met
at the showroom.
Matty came in to just--
Like, a long time ago?
I don't like
what you're getting at.
I'm just getting at
what everyone thinks
when they see you guys
Brittany, that's enough.
Just shut up, okay?
Stop it right now.
Did you just tell me
to shut up?
Don't tell me to shut up
in front of everybody.
I'm gonna set up some games
inside, if you want to--
I'm having a conversation
with a nice overweight woman.
Stop it.
Her BMW is high,
or whatever.
The chart.
There's a chart.
I'm sorry. Can you guys
excuse me for a second?
No, don't leave.
-[Demetrius] Brittany!
-Wouldn't you rather
know the truth
than walk around
with a dumb smile on your face?
I mean, it's okay
to keep him around, honey,
but someone needs to tell you
what everyone really thinks.
-He doesn't love you.
-That's enough!
You can't love someone
that you don't respect.
Covered in rolls.
Jelly rolls.
Dinner rolls, body rolls.
Happy birthday, Dem.
Come on, man,
I'm just being funny.
People love fat people
when they're being funny.
Your wife's probably
fucking hilarious.
What the fuck was that?
I was drunk.
You know you got to go
over there and apologize.
Yeah, I know.
When did you become
so judgmental?
Jasmine is one of
the nicest women I know.
I thought you two
would hit it off
and be friends.
I don't need you to, like,
matchmake friends for me,
That's not what it's about.
Everybody need good people
to have around.
I get by fine on my own.
Look, chum, I know
it's a bummer being
back here in Philly, but...
I'm here for you.
You're a good person,
Demetrius, but...
my life is what it is.
So, everything I did for you
was for nothing?
All those dance team shows
I went to
and parent/teacher conferences?
Oh, oh, going to the store
at 10:00 p.m.
to buy tampons for you
meant nothing?
I guess I'm the idiot,
I'm the stupid one.
Who withdrew
my college application
to make sure you were okay,
because I wanted to help
make up for your mom.
And after all that,
you still just want
to get through life alone.
How am I supposed to
fix that?
You got to let people in,
You think I don't see you
hitting "ignore"
when people call you?
I'm embarrassed.
So, because you're embarrassed,
you're just gonna be an island?
That's your solution?
When your mom left your dad,
he was humiliated.
He was a puddle.
But you stroked his hair,
and you put paper towels
on your head
and danced around him
and made him laugh.
And every day, you'd wake up
and do something just like that
'cause you knew he needed you.
Your dad found happiness
because of that.
And I'm not gonna lie to you--
if he would've rejected that,
he would've been a damn fool.
I used to do that?
Put paper towels
on my head and dance?
You still do that.
I'm serious.
You did it on Skype,
like, three months ago.
The kids are still
talking about it.
You changing your life
and wanting to run this marathon
was never about your weight.
It was about you taking
responsibility for yourself.
I know.
You got to stop being mean.
Some people actually want
good things for you.
If someone wants
to support you...
I should let them.
Here you go.
I want to thank you for...
the lovely flowers
and the note.
But I want you
to know something.
I know your pain.
'Cause it was my pain, too.
I think about my body
every day.
I have my whole life.
But I decided
that even with my pain,
my fear, my self-judgment,
other people's judgments,
I wanted to be happy.
And I am.
Best wishes. Jasmine.
How are you guys?
Let's start there.
I feel like
I never ask you that.
How are you doing?
There's a lot
to catch up on.
I mean, you guys did it.
So proud of you.
Saw the pictures and...
We reached out.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm just, um,
really fucked-up in life.
So is everyone.
We missed you,
[knocking at door]
Why does it say
you relapsed?
I didn't.
But it-it says that you did.
I was... doing a shoot.
I fell. I broke my wrist.
This was months before
we started running.
And then the doctor
prescribed me oxycodone.
I took it.
I didn't tell my husband,
because he gets weird
about these things.
He found the bottle.
And he kept that
misleading trump card
in his back pocket
until last month.
You don't even have
visitation rights?
I'm just... I'm trying
really, really hard
to just focus on the things
that I can control,
so I started running a lot.
