Bruce Lee (2017) Movie Script

All incidents and some spoof characters in
this film are fictitious, bear no resemblance
Do you think you are a big man?
How dare you talk back like a prude...
When you are new...
learn who's who before
you start pointing things
If not, this happens
They're here
Let's go
Let's go now
One minute...
Yea what?
They're coming!
You wanted to know what's in my mouth
- Here's some fruit
- Maasi!
Your death is in my hands!
- Did you bring it?
- Yes, brother
At what time does
Mahima come?
After college at 1
Did you check?
Yes, I did
Recharge for this number
This college, yes?
The women are coming out
Be ready
- This number
- Okay
Why is he here?
A pepsi
But brother...
What are you looking at?
I've been watching you...
You always make trouble
Come quickly!
What the hell!
It burns!
Go go!
Why did you lose track and do that?
Forget it
It's not rare
But...that's acid!
He threw tea on my face
He got it back
I know him well
Just 'cause he's rich Fking twat!
He deserved it
- Go
- Careful
Brother! Go
Come, brother!
Brother! Come! Come!
Brother, go
Dude! Who are these guys?
Sir Sir...
Let go!
Please sir
I did it in a fit of rage...
Wait while I catch my breath
Let go!
Hey you!
- You broke the windshield...
- Our car's?
and you think you can escape?
Pay up!
Do you know who I am?
One minute
Dude, make a note of the address
I'm Maasi!
- Okay You?
- I'm Attu
Of course you are 'attu' and not awesome
What is your name, idiot?
But my name is Attu
Sorry dude! It seems his name is Attu
My girlfriend will shout at me pay up!
There is a guy chasing me with a gun!
That story is hard to
believe even with a knife
And you say a gun, eh! Pay up!
Dude! These guys are real thugs!
That was close
They would have finished us off
What are you saying?
Start the car!
- What happened?
- Start the car!
What was the issue?
I don't know, sir
We don't know what they were arguing about
How did he look?
But he...
Oh my God!
Dude, why are they talking to the cops?
He was dark and tall
Hey, call her quick
There are another guy
- Priya!
- After throwing the acid...
Hey come!
riding a bike...
So what is...?
You come here
What happened to upset you?
What happened, baby?
Tell me, hon...
It's okay there, there
What happened?
It's nothing...
Some guy threw acid on someone...
So she's upset
Were you hurt?
And here?
It's nothing...
He's spooked 'cause a guy
broke the windshield
- They broke the windshield
- It's okay
It's okay
I'll buy you ice cream
It's very late
Where are you two?
We are leaving
I'll be there shortly
Please deal with the warden
Come soon
Yes yes okay Bye
Is this salmon?
No! That's Nagma
Shut up and eat
Today was fked up!
Was that just today?
I couldn't go for my interview
They broke the windshield
They nearly threw acid at my girl's face!
That face already looks like
acid has taken a lick
Forget it
What would you have done
if she had been acid-attacked?
I would've escaped, dude!
I will slipper you!
Sorry dude...
How much more will you eat? Come!
if something like...
I'll kill him, dude!
Is this enough?
Just one more half-boil please...
The warden is already
pissed off come, let's go
Abbas, take the car for repair
Saro, wait!
I'm talking to you
And you are walking away
I will stab him!
Don't stab my eye Sit
I will not stop until I find you...
...and kill you!
How, dude? Like this?
Like this
I'll take a knife...
and if I stab from the back,
it'll come out in the front
He'll die, dude
This is hilarious to watch!
One more, please!
Do it again!
If I take this knife and...
and stab the nape of his neck,
it'll come out the front!
He'll die, dude
One more, please dude!
Get lost!
Thanks dude!
Hey Acid!
If I don't find and kill you... name is not Bruce Lee!
is not Bruce Lee!
is not Bruce Lee!
Dude, your name is not Bruce Lee...
It's Gemini Ganesan
That's what my dad named me
Mummy calls me Bruce Lee
So, Bruce Lee
Okay Bruce Lee, sir
Careful else someone might poison you
Oh no! Oh no! My car!
Hey guy-who-broke-my-car...
I will find you and kill you too
Him, too?
How is he going to die?
The same way
Super, dude!
We're killing everyone...
...and going to jail
Hey! Where are you guys?
Henceforth, you are my Godfather
From now, you are my Godfather
You are my Godfather
You are my Godfather
Henceforth, you are my Godfather
- Did you sip this?
- No brother
Oh! Rin detergent costs Rs 2 less now
Not bad...
Infamous don Maasi stabbed?!
Why is he rejecting my call?
- Get lost!
- You get lost!
Hey! What are you doing?
Have you seen my socks?
Where are you leaving to?
The guy who fought us!
Why is lying dead?
Have you seen my socks?
I'm telling you a guy is dead and...
you talk about socks
You killed him, didn't you?
What did you say!
Why would I kill him?
Then how did he die
exactly like you described?
That's something even I don't know
You must have done it while drunk
The cops will be here in 10
Plead guilty! Your sentence will be lesser
What are you saying! What did I do?
Did I kill him?
You stabbed him clean and through,
just like you said
Will the cops come, like you said?
For sure
I'm scared dude!
Just die!
You answer the door...
the cops will enter and
I'll slyly escape, Go!
Hey wait! wait!
Leave me!
It's just her!
Why are you acting like idiots?
He is behaving like an idiot
Look at this!
Here! Read this!
He says I killed him
Did you kill him?
He was the guy who threw acid
Is that so?
You avoid her I'll avoid him
Pack your clothes
We're leaving
- Stop talking st
- Listen
He committed murder
You are the reason
The police will arrest you both in sometime
Henceforth, we're strangers
Let's go
I won't believe you
if you say you are a murderer
How can I believe he is one?
Look at his face
Don't you want to laugh?
Let go
He's calling me a murderer
You say I have a baby-face
That's enough
I laugh when I look at his face
But his name scares me
Good bye
Dude! Dude!
Catch him!
Come here!
My name has a huge flashback
I don't have the time We're leaving
Listen for 5 minutes
I've always been afraid of everything
Afraid of dogs...of cats...
Very afraid of the elephant...
If I refuse to eat,
they won't mention the boogieman,
but the police, to force me to eat
Or else
One might be scared of insects...
but have you met someone
scared of butterflies?
Seeing me afraid of everything...
my mom was worried
And then, something happened
I was watching Action Fridays on TV
Punch harder!
I watched that movie
My mom watched my eyes
Punch him! Yes!
Harder! Seeing me draw
courage from Bruce Lee...
from that day onwards my mom...
Bruce Lee!
Who me?
Yes! You are Bruce Lee
"Who am I? I'm your daddy"
"Grandson of a warrior"
"A small argument,"
"we blow it up into a big fight"
"Hey! Who's that?"
"Who's he? Why are you scared?"
"What's that guy's name?"
"Bruce Lee!"
"Who am I? I'm your daddy"
"Grandson of a warrior"
"I'm here for my revenge
Look out!"
"BAM! Your ears and lungs are torn"
"WHAM! You'll break and tremble in fear"
"Yeah! If you hear his name,"
"you'll shake in fear and gibber"
Be awesome like Bruce Lee!
You dare touch my face!
My friend will come now!
Who is he?
Call him here!
"Bruce Lee!"
"Who am I? I'm your daddy"
"Grandson of a warrior"
"I'm here for my revenge
Ow! It hurts, brother!
Brother, brother! Let go!
Since I've arrived, I noticed...
you are hitting only me
You aren't hitting them
Why are you hitting me?
What did you say your name was?
Bruce Lee
Brother! Please!
That's why I hit you!
I was beaten badly that day
I never mention
Bruce Lee to anyone, since
I only say Ganesh
What a flashback!
