Broken City (2013) Movie Script

- What do we want?
- Justice / i
- When we want?
- Now! / I
- What do we want?
- Justice / i
- When we want?
- Now! / I
- What do we want?
- Justice / i
- When we want?
- Now! / I
- What do we want?
- Justice / i
- When we want?
- Now! / I
- What do we want?
- Justice / i
- When we want?
- Now! / I
Your Honor, is murder. Same
when committed by police.
Detective William James Taggart, swore
protect and serve the people New York.
He broke his oath.
The State show that there are reasons
to judge by the
Mikey Tavares murder.
Thank you, Your Honor.
- Mr. Davies.
- Your Honor,
is not murder when the
else shoots well.
Nor is when the other
person has a gun.
- What are you drinking, sir?
- Nothing, sir.
Esfalecendo Civilization.
You know, many men in this city
have difficulty trusting
and respect a man like you.
I'm not one of them.
His boss, the commissioner
police, is an idiot.
I've come to talk about
Taggart is the case, sir.
What's to discuss? They have nothing.
If you wish, sir.
There are approximately 10000 people
promenade in court
I did not think it was murder.
I'm just being practical.
A murderer and rapist
unless the street.
Mikey was acquitted of the charges, sir.
It was approved by a technical error.
We both know that he
Barea raped and killed Yesenia.
The law sees it differently, sir.
It's always fun boss?
Billy Taggart considered a hero.
And I like to pose for
photos beside the heroes.
I like to win this title
without much effort.
Witnesses appeared this morning, sir.
You have two minutes before
the court's decision.
He appeared with evidence.
- Where is he?
- Temporarily relocated.
- Witness?
- A child.
It is not illegal?
Your mother is here legally?
We've got to find what you want.
All I want is justice, sir.
Well, no one understands.
What do you, boss?
I want the best for this city.
According to the Court, the State
now, why the shots
was a homicide and not in self-defense.
Therefore, the defendant does not
be responsible for these acts.
He is free. Closed session.
Detective, sorry to interrupt.
The boss wants to see Fairbanks.
There's our man!
- How are you?
- Mayor.
- Hey, boss.
- Sit down, detective.
- What is it?
- Sit.
Do not call your boss.
We are designing poly
good and evil and won.
- What does he want, I wonder?
- No!
I just want to be with you.
I want to say I'm proud.
Done a great service in the city.
You, in my opinion, is a hero.
Thank you.
There is one thing:
Looks like someone with evidence
You are wanting to appear.
We'll be screwed.
Is it still necessary
still unknown.
- So?
- That's it, detective.
Yesenia Barea was 16, boss.
Tavares was acquitted.
- They were wrong!
- Then,
- Decided to do what he thought was right?
- I'm not the villain, boss!
- Mayor!
- Tell yourself.
I think some fights we face,
other, thin leaves.
- Mayor!
- It is not about fighting.
I have a good memory, son.
If you change your phone number,
do not forget to call my office.
Seven years later
Hey? What the hell are you doing there?
- Hey, what the hell's going on there?
- Nothing, calm.
- What?
- This guy tried to attack me.
Stop! Enough! To please no!
Where's my camera?
They can look at me a second, please?
Thank you.
Son of a bitch!
As before.
Nobody admits that something happened.
It never happened.
He trusted me.
My God, my love, again?
All right.
- When did you leave, Billy?
- What?
Back home in search
a bag of ground beef.
- I thought you liked.
- I'm a vegetarian.
Well, you have to consume
protein somehow, right?
You're an asshole.
- He took the dress to the Premier?
- Tomorrow.
- Do you think you'll like it?
- I think I approve.
- Ryan will like?
- Do not know.
I do not know the taste of it.
- What is it? I see the way you look.
- How do you and not me?
Why only see the best of
people. His biggest weakness.
- And what is yours?
- Can not you see the best in people.
- Not even me?
- Is an exception, you know.
I'm an actress. No
afraid that will make you a fool?
I'm a detective. I do not
I could, if I tried.
8 days in New York and
our research shows ... / i
Jack assessment Vaillant, is ahead
in the race to the elections. / i
Let's see the numbers and evaluate
potential in management. / i
No, Tom, no. Not a few weeks.
Months. Simon Cowell
American Idol is still with
and he will give you the job.
In turn, what I want?
I'm talking in Latin?
My payment, Tom
$ 5500, that's all! Hello?
Traveco of shit!
Hi, Gary Limans
office, please. I hope.
If you link to his brother,
You'll want to get the value.
You call collect, Billy.
You know, because they do not
Like early loading.
- How are things?
- You know the theory that girls
should never end
someone who owes them?
I'm waiting.
What's this?
A Staten Island man has
that you will find it and kill it.
Call him and tell him he owes me a camera.
He just came out?
Right now?
Say, So back to business,
Kathy called Billy Office.
Or tell his wife he is cheating
assistant to the last
Are you serious?
This makes me staff
all day, Billy.
- I have no idea.
- This is professional, Kathy.
Small, but with conviction.
As we have done?
A $ 1800.
Not bad. As we have not received?
$ 42,000.
Give me the book!
How about this, Gary? I
to reach his garage Limo
to get every penny
you owe me. What do you think?
- Good for you?
- How about three times?
On 3 2650.00. The first to
Fridays. Contact Kathy.
- And then, Jimmy? Is Bill.
- What boss, Bill?
I'm calling to find out
when vai pay me, man.
You know, things are a little slow.
I'm in a difficult phase.
How often trapped, / i
pants literally hands / i
and has to pay for his infidelity? / i
It was you who I
hired. 'S How.
And I have to pay the damn money? / i
How often,
Billy, tell me? / I
Eight times, amber,
giving $ 4,000, that is!
Send going to pay for that! / i
Look, Billy, I'm not paying shit. / i
I want my money!
well. Receive the February 30. / I
What kind of man are you, Dave?
A guy who does not pay what
should, is the worst kind there is.
- Its type is?
- Okay.
Maybe I can means Monday. / i
Half is good. Contact
contact Kathy.
Hi, Dave. Is Kathy.
So, what time on Monday?
