Brotherhood (2010) Movie Script

All right, like I said before, I wouldn't make
you pussies do anything I wouldn't do first.
Jesus. Fuck!
No fuckin' way.
Get me out of here! Go, go, go!
- What the hell's wrong with you?
- Nothing. Here, you're next.
No. No one said anything about
robbing a fucking convenience store.
Nobody said anything about anything.
Who gives a fuck? In or out.
Go in and get $19.10
from the register. Are you ready?
- You're serious?
- In or out, it's that fucking simple.
If you're going to be pussies about this,
we can turn around and go back.
You've got three seconds
to get out of this van.
- (Leader) Two, one. Come on!
- Fuck it!
- Are you fucking insane?
- We're not insane.
- We're Sigma Zeta Chi.
- What do you say to the store clerk?
"Excuse me, I have a gun."
After that, you don't have to say shit.
You're next.
If we do this, are we in?
- Did I say that?
- No.
- Oh, so I didn't say that?
- No.
So don't go around saying stupid shit,
acting like a bitch.
Bitches are for sororities,
not fraternities.
Here he comes.
Come on!
- What the fuck happened?
- Holy shit! That was fucking awesome!
- Not so bad, right?
- Fucking great!
- What the fuck did you say to the clerk?
- Some fucking movie shit.
"Stay there and nobody gets hurt.
Just leave the fucking money!"
The cops have to be after us, right now!
That's why we can't have little bitches
like you wasting our time.
The other pledges are doing this too?
Yes, they're in vans, just like you,
doing the same shit we're doing.
Cos just like you,
they wanna be Sigma Zeta Chi.
You've come this far,
are you my brother or not?
Just do it, man.
$19.10, because our fraternity
was founded in 1910.
(Breathes deeply)
Go get your money.
Come on, boy, go get your money!
- Don't say a word. Just listen.
- Scott?
Take this bag back to the van,
act like you robbed the place.
You cool, man? Breathe.
- This is the...
- This is it.
- Yes, yes, I got it.
- Get the fuck out of here.
Come on! Come on!
- That wasn't so bad, was it?
- There wasn't even anybody in the store!
- We slip up once, we're fucked.
- Nothing is gonna happen.
- There wasn't anybody in the store.
- I've never even held a gun.
Hold up! Hold up, all right?
If you want in, you gotta do this.
There's no pussying out.
- What if I go in and there's a fucking cop?
- Not done yet, I'm not done.
No one's gonna hold your fucking hand.
You do it or you don't.
- Just go in there, you'll be fi...
- Uh-uh! He's a big boy.
You either do it or you don't.
Brother or bitch - what's it gonna be?
Cos I know a few sororities
that are looking for members too.
(Leader) Don't look at him, look at me.
Can I put the mask on
right before I go in?
Do it however you want.
(AII laugh)
- I didn't think your boy had it in him.
- I told you, he wants in.
- Good for him, man, good for him.
- (Pants)
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir.
Sir! I need all your money, now!
No, l-l-I...
- I need $19.10 please, sir.
- (Phone ringing)
- Yeah?
- (Scott) Are you guys almost here?
- What you talking about? We are here.
- Is the guy out of the van yet?
Dude, he got out, like, a minute ago.
Where the fuck are you?
The fucking Good Luck store,
where the fuck are you?
I'm at Good Luck.
Please tell me you're at the store on Roslyn.
- Shit! I thought you said the other...
- Fuck!
Give me all your fucking money, sir!
Just give me all your money now!
Give me all your fucking money, sir!
(Music drowns out speech)
Give me...
Give me all your fucking money now!
- (Gun clicks)
- Whoa!
Holy fuck.
- Kevin.
- What the fuck?
- (Gunshot)
- Argh!
(Kevin groans)
(Firing continues)
- (Firing continues)
- (Frank) Stop shooting!
Oh! Fuck.
It's not loaded, man! It's not loaded!
What the fuck, Frank?!
Why's it not fucking loaded?
(Kevin groans and screams)
(Whispers) Shut up.
(Kevin whimpers, cries out)
Let's look. Fuck.
- (Gunshot)
- Fuck!
Stop shooting, man!
Stop shooting!
It's just a fucking prank!
(Whispers) Fuck.
- Oh, my God!
- Frank, just get me outta here.
- Hold on. Hold on.
- OK?
Where the fuck are you going?
(Firing continues)
(Kevin groans)
- We're not really robbing you!
- Bullshit, you're not!
I swear to fucking Christ,
we're not robbing you, let us go!
Yeah, OK, I'll let you go.
You can go right now.
Go ahead and walk out.
- Fuck.
- (Yells)
You fucking piece of shit.
He's had enough!
Oh, fuck.
- Adam?
- You fucking work here?
Why the fuck did you rob my store?
We weren't robbing you,
it's just a fraternity thing.
Why the fuck did your fraternity
rob my store?
You know this guy?
I went to high school with him.
(Toilet flushing)
- Oh, fuck.
- Go!
I'm sorry to keep you,
I didn't realise you were closing up.
It's fine.
Sounded like the Fourth of July out here.
You having a party?
- The breaker box blew out.
- The what?
- The breaker box. The noise.
- No, I don't want any toys, just the gas.
How much do I owe you?
Er, it's on me, don't worry about it.
Oh, no, no, I can't...
I can't do that.
Here. Here you go.
Thanks. Thank you.
Have a good one.
Excuse me, I just gave you a $20 bill.
For three gallons of gas?
That's kinda steep.
(Adam) Oh, erm...
Uh, how does...
How does ten sound, is that...
- About right.
- Yeah.
(Adam) OK.
Here you go.
I thought I saw a leak back there.
Want me to show it to you?
No! No, no.
I want to get outta here.
I really want to leave.
OK, I'll get out of your hair.
(Bells jingle, door closes)
(Kevin) Adam!
