Brothers' Nest (2018) Movie Script

[wind whistles]
[dark, moody music]
[dark, moody music]
[bags clatter heavily]
Come on, you f...
Alright. Wait here.
So we're doing this thing.
[camera whirrs]
Hey, Freddie.
[horse whickers]
Terry. What are you doing?
What did we talk about?
What kind of criminals
get caught?
The dumb ones.
No fuck-ups. Alright?
I'm not spending the rest of
my life in a concrete box
simply because
you couldn't stick to a plan.
Now, let's get this done.
But know this. Once you step
inside here, you're in.
No more of this pussy shit.
Mate, we do this
together, alright?
The way Dad would
have wanted.
And what we start,
we're gonna finish.
Now, I know we're
wearing gloves, but try
not to touch anything
you don't have to.
Can I take a seat?
You're clean.
You can sit.
Alright. So...
Rodger will be
here about 5:30
tonight to brush and
reshoe Freddie.
The buyer will turn up at 7:00.
I've mapped everything out
so we'll be ready
about half an hour to an hour
before Rodger turns up.
Wh... why is this buyer
coming at 7pm to
try and put Freddie
into a horse float?
What kind of idiot
loads a horse in the dark?
I... I reckon Freddie will
get spooked, don't you?
Not our concern.
Rodger organised it and
he's with Mum all day.
Besides, mate, it works
beautifully with our schedule.
The chances of anyone
seeing us leave at night
is the same as when we came here
this morning - minimal at best.
Now, you'll see that
I've set the alarm
for final idiot checks
and exit - 6:15.
You know, I still
don't understand
why we're here for
the whole day.
Because there's a
lot to prepare.
And we're only gonna have half
an hour or so to deal with...
to deal with Rodger.
And what's with
all the cleaning?
You've got, like,
seven cleans in here.
[Jeff] Six.
Mate, human emotions
being what they are,
if we leave the cleaning
till after the fact,
we're likely to miss something.
I think you're gonna
be surprised,
Terry, how quickly
the day's gonna go.
- There's a lot to cover.
- Oh, I can see that.
And a lot of this stuff, I don't
remember us ever discussing.
These other things
you've got - "ice
junkie rehearsal",
Terry, look at me.
As Dad would always say,
failing to plan is
planning to fail.
I know that, Jeff.
It's just a little
intense seeing
it all written
down like this.
You've done it
like a to-do list.
It is a to-do list.
That's exactly what it is.
You know what? Just...
just forget this.
Let's just
keep moving, can we?
Alright. OK.
Let's synchronise watches.
I'm very serious. No short cuts.
Yeah, but couldn't you have just
said, "What time do you have?"
our fucking watches"?
Alright, what time do you have?
I don't.
Because, like most
normal human beings,
I use my phone to
tell me the time.
But you've taken that
from me, remember?
[metal box clunks]
Find it?
We'll have to put
it back afterwards,
so I'll make a note
in the agenda.
Doesn't work.
Wind it. Give it a tap.
Dad used to say
it had a heart for a battery.
Give it enough
attention, it'll work.
[watch ticks]
What's that?
Alright. Let's synchronise
watches for 7:14.
It's time to ring Mum.
[car horns honk, PA
announcements on tape]
Hey. It's Jeff.
Jeff, Mum. Your son. Jeff.
[laughs] Yeah. Yes, yeah.
- No, we've just arrived.
- [train station PA chimes]
No, it's great. It's good
to spend some time together.
Big city, Sydney. Very
loud, very noisy.
[car horns honk on tape]
Oh, no, he's off shopping.
Of course he wants
to talk to you, Mum.
He's out... he's
buying chocolate...
chocolates for the
kids or something.
No, no, Jeff. Not chocolate.
Sorry, hang...
Not chocolate.
The boys don't eat chocolate.
- Sue doesn't allow it.
- You're shittin' me!
When Mum sent the boys chocolate
at Easter,
Sue spent a whole night,
and I begged her not to,
but she wrote this
three-page essay
on the negative impact
of chocolate on kids.
Don't ask me what it is.
I don't get it. But Mum...
Trust me, Mum knows.
They can't have chocolate.
You there? Mum?
No, you misheard me.
No, no, no, he's buying them
for my... for... for me.
H-h-how's your blood?
Your blood levels, Mum.
The markers, are they up?
OK, well, what did
the doctor say?
Yeah, no, I kn...
No... I hope you're
not calling him
"Dr Vindaloo" to
his face, Mum.
He's there to help you.
Alright, and so...
and the chemo?
That's happening today?
A-a-and wh-what about Rodger?
Well, is he... is he
staying back with you
or is he still seeing...
the guy about Freddie?
Freddie the horse.
The horse, Mum!
Right. Right. Well, good.
So, happy thoughts, hey?
For the chemo.
Positive thinking.
Alright. I love you, Mum.
Mum? I said--
[car horns honk on tape]
Yeah, man. We're good.
Rodger's gonna be here at 5:30.
You're sure sat phones
can't be traced?
Yes, mate. It's half the reason
why people buy them.
Are you confident
our phones made it to Sydney?
The courier company will send
the package back on Monday
and the GPS will
show that our phones
had a glorious
weekend in Sydney.
We're good.
[Terry] What is
there to rehearse?
Rodger goes in the
bath, appliance
goes in the bath,
end of story.
When do we put the water in?
Well, before, obviously.
OK, me or you?
Now or closer to the act?
I don't know. Whenever.
And what appliance do we use?
Hair dryer.
She doesn't have
a hair dryer
anymore. She smashed
it, remember?
She's got no fucking hair
on her head. The chemo!
[sighs] Then a toaster.
They use the oven
grill to do toast!
Rodger thinks it's
crispier that
way. Come on, you
know this shit.
Well, obviously you
have the answer.
He kills himself
with a Tasman X?
Yeah. Why not?
I don't know. It's got some
poetry about it, I suppose.
Poetry? Mate, this is serious
fucking pathos.
This is Rodger's first
and favourite radio.
Alright. Great. So, are we done?
No. Cord's not gonna reach
from the hallway to the bath.
So grab an extension lead.
