Broadway Bill (1934) Movie Script

Yes, J.L.
Yes, J.L.
I've been waiting a half hour.
Not now, I'm busy.
Got to get all his
sonsinlay on the phone.
Maine 674.
Board of directors meeting tonight.
This is the first.
They know there's a meeting tonight.
The whole town knows it.
Just the same, J.L. Insists
notifying officially.
Hello, Higgins Hardware?
Mr. Early, please.
Thats not a family,
its a disease.
Henry Early speaking.
Yes, Mrs. Petersen.
I just want to remind you there's
a board meeting at 7 sharp.
Arthur Winslow talking.
Yes, Mrs. Petersen.
The usual time, yes.
Mr. Brooks hasn't been in all
day. I don't know.
You've got to him and tell
him his fatherinlaw expects him.
Yes, Mrs. Peterson.
Have you tried his home?
His wife might...
She's hung up.
We've got to find Mr. Brooks.
Thats ridiculous.
He must be in his office.
He's not...
and you know how strict
your father is about meetings.
I'll see that he gets there.
I think I know where he is.
All right, Whitey.
Here comes the home stretch.
Come on!
Come on, Broadway Bill!
Princess, hurry up.
Take him to the barn.
I'll see you there.
Hot digidy!
What he do it in?
1 minute, 40 seconds.
Gee, that knocks another second off.
He's liable to break the
worlds record.
Hi, Bill.
Ata boy.
He can sure pick em up.
He's still stalling.
Going as fast as you can see.
Nice work.
He's great.
Whats this?
She taught Skeeter to do that.
Miss named him that way.
You got a mascot, pal.
Biggest pals.
You know more about him than I do.
You hang around a lot, Princes.
Make something of it?
For Emperor Higgins.
Don't let him catch it.
Emperor Higgins doesn't
know I'm alive.
I'm just the young brat.
Get married, give him
another soninlaw.
Someone to take care of
another Higgins enterprise.
No, thanks
I'm coming.
Walk him around for about an hour.
Any carrots?
Six, but no more.
Not seven?
Take care of him or
I'll break your neck.
Come on, Bill.
A great horse!
I wish he run right now.
He's got background, stamina.
Ana a will to win.
Thats important in a horse.
The Imperial Racetrack
opened last week.
Don't you think I know it?
I saw you boyfriend,
Bill Taylor.
Why don't you?
Don't what?
Take Broadway Bill
down to the track.
Are you crazy?
What are you waiting for?
You've been dying to get
out of Higginsville.
Your heart is in horses and
you're making paper boxes.
It doesn't make sense.
Whats got into you?
You're a fool, daddy.
I am, huh?
You've become another
Higgins' slave.
Mind if I have an idea?
What is it?
I've always been honest.
I'd cut off my right arm
before I'd lie to you.
What is it?
I read my bible and
don't mess around.
What do you want to tell me?
I've been addin' things up.
And subtracting, dividing
and multiplying.
And get the same answer.
It wouldn't be honest to race
Bill for anyone else.
Who asked you?
Go on, get out of here.
Yes, sir.
See you.
Come on, Bill.
Mr. Brooks!
Your wife wants you
to come right home.
There's a meeting tonight.
Beat it.
But she...
Get out of here, I told you!
I was just trying to tell you.
Its very important.
He made 1:40.
How's that?
Who made 1:40?
Broadway Bill.
With Whitey. He
must weight at least 150.
There's a meeting tonight.
Finish dressing.
Lets dock the meeting.
You take a bath?
Smells horsy to me.
I'll take 4 if we
dock the meeting.
Don't be silly.
There's a full moon.
Lets go out and sit
under it all night.
Or 2 nights, a week.
What do you say?
Whats eating you?
Same old bugs.
Father'd have a royal
fit if we didn't show up.
We've got to go.
Hang the meeting.
What difference does it make?
Your father'll do all the
talking, and we'll go:
Yes, J.L. Of course, J.L.
I've got a chronic pain in
my neck from nodding.
Don't be a fool.
Lets go throw rock
as the meeting.
You say such stupid things.
Lets do something else.
Why don't you get a zipper?
Some day you'll be calling the
meetings and won't want rocks.
They'd be absolute idiots.
Now hurry up, we're
going to be late.
What about the moon?
Come on.
Good heavens.
I know I'm a pest.
We'll never get there!
I'm serious.
What if I tell you
I'm miserable here...
dying a slow death?
Would you go away with me?
Where to?
where I can make my own
living, do what I want.
The racing business, I suppose.
I'm not interested in
making paper boxes.
Do you really want me
to give up all this?
Why not?
Live not knowing where my next
meal's coming from.
Wait for miracles.
Its better than this.
Doesn't it bother you
your husbands a parasite?
Thats what I am.
There's no use kidding myself.
I've got a job cause I married you.
Father thinks you're
terribly clever.
Thats why the others are jealous.
He has great plans for
you, and someday...
Yeah, I know.
A crown prince.
Good evening, Johnson.
Evening, Mr. & Mrs. Early.
J.L.'s in the study.
Good evening, J.L.
Good evening.
Good evening, father.
Don't scold, I'm on time.
J.L.'s in the study.
You're not the smartest,
but the bestlooking.
Henry, Matilda.
Good evening, father.
Good evening.
Mrs. Brooks, Mr. Brooks.
Hello, Johnson.
J.L.'s in the study.
Yes, sir.
Good evening.
Hello, dad.
Hello, Princess.
You're late.
I know. Its all my fault.
We'll get started.
Want to know it was?
You and Broadway were
talking too long.
Think I'll be thrown into
the Bastille?
You'll be lucky if not beheaded.
Before I go to the
chopping block...
could you dig up a
slug of whiskey?
Whiskey, in this house?
Doesn't anything change
around this mausoleum?
Yes, bedspreads and underwear.
Thats something.
Regarding the Acme
Lumber Company...
we bought it today.
And this morning its become
the Higgins Lumber Company.
I trust that meets
with your approval.
Sure. Naturally.
I trust it meets with yours.
Naturally, J.L.
For the present, it has
no active head...
and shall remain so...
until the one vacant chair here...
becomes suitably populated.
If you're referring to me,
you're wasting your time.
Whats that?
The man I marry won't
care for the lumber business.
Don't be impudent.
I'm sorry.
There's no further
discussion of business...
until after dinner.
I'm happy to say all the Higgins
enterprises are doing well.
All except the Higgins
Paper Box Company.
I'm sorry to report sales have
dropped to a dangerous extend.
I have the figures in front of me.
