Brooklyn Tide (2016) Movie Script

(suspenseful music)
(cell phone beeping)
- I'm at the corner of
Pacific and Franklin.
I have a possible 283, east
side of Pacific, black SUV.
Copy that.
(tense music)
(labored breathing)
(suspenseful music)
- That's good.
Hey buddy, wake up.
You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- See what we got goin' on here.
Ah, yeah.
That'll work.
Let's see what this is.
I'm gonna get some
help, come right back.
(dark tense music)
- You know we coulda
done this online, right?
- Yeah, I like to
meet face-to-face,
get a handle on who
I'm dealing with.
Say you got three
million of these.
- Yeah, department store
security is a bad joke, so--
- You hacked it yourself?
- Mean, yeah, it was mostly me.
- Do I get to meet
your partners?
- [Hacker] Maybe,
let's see the cash.
- Deal's off.
- Wait, what the fuck?
Let me see that.
- Sorry, gotta run.
- You've seen the numbers
man, we gotta do this.
- Is that so?
- You've been askin' for
this meeting for weeks.
I go through all this
trouble, and you bail?
No, no, I showed you the data
man, now give me the cash.
- Doesn't work like that.
- Sit the fuck down.
- Do you know what
Occcam's Razor is?
- Fuck you, the money, now.
- It's a philosophical idea
that the simplest answer
is by far the most likely.
That's a nice gun, H and K UPS.
Chambered in 47.
Austrian, expensive, rare.
Now what's more likely,
a small time hacker working
out of a dilapidated warehouse
has four grand and some serious
gun-running connections,
or you ordered an airsoft
replica off Amazon for 50 bucks?
I'm gonna do you
a real big favor
and forget you pointed
that gun at me.
Don't make me regret it.
(heavy breathing)
- Ah, Special Agent
Corbin, I'm Samantha Vera,
I'm suppose to escort
you to the scene.
- You have ID, Agent Vera?
- Yeah, um.
(clearing throat)
- Then let's go.
- Right, let's.
Can I just say Agent Corbin,
I'm really sorry about
Francesco, I know
he was your boss.
- Belt.
- Excuse me?
- Your seat belt
Agent Vera, put it on.
- Oh.
- How long have
you been with us?
- Ah, well, I wish I
could still use that whole
"it's my first day excuse,"
but it's getting kind of old.
Almost a year.
And you?
- And me what?
- How long have you
been with the bureau?
- Nine years.
- How long did you
know Francesco?
- Nine years.
What'd they tell you?
- Francesco had a heart
attack on the way to work
and was pronounced dead
on scene by paramedics.
What was he carrying?
- What makes you think he
was carrying something?
- They took you out
of an undercover
operation to ID a body,
I mean, if we're
running red lights
on the way to a heart attack
there must be
something else in play.
- Francesco may
have had a package.
That's what we're
there to find out.
- Copy that.
- What'd you do before you
joined us Special Agent Vera?
- I was with the Secret Service.
Uniform division, someone
thought I was big enough
to make a good shield.
- So why'd you transfer?
- My dad was with the
Secret Service for 20 years,
and I watched the
doubt eat him up.
- What doubt?
- Doubt about where
the bad guys are.
The way politics
are going these days
I was gonna have to take a
bullet for some sexist asshole.
FBI, cyber crime, it's
the future, right?
- As opposed to?
- Cyber crime's about
data, and data doesn't lie.
- Think I knew your father.
- I know you did, he
told me about you.
We're here.
- I'm gonna have to ask
you folks to step back,
this is a crime scene.
- I'm Special Agent Corbin,
this is Agent Vera, FBI.
- This is an NYPD crime scene,
but I'll let ya talk
to my supervisor.
- The deceased was
an agent of ours,
we're here to secure
his belongings.
- Well in that case
you're outta luck.
Somebody already
stole his belongings.
- Well, that changes things.
- How so?
- It's now a
federal crime scene,
I'm gonna have to
ask you to step back.
- Special Agent Corbin.
- Yes?
- They're asking
for you in the van.
- What van?
- Agent Corbin, Michael
Gates, Homeland Security.
This is Mr. Blake, he's
observing from another agency.
- [Corbin] You guys
got here quick.
