Brothers in Arms (2017) Movie Script

[police dispatch] Calling all
units near Gilbert Street.
[police officer] Dispatch,
this is car five, go ahead.
[dispatch] We have a
two-eleven in progress.
[police officer] I'm sorry,
could you please repeat?
[dispatch] A two-eleven, armed
suspects at the Gerald Bank,
shots have been fired.
[officer] Car five,
is on route.
Car seven is also on route.
[faint sirens in distance]
Shit, they're gaining on us!
Fuck dude,
why'd you start shooting?
- Yeah man, what the fuck?
- I got caught up in the heat of the moment!
You bought a real gun!
- It's a cap gun!
- Jesus Christ, that's not a fucking cap gun!
- Drive faster!
- [sirens]
Fuck, why didn't be rob
a fucking liquor store?
Christian, shut up!
- We're out of gas!
- What?
I said we're out of gas!
- I fucking told you to stop by the gas station!
- God dammit!
- Where's the bag?
- It's here.
[loud pop]
- [screaming continues]
- Levi, help!
- No, just stop there, you're just smearing it!
- What do you want from me!
Pull out dammit,
will you pull out!
Turn right, turn right!
Did we lose them?
I think we lost them!
Oh shit!
Break! Hit the break!
- Turn the breaks, John!
- Hit the break!
- John!
- Hit the break!
[tires squeal]
Ok Ann, think we got it.
Doesn't have to be perfect.
- Wait, I want to be in it too.
- Oh, no.
[camera click]
- Can barely see...
- Alright.
Killing it.
- We should get that framed, babe.
- Yeah.
Mm, ew.
So what now?
How about a party at Christian's
house, huh? Yeah?
My parents are home guys.
Got to cut that cord eventually,
[girl] Party at my place,
Ok, party at her place.
- Alright, yeah.
- Uh, meet at my house, seven o'clock still?
Uh, later,
uh, I'm going to take Michael
to dinner first.
[Levi] What? What about our tradition of
pre-gaming with shots and board games?
I'll see you guys tonight.
[Levi] See ya, bro.
It's called band of brothers,
I'll lend it to you.
- Well.
- Yeah.
[indistinctive chatter]
[Levi] Fuck.
Can you help at all?
I'm beggy backing this team.
Yeah well who's the one
drinking all the cups?
You said you didn't
want to drive.
[glass bottles clinkering]
Shit, my God.
[Ann] Hey, so you're gonna
tell them, right?
Wait, wait.
Ok, so you're going to tell them that
you're not going to take the job?
Yes, he can handle it.
We're not attached at the hip,
like everyone thinks.
- [chuckles]
- I'm serious.
Yeah, if you say so.
What's up faggot.
- Yo.
- [chuckles]
Let me guess, John.
Yeah, he's kind of handicap.
Dude, what happened to you?
Nothing a little Dr. Whiskey
can't fix.
Oh my God, I swallowed
a cigarette butt.
That's why we're losing games.
- [coughing]
- [chuckles]
Dudes, we're graduating.
- Ready to get white girl wasted?
- Yeah.
[no dialogue]
Where did you get this?
Got it from my cousin,
[coughing] Smooth.
Can you believe it's
already over?
Oh I just started it,
you're good.
[chuckles] No not that,
I mean-I mean school.
Oh, y-yeah.
So what's the plan?
Oh dude, you know the plan.
Get jobs at my dad's mountain,
make some money,
move out to LA,
conquer the world.
So you still want to work
at your dad's mill?
Yeah, yeah I mean that's the
plan since we were kids.
Yeah. Well you don't want
to do anything else?
I go, where you go.
Nothing man,
let's just celebrate.
No, no, what's up?
We made those plans when
we were like 12 dude.
Yeah, I mean,
we did it on a pinky promise.
Yeah, but,
there's other things I got
to consider now, too.
Like, what?
Look she's getting into
medical school...
[mumbles] She wants to be a vet.
- It's not like...
- Yeah, but she also wants to get out of here.
So what, she can't move with us?
Come on man,
you know what I mean.
[John] Yeah.
I mean, yeah, I mean just wait
like a year, and then...
- We'll save up money...
- John.
You made a pinky promise.
Yeah I know, but things
change dude.
So you're just going to let
Ann run your life?
- [Michael] No dude, it's not like that.
- No...
Yeah I mean, you know,
you're banging this chick and,
- you're just moving into her...
- [Michael] Hey.
What are you even going to do?
I don't know, I was gonna,
see where she, go,
or gets into.
Yeah exactly, you don't know.
I'll tell you what you're gonna
do, you're just gonna sit around,
Have you thought about that?
NO you haven't.
Cause I know you.
Come on, I mean fuck that.
You need to,
be a man, you know.
Blaze you're own,
[chuckles] I don't know, it
sounded better in my head.
All I'm saying is,
you're Michael.
Just don't let anyone tell you
how or what to think.
Maybe you're right.
It's like worse than getting up
and leaving me, anyway, right?
Besides, she'll,
- Think so?
- No.
[chuckles] But she'll
get over it.
I hope so.
Do you think we can
smoke in here?
Yeah, the windows...
- Open.
- [both chuckle]
- [man] Michael.
- Yeah?
Big Bertha's jammed up again,
go down there and fix it.
- [Michael] Can't Ray, Bill or Vince handle it?
- [man] They're busy.
[John] Hey.
You know lunch started
ten minutes ago, right?
Need any help?
What are you doing
down here, man?
You wanted lunch,
so I bought you your bag.
There you go.
Not right now.
We got the day off tomorrow.
Huh, any ideas?
Honestly man, just,
- Good try.
- [bang]
[chuckles] Oh dude,
that sucks, bro.
You wanna go to a bar tonight?
We could watch the game.