I'll take a walk.
- Record the message.
- Is the mayor.
Seems nervous.
Probably because the
pump I'm taking it up the ass.
Too soon?
Jack Valliant, a comment
on the sale of Village Bolton?
I think it's a sad day for New York.
I never expected to see a
mayor this city, Mayor ...
down the house and steal
Yorkers 30,000 workers.
I guarantee that I will do everything possible to
did not reeleja mayor on Tuesday.
Think announcement that he is a politician? / i
Surely . I know what it is. / I
Nick say no
Hostetler do not care ... / i
because he cares very two things: / i
with their own work and care
friends on Wall Street. / i
Any message for the
Town of Bolton people / i
I do. Help! / I
analyze the council Tuesday. / i
Look at this guy, Mike.
Not even know the correct number.
Bolton Village is home
of 37,512 people.
You know what this business
mean to them?
The thought makes Vaillant
think will be evicted.
The idea of ??Vaillant.
This means better
services, more wealth.
This means that when
obstructs one toilet,
scares, I paint the wall
and repair the glass.
Vaillant says Donegan Soltstein
for rent Yankees yuppies.
This is a big problem for
the people of Bolton Village.
A big problem
New York City.
Do you think it will be good for urns, sir?
You know, Mike.
If, for readers The New York Post,
means a reward
Who am I to argue
about it? Excuse me.
Of course, it was just a joke.
Make the deal. Bring him here.
Thank you. Okay, Mike.
- Do not do the work of others.
- Good luck on Tuesday, Mayor.
Thank you. Look,
one for the car, one for women ...
Another for the child. Please backpack.
- See you later.
- Not later
Mayor ...
You know, Billy ...
take threats
terrorists very seriously here.
Very well.
Even good
Catholic children like you.
- Until then, always civilized.
- Good to see you, Mayor.
- Have you heard the speech of this kind?
- Something.
You know, to be honest,
well think outrageous.
What? The fact no competition?
Have you ever been
bolder than tactical.
I do not know what happens to me. Always
try to be different.
Do not even try.
It is his strong point.
- Whiskey?
- No, I'm driving, thanks.
Billy ...
What if you just have to
put a drink for you?
And leave it there as a symbol, you know?
Step away from the guy now?
Have I told you about Johnny Incransano?
I think so, once mayor.
Every day I appeared in Queens
this guy was chasing me.
Every day.
What could I do.
I was just a child.
Two years ago, got into
Incransano in trouble with the law.
Of which no man
get rid of easily.
Then I was
involved with that, now ...
scratch your ass without asking permission,
becomes weeks hiking.
Jack reminds me Valliant
Johnny Incransano much.
- Have you hunted?
- No.
You should try it.
It would be a born hunter.
And dogs love.
You know, women call
to dogs men.
Suggesting that no
We are reliable and fair.
But dogs are not like that.
And if men are dogs,
What the hell are the women?
Have you ever seen
a bitch in heat, Billy?
Crawling through the grass
able to cure his desire.
And find a way to escape courtyard
rear, like any dog.
Not sure I understand, Mayor.
I need your help to find
the bastard who is
fucking my wife.
Do you think she is having an affair?
I know what it is.
Maybe I should call
The Post to confirm.
She is smarter. Also.
- It's like a ghost.
- Maybe not exist.
Still, I want pictures.
I want to know who he is, where is.
The size of your penis,
how long it lasts.
If you have sex
on site or at home,
if you like or pretends he.
And I want to know everything
Election Day.
What this may
change in the election?
New Yorkers ...
elect drunkards, bohemians,
Italians, Jews, blacks and homosexuals
but do not choose a man
wife is eating the
another in the back.
Now, this Jack Valliant
is a club for me.
It's easy to sit behind the desk,
but his team did not hesitate.
And if you miss that
until next Tuesday?
So will the $ 50,000
easier than you have earned.
- Half now, half later.
- Half of today?
- Now. What do you say?
- Accepted.
- Get what you need.
- You can go, Mayor.
Consider it done.
Take agenda my wife to leave.
Something wrong?
When I called, no
imagined would be for something.
Neither do I.
- It's good to have him back.
- Thank you, Mayor.
Administrative Cheque. 25,000.00 U.S. dollars
- Do you have time for a coffee?
- Have you seen my keys?
At the table next to
his collection of sauces.
It seems that we give here.
- I have a contract well yesterday.
- What legal.
I will send the data by MSM
launch tomorrow, okay?
No, I will not do.
These guys are going too far
this talk of metrosexual.
I do not care if she's a lesbian
or drama, fine.
But a man with a beard
stuck to every detail ...
- This is not legal.
- Impersonating interested.
It's only one night, dear, please?
It's not every day that his girlfriend
star is his first film.
- You asked for both.
- Keys Please.
Maybe I spend a little
feel mixed powder.
I feel uncomfortable in
around these people.
Messrs. and SARS, the first lady
New York, Kathleen Hostetler. / I
We did it!
Finally, a New York quality.
Some said that it was
the time to fight for it.
I say there is no time
to fight for what we believe.
To say that there is no time
to oppose the bulliyng.
Even the most violent and powerful.
against the powerful.
This makes victory sweeter.
Today we declare our victory.
Today, wholeheartedly declare ...
hands up and this is my life
love and how the I choose.
Thank you.
Come on, man, show your face.
Damn it!
- Read the "The Times" today?
- No.
I read "The Post", as
the rest of New York.
Publisher interesting.
This more for a magazine
gossip for the rich.
You are not rich, Nick? Filthy Rich.
The latest developments
are proof of that.
Listen to her voice last night.
As the night
opening of Mama Mia, said
Queen standing just for you.
Someone caught his eye?
You know that many of them are
excited about this new law.
He said he never wrote
pre nuptial life.
- You remember him, right?
- I still think about him every day.
No mention about
yesterday's elections.
It was not an appropriate forum.
Honey ...
It's election season.
Any appropriate forum.
Acting correctly.
To the left.
Is that what you do all day?
Spying on women
beautiful fancy restaurants?
Yes, if they attend the best.
- We should eat more often.
