Bruce Lee, My Brother (2010) Movie Script

When Bruce Lee died, he was only 32.
His sudden death shocked the world.
To his fans,
he was a unique superstar.
But to our family,
he was our brother.
We grew up and spent our childhood together.
Looking at this house reminds me of
my brother Phoenix, my family
and how we grew up together.
I'm overwhelmed with emotions.
This movie is about Bruce Lee's untold story,
which is also our family story.
Why did you set me up?
I'm just a poor farmer,
I can't read poetry.
Chuen, I just got a call.
Your wife is going into labor.
Get the car.
My Father Lee Hoi-chuen was
a leading comic in Cantonese Opera.
That year, he took Mother with him
on a tour in San Francisco.
They were greeted with a surprise.
It actually snowed in San Francisco.
Push. . .
You can do it, push. . .
I can see your son.
Chuen, here they come.
are you tired?
I'm fine.
Boy or girl?
Boy. . .
A son.
Thank Heavens.
Excuse me.
- Are you alright?
- Chuen...
- Excuse me, sir.
- She's talking to you.
We need the boy's name for registration.
Push... Push...
Push. . .
P. . . Push. . . Push. . .
Push... Lee. . .
- Bruce Lee?
- Yes. . .
Is that it?
Push. . .
Push Lee.
Camera. . . action.
I'm sure the three of us
will be happy here.
Is that OK?
Good take.
Is he done?
Thanks for letting us use him.
This is for him.
You shouldn't have.
Chinese on the road
should help each other out.
You're going back to Hong Kong?
Yes, I'm trying to get tickets.
It's not safe back home. You should stay.
I can't. I have a big family to support.
I have to go back.
Mother sent a telegram yesterday.
She wanted us to stay for now.
She doesn't mean it.
She couldn't wait to meet her grandson.
We must go.
Welcome home, Master Chuen.
Lee Jun-fan, you're home.
You're home.
- Where's Mother?
- Upstairs...
- Watch out.
- Let me see him.
- Mother...
- Mother is upstairs.
Master Chuen is back.
Phoebe, Agnes, Peter.
- Mother.
- Mother.
You're home.
Kowtow to your ancestors, not to me.
My grandson.
So cute.
Look at Him.
Have you named him yet?
I want to call him...
Phoenix... give him a girl's name,
to fool the demons so he'll grow up well.
Phoenix. . .
Get me two eggs.
Pass me the ginger.
The soup is ready, turn down the stove.
The fish looks very delicious.
Clean up the kitchen.
Let's eat.
Stop playing, Skinny.
Come here and eat.
Dinner is ready.
- Let's eat.
- Let's eat.
Let's eat. . . Phoenix. Let's eat.
Good boy.
Let's eat.
Let's eat.
Let's eat, Mother.
Let's eat.
The food in San Francisco is not for man.
It's for those devils.
It's for those foreign devils.
Those steaks and potatoes...
There's no place like home, I like rice...
Chuen, don't talk with your mouth full.
- Right, Mother.
- Good boy. . .
You know why I
named him Phoenix?
He's born in wartime.
I want him to rise like a phoenix in a fire.
Back in San Francisco, I already. . .
I told you not to talk with your mouth full.
Right, Mother.
Kiddo, this house is full of women,
and with a girl's name like Phoenix,
you might grow up to be a sissy.
Let me help you be a man.
Does he look like me?
Oh my goodness. Leave him alone.
Ngan, please take Phoenix.
- Phoenix.
- Look at you.
What has he done to you?
I'll put you to bed, all right?
Clean him up.
Don't worry.
Go. Phoenix has gone to bed.
When I met you,
your hands were soft
and smooth.
Now they're coarse and yellow. . .
Thanks to your pipe.
Who knows
when the Japs will be here?
Let's hope the Brits can hold them off.
Actually, what's important is
for our family to be in a piece
and to be together.
Go to sleep, Phoenix.
Our house was always bustling.
Father worked hard to support us
while Mother looked after everyone.
The days went by quickly.
Don't bother with make-up,
the show will probably be canceled.
The Japs dropped a bomb in Shatin.
They'll be crossing the Lo Wu Bridge soon.
Forget the show.
Let's go home.
You're so lucky, Mother.
The Japs are at our front door
but you don't have to worry anymore.
The family is still together.
Phoenix is coming to his senses.
Don't worry.
Open up.
Brother Chuen?
Open the door.
Open up.
So this is the Lee residence.
Go inside. . . hurry.
Go with Auntie Ngan.
Go inside. . . hurry.
General Wakuda wants to
meet the famous actor Lee Hoi-chuen.
I want your whole family to come out.
Wakuda-san wants to
use Mr Lee's popularity
to incite your fellow actors to
serve the Japanese Imperial Army.
I'm flattered
but I'm only an actor trying to support a family.
I'm afraid I can't manage.
Don't be stupid, Mr Lee.
Actors like me can only entertain the people.
I can't help you
keep a facade of peace and stability.
That's what the Greater East Asia
Co-Prosperity Sphere is about.
Me and the Imperial Army are serving the people.
My brother said no. Get lost.
Go away.
If he won't,
perhaps you can dance for the troops.
Let go of me, asshole.
- Traitor.
- Idiot.
I'm sorry, Mr Wakuda.
I'm so sorry, Mr Wakuda.
Please forgive her naivete.
Please forgive her... I'm so sorry.
Say sorry to Mr Wakuda.
