Broker (2022) Movie Script

Busan Family Church
Don't have a baby if you'll abandon it.
You follow that woman.
Anyone there?
Must've run off.
I guess so.
Give me a towel.
"Woo-sung, I'm sorry.
I'll come back for you."
Here we go again with "I'll come back".
No phone number.
Woo-sung, I'm sorry.
I'll come back for you.
No way she comes back.
Erase the video, quick.
Look at those shiny eyes.
Not much for eyebrows,
but still, he's so adorable.
How could anyone throw him away?
So you're Woo-sung?
That's right, Woo-sung.
Let's be happy with us.
...passengers taking an
express bus can get off here.
Use exit no. 3 for Busan
Intercity Bus Terminal...
How's the knee? It was hurting before.
- It's fine now.
- It's okay?
It's much better.
Come out often. The exercise will help.
Whenever I get here, I need a rest.
How's the laundry business?
Well, just so-so.
# Brother Socrates... #
it's pretty bold of them to use a
baby box for human trafficking.
Creating that box in the first place
makes for more irresponsible mothers.
I think you have a hidden nice side.
If you'd left it outside,
it would've died.
I am nice.
Didn't you know?
Was it a boy or a girl?
- Hello!
- Good afternoon!
That was so delicious last time.
What was it called? Schu...
The day after eating it,
my skin was so shiny,
I couldn't believe it.
Come on, it's just pig trotters.
Have you heard of
choucroute by any chance?
I'm going to try making it,
you're welcome to join us.
It's just pork stew. Pretty bland.
The whites are at the cleaner's,
so I brought black ones.
Nice and thick.
Just in case, you know...
Bye, then.
Have a good day!
Shouldn't you at least step
out of the car, as a courtesy?
No need.
He's at home all day anyway.
This gets him exercise.
He is the ideal type for marriage.
How so? You want him?
If you ever have a baby,
he'll be home writing
so he can care for it.
The mother came back?
Something odd?
She says she left him outside.
Outside the box.
Was she just confused in the moment?
If you think she'll call the
cops, bring her here. Okay?
I will.
Nothing's written in our records.
Call the pastor.
And can you wash Su-kyung for me?
Dong-soo, you were on duty yesterday?
Yes, I always take Sundays.
Please show the babies
here to this woman.
This is the bigger kids' playroom.
There are 19 children living here.
All thrown away in the baby box.
This one came in last week.
The mom's 15 years old.
This one's mother is from Pakistan.
She was a baby sitter, I heard.
This is it?
For now.
Did you leave a note?
Something with the baby?
Your name and number,
were they in the note?
Then even if we find the baby,
there's no proof you're the mother.
What's going on?
She's looking for a baby.
Named Woo-sung.
She said she left a baby
outside the box last night.
If you'd left it inside, our
worker would've gone out
and spoken with you.
Yes, that's what I told her.
Not at all.
How can you use that word?
Am I wrong?
You're the one who threw him away.
No, I left him there!
We're not some kind of pet hotel.
I said in the note I'd come back!
If a note says "I'll come back",
he's taken off the adoption list.
100% chance he goes to an orphanage.
You know what that means?
I'm sure you wrote that
with loving intention,
but it closes off all
future paths for him.
We want...
uh, Woo-sung...
to be rescued from that
kind of dark future.
Rather than grow up in an orphanage,
much better to be in the
care of a loving family.
It's adoption.
We search for parents to raise him.
You people have no right.
Neither do you, after abandoning him.
This is theft!
Of course, we don't have
that right, but still...
Shall we describe it as... benevolence?
Haven't heard that word in ages.
Parents who are unable
to conceive a child,
and who can't wait for the
lengthy adoption review process,
and a mother who for
reasons she cannot say...
Your name is...?
Sun-ah... Moon Sun-ah.
Miss Sun-ah, think of us as cupids
who will embrace your precious child.
We promise to find the best
parents to raise Woo-sung.
Well, forgive the expression...
How about...
Mr. Stork? Or the Stork
Twins, since there are two of us?
And it's case-by-case, but
there is a modest payment.
How much was it?
About 10 million won. For a male child.
Who gets the fee?
You, of course. And we
who arrange the deal...
Benevolence, my ass.
You're just brokers.
You could call it that.
When do we go?
That must be the mother, right?
Not sure...
Doesn't look like it.
Hi, Tae-ho.
What are you...?
We're closed today.
Don't know if this will wash out...
This is...
It's blood, obviously.
I'll give it a try.
And about the money, next week...
We're thinking of opening
a fried chicken place, here.
If you can't pay, drop by the casino...
No, I'm never going back there.
Guess you've got options.
Then 50 million by next week.
And clean up that shirt.
Good bye.
Hey, Tae-ho.
Since when did you start
working with gangsters?
You nagging me?
Mister, mind your own business.
Weren't you running a
restaurant with your mom?
Wheat noodles make
me want to puke, now.
What's with them?
Nothing. Came to complain.
Fix this, will you?
There's a trick to it.
Push on the left!
Do we need to take her?
With the mom there, it
looks less suspicious.