- Time is of the essence,
as I'm sure you know.
- What else do we know?
- We understand the deceased
was a federal agent,
one of yours.
- Agent Francesco was
head of cyber crimes unit.
- Any idea what happened?
- No blood, no obvious trauma.
Could be heart attack.
Why are you here?
- 'Cuse me?
- I'm here because my boss
is lying dead in the street.
You pressed the panic button
and got a mobile command
post set up in under an hour.
- It's a good question.
Do you know what
Francesco was working on?
- I can't tell you that.
- Because you don't know.
- [Corbin] How do you know that?
- Because I told him
not to tell anyone.
Agent Francesco was
carrying a package,
it seems to be missing.
- What'd this package contain?
- Something that
needs to be found.
That's all I can
tell you right now.
- I know you work in politics,
and your bosses are allergic
to anything they
might have to deny
in front of a Senate inquiry,
but I need to know what
it was so I can work out
who took it and
how to find them.
- Have you ever heard
of Brooklyn Tide?
- No.
- It's an anarchist hacker
group that was originally formed
to monitor government
It seems that in the last year
they've metastasized into
something much more radical.
- [Corbin] You think
they're involved?
- We've been monitoring
them as a potential threat
for some time.
Past few weeks, the chatter's
been off the charts.
And today, total silence.
Communication blackout one hour
before Francesco went down.
- [Corbin] Could
be a coincidence.
- We're hoping for the best,
but we're preparing
for the worst.
- [Corbin] What'd
Francesco have on him
that these people wanted?
- Something we can't
afford to lose.
- I need more than that.
- We're not playing
politics Agent Corbin.
I'd need direct authorization
from the President
in order to tell you what
Agent Francesco was carrying.
- [Michael] We're workin' on it.
- In the meantime, just
know that it must be found.
- Can you tell me
what size it was?
Was it a briefcase?
- [Michael] It's digital.
- So it's something
small like a thumb drive.
- [Blake] Yes.
- Then this could still
be a random robbery?
- Which is why there
aren't roadblocks
and a sky full a helicopters.
Can't have people
asking questions,
this has to be handled quietly.
- If this was a
targeted operation,
they have to authenticate
what they've taken.
We're monitoring all data
locations, public and private,
within miles.
- Take this, it's secure.
We can monitor your position
and give you information
as you need it.
Watch your six Corbin, we
already lost one agent today.
- We're leaving?
- Yes.
- What'd they say?
- Do you live around here?
- Yes.
- Say you need to
use the internet
but you knew it was being
monitored, where would you go?
- I'd go to a cafe,
they all have wi-fi
and they're anonymous.
- Within walking
distance of the scene.
Cafe big enough to hide
in with multiple exits.
- Definitely Cafe Mongoose.
Are we getting coffee?
- I guess so.
(suspenseful music)
- So do I get to know
what's going on here?
- Certain government agencies
have lost something important
and we're gonna get it back.
- What did they lose?
- They won't tell us.
Francesco had it on him
when he left this morning,
now he doesn't.
- So someone killed him for it.
- Possibility.
- What else did they tell you?
- What's your
security clearance?
- Three, almost,
- They have half levels
of security clearance now?
- Four, I have a level
four security clearance.
Is this gonna be
like Training Day?
- You think I'm gonna trick
you into smoking crack
then get you to help
me rob a drug dealer?
- No I mean, is this a test?
- Yes, a test.
That's the problem with having
so many federal agencies,
jurisdiction gives
the game away.
- Secret Service,
CIA, State Department,
even the DOE have
their own people.
- There's one government agency
that can't operate on U.S. soil
without congressional approval.
- The Pentagon.
- Pentagon doesn't solve
crimes, or collect secrets,
they fight wars.
- So, it's a weapon, it's
a weapon made of code.
- If they knew to steal it,
we have to assume they
know how to use it,
or intend to sell it
to someone who will.
Looks like we were
right, drive's here.
- Funny place to
start world war three.
How do you wanna do this?
- Follow my lead.
- Hi, what can I get you?
- [Corbin] Coffee, black.
- Sure.
- [Vera] Who are we looking for?
- Something outta place.
I'm gonna get their attention,
watch and see if
anyone doesn't look up.