Look! Even he looks pissed off
Maybe I can believe you
But the police won't
The police will arrive and shoot you dead
What st! Get lost! Go!
Idiots! You don't be scared, baby
Damn! She escaped before
I could try anything
Poor guy
Will the police come?
No darling...They won't
But he said so
No! He's just teasing you
Moron! You don't stress
Keep combing my hair
You told me to relax but you seem tensed
Who me?
I'm not
- Then why is your heart beating fast?
- Is it?
Here...check again?
Shall I?
Bruce Lee!
"Hey my sugar mint girl..."
"I'm your refreshing jigarthanda"
"My colourful girl..."
"Sweet baby, sweetheart..."
"Darling...the pupil of my eyes"
"Come on my sweet demon"
"Do something you are not supposed to..."
"When I think of you...Hot..."
"Turn and French me"
"There's no stopping"
"My little banshee..."
"Lady, you are my heartbeat"
"The centre of my gravity,"
"You are my book of sentiments..."
"I am modern Bruce Lee"
"Hey lively girl"
"My little sun"
"You are my girlfriend, you bad girl"
"Miss oh, Miss, you rowdy woman"
"The ginger gin who shares my feelings"
"The sky grows colder..."
"And lust engulfs..."
"My white liar..."
"I want a kiss when you are free"
"Like a seat belt, a hug is enough"
"You are my Bedlington puppy..."
"When I think of you...Hot..."
"Turn and French me"
"There's no stopping"
"My little banshee..."
"Lady, you are my heartbeat"
"The centre of my gravity"
"You are my book of sentiments..."
"I am modern Bruce Lee"
"Your bewitching eyes, have made me silly"
"Sweety, you made a lion into a puppy"
"A kiss on my head..."
"I want every second..."
"Round and round, around me"
"You came my little sheep"
"Sweetly and softly"
"A hide and seek..."
"Move away and close your eyes"
Godfather! He's the
one who killed Maasi
We shouldn't let him go
Tell me now
And I'll do him in
Shut up!
Will you not shut up!
Kaasi, let him go
He'll die
'A few days before'
Stop that car
Hey! Stop the car
Why didn't they stop here?
'Our' boys, sir...
'Our' boys meaning your sons?
They pay (bribe) on time...
It seems like we get
rupees but not respect
- Call them
- Sir, I only meant...
Call them here
Hey, please come here
What's up constable?
Don't you educate the newbies?
You get it on time every month
What's with this new protest?
What sir? Any problem?
Have you become so big
that you solve police problems?
Oh, it's just couple of
street dogs stirring the streets
I came to catch them
Careful, sir It might be rabid
It'll bite
Rabid or mange, I'll take care of it
Where are you returning from?
It's nothing sir
We were bored and stepped
out to give the cops a job
Sarcasm, eh?
Don't you visit a new officer?
Where did you steal from?
We don't steal
Then? Are you garbage pickers?
Only 'situations'
You are talking about
situations to a state employee
Won't he step out?
Come here
Sir, don't
You come here
Get out now
Sir, easy...
Is he the villain?
He looks frightfully funny
What's your name?
What's your name sonny?
Why won't you talk?
Have you stuffed your mouth on a fruit?
Have you stuffed your mouth on a fruit?
You wanted to know
what he had in his mouth...
It was fruit
You are next
- That's a horse?
- Dude!
I always wanted to ride a horse
But you do it everyday
- Talk too much and I'll kick you
- Wait
But he is telling the truth
You're taking his side?!
Are you photographing girls?
I'm catching Pokemon
Get lost!
The joker
That's our chief!
It's a conference
Our chief!
When is he expected?
In 10 minutes
Dude! Today we should meet
him and get an autograph
Super! Yes!
Hey! Come here
An old game
Why does she like old things?
6 rings for 50
You win what you catch
We know! You shut it
Give me the cash
50 sir, 50
- Hey get the cash
- What do you want?
I want that alcohol
That's my boy!
Aim correctly
Don't miss it
Come on, alcohol!
Dude! Throw higher
Isn't there one more?
Last try
Come on
Try it
Don't listen to her
Bag the alcohol
We hit it
We take it
Throw now
How long will you take? Do it
Alcohol! Dude!!
Throw it!
Throw it!
What are you going to do with this?
You keep the camera and give us the bottle
No way
You can leave
The leader of the people's party
This is such an old camera
This is a digital camera
- Is it working condition?
- Go go go!
Let's click pictures
Go fast
With a heart as huge as Mount Everest
a person who is forever young
A Tamil artist
Our brother
I invite Mansoor Ali Khan
to address the gathering
My dear people,
who mean more than my life
My warriors in veshtis
My bulls in dhotis
The ladies who are waiting to
take a selfie with me,
In our government
of the golden-age
the ginger pickle vendor is
running an engineering college
A beans vendor
runs a Pizza Corner
Where did this change come from?
Without arguing that it's Sunday,
we attended parliamentary sessions
Once every 5 years to
pass by the constituency
is not the kind
of inept chief I am
- Yes, Chief!
- You are right! Yes!
Ask about our achievements
from your house pressure cooker
Even it will whistle!
Because the railway station
is unveiling my statue
I take leave of you
Long love
The People's Party Thank you
Just one autograph please!
I have finally seen you
in person, Chief!
I can die peacefully now!
- That's too much
- Today I'll die happily!
Think of your parents! Chief!
Just one autograph please! Long live Chief!
Chief, you must act
in Avatar Part 4
I will place a billboard for it
Chief, you can leave
The future President of Africa,
Mansoor Ali Khan!
The future Ward Councillor,
Mansoor Ali Khan!
The Voice winner,
Mansoor Ali Khan!
Dancing with the Stars winner,
Mansoor Ali Khan!
'Who wants to be a Millionaire'
winner, Mansoor Ali Khan!
- Absolutely crazy, man!
- Fool, you fool
I asked you so many times
for a photo
Why didn't you click one?
It's just a photo
Why make a big deal
Bruce Lee
I got an autograph
from our Chief!
- For me?
- What he said?
I got it for you
A match stick sparked, a match stick sparked
My dear bird
Are you idiots?
People will be
fans for heroes
Why are you
fans of a villain?
How dare you talk
about my Chief?
- What?
- Have you seen him dance? Mass appeal!
Want to see?
Let's go dude
"My hands hurts and so does
my shoulder and my thigh"
"When a young woman's
hand grazes you"
"All diseases will
speed away"
"That's it!"
"Hey Groom!"
"Shall I make some coffee?"
"Shall I make some tea?"
"Tell me, my son-in-law"
"Mr.Big shot"
"Tell me, my son-in-law"
"I don't want coffee,
"I don't want tea,
"A glass of water is enough,
father-in-law for my thirst"
"A glass of water is enough,
"Is the younger daughter pretty?"
"Is the younger daughter pretty?"
"Is the elder daughter pretty?"
"Tell me, my son-in-law"
"To accept"
"Tell me, my son-in-law"
"What do you say?"
"The younger girl is not pretty"
"The elder girl is also not pretty"
"I don't want the younger girl,
"I don't want the elder girl,
"Mother-in-law is enough,
My wife"
"Mother-in-law is enough,
'OK Doctor, what would
you advise him?'
'Even when one is young, they
should be taught discipline'
Mother-in-law is enough, father-in-law
I'm flying high today
Chief, you belong in Hollywood
That signature head move all
women are slave to that one move
Where are you, chief?
No matter where you are,
I'll find you
With the same camera
I promise to take
one picture with you
Have you come for me?
Long live my Chief!
I'm coming for you!
Hey! Where are you going, Mansoor?
Wait, I'm coming
He is our Godfather
Please sit
He is Mans-
He's seems to be very hungry
A match stick sparked,
Oh there you are, Chief!
the gate the gate
the gate
Your mouth will
become tired, bro
Oh no
Coochie coochie coo
The Chief's car!