No, no. Not those. That one.
One of Dad's old ones?
Mm-hm. More poetry.
Oh, yeah, no, you
should write fucking
Christmas cards
for Hallmark.
[Jeff] No, uh, don't touch that.
What, I can't make tea?
We don't want to
touch anything
we don't have to, remember?
You got milk?
Uh, leave it. Leave it!
No, I've got... got gloves on.
The power!
But the fridge is already on.
Mate, I'm no
electrician, but you
open that door,
power surge, right?
Which means spike
in the usage meter.
Which means someone
was in an empty house
before the deceased rocked up
to top himself.
Leave it.
You know you're not supposed to
eat or drink in here.
[swallows] Yeah, I know.
[Jeff sighs]
Do you have a single memory
of Mum ever opening
or taking anything
out of that fucking
crystal cabinet?
I still get anxious
just being near it.
And the last time I got a
hiding... was in that chair.
It was at Dad's wake.
Cousins and strangers
Drinkin', eatin', bullshittin'.
All I wanted was a quiet place
to come and eat some of
Aunty Shirl's ginger fluff cake.
I don't know how Mum
knew or where she
came from, but...
two bites in...
flew in like a fuckin' ninja.
She had some kind of...
or something in
here, I swear it.
[chuckles] Yeah.
I didn't get to the third bite.
Mum hit you at Dad's wake?
Oh, yeah. A real stinger.
I never knew that.
Never told anyone.
I had my first
kiss in this room.
Chrissie Holt.
Man, I was so nervous.
I practised kissing on the
bathroom tiles for a week.
I fuckin' hate this room.
I'm gonna take a piss.
Well, hang on, you...
you can't piss in the toilet.
I'm sorry?
You're fuckin' kidding me!
- Tez, it's a septic tank.
- So what?
- Water.
- What about it?
The power, when you flush.
Where's the power come from? You
don't have power in a toilet!
- The pump!
- Ohh!
No, and... and you'll leave
residue on the bowl.
- What does that matter?
- DNA.
Yeah, but, J, we grew
up in this house.
This place is riddled
with our DNA.
Yeah, but... old DNA, not new.
There's a difference.
So, what if I want
to take a shit?
Well, unless you
want to poo in your
hands and... put
it in your pocket,
I suggest you hang
on like a big boy.
You know, the agenda,
the rules, the piss bottle...
I mean, you're starting
to scare me, J.
It's like you've done
all this before.
Tez, just because I'm
not walking around
shivering like a
little frightened lamb
doesn't mean this is
any easier for me.
I mean, Jesus, the
worst I've ever done is a...
dodgy tax return!
I'm just being
methodical, that's all.
It's how my brain works.
You'll thank me for it later.
It's how I built my business up.
What, the business
you sent bankrupt?
Seriously? You're gonna
make today emotional?
We're about to kill
our stepfather for
a block of land
and an old house.
Things are gonna
get pretty fucking
emotional, J, whether
you like it or not.
Well, can you just focus
on the job at hand?
And we'll both get
emotional tomorrow.
"Job at hand"?
Oh, look...
Think of me...
like your foreman.
Right? You're a brickie.
You know, when you go on a site,
you see the framework.
Right? It's not your job
to worry about the end result.
Right? It's about the process.
And in your case,
it's about the
bricks. You worry
about the bricks.
One brick after the other.
Brick, brick, brick,
brick, brick.
Two, three hours
later, we can
both stand back -
voil, job done.
- That easy?
- It can be.
You do know I haven't been a
brickie for two years, yeah?
No. I mean... Yeah. So what?
Well, I know you knew, 'cause I
told you when I got the new job.
Do you know what
that new job is?
Look, you're gonna
have to excuse me
if I'm a bit rusty
on 20 questions.
I've got a lot on my mind.
Besides... you
probably don't even
remember what I
do for a living.
You're the head of
state operations
for that new life insurance
company, Heartbeat Services.
It's the blue building
on Chapel Street.
And I know because Mum walks
the corridors of the hospital
stopping anyone that'll listen
to her and raving about it.
And if she's not banging on
about it, then Rodger is.
It was his first
Facebook post!
I'd show you,
but our phones are in Sydney.
[Terry opens bathroom door]
Do you mind?!
God! The next piss I'm gonna
take's gonna be on a tree.
Did you bring the suicide note?
Can I just have a minute here?!
[continues urinating]
Jesus, Tez. I give you
one fuckin' job to do.
You'd better get your head
in the game, mate.
Can't have a suicide without
a suicide note, now, can we?
Why not? Dad did.
Just give it a shake
and get it done, will you?
[unsettling music]
[Jeff sighs] Oh, Terry!
13 words? That's all you
could come up with?
What's wrong with it?
Mate, I wanted a suicide letter,
not a suicide memo!
No, I need more words!
Why am I doing this, anyway?
I thought we were gonna
write it together
and post it online
straight after.
No... No, no, neither of us are
gonna be in any state of mind
to write any kind of bloody
letter after the fact.
No, no. You need to do it now.
And then when
we're ready, we
just transcribe
it into his phone
and then post it up on Facebook.
Well... [sighs] ...why would
Rodger kill himself now,
when Mum's only got a
few months to live?
Because of what you say here.
"I am weak."
Right? He's weak!
You know, I just
don't want to...
hurt Mum any more
than it has to.
You know she thinks
suicide is selfish.
I mean, look at
the way she talks
about Dad after
all these years.
Well, then, we make it
so that he killed himself
so he could be the
first face she sees
when she walks through
the pearly gates.
Oh, Jesus, Jeff! Rodger
helped raise us.
We're not even
killing him for what
he did or what he
said he's gonna do.
We're killing him for
what we think he might do.
There's no "might"
about it, Terry.
He gets the house
when Mum dies.
She made that perfectly
fuckin' clear. Right?
And he's gonna sell
the lot from under
us and piss off
back to Queensland,
before she's even dead
in the fuckin' ground!
But he might not.
Well, then, we kill him for
what he has done, alright?
We kill him
because he left a
perfectly good woman
and three kids
to fuck our lives up.
Or we'll kill
him because his
affair with Mum
broke Dad's heart
and he topped himself.
