Brother's Day (2019) Movie Script

(Old Tamil song plays on bus)
The glass-like moon
Dances before me
Feels like sparklers bursting in my
College days come fluttering...
...before my eyes
And my hands and feet feel
like I am intoxicated
When I see flowers in bloom
Its like my heart is dancing
And the fragrance of the blooms
Feels like a medley of sandalwood
When the angels approach
The clouds flow like rivers
The paintings of the Gods
Turn into our paths here
The glass-like moon
Dances before me
Feels like sparklers bursting in my
- Hey! It's your Dad! - What?
- Your Dad!
Hey! Move!
- Open! - Huh?
- I don't want it, son... you have it!
- It's not for you!
- It's for my little sister
- So you have decided it's a girl?
I wish it would be a girl, Mom
- Ok then... here goes!
- Here you go!
I guess Dad will love this one, right
Since this is his own...?
Here comes Dad
- What was he saying?
- That he would like the baby to be a girl
So you would like it to be a girl?
She will grow and study and need to be
married off someday
Do you have the money for all that?
Eat whatever's given to you and
get lost!
Cursed creature!
Why do I bother talking to you?
God didn't hear my prayers anyway
My darling, to me... are the celebration within me
And here you are, feeding me...
...with your silent love
When a waterlily offers its smile
All pain disappears
And upon the words you utter, tender... heart takes flight
Come along with me and sing
Hey! You are getting a little baby!
Your mother's being taken to hospital.
Go quick!
- Don't cry, my love, don't cry!
- What's the point in crying like this?
- Stop crying! - How will we give treatment
if you do this - Let the doctor take a look
-It will be ok - Let the doctor take a look
- Blood...there is blood all over her...
- It'll be ok...don't cry, dear...
- She is all I have!
- Be brave!
Tell the doctor to save her...
Tell the doctor to save her...if you say,
they will listen are my friend...
Tell them to take care of her...see,
they are taking her away!
They are taking her away!
They are taking her in...see....
Oh no! Oh no! She's gone?
No! No, stop! Listen to me!
Don't! Come on!
It's a her
Take good care of her
Good baby! Don't cry! Don't cry!
Don't cry! Look here! Look at me!
Hey! Didn't I tell you? What are you doing?
- Put it to sleep!
- Don't cry! Don't cry!
- Can't I get some peace around here?
- Don't cry...don't cry...
What a nuisance!
Drink, baby!
Go on! Drink! It's milk!
Drink, little one! Drink!
Don't cry, little one!
(Humming a lullaby)
Don't cry, alright? Sweet little thing!
(reciting lesson from book)
- I'll be back tomorrow, ok?
- Ok
What, old woman? Done teaching for the day?
Just you wait! I'll show you who I am
- I'll see you in the morning
- Hey! Hey hey hey!
Come here! Come on and sit down
- What is it?
- Where are you going?
- Have dinner before you go. Do you
like fish curry? - Yes
Sit, sit... hey you!
Where are you going?
Peeli, my child... come!
It's your Dad calling... come to me!
Are you going to be a Doctor with all
this studying?
Then what are you studying for?
What's all this, man?
Come, child... go on inside
Don't be scared, ok? Take her inside, son
- Hey, hey!
- I'll see you in the morning
But...hey! You're my friend, aren't you?
Why are you leaving me?
Hey! Who's there?
(Drunken mumbling)
Peeli, honey...
- (muffled) Etta! -Huh!
(Big brother)
Hey! Leave her!
Let her go! Brother, let her go!
- Peeli! Honey!
- Go away, boy!
Hey! What's all this noise?
Can't a man sleep in peace?
- That man... our Peeli...!
- Hey!
Get lost! He is my friend!
- It's just my friend - But he... our
Peeli... - Get out!
- Dad!
- Shh!
I'll kill you! Get out!
I'll cut you to bits! Get lost!
He gives whatever I ask for. So shouldn't
I give him what he asks?
Isn't that what friends do? Huh?
Stay still, girl!
Oh no! What happened?
You may call the bride
Now you may call the groom
- Where did he go?
- He was standing right there - Hey!
- Where's he?
- I don't know
- What? Isn't there a groom?
- Make way, please!
- Was he here at all?
- Make way...move aside, please!
- Has the groom arrived?
- Who's to arrive?
There's no one left to arrive. Start
the ceremony, Father
- Hey, Joy! - Yes? - Where is this bride's
He isn't here? He was right here!
Don't worry! He will come soon
Father... give me a minute, please...
Move, move!
He'll be right here, ok?
Is the room on fire? Huh?
Haven't you had enough of posing in the
dark in that suit?
- You!
- Huh?
What is it?
Stop your play-acting! There's big
trouble going on out there
So? Does that mean I cannot get dressed?
Stop getting angry! Just laugh a bit!
Good Lord!
It's so long since I saw you so
well-dressed and smiling!
- Come downstairs! Come on!
- That I will
- Is George Sir ready yet?
- Not a chance!
He is going crazy because he can't get
the knot right
So I poured him a couple of pegs
- Oh no! - Now I am just worried he will
tie the bridal pendant on the Priest's neck
But how on earth did he find a bride
at this age?
And here I've been trying for ages to
find a bride and no luck!
For that, you need to have more than
comedy in your blood
You need the look too... how do I look?
You're just going to serve food, right?
You look great for that!
- Come - Who do you think you are?
A movie star?
- Sir.. - Huh? - Stay at a gap from
the Priest
If he smells alcohol, he will throw you
and your bride out of the Church
To smell him, the Priest would need a
- The Priest is so short!
- Look who is talking!
- Please... move aside - There he is!
- Move, move
Come here!
- Go on, Sir!
- Come here!
- Glory be to Jesus Christ
- So be it! So be it!
Oh no! The Priest is standing on the steps!
It's smelling of trouble!
Could you... please...?
- Come on - The Priest let them in
- Thank God!
- Hey Ronnie! Come on! This will go on
without us - Come!
- Come - Listen... last week, during an
event here...
...some college kids gatecrashed and ate
up all the food
Keep an eye out for them! If there is no
food at the reception, they will eat me up!
Ladies and Gentlemen! Here they are - the
King and Queen of the day...
...George Thomas and Susan!
They are going to start their life together
by sharing a piece of cake
Give a big round of applause...
...and let them have your blessings
for this big moment!
You will fall off the bed and break your
back on your wedding night...
Just wait and watch!
(guests talk in background)
Don't be so depressed! The girl we are
going to meet in Njarakkal...
- going to be The One for you
- I hope so
Chicken fry...
- Chicken fry... - A minute, please...
could you give me some plain rice?
- That's at the opposite counter, Madam
- Is it?
- And vegetable curry?
- That too
- There? He says it's over there. Let's go
- ok
- Chicken alert! - What?
- Give some chicken there!
Oh yes! Chicken fry!
- Want some chocolate?
- No. You can have it
I really like chocolates
- Then eat!
- ok!
- Here! Have a drink!
- ok
- Want this? - No... please drink...
go ahead! - Ok
- Time for a refill? - I'll let you know
- Ok. - And don't leave!
Come here
- What's it, Sir? - Ronnie, sit here
for a few minutes!
- I need to have a drink
- Ok. Wait! What?
Where are you off to? You can't drink
now! You can drink later!
- Sit there, Sir! Come on!
- But... Ronnie?
Look here! Try a bit of this!
- I don't want to
- Try it! Go on!
- Huh?
- It's vodka!
This won't leave a smell!
How much do these girls eat? This is
the 4th plate!
Give me some more chicken! Isn't this
meant to be served?
Put two more pieces in here
And in this one too... get all you
need, ok?