You are a handsome man!
Come out, come out wherever you are
Come on
Chief, Buddy!
Just a minute
I need to pee
"A match stick sparked"
The old guys aren't
there anymore
And I wasn't sure
who to meet
My boy mentioned you
So, I came to meet
The house exterior looks old
But inside, it looks like
all fun and frolic
- Chief! There you are!
- Will I get the other parcel?
What's with the eagles
and bisons?
I finally saw you! I finally saw you!
He wearing coat
he vanish into thin air?
Just a second
Just a
This guy needs to be taken out
He's a slippery eel
This dog wants to be a
contender for Chief Minister
Here Take this
This is just an advance
No, no, no, no
What the hell have you done!
Do you know who he is?
What a bigwig he is?
He's a minister!
I brought him here
This is not good
Hey, are you retarded?
Won't you tell me, Godfather?
Hey! Couldn't you
have told me?
Hey, come!
Will anyone cry all night?
- What is it?
- Look at this photo
Isn't his death the reason
why this city is terrorised?
How did you take this?
This is evidence for murder
- Let's go
- Where?
Police station
Get lost!
To explain my crying all night,
I haven't deleted it yet
He's lying
He doesn't know how to delete it
Give me the camera
Delete it
Are you saying we should forget it?
How can we let it go when it's
happened right before us?
If we are blind to this we
are making a bigger mistake!
No way! I'm not a hero
to question the wrong
You may not be a hero
But I'm a heroine and I will question
Please go ahead
Go to the police and court, get justice and
walk back in slow motion
We'll clap for you
Dude! You feel me?
She has a rom-com face
and is thinking about action
Why are you behaving
like a chick?
Chick? Me?
You are a chick
Yes, I am
Aren't you a man?
Behave like one
Shall we wait outside?
Get lost
I don't care
Abbas, are you coming or not?
Hey, Bruce Lee is right
Do we need to get involved
with the cops and court?
Watching Dora!
Give me that
That a minster has no security has...
...made the public panic
and the supporters angry
His son and family
are deeply mourning his loss
With elections coming up, his death...
...has caused a major stir
in Tamil politics...His son?
This is Ramesh reporting for
Hey why not...
...give the camera to his son?
Let him figure it out
Let him deal with it
What do you say?
We can try that
Abbas, leave
Let him come only
if he wants to
Where are you going?
I'll come with
You three ladies are
going by yourself
You need a man
- That's why
- Tall talk
Dude! A plane, above
They'll never learn
Why do you brake like that!
There are cops
So what?
- Relax!
- Why are you scared of them?
What should one be scared of?
How to get in?
I don't know how
You two wait here
Why am I wearing this?
This is a girl's ID card!
- Who are you?
- Press, sir
- Go ahead
- Escape!
The body is there
What happened?
My Chief!
They killed him!
Shut it!
He's coming!
- I'm going to
- Hey wait!
Let go!
I need to speak
Please step back, Ma'am
He is going to talk to you
Step back
What do you want me to say?
What did he do?
He was always about
his Political party
I don't know if the murderer a
party member or the opposition
- Yes, dude?
- He is here too
- Who?
- It's that Godfather
Forget it Bye
I am but a young boy
What can I do?
But there is one thing the
guy who killed my father...
...should be legally punished,
whoever he is,
however rich he his
I will not rest until then
This government, the police,
I don't believe anyone
I believe only in you
How could one have
the heart to do this?
Do you know how much
he has done for the people?
Please support me
In this matter, I trust only
the media and the people
You are enough
I trust only you
Please help find the murderer
That would mean a lot
They've killed my dad, Godfather!
He was true to everyone
He is posing for pictures
Is he mental?
A gun is passed to him
He's going to kill him too
Let's leave
Let's leave come
What are you saying
Let's go follow
Who are you?
What do you want?
I need to use the restroom
Yes That's right
Come this side
Going somewhere?
Restroom, brother
Go that side
You can go, Ma'am
That's the ladies room
I don't know what to do
So many calls since morning
Sir's gun
He left it behind
My dad instead his head,
should have been shot here
What a despicable man!
Has a son at every constituency
He would have made his sons
contest at every constituency
Good thing we took care of it
Or else,
he would have talked to the press
about his wives and sons
Have you received the amount?
I've spoken to sir
He wants to contest now
- We'll see about the next
- Brother
Our leader has arrived
Leader is here
Where did you go?
- Come!
- Did you see them?
Did you give it? Well?
The son murdered the father
How do you know?
I overheard at the restroom
You return with problems
when you go to pee
Shut it
Let's go now
Fortunately, we didn't
say anything to him
The Godfather would
have butchered us
If it's easy to do good, then the
world won't have any bad people
Doing good is the only
investment without profit
That's why no one does it
That's why the good ones
call it Karma
Cause then, someone may do good
Dude, if someone falls on the road
why do we help them right away?
Because if we slip we hope
that someone will help us up
There is no charity in the world
No, no
Everything is selfish
Why are we itching to get justice?
Cause if someone kills us
we hope someone gets us justice
Bruce Lee
When we do good
Oh God!
Please stop talking
Drive straight to the police station
I'll even plead guilty
to this murder
But no more punch lines please!
Talk only about what
we should do now
How about the Press?
We could, but we don't know anyone
We'll get into trouble if we aren't careful
It's better to know someone...
What's the time?
"It's nothing but the truth"
Hi Uncle! How are you?
This is Suprajit's daughter...
- Remember me?
- Yes, dear Go on
Can we meet you now?
I'm out of town regarding a case
How about tomorrow at court?
OK uncle I'll come
Thank you
OK dear
Yesterday's blouse was better
No, this is better
We're going to court at 10am tomorrow
To meet my father's acquaintance
And he's a lawyer Don't be late OK?
There is a guy here
making a joke out of everything
A joke in court?
Watch where you're going, moron
Why are they all laughing?
Order, Order!
He isn't an innocent person,
as he pretends to be
He's a cold-blooded murderer He's a psycho
He kills if he gets angry
He kills for money
He kills for political benefits
He kills for business
Put him in jail
Sentence of the highest degree, your Honour
That's all, Your Honour
Isn't that your uncle?
Order Order
He sounds funny
My Lord...
My client...
doesn't kill when he is angry
He eats
When angry...
some shout...
some cry...
only one in a million will...
eat a lot
They are...
emotional eaters
He is an emotional eater
Here is the medical certificate
I request Mr Pillai to google...
about emotional eating
Or I could ask my secretary to send a link
Let him read that
Why did you leave?
Are you suggesting talking to his lawyer?
Leave me out
But...He supports
that guy knowing well he is bad
How will he support us?
That's their job
Let's try and talk...
From the evidence...
this court deems
the defendant as not guilty
That won't work
No Listen to me!
I'll handle it
You had the judge wound up, alright...
Am I right?
A joke
A joke?
A joke
The torture of being
hitched to his madman...
Are you coming or not?
No You can go
She left?
Pew! Uncle!
Pew! Oh scram!
Hands up!
A joke
A joke? Thanks brother
How is your dad?
There's a case that...
Shhh! Shut up
It's nothing, Uncle She wants a divorce
No,'s for her friend
Shut up
There's a case that...
for my friend that...
Wait will you?
Uncle can I later... you?
Nice hair!
What happened to them?
in front of the court and all these police,
he is going Pew! Pew! with a gun
And to tell them, he is a murderer...
and his gun is real...
will be why we get shot
You shut it! I know
You're right
In front of a court...
amongst all the cops,
he is acting like a clown
He should be...
Sigh...she is a piece of work
You shouldn't take
photographs inside the court
There's our lawyer
that's our lawyer, who's become a judge
You! What did you do?
