Brutal (2018) Movie Script

Do you understand what I'm doing?
Be quiet...
Please... help me...
Keep still.
Please... don't... please...
Fuck me if that's what you want.
I'll do whatever you want.
I won't say anything about this to anyone.
Do you...
...understand what I'm doing?
I understand that you are strong.
I like a guy like you.
Do you want me?
Yes, I want you to fuck me.
You're a strong guy...
I want it now.
Please come...
...inside me.
I won't come inside you.
What a filthy mouth.
Shut your mouth up.
Fucking bitch.
How can he do such thing anyway?
I can kinda understand him.
Really? I can't believe that.
Isn't he so creepy?
You think so?
You don't understand a man's heart.
No, I don't.
No. Tell me about it.
Men are not that strong.
I know that you think men are strong...
...and something that you can lean on.
That's what girls think.
Yes, exactly.
And that's what we want.
But, the truth is...
...totally opposite.
Men are weak.
Even pro wrestlers.
Pro wrestlers?
Boxers, and all those
martial arts fighters...
All of them as well.
What do you mean?
They turn into a kitty-cat
when they're with their girls.
I'm pretty sure.
A kitty-cat...'?
Men are weak, but you all are
expecting us to be strong.
So we keep trying to pretend to be.
Are you saying that I'm making you tired?
Good evening.
Would you like some hot Oden?
Hey... look at me.
Come on, turn around to me.
What are you watching?
Please don't ignore me.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you watching this?
One of the bitches I killed today...
...asked me to fuck her.
What a nasty bitch.
But she was saved by you.
So she is fine now.
Well... where is she now?
I dumped her.
...too bad.
Do I really want to fuck'?
Don't even say that.
You know the answer.
Do you forget what you taught us?
What's that?
You taught us how to find
what real love is.
You are the one who guided us.
So we will keep our eyes on only you.
We will love only you.
You all will love only me.
That's right.
Only you.
Only me...
You must let many more bitches know...
...that you're...
I'm what?
Come on.
That I'm what?
Hey! Say it!
Answer me!
What am I?
What must I let them know?
Tell me!
What am I?
Do you understand what I'm doing?
Shut up, American bitch.
Don't touch me, fucking freak!
Nobody understands.
I'll fucking kill you!
Do you feel my power?
Do you feel my pain?
Do you feel my anger?
Do you feel me, you fucking bitch?!
It's OK...
...isn't it?
Hey hey hey...
Aloha, hello there.
Well well...
Just found a cutie at last.
It's so cool to know each other.
I like this fresh feelings.
Allow me to sit here and please listen.
Now I'm getting high now.
You're just my perfect woman.
You're gorgeous even when you look unhappy.
Let's do some love experiments together.
It's a wonderful weekend with you.
You're beautiful, really.
I'm so happy to meet a woman like you.
I wish I could be that scarf.
Wouldn't that be funny?
I have a motorcycle.
It's cold, so I wore two leather jackets...
...and then my neck
couldn't turn like this.
It was kind of thrilling.
Well, that's my presentation for now...
Whoa whoa whoa...
Men and women are totally
different living things.
Don't you think they never
understand each other?
So you think it's same for us?
No, no, no. We're alright.
Because I understand you.
Everything about you.
What, really?
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
I doubt that.
Yes I do.
- You do?
- Yes.
Well... for instance...
I know what's on your mind now.
So what am I thinking now?
"It's a little boring conversation."
You see?
Told ya.
So then let's talk about something funny.
Yeah, I can do that.
Am I the only one...
...who just wants to say
"Bae Yong Joon" sometimes?
I'm not.
"Bae Yong Joon".
I see.
The ocean is beautiful...
...because it's blue?
That drink.
It looks like a beautiful ocean.
Oh, this?
What if the ocean wasn't blue... for example...
How would we feel?
Would we feel relaxed as the blue ocean?
If not, it means we don't feel
relaxed by the ocean itself...
...but its color, I guess.
...the ocean was red...
...we would be wondering.
About what?
"If the ocean was blue..."
" would we feel?"
Actually, I was just wondering
what cocktail you're drinking.
This one?
Wanna try?
No no, you don't have to do that.
If you say so.
Shit, I just did it.
Did what?
I, Ryuhei, just made the first
sin ever in my life...
...drunk driving.
...not the first time.
Thinking about myself,
I've already been evil.
I've betrayed many people...
...made them sad...
...and made them cry.
I've been selfish and...
...lived my life the way I wanted to.
I think...
...everybody's like that.
You think so?
You're like that, too?
After being so selfish...
...everything comes back to me.
That's the life.
Every time, I thought I could
do better than last time...
...but, I lost the energy little by little.
It's strange.
What is?
My words are coming out...
...very naturally.
Aren't you trying to make me the next... cry for you?
I don't know for now.
But I just can't imagine your face crying.
There you go.
I might not succeed this time.
...that's why I feel good.
Let's go somewhere.
To where?
...I can completely disappear.
I'm sorry.
I just said something strange, too.
That's OK.
I can understand that.
It's the ocean.
It's a great view in the daytime.
But not for now.
It's dark.
The ocean...
It's black.
Are you OK?
I feel... a little strange.
So do I.
Do you?
When I look at you, I feel like
I'm looking at myself.
And I can't be calm.
I don't know what to do.
Take your time.
I want you to accept me.
I think...
...I can do the same for you.
...actually I'm...
Keep going.
Let it all out.
I'll accept it all.
You don't want to have any regrets.
It's all over now.
You've been killing...
...many men so brutally.
There are people who
can't do their business.
You know what that means?
This color...
Beautiful, isn't it?
This pure red... my color.
Yours, too. Right?
I'll set you free.
I'll accept all of you.
So cute...
Everybody's the same.
Painful, isn't it?
It's painful to get fucked.
It's OK...
It's OK...
Isn't it?
What'? Isn't that great?
That's what I was about to say.
Really? That's awesome.
We must be connected in our souls.
Isn't it creepy a bit?
Don't say like that.
I believe it's a destiny.
You do?
Aren't we just two of a kind?
No, we're meant to be together.
What makes you so sure?
Tell me.
The answer is here.
We just met here. It's our destiny.
Oh, it's that easy?
Believe me, I'm serious.
You know that, right?
"No, you're not."
That's not what she's saying.
"You're so shallow."
"And you're playboy."
"Yes, you are."
Play... boy...
Do you play with yourself?
Fucking bitch...
Do you...
...understand what I'm doing?
I'm just...
I can't...
...inside you...
I know.
...wanting to.
It's OK.
Now you are...
...inside me.
I can feel you there.
It's OK...
You will be...
It's OK...
Isn't it?