Sun-ah! Time to go.
It's all about the money
for her. But 5:5?
You said it. Should
be thirds, at least.
It's 2 1/2 hours to Yeongdeok
on the Gyeongbu Expressway.
So we'll pass Gyeongju
Rest Area at lunchtime.
Let's stop there.
In a car like that,
they won't be driving too far, right?
Probably Ulsan or Pohang?
God, I want to take a shower
and change my clothes.
We need to arrest them in the act!
Sun-ah, your hometown is...?
I'm from Busan.
This guy claims Seoul
as his hometown...
Then what about you?
Ah, Yeosu.
All they have there is the gondola.
It's a cable car.
The raw sole there is delicious.
And the gatkimchi...
We went there ages ago to sell a baby.
To those gay guys?
Ah, you're right!
That was Yeosu.
I remember.
Wonder how he's getting on.
Must be in primary school.
# The night sea in Yeosu... #
Don't say anything dumb.
We'll do the negotiating.
Yes, after all, the
customer comes first.
- Think of them as a client...
- They're here.
Mr. Im Chang-ho?
We're here from Busan...
- Show us the baby.
- Sure.
He just woke up.
Isn't he cute?
Did you use Photoshop, by any chance?
He was cuter in the photo.
It's because he just woke up.
But looking at him now,
his eyebrows are so thin...
Because he's a baby. Usually
his eyes are like this.
He's so cute. Woo-sung, open your eyes!
We'll pay 4 million.
But yesterday you said 10 million won.
4 million is a lot for him.
Or we'll pay in installments.
You can do that?
Over 12 months.
I've never heard of
something like this.
We can't accept such sudden conditions.
Who is the father?
His dad?
His dad is...
Don't tell me it was rape
or anything like that.
- If a crime is involved...
- How can you say that?
His mother is right
here, she's so devoted.
Caring for her sick parents...
You son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch?
Don't you look in the mirror?
Going on about his eyebrows,
you stupid bitch.
- Are you crazy?
- What did you call me?
How can she be so rude?
Sure, I'm fucking rude!
And are you respectful?
Talking shit about someone's
baby, is that fucking respectful?
We drove all the way out to this
hick town and what, 4 million?
Are you fucking kidding me?
I'll never give him to
scumbags like you.
Just fuck off before I
hit you, you beggars.
- Beggars?
- What?
How could...
She called us beggars.
Want some crab? They steam it for you.
That was a bit extreme.
Yes, it was.
My point exactly.
They were customers.
We were negotiating.
Right, they're like customers.
If they weren't I would've
slapped them.
This is how we reach a compromise.
Sure, that kind of attitude
won't accomplish...
We can accomplish something
by finding a better buyer!
She's got a point.
4 million, in installments?
Gimme a break.
What should we do? Go back to Busan?
I guess so. Let's do that.
There are other buyers, right?
- Hello, sir.
- Hi.
So, is there blood?
A bit.
- Candy?
- Thank you, sir.
It's Children's Day tomorrow.
My grandma gave me some holiday cash.
Did you identify him?
We're in the process
of contacting his family.
What's the cause of death?
A heavy blow broke his neck.
My, he's still young.
I hate blood so much.
The view here is killer.
It's a woman...
There must be more, right?
Surely they won't go back to Busan?
That won't do.
- Dong-soo!
- Hi.
Foul play!
That guy's the director.
Third generation.
He looks third generation, right?
How've you been?
How are you?
Dong-soo, let me show you something.
- Dong-soo!
- It's Dong-soo!
Wow, Dong-soo!
It's really him!
So that's why he wanted to come here.
Why didn't you say you were coming?
Your numbers look down again.
Three kids gone in half a year.
4.5 million less per
month. In subsidies.
You kids go play. Hurry up.
Losing team gets finger flicked, okay?
Go play!
He found himself a new wife.
She's so young.
How'd they meet?
One of those dating apps?
Hey you!
You dummy, I told
you not to go in there!
Don't you see those flowers?
- Dong-soo, let's play basketball!
- Okay.
Hurry up!
Sarge, last time you told the chief
the church was in on this
child trafficking case...
And it's true.
The younger one is an employee there.
Part time.
He's an employee.
Even if it's a temp job.
Still, for supposedly
professional brokers,
their actions seem pretty improvised...
You put lukewarm water
in this. Didn't you?
It's because you didn't wait 3 minutes.
If you take money, you're
a professional broker, no?
Technically, but...
Calling it a deep organization
seems a bit overstated.
You hate when that Criminal Affairs
guy calls you "the kid", right?
Give it to me.
Give it.
Let Ha-jun use that now.
Hae-jin, that's enough soccer for now!
Five more minutes!
His skills aren't improving any.
You still have that scar.
You were bleeding so much then,
we called the ambulance and everything.
There was a kite in the tree, so I
climbed up but a branch broke...
The only one here who gets
into so much trouble is Young-min.
Ah, Young-min...
He's on the run now.
Just like the old days.
Haven't heard anything.
These days, that's not
the main reason I come.