I'm good dude.
Gonna go home, take a shower,
and sleep.
You do that every night,
I mean,
it's the weekend, come on.
I'm good dude.
What's up with you?
I thought you said
you were over it?
It's not that dude, it's this.
I mean look at me.
Come on, we knew what we were
getting into, when we took the job.
Oh, did we?
I sure didn't see myself having
to unclog a giant saw.
Ok so, we didn't know what
we were getting into.
But um,
I mean, you know,
it could be worse.
And uh,
we're both single enough,
to go to a bar,
get shit faced,
and find some chicks to get,
[whispers] Our dicks.
Let's get our dicks sucked.
You know what?
Screw the bar.
I know somewhere better
we can go.
John look, I know what you're trying to do, but
I'm just gonna call it after my shift, alright?
Fuck your shift.
One game?
And then, I'll let you sleep
until your heart's content.
Come on.
Say no to this face,
say no to this face.
One game.
One game.
[Christian] You want to shoot
from the women's team, dude?
- Best two out of three.
- Fat fucking chance, John boy.
So Michael,
haven't seen you in a while.
- How you been?
- Well better than John's game.
I'm better when I'm drunk.
Hey man, keep it down.
Parents are upstairs.
Hey I'm allowed to sim.
Not in this house.
Oh I keep forgetting I'm
in communist Russia.
Still beats the hell
out of my place.
Guy below us is a prick.
Seriously man,
what's been up?
Just another boring
day at the mill.
What happened this time?
I just unclogged a giant
saw gear.
Honestly man,
I should have been a plumber.
I don't know man,
unclogging a giant saw,
actually sounds kinda cool.
[Michael] Yeah first couple of
times, but now it's kind of,
lost it's luster.
- Hello boys.
- [all] Hello Mrs. Bogart.
Hey mom.
Christian, I need you to
take the trash out in a bit.
Oh, and you're aunt Gladius is coming
to stay with us for a few days.
She'll be staying in your room.
Sounds great.
It's been 24-years since you have
moved out of her, do you know that?
Dude, shut the fuck up.
This is bullshit.
- We shouldn't have to drink in fear.
- It's not that bad.
Not that bad?
Prison has less surprise visits.
Besides, she glares at me,
like I'm the black sheep.
She's not your biggest fan.
Well, screw this.
Let's go somewhere.
Like where?
Back on America soil.
- [fence rattling]
- [chuckling]
[John] God this brings you back to the time
Corina's house got rolled by the cops.
Everyone jumped into
windows and doors.
[Levi] I've never seen
Christian run so fast.
Yeah, well.
Try having parents like mine.
At least we're legal
to drink now.
[bottle rattles]
- Not in the street.
- Screw it.
You guys uh...
Wanna go back to,
my place?
God, would you live a little.
What are we doing
tomorrow night?
I don't know, drink?
We've been doing that
since graduation.
What's wrong with that?
I don't know.
Let's do something else,
something different.
[John] Hate to break it
to you Michael,
not much different
to do in this town.
You got to go down and clear
out big Bertha again.
Come on man, I just fucking
did it yesterday.
Get Cameron or Brock
to do it.
I said no.
Did it sound like I was
asking you?
Well I'm telling you that
I'm done with this shit.
Hey man.
Look he just did it yesterday,
let me do it.
Shut up, John.
Hey fuck you.
Say that again.
He said fuck you, we're done.
Well that got out of hand.
Screw it.
I got tired of that old man
giving me orders anyway.
Won't your dad be pissed?
Oh yeah...
- Going home.
- Hey fuck that.
We just lost our jobs.
We're getting drunk.
Ah, yep, yep, yep, ok good.
[John] So, any plans
for employment?
Anything that doesn't involve
wood working.
There's always the steel mill.
I'd rather hang myself.
Well you're no fun.
[pins fall over]
Let's get out of here.
We just got here.
Really 45-minutes ago.
What's up fags?
Hey guys, we were actually
just about to...
First pitchers on me.
[John] Christian,
let me borrow 20 bucks.
[Levi] You know, I thought working for my
sisters lingerie store, would kind of work out.
Figured go in, see enough boobs,
bush, make my way up to manager.
Her and I can run
the family business.
Then she got pregnant.
Gave the job to her husband.
But, you still see boobs
and bush right?
It's not the same.
Remember what we thought life
would be like after graduation?
God, were we that dumb?
Thought for sure
I'd have a house,
and a career by now.
Probably didn't help that
you got a theatre degree.
I mean, what the fuck
happened to us guys?
That's life man,
sometimes it's a bitch.
I don't know about you guys, but if I wasn't
drinking every night, I don't know what I'd do.
You know what I mean, man, it's like we do the
same thing night after night, after night.
It's been three years
and nothing's changed.
So what are you saying?
You wanna go,
like on a road trip?
- Yeah, why not?
- [John] With what money?
We would only get past Vegas, that's if we
don't blow our money on strippers and cocaine.
I'd actually be cool with Vegas.
What about going to valley
stadium and catching a game?
Again, money, which is what
we barely have.
Is there anything we can do, that's
fun, that doesn't involve money?
We could go shooting.
- We do that all the time.
- Ah, not drunk, we haven't.
County fair.
There's always babes, it's always a
good time, it's not for a while, but...
Doing this to October?
How about a hike?
There is always
robbing banks.
Yeah, yeah why not?
What? Actually rob a bank?
- Yeah.
- Right.
Could you imagine the four of
us, going in to rob a bank?
- I don't even think we could make it past the front door.
- Why's that?
We're not bank robbers.
[Michael] Well, it's not
that hard, y-you get in,
get some cash,
and you get out, right?
[Levi] Have to be way more
complicated than that.
[Christian] I mean.