The first 3 months of
the fiscal year...
style 4, all colors,
dropped 14%.
The Higgins Special we
manufactured for 20 years...
with which we are nationally
The Company needs more
application of its management.
You can't expect a business
to flourish when the head...
is off gallivanting with a horse.
Whats your point?
My point?
Its quite obvious.
You came here 3 years
ago penniless and...
with a questionable background.
Some sort of association with
the racetrack business.
I was broadminded enough
to overlook that.
You and Margaret wanted
to get married and I approved.
I put you at the head of
the Higgins Box Company...
on of the largest and successful
of the Higgins enterprises.
You accepted that
responsibility with enthusiasm...
and I might even say gratitude.
You were the envy of
Mr. Early and Mr. Winslow.
Your first 2 years were successful.
But this past year the company
has suffered immeasurably.
I attribute it to one cause:
Shameful neglect.
Beginning tomorrow morning,
you will devote yourself...
exclusively to your business.
And get rid of that horse.
See that its done.
I've gone over the books of
the Acme Lumber Company.
Cash on hand and in
banks, $13,672 and 86 cents.
Accounts receivable, $32,842...
Wait a minute, Mr. Higgins.
I won't sell my horse.
I'm leaving Higginsville
in the morning.
What you say is true.
I have neglected the business.
The reason's simple:
I've always hated it.
Its a good business.
Its all right...
for you, or Mr. Winslow,
or Mr. Early.
They are suited to it,
and I'm not.
I may sound crazy, and maybe
I am but, you strike me the same.
Everything seems lopsided.
Higginsville, the Higgins family...
the Higgins enterprises.
We don't speak the same language.
You're interested only in...
accumulating money, expanding,
bobbling up the little ones.
You've just snatched Acme away
from some poor people.
Hope it makes you happy.
Careful with what you say!
You haven't taken a vacation in 40
years, rotting away in your kingdom.
If thats your idea of high living...
it isn't mine, nor Margarets.
I wouldn't get rid of that
horse for you or anybody else.
Someday you'll take off
your hat to Broadway Bill.
I was broke when I came here, but
we want nothing from Higginsville.
Accept my resignation. I'll
wait for you in the car, Margaret.
You needn't bother.
The meeting's adjourned.
Why shouldn't I applaud him?
He should have gone long ago.
What sort of talk is this?
Your little monarchy
is fast folding up.
Your crown prince is through.
Stop this nonsense!
You're a strong and powerful
ruler, oh mighty king.
But you're not going to
crush him any longer.
Whats the matter with you?
You seem very happy
he's going.
I'm so happy I could shriek.
I could go out on
rooftops and shriek.
I prayed for him every night.
I hope he never sets foot
in Higginsville again.
Oh, father.
Look, look.
I feel 10 years younger.
How you feel?
I'm headed for the last roundup.
The time has arrived.
I'm gonna leave sad times aside.
I'm headed for the last roundup.
Hey, whats up?
Whats up?
She's here, Gallant Lady.
Gallant Lady?
I gotta take a look.
Hello, Dan. Where've you
been all these years?
Hiding under rocks.
Bradshaw, come here.
Where do you think you're going?
Hello, Mike.
Get back there.
I can't bring Gallant Lady
out like this. She's too nervous.
Get off the platform.
Get back, will you?
Officer, do your duty.
Don't tell me what to do.
Okay, Mr. Whitehall.
All right, get her out of here.
The pony first.
Bring her out.
Keep her head down,
watch her feet.
Thats a beautiful animal.
She'll win the Derby.
Make way.
Hello, Mr. Morgan.
Dan Brooks, remember me?
How are you?
Fine, thank you.
Who you betting on?
Gallant Lady, of course.
Don't put your money down
yet, I may have some use for it.
We were betting on Sun Up.
Why not broadcast it?
Don't be a sucker, you
haven't a chance with that horse.
Try some small races first.
I'm coming back in style.
Nobody knows anything about
Broadway Bill, and if he wins...
You don't believe he can
beat Gallant Lady, do you?
Why not?
In his first race?
I know what he can do.
How much is the entry?
I give up.
You must have rapped your
senses in paper boxes.
Its a $25,000 race.
Thats cheap enough.
You make out the check?
You can do it the day before
the race, its in 2 weeks.
Yes, I'm having funds transferred.
You've got to nominate him before
6 o'clock, today.
How much?
I'll be right back.
How much money you got?
Yeah, bring it out.
You've come to the wrong place.
I got this one, sad and
lonesome dollar.
I'm short 5. Bring it up.
I'm the poorest man you
ever did see.
See that?
If there's any money there,
I'd be surprised.
Bless my soul!
Thats what I say.
Hey, boot, you ain't my
pocketbook no more.
Your receipt.
How about a stable?
I had one left and just gave
it to Gallant Lady.
Whitehall insisted on
having it to himself.
He'd take Gallant Lady
out of the race if...
Without Gallant Lady you
wouldn't have an attraction.
Thats it.
Go over and see Pop Jones.
He hangs out around the warehouse.
He's got an old barn.
Okay, thanks.
I'm awfully sorry.
Broadway Bill's been brought
up in a barn all his life.
Good luck.
What do we eat with? When I
get hungry, I get hungry.
When you're hungry, eat.
Can't go without food.
Ain't gonna do my stomach no good.
Where we get the money
to buy it with?
We'll have to rely on the
old man with the whiskers.
Who that?
A miracle man.
When he puts his arm around
you, you're troubles are over.
A good man to meet up with.
Looks all right, Pop.
We've had some pretty
fine horses here.
Who's the feed man here?
The feed man?
Feed man?
Right here.
I want a supply of
stuff sent in.
Some oats, bran, barley,
carrots and...
about 10 pounds of salt.
For cash or credit?
What do you mean?
Don't you trust me?
I don't know you...
I settle all my bills
at the end of the week.
I need cash...
And a couple of cots, Pop.
A couple of cots.
Something you sleep on.
To sleep here?
You don't think...?
You don't know it, but there's
the winner of the Derby.
Think I'll let him stay
by himself?
I'll show you how you can
clean up a bankroll.
That horse is a sleeper.
A what?
A sleeper.
You want a cot for the horse too?
You hear Pop?
You're quite a kidder.
Come on, its feeding time.
We gotta get to the bank
and make that deposit.
Thats for sure.
You still here?
We got to get that feed in.
Hurry up.
How was that?
He fell like a log.
A little slow though.
See his eyes?
The old man with the whiskers
is working already.
Mr. Brooks!
