Bruised (2020) Movie Script

- [crowd cheering]
- [men shouting indistinctly]
[commentator 1] This is a first!
Women's mixed martial arts,
and this is certainly
an historic match-up.
[commentator 2] Most people think
women shouldn't even be boxing.
- Should women be in the cage?
- [commentator 3] Let 'em fight, man.
[commentator 4] You don't think
women can fight, I call BS.
You missed this fight.
[announcer] It's time!
The judges are here.
The fighters are ready!
[commentator 6] And there she goes again,
right on that arm.
[commentator 7] Wow! That is over!
It is over! The fight is over!
[commentator 8] She's holding on.
Scrambling to survive!
[commentator 9] Oh! Thirty seconds in
and Justice is taking a beating.
[man] Watch your ass, yo!
[commentator 10] She does not look like
a 10-0 fighter tonight.
[Justice panting]
[man] Get up!
[commentator 9]
Justice is jumping out of the cage!
I've never seen this before!
The Pretty Bull is done!
[man] What the fuck are you doing?
Get the fuck up there!
What's the matter with you?
[Justice sighs]
[vacuum cleaner whirring]
- Are... Are you filming me again, boy?
- [laughs]
- Give me that phone.
- No.
I ain't playing with you, boy.
Give me that phone.
- Fuck you!
- Fuck me?
- Are you deaf? Fuck you!
- Oh, really?
Fuck you! And your phone! How about that?
[car lock beeps outside]
[breathing heavily]
Oh God. Oh God. Come on, Edgar.
I'm sorry. Come on, let me help you up.
You are so fucking fired.
Oh... Oh God. I'm fired.
[woman] Hello?
Jackie, what is it? What's going on?
And my son, he married a man.
That boy is a snack.
Yo, check it, check it.
Yo, that's Jackie Justice, right?
[woman chuckling]
What? [clicks tongue] Boy, you trippin'.
Nah. For real. Yo, bro.
She used to be, like, thick.
Like, fuck, bro. And famous.
- Bro.
- Yo, yo, miss?
You used to be thick and famous?
- Look at this shit, bro.
- Oh, shit!
- Yo, bro.
- Yeah!
- Yo, miss, this is you getting served?
- [exhales]
So, this is why you quit, huh?
- [woman] Jackie!
- What did I say?
What's the matter with you guys?
You jerks!
[man laughs]
- [man] I thought you was nice though.
- [woman] What are you saying?
[melancholy music playing]
[dog barking in distance]
[keys rattle]
[glass clinks softly]
Go on, sit down.
Hey, Jacqueline, I want you to take
a good look at my neck area right here.
All right?
I want you to tell me what's missing.
Your chin?
- Sorry...
- [man] What's missing from my neck,
is my 14-karat Golden Gloves pendant
that I'll have to hock for cash
to pay your now-former employer
and beg her not to press charges on you
for assaulting a kid
and destroying his phone.
The fuck's the matter with you?
You're assaulting kids now?
Is that really necessary?
That was super necessary.
God dammit! I can't take
this shit no more, Jackie.
Just get back in the fucking ring already.
- That ain't gonna happen.
- [man] Hey, hey. Listen to me, all right?
You were born to fight.
Born to fight.
I mean, that shit was God-given.
What do you do instead?
You... you wanna fucking fight me.
Fight yourself, cono.
You beat the shit out of a kid today!
'Cause I don't wanna fight!
How many fucking times
I gotta tell you that? I'm happy!
- You're happy.
- [Jackie] Yeah.
You're happy scrubbing toilets
for snobby rich-ass motherfuckers?
That fulfills your fucking purpose?
I threw away all my fighters
to focus on managing you.
And what do you manage to do instead?
You pussied the fuck out,
left me holding the fucking bag.
I'mma tell you
why you ain't got no fucking fighters.
- Why?
- You know why?
- Why?
- Because you're a lousy-ass manager!
That's why. You're a fucking drunk,
- that couldn't manage a Popsicle stand.
- That's what you fucking think?
[Jackie] You're a part-time limo driver
and a full-time loser!
- That's what you are!
- Fuck you! The fuck's the matter with you?
That's what you think about me?
- Go ahead, do it. Go ahead. Hit me.
- [breathing heavily]
You want me to fucking hit you?
I'll hit you right now.
- Go ahead! Do it!
- I'll fucking hit you right now!
[whispers] Why are you doing this, baby?
Why you doing this?
You disrespectin' my intentions, mija.
Come here. Come here.
- [man grunts]
- [Jackie groans]
[both moaning]
[man grunting]
[both breathing heavily]
[man] I fucking love you, baby.
Oh, I love you.
God damn, I love you, baby.
[woman] Now, you know Junebug
don't like you smoking in here.
- I know.
- [woman] But...
[both] She ain't here.
That's right.
[car horn beeping]
[music blaring through car stereo]
Come on. Get in the car.
We're going somewhere.
["Reggaeton Vibes" playing]
- Hey, big guy. You fight?
- [man] Da.
You call me, all right?
DeMarco. I rep champs, man.
[muffled voices]
[woman sobbing]
[men shouting, cheering]
Desi, what's this?
It's unsanctioned fights.
No refs, no rules.
No, no. Uh-uh.
I don't go to no basement brawls.
Hey, hey. This ain't about you, all right?
I'm here signing this Dominican chick
supposed to be fighting here tonight.
Come on. It's all right. It's all right.
["Bet It" by Cardi B playing]
# We break bread and we get shit started #
# I will stand one and only
'Cause Cardi B want it #
# Then I'm on some shit
'Cause I've done some shit... #
[woman yowls]
- [woman yells]
- [cheering]
[song continues indistinctly]
[crowd] Ooh!
[woman punching, grunting]
[crowd chanting] Werewolf! Werewolf!
Werewolf! Werewolf!
- [chanting continues] Werewolf!
- [cheering]
Oh, shit. That's a man.
[in Russian accent] Oh no. She's a woman.
She's got no pee-pee.
[speaking Russian]
[in English] Look who it is.
All the way from UFC, Jackie Justice!
- [laughs]
- [crowd cheering]
What you thinking, Jackie?
You here to, uh... [sniffs]
...tame Werewolf?
[man] Yeah, come on!
So, what you want?
You, uh, want to fight or you want to run?
I know you like to run, like...
like a rabbit, huh?
Do you want to run, Black bunny?
'Cause if you want, do it now,
because Werewolf she's hungry.
She needs to be fed.
- Fuck you!
- We'll just feed her some busboys instead.
No, don't run!
[Russian man] Look at this.
Look at this, huh?
[crowd] Oh!
[jeering, laughing]
[man speaking in Russian]
- [Jackie shrieks]
- [crowd] Ooh!
Come on.
- [Werewolf growls]
- [Jackie groans]
[Jackie grunting]
[crowd] Whoa!
Hey! Hey! That's enough!
[crowd cheering, whistling]
[Jackie shrieking]
[Jackie panting]
Get the fuck off me!
- Can we go now?
- [man] She beat her?
[Jackie panting]
- I ain't never gonna forgive you.
- [Desi laughing] For what, babe?
- For this shit.
- Look at you. What you talkin' about?
- You're alive again.
- Uh-uh.
Come here, baby. Come on.
Come on. Come here.
It's all right. It's all right.
Look at that.
Why don't I get that for you?
Okay. Okay. Okay.
[Desi] Oh, shit.
So... you got a trainer?
- No. I ain't interest...
- No, no, no. What she means to say is...
Well, look here. I run Invicta FC.
The biggest female league in the game.
You know?
[laughing] Shit, we know who you are, man.
Hey, here, you better take my card.
I'm her manager.
You call me, all right? Here.
Yeah. Look. Take my card.
I want you to contact
my top trainer Buddhakan. Okay?
Yo, I love what you did in there, son.
That shit was cold, man. For real.
Bom, bom, bom. Damn.
