Broadway Melody of 1940 (1940) Movie Script

All right, Chinatown. Let's go to
Chinatown and the Bowery.
- Just leaving. A trip through Chinatown.
- Go away. Go away.
Here, here! Tonight's the night, folks.
Tonight's the night!
It's wedding night at Dawnland.
We're not only giving away the bride but
four rooms of furniture and $50 cash!
This way to the bridal night
at Dawnland.
Miss Martin, meet up with Mr. Jones.
Go on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is my privilege to officiate... another one of Dawnland's
weekly happy events.
Through the courtesy
of the Dawnland Ballroom...
...many a young couple has embarked
successfully on the sea of matrimony.
- Johnny.
- Yes, sir?
There's a guy been here
looking for your partner.
- Where is he?
- He said he'd be back.
You better scrape up some dough,
or he'll take your pal's suit.
- Yeah?
- Better put on your number...
...before he shows up again,
or it might turn into a striptease.
Yes, sir.
- Now, look, King...
- Wait, Johnny. Let me speak.
I had a chance to get rid of a girl,
so I saw her off on the train.
Yeah? It was your turn
to call for the bride.
This is the third time
I've covered for you.
Okay. I'm sorry.
I'll take the next three.
- Who do you love?
- You, you silly... Go on. What a guy.
And we came to New York
to get on Broadway.
- At least we're in the right town.
- Yeah, but who knows it except us?
Just a couple of taxi dancers, pushing
around a lot of female lonely-hearts... 5 cents a dance.
And doing a specialty act...
...without pay. What a career.
- You don't feel like going on, do you?
Oh, sure. I can hardly wait.
If there's anything I enjoy,
it's doing a specialty for no dough.
And all those agents you keep telling
me about being in to see us.
I suppose they'll all be out there.
Agents love to come to a dump like this.
They expect to find so much.
All right,
suppose we don't go on tonight?
Yeah. You're getting more and more
discouraged all the time.
You're letting the act down,
and that's no good, King.
Say, listen, we may never get anywhere,
but if we don't think so...
- I'd rather break it up now.
- Well, maybe I'm weakening.
Maybe I'm holding you back.
Maybe you ought to get another partner.
Maybe you're right.
Who you gonna get?
- Bill Sanderson.
- Bill's a good boy...
...if you can still call him a boy.
He's been around a long time.
Hey, that's us. Come on.
We'll give these people a show.
- Okay, boy.
- And remember, you never know...
...who may be out there. So give!
- Right.
We now give you that talented
dance team, Shaw and Brett.
Let's give them a big hand.
Wait a minute. That's all.
Always leave them wanting.
He's wonderful! He's sensational!
He, he, he, he's good, isn't he?
I like singers, Mr. Casey.
Oh, you do? You like singers,
Mr. Casey.
Listen, Pearl, he's... I can see it:
Casey and Matthews Present...
...whatever his name is. I'll show
Matthews who's the brains of this firm.
Why, this is the greatest discovery
of my life. I'll... Here, boy.
- Was you addressing me?
- Yes.
I wanted to talk to that young man
who was just dancing here.
You know, the one on the end there.
It's important business.
- Please get him right away, will you?
- Sure.
Thank you. Now, you see why
I come to a place like this?
You never can tell where talent hides.
It's apt to be in the lowest konky-tonk,
konk, tonky... The lowest dive.
I wish you wouldn't keep rubbing
that cape, it... You'll wear it out.
There's a gent outside
wants to see one of you guys.
- An agent!
- Sit down. Be right out.
Come on! What are you waiting for?
The guy's liable to get away!
That's no agent. Look at that.
- Got any dough?
- Not enough.
Suit, you're about to return
to your maker.
Wait a minute. Wait here.
- Hey, young man, you!
- Me?
- Yes. Where have you been hiding?
- Where have you been looking?
Everywhere! I, no, that isn't...
What's your name?
- King Shaw.
- King Shaw. I must remember that.
I'll be right back. Here... You...
- Come on, don't high-hat me, sister.
- Okay, brother, no hard feelings. Shake.
I once knew the cutest little
Japanese banker.
- Well?
- I just saved your life.
- I told him I was you.
- Why are you me?
Because if a guy had a summons
for King Shaw...
...and handed it to Johnny Brett,
it wouldn't be legal.
Say, why didn't we think
of that before?
If you'd stop trying to corner the market
on blonds, we might keep the suit.
Are you sneaking out again tonight?
Come on, come clean. Tell Kingsie.
Where do you go every night?
- I've told you, I take dancing lessons.
- Dancing lessons. Who is she?
Why, King, I'm surprised at you.
Would I let a girl get under my skin?
Do you think I could be charmed
by a smile or a pretty face?
Look at me.
Am I the kind of a guy...
...a woman can twist around her
little finger? Now I ask you, am I?
- I don't know, are you?
- I certainly am.
Good evening.
Oh, sorry.
So sorry, sir.
- Your hat, sir.
- Oh, no.
Thank you.
- Good night, George.
- Good night, Johnny.
Come in.