- Adam!
- (Frank) Oh, shit!
(Adam) Kevin. Oh, my God!
OK, come on, come on. You're doing fine.
Is there a back door?
Is there a back door?!
- Yeah.
- (Frank) Well, where is it?
It's in the fucking back.
- (Kevin sobs)
- (Adam) I'm sorry.
- Get the door, Adam!
- Ow! Ow!
(Kevin groans)
(Frank) Come on, come on,
come on, come on!
- What the fuck is this?
- Let's just go!
- Where's the nearest hospital?
- We can't take him to the hospital.
What are you talking about?
(On stereo: ? Tech N9ne: Let's Go)
(Boy) Right this way, ladies!
Keep it moving.
Come on, ladies. Step in, step in.
Are you ladies freshmen?
- Yes.
- Here you go.
- What's this?
- This is so nobody gets confused.
- All right.
- Right this way.
Keep it moving, keep it moving.
Step right up.
Have you read this?
Do you want to come sit next to me?
?... when I produced a licence
? Let's go!
? Comin' through the dough
Hella fast, never slow
? Got the cash and the pedal to the flo'
? Let's go!
- ? If you wanna ride, let me know... ?
- Yeah!
Bluegrass, sometimes a little rap...
Hang on a sec.
- Get the toilet seats?
- We got every one in the house.
Awesome. Nice job, guys.
Get 'em inside.
Wash your hands.
? Squat low like a pig
? And know this patrol
chasing whole motion nigga shit
? And I ain't gotta decide
to proceed without a grip... ?
- Hey! Hey, you're in SZC, right?
- Yeah.
My brother, Kevin Fayhey,
he's one of your pledges.
- Know where he is?
- They've all got jobs, try the bar.
You two. Follow me, bitches.
Let's go.
Can I put my hand between your legs?
- Did you guys see her?
- She wasn't that big.
I don't know about that one, man,
she was pretty damn big.
Can I make love to you?
(Moaning, sighing)
? I hit that err that got that urge
to knockin' on yo do
? Get in this car
I'm a star, you ain't noticed yet?
? Look at these shoes
Look at these jewels shinin' on my neck
? I spit that denim then I send 'em
in the remover denim
? And once I get 'em
then I bend 'em and I can't remember 'em
? I stay persistent and consistent
when it comes to pimpin
? Your hoe gets sentenced from a sentance
when it comes to repentance
? I go the distance when I hit your butt
like I'm the midget
? Position touch it, position ship it
like I ain't in it
? The arms are touchin'
we gonna hit that
? I'm suckin' and bustin'... ?
- Rodeo!
- (Girl shrieks)
(Girl shrieks)
(Girl) No!
(Girl) Get outta here!
12 seconds. Boy, that's a new record.
Now get the fuck outta here.
Get the fuck out. Everybody out!
Don't you ever treat a woman
like that again in this house.
Where'd you learn that shit?
That is detestable.
You're gonna stay in here and
finish all these before you get out.
That's your punishment, bitch.
- Jackson!
- Are you ready for the next group?
Come here. Get the fuck over here.
- Is that fucking blood?
- (Kevin groans)
Get the fuck out of my house right now!
Party's over!
Move it! Move it now!
If you are not in this fraternity,
then get the fuck outta here!
- Get the fuck out of my house!
- What the fuck happened to him?
(Frank) He got shot!
What does it look like? Shut up!
We need to deal with the situation!
Make sure everybody gets out.
Keep a few of the guys,
no pledges, except for these two.
Absolutely nobody
who isn't in the fraternity.
I could just go to a hospital,
just take me to a hospital.
Why can't we just take him
to fucking hospital?!
I said we might, but I need to figure
this fucking shit out first!
Get me some towels or something.
- What if he fucking dies?
- Are you a fucking doctor?
- Yes, I'm a goddamn doctor.
- Shut the fuck up, OK?
Kevin's blood is at the store, OK,
there's other shit there, evidence.
We can't take a kid
with gunshot wounds to a hospital.
- We can't do that!
- I won't say shit, Frank.
We cannot take you to a hospital
cos we may as well take you to jail.
Can you hang on long enough
to stay out of jail?
Yeah, I think so. I fucking think so.
Tell Bean to get his ass over here now.
- Who the fuck is Bean?
- (Frank) A doctor.
- What is he...
- He's a fucking doctor! He can help us!
He lives down the street.
Just let me fucking figure this out.
(Kevin cries out in pain)
It's Graham,
you need to get over here now!
A dude's been shot,
just get the fuck over here.
- Get your ass over here!
- (Girl) Oh, my God.
- Who the fuck is that? Jackson, get her out.
- Can you leave?
- That's disgusting.
- Get the fuck out, right now.
I swear to God,
I'm gonna beat your fucking fat ass...
- Fuck you!
- (Jackson) Get out right now!
It's all right, it's all right.
It's all right.
- Oh, fuck!
- Yeah, this is your fault.
I thought you said the other store.
Kevin, I am so sorry.
I'll go to jail, I don't fucking care.
- Get me in an ambulance.
- Get some painkillers or something.
Upstairs, in my bathroom cabinet.
Stop explaining!
You could have been back by now!
He can get it, don't yell at me
in front of the pledges!
(Frank) Kev, we're gonna hang in for you.
(Adam) Oh, God. Fuck!
What the fuck are you doing?
- You want me to call an ambulance?
- Where have you been?
No hospitals.
Where do ambulances go?
Go get some more towels!
Answer me!
Where the fuck do ambulances go, Adam?
- To the fucking hospital! All right?
- There we go.
We're not taking you to the hospital
because we're not letting you go to jail.
Help is on the way, all right?
Hang in there for me.
OK, I've got the painkillers.
Bean's here.
Give me some water.
(Kevin groans)
(Frank) Open up. Here it comes.
