Brut Force (2022) Movie Script

Thought you were giving
me the silent treatment.
It's been months.
You could've said goodbye
when you left but I get it.
Look, someone's messing with us,
harassing the pickers.
Harvest just started
and people are leaving
left and right.
Is your mom okay?
No, not really.
Well, why call me?
You're a journalist, you're-
- On hiatus.
I was gonna say nosy, but
you could help us, Sloane.
Famous last words.
Look, you can't
stay away forever.
Sloane, please.
I do have a small
opening in my schedule.
Hey George.
Hey Sloane.
Welcome back to Santa Lucia
where it always smells like
cow shit and sour grapes.
Hey Sloane.
Oh, hey weirdly
grown-up Marcos.
But Arthur
can't hire new workers
without giving them
a place to live.
He's building a spot
over on East Palm Court.
Has anyone talked to Arthur?
He won't fight back.
And the cops won't
come downtown for us.
Any idea who's behind it?
There's so many
people in this town
who wish we were invisible.
I've only got a few days.
Come on, Sloane.
Mom's always talking about
your journalism and stuff.
I'm supposed to start
school next month,
but I can't leave if
things are like this.
This is the blend that
put Gold Rush on the map.
Let me know if you want
to revisit anything
and please take your time.
Oh, Dulce, meet Sloane,
my one and only stepdaughter.
This is Dulce,
she's my right hand around here.
Hey, they're on number four
and try and be nice, would ya?
She writes for
"New World Wines".
How'd they like the pinot?
She liked it.
He thought it was peppery.
Wait till they try the 2016.
Nice to meet you Sloane.
Let me get this.
Didn't touch a thing.
Just like your mom used to-
- Thanks.
Didn't see much of
a crew out there.
Ah, we are a
little shorthanded.
Everybody seems to want to work
for Mariela Vicua this year.
What's her secret?
You worried?
As soon as our
new worker housing
gets up and running next
week, we should be golden.
Good to have you home, Sloane.
I won't stay for long.
Well, I'm honored to have you.
Oh hey, gotta be careful,
there's a lot of fuel
for a fire out here.
How long you worked for Arthur?
Worked on the
vines about two weeks
and then we started talking.
Been inside about a month.
He's a good man.
I'm sorry about your mom.
Arthur told me she passed
away in the spring.
I'm sure she was
a wonderful woman.
Well, you didn't know her.
You had any trouble since
you started working here?
Trouble can't touch me here.
Heard any rumors?
I don't get out much.
Indoor cat, huh?
Watch it, pal.
Hey, Sloane!
Gerry, nice bike.
Nice mustache.
Hey, you see a guy
all in black run past,
smelled like dead meat?
I haven't seen
or smelled anybody
out of the ordinary
tonight, Sloaney.
Hey, I get why you left
without saying goodbye, I do.
At the funeral, I just wanted
to tell you how sorry I am.
But you know, it's like
my girlfriend says,
you know, the past is the past,
the future is a mystery and the
present is, well, a present.
It's good to see ya, Ger.
I have said repeatedly
power lines within 8.75
yards of private homes
means that each one
of us are guinea pigs
for big telcom's
latest radiation tech.
Thank you for that, Alice.
See you next week,
I'm sure.
And now Ms. Patty Ernst,
county supervisor.
Oh please, you can
just call me Super Patty.
We can skip all the
fancy formalities, yeah.
This is about safety,
neighborhood safety,
the safety of our
precious community,
safety and security,
security for our children.
We know how important
farm workers are to
our little community,
but commercial housing and
residential neighborhoods
just do not mix.
Arthur Stendhal's new facility
would force over
a dozen strangers
into a quiet neighborhood.
For Joe Dunney's wife, Barb,
home alone while he's
traveling for John Deere
or for little Sue Ellen Mason
who loves playing
outside with her dolls.
I move to change
Zoning Law 647 tonight
for the safety and
security of our community.
