Bro (2023) Movie Script

Please talk to brother about that thing.
Isn't he your brother too?
Tell him yourself.
-He is here.
-Get your face out of my way.
Mom, I'm late, give me some breakfast.
I'm getting it.
Here, have it.
Son, tomorrow is your birthday
and also the Dussehra festival.
I have already made plans to celebrate.
There's a surprise for you all tomorrow.
Gayatri received an email
from Emory University.
There is no need for activities like dance
or music. Just ask her to study.
That's for Post Graduation.
Ask her to complete her degree first.
She will get a seat only
if she applies now.
I get paid only once a month.
But your demands keep rising daily.
Even a bull has a limit to the sacks
it can carry.
But the number of responsibilities
I have towards you has no limit.
Your studies, books,
eyeliners, and lip glosses.
When will this end?
When would this end? Where is the end?
I don't have time for all this.
Let's talk later.
-Mom, give me the bag.
-You left an idli, finish it.
-You have it, Mom.
Hey, Ravichandra. Start the vehicle.
-I don't have time.
-To the airport
-Okay, sir.
Mom, why does Brother look
like our father to me?
You are seeing your father in him
and I'm seeing mine.
It's just an application, right?
Just apply.
Hey, babe.
Hey! Can I spend an hour with you?
Bad choice of words.
Sounds like you mean something else.
-Is 45 minutes okay with you?
-I don't have much time. Get in fast.
Where to?
I am flying to Vizag.
The 45 minutes that you gave me then?
It takes 45 minutes to reach the airport.
That time is yours.
I don't have time, baby.
You don't have time to take me to a movie.
You don't have time to sit
and chat with me.
You don't have time to just sit
and stare into my eyes.
Are your eyes some piece of land
that I'll stare into them?
Baby, you know I have
so many responsibilities!
I'm like an alarm to my family.
Nobody will wake up unless I ring.
The eldest of all sisters
is no longer studying.
So I need to get her married.
My brother has landed a job in the US.
I'll put him in charge
of my youngest sister's marriage.
Talk about our marriage.
All this will take two years
and we shall marry in three.
-The third year?
I too have a brother,
just like your family.
Yes, I won't get married
until my sister gets married.
Look at all the gray hairs.
I keep dying it black.
I'll even have my VRS in three years.
Who is going to understand my problems?
My life has no romance.
No empty theaters, no corner seats.
Your brother.
-Tell me
-Brother, I've been offered a new job.
-I'm planning to leave my current one.
-No. Forget about the new job offer
and stick with your current one.
Loyalty pays the best. Got it?
-Alright, Brother.
-Say it again.
-Loyalty pays the best.
I don't have time. Hang up.
Sir, we've arrived at the airport.
Baby, what are your plans for
this evening between 7:00 and 7:45 p.m.?
-Good morning, sir.
-Late? As usual.
Sorry, sir.
This has become a habit.
Sorry, sir.
-Welcome, sir.
-Later. I don't have time for this.
You can do this later but first,
get to work.
-Tyagu, what was our target last time?
-Sir, 120.
-Aim for 150 this time.
-Okay, sir.
What? You came to the main office
and didn't make time to meet me?
I couldn't because of the workload.
Just carry out my instructions.
There's no need for you
to make your own decisions.
-Sorry, sir.
-Brahmam, where's my ticket?
Sir, please spend the night here.
I've reserved a beachfront hotel for you.
Make a video of it
and post it on Facebook.
No Facebook account. Ticket.
Sir, you have come this far,
don't you want to see Vizag?
I saw it from above during the flight
and from the ground in the car.
Give me the ticket.
I have no time. Give me the ticket.
Forgot again?
-I'll arrange it tomorrow morning, sir.
-The function is tomorrow morning, idiot.
Sorry, sir.
-Tell that to your family.
I didn't think that you'd
understand me so easily.
-What are you writing, sir?
-I'm writing it for you.
You got the email. Check it.
Received it, sir.
-Read it.
-Okay, sir.
-You are fired.
-Sir, I have kids.
Tell them I said, "Hi."
-Please put on the seat belt, sir.
-Did you put it on?
I have put on two, sir.
One for the chest and one for the hip.
Then I don't need one. Let's go.
Okay, sir.
Hi, brother.
-What did you do about the new job?
-I followed your advice
and didn't take it.
"I'm still here same seat, same coat."
Good! Very good.
Wait a minute, I'll connect everyone.
You are this family's Nokia. Go ahead!
Mom. Brother is on call.
Just a minute
-Hi, Mom.
-Hi, brother!
Why are you greeting me as if you
are seeing me after ten years?
We just met this morning.
That was not for you. That was for him.
This girl will never change, Janaki.
-Hey, Veena. Hi.
Tomorrow is brother's birthday.
What have you planned?
We don't have to plan anything,
the entire state will celebrate it.
He made his birthday celebration
compulsory since he was born on Dussehra.
-Hey. Hi, Ramya.
Hi, babe.
Hi, Ramya.
Why are you greeting me as
if you are seeing me after ten years?
We just met this morning.
-Now that we know, look at his face.
-I know
Have you left for the airport?
No, I'm coming to Hyderabad by car.
This is a shortcut, sir.
If we take it, we'll save 22 kilometers.
That means I'll save half an hour.
I forgot to tell you all something
in the morning rush.
-What is it?
Next week, I might mostly get
promoted to the GM position.
Hey! Congrats, brother!
Mom, are you crying?
It's nothing. I just got dust in my eyes.
-Oh, it's no wonder!
-I'm happy for you.
Everybody, shut your ears.
Come on.
Hey, Ramya. Remember this morning
you said three years was long?
If I become the GM, then I'll settle
everything in three months.
-Then all my time belongs to you.
Empty theater, corner seats.
Let's not leave any theater in the city.
-What happened?
Oh God! What happened to my son?
My son!
Anybody here?
Excuse me.
Is anybody here?
Where am I?
I'm scared. Is anybody there?
Excuse me.
Who are you?
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir.
Why is it so dark? Is there no power?
The whole power plant stands beside you.
Oh lassie, your graceful swan glides
Why this haste, this hurry?
Oh beloved, in front of everyone
Don't make my heart tremble
Hey, Mark! Have a welcome drink.
Hey! Welcome, Mark. Welcome.
Did I run so much that I reached
some railway station?
-What's the way back?
-No way.
This is the only way.
Come on.
I don't have any luggage
that you can carry.
You are my luggage.
I was kidding, bro.
Do you think I find it funny?
I'll stab your guts.
-Don't scare me, bro
-Just kidding, bro.
Don't be afraid, come. Tell me.
It was such a freak accident
that I thought I'd be crippled.
Yet I survived without a scratch.
I hadn't put on the seat belt either.
By the way, what happened to the driver?
He had put on two seat belts
Do you want to see it?
Check it out.
The driver is safe
but who's that guy beside him?
-Shall I zoom in more?
-Yeah, please.
Take a look.
What is this?
That's your body and this is you.
-And you?
-Are you God?
-No way.
Lord Yama?
-Who are you then?
The one thing that you always
say that you don't have
that's me.
The mystery that cannot
be solved using watches.
