Brutal Bigfoot (2018) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
[sinister music]
[heavy panting]
[dramatic music]
[radio scanning]
[Radio Announcer]
WFAQ news time.
It's 8:58.
We've got a hot one
in store for us today
with a high of 102, so
stay cool out there.
Some of the headlines we're
watching this morning,
a local hiker has gone
missing in the Strickler area.
Female, age 23 with
brown hair was last seen
on the hiking
trail in Strickler.
Authorities are asking for
the public's assistance
to be on the lookout
for this young lady
and a $15,000 reward
has been issued
for her safe return
or tips leading
to her whereabouts.
If you see her, please dial 911.
Time now is nine a.m.
That wraps it up for me folks.
I am out of here.
We'll see you tomorrow morning.
Have a great day.
[country music]
Funny looking tracks
cross the Furlow land.
Hey guys, thanks for comin'
This is probably one of
the most unique situations
and cases that I've
ever encountered
in my last 50 years
searching for bigfoot.
The reason why I assembled
yous all here today,
because of the importance
of what's going on
in this are.
I got one of our topo maps here
and I wanna pin
point the situation.
There was a hiker
that went hiking
out in this area and
she went missing, okay.
It's not so much of
the hiker missing,
but it's the area
where it happened.
- Okay.
- There's
a radioactive
experimental organization
going on out there
and they're finding
these gigantic 70,
80 pound raccoons
and 10 pound frogs and
mutant type animals
due to the fact
there's been some kind
of runoff of their
radioactivity from this plant.
This nuclear plant, okay.
Well, this is gonna be a
double fold situation for us.
- Okay.
- One being
we're gonna try to help
the search and rescue team
that's out there
looking for this hiker.
A, there's rumors of
bigfoot, mutant bigfoots
in this area and that, my ears
went to ringin' when I
heard that, of course
and that's why I
got you guys here.
I got one of our
latest and greatest
new stuff, scientific equipment.
This thing here,
Billy, assembled
it for us for radioactivity.
- Geiger counter.
- You bet.
I want you guys to make sure,
'cuz you're gonna
have to be protected.
I don't want you
guys comin' back
as mutants, okay.
So, this'll be some
of the new stuff
that we're gonna take out there.
And oh, by the way, Joe,
you make sure, okay.
Because rumors having
it, all the batteries,
- everything else...
- Mmh hmm.
The brand new ones
going out there,
the flashlights and
everything else, rescue team...
- Right.
- calls back
and says it's
going down to dead.
It's draining the cells.
Now we don't know
if it's because
of the damn nuclear
plant or what.
But we know that they're
closin' this place out.
It's not gonna be here no more.
That's how dangerous it's been.
And if this stuff
leaked out, yeah.
Here's the actual
area, right here.
SEFOR, that one right there?
Right there, okay.
And where we're gonna
be goin' out there,
I feel sorry for this poor girl.
I don't know if, you know,
the elements of the land.
Whether or not a
bigfoot, you know,
could have kidnapped
her or maybe she fell
and she broke her leg
and there's somethin'
and she's taking refuge
'til a rescue team gets her.
But whatever, this is
a double and tri reason
why we need to be out in this
area, check it out, okay.
And nobody's gonna do
it better than you guys.
You guys are gonna have
to be very careful.
If this stuff has leaked
out into the springs, okay,
into the rivers and
the creeks and things
of this nature,
no telling what the hell
you're gonna encounter.
Have to carry your own water.
Make sure you got
the right gear.
Yeah, make sure
that you're hydrated.
Make sure that you're armed
for self protection here
because we don't know
what we're gonna run into.
I'm gonna tell you this
one story real quick
and I'll let you go.
Apparently, there
was a guy that had
an encounter with one
of these creatures
and there was a guy
out in this area
that worked at the SEFOR
plant that apparently
had worked in the clean
up crew on a daily basis
for the stuff that
they had captured
and they were testing
this stuff on.
- Okay.
- Okay.
And they call 'em
Moonshine Billy,
because he got to interact
with these creatures
and animals that
was there that they
were experimenting on.
Well, he retired
and nobody has seen him anymore
and they said that he's gone,
like being a hermit
out in the brush.
So, you guys be very careful.
Let's see, let the world know
that we're out there not
only lookin' for bigfoot
but trying to help
the communities, okay.
- Okay.
- Chief,
I got an image of the old
facility what it looks like.
You do?
Alright, let's take
a look at that right.
- Okay.
- Oh my God.
So, that's an actual
reactor plant.
Didn't the guy say this thing
went down 13
stories underground?
- Yup, 13 stories.
- yeah.
Alright, we
gotta contact the...
That's a lot of
hidden research.
Yeah, we don't know
what's down there.
Alright, let's get
out there and do
what we need to do.
[Joe] Let's get the gear.
Okay, guys, Frank.
We need all the
proper gear for this.
It's gonna be outside
in the elements
up in the mountainous areas.
Big guns, okay.
We need the big guns just
for these big animals
if they do exist.
- Got it.
- Okay.
Got one ready right over here.
Okay and we'll get
this taken care of.
Then I'll get the
truck backed up
and we'll move out.
I don't know about
this, brother.
This is nuclear power
plant, radiation.
Mutated animals and beasts.
I think these guys are
just losin' their minds
and just seein' stuff, buddy.
It won't be the
craziest thing we've
ever heard before.
You know we run into
all the crazies.
But you know, I guess we
gotta figure it out, brother.
You got that heavy
beast all taken care of?