You used to be in the UFC, huh?
Yeah, I got mad love for the UFC.
Look, how about this?
How about you fight in my league
and I'll get you back in the UFC?
Ha, you don't think I'm for real, huh?
Here. Hold on one second.
[exhales sharply]
What's that shit they say?
"Future's so bright," huh? Pow!
Go see Buddhakan.
[Desi] The fuck was that, baby?
You did that shit!
You fucking did that shit. [laughs]
Let's get the fuck outta here.
- [tires screech]
- [Jackie] Oh!
[Jackie grunts]
Oh, hell no. No, no, no.
Go, go. Desi, go!
- What? That's your...
- [Jackie] Go!
- [Desi] That's your mother right there.
- [Jackie] Go!
Oh God.
[mother laughing]
If it ain't Muhammad Ali.
[Jackie] What you doing here?
Haven't heard from her in years
and that's our welcome.
Well, I got a nice surprise for you.
That little motherfucker over there,
over there,
that's your son.
That baby, the one you dumped on his dad?
Yeah, well, his daddy died.
Guess who got a knock
on her door this morning,
saying, "Meet your grandson"?
Well, who fucking brought him then?
The so-called girlfriend.
Some young Cuban chick.
Flew him up from Miami
and brought his ass to me
'cause she don't have no address.
- [Desi] What do you mean the father died?
- [mother] Bullet to the head.
She told me Manny Sr. worked undercover
and he got got.
Little Manny here witnessed it,
but he ain't talkin'.
What the fuck's that mean,
he ain't talking?
[mother] Not talking.
As in the motherfucker don't talk.
Some trauma, she called it.
I don't know. The kid don't say boo.
[Desi] You gonna take
that little fucker with you.
Are you deaf or stupid?
Look. I would.
But I'm runnin' a business at my place.
And my health's no good. Shit.
Give me a fucking break.
You ain't got a fucking health problem.
Jackie says all you ever do
is pop pills and sell wigs.
Okay. You comin' for the wrong one.
[scoffs] Fuck that.
Look, this ain't my mess.
This is your mess.
For once in your life, girl,
handle your business.
Uh-huh. [clicks tongue]
What's this bitch sayin' now?
[mother] Jackie, get this boy some towels.
Come on, baby. Right here. Arms up.
Where's the towel?
Bitch, you ain't gonna do shit? Okay.
Standing like a statue.
Where's the damn bathroom?
Y'all are just triflin'.
Both of you, just triflin'.
Here's my address and phone number.
All right?
Don't go blowing your nose on it.
Okay. All right.
[Desi] Hey, Angel. Hey, hey, hey.
[softly] Jackie can't take on a kid.
Look at her. She's a fucking fighter.
One hell of a fighter.
That look like a big-ass winner to you?
[Angel scoffs]
- [Desi] This is quite a turn of events.
- [door closes]
I mean, Jacqueline, I...
Hey, where you... where you going?
What are you doing?
[thunder rumbles]
[oppressive music playing]
[inhales deeply]
[breathing heavily]
[music stops]
[gentle music playing]
[brakes squeaking in the distance]
I mean, he's gotta have some cousins,
another fucking grandma or something.
No, we ain't keeping that kid.
Hey, you want some breakfast?
Come on.
Come on, take a seat.
Ah, shit. Come on, chacho. It's all right.
It's all right. Come on in there.
What, you wanna eat or not? It's okay.
[chuckles] Ain't gonna bite you
or anything.
Go on in there. Take a seat. It's cool.
Come on, Jack, make him
a burger or something.
It's food.
Come on, just make him a burger.
We ran out of buns.
But I'm gonna show you
how to eat a burger. Hey, Jack.
Get me the chips
from the top of the fridge over there.
You're gonna like this shit.
Yeah, I'm gonna show you
how a real man eats his burger.
Crush them like that, real fine.
You see that? Huh?
That's how a grown man eats.
Oh, no, no. She just, uh,
she just fell down a flight of stairs.
Normally, she ain't that ugly.
[bottle rattles on table]
Here you go.
[gentle music playing]
[crushes cigarette]
[punches thudding]
You, uh, looking for Buddhakan, right?
All the way in the back. Supply room.
[whispers] Hey.
You know who that is?
You ought to.
[chanting in Sanskrit]
[continues chanting]
[Jackie] Uh, excuse me.
I'm looking for Buddhakan.
Is that you?
[chanting in Sanskrit]
[continues chanting]
[chanting stops]
Immaculate sent you?
You used to be Jackie Justice, right?
Still am.
Oh yeah?
We'll see.
Well, you had your 15 minutes of fame.
Why are you here?
[uplifting music playing]
[Jackie grunts]
[cries out]
You giving up already?
Come on. A hundred more.
[exhales sharply]
No tears. And do 25 more.
You're not sprinting. Give me sprinting!
I'm sorry, I just don't see it.
She came in stinking of cigarettes.
She's full of self-pity.
Her technique is lacking.
- And she's fucking old.
- She's still got something.
[Buddhakan] Well,
let her join the MILF league then.
Look. Look who I put her with.
Karima is only average,
and she ain't looking much better.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, listen,
you gotta get her mad, okay?
Jackie, she's a whole other fighter
when she's mad. Believe me. For real.
I mean, I've seen her fights on YouTube.
That shit she did last night to Werewolf?
I mean, she made that bitch
look like a chihuahua.
- You wanna put her on your next card?
- Uh-huh.
[Buddhakan] I got five other girls,
all stronger, faster, younger.
And none of them ever did
what she did in a fight that big.
Yeah, 'cause none of 'em ever been
in a fight that big,
and none of them ever fought in the UFC.
Jackie, she was killing game in the UFC...
Yo, blow the whistle for me real quick.
- Come on, blow it.
- [whistle blows]
Yo, Karima. Come here.
Listen up.
[quietly] You got what it takes.
You hearin' me?
I need to see that killer instinct.
- [exhales]
- You see that bitch right there?
Yeah, she washed up, son. Do her a favor.
Retire her. Come on.
Go on, get it. Let's go.
- Blow the whistle.
- [whistle blows]
[Immaculate chuckles] Go on.
Yeah, come on, come on.
[fighters grunting]
[Immaculate] Come on, Karima.
[both grunting]
[Karima] Y'all see this shit?
[Karima grunts]
[Immaculate] Come on, Karima!
Get it. Get it. Get it.
- [blows whistle]
- [Immaculate chuckling]
Welcome back.
I don't like what you just did.
I know. I know.
But, look, I don't want to pressure you.
[commentator on TV]
They look like walking cadavers.
It's like a river of blood
is pouring down her forehead.
[crowd cheering on TV]
[commentator on TV] I have never seen
that much blood coming out of a forehead.
[Jackie] Manny.
[commentator on TV]
Her forehead is gushing right now.
[Jackie] Manny.
You ain't even gonna try it?
[paper rustles]
# Just the two of us
We can make it if we try #
# Just the two of us #
[Manny] # Just the two of us #
[man] # Just the two of us
Building big castles in the sky #
# Just the two of us #
[both] # You and I #
[man vocalizing]
[singing stops]
Come on, man. Let's...
Let's get out of here.
Come on. Let's go.
Okay. I don't gotta hold your hand.
Hook onto my jacket.
You know, you can call me Jackie.
That would be cool.
So, look, Manny, did your father
say anything about me to you?
He didn't say nothing? Nothing at all?
Did... did he tell you that I died?
Come on, let's go. Come on.
[Buddhakan] I'm only gonna say this once.
I want you here every day on time.
I ain't asking for 100%. I want 250.
You got any excuses,
you give them to me now.
All right?
[Buddhakan] First day back at school
is always a bastard!
Come on! Pick it up! Pick it up!
[both grunting]
You don't look like no UFC, Justice!
[Jackie yells]
And five seconds!
Four, three, two!
[whistle blows]
You okay? Jackie, you okay?
