Brothers in Arms (2005) Movie Script

Faster, faster.
How the hell are you?
Get off that saddle, right now.
Thats my little brother.
I promised Mom I would always
protect him...
...but I had a feeling this one
was gonna be different.
Something was telling me,
this time... of us wasnt gonna
make it back home.
-How long we gotta be out here?
-Long as it takes, little brother.
Till we know that place
like the back of your hand.
l hate this part.
Look, it ain't no action, man.
You gonna get plenty soon enough.
What about the others?
Don't worry, they'll be here.
My friend, the reverend.
Some say he found God
after the devil rejected him.
Who are you?
Born of the dust,
l was made in his image.
The gentleman thief, Kansas.
He was my wild card.
Full house, gentlemen.
l don't never lose...
...especially to no thief.
-Somebody get the sheriff.
-Get him yourself.
But there was one more.
To do this job, I had to find Mara.
It wasnt hard.
She was still up to her old tricks.
What the hell?
What the hell's the matter
with you, lndian?
l don't think this squaw
speaks no English.
She thinks she's gonna rob us.
Be prepared to meet
your maker, savage.
Oh, boy.
We don't take kindly
to your type around here.
And what type would that be?
Sneaky lowlife niggers
like yourselves.
-Now you done gone and did it.
-Done what?
Done gone and made him mad.
See, he don't like blacks
calling other blacks niggers.
Boy, you kidding me?
There's six of us and two of you.
You know, you right,
and that don't seem fair, do it?
So you wanna run off
and get some more men?
Kill him.
Kill him!
Looks like game's over,
huh, fancy pants?
Now, that wasn't very
gentleman-like, was it?
Come on.
Looks like we got ourselves a real
Mexican standoff now, don't we?
Well, since l'm a gambling man,
l'm betting on me.
Damn it, woman!
Brother Willoby.
You're not taking the Lord's
name in vain, are you?
For a preacher man... sure hang out
with a motley crew.
A hustler...
...and a half-breed.
Only the Lord may judge,
Brother Willoby.
l merely tend to the flock.
Well, you're okay with me.
Hail, hail, the gang's all here.
Thought you two got out
of the game.
Hell, you know me.
l get bored easy.
-How's tricks?
-l suppose you ought to ask Mara.
l must admit, l was intrigued
when l received your letter.
We all were.
Zane and l wouldn't have bothered
if it wasn't worth it.
Who's that?
This here is my friend,
medicine man.
His Christian name is Jacob.
His heathen name is Running Fox.
No offense to present company.
We met up at Doc Willobys cabin.
I called, and they answered.
This gang is like family...
...and family dont ask questions.
There wasnt much in it for them,
and they knew that.
This job was personal.
This time, it was about me
and my brother.
Okay, guys, this is our next job.
Zane got this from
a former bank associate...
...who will no longer be needing it.
Town's name is
Corazn de la Muerte...
...which means ''heart of death,''
about a half day's ride from here.
Yeah, the bank's a depository
for the railroad.
That means a lot of money.
lt also means a lot of guns,
which means a lot of bullets...
...and a lot of dead.
So we're gonna come in
in twos, split.
l'm gonna take the point.
Kansas, l need you back here.
Mara, by this window.
As usual, fear is in our favor.
Let's keep it that way.
But why this bank?
Because it belongs to him.
...get on with it.
lt's official, Mr. Driscoll.
You now effectively own the bank.
Like everything else in this town.
l get what l pay for.
ls there something else?
Yeah-- Mr. Driscoll, the ch--
The chamber of commerce feel
that the taxes...
...well, they're too exacerbated.
Tell me, Mr. Mayor.
Where would this town be without
my protection and investments?
You think l like this
godforsaken shithole?
This town is like any other town
l've brought up:
Purely a means to an end.
There, you see?
My son, Bert.
My pride and joy.
A fine, upstanding citizen.
He's a good-for-nothing asshole.
But he's my son.
What's a man to do?
Groom him to be my successor,
that's what.
l'll tell you what, Crawley...
...Bert would make a great mayor.
Now, wait a minute, that's my--
No one's got a job unless l allow it.
ls that clear to everyone?
-Absolutely clear, Mr. Driscoll, yes.
-Yes. Absolutely.
He owns everything.
May as well change the name
of the town to Driscollville.
Somebody stop him.
Sheriff. Sheriff, there's trouble.
Please, it's my ma.
They're gonna kill her.