Well, you can think
of it as a blind date.
Then I'll send you a photo.
His eyebrows are a bit lacking.
Let me borrow this a sec.
That'll look ridiculous!
Don't you think he looks more manly?
But why am I your wife?
Dong-soo knows everyone here.
Then say I'm your daughter.
We don't look anything alike.
Hey kid, don't touch.
With your dirty hands.
I said, don't touch!
It's just until we find a buyer.
Why so sensitive?
Don't touch!
Your hands are dirty!
His eyebrows look weird.
Can I be your son?
I want to play soccer.
And make tons of money
like Son Heung-min.
It hasn't been long since
Woo-sung was born.
Too soon for a second, right?
Right. One's more than enough.
I think it's a reasonable offer.
One kid from here became
a pro soccer player.
Which team was it?
They have striped uniforms.
I don't know.
They say that kids from an
orphanage can succeed,
but 97%...
Pretending to be smart again...
- 3% is high!
- That punk...
Just the word 'orphanage'
gets him all worked up.
What percentage of
people succeed anyway?
Who's that?
Someone ran away. I
guess they caught him.
Dong-soo, I broke your record!
It took 3 days before I was caught.
Are you bragging?
If you consider time
as well as distance...
Good for you, jeez...
Yes, I understand.
You're in Uljin, right?
No, it's fine.
- See you tomorrow.
- What happened to your eyebrows?
Here's the seafood stew.
- A coin laundromat...
- This is Si-woo.
I played forward, and
he was midfielder.
...will never sew a button for you.
Back then we had enough
kids for two soccer teams!
They won't shorten pants,
or repair a hole in the knee.
You know that law? About adoption.
The Special Adoption Act.
I was hoping it'd be stricter
about foreign adoptions.
But don't all the kids
want to be adopted?
I dunno...
That kid who likes soccer
was really persistent.
It's too late for him. He's 7 already.
He's 8.
Ah, that's too late.
It's late.
You've got to figure
people adopt up to age 6.
He must know it, too.
Some kids don't like it and come back.
That adoptee a while
back, who got abused.
Blood is thicker than water.
And what if a new child is
conceived after they adopt?
Right, the kids here
have all been rejected,
when they were abandoned.
But if it happens again...
I've had nothing but
rejection in my life.
At least get rid of the whistle.
This isn't the military.
Hey, as for me,
I want to be a kind of
father figure to them.
You know?
That's why I do this.
Damn... hide, quickly!
# Sleep, my baby #
# In the front yard, and #
# in the hill in back, #
# the birds and the baby lambs #
# are all sleeping #
She sang a song.
What song?
A lullaby.
A lullaby?
This place has everything, it's great.
Let's take it all with us!
Do his ears, like this.
You sure talk a lot.
If we keep looking, we
may find a better buyer.
Let's just go with the Uljin people.
Okay, all done...
Now you're all clean.
Your mommy wants to
say bye-bye so quickly.
We're trying our hardest...
Know how hard it is
raising a baby alone?
Still, that doesn't justify
throwing him away.
Then how do you justify selling him?
Someone threw him away, so we sell him.
Get the order right.
Then you shouldn't have made
that box in the first place.
My thoughts exactly!
They say they're trying to save babies,
but instead they just corrupt mothers.
It's not like that.
Thanks to that box,
Woo-sung is alive and well...
Don't use alcohol wipes
on his face. He's crying!
Oh, sorry...
Among all the mothers who leave notes,
how many do you think really come back?
How would I know?
1 out of 40.
The other 39 are never
heard from again.
Why just blame the mothers?
Say that to the fathers, too!
Then at least leave your
phone number in the note!
It's already the second
time I'm hearing this.
Should I say it again?
I can say it all day.
Who are you to act so superior?
The kids in this dirty orphanage
look up to you, so you're conceited?
Just live here, then.
You cold?
Dong-soo thought his
mom would be 1 out of 40.
Look out by the playground.
See that old gate? That's
where he was abandoned.
With a note that said
"I'll come back for you."
That's why he's so touchy,
try to understand.
I saw Jee-young working here.
She came back.
Not easy to be a singer.
Still, I liked her voice.
3 to 1.
But everyone ends up
finding a place here.
Must be fun.
4 to 1.
More fun than living alone.
Still, you should go far, far away.
Far away where?
You're our hope, our star.
Where do you want me to go?
If even you end up back
here, it'll be kind of sad.
Good morning.
Woo-sung, this is rain!
It's just raindrops.
Same thing.
Sorry about yesterday.
I shouldn't have said that.
What was it you said?
I have this dream sometimes.
It's raining...
The rain washes away everything
I was up to yesterday.
But when I open my eyes,
the rain is still pouring down,
and nothing about me has changed.
Don't you just need an umbrella?
Yeah, a big one.
Big enough for two people.
Then I want a red one.
With a strawberry pattern.
When I was little, my
friend had one of those.
I was so envious.
You stole it?
I threw it away.
So they're not related by blood?
No. They all call her Mom, but...
You woke me up,
startled the old man so he can't sleep.
What's going on?