I stand up for myself
in mediation,
but Marco's a fighter.
I-- This divorce is,
like, killing me.
I mean, he pushed me
out of the house,
and he's gonna keep pushing.
I haven't slept
in three weeks.
I just don't think
I can fight him anymore.
Your kids
will never forgive you
if you give up on them.
I know.
This could take years.
Start with this one hearing,
and then you just take it
step by step.
Little goals.
Thank you.
It's upsetting
how good this is.
Like, it's so good.
I ate a dry salad for lunch
to feel okay about this.
Mm. Delicious.
Yeah, it was, like, very dry.
Like, I looked like
a brontosaurus eating it.
You looked like
a little brontosaurus?
Mm-hmm. I was like...
-[munches loudly]
-[making chewing noises]
-Care to see a dessert menu?
-Uh, uh, fuck yes.
Yes, please.
Thank you.
So, I owe you an apology.
No, you don't.
Mm-mm. No apologies.
We're all good.
I just think
we should celebrate
a fancy advertising lady.
It's just
a coordinator position--
basically a glorified intern.
the office is in Tribeca.
There's room for growth.
And I, uh... I'll be able
to get my own place.
You're really doing it.
[laughing] Yeah.
Oh, my God, your Kickstarter
bird poncho video.
Oh, God, no. Why?
[stammers] No, I thought
the idea behind it
was hilarious.
I sent it to
my college professor,
and he basically said
he doesn't think
somebody like me
could even get into
the individualized study
school at NYU,
which is shocking
because I literally
graduated from there.
Yeah. Well, that's--
You know, someone still--
Stop. Stop.
I'll stop talking.
is about celebrating.
This is the part
where I get nervous
'cause I have to be honest.
I don't think
we should have sex anymore.
It's not the best thing
for me right now.
Okay. Yeah, I get that.
What if it was
more than sex?
Because we have, um...
I mean,
I think that if...
You-- You're not making
eye contact with me.
I'm sorry.
I try to
get my shit together,
and it's just one rejection
after another.
I get it.
Do you?
Yes. I very much get it.
I'm so sorry.
My whole life has changed
so much this past year,
and I'm just trying to take
responsibility for myself,
and I'm not at a place
where I can be responsible
for someone else, too.
You don't need to be
responsible for me.
But I would want to be.
I-I would.
Okay. That's so nice.
We need to
figure our shit out,
you know?
Can we be friends?
I know.
Does it-- Do you get sick
when you say it?
Yeah, I feel nauseous.
'Cause it hurts my ears.
-Could we be friends, though?
Is there a world...
Yeah, sure. which we could be
Should've just
told the Uber to come
right to the restaurant.
No, it's fine. It's fine.
I actually
went to the doctor
this morning, and, uh,
he says I'll be able
to start training soon.
Are you crazy?
You still want to?
Yeah, I still want to.
I want to run the goddamn
New York City Marathon.
My whole life,
the world told me
I was lazy
because of
the way I looked.
And I told myself
the same thing.
Fuck that.
I said I was gonna run
that race, and I'm going to.
So, what now?
You're just gonna go home
and hang with Gretchen?
Oh, she moved in
with Terrence.
You have the place
to yourself.
I could come over.
But you're not...
you're not going to.
I'm homeless.
You have whatever couch
you've been sleeping on.
That's me.
Bye, friend.
[both laugh]
Call me tomorrow?
Go on.
Hold it, please!
Thank you.
[quiet chatter]
[heartbeat thumping]
On your mark!
One block.
[starting gun fires]
[cheering, applause]
[man on PA]
Good morning, runners.
You are 50,000 strong,
from over 125 nations,
all 50 states,
all here at the crossroads
of the world.
Today, you are taking part
in something very special,
a day that
brings together people
from all walks of life,
all backgrounds
and beliefs,
all ages and ability.
the spirit of humanity
takes center stage.
Wakey, wakey.
[child giggling]
[silly voice]
Rise from your slumber.
[child giggling]
Young one, rise.
[man on PA]
And the spirit of humanity
has no borders,
only start lines.