(Jackson) Go, go, go, swallow.
(Jackson) It's all right, buddy.
- (Frank) Kev, look at me.
- What is this?
Fucking get over here, get over here.
- Look, look.
- I thought he was shot in the hand.
- This guy's bleeding...
- From the shoulder. Can you help?
(Coughs) Ow! Ow!
Take him to a hospital, call an ambulance.
Why'd you bring him here?
We wanted to figure out the best way.
- The best way is to get him out of here.
- So you can't do anything?
I'm a Med student.
What do you want me to do?
- (Kevin) Fuck!
- I thought we told you to leave.
My glasses are upstairs.
There's something more important
than you going on right now.
Jackson, fucking do something!
- Where are your glasses?
- Upstairs.
Go outside, I'll get 'em.
What do you want me to do here?
I don't know what I want you to do.
Fucking help us!
I'll help you put him in a cab,
and take him to the hospital.
I'll help you dial 911.
What are you thinking here?
Just fucking look at him.
(Kevin cries out in pain)
(Kevin groans in agony)
(Kevin screams) Fuck!
What? What?! Tell me!
Does he have enough time
for you to do anything?
- Yes or no, Bean?
- No! I'm not a doctor.
- I don't know.
- Fuck!
Are you sure an ambulance
is not the best idea?
Get him the fuck outta here!
Get his cellphone too.
(Adam) Are you serious?
I'm just trying to help!
What's wrong with that guy in there?
What... what guy?
(Approaching footsteps, door opens)
Hey, where are you going?
Talk to her. Take one for the team.
Keep her quiet.
- Hey, wait up. I'm serious, wait.
- What?
Let me take you home?
Can I walk you home?
Come here, come here.
I know things got fucked up tonight
and I'm sorry,
but we don't have time
to talk through all this.
We're gonna take Kevin to the hospital.
Jesus Christ, thank you.
- But I need your help, all right?
- Anything you want.
I need you to go back to the store and get
the surveillance tape from your friend there.
You want me to go back
to the store we just robbed?
You knew the guy there.
I need you to get the tape.
This way, we still have a chance.
Don't ask questions, just go.
If the store is clean,
we can still get out of this.
I should be going with Kevin
to the hospital.
- Send somebody else.
- You're the one who knew the clerk.
You want to help Kevin, but the best
way to help Kevin is to get the tape.
If the police are there, leave.
Graham's gonna take you.
Go now, while we still have a chance
to get out of this alive.
And be fast.
(Dog barking)
(Telephone rings)
(Adam) Fuck, Mike.
Are you OK, man?
(Ringing continues)
It's Adam. I'm here to help you.
You gotta get up.
- (Mike) I'm closed, come back.
- Come on, man.
It's Adam. Dude, I'm here
to help you. Stop, stop.
Come on, Graham.
(Adam) I'm so sorry
about what's happened.
You know you shot our boy Kevin?
(Coughs) He all right?
(Graham) He will be.
I'm sorry about what happened.
We'll be out of here when we're sure
everything's all right.
But we need a favour.
(Scoffs) Yeah right, man.
Whatever you want. Fuck you.
Look, you handle this, I'll clean.
(Adam) All right.
Hey, listen, Mike.
I need you to help me out on this.
We need the surveillance tape.
Surveillance tape?
- I need you to give it to us.
- I need you to go fuck yourself.
(Graham) Give us the tape,
we'll forget you shot someone.
You guys tried to rob me, OK?
My conscience is clean.
You know we didn't mean
for that to happen.
I'm asking you as a friend,
give it to us, please.
I'm telling you as a friend,
I can't give you the tape.
- (Graham) We'll take it ourselves.
- If the asshole will let me finish.
I can't give you the tape,
cos we don't have one.
(Adam) What's that?
Look, we got that camera, we got that TV,
but that's it, OK?
The tape recorder broke
and the owner never got it fixed.
We just keep it there for looks.
- So there's no record of what happened?
- No. Except that big-ass mess in there.
- Did you hear that?
- I'm working on the mess.
(Adam) Did you call the police?
- I've just been laying here.
- Anyone come in?
I don't think so, I don't know,
I've been passed out.
- OK, are you about done in there?
- Hold on.
No "hold on", we need to get out of here.
- Are we good?
- Yeah.
All right, let's get outta here.
(Graham) Shit!
(Hushed) Let's get outta here.
Yeah. Held up.
Corner of Roslyn and Woodside.
- I don't need to stay on the line.
- What are you doing?
You said you were leaving.
- I called the cops.
- We still need to talk.
We gotta get our stories on the same page.
What you gonna tell the police?
I'll say a frat guy came with a gun,
I shot him and got my ass whipped.
- Do you know what you're gonna say?
- I don't know, man.
- What's with all the questions?
- What the hell do you think?
We're trying to keep our asses
out of trouble.
Say some thuggish dudes
came in and shot up the place.
Thuggish dudes?
You mean some black guys, right?
You guys are all the same.
If you say it was black dudes
they'll never look for a white fraternity,
so say it was two fucking black guys.
Your ass better step up to the plate.
- I'll step up. Whatever.
- What are you gonna say?
You can't intimidate me,
the cops are on their way.
- Relax.
- Do I intimidate you now?
- (Adam) Stop. Stop!
- (Police sirens)
- Are you gonna help us? I need to know.
- You hear those sirens?
- What are you gonna say?
- Mike, are you gonna protect us?
Why don't you stick around and find out?
(Car approaching)
- So you got the tape?
- Their cameras don't work, no tape.
- You're sure? Positive?
- (Adam) Yeah.
He said yes.
So, that-that's great.
We're in the clear?
(Graham sighs)
What? What's the matter?
- Whoa! What the fuck?
- Shit! What the fuck is this?
- That's Mike.
- I know who the fuck it is.
Why did you bring him here?