The police car came
in, what's happening?
Come back here.
Just hold on.
I've never seen that man.
What's this about?
He was murdered, in a hotel. Then...
Look closely.
This was taken by the hotel CCTV.
That woman lives here?
Ye-ji, take the kids over there.
In front of the kids, really...
You, the taller one.
The taller one, just a sec.
You can speak freely with me.
This woman lives here, right?
I don't know.
This is a baby she's carrying, right?
I told her not to give birth.
How could she be a mother?
What did you say?
I said I told her not to have it!
How could she be a mother?
Taking kids in and making
them do these things...
Is that a mother?
I just look after girls
who've got nowhere to go.
She's a prostitute?
So you're saying,
the baby was keeping
her from running away.
Give me 3 days. I'll
make sure they sell him.
If it's murder, Criminal
Affairs will be on it.
They already are.
We'd better set it up.
Set it up?
A buyer.
Dammit. Buyer's not answering.
It's because you sent that
photo with the eyebrows.
How about this one? 20 million.
Twice the market price...
Should we meet them?
Huh? Who?
They own a building, it seems.
How old is the woman?
Why, you want someone younger?
No, it's not that.
I've got a bad feeling.
Don't you think it's cheap, though?
10 million won?
The going price for a baby.
And for girls it's only 8 million.
- Sarge...
- Yeah?
- Isn't it illegal to bait people?
- Why 2 million cheaper? So annoying.
What did you ask?
I was taught such evidence
can't be used in court.
The criminal intention
was there from the start.
It's not baiting.
It's providing an opportunity.
An opportunity...
# Brother Socrates... #
Hey, once we close that deal,
back in Busan, that place...
want to go there?
You want to see Jennifer again?
Go yourself. I'm not
into that kind of thing.
Keep your voice down.
Such a nice topic for
a situation like this.
Just trying to lighten the mood.
During military service,
before going out on a drill...
You never went to the
military. You were in jail.
Neither did you.
With the exemption for orphanage kids.
It's the same exemption
gold medalists get.
# What is it with love...? #
What's wrong?
Why pull over here?
I'm gonna pee my pants!
I almost peed.
That punk.
I told you I had a bad feeling.
The bad feeling was about this?
The car kept shaking, I
almost peed my pants.
This car is junk.
You're the one who climbed into it.
Mister, can you take me with you?
Everyone will worry.
We'll give you money
to ride a bus home.
Why are you interrupting
our family trip?
I know everything. You're not a family.
You're going to sell Woo-sung.
- How much did you hear?
- All of it.
I'll attach the mic here.
Don't be negative and say
his hair's too thin, and so on.
And don't ask the birth
mother about the father.
Seems there was some issue.
- Have some coffee.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Do they look like they own a building?
Are they too young?
I'm sorry.
No, no need to apologize.
You two are in a de facto marriage,
with no marriage certificate.
- So you can't adopt officially.
- Yes.
Let's say your sperm count is low.
And hand over the money
quickly. Be natural.
I understand. Low sperm
count, act natural.
Low sperm, give money quickly...
So let's practice your dialogue.
Very well.
And this is the money we prepared.
We've done fertility treatments
for 5 years now,
and both of us are so tired.
should we mention the
de facto marriage here?
That it's hard for us to
adopt officially and all...
Good! Let's do that.
Thank you.
We'll truly treasure this
baby like our own child.
Shall we take out that 'truly'?
Ah, shall we? Okay, no 'truly'...
We'll treasure truly this baby... no.
We'll treasure our own babies...
- What was it?
- We'll treasure...
We'll treasure our baby...
We'll treasure this baby
like our own child.
Can we name this car
"The Hae-jin Express?"
Whatever you want.
All right!
Was it Jennifer?
Who's Jennifer?
Dong-soo's girlfriend.
Hey, what's written on the ball?
Hae-jin, my name.
The pastor named me.
I guess you like your name.
It's not that.
At the orphanage you
need your name on things.
If someone wants to steal it, a
name won't stop them. Right?
Plate #9388, pull over!
Plate #9388, pull over!
What? I wasn't speeding.
You're my wife...
Then you're a married
couple working at my shop.
Married? No way.
No way.
Then you're relatives.
Distant relatives, okay?
How distant? First cousin? Second?
Good afternoon, sir.
Your license?
Yes, sir.
I wasn't driving very fast...
Mr. Ha Jin-young?
Your rear door is open.
If things fall out the back, it
could cause a big accident.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You on a trip somewhere?
Yes, to Lotte World to
ride the Ferris Wheel!
Wow, you're going far!
Yes, it's a family trip.
But there's no Ferris Wheel there.
For a Ferris Wheel, you
should go to Wolmido.
Should we go to Wolmido, then?
Ask your dad to take
you on a boat cruise too.
I can't deal with boats.
I get seasick.
- You run a laundry shop?
- Yes.
I brought my shirt to be cleaned,
but the sleeves all
shrunk, why is that?
This should be dry cleaned.
They threw it in the wash.
Too many amateurs in
laundry shops these days...
- Boss?
- You need to take care with...