All in favor, say aye.
All opposed.
The motion is defeated.
Can you believe this?
It's hard to beat a
Stendhal around here.
God, you're telling me.
You happy now?
No more farm workers making
your neighborhood unsafe.
Oh Jesus.
'06 Zin, best of the harvest.
Prefer an IPA.
What are you gonna do
without that housing?
Oh, don't worry.
They think this'll keep us down.
It's just a hiccup.
Some hiccup.
Who do you think did it?
I think it could have been
any one of those fine citizens
at the meeting last night
or maybe it really
was an accident.
Uh huh.
You know, I've been
working this land
ever since I was old enough
to hold a pair of shears.
Grandpa always wanted me
to concentrate on school,
but I couldn't wait to race
home and work in the vines.
I know this story.
Yeah, did I ever tell ya
your mom wanted me
to give the place up?
"Take me to Tuscany," she'd say.
But I couldn't do it.
And so she became the
best damn co-owner
I could ever imagine.
Low bar.
You used to race home
to work in the vines too
and interview the pickers.
I still have your first article.
Missed the Pulitzer by...
This place.
It's in your blood.
And it'll stay that way.
Hey, have you seen Dulce?
She was supposed to come in
early and stock up for us.
Not a glimpse.
Do you mind keeping an
eye on things for an hour?
I've got to go down
to the cop shop
and give a statement.
You think they're
gonna do anything?
I think they're probably
relieved it burned.
I was hoping you could help me
once you've dried off.
We don't open till 10.
I'm not a customer.
He bite?
It depends.
If I'm in danger.
You're safe here as
long as you like Cabernet.
I wouldn't know a
Cabernet from a fruit punch.
Just the man for me.
I'm looking for Dulce,
Dulce Lopez Castillo.
My friend's sister. She
hasn't been home for weeks
and they're worried.
Seems to handle
herself just fine.
So you know her?
I wouldn't say know.
What would you say?
She works here.
I need to talk to her.
Well, she didn't
come in today.
She's a sweet kid.
She's kind of a magnet
for trouble though.
Would you know
anything about that?
Well, if she shows, could
you have her call me?
I'm at Bettie B's.
Riverside Ave.
That's the one.
What's wrong, bedbugs?
Not since the '90's.
Room 305.
Tico, Tico Reyes.
Sloane Sawyer.
Just in case.
How'd it go?
Just small town cops trying
to do the least work possible.
Hey, Gerry said he saw
you the other night,
almost knocked him on his ass.
Sounds about right.
First the fire, now Dulce.
It's not turning into
a great day, is it?
This kind of
thing happen often?
No, she's reliable.
I used to let your mom have
the tough talks with employees.
Can we leave her out of this?
Sloane, we can talk about her.
We should talk about her.
You must have questions.
I don't want details
if that's what you mean.
Well, I barely saw
you at the funeral.
Well, I had to
get back to work.
Look, I know it
can't have been easy
for you to be away
when she died.
You can talk to me.
No, Jesus!
I just miss her, Sloane.
So you haven't
heard from Dulce?
Do you know where she stays?
No, actually I don't.
Cell number?
Yeah, it's right
there on the register.
At the tone, please record-
- Voicemail.
Catch you later.
No room for the
competition, huh?
I just know what's best
for this town is all.
And what's that?
Safety and
You've been to
one of my rallies?
Oh right.
Well, I'm county
supervisor, Patty Ernst.
You registered to vote Sloane?
You heard about that fire
down on East Palm Court?
Yeah, it's a pity,
but it's a good thing
they contained it
before it jumped over
to anybody's home.
Sloane what?
Nora's girl.
Yeah, I guess you
do look like her.
She knew my brother pretty well,
you know, before he
cleaned up, of course.
He's working on my campaign now.
Thinks I have a pretty
good shot at Congress.
Well, they can have you.
What are you playing at, girl?