Them clothes sure is elegant.
Think Colonel Pettigrew
will be impressed?
Colonel Pettigrew?
Who that?
A gentleman, Whitey.
With great understanding
and a soul.
A man to borrow money
from, if he has it.
When I borrow I were my old
close, my rundown shoes.
You got funny ideas.
Thats the secret.
Never look down and out,
no matter how hungry you are.
You sure got the secret.
If he's got money, you'll get it.
All he's got to do is
look at them clothes.
Colonel Pettigrew.
I hope he's got 500 bucks.
Colonel Pettigrew?
Take your feet off my chair.
Yes, my love.
A fortune.
Just by investing the sum of $50.
Stop dreaming.
Where you gonna get $50?
You can be very annoying.
Don't do us no good with those
phone numbers you're popping.
Thats 5,000 you owe me.
Double or nothing.
No you don't.
Last season I had you
up to $80,000.
I traded, didn't I?
For a buck and a quarter.
But in cash.
See if you can find a flaw.
I read fairy tales at night.
It won't be when
I get the 50.
Then go to work.
I'll have it without work.
Where from, vinegarpuss?
Colonel Pettigrew.
Yes, my love.
A man who races
Dan Brooks,
a very dear friend of mine.
Anybody had $50 wouldn't
be a friend of yours.
Dan Brooks' got a thousand times
50 and never turned me down.
We're his guests at lunch today.
He'll buy us lunch?
At the Ritz Hotel.
My old and trusted friend!
Glad to see ya.
Meet my business associate Oscar
McGuire, known as Happy.
This is Dan Brooks.
How do you do?
How are you?
Come on, sit down.
Its been a long time.
I'm a starving man.
Bring me the whole lunch.
I'll take the same, please.
The same for you, sir?
I'm not here to make a speech.
Right, sir.
Colonel, you look fine.
I hear you're rolling in wealth.
Just soso.
Don't believe all
the stories you hear.
I was talking to the
boys and they agree.
You know they exaggerate.
How about you?
Holding my own, thats all.
Don't be modest. Racing
horses again, aren't ya?
Just keep my hand in.
Thats what I always said about you.
I always said: Dan Brooks?
A lad who'll come through.
How long does this go on?
Don't mind him, Friday the 13th.
Here's your soup...
and one more soup.
I'm glad I run into you, Dan.
I got a proposition to clean up
$160,000, and want you in on it.
That so?
Just for old time sake.
Thats nice of you.
Nothing at all.
I'll need a little financing though.
You'll need what?
With a start of $50,
I got a pile of...
You're not by any chance trying
to borrow $50 from me, are you?
Not borrow, exactly.
Wait a minute.
I came here to borrow $500.
Don't tell me you're broke?
Yes, totally.
And you came...?
And I came...?
Thats the funniest!
Whats son funny about that?
Everything satisfactory?
How broke are you?
A veritable pauper.
Not even enough for the meal?
No. How about you?
No, no, no!
Gentlemen, we're in a situation.
I haven't been thrown out
of a place like this in years.
You finished, gentlemen?
Yes, quite.
Come here.
Whats the idea?
I'll never come here again!
I'm so sorry.
Here they are, redhot.
You're a good trader.
Its not the size I wanted.
What did you expect for a
hamburger, a telephone pole?
I ain't kickin', but...
I ought to have a hat.
Give you a Coke for the hat.
Don't like Coke.
A pie for the tie.
Forget the tie.
You have to have dessert.
We may be in for dinner tonight.
Spats. You should ought
to see me in spats.
There we go.
I'm a sight for sore eyes.
Another hamburger for the spats.
Maybe tonight.
Okay, dinner tonight for
the hat, spats and tie.
Its a deal.
We got a little business.
You mind?
Oh, sure.
If you got anything for my wife...
Bring her in and we'll cut her up.
Smart guy, huh?
What now? Raising $500
is no childs play.
You're a great disappointment.
From what you say, Broadway
Bill must be a superb animal.
If I can get him in that race.
Don't worry, thats
as good as done.
My time and wisdom are
devoted to your welfare.
I'm sorry for you.
I got an ace in the hole, Edna.
A 50 to 1 shot.
You got to marry her first.
Who's Edna?
That vinegarpuss landlady
at the boarding house.
Why she expect to marry you?
I encouraged her. An
economic necessity, you know.
Thatll give you an idea
of what I've been driven to.
Driven to, my eye.
He'd rather make false love
to her than to go to work.
Trouble is he's got a landlady
in every town in the country.
Its kept me in food and lodging
for years. And you too.
Do you think she'd fall
for a Ford truck?
Thats a perfect mating.
I'm not kiddin', Happy.
I got a Ford truck I
want to sell for $35.
But we need 500.
There are small races tomorrow
with $500 stakes.
If we win one, we're home.
Broadway Bill is a breeze.
We need $35 for expenses. 10 for
a jockey, 25 for nomination.
An inspiration.
Thats as good as in the bag.
Vinegarpuss will own a Ford truck...
even if I have to make the
supreme sacrifice.
Its a long shot.
Got to try it.
Is this it?
Yes. Sturdy and dependable.
What is it?
Does it look like a lawnmower?
Might as well be.
Come on, beloved, Broadway
Bill's in the 2nd race.
Oh, darling!
I couldn't sleep last night
thinking of you.
You make love so beautifully!
Thats only the beginning.
Lets go.
Give them plenty of start.
I can still hear them.
Whats the matter?
They've been there 10 minutes.
Having trouble with
Broadway Bill.
Turn him round there.
Hold him.
Get back there.
Turn him around and
bring him in here.
Guess he ain't ready yet.
Sure he is.
Nervous in his first race.
He'll outrun them all.
Hold him!
Don't let him through.
Number 5.
That horse is half nuts.
Joe, we're going home.
Thats the end of Broadway
Bill in this race.
Don't let him start again.
All right.
Poor Dan.
I wonder what he's going to
do with Broadway Bill now.
Hello, darling.
Thats a nice robe.
Thank you.
Any news from Dan?
I had a letter from him.
Whats he say?
All about being sorry,
hopes I understand...
He still loves me,
wishes I'd join him.
I think that was about all...
the rest of its about a rooster.
What did you call him?
I gave him that name.
Broadway Bill won't run
without him.
3 pages devoted to a rooster,
and one to me.
Thats a perfect division.
Did you send Skeeter to him?
Of course not.
Broadway Bill needs him.
Don't be silly,
he'll be back soon.
Maybe this trip's
what he needed.
He'd never get it off his chest.