- Boss!
- I think we need to go...
Well, then...
Your license.
Thank you.
Next time, dry clean!
- All right. Have a good day.
- Yes.
- Wolmido!
- Yes, sir...
- Good afternoon.
- Sorry we're late.
Were you waiting long?
Not at all. We just arrived...
I'm Ha Sang-hyun.
You're Mr. Song Ji-cheol?
Yes, that's right.
- And he is Woo-sung?
- Yes.
- Are you his mother?
- Yes.
Can I hold him?
Yes, go ahead.
Oh my.
He touched me! Honey...
With prominent facial
features like his...
You'll raise him properly, right?
Of course. We'll treasure him, truly.
If you have your own child later,
you'll love them the same?
Of course.
Quit talking and give them the cash!
Money money!
Will you keep doing
fertility treatments?
We've tried for 5 years
already. Both of us...
- Both of us are tired.
- Yes.
And since we aren't
officially married...
Did you do an AMH test?
Or an HSG?
Yes... that one.
I guess Letrozole had no effect?
None... and I had bad side
effects with the Letrozole.
It was so hard for me
to see him that way.
Letrozole induces ovulation,
so of course, it won't
have any effect on you.
I mean, my sperm count...
We're talking about ovulation,
what does sperm count matter?
Take this!
They wanted to resell him.
I could tell right away.
Reselling, you know?
Hae-jin, don't open that window.
Someone paid them to act as parents.
How do you know so much
about fertility treatments?
A similar thing happened last
year. Sang-hyun totally fell for it.
Hands off!
You have to observe closely, observe...
If we'd given them Woo-sung,
he'd be in a foreign...
Shut it! Shut it!
Shut the window!
We'll catch a cold.
Grab clothes in the
back to change into.
So, your driver's license...
It says Ha Jin-young.
Sang-hyun was my
nickname in the military.
You never went to the military!
Don't be a smart ass.
What about you? "Oh, I get seasick..."
Wasn't that totally realistic?
Realistic? That was totally stupid.
Hae-jin was way better.
Actually the name Sang-hyun
is what I wanted to
name my son if I had one.
I won't laugh, then.
It's So-young...
My real name. Moon So-young.
Who's Sun-ah?
This obnoxious lady
who lives next door.
This car is filled with liars.
Since it's turned out this way,
should we use it?
The murder charge?
Who is this?
Hand over the baby.
I paid your so-called mom before.
5 million won.
In return you were
supposed to abort it,
but then you had to go have the baby...
Ms. Moon So-young?
We're from the police.
Can we talk for a moment?
You're back?
You're back?
Took you a while.
We're drafting a
three-person work schedule.
Work schedule?
For feeding Woo-sung.
Did you hear good news or something?
There's a buyer in Seoul
who will pay 30 million.
Wow, bonanza...
You're giving him a bath?
He got poop smeared on his bum.
Sang-hyun is so bad at this.
How about 2-hour shifts
from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.?
Sang, Dong, So, Dong, Sang...
This lets you sleep
for 6 hours straight!
Not so much... can't we do this?
- This is pretty unfair.
- Really?
- I'll do it!
- What?
Feed Woo-sung.
- From 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.?
- Sure.
Or how about 10 p.m. to midnight?
Don't give him your shift!
She agreed easily, right?
She did.
The reduced sentence
must've convinced her...
I don't think it's that.
Then what?
I don't know either.
I'm not sure, but...
it wasn't the reduced sentence.
How is he?
Did he eat?
No, he threw up again.
Did you let it cool properly?
It's not too hot?
It's fine.
Was it because he got wet in the car?
I'm sorry, Woo-sung.
No, it's not because of you.
Doesn't seem like an ordinary cold.
Has this happened before?
We should go to the hospital.
We can't do that.
We could get caught.
It's not cerebromeningitis, is it?
The fever came on yesterday...
Will he get better?
He won't die, will he?
Is he your brother?
It's okay. He won't die.
It looks like a cold,
but watch him to be sure it
doesn't turn into pneumonia.
I'll prescribe a fever reducer,
but if it doesn't go down,
come back tomorrow.
What a relief, Woo-sung.
# If affection is even #
# sadder than love... #
Will the baby be okay?
They're all overreacting.
It's just a cold.
Yes, but still...
If he doesn't get better
soon, it's a real problem.
Because they can't sell him?
If they can't sell him, we
can't arrest them in the act.
We're the Female Youth Division,
we should throw our net further
up the river than Criminal Affairs.
Up the river?
Shouldn't we have saved her
before she threw away her child?
That's for Welfare Services.
Welfare before she abandons
him, the police after.
Why are you so cold towards that woman?
She's irresponsible.
Have the baby, then
abandon him on a whim...
Still, to judge her so quickly...
Can you understand a woman
who throws away her baby?
I can't.
You can't do that here.
This isn't a playground.
You're right.
- You're his father?
- Yes.
There are other patients here.
- Please control him.
- I will.
Are you Woo-sung's father?
Yes... sure...
What's his national ID number?
Actually, he's still
just a month old, so...