You know better than that.
Don't you ever
not protect yourself in my ring again.
- Do you hear me? You hear me?
- [groans]
Okay, you're done, Betty White!
Betty White ain't no slouch.
[Buddhakan] You can never miss
an opportunity to level change.
When you're up close, that's your chance.
Mix it up. Level the playing field.
'Cause if you don't level it,
eventually she's going to level you.
- Do you hear me?
- Yep.
I tried to make you quit.
But you just wouldn't die, would you?
Just got a kid.
Oh, shit.
Nope. Mine.
But that's a long story.
I'm gonna have to
tell you that another time.
I do gotta get him in school, though.
- You know how to do that?
- Yeah.
Just get his report cards,
birth certificate, that stuff.
It's pretty straightforward.
How you know all that?
You got a kid?
Short story.
I'll tell you another time.
You need that paperwork.
And it's Bobbi.
My real name.
What do you need his papers for?
He's a citizen.
- He don't need no damn papers.
- Angel, look.
- That lady had to give you some papers.
- No, I don't know nothing about that.
Ma, what'd you do with the boy's papers?
- [Jackie] Angel!
- [pills clatter]
[Jackie] Where'd you put the papers?
- Yeah.
- [Jackie] What?
- Why would you put his papers in the oven?
- [Angel] Oven... Oven don't work.
- [Jackie] Oh Lord!
- [Angel] Puts my things in there.
Thieves and burglars and junkies,
ain't none of them clever enough
to look in the damn oven.
Right, kiddo?
[Angel laughs]
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Look here. Lookie here.
Let me see something.
Let me see this. Oh.
Ooh! Lookie here.
Boy, you look like a little girl.
That's your color too.
Little Manuela. [laughs]
- Come on. Go see in the mirror.
- [Jackie] Mama, really?
- [Angel] He look cute.
- [Jackie] Come on, let's go, Manny.
You don't know nothing.
- [waitress] You sticking with water today?
- [Jackie] Mm-hmm. Thank you.
Go ahead. Eat your food.
Go ahead. Eat it.
You gotta eat.
So, you ain't talking.
And I guess now you ain't eating.
Look, I know you don't know me.
And guess what? I don't know you either.
We strangers right now.
But what I do know is
you're gonna have to eat,
and you're gonna have to start talking.
'Cause I'm all you got.
[woman] Birth certificate,
social security...
- Immunization.
- [Jackie] Manny.
Mm. These look good. We'll process
his documents and get him started soon.
No, I gotta get him in here today.
Oh, that's not how this works, ma'am.
It's a process.
Okay, but... Manny!
I can't keep taking him with me, though.
Does he have trouble with communication?
Is he special needs?
Uh-uh. No, no, no. It's the first day,
you know? He's just...
All right. I'll push this through.
So, come back here tomorrow
and have his school supplies...
[kids chuckling]
Oh, y'all think that's funny?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
This ain't never gonna happen again.
Immaculate's here.
Now, go get geared up.
I'll bring little man in for a while
and make sure he gets home safe.
Young man.
My name is Buddhakan,
and you're gonna come with me.
[man] Okay, that's enough. Let's go!
What's that you got there?
- [Jackie grunts]
- There you go!
Knock her ass out, boy.
Come on, Justice. Come on. Get strong.
Hit, hit. Come on, right there.
[Jackie] Ah!
[thuds loudly]
[Immaculate] All right, come on.
Come on. Get it, get it.
Come on! [claps]
Your mum is a good fighter.
[Immaculate] Come on. Boom! There you go!
Kick him again. Come on. Kick him. Boom!
[Buddhakan] You didn't know
she fought, did you?
[Immaculate] Keep that guard up.
I think she's pretty cool.
What do you think?
[Immaculate] Nice. [claps]
[Buddhakan] I can teach you
some cool stuff too.
[Immaculate] Boom!
- Like how to have special powers.
- [Immaculate] Move, move, move!
Would you like that?
[Immaculate] You soft, man! You soft!
How about we go to the park?
[Immaculate] There you go!
You like the park, don't you?
[Immaculate] Boom! Ah!
Give it to him, Justice! Go!
[chanting in Sanskrit]
[continues chanting]
Feels good, don't it?
So now, if you need a place to go
that's all on your own,
you can chant a little.
One more thing.
If you ever get scared,
just raise your arms up all the way.
And breathe.
[breathes deeply]
[Immaculate] I did 15 years
for second-degree murder
when I was 16 years old
and that was just for the body
they caught me on.
Yeah, you know, I was affiliated.
So they was right to put me away.
You feel me?
But you? You was in Spofford
as a juvenile, right?
- Yep.
- [Immaculate] Yeah.
You know, when I got out,
a man gave me a second chance, Jackie.
A few years later.
I'm sitting here with you...
offering you a chance...
to fight
for the flyweight championship belt
against Lady Killer on January 24.
A title fight?
Ten K, just to show up.
Twenty K if you win.
It's gonna be televised. Nationally.
Listen, a lot of people, man,
they saw what you did in the UFC.
[chuckles] Hey, you was bad bitch then.
But that was, what,
four years ago or some shit?
Well, now, this is your shot, Jackie.
This is your shot to show the UFC,
to show all of them
the real Jackie Justice. You feel me?
You gonna take it?
- A title fight?
- [Immaculate] Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I'm gonna take it.
Come on. Say it with your chest.
- Yeah.
- [laughs]
- You have to call my manager, though.
- Ah. [sighs]
- Desi DeMarco.
- No, no, no, no. Listen.
If I sign you, it's going to be exclusive.
It can't be no other way. Okay?
- No, no. He's more than my manager.
- You want Desi or a title fight?
Listen, I get it. He's your boyfriend.
Just let him be that for you then.
No, look. Look, look. He dropped
all his fighters for me.
- Jackie, Jackie.
- Okay? Listen...
Jackie! Come on, Jackie, stop this, okay?
You were 10-and-0.
On track for a title fight.
Then your mans got desperate
and threw you in a match
you weren't even close to being ready for,
and you became a joke.
Yeah, you, Jackie.
- You.
- [distorted grunting, gasping]
Look, I get it.
To his face, I'll always be respectful,
that I promise you.
But your man's incompetent, Jackie.
And this is why he has no other fighters.
And everyone knows it.
I'm sorry, but that's the truth.
I bet you haven't slept good
in the past four years, huh?
I know.
So maybe this is your shot
for you to lay your head down at night...
[paper rustling]
...on your pillow with dignity again.
Dignity, Jackie.
And maybe a championship belt.
Who the hell are you?
Okay. Well, you must be Desi.
I'm Jackie's lead trainer.
You're the Buddhakan?
[Buddhakan] Look,
I'm just helping her with Manny.
- [Desi] Mm.
- She had to talk to Immaculate.
He... he came to see her?
That asshole not realize
I'm her fucking manager?
- Look...
- Hey. I'm her fucking manager.
I'll check on you later.
- [Desi] You fucking serious right now?
- Okay, little man?
Get in the house.
["Attitude" by Saweetie playing]
# Looking in the mirror
And I'm liking what I see #
# Pretty hair, sickie weave
A bad bitch with a degree #
# Ain't nobody stopping me
Ain't nobody topping me #
# I was open, now I'm up
Now all these bitches biting me #
# Ooh, I know they tired of me
'Cause they know I'm bossing B #
# Number one, you don't like me, ho?
Then don't say hi to me #
# I've been working, I've been winning
You see Saweetie, she bad bitchin' #
# All the real ones got positions
No, you thick if you were switchin' #
# Love my attitude,
Yeah, he love my attitude... #
- [Jackie] What's up, mama?
- All right, you good?
[Jackie] I'm good.
# Love my attitude
Yeah, he love my attitude #
[Desi] Hey, where you been?
I was picking up something for Manny.
Where's he at?
He locked his ass in the bathroom.
What the fuck is that?