I told you to get the tape.
- He is the tape, he was gonna tell the cops.
- So you took him hostage?
We didn't have a choice, he wouldn't cover
for us. This is the only way to protect us.
What happens when the police show up
and he's gone?
Yeah, then what?
(Mike groans)
- Oh, fuck.
- We don't know this guy, all right?
(Girls laugh)
Help! Help, please! Over here!
Help me, please, over here!
(Girls laugh)
Let's just get him inside.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's just take a deep breath.
Do we really want to do this?
- Get in there.
- (Mike) You didn't take him to a hospital?!
What is he still doing here?
- What is he still doing here?
- Relax.
You were taking him to a hospital!
I just took a hostage.
Come here. Come here.
Come here.
First of all, shut the fuck up!
OK, Bean called a doctor, a real doctor.
He's gonna be here soon.
We didn't take him to the hospital
because we got the bleeding to stop.
Why can't we go get him help?
I just fucking told you!
A doctor is on the way.
He's gonna take care of Kevin.
Why would we take Kevin to a doctor,
when a doctor's coming to us?
It's the same thing.
This is a good move.
Taking a hostage didn't make things easier.
Talk to your friend about that.
You let him decide?
You're a leader, Adam.
OK, y-you...
You're supposed to lead the guys
coming up under me, all right?
I need you and Kevin needs you.
These other...
These other guys are fucking crazy.
Graham? Yeah, right! And Scott?
It's you, OK? And you're proving me right
by holding your shit together. OK?
Kevin's gonna be fine.
Kevin's gonna be fine.
All right? Right now, we need to figure out
a way to deal with the clerk.
(Sighs) I'm pretty sure
he's gonna cover for us.
In the car he said that he would tell
the cops it was two black guys.
He was just screaming for help,
how can we make sure he'll say that?
I think that we can trust him.
This isn't about trust, OK?
We can't just hope that he's gonna say
what we want him to.
- Graham!
- Yeah.
- This is your job, you took the guy.
- What?
Adam told me the clerk
will say it was two black guys.
We need to make sure they don't turn
into two white fraternity members,
when he talks to the police.
- How are we gonna do that?
- We were gonna use Adam's story.
Adam's story? What story?
- You didn't tell him.
- Tell me what?
- The story doesn't fucking help us.
- Will someone tell me what's going on?
Adam knows some shit on the clerk
from high school.
- How the fuck is that supposed to help us?
- He knows some serious shit.
We let him know - if he tells the cops
about us, we'll tell the cops about him.
You don't get it.
If I tell the cops what I know about him
it's just the same shit they've heard
a million times already. It's just a rumour.
I have no proof that's gonna force him
to keep his mouth shut.
We need a way to prove this thing.
- If we find proof, that's our leverage?
- Exactly.
(Sighs) I guess.
So what's this story of yours? How the hell
are we gonna prove this fucking thing?
It was two black guys, OK?
I'll say whatever you want.
Can I go?
- Why couldn't you have said that earlier?
- That's what I was gonna say.
If I'd known I was gonna get kidnapped
I would have made that shit clear.
Adam, look, man...
I don't want to talk to the cops, OK?
Two black guys robbed the store.
They came back for the tape,
kidnapped me,
and then they dropped my ass
this side of town. OK?
Can I go?
You'll say that?
- Yes.
- You promise?
I said yes, man. Fuck!
(Sighs) And how do I know that?
- I guess you have to trust me.
- All of a sudden, I can trust you?
You could trust me then,
you can trust me now.
OK, but... keep in mind that there's
some shit that I know about you.
Yeah, right, man. I'm sure you do.
Some shit from high school.
It's not pretty.
Don't play dumb.
You know what I'm talking about,
don't you?
Basketball party, junior year, that girl...
- You guys messed with her.
- No, man. That's bullshit, OK?
You didn't mess with her?
I know for a fact you did.
Check your facts,
you don't know shit about me.
Listen, I don't care whether you say
you did or you didn't,
as far as I'm concerned, you talk about us,
I have to talk about you,
then everything that night
gets brought back up again.
They dropped the charges, why?
Cos no one would talk.
Until now.
maybe you didn't do anything wrong.
Maybe they'll take pity on you because you
were the only one who had enough respect
to put a condom
on that broomstick that you poked...
I said I'm not gonna tell anybody, OK?
What do you want from me?
- So you admit it? You admit it?
- You know that's not what happened.
Tell me what happened, Mike.
All right, look, I was there. Fine.
I'm not disputing that.
But that part about me...
(Whirring and clicking)
What's that noise?
- Did you hear that?
- What?
That noise, did you hear that?
I didn't hear anything.
- What's that noise?
- There's no noise. Tell me what you did.
- What the fuck is in your pocket?
- Nothing.
- Tell me what you were gonna say.
- What are you trying to do?
What the fuck are you trying to do to me?
Fuck you, man. I'm trying to be real
and you tape-record some bullshit on me?
- What can you give us?
- What the fuck do you mean?
I'm trying to help you right now,
don't you get it? I trust you.
But it's gonna take more
than your word to get you home.
You need to tell me what you did.
No one's ever gonna hear this tape,
they just want insurance.
Then why the fuck do you need it?
Just tell me what you did. OK?
(Tape whirrs)
There's a pledge bleeding upstairs.
Do you think they give a shit about you?
Do ya?
So now you're not talking.
Is that it?
You're not gonna say anything?
You're gonna wish you'd helped me,
because I'm the nice one here.
Now you're gonna have to deal with them.
They brought you here for the same
reason they bring the pledges here,
so no one can hear us scream
when we're being hazed.
Just a little info about them.
I know a little info about you.
Your boy's up there, bleeding,
and you're here trying to tape-record
some teenage gossip bullshit on me.
That's what I know about you.
And that's fucked-up.
- Are we good?
- It's broke.