The trap from which nobody can escape.
I'm the one who makes someone a king
and turns someone else into a potter.
If you witness me that means
you have seen the end.
-Hey! Does that mean I am dead? Me?
What are you talking about? How can I die?
I have a function to attend
tomorrow morning.
-Yes, sir.
-What function?
-My birthday function.
Next week I am going to be the GM.
Do you have any idea how many
things I have to attend to?
How many?
My mother's treatment,
my brother's settlement,
my first sister's marriage,
and my second sister's college.
I have to take care of everything.
Without me, they will end up
on the streets.
And Ramya?
Hey, naughty!
I am everything to her.
She would be in tears even
if I went away for just a day.
If she finds that I'm dead,
she'll probably come along with me.
-Who? Ramya?
True love.
Is it true love?
Ganapathula Mohan,
12/15, Sunset Boulevard,
-Los Angeles, California.
-Who is that?
Ramya's husband and that's her address.
Then, Markandeyulu?
-They'll cry for two days.
-Two days?
They'll talk about you
for the next two months.
On the 11th day, you'll have a service,
and celebrate death anniversary in a year.
Later everybody will forget you.
You'll just be a photo in their phone,
and if they lack storage
that photo will be deleted.
Moreover, your face is not
that photogenic anyway.
-What do you say?
-I was on the phone,
that's why I couldn't
see the divider, bro.
But the driver was not
on the phone, right?
I don't know about him, bro.
But I would've jumped.
You know?
-You wanna try?
-You wanna try?
-Oh no
-Hey, Mark!
What happened?
I missed the lorry.
-Can I get another chance?
Give me another chance!
-One chance.
Okay. Will you be attentive this time?
No problem.
Oh, my God!
Hey, my dear little Mark.
Don't say you didn't see the rod.
-I'm just a kid, bro.
-Who? You?
-Come here.
-No. I won't.
I'll stab your guts out.
Small kid, right? A kid, it seems.
Bro, I've just grown old.
I haven't experienced anything yet.
Education in my childhood.
Soon after Dad's death,
I had to get a job.
And on top of that, all the duties and
responsibilities of the family, etc.
I have not even
had a kiss in my life, bro.
Waste of life.
That's why I killed you!
-Oh, my God.
-Yes, yes.
I didn't fulfill any of my
responsibilities yet, bro.
Without your presence,
they will settle sooner in their lives.
Don't worry about them. Okay?
I had planned a surprise for them, bro.
This shall also be a surprise, bro.
This is a shock, bro.
You let all the sinners live.
They are sinners that's why
they must live.
-Are you upset?
-I'm missing my mom, bro.
You didn't eat the idli
she wanted to feed you.
I love my sister, bro.
Didn't you ask her to get off your face?
That was for my younger sister.
Oh, younger sister?
I missed my calculations, bro. I'm sorry.
You know, sometimes
I am very bad at mathematics.
Don't you have any emotions?
Feelings? Or sentiments?
Keep aside what I have
and what I don't have.
But you still don't realize
that you are dead.
I know. I know. I'm realizing it.
I understand that I am dead.
I understand that I am dead.
But I want to live.
I want to go back.
The average age of an Indian is sixty.
I am 30 years old.
Give me another thirty years.
Indian average age is 60
and you want 30 more years, right?
Please, sir. Please.
At least give me another 15 years.
Okay, give me just seven years, sir.
It is like one life sentence as per IPC.
Okay, you tell me, sir.
Ninety days is okay with me.
Do you think it is a lot?
No. that's enough.
Enjoy your rebirth.
Oh no! Knife?
Bro. Please, bro.
Please, bro. Snap once more.
The hammer.
Please, bro. Snap once more.
Just like
That's it.
Please, bro.
Please, bro.
Please, stop it!
Oh, God! Bro.
Snap once.
Oh, no!
Wait, I'm coming.
Hold it.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
What are you doing there?
What are you staring at?
According to technical terminology,
you were declared brain dead,
but after a few hours,
you turned out to be alive.
It is a rare case.
It's a medical miracle.
No, It's because of time!
-Do you have a phone?
Well, do you want to see the time?
Hello, Mom.
I am fine. Don't worry.
Doctor, please tell her.
Give me the bill. Fast.
Sir, there is a discount applicable.
Give me some time.
I don't have
Good morning, sir.
In which way I could
be of some help today?
Sir, please.
It'll be a sad visual to see you
admitted to the hospital
after being discharged
from the same hospital.
Be careful. Good day, sir.
-Where do you want to go, sir?
-Let's leave from here first.
I can't tolerate his presence anymore.
Have a good day, sir.
Where do you want to go, sir?
Hey, Mark.
Bro, why do I see you everywhere?
Like a sun bathes in thousand rivers,
I am everywhere.
Some call me a good time.
Some call me a bad time.
Some call me just "time".
Some say it's the end.
Some call me to have fallen.
All that good, bad, sudden!
Everything is me!
That's okay, bro.
But if I introduce you as good, bad,
and everything, they won't understand.
What should I introduce you as?
Tell them the truth.
They can't take it, bro.
Wait, I'll think of a name for you.
What? Which ex?
You didn't like it?
How about Titan?
-Fix that.
-Thank God.
-What should I tell your profession?
Then Ravichandra?
-I have sent him away already.
-Is he dead?
I've joined him in some other job.
I don't like someone meddling
in my business.
Bro, how much time does he have?
-Yeah, him.
41 years, 17 days, 23 hours, 41 minutes,
23.8 seconds.
-So much time?
What will he do, bro?
Shall we have some tea, sir?
-Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
-Will you have some tea?
-Yeah, I'll have it.
Poor thing, somebody passed away, sir.
He just had minor injuries though.
Bro, what should a man do to be immortal?
He should first cease to take birth.
That's the only solution.
Then how will he live?
If one lives then he must die, right?
If every single species that
takes birth is alive forever,
then how will new life come?
They won't have any place.
-So they should die, right?
-Yes, right.
When we visit somebody's house,
we use their bed, we use their bathroom,
and we even use their dining table to eat.
But while leaving, we don't
carry those items along with us.
We leave all that behind, right?
Likewise, every person that takes
birth on this planet is a guest.
Nothing belongs to any individual.
Use these resources as
long as you are here.
Instead of that if someone claims
that we are the rightful ones,
we want it, we will claim it,
we shall snatch it,
we will not let others have it,
we own it, or this is our palace,
then no matter how much
of a big shot he is
I shall take him away in a snap.
Within a span of a snap!
Your life and death both are
for your future generations!
Too deep.
I thought the same.
Whether this is a dream or a reality
We never know this is what life is
This is what life is
Waiting for brother.
Brother is here!
-Are you alright?
-I'm fine, dear.
-It's nothing, Mom. Look.
-He is alright!
It's okay.
Look! Our brother is safe!
Brother, are you fine?
I was really scared!
Hey, I'm fine. Go.
Carry on with your work.
Okay, bye.
Your name is Markandeyulu, son.
You are blessed with a long life.
Nothing will happen to you.
He's the one who saved me, Mom.
God bless you, my child.
My son
What do you do?
He carries everyone out of here.