We need the getaway cars,
disguises, guns.
Which we all have.
I mean, it's not that
I don't know man, I think you've
been watching too many movies.
Well, here me out though.
We hit only local banks, right?
There's not much security.
Barely anyone goes into them.
We get in, get as much
cash as we can,
and we're out in a few seconds.
Michael, [clears throat]
I was kidding.
Yeah well I'm not man.
Fucking look at us.
Why don't we live
a little bit?
Michael, it was a joke.
Tell him.
You're serious?
You want to rob a bank?
I'm in.
- What?
- You're both hammered.
Yeah I am.
You guys realize, if you get caught,
you're gonna do some serious butt time.
Then we won't get caught.
Michael, think about
what you're saying.
Look, we rob easy banks,
we get a shit ton of cash,
and then we spend it
on fun stuff.
Sounds like a good plan to me.
What do you think?
You guys in?
I think it sounds like a kind
of, kind of bad idea.
You wanna go back to,
working at a lingerie store,
for the rest of your life?
Or living in your
parents basement?
And look if we get caught,
we all go down together.
Holy shit, you two are serious.
Yeah I'm in, I'm with ya,
let's do it.
I don't know guys.
[Michael] Christian, come on man,
have I ever steered you wrong?
Well then trust me on this, man.
I wouldn't ask you guys to do this,
if I thought we couldn't pull it off.
- Alright.
- [claps]
- Yeah.
- Alright.
we have to promise each other that
we won't tell anybody about this.
We're in till the end.
No, no, you know what?
He's right.
Come on, hands in.
[Michael] We start from taking
notes from heist movies.
[Levi] Really?
[Christian] Well, not too different
from real life, I guess.
[Michael] We're gonna hit the
general bank, downtown.
John and I are going to be
handling surveillance.
[Christian] Ok so,
what about weapons?
Oh I got my dad's three arm,
I wanna use that.
- A golf club?
- No, you're not using that.
What you got something better?
Than a golf club? Yeah.
- Like what?
- My old man's, Winchester.
Wait what?
[chuckles] The replica?
- You're gonna use a replica to rob a bank?
- Beats a gold club!
No it doesn't,
it doesn't fire.
- People aren't going to think that.
- Yeah, but they're gonna want,
Billy the kid, rob them.
[Michael] Alright, there's a
thrift store, out of town.
[John] What for?
- [Michael] Disguises dude.
- [John] Oh, I'm good.
Oh yeah, what are you
going to wear then?
What for it.
[fake panting]
- You're serious?
- Yeah.
Your football jersey?
It's cool, it's different.
[Levi] Dude, you're so dumb.
Like, your name is on the back.
[scoffs] Do you know how many
Petersons are around the world, bruh?
Yeah, but how many went to the same
high school as the towns bank.
[Levi] Yeah, uh, exactly.
It's not gonna work.
[Michael] Now I know a guy who
can fix up cars, real cheap.
Dude, we got to get the
most badass car there is.
[Michael] How about just a
Buick, or something real simple.
[John] I was, I was gonna
say that.
- [John] Buick.
- [Michael] But we would call it Apricot...
[John] Apricot?
[Michael] Ape Ricot,
not apricot.
[John] Is it apricot?
Change of plans, Christian,
we're using your parents van.
[chuckles] Oh yeah.
Why not Johns truck?
Um, mine can only seat two,
and it's really dirty.
This is my parents van,
it's under my dad's name.
[Levi] Change the plates,
it'll only take a second.
Well what if they need it?
Well then we'll change the
plates back when they want it.
Listen guys,
this is getting out of hand.
Christian, trust me on this.
It's all going to be find and our
parent's won't know a thing.
Great, thank you, alright.
So where are we gonna
stash the cash?
Christian's basement.
How about some place Mrs. Hitler
won't be making surprise visits?
He's got a point.
[Levi] We could stash
it at your place.
No, I don't have
a lock on my door.
I know a place.
Your RV?
- [John] Why not?
- I'd rather have dirty money in a cleaner place.
Trust me.
[Levi] Nice.
Definitely not thrilling,
but nice.
[John] Well she's built for
safety, not for looks.
This could work.
Few hours of cleaning,
this is perfect.
Yeah, great thinking dude.
[Michael] We can't have
it here though.
Where are we gonna put it?
I got an idea, hey John
can you drive?
Oh, too hot, back inside.
[Michael] Oh man up.
There aren't any snakes
out here, are there?
- Probably.
- Dammit.
You know I hate snakes.
Why'd you bring us out to
where the snakes are?
Think about it, it's isolated.
No-one ever comes out this
far from town, anyway.
This is like the start
of every horror movie.
[John] He's right.
And we don't have a black guy,
so the gingers dying first.
[Levi chuckles] More like
the dumb jock.
Oh shit, he's right.
Well at least we've got
our clubhouse.
Hey when'd the big day?
- Did you swap the plates?
- [Levi] Yeah.
- Parents using the other car?
- [Christian] Yeah.
Tomorrow then.
Tomorrow it is.
You boys ready?
Hey, it's be alright, just,
two minutes, in and out,
You guys remember
the code names?
Let's go.
[Michael] Everyone on the floor!
- [gunshot]
- Mister!
[Michael] What the hell
was that?
Alright screw it,
everyone stand up.
Sammy, get them against
the wall.
[Levi] Let's go, corner now.
Thanks to Deano here, we've got
to make this a little bit faster.
All the cash in the volt.
Make sure to follow her Deano.
[trembling] Shit.
Move it!
I'm trying.
Try harder.
How's it going back there,
Give me a few seconds, Frankie.
Sam time?
- Sam time!
- Oh shit.
Come on dude!
Uh, two minutes.
- What?
- Yeah.
Dean we got to move it.
- [yells] Move it!