- Yup.
- Let's load him in the back
and let's get out there.
[engine idling]
I don't think we're
gonna need that big case.
Just pull the big
gear out of it.
Joe, come on buddy.
[engine revs]
[sinister music]
[crunching footsteps]
[birds chirping]
Did you hear that, Frank?
- Uh huh.
- Yeah.
- Coming from over here.
- Okay.
Let's check it out.
Check it out, guys.
These, Frank.
What is that, a femur?
No, this was a hip bone.
A hip bone.
- Vertebra.
- Oh, there's
some more over there.
Look it here.
- Take this back with us.
- Okay.
[snapping twigs]
[Frank] Oh, stop moving.
[Joe] Yeah, it's
fuckin' big snake.
[Frank] Well, they can't hear.
[Joe] Get it a
picture and send it me.
I gotta send that to the wife.
[Frank] And this is
what you go through.
[locusts chirping]
Watch for that tree
rung right there, bud.
Yeah, watch for snakes.
[gun blasts]
[Eric] Hey, what
are you doing here?
[T.J.] Whoa, yeah yeah.
[Joe] What the fuck.
Can you believe that?
[T.J.] We weren't able
to turn around but we're
out here looking
hobo named Moonshine.
Ever heard of him?
Man, you gotta be way
away from Moonshine.
You gotta go north.
You gotta go all the way across
this guy's property
that's crazy.
That's three miles this way
you gotta go back around.
I'm T.J.
T.J., I'm Eric.
Hey, Eric, nice to meet ya'.
Nice to meet ya'.
This is the team.
We're out here
lookin' for the hobo
because we heard about the
Sasquatch, the bigfoot.
You heard anything about that?
Naw, you just gotta watch, you
gotta watch your
surroundings out here.
There's a lot of crazy stuff.
Okay, you know,
can you give us
any advice for hobo?
[Joe] This guy, Moonshine,
I guess, they call him.
I just know he's crazy.
Never seen him.
Just know where he's at.
He's to the north.
I stay away from him.
How will we know we're close?
[Eric] Look for
the trash trails.
- Okay.
- He's got debris going
all the way to his,
all the way to his camp.
Any little thing I should
look about his camp?
Is there a river,
follow that, what?
He's to the north
on the north side
of that camp.
[Joe] What was this
about the rancher?
The rancher's crazy.
Yeah, he shoots first
and asks questions later.
[Frank] Oh boy.
So we should skirt
around his land, then.
[Eric] Three miles that way.
[Joe] Three miles?
[T.J.] Yeah, we'll do it.
We gotta do it.
- Alright.
- Sorry to scare you guys.
No, no problem.
I appreciate it, guys.
- Ya'll be careful.
- Thanks, buddy.
- You, too.
- Appreciate it.
[crunching steps]
[locusts buzzing]
Get up there and
look for snakes, Frank.
[Frank] It's
gonna be dark soon.
Let's get back to town.
Remember, we gotta go
see Rocky this evening.
[sinister music]
Can I try it?
Oh come on.
[soft moaning]
No, no!
[ominous music]
What do we got here?
It's been awhile.
It's been awhile.
We'll see what we got over here.
Got something.
Look at what he done here.
[crickets chirping]
Hey, how you doing?
Hey, guys, what's up.
It's T.J., we're
here to see Rocky.
- Names Rick.
- Hey Rick.
How are ya'?
Rocky's back here.
Rick, Rob.
- And Joe.
- Joe.
Awesome, come on in.
Yeah, appreciate it.
[door creaks]
And there he is boys.
- Awesome, thank you.
- Thank you, appreciate it.
You guys have a good time.
T.J., how are ya'?
- Good.
- Thanks for meetin'
with us so late.
We're runnin' a little bit late
but we're here, man.
Nice to meet ya'.
And Joe, the camera guy.
Hey camera guy.
[Joe] How are ya'?
Ya'll have a seat.
[T.J.] So, why don't
you go and tell us
a little bit about the SEFOR,
that plant down there.
That southwestern
experimental, what was it.
- Fast oxide.
- Fast oxide reactor and
the mutations, the large animals
that are being killed.
By locals around there.
Actually, they weren't
bein' killed by hunters.
They were being
seen and we decided
- to change that.
- Okay.
The creature itself,
we had an experience with it in,
I think it was February.
Not too cool for February,
but me and my dad and my brother
was out in the woods
in the Strickler area.
I don't know if you
know anything about this,
but we heard a rumor
down at the gas station
that there was a guy
that actually worked
up there and took
care of animals,
which makes no sense.
You know anything about that?
I mean, it's a
nuclear power plant.
Why is a guy...
A guy named Moonshine?
That's exactly what they said.
The name was Moonshine.
Moonshine hung
around up there and we,
we'd always been lead to believe
that the worked there.
- Uh huh.
- A lot of people
didn't think that was right
because he was, he was a drunk
and he was mentally
- unbalanced.
- Right.
As far as anybody knew, he
was a harmless kind of guy
but said that he had lots
of dealin's with the
animals around the area.
But then one day, he's gone.
When you say large animals,
we've heard rumors that there
were animals native to the area
that were beyond normal size.
- Beyond normal size.
- Okay.
A good way to put it.
They were you, you know,
in some cases, twice
the size as normal.
For example, what'd you see?
My dad shot a sow
coon that weighed
in excess of 75, 70 pounds.
That's ridiculous.
That's the size
of a german shepard.
But we were guests
of the government
for a number of days.