- What the hell!
- What are you looking at? Serve!
One for me too
My dear Sally! He calls me all the time
from America
But I can't just drop everything here and
go to him
- Of course not! - What about the acres
and acres of Rubber trees?
And I get so tired just keeping track of
the yield!
- I bet! - Hello Madam!
- Hello!
- How was the food? - It was good
- Come on!
Any suggestions?
If you ask me... I feel the ice cream need
not be so cold
Oh! Very good suggestion!
You should try our special raspberry
ice cream
We serve it only to special guests! I am
sure you'll like it
Oh! Then you need to give me one!
Of course! That... must be your daughter
She looks just like you
(girls talking in background)
Really? Does she?
- She looks like me, doesn't she? - Yes!
- But she is not from our side
- The she must be related to the groom
- The groom? You mean that old man?
He has no family. And one relative that
he has, was not invited
- Alright then
- My ice cream?
We've put it in the sun to warm.
I'll send one to you soon
- How was the food?
- It was a nice... disaster!
- Oh! - Is that why you were
stuffing yourelf?
- Huh? What the f...?
- No, no no no!
Don't underestimate the catering
people, ok?
- What? Fruit salad with ice cream?
- That's the way to have it! - You...!
Why don't you speak? Got a bone
of mutton stuck in your throat?
Did you take us for fools?
I may have the looks... but at heart
I am damn cheap
I got that
- Look at her! I feel like giving her
one... - Hey! Hey! Hey!
- What's the problem?
- The college had a holiday today
Was this your dad's second wedding that you
could just eat to your heart's content?
- Yes, it was.
- That's what I...wait...what?
- What?
- It was my Dad's second wedding
- Oh no!
- This is George Sir's daughter
Say you are sorry!
Can I get you a fruit salad with ice
cream, Madam?
Does that sound like sorry?
Sorry, my child... he didn't know who you
- You can have whatever you want
- Yes
A chair for you?
Hope you won't... tell your Dad!
I think the AC's not working
- Are you guys trying to ruin me?
- What's left to ruin?
There comes a bus!
- What are you up to, buddy?
- Nothing at all, buddy!
Nothing? Then who are these?
Your daddy and mummy?
They are here to see Fort Kochi
- Oh!
- I was just helping...
No help needed, ok? Things will
get dark for you if you do it again
- Now scoot!
- Do you even have a license?
I truly, don't!
How many times have you been warned
not to do this without a license?
- Don't touch me!
- And what will you do if we do?
Beat him up! Come on!
You dare head out in your vehicle
- ...we will kill you!
- Fight me one on one! Come on!
Those were Chanchi's boys... they have
been like this for a while now
Like everyone here has a licence to
be tourist guides!
Why do they do this only when they see our
Don't get worked up about it... those are
druggies just looking for trouble
- Why did you head out with the vehicle
anyway? - That...(mumbling)...
- What? - (mumbling)
- Just eat
I asked him to go. Sabu is on leave
for his Dad's surgery
I figured the vehicle is just lying idle
So why not get what we can with it?
Now you see what you can get!
If they had broken the car glass as well...
...things would have been even better!
Does it hurt?
Chewing this biryani has helped me get
over the pain on this side
Some more would help with the pain on
the other side
Could I have one more? Mutton or
chicken - either will do
Josekutty - get him one more biryani
- Hmmm
- Go get it!
She's been making good progress
of late
For a change to happen this soon... has to be God's Grace
- Have some more of this, child..
- No
Just a little more... don't make me mad!
What's wrong, Grandma?
She refuses to take the medicine
How would she when you are giving it?
- Alright, then why don't you do it?
- I will...give it here!
Move... sweetheart...
- Be a good girl and have this!
- I don't want to, Icha (Big Brother)
Don't say that! Do it for Icha!
You know what the Doctor just said?
That if you take your medicines like a good
girl... just a few days...
...we'll be able to go home!
There! Lie down!
The Policemen were here again today
They asked her some questions and left
Hey! What is it?
Who are you looking for, huh?
What is it? There's no one here!
What are you looking for? There's
no one here
- Oh no!
- No! Don't! Please!
- I am sorry!
- You...!
Please forgive me!
This is the first time I have done
something like this
And it will be the last...I...
...will do anything you ask...
Please forgive me!
Get up and leave!
We can ask for maybe 25, right?
Next month is his daughter's wedding
Then let us make it 50
We, as humans are today erasing the
experiences of the past
The future is all about hope
- He knows so much stuff, doesn't he?
- Ya...
- That's the good thing about being rich
- Hmm
Rich people are all educated and well-read
They know everything about everything
And have high standards too
We are just...useless
Now look at that one! Who does he think
he is?
You'd think he is the next speaker
- Hey! All ready?
- Of course!
You could've come when it was all over
It took a while for me to get this ironed
- Who do you think you are? James Bond?
- Evening drink's on me!
- Ok then. - Ronnie? - Yes?
- Everything's ready?
Of course, Sir! I came in early to see
that all was set
- Very good! And also...
- Yes?
After the guest speeches is the
thanksgiving speech
After that is the musical programme
Start serving food as soon as it starts
- But what about the musical programme?
- That will carry on
What is important to us is not that -
it is this!
- Correct! - And also, please serve some
finger food in the room above
- OK?
- Ok
- Could you... - Yes? - ...serve the finger
food? - Try again?
- I mean... I will take it
- Ok
This is what these rich men do
They'll be eating their chicken and mutton
before the poor singers
Not a thought for the poor starving
Imagine them going into a high note...
...and their mouths will water and the
water goes into their heads...
...and then they die! Think about it!
- The food's good! - Please have some
more, Madam
- The ladies have good appetites!
- Hello! Please stop!
Do I need a Minister's recommendation
to eat this food?
That Church...we made a mistake
because we didn't know who you were
Yes...looking at George Sir, you wouldn't
say he has such a beautiful daughter
- Yes, yes! - You look really great!
- Don't overdo it!
Please don't make an issue of what
happened that day
He is someone who regularly gives
us business
- Yes
- Hmm...let me think about it
- Ok - Would you have 5000 Rupees
on you?
- What?
- Do you have 5000 rupees?
I...don't really...
Would you...?
He left
I don't much cash on me
Got a mobile?
- This is just a...China-make...not worth
much... - Give it to me
Here...this is my me
when you have the cash
We can think about your business
contracts then, ok?
Next item...our President and his wife
will perform... awesome action song!
That will be worth a laugh! Come on!
I bet it's funny! Come on!
Everyone's...shall I...?
May I...leave?
- Go on
- Ok
(sings) Snakes have their holes...
...the birds have the sky...
Only the son of Man has... place on Earth to lay his head... place on Earth to lay his head...
God had none left...or he would have
given them some
- What?
- Shame!
And now I have lost all respect for
rich people!
(on Tv) ' I ask you friends...'
'...what became of Punnapra-Vayalar...'
'...what of the green carpets spread over
the hills...'
(Song playing on TV)
The actress Malayalis lovingly called
'big sister' for the first time ever
My own dear Sunny Chechi
(Big Sister)
- Hey! Where is Munna?
- They've all gone for a late night movie
Oh no! We had a guest coming in at
He needs to be picked up and taken to
his room
Sabu used to be his regular driver
What can we do now? All our other cars
are out on runs
- Listen! - Yes? - Why didn't you go
for the movie, my dear?
I wasn't feeling too good
Could you go and pick him up, my dear?
It will be more satisfying than this. What
do you say?
I should have guessed from all that love
I am not going out just to get beaten up
on the road
- Huh?
- Besides, look at Chechi here
Those guys won't be around at night. They
will be knocked out of their senses by then
- I can't!