- [whimpering] I'm sorry,
it's my first day.
Move it, let's go!
[lock opens]
Put the money in the bag!
We don't have time for more Dean, we
got to go, cops are on their way!
We have plenty of time!
Cops are coming now dude!
Told you there on their way
Dean, we got to move it!
Let's go, let's go!
[Michael] Drive!
- [continues screaming]
- [Michael] Levi help!
No stop, you're just
smearing it!
[Levi] What do you
want from me!
Pull out dammit,
will you pull out!
Turn right, turn right!
Christian, did we lose them?
I think we lose them!
Oh shit!
Break, hit the break!
- John the breaks! John!
- Hit the breaks!
- John!
- Alright!
[tries squeal]
John get out, move us in.
[John[ Ow careful, oh, ow.
Get in.
[tires squeal]
Take that alley!
[sirens in distance]
[Michael] They're gone.
It worked. [chuckles]
- [all cheering]
- [John] Love you man!
[both chuckle]
Ha, ha, ha, very funny guys.
You look like a discounted
Gizz member.
John, why are you so down?
- Get it?
- Yeah.
- Cause your face is...
- Blue, yeah my face is blue.
- Is blue.
- That's real good, you should be a comedian.
- So how much we make off with?
- Seven grand.
Ah that's not too bad, that's
what, seventeen hundred a piece?
Yeah, well it would have been seven
grand, but thanks to that ink bomb,
it's more like forty-five
That's still not bad.
It would have been more John,
if you didn't fire that shot.
Like I said,
I carried away,
in the heat of the moment.
Yeah well next time,
don't let it happen.
Next time?
Well yeah, what's you think?
- I thought this was a one time thing, that's it.
- You kidding me?
Yeah I mean besides John's premature
shot, things went off without a hitch.
Yeah which means,
more money, bigger shares.
You had me at premature shot.
[Christian] You guys are crazy.
What's your problem dude?
My problem is, we almost got
caught from the cops,
because you went crazy
and started shooting,
[John] Ok, I fired one shot.
And I said I was sorry.
- [Christian] We almost went to jail.
- But Christian, we didn't.
In fact we did better than
most bank robbers do.
Guys we got lucky.
We might not be next time.
We will, if we do exactly
what we did this time.
You know what?
I can't do this.
You know, it was fun,
I appreciate the money, but,
I'm not going to jail.
Today was fun, money's nice,
but I ain't, I'm leaving.
- Where are you doing?
- [Christian] Going home.
Hopefully my parents
haven't the news yet.
You can't leave, we need
the van for the getaway!
- [Christian] Fuck you Levi.
- Dick.
What a downer.
Well what now?
We talk to him,
I'll think of something.
You know you can't back
out on this, right?
Why not?
Remember I said that
if we go down,
we're all gonna go
down together?
Michael, we almost went
to jail today.
Look Christian I know that
you're scared.
You cannot just walk out
on us man, we need you.
For what? My van?
Would it help if you
were getting a larger share?
I don't know.
We are using your parents van.
You have more to lose
than the rest of us.
How big?
How does five percent sound?
I appreciate it man, I.
W-Well listen man,
you could get your own spot.
Move out of the basement.
What about the guys?
- Aren't-aren't they gonna be pissed?
- I'll handle that.
[Michael] Can you let me out?
[Christian] Yeah,
it should be unlocked.
[Michael] It's not,
can you unlock it?
Does that work?
No, you got, you got
to unlock it.
I'm pushing it.
- Well it's not unlocking.
- Um, well are you jiggling the handle?
- You gotta like...
- Getaway van, I can't even get outside the van, man.
Never mind, I'll just
take the side door.
See you later.
[door slides shut]
Jessica Horton.
[chuckles] No way.
Out of all the girls from our class, that's
the one you'd let put a finger up your butt?
Oh yeah.
I'd put a ring on
that finger, after it.
She has such big hands.
[chuckles] Oh!
- So did you guys kiss and make up?
- Shut up John.
Where do we hit next?
[phone ringing in distance]
Hello miss, I'm detective Sinclair,
I'd like to ask you a few questions,
and then we'll send you home.
What can you tell me
about the robbers?
Well there were four of them.
And one of the guys,
when he came in,
he shot his gun up in the air.
What other kind of weapons
did they have?
One had a golf club, and the
other had an old west riffle.
And the smaller guy had a cane
or something, weird.
Something weird.
Anything else?
They called each other by name.
Do you remember them?
Dean, Frankie,
Joey, and...
Was it Sam?
I guess that,
they were code names.
I see.
Is there anything else you
remember that was, seemed unusual?
I couldn't see their faces,
but they sounded young.
See, I don't think they knew
what they were doing.
[officer] Press conference,
in a few hours.
- Excellent.
- [phone dialing]
We'll keep looking
for the bullet.
Don't worry about the bullet.
We're dealing with amateurs.
He fired a cap gun.
- What's this?
- This is the north point, second bank.
Oh guys, I go to this bank.
Do we have to go there?
Yeah, all the more reason
to go there.
Now, this won't be like
the general bank, ok?
This time we're up
against two security guards.
- Are they any tough?
- No, they're mostly interns.
- That's it?
- Yeah.
Which means, they'll be just
as hot headed, as John here.
What else?
Standard camera's, and two to three
tellers, depending on the time of day.
Hey guys, check this out.
[volume low]
Christian turn it up.
[Sinclair] So the suspects came
into the bank you see,
but not much is known about the
suspects at this time.
[reporter] Did eye witnesses
give any information?
They mentioned they came in
armed and masked.
One young woman said they
came in, dashing.
- [John] That teller wants me.
- Shut up.
Make no mistake about it,
these four men are dangerous,
and should not be taken lightly.