Get into the car! Godfather!
Are you mental?
Hey, start the car Quickly!
Oh Godfather!
He's getting away
Get out of our way! Move it!
I can't do this anymore
I swear, I can't
Anyone in my shoes, will think the same
We throw the camera away and...
we get back to our business
They've killed the Minister
There's a murder at court
and we have the evidence
Are you asking us
to give in knowing all this?
And it's not one, but two murders
Shut your mouth
You talk too much
Fine, I'll stop
To the commissioner's office
My dear...
I don't care if you call me a chick...
I'd rather be alive, than be a man
That's important
I'm leaving
Why do you wear a pant and shirt?
Will my dress fit you?
Do you want to wear my clothes?
I'll kill you
What was that!
Go talk to her Go
I'm sorry
What do you want me to do?
Let's go to the commissioner
The commissioner?
I'm already afraid of cops...
She's mentioning the commissioner
Let's not meet directly
Is there another way?
Shall we email him?
Super! Nope
They'll find us through the IP address
And then they'll torture us with enquiry
What do we do?
Can we courier it?
But it might get misplaced
How about delivering it
in person like a courier boy?
Great idea!
Who will deliver it?
You look handsome, just like a courier boy
I'm already afraid of cops...
How can I get inside
the commissioner office?
No one wears a uniform there
For real?
Hey keep him distracted
I need to check my mail
Take it
Have you lost weight?
I'm hitting the gym
Look at my arms
Oh yea
Got it Let's go
We came to get a delivery uniform
What are we doing here?
He'll come this way
How do you know?
Whenever we have a problem in life...
he will show up
Will he show up with an uniform?
With a cap, too
Get lost!
The fatso lied to me
Where did he go?
Excuse me
Yes? It's me
Dude! what is this?
That guy we hit this morning...
He's here with a few guys Look
Won't they find you?
I'm in disguise
Get me a drink
Hey, a beer for sir
Have you seen a fat, ugly, despicable...
...guy who comes here everyday to drink?
I don't know him
You seem to be new...
I'm looking for my friend, Mr John
This is him...
...missing days before his wedding
Have you seen him?
Of course
Let us know if you see our friend
Super, sir
Thank you!
Thank you
Oh and,
There's food on your beard
That's OK...
I'll take care of that
Let me
He transforms into an action hero
every time he has alcohol
"Hey there, ugly face Kumar!"
"Don't interrupt
Keep quiet for sometime"
"Don't make a fuss, don't show off..."
"I'm a criminal,
dont play your games with me"
"A new born..."
"that was me,"
"Now she changed me to Baasha!"
"I was useless but..."
"she changed me..."
"and I'm a 'hit' now..."
"I will make a scene and sing a song..."
"My song has a message, a good lesson"
"Killer mode, Keep mum, don't step in..."
"You piece of dirty rag, don't spill words"
"Never used a dumb bell,
but I'll make you keel"
"Float like a butterfly,
Sting like a bee..."
"Listen to the truth, man..."
"I'm the greatest there is"
"When I was a child..."
"I was a fan of Super Star!"
"A cardboard knife, a blunt knife..."
"It's sharp enough to catch Sanaa"
"A drummer without his drumsticks..."
"I'm Tendulkar without a bat"
"Hey there, ugly face Kumar!"
"Don't interrupt
Keep quiet for sometime"
"Don't make a fuss, don't show off..."
"You piece of dirty rag, don't spill words"
"A new born..."
"that was me,"
"Now she changed me to Baasha!"
"I was useless but..."
"she changed me..."
"and I'm a 'hit' now..."
"I will make a scene and sing a song..."
"My song has a message, a good lesson"
"Killer mode, Keep mum, don't step in..."
"You piece of dirty rag, don't spill words"
I'm no Baasha
I'm no Antony
I... Bruce Lee!
I'm not Vineet nor Kunal
I'm Abbas
But for that...
Let go
Go Keep moving...
Hey! My main man is dancing here and...
Stop that car!
That's an ambulance
Don't be afraid OK?
Come! Keep coming!
You drunks!
That's the police
The Police!
The Police! The Police!
Dude, it's shoot on sight! The Police!
Have they left?
Don't be scared, dude
They can't find us because we are hiding
Super! Super!
It's the commissioner! The commissioner!
Hey wait!
Where are you going?
Sir! Sir! Stop, sir!
Where are you going?
Until now, we've photos of him
murdering someone Right?
Let's take a photo of him being arrested
Oh dear, Bruce Lee!
OK Wait, I'll come along
Be gone
Where are you going?
They rarely step out of the room
Come now
Commissioner! Come, let's run away!
Where are you going?
Wait, let's listen...
What the judges at the court say...
what the minister's speak at home...
forget all that
There is a guy shooting pictures of you
You shoot him, before all
But it wasn't me
It maybe so, Godfather...
If something like this happens again...
I'll have to shoot
Hey Kaasi, take care
We're caught
Yes, we are caught
They'll kill us
Yes They'll kill us
We have to escape
Yes, we have to escape
What happened?
What is it, Godfather?
Restroom...I need to use the restroom
It's not a boy who shot the photos
It's a girl
Let's not be in town for two days
Shall we go someplace?
Where exactly?
My friend has a place there
Are we leaving now?
We can't go today
There will be checkpoints
The police will catch us
You shouldn't drink and drive
But only we drank You can drive
I had two shots because I was also happy
You sinner!
This explains Pondicherry
Another thing...
I can't leave
whenever I want from the hostel
I'll inform the warden
that I'm taking two days off
You guys come to corner near the hostel
We can leave together
Uncle, talk to my colleague
Yes uncle, they work here
Project head
Oh get lost!
Excuse me!
I called you earlier...I'm Suprajit's daughter
Tell me, dear
Call the lawyer
Tell me, Uncle,
You came to court and...
and didn't say anything What was it?
I came to see you about a case, uncle...
Where are you now?
At the hostel, uncle
Shall we meet now?
The thing is...
tomorrow, for a project...I'm going... Pondichery with a friend
The lane to meet tomorrow...
Is Gandhi or Nehru?
Gandhi street
Uncle, I'll call you if the need arises
OK dear
Thanks uncle Good night
They're going to Pondicherry in the morning
Her boyfriend will wait
for her at Gandhi street
Take them out
She said Gandhi street, right?
Hey Attu...
Drag her inside!
Pull her! Push her inside!
Hey wait!
Dude, they are kidnapping a girl
Come ! Come!
For real?
Don't turn!
Drive faster!
Dude! What's happening?
Hey, will you quiet down!
Shut your mouth or else!
It's coming closer!
Keep quiet!
Go! Come on, Let's go
Keep moving
Come on!
The route to Egmore, please?
Go straight, keep going,
take a left, then a right, brother
Get back quickly
Can't you say you don't know?
But I do know
This time, I feel like peeing
Me too
where's the camera?
What camera?
Where's the camera with his photos?
I didn't take photos of him
I don't know where the camera is
Go away
Tell me or I'll throw acid on you!
Please don't hurt us
The camera...
is with her boyfriend
Why did you tell him?
Are you kidding?
Who's this boyfriend?
Call your boyfriend
How long can I wait? Where are you?
We have kidnapped your girl
The hell!
Stop your mimicry and
tell me where you are
Son, we have kidnapped your girl for real
Yes, sweety
They've kidnapped me
Please come and save me
But why are you calling me?
I'm your girlfriend
Who will I call except you?
Call your dad
Are you trying to get me into trouble?
Are you abandoning me for a small issue?
That's it We are done
Yes, yes, yes
We are done We have broken up
Hey! Just a minute...
They kidnapped me
when we were still together...