Well, well, hello.
Hello. Busy?
No, no, Casey.
We're holding open house.
- Oh, that's fine.
- Clare, darling.
I'm sorry I wasn't able
to catch the show tonight.
I'm sure that Bert saw to it
everything went all right.
- Everything didn't go all right.
- You can use good news...
...and I've got it.
I've got a great surprise for you.
It's... Oh, no, it's not you.
Excuse me. This is Miss Pearl Delange.
- How do you do?
- Hello.
Bert, our troubles are over. I made
the greatest discovery of my life.
Just what we've been hoping for.
I have found Clare's new partner.
- Well, what's his name?
- Well, I wrote it down. Here it is...
...Peggy Britton, Columbus 6...
Oh, no, that's something else.
- King Shaw. Wait till you see him.
- King Shaw? Never heard of him!
- Well, you will, Bert. You will.
- We've got to have a name, Casey!
Clare didn't have a name
when I discovered her!
- Why, I certainly did.
- What?
- Bridget Callahan.
- Yes, that's right.
And what were you? Nothing
but a great big baritone when...
When I told you how to fix
the second act of your show.
Yes. No! Well, you did...
It was just a suggestion.
You made a fortune
out of that suggestion.
There's gratitude.
Didn't I make you my partner?
- Well, you needed a young man...
- What?
- You were getting old.
- Old?
My hair was as white as it is now
when I was 17, 15...
...well, I was pretty young.
- Bob, he's just jealous of you.
- Of course he is.
When are we going to see
your discovery?
I'll have him in Bert's office
tomorrow morning at 11:00.
Come on, Pearl, darling.
Let's take this home.
It's been so nice
having this little chat with you.
Yes. Well, come on,
my little chatterbox.
I think you get more people back here
than we get out front.
Oh, I'm sorry
you were interrupted, Bert.
Tell me something.
Why do you always propose...
...three days before
the close of a show?
I mean to do it
at the end of the run...
How much do you really
want to marry me?
More than anything in the world.
- I'd hate to give up my career.
- Yeah.
What are you talking about?
The new show's written.
You've got a contract with me.
You can't walk out on a contract!
Say, what are you doing, kidding me?
I'm just trying to prove
that the theater is your real love...
...and I guess the same thing
goes for me.
- Yeah. That means no, huh?
- Well, let's say it doesn't mean yes.
Keep the motor running. I may
have trouble getting my cape back.
Yes, sir.
You certainly have been nice to me,
Mr. Casey.
- Oh, well, I...
- I mean, about this cape.
- Oh, well...
- I hope you won't misunderstand.
- I mean, about my accepting it.
- Oh, no.
Well, I hope
you won't misunderstand either.
Oh, no! Why, I think people
can be platonic and still be friends.
- Good night, Mr. Casey.
- Just a minute!
Aren't you forgetting something?
Does Mr. Casey mean
his little night-night kiss?
That's just what I mean.
It's been a lovely evening, Mr. Casey.
Thanks for everything.
Oh, Mr. Casey!
I understand about the cape.
No hard feelings. Shake?
Oh, well, that's big of you, Pearl.
Oh, you knew the cutest little
Japanese banker.
Come on! Drive like the wind!
Come and get it!
Hey, King! Wake up!
Nice black coffee for that nice
black hangover.
Oh, Johnny. Johnny.
Don't, don't, Johnny.
Oh, I think I swallowed a cactus
last night.
Here, drown it with this.
Quit pushing, will you?
It's those little men again.
Here, I'll handle the cup, Johnny.
- Sure you got everything you need?
- Everything except my health.
Hey, where are you going?
Matthews and Casey have a new show.
I just thought I'd drop by.
I'll save you a trip.
Nothing's there.
- How do you know?
- Never has been. There never is.
- There never will be. Amen.
- Yeah?
Listen to this:
"Turner and Farrell got a specialty
spot in the new Cole Porter show.
What's more, they worked it up
to three and a half minutes."
Yeah? Well, Turner must be
the manager's uncle...
...and Farrell must know where
the body's hidden.
Well, maybe I can find a body.
So long.
Hey, Johnny.
When you come back,
do me a favor, huh? Don't stamp.
- I'm in a very delicate condition.
- Sure.
Is this King Shaw? This is Casey
and Matthews of Matthews and Casey.
Oh, yeah? Well, this is
Shaw and Brett of Brett and Shaw.
Say, quit kidding me, will you, Johnny?
Hey, as long as you're still downstairs,
send up a pack of cigarettes, huh?
What are you talking about?
You've got the wrong number!
I mean, this is Casey and Matthews.
Are you King Shaw?
Matthews and Casey? Oh, gosh!
I'm sorry! Yes, sir. I'll be right over.
And ask for Mr. Matthews.
That's my junior partner. Yeah.
- How did the cape gag work last night?
- What do you mean, gag?
I always tell them I'm going to
take the cape back.
After they wasted an evening with you.
You wear out 50 blonds to one cape.
- Do you think it needs a new lining?
- You both do.
Why don't you ever take me out?