Or we kill him because...
we kill
him because of
these radios!
He spent more time with these
radios than he ever did with us.
Mate, or we kill him
because he's selling
your kids' favourite
horse, Freddie.
I mean, whatever works for you,
but we're killin' him!
Rodger has always
been about himself.
He couldn't wait to
get away from us to
hang out in that bloody
workroom of his,
twiddling knobs and playing
with valves and shit!
He spent more time
walking the dog
and smoking weed
than being with us.
No, no, no. Mum raised
us, not Rodger.
It's not right that
he comes to life
now, right when
Mum's about to die.
We do this later.
We're behind schedule.
[vacuum cleaner whirrs]
[suspenseful music]
[static crackles]
[static buzzes loudly]
[hissing and crackling]
[high-pitched squeal]
[Jeff] G'day, darlin'. [laughs]
- Yeah, no, Sydney's great.
- [city noises play on tape]
No, no. Yeah, I'll
send you some photos.
Oh, yeah, I've taken some
beauties. [chuckles]
Yeah, Sydney Bridge, uh...
And... and the Opera
House and the, um...
the Aquarium, Sydney Aquarium.
Yeah, yeah.
And, you know, in a
couple of photos,
it almost looks like
Terry's smiling.
[laughs] Yeah, I know.
I know. No, I'm joking. No.
Yeah. I'll... I'll
call you tonight.
Alright, my darlin'.
No, I'm being good.
I haven't eaten any of that.
Alright. We'll speak soon.
See you, love.
Why did you say
we've taken photos
and you're gonna
send her some?
We can't send photos.
We haven't got any photos!
It's fine. Don't worry.
She'll never see 'em.
No, no, no. No,
she's used to disappointment.
Don't worry about that.
Never finished a single
fuckin' diet she's put me on.
No, I'll tell her that
you deleted 'em. Easy.
Why have I
deleted them?
Alright, I
deleted them!
Does it matter? It's fine.
Anyway, you're up.
So, important thing -
when you're talking to Sue,
I want you to say "Sydney"
as often as you can.
Really burn it into
her subconscious, alright?
- So, "Sydney, Sydney, Sydney."
- [city noises]
Oh, hi. It's, um... it's me.
I'm, um... just calling
from, um... from Sydney.
- [horn honks on tape]
- Um...
Yeah, so, me and...
me and J are here and...
it's all... it's all
good in Sydney.
So, um... anyway, I'll, um...
I'll be here for... for a little
bit... little bit longer.
[clears throat] But I'll, um...
[clears throat] I'll, uh...
Just thought I'd ring and
say hi. So, I'll, uh...
Anyway, um... say
hi to the kids.
[phone beeps]
[clears throat, stops tape]
That was quick.
Yeah, couldn't get through.
Went to her voice-mail,
so I... just left a message.
[presses buttons]
What are you doing?
I'm not a fuckin' idiot.
Why didn't you call Sue?
You know what? Just
forget about it.
Tez, I'm not gonna forget
about it. Alright?
Sydney's our alibi if the
suicide story doesn't stick.
Look, you're having a lovers'
tiff with Sue. I can see that.
Right? But I want you to think
about 40 years in jail
and get the fuck over it
and ring her back!
She left me, OK?
So now I have no alibi that's
not... you, Mum or Rodger.
Happy now?
Tch! Why?
Why didn't you tell me?
What does it matter to you?
Well, I could have helped.
I've been there.
I know it's not easy.
Well, you sure
make it look easy.
I do?
We can't have any secrets with
each other. Not now. Right?
If they investigate the suicide
as a murder,
they're gonna interview
more than just you and me.
They're gonna interview Mum,
our families, everyone.
And it's gonna
look bad if you're
going through a
divorce and I'm...
- What?
- What?
Nothin'. You gotta get it right
between you and Sue.
Just for a couple
of months, right?
Tell her whatever
the fuck she wants
to hear. But make
it right, mate.
- You mean lie.
- Yeah, lie. Lie your arse off!
And stay free. Or tell the
truth and go to prison.
Pretty easy option
if you ask me.
I'm a shithouse liar, Jeff.
You know that.
It's why she's leaving me.
What do you mean?
[sighs] She asked me
if I still love her.
- What did you tell her?
- The truth.
- Well, why would you do that?!
- Because I'm a shithouse liar!
She can see straight through me.
I don't love her, Jeff.
I'm not sure that I ever did.
Not... not really.
You know that's bullshit.
No, I'm serious!
I've been miserable for years.
Oh, I know that. That's obvious.
No, you should have left her
years ago. She's a bully.
No, I mean it's
bullshit you can't lie.
Anyone can lie. You
just didn't want to.
Look... tell me a lie now.
Make it an obvious one.
No! I don't want to!
I'm not asking you, I'm
telling you! Lie to me.
OK, so, tell you an obvious lie?
Alright. How about...
I'm not having second thoughts
about what we're doing here?
Or I'm not worried
something's gonna go wrong?
Or I'm not worried
as to whether I can do it?
How about... how about I'm not
worried we're gonna get caught?
Or that I'm... not seconds away
from getting on a bike and
getting the fuck out of here?
How did I do?
Jesus, Tez. Look...
Watch me. I'll show you.
No, you can't be serious.
Rodger's dead?
But that's impossible.
No, you mu... you must
have the wrong man.
OK, why would he do it?
I mean, his wife's in hospital
dying of cancer.
I mean, he's a Christian.
He thinks suicide's evil.
How did you do that?
[sighs] It's easy.
I just imagined myself in prison
being arse-fucked
by Mungo the Hairless Gorilla
every Thursday.
It kind of gives me the focus
to achieve anything.
You're gonna have to learn
how to lie, Tez.
What are you gonna do
when Mum needs comforting?
When she's asking you,
"Why did Rodger do it?"
You're gonna have
to lie to her,
and lie to her with
all your heart.
Now, we've got 10 minutes
before the next agenda item.
I suggest you use it to
practise staying out of prison.
[Terry] On Saturday, I was in
Sydney with my brother, Jeff.
We were just having a weekend...