Apologize if you don't want to die. Say it.
I'm sorry. . .
- I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. . .
I'll handle this.
I'm sorry.
About the show... wise up
and do the right thing.
My name is Ngai.
After the endless 3 years and 8 months,
Japan was defeated and Hong Kong was liberated.
Prosperity was restored and
life went back to normal.
Father continued to act while the kids grew up.
Everything was fine again in the Lee Family.
The baby kicked me again.
I won.
You're so lucky. I'm sure you'll win today.
It's Margaret's turn. She's our guest.
Thanks, Phoebe.
- Is the bean ready yet?
- Get me two eggs.
Where's the sausage?
I'll kill you Japs.
Here comes the anti-Japanese fighter.
Stop it, Phoenix. Stop it.
- Are you alright?
- I'm fine.
I'll kill you Jap for bullying Margaret.
Father was enjoying a rare day off
when a guest dropped by.
His name was Leung Sing-po.
Don't be mad, I'll buy you dinner.
- What a crowd.
- I'm lucky today.
I'll get out of your way.
- Honey.
- Daddy.
Be a good girl, Honey.
I came to pick up my brat.
What's your hurry? Sit down
and have a smoke.
No thanks, I smoke cigars in Singapore.
Help yourself.
What have you been up to lately?
I just finished a run
with "Fa Kam Sau" in Guangzhou.
I'll stay in Hong Kong after the New Year.
Good. You should come back.
When would you get me into films?
That will be swell.
I'll speak to the directors.
- I'm counting on you.
- You're welcome.
I won.
- Pay up.
- Look.
You're a tile short. This one doesn't count.
What's the racket? Did someone win?
Get off it.
I think my baby is coming out.
You can't be...
Chuen. Your wife is having the baby.
Help her to her room.
Over here.
Ready. 1 , 2, 3, smile.
Aim carefully.
How could I miss?
Gosh, way too bad.
You lost again.
- Damn.
- It's a piece of cake.
- Great. We won.
- Brilliant.
He stole our marbles.
Stop there, you son of a bitch. Go after him.
Run faster.
How dare you took from me.
- Come back.
- Over there.
Kiddo, what's wrong with you?
- You bastard.
- Bastard.
Serve you right for taking my marbles.
How dare you try to rip me off.
Stop it.
I will return them to you.
You'll be my Chief, alright?
What's your name?
- Do you know who I am?
- Yes
You're Lee Hoi-chuen's son, Phoenix.
You know me?
My father Choi Fei-lam is a stuntman.
I've seen you before.
Then I'll let you go.
- He's the Chief now.
- Yes.
Thanks. Chief.
Why did you kick me?
Your old man is a stuntman.
You should fight better.
Come fight with me.
Give him a hand, Skinny.
Tell your friends to jump in.
You're such a sloppy cat.
- Great.
- Brilliant.
You know what's in the box?
Wrong. They hang rat bins on lamp posts.
Hanging rat bins on lamp posts.
Here's another one.
A rat. Grab it, don't let it get away.
You go first.
Damn you, Skinny.
You stink.
Don't get smug.
I can smell you from a mile away.
This is so unfair.
Get down on your knees.
Tell me what you have done.
I picked a fight, played hooky
and climbed up the pipes.
What else?
- What have you done?
- Ouch.
How many times did I tell you?
How can I face Master Chuen? Why won't you listen?
- Skinny's Mom.
- When will you ever learn?
Don't hit him.
It's my fault. I failed to discipline him.
Go inside.
You should look after Master Phoenix,
What are you doing? Give me that.
She's telling me I can't discipline my son.
He's too little to get a beating.
I must discipline him while he's little. Go away.
Sit down.
What have you done? The cops were here.
I did nothing illegal.
No? You broke every rat bin
on the street.
You're getting out of hand.
Why are you crying? I haven't even started.
You should watch your little brother.
Stop crying. Phoebe.
I know you tipped him off.
And you, Agnes, you knew but didn't tell me.
You all covered up for him.
Kowtow to your ancestors. 200 times each.
Welcome, Mr Fung.
What's going on?
What brings you here?
I want to talk to you about Phoenix.
Yuen Po-wan wrote an excellent script.
I'm directing it.
I want Phoenix for the lead.
Him? In a film? No.
He has the talent. He takes after you.
The role is tailor-made for him.
It's a good opportunity. Think about it.
Have some tea.
Mr Fung has a good point.
He even gave him a name:
Lee Siu-lung, the Little Dragon.
Little Dragon?
It suits him.
He's born in the year of the Dragon.
I'll think about it.
Little Dragon.
Cool. I can skip school and act.
Follow him from the door.
Bruce Lee, stand by.
Right here.
Yes, stop right here.
I mean Dragon.
This is what I want you to do...
I'll hide in here
and you'll let me out.
Still remember my name in the film?
You're Flying Dagger Lee.
Where are the cops?
They're gone, you better split.
Want some money, kid?
No. Let me double check.
They're gone?
Listen up, kid.
If someone bullies you from now on,
look for me at No. 4, Tai Yuan Lane.
Just ask for Flying Dagger Lee.
Flying Dagger Lee, right?
You better go.
Close the door.
Cut. How was it?
No problem.
You did good.
You bet.
Since then, not only Phoebe,
but our whole family became Bruce's fans.
He made a dozen more films
and became a big star.
Peter, you'll represent
La Salle at the Inter-school Fencing Tournament.