Maybe you haven't looked at me.
I'm blond.
Well, the cape wouldn't fit you.
Well, if you took me out to supper
a lot, I could grow into it.
Well... No, I don't think
you'd look well in it.
I'd look better in it
than you do with it.
Well, that's beside the... Here.
That's all. We'll...
There's a lady in the reception room
waiting to see you.
Oh, really? What's she like?
I mean, who is she?
- Pearl Delange.
- Well, ask her to... Pearl Delange!
And is she sizzling! I think she's out
trapping ermine. I'll bring her in.
No, you'll do nothing of the sort, Amy!
Tell her I can't see her.
I can't see anybody!
I'm busy!
Tell Mr. Matthews that
I've gone to the Pelham Golf Club.
No, better make it the Westchester
Golf Club. It's further away.
Johnny Brett of Shaw and Brett.
Any chance of seeing Mr. Matthews?
He hasn't come in yet.
- Hello.
- Hello.
And what do you do?
- I'm a juggler.
- A good one?
- Yeah, sure.
- Since when?
- Hello, Dan.
- Hello, Johnny.
- Been the rounds?
- Just starting.
Me too.
Do you see what I see?
Now you do it.
I only do it with plates.
Good! Very good.
Now you throw it to me.
You're a big boy now.
Mr. Casey interviews all juggling acts.
Come on, Clare.
- Miss Bennett.
- Good morning.
- Mr. Matthews.
- Good morning.
- Can't see anyone today.
- Fine.
- Mr. Matthews can't see anybody today.
- I wonder if...
That goes for all of you.
Say, sister, did my partner,
Johnny Brett, go in there?
- No, he went out there. Good day.
- You mean he left?
Yes. Yes, why don't you join him?
Wait a minute. Wait a minute, sister.
I'm King Shaw.
- Okay, King, abdicate.
- Okay, I'll do that.
Casey just phoned and
said Matthews is waiting to see me...
...but I'll take your advice.
Thanks, sister.
Wait a minute.
What are you talking about?
You're talking. I'm listening.
- Mr. Shaw to see Mr. Matthews.
- Well, send him in!
Yes, sir.
- Morning.
- Good morning, Mr. Shaw.
- This is Miss Clare Bennett.
- Miss Benne...
- As if I didn't know.
- How are you, Mr. Shaw?
I caught your last show in Chicago.
You were very good, very good.
- Oh, I'm glad you liked me.
- Sit down, Mr. Shaw. Sit down.
Sure, thanks...
Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. Here, I've got it.
Mr. Matthews, here.
Let me do that, sir.
I wouldn't have had
this happen for anything.
I think we'd all be more comfortable
if you just sat down.
Yes, sir, thank you.
Well, one thing about a little water,
it never does any harm.
Shaw, Mr. Casey tells me
you're a good dancer.
Yeah? Well, I can't argue with him
about that.
If you're as good as he says, we may
be able to use you in our next show.
You'd be making no mistake.
Johnny and I did a specialty act... a musical show in Kansas City.
We did three minutes in one.
- Stopped the show cold.
- I don't doubt it.
If my partner were here,
we could do it.
- I'm not interested in your act.
- It's great.
And I'm not interested in your partner.
This is a one-way deal.
- No team, huh?
- Nope.
You see, we're looking
for a new personality...
...a leading man for Miss Bennett.
Me? Dance with Clare Bennett?
That was the idea.
Mind standing up for a minute?
I want to see how your height
would be with Miss Bennett.
Yeah. Before we go any further,
I want to see you dance.
- Have you caught Miss Bennett's show?
- No, sir.
Go see it. There's a number called
"Between You and Me."
If you think you can do it, I'll try you out
Saturday night after the show closes.
Gosh, that would be great.
- But...
- What's the matter?
- Nothing, Mr. Matthews, nothing.
- Still worried about your partner?
A lot of partners in the theater
have outgrown each other.
- Do you hear me, Shaw?
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
I guess you're right, Mr. Matthews.
A guy's got to look out for himself.
Well, it's up to you.
Take it or leave it.
I'll take it.
Hey, where you been?
To every agent and manager in town,
but I've got a perfect record.
Didn't see one of them.
You should have stuck with me.
You'd have seen Bert Matthews.
Yeah, I'll bet.
What did he do, drop in for tea?
No, he phoned,
and I went over there.
I met Clare Bennett.
- Quit kidding, will you?
- I'm not kidding, Johnny.
Honest. It's true.
True? Well, go on.
What happened?
- What happened?
- Well, we had a little business talk.
There's a chance we might
get a bit in the new show?
- Wait a minute...
- Do you...?
Don't interrupt me.
Will you let me finish?
- All right.
- They're looking for new personality.
They must have caught our act,
and like you said... never know who's out there.
- We're in!
- Wait a minute.
- When do we start? What do we do?
- Johnny, please.
- "Please," he says!
I wish I could have been with you.
What did he say? Tell me.
- Johnny, will you not get too excited?
- All right, all right.
It's cold.
Cold? But you just said...