Federal agents, I
need you to stop
what you're doing right now.
Someone who was just here on a
laptop, I need a description.
Ask the girl at the counter.
- Shit, Corbin.
- Shit.
- Which way?
- If she had a car it
would've been waiting.
Subway's too far away.
The shuttle.
- That was really great
what you did in there.
- It was procedure.
- No procedure I've ever read.
- It's in there, trust me.
- You know all the rules?
- We're agents of the
United States government,
we enforce laws.
We don't get to make
things up as we go along.
- Like Agent Clay?
- You don't know anything
about Johnathan Clay.
- We did a case study
on him in the academy.
Most decorated agent in
the bureau until he turned.
- Wasn't a traitor.
He was a good man trying
to do the right thing.
- Text book says otherwise.
- Clay never saved
the textbook's life.
- Shall we grab her?
No, she's just a courier.
I'm gonna find out who
she gives the drive to.
- Protocol?
- Yes.
- How did Clay save your life?
- It's not important.
- I'd like to know.
- We're on a raid,
an all-Russian crew,
I got distracted and
suspect got the drop on me.
- Wha'd he do?
- Jumped in front of it.
Took two in the
vest, spun around,
shot the guy right in the face.
- So he was good.
- Depends on what
you mean by good,
but yeah, he's the best
I ever worked with.
- And would you've done the
same, I mean as Clay did?
- I ask myself that a lot.
- And.
- If it was me, probably
would've stood there
with a dumb look on my
face and watched him die.
- Remind me not to
piss off any Russians.
- We're not partners.
- We are today.
- Where are you?
- [Voiceover] We are watching.
- Get me out of here, this
was not part of the plan.
- [Voiceover] It
is under control.
- Under control?
I have two federal
agents chasing after me.
Send someone to
pick up this thing
or I'm gonna drop it
down the storm drain.
- [Voiceover] The FBI has
rules they must abide by.
- What is that suppose to mean?
- [Voiceover] We do not.
If you fail, the law will be
the least of your problems.
- Well then get me out of here.
- [Voiceover] The next
building on the right,
wait by the door.
- She's gone into that building.
- No, she's waiting
in the entrance.
Cross the street
and walk past her.
Tell me if she's gone inside.
Put your coms in.
- [Voiceover] Wait.
- Hurry.
- Do you ever go to visit
him, in prison I mean?
- Visit who?
- Clay.
- [Voiceover] Wait.
- They're here.
- No, any more
personal questions,
or can we go save the world?
- Ready when you are.
- I'm going.
- Shit, she's gone inside.
(apprehensive music)
- Go around, there's
gotta be a way through.
She has to be, get
to the station, I'll
try from this side.
Federal agents, open the door.
(tense music)
(door shutting)
Where are you?
There's a tunnel leading to 545,
she's making for the front door.
- I'm on it.
(tense music)
- What's your position?
- [Vera] I have the
main entrance covered.
- Do you have visual?
- [Vera] Nothing.
- Where are you?
- [Vera] I'm by the front door.
- I just came out of it.
- Damn.
- Where is she?
- There.
- Stay here, wait
for the next one.
- What're you gonna do?
- I'm gonna stop that train.
(tense music)
This is Agent Jonathan
Corbin, authorization 78786.
I need you to cut
power to grid 82.
All the high voltage.
They'll have backup power.
No, you need to do
what I'm telling you
or you lose your job.
Throw the switch
or go to prison.
- [Voiceover] Attention,
due to a power outage,
this train is being held
here until further notice.
(suspenseful music)
- Yeah.
Oh just everything,
where are you?
I didn't know who
else to reach out to.
Look, I tried to
do something right
and now it's just
all gone to hell.
Oh that's so easy
for you to say.
Thank you.
I gotta go.
(labored breathing)
- [Vera] Hey.
- Any sign of her?
- No, I just got here.
- What about comin' up Franklin?
- No, nothing.
Shit, the museum,
there's a festival,
she'll try and lose
us in the crowd.
Should we call in NYPD so
we have more bodies on hand
so we're not running
ourselves ragged?
- No, once they get
wind of a terror threat
they'll come in guns blazing,
we'll never get to
ID who she's meeting.
- Assuming we find her.
- We'll find her.