I use it in class all the time...
That sound means it's broken.
It was a stupid idea, anyway.
- Are you OK, man?
- (Slurs) I'm good.
- Fix it.
- How?
Mike is not leaving until his story's on tape.
- He's not gonna confess twice, OK?
- (Bean)... Barry Avenue.
No, no, no, not Perry. Barry.
- Who is he talking to?
- The doctor.
He's lost.
- Yeah.
- (Adam) Tell him to hurry up!
- Shut up. There it is again.
- (Banging)
- What?
- That noise.
...then you make a left on Roosevelt...
- Bean, shut up for a second!
- Listen, I gotta go.
- (Banging, shattering)
- (Bean) Call me if you need to.
- Oh, shit.
- (Frank) What?
(Girls shout)
- It's Kevin's sister.
- What's she doing here?
She heard her fucking brother's
bleeding, man.
Think you can get away with this shit?
- We gotta get Kevin upstairs now!
- Wait. No, no, no, you can't move him!
- This is a bad idea.
- Argh!
- Oh, shit!
- That's all me?
Fuck! Bean!
(Frank) Get him upstairs.
(Adam) That's a lot of blood.
- You said you stopped it.
- I didn't know it was happening.
(Kevin groans, whines)
Are you out of your fucking minds?
Frank, can you fucking hear me?
(Kevin groans)
- God!
- (Frank) Come on.
- Bean, stay and get that bleeding to stop.
- You sure you can get the bleeding to stop?
(Door buzzer)
I don't know, I'm not a doctor yet.
Open the door, Frank!
Open the door!
I swear to fucking God,
if you don't open this fucking door
I will have your asses arrested!
- Are you fucking crazy?
- Open the fucking door, Frank!
What do you want?
Don't play dumb, Frank.
You know why we're here.
- Give us our toilet seats.
- What?
Give us our toilet seats, our tampons,
our underwear
and anything else you stole
when you broke into our house.
Any of you take their things?
- I'm so sick of this!
- Fuckin' jackass! Get them.
- Curtis, upstairs, two pillowcases.
- Just go!
Yell at me in front of the pledges
one more time...
- Which room?
- The one Kevin's in.
Whoa, whoa! Kevin?
- You asshole. Go get them.
- Where's Kevin?
- Kevin, look at me.
- (Groans)
Just drink the water.
Is the doctor here yet?
No, not yet.
You're doing really good, man.
What the fuck do you mean,
I'm doing good, man?
- Kevin's passed out upstairs, he's drunk.
- Was it Kevin that did this?
He has a key to our house, doesn't he?
- I don't fucking know.
- Bring my key down with our shit!
- Calm down. Relax.
- You put him up to this, didn't you?
You put him up to it and now he's
upstairs hiding like a little pussy!
Relax, Emily. Fucking relax.
Give me the fucking shit!
Here. Take it.
(Emily) Let's go, girls.
- What the fuck is this?
- One punk deserves another.
- Emily, I swear to fuck...
- (Girls laugh, yell)
Oh, my God. The lawn's on fire.
- (AII shouting)
- Wait!
Don't touch me!
(Indistinct shouting)
Expect the cops,
you house-robbing motherfuckers!
Do not call the police!
Oh, yeah? Maybe you shouldn't break
into people's houses and steal their shit!
We need to get Mike and Kevin
out the house now.
(Dog barking)
Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!
Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, my God!
- Emily, are you OK? Are you OK?
- Yeah.
- Fuck. I'm sorry. Here.
- (Adam) Come on. Come on.
- Emily, what the fuck have you done?
- Fuck, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!
- (Sobs)
- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna call the police. I'm calling them.
- No, no, no! You can't do that!
- I have to, this is an accident!
- Graham, go get Bean.
Hang up the phone.
You can't do that, OK?
Get Bean!
Please go inside!
There's nothing to see here.
- (Sobs) Frank, I can't, OK?
- No. Hang up the phone!
- (Emily shrieks)
- Emily, look at yourself.
You hit a guy drunk driving.
If you call the police,
they're gonna throw your ass in jail.
(Emily sobs)
- Still want them moved?
- Where's Bean?
- Behind me. You still want them moved?
- Not yet.
- Emily, listen...
- Don't even think about telling to her.
- (Emily sobs)
- Fuck! Bean!
- (Emily) Where the fuck is my phone?
- I fucking lost it.
- Bean, get over here!
- Let's go!
(Frank) Emily hit this guy.
Can you help him?
Oh, fuck!
- Can you help him?
- This is the guy.
- What?
- This is the guy.
- My guy!
- Are you fucking kidding me?
(Emily sobs)
Wait, what's he talking about?
- Un-fucking-believable, this shit!
- What are you talking about?
We know this guy.
We'll take care of it.
- Get somebody to take her home.
- Are you sure he's OK?
- How am I supposed to know?
- He's fine. Just get your shit and leave.
- How do you know this guy?
- He's Bean's friend.
You've done enough damage! Go home
before I get you arrested for drunk driving.
You better not. You better not,
you fucking frat boys!
I'll call the cops,
I'll tell them that you stole our toilets!
I'll tell them that you stole our toilets,
you motherfuckers!
- Emily, get the fuck outta here!
- I fucking hate you!
(Frank) Get the fuck outta here!
Get the fuck outta here.
Get someone to help you
get his car in the garage.
I don't care how you do it, but make it
clear to Mike that we need that confession.
And we're not fucking around any more.
- Sit you down right in here.
- Jesus Christ.
(Kevin) Who's that?
Is that the doctor?
Er, yeah.
Oh, shit! What happened to him, man?
What the fuck?
This isn't happening.
I think he has a concussion.
- Just give him a chance.
- He can barely keep his eyes open.
We need to get both of these guys help.
(Kevin) Oh!
He's been shot in the arm, you said?