- It is almost with his key.
- It means that I will receive this month?
- Vai.
So I phone bill.
- He's my brother, what I can do?
- Submit a prepaid card.
Right. I really should.
Sing Sing is not a good place
for guys with a good heart.
Why the mayor called, Billy?
I wanted to talk about some things.
- What should I do?
- Slow down, looks at me, smiles.
Stand up and take your
robe, smile and keep talking.
- My heart was good, Billy.
- Insurance.
Come here. You walk out the door.
When the other party,
to see which direction it goes.
- They call me to tell.
- Okay.
Therefore, Kathy, are
my eyes. What did you see?
Down Madison ... / i
to 54, which is the bodyguard. / i
right. Keep
eyes. Keep track. / I
- It gives you a link.
- Black Berry?
- There is a flip phone.
- Stay close, okay?
I name, place, time, anything. / i
I know. So ...
what time, dear? / i
- I'll be there.
- Had a meeting. / I
Very well.
The number.
Excusing I think I dropped the phone.
- Yes, thank you.
- Not at all.
She will RooseVeldt. We will follow?
No. You will find that they were here.
We have to figure out who the
this number and have our man.
- Welcome to RooseVeldt, Ms.
- Thanks.
I have it!
- Really?
- That's right.
- And it's warm, Billy.
- Hot how?
Wonderful good.
- Where do you teach that?
- I've been to Hunter, asshole.
- A thousand pardons!
- It is a sophisticated place.
He had good friends read and drank wine.
Really? He's old for this?
You'd be surprised how
that I can do at my age.
- Take it easy, okay?
- For example:
I have old enough to vote,
and in my mind,
I discovered that the administrator
Jack Valliant campaign ...
with the name of Paul Andrews ...
'Re screwing mayor's wife.
- Nonsense!
- And he drives a Lexus.
- This is great.
- It's orgasmic.
- Hunter learned this too?
- I do not want to know.
The mayor is not going to like anything.
What cold bitch!
My return ticket.
Thank you!
- What do you have against the guy?
- The numbers are stable.
- Stable?
- Yes
What do you mean?
Stable until a
exchange. Right?
In what direction?
With news, Sam.
Always with the news.
- You're slow, Nick.
- Is it?
Watch your ass I'll take care of mine.
I'm beginning to doubt it.
It's like Griffith and Paret.
"1962, Emile Griffith and
Benny Paret. "Do you remember?
So the guy is
'm Paret and Griffith.
I mean you're the fagot.
I am the Griffith's
removal of the tail.
I preserve, I think
he who is winning.
Here comes Round 12. Do you remember?
- The swipe.
- Fuck you!
Therefore, Nick.
I have half a million
involved in his campaign.
And what I love most is the result.
So why do not you tell me
How you going to win this thing?
We ship all rumors
newspapers and radio
- City tonight.
- Vai necklace?
No, it's all a lie.
But going to cause a stir.
This will cause the other side
think there is anyone in the debate
can kill it.
With luck, Nick. Hopefully.
Know who to vote for?
No, I think I will not vote.
My candidate's
presidency was terrible.
The president does not determine the
quality of life in Brooklyn.
- How do you know I'm from Brooklyn?
- You said.
- I'm involved in this business.
- Are you a private detective?
No. .. private detective? No.
There is still this function?
- What are you doing?
- I'm in politics.
- What do you recommend?
- The new candidate.
What is it? He is very clean.
New York is a place
big and messy.
- What needs to be?
- No, could be better, of course.
But I had good years with Hostetler.
- What do you do then?
- Work on sanitation.
It is very clean for
one man's junk.
I do it to impress women.
There is always a woman.
- Mora in 31?
- Has 15 years.
- In New York?
- Exactly.
So why do
would a man accused
not a priority for New York?
Why not have your
own house in the city?
Forget that no NBA Barney and Gordon
use this train of shit.
Have a, the city and the island.
So where is yours?
I'm just saying.
So you have a house here?
Do not get me wrong, I like
the water, sand and grass, but no.
I think it best to leave the
damn city is back to her.
Almost everything and almost everyone
I love that city are.
Next stop Montauk. / i
All passengers must
exit the train in Montauk / i
keep your belongings with you. / i
It was a pleasure talking to you.
- Taggert Agency.
- You're stuck on the phone?
No, I'm trying to
save their business.
I do not say this often,
but you were right.
- Really?
- The mayor's wife
is sex with
campaign manager.
- Told you.
- You call, have pictures.
- Okay.
- E vacate the phone.
Ryan would not be in this
film is not for you.
So thank you. It was
very nice of you.
This guy here, Here
we have a real civil.
So here we go. Di
what you do.
I do not do anything important. Take
photography is pretty boring.
Damn, not paparazzi, right?
No, actually, I
stay real people.
No, he's a detective
private, was a policeman.
Do not tell me! Really?
That's how they met?
He promised not fine if you go with?
- Yes, something like that.
- Tell the details.
Come on, Billy. Tell the details.
As a guy like you get to
- With a Girl Scout Natalie?
- A guy like me?
I can not imagine in the theater.
This party is for you.
Let's talk about the movie
you would like to know.
Nobody leaves this table without
sing the song of blues, Billy.
Natalie, you have to
Here take the front,
This lovely boy called?
Billy was a family friend.
So are the same neighborhood, or?
He worked in the same neighborhood.
She fell in love for the
District police.
What is it?
Just a Puerto Rican pro
that nobody cared. And
Billy was fine with us.
Barrow, this is Puerto Rico?
- It's actually Barea.
- Okay, Natalie Barea.
Sounds good.
It changed its name to be more tolerant?
No. ..
changed because I was going to auditions.
And the first question that we
the mouth of the Director
was whether I was a relative Yesenia Barea.
- Who is?
- My sister.
- She is famous?
- Yes
His face daily for 7 years.
- Natalie, please do not.
- A 16 year old girl ...
raped and killed the blows
and abandoned in an apartment Bolton Village.
Billy was well with
we. It was a tough and ...
did improve.
It is, of course, because
Like accuse anyone
not according to the class
rich class conflict
when really knows what
which is a class conflict.