- But it is nothing, my dear!
You pick him up and drop him to his hotel
Just a half hour's work! That's all!
He's a regular guest...if we lose him, then
he'll be gone forever
- Please go, my dear! - But...
- Please just go!
- Ouch! My hand!
- Please...just this once...
- Ok - Ok?
- Yes, ok
- Chandy?
- No
- Chandy?
- Who Chandy?
- Brother? - Yes?
- This is the last bus from Munnar? - Yes
What fool's task has Joychayan sent me
on in the middle of the night?
What's this place? Are we at Vagamon?
Not there! I am over here!
Can't you hear me?
But that is the top of the bus
- Ernakulam? - Yes
- Why have you brought me here?
I didn't bring you here....are you
Mr. Chandy?
- Go and get the fire force
- Ok
- Wait! Why?
- Why? How do I get down?
- I'll come up
- But how will you climb up here?
- Usually it is this way
- There's a way to climb?
- Your bag...
- Here...take it
Give that here
Wait! You should be really careful!
Very careful! There are breakable objects
in there
- Which of these bags has them?
- Which one? Hmm...
Give it here! Let me see
Huh! The bag!
- Did you hear anything break? - No
- You didn't, right?
Then it must be this one!
Now get down
Get down! Careful! I am right
behind you
- Want me to help?
- No! No help
How on earth did you...
...climb up there?
That's what I was thinking too... was the one who just
helped you down
To someone as drunk as me... shouldn't ask quesions like...
...when, where and how
Sorry sir...I won't ask now on
You are Mr. Chandy, aren't you?
- I already told you I am
- You are..yes, you are!
I need a place to stay
- That is fully arranged for you!
- Where?
- With complimentary full-jar soda!
- Thank you!
Do you usually travel on the roof
of the bus?
Oh no...I went up to get my bags
I fell asleep there
- What is it, Sir?
- What?
- Huh?
- Oh...yes...
- One minute
- Need help? - No
I can help myself
Be right back!
I am ok...ok...
- Shall we go?
- Wait...wait!
It's the water in the body that goes out
as urine
So we should always replace it as soon
as we lose it
- Got it? - I see - Or else we will
end up losing our liver
You drink?
Not regularly...
Then don't!
Enough!...Hold it!
Hey you!
What's this?!
Who are they?
Hey! What are you upto?
Don't you guys ever understand?'s...
- I can solve it for you
- Sir!
- Don't! They are real trashy guys
- It's ok
The Lord Jesus said we should love
our neighbours like ourselves
So let's give some love and get
some back
- But...sir...
- Wait...
No! Don't...what's he up to?
This is not like you think
Just watch me
What's it, son?
What's your problem?
Oh no!
- Got all the love you wanted?
- Yes
- Yes...nice and strong!
- Alright. Then wait in the car
Nice trick the Lord played on me!
If you ever dare to drive out in this
vehicle again...
...we'll burn both the car and you!
- Sir? - Yes? - Who was it who said,
if they don't follow your path... them down their own path and beat
the hell out of them?
Who said that?
You go around at night..
...looking for stuff to burn?
Come on! Hey! Come on! Get the bikes!
Dont just leave! How will he burn all this
on his own?
Go! Go!
If I said I'd burn you, I mean I will
burn you!
Come on, guys!
Guys! He beat me up!
Hold on! Hold on a second!
It's been a while since I... involved in this programme of
beating up local goons
So I may be out of touch I remember
Finish him off!
Lord! That is awesome!
Look out, boys! It's the cops!
Get away, quick!
Here come the cops! Let's see what
you do now!
- Get the bikes!
- Get on your bikes and go!
- Come on! Come on!
- The Inspector was my classmate
- Sir, where are you going?
- Vagamon is like my own hometown!
- But this is not Vagamon!
- Watch!
Come on, Thomas! I have a full bottle
on me! Let's finish it together!
Get in trouble
- I have talked to them
- Sir! Sir - Stop it!
Ok, you can come over. I'll be here
- Sir! - Shut up!
- Inky Pinky Ponky
Father had a donkey. Donkey
Father cried...Inky Pinky Ponky!
Turn it over! You have to turn!
- Ronnie! Come! It's more fun with three!
- Thankappa! Come here
The Inspector wants to see you
When I am back, I'll teach you
my favourite game
It's even more fun than this!
- Come - Why does the Inspector
want to see me?
- He's bored of sitting there all alone
- Really?
Oh no!
- Sir, sir!
- What?
What is the Inspector like?
- What do you mean?
- Will he accept a bribe?
- Will he?
- That won't be easy
- Why so?
- Last month someone tried to bribe him
He was just able to walk yesterday
- The Inspector broke his leg
- Oh no!
- No! Please don't hit me!
- Heard that?
- Do you want to try?
- Not at all! We are happy here!
- It's quite comfortable here! - Good!
- Sir! - What now?
- Are there mosquitos here?
- A few
- If you want more, I can arrange for it
- Funny! Funny!
You should try for one of those comedy
shows on TV
- I should try, you think? - Please, no!
We are quite alright here!
- Sir?
- Ah yes, Joy!
I have talked to the Inspector. Just
go in and meet him
- Joychan! - Huh?
- Are you happy now?
- Let me go and talk to him
- Sure
- Which of these is Chandy?
- The fool on the floor
- Is he letting us go? - Don't want to go?
Get him and come!
Sir! Wake up! We can go!
- Are we at Vagamon? - Vagamon
indeed! Come on! - Leaving?
I'm letting them out on your account
- Make sure there is no more trouble
- Leave me alone!
Are we at the hotel?
- Tip all these guards Rs. 100 each
- Oh God!
Happy, everyone?
- Sorry, sir!
- Alright...and listen...
Make sure he is safe somewhere.
He shouldn't get in any trouble
I will take care of him! Come here, you!
Listen...will you get him inside?
I was inside all this time! Isn't that
- You can take him yourself! - But
how do I...? - Don't speak anymore!
- Are you sure this is not the Chandy you
were talking about? - Yes!
That fool cancelled his trip
- Who is this then?
- Some other fool!
- And you couldn't call to tell me?
- I tried calling you
- I forgot my phone at home
- Is that my fault?
No! It was all my fault! I should have
stayed back and watched Chechi dance
- What can we do now?
- We have a room booked anyhow
You take him inside and take
whatever he pays you
- I want nothing from him
- Don't say that!
This was your inaugral ride. It will be
bad luck to refuse!
You really want a fool's curse on you?
Do it...please!
- Sir? - Huh?
- You! Sir! - What? What?
- Are we at Vagamon?
- Yes!
- Wait, what?
- Don't get worked up!
- I am losing it!
- Finally, Vagamon!
- But this is not...
- Ooh! So...cold!
- Sir!
- Oh so cold...!
Still sleeping?
Hey! Where is the bag you stole yesterday?
- In the fridge...heat it before you eat it
- Ok
- Wait, what?
- What did you ask?
- You asked about yesterday's fries, right?
- No! The bag!
The bag you stole from the guest yesterday.
Where is it?
Stole? Who?
Well, his bag is lost. And his valuables
were in it
He has complained to the Police that you
stole it
Joychayan has asked you to go
down there
God! What a pest!
I swear I haven't taken it. He had three
And I put all three in his room before
I left
Not three! There were four! You can take
the money if you want
But I need the mobile, Sir. Please
tell him to return it!
If that goes missing...I can't even...
When you got down the top of the bus,
you had only three bags!
No! Not three! Four!
Hey! Wait, wait, wait!
- Where did you say he got down from?
- Sir...last night...
...I got him from atop a bus
That's true. What is wrong with that?