Please don't mind if I
talk to you about this.
I know its presuming of me
to give you advice.
But, please don't do it.
Do what?
Don't give him up.
I haven't given him up.
But you're thinking about it.
Why not stay with him.
You'll not find someone as...
What are you getting
so excited about?
He loves you.
Doesn't that mean anything?
If Dan loves me,
he'll come back.
You're homesick, pal.
He won't perk up till
that rooster comes.
She gonna send him?
I don't know.
She hasn't answered my letter.
God, its good to see you!
Look out for Skeeter!
I almost crushed him.
Hello, Skeeter!
Bill, here's your boyfriend!
Look who's come to see you.
I told you I'd bring him back.
Look, Bill.
Skeeter, get up there.
Take them out for a walk.
He missed Skeeter?
He was down in the dumps.
Horses get that way sometimes.
They get stuck on a mascot.
Princess, you're a lifesaver.
Lets take a walk.
Come on.
Lets take a walk.
Sit down and tell me
about it. How's Margaret?
She's all right.
She's coming down?
I'm afraid not.
She wanted to but
Matilda got the grip.
You know Matilda, always
sick at the wrong time.
Thats too bad.
You didn't have to come.
Margaret asked me to come.
She did? Well, give her a big
kiss for me when you get back.
I'm not going back.
What? Come on!
You're taking the next
train back to Higginsville.
Says who?
Says me.
How much money you got?
I need $25 to enter Bill
in the race tomorrow.
I'll leave you some.
Thats me, bighearted Dan.
Its not Higgins' money?
No, its mine.
I can't take Higgins' money.
Come on, beat it.
I'm staying till the
race is over.
You can't hang around
a racetrack town like this.
Don't be so patronizing.
Whatll the emperor think?
Hang the emperor!
Another revolutionary, huh?
First the crown prince consort,
then the little princess.
Lo the poor emperor!
You getting to be
quite a little dish.
Will I have difficulty here?
What do you think?
Go out and get myself
a peasant and get married.
Don't do that, Princess.
Save yourself for me.
When Margaret throws me out,
you and I'll hit the road together.
Nice idea, if my
peasant doesn't object.
Who is he?
That guy back home?
Come on, tell papa.
Don't be so smart!
He's perfect!
He's 11 feet tall, has no
ears and eats babies.
Princess, look here!
You know me enough to
take a little kidding.
Pay no attention to what
I say about your peasant.
You can marry anybody you like.
I ought to sock you for
taking me so seriously.
Lets give Bill a workout.
Hold it!
Put him in number 6, Joe.
Let nobody through.
Hold it.
Hold him back, now.
Come on!
He's getting it now.
Bring him tomorrow.
See what that rooster makes?
Saddle the rooster.
Might have a better chance.
Put him in number 8.
Don't stop him this time.
I want to clock him.
Back him up a little.
Come on!
Bring him in the morning...
What he do it in?
Go get him and cool him out.
Here comes a spy from
the Confederate Army.
What do you want, Mata Hari?
Glad you stopped around, Pop.
We just clocked him.
How about that feed bill?
Know what he made it in?
I don't give a hang!
I want that feed bill paid.
You worrying about a
little thing like that?
All I've been getting
is promises.
I always keep my promises.
I can't pay my bills
with promises.
If I don't get my money,
I'm going to the law!
Colonel Pettigrew will
guarantee all my bills. Right?
Of course I guarantee that.
How much is it, $1,000?
Don't pay it now. All Pop
wants is your guarantee.
He's a stranger to me.
You don't know Colonel
Pettigrew? Can you imagine?
He's one of the biggest men...
I don't care!
I want my money!
I'll let you in on a good thing.
You know what Broadway Bill
made the mile in? 1:37.
He made the mile in 1:27!
Why tell him that?
I thought this was on the Q.T.
I have a good mind to
withdraw my $25,000.
Don't get excited.
I didn't invest $25,000 for
you to slip information to...
a pennyantie feed man.
Pop Jones is a friend of mine.
I don't care if he's your brother!
He can be trusted.
You can trust him, I won't!
I'm through!
Let him go, I'll take his share.
You've got $50,000 in already.
Your horse is good enough.
I'll write you a check.
Hope I haven't caused you
any trouble, Mr. Brooks.
If you know whats good for
you, leave Dan Brooks alone.
Anyone who looks to the
Lord will find heaven.
I want to walk with the Lord...
to heaven.
Whats going on here?
A little vocal gymnastics.
I mean you.
What are you doing here?
Whats it look like?
Get back to your hotel.
You hang around here too much.
Get washed, dinner will
be ready in a minute.
Is this s girls seminary?
You'd better put on some pants.
What about these?
Where'd you get those?
From your bag.
My only pair of dungarees.
Take them off.
Mr. Brooks, please!
You little mug, ya.
You're kind of cute in that.
Sure, ravishing.
Sailors swoon at
the sight of me.
You've grown up, too.
Some guy's gonna cop you
off. That peasant guy, maybe.
Bill Taylor.
What about Bill Taylor?
I've got work to do.
When did you eat last?
Whitey says you don't eat.
I have plenty to eat.
You can't win races
if you don't eat.
I'm not running.
Where'd you get these?
Only a few supplies.
Oh, boy, Princess!
You're a little angel from heaven!
I married the wrong woman.
What will we open tonight?
Which one?
the split pea soup
and the succot.
The split pea soup...
and the succot.
The split pea soup and the succot.
The split pea soup
and the succot...
had a fight upon a timer.
Said the split pea soup
to the succot:
Without corn you'd
just be lima.
Oh, lima.
Without corn you'd
just be lima.
Get out of here!
What makes you so happy?
Well, I'll tell you.
Because the old man with the
whiskers got his arm around me.
Because we entered Bill in
the $500 race tomorrow...
with the money you
forced on me.
Because I've got a winner,
and our troubles are over.
Gosh darn, you're not very
much yourself now.
You're not very
much yourself now.
What rimes with self?
I ought to let you have it.
You want to win that race?
You'll never know how much.
You will, I'm sure of it.
Got my fingers crossed.
I know you have.
I got to get the money
to do things.
Buy more horses, train them right.
I may even go in for breeding.
Sounds wonderful!
I'm going to have the finest
thoroughbreds in the country.
Its starting to rain.
Put Bradshaw on!
Mr. Whitehall.
How's Gallant Lady?
Its raining hard.
Make sure all the windows
are shut.
We don't want her
catching any colds.
She's liable to catch pneumonia.
She won't. She's as snug
as a bug in a rug.