They want one guy
to dance with Clare Bennett.
I see. They want a leading man.
Wonder why they phoned us?
They didn't phone us.
- They phoned me.
- And then showed you the door.
You don't rate me very high, do you?
They offered me an audition.
To be Clare Bennett's leading man?
Gee, that's great.
Why, that's terrific!
But what do you mean,
it's all cold?
What would you have said
if they offered you a job without me?
- Well, I'd...
- That's exactly what I said.
I said, "Look, Mr. Matthews, we're a
team, and that's the way we stay."
- You crazy...
- He gave me a lot of hot air about...
...what a great opportunity it was,
but I said, "Wait a minute.
We've been together five long years.
And five pretty tough years."
Tough, but a lot of laughs
when you think back.
You said it.
Why, you half-witted...
Turning down the chance of a lifetime
on account of me.
Well, it isn't only a question
of you, it's...
- It's a question of being on the level.
- What a guy. I know what I'd do.
- Yeah?
- I'd get on that phone...
...and tell him I'd take it.
But quick.
Well, I wouldn't be any good
without you anyhow.
You know you figure out
all the dance steps.
I'm not leaving town.
I'll be around.
You mean you're gonna
help me, Johnny?
I'll figure out a routine for you
that'll kill them.
What a guy. But this isn't
a sure job yet, Johnny.
It's only a tryout. They want me
to watch the show...
...and get up in that "Between You
and Me" number with Clare Bennett.
She's wonderful in it.
Have you seen it?
Yeah. She's attractive, huh?
Close to?
Attractive? She's the tops, Johnny.
You've never seen anything like her.
From the minute she met me, she acted
as though she'd known me all her life.
The biggest star on Broadway!
You wanna know something else?
I think she kind of took a shine to me.
I guess that'd be hard to take.
Hey, let's get going. Get on that
telephone and tell Matthews it's all set.
I don't have to do that.
You see, we left it like this:
If I change my mind,
I show up at the theater tonight.
And that's just where you'll be!
But that's not him!
That's not the Shaw I saw...
I mean, that's an imposter!
Casey? Casey!
- Well, I better...
- Casey!
- I'm sorry, Bert. I don't...
- Congratulations, Bob.
- That boy is a real find!
- You mean you like him?
- Like him? O'Grady!
- But...
- Take this down, Amy.
- He's not...
I'm gonna give King Shaw the lead
in the next show...
...and I want you
to get to work on him.
Build up a personality for him.
Change his address.
Take him to a first-class hotel
and a good tailor.
Let him be seen at the night spots.
Get him talked about!
Build him up until the customers
know the name "King Shaw."
But he's not...
Well, l...
- Where are you going?
- He's getting some air.
Yes, yes, yes!
How was it, Johnny?
Miss Bennett,
this is Johnny Brett.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
- Is this your partner?
- Yeah.
- Good, wasn't he?
- First time too. Proud of him?
- Plenty.
- Okay, King, who's your agent?
- I haven't any.
- Don't need one. We'll sign a contract.
A contract?
You'll never regret it
as long as you live.
Change your dress. The three
of us are going out to celebrate.
- This is Mr. Brett. He's...
- How do you do?
How do you...?
Come up to the office,
and we'll fix everything.
I'm glad to have met you,
Miss Bennett.
Mr. Brett. Johnny!
Look. Come out with us tonight.
I'd rather not. Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
So long, Miss Bennett.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
Pardon me. I'd like to talk to you
for a minute, if you don't mind.
Now, look,
you'll be paid very soon.
Paid? Do you owe me something?
- You're not a collector?
- Collector?
I used to collect stamps, but I gave it
up when people stopped writing to me.
Don't you remember meeting me
four nights ago?
You told me then
that your name was King Shaw.
That's when I thought
you were a bill collector.
- Bill collector, me?
- Yes. I'm awfully sorry.
I'm sorry too. For you.
Because that little mix-up lost you
the job as Clare Bennett's leading man.
What's that?
I thought your name was King Shaw,
so I sold King Shaw to my associates.
Oh, I see.
Yes, well, maybe we better
have a drink together, huh?
Yeah, let's.
I could use one.
I'm going to clear this whole thing up.
You're going to play that part!
No, I'm not. Now, look, Mr. Casey,
King's the man for you.
You need a personality.
Why, he's a natural.
Women go for him like a
bargain sale. Always have.
- Yes, but I saw you dance.
- Yes, and you saw him dance too.
Tonight with Clare Bennett.
They were wonderful together.
- Rabbit?
- No.
You're just like me. I'm always
pushing my partner ahead too.
But I'm gonna fix this.
Look. Matthews is satisfied,
I'm satisfied. Why shouldn't you be?
Well, maybe you're right.
- Squirrel?
- No.
I tell you what,
I'll discover you next year.
That'll make me a hero
all over again.
- I can hardly wait.
- Is it a deal?
- Sure.
- That's wonderful.
That's the first deal
I've been in on in years.
- Beaver?
- Certainly not!
- Let's drink to the deal.
- Don't you think you've had enough?