Mom, give him my clothes.
Ma'am, henceforth this is my new address.
No problem.
Consider this as your home, you are
welcome to stay as long as you wish.
We will stay just for three months,
Your wish.
Why am I facing this unnecessary tension?
Can't you come back after three months?
Go, bro. Please.
What if you forget our agreement?
-I'm like a watch on your hand.
I'll always be with you
but you will seldom see me.
I was so worried about you.
Enjoy well.
Baby, love you, baby
You're so hot, baby
Let's go crazy, baby
My sweetheart, my beautiful woman
You are my life, my sweetheart
My sweetheart, my beloved
You are my moon, my sweetheart
My sweetheart
I feel the warmth in the air
When you stand in front of me
Like a golden mountain
Your eyes shine like a full moon
You enter my heart dancing through the way
The floor dances like a peacock
When you step on it
The heart breaks away the ankles in joy
Baby, love you, baby
You're so hot, baby
Let's go crazy, baby
Baby, love you, baby
You're so cute, baby
Let's tie the knot, baby
Let's take over the land of love
Take over
Let's be together forever
Be together
My sweetheart
My beloved
Mark, come here.
Where did the accident take place?
Why did it happen?
How did it happen?
And why don't you have even
a single scratch on you?
Nothing to fear.
You will live for 90 years.
You will play with your
great-grandchildren as well.
Actually, Mom, I know
what has happened to me.
What do you know? Pray to God.
Who do you think
Velagapudi Peddha Pichhayya Shastri is?
Who is he?
Hey, who are you?
Why are you shaking your leg?
Stand properly, and fold your hands.
Shall I reveal your future?
Should I reveal it or what?
Don't you trust me?
Your bus is always ready to go.
You eagerly await for your passengers
to take them away.
The ones who come to you
never go back to their places.
You read books but don't give any exams.
You have built a house for yourself
yet you are always on the road.
You do agriculture but don't eat
a single morsel properly.
Am I correct? Right?
Am I correct?
Won't you speak?
-Wait, I'll come and speak to you.
You, wait.
He won't talk to me, it seems.
Let me go and find out what it is.
-Mr. Shastri, listen to me. Please.
-Why are you gawking at me?
Wait! Let me handle him. Wait there.
What? What is it?
Come on, speak!
Come on! Speak!
What is it? Come on, speak!
-Let you be ridden of all the evil eyes.
-Okay, coming.
Throw this outside.
The birthday party was fun.
Hey, who are you?
Coming straight into the house.
Sir, she threw something at me while I was
walking and talking on the phone.
What? Did you talk on the phone
while walking?
Sir, I am still talking while walking.
A lot of people talk on the phone
while driving.
Hello, it is wrong to talk on the phone
while sitting next to the driver as well.
Ask me.
How can I go to the office like this?
-Then don't go.
Give him one of my shirts.
Okay, bro.
-What's the rush, sir?
-By mistake, today is my birthday.
Oh! Many many happy returns
of the day, sir.
Thank you.
We just cut the cake and ate it.
I will send some dessert.
Have it before you leave.
-Veena, one portion for the guest.
-Who is that?
-The evil eye that you mentioned earlier.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
-Put that cup down and go.
Is he not answering?
He won't.
He says there was an accident,
but there is not even
a scratch on his body.
When asked, when he will get married,
he asked you to wait for three years.
Now suddenly he says it will
be over in three months.
There is something wrong with him.
Now he has brought someone new.
I doubt that man just by looking at him.
-Titan or Timex, who cares!
He seems to be blackmailing him.
Who is he?
Where did he come from?
Why did he come?
How long will he stay?
What does he do?
He seems like a question paper
without an answer sheet.
What? Why didn't you get up early?
Didn't exercise.
If I put four idlis,
you used to eat three and leave one.
Now you are having two extra.
Mom, let's live happily
as long as we are here.
You will become the GM, right?
Definitely. There's no other option.
Mom, bye.
Shall we go?
Where? Above?
Office, bro.
What brother!
-Hey, bro.
-What's wrong with the heart?
Please, bro.
Hey, move aside!
Please, bro!
Hey, move aside!
Bro, please.
Hey, move.
Please, bro.
What brother!
What's wrong with the heart?
Until now, it was "My Love", "My Baby".
What happened now?
Changed it to "Ramya"?
I wanted to live for a hundred years.
-Now it is limited to just 90 days.
She must get angry with me.
She must go away.
Do you want to watch a lot of movies?
No fictional movie has enough drama
to beat this.
Hey, you are being disrespectful
to your elder one.
-Sorry, sir.
-Turn around.
This is my office.
She is our receptionist.
Please don't flirt with her.
Today I have a meeting with my MD.
There. He is my MD.
The lady behind him is apparently
his girlfriend.
But I am not sure about it.
Until I become the GM,
this is my bloody room.
Isn't my face oozing
with the traits of a GM already?
-Hey, Markandeyulu.
-If Uncle asks about me,
tell him I am in the meeting room.
By the way, who are you?
Have you come to see Mark?
I came to take him.
From where?
-From above.
-Oh, the accounts department?
Yeah. Something similar.
Does he have any dues?
Eighty days.
Oh, these calculations are beyond
my understanding. See you later.
Wait for ten seconds and then go.
Are we looking for an auspicious
moment to walk around as well?
-Oh no!
-That's why I told you.
Couldn't you tell it
more comprehensively?
As you all know, Mark is our asset.
-I would say the pillar of the company.
-The meeting started.
He will announce me as the GM
at any moment.
He has been associated
with us since the start.
Very loyal and reliable.
The whole company will
be indebted to you.
Thank you.
That's why we were waiting for you.
Don't waste any time, please announce.
Thank you.
So guys let me announce to you
the new GM of our company.
Why am I excited
when I already know it's me?
Mr. Venu!
Other than being fairer than me,
what other qualities did he have
that he surpassed me?
Of course, you can also go.
Okay, sir.
Well deserved, Venu.
What, Mark? Why this question mark?
Sir, I was in line to be the next GM.
That's my decision to make, sir.
Sir, after AGM
I should become GM, right?
Do people become the PM after being an MP?
It's not a sequence. Don't be stupid.
Does that mean I don't deserve it?
It's not that you don't deserve it,
but think a bit globally.
That's why you rejected a local?
Mark, you are not
in the right set of mind.
-Let's talk later.
-There's nothing more to talk about.
Till now, I thought loyalty pays.
But loyalty hurts.
-I am resigning from this job.
Mark. What the hell, man?
You called me a pillar
of this company, right?
Pillars don't have emotions.
And don't have promotions at all.
I remained like a pillar
in the cellar on the ground floor.
But you are free to enjoy the top floor.
I worked hard to grow this company.
He recently joined the job
and instantly became the GM.
Loyalty doesn't pay.
-That's not yours.
Let's go.
Think about it once.
The buyer should be considerate
of the authenticity of the diamond.
-Not the diamond itself.
The company should think about me
and not the other way around.
Couldn't you say this earlier?
Why use an unnecessary analogy?
Where do you want to go?
I don't want to face any
of my acquaintances.
Family, friends,
mother, sister, Ramya no one.