Right, I'll hop to it.
Check those windows.
Go on, hop to it.
Go was up. Dinner will
be ready in a minute.
Rain's coming in.
Margaret wants to be sure,
and its up to me.
Rain's coming in.
The roof is leaking.
The roof's leaking?
Yes, sir.
Holy smokes!
It was clear a minute ago.
That don't matter.
Whoa, Bill.
Get up there and stuff that up.
Its getting on Bill.
Don't be long, dinner's ready.
There's another one to your left.
Stuff it up.
Hurry up!
Whoa, Bill!
Come on down.
Help me close these doors.
What a storm!
Close that door!
Go to the Whitehall stables,
see if they got a stall for Bill...
just for tonight.
Hurry up!
Whoa, Bill.
I'll get you dry.
These are soaking wet.
We have to take them off.
Couldn't get a thing.
What do you mean?
Did you tell them this
is like a sieve?
Yes, but they run me out.
They did?
I did my best.
Keep Bill dry!
Yes, sir.
Where are you going?
What are you gonna do?
Plug up those holes.
Hot in here!
Have a look at that thermostat.
Mike, turn down that radio.
But real soft.
Cheer up, Gallant Lady, the
storm will soon be over.
Whitey, get dry rags.
Poor darling.
You won't catch cold, will you?
Poor darling.
Its cold again.
What time is it?
4 o'clock.
Get some sleep.
I'm wide awake.
Go to bed.
You'll be all right tomorrow.
Whitey, come take care of Bill.
You're going to bed.
I don't want to.
Never mind. Come on.
I don't want to.
I'm not sleepy.
Stop arguing and get
off that wet coat.
Sit down.
You ought to be in your
hotel, nice and warm.
Lay down.
Thanks, Dan.
You're a sweet kid, Princess.
Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Come on, doctor, right in here.
Sick animal.
Running a high fever.
Needs care and rest.
Looks so pathetic.
It may be some time
before he runs.
I'll send the medicine back
with the boy.
What about Saturday?
He's got to run.
Thats the big race.
Saturday? I don't know.
Animals are very funny.
Sometimes they snap
out of it like this...
Don't take him out 'till
the fever's disappeared.
Even then, don't work him too
hard. Give his heart a chance.
Rest him up 'till the last
minute. Come on, boy.
I know.
Its Alice I'm worried about.
What did she go for?
She took him a pet rooster.
Sounds insane!
Thats no place for her!
Little imp!
I sent her a telegram
ordering her to come home.
She replies: "Having a good time.
Back after races."
We got to get her back.
Don't bother, she'll be back.
And so will Dan.
What makes you think so?
Thats why I came to see you.
I know others want to
manage the paper box factory.
Leave the others out of this.
They forget that I'm
the eldest daughter.
I can't keep his job
open indefinitely.
You owe it to me. It was
your fault that he left.
My fault he doesn't
like paper boxes?
You thought you'd order him
around, like the others.
Thats very interesting.
You may not know it,
but people are laughing at me.
They're saying I have
a horse for a rival.
And the horse won out.
I've got to stop that blabbering.
You think he's coming back?
I know he is.
Don't be so cocksure.
Go down there with him.
Thats a fine attitude for you.
He's your husband.
When he's here at home.
You won't let Dan down.
A cold can't stop you.
Don't be a sickie.
Get up.
Get up.
Come on, get up.
Try to get up.
Come on, get up!
Come on, try.
Come on.
Ah, thats it.
Come on, boy, come on.
Oh, Bill!
Come on, Bill.
Yes, get up.
Come on!
Come on, boy!
Thats it, try.
Come on! There you go!
He's trying to get up!
Bill, come on, boy. Come on!
Come on, up you go.
Come on!
Come on, up you go!
Come on, up.
Thats it, Bill!
How do you feel?
He's up!
Thats great, Bill!
Look at his eyes.
What happened?
I gave him a talking to.
Get some carrots.
Hey, Whitey!
I know where they are.
Come on, Bill, eat carrots.
Look at him!
He's eating, Princess.
He'll be OK by Saturday.
Sure he will.
I can't take a chance, Colonel.
Not until Saturday.
We got to dig up
$500 someplace else.
I am entirely at your disposal.
We'll have to go out
and work for it.
Lets not go too far.
Funny place to make money,
around a racetrack.
I'll help.
This is a man's job.
lf I must, I must.
Go dig up Paddy.
The shock'll kill him.
Any ideas?
A hand full of them.
Princess, take care of Bill.
We'll dig up that 500.
Right on the dot.
Come on, dice.
10 is the point!
What luck!
Yes, a 10!
Wait a minute!
You've had it!
Whats the name?
Mary Smith?
The coat too?
No, not yet.
I can give you something
for these.
I'm all ready.
Pick your sucker.
Yes, sir.
Pick 'em and pluck 'em.
I can't believe it yet.
Remember all we get
goes to Broadway Bill.
There's our first innocent victim.
Perfect. Okay, go to work.
Pick 'em and pluck 'em.
May I borrow you pencil
just for a moment.
Yes, sir.
You own horses?
Oh, yes.
The big boss says to scratch
your horse from the next race.
Scratch my horse?
What do you mean?
The race is in the bag.
Its all set for...
Got him all set to win, hey?
Told me not to tell anybody.
Thank you, son.
Thank you, my good man.
Couldn't you let a fella in on it?
On what?
The horse all set to win.
No, no, I couldn't do that.
I haven't won a race today.
These things are confidential.
It too many people bet,
it brings the odds down.
I promise not to bet much.
Just enough to get even.
Sorry, stranger.
I didn't want the Colonel
to see me.
How'd you like to have
the name of that horse?
How would I like it?
Cost you $25.
Okay, forget it.
Wait a minute.
I could lose my job.
Its a lot of money, but...
Make it snappy.
Here, $25.
Whats the name of the horse?
Don't be spreading it
all over the joint.
No, no! Doughboy!
Just got news from the stable.
Doughboy, a sure thing.
Doughboy! Doughboy!
I knocked him off 25 smackers.
What horse you give him?
What a pity. Doughboy doesn't
have a ghost of a chance.
Put all you dough on Doughboy!
He can't lose.
I got good information.
Bet it all on him,
your husband will be happy.
$150 on Doughboy!
All the money I got in the world.
Half a bottle of Coke?
$10 for my watch?
I can't accept that.
Bet all your money on Doughboy.
The master told me
he can't lose.
Wait 'till I tell my wife
about this.
I beg your pardon.
You want to make money?
Put all you've got on Doughboy.