One month?
Yes, no one can believe it.
Is it the formula?
The American brand. What's it called?
The boy's grandma gave
us so much of that Similac...
she was so happy to
have her first grandson.
Then can you come with me for a moment?
That punk, playing soccer all day long.
That's why the director
blows his whistle so much.
Going on and on...
Thank you for doing this.
All kids get fevers, it's normal.
If I were alone, I'd
have been helpless.
No need to do it all yourself.
And the father...
He was against it from the start.
I see. That's too bad...
It seems this woman
ran away with a baby.
Find her and bring it back.
Bring her back?
The baby.
What will you do with it?
Raise it.
Since it's my husband's.
Fully automated?
Are they kidding?
What do I do with this?
Hi, Tae-ho.
I'm sorry, I'll get you the money soon.
The baby? Who?
Woo-sung's father?
For how much?
40 million?
He's passed out cold.
Must've been tired.
All day he was
worrying it was his fault.
He's like Si-woo, this kid.
The type that gets left behind.
Did you ever want to be adopted?
I liked it there.
I told them I didn't
want to be adopted.
You thought your mom would come back?
So Sang-hyun's been talking.
Yeah, about the letter.
I never thought of myself as abandoned.
He's asleep.
Will you wash it?
You do it, please.
Put his chin into your shoulder.
I know how.
No, higher.
I know!
That's too weak.
Be quiet...
You're not caring for him on purpose?
In case you won't be
able to let go later.
Why are you laughing?
Women will eat you
alive if you're so nice.
That's exactly what Sang-hyun said.
Where are you going?
The convenience store.
Want me to go?
There are things a woman
can't ask a man to buy.
It might rain. Take an umbrella.
Come and get me if it rains.
With an umbrella.
I'll be back!
Where'd you meet the
woman you call Mom?
I had run away, and was
sleeping at Songdo Beach.
She asked if I was hungry.
Did she force you into prostitution?
Are you taking pity on me?
No, it's not that.
I did it even before meeting Mom.
Then why kill that guy?
I got upset.
He told me to lick him
before he took a shower.
Did he do anything to
make it self-defense?
I can give you a list of my
customers if you want.
No need. What I want to know is...
Is this an investigation, or a lecture?
I'll sell the baby as you
told me to, don't worry.
We want to help. Both of us.
Have you ever abandoned a baby?
Or killed someone?
Fine, then tell us. Because
I can't understand.
Why'd you abandon him?
Outside the box, even.
You saw it?
He'd have died if you left him.
I never intended to see him again.
Then why have him
if you can't raise him?
I should've aborted him?
Thinking of him, might that be better?
Rather than throw him away,
killing him before he's born
is less of a sin?
If nobody wants him,
giving birth will just
make him miserable.
Say that in front of Woo-sung,
that I should've killed him first!
You threw him away!
Hey, listen.
Can you bring me some
clothes? My button fell off.
We're in Uljin.
Yeah, right?
Never mind, it's okay.
Check this out. Listen to this song.
Did you hear it? Remember,
that movie we saw?
It was in that.
Though it doesn't
make sense in reality.
Rice? What rice?
Ah, like at a wedding?
No, things are fine.
Just because.
Stick the needle in here.
Under the button. Look.
If you wrap it around a
few times, it won't fall off.
Wow, Dong-soo, how'd you do that?
- Hae-jin, you try it.
- I wanna try!
Come on, try it.
No, I wanna do this.
So who are we meeting tomorrow?
They're rich, of course.
Since they're offering 40 million.
30 million.
Right, 30 million.
Why? Who would you prefer?
Someone pretty like So-young.
Hey, Dong-soo.
Learn from him.
A man needs to slip in
praise casually like that.
Thank you for your instruction, Master.
What? I didn't hear you.
They say the eldest son resembles
the mom, and the daughter the dad.
That's why my daughter is doomed.
It's okay, you don't live with her.
That's just superstition.
So you're an eldest daughter?
Shut up.
When I look at old photos of my mom,
sometimes I think it's me.
That button was about to fall off.
- Where are you going?
- To wash up.
That kid doesn't know
his parents' faces, either.
Sometimes, you know,
it's better that way.
For Woo-sung too, it'll be better
if he can't remember my face.
Why do you say that?
Because I'm a murderer.
Who'd you kill?
Woo-sung's father.
He said Woo-sung should
never have been born,
tried to take him from me.
His wife is probably
searching for me now.
So if you'll sell him properly,
you can leave me behind.
I just came out of the hotel.
And... hold on a sec.
Let me ask you something.
What are you doing here?
After what So-young told us, I
thought I'd check just in case.
What is that?
This is a GPS or something.
Where'd you find it?
In here.
The cops?
The cops wouldn't use
an antique like this.
Then someone's been following us.
Don't you think?
From the father's side.
Don't do it.
You were planning to
leave without So-young.
This time rather than money,
let's find a buyer
So-young is happy with.
I don't care only about
money, you know.
Good, then.
I'll take care of this, then.
What are you doing?
I know everything.
Woo-sung's dad is dead.