Leave her alone.
Come on.
Come on, we're out of here.
-Damn you, Bert.
-l ain't doing it for you now, all right?
-There ain't no call for this.
-lt ain't none of your business.
You messed up, hear?
You can't touch me, you know.
Just go away, okay? Go away.
Come on, boys,
drinks on the house.
Take her to the undertaker.
Hey, sheriff, can l ask you
a question?
l mean, this piece of crap town...
...nobody cares about it.
Why do you care?
Are you all right, sir?
l would like to make
a considerable deposit...
...into your...
...fine establishment.
Of course.
...l was wondering,
for my own piece of mind...
...when would the railroads
be coming through... pick up the deposits?
l'm not allowed to give out
that kind of information.
You'd have to speak with the bank
manager, Mr. Hickle, about that.
You know, being that
there are all sorts...
...of unsavory types lurking about...
...dealing with folks such as ourselves
is a much more...
...pleasant situation.
Catch my meaning?
Much obliged, Miss Lorelie.
But what about your deposit?
l have some other matters
to attend to.
Just two ships merely passing
in the night.
-Yo, Pop.
Why are we still here?
l mean, what are we doing?
For now...
...this is our town, Bert.
Our town makes me sick.
l've changed the name.
Make us more at home.
Every father, Bert...
...lives in the dream...
...that his child will be
greater than himself.
That he will surpass him...
...not just in material things...
...but will in time come to show
more compassion...
...more love, patience...
...than l have been able to show.
Every day... make me lose faith
in that dream.
-What will it be, gents?
-Whiskey all around.
Do you think this a prudent idea?
We gotta wet our whistles
before we hit the trail.
What if somebody recognizes us?
Ain't nobody gonna recognize us.
How you wanna do this?
We're gonna drink up, walk out
and right out of town.
He's right there.
lf we cause a scene,
we're gonna blow the job.
Fuck that job.
Easy now, little brother.
Give me the bottle.
Shall l put that on your tab,
Mr. Driscoll?
On his tab?
Don't you know who his daddy is?
No tab.
My old man owns this joint.
Go away.
l don't pay.
Everybody gotta pay.
You say, every--?
What? What was that?
Everybody gotta pay?
-l said, you gonna pay.
-l know you, boy?
l said, do l know you, boy?
l'm sure you remember me.
No, don't remember you.
No. Refresh my memory, huh?
Burned our farm.
Murdered our kin.
You know, l do a lot of that.
You can't expect me
to remember every farm l burn.
Little place south of Flat Ridge.
Came between you
and your railroad.
Oh, yeah, yeah,
l remember that one.
Yeah, a lot of screaming.
l mean, what, did you run away?
Did you run off
and leave your family?
Don't worry about it.
You should never assume
a man is dead...
...just because you shot him.
That's good advice.
l'll remember that next time.
Ain't no next time.
l'm sorry, Mr. Driscoll, l....
l'm sorry that....
You were here.
Did you see them?
Did you see who killed my son?
l'm afraid not.
No one...
...but no one, crosses a Driscoll
and lives to tell about it.
Get me Wolverton.
-What were you thinking?
-He had it coming.
They saw us. Our cover is blown.
We can't go back there now.
lt could have gone better.
Maybe we could use this
to our advantage.
What you thinking?
The last thing they're gonna expect is
for us to come back and hit the bank.
Right. Because it's suicide.
You serious?
l thought he was the crazy one.
Hey, man, don't call me that.
What did you learn at the bank?
Well, the payroll is scheduled
to be picked up at noon.
A quarter of a million dollars
the day after tomorrow.
You better be playing that
when he gets up.
Take a few men out back.
Don't let anybody get past,
you hear me? Now go.
Yes, yes, uncle.
You, you. Come here.
Everybody stay down!
-No shit.
-Stay down! Stay down!
Man, shut up, we done been
in tougher scrapes than this before.
-Let's go!
-l think we overstayed our welcome.
Run for it, baby!
l swear to God, if l get killed... ghost gonna come back
and bust your ass.
Cover me now.
l'm going out.
Go! Go!
Hey, why did you stop me?
Why did you stop me?
-lt was him!
Anybody hurt?
Okay. These longcoats
are like wild coyotes.
-Once they get their teeth into you--
-Hey. What's the plan?
Mara knows these parts
better than anyone.
-l know a spot.
-Okay, lead on.
Come on.
l thought l told you
to watch the back.