You steal people's homes
Bolton working Village
and deliver an investment bank.
That, sir, is a true
the class struggle.
Maybe you grew up in Connecticut,
$ 3 billion is
considered a slice.
But here in New York 3000000000
is considered a high amount.
They can solve many problems.
With all due respect,
not solve the problems
- Yielding to billionaires.
- I bow to the billionaires
but you know what? You come to
From a long list of them.
And, by the way. How will the reform
noble residence in April
million in Brooklyn Heights?
If my house too? Keep it.
The mortgage is upside down under
as the rest of the city.
Because the system is
manipulated by people like you.
- This is good.
- Good?
I like that. Do it for yourself.
Very well.
We need that time.
You know that, Senator ...
You're no Jack Kennedy
it's time to talk about Bolton Village.
The timing is not good.
Hold your position, account
the difference between the two.
It is not clear enough,
Paul, has to be clear.
He has to attack me clearly.
I'm a rich guy
Connecticut, what the hell is?
He'll be unemployed
when it's Tuesday ...
- If you keep your positions.
- Damn it, I do not understand!
Paul, he is a cheater.
I have to be prepared
when he comes to me because
talking about my family,
throughout the rest of the money.
I have to take with him, saying:
You, sir, are a
cheat and a liar!
And if it is
challenge me to prove it ...
I quote that newspaper glorious
I said you gave me ...
- And start talking aloud.
- A break.
? I can talk to you for a moment?
So what is your problem, Jack?
Daily News my problem is, Paul.
The Post, The Times, all
are equal, choose one.
Hostetler has a truck
garbage behind me
our campaign and how it sucks.
What about that business Montauk?
What happened to your source?
I'm working on it.
That's why he disappeared
for 9 hours yesterday?
He has his eye
in us, I told you.
You came back reeking of alcohol.
I had a cocktail dear.
So where is
our trump card?
Our asset-based
truths and facts, Jack.
That's what we did.
Where are our owners?
That's all I want to know.
Holders need not, Jack.
Holders need not
because we will win.
Research indicates we will win.
Earn under
same, fuck.
But let me tell you something;
You will discuss and try to beat
refusing to talk. Refusing to beat mouth.
He will destroy you. Got that?
Why has so much faith in me?
I totally trust bastard.
Why not try something?
Do me a favor. Do your job.
Just get me that file.
Yes, sir.
Hey! Murdock. Allow
little for others, right?
Billy Taggert, my God!
- What are you doing here?
- Was in the neighborhood.
So do I.
I had to kill a
Penguin to use?
Using a smoke, what I can say?
I'm good private detective.
- The driver?
- There is no security.
See that guy over there?
Is Todd Lancaster. This is
my choice, rich boy,
the father makes his living the
building construction.
Want to do business with the mayor.
I guarantee your safety.
- How are you, Mayor?
- Tommy, how are you?
Harris greet.
This is Harris, Sgt.
He is involved in the agreement
to buy the Villa Bolton.
Receive $ 4000
million this poor man.
- Harris.
- Sergeant, glad to see you.
Remember my son, Todd?
Remember, wins a prize.
Todd, as a favor to the world
business and take your age?
When I die and
become a man.
- The beautiful game, right?
- I'd rather watch.
Where? In the news?
That's the best in town.
We Commissioner there ...
He and the mayor is hate, and the worst
Moreover, having to keep secret.
But the commissioner never
you lose a game.
It's like watching an Italian opera.
What do you know about opera?
I know the fact I do not understand the language
not mean that no
end up committing suicide.
- Okay.
- Suite 101, Mr. Taggert.
He said it's urgent.
Excuse me.
In the neighborhood my ass.
I can offer one IHE?
drink, Mr. Taggert?
I do not drink.
But if used, I can tell.
The three seconds that pass
then refuse to drink.
- How long?
- Seven years.
Good for you. Finally
came out of the well, right?
- I had to keep the woman.
- So you believe in love?
I believe in love when shared.
What are you? Stupid or Catholic?
- Both.
- To your health, Mr. Taggert.
Well, maybe you can me
explain what am I doing here?
Being followed is exhausting.
He had an intimate moment
since the load for its efforts?
It depends for whom?
The work done to the mayor.
I give 50,000 to quit.
That's very generous of you,
but I have a contract with the mayor.
Do not break a contract with the mayor.
- Do not you think I know?
- Why do not you leave?
That's not what
think, Mr. Taggert.
Capture photos, lady
Hostetler, I'm not paid to think.
If the last 7 years of
life means something,
whether she stopped drinking
means something, not get involved in that.
Because if you think it is
investigating adultery,
Mr. Taggert, you do not
Hostetler Nicholas knows well.
I see Billy knew.
Yes, we are.
He said it worked for me?
- The mentioned.
- He said it was exclusive?
Yes, he said.
Used to know what
means exclusivity, dear.
In this case means it works for me.
Stay away from him.
Poor Nick, never learned
to share, is not it?
Do not worry, I teach
before it's too late.
- Watch out, dear.
- You too, dear.
Mr. Taggert, by
Please be careful.
I need a drink.
What do you have for me?
In fact, the mayor. I will
need a couple of days.
I'm sure
I have unfinished business,
I just want other
You have an envelope,
with photos in your pocket
I paid for it, right? Right?
Burning a hole
bleeding heart.
Good job.
All right, Billy, you're done.
Out of the way.
I love the line
between sky and sea. / i
See how 're miles away / i
is only a line
separates the sky from the sea. / i
are related. I understand. / I
hope is something to believe. / i
Why should talk about it? / i
not matter. / i
Not everything in life
is black and white. / i
better not talk about this. / i
Come / i
- Life!
- Real Life.
Here we go!
It gypsy. Like?
I see a double dose whiskey, please?
Right now.
- Again.
- Do not you want some water?
Put the damn drink
please, thank you.
Billy, what are you doing?
Natalie, I just wanted to celebrate.
- Why are you doing this?
- It's a party, right?
What the hell was that movie?
My God! I've never seen
such a good film.
That was amazing.
You were very convincing.