I'll do my best, Father Andrew.
How's your brother
at St. Francis Xavier?
He came in No. 41
in a class of 42.
That's not bad, considering
he's always playing hooky.
Where do you live?
She lives next door to us.
What's your name?
Did you notice how pretty my partner is?
Yours is so-so.
I'm not as fussy as you.
Good for you.
Cut the crap, Sloppy Cat.
This is my cousin's friend,
Lau Lin-kong. He's from the U.K.
Call me Kong.
Hi, Kong.
You danced very well.
From hanging out with the Brits?
No one dance like that in Hong Kong.
Are you jealous?
She likes a good looking guy, not you.
Me? Jealous of him?
Girls fall for me right and left.
I dare you to go over there
and see who she'll choose.
Don't embarrass yourself, Sloppy Cat.
You? She'll dance with you.
Elvis Piggy comes.
May I?
You're both so cute.
I can't decide.
What? The power is out?
Maybe next time.
You think you're Elvis?
I know Elvis of the Orient,
but who are you?
Move over.
Margaret, you better come with me.
You know this place?
We all paid 50 cents to get in.
My old man owns this joint.
You're on my turf.
I can't help it
if the girls prefer to dance with me.
Get lost.
You want to pick a fight?
Get lost if you know what's good for you
Don't let them get away.
Get them.
- Stop.
- Move away.
Move or I'll run over you. . .
- Hurry, Bruce.
- Move.
This is for pedestrians.
- Stop them.
- Don't move.
Stop. Don't move.
Why did you ditch the bike?
I can't ride a bike.
They're coming.
Meet up at the old joint.
Hop on, Bruce. Hurry.
Hurry. Don't let them get away.
I came back for you, Phoenix.
Bruce Lee can't ride a bike.
Skinny, you really crushed them.
Your cat claws weren't so bad either.
You bet. I can claw 1 0 at a time.
But nothing like Phoenix.
He took on 20.
You're flattering me.
At least, nobody lost a tooth.
It was my fault.
If you hadn't come back for me,
we wouldn't be in such a mess.
I'm sorry to have dragged you into this.
We're buddies through thick and thin.
We'll chase girls and spend some money.
In your dreams.
Hey, that hurts.
Does it hurt here?
Come here...
Get him.
Go first.
You stink.
You went on a date?
What about you? Another fight?
You should talk.
Father is performing in Cheung Chau tonight.
No need to worry.
Girls, why were you out so late?
We went to the 7:30 show.
We saw "Waterloo Bridge."
It's after 1 1 .
Why didn't you come straight home?
I'm sorry.
Look at you. You're in black and blue again.
It's not his fault.
I picked the fight. He was bailing me out.
I'm not asking you.
I'm responsible for my own mistakes.
I'll kowtow to the ancestors.
No, it was my fault.
No, it was mine.
It was my fault.
- I'm sorry, Mom.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- It was my fault.
- I'm sorry.
Get down, Robert.
- I'm sorry.
- Kowtow to the ancestors.
- I'm sorry.
- It was my fault.
I want you to learn,
not just to kowtow.
Your Father works hard for this family.
You get out of hand when he's away.
You're all being insensible.
How can you face your Father?
Sorry, Mom. We'll be good.
Sorry, Mom.
We won't go out at night anymore.
We won't go out at night.
There's more, Miss Phoebe.
This is for you, Phoenix.
No thanks.
It's for your eye. Not for you to eat.
Your eye is swollen.
Save it for your ass.
Let me do it.
Stop it. Hurry up, we'll be late for school.
Hurry, Robert. Finish that egg.
Open the door.
This is a warrant
to search your house.
Get in.
I've been here before.
Where's the famous Lee Hoi-chuen?
What do you want? He's not here.
Please have a seat, Mr Robinson.
Serve tea.
Want a smoke?
A cigarette
won't make your trouble go away.
If your husband is an ordinary smoker,
it'd be simple, but
he's into that. . .
Men, take action. Search the house.
Yes, sir.
What are you looking for?
You know damn well.
I know you. Traitor.
What are you doing here?
I know you too.
You're the old maid.
Don't argue with him, Auntie.
Hong Kong is British colony.
You are under British law.
Smoking opium is a very serious offense,
do you understand?
My husband always smokes when he is performing.
This is a very common habit
among all entertainers.
For your information, Sir.
Smoking opium is a tradition that
was left from the last Chinese empire.
The British caused the Opium War, didn't they?
Shut up, Phoenix.
Mr Robinson, is there any way at all
that you could perhaps...
over the situation?
Of course.
But that'll depend on you.
Here. Treat yourself to a meal.
We have a very big precinct.
Not to mention I don't fancy tea.
The boys prefer to go drinking.
How much do you want?
Let's go straight to the chase.
At least cough up a brown one.
That's too greedy.
$500 can buy a flat in Sham Shui Po.
It's your call.
Why didn't they shoot a running dog like you?
That's all I have.
That'll do, Sir.
Let's go.
Shall we confiscate the evidence, Sir?
What evidence?
We found nothing here today.
See you later.
What about your voice?
Want a smoke?
It's bad for you. You should quit.
This is nothing compared to my Father's addiction.
When I'm bored,
smoking helps me think.
What's taking her so long?
A girl should keep us waiting.
Here she is.
- You...
- I'm sorry.
Relax. It's only right for a girl
to keep a guy waiting.
Let's go see "Rebel Without a Cause."