First, come and save me
Then, we can break up
No way
We are over Shut up and disconnect
Crap Jerk!
What is it?
It's nothing, dude
They kidnapped your girl and mine
So she's calling me
and getting us into trouble
How dare she!
You moron!
They kidnapped my girl?
Give me the phone
Bruce Lee!
Hello! Hello! Villain sir!
I'm Bruce Lee's friend Abbas, sir
Of the two girls you kidnapped...
One is mine
Please don't hurt her!
There is no one to love me, except her
Tell me where to come and what to do
I'll do anything
Your friend's camera
Damn that camera!
It's here
When and where should I come?
I'll give it to you
I'll call you later
Cut the call
Sir, sir, sir, sir!
Are you making a joke of me and my girl?
If anything happens to my girl,
...I'll report you to the police
Say anything else, except 'The police'
Of course, I love my girl
I got scared when she called me
I don't know...I spoke nonsense
Don't worry, dude
I'll save your girl and my girl
Shut it
Give the camera! I'll handle it
Where is it?
Where the hell is it?
Where is the camera?
The camera...
the camera...
All our problems...
are because of you
My life was good
You ruined it
The bane of my life
Getting rid of you is my priority
What a big river!
How can I find a camera in here?
Oh God!
They are calling me
The camera...
Sir? sir?
Can you hear me?
...battery is running out...
I...I...I'll call you
Hello? Can you...?
They've called us
What do we do?
Shall we go to the police?
The police?
Shut it
The Commissioner is their friend
The police won't help
What can we do?
I don't know
But don't worry, dude
I'll save your girl
The fool is making jokes in this situation
Shall we approach a thug?
A thug?
Thugs know thugs well
They have a link
Thugs know other thugs
They have a link
If we tell them what happened...
they will help us
I don't know any thug
I know well that you know nothing
But, there is an idea
My uncle is a don
If we tell him what happened...
...he will surely help us
Your uncle?
A don?
Is this believable?
I swear my uncle is a don
Which area?
Let's go
You mentioned some noise in the car...
Tic, tic...
I can hear it
It's a carburettor-shock absorber
issue in the engine
Drive into a pothole
Can you hear it?
Dude, I can hear it
Is it?
Pull over to the side
How is that heard?
Now, dude?
Yes, I can still hear it
Now, dude?
Dude, dude! It stopped
Get in Come
I knew it
I can hear it again
What the...!
It stopped
Don't move Come!
Easy now
Did you see that?
I'm a big engineer, dude
Benz and BWM's are a piece of cake
You are awesome, dude!
Top notch!
My uncle doesn't like back talk,
talking loud,
and speaking in English
To sum it, my uncle doesn't like talking
Then how can...?
We have to
It's all the same
Talk less and...
Get out of the way!
Who the...?
Logu and Dev kidnapped Commissioner's
daughters at the sugarcane fields
Praba is also there
Uthra has left with Prabha's cash
Kuruvi's also gone there
Does Sathya know?
He does, chief...
Sathya will take care of the kids
But Kiruba will die
What are you saying, Chief!
Kiruba will die?
It's unfair how Kuruvi will die too
Kuruvi will die too?
It's ok if Kiruba dies
But why should Kuruvi die?
Oh no! Kuruvi!
Oh my God...
Narrating what's done, is normal
How can he predict the future?
I told you...
Uncle would've sketched
the whole thing for them
Yes, you have your lucky charm
I...a girl...
A girl?
I'm in love with a girl, uncle
You are in love?
Yes, Uncle I'm in love with a girl
And she's kidnapped
Let go! Don't take out your anger
because I didn't marry Anjali
In my next life, I'll marry Anjali
I want my girl for this life
Help us, uncle!
It's not what you think
I know, uncle...
that you are a don and...
that you don't get involved in small matters
Do anything, uncle!
I don't have anyone else but you
Of course, I'll help,
I'll get up only when you promise
I will save her!
No! I'll get up
when you swear on your mom
I swear on mom, dad
and everyone Get up!
Dude, calm down
Help me, uncle!
You shouldn't cry like a baby
Who is he?
I don't know, uncle
Which area?
I don't know, uncle
How do you know about the kidnapping?
He called, uncle
Who is this?
Bruce Lee
My friend, uncle
They kidnapped his girl too
Call them
Only then can we figure out their area
Why are you talking like this?
We can't get out alive
We've kidnapped your chick
Don't freak out!
Nothing will happen to your chick
If you think of screwing me over...
your chick will bite the big one
Give me my money...
and walk away with her
This is north Madras
We've taken your girl
Don't be afraid
Nothing will happen to your girl
Give us the payment
Take your girl
This is normal Madras
Super, uncle!
Keep quiet
Give the phone
Where is the bomb that was here?
Maasi has it
What is Maasi...
I gave it to Maasi and
I don't know where it is now
Wasn't it somewhere here?
Brother! Kaasi, brother, do you know?
What is it again?
Hello, villain sir...
Please talk for 5 minutes
My uncle wants to hear your voice
Villain sir...
He's babbling...
Don't mistake us...
Tell me where to come
and give the camera
No, son...
Is your uncle the police?
No sir...
No police can do anything against me
Only if I speak for longer than 80 seconds...
can you trace my number
Do you know?
It's not what you think, villain sir
He's being funny
One minute...
Did you want 1 or 2 biriyanis?
Chicken biriyani or mutton?
Chicken biriyani
Tell me, Godfather
Madurai Pandiyan
Is the 80 seconds over?
No, sir...
You can't contact me for the next 2 days
Villain sir...Villain!
Uncle and I...
I'm talking to you!
What is it, uncle?
He is a good friend
Didn't I tell you?
This is awesome!
Uncle has international links
...he is my enemy now
Tell us correctly
Is he an enemy or friend?
The truth
It's a long flashback
Come inside
Let's talk
The tank top is super!
Where did you buy it?
Seasonal discounts
Lot of memories
Pappa, pappa, paaa!
I'm going to become a hero
See you! Mother!
I'm going to become a villain
To trust good children...
Hello darling...
I'm going to become MGR
I'm going to become Nambiar
And just like that,
we took our bag and arrived at Madras
I'm a child of your home...
Get out!
Let me in!
didn't get any acting chances
But, he...
I've dreamed of this for years
Keep rolling
My dear god!
Who's this, praying to the road?
Stop Who are you?
Steven Spielkumar asked me to meet him
You don't know?
The box office hit 'It may dawn'...
The director of that movie
His next movie is titled
'Oh No! It's gone'...
Oh No! There is no such thing Move
Brother, if you don't let me in...
I'll lose my chance
No chance
Oh No! It's gone!
You pushed me, didn't you!
This sphere...
will spin for me one day
Leave or else...
I'll see you then
Wait for it
You stay there
I came with dreams
How dare you chase me away!
One day, I'll become a great villain...
and act in this studio
If not, my name isn't Ramdass
Brother, one black tea please
I'll be back!
I will!
Will you come with us?
Where? To act as a villain?
To become a villain
What? To what a villain?
To become a villain?
Come on!
Come on!
Here or there?
To act?
I will become a villain
He joined them...
Became a hired hand
He progressed to become a thug
He became the right hand
And that's how he became a don
And you?
Jing jung jung jing...
Jing jung jung jing...
"I'm an automan..."
"I know all routes..."
"A man of fair rates..."
"a friend of good folks..."
"a good singer..."
"a man from Gandhi's land..."
"a hunter if I take my spear..."
"A brother to the meek..."
"A man with a sympathetic heart..."
"A kinsman of poor..."
"I'm always a kinsman of the poor"
Do you drive autos?
We thought you were a don
I doubted it
when you said he was your uncle
What were the sugarcane fields...
...commissioner's daughter...
and that Kuruvi will die
Haven't you watched 'Never Fear'?