- I like buses.
- Sir? - Yes, come in
- Got it? - Yes
- Thank you! Thank you!
- This is my bag
- It was found on top of the bus
The conductor brought it here
Alright. Check if all your stuff is there
There! Found my mobile!
Look! PUBG game!
- Are you a player?
- Not at this, no
- No - You should! It's fantastic!
Did you see this?
It's past the Crown level
Imagine if tihs had been lost! Just think
about it!
My Good Lord!
- Sir...can we leave?
- Alright
Ronnie! Please don't go! One minute!
Here...keep this
- Oh no! I don't want it
- I am sorry!
When someone says sorry, you can't
stay angry
I truly do not want it
Sir! Please talk to him
- Take it, man - Take it. Just think of it
as your first payment
I am happy with what I got!
Thank you, Sir
- Joychan, come on
- Ronnie, please...
You should have taken the money
Right...and then he gets drunk again...
...and complains that I stole his money
- But he offered it in front of the Police
- I don't want it!
- Here you go
- No drink for him?
He doesn't drink during the day. Such
terrible habits!
So then...cheers!
- Oh no!
- Guess it's your wife
It's her
Has she put a chip in you or something?
The minute you are about to have a drink,
it's like she knows!
- Yes, honey
- What did the doctor say?
- He said to be there at 10
- Ok
- Please get home early - I will
- Ok then
How's the new treatment working out?
- Will it work? - How would it work when
she won't have the medicines on time?
She says she will have them if I join in
for company
If she was talking about a bottle of
alcohol, I could understand
Do you know how bitter the medicines are?
And I suppose this tastes like dessert
Wherever she sees a baby, she picks
it up...
...plays with it...makes it laugh
When I see that, it breaks my heart
Hello, Sir?
Really? When?
Alright, I will tell him
What? What happened?
A car went out of control...
- Huh? - It crashed into the queue
in front of a liqour store
- Three people were injured
- What?
You need to rush to the hospital
What for? I am fine!
- True
- One of those three people...
- ...was him!
- Who?
Mr. Chandy
- What?
- He has broken his leg
When they asked if he wanted to
inform anyone... was your name he gave to the
- What?
- Go quickly to the hospital
- You're having the best time! - You...!
- Be quiet!
Listen...he is your first guest
Maybe it's all for the best. Please go
Go on, then...go!
Too bad! Only one leg is broken!
- Sir?
- Ah yes! Ronnie!
Come in
Is this a bother for you?
Yes! Such a bother!
I've always liked bothering those I like
And the bother will continue for a few days
Why on earth were you in a liqour
store queue?
If you ever want a place without fights
or arguments...
...the liquour store queue is the only
place in Kerala for you
- That's true!
- And then someone rammed into the queue
It's a good thing my leg was in the way
Imagine if they had gone into the store
How many tipplers would have suffered!
- I say they should be shot...
- Silence!
Get this medicine from the pharmacy.
It's on the second floor.
- Ok - Sister! One second, please!
- What?
Is there a liqour store nearby?
There's one right here! We can give it
you as injections thrice a day, ok?
Will that do?
I think she will wind up the excise
I will be back...with the medicines
- Have money?
- Yes
By the way...the medicine... you need a half bottle or full?
What are you doing? Don't strain
- Come in!
- Hello, Sir!
Sir...this is my friend, Munna
- Oh!
- Hello
Like a feather in the wind, trying to
find its way
Up! You!
Get out!
I will be with you like the rain
that never goes away
Never taking leave of each other
(song) With a glance, without a word...
- Careful!
Could both of you go and get the bags?
- It's a small bag. He can get it
- It takes two to get that bag. Go!
Lets shed our pain
And slowly, take wing like
a rainbow
He's quite the casanova, huh?
Come here, little one! What happened
to you?
Even if our children don't want us...
...we haven't had enough of loving them
She knows that
It was her idea to start this daycare
- You were all at George Sir's wedding,
weren't you? - Yes
It was for us she was getting the food
that day
Are you sleepy, baby?
Enough? Have some more!
- Sorry
- That's alright
You are sponsoring their food for the day!
- What?
- Hope you have the 5000 rupees
- I do
- Then don't just stand there! Serve!
- Oh...ok...
- Move aside
Like a white lotus bud
Like a white marble sculpture
Maiden, stepping in the pool to bathe
Can I join you?
What if someone were to come?
What if someone finds us?
What if someone finds out?
Like a white lotus bud
Like a white marble sculpture
Maiden, step in the pool to bathe
By my side, swaying to the notes
of a song
Emergency! Three, please!
What are you pushing for? Let me
have my drink!
Shining in the light of a beacon
Let's fill our eyes
With desires
- Why did you take my drink?
- Who me?
- I saw you take my drink
- I did not
Brother, let's not get into an argument
I don't take people's drinks!
- Keep that there!
There is moonlight and clouds in our dreams
For the first time in our path
Like a feather in the wind, trying
to find it's way
- What? What's the problem?
- We don't want to create any problems!
Without ever letting up
I will be with you like the rain
- Hello! - Hey! Look who's here!
- Hi!
- This is my friend Gemma
- Hello! Come on! Dance!
With a glance, without a word
I will be with your shade all along
Lets leave our pains far behind
- Move!
- No! Just stay with me!
Jesus! Please let this be the one!
Looks like the girl's dad likes you
If you want to ask something, this is
the time
What is the groom whispering about, Broker?
- Broker? I am the prospective groom!
- What?
- So who is this?
- The groom's friend
- So who are you?
- I am the Broker
See? I've got an iPad and everything!
So then, shall we meet the girl?
We were looking for a Government employee
Since you are here anyway, might
as well have tea
My girl! Bring them the tea
Go serve it to them, daughter
Won't you have a laddoo?
Go on! Take one!
If you want to talk to the girl,
do it now
- But I have nothing to ask
- At least ask for her name
- What's your name?
- Panna...I mean...Munna
- What? - Munna
- These are names these days?
What's the friend's name?
- I... - Why do you want to know? Are you
going to marry me and run away with him?
May you spend the rest of your life serving
tea and laddoos!
I bet no government employee comes
this way, you moron!
I guess....I'll leave...
What? You're leaving?
- Need anything else Ma'am?
- No. You can go - Ok
Has this Bengali been with you a long time?
Yes. He is Daddy's driver. Dumb,
just like Daddy!
So I bring him along for trips
like this
This place is great!
- This is where my friends and I have get
togethers - Oh!
- Can't you drink in moderation?
- That's enough!
You're done! There's nothing left.
Come on
- Come!
- Let me go!
When you said this last girl would be the
one, did you mean for you?
- I don't want her! Just come!
- This is what I always say...
...when you're meeting a girl, you should
take friends less attractive than you
- Understood? - How would we find someone
less attractive than you? - Quiet!
My wedding plans got messed up because of
his damned looks!
- Did you know that? - Come here!
- Come, sit here.
Wherever I went to meet a girl, they all
wanted government employees
But if they ever want to run away...
...they will go with bus drivers or auto
...or even the Bengali who sells pani-puri
I'm done with this!
I want no bride or wedding or anything!
That's great! I had decided that long back!
I love you! Here's a kiss for you!
Why such a decision?
Why do people get married anyway?
Maybe because I grew up seeing my Daddy
silent and ashamed before my Mummy
I've never felt any attachment to any man
In public, they would put up such an act!
Made for each other!
Once at a party, my Mummy...
...handed me a glass like this one
It was the first thing she ever gave me
with it felt like heaven!
You must have so much to remember
when you think of your mother
For me, it is when I see this that I
remember my mother
How did your mother die?