She's scared, she's
in over her head,
she'll call the people
who put her up to this.
- What are you thinking?
- About what?
- About who we're dealing with.
- Well it's a pretty
narrow subset of groups.
U.S. has many enemies, not
many willing to wage war
against a super power.
- Iran, North Korea.
- They'd use their own people.
They'd never farm it
out to freelancers.
- Which leaves--
- Domestic threats,
anti-nuclear protesters,
freedom of information
kooks, hackers for hire,
soldiers of fortune,
slag at the bottom
of the terror barrel.
- What's the plan of attack?
- Go to the museum control room,
see what you can
find on the monitors.
I'll flush her out.
- Yes.
- You were told to
stay on the train.
- Hey, you're not the one
sticking their neck out.
They pulled the power and
the whole train stopped.
- Follow orders from now
on or you will be shot,
do you understand?
They're coming for
you from the east.
Take your jacket off,
leave it on the floor.
- Can we zoom in right here?
Hey Corbin, can you hear me?
Alright, we got
eyes on the crowd.
- Yeah, copy.
She must've changed clothes.
- That's very sophisticated,
think she has a
trade craft for that?
- No, but someone
must be helping her
or she never woulda
got this far.
- She could've gone further
down Eastern Parkway.
- She's here somewhere.
She's gonna make a mistake.
- [Voiceover] Move two
steps to your left.
Do you see the
poster on the wall?
You gotta walk
straight towards it.
Do not move out of line.
- I still can't see her.
- What is it?
- Black jacket in the forecourt.
- [Voiceover] Go.
- What?
- Where'd you get that jacket?
- I found it, it's mine.
- She has help, some one who
knows where the cameras are.
up high.
- Walk under the stairs and
stop under the third pillar.
- Uh, shit.
- Cassie.
- Shit, shit.
I have to move.
- [Voiceover] Stay where
you are, you're safe there.
- San just --
- Hey.
- Don't talk, just move.
- Why, why?
- God dammit, because
people are watching.
- Alright we got her.
She's lost the jacket,
she's heading east
towards the gardens now
accompanied by a
brown-skinned male, late 20s.
Is this her contact?
- Could be, doesn't
look it though.
- But we should
grab them, right?
- No, not yet.
- I mean, he's the next
link in the chain, right?
- Not necessarily.
- Who else would she be meeting?
- Someone she'd call
when she's in trouble.
Damsel in distress.
- So he's just some civilian
in the middle of this?
- His body language, he's
totally focused on her,
I don't think he
knows what's goin' on.
Let's hang back.
- It's gonna be packed,
surveillance is
gonna be a nightmare.
- We'll have more cover.
- And if there's a shootout,
lots of bystanders.
- It won't come to that.
- I hate crowds.
- Why?
- Rallies were always
a nightmare for
the Secret Service.
All those possible
threats, no mobility.
- Dad must be very proud.
- He's a tough man to please,
I'd need to get a medal.
- It's not all it's
cracked up to be.
Mainly politics.
- Like Clay?
You got a medal when
he went to prison.
- Something like that.
Every service needs its heroes.
And its villains.
- Tell me, what's goin' on?
- What?
- You ask me to come
here and get you,
and now you get angry.
- No, no, I'm not angry,
okay, things just changed.
- What coulda changed
since five minutes ago?
- More than you
would think, come on.
Hey, I'm sorry, thank
you, thank you for coming.
- I missed you, I tried to
tell you that on the phone.
- I missed you too.
- Well you kinda just
sorta disappeared.
I mean I know you
said you wanted space,
but I mean one day we were happy
and the next, you
were just gone.
- I know, I thought I
met someone special.
- And what?
- What do you mean?
- Are you still with him?
- He wasn't who
I thought he was.
- You didn't answer my question,
are you still with him?
- No, it's over.
- What are your
thoughts on the new guy?
- [Corbin] What are yours?
- Civilian, like you said.
He's doing that
dumb walk guys do
when they try to look tough.
- Think that'll hurt or help us?
- [Vera] What do you mean?
- Is he gonna fight
to protect her?
- Are you asking my
opinion as an agent?
- Or a woman, both.
- Well, he thinks he will,
but when it comes down to it,
it depends on how
much he loves her,
and how much he has to lose.