- [Levi] Holy shit.
- [John] I know.
Looks like we're
somewhat famous.
Technically infamous.
Shut the fuck up, Christian.
Wonder why they didn't show us.
Cause they don't have anything.
[claps] Let's plan
the next job.
Wait, don't you wanna
wait a week?
Till the heat dies over?
They've got nothing on us,
we're in the clear.
But if we wait a couple weeks
they won't be expecting us.
They're not going to be waiting
for us, you heard that jag off.
They think we're professionals.
Yeah, and if anything,
we should do this,
sooner rather than later.
Right, which is why we're gonna
hit the next bank tomorrow.
That quick?
Yeah it's perfect,
it's on the very edge of town,
and they won't expect us
to hit so soon.
[John] Same plan as before?
Sort of, you me and Levi
are going to go in.
Christian's gonna wait for us in the getaway
van in the parking lot across the street.
Wa-wait, how come he
gets the easy job?
- I thought he was supposed to be the lookout?
- He's gonna do both.
He's gonna watch the street for
us, while we're on the inside.
And John, no shooting this time.
- [knocks]
- Detective.
Is there a reason you went off
script for the press conference?
We're up against kids.
Now if I said that,
they'd be more cautions.
This way they might be more
liable to screw up.
When do you think they'll
do it again?
If they're smart, they'll quit
while they're ahead.
But they're not.
I expect another robbery
within the week.
We only have six officers
on the roster.
[chuckles] Trust me.
We're still better equipped.
What are we waiting for?
Michael doesn't want
too many people inside.
So what?
Too many eyes
and people to watch.
We've got time.
Code names?
And you get to be Frank again?
Yeah, what's wrong with that?
I just pictured you more
as a Peter Lawford type.
Well we can change your name to
Jamie Joy Bishop as well.
I like Deano.
Show time.
- Walkie check.
- Check.
Hey, remember no shooting
this time.
Yeah I got it, let's go.
Everyone on the floor!
Drop your weapon!
Make sure to watch him boys.
[Levi] This one's good.
Get another one.
Sammy how we doing on time?
Uh, two and a half minutes.
Alright, we're doing
great everybody.
Just keep your heads down,
we'll be out of here soon.
Oh, shit.
Fuck, Michael.
- Shit.
- [group softly scream]
Out! Everyone get out!
[people screaming]
[officer] Police department!
Drop your gun!
Fucking Christian!
[officer] Do it now!
- [officer] Drop your guns!
- Look at the door!
[officer] Show me your hands!
[officer] Roll in on my signal,
we're going left.
- [officer] Do no move!
- Christian.
-[Christian] Michael!-Christian, come in!
[Christian] Michael!
Christian, come in!
-[Christian] Michael!-Christian, where are you?
- Michael!
- Christian go to the bank side alley now!
[car horn beeping]
- [grunts]
- Come on, let's go, let's go.
Oh, shit!
Oh bastard!
Warp it up!
Christian, what the fuck!
They came out of nowhere man!
- Bullshit!
- Fuck they were waiting for us!
- Fuck!
- Alright, everyone shut up!
Get us to the RV now.
Tell me we got the
fucking money.
- Yeah we got it!
- Thank God.
Holy, you don't think this shit
could kill me right?
[John] This? No dude you're,
unless you're a bitch.
[Levi] Fuck, I kinda feel like
I'm going into shock.
[John] You're not going into
shock, you're fine.
- Ok, you're fine.
- Ok, ok, ok.
- [grunts]
- You're fine.
- [Christian] Listen Michael...
- What the fuck happened!
Dude, they were,
they were waiting for us.
Why didn't you warn us?
Cause I dropped my walkie!
- What!
- I dropped the walkie!
Hey, the bleeding's slowing down,
but we got to get that bullet out,
or he's gonna die of infection.
Can we get him to a hospital?
Alright, help me get him
in my truck.
What are you idiots,
we can't do that!
Why not?
Cause every cop in town
will be waiting for us.
What are we gonna do?
I-I'm thinking, ok.
Alright, move the money into the
RV, I'll go get my truck.
Where are we going?
Just do it.
[Detective] Anything?
Cases match, bank security.
But one of our boys managed to hit
one of them in the leg as he fled.
Have we already got
officers on hospital watch?
- Right after the incident.
- Good.
We'll get them yet.
[police radio]
Where are we going?
Trust me on this.
[John] Do you think
he's telling the truth?
He is.
Really? Cause he didn't warn us.
He would have left us,
if that was the case.
He got us out of there
just fine too.
He also go Levi shot.
That was on all of us.
What are we doing here?
She's the only person
who can help us.
John you got to be kidding me.
It's either her, or jail.
[John] Stay with Levi.
Why are you here?
Nice to see you too.
- Jesus Christ, that didn't take long.
- [Michael] Shut up Levi.
- You hate the sight of blood.
- I got better.
What the hell happened to him?
Ah we went uh, hunting and
someone accidentally shot him.
Why didn't you take him to a
hospital, I'm a veterinarian.
Yeah dude, really?
- [Ann] Fuck you, Michael.
- If we went to the hospital,
they would have taken away
our hunting licenses.
Get his leg leveled.
That's only if the bones
It is you stupid fuck.
Crushing my testicles
right now.
[Ann] Ok, it's either this
or I call an ambulance.
- Give me my clamps.
- What?
It's in the medical kit.
Christian, Michael,
I need you to hold him down.
- Ah what?
- [Ann] Try not to move, and I'll be quick!
Right Michael?
[all chuckle]
Ok, John grab his ankles,
Michael get me my clamps.
[Ann] Ok Levi, hold still.
Still squeamish?
I'll manage.
Ok Michael, I need you to look,
if you see the bullet, tell me.
- Can't you?