He's staring right at him
and can't tell where he's shot.
It's in his shoulder.
Is the bullet still in?
- There's a hole in his back.
- Has he had any trouble breathing?
- (Frank) No, right?
- Er, I don't think so.
How long's it been?
- An hour or two, at most.
- That sounds about right.
If there's no tissue damage,
I'm not saying definitely,
- but he'll probably be OK for a little while.
- What do you mean "if'?
We don't know the extent of the damage,
and he's already lost a lot of blood.
Maybe in two or three hours
you'll have a problem.
Two or three hours?
Where are you getting that from?
- Stop. Bottom line, he's OK?
- For a few hours.
No. No.
No, he's wrong.
Let's do a hospital now.
- You said you weren't a doctor yet.
- You're right, I'm not.
I don't have to be a doctor to know
that with that level of blood loss,
however much time he says Kevin has,
he has half, at the most.
Are you kidding me?
This guy just hit his fucking head.
We gotta take Kevin in now.
This doctor can't help.
- He just did. He said we had time.
- And Bean says we have half.
We need to do this now.
(Door buzzer)
- It's the police.
- What?
OK. Do not freak out.
There was a car crash,
we expected this.
- Frank, this is...
- Bean, shut up! Shut up.
Come here.
I need you now, OK? Keep Bean quiet.
Help the doctor, and see if there's
something he can do about Kevin.
What could he possibly do?
He can fix him.
(Door buzzer)
Freeze, motherfucker,
or I'll blow your fucking frat head off!
This is for what you did to ours, brother.
Oh, my God!
What the fuck is your problem, Jennings?
Get off me. We've only had, like, five calls
about you fuckers tonight.
(Pants) I think I shit my pants.
Holy shit.
I know you.
You're one of those niggers
who stole Collin's stereo out of his truck.
It wasn't me.
Yeah, it was. Tell him, Collin.
A nigger stole it out of your truck.
I don't have a truck.
I got a call about a crash.
Yeah. (Pants)
Oh, yeah-yeah. Some girls came by
and went a little crazy,
but everything's fine now.
No shit.
Why the hell are we still on the porch?
You're gonna stay there
and keep your hands to yourself.
You're not gonna steal any more stereos
and you sure as shit ain't gonna
be handling any broomsticks.
Look, I'm not a racist...
but I can't say I was surprised
when I heard what you did to that girl.
Now, what are you gonna give us as proof?
- Cos I can do this all night.
- I got nothing.
(Kevin pants)
Do they think I'm a pussy?
Cos I'm not.
OK? I trust you guys, all right?
- I know, I know.
- I can tough this out, man.
I can get through this shit.
I can get through this.
I'm not a pussy, OK?
(Wheezes) Oh, fuck.
Hey! I'm in the old house.
I got the right to kick it a little.
- What's up, Jenny?
- Ain't much, man.
Looks like a fun night.
- (Muffled shouting)
- It's a little late to be messing with pledges.
It's never too late to mess with pledges.
(Radio chatter)
Come on, y'all aren't gonna say
anything about this, are you?
- Wait. What the fuck is this?
- What the fuck are you doing? What the f...
He's been shot. He needs to go
to a hospital, no one will take him.
There's a doctor here, he's taking
care of it, he said Kevin's got time.
The doctor is hurt,
he was the one in the wreck, OK?
Look, if we take him to the hospital we
are fucked! We are in big fucking trouble!
- I'm sorry, Frank.
- Hold on. Why are you in trouble?
I can't tell you that.
Yes, you can.
All right, why are you in trouble?
We were doing initiation stuff in the
woods and he accidentally got shot.
- Call an ambulance.
- Shut the fuck up!
You shut the fuck up, Frank!
(Adam) Call a fucking ambulance!
Listen. You've gotta help us on this.
Let us handle this ourselves.
I swear to God,
we're fucking taking care of it!
- Fuck! Why did you even let me see this?
- Turn around, OK? You didn't see it.
You don't want anything to do with this.
The doctor's gonna help...
He's lost a lot of blood and he's fading!
Call an ambulance.
Jesus. What kind of doctor is this,
a fucking moron?
He's not a moron, he was just in that crash.
I'm pretty sure he has a concussion.
If he's got a concussion he shouldn't
be dealing with this kid, should he?
(Male dispatcher) 22-10,
are you still in University Park?
Jennings, are you there?
I'm still here.
I need you to get to Old Town
as soon as you can, are you busy?
I'm a little tied up right now,
can somebody else go?
Lee is there but I need to send more,
it's a mess.
What kind of mess?
This robbery call,
the convenience store clerk is missing.
I'm rounding up every available
to look for him.
Jesus, hold on.
I gotta call this in.
- Yes, you do.
- No, you do not. Shut the fuck up.
If you call this in, I go to jail,
it's that fucking simple.
If you call this in, I'm going to fucking jail.
If you're cool with that, call it in.
If I don't call this in and this goes bad,
I'm going to jail!
It won't go bad, OK? I promise.
You're in your old house.
Please, don't fuck us. All right?
You gotta get our back on this. If you don't,
nobody will. What are brothers for,
- if they don't step up when you need them?
- Don't give me that, man.
- Please.
- He's gonna die.
- You still with me?
- I'm still here.
- Well?
- Please don't fucking do this.
- Call them in, call them in.
- Don't fucking do it.
(Adam) Call it in.
(Sighs) All right, I'll take it.
Are you fucking serious? He's fucking
bleeding on the goddamn couch!
(Frank) Shut up.
(Adam) He's bleeding!
- Get your shit together.
- I promise.
I never saw this.
- When I get back, this shit is cleaned up!
- What good is that gonna do?
What good is it gonna fucking do?
They've been saying this all night.
One more call from you guys, brother
or no brother, I can't help you.
- Do not fuck me, Frank.
- You can't just walk away!
- Jennings?