- Faltering courage
of those who know
they're too pretty
to go to prison.
- Something like that.
- You're young to be so cynical.
- You're old to be so romantic.
- I like to think I'm a realist.
- Great, 'cause as us kids
say, this shit just got real.
- What am I suppose to
just drop everything,
and take you back?
After what you did?
- I'm not asking you
to forgive me but,
just give me a chance.
- A chance to what?
- A chance to make things right.
- Things can't be
like they were before.
I don't even know if
I can trust you again.
- It's okay, I know.
Hey, hey, follow me.
- Wait, what, what's goin' on?
- These people are following me.
- Who, is it him, is he here?
- Just come on.
- I'm not gonna hide.
Apparently I am.
- What is it?
- Time to make a move.
- The only other entrance
is a municipal parking lot,
and it's sealed off.
- Stay back and make sure
they don't get past me.
I'll wait 'til they're
isolated and move in.
- Copy that, standing by.
- Wait, c'mon, Cassie stop.
- [Cassie] Sanchez, come on.
- Where are we goin'?
Just talk to me, Cassie talk --
- Here.
- What're you --
- In here.
- Where're you goin', I'm
not hidin', listen stop.
- No, Sanchez you
don't understand.
- Look, bay, bay, bay, bay,
I can handle this, okay?
- No Sanchez, --
- Stay where you are.
- What the fuck man,
get outta the way.
- Don't make this any
harder than it is.
- What're you not listening?
She's not goin' with you man,
get the fuck out the way.
- You're one bad decision away
from making a very big mistake.
- Oh really, why don't
you tell me about it,
give me one good reason.
- I can give you two.
This a Glock 19,
it'll put a hole in your
head the size of my fist.
Second, is this badge, which
gives me full authority
of the United States
Government to do so.
- You didn't say your
boyfriend was a fed.
- He's not--
- It's not a personal matter,
she has stolen top-secret
documents in her position.
- Is that true?
- I had it, but I already
gave it to somebody else.
- Give it up, it's in your bag.
- No.
- Are you serious,
just give him the bag.
- No.
- You got 10 seconds.
- Cassie, whoa, hey, I
didn't sign up for this man,
alright just give him the bag.
- But, no, is this you
handling the situation?
- Handling the situation?
You're using me, that's the
only reason why you called.
Give him the bag.
- What, you said you
would protect me.
- Protect, you want
me to protect you?
- Yes.
- Wha'da you want me to get
shot, is that what you want?
- One more second
and you'll find out.
- Just fucking give
him the bag, c'mon.
- No, no, Sanchez, Sanchez stop.
- The fuckin' bag, here
you go, here you go.
- Lock her to the bus.
- No.
- You serious?
- [Corbin] Do it.
- [Cassie] This is ridiculous.
- Do it.
- What're you doing?
- This is some sick shit.
- Sanchez, Sanchez
stop, what're you doing?
Come on, Sanchez
it's me, it's Cassie.
- No, no.
- Stop.
- I'm sorry.
- Sanchez.
- You're the one that
fuckin' called me
to use me like you usually do.
- Fuck you.
- No, fuck you.
- Get the fuck away from me.
You're useless, fuck you.
Oh come on, Sanchez.
- I've got the drive.
Do not engage,
repeat, do not engage.
Copy that.
(suspenseful music)
(dark, gloomy music)
- Oh.
- Sh, sh, you're okay,
just breathe, breathe.
You're alright.
I'm gonna take this, okay?
We made a great team,
I have to do this.
(labored breathing)
- Sit down, unless you
wanna die like your boss.
You were injected with
potassium cyanide.
When it reaches your
heart, you'll die.
I have the antidote.
Try not to scream.
There's a lot more goin'
on here than meets the eye.
- Ya think.
- Be quiet and listen, or
you'll give yourself a stroke.
We've been monitoring Brooklyn
Tide for some time now
because we thought they'd
turn someone inside the FBI.
Now we know.
- That's how they knew to--
- Be quiet, just be quiet.
Agent Vera showed her colors
and now the drive is gone.
It's a crime for me
to even tell you this,
but the drive contains a virus
that can destroy a
nuclear facility.