Thank you, son.
Madam, allow me.
You remind me so much
of my mother.
Just for that, I'll give you
a tip on Doughboy.
Thank you, madam.
I just got the lowdown on
the next race: Doughboy.
Place your bets.
10 on Doughboy to win.
50 on Doughboy to win.
I just came from the stables.
Its Doughboy!
AII I got on Doughboy!
He's gonna win.
25! 25!
25 on Doughboy to win!
Doughboy! Doughboy!
Where's Doughboy?
Milked by my own con.
Thats what you get
for trying to cheat.
I don't cheat,
except when I have to.
This was for Broadway Bill.
A noble cause.
You won't have to do it anymore.
I got $120 dollars here.
You won at shooting dice,
you understand.
If you tell Mr. Brooks,
I'll break your neck.
I won't.
I'll have more tomorrow.
And the next day.
460, 465, 470, 475...
480, 485, 490...
495 and 500.
And 10 to celebrate.
Who made it?
We owe White a vote of thanks.
To Whitey...
who definitely saved
us from decease.
Take a bow.
Thank you.
Your contribution wasn't much...
but for your story on Doughboy,
we forgive you.
First time I see a guy sucked
in by his own gag.
I'm just a child of impulse.
For your moral support, a kiss.
Thank you, kind sir.
Come on.
Where's your coat?
It was warm, so I
left it at the hotel.
You ready?
The beer garden?
I say we do.
Then I'm ready.
But first to the secretary to
deposit the gold, and then beer.
Come on.
No ladies allowed in here.
She's not a lady.
She's a friend.
The winner of the Derby
arrives with the entry.
Fine, come in.
Lets all go in.
Good night!
Good night to everyone!
Hello, Princess.
The split pea soup
and the succotash...
fell in love one spring
and summer.
The split pea soup
caught the succotash...
on the rest of the
hardware dormer.
Must you do that?
Thats a relief.
No you don't.
On the way home the succotash
had a pack on like a donkey.
Whats the matter?
You staggering?
Where's Bill?
Where's Bill?
Where's Bill, Whitey?
Mr. Brooks!
They took him away!
Who took him?
Mr. Jones, the feed man.
Come with the sheriff.
He had attachment papers.
What papers?
He just took him.
Why didn't you stop him?
They had a rope to his neck
and tied him to an automobile.
That could kill him.
You should have stopped them!
I couldn't keep up with them.
Where'd they go?
I don't know.
I'll find him.
Dan, wait!
Wait a minute!
Come on, you stubborn mule!
What are you doing?
What are you doing
to that horse?
Wait a minute.
Take your hands off me.
Come on!
Take it easy!
You'll cool off in there.
Take care of my horse.
You won't need it.
He's gone screwy.
Whats eating him?
Someone attached his horse
and he's gone crazy.
He's been hollering
all night for you.
Hello, Princess.
I got you some food.
Thats wonderful.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
Some coffee?
Boy, could I use this.
They wouldn't let me
in all night.
Is there anything we can do?
No, we're sunk.
I asked father for...
Don't be angry.
It didn't make any difference.
He said, if you wanted to
make good, this is your chance.
He's right, too.
I bet the bunch back there are
getting a laugh out of this.
Don't give up.
There isn't anything we can do.
Its just not my cards.
If I could only get out of here...
Maybe I could...
It doesn't matter.
We didn't wish hard enough.
Whiskers didn't hear us.
Cute hat, where'd you get it?
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
Make paper boxes.
Margaretll like that.
Don't do that. You'll
never forgive yourself.
I promised her I'd come back.
I'm hardly a success here,
I'll go back to paper boxes.
It isn't too late,
something might happen.
This is not the day for miracles.
I want to get Pittsburgh.
Whats the price?
Okay, 2,000 on Soto.
I want to get Buffalo.
Buffalo, like on the nickel.
Denver 2,200, Frisco 1,800,
New Orleans 3,000, Dallas 12.
Whats the total?
Close to 20,000.
We haven't even started.
Whats the average?
7 to 1.
7 to 1?
I'm gonna shoot the works
on that horse of yours.
You sure he's all right?
Except Gallant Lady...
Forget Gallant Lady.
He's a synch.
Get your bets down, please.
The big race of the day.
Gallant Lady favorite, 2 to 1.
Sunup, 4 to 1.
Gallant Lady, 30 to 15 to win.
Any bets on Broadway Bill?
They're laying off like poison.
100 to 1, pick up some
sucker money.
Broadway Bill, 100 to 1.
Okay, Broadway Bill
is 100 to 1.
A 100 to 1 shot.
Broadway Bill!
Where you've been all my life?
Shut up, will you?
I'll give my bookie heart failure.
He's gonna buy my Easter
outfit and don't know it.
Number 4.
Its for you, Mae.
It would be.
That guy in 4 is gonna
drive me screwy.
You ought to be thrilled.
One of the richest
men in the world.
Where is everybody?
Whats all the excitement?
Where's that doctor? I've
got to get out of here.
All this fuss for a broken ankle.
Reading these magazines is
making an idiot out of me.
Forget them.
Tell me something.
How do you pass your time?
I flirt with the angels.
You what?
Bet on horses.
Bet on horses.
That keep your mind occupied?
My mind occupied,
my blood boiling...
my nerves frazzled,
and my purse empty.
Why do you do it?
I'm an idiot, like you.
You control empires, I
bet on horse tails.
So long, money bags,
and keep your shirt on.
Come here.
What horse you betting on?
Broadway Bill.
Broadway Bill?
100 to 1 is reason enough.
100 to 1? How much money you bet?
Two smackers.
Two what?
Two dollars, the family fortune.
Bet two smackers for me.
Better than reading this trash.
Give me something to think about.
How do we know we've won?
Watch the papers tomorrow.
All right, here.
This is funny.
Whats funny?
JP Chase, the richest man,
betting 2 bucks on a nag.
Sure you can spare it?
Put those 2 bucks on Buffalo
Bill, or whatever his name is.
Here's a hot one. JP Chase bets
2 bucks on Broadway Bill.
JP Chase? Thats funny!
JP Chase bets $2 on
Broadway Bill.
He does?
Broadway Bill!
Chase bets 2 Cs on
Broadway Bill.
Thats a scream.
Who's Broadway Bill?
A horse, dummy.
Betty, JP Chase bets 2 Cs
on Broadway Bill.
Thats a scream.
JP Chase bests 2 Cs
on Broadway Bill.
Broadway Bill?
I had a hunch on that plug.