- Michael, stop being a pussy.
- Levi hold still.
- You try have a fucking bullet removed, ok?
There! Right there.
Ok Levi.
I'm not going to lie to you.
This is going to hurt
really bad.
Michael, get ready for
the pressure.
Guys hold him tight.
Chris, fuck you Christian!
I got this.
Thank you.
He's gonna be ok, right?
Lucky for him it missed
his artery, but,
he's got a minor fracture
to his bone, so.
He can see a doctor tomorrow.
Do you have anything to drink?
Hey John.
Why don't you take Christian
and go grab a drink?
You look good.
What really happened, Michael?
Went hunting.
And we got drunk.
Jesus Christ.
I know.
- You could have killed one of your best friends.
- I know, I'm sorry.
Don't tell me,
tell him.
Michael, if you didn't come to me or
anyone else, he could have lost his foot.
Look we've kind of being going
through uh, rough time.
Since graduation.
Them or you?
You had your chance, remember?
I mean, you wanted to stay here
with your idiot friends.
You're right.
I should have told him then and
there, that we were gonna leave.
And start fresh.
And maybe if I'd kept
that promise.
You wouldn't have had
to stay here.
It's my fault you're
living in this dump.
- Hey!
- Hey, sorry about that too.
And I'm sorry about ending
what we had.
You called me a bitch
in front of your friends.
I've been regretting that
for a while.
You deserve better.
You know you shouldn't
smoke inside.
[Ann] Yeah, why would
you care?
[Levi] Smooth.
You coming?
- [coughing]
- [chuckles]
Oh, you're a pussy now.
When's the last time you smoked?
Probably like a year back.
[both chuckle]
Hey, do you remember that time
at Duke's house party?
Ok well, do you remember
asking me if,
I ever thought about us,
you know, getting married.
Not really.
Yeah, you were pretty wasted.
Yeah, thank God I don't
remember that.
Does explain though why I vaguely recall
John calling me a homo the whole night.
Oh, God.
You know who I feel about him.
But I can see that
he's a good friend.
I guess I can see why
you stayed.
Yeah I just,
couldn't leave him by himself.
Or the others, you know
they're like brothers to me.
It's what I've always
liked about you Michael.
You've always been loyal.
Remember that time
at Dolph's house?
Is that the same night that Christian
ran like bat out of hell from the cops?
No that was a different night.
But remember Fay Anderson?
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,
she was really nice.
She tried to make out with me
while you were in the bathroom.
- What a bitch.
- [chuckles]
- Wait what did you do?
- I just walked away.
Well why didn't you tell me?
Cause you were drunk and you've
got a hell of a right hook.
Yeah, that's true.
Doesn't mean that
I'm loyal though.
What do you mean?
Like yeah, I didn't
do anything with her...
Honestly I just didn't want
to change what I had.
What we had?
I don't know.
Now if that was the case, I would have left
with you instead of screwing you over.
You wanted to stay
with your friends.
[Michael] No, I didn't.
That's the thing...
I didn't even want to...
To stay...
I was just scared.
I was scared of change.
I had...
Everything, I had...
Best friends, best girlfriend.
Best life.
I was afraid to lose it.
Don't, don't.
Michael, you can't beat
yourself up over this.
Honestly, I said you were loyal,
not perfect.
We come from a small town.
It's better to stay somewhere
where you can be happy.
[scoffs] But look at
what happened.
I almost got Levi killed just because I wanted
to do something different, something exciting.
[Ann] So you wanted to drink
and shoot,
- it wasn't your fault.
- It is.
I convinced him into doing
something dangerous, just because,
I wanted some excitement.
Michael. [scoffs]
You, you can't let one slip up,
stop you from doing what you
feel like you need to do.
You really believe that?
Just, just, don't be an idiot.
[scoffs] Though you know, with John
around that might be kind of a problem.
You know.
I meant every word
I said downstairs.
I know.
You know, it's not hard
to tell when you're lying.
[John] What the hell are
you doing up there?
What do you want?
Hey how's Levi doing?
[John] Levi's fine,
he's been up for a while.
Where have you two been?
How you doing?
Besides the constant throb
in my leg, not too bad.
And how are you feeling?
I've had a few of these, so.
Alright, let's go.
[Levi grunts]
[Levi] Thanks Ann.
[Ann] Goodnight guys.
Hey, how uh,
much we get off with?
Keep adding zero's to mine.
Yeah, not to be a dick, but,
shouldn't I be compensated for you
know, taking a bullet to the leg?
- We took you to the doctor.
- You took me to a vet.
Oh yeah, reminds me.
What's this for?
My heart worms?
- Oh painkillers.
- [chuckles]
- Fuck off.
- Come on, hook it up.
I earned these, dick.
Better get well soon, man.
We're gonna hit another bank.
You're kidding right?
Well I mean like not right now,
but you know like,
whenever you get better.
Dude, the last time
we almost got caught.
- But this time we almost died.
- So we're gonna plan better.
[Levi] I don't know Michael, I was
down for the last job, but...
I got shot in the leg.
So you both want to quit,
right now?
There's nothing wrong with
quitting while you're a head dude.
Besides Michael,
look at all that cash.
We got exactly what we wanted.
Well how long do you think
it's going to last us?
Because knowing us,
it won't last us six months.
Give us some credit dude.
- So what, just go back to what we did before?
- Yeah.
Go back to what
we were doing before.
Except with a lot of cash.
Sorry Michael, but,
it's just the right thing to do.
[Christian] So, what are
we gonna do now?
I got some ideas.
[John] Well...
I think we can all agree despite the
fact that we're completely broke,
that was the best couple
months of our life's.
Still got to pay my mortgage.
Which kind of sucks.
Yeah, we should probably
sell the boat.
And the cars.