[Jackie exhales] Okay.
Did you feed him?
[Desi] Yeah. I fed him.
I gave him a hot dog, he threw it away.
Kid's getting on my last nerve.
[knocks] Manny.
Open the door. It's me.
Come on.
- See that?
- Wait. Wait.
[Desi] See what
I've been dealing with all day?
Silent Sam's a fucking terrorist.
Hey, you want me to toss you outta here?
Go make yourself invisible!
I don't even wanna know you're here!
- Why you talking to him like that?
- [Desi] What?
[Jackie] Come on. He's a kid.
[Desi] I've been sending you
texts all day...
[Desi and Jackie arguing]
[indistinct arguing]
[Desi] What do you want me to do?
Kneel down and pray you get back?
[Jackie] I don't care what you do,
but get off your ass and do somethin'.
That's why I signed today,
that's exactly why I signed.
- [Desi] You signed?
- [Jackie] Yeah.
[Desi] What did you sign, Jackie?
How could you sign anything without me?
[Jackie] Because I'm grown.
You don't tell me what to do!
[Desi] Is that what you're gonna do?
What's going on here?
[Jackie] That's exactly what I mean.
Everything's always about you.
What about me?
[ethereal music playing]
[Jackie] This is why
I don't tell you shit.
It's why I don't tell you nothin'.
[Desi] Start tellin' me somethin'.
From the beginning, I've been tellin' you,
communicate with me,
don't just do your own thing!
[Jackie] When something good
happens to me, you piss on it.
[drumbeat playing]
What? Things good happen to you
all the time when you're with me.
[Jackie] What?
[Desi] The whole time you were with me,
things were happening good for you.
[Jackie] Nothing was good for me.
I was getting no fights. Nothing good.
[playing notes on keyboard]
- [Desi] I need to talk to that promoter.
- [Jackie] Then call him. You're my manager
[liquid boiling]
- [smoke alarm beeping]
- [Jackie] Why's she gotta be a bitch?
I'm tired of you talking
about women like that!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
[Jackie] You, your mother, father
and everybody in your goddamn family.
[Desi] Okay, I'll have to leave.
And then you go involving them.
[Jackie] It's everything your way.
It's always gotta be...
[smoke alarm beeping]
- What the fuck?
- Oh, shit!
Ah! Fucking... Mother...
Shit! Oh, goddamn it!
[alarm stops beeping]
[groans, screams]
Goddamn it!
- Fuck.
- You fucking...
Hey, hey, hey!
[Desi] He cleans this up! All right?
[Jackie breathes heavily]
[door slams shut]
Look at me, Manny.
I'm not gonna let that man hurt you.
Okay? I'm Big and you're Little.
And Big protects Little.
You hear me?
Okay, now that keyboard in there,
that's just for you.
You go in there, you play with that,
and I'mma clean up all this mess, okay?
Go ahead.
[string instrument cover
of "Hallelujah" playing]
["Hallelujah" continues]
[man] Ooh, look at that there!
He fucked up!
What happened, my friend?
Yo, what's poppin', bro?
- What's happening?
- Oh, you know. Fuckin' day.
- How you doin'?
- He fucked up. Somebody fucked up.
- He wanna go home, yo!
- Here. It's for you.
- For you, Pinky.
- Yeah, these for me? [laughing]
["Hallelujah" continues]
[door bangs]
[music stops]
Okay. So I'mma be back here at three,
pick you up, okay?
- [school bell rings]
- It's gonna be good, you'll see.
Here you go.
It's lunch money.
Okay. Go on.
Hang on. Stop, stop, stop. Stop.
Come on. I'll be you.
Hands on her hips. Walk your feet in.
Push up into your bridge first,
then extend your arms,
then get your legs free, okay?
Yeah? Push forward, then from here,
you can do whatever you want.
[strains] Huh!
- Fuck. Okay.
- [Buddhakan] You got it?
It's looking good, though. Really good.
Lady Killer? She a beast, man.
I don't know if I can take her.
She the real deal.
[Buddhakan] We just gotta study
some of her footage.
Your real power is in grappling.
If you can get her to the ground,
you're in with a chance.
Question is, what are you gonna do
if she stays standing?
Yeah, that's a good question.
I'll tell you what.
I'll come over later
and we'll watch some videos, yeah?
You know, Jack,
you could have taken that girl that night
if you'd stayed with it.
I mean brutal, brutal first round.
But you could have taken her.
Oh, what's up with little man?
He start school?
Oh, shit. What time is it?
Yeah, he in school.
Come by later! I'll be there!
Hey, you can get one candy.
Okay? One.
There you go.
Okay, hold up.
I said you could get one. That's three.
You gotta take two of those back.
No, no. Hey, hey, hey.
You gotta take two back.
Total's 23.90.
I got 20.
[coins rattling]
Come on. Hook on.
[sizzles, explodes]
[dramatic music playing]
[man] She is your worst nightmare.
[announcer] The winner by knockout,
flyweight champion of the world,
Lucia "Lady Killer" Chavez!
- Okay, you see that?
- Yeah.
It's them kicks though.
She got those kicks.
[Buddhakan] Mm-hmm.
[Desi laughs]
[slurring] Oh, shit.
[chuckling] If it ain't
the fuckin' Buddhakan.
Fuck me, man. I'm tellin' you.
I... I don't even know
why the fuck I hide this shit no more.
If you put it up my ass,
she'd pull it out. Right out.
Oh, fuck.
All right. This is getting
too fucking comical now.
Hey, Jack. Hey. You threw my shit out?
You threw out my shit. This isn't
my fucking house anymore or what?
- You know what? I think you got to go.
- [Desi] Hey, no, no, no. Hey, wait.
Sit down. Sit down.
I'm gonna show you something right now.
I got something to show you.
Hey, wait, now. Sit down. Sit down.
I gotta show you this shit.
You see this? You see this?
Alcohol. She hides alcohol in this shit.
Fuckin' scotch in cleaning bottles.
You smell it? You smell it?
Huh? And she thinks
I don't fuckin' know about it!
She's stupid or something.
That's your fucking prize fighter
right there.
We'll watch it another time.
- Yep.
- See you tomorrow.
Ooh, angry Buddhakan.
Get the fuck outta here. Huh? Hey!
What the fuck's the matter with you?
What do you want me to do?
I'm walking into a fucking circus here.
You're showin'
your fucking cartoons and shit? Come on.
Remember what I taught you.
- [Desi] Come on, sweetheart.
- [Jackie] Get off me.
[Desi] Why are you getting so serious?
Ah, come on.
It's just a fuckin' joke. Just smi...
Hey, now. Come on. Hey. Smile for me.
- [Jackie] Desi, stop!
- Stop fuckin' pushin' me away.
Why you doin' that?
- Come on, baby.
- [Jackie] Get off me.
[Desi] Hey.
You don't smell like you right now.
Hey, come on.
Come on, baby.
Stop fucking pushing me away.
I just wanna kiss you right now.
- Hey, open your mouth.
- [keyboard drumbeat starts]
- [Jackie] No!
- I need to smell your tongue.
- Open your...
- Fuck you! No!
Hey! You touch that shit one more time,
I'll throw it out and you with it!
Jesus Christ!
- [Manny plays keyboard loudly]
- [Desi] Hey! That's it. Hey!
Hey! What the fuck did I say?
Get the fuck outta there!
- Goddamn it!
- Wait, wait, wait. Hey!
What the fuck is this doing
in the house anyway?
[Jackie] No, no, no!
Get out of my fuckin' way. I'm gonna
throw this shit outta the house.
- No, don't take it!
- Get the fuck outta my way.
- No!
- Stop! Get your hands...
Get away from me!
- Piece of shit!
- [Jackie groans]
- [Desi] Goddamn it!
- [Jackie groans]
- [keyboard smashing]
- [Desi] Fuck! Fuck!