James Dean is in it.
That's what I want to see, too.
Are you Bruce Lee?
Can I have your autograph?
I'm a huge fan.
Margaret, can I have yours too?
My boyfriend likes you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You both have fans?
Why not?
I've never been to a studio.
When can you give me a tour?
- We'll do it now.
- Great. Let's go.
Let me drive.
We're giving you the grand tour.
You'll see
the great Bruce Lee in action.
You'll see Wong Fei-hung. He's my friend.
Scene 2.
What is it, Master Chung?
Mother knows you're leaving.
She wants me to give you $1 00.
No, thank you.
Please give it back to her.
That means you're angry with us.
I'm sorry about what happened today.
I didn't mean it.
I'm sorry about what happened today.
Master Chung, take me. . .
Si-fung, let's go inside the woodshed.
Cut. Who's laughing?
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
You again? Stop messing around.
Let's do it again.
It's him. I'm not to blame.
I'm romancing her and you're laughing.
Your look not only makes me laugh.
It makes me want to puke.
Want to puke now?
This is boring. . .
Anything more exciting?
Melodrama is definitely boring.
I'll show you something awesome.
Let's go.
This is another world.
This is not only a studio.
It's also a playground.
Phoenix, let's go see Chun Siu-lei.
Who's that?
She's the lead in "Lady Tan Kei"?
Skinny, you are such a loser.
You're a lecherous cat.
Wong Fei-hung Vs Shek Kin.
That's Shek Kin.
Where's Wong Fei-hung?
Just focus on me.
you guys will kick down the door.
Wah, your Leung Foon comes from over there.
Let's do it.
Shall we do the fight scene as well?
Of course.
You don't scare me.
I won't go easy on you.
I'm a martial artist too.
Are you ready?
Come on.
Everyone, stand by.
- It's rolling
- Here we go.
Ready. Camera.
If you won't mind your own business,
you must deal with me.
Who are you?
My Master is in Guangzhou.
You can take it up with me.
I'm here to settle a score.
Wise up and step aside,
or else. . .
Tear down the Po Chi Lam sign.
Here we go.
This is the notorious Uncle Kin.
How dare you.
Uncle Kin is so cool.
What now?
You're not supposed to grab my face.
I got carried away. It looks better that way.
I have another shoot.
Don't mess up my face.
Come on, let's do it again.
Mr Iron Man?
He's rusty.
Chun Siu-lei isn't here or I'll introduce you.
- Uncle Wah.
- Uncle Wah.
Bruce, can I take a picture with him?
Can my friend take a picture with you?
I'll get that.
1 , 2, 3.
I'm counting on you for tomorrow's shoot.
- OK.
- Better fight well.
- Uncle Kin.
- You can count on me.
Getting yourself in trouble again?
No, I'm here to learn something.
Uncle Kin.
I'll take a picture for you.
Thanks, Uncle Kin.
You boys are showing off
in Kowloon City, eh?
- No.
- No.
Look over here.
of. . .
Kowloon. . .
- See you around.
- Thanks.
Uncle Kin, can I take a picture of you?
With him?
I'll do it.
You're too good a fighter.
Who else?
Uncle Kin, I really admire you.
Don't laugh.
Look over here, 1 , 2, 3.
Thank you.
Let me buy you a drink.
No thanks, I'm playing dominoes.
Next time, drop by my place.
- Alright.
- It's a deal.
The second day of the Chinese New Year
was always rowdy for us,
because it was also Auntie Ngan's birthday.
Father's friends from work
would drop by.
You two have been making fun
of Big Sis, haven't you.
- You scared us.
- Got away.
Just ignore him.
Tell Wah to take it easy.
Filming night and day is bad for his health.
I know, that's why I'm making him...
sleep in right now.
He should spend more time with his family.
Sixty Thousand.
You're so right.
Pearl is back and he has no time for her.
Tell him there's always money to earn.
Am I right, Mui Yee?
Not when I'm on a draw.
- You're missing a tile.
- What?
Because you couldn't
take your eyes off her.
You're already wearing glasses.
I knew I had a 6 Circles. Where did it go?
Where did it go?
Pay up.
Come and eat a birthday bun.
Let's eat, we'll play later.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday, Auntie Ngan.
- Happy birthday.
Master Phoenix is back.
Kong, come with me for red packets.
Auntie Ngan.
You're home. Have a birthday bun.
Happy birthday.
Kong, this is my Auntie Ngan.
Happy birthday.
Go inside and say hello.
- Father.
- Phoneix.
This is my good friend Lau Lin-kong.
Kung Hei Fat Choy.
Give him a red packet.
- Come.
- Thanks. Kung Hei Fat Choy.
Kung Hei Fat Choy. Thanks.
This is for you, Phoenix.
- Auntie Tso.
- Phoenix, Come here.
This is from me and Uncle Wah.
Thanks, Auntie Tso.
Put it away properly and be good.
Margaret's been waiting for you all morning.
Come here, Kong
Peter. Margaret.
I've waited for you all morning.
Meet my elder brother Peter and my sisters.
You have a big family.
Where's Skinny?
In the back.
- Let's go get him.
- OK.
Play with me, Sloppy Cat.
OK, let the girls stay here.
We'll go outside.
You barely finished 4 rounds.
Chor-fan wants me to relay a message.
Stay away from sloppy films.
Make more films for Union and
do your share for qualify Cantonese films.