He had a power cut
He asked for the climax
I told him to come
Myskkin made an awesome movie
Haven't you watched it?
But the knife, the blood was...
Welcome, dear
Leave it here
Have some soup
Oh yes
It'll taste good
Leave it here
Keep the knife aside
The kids might be scared
Go away or...
your mouth...
Son, son!
Don't do it!
Are you and your wife kidding us?
No, no!
What the hell, dude!
I maybe a funny hero...
but he...
is a real villain
I thought you were a rowdy
But you are a joker
And that tank top and wrap around of yours!
I'm going to split your head into two
Let it go
You were childhood friends
You'll know his plus and minus
When you were young...
have you ever competed with him and won?
A competition...Son!
No such thing happened
No uncle
There must be something
Think hard!
What shall I think about?
Mom and I are here, dad!
I'm scared daddy
It's me
You heard?
Your wife and kid are here
If even a speck of dust is moved...
I'll cut it
Take your hand off
Scratching his bald head...
I've trimmed it down
I have an idea
I have an idea too
Share it, share it...
You go first
You are older...
You go first
OK Here goes
When I was young...
When I was in class 5,
5th grade! 5th grade!
I studied all night and
when I saw the question paper...
I knew all the answers
My favourite teacher, Malathi was there
I was so happy
I was ready to answer
and searched for my pen
The pen was missing
Oh no!
And then?
When I looked for it...
he had it
Baldy! Scram!
What did you do?
I was so angry
I didn't know what to do
The teacher was staring at me
I thought deeply
Suddenly, I took his pen
And then?
What else?
I told him to exchange the pens
He gave it back
Super, Uncle!
Thank you
What a stupid flashback
and why a super for this?
Swear on your mom that it was superb
It's the same pen story
What we are going to do is...
Like how he has kidnapped my girl...
I will kidnap his girl...
we will demand my girl in exchange for his
He will do it
It can be excellently executed
What are you blabbering? Look!
But, son
There is a small problem
What is it, uncle?
He doesn't have a girl
Who is there, then?
he had a 'right hand' and a 'left hand'
And they chopped one hand,
He eats and cleans with the same hand?
Not a hand, a human
They were Kaasi and Maasi
He won't do anything directly
These guys do it for him
And Maasi was slayed
Now, Kaasi, is his everything
So, we take Kaasi
Be right back
It's kidnapping
Not Karaoke Revolution
We can lose our lives
Dude, kidnapping is easy
How so?
Go straight to...
Burma bazaar
Store no 246
You'll find Sheikh Dawood there
Who? Sleeper cell?
I will slipper you
He owns a CD store
Buy all the Tamil action movies
In this situation,
do you really want to watch movies?
Do as I say
I am ready
Shall we go?
What is this?
You said kidnapping
I'm in my action costume
How is it?
Go change your clothes
But son...
I've bombs that I can throw
Throw it and I'll throw it back at you
Go away
Why are you saying no to this?
I don't even like ribbing him
It's OK
Are we trusting him with this kidnapping?
It pokes
It might slip
With a wig, you are Baasha
Without it, are you Alavanthaan?
Switch it on
Shall I?
Go ahead!
Don't hide it
Dude! What is this!
I asked for action movies
He gave me all the action movies
Just change it
It is good
Let's watch this
He is like your son
Will you watch porn with him?
I'll beat you!
Change it
What is it? What happened to you?
Who are you? What is this?
Everything has a reason
Shut up and get in the car
The car? Please come
To drink...
Van has come
Come with me
Wake up, dear
It's the TV
Did you get it?
Did you get it?
Yes it is, son!
Go then
Tell me...
I have an amazing plan
Tell me, tell me
I thought of it last night
You were sleeping so I didn't tell you
Follow me!
Tell me!
It's already been one day
since the girls were kidnapped
I don't know what that caveman Godfather
did to them...
My girl is already thinking of breaking up
Tell now!
Let Uncle come
Uncle! That's enough Come
I'm done!
Get out now!
Do you need to go urgently?
Get out
I use my right hand, son
Move it
What now?
Woah woah woah!
Why are you behaving strangely?
You don't behave like this
Tell me
Will you tell or shall I jump?
Wait, wait!
Why tension?
Uncle...Yes I'm here
Come here
Dude! Look around
There's no one
It won't be heard even if you shout it
We are going to kidnap by drugging him
I'll kill myself
It's a great plan
It can be excellently executed
That's an old plan
What is this, dude...
All of Tamil cinema has this scene
Trust that it will work
Where will you buy it?
Good question
The movies didn't say that
We don't have to, either
Good question, too
Whether you use drugs...
or whether you split his head with a rod
I need you to kidnap him
The second idea is also good
I told you not to watch movies all night
My son You silent
When shall we?
and how?
There is something important to do
Please tell me
I've told you not to pee in bed!
- Darling
- How do you poop so many times?
I say, that's enough!
If you mess with me, that's it!
Kaasi, where's your wife?
Why are you carrying water?
Hey! Why do you always
take a dump near my house?
So what, Devi?
It's not in your house
Did you take a photo?
Be careful Else they'll figure it out
Hello there
Are you from another city?
We are foreigners
A thank you for that
glance you gave me
Are you acting like
in yesterday's movie?
That was nothing, son
There was something
on mom's face...
Wipe it off with your hands
Why use your mouth?
Hey! Open the door
OK See you tomorrow
You have been standing all day
I beg you to share your plan
Nice shirt
Keep quiet
Thank you
From 10am to 10pm,
Kaasi is very busy
from 10pm to 12AM, he's at his mistress
After 12AM, he goes home
Two broads - one night?
Are you jealous?
And it is then, that he is alone
There'll be people at other times
But why is he alone now?
Because, the broad he was with,
eloped with his friend
Oh! Nice
So our kidnapping point
is Arunachalam road
The darkest hour
A yellow light
Wearing a red shirt,
he walks out of the dark
He walks
Far away is an auto
Uncle in front You and I behind
The handkerchief
is in my hand
After he comes out of the dark
Uncle will slowly drive next to him
I will pass through the air and
hold the handkerchief to his nose
He faints
We lift
Great plan!
This is a plan from
the Jaishanker decade
Dude, this is
a terrible plan
It will work
Wait and watch
This plan will definitely work
You! Change your
costume first
To what?
Is it Baasha?
or Padayappa?
Bahubali Kattappa
Like this
Like this?
That's all dandy
But when you observe this
It's not like a Mysskin movie
It is a Mysskin movie
Cut to camera above
a street light
What pa?
He will come
Uncle! He's coming
Start the vehicle
Why are you pumping it?
What are you doing?
I think we've run out of gas
What? No petrol?
What are you saying?
I gave it for service
I've got a mileage of 40km
How are we doing this?
Don't stress it
I've bought it in a can
You guys are funny
Tell your aunt to divorce him
He's here
Come quickly
Ready Shall we?
Move it
Drive! Go closer!
I am! I am!
Faster! Faster!
Don't stress it
Ready, uncle?
Dude! Go!
What happened?
You messed it
Keep driving!
Drive! Drive!
I am! I am!
The auto is choking
Dude! Uncle! Drive faster!
Why is it stopping?
Hey! He's here! On no!
Hey! I'm asking you stop the auto
We're sorry we tried
to kidnap you!
What? Kidnap me?!
I came to catch the auto
How dare you try to kidnap me!
I'm gonna
Not me It wasn't me!
Hey Abbas!
It's all because of you
Why are you crying? Drive faster
Why were you trying to kidnap me?
Just a minute
I'm embarrassed
I don't know why I came along
Uncle! He fainted!
Oh joy!!
Gemini Ganesh!
Come out!
Hey Abbas!
Get out!
What's with him? What is he doing?