[clears throat] Where
was I on Saturday?
On Saturday, uh, I was in...
Sydney with my brother, Jeff.
But if you checked
our phone records,
that would show that our ph...
that our ph...
that we were in
Sydney, wouldn't it?
You can check our phone records.
The GPS in the phone would
show that we...
[sighs] Oh, fuck!
That would indicate that...
[clears throat]
Where was I on Saturday?
I was...
[voice fades]
[Jeff] OK. Best-case scenario.
Rodger comes through
the front door,
works his way into
the, uh, living room.
Sees us wearing the masks,
thinks we'll rob the place.
I'll tell him to
comply, he agrees,
and then we move
on from there.
Now, I know it sounds simple,
but we should rehearse it.
You play Rodger.
Come in and I'll do the rest.
- OK.
- Alright?
No, no, don't go out the front!
No, no, no, no.
Someone'll see you.
Just pretend.
You right?
Yeah, yeah. I'm good.
OK. So, opens the door,
closes the door.
Comes in,
opens the door--
Don't move! Do as you're told
and you won't get hurt!
Oh, um...
[woodenly] Oh,
please don't shoot
me. Take whatever you...
J, this... this really makes
my face itchy.
You'll get over it.
Alright, let's just
assume he's complied
and we'll move
on to phase two.
[cow moos]
Why would Rodger hang himself
where Dad shot himself?
Why wouldn't he... do
it in his workroom?
For the same reason
he didn't sell
Dad's tractor or
any of his cars.
It's guilt.
Well, that, and the roof
can take his weight.
Oh, right.
Alright, on your knees.
Uh, it's not gonna work.
Rodger's got a dodgy hip.
Can't even put his own socks on.
I don't think he'll get down
there. Plus, it'll hurt him.
What does it matter? He's gonna
be dead three minutes later.
Yeah, but there's no need
for him to suffer.
Alright, Rodger.
Uh, how do we know
his name's Rodger?
Alright, Shit-Features. Sit.
Now, I'll get Rodger
to wear these, but for
now, we'll just work
with your gloves.
You're not worried
he's gonna ask
why he's got to
wear gloves?
Not particularly. I
couldn't give a shit.
No, the gloves are
so that if he
scratches us during
the struggle,
won't get our DNA
under his nails.
You watch a lot of
those crime shows.
It's always the shit under their
nails that get 'em in the end.
How's that?
Yeah, good.
Oh, actually,
I can kind of see a little bit.
It's hard to say. Not...
not much.
Just let me adjust it a bit.
I think that's better.
[ominous music]
How about now?
I can kind of see a silhouette.
Like a ghost or something.
Well, we're not trying to help
him take a nap. It'll be fine.
[windmill creaks]
[Terry] Food in a tube.
It's clever.
No crumbs.
Think if Dad could see us now,
he'd approve of this?
But he'd be proud of us.
For looking out for each other.
Protecting what's ours.
You know, I spoke to Rodger
about the will.
You what?
Well, I just told
him we were upset.
You know, and said it's...
it's Dad's house, that--
I know the intricacies of
our fucking complaint, Terry.
What did Rodger say?
Well, he said it was Mum's call.
But he promised when he...
when he died,
that he'd make sure
the house was returned to us.
When he dies?
Yeah, he said he'd
put it in his will
and... you know, make sure
everyone was happy.
Everybody'd be hap...
That's frog shit.
What about his first wife?
His real kids?
He might even have a brother and
sister we've never heard about.
People he's owed money
to or fucked over.
No, mate, they'll all come out
of the woodwork when Mum dies.
Mate, he left his first family
hanging in the wind
to come and play
part-time daddy with us.
Yeah, well, the same
could be said about you.
You got divorced.
You cheated.
You've got kids to
two different women.
Totally fuckin' different!
I love my kids. I did
everything for Mary.
No, that crazy bitch got
everything she ever wanted.
The house. The car.
That fuckin'... Louis
Devonne bag thing.
She's happier now
than when we were together.
No. Rodger's got our dad's blood
on his hands.
And the older I get,
the clearer that becomes.
The real mystery is, what the
fuck does Mum see in him?
Well, he's just got to buy her
flowers every now and then
and not hit her like Dad did,
and I guess she's happy.
Hey, you shut your mouth.
You were a kid.
I saw things happen
in that house
you wouldn't
fuckin' believe.
He did his best. Dad
tried real hard.
I know he made mistakes,
but he fuckin' tried.
And who knows, if
Rodger hadn't have
come along, he could
have come good,
and we wouldn't be having
this fuckin' conversation.
So, you show some respect.
[Jeff] OK.
So, the last two rehearsals have
relied on Rodger playing ball.
But if he doesn't,
then we've got the last option.
- The ice junkie option.
- Exactly.
OK. Let's say Rodger comes in
and we lay out our intentions.
He does a runner.
We're not gonna be
able to make it
look like a
believable suicide.
Yeah, but, I mean,
think about it. How
fast do you really
think he can run?
Couldn't we just grab him before
he... shoots out the door?
No. We can't have bruises.
No scuffs, no scratches. Right?
A botched fake suicide
is gonna create
much more suspicion
than a murder.
So, let's assume he's come in,
freaked out, done a runner.
We need to make it look like
we were ice junkies.
He came in, interrupted
us while we
were robbing the
place off our tits.
You can just say
"junkie." I don't think
it matters what kind
of junkie we are.
Regardless, there's a few things
we're gonna have to do.
First of all,
we're gonna have to throw
a whole lot of shit around.
Right? Junkies are messy people.
Eat some food out of the fridge
and get the right weapon.
I think it's the stoners
that get the munchies,
not the ice junkies.
Anyway, why can't we
just use the gun?
Because a meth-head is not gonna
stumble across Dad's gun.
No, no, that's never
gonna happen.
No, no.
We use this.
- A box cutter?
- Yeah.
Why can't we just use
a regular knife?
I've been doing a
bit of research.
You know, watching
a lot of YouTube videos.
Junkies caught on CCTV.
Now, I don't know what it is,
but whether they're
robbing a 7-Eleven
or some old chick
for her handbag,
ice junkies seem to have a thing
for box cutters.