Who said she died?
She left one day in a huff over something
A year later, I came to know she married
a Priest and settled in America
- A Priest?
- Yes. Jacobite Priests can get married.
He's a Priest. So maybe he thought he
should carry a cross of his own!
Always be happy! Be free!
Why get married? I feel...
...its better to have no relationships
at all!
That's just your age talking!
That will change with time
There will be a time you wish for someone
to sit by you and talk to you
One fine day... feel the emptiness of having
no one
It's a terrible feeling, child. You won't
understand it right now
But I think Ronnie would. Am I right?
What? You have a flashback too?
Yes, I do have one
(Ronnie humming a prayer song)
Not one familiar face!
What about you, Grandma? When are
you making it to the Obits?
I will be seeing your picture in there
before I make it there
We're going to the market. Need meat
or something?
- Yes, a kilo for us please, Micheal Etta
- Ok
- Kochumon! Make sure to get ribs
- I think you already have one too many!
Sure you need more?
Don't laugh so hard! It wasn't that funny!
- And you get lost!
- Ok! If you say so!
Ok. Let's go
What's with the action-comedy?
It's nothing. He asked if we wanted...
...big candles or small ones...
- ...for the family meet
- Keep it small
Or I will see you in the Obits too soon!
First a Church service...and then a couple
of pegs from a shared bottle...
...then lunch with rice, buttermilk
...some sauteed beans and beef...
That's what makes a great Sunday!
What happened? Your mood seems to be off
- It's nothing
- Is it because I did not pay my share?
- Here you go - It's not that
- Thank you
No, but give me that!
He did not seem to like the last
girl either
- Why? What was wrong with her?
- He said she was too short or something
- Too short?
- Dad!
- Yes! Ask him what the problem is
- Ok
Mom's calling you, Dad! She needs you
to scrape the coconut
Thank God! I've been waiting
for a while!
- Hey!
- What?
How did you figure out from a passport
size photo that the girl was too short?
That...that wouldn't have worked out
Really? Why?
Are you in love with someone?
Me? No...Icha...
Tell me if you are! I'll make sure the
girl is yours!'s nothing
like that
- Alright then, Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Oh no!
- What happened?
- Forgot to add water!
- Here! Have some!
Stop drawing in your food and eat!
I am not hungry
- Then let me have your beef
- Ok
- Icha... - Yes?
- When people elope... it ok to tell someone where they
are going?
- When eloping? - Yes - It's a great idea
to tell someone where you are going
Why do you want to know anyway?
Well...if we get into any trouble when we
elope, you will need to come get us
- That's why I asked
- 'Us'?
- So who's eloping?
- Me and Kochumon!
- When? - We haven't set a date but we
are madly in love
- He is scared of you so he says we'll
elope - What's this girl saying?
You be quiet, Grandma! Icha, I am scared!
Tell him not to make me elope!
- Tell him? I am going to break his bones!
- No, Icha! Don't!
He is a nice guy! Don't do anything to him!
Are you really... much in love with him?
Not all that much...but...
...when I look at him for a long time, I
feel in love
In that case don't look at him for long!
if I hear the words love or eloping
in this house again...
...I will tear you to pieces!
- In that case, give my beef back to me!
- What?
There were two more pieces!
Watch out - you are going to die of
Why did you leave me with such
a hard-hearted guy?
Could you make Icha agree? Please?
What? Really? You will?
Will you, really? Thank you!
- Kiss you!
- Grandma! Where is that women's magazine?
Must be in her room!
If my Dad and Mom had been alive, they
would have made all my wishes come true!
Look here! This is your usual trick!
Won't work this time
- How many times have you been in love
anyway? - 8 times!
- What? - 7 of those times, it was the guy
who chased me and proposed to me
But this one...I was the one who
chased him
Shameless! Wait till I...!
Grandma! He is trying to kill me!
There! Someone's ringing the bell.
Go open the door. Go!
Good Lord!
- Go check! - When I am back, see what
I do to you!
Just because I am understanding...!
- Who's there?
- It's us!
Why were we hearing fireworks inside?
Fireworks...will be bursting soon!
Sit down
Why're you here, Micheal Etta?
As you know...we have been looking for a
bride for him for a while now
Whichever girl he meets...
...he says they are too short or too dark
It's only today he told us the reason
for dropping those proposals
He is in love with our girl, Ruby!
If he'd just said this before...
...we needn't have wasted time
with all those other girls!
What's your opinion?
I am not for it
- Why? - They are more interested in
eloping than getting married
Why don't we just let them do that?
That would also save us some money
- Dad...I...
- You...idiot...!
- You are cleverer than we thought!
- Thanks - Get lost!
My darling little flower
Your smile is an auspicious sight to me
My little sister, apple of my eye
I always treasure you in me
Within the walls of my mind
You flit about like a mischeivous dragonfly
Your anklets chime
As you float towards me
You are the melody of the lullaby
within your brother's heart
Please sit down...come
(Reciting prayers)
My darling little flower
Your smile is an auspicious sight
to me
My little sister, apple of my eye
I always treasure you in me
- Grandma...
- Seek the blessings of your parents first
Praise be to Lord Jesus
Grandma...Praise be to Lord Jesus
My child!
You...both of you...
...don't cry and make a scene!
- Icha...
- What, girl...?
It's should leave now...
Praise be to Lord Jesus
Now...and forever!
He told me not to cry
And see what he is doing!
For God's sake! The way you are all
crying...'s like you are sending her away
to Antartica
She'll be right next door!
If you look over the wall, you can see
her cooking in the kitchen!
- So why are you crying?
- But that will never happen! - Why?
If he wants to hide something from her,
he puts it in the kitchen!
The kitchen is the only place she
never enters!
Good reason for a mother-in-law
to get irritated
Why would I? It is my husband who does
all the work at home!
I'll see you soon...Icha...
Go on now...get in...
Will you hurry, child?
- Grandma! Be sure to pack the monkey cap!
- Alright alright
Anything else to pack?
- The medicine box!
- I've packed that!
- Packed the monkey cap?
- I've packed it, monkey!
- The cap, I mean
- Hmm! Here... do I look?
- Why are you wearing all this jewellery?
- Grandma said I could
No, no! Don't wear all that! Put it away!
- She's a new bride. Let her wear it - She
won't take care of it - I will!
- Promise!
- She'll take care...
- Are you ready, child?'
- Come on, you fool! Let's go! - Coming!
- Can you keep my bag, Dad?
- See you soon! - Ok!
- Kochumon! - Yes?
- First Ootty and then Munnar
Five days and then you should get
back home
Don't elope or anything!
- See you soon
- Byel son!
- Come on!
- Hold on a sec...
It's her first time...away without me...
She's just a naive girl...please take care
of her
I'll take care, Icha
Bye Dad!
Icha, Bye! Tata!
Bye Grandma! Bye! Icha...
- Buh-bye!
- Come in and have tea
I'm staying for lunch too!
- I can escape my wife for some time!
- Don't let her hear you!
(On TV) 'Welcome to Charge Sheet'
'Newly-wed groom found murdered
in Munnar'
'Bride admitted to hospital with severe
The victim, Ebin, belongs to Chellanam
in Ernakulam
He was cruelly murdered...
...wrapped in a plastic sheet and dumped
(Reporters recording their news updates)
His wife was viciously attacked as well
This area has a lot of wildlife
The girl seems to have been attacked by
a wild animal
It took 15 days...
...for her to regain her memory
I...want nothing except... see her smile again
- Hello? - Have you reached?
- Yes
- Where are you?
- I am already here
Wedding anniversary celebrations over?
And where is my treat?