No one should be seen around.
-No one should be seen around?
Take me to a desert-like place.
-Is a lake okay?
Get down. We are here.
Where are you, bro?
Hey, Mark!
Come on.
Come on, man! Come on.
Every goddamn place
Everywhere in the space
There is no disgrace
You would see my face
You may be in your zone
Enjoying dusk or dawn
You are never alone
I am just like your phone
Like the air you breathe
Like the floor beneath
While we talk concretely, you are into me
My mood is all spoiled.
Okay, start.
This is all my karma.
You blame your karma
because you didn't get it.
Had you got it,
it would have been your talent.
Did I want it all at once?
Do you know how many years
I worked hard for this company?
I should be given the GM position.
That is my right.
Is it enough to have no people or do
you want the signals also to go away?
-Just asking.
-I don't have any problem with the signal.
It is that MD. I won't pick up the call.
He should get to know how difficult
it is to run the company without Mark.
Shiver! He should get shivers.
Doesn't the car belong to the company?
The house is also big.
I'm sure you would have EMIs to pay.
I will sell the car and house.
And get my sister
married very comfortably.
I will put the remaining money
in the bank in my mother's name.
My mother will be happy and I will relax!
I have no problem
Oh! Really?
It's my sister.
Since I didn't pick up his call,
he must have gone to my house
and asked my sister to call me.
Rascal! I'll take him to task.
Brother, I am at the hospital.
Mom is not feeling well.
What happened?
Your mother has Parkinson's.
It usually occurs to only rich people.
I don't know why your mother got it.
It's going to be very expensive.
Instead of India, you should get
advanced treatment in America.
Doctor, my younger brother is in America.
Very good.
I believe it would be best if you
could take your mother to the US,
and get her treated there.
How will you arrange the
money for the treatment?
I will postpone my sister's marriage.
My mother's health
is more important to me.
Bye, Mom. Get well soon.
See you.
Where will your sisters stay?
Oh no!
Our lives have turned upside down.
No car, no house.
My sister is not married,
and my mom is unwell.
Most importantly, you don't have a job.
Where shall we go? Home?
There's no one at home.
To the hospital then?
Mom is unconscious.
What should we do there?
Then where shall we go?
-You know it.
-I don't!
-You know it.
-I don't know, my friend.
You know it!
Why do you want to hear it from me?
To my office.
Say it loudly. Can't hear you.
-To the office!
-That's it.
I threw my ID away with arrogance.
Thank you, bro.
Yes, Mr. Mark.
Any outstanding balance?
Have you checked all
your personal belongings?
Have you packed up?
Do you need any transport allowance?
We have CCTV cameras, okay?
A father picked up his child endearingly.
Sir, that naive child
kicked him in the face.
Will the father throw that child?
No! Why would he do that?
I am the child, sir. You are the father.
Please remove all that I have spoken in
the last half an hour from your mind, sir.
Put this around my neck yourself.
Please, sir.
You can have the ID. Go.
No, sir. I want you
to put it around my neck.
Only then will I agree!
Please, sir.
No need to bend, I can reach you.
It's okay, sir. Please.
Thank you, sir.
What's with him? He is gargling!
33 years 8 months 13
minutes and 0.28 seconds.
Who? Him?
Add another 70 years,
and make it a round figure.
My calculations are very unique.
To hell with your calculations!
Your calculations seem completely wrong.
Oh no!
Come, Uncle. Come.
I went to the hospital
and inquired about your mom's health.
I knew you'd be here.
That's why I came here.
Do you want a small one?
No. Order a large for me.
One large.
Uncle, let's get Veena
engaged tomorrow itself.
And we should get her married next week.
Followed by the younger one!
Why are you in such a hurry?
She is too young to get married.
He doesn't have time.
Why does he answer every time
I ask you something?
Moreover, he is always with you.
Why does he have an opinion
on every single topic?
Does he have a personal video of yours?
Is this blackmail?
Uncle, my life is a TV serial.
You are imagining it to be
an adult movie I guess.
Then why do you keep him close
all the time? Like a genie!
Why would I keep him close, Uncle?
He clings to me.
Drop him off.
Uncle, we can take off
the shirt in the hall,
take off our pants in the bedroom,
and we can take off our
underwear in the bathroom.
But I haven't found a place
where I can get rid of him.
Tell me the truth.
Who is he?
He is my father's friend's son.
Hey! Your father and I have been
friends since our childhood.
Who is this friend that I don't know?
Do you know Uncle Balasubramaniam
from Calcutta?
His son.
He is yet unmarried.
One doesn't need to get
married to have kids.
-Enough! Enough. I got it.
We will go away in 80 days.
Why 80 days?
-Can't explain.
-Wait, I'll ask him.
I know everything about you.
-I'm not uncle just for you.
I am also his uncle.
Please call me uncle once.
That's it.
-He's the one who called you.
-No, I know it's you.
Dear, your father is also my friend.
Why do you always hang out with him?
Visit my home as well!
Uncle, don't be a want to be
I will. What will happen?
Is your vehicle different from mine?
Look at those eyes.
It's as if they are calling me to come.
I will come to you after 20 years,
you may leave.
-Uncle, you are a lucky man.
-Son, I remember seeing this.
I'm coming tomorrow to fix the marriage.
-Wanna dance?
-I'm not in the mood, bro!
They call him a cool angry man
You know he's superior
It's the time for the drums to beat
Come on. Enjoy the celebration!
Yo, he is the man
Yo, the Jackie Chan
He is the king of Andhra
His place is super groovy Hyderabad
And she is the baby girl Sandra
Hey, do-re-mi
Hey, let's enjoy!
Hey, fa-so-la
Hey, let's enjoy!
Does anyone know?
How will the tsunami look
When it comes in front?
Does anyone know?
How the sound will be when a cyclone
Knocks at the door?
If you don't know, look at him!
He is the human tsunami
He's a real danger
You've got to believe me
-Hey, do-re-mi
-Are you so bored of me?
Are you so bored of me that you
didn't pick up my call the entire week?
On top of that,
you are sharing your location!
Yes. Should I follow you like a puppy?
You have no choice!
But I have a hundred choices here.
-Am I one of the choices for you?
You are one of the choices for me!
And you are making noise.
You are going to get it from me!
Even I am capable! I can hit you back!
-Mark, we are done.
Done and dusted.
Delete her from FB.
Unfollow on Instagram.
Refresh the WhatsApp.
Delete all her photos.
All in all, block her completely.
I don't have the phone, you have it!
Thank you!
Drink! Get drunk and die soon.
Work in progress, ma'am!
-Oh, my God!
Not you, bro.
1128 photos?
Now look how light my phone is,
how fast it works.
How light it is, how fast it works.
-Go to hell.
-Hey, get lost.
-We are over.
I don't love anyone and no one loves me.
I'm single, and not ready to mingle.
The girl is gone. You may now cry.
Women's words have diverse interpretations
Women's words have diverse interpretations
The meanings are distinct
-The meanings are distinct
The meanings are distinct
What's up?
I want to talk to you about something.
About Mom?
I will take care of everything.
No. Uncle Singinatham called.