- I'm on the way.
(Adam) Come on!
- (Adam grunts)
- (Frank) Relax! You hear me?
You said the store guy was missing?
The place is blown to hell
and the money from the safe is gone.
Did you hear that?
The radio!
Don't you ever, ever
fucking go against us again.
- Stop!
- In front of a cop?
(Adam) I have it!
Lock him in a room!
I don't wanna see him!
I have something. If I take care of Mike
will you take Kevin to a hospital?
I can get the leverage on Mike
if you take Kevin to a hospital.
How? What did you get all of a sudden?
What just happened?
- Say you'll take Kevin, or there's no deal.
- What did you just fucking hear?
Say you'll take Kevin,
or you're never gonna find out.
We don't have a plan, Bean says it's time,
I can get us out of this.
We can wait all night and you can
wait for something to happen,
or you can end it right now
by saying he goes.
If you have something on Mike
that gets him out this house
and ensures we weren't at that store,
then Kevin goes.
- Is that tape recorder working yet?
- Yeah. It works.
Let's go.
We're gonna get you out of here, all right?
(Collin) Listen to him!
- Listen to what he's telling you.
- (Graham) You better talk to us.
- (Music off)
- What the fuck is this?
Looks like something out of a horror movie.
What are you guys doing?
- We're getting what we need...
- Get the fuck outta here. Go.
Money from the store is missing, Mike.
I need to know where it is.
I need to know where the money is, Mike.
Listen to me,
I can find money for you someplace.
I can pay you, if that's what it takes.
But I know that
that money is missing.
I need to know where it is,
and Kevin goes to the hospital.
If you let me know where the money is,
you walk away from this, we all walk away.
Tell me where the money is.
I took it, OK?
I saw my chance and I took it.
So what?
(Mike sniffs)
All you had to do was say something
and we would have let you go.
How am I supposed to know that, huh?
How am I supposed to know that?
You just keep fucking with me.
I don't know what you want.
OK? Trying to tape-record some
bullshit that happened, what, a year...
two years ago, huh?
I didn't do that shit.
I didn't do it.
There were three other cats there
messing with that girl.
I tried to stop that shit from happening.
I tried to get her to walk away.
- I tried to get her to leave...
- I don't need to know.
You're gonna listen to me!
I tried to get her to walk away,
and the dumbass kept walking back,
and those dudes kept fucking with her.
So fuck you, man.
(Sniffs) OK? You can call me
a bad person for taking that money,
but... I didn't touch her.
I didn't touch that girl.
(Sobs) Fuck you, man.
I'm sorry,
but my friend is bleeding upstairs
and I need to get him some help.
I'm sorry. You have your money,
we have our leverage.
- I don't want the money, man. I don't want it.
- Then we'll get you a ride home.
- I want nothing to do with you cats.
- Scott, we need to go get Kevin now, OK?
Tell me one more time why you wouldn't
say two black guys robbed your store?
I don't think anybody would have trouble
believing the money was stolen by a nigger.
(Frank) Leave him alone.
Tell me your story for the police,
so we can make sure everything's cool.
The only way everything is cool...
is if we put that money back.
(Adam) What?
Yeah, you heard me.
The only way I'm cool...
is if you take that money back to the store.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
No, no! You have something on us,
we have something on you.
This is over. Get Kevin to the hospital.
Get Kevin to the hospital right now!
What the fuck good is it gonna do
to take the money back?
If a white boy takes the money back,
the black clerk won't get blamed for stealing.
No one is gonna think you took the money.
Everyone think I touched that girl?
You did. You did.
Why? Cos I'm black and I was there.
Same way they're gonna think I stole
that money - cos I'm black and I was there.
I'm gonna make sure no one thinks I stole
that money, cos a white boy's taking it back.
- You are not gonna tell us what to do.
- Yes, I am. Listen to me.
I'd rather take my chances with the cops
than walk out of here
knowing you got shit on me.
When I walk outta here,
I'm walking out crystal clean.
Let's calm down and think this through, OK?
That's a crime scene.
We're not taking stolen money
back to a crime scene.
The owner has another store.
Take the money there.
You're gonna take your
fucking money and leave.
We are not taking the money
back to your store,
a different store or any other store.
Listen to me.
You're walking away with three grand.
We could give you another thousand,
so we don't have to take it back.
But we can't take it back. You can
have the tape, we can't take it back.
No, no,
we're not giving you the tape,
we'll destroy it
but it's not leaving this room.
Remember, back at the store, you asked
what I was gonna say to the cops?
There's only one way to guarantee
I'll say what you want me to say.
That's by taking that money back.
(Breathes heavily)
That is not gonna happen.
The last thing we're gonna do is take
stolen money - your stolen money -
back to a convenience store, period.
Well, that's the deal.
I've been screwed over all night.
Now it's your turn to get fucked.
- What are we gonna do?
- We gotta think of something.
- What?
- I don't know.
- What is our plan?
- I don't fucking know! Did you not hear me?
- I'll do it.
- What?
I'll do it.
We don't have a fucking plan. If this means
Kevin's gonna go to a hospital, I'll do it.
- You're gonna do this for this guy?
- I'm gonna do it for Kevin, too.
Don't let him out of your sight,
he'll go to the cops.
Fuck you. If you don't trust me,
you can do it yourself.
That's what I thought, so before
we waste any more time, let's do this!
You don't have any alternatives.
You have to use me. Let's go.
All right, shut the fuck up!
We'll fucking do it!
Make sure you put that money in the safe
and bring me some proof.
I don't trust you motherfuckers.
- Let's go.
- Let's get it on.
(Adam) Where we going?
(Collin) Get him up.
(Bean) Come on, one, two, three.
(Kevin cries out in pain)
(Bean) Watch it.
(Bean) Get the door.
(Collin) Easy.
(Adam) Slide him in.