- [keyboard clatters]
- [Jackie groans]
[Desi shouts] What?
[Desi] Jackie?
Jackie. Hey, I'm sorry, babe.
I didn't mean it to do that. I never done
nothing like that before, Jackie.
- Hey, Jackie.
- [Jackie] No.
- Come on, babe. No, listen to me, babe.
- [Jackie] No!
I've never done anything like that before.
- No! No!
- Jackie, listen to me.
Just talk to me, babe. Hey.
Come on, baby. Hey!
We need a place to stay.
Don't worry, I ain't gonna be here long.
Just need to be here
till I get me some money. I'mma be out.
[Angel] Mmm...
Let me guess. You got yourself a big fight
you could win. Is that right?
Jackie finally pulling it together.
I can stay in this one, Angel.
["Levitating" playing]
# You want me, I want you, baby #
# My sugarboo, I'm levitating... #
[Angel] Ooh!
All right. Man!
- # I got you, moonlight #
- [laughs]
# You're my starlight... #
Mm, that's good.
I'll eat it.
You don't want that, I'll eat it now.
I'm gonna make myself a little party.
[blender whirs]
[Angel] There you go. There you go.
["Tha Fuck" by Latto playing]
# I slap the fuck out of him
Keep calling my phone #
# Shaking me 'bout a nigga #
# Ain't going back up on with you
When my back is bigger #
# The fuck wrong with you? #
# Chop, the back of your head
They're coming to get you #
# Check out the new Birkin bag
It came with a pistol #
# I slap the fuck
Out of one of these punk ass nigga #
# I don't play 'bout my money #
# Now I can't walk in without it... #
[Buddhakan] Okay. Give me A.
And B.
And C.
# I slap the fuck out of him
Keep calling my phone... #
# Ain't going back up on with you
When my back is bigger #
- # The fuck wrong with you? #
- [Buddhakan] Give me A.
[blender whirs]
[Angel] Okay.
Mm. That is hittin' the spot. [laughs]
[classical music playing on violin]
- [chuckles] Oh, you ain't sober?
- No, no, no. I just don't drink.
I used to.
And I may do again.
But you know...
Right now, I could drink
or I could have a life.
I choose life.
So, what's your short story?
Had a wife.
Had a kid.
Got divorced. She took him and left.
Haven't heard from her in two years.
So, what's your long story?
That is too long to tell you.
- No, come on. We've got loads of time.
- [laughs]
Trainers are on call 24/7 apparently.
- Oh, that's right.
- [Buddhakan] It is. Yeah.
Hey, come here. You got...
I do something wrong?
[Jackie] Uh-uh.
You seem to do everything right.
No one decides to become all zen
and practice meditation and all that
'cause they did everything right.
- [waitress] Here you go.
- Thank you.
[Buddhakan clears throat]
About your mother.
You're off your game
because of your history with her.
Now, if it's historical, it's hysterical.
And if you're hysterical
and getting all worked up,
she's gonna wipe the floor with you.
Come and see me...
if you ever wanna talk.
Now, get the fuck out.
[phone message dings]
[Buddhakan] Oi. After you drop Manny off,
come straight to the gym.
Immaculate is coming to see you train.
# We can make it if we try #
# Just the two of us #
# Just the two of us #
# Just the two of us #
# Building castles in the sky #
# Just the two of us #
# You and I #
# We look for love, no time for tears #
# Wasted water's all that is #
# And it don't make no flowers grow #
# Good things might come
To those who wait #
# But not for those who wait too late #
# We gotta go for all we know #
# Just the two of us #
# We can make it if we try #
# Just the two of us #
# Just the two of us #
# Just the two of us #
# Building castles in the sky #
# Just the two of us #
# You and I #
[song ends]
[solemn music playing]
[cellphone buzzing]
Uh... What the hell happened to you?
- Immaculate's come and gone.
- Oh God.
- [Angel] I need something.
- [Jackie] Oh God!
[Angel] Where is it? Where is my shit?
[Jackie] What you looking for?
[Angel] No pills.
I'm looking... Get out the way.
I'm looking for my lipstick.
Oh, here it is. I got me a date.
- [Jackie] Mm...
- [laughs]
- Got yourself a date, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Make sure you don't bring his ass home.
And what's that supposed to mean?
You know exactly what that mean, Mama.
I think you talking some Jackie bullshit.
I don't know why I came back here, Mama.
'Cause you still exactly the same.
Oh, you came back here for free rent,
free childcare, free everything.
Oh. Well, watch how fast
I get my ass up out of here.
All right. Get on up
out of here then. Fast too.
Okay. You know, something?
[chuckles] I spoiled you as a child.
- Yeah, gave you everything.
- You spoiled me? You destroyed me.
And you wasn't no damn mama.
[Angel] No mama? Really?
Who birthed you, raised you,
kept a motherfucking roof over your head?
Oh, I had a motherfucking roof
over my head.
But what I needed
was a goddamn lock on my bedroom door.
- Lock? For what?
- You know damn well for what.
Okay, you see,
you was always one for making stories.
Tell me, what kind of bullshit
you serving today?
Oh, you know what the question is?
What kind of bullshit
was you serving to yourself
when your baby girl was back there
in that room being raped?
- Raped?
- Raped.
By all your boyfriends
coming in and out of that room.
And your nasty-ass brother Dexter too.
- Dexter paid the rent!
- No, I paid the rent!
- With my ass, my mouth, my private parts.
- Liar!
- Don't talk about your uncle.
- You a liar. You knew.
- I know you knew.
- Bitch...
if you put your fucking hands on me...
You know something?
That's a lie. That's a lie.
- You been lyin' to yourself all your life.
- You are going straight to hell, bitch!
Come on, Manny. Let's go.
- Wait a minute.
- You lyin' to yourself.
You don't have to take him. All right?
Wait, wait. Okay, okay, look, Jackie,
if something happened to you
and I was unawares, I mean...
Don't you think I would've capped a nigga
if you had just told me?
What you think I kept a .22
under my bed for?
Wait a minute, Jackie. Stop! Wait, Jackie!
Okay, go ahead! Run on! Run on!
Do the Jackie!
[somber music playing]
You can't sleep?
That's my fight card.
You like that?
You could keep it.
Say it.
Say it, Manny.
You scared?
I used to be scared when I was little too.
And sometimes I'm still scared.
But Big is gonna be okay.
I want you to keep it.
Okay, now go for a spin escape.
That's it.
[both grunt]
[blows whistle]
Okay, take five. Then we'll go again.
[Immaculate] Who the fuck
you think you are?
Missing a day of training in my gym
for my motherfucking title belt.
Huh? This ain't just your shot, Jackie.
This is my fucking shot.
And all I need from you is to last
three rounds and make it look good.
Because you ain't even
in Lady Killer's class.
But you won't even last 30 seconds
if you miss a day of training, you get me?
- You get me?
- Oh yeah. So that's what I am?
- Yeah.
- I'm just a tomato can?
Oh, you hope to live to even be that.
[breathing heavily]
[exhales sharply]
[Jackie] Manny.
Manny, Manny, look.
Go back to the table, okay? I'm going
to the bathroom for one minute.
I'll be fine, but go sit over there
and wait for me.
[panting heavily]
Oh God. Oh God.
[gasping loudly]
- [knocking on door]
- I'm in here!
[gasping loudly]
[knocking on door]
[yells] Fuck off!
[gasping loudly]
[somber music playing]
Have you seen the little kid
I always come in here with? No?
[thunder rumbles]
- Is he here?
- [Angel] He's sleeping.
[Jackie sighs]
Mama, mama, wait.
He was sitting outside the movie theater
at 11:00 p.m.
Some woman saw him and brought him here.
Boy had my napkin in his pocket.
- I'm taking custody now.
- Wait, hol... What?
You homeless, and you ain't fit.
Yeah, but I'm his mother.
You know I didn't mean that.
That... That was a mistake.