We developed it to destroy
the Iranian nuclear program
but it can penetrate and destroy
any military or civilian
reactor in the world.
Brooklyn Tide has grown
increasingly radical
over the last two years.
There was a large
influx of money,
and a change in leadership.
And the money is coming
directly from the cartels.
- Mexico.
- Specifically the Gulf cartel.
For the past few
years the Gulf cartel
has been beaten up badly
by their west coast rivals.
The San Onofre
reactor in California
sits directly on the border.
- If there was incident we'd--
- We'd have to evacuate San
Diego and close the border.
The western cartel would
lose its pipeline for weeks,
maybe months.
- Who'd make a play like that?
- Someone familiar
with our organizations,
someone who
understands reactors.
Someone who wants revenge,
even at the risk of
millions of lives.
- He's here.
- We have the park locked
down as best we can.
NYPD is taking up positions but
by tomorrow this thing
could be troubling down.
- I know where she
is, I can get it back.
- Agent Corbin,
make sure you do.
This could be our last chance.
- Well this is a nice surprise.
- [Corbin] It's a surprise,
I don't know if
I'd call it nice.
- You're alive.
That was a condition,
deal breaker.
- [Corbin] Generous to the last.
- Where are you,
still on the street?
- [Corbin] Waiting
in an ambulance.
- No hard feelings, right.
- [Corbin] Of course
not, better man won.
You look nice in a dress.
- How are you--
- [Corbin] No need
for that, not here.
- How are you--
- [Corbin] Still walking?
Maybe our mutual friend isn't
as clever as he thinks he is.
Where'd you meet him?
- Online.
- [Corbin] He approached you?
- I used to read his posts on
the law enforcement forums,
we got to chatting.
- [Corbin] When?
- Since I was 14.
You know you don't
sound so good.
- [Corbin] It's
been a rough day.
- Feel like you've
been hit by a truck?
- [Corbin] Not physically.
When someone you trust--
- You should ask our friend,
he knows all about that.
- [Corbin] And so will you.
- What is that suppose to mean?
- [Corbin] That he's playing
you, like everyone else.
You're just another
pawn to be cast aside
when you've played your part.
- Is this where you try
to get inside my head?
It took Clay five years,
you have 30 seconds.
- [Corbin] Lying takes time,
truth kicks you
right in the teeth.
- What truth would
that be exactly.
- [Corbin] That what you're
doing is wrong, and you know it.
- Nuclear power is everything
that's wrong with this world.
Our fear has become a commodity
and those in power
profit from it.
- [Corbin] Your
dad tell you that?
- My father has nothing
to do with this.
- [Corbin] I think he has
everything to do with it.
- He gave 20 years of his life
protecting our
so-called leaders.
And a few men in his detail
go to a brothel in Colombia
where it's legal, and they
throw him under the fucking bus.
No pension, stripped
of his decorations.
He risked his life for them
and they fucking buried him.
- [Corbin] Alright,
the system is flawed.
So you're gonna attack a
nuclear power plant to prove it.
- No it's more than that,
it's about sending a message.
- [Corbin] No, that's
exactly what it is.
You were hurt by the system
and you wanna hurt it back,
but you'll only be hurting
the people who are part of it.
It's not perfect, but
the alternative is chaos.
- What do you know about hurt?
- [Corbin] I had a friend,
who I was closer to
than my own brother.
He saved my life and I
sent him to prison for it.
But that's my cross,
and I'll carry it.
I don't wanna make kids
sick in California.
- Who said anything
about California?
(breathing heavy)
- San Onofre, that's
where he wants the virus.
- You're lying, we're
gonna put it online,
we're gonna make them
decommission the reactors
because they're vulnerable.
- Where do you think --
- And we're gonna show them
that they're all liars.
- Where do you think all
the money's coming from?
- They have funding.
- The resources
to pull this off.
The cartels gave 'em
10 million dollars
to shut down the
rival's pipeline,
this isn't about
changing anything.
- Are you done?
- It's about drugs,
money, and revenge.
- Are you done?
- I think we both
are, it's over.
- No, it's not.
Get off me you
freak, help, help.
(grunting and groaning)
(tense music)
- Federal agent.
Ah, shit.
- Looking for this?
You dropped it in the path.
Like you said, it's
better this way.