[T.J.] What happened?
The 70 pound sow
coon in question.
I noticed, Rocky,
you keep lookin'
over your should at the door.
Is there a reason why
you're doin' that?
You know, it was
a bad experience.
We had snuck onto SEFOR property
and my dad...
[T.J.] You keep
lookin' at that door
like you're worried
about somethin'.
- It...
- Go head.
kinda makes the hair
on my neck stand up.
my dad shot the 70,
approximately 70 pound sow coon
and we were carrying it out.
We got almost to our truck,
then we heard a van
and we heard something
comin' down the road.
- It had lights on.
- Mmh hmm.
When I say comin'
down the road,
it was just a little dirt lane
off the main road.
And anyhow, I told
dad, you know,
let's throw this
thing off over here
in the ditch in case
that's the game warden.
And I no more than said
it, the lights came on.
Lots of lights.
Lights all up on top of the van.
The head lights.
Lights on the bumper.
I mean, it was like the
sun came up all the sudden.
The next thing we knew,
there was people
comin' around the side
of the van with M16s and
they put us on the ground.
Handcuffed us.
Put us in the back of the van.
Closed us up
and there was two
ridin' in the back
with us with guns.
Anyhow, they drove us around...
[T.J.] You were kidnapped.
Basically, yeah.
Normal Army military people.
No idea.
Can you tell us what
color the van was?
They were all dressed in black.
Like black,
like black utilities, fatigues.
And the ones that was in
the back with us with guns,
they didn't speak.
They pulled us out of the van.
They were not real
kind about it.
So, they took us,
they took us out of this, we
were in a garage.
They took us out of the garage
into this hallway.
Soon the door opened
up and here comes
the guys and they took dad out
and nothing I could
do to stop 'em.
They brought him back in there
and you could tell that
he was pretty worn out.
And when I say worn out, he
was holdin' his ribs, you know.
He was worked over?
And they took him in a room
and put me in a
metal folding chair
and cuffed me to it
and they was askin' questions.
Who are ya'?
Who do you work for?
Why are you here?
What are you doin'?
Me and the team wanna
thank you for your time.
It's been a, wow.
Story's amazing and trust you.
We believe everything you said.
This is what we do for a living.
But we're gonna get
to the bottom of this.
And just wanna say
thank you, sir.
Well, if there's
anything else I can do.
Ya'll have my number.
That's an amazing tale.
Hope we can get this
off to everybody else.
So, we can give you
a call if we need to?
- Yeah.
- Alrighty.
Appreciate it, thank you much.
- Thank you very much.
- Thanks for your time.
Come on guys, let's go.
[door creaks]
You believe that?
That's nuts.
Okay guys.
This morning, let's
get out to SEFOR.
Get some boots on the ground.
Some eyes on the target.
Check things out.
[sinister music]
[birds chirping]
[engine idling]
[doors slam]
[T.J.] I don't think
we're gonna get in here.
[crunching footsteps]
[metal rattling]
How's that lock?
Three locks on
one there, Frank?
Five actually.
- Five.
- Five locks.
Fiber run down here.
You know, it's a
pretty short fence
to try to keep people out.
You know what I mean?
Very short fence.
Okay here.
- Let's regroup.
- Rocky said
something about a
tunnel to get in
from under here somewhere.
Let me call.
[somber music]
I swear to God, it
takes old people
a long time to
answer their phones.
They don't hear 'em.
I'm gonna check
this out over here.
Hey, Rocky.
It's T.J., buddy.
Hey, we're up here at
the entrance to SEFOR.
The road leading down.
They have a big ole barbed
wire fence here now.
Five locks on the gate.
Posted property, no hunting,
fishing, trespassing.
University of Arkansas
Engineer and Research Center.
And I know,
mmh hmm.
Well, you know.
I, why don't you,
if you could, I'd
love to have you
come on out here
and you show us where
those tunnels were at.
If you, if you.
Right on, awesome.
How long will it
take you to get here?
[Frank] You think he's
gonna be cool with all this?
He wouldn't come
out if he wasn't.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hey, man.
- Hey, bud.
- How you doin'.
Thanks for comin' out.
Good to see you.
- How you doin'.
- Good.
Good to see you man.
You think we'll be
able to get through
what you were tellin'
me on the phone?
Yeah, I think so,
but I think we need
to take our trucks
- down there.
- Okay.
[sinister music]
It gets tighter as
you get down this end.
Alright, Rocky.
- Follow me up this way.
- Okay.
[crunching footsteps]
If I was ya'll, I'd wait 'til
it's a little bit closer to dark
and I'd skirt the treeline
and not get out in the
open if you don't have to.
- Okay.
- I'm not goin'.
Alright, I appreciate
you not coming further.
- I understand.
- Yeah.
Guys, we're gonna
take our time.
You know, gettin' ready to,
we're not gonna take our time.
We're gonna move
swiftly but we're
gonna be careful.
It's gettin' ready to get dark.
We're just gonna come
up along the treeline.
Follow up along this creek
like he was tellin' us,
'til we see the dome, okay?
- Okay.
- Alright.
Okay, Joe you with us?
- Yes, sir.
- Alright.
- Thanks, Rocky.
- Thanks, Rocky.
Good luck.
Appreciate it.
We'll find our way home.
Alright guys, it's starting to
really pick up here.
I think we got about
30 minutes of time
at this exposure, though,
before we gotta
clear the hell out.
Are these safe levels?
- They are for 30 minutes.