So let's be authentic.
- OK?
- Yeah.
- Now, important thing--
- Mm-hm?
When we kill him,
we kill him dead.
Isn't that a tautology?
I mean, if we've killed him,
obviously he's dead.
No, Tez. I think
you'd be surprised.
It's not that easy
to kill a man.
We can't just stab
him like a fuckin'
pincushion. It's not
good for anybody.
Yeah, especially Rodger.
Exactly, because then
we've got to sit
around and wait for
him to bleed out.
No, no. The secret is
to do what the Romans did.
Now, the Romans, when
they won a battle,
all the enemy
would be lying
around dying and
injured and shit.
The Romans would
mercy-kill them.
Spike to the heart.
It's quicker. More honourable.
But what they wouldn't do
is stab them in the front here.
It's too hard. Bone.
They'd come in under the armpit,
where it's soft.
Straight in under the chest,
into the heart. Instant death.
What, so the junkies
now take their inspiration
from the ancient
Romans, do they?
Well, we don't make it
look obvious. Right?
We stab him in a few
other places, makes
it look like the
junkie got lucky.
But if you're concerned
about Rodger,
you do him in the
heart first,
then do all the other stabbing
after he's dead.
That way, he doesn't feel it.
Make sense?
So, let's rehearse it.
Do you want to be the stabber
or do you want to
be the stabbed?
[sighs] Jesus, Terry.
Here. You're gonna have to
clean all that up.
I guarantee there'll be
shitloads of DNA in spew.
If things go down this way -
the ice junkie option -
do you think he's
gonna know it's us?
You're gonna have
to get used to the
fact that it's highly
likely he will.
Anyway, what does it matter?
It's not like he's
gonna be around to lay
a guilt trip on you
at Christmas dinner.
I just don't want him to
know it's me before he dies.
Here. Scoop it all up,
put it in the dam, wash it out.
And I'm talking spotless!
[horse whickers]
Hey, Freddie.
[Freddie nickers softly]
Mr Muggins.
I'm proud of you, Tez.
You know, through all of this,
we haven't talked about
what we're gonna do
with the place afterwards.
Yeah? What are you thinking?
Well, the place could do with
a lick of paint.
Bit of a tidy up.
We could bring the kids up
and do a bit of a working bee.
Be nice to buy new horses
for them to ride.
It'd be good to bring
the kids up here
a bit more often.
Don't you think?
- What are you talking about?
- Hmm?
Are you seriously
thinking of bringing
the kids back
into this house?
The same house we straight-up
murdered their poppy in?
Well, yeah.
Mate, neither of
us are candidates
for Father
of the Year,
but are you hearing yourself?
Well, I don't mean...
next week or straightaway,
but eventually, yeah.
I mean, this is the family home.
Dad's legacy.
He's the only reason
we're sitting here, right?
Yep. Yes, you're right.
That's what Dad would
have wanted. I'm j...
Mate... I'm just
being pragmatic.
I mean, Tez, really,
for God's sake,
did you really think
that the two of
us would just bring
our kids up here
and live like the
fuckin' Brady Bunch?
No, no, we have to
sell the place.
The house has no value.
Rodger ran it into the ground.
No, it's... it's the land.
It's the land and
all of his antique
radios. That's where
the value is.
No. No, mate, we have to sell.
And Dad would say the same.
[groans softly]
Why haven't you
had that seen to?
Your tooth.
It's not like you
to put up with pain like that.
You're normally the first
to go straight to the doctor's
the second you think
there's a problem.
What are you saying?
That fancy new job of yours.
What about it?
It doesn't exist, does it?
You don't have a job.
Jesus, Jeff, why can't you just
come out and say it?
That's why we're here. Not
because of Dad or what's right.
You're bankrupt
again, aren't you?
You don't have to be hard up
to do bad shit for money.
If you've got none,
you want some,
and if you've got
some, you want more.
It's just the way
the world is, mate.
It's never enough
and there's always some prick
who wants to take it from you.
Jeff, if you're in trouble
again, I can lend you the money!
No secrets, remember?
Look, it's not too late.
We can just leave now.
Hey, look, tomorrow, OK,
we can go to the bank together.
I can take out a loan for you,
no worries. Hey?
I'd be happy to.
What do you say?
I'm not loaning money
off my little brother.
Why not?
I mean, fuck pride, bro.
That's just...
that's just bullshit
that Dad fed you.
Look, I know we're different.
OK, I don't live
my life with Dad's
voice in my head
like you do.
And yes, I'm sorry I wasn't
straight with you at the start.
OK, Sue has had
my mind spinning.
She's talking about
taking the kids off me.
I've been... I've
been living in a
fucking caravan park
for the last month.
OK? So, things are not going
great for the both of us.
- [clock chimes]
- But we don't need to do this.
OK? It's ridiculous, bro.
I mean, look at us.
We're dressed up like
a couple of fucking pumpkins!
- Shut up!
- If you...
[vehicle approaches]
Fuck, he's early! [pants]
J, I don't want to do this. OK?
OK. Right.
Remember, don't let him
see you until he's
come in and closed
the door behind him.
J! Did you hear
what I just said?!
- Balaclava! Put it on!
- [car door closes]
[keys jangle]
[whispers] What the
fuck's he doing?!
Shut up!
[keys rattle in lock]
Do you think he knows?
[Jeff] Oh, yeah, you've got
bigger problems, Rodge.
Fuck! Fuck!
What the fuck's he doing?!
Round the back. Round the back!
[car pulls around]
Oh, shit!
- Do you think he saw us?
- No, I don't think so.
He's not even inside and this
shit's going pear-shaped!
- [car door closes]
- Rubbish! Stop it!
This is nothing! Just stay calm!
Fuck! Freddie's out!
[Terry] What if he
calls the cops?
It doesn't matter if he comes in
and finds us.
It's our home. We haven't done
anything wrong yet.
OK, look. If he comes in here,
he didn't see us.
Everything goes
as normal, right?
If he goes to his car, he
spends too much time out there,
he's called the cops, right?
We take all this
shit off, we tell
him we're here
to see Freddie.