-Uncle, l did.
-l told you, nobody gets by.
Uncle Wolverton, l tried.
l swear to you, l tried.
There was a guy in a tree.
We never saw him.
He froze.
-lt's all right.
lt's all right.
We're still gonna get them.
And you're my favorite nephew.
Now let's mount up.
l want that bounty.
-l take first watch.
-Sure you're up to it?
Oh, yeah.
All right, then,
l'll sleep good for a change.
Come on.
Spill the beans, Rev.
Come on, Rev, give it up.
-Tell us about Mara.
-What's it like?
Flesh of my flesh,
bone of my bones.
Come on, man, with that.
Half black, half lndian?
Come on. That must be real sweet.
Must be great.
lt's like finding a cactus flower
among sagebrush.
What the hell?
What the--?
Hey, you gotta go find it, you know?
-She's messing up my duds.
-And a cactus has thorns.
She's a wild one.
When we hit that bank,
we have to go by the book.
Not that book.
Nobody gets hurt.
We get what we want,
and we get out, clear?
l got your back.
And everything should go off
without a hitch.
Couldn't keep your mouth shut.
Please, May, this is official.
Yes, good afternoon, sheriff.
How are you feeling this fine day?
Well, l was--
-We were wondering that--
-For heaven's sake, get to the point!
Yes, dear.
Well, it's about
this rampant violence.
Something's gotta be done about it.
-We can get rid of it today.
-We can?
With a million dollars
and the 7th Cavalry.
No disrespect intended, sheriff.
lf l do say so, you are handling
your duties magnificently...
...and as mayor--
Oh, l've got a hole in my coat.
-As mayor of Corazn de la--
Driscollville, it is my responsibility
to ensure...
...that you have whatever you need to
do your job to the best of your ability.
All l need is one thing, mayor.
What might that be?
More bullets.
Bullets? More--?
More bullets.
-Good afternoon, sheriff.
-Tell me you got them.
-Not yet, sir.
Excuses are a dime a dozen...
...and not worth a plugged nickel.
Mr. Driscoll...
...a man's reputation is everything.
l've collected every bounty
l've ever gone after.
This here gonna be no different.
...there's been a change in plans.
Yes, may l help you?
Me and my men are here to pick up
the payroll early.
This is highly irregular.
Orders straight from Mr. Driscoll.
l see. How early?
First thing in the morning.
Okay, as soon as we come in,
Zane, you handle the guards.
Don't kill anybody unless you got to.
Mara, if we need a blast,
you got us covered?
l got it.
Okay. Rev, you handle the tellers
and any customers.
Kansas, we need you to cover
this window right here.
Make sure nobody joins
our little party.
lf we do this right...
...we all walk out rich bastards.
And if we don't?
Then lunch is on you tomorrow.
Okay. Enough talk.
Let's play some music.
l like that.
They'll never see us.
Tight britches.
Why you always fiddling
with them playing cards, huh?
Because they help sharpen
the reflexes, madame.
What you call me?
You trying to say something
about my past?
-That's not what he meant.
-No, l heard him.
Anybody ever see
such a pretty cowboy?
l think Kansas here
is one of them dandies.
That's enough, Mara.
That's why you wear them gloves?
Why are you dressed like that
You think you better than us
or something?
-ls that why you wear them...
...Pollyanna gloves?
Yeah. l wanna know why.
That's why.
l used to be a painter.
l had myself a little gallery.
That is, before the Klan
paid me a visit.
l lost everything.
l tracked all of them down,
one by one.
Law's been looking for me
ever since.
l swore that, no matter what... the end...
...l shall be holding the cards.
Why are you still awake?
You know l'm always psyched
before a job.
What the hell?
Man, that is one
strange-ass couple.
-A reverend--
-And a soiled dove.
Oh, yeah, baby.
How the hell they hook up anyway?
She didn't have it easy.
A woman of leisure...
...who was nearly whipped to death
by her master.
And the rev...
...he was the preacher
up at Lone Pine...
...the place of the massacre.
He was forced to watch
his wife and child killed...
...right in front of him.
That night, he lost his faith.
Who could do something like that?
That low-down, dirty Wolverton.
l'm glad Mom can't see us now.
We doing all this for Mom,
...but this gotta be the last one.
We gotta get back home.
All we got is each other,
little brother.
l'm gonna catch some shuteye.
You should do the same.
Lost something?
l'm sure Mara didn't mean anything.