I'm on my way out.
Excuse me.
Hey, private property.
This okay?
Can't stop you.
I didn't recognize you
with all that artwork.
Yeah, it's pretty cool, right?
You know that guy's name?
You see the fire last night?
I was tucked in tight
all night, officer.
There's seven people
who'd swear to it.
Chill dude, just asking.
Good riddance.
This is a residential
Yeah and what'd you think
the workers were gonna do,
reside here, right?
Be gone, college girl.
Oh, looking for somebody?
Where is everyone?
Big wildfire down
past the canyon.
They're saying it
might jump the freeway.
So our boys headed
out this morning,
left me here to
take care of things.
Is anyone investigating
the East Palm Court fire?
A doozy, huh?
Lucky it didn't set that
whole neighborhood on fire.
People are so reckless.
You think someone started it?
Do I look like I
work for the ATF?
But I know an accelerated
fire when I see one.
They find anything
on the scene?
Haven't had a chance.
God knows how long they'll
be on that wildfire.
Worst I've seen in 40 years.
Hey, you guys okay?
Well we're not on fire, yet.
Well, it's true.
I saw the fantasma,
but he got away.
Sloane Sawyer.
Bettie B's Motel?
Hi, could you put me through
to Ms. Dulce Lopez
Castillo's room?
Oh, the phone's down in there.
I'd try knocking.
Gosh, I just can't
remember which room it was.
I know I have it here somewhere.
Might want to try writing
it in a safer place next time.
Thanks for the tip.
It's Sloane, Sloane Sawyer.
Hello, Sloane Sawyer.
It's really nice
to hear from you.
Right, Dulce, she's actually
staying at your hotel.
I'd check it out, but I'm busy.
I'll see what I can find out.
Meet me at the
Bar-with-No-Name, eight p.m.?
Should I wear my cowboy boots?
Just got a busted
sign, that's all.
I think it's called Marvin's.
Yeah, it's a date.
Oh, hey Sloane.
Hey listen, I'm real sorry
about earlier, you know?
I hate to fight with you.
Always have.
I come in peace.
I wanted to see if
you heard from Dulce.
I did.
She called, she's laid
out with pneumonia.
I told her to take all
the time she needed.
Hey, are you free for dinner?
I'm cooking.
Can't make it.
All right.
You again, what's
your problem?
Mistaken identity.
Are you following me?
It's a small town.
Well, you cruised
down the right street.
Seems to be kind of an epidemic
around here, flat tires.
There's lots of sharp rocks.
Yeah, that must be it.
So I bought Bettie a drink,
diet orange soda to be
exact, loosened right up.
Dulce left suddenly
a few nights back,
emptied her room, paid her tab.
She's gone.
What can you tell
me about Dulce?
She had great penmanship.
No, no, it's true.
I saw her jotting
something down one day
and it was, it was beautiful.
She said she liked letters,
like little worlds.
So what'd, she want
to be a calligrapher?
She'd be good at it.
You're a pretty good
friend, aren't you?
What do you mean?
Well, you said she was
a friend's sister, right?
It's a lot of trouble to
go to all by yourself.
He's working, I
had some free time.
You getting in?
How are you doing Sawyer?
Hey Jen, long time-
- Yeah, yeah.
Nice to see your ugly mug, kid.
Last time I saw her,
let's just say someone
ended up in the hospital.
So what can I get you and
this handsome fella here?
Bourbon, rocks.
Ah, so you put
somebody in the hospital?
One of her regulars was drunk,
not that drunk, and
got a little fresh
so I may have broken his arm.
You like to dance?
It makes me feel less
like I'm going to explode.
One more drink?
No, no I better
not, I'm driving.
Where to?
Man's best friend.
You're looking at
little flushed there, princess.
So I want to know what
makes a girl leave town
without saying goodbye.
Were you nervous I wasn't
gonna be here when you got back?