- Okay.
Well, let's get up there then.
Be quick.
Hey, T.J., get that
watch of yours going.
Get the timer started.
You got it.
Okay, here's a big door.
No Reason to be in here.
That's just all there is to it.
Just too high of levels.
[Joe] How long would
we last in there, Rob.
- Five minutes, probably.
- Okay.
We need to check
this out, man.
This is where
everything's happened.
This is where all the
coverups goin' on.
I look like a damn
nuclear physicist here.
I just know...
There could be rads...
Guys, you hear that?
- I did.
- It's a vehicle.
It's comin'.
- We gotta go.
- Let's go.
- Get back to the treeline.
- Come on.
Hurry up.
[tires skid]
[door slams]
[Radio Announcer] Unit
two, monitor position.
Units three and four, maintain
coverage of sector seven.
Unit five, set up
perimeter with unit six.
[Radio Announcer 2] Copy that.
[engine revs]
Okay, guys.
That was really close.
I don't think it's
been that close
being chased off by anybody.
They almost got us.
I've never been
chased by anybody
in a black SUV in
the states before.
That was pretty hairy.
I gotta say, I just,
I'm thinking about
you guys and myself.
We all got families.
- Mmh hmm.
- Okay,
we don't know
what's gonna happen.
You know, black SUV.
Come on now, dude.
Blacked out?
This place is mostly abandoned.
Are you kiddin' me?
You were gettin' rads
from that machine.
- Yeah.
- Okay, do we
want to go back?
Do we want to check it out?
Are we gonna risk this?
- I think we should try.
- Yeah.
[Frank] I say let's do it.
[Joe] I think we might
be able to make it in there
if we go in maybe under
the cover of darkness.
I don't know.
I don't know, Joe.
You gotta hold the camera.
You ain't gonna see nothin'.
[Joe] I still wanna
get into that place.
- If we can.
- Okay.
Let's figure out a plan
and see if we can
feasibly do this
- without dying, okay.
- Okay.
Alright, let's go.
So good, yes?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
[birds chirping]
[ominous music]
[engine revving]
You guys, we gotta figure out
what this connection
between Moonshine
and this SEFOR with everything
else that's going on.
I mean, today, I swear I
saw that black vehicle.
Maybe I'm a little
paranoid, huh.
Could be.
[GPS speaking]
You know, but he was...
I was being chased out.
I don't blame your
for being paranoid.
I just, I don't understand.
I mean, kinda little weird.
You know, we are, but,
The best thing, though, we
- gotta stay calm.
- Yup.
We gotta stay focused
on what we're doin' here.
We gotta look out for each other
and that's all.
You think they might
be tracking us?
Hold on, dude.
That looks like the
same one behind us.
Look out your mirror.
[Frank] It looks similar.
You get a shot of that, Joe?
[GPS voice speaking]
[engine revving]
[Joe] Dude, it's them.
What do we do?
What do we do?
I don't know what we do.
We're at a stop light, dude.
You want us to run it?
[Joe] Should we
try and lose them?
We're at a stop light.
If you cut right, try
to lose this dude.
[Joe] Try and lose him.
Okay as soon as you
get a chance to go right,
you just go.
I'm not liking this very much.
[engines revving]
John's in here.
You ready, you ready?
[engine revving]
[tires squealing]
Hit it dude!
[intense music]
They're still on us.
[T.J.] Get out
and confront him.
I don't know.
Stop lights, traffic,
cars in front of us.
[Frank] Dude, someone's
got these kinds of resources,
I'm not sure we'd
wanna confront.
[T.J.] This whole
situations goin'...
[Joe] I'm filming him
and he doesn't give a shit.
- He's still back there.
- Yeah.
[Joe] I think we lost him.
Pull in here.
I don't know what we got here.
This is like a whole,
this is a whole television
series for the FBI
and CIA and conspiracy theories.
Men in black.
[Joe] This is nothin' like
anything we've ever done.
I don't like it man.
Like anything we've ever done.
Not at all
- That's just crazy.
- That's wild.
Hold on, Rob.
- Hey, buddy.
- Yeah.
Come here a minute.
Speak with me.
[T.J.] What's up?
Keep that rollin'.
Who are you and who
do ya'll work for?
We're just guys hanging out.
Well ya'll are stirrin' around
in some stuff you should
be stirrin' around with.
- Uh huh.
- And you know,
for you best interest,
ya'll probably all
just give it up and go back home
from wherever ya'll come from.
Who's your boss?
Who do you work for?
Ya, no, we're just
hangin' out in town.
Just kinda, you
know, drivin' around.
That's all we been doin'.
Well, that's not what we know.
We know you're
gettin' into stuff
that you should be.
And we're gonna make
sure ya'll stop.
So, in your best interest, ya'll
better just load it up.
Get all your shit,
vamanos out of here.
[T.J.] Alright, okay.
You get it?
[T.J.] Yeah, yeah.
[Frank] What's your name?
I got credentials right here.
You don't need to know my name.
[Frank] What kind of
credentials is that?
That's from the United
States Government.
[Joe] Alright, okay.
Thank you.
Let's just go.
We'll see you guys later.
Have a fine day.
What the fuck
was that all about?
What the fuck?
I don't know dude.
That guys walkin',
that's the black truck, dude.
That's that black truck.
How many other people you think
are in that damn truck?
[Joe] There's a
bunch of them in there.
- Yeah.
- Alright, let's go.
[doors slam]
[engine revs]
[Joe] I'm still
rollin' this shit.