So what? As long as you get paid.
But who wants to buy him?
The dead man's wife.
What'll she do with him?
She says she'll raise him.
Raise him? Don't talk nonsense.
She'll sell him, right?
Ship him abroad?
I'm not selling.
Come out here, now!
Hey, hey.
Who the hell are you?
You're on the father's side?
Shut up and give me the
baby. Come out here!
Come out!
Hey, did you kill him?
He's the son of someone I know!
He's fine, just passed out.
Help me out.
Where are they going now?
They're driving south on this road,
but I think we can catch up in 5km.
- Speed up, then.
- Okay.
We were careless.
It's the KTX! KTX!
I had a dream.
Years ago I took this train with
my daughter, wife and mother
and went to Wolmido.
- Back then...
- A good dream, then.
No, not really.
Why do you think she told us?
- Their destination?
- Yes.
She wants us to follow?
So that Woo-sung
doesn't get taken away?
That may be what she's thinking.
Will it be okay?
It's my treat.
Not this.
I may just go myself.
That's okay, as long as they
don't pay in installments.
- So-young.
- Yeah?
When you put Woo-sung in the box...
I mean, did you really
think of coming back?
I'm not sure.
But if I'd met you a bit earlier,
maybe I wouldn't have had to.
It's not too late.
What did you say?
What? Never mind.
You're keeping
So-young all to yourself!
All right, take the baton.
What kind of guy do you like?
I don't know.
A guy like you who
looks good in overalls.
Hae-jin is a great name.
I like your name. It means
going out to the sea.
When you grow up, you'll
probably work abroad.
In the Premier League?
- Who named Woo-sung?
- Me.
Lucky him.
What does it mean?
"Woo" means wings, and
"sung" means the stars.
I hope he goes far, far away.
If you cross the sea,
Woo-sung will go to the stars.
Like an astronaut?
Or a pilot?
We're like brothers.
I'm wondering if we can
meet two hours earlier?
See you at 12.
Yes, thank you.
Today is about Woo-sung.
Got it?
- Can't I be adopted too?
- No.
No way.
Thank you so much for
agreeing to our request.
As I told you already,
our baby was stillborn.
Since it could well happen again...
It must've been hard on you.
It was a girl, a cute
baby just like him.
Have a seat. Would you
like coffee? Ice coffee?
Could I hold him?
Yes, sure.
It's okay, don't be scared.
Is he hungry? The bottle...
Were you hungry?
If you don't mind, could
I try breast feeding him?
It's okay?
- Then, over here.
- Thank you.
It's okay...
It's okay...
Oh my.
Look, he's eating.
Is that good?
Does it taste good?
I didn't mention this in my email,
but can I propose one condition?
Thinking of the future,
we want to raise
Woo-sung as our real child.
So we'd like for this to be
the last meeting between
him and his birth mother.
I know it will be hard, but
think it over for today.
So-young, sit here!
That came out well.
Wow, a monorail!
Let's take photos!
Let's go in!
How much is it?
4,000 won?
Not yet, we're not done.
Just a minute.
I want the monkey doll!
Oh no, I better not miss this.
Hold on.
Do it!
There's a soccer field. Look.
- Yeah.
- Huh?
It's a soccer field!
I don't like heights, I'm scared.
Hey, you said you wanted to ride this.
Back then... I was just improvising...
What's wrong?
You're not going to throw up?
You've gone pale. Are you okay?
- Don't throw up.
- Yeah.
- Don't throw up here.
- Yeah.
Look at you, I wanted to treat you.
Bring me there instead.
The car wash.
The car wash.
- The car wash?
- Yeah.
- You like getting soaked?
- Yeah.
Okay, if things go well
tomorrow, let's go again.
Tell me when we reach the ground.
- Don't throw up.
- Yeah.
You punk.
Should we look a bit longer?
Or we could not put
him up for adoption.
We could even
just raise him ourselves.
The four of us.
Or with Hae-jin. Five would be nice.
That's a strange family. Who's the dad?
I'll be Woo-sung's dad.
That's what men say when they propose.
I wish we could start
over again like that.
But it can't happen.
I'll be arrested soon.
"A Busan-based prostitute murdered
a man, and while on the run,
left her child in a baby box."
Is this how you'll appear?
These days they don't blur the faces.
They don't?
This thing's shaking, right?
It's okay. It's because
we're at the top.
It's even scarier, not
being able to see.
It's strange.
Seeing you makes my
heart feel a bit lighter.
In what way?
My mom too
may have had some unavoidable
reason to abandon me.
Even so,
you don't need to forgive her.
She's still an awful mother.
instead I'll forgive you.
Woo-sung will never forgive me.
You abandoned him
so he wouldn't grow up
as a murderer's son.
I threw him away.
I guess I'm the one who
wanted to sell him the most.
We're more like brokers than they are.
It was the same with you,
when you were young.
You almost threw up,
but you didn't, I held you...
I don't remember. I
was three years old.
Was it that long ago?
Wow, you're already solving
such difficult problems?
What? Who is it?
Answer it.
Is it a message?