I'll check Kattappa!
You got me beaten up!
What is it?
Why shouting?
Hey kids!
Do you know how big a thug I am?
I wanted to be a hero, because in movies,
the villain gets beaten up
But you got me beaten up
Don't ever come home
If you do, I'll divorce your aunt
I'll kill you
Got it?
Who is it?
Dude, call him
I've kidnapped you
but you are napping
Where's your right hand?
Here Right here
Where's Kaasi?
That's near Haridwar
This falls flat
- Where's your right
- Kaasi?
Here's Kaasi
Godfather! I've been kidnapped
Save me, Godfather! Please!
Son, don't hurt Kaasi
I've already lost Maasi Please!
If my girl gets a small scratch,
you will not see your guy alive
Give that phone!
Hello? Moron!
When you told him not to hurt me
that's when he hit me
I know how to handle this
You shut up
Thank you
Dude! Untie him
Let her they
Untie him!
What happened?
He's hitting her after
we threatened to kill him
He's not worth that much
Untie him
What did you say, son?
What do you mean?
Hey! Don't talk
Get lost!
Why did I kidnap him?
Son, pass the phone
Use your phone
Son, I don't have
talk time balance
Give me your phone
Have fun!
What happened?
She's swearing at me
Did she talk about family?
About my family?
She couldn't stop
Hey Attu!
Where are you?
Yes, chief...
He started hitting her after
you threatened to kill him
You heard that?
I think that how Maasi was murdered
Did Godfather kill
my friend Maasi?
Uncle! Hello, uncle?
Yes son Go on
Uncle, where is dad?
He stepped out
What is it?
You need to take someone out
Right now!
What happened?
He threw acid on my friend
Will you end it or shall I?
Son, be patient
How did he look?
His look height and weight
and aged between 38-40
Scar on his face, well built
white beard
Which area?
I'll handle it
Never ever leave those
Son You've told it to me
I'll deal with it
Who's the gang in your area
that does acid attacks?
It's our Maasi
He just returned from jail
That gang does acid
attacks sometimes
After you take him down,
come home and collect 10
Is Maasi on duty?
He's touched a big place
A big place?
Take him down
I'll send 10
Who's with Maasi?
Call Attu and...tell
him to take down Maasi
He planned to kill me
Where are you?
There's a guy chasing us with a gun
Chasing with a gun?
Is Maasi with you?
Take him down
He's tried to kill Brother
He said so
So, finish him
Who is that?
Hang it the phone
OK brother
Did you kill my friend Maasi?
Bro! Bro!
Kaasi, let it go I didn't kill Maasi!
That was him
Brother, please
listen to me
Wait! He's trying to say something
Let him speak
I killed Maasi because
he tried to kill Godfather
You would've done the same
I didn't know it was
for money until later
That's why I confessed now
Let go!
My friend Maasi and I,
planned to kill Godfather
But Maasi got caught
I will avenge Maasi and
won't stop until I kill Godfather
With my hands!
Brother! Brother!
We are leaving tonight
for Maaru's wedding
Godfather will be alone
Finish him!
Death by my hands!
Godfather will die in my hands
Son! Do you have a billhook?
Do you have it? A gun maybe?
Godfather will die in my hands
What should we do with him?
Get him booze, He'll be OK
Hey! What's your drink?
After Vineet and Abbas
in movie 'Kadhal Desam'
Were you very good friends?
Where do I start?
It's not a simple friendship
We've had it for generations
Oh! Generation after generation?
My mom and his mom were thick friends
My grandma and his grandma
were also thick friends
Were you neighbours?
No, no
You lived in the same neighbourhood?
No, No...
Then how?
They were working together
What is the nature of work?
Are you guys 'the bass turds'?
How dare you ask me that!
How can I not?
Dude! Let it go
Brother, I've a small doubt
Son, it's not like this right
No, bro I'm dating my girl for 2 years now
Just kissing and
that's all we've done
Godfather has her
for two days now
He wouldn't have
done anything right?
Oh stop it, son
Tell me, man!
My heart's racing
I told you to stop it
Son, you pour
Will you answer or pay up for the drink?
How dare you say that!
My girl is also kidnapped
I will, son
A few days ago,
it was an English movie
Like the villain in that film,
he kidnapped many women
No! No no
and raped them
Let me go!
What are you saying? Rape?
Why is he saying rape?
Please don't do anything
to my girl, Godfather!
Hey! Hey!
My girl looks like a troll
I am never turned on by her
How can he rape her?
Son, son, son
I'm not done
One day
He didn't get any broad
One butt ugly gal
We tried to stop him
Brother, no no
He pushed us all out
Get out!
and closed the door
Suddenly a loud sound -
When we ran to
see what it was
We all thought he hurt his chest
But he didn't hurt his chest, son
What else
He fell that day
and never rose again
What a disgusting man - that Godfather!
"Oh genius
Come win me over"
"To have met you is a blessing"
Hey, untie me and watch
I dance better than her
Nope I like Nayanthara
Don't you ever get turned on?
What are you saying!
Let's see if he tries to rape
There's just one guy
We can beat him up and run
How long have you worked for him?
Now that you ask that, son
Not another flashback!
I'm watching you
You are talkative
Tell us the plan
I need a sketch pen
and a chart
Come inside
We have a set up
You draw well, brother
Were you an artist?
Yes, son I drew Anjaneyar on the streets
You begged for change?
If you bend like Vijay
"Kaththi" movie I will kick you
It comes more movies
What happened, son?
I'll be back
This is Godfather's house
His front entrance
The back entrance
So we enter through the back
A good man uses the front door
He's a criminal
He uses the back door
So, we enter through the front door
When you go straight and turn right
It's a wall
So, we take a left and then a right
and reach an entry
There will be a shelf there
The shelf will have a beautiful Pillayar
Stand there and pray for
the success of your task
When the pace is set won't
praying ruin the action mood?
Son, This is my plan
I will pray
Shall I continue or not?
Dude, it's just Pillayar We'll pray
A left from there
will take you to a room
Inside that room
is the toilet
You enter the toilet
You asked us to pray OK!
Should we go inside the toilet?
But it hasn't come yet
Why should we go?
Even if it doesn't come,
you should go
When you see inside
There will be a hole
Since you've arrived
all you say is toilet and hole
Dude, let's abort this plan
Son, son, son!
I'm not talking about
the hole in the ground
There's a hole on the wall
Exhaust fan?
No, son
It's at about your height
Why a hole in the wall?
I already told you that Godfather
rapes from time to time
How do we know that?
We watched through it
You flea bags watched live sex?
The hole that we made then,
is now useful for you
Let it go
Please go on
When you see through that hole
you'll see Godfather and the girls...
...and gather other details
Who is the hero of this movie?
If I do everything,
why the hell are you here?
I'll save my girl and throw
Godfather at your feet
Son, Son!
One minute
That toilet,
Check for a key in the first drawer
Else check in the second drawer
If not, check the cupboard
Look there
Son, search the room
Find the key
Don't forget
Is that the key to Godfather's room?
Nah That's my house key
I forgot it there
If you bring it and drop me home
I don't have to unnecessarily travel
Yes, auntie?
Where is your uncle?
I haven't seen him in 2 days
Uncle is dead
Don't you know?
What! Oh my god!
Yes, auntie
You can collect his body from GH tomorrow
Good night Sweet dreams
But I sent him with you...
What are you saying?
Who is that?
The front or back entrance?
Back entrance
No, the front
No, the back
No, the front
Where's the map?
I'll get it from the car
I've the map in my mind
It's the back
The front
The back
The front
The back
The back
The back
The back
The back entrance! Come
Is this OK?
He said left, yes?
Why is there a wall?