Just one more won't hurt.
- Herman!
- That's right. Ermine.
- Hi, Johnny.
- Hi.
- What are you doing?
- Getting a swelled head.
Why, I even know this guy.
I live with him.
- Good publicity, huh?
- Yeah.
- Hey!
- Yeah?
- How'd the rehearsals go today? Good?
- A little off, but all right.
Say, King.
I had an idea this afternoon.
The step you do at the end
of the second chorus?
Suppose you try it this way.
- Say, that looks good.
- Try it.
- Yeah, that's it. How does it feel?
- Feels great.
I think we can brush up the number
in a couple of other places too.
Want to work tonight?
No, not tonight.
I'm dining out.
- With Clare?
- Who else?
Oh, boy, what a gal!
And fun too.
I wish you could see something.
Everywhere we go, people start buzzing,
"There's King Shaw and Clare Bennett.
King Shaw and Clare Bennett. King
Shaw and Clare Bennett. Oh, oh, oh!"
Boy, you certainly are moving up fast.
"King Shaw and Clare Bennett."
Well, I think I get top billing with her.
You know, I never had a girl
hit me like this.
I always thought
I could take them or leave them.
Well, here's one that I'm not leaving.
And what's more,
I think she'd feel pretty bad if I did.
If it's Mr. Shaw,
I'll be right out, Angel.
- Shall I offer him a drink?
- Well, don't encourage him.
That boy don't need
no encouragement, honey.
- Hello, Clare.
- Hello, Bert. Anything wrong?
That's what I came to find out.
From you.
Look, Clare...'ve never gone out like this
during the last days of rehearsals.
You've never wanted to
until King Shaw came along.
- Why the change?
- I'm having fun.
Just watching the kick he gets
out of going places and seeing things.
Things he's never seen before.
You got the same fun out of watching
me when you first took me out places.
- Not quite the same, I hope.
- I didn't mean that, Bert.
Is that the only reason
you're running around with him?
If there were any other,
I'd tell you.
Be sure that King understands
there isn't any other reason.
I will.
If he thinks you're falling for him,
he'll be bossing me around the theater!
You're not doing him any good.
All that lad wants to do is to play.
He should be home tonight resting
or rehearsing, and so should you.
What excuse can I give him
as late as this?
- Well, tell him the truth.
- That's an idea.
No, no, that wouldn't be feminine.
Give him the one you always give me:
the headache.
- Angel.
- Yes, ma'am?
- Get Mr. Shaw on the telephone.
- Yes, ma'am.
Well, good night. Have a good rest.
See you at rehearsal.
Good night, Bert.
I know we've got a tough day
tomorrow, but it's no tougher...
Besides, I've got a headache.
Oh, I see.
Well, if that's the way you feel
about it, it's okay with me.
Sure. I'll see you tomorrow.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing!
- Aren't you going out with her?
- She's got a headache.
- And I sent her orchids!
- You should have sent her aspirin.
Very funny! It's a fine time
of night to break a date.
Just when I was all keyed up
to take her out!
It's just as well. Now
we can go through that number.
How do you expect me to concentrate,
when a girl plays a trick like that on me?
- Maybe she has got a headache.
- Yeah? Well, I'll show her!
- I'm going out on the town.
- That'll make two headaches.
Boy, are you full of jokes!
- Hello.
- Hello, King. This is Clare again.
I just called back to say
I'm sorry about tonight.
That was a silly excuse I gave you
about having a headache...
...but we do have a tough day
tomorrow and...
Don't argue with me, King.
Just say I'm forgiven.
Well, at least say something.
I love you, Clare.
What a stupid guy!
Y'all sure been mighty sweet
to poor little lonesome Emmy Lou.
All alone up North,
not knowing nobody.
Why, it's a pleasure.
- Hi, Emmy Lou.
- Hello, honey.
I thought you didn't know anybody
up North.
Why, he's an old friend of mine
from the South, sugar.
Y'all know what it means down South
when a gentleman gives a lady a cape?
She gives it back again.
Lordy, no, sugar! It means
he's got to give her a ring.
Hello, honey. It sure is!
Why, I declare, sugar,
this place is full of Southerners.
- Southerners?
- Makes me feel so safe.
It's getting powerful warm here.
I mean, for the North.
I declare, you're the strangest man.
Just like I heard you was.
- Did you hear about me?
- Lordy, yes, sugar.
The cutest little Southern girl
told me all about you.
- She did, huh? Well...
- She sure enough did.
- Her name was Pearl Delange.
- Delange!
- She told you all about me?
- Every single thing.
Well, I guess it's getting powerful late
for poor little me to be out.
Now, don't you bother.
I can get home by myself.
I know, but what about the...?
Down South,
the gentleman pays the check.
No, not the check.
I mean, what about the...?
You can't leave now.
You've got to meet King Shaw.
He's the richest man in the North
and the South too.
Well, I might just stay long enough
to meet up with him.
King, my boy, I'm delighted
to see you. Delighted.
Meet Miss Emmy Lou Lee.
Mr. Shaw, Miss Lee.