Man, I just put speakers
in that car.
We don't have to sell any of it.
I don't think I have the semen or the
blood to pay off that car, Michael.
Only as long as I don't
get shot again.
- Oh I'm in.
- Hey guys.
Guys I thought we were
done with this?
Uh, we're not done.
- This is a really bad idea.
- Well why's this a bad idea?
Our last job was months ago,
the heats died down by now.
Yeah, we've learnt
from our mistakes.
It's definitely not
the worst idea.
In fact, I think it's
a good idea.
And this time,
we don't spend the money like idiots ok, I'm
surprised we haven't got caught already.
Ok, well obviously you're
not gonna listen to me,
you're gonna go rob a bank,
and get shot again.
I did-I did not get shot.
- Levi got shot!
- Shut up, shut your...
- I'm not gonna shut up.
- Shut your fucking mouth.
- I'm trying to save your life.
- Shush, shush, shut your...
Listen, what if I told you guys,
this will be the last job.
Are we robbing Fort Knox
or something, bro?
Well, it's not going
to be a local bank.
You mean like a big
branch bank.
- A big bank.
- Fuck, what do you call it?
- A national bank?
- Like a big bank.
[chuckles] Did you even
go to school?
They don't teach you bank
stuff at school.
They have more money than any of the
locals banks around here, combined.
[chuckles] Yeah, true.
But, they also like,
they have ramped up security,
I mean do you think,
don't you think that's
a little out of our league?
I think we're ready.
What are we gonna use?
Your dad's Winchester riffle?
I mean it's like a replica
right? It doesn't shoot bullets.
Mm-hmm, sure.
[Michael] During our little vacation
time, I foresaw this happening and uh,
thought I'd invest
some of our share.
- Jesus.
- Oh, God bless America.
Thank God for the
second amendment.
It's definitely a start.
[John] What's the plan?
Yeah, thank you very much.
Who was that?
Free clinic on Plaser.
Some sketchy employees but
no sign of our suspect.
One of those boys got shot and I
want to know who he want to.
That's all of them.
No not really.
There's a lot of names
left off this board.
My wife got her school
nursing degree online,
and I'm pretty sure even she knows
how to treat a bullet wound.
Hell, even a vet could do it.
[Christian] We have an RV
out in the middle of nowhere.
Yet we're still planning
in my parents basement?
I'm superstitious,
what can I say?
Plus, your stallion mother makes
the best potato skin appetizers.
Just tell me you got a plan?
In case cops show up this time.
If that happens,
we shoot our way out.
It won't come to it.
Are we good?
When do we hit the bank?
Just give it some time.
Say three or four days.
Come in.
I'm heading home for the day.
[officer] Oh shit.
That's a lot of names.
Every medical professional
in town.
Even dentists?
Anything else.
No you go on.
How many times have
you watched that thing?
You have no idea.
[door shuts]
[Sinclair] Baker.
Can I help you?
[Sinclair] I'm detective
I was hoping to speak
to an Ann Baker.
That's me.
Is there something wrong?
Well I'm sure you heard of the bank
robberies, several months ago?
Well one of the perpetrators
is seen on a security tape,
wearing a bracelet
with your name on it.
Would you mind telling me
how that may have happened?
I don't own a bracelet
with my name on it.
Perhaps you gave it to someone,
a relative perhaps?
Afraid not detective.
A boyfriend perhaps?
- Don't have one.
- Well than an ex-boyfriend?
Never gave him one.
Is that all detective?
Alright well, have
a nice day then.
[knocking continues]
- Ann.
- What did you do?
What are you talking about?
You, John, Levi and Christian are
those bank robbers, aren't you?
No, what?
- Why?
- A detective came to my house today.
Did you tell him about Levi?
No, he didn't ask me
about Levi.
[indistinctive chatter
in distance]
Well what did he ask
you about then?
The bracelet that I gave
you in high school.
He said that he saw it on some
security tape or something.
Do I look like a bank robber
to you?
Who else would have the bracelet
then, Michael?
I was made when we broke up ok, I left it at
a thrift store someone must've picked it up.
Yeah and this?
This wasn't stolen.
Stop lying to me!
It's the truth I won it at a
casino a while back, so.
- I'm not stupid Michael.
- It's the truth!
[sighs] Shit.
- What?
- It's him.
- Him, who?
- The detective.
He must have, followed me here.
To the basement, now.
[grunts] It's Ann,
hide the shit!
Can I help you?
I'm sorry to bother you, uh.
You're Christian Bogart?
No I'm his friend,
uh Michael.
You're Michael Stevenson?
[Michael] That's me.
I'm detective Sinclair.
And tell me, do you know
an Ann Baker?
She's my ex, yeah, why?
May I come in?
Just for a few questions.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- [clears throat]
- What's up?
Coffee detective?
Decafe if you've got it?
We're out.
Whatever you've got then
that's fine.
She's a pretty girl, Ann.
Whatever happened
between you two?
Well she had a bit of a temper.
You know women.
Oh yeah. [chuckles]
Sounds like my second ex-wife.
How long were you together?
Oh started senior year
of high school.
What made you decide to call it
quits? Or when did that happen?
Oh uh, about three years ago.
Wasn't pretty either.
No, that's a shame.
Oh a girl like that,
I'd be buying her gifts.
Like flowers, chocolate.
She ever give you any gifts.
Oh her gifts didn't usually
come in material form, if you,
know what I mean.
God, what I wouldn't give
to be young again.
Any who.
I wanted to ask you a few
questions about the bank heist
that took place
a few months ago.
I'm not really all too familiar
on current events.
Surely you read the news.
Actually I-I stick
to comics mostly.
News tends to depress me.
Well, let me catch you up.
A few months ago,
two of the local banks were
robbed by four men at gun point.