(Engine starts)
(Car drives off)
As soon as the money's back, we're good.
The owner was missing a few grand,
and now it's back.
Nobody's bringing in the FBI and the cops
have bigger stuff to be concerned with.
All right?
I don't want that.
It's better to have it and not need it.
What are we doing?
Waiting to make sure Adam does
what he's supposed to.
(Quietly) Oh my God!
(Breathes heavily) Oh my God!
Just chill the fuck out.
Just chill out.
(Breathes heavily)
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I need you to get this to the guy
who owns the store.
I robbed the store earlier on Roslyn, OK?
- Here it is.
- I'll give you the money.
No, no!
You don't have to explain,
I don't want trouble.
No, stop! That's not what I want.
That is not what I want.
(Coughs and gurgles)
Holy shit! Has he done that before?
Coughed up blood? No.
We have to go.
- Just hang on. Any minute.
- He's gonna fucking die on us!
Chill the fuck out!
We are waiting on the call!
This is not a robbery.
I just want to give this back.
So, open up the safe.
This isn't a robbery, but you want
the safe open? What is this exactly?
I just wanna give the money back!
Please just open up the safe!
Get outta here! Go!
(Door bells jingle)
Please just open up the safe.
Oh, shit.
Pardon me if I'm confused. We don't
normally get guys wearing masks...
give us money.
(Clerk) Let me remember
the combination to the safe.
(Quietly) Get the fuck out. Go!
- Put it down and get outta here!
- Put it down! Put it down!
(Adam) Stop!
Look! We don't want this.
None of us want this.
I just need to give this to you.
- Wanna get shot? Take the fucking money!
- Shut the fuck up!
Shut up!
I'm not robbing you. Look at me.
I'm not robbing you.
Listen, just take this money,
I'll give you more money too, OK?
No one will get hurt.
Take this, put it in the safe.
Take some for yourself.
- Put it in the fucking safe!
- Chill the fuck out and wait outside!
Get out, both of you!
Please take the money and put it in the safe!
No. No! No! No!
If he goes away...
If he goes the fuck away,
will you put your gun down?
Put your fucking gun down, Frank,
put your fucking gun down!
- Not before he does.
- The gun isn't pointed at you!
Put your fucking gun down and go!
(Breathes heavily) OK.
Now you just put your gun down...
and take this...
and I'll give you some money.
- How much?
- 50 bucks.
- 100.
- Done.
- You promise?
- I'll give it to you right now.
(Adam) OK, I need the surveillance tape.
- Just point me in the direction.
- The back room.
We're gonna go in the back room.
- In here?
- Yeah.
(Clerk coughs)
- Is that all right?
- Yeah.
If that money is not in the safe, we have
proof that it was and this goes to the cops.
It'll be there, OK?
If you say anything other than
a couple of white guys came in with masks
and returned the money,
we're gonna have problems.
- (Phone rings)
- Are we good?
We're good, take him in.
They're just now fucking taking him?
(Bean) Get out of the way! Move!
- (Nurse) What happened?
- He got shot in the shoulder.
He was cleaning his gun,
we were gonna go hunting.
You guys hang tight, we're gonna go here.
You guys hang tight back there,
you can't come in with us.
Let's go.
- (Frank) So?
- So, Kevin's OK. I just got the call.
Everything's gonna be fine.
They don't even think the bullet hit anything.
They're checking for tissue damage,
but so far everyone's bought the story.
Show Mike his proof
and get him outta here.
- Don't let him keep it.
- Cool.
After all this, we made it.
Told you we'd get outta this.
Just gotta stick together.
Fuck you.
- Hey! What are you doing?
- I'm out.
- I'm taking my things, and the tape.
- You are not taking the tape.
I'm taking the tape...
or I'm calling up the police, and I'll tell 'em
about our whole fucking night. You decide.
Here he comes, guys, here he comes.
(AII cheer)
- Where's Scott?
- He went downstairs.
(Frank) Fucking traitor!
(AII shout)
(Frank) He fucking hit me!
(AII shout encouragement)
Damn right you're fucking out!
(Adam coughs)
You know what coulda happened tonight?
We were fucked!
We were fucked and you fucked us!
We said, "We can get through this
if we all just stick together."
We can't get through adversity if we're
all going in different fucking directions!
We returned Mike's money, Kevin's OK,
we dropped the fucking doctor off.
And after all this, we made it.
We're not gonna lose.
Guys like us don't fucking lose.
No thanks to you!
- (Whooping)
- (Adam coughs)
(Jackson) What the fuck is this?
- Where the hell you been all night?
- Frank told me to take one for the team.
Collin, dude, where are your keys?
Upstairs. Why?
Go get 'em, man.
Fucking go get 'em, dude.
Fucking go get 'em. Shit!
Hey, man! Hold on one second, dude!
We're gonna get you out.
He doesn't have a pulse.
(Frank) Hey.
What are you doing?
At least let us...
Let us get our story straight.
There's only one story.
(Kevin) So I go in.
I ask him for $19.10.
(Voice fades)
Kevin, the other guy,
got shot at the convenience store.
They brought him here to help him,
they didn't want to take him to a hospital.
They knew it wouldn't be good
to have a pledge in hospital
with a bullet hole in his shoulder,
and they didn't want to get in trouble.
We kidnapped Mike.
He'll tell you something different, but we did.
He didn't do anything wrong.
How did the kid get into the trunk of the car?
I don't know.
We weren't even here.
But with everything going on,
I guess they just forgot about him.
Jennings said you tried to help,
is that right?
They took your phone
and held you down at one point?
But you're the one
that eventually called 911?
You help me piece together exactly
what happened last night,
and we'll see if I can help you come
out of this thing OK. Got it?
You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent. Anything
you say can and will be used against you.
You have the right to an attorney...
Do we understand each other?
(Detective) Good.