Shaw, Mr. Lee. Sit down.
Hello, honey.
Why don't you ask Miss Delange...?
Emmy Lou to dance?
- Okay, Em. On your feet.
- I'd love to, sugar.
All right, everybody.
Let's get...
What is this? What is this?
Who are these people?
This is the greatest discovery
of Mr. Casey's life.
He wants them to audition for you
before rehearsal.
- That Casey's crazy! Where is he?
- He's not so crazy, he's still in bed.
All right, but make it snappy.
We got a rehearsal.
Okay, boys.
How do you do?
How do you do?
How do you do?
Fancy seeing you here.
Thank you.
Can you hear me?
That's fine. Very fine.
Amy! Amy!
That's all, thanks.
We'll let you know.
Thank you.
Give them back to Casey.
He deserves them.
All right, clear the stage, please.
Ready for the Harlequin number.
Take it from King's entrance.
Give us the pickup, will you?
Stop it! Come on, Mr. Shaw,
that's you. What are you waiting for?
- Play it again.
- Mr. Matthews.
Mr. Shaw isn't here yet,
and I'm afraid it's all my fault.
- So you didn't take my advice last night?
- Yes, I did.
Mr. Shaw was here this morning,
but his tailor phoned...
...and I thought we weren't going to do
the number until this afternoon... he went to the tailor's.
- He did, did he?
I'm afraid King is going to be
a little late this morning.
- He's late right now.
- That's what I came to explain.
Good morning.
King's been up all night
with a very bad toothache.
- Toothache?
- Yes. He's gone to the dentist.
You mean tailor's.
Yes. Dr. Taylor's.
You two ought to get together.
All right, ladies and gentlemen...
...we'll resume rehearsal when Mr. Shaw
returns from his remarkable adventure.
It seems he's gone to the tailor's
to have a tooth pulled.
I'd better go and see
if King is coming.
In all my theater experience,
I've never met anybody like him.
If he isn't interested
in the show's success...
...he might have
some consideration for us.
If he doesn't pay
more attention to his job...
...Matthews is going to stop barking
and start biting.
He'll be here any minute.
He was getting up when I left.
- He went out last night, didn't he?
- Yes, he did.
- Right after I phoned him the first time?
- Yes.
No! No. I mean...
I'll just go out and see if he's coming.
No rush.
They've broken for lunch.
- Did you square me with Matthews?
- Not exactly.
Clare spoke to Mr. Matthews first.
We sort of got our wires crossed.
- She went to bat for me?
- Yeah.
What do you know!
In front of the whole company?
- That's right.
- What a sucker I was last night.
She was on the level all along.
She really had a headache!
What a gal!
Sticking up for me.
- Who do you love?
- You, you. You silly...
And that's who she loves too!
Come in.
Hello, darling.
I'm sorry I'm late, Clare.
But then again, I'm glad.
If I hadn't been late, you wouldn't
have had to go to bat for me.
- I wouldn't have found out how you felt.
- I'll tell you how I feel.
You don't have to.
Going to bat for me was enough.
- I don't know why I did.
- I'll bet I know why you did.
- Don't ever do that again!
- You mean this?
Now, would you mind
leaving me alone?
Say, sometimes I think
you don't know your own mind.
What's the matter?
The more you know about women,
the less you know about women.
Maybe it's time you found out
they're not all alike.
Come on, we'd better
go through your routine.
Routine! Routine! Routine!
Don't you ever think of anything else?
- Okay. It's your routine, not mine.
- Wait a minute, Johnny.
Don't be like that. I'm sorry.
I guess I'm a little overtrained.
Okay, kid.
Watch this.
You know the old:
- Yeah?
- That's out. I got a new one.
Why do you have to keep
changing the steps on me?
It's neater this way.
Then you go into the old slap.
That was swell, Johnny! Swell!
Thanks. I was just limbering up.
You know, a little workout.
- Yes, I know.
- Gotta keep in shape.
Sure. I noticed
you changed it a little.
- Yeah, a little.
- King ask you to?
No, I just did it
by accident, I guess.
I like it better by accident.
You must show it to King.
Yes, l... Well, I mean,
King's doing all right.
You know, there's one thing
I'd like to get straight.
Casey must have seen you dance when
you and King were together. I wonder...
I know what you wonder,
but Casey has the advantage.
You've never seen King with
an audience. He's really great.
Oh, I see. And I suppose you
just fade in front of an audience.
Not exactly.
Well, a little. I mean, you know.
Well, I guess I mustn't
keep you from lunch.
Oh, I never eat lunch.
Is that so?
- Do you eat breakfast?
- I'd love it!
Gosh, that'd be great. Only...
- Only what?
- I have to do something for King.
How about letting King
do something for himself?
- Of course, if you don't want to...
- Want to?
Why, there's nothing I'd rather do.
Then what are we waiting for?
Lunch, I guess.
Honestly, I wish this thing
would stop following me around.
It seems everywhere I go, it's in my
way, and I can't do anything about it.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Do I really look like that?
I don't make your face.