We actually managed to clip one
of them when they were fleeing.
One of them was even stupid
enough to wear a bracelet
with the name Ann Baker on it
at the crime scene.
- What's going on?
- Shhh.
Michael's talking
to a detective.
- About what?
- About the bank you idiots robbed.
We didn't rob a bank,
are you high?
Yeah, I got really high
before I came here.
The bracelet led me to Ann.
And from her to you...
Just following leads.
Yeah, yeah, no sure.
So, like I said,
one of the robbers was shot in
the leg a few months ago, and,
I figured by this time he ought
to have a pretty nice scar.
So, if you just show me your
leg, I can get out of your hair.
Which one?
Left one please.
It's for the case,
or for you detective?
Humor me.
Should I turn my head
and cough next?
My mistake.
Whatever floats your boat,
you know, I-I don't judge.
Well, I guess I better
be going.
You sure, coffee's going
to be on in a second, here.
[Sinclair] No, I've got
a lot of paper work to do.
Ca-Can you hear anything?
Why did you rob a bank
in the first place?
We didn't rob a bank.
Yes you did! They saw on the security camera
Michael's bracelet with my name on it!
Why would you give him a bracelet
with your fucking name on it?
I don't know, it was for
his birthday.
Why couldn't you just blow him,
like every other chick?
- [loud slap]
- Ow!
Someone else here?
Just some friends.
How many people are down there?
I don't know, a few.
Well is it, uh.
Almost forgot.
Is it uh...
John Peterson, Richard Levi
and Christian Bogart?
Well Christian I assume,
cause it's house.
Well what are you all up to?
Uh, it's movie night.
What movie?
Whatever's on.
Well do you think I could take a trip
down stairs and talk to your friends?
Just wanna ask them
a few questions.
Check for scars.
You know actually Christian's not feeling so
well right now and neither are the others.
Not on movie night.
I'll tell you what though, why
don't you come back in a few days?
Well it'll just take
a few minutes.
I'd really, it's be better if
you come back another time.
But I'll let you know
if I find any scars.
Probably check myself.
Sorry officer I don't know
what to tell ya.
You're not going to let me go
downstairs, are you?
Honestly, this is just starting
to get pretty unprofessional,
and I'm feeling a little
You're gonna get those boys
killed, you know that, right?
Do you have a warrant, officer?
Well, not to be rude, but when you
get that warrant you can come back.
[Sinclair] Enjoy your movie.
We will.
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[basement door opens]
- What are you doing?
- I'm leaving.
- You can't go to the cops.
- I won't.
- Ann please!
- I won't!
Even though I should, I won't.
- Ok we got a problem.
- No shit.
You wore that fucking
bracelet Ann gave you.
Why the fuck would
you keep that?
Why the fuck did you take
it into the bank!
- I thought it was lucky ok.
- Alright, calm down.
He didn't take you in.
So we're fine.
- We got to hit the bank tomorrow.
- W-What?
They got nothing right now.
It won't be long before they start
putting two and two together.
Are you insane?
- The heat is up!
- All the more reason, to hit tomorrow.
That detective is going
to go door to door,
will we make off
with a shit ton of cash.
I don't know dude,
we got to lay low.
You got to trust me on this when
I say this is the right time.
I say we wait.
We wait, we get arrested.
If we hit tomorrow, at least we
can run with enough cash to hide.
So we're screwed either way?
Come on guys.
The last job.
Now who the fuck is with me?
Let's get the weapon's and the
gear from the RV right now.
Just a little bit longer.
We've already been sitting here
for at least ten minutes.
We wait.
- Walkie check.
- Check.
How much we going for?
Enough for us all to be sitting
pretty in Mexico.
- Oh that shouldn't be much.
- [chuckles]
Show time.
- [John] Dude, what the fuck.
- [Michael] John, I'm sorry.
- Come on.
- Shut up!
- Oh shit.
- Go, go, go!
- What the fuck happened?
- Drive!
[Levi] They were
waiting for us!
What the hell did you
tell that detective?
[Christian] We should have
waited man.
What are we doing now?
- Get us to the RV.
- Are you nuts?
We got to lose them first!
We lost them, keep going!
We're fucked!
[Christian] Wouldn't be in this situation
if you didn't wear the bracelet!
Oh don't you pin this on me!
No he's right,
you fucked us big time.
Alright, look guys, I...
I know it's bad, ok.
If we hurry we can get all our
stuff and go down to Mexico...
Let's go to fucking Mexico Michael
because we don't have a fucking choice.
- Do you guys hear that?
- You could have walked away long before, don't give me that shit.
- Ah! Fuck you!
- Fuck you Michael!
- If we just waited!
- If we did we'd all be in jail right now!
[faint sirens]
That blows.
Everyone get in the RV now.
Oh shit.
What do we do?
Alright Michael.
You got nowhere to run.
Step out of the RV
nice and slow.
Dude, what's the plan?
I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?
- I don't know.
Fuck this.
What are you doing?
Do you know what they do
to guys like me in jail?
What my mom's going to do,
when she finds out.
She'll probably stuff you
right back inside of her.
Right, which is why
we should do this.
Fuck that. Fuck that!
Sorry guys.
Not your fault dude.
We knew it was all gonna
come to this eventually.
Put it down.
Michael, you shitting me?
Michael you can't actually
be thinking about jail?
If we go out willingly they
might be lenient on us.
And, option two?
There is no option two.
Guess of we go down...
- We go down together.
- [gunshots]
Holy shit.
- Open fire!
- [gunfire]
[gunfire continues]
Holy shit.
[eagle screeching]
[water trickling]
[loud explosion]
[John] Wanna got get a beer?
[Levi] So... Mexico?
[upbeat music]
[music abruptly ends]