She was just riding you.
But l ain't a horse.
No, not, of course.
A Midsummer Nights Dream.
Lovers and madmen
have such seething brains.
That's Mr. William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare's dreams.
l got nightmares too.
Except they're with me
when l wake up.
This town, Corazn...
...think it's gonna be one of them.
The big score,
the chance to cash out.
l just wanna get out
of this life alive.
No. They're headed back
to Corazn.
lt may be a shithole, but it's the only
shithole between here and the border.
l got a feeling they got business there.
Come on! Come on!
Nobody move!
Touch it, and you got two choices:
die slow or die slower.
l don't wanna die. l don't.
You move, l slice your throat.
You smarter than you look.
Let's move it!
What is the meaning of this?
-Ain't you ever been robbed before?
-l have not.
Little brother,
we got us here a virgin.
you just got your cherry popped.
Now move it!
Merciful is the Lord.
Cooperate, and no one gets hurt.
Come on, come on.
Back the fuck up.
Come on, open it up!
Don't rush me.
l can't get it in the hole.
-Man, open the door.
-We ain't asking.
-We're rich.
-Hurry up!
Come get this money, y'all!
Turn around!
Now, if anybody peeps,
l'm gonna blow your heads off.
Come on!
What the hell is this?
-Get down!
-Come on. Back in the bank!
-Cover for me!
-Let's go, let's go. Back in the bank!
Back inside!
Get everyone.
Damn. Where they come from?
They came a lot earlier
than we thought they would.
-No shit.
-Relax. We're gonna get out.
-Linc, how?
-You, come here.
-Me? But--
Shut up, l ain't got time.
Where's the back exit?
There isn't one.
What about the motherfucking
back window?
From the looks of things,
they thought of that too.
You, come here.
Linc, did we fuck up?
l fucked up.
l guess we stay down.
Just don't hurt us.
l say we blast our way out.
Hey, as hot as you are, missy,
you shouldn't be working that there.
Look, we got hostages.
Why don't we use them as shields.
Hold on.
We're not using the hostages.
-Why not?
-Because they're innocent, that's why.
No one is innocent.
-l'm getting the fuck out of here.
-Mara, wait.
The longer we stay in here,
the more men they get out there.
What we gonna do?
l need a drink.
-We're gonna go with Mara's idea.
-We gotta use the hostages.
We have no choice.
Get up! Get up! Get up! Get in there!
Come on, move it! Move it!
Move it!
You hear that?
l don't hear nothing.
They just realized we got hostages.
They're waiting for our next move.
They're never gonna talk to us.
l don't trust Mara
with all this hostage shit.
Don't worry about her. l got that.
Remember what Mom used to tell
us when we were kids?
The only way you don't get into
the Lord's gates... when you harm the innocent.
l think l wanna go to heaven
Hope it's not too soon.
Sheriff... better end this quick, or l will.
Lincoln Malone.
l think they wish to talk.
Lincoln Malone.
Why is she only asking for you?
-l'm going out.
What's going on?
l know her.
All right. We can get her
out in the open...
-...and then plug her full of bullets.
-Anybody shoot her, they die.
We're on the same team here,
Linc, go handle your business.
We'll cover you.
-You sure about this, sheriff?
-Yep, l'll be okay.
How you know that?
l just do.
Nobody shoot, okay? Got it?
-Make sure of it.
-All right, but l still...
...don't think it's a good idea.
Hola, Lincoln.
l never stopped loving you...
...even when you chose
my best friend over me.
All those stories
l heard about you...
...are they true?
That's not the man l knew.
The man you knew
died a long time ago.
Come in with me.
lt's the best way.
To what, a pine box?
Hangman's rope?
Not even you could stop this.
Damn. Why did you
come back here?
Those criminals killed my son...
...and now they've got my money.
And my bounty.
What are we gonna do?
Go in there and flush them out
like the weasels they are.
...gather the men.
You know this is gonna
end bad, right?
And l thought l was lucky.
Not lucky, just good.
Who fired that shot?
lt wasn't us, sheriff.
l mean, honest.
lt must have came from the back.
We need to talk.
-Mr. Driscoll--
What you think they doing
out there?
Fortifying their position.
Making preparations
for the final assault.
How you know?
...that's what l would do.
-Where you going?
-l've been appointed... speak for the group.
-How come?
-l'm the mayor's wife.
ls that so?
l'm a little claustrophobic.