Forgiveness can lead
that shit again?
- Please, I'm fine.
- It's not.
- Enough!
- What?
- What?
- You promised me, Billy.
- How can you hurt me so?
- How does it hurt?
Never asked me how I feel.
Not tonight, Billy.
I worked hard for it.
This means nothing to you, right?
Why not back the smell too?
Back to the old place,
everyone knows the guy you were.
- I'll get my things.
- I refer to Orion?
- You screwed?
- Do not.
I'll find out,
Personally I will ask.
Billy, simply
go home. Please?
Tell me the truth, I swear
to God, I'm going to stop.
- There's nothing to say.
- Tell the truth.
They said it would be artistic,
a love scene simple.
- I can not do that.
- What does that shit?
This means you have
rags. As always.
- I'll take it from here.
- No.
- Now!
- Do not you hear me?
I'm not listening, Nat And will not let me,
not here with this group of assholes!
- I can not.
- Nat, please.
There is nothing between us, Billy.
- Do not say that, sorry.
- Nothing!
It is not a small thing can
stand together, these seven years.
- It is not just enough.
- How can you say that?
- Natalie, please, I'm sorry.
- Natalie, are you okay?
- Yes
- Come here.
Billy, stop! No!
- Billy, please.
- Fucking actor.
Did fucked.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Wait a minute.
Want to spend my money
I spend my time in hell.
Natalie? Katy, I can not talk now.
Katy sacaneie not. What are you saying?
Attention all available units, / i
have a report of shots
at the corner of Washington and Jane / i
reported was a victim.
Health care is ... / i
- Thanks.
- Back.
- Tony?
- He is with me.
Very well.
Thanks for doing this.
I received the first call
warned telephone,
inform shots.
minutes. All at 2:11.
First came the
Car three minutes later.
- They had already done the work.
- What do you think?
So far, stealing.
He had his wallet with him,
then maybe left at home.
We are trying to get
the key to the owner.
No money where is it found?
No key, no money, nothing,
for now I think it was a robbery.
When was the last time you saw one?
I really think it was robbery.
Is theft suspect.
The media pushes for robbery
is a kind of agent that is theft.
Now it's your turn, Taggert.
What does this have to do with you?
It's funny, Billy. I would
ask the same question.
Okay, pay
attention to what I say.
I have an ex-policeman
becomes a private detective
Appears in Collections
funds for the mayor.
If the life of her mother in her,
could not find money
to buy a ticket
by this. That was Tuesday.
And then this
is the good part ...
the man who runs campaign
the mayoral candidate
opposition. Imagine?
The private detective himself,
explain to me, Billy.
It Hostetler?
That's what gave
last night. Andrews spent?
- I taught photos.
- Photos? Who?
- After his wife.
- His wife and who else?
I can not tell you that.
Better start to tell me something.
Explain what you do in my scene.
- Was in the neighborhood.
- Was in the neighborhood?
Paul Andrews is dead!
Do you think we will
leaving this one right?
It's an execution. It
of a bloody murder!
You Dedou Andrews? Do
So what you do now, Billy?
- Executions weapon?
- Fuck you!
- Fuck me?
- Fuck you!
I accepted a job
boss. He did not question,
I handed photos and left.
I think he was murdered?
- It's what you think?
- I think you're very smart ...
- To fall into a trap.
- Fuck you! I did my service!
- You know.
- I did my service.
- Commissioner?
- Get out of here!
Let me tell you something, Billy.
I'll keep Hostetler.
He'll see the day of elections
within a cell, such as a cat.
Now, it will be on my side,
or will be there with him
sucking bananas too?
Commissioner. We have a problem.
Something happened, sheriff?
You are in service
do not let anyone here.
- With all due respect ...
- Stay in the damn door!
What is it, Jack?
Do not worry about him, he is with me.
We are all with you.
I need you to look at me, Jack.
Talk to me, okay?
Put the whiskey, Jack.
All right, Jack?
Very well.
Need to recover
composure, Jack.
Close the door.
You'll be right, Jack?
Tell me exactly what happened.
You're not a cop
truth. It's just a bitch.
I want to help, Jack.
I want to know what happened
there. We have little time.
- I need to talk.
- I will not talk to you.
His hustler.
Talk about your death.
Clear your mind, Billy.
He refused to comply ...
Todd Lancaster.
Called before and told Paul
he was willing to ... talk.
From this was
ashamed for helping ...
It was ... more ashamed of his father
I wanted to stop.
And Paul, lost track
time, looked at the clock and ...
I went downstairs and ...
was ...
the last time I saw him.
You heard voices outside
you can identify?
No, I heard gunshots.
I know I could not do nothing.
I could not call the police,
could not be seen here.
And all I could do.
Jack Valliant, candidate for mayor,
not done.
You know what that means, Jack?
This means that I
They left me lying there ...
This means that the
left to die alone.
This means that
You can handle it.
Look at me, Jack.
You will be next
New York mayor.
Need to deal with it.
Now, dressing,
find a hat,
a jacket with collar
and we will take it from
very quiet here.
Yes? Right.
We need to remove
there. On my way.
How much is involved?
It's complicated.
If you help me carry
to my parents,
're even.
- What a mess.
- A tragedy, sir.
The press will be on top of everything.
Excuse me, sir?
You know, Commissioner.
We have to give them a
prison or resign.
Therefore, to give a prison.
A tragedy in West Village. / i
Paul Andrews, administrator
Jack campaign Vallliant / i
was found dead
near the apartment. / i
Police questioned the
witnesses early morning / i
suspect but was not arrested. / i
Carl Fairbanks, a friend
Paul Andrews near / i
investigations continue ... / i
He was better than me.
Must be mayor.
They were together?
It's a quote that I remembered,
but do not know where I heard.
Always remember.
Maybe it's something I read somewhere.
It is not popular or safe ...
say that he loved.
Mayor, Valliant spoke with Jack?
I spoke.
I talked to him this morning,
not only offered his condolences
but also my personal guarantee
I will do everything possible to
the offender is brought to justice.
Mayor! Paul Andrews met?
Only met
Mr. Andrews twice.