I don't care, man.
[doors slam]
Get your ass in here.
[Frank] Get the
fuck out of here.
You gonna pull out left?
- Dude.
- I don't know, brother.
What was that.
[Frank] It's gettin'
weirder and weirder.
Dude, if that was a cop.
Dude, dude, dude, dude!
Wait, what did he say?
He said who are you?
Who do you work for?
What did Rocky
say that guy said?
That's that freakin' square
head guy Rocky talked about.
[Frank] Fuck, man.
I don't know what to
think of that, man.
- Aw, shit.
- Dude, it's fucked up.
It's a volatile situation.
- Well...
- See if we can
get back in here
and maybe lose some of
these motherfuckers.
Think they hang out at
the goddamn cemetery?
Let's go check this out.
It's a good place for
'em to follow us to.
- Yeah.
- Might have
to off this fucker.
- Yeah.
- God.
He was a
very big dude, man.
Well, he ain't bluffin' us.
[Rob] Oh boy.
[Frank] You know what.
- Huh.
- I'm beginning
to wonder if this
case is worth it.
[T.J.] Ah, dude.
I don't know if
it's worth out lives
and our families lives.
That's a threat.
[Frank] But there's
a shit load of people
just gone missing, though.
I don't like bein' threatened.
Frank, get my fuckin' side iron
right back there, please.
[Frank] Just a
[Joe] Hey, I think he's
back there fucking with Rocky?
I don't think so.
I think he probably left.
[Frank] Locked and loaded.
Here you go.
I think he was just,
he's fuckin' with us
because, you know.
How does he know we
was in there talking.
[Frank] Well, I don't know.
It just keeps getting
weirder and weirder.
Well, listen, let's head back
- to the house.
- Yeah,
let's head back.
Let's think about this for
just a minute, logically.
What do we know this far?
We've been out on the road.
We've been lookin' for this hobo
they call Moonshine.
We haven't had any
luck finding him yet.
We get another lead.
We come check that out.
Guy sits down and tells
us his whole spiel.
We've been followed
all over fuckin' town
since that moment.
This black fuckin'
SUV all goddamn day.
Ever since we went
out into the field
and checked it out.
We come back here
and now we're sittin'
in a fuckin' cemetery
because some big jar
headed motherfucker
gonna come out of there talkin'
about, he's threatenin' us.
He's working for the government.
Get the fuck out of here.
[Frank] That pretty
much sums it up.
What the fuck
is all this shit?
[Frank] I don't know man.
[Joe] That's a
good recap, brother.
We're still fucked.
[T.J.] Yup, let's just
get back to the house.
Let's get back to
the house and yeah...
Let's get back to the
house, pack our shit up
and let's get across the
fuckin' Mason Dixon line.
How about that?
[Frank] That sounds
like a great plan.
[Rob] We'll go
take care of it.
[Frank] Let's go.
You know, part of this
kind of pisses me off
to the point where I
want to keep goin'.
[Joe] I'm with you, brother.
We gotta go.
We can't give up.
We're here for a mission.
Pop sent us out, we
gotta figure it out.
What's the worst
that can happen?
You think these guys are
gonna murder us or somethin'?
- Hey.
- It's not the government.
They just beat Rocky and
his dad up a little bit.
We could take that.
Hopefully, we're
that all we have happen.
Otherwise, we'll get
the right attorneys
and everything we need.
- Alright.
- Okay.
[Joe] Let's push it forward.
- Let's push it home.
- Let's do it.
[cell phone ringing]
- Hello.
- Hey, dad.
It's me and the team.
Just wanted to
give you an update.
Sorry we didn't
call you last night.
Well, we got out of,
Rock's got his story.
Met up with some
government agent
as we were walkin'
out of the parking lot
and pretty much threatened us
in so many words.
We have been tailed and just
trying to give you a call
to figure out what
your input is on this.
Gettin' pretty wild.
[Tim] Well, first
of all, you scared
the hell out of me
[voice cuts out]
by not calling.
I didn't know what
was happening, okay.
[Tim] You know,
arrested or what.
This is not like you guys,
but I understand what happened.
Remember one thing,
and remember this closely.
Rocky's been having
these problems
for the last two, three times,
they've had the men in black
[voice cuts out]
- these guys, okay.
- Okay.
[Tim] I think what
I want you to do
is right after this phone call,
go out and retrieve the cameras
that you've got set
up and do it covertly.
You know, try not to
go in there lookin'
- like a circus.
- Okay.
[Tim] And maybe
you know, go in there
with an unmarked car yourself,
and just two of ya'.
Retrieve the cameras.
See what you got on them
and we'll go from there.
But be very careful now.
They're aware of us out there.
They know that we
know what's going on
and we don't wanna put anybody
- in harm's way, okay.
- Okay.
Same thing tomorrow night.
Probably around eight o'clock.
Let you know what's goin' on.
[Tim] Fair enough.
You guys be careful
and watch out
for those damn snakes and stuff.
I'm gettin' all kinds of reports
of what's goin' on out there.
Alright, Pops, thanks.
[Tim] Alright, be safe.
- We will, bye.
- Bye, Chief.
Bye, Pop.
[locusts buzzing]
Frankie, let's
keep swinging that.
Pushing for a timber rattler.
We don't wanna get any.
There's the tangly black tree
that he was telling us about.
We need to stay in this,
keep going straight once we see
the tangly black tree.
And that's exactly
what it looks like.
- Right, guys.