I'm really flattered, but as you know,
I've 30 mouths to feed. I must keep working.
Tell Chor-fan,
I'll be there if he needs me.
Alright. I have to go.
- Kung Hei Fat Choy.
- Kung Hei Fat Choy.
Come on.
Bet more, win more.
I bet on everything.
Bet on it, bet on it.
No more bets.
- Come on.
- Come on.
All chickens. Clean sweep, thank you.
Kung Hei Fat Choy.
You're here.
Let's play.
You like to gamble?
No, only for the New Year.
Come and sit.
- Kung Hei Fat Choy.
- Kung Hei Fat Choy.
What a crowd.
- Your daughter?
- Kung Hei Fat Choy.
Yes, say hello to Auntie.
What's your name?
Bobo Fung. I'm 4 years old.
I wish Uncle Chuen a prosperous New Year.
Thank you. Give her a red packet.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Let's play there, ok?
Come with me.
Why bring all this?
It's nothing. Where's Phoenix?
In the back.
They ain't kids anymore.
I envy you. Your kids are all grown up.
You'll be off the hook soon. Mine is only 4.
She's smart and cute.
Put her in a film.
Right. Keep it in the family.
I'll tell you the story about Snow White.
- Come on.
- Believe it or not.
3 Chickens again.
What are you doing here?
I've been here since I was a kid.
I know them very well.
Who's talking? Your house is so big.
When will you give us a tour?
There's nobody there.
What about your parents?
They're never in Hong Kong.
Even if they are, they're never home.
It's always just me and the servants.
That's better than me. My house is tiny.
I can't stay there.
I like it better here.
Let's all go inside for a picture.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
3, 2, 1 . Smile.
No need to go to work today?
A leading man can decide
when to go to work.
- Really?
- I will go to work at 3.
What about Skinny and Kong?
We're here to work.
You think it's really fun to watch filming?
Today will be awesome.
Uncle Wah and Yu So-chow are filming a wuxia film.
Keep watching and be quiet.
Now that you have completed your training,
you may seek revenge.
But remember. . .
you must always help the needy.
Master, thanks for rescuing me 1 8 years ago.
I'll find my parents' killer and avenge them.
Cut. Where's the dubbing artist?
- Dubbing artist.
- Where is she?
Right here.
I'm sorry.
- No problem.
- No problem.
I'm sorry.
Let's do it again.
Ready. Action.
You're leaving?
I'll leave you two alone.
I don't know
when I'll be back.
No, I'll tell Father I'm going with you.
Yu So-chow is so amazing.
I think the dubbing artist is more amazing.
Cut. Done. Get ready for the next scene.
Uncle Wah & Ms Yu, we are waiting for you.
Be right there.
Sorry, Mr Koo, they want me for another film.
They're filming "The Story of Wang Ying" next door.
Let's go watch.
Come on.
I'm tired. I need a break.
- Hurry.
- Go change.
Give me your best. Lights off.
Miss Wang, I wish you'll cooperate with us.
If I didn't why else
did I call you, Inspector?
Are you OK?
Come, sign your name.
You're selling my autographs again?
Hurry. We're waiting for you.
That's my signature. Isn't it nice?
It's your turn.
Come here.
Today is Mom's birthday.
We're giving her an English album.
I thought Robert's
selling my autograph.
Who do you think you are? Tso Tat-wah?
Who'd want your autograph?
the entire world will want my autograph.
Who are we missing?
Like motif writing.
What do you know?
It's ugly.
Agnes, does Uncle Wah have a daughter?
Why don't you ask Mrs Tso?
They buy the soy sauce, I buy the chicken.
They buy you an album, I pay for the machine.
It's in English. You understand this?
As long as you like it.
Happy birthday.
I thought you forgot.
No way.
I remember it better than my lines.
20 years ago,
we pledged our love on your birthday.
These last 20 years have been tough on you.
You come from a rich family and
married an actor like me
and raised my children.
Thank you.
What for?
You worked hard for this family too.
Like I always say, the family must...
Live happily together.
I "larve" you.
It's I "love" you.
Those brats are listening outside our door.
I love you.
Who taught you to say something so corny?
Leung Sing-po.
I love you.
Why are you following me?
I'm not.
You want to say something?
You're Uncle Wah's daughter?
You're Bruce Lee, a.k.a. Phoenix.
How did you know?
Do you know I'm one year older than you?
Say hi to Uncle Chuen and Auntie Grace.
Thank you, Bruce.
For what?
I don't particularly enjoy making friends.
I never had any good friends.
But I have one now
since I met you.
Like you took me to the studio.
I really had fun.
And this food. . . it's delicious.
If you didn't bring me,
I'll never know
Hong Kong has such a place at night.
Don't exaggerate.
You're not so bad yourself.
You've been abroad,
unlike us parochial local boys.
Come on.
Tell me about your dream.
My dream? I'm greedy.
I want to do something no one's done before.
I want the world to know who I am.
You're in the movies.
Many people in Hong Kong know
Bruce Lee.
That's not enough.
I'm talking about worldwide.
That's too greedy.
What about you?
I wanted to be many things: a scientist,
a pilot, etc, etc.
Now that I'm older,
I know I've been naive.
Nothing is ever that simple.
I should be practical, find a girl
and be nice to her,
take over my Dad's business,
get married and have lots of kids.
No way.
You must not give in.
I'm confident you can do it.
You can do it.
Right, buddy.
Turn like this.