He gave me the list of items that
we need for tomorrow's function.
I will take care of everything,
you just come and sit.
I don't want this marriage!
-I love someone.
Love? Who?
Do we know him
or is he a complete stranger?
Does he have parents? Or is he an orphan?
Is he doing something or is he still
contemplating doing something?
Is he educated or a dropout?
Does he earn anything to eat?
Or is he begging for alms on the roads?
Answer me.
Congrats, bro!
For what? For what she did?!
Everyone moves forward in time.
But you are going backward.
You look just like your father,
do you know that?
Yes, I would because I am
carrying his responsibilities.
Only you can be in love?
-Just now, I broke up.
-I don't know that.
I also have a heart.
But only I have the pocket.
Okay, I loved a girl.
Didn't I bring that girl home
and introduce her to everyone?
I can also bring him home.
Have a look, and talk to him!
Not now. In the very beginning,
the first time you started seeing him!
Then you should have introduced him to me.
Hey, Mark! Markandeyulu.
Who does that?
If they fix everything for themselves then
what are we here for? Are we dead or what?
Hey, Marki.
You still have 80 more days.
Eighty days!
That's not what it is!
That's not how it will be either.
Your marriage is with our uncle's son.
It was fixed when you were born.
You might not pay heed
to your brother's word,
but I can't disregard my father's wish.
I went all the way up there and
came back just for you guys.
Bro, tell her, please.
Don't drag me into your matters.
Look, Veena. I am like a movie
you watch in the theaters.
There is no chance of
watching it again on OTT.
Decide whether you want him or me!
Decide it for yourself!
Brother, you are drunk, go to bed.
I am sober now.
Girlfriends make us high
and sisters make us sober again.
I need to know now. Him or me?
-Him or me?
Outside or inside?
Outside or inside? Outside or inside?
Outside or inside?
Outside or inside?
Outside or inside?
How is this?
How is this?
Leave the suitcase here.
Just come with me.
We'll also return what you're wearing.
Leave that bag as well.
Let's go.
Just four days ago she was single!
How did this happen so soon?
They have been in love for four years.
-He came to your birthday party as well.
He's also in your family photos!
Take a look.
Rascal! He is right behind me.
Bro, how can he be so shameless?!
Your sister invited him!
That means, all of this was pre-planned?
Tomorrow is the engagement, that's why
they decided to talk to me tonight, right?
I am the crazy one! Came here intoxicated.
They head-butted me and left me sober!
Rent, power, salary, sari
all the fun will be over in ten days.
He will leave her on the footpath.
Then she will come to me
asking for forgiveness.
But I will be gone by then.
Without me, my sister will
Tomorrow Uncle will come
for the engagement.
What should I tell him?
I don't know how to face him.
Look, someone is here.
Hey, Arun.
Hey! Why are you here suddenly?
-I found out about Mom.
-Who told you?
-Did she tell you what she did?
Bro, my job!
-What happened to the job?
Did they lay you off? Impossible!
I got a new job and I wanted
to switch but you didn't let me.
On top of that, you gave me
a useless mantra, "loyalty pays".
Is it enough for the employee to be loyal?
Shouldn't the company be loyal as well?
That's why they fired me and I came back.
Mom is in the hospital.
Sister has left with someone.
You have lost your job.
My girlfriend is outside.
I am in shock!
Come in.
This is Lakshmi.
We have been in a live-in for six months.
I thought of telling this to you
after sister's marriage.
But I had no choice. So I got her here.
Bro, what is this?
Ever since our father left,
I have been everything to you all.
The school you like,
the shirt you like, the shoes!
When did you ask what we want?
You just say that this is what we need.
Even Dad wouldn't control you.
You're a control freak.
You feel like you are a big torch bearer.
No, you're a torturer!
What now? Inside or outside?
Home or hotel? Tell me.
Inside or outside? Home or hotel?
-Tell me! Inside or outside?
-Hey, bro.
-Home or hotel?
-I asked her the same thing a while ago.
Is it good?
Not at all. It's not at all good.
It's the worst.
It shouldn't be repeated.
Tell me, inside or outside?
Go in, first.
Not you. You tell me.
He takes all my decisions. Go inside.
Go! Get in!
Am I not the torch bearer, bro?
Am I a torturer?
Did I go through so much trouble
to hear this?
I survived all this by dying,
but unnecessarily I survived
just to die from all this!
Come on, bro. Let's go.
I don't want anyone. Let's go.
-Hundred percent!
-I will snap now.
-Okay, do it.
-I am doing it.
-Do it!
-I am doing it!
-No, bro.
I got overwhelmed and said something,
does that mean you will kill me?
It's not Goa or Bangkok
that we can come back.
It's death.
It's a one-way trip,
no chance of coming back!
There is no light, no board, no direction.
We don't know where we are headed.
There's one more sister.
I want her to settle.
Who? You?
Okay. Us.
Okay, let's do that.
Time is the thread that ties together
birth and death.
It can give immense happiness
in the moment of extreme sadness.
It is a device that gives you
solitude while you are in a crowd.
It is an entity that has no boundaries.
This is my ultimate avatar!
There will be a person inside.
He speaks our language,
yet it is incomprehensible.
It's hard to understand what is
the inner meaning of what he says.
If he finds us, he will chew us
like tobacco and spit us out.
Why are you afraid of him, Dad?
I will show you. I will show you!
Thank God, he is not here.
Let's finish our job before he comes.
Oh, no! He is here.
Now see what he'll do.
Good morning!
You are yet to find out whether
the morning will be good or bad.
Didn't I tell you?
Is that your son?
-He's an engineer!
-So, not your son?
Didn't I tell you? He is my engineer son.
Didn't name him yet?
Markandeyulu, please come here.
Let's get done with this engagement,
or else he'll turn me
into an itchy fellow.
Hey, when did he come?
I don't know who he is.
-And the girl behind him?
-I don't know who she is either.
Then how did you allow them in your house?
He knows karate and I don't.
What can I do?
Okay, let it be. Call Veena.
Let's finish the engagement.
What happened? Call her.
-Oh, God!
Bro, I'm getting angry.
Say the truth.
Telling the truth will be a great relief.
Tell them the truth.
Where is she?
-She is dead.
-What? When?
Should I put this garland on her body now?
When did this happen?
-That is
-Hey! Wait.
Listen, Uncle. That girl loved a boy.
He gave a shirt to that boy.
That boy wore his shirt
and took away his sister.
That's it.
They went away but why did he take away
your shirt instead of their clothes?
Mark! Calm down. Cool down.
Bro! Listen, Uncle.
You should fulfill your father's promise.
So what if Veena is gone?
Instead of Veena, he will play the violin.
Right, Uncle?
What are you saying?
Hey, I will take Gayatri
as my daughter-in-law.
What do you say?
Is your son okay with it?
My son is 24-carat gold. I sculpted him.
You should have taken more time sculpting.
He would have turned out better.
He won't say no to my order. What, son?
-Yes, Dad.
Ask Gayatri if she is okay
with this proposal.
If my brother likes it, I am okay with it.
You don't have to talk to me, brother.
I would blindly do what you say.
Bro, did you see that?