- Yeah.
That's the marker
he told me about.
- Its gotta be that one.
- Yup.
I don't see any more,
nothin' like that over here.
That's the only
tree that looks like
a bunch of tangled,
branches are all
tangled together.
Okay, we're headin' in
the right direction.
You know how I get to thinkin'
what the fuck am I am doin',
what the fuck are
you doin' behind me
with that damn street sweeper?
Yeah, dude.
Give T.J. the
fuckin' shot gun.
T.J., get up here in
the fuckin' front.
Goddamn, you know this
shit's gettin' crazy.
We should be gettin' close.
We've got the fence.
There it is.
There's all the garbage
he was talking about.
Check it out, Joe.
That hunter was exactly right.
Better be careful, man.
This is just the kind of shit
snakes like to coil up in.
Shit, we'll we're gettin'
close to the goddamn hunter.
I mean the Moonshine.
Here's all the garbage.
What's that little
red cot over there?
You can't kill me with that.
Keep an eye out for him.
We're gettin' close.
Lot of trash.
Joe, we're screwed, buddy.
We ran up on
somebody's property.
I think we took a
wrong turn somewhere.
Guys, we need a consensus here.
Do we wanna risk goin'
across this property
and gettin' caught or spending
about five hours loopin' around.
I'm not tryin' to spend
five hours loopin' around.
- Yeah.
- All I see up there is cows.
You think we
could make it, Joe?
[Joe] I think so.
[T.J.] Hey guys,
let's give it a shot.
[Rob] What's the
worse that can happen?
Shoot us to death.
I see his cows.
He see him tryin'
to protect 'em.
But let's just go...
[Joe] What do
you think it'll be?
- Let's just do it.
- Yup.
We don't have time to go...
We don't have time, man.
We're burnin' daylight.
[Joe] Yeah, we gotta
still find this guy.
[T.J.] Okay, follow me guys.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
This was the
ranch, was the guy
that Eric was talking about.
You know, this guy's
a little crazy.
A little out there.
Yeah, I think this,
I know exactly that
we're on his property
and we definitely
wanna stay close
- to the bushes.
- Yeah.
And let's just try to
cross over that cattle gate
- right there...
- Sounds like
a good idea.
I hope to hell he didn't see us.
Yeah, I'm hoping he didn't
[Joe] Stay close to
the tree line, guys.
I'm starved, I gotta
eat some berries.
Go for it.
Black berries.
[Joe] Let's get out of here.
I'm on the berries
like a dumb ass.
- Come on.
- Let's get out of here.
Hey, watch for snakes
in that high grass.
Tellin' me snakes.
Say that word, means
everybody stop, look
what you're doin'.
[Joe] Nice piece
of property, though.
Wow, there's a pond there.
[Joe] Wonder if
he knows what he has
in his back yard.
Yeah, there's
a pond over here.
[Joe] You guys hear something?
Shit, it's hot
as balls out here.
I think I hear his truck, man.
- Get down.
- Fuck, aw man.
We don't need this shit.
Stay down.
Fuck, he's comin'.
- Jesus Christ, aw fuck.
- Shit.
Come on.
Come on.
[Joe] Hold up.
No guy, Joe's
here, still here.
[Joe] Jesus Christ,
I can't get over.
[T.J.] Give me the
fuckin' camera, Joe.
[Joe] No wait,
I'm gonna film this
just in case it
goes bad, oh fuck.
What the fuck
are you doin', boy?
[T.J.] Nothin', man.
You drop the shotgun now.
Everybody on the ground.
[T.J.] Hey man, we're not.
We're just out here, buddy.
We saw your land.
We were told about you, sorry.
You know Eric?
Eric, how you know Eric?
Yeah, he told us we'd
probably run into your land
and to try to go around it
but we actually hit your land.
I'm sorry, man.
You know, we're out here
just huntin' bigfoot.
Eric said, you know,
just let him know.
Yeah, bigfoot.
Fuckin' Eric thinks
there's a bigfoot, too.
[T.J.] I know.
Can we get up now?
You, the one with the
shotgun, you come here.
[T.J.] Just leave
the shotgun over there.
You leave it.
You can just come, you too.
Come on, boys, now.
You drop the Glock
on the ground.
You comin' onto my place armed?
No, like I said, we
just thought we'd try
to get across your property
without you seein' us.
- That's all.
- Well, if you believe
in bigfoot, you'd
probably be armed.
You believe in bigfoot?
Okay boys, ya'll can get up.
I don't believe in bigfoot.
- No.
- Shit.
[Joe] Jesus Christ.
- I'm T.J.
- Shit.
Give me a fuckin' heart attack.
[Joe] I think I'm gonna
need a new fuckin' pair
of underwear.
[T.J.] So, you mind us just
cuttin' through, brother?
We're trying to find that
bum that supposedly lives
with bigfoot out here.
- They call him Moonshine.
- Moonshine.
Naw, I've seen
signs of Moonshine.
I'd like to catch
Moonshine, too.
Maybe bigfoot'll eat him.
There you go.
Eric thinks bigfoot
ate my peaches.
And I told him he
was full of shit.
[T.J.] Well,
when did it happen?
What happened?
Well, one night, there
were two hundred peaches.
The next morning,
there were none.
- Okay.
- And it's a 14 foot tree
and there were no
signs of coons.
Where were the seeds?
All scattered,
everywhere around.
Clean as like you'd eaten them.
How many peaches you
think were on the tree?
A couple hundred?