Thought I was getting
too deep on the first date
eh, Sawyer?
I hate the circumstances
but I can't help
enjoying the company.
Where did you find this?
It's Dulce's.
There was a fire
the other night,
my stepdad's new worker housing.
Let's go.
What did the fire
department find?
The whole place
went to fight that wildfire
south of the canyon.
And why didn't you tell
me about this earlier?
I didn't know if
I could trust you.
I'll let you know what
we find out, Ms. Sawyer.
You don't need
to miss me, Gerry.
We've had bath time together,
I've seen you naked.
I'm a police officer
now, Sloane, Ms. Sawyer.
I need to be proper,
professional and all.
Sorry, I'm just
a little shaken
on account of that barbecued
human jaw I just unearthed.
You think it's her?
The damage is too
extensive to tell.
I'm sure fire will
send a team in,
maybe they can figure
it out from the teeth.
What's the hold up, McDonnell?
Quit flirting with the witness.
You should take
his job someday.
Thanks, Sloaney.
You know that guy.
Yeah, he's just a
friend of the family.
Doesn't seem to care much
about burned body parts.
Oh, I almost forgot,
a little bit of orange
soda goes a long way.
It's Dulce's, you want to see
if she left anything behind?
Why don't you check
it out and report back?
It's not far.
What, are you trying to
get me back to your place?
I can't go in there.
Place must be haunted, right?
Bettie B got to talking,
said that some people
have died there.
Did she?
Yeah, a woman.
My mom.
She'd been clean for years,
but then one thing
led to another
and then she overdosed there.
Oh my God, your mom.
She was here
and I was a million miles away.
Car trouble?
That's why they've
got Gus's Banana Towing.
Best in town.
You know, I was surprised to see
you with the
competition last night.
That slick fellow you
were with, Alejandro Vicua.
Yeah, aren't they Gold
Rush's biggest rivals?
He said his name was Reyes.
Alejandro Reyes Vicua.
I looked at his license.
Why don't I know him?
He went to some fancy
East Coast boarding school,
but he's back now.
Whole place will be his one day
if Mariela ever.
Thanks Ger, I owe you one.
Bettie B's Motel?
Can you put me
through to room 305?
Checked out.
I'm gonna miss that fella.
He was cute.
Get that for me, will ya?
She's dead.
, I don't believe you.
That's not gonna
change the facts, mother.
They found her
bracelet at the fire.
What took you so long?
I was gathering information.
Dancing at a bar.
That's just what I heard.
You have little
birdies everywhere, don't you?
You make me sound like
I'm some sort of spy.
Is it that Sawyer girl?
I heard she's back in town.
She's nothing.
What kind of nothing?
The nothing kind, mother.
She's just a sad girl
in over her head.
Alejandro, don't
just stand there.
Thanks, Alejandro.
If Arthur wanted to see
me he could've just called.
I'm sure he has my number
from the many times I
tried to buy that vineyard.
Arthur doesn't know I'm here.
Alejandro, dale.
Mezcal, it's my special recipe.
I've been importing
it from Mexico
long before it was so trendy.
Alejandro was just telling
me about Arthur's fire,
very unfortunate.
He didn't say
whose fire it was.
Little eavesdropper,
aren't you?
Is it true that our
Dulce was there?
That she, that she
died in the fire?
They, they have to examine
everything before they're sure.
They only found parts.
She's been with us for years.
You know, like a daughter to me.
She's not your daughter.
Alejandro please,
just give us a minute.
Okay, please.
Let me take a look.
You're a tough cookie.
It may not be her.
I thought they found her
silver bracelet in the ashes.
You know, that was a gift from
us, that is Bradley and me.
Your husband?
Yeah, he was a real
connoisseur of jewelry, wine,
other things.
Here, look,
all found on the property.
My great, great grandmother
probably skinned a mountain
lion with one of these.
Let me show you around.
- Oh...
- Oh, I insist.