Let's take a break.
What took you so long?
With all those stairs? You must be kidding.
Want one?
I've quit.
I come here to practice Tai Chi each morning.
The air is fresh here. I'm healthier now.
For your own good, get rid of that belly.
You're the leading man after all.
That's ancient history. Now I'm a comedian.
And you're taking my parts.
Smoke a cigar and act like the boss.
- Use your brain when you work.
- OK. OK.
I'm just kidding.
Comedians come in all sizes.
If fat Lady Tam can be a comedian, so can I.
We're family in the Cantonese opera world.
Why not become real family?
You mean. . .
Margaret and Phoenix?
My wife told me they're very close.
It's marvelous if that's true.
The brat is always up to no good.
It'd be great if she can keep him in line.
Phoenix, where's your Margaret?
You mean your Margaret?
I wish.
Kong bought us soda.
Grab your own bottle.
We usually drink herbal tea.
You're buying us soda?
What's the occasion?
I want you to meet my girlfriend.
She's coming.
So you're trying to act rich.
It's not an act, he is rich.
You never told us you have a girlfriend.
It never came up.
She just came back to Hong Kong.
What else did you not tell us?
What are you doing?
Nothing, I'm playing a song.
Ours is still on, wait your turn.
Go outside if you want to quarrel.
Take your fight outside, young men.
Do you know who he is?
I know him from shit.
He's Charlie Owen,
the 3-time Inter-school Boxing champ.
Do you know who he is?
You gweilos are so ignorant.
He's Bruce Lee,
the best fighter in Hong Kong.
You heard of the Tigers of Kowloon City?
He's our chief.
So what if he's taller.
Don't worry, Phoenix.
He's wearing a girl's scarf.
Don't move, it's toe-to-toe for them.
Damn dwarf.
You're jealous of our good looks?
Move it.
- Are you OK?
- Are you OK?
- Get up.
- Are you OK?
We're here for herbal tea,
not to fight, barbarian.
You look a tad disappointed.
You can fight me again when you're ready.
I don't understand what you say.
Lau Lin-kong?
What's going on?
Those gweilos are ridiculous.
Let me introduce you, she's...
Forget it, we know her.
I didn't know you're friends.
Bruce is an old friend.
You knew each other?
I'm glad, let's go in for herbal tea.
- Come on.
- Go.
Don't worry, we're fine.
2 more seats, please.
Can't think of anything better to play?
Yup, it's poop.
I'll sign up for the next boxing tournament.
It's one thing to get even,
but that guy is a 3-time boxing champ.
Did you see his biceps?
His fist is as big as Sloppy Cat's head.
So? Phoenix has biceps too.
We still have 6 months. I can get a coach.
The profundity of Chinese martial arts.
He can find a coach in some lofty mountain.
What mountain?
Victoria Peak or Lion Rock?
You can be so stupid, Skinny.
What do you think, Sloppy Cat?
You're my brother,
you must learn Wing Chun.
I know someone.
Who do you know?
You trust me?
Master Yip Man is bound to ask you
why you want to learn Wing Chun.
What will you tell him?
That I want to fight better.
Don't be so honest.
Why learn something if you won't use it?
That's the only way to tell if it works.
Why don't you learn to ride a bike too?
Let's go.
- Master.
- Master.
I'm not the Master. He's inside.
You're here to learn martial arts?
- Did you bring money?
- Yes.
And you?
I can't afford it,
but you can teach me.
- Master.
- Master.
You're Bruce Lee?
Lee Hoi-chuen is your Father?
Why do you want to learn?
To fight or for your well-being?
I want to know why everyone is learning.
You need a coach, but you must practice.
Master doesn't give lessons anymore.
I'll teach you the basics.
He took you in. Take a picture, hurry.
Ready, 1 , 2, 3.
Uncle Chor-fan.
Can't you walk properly?
I'm thinking of some moves.
I want you to play the lead in a film.
What's the name?
"The Orphan."
I'm financing it and will shoot it
in Eastman Color for the widescreen.
That'll cost a lot of money.
One must not bite the hand that feeds him.
Even in films,
one must take one's acting seriously.
I have always admired the Union spirit.
No, it should be the Ng Chor-fan spirit.
One for all and all for one.
I heard you're a great cha-cha dancer.
Will you be my partner at the dance contest?
Kong is good too.
But I want you to be my partner.
Let me think about it.
Let me know.
This song is from Robert Chan of La Salle
to Phoebe Lee of Maryknoll,
wishing she'll stay young forever.
Robert Chan really likes you.
Did he ask you out?
He'll have to take a number.
Patrick Tse has been calling her every night.
Don't talk nonsense.
Margaret, are you waiting for Phoenix?
I want him to fill out a form.
For what?
The Cha-cha contest.
Good. You make such a good team.
Why don't you want to dance with Margaret?
I know. You don't want Pearl to be jealous.
Then who'll be your partner?
- Sit well.
- Phoebe
Hurry up and overtake him.
- Hurry up.
- It's real fast already.
Robert. Give me a hand.
Get your own soda.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Margaret, let's go for a ride.
Phoenix, let's go.
Get off my case.
I can teach you.
What's wrong, Bruce? You're always so cocky.
Something finally shut you up?
Yeah. Remember last time?
It's all because he couldn't ride a bike.
We all took a beating as a result.
Not that again.
Thanks to you.
1 , 2, 3.
Kong, I'll take one of you and Pearl.