Now let me get you your gift
(on screen) - Don't you want
to stay longer? - No
When next?
Because the camera is at that angle...
...some parts are not clear
But I guess the important bits are there
So when are you leaving for the UK
with your husband?
- Next week
- Hmm
Alright then
Is this the chain your husband gifted you?
- Diamonds?
- Ya
With look ever more
Ta-da! Item Ready!
Sorry...I am from Swiggy
- I got the wrong room
- Hey! Mr Swiggy! Wait!
You haven't got the wrong room!
This is Davis...and this is his
wife, Sheela
They're my
...confidantes....they're everything to me!
Figured out who he is?
Of course! He must be Ronnie!
Did you understand what that was for?
Our friend takes a month off every year and
goes into hiding like this
No business, no contacts...nothing...
We usually trace him back from the
mountains or forests...
But this time, thanks to you...he only
went as far as Cochin!
We only have one life, Sheela
After a certain age, you can't even
have a cup of tea with sugar
So...when one is still healthy... needs to spend time to live life
as you wish
That is my policy!
What? Got it?
This is an original cashew brew...
want a taste?
- Should you? Today?
- Guess not
The Inspector is on I
could get arrested for drinking!
- Uncle Chandy!
- Oh no!
There she comes!
- Who got this for you?
- Chechi!
Oh! That looks nice!
Hi, Handsome!
Where'd you get this from?
We met two Russians at the Biennale
I got it from them
This is my one and only daughter
- Our own Inspector!
- Hi
- Santa
- Ronnie
- I know
- She is the PUBG addict
- If I had lost that mobile...
- If you had...
...I would have shot you dead!
And this is Aisa
- Hi Bro!
- Hello
She's their product...late to the party
but the life of it nevertheless
She's a special item
Ronnie...we are leaving today
I have two villas here
Now that they are here...we
are shifting there
Hope you are free today. They have
some shopping to do
- Of course he's free! Right?
- Sure
- (on phone) Yes, I've told them
- Dad! Dad!
This...or this? Which is better?
- Ya both are great
- Dad!
- Got what you wanted?
- Go away!
And I thought I would help you select
- Didn't like any of this? - No!
- Just pick something...
- How is this?
- No, no saree for me
Hello! What brings you here?
- Do you usually shop here?
- Oh no!
- This is my daughter - Hi
- And that is Sheela friend. This is Gemma
- Hi
- Here he comes
- one of these don't need this
Don't say that! How is this?
- No
- This?
- That's good
- Then we fix this
- Hey! - Sister!
- Don't jump! - Stay here!
- Just stay here!
- Oh no....
- Come here, Dad!
- No! Not me!
You have to come, Uncle Chandy!
- Are you scared?
- No! I won't come there!
No! What...don't get your clothes wet!!
Oh no!
The celebration looks grand this year!
Santa! My child!
- All this was taken in the other room
- Santa! My child!
Were you sitting here?
Here you go! Happy Birthday to you!
Take it, honey!
Hey! Take it!
Just take it!
Oh! Hi!
How are you, Sir?
Oh, I got it! Something auspicious
is going on...
...and I come in, uninvited!
That's what you are thinking, aren't you?
I got that!
But how could I not come? Also...
...I need some money
Where else would I go when I have an
urgent need of money?
Right, honey?
- Chandy Sir..
- Yes
- What's up, Ronnie?
- All set, Sir
- Let's start then. Come on, honey
- What about my gift?
(singing) Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday, dear Santa...
Happy Birthday to you...
- Ronnie! Come here!
- Go on!
Move your hand!
Ronnie! Is he going to be in my way?
Guess not!
Hearts are light and minds full of love
Watch us! Come on!
Rise together in joy, dance and sing
with us!
Hearts are light and minds full of love;
Watch us! Come on!
Rise together in joy; dance and sing
with us
Little butterfly
Will you join us on this jasmine
Little butterfly
Will you join us on this jasmine
Come closer, mischievous one!
Will you sing with us this evening?
All the world is crazy about you
The world will dance to your tunes!
There is a sparkle in your eyes
Come join us, pretty girl!
Forget your worries; give her your
good wishes and pick up the Dhol
We've been waiting for you
With surprises awaiting
We've been waiting for you
With surprises awaiting
We always remember, dear girl
We've been waiting for you
With surprises awaiting
We always remember, dear girl
Like the Moon has come down from
its heights
I have seen the sparkle in your dark eyes
When you come closer with your music,
dear girl
You must have heard the song
of the wind
Let mind and body come together; lets
smile and play on!
Coming down from the skies
Are all the stars in Heaven
Coming down from the skies
Are all the stars in Heaven
They play a tune for you, dear girl
Coming down from the skies,
All the stars in Heaven
Play a tune for you, dear girl!
Have all the Gods come down from
the skies?
And given a you a gift in a
casket of clouds?
The golden lotus will be here to make
friends with you
Come angel, you golden mirage
Let mind and body come together; lets
smile and play on!
- Hello Sir - Hello
- Please come
- Please sit
- Thanks
- Hello
- Please sit
Do you know of any trouble he had
in business or anything?
Did he ever mention anything of the sort?
There was nothing of the sort
He was planning to open another
It was in the planning stage
- Other than that...
- Was it your wedding that was fixed?
- Yes - What's your name?
- Tanisha
- And yours?
- Tasni
Sir...for a while Dad seemed to
be tensed
- Maybe that was related to the wedding?
- No
No Sir...whatever the matter...
...he would always discuss it with Mom
But...last week, without informing
...he had withdrawn 50 lakhs
And it was the day after that, that he...
As far as I understand, whether
at home or in business...
...he was not facing any problems
Why then do you think...your Dad...
...committed suicide?
- Honey!
- Yes, Dad?
What! You are not ready yet?
- You go on, Dad
- Why? What happened?
I am not in a mood to travel
It's because you said you want to see
Alappuzha that I planned my meeting there
Maybe we'll go next time. Now you leave
- Sure? You're alright?
- Yes!
Ok then. I'll see you later
- Dad! - Hmm?
- When are we going back?
After Easter. Joy is planning a grand
affair. Why?
- What's the matter, Honey?
- Nothing, Dad. Go on
- Shall we go then?
- Ok
- You're not coming? - No
- She's still tired from last night
At home too, both of them are still
- See you then. Take care - Ok
- Bye, child
Good morning!
Sorry...I couldn't say it yesterday
Belated birthday wishes!
- Thanks, Mother
- Thanks indeed!
I forced her to wait. Or else she would've
come to the birthday despite her fever
- How are you now, Mother?
- It was nothing
For a few days now, I have been having
dreams about her
Disturbing dreams
When I saw you in person...
...I feel relieved!
So Chandy...was the birthday function
- Did you have a grand spread?
- Of course!
- You really missed it, Sister!
- It's so sad!
- It's alright, Sister...the main function
is only coming up - Huh?
Her wedding! It is time
- Don't you think so, Chandy? - Of course!
And then we will plan a menu you'll enjoy!
Really? I will be here a week in advance!
- Chandy Sir?
- Ah yes, Ronnie. Got everything?
I did. I went all the way to Ernakulam
market to get the dry shark you wanted
That's why I was delayed...also...
I have packed some of my Grandma's
special fish pickle and chutney too
Chutney? I could have three plates of rice
with that alone!
You do that with no curry either!
Ronnie...please drop them to the
railway station
Sure, Sir...I will wait outside
- What a nice lad
- We will take our leave then
Ronnie! Pass me some of that chutney
Let me try out your Grandma's specialty
I'll see you later, child
Here...keep this rosary
Wear it around your neck at all times
I will
I still can't believe Basheer Sir is gone
Such a kind-hearted man!