Always seemed like a person
Genuine good and hardworking.
He loved the city and the people
and my wife really was his friend.
So surely that means something.
What kind of person was Paul Andrews?
- Wait a minute.
- Well, it was the kind of person
who loved and fought with heart.
He was a friend too
wanted us all ...
conducted with rigor
for the success of your campaign.
An idealist.
This should be a
very difficult,
to suspend his campaign?
Not at all. The debate will continue.
Is scheduled for tomorrow.
The election is Tuesday.
We refuse to allow a bandit
prevent the city exerts
its democratic event. Thank you.
Paul Andrews certainly was not
eating mayor's wife.
We are looking for a boy
Todd called Lancaster.
Just find what you
can about it and the people of Bolton.
- Discover what you can.
- Okay, I'm on it.
Billy ...
not your fault.
I have to go.
Lord, who is entering
Pueblo in Bolton.
Yes, sir.
Rest in peace YESENIA
Oh, Billy.
- Hello
- Come, come, come.
Hello Where is Natalie?
Actually I came alone, Ms. Maria.
She is very busy with the change.
Ah, yes. They are moving.
Pure linen a prostitute.
Raul, look who's here.
How are you?
- Good to see you.
- The same.
- Would you like some coffee?
- Yes, thank you.
I'll bring.
Therefore, what
brings the old neighborhood?
Good question, I'm not sure.
Nostalgia can be difficult
to explain, my friend.
All is well between you and my daughter?
- Yes
- Well
- Why do you stay here?
- Where do we go?
Anywhere. Natalie never
get anything going here.
No. Yesenia and I would not be
able to leave this here.
Wrong, Raul.
No, Billy. She is grown.
I know how you gave that night.
But they also gave us peace.
And gave justice to Yesenia.
I told you how
it means to me and my wife?
- Thanks.
- Then, Billy.
Have you seen this movie?
- Hands up.
- Kevin, give us a few minutes.
Thanks for meeting
I, Mrs. Hostetler.
What do you, Mr. Taggert?
I want to know what is happening.
Wondering what's going on now?
He did not mind the other night.
Paul Andrews was my
friend, Mr. Taggart.
Understand that?
A dear friend.
And if you were not so stupid,
maybe he was alive today.
But it would not help me.
You are cheap to hire and dismiss.
I took the opportunity to
do the right thing and you refused.
You're right, and I regret the
her friend, Mrs. Hostetler, but ...
her husband threw me,
and I will destroy him for it.
I need you to understand that,
and I want you to know that ...
I'll do whatever it takes
to stop that bastard.
But first I have to
say what is happening.
No hired to see my
lover, Mr. Taggart,
Have you tried my source.
I found some information
on Mayor In 1000
I want to rescue her.
If disclosed would spoil.
My part of the bargain;
get a divorce
reasonable agreement.
He has my silence.
- He did not accept the deal?
- No.
He hired you.
It was Paul. Paul gave me the information.
Thought to share with me
and talking about my situation,
might help. In 1010
She was interested, by my silence.
Interested in what?
The sale of Bolton
Village. In 1013
$ 4 billion is a lot of money
For some buildings, The
Mr. Taggart, do not you think?
- Yes
- It's worth double.
It's a dangerous man, Billy.
You do not know people, I kill people.
What you, Katy?
information obtained Todd Lancaster. / i
works for his father, Sam, / i
a construction and demolition company / i
call Rochway Group. / i
Sam is one of the most
Mayor's big donors, / i
is interesting, for the son, Todd / i
is a friend of Paul Andrews. It
Sorry, I was. In 1026 / i
Andrews was like Mentor
Todd in Columbia, / i
that protected him, and served on board, / i
a liberal type of organization. / i
Anyway, I
turn to Todd residential / i
in Port Washington / i
an office the Navy Yard. / i
might want to try first. / i
But Billy. Be careful, right? / I
Paul Andrews ended
being killed and ... / i
'm sure shot
a shitstorm. / i
behind me, damn it! / i
Oh, shit.
Damn . / i
I hope you have insurance.
Some of the information the other guy?
- No. Let's get him.
- How will you do that?
The camera is there.
How long to get the picture?
Depends on the car is in the region?
Thanks for calling
Hotel for Rooseveldt.
- What?
- Hotel Rooseveldt.
I'm looking Carl Fairbanks.
sorry, sir, but commissioner / i
dedicated to the mail service
voice. Can I take a message? / I
- Are we done?
- Yeah, all right.
Night problematic, is not it, Billy?
You can call it.
Leave the bottle, Harry.
- Come here often?
- Are you flirting with me, Billy?
So what? Go
to ask me?
I bet she has two faces.
I? Sure, Billy, I'm bull. Do you?
- Cancer.
- Rooseveldt, is not it?
Address expensive for a
strip, even as Commissioner.
- I have made some investments.
- I bet you do.
Not to mention that house in Montauk.
Someone purchased for
at least. In 1068
Zimmers Russel is now? It
eating white women?
- Nice, Billy.
- Tell me, Commissioner?
The first lady? She is there now?
Be careful, Billy.
I know, why, suckers
knew those photos.
You are scared.
So I stand no chance.
- What do you want?
- I Hostetler.
- Get online.
- Almost what I have tonight.
The documents are in
my car, a box full.
Construction projects
that do not exist until now.
At least not yet. Sent
some thugs after me.
- Any idea who?
- Who is?
Ex-cop, Dick Murdock. That?
Yes, works for Sam Lancaster.
You can work Sam Lancaster,
but is on the payroll Hostetler is.
Say it again.
All you have paperwork
your car is worthless, Billy.
Everyone knows that Soltsteen
Bolton demolish the Villa
so you get the green light.
If you do not know, already contracted
Goup the Rochway to do. In 1090
So why did Paul Andrews has died
if this is not an occult business?
I was about to discover the rest.
What else? What a fucking rest?
No one else in this city
speech thing thing?
Lancaster would meet Todd Andrews
with a contract that night.
Someone did not want that to happen.
Almost got the contract, but
Todd does not want to talk now.
He's scared.
The contract is an agreement to
end the Villa Bolton.