[Angel] You really need
to get your shit together.
Mama, I'm trying to do that.
I'm a fighter.
Well, you ain't a mother,
that's for certain.
Manny's staying here.
And if you fuck with me,
I'll call Child Services.
I'm sorry, Little.
["No Mercy" by Young M.A. playing]
# Fuck your heart, I want a Grammy #
# Don't take molly, don't take Xannies
But there's weed inside the pantry #
# I get high to get by
She gon' low 'cause she's my ho #
# Shoutout Reem, that's the bro #
# Shoutout to my motherfuckin' woes #
# Uh, we ain't ever home, we on the road #
# Ain't no lettin' up, ain't catchin' up
We on a roll #
- # Uh, pull up in that #
- # Skrrt, skrrt #
- # Hop out, then I #
- # Brr, brr #
- # Cameras out, hol' up, let me pose #
- # Ooh #
# Pretty motherfucker
Put me on the front of Vogue #
# Niggas tryna be the bro
But they don't know the code #
# I put "Her" in "History"
And sold it 'round the globe #
# This about to be
The greatest story never told, nigga #
# Huh? If you ain't know
Then now you know, nigga #
# Huh? I wasn't welcome
I imposed, nigga #
# Huh? I put this dick
Inside her soul, nigga #
Did you sleep here or something?
I've been texting you all night.
- She took him.
- What?
She took Manny.
I had to leave him.
[whistle blows]
[Buddhakan] Okay, Jack.
We're gonna win this fight, yeah?
Yeah. Fuck Immaculate. Let him
throw you in as a can. That's fine.
Our best revenge
is we shock the world, yeah?
- Yeah.
- [Buddhakan] Okay, let's go!
- Yeah!
- [whistle blows]
Cross, hook, cross.
- [Buddhakan] Come on.
- Ha!
- That's it!
- [old man] Jab, cross, hook.
- And down. That's it, yes.
- [groans]
That's it.
I got something for you.
Where did Pretty Bull come from?
My daddy.
Last time I saw him.
He said...
"See you later, pretty bull."
I was five years old.
Are you scared?
You wanna know why I jumped the cage?
'Cause it was my first fight...
after I left Manny.
Yeah, I guessed.
I saw his little face,
and I got scared.
So I ran.
And then I got to Vegas.
And I got scared again.
So I ran.
I ran.
Like I always do.
You ain't a coward, Jack.
Never was.
What, you think you deserved
to lose in Vegas?
You grew up with damage
and survived on rage,
and that rage carried you into the ring.
With all that rage turned inward,
your greatest weapon
was pointing right back at you.
But that was then.
So, what you gonna do now? Hmm?
Point that cannon back at yourself?
Or point it at Lady Killer?
Show 'em what you're made of,
and get some money
'cause you deserve that.
You deserve
every good thing in this world.
[breathing heavily]
[bells chiming in the distance]
["Automatic Woman" playing]
# Everybody got a motive
Mine to motivate #
# Gotta get the cake, uh #
# Rise on my worst days, uh #
# First place, first place, uh #
# Circle 'round the edge
Fall and get back up #
# What you gon' do
When your back's against the wall? #
# Me, I'mma risk it all #
# Nothing 'bout me weak
Always land on my feet #
# Always do what I need #
# I'm a auto-auto-auto-automatic woman #
# Automatic #
# If I want I'mma have it #
# I gotta grab it #
# Get to it
Like a auto-auto-automatic woman #
# And that's automatic #
# I don't talk I just do-do-do-do #
# Like a automatic #
# When I do what I do-do-do-do-do #
# It's like a automatic #
# Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon #
# Do-do-do-do #
# Automatic woman #
# Automatic #
[yells] Ah! Ah!
# I'm a different breed
I'm a mustard seed #
# I got faith, never break, God speed #
# Motherfucking dream
I don't ever sleep #
# Tryna live it like I've got the recipe #
# You gotta mix ambition with the work #
# Got got but you know your worth #
# Been stressing but you've been a legend
Gotta win, press it till it hurts #
# Nothin' bout me weak
Always land on my feet #
# Always do what I need #
# I'm a auto-auto-auto-automatic woman #
# Automatic #
# I don't talk I just do-do-do-do-do
I go automatic #
# When I do what I do-do-do-do-do #
# It's like a automatic #
# Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon #
# Do-do-do-do #
# Automatic woman #
# Automatic #
[Jackie crying]
[Buddhakan] Nearly there.
Nearly there, Jack.
- [crying]
- [Buddhakan] Nearly there, Jack.
You just gotta make that weight,
then you can get in that ring.
Whatever you gotta do,
however you gotta, let it out.
[Jackie] Ice. I need ice.
Give her some ice.
That's it.
I know. I know.
# I'm a big machine
I'm the winning team #
# They know I'm the queen
That's on everything #
# I'mma work hard, that's the victory #
# Only living strong
There's no end for me #
# No holding back, ain't no quit in me #
# Ain't no stopping all this energy #
# And a fighter
You can't be dividing me #
# And that's automatic #
# Nothing 'bout me weak
Always land on my feet #
# Always do what I need #
# I'm a auto-auto-auto-automatic woman #
# Automatic #
# If I want I'mma have it
I gotta grab it #
# Get to it
Like a auto-auto-automatic woman #
# And that's automatic #
# I don't talk, I just do-do-do-do-do #
# I'm a automatic #
# When I do what I do-do-do-do-do #
# It's like a automatic #
# Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon #
# Do-do-do-do #
# Automatic woman #
# Automatic #
# Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon #
# Do-do-do-do #
# Automatic woman #
# Automatic, automatic #
[Buddhakan] I love the sea.
Just makes everything feel...
I could live here, you know?
I could.
We could live here.
You are the most...
beautiful person
I've ever met.
has ever made me feel like you do.
That's good.
I gotta figure my life out.
I thought that's...
that's what you been doing.
That's exactly what you've been doing.
But I gotta do it alone.
By myself.
For myself.
For my son.
Why can't we do that together?
'Cause I'm not ready
for a new relationship.
I'm... I'm just...
I'm not ready.
So why... why did you do this?
Because I needed to.
You know how many times I've been intimate
with one of my fighters?
I'm sorry.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[gentle music playing]
It's time to go.
Where's she at? Bobbi's not here.
Look, I think it's crazy. Okay?
I think it's crazy she ain't here.
But, look, Jack. It's go time.
You got to get in there
and get this thing done.
You've got a plan. Now it's your job
to go out there and execute it.
- I'm in it to win it. How about you?
- Yeah.
All right. Well go out there
and be Jackie Justice.
And wear this.
What the hell is that?
That place you go to off Waldo's Avenue,
they stepping' up to be your sponsor.
Say they'll take care of your food tab.
I gotta wear this shit?
Fuck it, it's a hat.
Wear the hat. Come on.
# Never been a scared bitch
You know how I'd rock it #
# If them hoes ever said shit #
# We can get it poppin'
I'm too focused on the grand vision #
# You just pocket watch it
Let them broke bitches gossip #
# 'Cause there no way of stoppin' us #
# Never been a scared bitch #
Jackie Justice is back, four years
after her last walk to the cage,
and, Jules, you know the rule,
you never tap from strikes, right?
Well, when she approached that line,
she didn't just cross it,
she leapt over it.
[Jules] You know, Yves,
four years off, I don't know.
Some people talk about ring rest,
but, I mean, you can hit mitts,
you can spar all you want,
but once you're back in that cage,
back in that cage, mm,
it's a whole different ball game.