OK, good. Good.
Nup. I reckon he saw us.
Let's just say
hello and forget about
the whole thing.
[footsteps outside]
Are you in there?
[whispers] Terry.
Answer him. Get him in here.
Then back to our plan.
[Rodger] If th... if there's
somebody in there,
then y-you'd better get out,
because I-I'm calling the cops.
You fuckin' do it! Or you
and I are fuckin' finished!
Choosing Rodger over me and Dad?
- What?!
- You heard me! Get out there!
[Terry] Fuck!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- What?!
Oh, fuck!
Hi, Rodge.
It's just me.
Oh, shit, boy, you scared me!
Sorry about that.
And you can't leave the feed out
like that. It attracts vermin.
And you left the
gate open again.
Yeah, I was just about to
go back out there.
Put the kettle on, will you?
I need
something to
settle my nerves.
Ticker's working overtime.
What's going on here?
What do you mean?
Well, you... you're
not a bloody troll.
Turn some lights on,
for God's sake!
Well, the kettle isn't
gonna boil itself.
[picks up kettle]
You know, I might be
getting old, but I
didn't notice your
car in the driveway.
Yeah, I, uh...
...broke down.
[switches kettle on]
Oh, shit, no. How far away?
Only about a 15-minute
walk or so...
I'd say.
Is it the Volvo?
Uh, it was... down
on Dukes Road.
Are you sure?
I just drove through there.
Yeah, I... arranged
to have it towed.
And what's your excuse for
those bloody awful overalls?
Has there been a nuclear spill
I haven't heard about?
[kettle dings]
No, I just had 'em in the...
back of my car,
and when I looked at the engine,
I thought I'd put 'em on
just so I don't get
oil on my clothes.
Shame you weren't that OCD
when you were growing up,
because I swear there's
still bacteria in that room
a scientist couldn't
put a name to.
You OK?
did you know my dad before
you and Mum got married?
Oh, no, not really.
Well, not early on.
You know, when I first
met your mum, I'd...
just flown in to install the
phones at the post office.
She came in a few times, but...
I don't remember your father
being with her.
He may have been, though.
Why, son?
So, the fact that
you didn't know him
probably made it easier for you
when he killed himself.
Jesus, none of it
was easy, mate.
You know, it was all
a terrible business.
Terrible business?
[clears throat]
How was it a terrible business?
Well, your father's...
No-one expected it.
Most of all, your mother, who
took it very hard, as you know.
And of course, you boys.
What about us boys?
Well, not you so much, 'cause
you were only seven, but...
it affected Jeff very deeply.
You know, he completely closed
down for a couple of weeks.
Then when he finally did talk
to me, he made it very clear
that, you know, you boys had
one father and one father only.
[Terry] He did?
[Rodger] Yeah, well, of course.
I understood that.
You know, it isn't easy stepping
into another man's shoes.
You know, especially under
such circumstances.
[Terry] You probably
preferred to...
spend time with your radios.
That's a little harsh,
don't you think, Terry?
What I meant was I
respected that.
And I made it clear
to him that I would
never take the place
of your father.
You know, what happened back
then was hard on you both,
it was hard on your mother,
and it was hard on me.
Was it as hard as leaving your
own kids back in Queensland?
OK, look, yeah, I can see that
you're upset about something,
so... just tell me--
- Do you want some milk?
- No, thank you.
I don't want any tea.
You know, I've had a long day
with your mother's doctors.
And I've still got to
brush and shoe Freddie.
Now, I don't know
what's going on,
but before
either of us say
something that we
can't take back,
let's just settle
this conversation
down a little
bit and try...
Wait a Gypsy minute.
You're supposed to be in Sydney.
[Jeff] Hit the fuckin' deck!
Hands in front of you!
Head down!
Look the other fuckin' way!
Hands on your fuckin' head!
This. Put them on him.
Bind his hands.
- Quickly!
- [Rodger groans]
Don't fuckin' move!
OK. Bind them up.
- [Rodger mutters]
- [Jeff] Shut up!
Stop looking at me!
Here, put this on.
Come around here.
Put it on back to front.
Not you, the fucking balaclava!
Come on, come on!
Alright. Give me your hands.
Both hands together!
Hands down!
What the fuck, Jeff?
Take the mask off!
Get the...
[door creaks]
[water sloshes]
[Jeff in distance] Get in there!
Untie me!
[object clatters]
Tez. Easy, Tez.
Where's Rodger?
Look, I know you didn't want
to be involved in this
and I know you wanted
me to do it alone.
But, mate, he's got old man
strength. I need your help.
We've got to do it together.
[muffled grunting]
[water sloshes]
[thumping, grunting]
[muffled yelping]
Terry, get in here and help!
Terry, get in here!
Get in here now!
[Rodger tries to yell]
Hold him down. Hold him down.
- [grunts]
- Rodger, shh, shh. Shh, shh.
Shit! Fuck, fuck!
What the fuck?!
[radio blares
Mozart's Requiem]
No, no, don't! No!
- [music stops]
- Jeff!
[Rodger tries to yell]
[Rodger grunts frantically]
[radio blares]
- Look out! Look out!
- [Rodger screams]
[electricity crackles]
[radio plays Confutatis
from Mozart's Requiem]
[music stops]
[Terry whimpers]
[Terry screams]
The fuse must have gone.
What the fuck, Jeff?!
What the fuck was that?!
It's over.
We did it.
Dad's watch has stopped.
Made it through two years
at war. It'll be fine.
It's waterproof.
OK, Tez. I think we're gonna
have to make a move...
Don't touch me!
My name is Terry.
Stop calling me Tez.
Stop calling me that.
I fucking hate it!
Would you... would you like a
little moment alone with Rodger?
We leave now!
Now, we can't go just yet.
OK, you get dressed,
I'll prep Rodger.
[mechanical whirring]
OK. We've got a problem.
Rodger's phone. It
needs a password.
Do you know it?
OK. Well...
Doesn't matter.
Like Dad, 40% of
people that commit
suicide don't leave
a note, so...
uh, we should be alright.
[phone vibrates]
[ringing tone]
Are you OK, mate?