I just make your silhouette.
So, lady, please.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Let's see.
What seems to be
the matter with this?
Well, I don't think you quite got her.
Now take her nose, for instance.
- Her nose...
- Her nose is exactly like this!
Of course it is.
He's supercritical.
You said it, lady!
- I'm afraid you've hurt his feelings.
- I'm sorry, professor.
- Here!
- Oh, thank you very much.
Maybe, probably, perhaps
you are not so super after all.
Now you see what comes
of criticizing an artist?
He asked me what I thought.
Do you always tell people
what you think?
Yeah, sure.
What are you thinking now, Johnny?
- I was thinking...
- He don't like your nose.
No. I was thinking...
...about that dance
you do in the second act.
Was that what
you were really thinking, Johnny?
Yes, really. That first step.
I like it. The way you do it.
- It's swell.
- It's very simple.
- I know.
- There's nothing to it.
Come on, try it.
I have tried it, but I don't seem to
get quite the same thing. Let's see.
That's it.
And you can travel
with it too, can't you?
Let's see.
Funny, sometimes
the simpler the step...
Well, I don't know.
What kind of a show is this anyway?
Amateur theatricals?
How are we gonna
open Wednesday?
This morning, no leading man...
...and now it's 2:30, and the leading
lady hasn't shown up. Where is she?
What are you barking at me for?
I haven't got her up my sleeve.
- I haven't seen her.
- You're not here enough to see anything.
- I tell you, I'm not going...
- Hello.
- Anything wrong?
- Oh, no.
No, everything's fine.
Everything's dandy.
- Where have you been?
- We didn't realize it was so late.
I'll get ready right away.
And make it snappy!
What are you waiting for?
- Why don't you get ready?
- I've been ready.
Then tell that stooge of yours I won't
have him holding up my rehearsals.
I don't know why he hangs
around here anyway.
Don't worry. I'll tell him that.
And a lot more too.
I want to talk to you.
Come into my room.
Or should I say our room?
- What's the matter, King?
- So you took Clare out to lunch?
- No crime in that, is there?
- No, no. We share everything.
Don't be silly, King.
I know how you feel about Clare.
You know I wouldn't double-cross you
any more than you'd double-cross me.
What did Clare say about me?
We didn't discuss you.
What did you talk about?
The weather?
Now wait a minute, I know you've
got a hangover, and you're nervous...
...about the show, and you've
got to let off steam on somebody...
...but please, don't say
anything we might both regret.
You're getting sensitive, aren't you?
No, I'm getting fed up with the way
you're acting, if that's what you mean.
Oh, pardon me, I'm only
the leading man in the show.
Take Clare out,
make her late for rehearsals... long as you get yourself
in nice and solid.
Don't worry about making
a monkey out of me.
I'm only the guy
that's got his name up in lights.
Listen, King. When success goes
to a dancer's feet, he's all right...
...but when it goes to his head,
he's top-heavy.
Say, where do you get off
to talk to me like this?
I'm wise to you. You're too smart.
It was clever how you got
that story mixed up this morning... put me in bad
with Matthews and Clare.
Then you take her
to lunch and do a little chiseling.
"It's too bad about King, isn't it?
Now, if I was in his shoes..."
I don't know why
I don't take a poke at you.
I know why you don't.
Because you haven't got it in you.
A guy that can't take it,
can't give it, and that's you.
You've proved that since you got
tripped up by a little bit of success.
You're not even on the level
with yourself. You're always acting.
Well, one of your audience is walking
out on you right now, and that's me.
- You're staying till the show opens!
- That's what you think!
Hey, you!
Come back here!
The yes man says no!
All right. From the beginning.
And make it good.
Don't stop for anything.
On your toes!
Here, here! Stop! Hold everything!
I have just made
the greatest discovery of my life!
- Will you go away?
- No, but you don't understand.
This is sensational.
You've got to see it!
It's a man on a one-wheeled bicycle.
He's way up here, and he rides out
from the wings like the wind...
...and he comes out here
and stops on a dime! lt'll kill you!
Are you ready, the Great Capolio?
Sit down, everybody. Come on now.
Give us a roll on the drums and...
On your mark!
Get set! Go!
Stop stroking that cape so much.
- Yes, darling.
- And don't call me darling.
Only reason I brought you
is because I had to put the cape...
...on somebody, and I'm
too nervous for a struggle.
- Good evening, Mr. Matthews.
- Good evening.
Oh, good evening
and good luck, Mr. Matthews.
A very good evening
to you, Mr. Casey.
- Good luck.
- Thanks, Amy.
- Good evening.
- Hello.
- Mr. Matthews.
- Good evening.
Hello. How are...?
This place is just crowded
with memories.
One row further back and we'd
have a good view of Broadway too.
Well, I like to sit in the back.
I can get out quickly.
You expecting trouble?
- Program, Mr. Casey?
- No, I know who's in the cast.
- Aren't they late coming in?
- Yes.
I'd better tell Bert to hold
the curtain a few minutes. Excuse me.
- Oh, hello, Mr. Casey.