[crowd cheering]
["Scared Bitch" by City Girls continues]
# Never been a scared bitch
You know how I'd rock it #
# If them hoes ever said shit #
# We can get it poppin'
I'm too focused on the grand vision #
# You just pocket watch it
Let them broke bitches gossip #
# 'Cause there no way of stoppin' us #
# Never been a scared bitch
You know how I'd rock it #
# If them hoes ever said shit #
# We can get it poppin'
I'm too focused on the grand vision #
# You just pocket watch it
Let them broke bitches gossip... #
[crowd booing]
# Never been a scared bitch
You know how I'd rock it #
# If them hoes ever said shit #
# We can get it poppin'
I'm too focused on the grand vision #
# You just pocket watch it
Let them broke bitches gossip #
# 'Cause there no way of stoppin' us #
# Never been a scared bitch
You know how I'd rock it #
# If them hoes ever said shit #
# We can get it poppin'
I'm too focused on the grand vision #
# You just pocket watch it
Let them broke bitches gossip #
# 'Cause there no way of stoppin'... #
[crowd cheering enthusiastically]
["Missile" by Dorothy playing]
# Your sin gonna waste you lover #
# No way it'll be all right #
# You're fucking
With the wrong wolf baby #
# Darkness gonna break your light #
# I am a missile #
[crowd cheering]
# I am the fire #
# Love is destruction #
# But this war is mine, this war is mine #
Lucia "the Lady Killer" Chavez is ready
to defend this belt one more time.
She earned it with a perfect record,
taking everybody out within the distance.
[Jules] You know, with the pace and power
that the Lady Killer brings,
the only thing Jackie can really do
to nullify that
is to get her to the ground.
[Yves] She's gonna have to
if she wants to get herself a W.
[Jules] I can't wait to see this fight.
[announcer] Good evening, ladies
and gentlemen, and once again welcome.
This is your main event of the evening!
Five rounds for the Invicta FC
Flyweight Championship of the World!
And now, live from Boardwalk Hall
here in Atlantic City,
ladies and gentlemen, it's go time!
Introducing first, the challenger.
Fighting out of the blue corner.
She weighed in
at the flyweight limit, 125 pounds.
Her impressive professional record
consists of ten victories
against one defeat.
She wears black trimmed with blue
and represents the Brick City,
Newark, New Jersey!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Jackie "Pretty Bull" Justice!
[crowd booing]
[announcer] And her opponent,
fighting out of the red corner.
She weighed in
at an even and ready 125 pounds.
She is undefeated as a professional.
Eighteen bouts, 18 victories.
She wears green this evening
and hails from Argentina.
Now living and training
out of the fighting city of Philadelphia.
Please welcome the reigning,
defending flyweight champion of the world,
Lucia "Lady Killer" Chavez!
[crowd cheering]
Here for the final instructions,
the referee in charge, Keith Peterson.
Once you've been given the instructions,
follow my commands at all times.
Touch gloves if you like.
Let's fight.
[crowd cheering]
[Immaculate, distorted] You won't last
30 motherfucking seconds
- [referee] Ma'am, are you ready?
- [Yves] Turn around! Turn around!
- Turn around!
- [referee] Fight!
[Jules] Oh!
Why wasn't she paying attention?
- Ah!
- [Jules] Oh, another big shot.
[Yves] Justice's gotta keep her hands up.
She's gotta move her head.
[Jules] Oh! Nice shot.
A malicious head kick.
- A creative way of getting out of it.
- She might wanna stay down there.
You can't get kicked in the head
when you're on the ground.
[Jackie grunts]
[Yves] Justice has gotta time
one of those kicks and set up her shot.
She's gotta get to the inside.
'Cause outside is not working for her.
[cheering, applauding]
[woman on TV] ...Hairshark is a professional
quality styling tool
that volumizes without damage!
[continues indistinctly]
[Jules] Oh my God. That body shot. Jeez.
[Yves] She's just starting
to pick Justice apart.
[Jules] Oh my goodness.
She is unloading on her.
I love ending on a leg kick like that.
Nice shot there by Justice.
Shake it off. Shake it off.
- [Yves] Ooh!
- [Jules] Nice front kick to end the round.
- [buzzer blares]
- Time!
[Jules] Is she out on her feet?
It looked like she was.
Lady Killer almost had herself a victory.
[Angel clears throat] What you doing?
I told you we not watching that.
Go to bed.
[TV commercial continues indistinctly]
She has a minute to recover.
Can she come back in the second round?
If she does...
If this is the woman
that won ten fights in a row,
that woman can do it.
The woman that jumped out of the cage?
I don't think so.
[old man] Listen to me, Jack.
You gotta get it to the ground.
That's your home.
You want to be here? Let me see you
look like you want to be here!
Let's go!
[referee] Ma'am, are you ready?
Ma'am, are you ready? Fight.
[Yves] If Justice is gonna last
another round,
she's gotta change the game.
That was a dominant first round
by Lady Killer.
- Takedown attempt!
- [Yves] That was a horrible shot.
Stand up. Stand up.
[Yves] Lady Killer just likes
to pick apart the body,
get those hands down
and then take the head.
- [Jules] Another double-leg attack!
- That was perfect timing.
To the ground! There you go.
[Yves] Justice's got the timing down.
Now can she control right here?
Beautiful side-control position.
Looking to get to the mount!
- [Jules] She's there with the mount!
- [Yves] Full mount!
[Jackie grunting]
Get mad. Get mad. Get mad.
[Jackie yells]
[Yves] Beautiful arm bar attempt.
The champ's rolling up. She's trying
to get that off and elbows out.
[Jules] She's free!
Big shots there from the champion.
- [Yves] Beautiful up-kick!
- Good! There you go.
[Yves] That really hurt the champ.
[Yves] Great head movement by Justice.
She's starting
to get the champ's timing down.
Look at her work.
But she's getting tagged.
[Jules] She's just teeing off on her now.
She pissed the champ off.
You can see that.
[Yves] That's not a woman
I want pissed off with me.
[Yves] Payback is a dish
best served on your feet!
[Jules] These leg kicks
are doing some serious damage.
- [buzzer blares]
- Time!
[Yves] Justice is gonna have a hard time
sitting on that stool.
And for those of you at home
thinking leg kicks don't win fights,
you've never been leg-kicked.
- Manny, shut the door!
- [Jules] Jackie needs to step it up.
- Shut the door!
- [Jules] It's out there...
[cheering, whistling]
[speaks Spanish]
[in English] Why she's not out yet?
[old man] Listen to me. Look at me, Jack.
You gotta get her to the ground.
That's your home. You feel me?
You want to fight? You want to be here?
Let me see you
look like you wanna be here.
Let's go!
[exhales sharply]
[Jules] Man, after those leg kicks,
let's see what Jackie's got left in her.
Lady Killer's coming back out
and doing the same thing.
Getting back to what got her to...
Oh! Catch of the kick!
Nicely done there by Jackie.
[Yves] This is what Justice needs to do,
she needs to control these top positions.
[Jules] Back up on the fence! Lady Kill...
Oh, she's got Lady Killer down again
into side-control.
Hold her down.
[Yves] She's hit some beautiful takedowns,
but she's gotta cover.
She has to score with these takedowns.
[Jules] Nice ground and pound,
but she should've held onto that.
[Jackie grunts]
Good escape by Justice there.
[Jules] Big swing and a miss!
To the ground! To the ground!
[Jules] Now Justice is trying
for that double-leg again!
[Yves] Wait a minute! Wait.
Beautiful tackle!
- Hold her down.
- [Yves] Nice reversal by Justice.
- Yves, this is getting exciting.
- [Yves] Looking for an arm bar.
This is the jiujitsu I was talking about.
She's got to get her hooks in
to sink that in properly.
She's almost there in the rear naked.
Oh my goodness.
[Jackie grunting]
[Jules] Oh! Oh! Back up on the fence!
Big knee to Justice.
Lady Killer is still in this.
[old man] Turn her into the fence.
- [Yves] Look at Justice, making the turn...
- Good! Good! There you go!
[Immaculate yells]
[both straining]
- [Yves] She may be beaten. She's not done.
- [Jules] Another double-leg from Justice!
You got her.
You got her, Jack. You got her.