- Yeah.
- Terry.
Are you OK?
I'm sorry, brother.
I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
[horn honks]
[toots horn]
Fucking horse guy isn't due here
for another hour.
- I'll check.
- No, no, no.
You stay here. I'll check.
Jeff, don't touch that.
If the light
goes out, they'll
know someone's here.
- You see anything?
- No.
[door rattles]
- Who the fuck is that?!
- I don't know.
Whoever it is,
they knew where the fuckin'
spare key was hidden.
You don't think...?
[Mum] Rodger?
It's bloody freezin' out there.
[sighs wearily]
I'm gonna make a cuppa, love.
You want one?
[walking frame clatters]
[flicks switch]
She cannot be in here!
What are you talking about?
She's in, mate.
We're fuckin' done. [pants]
Then we have to get out of here
before she sees us.
- [sighs] Oh!
- What?
Our bags are in the kitchen.
[sighs] Oh, Rodger.
Why don't you wear
your bloody hearing aid?
Oh, fuck.
OK, we need to distract
her and get our
bags and get the
fuck out of here.
Well, how are we gonna do that?
I don't know, Jeff. You tell me.
What did you put
in your fuckin' schedule?
This bloody house!
It'll die before I do.
[electricity crackles]
[electricity zaps]
Oh! Shitcakes!
[door closes]
[calls] Rodger?
[walking frame clatters]
Rodger? Are you in there?
I hope you're not up to
any funny business,
as I'm coming in.
[Terry] Mum, wait.
Wh...? Terry!
Wh-what are you doing here?
You're supposed to be in Sydney.
Yeah, I drove back today.
Well, why? You just got there.
I thought I'd just come
and say goodbye to Freddie.
That's a 10-hour drive, love.
That doesn't make sense.
I spoke to Jeff this morning.
Well, you were there.
You must have got confused, Mum.
I beg your pardon!
I have cancer, not dementia.
I thought you were, um...
getting chemo today.
Oh, they said my
blood count's off.
I had to postpone the
bloody thing till Friday.
You... Where is your brother?
He's in Sydney.
Rodger? Terry's here.
I hope you're decent.
[groans] He hasn't got
a hearing aid, son,
so just... you know, look away.
Mum, I can't let
you go in there.
There's nothing in
there I haven't seen
a million times
before, believe me.
What on earth is
wrong with you?!
Ohh! No! Rodger!
[wails] No! No! No!
- No!
- Mum, Mum!
- Mum!
- [wails]
Call someone! Help him!
[sobs] No!
- Mum--
- [wails]
Oh, let go of me! Leave me!
I don't... I don't...
He's gone, Mum.
[sobs] No... No! No!
He's gone. I'm sorry.
I don't... I don't understand.
I don't understand.
What... First your father,
and now Rodger?
What... what... what have I done
to these men?
[sobs] It's not your fault, Mum.
- Was I so terrible?
- No.
[sobs] It's not your fault, Mum.
I only had a few...
months left with him.
Why wouldn't he wait?
Why would he do this?
[sobs] Why didn't he
take me with him?
[both sob]
- [alarm clock rings]
- What's that?!
It's... it's nothing.
Stay here. I'm
gonna turn it off.
[mutters] It doesn't...
It d... doesn't make sense.
It doesn't make any sense.
[clock rings]
[clock stops]
What are you doing?
Do you really think...
Rodger killing
himself like that,
when we just happened
to be in the house,
is gonna stand up to
any kind of scrutiny?
It'll have to!
Maybe if Mum wasn't here.
Think about it.
[sighs] Our bullshit alibis.
The lies we've told Mum.
There's no suicide note.
And the fact that Rodger
pulled her out of hospital
and brought her here and
popped in for a quick tidy up
and thought, "Oh, fuck it.
I'm out."
None of it will stand up.
- And you heard what she said.
- What?
"Why didn't he
take me with him?"
- That's what she wants.
- No, it isn't!
You know the pain she's in.
And the cancer's just gonna
grow inside of her
and just keep fuckin' growing.
You really want to sit back
and watch her die in agony?
And wither away... to nothin'?
No, it's the most humane thing.
It's the only way.
And besides...
it wasn't even really Rodger who
was taking the house from us.
It was Mum. It was Mum!
I mean, she was the
one that changed
the will to suit
him and not us.
Don't you fucking say that!
Don't you fucking dare!
Hey. You don't hit
your big brother.
Especially when he's got
a fuckin' gun in his hand.
How's Sydney this time of year?
You shut your mouth, Terry.
I want
to hear it from
your brother.
Did you have a good weekend,
Jeffrey? Hey?
Did you see everything
you wanted? Hey?
Opera House and the Domain, eh?
Or did you do something else
this weekend?
Something... closer to home?
Calm down, Mum.
You're not thinking straight.
You boys.
You've got your
father's weakness.
Oh! If he could see you two now.
Shut up, Mum.
You've always been
a disappointment
to me, son. I want
you to know that.
Mum... don't.
Oh! What are you gonna do
with his gun, Jeff?
Eh? What are you gonna do
with your daddy's gun?
He liked to paint himself
as some kind of war hero. Hey?
The only time he put
that gun to good
use was when he
turned it on himself!
You shut the fuck up, Mum.
Jeff. Don't.
Oooh! And there it is.
Take a look at it.
All pumped up with
a gun in its hand.
Stop it, Mum. Please.
- You shut up.
- Don't say that to him.
Your father was
rotten to the core.
And you are half the man he--
What dirty fuckin' dogs
you both turned out to be!
The only real man here
is lying back there in the bath!
What have you done?
No. No.
It's OK, Terry.
Jeff, what have you done?!
It's OK.
A few seconds of horror.
It's nothing compared to the
indignity of her wasting away.
- [gun clatters]
- Oh, God!
She's with him now.
[Terry sobs]
[screams, sobs] No!
Aaaagh! Oh, God!