- I'm glad to see you.
Well, your pal had better
be good tonight.
Don't worry, Mr. Casey, he will be.
I'd feel a lot better
about it if you were up there.
Don't talk like that.
He'll be swell. Just you wait.
I hope you're right.
Will you excuse me? I can't let
King go on without wishing him luck.
Nice going.
- Johnny!
- Hello, Clare.
Your flowers were beautiful,
Johnny. Thanks.
It's nothing.
Why weren't you
at dress rehearsal last night?
I went out dancing.
Well, I'm glad to see you.
- All the luck in the world, Clare.
- Thanks, Johnny.
- Oh, Miss Bennett.
- Coming.
Keep your fingers crossed.
Well, well, well!
Look who's here!
I knew you'd come back.
What's the matter? Why aren't
you dressed? You gotta go on!
Don't tell me what I gotta do.
I'll knock 'em dead!
Come on, get your makeup on!
- Gotta get made-up.
- Yeah, come on!
Gotta get made-up!
Gotta get ma...!
Shut up!
Do you want everybody
in the theater to know you're tight?
There you are. Made-up.
Overture, Mr. Shaw.
- Wait! You can't go out like that!
- Who says I can't? Get out of my way.
Oh, so that's why you came back?
Trying to keep me from going on.
Still trying to double-cross me?
Just like you did with Clare.
Come on, King. Use your head!
I don't like you!
Come on, boy. Come on!
On-stage, please!
On-stage, Mr. Shaw!
What's the matter with King?
Don't worry. I'll tell you later.
I'll get him ready for his next number.
You won't say anything? Please, Clare.
Here, here.
You gotta help yourself a little.
What I want to know is,
what happened?
- You keeled over when you came off.
- When l...?
- When I came off?
- Yeah. You fainted in the wings.
You were pretty fried when you went on,
and with all the turns and everything... were lucky to get
through the number.
Get into this.
- Well, how was I?
- Swell.
Gosh, I don't remember.
I don't remember anything.
Say, what are you
doing with my robe on?
You almost drowned me when
I put you under the shower.
Here, take another whiff of this.
Great work, King. Keep it up!
Oh, thanks, Bert.
You haven't seen anything.
Say, I must have been good.
How was Clare?
Here, let me fix that.
Stand still, will you?
What's the matter? Are you sore
because I'm putting the show over?
- On-stage, Mr. Shaw.
- Coming.
If you really want to see something
good, catch me in this next number.
Thanks. I've seen enough.
Clare! Well, well.
The more you know about women,
the less you know about women.
I was beginning to think I had a
permanent lease behind the eight ball.
What did you think of the notices?
Nothing but raves.
- I'm glad you're satisfied.
- Oh, well, it wasn't all me.
I came to talk to Johnny and you
about last night. Where is he?
Johnny? He's gone.
- Where?
- I don't know and I don't care.
So you don't care?
Well, if the newspapers had printed
the truth this morning, you'd have read:
"While King Shaw passed out drunk
in his dressing room, not even knowing...
...that the show had started, a new star
was born to Broadway, Johnny Brett!"
Well, what are you talking about?
I'm talking about
your first number, Mr. Shaw.
The number they're all raving about.
He handed you a career
on a silver platter.
And personally,
I don't think you're worth it!
- Good evening, Pop.
- Good evening, Miss Bennett.
There's your mail. I gave the key
to your dressing room to Mr. Shaw.
- Mr. Shaw?
- Yes, miss.
Half-hour. Half-hour.
- Good evening, Miss Bennett.
- Good evening.
- Angel!
- Yes, ma'am.
- Give these back to Mr. Shaw.
- Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry you didn't like my roses.
I picked them for you myself.
Well, what's the matter?
You'll never be able to go on.
Well, who cares?
Don't want to be able to go on.
You ought never
to be allowed in the theater again!
She loves me. She loves me not.
Where's Johnny?
Don't you wish
you knew where he was?
Well, I know where he is,
but I ain't saying!
Where is Johnny?
- Go on, guess.
- Where is he?
He's down at the Dawnland Ballroom,
right where he belongs.
Bob! King's in there drunk.
Take him to your office until you hear
from me. I'm going to find Johnny.
Drunk? That's terrible. My show!
Johnny! Johnny!
- Clare! What...?
- I've got to see you. I must!
Right after this is over,
wait for me.
Clare! This isn't mine! Clare!
Clare, you didn't think I'd...?
I mean, it's the other fella's!
- I mean, I wasn't...
- You mean, you weren't...?
- Do you think I'd...?
- Johnny, I was so...
I mean... Johnny, come on!
Hello? What's that?
They found Johnny?
They found him! They found him!
Why, Mr. Casey!
Oh, yes, well, come on.
What are you gonna do
with the body?
- Do you think he's still unconscious?
- And how!
All right. Now, young man.
Now, you can consider
this your two-weeks notice.
You're fired! Come on.
Here's your drunk.
He's as good an actor off as he is on!
- Who do you love?
- You! You! You!
Oh, no! Johnny! No, no!