This dirt is in my bones.
gives our wines their
special minerality.
This is my favorite
place in the world.
Nothing could ever take
me away from this land.
I hope nothing tries.
Will you help
me find our Dulce?
I'm afraid for her.
Fine, okay.
Well Sloane, it's
been a pleasure.
Harvest time.
Grapes everywhere
for the picking,
hands stained red.
Too much work to be done.
Hey Sloane, listen please.
And why should I do that?
Because I can explain.
Pretty line.
I mean it.
You don't mean anything,
not even your name.
Tico is a nickname.
It's what you call
somebody from Costa Rica.
Well, I heard it's
lovely this time of year.
It's where my dad is
from, okay my birth dad,
until he skipped out years ago.
Let me know where to
send my condolences.
Bradley was a real
father to me my whole life
until Mariela kicked him out.
She talks about
him like he's dead.
You don't know what you're
getting yourself into here.
Yeah, well funny
how that happens
when you hang
around with a liar.
Okay, I deserve that.
Yeah and a lot more,
but maybe I'm too sad
and too in over my head
to know better.
I didn't, I didn't mean-
- Sure, none of us meant.
Vicua blood runs
deep here, Sloane,
as deep as it can get.
Mariela chews people out
and she spits them out,
but they don't come
out looking the same,
they look more like Picassos.
Hey, next time I need
an art history lesson,
I'll call you.
Hey, I lied, okay,
but not about everything.
Run home, Alejandro.
Seems like you're
the person to ask
about history around here.
I just like to figure out
how the puzzle fits
together, you know?
And what kind of puzzle
are you piecing together?
What can you tell
me about the Vicuas?
You're working with
your step-daddy, right?
That's right.
Here land is everything.
The Vicua family
had two branches,
Chumash Indian and pure Mexican.
So they think of the
land as doubly theirs.
And then, well, you
know what happened.
European immigrants
like the Stendhals come in
and grab whatever they can,
original owners be damned.
But the land remembers.
Remembers what?
Mariela's family history.
Arthur's people?
Newcomers. Trespassers.
Excuse me, dear.
Get the hell off me.
Don't you know this
is private property?
Who's gonna pay for
all my tires, huh?
You always were
asking to get hurt,
weren't you, Timmy?
You're a bitch.
Moving to LA just
made you worse.
Now I'm a professional bitch.
Doesn't look like it to me.
You came crawling back home...
You're no better than
the rest of us slugs.
Do you think it's funny
to terrorize farmworkers?
Got a thing for dead skunks?
Smell better than you.
Tough guy, huh?
Remember that I
once broke your arm?
I can do it again.
Out with it, what's
with the skunks?
Well, it was pretty funny.
Good money too.
I'm supposed to go out tonight.
Who's the lucky lady?
Okay, okay.
Look, that pretty Mexican girl
paid me 100 bucks every time
I messed with the wetbacks.
Are you surprised it was her?
See, girls can do
anything these days.
Did she say why?
She didn't say nothing.
Keep my mouth shut
and get creative.
You're an artist.
Did you set that fire too?
Shit, no!
Are you kidding me?
I'm from here.
Look I'd never do
something so stupid
as starting a fire
in dry season.
My mom lives next door.
Fine, I should call the cops.
Good luck getting
them down here for me.
Don't ever mess with the
workers or my car ever again.
I still know everyone
in this town, got it?
Oh, hi Marcos.
Hey, listen, I found
out who was doing
all that stuff at the motel,
a little chickenshit
named Timothy Fitnall.
Yeah, from the neighborhood.
Anyway, you guys can
rest easy tonight.
No, don't thank me,
just get some sleep.
Oh Marcos, I'm sorry.
That son of a bitch.
He needs to be
locked up for this.
Yeah, well I called the
chief on my way over here
and he says his nephew,
Timothy, must've been provoked.
They're not gonna
do a damn thing.
It's a sin.