What else could have
ate them overnight?
Well, it ain't
no damn bigfoot.
What do you think was here?
I don't know.
Something peculiar
did happen that night.
Tell it.
[Rob] Why don't you
tell us the whole story.
[Joe] Do you mind if we, sir,
do you mind if we film you?
[T.J.] We are filming,
just so you know.
Is that okay?
Hell, I don't care.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
It was, I was, there was
a damn possum, I caught
him on the camera, eatin'
on my pears.
And so I sat out
with a rifle and one
of them laser sites
and I shot the possum.
I sat back down in my
chair and I turned around.
There were two green eyes,
there it gives me
goosebumps talkin' about it.
- Yeah.
- And I don't know...
[Frank] Look at
the bumps on his arm.
- Jeeze.
- I don't know
what it was but I don't
think it was a bigfoot.
But I...
[Frank] How high were
the eyes off the ground?
About four or five feet.
I don't know what it
was, but I went inside.
You boys are welcome to walk.
You hunt bigfoot and if
you see that bum, you
can shoot him, too.
- Alright, then.
- Appreciate it.
- Thank you very much, yeah.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Alright.
- Alright, boys.
- Thanks for not shootin' us.
- Thank you.
- Ya'll be careful.
[Rob] Give us a scare there.
- Alright, thank you.
- We're just gonna head
on east and keep going, then.
- Get off your land.
- That'd be good.
- Alright, thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
- Holy fuck.
- That was fuckin' close.
- Over there.
- Jesus Christ.
- Oh my God.
- Everything they said
about his wasn't true.
- Yeah.
- Holy shit, dude.
I would have never thought,
what are the odds.
Okay, I'd have never
thunk he was gonna find us
or even see us.
[Joe] My fucking heart is
pounding out of my chest.
They said he was watching
his shit all the time.
He seemed like he
was drunk off his ass.
[Rob] Yeah, he did.
[Joe] Let's get
the fuck out of here.
See you later, sir.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[Frank] Thanks
for not killing us.
[Joe] Let's get
the fuck out of here.
- Oh boy.
- Go this way.
[Rob] Yeah, we're better
off going that way, go.
[Joe] Holy shit.
I'm fuckin' dying.
This is crazy.
What we do.
[Joe] Yeah, well let's
move a little quicker.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
[T.J.] Come on, let's move.
Need to walk across the top,
you film to the side.
Sound good?
[Joe] Yeah.
Jesus Christ, my heart
is still pounding.
Walking across.
Come on, Frank, pay attention.
I know you're fuckin'
hot, you're scared,
but just go.
[Joe] Yeah, let's
beat feet, guys.
I don't like this.
Bigfoot's one thing but...
It'll cross-
- [Joe] Crazy rednecks
with shotguns.
Everybody got all their gear?
'Cuz if you throw it
on the ground, shit.
Screw it, let's just go.
- We're lucky we're alive.
- Yup.
Come on.
Frank, follow the
trail, hang a right.
[locusts buzzing]
You know, if we
can't find this guy
by sundown, I say we
just head it on back.
Yeah, I don't wanna
get lost out here.
Not everybody goes
into forced marched pace
- there Army ranger.
- Yeah, damn.
You guys smell that?
I smell smoke.
How about you, Joe?
- Smell like smoke.
- Yeah.
[Joe] We might
be gettin' close.
It's about where it should be.
We might be gettin' close.
I think so.
[Frank] You guys see anything?
No, I actually don't.
- I don't see any smoke.
- I don't either.
[T.J.] Look, look, look.
Can't just walk up on this guy.
You gotta be calm.
We don't wanna spook him.
- Yeah.
- It's comin'
from that direction somewhere.
So, you think we
should go over the top
and naw, I think we
should probably stay-
- [Joe] Let's stay on the trail,
if you want me to continue
to be able to film it.
- Yeah, let's stay low.
- Okay.
That was part of the thing.
Let's stay low.
[Rob] I think the smoke's
comin' down this draw anyway.
It's gotta be in here somewhere.
[Joe] No one else is
gonna be out here, Jesus.
Looks like his camp over here.
His camp right here.
- Leave the guns.
- Yeah.
I think we might spook him.
[Joe] But listen, keep it
so we can get to
it if we need it.
I'll hand it back to ya'.
You cover yours up.
Just leave the gun here
so he don't see it.
[Joe] We don't
wanna spook him.
I'll go first.
[Joe] Get some
stuff out for him.
[Joe] Did you bring
some stuff for him?
Yeah, let me get it.
[Joe] Bring some stuff out.
I got it.
Howdy, how you doin'?
Hey, you Moonshine?
[Frank] Why isn't
he responding?
[Rob] I don't know.
[T.J.] Hey, buddy.
Brought you somethin'.
He's talking to himself.
Hey can we come on
into camp there?
He's talkin' to his bear.
[Rob] Does he even see us?
[T.J.] Hey, how
you doin' buddy?
Hey, Mr. Moonshine.
His leg's all beaten up.
Hey, Mr. Moonshine, how are ya'?
Hi, I'm Rob.
This is T.J.
We brought you somethin'.
We brought you some crackers.
Hopin' we could talk
to you a little bit.
Ya' hungry?
Here you go.
I bet you're hungry.
Boy, he's eatin'
that shit up quick.
Hey, was wondering
if we could ask a few questions.
You know, there's been
some weird going ons
here in the area
and we've been looking for you
for a few days.
A lot of people told us you
could tell us
happenin' around here.