[bleak music]
I won't forgive
I won't forget
I'm not so soft
I'm not so wet
behind the ears
It's a cruel, cruel world
We made a choice
We crossed the line
[door closes]
But now I find that
there's no time
To turn the clock
back and rewind
It's a cruel, cruel world
Secrets and lies
Are etched across your eyes
You've a cold, cold heart
It's a cruel, cruel world
Turning your tricks
Destroyed by the twist
Of an ice-cold heart
It's a cruel, cruel world
I won't relive
I won't regret
One empty chamber in my gun
There's no undo,
the deeds are done
It's a cruel, cruel world
I stand alone
In empty space
No-one to hear
me say my lines
No-one to recognise my face
It's a cruel, cruel world.
[Terry on film]
Yeah, and third's straight down.
Alright, so, that's set.
Here we go.
[Mum] There... Oh.
[Jeff] Ha-ya! Oh, no!
[Mum] Uh, no, Jeff? She's gonna
get dirty holding that...
Take it off her, love.
Nah, leave 'em alone.
They're just having fun.
[Mum] Nah. Put that down, love.
Put it down.
Give it to... That's... Oh.
[Jeff] Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
[inhales deeply]
That saved a wretch
Like me
I once was lost
But now I'm found
I was blind
But now
I see...
You know why I reckon
Dad killed himself?
[sighs] Why?
'Cause he realised there's
a point you get to where...
no amount of digging
will get you out.
You think that's what I'm doing?
Trying to dig myself
out of a hole?
We both crossed the line today.
You're seeing the world
differently now.
You're no better than me.
You know that, don't you?
I didn't bring you here
kicking and screaming.
You knew the fuckin' plan.
You helped.
I agree.
You're worse than me.
I know what I am.
I don't lie to myself
the way you do.
In fact, if you weren't
such a weak piece of piss...
we could have been riding away
on our bikes by now.
Oh, I don't know about that.
Maybe you're right.
You're left-handed, yeah?
[Jeff sighs]
- It's not too late, Jeff.
- Oh, Tez.
I'm pretty sure this is the
definition of too late, mate.
[gun clicks]
Well, now we know
where we stand.
- [bullets tinkle]
- Oh, you...
[both grunt]
Arggh! Oh!
Oh! Oh! Arggh!
[gun clicks]
[gun clicks]
[Jeff grunts]
[breathes heavily]
Oh, fuck! The keys!
[grunts] Fuck!
[pants frantically]
Oh... Well done, mate.
[pants wearily]
[tries handle]
We've got to go, mate.
Or we're both gonna be fucked.
Hey, the... the horse guy
will be here soon, mate.
I don't know what the hell
they were thinking... [pants]
...trying to put Freddie
in a fuckin' float in the dark.
[chuckles] Someone wasn't
thinking straight, mate.
I know how you feel, mate.
you've bunged me arm up
pretty bad. [chuckles]
How about we just call it
even Stevens, huh?
Mate, I w...
wouldn't try and hurt you
on purpose, mate.
Not unless... not unless
I had a good reason.
What are you doin'?
- [bangs]
- Tez, what are you doin'?
Oh, mate...
[fuel trickles]
[breathes heavily]
So, what makes you the one who
decides I should fuckin' die?
'Cause you're a heartless
bastard, Jeff.
And I'm fuckin' sick of it.
[Jeff] Come on.
Tez. For fuck's sake.
Fuck, mate!
Jesus, Tez!
So, what, are you gonna...
are you just gonna stand there
and watch your big brother...
fuckin' burn to death?
Oh, Tez!
[Jeff coughs]
[coughs violently]
[Jeff pants]
We're not walking
away from this.
Fair enough.
Fair enough, Terry.
But I can't do it, mate.
I can't do jail.
I can't.
If it ends, it ends now.
The way we re... rehearsed.
Like the Romans.
Like the Romans.
We didn't rehearse that.
But here.
Knock yourself out.
Oh, T...
[Jeff pants]
- [knife stabs]
- [Jeff yelps]
[gags] Oh!
[Jeff groans] The Romans...
Romans are full of shit, Terry!
They're full of shit!
[gasps, coughs]
It isn't... quick at all!
[Jeff gurgles, tries to speak]
It really hur... hurts, Terry.
[gasps] It's...
You're a s... a s...
You're a...
You're a security guard.
You're a s...
You're a security guard.
I... remembered.
[Terry] Hi.
You alright?
Oh, you're here for Freddie.
- Excuse me?
- Freddie, our horse.
Yeah. Do you need me...
to call someone?
Yeah, no, that's, um...
That's my brother.
Sorry... have you ever owned
a horse before?
Yeah, I've... I've...
I've had horses all my life.
Oh, great.
But he's... he's gonna
be for my daughter.
Oh, good.
I got a couple of boys.
Freddie's... he's
really good with kids.
Sorry, you're not gonna...
you're not gonna
agist Freddie in a
paddock and let
him rot, are you?
No, he'll... be looked after...
Freddie's actually very shy,
so you should...
you should tell
your daughter he
really likes to be
rubbed on the nose.
A-and his back scratched as...
as well.
I-I'll just be a minute.
[ringing tone]
[operator] Triple
Zero emergency.
Are you after police, fire
or an ambulance?
Yeah, um...
Oh... All of them. I think.
Can you tell me
the town or suburb, please?
Yep. Um, 41 Hastings--
We have already received a call
from that location.
Y-you have? How long ago?
Uh, about 10 minutes ago.
Are you OK?
[Terry, softly] Come on, mate.
- [Freddie snorts]
- Stay there, mate.
[sirens approach
in the distance]
Hey, do you want to...
do you want
to just take a
seat for a bit?
No, I'm fine.
You don't need to do this.
It's OK.
He's a gift for your daughter.
Can I... ask...
What happened here?
Just family shit.
Whoa, I'm prison-bound
Whoa, I'm prison-bound
Won't ever break
these chains from me
Whoa, I'm prison-bound
Only did what I had to do
Only did what I had to do
To protect my land,
had to kill a man
Whoa, I'm prison-bound
Whoa, I'm prison-bound
Whoa, I'm prison-bound
Lordy, Lordy, prison-bound
Whoa, I'm prison-bound
Whoa, I'm prison-bound
Whoa, I'm prison-bound
Lordy, Lordy, prison-bound
Lordy, Lordy, prison-bound.