The workers are not safe.
And whose fault is that?
Brought you some
coffee with your sugar.
Oh thanks.
Where'd you get that?
The fire.
Have you really heard
from her, Arthur,
or are you lying again?
You know Dulce worked
for the Vicuas?
Mariela wants me to find her.
Well I see you've
finally met Mariela, huh?
Yes, I had that
distinct pleasure.
She thinks it's
all hers, you know?
Do you know where Dulce is?
Getting to be a
real pain, Alejandro.
Please, nobody calls me
that except for my mother.
Well, she's a peach.
Is that her?
Have you heard
anything about Dulce?
What, your little stooge?
Not yet.
What do you mean, my stooge?
Oh, you know how she
was paying angry locals
to harass Arthur's pickers.
Last night, one of them
beat my friend so bad
he ended up in the hospital.
Must've gotten a nice, pretty
bonus for that kind of blood.
That can't be true.
I don't know
anything about that.
You don't know much, do you?
It's my mother, she-
- Believes this land is hers,
ancient feud, yada, yada.
I wouldn't exactly call
wholesale theft of native land
a feud.
Yeah, you're right.
But does that justify her
paying for felony assault
on farmworkers?
That's a cute trick sending
a sweet girl like Dulce.
No one's gonna
suspect her, right?
She just does whatever
Mariela tells her.
Well there must be
something in the water
over there at your
place, Vicua.
I don't do
everything she says.
All right, you're a big
boy, a free thinker.
So why do you lie for her?
Some lies are necessary.
Is that what she tells you?
And you believe her?
I thought I did.
Where's Dulce?
I don't know.
Well if you find anything
out, hear anything,
could you please call me?
Back again?
Is everyone still gone?
Fire's still raging.
And what about
East Palm Court?
They found a body?
You bet, big fella.
You mean it was a man?
Sure was, bad teeth.
Hey, you seen George lately?
Not for a few days.
How long exactly?
Monday, no Sunday.
You know where he sleeps?
Abandoned buildings mostly,
said he found a
new place recently,
it was under construction.
What are you trying
to do here, Sloane?
Look, you are number one on the
chief's shit list right now,
I'm not supposed to help you,
I'm not even supposed
to talk to you.
I wish you'd seen
Marcos last night.
He's lucky he lived
to tell the tale.
Keep your voice down.
Why, what's going on in there?
Why was your chief so
chummy with Alejandro?
Mariela owns the police.
What are you doing here?
Remember that little arson
you all forgot to solve?
I think the body was George.
No. Shit.
Yeah cow shit and sour grapes.
You need to arrest
Timothy Fitnall.
You've got to get
outta here, Sloane.
I don't think you
can win this one.
Well, neither can she.
Juana, are you packing?
Here's your food.
What's wrong?
You must
think I'm pretty stupid.
What are you talking about?
Well, I'm done protecting you.
What do you mean?
I mean I called your patrona.
No Arthur, please.
Please, help me get
away from here, please.
We had a plan.
You and?
It was her idea to
harass the workers.
How could you do that?
It's easier to scare them
than to pay them more money.
That reminds me,
you owe me a couple
of spare tires.
I did it for my daughter.
Your daughter?
Well, where's she?
I don't know.
Mariela, she took her away.
And why is that?
It was her husband's
baby... with me.
So she said the baby
should have been hers.
But she is flesh of my
flesh, she is everything.
Okay so...
So Mariela kicked
her husband out
and she took your kid?
Told me I had to help
her get Arthur's land.
And when I told her I
was sick of it, she said
if I burned down
Arthur's building,
I could have my baby back.
And instead she sent her
sicario with a gun to kill me.
So I escaped back to Arthur.
I told him I was being
stalked by a boyfriend
so he helped me hide out here.
He told me about your mom, how
beautiful and smart she was.
Yeah well, here we are.
Forgive her.
Forgive yourself.
And why should I take
advice from an arsonist?