[Jules] A big ground and pound
from the contender.
[Yves] Big punches from the top.
And Justice is now pouring it on.
She hops on the back! Standing!
This rear naked is in!
You got it. You got it.
- She has it!
- [Jules] Her hooks are in!
- That choke is in. It's tight!
- This could be it!
[breathing heavily]
[buzzer blares]
[referee] Time!
[Yves] Oh, saved by the bell!
[crowd applauding, whistling]
[Yves] If Justice had
just ten more seconds
I believe we would be looking
at a new Invicta champion right now.
- [Jules] This is insane.
- Sit. Sit.
Look at me. Breathe. Look at me.
Breathe. You almost had her.
Now keep her on the ground.
That's where you're strong.
- You got it?
- Yeah!
All right. Yeah. That's it!
[trainer] Good. Let's go. Finish her!
[crowd whistling]
[referee] Fight!
[Yves] Championship rounds for Chavez.
She's never been here before.
Can she dig deep,
or is she gonna be too flustered?
[Jules] Big throw! For a champion
never having gone to this round,
she's doing pretty well.
She's mounted now.
[old man] Reverse. Reverse it!
[Yves] Not anymore!
Good reversal by Justice.
Justice is on top, working for a pass.
[Jules] And this is where Jackie shines.
She knows where to get those hooks.
She knows where to sink things in.
[Yves] Justice has got the timing down.
Now can she control right here?
Lock her! Lock her up!
[Jules] Oh! Lady Killer out!
[Yves] Beautiful scramble here
by Lady Killer.
She got back to that top position.
[Yves] Look at Justice. She's working
for a single from the bottom.
Lady Killer looks for a knee bar, but no!
That scramble was crazy beautiful!
What a sweep! Oh, she should've
done an omoplata right there.
Now they're back on their feet!
You can see the champion's angry!
Another hook!
- [Jules] Just teeing off there now.
- [Yves] Justice on the run.
See what happens
when you make the Lady Killer angry!
- [Jules] Oh! Elbow!
- [Yves] Oh! And she's bleeding!
That cut can change
the rest of this fight.
- Nice duck.
- [Jules] She slips outside... Wow!
- [Yves] Beautiful takedown!
- Big slam!
[Jules] Look at her.
Contender's on top, raining punches.
A knee bar attempt!
[Yves] Wait. She's switching
to the heel hook! Inside heel hook!
That's nasty.
- [buzzer blares]
- [referee] Time!
- [Yves] Great round. Great fight.
- [Jules] Unbelievable!
[Yves] You believe what we're seeing
outta Jackie Justice?
This is a championship fight.
Four years out of the cage to come back
and bring this level to the table.
Yeah, yeah.
[Yves] I'm really impressed
with this woman tonight.
[old man] This is the final round.
You see what you can do?
Go out there and light her ass up.
Yeah? Yeah, I see it. I see it.
Now this fight is all about conditioning.
This is about who put in more work
in the gym and who wants it more.
Ma'am, are you ready?
Ma'am are you ready? Fight.
[Yves] Whoa! Lady Killer wants a takedown.
That's what she wants.
We didn't see this earlier tonight.
She wanted to keep this fight standing.
[Yves] She's looking for this triangle.
And that's deep.
Lady Killer's gotta get her head up,
butt down.
Lock her up. Lock her up.
[Yves] She's got the legs up.
Get it all tight!
Justice may be the new champ
if she can just pull on that head!
- Look. She's doing what she needs to do!
- [Jules] Almost out. Almost out.
[Jules] Oh, nice!
[Yves] Beautiful defense.
She got herself outta that bad spot.
But how much does she have left
in the tank?
- That's the question.
- [Jules] She looks exhausted.
- [Jules] This is where heart shows.
- [Yves] This is high-level MMA right here.
Fifth round,
showing technique, showing heart.
[Lady Killer yelps]
[soft music playing]
[Jackie] Ah!
Come on!
Take it home. Take it home.
- [buzzer blares]
- [referee] Time!
Ladies and gentlemen, having gone
all five championship rounds
here at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City,
we now go to the scorecards.
The judges score this contest
48-47, Chavez,
48-47, Justice
and 48-47
for your winner by split decision
and still Invicta FC
Flyweight Champion of the World,
Lucia "Lady Killer" Chavez!
[cheering, applauding]
Gracias, Jackie.
It was an honor for me
to share this octagon with you.
Good fight. Good fight. Good grappling!
[woman] Justice!
[man 1] We love you, Justice!
[man 2] Jackie!
[chanting] Justice! Justice!
[crowd chanting] Justice! Justice!
Justice! Justice! Justice!
[chanting continues]
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[crowd cheering]
[Yves] Justice is being served some love
by this Boardwalk crowd tonight.
[Jules] Yeah. Man, we may have
a champion in name,
but we've got a champion in heart
on the other side.
[Yves] Justice is
the people's champion tonight.
[door lock beeps]
[door opens]
[footsteps approaching]
What happened to you?
Long story.
Very long story.
You stayed in there, Jack.
You didn't need me at that fight.
I mean, I wish I had chosen
another way to prove it to you
'cause this shit fucking hurts.
you had it all in you.
- I said this shit hurts.
- [chuckles]
[both laugh]
["Blast Off" by Flo Milli playing]
# Fo' sho'
I have got a bit of my swag on #
# I'm plugged in
But this ain't no add on #
# I'm allergic to bro-niggas, back off #
# Used to be broke now I'm flexin' #
- # Like I just took my cast off #
- # Ay, ay, ay #
# Three, two, one #
- # Watch a bitch blast off #
- # Go #
# Watch a bitch blast off #
# Three, two, one
Watch a bitch blast off #
So how's he doing?
Still ain't said one word.
[Angel sighs]
[Jackie] I'm okay.
Big is okay.
You were with me, Manny.
Little helped Big.
And I'm okay.
I mean, I'm a little...
I'm a little bruised up, but I'm good.
And I'mma get us an apartment.
For Big and for Little.
If that's what you want.
I ain't never wanted nothin' more
in my whole life.
I know I got a lot...
I know I got a lot...
I gotta prove to you.
If you give me a chance.
Manny, come here, baby. Come here.
Where did you put those sneakers? Hmm?
You remember where you put 'em?
All right. Let's put 'em on. All righty?
There you go.
Come on, sit down. Let's get 'em on.
There you go. Let's get our coat.
All right?
[Jackie exhales]
You know where we're goin', Manny?
Me neither.
And it's okay. We gonna figure it out.
Okay. Let me tie these shoes.
You'll... [sighs]
...fall on these.
Thank you, Big.
["Lift You Up" by Mama Haze playing]
# 'Cause your roots go deeper
Than you ever knew #
# And who you are is bigger
Than what you're going through #
# It's okay if you're not okay
No, no #
# I know that hope is gonna have a say
Have a say #
# I'm gonna lift you up #
# When it's got you low #
# I know that the world can feel so cold #
# I'm gonna lift you up #
# I'll be on your side #
# Everybody needs a friend sometimes #
# Yeah, I'm gonna lift you up #
# Well, the hits keep coming at you
Don't they? #
# It's like you can't ever catch
A good break #
# It's okay if you're not okay #
# Don't worry
'Cause tomorrow is a new day #
# I'm gonna lift you up #
# When it's got you low #
# I know that the world can feel so cold #
# I'm gonna lift you up #
# I'll be on your side #
# Everybody needs a friend sometimes #
# Yeah, I'm gonna lift you up #
# Oh, lift you up #
# Oh, lift you up #
# Oh, lift you up #
# Oh, lift you up #
# I'm gonna lift you up
When it's got you low #
# I know that the world can feel so cold #
# Yeah, I'm gonna lift you up #
# I'll be on your side #
# Everybody needs a friend sometimes #
# Yeah, I'm gonna lift you up #
# Everybody needs a friend sometimes #
[soft music playing]