Anything that the children here need...
...he was always ready to provide
Please have some tea
He was planning to get two of our girls
married off before your daughter's wedding
He even found grooms for them
But what can we do now? It is the
girls' fate!
That's why we are here. Those weddings
should happen
- Just let us know how much money
you need - No
- Now that your daughter's wedding has
been called off... - That's ok
This was something he really wanted.
That should happen.
God's blessings will be on you!
- Isn't your sister here?
- She is with the children outside
Where is she?
You wait in the car, Mom. I will go
get her
- I have completed 12th Grade
- Come, honey...let's go
Sister...this is a friend of Dad's
- Hi
- Hello
- Go wait in the car. I'll be right
there. - Ok
- Bye
- Bye
- Your sister is beautiful too
- Huh?
Just like her elder sister
- I haven't...
- Seen me before?
But I've seen you
Basheer Sir and I were good friends
- Oh?
- Thick friends, really. Look
If I release these pictures in
public... will be the end for your sister
and you
Also the image your Father had in public
And when your mother comes to know...
...she may commit suicide just like
your Dad
These are the thoughts in your head
right now, aren't they?
I wouldn't do that
In any case, it's a good thing your
wedding was called off
Why aren't you saying anything?
You were the one who said you wanted
to know why your father killed himself
Then why are you doing this now?
I am asking you why you are withdrawing
your complaint?
My sister and I need to live on. That's why
Good girl!
If you need more, make it yourself. It's
not my fault the girl didn't like you
Her father was a sport though
He hit the Broker but he made us
have tea and snacks before we left
So then, Cheers! Dear forefathers...
- What's this? - All my forefathers
were drunks
Can't get them more drunk! My Dad
was a drunk too
- But he stopped when Feroze came
along - Feroze?
Who's that? A friend of your Dad's?'s that illness that attacks
your liver
- That's cirhossis!
- Ya, that's when he stopped!
Is your name really Munna?
- Is it, really?
- Of course...why?
Some guys with terrible names...
...sometimes call themselves Munna
- That's why I asked...
- I...
- Have a drink, Brother - No! There will
be police checking on the road
With the money we pay as fine, we could
as well have a party at home!
And it's not just wife says drink
at home if you need to
So I've stopped drinking out of home
I am almost thinking of quitting
- What?
- That's the joke of the year!
It's the Broker
Where are we going bride
hunting next?
- What?
- Have one, Joychayan
- No, I shouldn't
- What's the matter?
Why are you so low on energy?
It's actually not my wife's fault
we can't have children
The fault is mine
She was trying to make me have medicines
without letting me know it was my fault
That's why she made that excuse
about wanting company
Finally, when she thought I just couldn't
give up drinking...
...she said, if that's what makes you
...maybe I'll join you too
This is her now
- Yes, honey?
- Will you be late?
- No, I am just heading home
- Had dinner?
- No...I'll have dinner with you
- Ok
When I am about to have a drink...or
when my eyes are filling up...
...she can sense it immediately
We can never really understand women!
They're a miracle!
- What's the matter?
- What you said is true
We really can't ever understand women!
Why? What's happened?
She agreed to the wedding!
She said she wants to get married to me!
- That's great, man!
- She is smart!
Now I'll tell you what my real name is
- But you can't tell anyone
- Come on, tell us!
Oh God! Valsan!
Don't worry...we will take care of it!
No! That won't be necessary
- I have a meeting with the Minister this
evening - Hello, Sir - Hello
- Sir, your key!
- Ok
Alright then!
Come in, quick!
God! My dear girl!
I am still shaking!
- You sure this place is ok?
- Yes
Like this is your first time! Stop
I didn't mean that...but why did you ring
the bell over there?
- What if there is someone there?
- That room was vacated this morning
You are prettier than your pictures!
Really? Thank you!
Who could that be?
Go and find out!
If I am seen know how it is...
Be brave! Open that door!
You! How dare you behave like this
with her?
- Leave me alone!
- Better lie still!
Oh no! Leave me! Oh no!
- Leave me!
- Be quiet!
- Leave me! My hand! Oh no! My hand!
- Quiet! Be still!
Who are you guys? Leave me alone!
Oh no! Oh no! Leave me!
- Please!
- Go on! Click!
- You! Move your hand!
- What?
Wow! This place looks nice!
Next time, your Dad said he is coming
here for massage therapy
Really? And how is the payment
therapy here?
- It's great too!
- Then I guess it's ok!
Honey...this is...Chandy Sir's daughter
- Santa?
- Huh?
What's it, Santa? What happened?
We haven't decided that...I will
be in Dubai soon
- Yes...I'll be there a few days
- Who are you talking to? daughter and I...
...were just...out
She had a bit of shopping and stuff
- Hey! - What?
- Shall we? - Ya
I was talking to her
Every time I was out...I would feel a
little scared
Like he was watchng me...
from somewhere afar... did you get inside the car?
Get out!
- Get out!
- Why are you so scared?
I am here to see you, honey
Are you well...Peeli?
- What happened?
- Why is there blood on them?
- I don't know
Hey! Have you committed murder?
- Would a body bleed for no reason?
- Come on, honey
- Come on, Honey! Come on!
- He has murdered his father!
- Is that true? - Have you heard of
something like this at his age! - True!
Someone call the Police!
Hey! Look! Look!
Come here! Run!
- Hey! Here you go!
- What about me, Sir? What about me?
- There! For you!
- And me! And me!
Here! Take it!
- Hello Granny! How are you?
- I am well!
(Children talking in background)
Hey! Come here!
Child...why aren't you eating?
Let me help you
Eat, child...go on
Come here, child...come
This is the person I told you about
Here we are...look...did you like it?
That's my daughter...Santa
Four years ago...
...I lost her and her mother
See, my child...see what I have got
for you!
Take it, my child
Here...some bangles
She's my own sister's daughter
What can I do? My brother-in-law
turned out like that
Now my brother-in-law is gone and
so is my sister
I can take care of my little niece
Come, child...let's go...Uncle is here
for you
Please take good care of my child
Let her live in comfort...that's all I want
And...I will drop in now and then
Eventually I turned into their Santa
I put the past behind me
But I could never forget my brother
I just drifted here and there for a while
I was scared to come back
And when I did...I first went to the
orphanage where you were put up
But...however much I asked...
they never told me...
...where you were
But I was sure I would meet you again
some day
Also, I wasn't sure how Mr Chandy would
That's why...I never came close to you are fine...
That's all I want
Alright then...I will see you later, honey
Etta, Dad is in Dubai right now. He'll be
back in 2 days
- Won't you come and meet him
- Let him get back
I will come then. Let me leave for now
- OK?
- See you, honey
- Ok
Hello Dad...yes...when are you getting
On the 20th. Want me to get you anything?
- No! Just get back soon...there is a
surprise for you. - What surprise?
- Get back and I'll tell you then
- ok!
- Bye!
- Alright!
- What is it, Etta?
- I vacated my room in the morning
And when I returned, I couldn't
find another
It's peak season. All the hotels are full
Not just me...come here
I was hunting for a room when I met
these people
A friend of mine and his wife...they're
on their honeymoon
...haven't told anyone here yet
- When Dad gets back...
- Please!
She is really tired
Can't you just say this girl is your
Just for this morning we will
find rooms...ok?
Don't stop now...there's some great beef...
It's cooked with Chinese potatoes
You better learn to cook all this
This is more potato than beef
I ate up all the beef!
Stand closer
- Jiji! Is everything set?
- All set! Just have to fry some papads
Then make it fast! Dad will be here
any minute
Your Dad travels all the what is
special about today?