I never hurt anyone.
I just wanted my baby back.
Except George.
In the fire.
It was empty.
Oh my God.
Hey, stop it!
How is this better
for your child?
You can't just decide
not to be a mother!
You don't know what
Mariela is capable of.
Well, you better hurry.
Come on, go get your stuff.
reached Arthur Stendhal.
Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
Oh Jesus.
Somebody took Dulce.
He's a big guy,
I've seen him somewhere before.
It must've been
Cuco, by mom's muscle.
Sleeps on the job.
Sloane, I can't believe
that she did this to you.
Well believe it.
Dulce's back at our place.
She's contrite as all hell.
Mariela won't say a word to her.
Shit, if I had known that
she was hiding out here-
- What would you have done?
Where you trying to help her
get her or back for Mariela?
I thought Dulce
was a homewrecker,
sleeping with my stepdad and
breaking up my happy family.
Dulce's a child.
She was eaten alive by
this happy family of yours
and now Mariela's
holding her baby hostage.
Sloane, I made a mistake.
I'm not like her.
I know.
I need to fix this.
We have to find that baby.
Oh I wonder
who's buying the wine
For lips that I
used to call mine
And I wonder if she
ever tells him of me
1978, the year I took
over my grandaddy's farm,
also my first vintage. And
this is the last bottle.
I was saving it for the day
I retired but what the hell?
Grapes rotting on the
vines, houses on fire.
What is it, Sloane?
Gonna give me another one
of your trademark
withering looks?
We need your help.
You and?
I'm Alejandro Vicua,
but most everyone calls me Tico.
Get off my land, Alejandro.
Arthur, he's with us.
Can we talk about Dulce?
Mariela took her kid
and now she's holding it
like some sick ransom.
We need to help her.
I'm tired, Sloane.
It's her child.
Yeah, why don't you get
the police to do something?
They're dirty, you know that.
I'm tired.
It's just grape juice, Arthur.
No, you're wrong there.
It's earth and sand and water.
It's poetry in a bottle.
It's grape juice.
Is it worth separating
another mother from her child,
getting innocent people
beaten up and worse?
Is it worth holding
my mom hostage?
That's not fair.
You could have
taken her to Tuscany.
You could have
taken her anywhere.
She gave me a life.
She gave me you.
This land's all I've ever known.
But maybe it's not a
blessing, maybe it's a curse.
Why don't you get
out, Sloane, huh?
Get out while you can.
I'm here now.
All right.
You go in first
and don't let on-
- Never seen you
before in my life.
Find Dulce.
I will.
What's your plan?
We're adults, it's
time to act like it.
Nicely done.
Very clever.
Stole my harvest right
out from under me.
You are
hurting innocent people.
Am I?
Where's the child?
What child?
Don't play games
with me, Dulce's child.
Arthur, there
never was a child.
It was a still birth.
Poor girl went half
crazy with grief.
Just let the child go, please.
And you can have it all.
Tell me,
tell me what we've longed
to hear for 100 years.
You can have the
whole rotting valley.
Arthur, there
never was a child,
just a very, very sick girl.
She's so manipulative.
Weak old men are her specialty.
Now what were you saying
about that precious vineyard?
What is that?
Cries all night.
What? Who?
Must miss her mother.
Can't sleep.
Where is she?
So much crying.
Someone should
really shut her up.
Look Dulce, I found her.
What's wrong with her?
Mariela gave me
something for the pain.
We got to get out of here.
She told me my baby was dead.
She's right here.
Give me back my child.
We are a family.
This is your fight.
No, they're my fight,
not you or this land.
What have I always taught you?
Mariela, please.
You and your family have sunk
your teeth into stolen land
for too many generations.
You taught me to fight dirty
and I will fight until
I can no longer breathe.
Let's go.
Get them.
I'm right behind you.
Where's Arthur?
I need to find him.
I think he's hurt.