1 , 2, 3.
Not this one.
- Pass it to me.
- OK. Want one?
- I do.
- No more film.
Bruce, who'll be
your partner at the contest?
I don't know yet.
Why? You need a good partner for Cha-cha.
You and Margaret will make a good team.
We all make a good team, right?
Stop taking pictures, Sloppy Cat.
Show us your moves.
No problem.
I'm really good.
You are, but not me.
Get someone else.
Margaret, I can be your partner.
Pearl doesn't want me.
That's because you're too good.
What's the matter with you?
You're all in this contest.
You'll come in first and second.
That'll be perfect.
You make it sound so easy.
If we go, we'll definitely come in third.
That's good.
Good my ass. Shut up.
I'll dance with you.
Phoenix, then you can dance with Margaret.
I know what to do.
What's wrong with you lately?
You won't go to the movies with me.
You're never there when I go to your house.
Let me help you.
Is she or is she not your girlfriend?
Of course not.
Damn you.
- Whatever you say. Margaret.
- Margaret.
What about Phoebe and Agnes?
They said Phoenix was...
I can't hear you, you talk like a girl.
They wouldn't root for
Phoenix as he was mean to Margaret.
Don't yell. I'm sitting right next to you.
See? She told you to shut up.
After the first 4 pairs of contestants,
let's meet the next 4 pairs.
She wants to know who's Phoenix's partner.
He didn't pick a girl. She can't be jealous.
Lastly, the only all-boys team,
Brothers Bruce and Robert Lee.
Let's begin.
Don't be mad.
Phoenix didn't pick a girl.
Why won't he
dance with me?
- I know.
- What do you know?
- What?
- I don't know. . .
He doesn't know anything.
Look at them. They're brilliant.
Let's invite all contestants to come out.
Ladies and gents, the winning team is. . .
Bruce and Robert Lee.
And now the award ceremony.
Congratulations, Bruce Lee.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
You won. Robert, let's take a pic outside.
I'm disappointed in you.
What do you mean?
I know you really like Pearl.
I do not.
Pearl already told me.
You turned her down because of me.
Don't worry. I'll get out of the picture.
You got this all wrong.
You know me, Bruce.
I don't want handouts: not love,
and definitely not friendship.
Soon after that,
Kong, Margaret and Pearl stopped showing up.
For the first time, Bruce couldn't
settle a matter with his fists.
I have never seen him like this.
He was so quiet he seemed like another man.
It's 2 months before the boxing tournament.
He decided to focus on this quest.
Left hand.
Bruce. Telephone.
Are you free tomorrow?
I asked you out
because I need your help.
What is it?
Help me find Kong.
He's been missing for 2 weeks.
He's become a junkie.
All junkies buy from pushers.
They are like brokers.
Sham Shui Po is full of them.
How do you know all these?
There're all kinds of folks in a film studio.
It's not difficult to learn these things.
That's so unlike Kong. What happened to him?
I didn't expect him to be so weak.
It was my fault. I should look for him sooner.
Look at those two.
They look like gangsters. So scary.
He's a major pusher in the neighborhood.
Come, Skinny. We'll pretend to buy from him.
Stay put, Phoenix. They may recognize you.
Be careful.
Are you ready for the boxing tournament?
Will you come?
No, I'm heading back to the U. K.
I'll come see you.
What for?
If I were your partner,
none of this would have happened.
If I met you before Kong,
you suppose we could be
good friends?
You cherish your friends too much.
That's why I know you'll find Kong.
Wrong place.
They don't know Kong.
What about the pusher?
I don't know.
Come on, Bruce.
Let the match begin.
Charlie Owen from King George V School.
And Bruce Lee from St. Francis Xavier.
- Come on, Phoenix.
- Come on, Phoenix.
You're from La Salle. Why root for him?
Because I know Bruce Lee.
He used to go to La Salle.
His brother Peter is my pal.
Really? What's your name?
James Wong. What about you, ladies?
Sit over there. This seat is taken.
Right, have a drink first.
I will give you 3 commands:
go, stop and split.
No elbows. Put on your mouth guard.
Punch him up for me.
Look at him. He's so cocky.
You can do it, Phoenix.
Are you ready?
- Phoebe. Agnes.
- Margaret.
Come on, Bruce.
Margaret, I'll swap seats with you.
Good job, Charlie.
- Dodge
- Watch out, Phoenix.
- Good.
- Go on.
Watch his punch. . . be careful.
Fight wisely
Are you OK?
You're sure?
Come here, Phoenix. Sit down.
You OK, Phoenix?
Recognize me?
Give him some water.
- Water?
- Don't look at me.
You won't spill water if he finished it.
Get him another glass.
Good job, Finish him off.
All eyes are on you
but no pressure. Go.
Bravo. Hit him hard.
Don't move. Don't move.
Stop. You can't do this,
or I'll dock your points. Understand?
Good. Go.
Hit back, Phoenix.
Hurry up.
Split. Back to your corner.
It's over...
Awesome, Phoenix.
I knew we'd win.
Brilliant, Phoenix.
You make the family proud.
I need to talk to you.
I didn't expect you to show up.
Of course. We grew up together.
We're pals.
I never treated you like a boy,
so don't treat me like a girl.
We're buddies.
I got a letter for you.
Pearl has a letter for you.
Bruce, I found out later you liked me.
Why didn't you tell me from the get go?
When I was with Kong,
I thought you and Margaret were an item.