My sister said she'll do anything for me.
I don't understand it.
Then why do you hate her?
No, no. I don't hate her.
I just don't express my love, that's it.
Don't lie to me.
You hate her because your father died
as soon as she was born.
You hate all the responsibilities
that she bought along with her.
-It's such a relief, to tell the truth.
-To whom? You?
-To you.
Thank you.
Sir, this export order
is a great opportunity for us.
If we follow the penetrative
pricing strategy,
our product will become
the leading product.
And we can capture the market
in a couple of years.
That's a perfect strategy.
So, first, let's capture the market.
We should conquer and
then dominate the market.
So if we quote the minimum price,
that's all ours.
-I love it, man.
-Thank you, sir.
Sir, in my point of view this
Oh, Mark! Sorry, I didn't notice you.
Actually, we both have already
discussed this strategy.
We are just informing you
as a formality, that's all.
Sir, please listen to my concern.
Where were you yesterday?
I was on leave. I informed you.
Today you need not inform me.
-Yes, sir.
-Go ahead with the proposal, man.
-Alright, sir.
So, guys, you will get your memos.
Please act accordingly.
-Okay, sir.
-You wanna join us for lunch?
-Sure, sir.
-Okay, let's go.
What does he think of me?
Did he capture all eight years of reach
in just one day of my absence?
I don't get it.
Moreover, he is talking about a leave!
He took maternity leave
when his wife delivered a baby.
Do you know?
There's no value for the people
who work hard.
What should I order for you?
Anything other than poison
is okay with me.
I'm asking them to capitalize
on the market
I have captured in the last eight years.
But they won't listen.
They are living with Bluetooth
in their ears.
They are not real people, bro.
Just ID cards.
Don't they have accidents?
While they are on the roads,
why does the lorry go from the left?
Why don't they come from the right?
I want to know.
I should know what's your plan, right?
While I'm on the road,
I'll get hit by the pole and die or
I'll get hit by a lorry and die
But these people will be safe, right?
Why do sinners get to live a long life
and a saint like me gets a short life?
-Let it be.
Let's leave the topic here.
What do you mean?
So, you feel you are a saint?
I asked you to drop it.
Let's not discuss this topic again.
-Why did we come here?
-I know.
We came here to forget
all our sorrows and enjoy.
Snap, bro. Snap your fingers.
Wait a minute.
The entire setup and get up,
everything should change.
Everything should change
and I should forget everything.
Set up and get up should change?
-Do it, bro.
-No problem!
Dance, bro
Like, bro
Come on, come on, dance, bro
The beats are awesome
Life is a jukebox, bro
The rock is really rocking
Fun is at its peak
Who has the guts to stop us, bro?
If you watch carefully
Every life is a short film on its own
Trust me you can't extend it even a bit
You can make every frame
Colorful if you want to
My dear Markandeya, note down
I'll give you valuable advice
Learn the truth that you won't
Ever be re-born on the earth again
So enjoy every day
That you are able to live
Enjoy life while it lasts
Come on, come on, dance, bro
The beats are awesome
Life is a jukebox, bro
The rock is really rocking
Fun is at its peak
Who has the guts to stop us, bro
Stop it!
Mr. Shyam. Stop it.
-Mr. Shyam!
-What happened, sir?
What song is playing
and what dance are you dancing?
The rhythm is at six-eight.
The tune is at two-four!
Each step has an emotion attached to it.
Hip hop!
I'll kick you between your legs.
Not everybody thinks about
that topic all the time.
Leave the artistic expressions to us.
Please do not interfere.
Get drunk, that's not an issue.
Sway around, we will tolerate.
But don't behave like someone
who doesn't know the difference
between trending and trolling.
Said it like a pro, bro.
Okay, guys.
Here she comes
Here she comes
Sithra Manjari
Naughty Sithra Manjari
I am Sithra Manjari
I'm too fast for anyone
I hopped on a unicorn
And came here straight away
You've toiled very hard all-day
You've got to chill the dark night
For sure
I guarantee your entertainment
Making you happy is my royalty
Your praises are the commentary
I like the most
I can revisit it anytime if you want
Here she comes
Here she comes
Sithra Manjari
Naughty Sithra Manjari
Life needs something called relief
You must play an enthusiastic
Game to keep yourself busy
When you are tired of the hectic life
A little fun is not at all wrong
My dear
My dear Markandeya!
My dear Markandeya, note down
I'll give you valuable advice
Learn the truth that you won't
Ever be re-born on the earth again
So enjoy every day
That you are able to live
Enjoy life while it lasts
Come on, dance, bro!
You must tread carefully in such times.
Bro! Come, bro.
What a waste of life!
How are you living your
life to the fullest?
Hey, who are you?
Bro, please save me.
Who the hell are you?
My sister attempted suicide and
she is admitted to the hospital.
If anything happens to her,
I won't leave any of your family members.
Which hospital?
Hello, tell me which hospital it is!
Don't go.
She is my lover.
She's my life.
I have to see her.
I don't want it.
-It's good.
-I will get it from my sister.
-She went to college.
-She went with her husband.
-She is in the hospital.
We have arranged everything
for Mom's treatment.
There's a hospital in New Jersey.
We have even applied for
a medical visa for Mom.
Now he will take it.
-Good soul.
-Good soul!
You don't know which sole should
you select for your shoes,
and you are judging her soul?
Don't I have the right
to give a compliment?
If I scold someone,
you compare me to my Dad.
If I compliment someone, you comment
on my knowledge. What should I do?
You are quick to praise this girl
but you don't care about your sister.
Don't talk about her.
She was in a relationship without
my knowledge for four years.
This girl was in live-in
for the past two years,
without your knowledge as well.
Can't I have a cup of coffee peacefully?
Is it necessary to
bombard me with questions?
Where there are no answers
there will be no peace.
No quotations, please.
Why did the MD call me suddenly?
He was in the bar when you were there.
Oh no!
He eavesdropped on all your rants.
Oh, God! What sort of sadism is this?
You won't tell me about Ramya's entry.
You won't tell me about the MD's entry?
Why do you do this? To get me in trouble?
-No. So that they can listen.
They are not listening to you
while you are in the company.
So when they are outside
they can listen to you, no?
Oh no!
-Mr. Mark!
-MD is calling you.
-Yeah. Coming!
-He is coming, sir.
-What's he doing over there?
-Playing with some guy!
-Which guy?
I don't know. Some strange guy.
A strange guy came in without permission?
Weak security. Change it.
And find out who that guy is.
Show some confidence.
Go, you'll have it.
Actually, sir.
We should not mix whiskey
with vodka it seems.
I don't care about
what you mixed,
I'm rather concerned
about what you said.
Bro, one hotel sells four
fritters for 20 rupees.
But the same four fritters cost
40 rupees in another hotel.
Goodwill and quality.
We were providing goodwill
and quality, that's why
the Japanese guy came looking for us.
If we approach him and tell him,
"Sir, we are not worth that much,
we will give eight fritters
for 20 rupees!"
-What will he say?
-What will he do?
He will spit on our faces.
We should have guts, bro.
-What should we do?
-What should we do?