Joe, JP Chase just bet 2 Cs
on Broadway Bill.
Broadway Bill?
Hey, JP Chase just bet 2 Gs
on Broadway Bill!
JP Chase? What do you know?
Thats good enough for me.
Give me that phone.
20,000 bucks, can you imagine that?
If JP chucks it down,
he must know something.
Must be hot.
He bet 50,000 smackers.
100,000? You're kidding.
I heard 200 grand.
On Broadway Bill?
Something like a 1l4 of a million.
On a 100 to 1 shot too.
I'll give you a hot one.
Broadway Bill.
2 bucks on Broadway Bill for me.
2 bucks worth of Broadway Bill.
Broadway Bill, on the nose.
I'm a friend. Broadway Bill.
Bet on Broadway Bill.
Don't you do it.
Don't spread it around.
Broadway Bill. Ed told me.
No one knows yet.
I'll pay you back Tuesday.
We need it for the rent.
We can get married.
100 to 1.
Broadway Bill.
JP Chase?
Broadway Bill?
Broadway Bill!
Broadway Bill!
2 bucks on Broadway Bill.
$200 on Broadway Bill.
Where can I bet
on Broadway Bill?
My brother in Denver says
to bet on Broadway Bill.
For Broadway Bill.
$2 for me, $2 for my brother
and $2 for my wife.
I got a telegram.
He's gonna win.
I thought it was my mother.
$10 on Broadway Bill.
$2 on Broadway Bill.
Make that 60 to 1.
Its 60 to 1.
Eddie, Chicago on the phone.
Whats the matter?
Sure we're going to shoot
the works on Sunup.
Who? Broadway Bill
hasn't got a chance!
What do I care what a bunch
of yokels are doing?
The better I'm gonna like it.
Sunup goes from 4 to 1
to 12 to one.
The day of the race it could
be 20 to 1. A good bankroll.
We just worry about Gallant
Lady, and thats taken care of.
Yeah, its all taken care of.
Keep in touch with me.
You guys make me sick!
Get out of there.
Detroit on the phone.
Okay, give it to me.
Okay, Detroit.
I wish you guys would forget
about Broadway Bill.
We're 12 to 1 instead of 4 to 1.
What more do you want?
You guys squawk your heads off.
Forget it!
One less rival. Broadway
Bill's gonna be scratched.
What do you mean scratched?
I just heard it.
What happened?
I thought it was good news.
What happened?
The guy that owns him
is in jail.
In jail?
With him out, Sunup
odds go back to 4 to 1.
I got to get a hold of that guy...
Dan Brooks.
Dan Brooks!
Got to put Broadway Bill
back in. Wait till I get back.
Good luck.
He's in number 3.
Hello, Morgan.
Changed your headquarters?
Thought a change would do me good.
Why'd you scratch your horse?
Thats a long story.
Creditors get unreasonable.
You got me in an awful mess.
I bet a lot on that horse.
Did you see him work out?
He's a great horse, if only
they'd realize that.
When your in a jam, come to me.
How much you owe?
Only 150.
Don't keep a secret like
that from a pal. Here.
You got any whiskers?
Skip it.
I don't know how to thank you.
I'll pay you back...
Forget it.
I'll get it back when he comes in.
He will. You just watch him.
You got a jockey?
Not yet.
How about Williams?
Can you get him?
He'll do what I tell him.
We're just like that.
Go down to the Captain.
Pay his fine or whatever,
but get him right out.
Thats grand.
You're all fixed.
I'm gonna break down
and weep on your shoulder.
Don't thank me. I expect
to clean up on this.
You deserve it.
So long.
Thanks, Morgan.
I'll send Williams over.
Thanks, Mr. Morgan.
Bill 10, Sunup 12.
12, huh?
We bet?
No, we wait...
Find out about New York.
Broadway Bill, 8 to 1.
Whats Sunup?
15 to 1.
When it gets to 20 to 1,
have him ring me back.
You know what Broadway
Bill is doing? 6 to 1.
Why worry?
There's dough on that horse.
Where's it from?
Somebody knows
something, I tell you!
Maybe its the Greek.
The Greek's with us.
Where's it come from?
Use your brain.
Every bet on Broadway
Bill is a 2buck bet.
Does that sound like wise money?
It was 50 to 1.
Meat for suckers.
Barbers, maids scrambled
to get aboard.
Before you know, all losers
hock their undershirts.
I've seen it happen a million
times. Sack money...
I still don't like it.
You'd be happier if you knew
Williams will ride Bill.
Williams rides Bill and
Roberts Gallant Lady.
I worried for nothing.
You can be happy all afternoon.
Sunup is 20 to 1 in Chicago.
How much will they handle?
New York, 20 to 1.
How much can they handle?
Chicago, 15 grand,
New York, 20 grand!
Princess, come here.
This is Ted Williams,
the jockey.
Is that bandage okay?
Here's that great fella.
Ain't got much test.
Got plenty on the track.
I heard he threw
his last jock.
He'll take the lead right
off the jump.
Don't hold him back.
It drives him crazy
to be held back.
He's got plenty of wind.
Sounds great.
Go get dressed,
got to be on time.
Take power cause you're
riding a winner!
Man with the whiskers, I thank you!
Princess, we can't lose!
I feel like dancing!
So do I.
Go ahead.
The split pea soup...
Got her doing it.
Fell in love one spring
and summer.
The split pea soup caught
the succotash on a dormer
You want an honest race?
I don't like this implication
of my jockey.
We spend a fortune every
year on detectives. Why?
To break honest.
If not, we'll close up the track.
What makes you think
my boy's involved?
I had Morgan and
his men trailed.
I was determined to know
what he had up his sleeve.
I found out.
Its your jockey, Roberts.
Thats the works.
How much we got down?
100,000, average 12 to 1.
Over a million bucks.
Its the one we've been waiting
for, and I'll take care of you.
Boss, Roberts has been suspended.
He ain't gonna ride Gallant Lady.
How'd you find out?
I saw it on the bulletin.
They got Bobby North.
Somebody smelled a rat.
This is a mess.
I knew this was too
good to be true.
On Gallant Lady.
Gallant Lady.
$50 on Gallant Lady.
She's gonna win.
$50 on Gallant Lady.
$50 on Gallant Lady.
The horses are now
at the padder.
You'll do your stuff, Bill.
Don't let the fever bother you.
Doc said you were all right.
You know what this race
means to us.
Saddle your horses.
I'm interested in one horse.
Sunup, number 5.
Beat him and you win this race.
He's a tough customers.
He might try anything.