Let's go right then
This is the entry
Then, this is the shelf
But there is no Pillayar
There's a Murugan
Did he say Pillayar or Murugan?
Pillayar, dude...
Maybe it's Murugan?
No He said Pillayar
No it is Murugan
OK Pillayar or Murugan -
they are brothers
Let's pray first
What if there is a Pillayar
in the front entrance?
Let's go front
I'll go check, You wait here
I'll call you
Be ready
Dude...Call me soon
I will try
Dude, I'm inside
There's a wall on the right
OK OK Keep going...
There is an entry in the left
The Pillayar is here
OK I'll come there
No, no! Don't!
What if they knew our plan and...
and exchanged the statues?
There's a door near you
Go inside
Dude, the door opened
It opened for me too
There is a door here
Dude, there's another door here
You have a door there too?
Why are there two doors?
Dude, just a second I'll pray and come
Oh God, save us
Dude I prayed Did you?
Yes I did
Open that door
There's a toilet here
There's a toilet here too
There too?
Why are there two toilets?
What about the hole?
Where will it be - the hole?
I think Kaasi has failed us
There's no cloth here...
I found the hole
Check the shampoo shelf
They've closed it with a cloth
Where's the shampoo?
I found it!
I'll call you back
Hey, wait!
I told you to wai...!
Please step aside
Please step aside
Do you know why I
asked you to step aside?
It might spray
That's why
Go on
Open and go
He got scared and ran away
Behind you...
...find him then...
Behind you!
Behind you!
I'll fall at your feet and ask forgiveness
This is next, right?
A gun...!
The camera?
He threw the camera into the river
Shut it!
That's the cause of all problems
Eff off
Forget that
Call your girl
You kidnapped her
What did you do to my girl?
I said, call your girl
When an elder tells you to call, you call
Hey! Wait!
You are I are over
Hang up!
Hello darling!
I will slipper you
Darling, this is Godfather speaking
How are you calling from his number?
You thought you could escape
Your guys were caught here
Now, you come here
What is it?
Who asked these guys to be heroic?
Do you have brains?
How will I know that you'll escape?
Can you do one thing right?
For you,...
I should present a huge punishment
What shall I do?
I'll wear my coat and think
Hey! What are you doing?
Trying to escape
Please save me too
Shut up
Come on, come on!
Keep quiet
I'm trying
He's going to find out
The, the first hit is you
Don't listen to her
Please tell him...
What are you searching for?
Car keys are missing
Then, let's go in my car
Sir, my car is punctured
Let's go
But it's a punctured car!
We'll fix it
Godfather! Hey!
Hey! There's no space
Can I sit in the front?
Godfather! Let us go
Hey Godfather!
Where are you taking...?
Please let us go
What are you searching for?
These keys are
How did you get this?
What is that?
What is that?
You kept saying that
it was engine problem...
It's a bomb!
Sorry dude! Technical fault
Sorry sir
You all should...
Is this apocalypto - taking us with a rope
Hey! Hey! Somebody come here!
Where did you all go?
Hey Godfather!
You old fag!
Hello, Amanda
You don't know me, but
I know you
I want to play a game
Hey! What?
I'm looking for a wire
So, how you are going to die is,
after the countdown,...
the machine in front of you
will punch and try to kill you
If you don't die,
the saw above you,...
will inch down and slice your head
If you still don't die,
the saw below you, will slice your butt
I don't want this machine
Give me another!
Why do you want another?
You are going to die
Go away!
Before dawn,...
Make your choice
We're done!
It's punching me!
It's spinning above and below!
Bruce Lee!
Oh Nooooooo!
Oh yay!
It is malfunctioning
It'll be repaired in 5
It's Sunday
The technicians won't come
I will do it
Where are you going?
OK Return quickly I'm scared
Dude! How do we escape?
I knew it
Your faces told me you'll mess it up
So, I followed
Stop talking and help! Yea yea
How will I know one room
has two toilets?
Godfather has knee pain
He can't sit on his hunches
So he uses western toilet
But he prefers the Indian one
Come here! Come here!
I am...I am
Dude, quickly!
Throw the gun away
Now, you throw the gun away
Son, not just your gun...
all guns on this set,
don't have bullets
Forget the gun
We are six
You are alone
You'll die if we all hit you
But all villains get a chance to repent
I'll give you that
One more thing,
The men who went for the wedding
missed Pandyan Express...
and without using the
next Pallavan express,...
have returned
Oh no!
Come on!
Catch them! Hey!
Yea! Run into me just like that
Catch him!
Abbas !
Abbas, come quickly!
Why do they all look like
the thugs from old Ramki movies?
Why are you getting beaten up?
Come cut this!
He's coming to hit me!
Come on! Cut it!
He's coming! Come on!
Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!
What's with these guys?
Hey! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!
I'm the true don
They came to act in movies
They'll stop if you yell cut
Then let's pack up!
Don't stop till I tell you to
Your shot is over
Lie down
Lie down
Hey! Go!
Hey! Get 'em!
I want Abbas alive
Tell them, I am back
I am back
This is Kabali
Push me!
Uncle is back!
Oh shut up
What is he doing?
A scene from Ghilli
(Song from movie 'Varlaru')
Did he lose his mind after the beating?
He is dead meat
Let's go
Sir, sir... Don't shoot!
Here, eat this banana
He is peeling the banana
like loading bullets into the gun
Sir, please no
Thanks, son
To take a dip
in the Thamirabharani river
Sorry sir!
Sorry sir!
Why did you push that away?
You stupid mongrel!
I brought only one fruit
Shall I run and...
get it from the nearest store?
Will you?
Go quickly, idiot!
Dude! Why?
Dude! Just a minute...
Dude, what are you doing?
Punch him!
No way
Dude, don't embarrass me
You have to punch
because your name is Bruce Lee
You say so?
OK Hold him tight
Yea! Come on!
Just like that, yea!
Hold him tight, man
Oh no!
You dodo!
It's a good thing,
the fruit police is missing
Running away are you!
Sir, sir!
I bought it, sir
Store is nearby
For one fruit, he's bought a dozen
Leave it there!
I searched the length of this
movie for you and the fruit
You should be...
Hey Kabali!
Here's a fruit
Please sir
Pass the fruit
Is there another?
What are you doing?
No more fruit for you
I'm changing to bomb!
Move it!
Didn't you say Cut?
Do anything! But they,
Hey! Watch this!
Look dude!
Why is he break-dancing?
Hey! Wait!
Godfather is calling you
Yes, Godfather!
Yes, Godfather?
You act well, Godfather!
Do you want a hug?
What are they doing?
What the!!!
What are they?
Oh No! Brother Kaasi!
Brother Kaasi?
Brother Kaasi, have you left
to be with Maasi?
Oh no! Brother! How can I...
Hey! Get up
What did you say on the phone?
You don't want me, eh?
They held me for two days
Instead of running towards me,
you are crying for him
What do you think of yourself?
One minute
Just one
Why is that in all movies
the cops arrive in the climax?
How did you get here?
You have understood wrong
The police have always been here
Because I questioned them,
they stuffed a fruit in my mouth
I chased them to get
my revenge with a fruit
and Maasi was killed by someone
So I tried to kill Kaasi with a gun,...
But he bent down to pick his keys...
...that bullet killed the judge
So I decided to finish
Kaasi and Godfather,
with a gun and fruit...
But you ask me why we arrive last
Oh! That's how you end up here
Why didn't you say something?
The audience are scolding you
Forget that
Back to our issue
Excuse me
Please wait! We are talking
Go away!
Impatient lil
Why are you starting?
Right after you leave
Thank you sir
They'll ask for police protection too
You destroyed my whole gang!
See what I'll do!
What's that tick tick sound?
Here, from here
This bomb?
It will blow up!
It bombed out alright