"Excuse me, sir.
One fritter costs 53 rupees, sir.
Including GST it costs 65, sir."
If we say this, he will buy it with pride.
Crores of rupees worth of business.
Everybody is an idiot in my office, bro.
And my MD,
-if I find him
-If you find me?
I'm going to give him a nice thrashing.
Wow! What a joke, sir!
By the way, what's the connection between
a fritter and a textile company?
Too much!
That's why I am confused.
When inebriated, one speaks such
nonsense ideas, sir. Right?
Yeah. I heard it too.
Your idea was brilliant.
I am someone who travels to Bowenpally to
eat Bhelpuri and to Charminar for chai.
When I can go,
why would the Japanese not come?
Does that mean the Japanese company came?
They came. Signed the deal as well.
That means, did you apply my idea?
Not just apply,
we already have the supply, Mark.
You are not just an employee, Mark.
You are a trademark of this company.
You are the landmark
of our company's address.
Mark my words, Mark.
Let's all party in Denmark.
Sit down, please. Come on, yeah.
I want to tell you something.
Please, sir.
The shareholders of the company want me
to become the chairman of this company.
You are the right person, sir.
I know that. But, thanks.
He will be the chairman
because he is tall,
and that guy will be made
MD because he is fair,
So should I remain as the AGM
just because I am fat?
If you become the chairman,
who will be the MD?
We have been giving it a lot of thought.
Tried various permutations
and combinations,
and followed some protocols.
Do you have to use your
incomprehensible English now?
And finally, we got to a decision that
Speak out.
The next MD is none other than
Yes, it's you.
Hey, Mark!
What is this?
You put in a lot of effort
to become the GM.
When you didn't get that,
you fought with everyone!
That was my unfortunate fate.
But you didn't put in any effort
for the MD position, right?
-Sorry, sir.
Then why didn't you
reject the offer saying,
"Sir, I have not made any efforts for
this and
I am not fit for this role."
This is my luck.
-This is my luck.
If you don't get it, it is your fate
and if you get it, then it is your luck.
There's nothing wrong
with killing you humans.
Not at all.
-Not at all.
Bro, won't you let me enjoy my success?
-But first, get the point.
-Which point?
If you keep aside your
originality and overact,
forget being a GM, instead you
will be kicked out of your job. Right?
-And if you be your true self.
-You will get what you deserve.
-Did you get it?
-I got it, bro.
Now enjoy.
Let's have a snap.
You do.
Hey, Mark!
Your snap doesn't has the magic.
-Mine has!
-Come on.
Oh my! Her rubber bangles!
Oh my! Her rubber bangles
Thick chains and nose rings!
Her slender waist is a killer
Oh my!
A two-and-a-half ticket to heaven!
Hey, Malli!
Work on it a bit harder
Hit the bull's eye
Take a puff of the stock
Keep rocking in joy!
The paan you gave me was awesome
Oh, my dear Malli!
I'll pay you, give me another one
The paan you gave me was awesome
Oh, my dear Malli!
I'll pay you, give me another one
The paan you gave me was awesome
Oh, my dear Malli!
Bro, my life changed in an instant!
-That's me.
It's a miracle.
Bro, can I inform my mom
that I have become the MD?
You can.
The doctors have asked us to refrain
from giving any shocking news to Mom.
The fact that you've become the MD
is surprising to you, not your mom.
Go on.
You can take her home
in two or three days.
Okay, doctor.
Have you made arrangements
for her treatment in the US?
-Yes, doctor.
-She must steer clear of stress entirely.
-Avoid giving any shocking news to her.
Okay, doctor.
Mom shouldn't find out
that Veena has left the house.
Or that you have brought
Mahalakshmi along with you.
Doctor has urged us to not
reveal any shocking news to her.
Being the elder son of this house,
I will handle it.
You stay by his side without
letting her notice you.
I will introduce you to
her at the right moment.
Mom is here.
Mom, come.
Come, sit.
Where is Veena?
Mom, actually--
-While you were in the hospital, she--
-She left with Vicky?
Hey, not normal soda, make a lime soda.
Didn't I ask you not to inform her?
Why did you tell her that shocking thing?
What should I be told?
I know you must have pestered her with
a choice of either you or him,
and she chose him over you and went away.
Add a dash of salt.
Am I right?
Who is that?
Not enough. Add one more spoon.
Can I have some green tea, please?
Sure, Mother-in-law.
Hey, you told her everything but
didn't tell her name properly.
Mom, don't worry, her name is not Andrea.
It's Mahalakshmi. Sister's name.
She named her Mahalakshmi.
Mix it well.
It should have a nice froth over it.
So what, if her name is Andrea?
Once she marries you,
her religion would change.
But don't tell this to your brother.
He is not modern like us.
He became old at a very young age.
And even if he finds out,
-don't tell her name as Andrea,
-Then, what should I tell him?
Tell him that her name is Mahalakshmi,
Mahalakshmi? Who is Mahalakshmi?
Your eldest sister.
She was elder than your brother as well.
She would carry him on her shoulders.
But she died.
If you will tell him this name,
he will fall for it sentimentally.
Our guy would come storming from inside.
Give it to him.
Give him.
Thank you.
Do mothers lie as well?
The first lie you ever heard
in your life is from your mom.
When you were a kid and
asked for the moon,
she showed you the moon in a mirror.
Now she is showing me the reality
through a magnifying glass, bro.
I got to know that everyone
was acting in front of me
but never knew that my mother
was the director of this act.
I remember you saying that they
all cannot survive without you.
Where are you going?
-To see Veena.
-I won't come.
I am going.
She has become the boss lady.
Bro, what should I do?
If you are uneasy,
go and sit in the front seat.
Wild tiger
Got into a tussle
Grab right
Beat hard
Hold the sword
Wield it sharp
The heart starts racing
The ox goes frantic
Wild tiger
Got into a tussle
Grab right
Beat hard
Hold the sword
Wield it sharp
Bheemla Nayak
Bheemla Nayak
Brother. Mom!
Brother, please talk to me.
Brother, please.
Veena Come here.
-He will talk to you.
-How are you?
I'm fine because of you.
-Come inside.
When you were busy in your office,
it was she who took care
of your mother 24/7.
They call him Brother Shankar.
The leader of this area.
Very good person.
Let's go inside and talk.
-Call Vicky.
I had asked Vicky to stay
at his uncle's place
for as long as your sister stays here.
Even now he is there.
She is here like my daughter.
If you agree to this alliance, only
then will she become my daughter-in-law.
Or else you can take away
your sister along with you.
Please, don't come.
Please, don't come.
We are planning to leave on the 28th.
They have given Mom the
appointment on the 2nd.
Get married, brother.
Poor Ramya has been waiting
for you for six years.
At least from now on start
thinking about yourself.
I will take care of everything.
We shall leave after Gayatri's marriage.
Why are you rushing Gayatri's marriage?
We need to rush, ma'am.
We need to.
Your husband gave a word to his
friend without your knowledge,
and the responsibility to fulfill that
word has been on these little shoulders.
Am I right, bro?
The invitation cards must be ready.
Shall we go check them?
Let's go.