Your behavior in front of everyone
led me to believe you didn't care.
What happened to Kong broke my heart.
I got to know you better
because of your selflessness to your friends.
But it's too late now.
I'm on a plane back to the U.K.
Until we meet again.
Charlie, it's not all the win, or lose.
It's one have to
learn from this experience.
Bruce Lee... he is so fast.
I want to fight again.
Wow, Charlie, I am glad to
hear that you've recovered.
What is your plan?
Wow, I request to fight again.
So I give a message to his brother.
Bruce Lee has a friend, Lau Lin-kong.
He's come into investigation with this department.
We think he's probably involved in drugs dealing.
Bruce Lee, this is Charlie Owen.
It's good fight, but I want to fight you again.
This match has no audience, no arena,
no gloves, no rules.
I want a re-match.
Are you OK?
I just thought of a new strategy.
Next time we fight, I'm going to win.
Fight again? Now?
No, thanks.
I think you broke my rib with your kick.
That was amazing.
You must teach me.
That's how street fights
differ from boxing.
Honestly, our match was pretty close.
But I've never been
beat down so bad.
You got potential to be a good fighter.
So do you, my friend.
Do you have a friend named Lau Lin-kong?
I've been looking for him.
My dad is superintendent. I know where he is.
Lau Lin-kong's parents are my dad's friends.
They reported him missing.
My dad sent out a detective to look for him.
He found out Kong's involved with
a drug house in the New Territories.
I think he's there.
Light a cigarette for me.
Get away.
- Give me a cigarette.
- Get away...
Recognize him?
Especially that asshole in the back.
One by one.
Get in line.
One by one.
We're done, let's go eat.
I'll walk you out, Boss.
When is the next shipment?
- I'll take care of that.
- Right.
Come with me, Sloppy Cat.
Skinny, you're on the lookout.
Call the cops if anything goes wrong.
Be careful, Phoenix. You too.
Go away, leave me alone.
What happened to you?
We can talk about this.
Go away, leave me alone.
Pearl sent me.
We've been looking for you for 2 months.
Please don't tell her where I am.
I beg you.
She cares about you.
Let's go.
Leave me alone.
What's wrong with you, Kong?
Get money from my parents. I'm broke.
Wake up, Lau Lin-kong.
Leave me alone.
I don't need your mercy.
Especially you, Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee.
Remember what you promised me?
Remember that?
You're going to be a pilot,
get married
and have kids.
Leave me alone.
Just turn back.
- Leave me alone.
- Go away.
Don't do this, Kong.
Get up.
What are you doing?
I knew I saw you just now. Let go.
What's wrong with you?
It's the movie star Bruce Lee.
I have such affinity with your family.
Don't let them get away, Boss.
They'll probably squeal to the cops.
What the hell.
Kong. You're OK.
Call the cops. Bruce is trapped.
Do whatever, but don't mess with the goods.
Don't make me...
If you toss that, you'll never get out alive.
You wouldn't dare.
Give me a hand, Sloppy Cat.
Sloppy Cat.
Help me open it.
Go up.
Give me your hand.
They're up there.
Get them.
Be careful, Boss.
Wrap your hand with this.
Don't move.
- Stop.
- Don't move.
Stop. Bruce Lee.
- Go.
- Hurry.
Get them.
- There. Hurry.
- Don't move.
Come on.
- Jump over.
- Come on.
Don't look, just jump.
You idiot.
- Just go.
- Don't mind me, go
Yes, yes, don't let go of him.
You're useless.
Careful, Boss.
Faster, don't let him run away.
Faster. I can run faster with a broken leg.
- Go.
- Stop there.
Stop there.
Watch out.
Phoenix, don't let go. Help.
Hang on.
Let me. . .
Don't let go.
Help pull me up.
Over there.
Boss, the cops are here.
Go, Boss.
Don't let go.
Kong went down.
Lau Lin-kong, he's from the U. K.
We're the Tigers
Just turn back.
Leave me alone.
Thanks, Bruce.
The Police busted the joint and
arrested the drug dealer.
Lau Lin-kong was rushed to the hospital.
He kept his distance after his recovery.
His death in the mid-60s was
allegedly drug related.
Bruce never got over losing him.
Down on your knees.
Kowtow to your ancestors.
You're in big trouble.
People are injured
and you destroyed their dope.
Two things will happen if you stay.
You either go to jail or get beaten to death.
That's why I'm sending you to the U.S.
I hope you'll keep your nose clean
and stay out of trouble.
When you come back,
the family can be reunited.
Mother, watch over Phoenix in the U.S.
Pray he'll make a name for himself abroad.
When he comes back,
we'll be one happy family again.
3 days later,
we sent Bruce off
at the Kowloon Wharf pier.
I remember the ship was called
the SS President Wilson.
According to Shunde customs,
the father cannot see his son off.
I understand.
You're on your own out there.
Be careful.
Don't worry about me.
Settle down first.
I've applied for college.
You can pick me up then.
- Phoenix.
- Phoenix.
Like I said, we're buddies.
You said it.
What's the matter?
Enter the Dragon into a foreign land.
OK, Dragon.
We'll make a film when you get back.
You'll be Wong Fei-hung, I'll be Shek Kin.
When are you coming home?
You'll be proud of me when I come home.
I have to go, Mom.
With $1 02 in his pocket,
Bruce left for a new life in the U.S.
All his brags came true in the end.