It is a part.
Only Todd Lancaster
know the other party.
Harry, who put the
I want you in my mind.
Yes, Commissioner.
Yes, Commissioner.
Everything in its place. Living in 5 seconds.
Good night, New York.
Welcome to the third and final
Candidates debate
New York City.
And this time we give the
Welcome our candidates
Mayor Nick Hostetler Jack and Valliant.
- Hey! How much?
- Glass manual?
Once achieved muscular arms.
Where do you think, stroking his ego?
A big ass is good but
big arms, no.
Come on, let me go. What the fuck?
- Asshole!
- I did not do it on purpose.
- Let me go.
- God!
It is destroying my car before
to even start driving it.
- I apologize.
- Where do we go?
Do not worry about that, by the way.
- What do you think I'm doing?
- Wow!
Where did you get this padding, Gaza?
In administration
Valliant we focus
on two fundamental principles:
share responsibilities
and sacrifices.
For those who are lucky
receive more than $ 200,000 a year
ask to pay more taxes,
for those who are not,
lower tax contribution.
He is in charge and we
driving forwards
to balance the budget
and protect people.
I think my opponent come here ridiculous
talk tax obligations,
when in fact it is known
that if there were no taxes
would not like to run
for city council.
This comes from a man whose political
leaves us with a deficit
of 1 billion.
No, that comes from hands
Mayor took.
New Home Sales
York for the needy,
sale of public housing
shareholders of Wall Street.
I think residents
Bolton Village rather
tax increase
eviction notice.
I say this to you,
no matter where the New Yorker lives
nobody wants to raise taxes. / i
Neither do I.
But I think it's time to tell the truth
in the Town of Bolton agreement.
It is true that we have a
surplus of $ 3 billion.
We can use this to
job creation
We use this to relieve
taxes of the population,
that's the truth.
No, this is not the truth. Or
even close to the truth.
You did a beautiful business
Soltsteen with Donovan
plug a hole in your pocket.
To remove it from its deficit
wrong policy created.
The truth that is
it still lies
for the good people of the
city, about their intentions.
Donovan Soltsteen
Bolton bought the Village
bought the Villa to Bolton go
in the field of skyscrapers. / i
It's that simple.
While I believe that no one sand.
In 50 years of history Soltsteen Donovan
Never buy a property
with the aim of
residential use, I doubt start now.
I do not know how I can
be clear to you,
Bolton town residents.
Just entered this
Agreement for a reason.
Because I want the best for you.
There will be a sunrise
People in Bolton Soltsteen Donovan
if they are out of the line,
If you do not meet promises
then I will kill
them. That I promise you.
Unfortunately, it is not
and keeps his promises.
The fact is, the deficit is gone.
There is another way to solve it.
- Name one.
- In addition to the destruction.
I say what I
would, in the first place,
something that would make my opponent
clearly feels
which is not favorable for
he is seeking advice
they are better this crucial issue.
I ask for help leading economists
- To help resolve this.
- We know about it ...
These are the same people we
put the depression of the 80s
Why New Yorkers began
Why then want solutions.
They do not want this type of solution.
And only one person at this stage in
the business of finding solutions.
The other is in the business
to say how the situation ...
This is a debate or
are being trained
welcome Nick Hostetler?
The problem exists because and
his friends manipulate the game.
And the honest workers
New Yorkers recognize
nothing will change.
Never change if we continue
to elect someone like that.
Do not tell me that nothing has changed.
When I was elected as mayor
this was a city in bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy! Step by step
I began to recover.
The only Village Bolton of these steps.
Tell me that things have changed.
I stand before you all,
and said $ 3 billion.
Tell me things changed.
No other mayor in the
history of this great city
had the ability to be
before the people and said that!
Tell me who changed ...
Leaving home with your child tomorrow
and take you to the park
play, you feel safe?
Yes, you feel safe,
because I have his letters
and I know the feeling.
This is us, working together,
fixing things. Tell me
things have changed!
- It
- Way to go, Mayor!
Counselor Valliant, question
Original remains:
What do the shortfall?
- I. ..
- Do not worry, counselor,
Nick finds a way.
Two honks if not, I understand.
- Pour the bank, right?
- Okay.
I will be back.
- Do you know who I am?
- No.
Because I know who you are, Todd.
And I know what you did, you little shit!
You set Andrews died.
- No.
- The established.
It was noted that meetings and ambush.
- I did not do that.
- Put him in an ambush.
- No, not kill him.
- Shut up!
- You lie.
- Do not kill him.
You're a liar. Are you lying?
My God, he was my friend.
- What?
- He was my friend!
Get up now!
What did I say? Tell me what's going on.
Please stop hitting me!
I did not know. Only
would deliver something.
I was in the corner
waiting for him,
I saw him down the stairs
and waited. Right?
I would give anything to win Valliant help.
To help overcome
Hostetler Valliant the bastard.
That makes no sense, Hostetler
is a friend of his father.
Fuck my father!
I had the contract in my hand.
And Paul saw me waving, smiling ...
Murdock should have me
followed in his car ...
and then went out and shot, man!
Headshot of shit!
And that appeared on weekdays
- As if nothing had happened.
- Todd, okay.
Look at me, calm down, okay?
Where is the contract?
Take it. No more.
Are you sure you want
do that with your father?
Shit. Go up the stairs.
It was an accident. It Taggart, calm down!
Fuck you!
- Are you okay?
- Yes
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
- Has the mails of journalists?
- Yes
Billy, you are sure of this?
We only have two hours to
send this message, okay?
Thanks for being
always present, Katy.
Always available.
Good afternoon, how I can help? / i
Tell the mayor who is Billy Taggart.
One moment, please. / i
Mr. Mayor.
Billy, what a surprise
pleasant. Thank you, Valerie.
A VCR. Long time no use.
- Do you want to remove your coat?
- No, I'm fine.
I have to say, Billy,
going from bad to worse.
- I'm better than you think.
- I'm happy with it.
- A drink?
- Double.
That's right, Billy.
Very well.
So ...
As Fitzgerald says:
"In the future orgasmic
year after year, usually
retiring before us.