Can we come out?
Yeah, come out.
Thank you.
A queen for a queen.
Shut this kid up...
...or else l'll shut him up for good.
l hate little kids.
You are a man of the cloth.
How could you be a part of this?
We're gonna let the hostages go.
You wanna do what?
Look, they're a handful.
We got a couple of women,
a child, an old man.
They'll slow us down,
maybe get us killed.
No, no. No way.
They're the only things that
stand between us and them.
-We just keep the most valuable one.
-Which one?
Why her?
She's the mayor's wife.
Why is one better than a bunch?
The queen is always more valuable
than a bunch of jokers.
There must be some mistake.
Why don't you keep
the bank manager and his wife.
lf you let me go, l guarantee that
my husband will let you all go free.
That's why you're gonna stay.
For Mom.
For Mom.
-l don't like this.
-You don't like anything.
l don't like the way
you been running things.
-You think you could do better?
What the hell is your problem?
What are you doing?
l'm getting the hell out of here!
You coming or not?
Are you coming or what?
There's no need to harm
an innocent boy.
-This kid is our ticket out.
-You can't go out there.
-They'll kill you both.
-Shut the hell up!
And mind your own business.
l can't let you do this.
Then you're gonna
have to shoot me.
Can you do that?
She could not escape her destiny.
Destiny's a bitch.
Kansas. Kansas.
Just hold on, mister.
My apologies, Lorelie.
l guess l ain't that lucky.
What the hell do you all think
you're doing?
You think this is some kind
of noble act?
This is tragic.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Get them out of here.
They're becoming a problem.
Okay, they all go.
But the mayor's wife, she stays.
Come on.
Yeah, yeah, l know.
Come on, get out of here.
Get out of here!
Get out of here! Come on!
No. You. You stay.
Don't shoot!
We're letting some
of the hostages go.
What are you doing?
The only thing left to do.
-Run, Linc!
Don't die.
Someone get the caretaker.
Sorry, boys.
Looks like there's a new sheriff
in town.
Don't spend it all in one place.
We got the mayor's wife.
We get safe passage out...
...we'll let her go.
Get ready.
What are you doing?
What needs to be done.
You, let's go.
Just cooperate, ma'am, and you'll be
home with your husband for supper.
Get down, get down.
Oh, shit.
Keep your head down!
No, Linc, Linc, Linc.
Come on. Come on, baby,
don't you die on me.
Come on, baby, don't you
die on me. Come on, Linc.
Anybody hurt?
Yeah, the mayor's wife.
She's gone.
Oh, no.
You gonna be all right, man.
You gonna be all right.
Come out!
What are you doing?
l'm doing God's work.
l'm going with God.
lt's time.
God be with you, gentlemen.
-All right, boys, let's get out of here.
-Take my cape. l got this.
Yea, though l walk through the valley
of the shadow of death...
...l will fear no evil.
How's it look out there?
Well, l got good news,
and l got bad news.
We're surrounded
by a bunch of killers.
What's the good news?
That was the good news.
Well, what's the bad news?
The bad news is
the fun's almost over.
l want you to give yourself up.
Come on, now, man.
You know l don't play that.
You can't blame a brother for trying.
Yeah, Linc, well, any second now,
they could come up here and get us..., what we gonna do now?
-We leave.
No. Separately, little brother.
Rear window.
Wolverton's dead.
His men moved out front.
You could make....
You could make your way out back.
Linc, what are you talking about?
Oh, God.
You remember when we was kids?
You used to huddle up in the bed...
...scared to sleep by yourself
in the dark.
l used to sit up all night... keep you safe...
...from those monsters...
...and that scary world outside.
But that was a long time ago, Linc.
Now it's time for me to sit up
and look after you.
l'll face it all by myself.
You be safe, little brother.
No. No, Linc,
l'm not leaving you, man.
You're gonna do as l say.
You go for that back window.
l'll go through the front.
l'll hold them down.
You don't look back, you hear me?
-Linc, stop, man.
-lt's only me and you left.
What kind of sense that make...
...if we both die?
l'm gonna live through you,
little brother.
At the count of three... break for the rear...
...and you don't look back.
Promise me.
l promise.
So here we were.
The plan had led us here.
Thats my little brother.
I promised Mom
I would always protect him...
...but I had a feeling this one
was gonna be different.
Something was telling me,
this time... of us wasnt gonna
make it back home.
Mama, Im coming home.