- There's a surprise today. Not just
for Dad but you too! - What's that?
- Let Dad get here! - Tell me!
- Go and fry the papads now!
A surprise?
(On tv) 'Newly wed husband found murdered
in Munnar'
'The victim of the brutal murder is Ebin,
a native of Chellanam in Ernakulam'
- 'Ebin's wife Ruby is in hospital with
severe injuries' - Child! Come here!
(On TV) The body was wrapped in plastic...
- What is it? - Take a look at this!
'His wife has been brutally attacked too'
'This area has a lot of wild animals'
'She has been attacked by some animal'
Child...isn't this the lad that came here?
' 'Has any evidence been collected?
- Not yet but we are investigating'
Who did you say they were?
'The body was discovered about
25 kms away....'
'...from Munnar town'
- A...friend... - Your Dad's home
'Two bodies had earlier been found'
- Go and open the door - Ok
'Investigations into those murders...'
Go and open the door! Go!
'...have reached nowhere while this new
body has been found'
Give it!
You said you had a surprise for me!
- Give it to me
- That...Dad...
It's just that she did all the cooking
She's made your favourite shrimps with
mangoes...that's what she meant
That was the surprise?
Thank you, dear!
Come! I am really hungry!
- I'll change quickly...set the table...ok?
- Ok one came here...
...and we know no one. Got it?
Let's not get dragged into trouble
- Hello?
- Hello,'s me! all this?
- Who killed him?
- I did
- I killed him
- Huh?
I thought about telling my Dad everything
What can I do with this, honey?
- If you want, I will speak directly to
your Dad. - Etta...
Dad doesn't know anything about all this
- Reached?
- Yes. Where are you?
I am right here
Come, Honey. I want you to meet a friend
of mine
Come on!
Get inside
Come on...inside!
This is my sister
- I am Arya
- Santa
Nice, isn't it?
You can go wait in the car now.
I'll be right there
Go on! We have some personal stuff to
discuss. I'll be right there
- Wedding anniversary celebrations over?
- Ya
And where is my treat?
On my phone, there are pictures of you
with them
If I get caught by the Police...
they'll ask...
...who you are and what your connection
is, to this case
What should I say then, honey?
Nice, isn't it?
Here, honey
Shall we?
Come, is another friend
I want you to meet
Come on out!
- Here
- Honey...
Take that from him
Just take the bag from him and put
it in the car
- That's...50...isn't it?
- Yes
Please don't trouble me any more
- Please...
- Alright, alright....go!
Hello! Your daughter's wedding is next
week, isn't it?
I'll be coming
Your daughter is beautiful!
I will come
(in newspaper) 'Businessman commits
In three murder cases...
...I could become an accused, Ronnie
Chandy Sir!
- Chandy Sir!
- Ronnie! What's up?
- I need to meet Chandy Sir
- They left by noon
Brother! Do you know where Chandy Sir's
house is?
- Kurishinkal Chandy?
- Go down to the left and then right
Sir, where is Santa?
Ronnie...she told me everything
- Sir...I need to...see Santa
- Ronnie...please!
Leave us alone...for the sake of your
...I am willing to do anything!
My daughter is everything to me!
I have no one but her in this entire
For 12 years now...she had been waiting...
...for her big brother to come back
With adopted kids...
...we are not supposed to...
...reveal their details to anyone
Come, honey...come, honey!
Someone call the Police!
Look at him running away after
committing murder! Catch him!
- Stop him! Stop him! - He killed his
father! - Stop him!
- Stop him!
- Stop running!
- Don't run!
- Stop him!
Hey stop! Stop!
Hey! Don't run! Don't!
- Oh no! What happened?
- Come, let's go see! Quick!
- Oh no! Come on! Come on!
- Go and see what happened!
- Oh no! Is he dead?
Did he fall under?
Someone check if he is still alive
It took a lot of effort...
...for us to bring her back to a
normal life
The news of her brother's death...
...was kept secret from her on the
doctor's advice
If she came to know...what if she...
That's how much she loved her brother!
Don't worry, Chandy
I will talk to her and help her come
to terms with everything
She has not knowingly committed
any wrong
- My...daughter...
- What is it, Sir?
Sir...where is Santa?
It's the full cash, isn't it?
What, honey? Are you scared of me?
Get inside
I are angry with me
I will never trouble you again
...will we meet again?
Guess not
Alright...we won't
Let's not meet again!
Hey! See? Crores!
Take! Take as much as you want!
Go on! Tell me! How much do
you want?
Come on! Tell me!
You can tell me what you feel
is right did all the work...
...but the idea was mine, right?
So...if you can take a 10
or 20... you like!
It was God who brought him before me!
God! Or rather...
...he is my God!
Tell me, son...what do you want? Tell me!
I...want it all!
- Sir! - Huh?
- Please try calling again
It's ringing...she is not picking up
- Hello?
- Hello! Dad!
- Hello! - Dad!
- Hello!
Oh no!
Ronnie! He...Ronnie!
- Ronnie...he one!
- I know!
- I know everything...
- He...
It's's alright!
Ronnie! Ronnie!
Don't be scared, Santa
Ronnie! Where is my Dad?
He's in the car, honey. I have packed him
nice and good!
Want to see him?
Was my little sister so brave?
Good girl!
How come I didn't know that?
Santa, Go!
I said, go, Santa!
(singing) Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
No! First for the birthday boy!
- See what I do to you!
- Oh no!
- Stay there! Stay!
- Dad!
(On TV) 'This is 24'
'With elections at the door step, Canadian
...Justin Trudeau faces setback with Ethics
Committee report'
(Headlines continue on TV)
- Got everything? - Yes
(Headlines continue)
(Headlines continue)
(Headlines continue)
(On Tv) 'Another instance of wild
animal attack reported from Munnar'
'One person killed. Tamil Nadu Police and
Kerala Police have been on the trail of...
...notorious criminal Shiva who was killed
in the attack.'
It was this morning that the rotted
...of Shiva was discovered in the interior
jungles of Munnar'
This area has had reports of animal attacks
in the past too
But the fact that the victim was a dreaded
...raises suspicions and therefore...
...the Police have started investigations
in full swing...Ratheesh
- Sir! - What? - The media is
creating a ruckus, Sir!
Let them! It is their ruckus that creates
some accountability
They would like to talk to you, Sir
This is what you've been saying for a
long time
Do you know how long we've been waiting?
Please talk to us! good!
- Sir! What is the evidence...
- Only one, please!
One of you ask, please! How about you?
- Sir... - What animal was it? And the
victim is a notorious crinimal
Which increases the mystery of this
event. What really happened, Sir?
This area is prone to wild animal
This incident has taken place a
couple of weeks ago!
The body is we are
unable to give a precise opinion
The pattern of injuries on his body...
...and the pattern of attack... consistent with a tiger attack
He might have encountered the tiger while
engaging in some illegal activity here
The locals have reported tiger sightings in
these parts
So there is nothing suspicious here.
He was killed by a tiger for sure
- Sir! - Yes?
- Oh, sorry!
- Here
- Thank you, Sir. And Sir, I feel...
...somebody killed him and dumped the body
- Shall we investigate...? - Stop!
Is he your Uncle's son or something?
If people like him stay alive, is it going
to reduce the petrol-diesel prices?
- So just carry on with your work
- But, Sir...
How could you be so sure it was a tiger?
Whoever did this...
...he is a real tiger!
- Give it to me
- Here
Get in
Come...let's go
- But...
- Come on...get inside
- Goodbye, then
- Ok
Shall we?
He may be a Bengali but he also
deserves some relaxation
Carry on, then...
What else!