So, welcome
to the start line
of the TCS
New York City Marathon.
It is raining out here.
A light drizzle.
It's perfect for you,
Loving it.
The runners are loving it.
[reporter] This is where the marathon and the party collide-- the eight-mile mark.
They still have a lot
of pep in their step.
We still got a lot of...
Ah, that's what
I'm talking about!
[cheering, applause]
[reporter 2]
And the elite athletes
are finding their stride in the final paces of the race,
with over 50,000 runners
behind them
hoping to go the distance
Are you hurt?
Are you okay?
It's just a cramp.
I've never run further...
further than 22 miles before.
Do you need a medic?
No, I'm good. I got this.
I just need a second.
Are you okay?
You want to leave the race?
You made it
a really long way.
[crying softly]
I really wanted
to finish, though.
Do you need any help?
[whimpers, sniffles]
[crying softly]
We should be able to find her.
The app says
she's right here.
[child] There she is!
[Seth] Go, Brittany!
[child] That's her!
-Go, Brittany!
-Come on, Britt!
Go! Keep running!
Come on, you can do it!
-You can do this!
Come on, Brittany!
Go! You can do it!
Come on!
[child] That's her!
Come on, Brittany!
Go, Brittany!
We love you, Brittany!
You got this.
Go, Brittany.
You got this.
Go, Brittany!
Go, Brittany!
Go, Brittany!
[Seth whooping]
Yes, Brittany! Go!
[indistinct shouting, clapping]
You can do it!
[noisemakers rattling]
Yes! Brittany!
You're doing it!
You're doing it, Brittany!
Yes! Whoo!
I love you! Yeah!
She's gonna do it.
Be back in 30.
We got a big problem.
I can't keep having sex
out of wedlock.
Oh, well,
that is a problem.
I guess we'll just go back
to not having sex, then.
Love you.
[phone beeps]
[Wagner's "Bridal Chorus"
playing over phone]
Are you--
Are you serious?
I'm not fucking
marrying anyone.
[phone beeps, music stops]
Love you.
["Number One"
by Tove Styrke playing]
Praise cool
I'm sorry,
But there's no can do
My youth ain't tangled up
In bad decisions
Poor you, you thought You could dictate the rules
Oh, my
The world's on fire
And maybe I'm just
Chasing rhymes
Taking is easy
And I don't care
Where it leads me, baby
Oh, my, the more I try
The closer I get
To wasting time
No one ever wants
To give you some
But everybody loves
A number one
Oh, na, na-na, na-na
Oh, na
Na-na, na-na
Oh, na, na-na, na-na
Everybody loves
A number one
No one ever wants
To give you some
But everybody loves
A number one
Hot glam seems far away
From where I am, yeah
I can neither understand it Nor demand it
Your tears
Don't shake my world
Like Britney Spears
She's fierce
Yeah, you're only 18
With stomps to the beat
But a killing machine
With stomps to the beat
Drain the noise
Of the bullshit
Stomps to the beat
With stomps to the beat
With stomps
To the beat
Oh, my
The world's on fire
And maybe I'm just
Chasing rhymes
Taking is easy
And I don't care
Where it leads me, baby
Oh, my, the more I try
The closer I get
To wasting time
No one ever wants
To give you some
But everybody loves
A number one
Oh, na
Na-na, na-na
Oh, na, na-na, na-na
Oh, na, na-na, na-na
Everybody loves
A number one
No one ever wants
To give you some
But everybody loves
A number one
I can't praise your cool
There's just no can do
And it's that easy
Baby, can't you see
You got nothing on me
It's just that easy
Oh, my
The world's on fire
And maybe I'm just
Chasing rhymes
Taking is easy
And I don't care
Where it leads me, baby
Oh, my, the more I try
The closer I get
To wasting time
No one ever wants
To give you some
But everybody loves
A number one
Oh, na, na-na, na-na
Oh, na
Na-na, na-na
Oh, na, na-na, na-na
Everybody loves
A number one
No one ever wants
To give you some
But everybody loves
A number one
Everybody loves
A number one
No one ever wants
To give you some
But everybody loves
A number one