Answer her.
Should we send her a selfie?
Here's your order. Enjoy.
Eat some. It looks good.
Tomorrow I'm getting
paid a lot of money.
Then maybe the three of
us, like before, in Busan...
Or I can come to Seoul.
We don't need money, just stop calling.
That's what Mom said.
Ah, Mom...
But really, she said not
to come to the house.
Last time I drank too much...
Look! This straw,
it's shaped like a heart.
there's a new baby coming.
Yeah. A boy.
Is that so?
Then please say congratulations to Mom.
No, no...
Still, in the future...
I'm still your dad...
Of course.
I'll be going.
I'll see you.
Steak, steak!
To wish us success for tomorrow.
Woo-sung, say "My brother Hae-jin"!
"Hae-jin, Hae-jin"!
He said "Hae-jin"!
Yeah, right.
Woo-sung, you did, right?
He definitely did.
Woo-sung, you can't ever forget us!
He'll forget us right away.
Hae-jin, you can remember
all of this for him.
This guy is such a dork sometimes.
I totally agree.
Woo-sung, today was so much fun.
So let's not forget!
So-young, you never talk to Woo-sung.
That's not true.
He's right, I've never seen it.
It's the end, so say something.
What should I say?
"Thank you for being born."
You know, that kind of thing.
He won't even understand.
Even so,
just once in his life...
So-young, then say it to all of us.
- All of you?
- Yeah.
All four of you?
That dummy.
I'll pass.
Hey, you're the one who suggested it.
Then I'll pass, too.
All right, I'll say it.
Everyone close your eyes then.
Hold on!
Let's turn out the light.
Then how will I eat the steak?
Hey! Don't turn it out.
Don't turn it out.
Okay, here we go.
Hae-jin, thank you for being born.
thank you for being born.
thank you for being born.
thank you...
for being born.
Thank you for being born.
Okay, good night everyone.
Good night.
I've got a proposition.
We'll say you turned yourself in here.
No need to sell Woo-sung now.
You say to sell him,
and now you say don't?
Confess to accidental manslaughter,
and you can be out in 3 years.
Then someday you can
live with Woo-sung again.
Those two people can never
become parents, unfortunately.
Neither can I.
The couple we met today said,
Woo-sung wasn't
abandoned, he was protected.
That they'll tell him that every day.
I want him to be raised
by people like them.
If so,
If so,
he won't have to live like me.
Where are you going?
So-young's gone, too.
So-young's probably
outside with the police.
So-young wouldn't sell us out.
Yes, she would.
She'd do anything for Woo-sung.
But that's okay.
When you're a parent,
you'll understand.
If she sells us out,
can she start over again?
Maybe even with Woo-sung.
You go first, I'll join you soon.
Hey, come here.
Look, Tae-ho.
I said come here!
- Listen to me for a sec.
- Hey, you!
- Listen.
- Let go!
You haven't given up yet?
Of course not!
Just think about it.
If that woman raises him,
how will he grow up? Will he be happy?
What the hell's come over you?
You're just a damn broker.
Let go of me! Shit!
Listen to me.
Instead of this,
let's take that 40 million
and work together.
You're talking nonsense! Why should I?
I'm not going to work
with Dong-soo anymore.
Those guys,
they don't need me anymore.
My wife got really mad at
me for saying that yesterday.
To ask that all of a
sudden isn't fair to her.
So please tell his mother,
whenever she wants to see him,
she can call us anytime.
We don't want to hide
anything from the child.
It would've been nice
to give Woo-sung to people like you.
Who's that?
Is it Sang-hyun?
Who are you?
The police.
What's the matter?
You're being charged with
illegally purchasing a child.
- Honey!
- Stay inside for a sec.
Can we talk outside?
Kim Dong-soo? You're arrested
for suspected child trafficking.
What about So-young?
She turned herself in.
And the other man?
I don't know.
- Take them in.
- Okay.
Let's go.
For our next story,
we have new info on the body found in
a Seoul underground shopping center.
The victim, surnamed Shin,
was a gangster from Busan,
and 40 million won in cash has been
found in the victim's motel room.
Police are investigating the matter
as a potential crime or accident.
to celebrate Family Month in May,
events for families are
scheduled across the country.
Hold on a second.
What are you kids doing?
What are you doing?
Did you have fun?
Want to go in the ocean?
Ms. Moon So-young, how have you been?
I was glad to hear your
sentence was reduced,
and you've been released.
It's been 3 years that I've
been caring for Woo-sung,
as you requested that day.
On the 15th this month, for
an hour starting at 12 noon,
in the park across from Busan Sky Land,
Woo-sung and I will wait for you.
We still don't know anything
about Sang-hyun's whereabouts,
but I invited Dong-soo and Hae-jin.
Busan Sky Land
Hae-jin, get in the van!
Mr. Yoon and his wife are on probation,
so they're not allowed to
adopt Woo-sung as you wished,
but they sometimes
come and play with him.
If you can't come this time,
we'll gather again next month.
I hope we can all discuss
Woo-sung's future.
Thank you.
Come again!