- I do not know what this means.
- Me neither.
What I can do for you, Billy?
I want to know why you hired me.
Remain in the case of
adultery is sexier.
Your lies are always useful.
Unfortunately I've had enough
week for life,
Why not me
say you the fucking truth?
The truth is that I hired you ...
- Researching my wife.
- What?
Why meddle in the affairs
the other is a. In 1300
Having a big mouth, is another.
To ask many questions, is another.
And be careful
follow suit, Billy,
I can send someone to investigate.
Who place to do this? Murdock?
I think not
available for the task.
I hope he has not suffered.
No more than Andrews.
A shame what happened that type.
Tell me something, mayor.
I think you let me turn
accessory to murder? For $ 50,000?
I do not think any questions?
Do you think there could not answer?
What responses have you, Billy?
I know Andrews discovered
scheme with Bolton Village.
This is the reason why
Why get rid of it.
No sir, I do.
You're not the man
who hired Murdock.
Trying to catch my testimony.
Yes, you're smart mayor.
Granted, all that
you have presented.
But to deny Bolton Village, and Donovan ...
and no big contract
with Rochway Group.
Nobody can do anything, right?
If someone makes the
courtesy dying bribe.
I'm impressed,
men. You are good.
Maybe that's why the
People keep electing me.
- Why do the service.
- So all this?
All this in the city?
Everything I do is for the city.
The city has a 50%
of Rochway Group, Mayor.
Has. Look what I have.
What's on your hands?
Mayor fucking his contract.
dollars is a lot of money.
This is what is going to be:
I have an email in my mailbox
with a scanned copy of
Group Rochway the contract.
Press a key and hundreds
newspaper will read your name
with Sam Lancaster,
black and white.
Do not worry, I have the
original in a safe place.
You waive and
keep your mouth shut ...
never see the light of day.
The agreement with Bolton
Village, is dead.
If you have to get
another project, whatever.
But the people of Bolton will remain.
You turn away from it.
Here's the deal, Mayor.
I suggest you accept.
- Counter Offer?
- No need.
There's nothing left to threaten me.
I want the original,
all copies,
I, the record tomorrow at 9 am.
You're dying, motherfucker!
Have you spent one minute
thinking why you chose?
Taggart, and I chose you!
I chose ... for I am the owner.
Now, you'll have to forgive me
video quality.
It was filmed in one of those VHS cameras
where the sale of drugs, a
$ 40 late at night. 1360,
But I think we will see
quite enlightening.
So, to start,
let me welcome / i
Welcome to Bolton Village . / i
What the hell is this?
What the hell is this?
We only well, I and my
Friend David on the camcorder. / i
Here is David.
No, no, no. Wait.
I have a pocket full of money / i
and we are looking
fun for tonight / i
So let's instead of the usual / i
maybe find something ... very ... / i
Drop the gun! / i
Drop the gun! / i
- What the hell is this, man?
- Just want to talk! / I
- Drop the gun!
- What the fuck, man?
Well, Mikey. I just want to talk.
out of here! / i
Now remember, Billy?
This is something of an average citizen.
Only misunderstood ...
but I understand.
Here, we take because we can.
We speak because we feel good.
The only difference between you and me ...
is that you do not have
on tape.
As I said, the original
copies of all
and record the morning.
You can have this copy,
I moved to DVD, 7 years ago.
speak because we feel good. / i
The only difference between you and me ... / i
is that you do not have
on tape. / i
As I said, the original
copies of all / i
morning record. / i
You can have this back, / i
I moved to DVD, 7 years ago. / i
You will be arrested if he
ago, I know not, Billy?
Can be used.
Murder is unforgivable, Billy.
If I do I will
having to protect him.
I'm not asking.
- Are you sure?
- It's time to pay my debt.
Ladies and gentlemen, although
accustomed to public speaking 1405
You know, Sam, likes the debate.
- What do you think?
- Magistral.
Thank you.
First I want to
thanks everyone for coming,
this is a room full ...
My wife and I are among
good friends, so thank you.
A smart man once told me:
that politics is
the art of the possible.
This afternoon, Jack Valliant
went to the station,
Tonight finds the number
the bus ran over him.
He fought the good fight,
but was hitting the shadows.
It was like Roberto Duran,
no, I want more. Do not hit me more.
He said it's urgent.
I'll take care of it.
Do not go anywhere.
I have to thank
for many people.
- Yes?
- I am.
Why are you calling me so early?
I thought it would know now, Mayor. / i
- It's your future.
- Have your rights, Nick.
Nicholas Hostetler,
You are trapped by
murder of Paul Andrews.
You have the right
to remain silent,
whatever you say can
and should be used
- Contrary to the court.
- Everything I say
- Be used against you, Carl.
- You are entitled to a lawyer,
if you can not afford
one, IHE one is indicated.
I say one thing, so
pull your dental records
- I'm done with you.
- Understands the rights IHE describe it?
I understand that you are suicidal.
You may have forgotten
how he got his job
but not me.
You think a tribunal
New York condemn me?
I'm just the guy handcuffed.
- Do not worry, honey.
- Have you ever worried?
I think we both underestimated
Billy, the mayor.
And again, many
underestimates us.
Do you think Billy
fall for that.
Andrews was found
sleeping with his wife.
I arrived to find.
In this case, why did you do that?
Mayor, how to participate?
Just a statement.
How does your situation?
Did you?
Lawyer, New York went to
many things in the last days
From murder
Paul Andrews, 1452,
his campaign manager 1453,
and culminated last night with the
Nick Hostetler detention,
connected to this crime.
What does that mean New Yorkers
that frankly lost
faith in government?
Well, these days
really shake ...
Hey, Rachel. It's getting
out of trouble?
- I'm trying.
- Yes, I know.
What we're drinking.
It's the big day, Billy?
It seems that such
has a lot to do.
By Jack Valliant.
Good person.
I have this for you.
- What is it?
- What do think?
- Thanks.
- Always have, Billy.
All right, Katy.
I'll be home soon.
- I'll be here.
- Come on, Billy.
The road is long.