Gallant Lady must win this race.
He won't get away with a thing.
One horse you gotta beat,
Gallant Lady.
I don't care how.
You've won lots of races.
Win this one, $5,000 for you.
Use your head, or anything
else necessary.
You understand?
Yes, sir.
If anyone gets in front of you...
swing around on the outside.
Don't worry about loss of time.
One thing you got to remember.
You listening?
Don't hold him back.
I've got to win this race.
My whole future depends on it.
I can't explain it to you but,
good luck.
Good luck to you.
Jockeys up.
Remember, its up to you.
If your smart,
you'll cop this race.
Well, Bill, its up to you now.
What are you shaking for?
Who's shaking?
Its a thrilling sight,
the grandstands are packed...
the blood pressure is
running high and...
and the great question today is...
who will win the Derby?
Until a few days ago, Gallant
Lady was an outstanding favorite.
Since then, for
some mysterious reason...
Broadway Bill has received
terrific support.
Overnight, the odds went down
from 100 to 1, to 6 to 1.
Thats what makes horse racing.
If he wins the race
he's not coming back?
Wouldn't you like to know.
Thats the way, Skeeter.
Lets go see a good race.
They're going on to the track.
Won't be long now.
We've got to win. If we don't,
its "goodbye, Colonel".
Whats the matter?
My heads in a noose!
I promised I'd marry her
if Broadway Bill loses.
You can always change your mind.
She made him put it in writhing.
It can't be done. I'm slightly
married already.
With who?
To another in Deytonia.
In a moment of...
I'm sure that time the horse
forgot what he came for.
I've got to get back
to that skylark.
So long and luck.
The guy that puts his dough...
on them actually believes
in fairies.
Pay no attention to him.
Good luck.
Thanks, Princess.
Well, here we go.
I may be on my way back
to Higginsville in a while.
Don't think about that.
You'll win.
Whats the matter with you?
Good luck, darling.
There's Sunup!
There's your horse!
Shut up and sit down.
I'm going to go see
him start.
I wish I knew how
this was gonna end.
Broadway Bill look all right.
Why worry?
I don't think he was
ever sick.
He looks all right.
I got a bet on him.
I got plenty on him.
Excuse me, lady.
Did you bet on Broadway Bill?
If you didn't, you're crazy.
They're getting ready.
$2 on Broadway Bill.
Broadway Bill.
Fill this out.
May as well go crazy
with the rest of the world.
What do you want?
Your bet?
Broadway Bill on the nose.
Your bet?
Gallant Lady, of course.
Me too.
Now they're at the barrier
of a mile and a quarter.
A sport of kings, one
of the oldest sports.
Gallant Lady, the favorite.
Sunup, a great money horse.
Broadway Bill, who threw
his jockey...
Some say Dan Brooks has a
screw loose for entering him.
But we'll keep an eye on him.
Any Scotch in the house?
No, sir.
Get some.
Get some!
Yes, sir.
I think they're ready
for the bell now.
Keep your eyes open.
Anything's liable to happen.
Don't forget to break, Bill.
He's in the vanguard!
Broadway Bill first,
Gallant Lady second!
Come on, Bill! Oh, boy!
Thats the baby!
Let go of his head!
I told him not to hold him!
You're holding him, .
You're holding him!
You're holding him!
Gallant Lady's got it made.
Old man with the whiskers.
Put your arm around me!
I'll throw you over the fence!
You're crazy!
Come on!
Let go of that bit!
Let go of him!
Let go of that bit!
Come on, Bill!
You can win!
Come on, Broadway Bill!
Yeah, Broadway Bill!
Broadway Bill is coming up fast.
He's 4th by half length.
Broadway Bill!
Friend of the lost souls, come on!
Come on, Bill, thats it!
They're on the last stretch.
Come on, Bill!
Come on, Bill!
Get out of the way!
Come on, Bill!
Pull back, are you crazy?
I can't hold him!
Come on, Bill!
Come on, Sunup!
Go, Bill!
Come on!
Yes, sir!
He did it!
There's a horse down.
Don't invade the track.
Everybody keep back,
you know how dangerous it is.
Get back now.
What are you doing?
Don't you know thats
dangerous? Keep off the track!
Let me in!
Thats my horse!
Get back, everybody.
What happened?
This way, Doc.
Are you a doctor? A veterinary?
What happened?
What happened, Doc?
Broadway Bill fell. He was
over, he won, and then dropped.
Whats the matter with him?
Just a minute.
Too much for him,
burst his heart.
He was dead when he hit the dirt.
Too bad!
A picture, please.
Get back.
Get those men out of here.
Everybody, back.
Tough break, kid.
These old eyes have seen
some great horses, but I...
Off the track, everybody.
Don't cry.
The winner of the Imperial Derby.
We are grateful to Mr. Brooks
for permitting us to...
lay Broadway Bill to rest
on these grounds.
So that his fine spirit
may always be with us.
What he did yesterday was a
lesson in courage and loyalty.
The ideal and purpose
of horse racing...
is to teach us lessons like this.
If we profit by them...
then racing is something
more than a sport.
Broadway Bill must
never be forgotten.
Mr. Brooks.
I'll have to say
goodbye now, Dan.
Going home?
But you won't.
I guess I'm on my way.
Good luck.
You've been swell,
Princess, you've helped me.
Thanks, Dan.
There's Dad.
Margaret come down with you?
She counted on your coming
back to Higginsville now that...
Yeah, I see.
She figures this is
a stroke of luck.
I'm not going back, JL.
Margaret will be a hard girl
to leave Higginsville, Dan.
Maybe she shouldn't.
Maybe you're right.
Nothing seems to matter
Take Alice back home.
Thats my decision and its final.
Whats gotten over you?
I understand selling the
factory when Dan and I were
divorced, but selling all
of them is absurd.
Now the ironworks.
And the bank.
Not the bank!
Not the bank!
In 2 years you got
rid of everything.
Its mine to get rid of
if I want to.
I'm giving them back to the
people that founded them.
I'm a man, not a whale that
gobbles up minos.
You're forcing us out.
Whatll become of us?
You'll have to go to work.
Go out and find jobs.
I wan soninlaws that are
men, not dependents.
I want...!
Its Dan!
Its Mr. Brooks.
"Release the princess from
that tower", he said.
Don't be an idiot like
your sister. Go on.
Hello, Princess!
Its good to see you.
Look, Broadway Bill II...
and the Princess.
We're headed for Letonia.
Come on.
Goodby, Dad!
Hello, Whitey.
Wait for me!