- Stay away from me.
- Or what?
It was always
gonna come to this.
Once you start running, it's
only a matter of time, Vera.
- What do you know, you've
lived your whole fucking life
by the fucking book.
- It eats you up inside, always
looking over your shoulder,
living in fear.
- So wha'da you gonna
do, you gonna shoot me?
- No, you're gonna make a
full confession to the FBI,
maybe they'll cut you a deal.
You didn't kill
anyone, you're a kid,
a good kid in my opinion.
This doesn't have to be the end.
Everything's gonna be okay.
- It'll never be okay.
- No, no.
(crying out)
- Ah, ah, wait.
You know if I pull
this knife out
she's as good as dead, right?
- It's not her you
want, she's just a kid.
- With all the times
I've been betrayed,
you'd think I'd be used
to it by now, right.
- You must be very
proud of yourself,
you found a child and
you made her your puppet.
- People says there's
nothin' to do in prison,
I think I found somethin'.
- Tryin' to burn it all down.
You used to be better than that.
- Some people wanna watch
this nation burn, Corbin.
I could give a good
damn about it anymore.
- So everyone can
just go to hell?
- Not everyone Corbin, just you.
- I'm under the Danaka
Bridge, agent down,
repeat agent down.
Please, stay with me,
stay with me Vera.
Just breathe, breathe, breathe.
- Please don't tell my dad.
- No, no, no, just breathe.
(suspenseful music)
Give yourself up Clay.
Half the NYPD's
closin' in on you.
You're shoot on sight.
- Really, all I see is
one broken down FBI agent
who's way out of his league.
- Why'd it have to be like this?
- Like what?
- Us pointing guns
at each other.
We're partners.
You saved my life.
- And you sent me to prison.
- You put yourself in prison
when you took that money.
- I should be thankin' you,
prison taught me things.
- How not to give a fuck
about anyone but yourself.
- It's the system man.
- You wanna be
the one to end it.
- No, this is.
Sorry to break it
to you partner,
but sometimes the
bad guy gets away.
- [Corbin] Is that
what you are now?
- That's who you made me.
- You think that was fun for me?
Pointing the finger at my
best friend and saying,
"Yes, I saw him
take that money."
You think I enjoyed that?
I had to go back to work the
next day a fucking pariah.
No one would even look at me.
You know what, I
didn't blame them.
- Fuck you Corbin.
- No, fuck you Clay.
You put yourself in that cell,
and you're gonna put
yourself in the morgue.
- I gave everything.
- We put our lives on the line
every day, that's the job.
I don't expect a fucking parade
and I certainly don't expect
anyone to pay for my mistakes.
- I woulda given my life
for this fucking country,
right up until it took my soul.
- You don't have a soul.
- That's the first true
thing you've said all day.
- I'm tired Clay,
let's call this.
Someone's gonna shoot
you, might as well be me.
(heavy breathing)
(high anticipation music)
- You got one hell
of an overtime claim
coming for this one,
don't you?
You okay?
- No, no I'm not.
- Any of that yours?
- How much of this was set up?
- We knew Clay was
planning something.
He had someone on the inside.
- So what happens now?
- Oh it's already happened.
Clay's dead,
The mole's dead,
all-in-all a pretty
successful day.
You might even
get another medal.
- Keep it.
What about the cartels?
The Mexican government
isn't getting involved?
- Well they'll be
informed of course, but
what're they gonna do, declare
war on the cartels again?
- So you can threaten a
nuclear power station,
target our operatives,
and just walk away?
- No one walks away
Corbin, you know that.
This is as much
an information war
as it is about dead bodies.
- We should make more
statutes of Grant.
- [Francesco] He's on the 50.
- Our greatest military leader
and our worst President.
Perfect symbol of America.
Proof you can have all the world
and no fucking clue
what to do with it.
- [Francesco] You
gettin' political on me?
- Just doin' my job.
- Why don't you hold on to it.
It's probably safer
with you anyway.
I think we've proved that.
- What's on it?
- What everyone
thought was on it.
A couple of small changes.
It had to be real enough to
bring them into the open.
Hey don't lose it.
We can only play this game
when we still have secrets.
Don't think about it too much.
And get some sleep.
(sorrowful music)