You said you wanted to study at
Emory University and achieve a lot.
Now you have achieved a seat
in the same university,
and have acquired a scholarship as well.
Why are you throwing everything away?
Otherwise, brother would feel bad.
He would feel bad for a day and
for that are you going to
sacrifice your entire life?
I got married at the age of 16 because
my father would have felt bad otherwise.
I became a wife, a mother,
a daughter-in-law, and a mother-in-law.
But I could never become the person
I wanted to become.
That's why I raised my kids to become
what they want to become.
Mom, I have never seen the face
of my father.
Whenever I was in need of Dad,
I found brother in that place.
Until yesterday, brother never liked me,
but now, he likes only me.
I just want him to be happy, that's it.
I would do whatever he asks me to do.
That's it.
I need to distribute invitations, book the
marriage hall I have a lot of work, bro.
Why did you get me here?
Bro, what is--
I am six weeks pregnant.
One must use condoms to tackle
such things,
but not a nuptial thread.
Don't you know the gold
price is skyrocketing?
Your Uncle Singinatham's son.
The finished product
of a great sculptor!
He is sculpting some statues of his own.
I have no option left other than suicide.
Try sleeping pills.
-Please, listen to me.
Bro, can I thrash him?
You have taken a good decision
after a very long time.
Don't think about anything,
just go and thrash him.
Hey, don't go empty-handed.
Release your pain. Kill him, I say.
Mark, enough!
Where are you taking him to?
-To his Dad.
That itchy person should know, what
kind of itchy person his son is, right?
Is this information really
that important now?
In the limited time you have, do you
really need this time waste activity?
Do you really need this time to waste?
Mark! Markandeyulu?
A man realizes the purpose of
his life in his dying moments,
but you got to know it much before that.
From this second,
I am releasing you from my shadow.
Call me whenever you are done.
Like a teacher, I am giving you the
opportunity to correct all your mistakes.
Mark, choose wisely.
I mean it.
Choose wisely!
The shirt looks awesome.
It's your shirt, brother-in-law.
I am offering you a job with a promotion.
Nothing that belongs to me
Is not ready to come with me
This moment was predestined
You know this journey is unavoidable
This body is your temporary home
You have to leave it back someday
This volatile life is just
A game between birth and death
You live once and you die once
No strings get attached to your soul
Life is nothing but zilch
-Mom, I'm hungry.
-Death is what gives it beauty
Please forgive me.
-Sorry, brother.
-Forgive me, brother.
Sorry, brother.
Eternalize your name
Before you leave from here
If your heart can spread love
You will receive nothing
But love in return
You will be remembered until you are alive
And will be forgotten post your demise
Time cannot be meddled with
But you can leave the traces
Of laughter back
You should be fondly remembered
By the people whose lives you touched
You live once and you die once
No strings get attached to your soul
Life is nothing but zilch
Death is what gives it beauty
Hey, Mark.
You still have eight days left
in your life.
Did you settle your brother and sisters?
Everyone is settled in their life, bro.
What was your role in it?
Everything just happened.
I was just watching, that's it.
Being born is a detour.
Death is the actual victory.
If everyone has this knowledge,
death would be the happiest part of life.
Had you come along with me with
similar happiness that day itself,
things would have turned out
exactly as they turned out to be.
-Oh, God!
Vicky, my brother has met
with an accident.
I don't know what's happening.
-Mom! Please don't panic.
-Where is my son?
Mark, accident case.
That way.
Sister! Ramya!
Look I got the scholarship.
How long will you stay here?
Come, let's go back home.
Give me some time, brother.
Come fast, it's getting late.
Pray to brother.
Mom, you got the visa.
Ramya! I have sent you a photo.
His name is Ganapathula Mohan.
Mom, I have kept your passport
in this cover.
I'll take care.
This would have been much better.
They are crying for me.
They are putting garland on
my photo because I am dead.
I feel honored, bro.
Everything is good but there is
something that is pricking my heart.
Madan Gopal!
I didn't plan that, bro.
You planned it, bro.
It was your plan.
Eight years ago, a boy came to attend
the same interview that you did.
-A poor but very intelligent boy.
-Mr. Mohit.
Had he attended this interview,
you wouldn't have got this job.
And you knew it.
That's why you made
your friend call him.
You made a call to him with your friend
and told him false news.
Your father has met with an accident.
His condition is very critical.
Come to GH immediately.
What happened, bro?
My father has met with an accident.
They are calling me to
the hospital immediately.
Leave, bro.
Then what are you waiting for?
What's more important than your father?
There are many on this earth.
What if something happens to
him because you're late?
His soul will not rest in peace.
Poor fellow.
Poor, Madan Gopal.
He went away listening to you.
And you got the job.
I want to speak to Madan Gopal
and apologize to him.
He is on the call.
Madan Gopal?
Yes, who is this?
I am Marakandeyulu.
Yeah, tell me.
I gaslighted you into leaving the
interview to attend your father,
and then I got that job.
-Sorry, Madan.
-No problem, bro.
I am working abroad now.
I draw a 100 times more salary
than that job.
So, I have to thank you.
-I am sorry
-Thank you, Mark.
Thank you.
Actually, I had planned that job for you.
But you used your wicked brain
to send him into a 5-star hotel
and stayed back in a lodge.
Do you know about Bhasmasura?
I know his story, bro.
Bhasmasura is the ancestor
of all you humans.
You torch yourself,
never give that chance to others.
But you must get the punishment
for what you have done, right?
That's why I made Madan Gopal's
brother Venu Gopal your boss.
-Oh, my God!
Have I not done a single good deed?
Only one.
The only good thing is donating
your organs.
If you have done anything
good in your life, it's this.
People often boast about
their achievements.
But you won't be around
to boast about this.
People will speak highly
about you after you are gone.
Do you know what gift I give to those
who help others without
expecting anything in return?
Nobody is going to stay with anybody
At the end of the day
Even if a mom suffers insurmountable pain
-Even if the sister cries her heart out
Nobody can hold back the life
That's slipping away
Even if you are a Dad
Who bears the burden
Or a Brother who guides
On to the right path
Your role is limited and
You would never come back
It's a short life
-Will perish just like that
-Mom, what happened?
-Death is inevitable
-Mom, what happened?
Only Almighty is permanent
Be like a light as long as you are here
Let your light spread to the others
In your presence
Time won't stop once you are gone
Everyone is the same for the time
-Oh life!
Oh life!
Oh life!
Oh life!
Oh life!
Don't worry.
I don't know how one feels when they
get their first bath after being born.
But I guess I'm experiencing
something similar.
Very light.
Bro, shall we go?
-Come on.
-We are going.
To heaven.
Hello, GH.
You spoke to me in Telugu.
That's why I could manage.
But how will I manage if they
speak Sanskrit up in heaven?
There's no language in heaven.
In fact, there is no caste,
creed, or religion either.
-We all are the same.
-And what about hell?
That's where we are coming from.
Bro! What do you mean to say?
Shouldn't we do anything in life?
Life is too simple, Mark.
Avoid making mistakes today
to ensure a wonderful tomorrow.
Playing fair today paves the way
for an excellent tomorrow!