You in there, Mr. Moonshine?
[Joe] I think he's sayin'
something about his leg.
[Joe] What
happened to your leg?
[T.J.] Hey, Moonshine,
what happened to your leg?
[Rob] This guys
in his own world.
His bear is named Smokey.
Yeah, you know, the bear.
Yeah, well you can give
some to Smokey if you want.
Hey, Mr. Moonshine, can
you help us out here.
We're lookin' for that
that monster in the woods.
You ever heard of that?
What is that on his cap?
That's blood on his hat.
[somber music]
[T.J.] Hey, Mr. Moonshine.
Don't get too close, Joe.
You guys hear that?
[Rob] Yeah, I hear that.
There's something here
in the woods with us.
[Joe] Yeah, there's
something watchin' us.
I got that feelin' in my gut.
Hey, Mr. Moonshine.
Where'd you get all
this stuff from?
[Frank] Tell us
about this here?
[T.J.] Where' you get all
this stuff, Mr. Moonshine?
Hey, did you hear about a story,
a guy and a gal in the
woods went missin'?
We'd like to know.
Somebody told us you
know what's going
on out here.
You got a nice place
over here in the woods.
You must not get much
company around here.
This guy.
He hasn't been around
anybody in years.
I think we better
get out of here.
[Joe] He's gettin'
a little agitated.
[Frank] Yeah, let's
just move on now.
[T.J.] Hey, Mr. Moonshine,
thank you for visiting with us.
We're gonna head on out here.
[Rob] Yeah, thank
you, Mr. Moonshine.
We're not gonna get
anything out of him.
[T.J.] We're just gonna
see you later, Mr. Moonshine.
[Rob] Guy needs to
be in a psyche ward.
[Joe] Ah dude,
that's fuckin' creepy.
[Frank] Come on,
let's get the fuck out.
- Keep an eye on him.
- Damn, Joe.
Get back up here.
Get out of here, Joe.
[Frank] Dude, I hear
something in the woods.
[Joe] There's something
up here, flanking.
[Frank] Is he
gonna be alright?
[Rob] Come on.
Oh no, well shit.
He's gotta hear this thing.
- Move, move.
- Fuckin' weird guy.
That was fuckin' weird.
[distant screeching]
[T.J.] Did you hear that?
[Rob] Yeah, I heard that.
Come on, let's get
the fuck out of here.
[Frank] Keep going.
[Rob] Come on, dude.
Fuck, that thing is moving, man.
It's comin'.
It can't move like this.
That's not just a bigfoot.
- It's all around us.
- Oh shit.
Okay, okay little buddy.
We've had a rough week.
Gonna try to get
us back together.
My leg fixed, get
your belly fixed.
Get your eye fixed.
But we didn't tell on nothin'.
They don't know nothin'.
Yeah, we got us some boots, too.
With them big ole
rattlesnakes around here,
them boots helps, yup, yup.
Didn't tell them anything.
[chopping sounds]
I don't know who those guys was.
[locusts buzzing]
Listen up, change of plans.
Our goal this morning
is to basically
go back out and get out cameras.
There's way too much goin' on.
We need more resources.
We need to do some more research
between the men in
black chasin' us down
all around town,
out there near SEFOR.
That beast chasing
us out of the woods.
We need to go back and regroup.
Get more resources.
Make some more planning
and get this thing taken care of
so we can get it
done the proper way.
Yeah, I think we need
to let the area cool off some.
Yeah, definitely
let the area cool off
and gonna come
back here probably
with a little more,
under covers, under wraps, okay.
Yeah, that's
what I'm thinking.
- Okay.
- Alright.
Sounds good.
Let's get the, we'll go out
and get the cameras picked up
and beat feet out of here.
Joe, can't lose any of 'em.
Make sure we get 'em all.
- Yes, sir, alright.
- Okay.
Let's go guys.
Alright, let's roll.
[Joe] Oh, Frankie, go
back and get the shotgun.
- Okay.
- Can't forget the shotgun.
[T.J.] Yeah,
don't forget that.
We're gonna need that.
Almost there, guys.
Hey look at that.
What's that?
Right there.
[Rob] Oh, there's a shotgun.
[T.J.] Joe, check
this out, Joe.
[Frank] Is that blood?
[T.J.] Two.
[Rob] Holy shit,
what the fuck happened.
- Look, the stick.
- Glasses.
- Yeah.
- This is where he
was sittin' with the shooter.
[Frank] Oh dude.
[Rob] What the fuck.
[Frank] Something
beat him to death.
Where's his body?
[Joe] This has
gotta be a gag, man.
[Rob] Look and he
left his gun here.
That's a Beretta.
- That's expensive.
- Shit, it's got blood...
[Joe] Does anybody have
cell service out here?
- No.
- No.
No, I got zero, no service.
No service.
What are we gonna do when...
[Joe] Robby, mark
this on the GPS
so we can get the
cops back here, man.
This is fucked up.
Whatever it was...
Now he's puttin' his
fingerprints all over it.
What was his name?
Got a rag in
here or somethin'?
I don't wanna get
caught with this now.
[Joe] You got
one in your pipe?
- Yeah, I'm ready to go.
- Fuck.
Gotta keep an eye out guys.
We don't know what did it.
[Joe] That's true.
This shit ain't cool.
- Alright...
- Okay, I got it
on my GPS.
Keep that weapon
off your shoulder.
- Keep it...
- yeah.
- your eyes open.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I mean.
- It's that real.
Would you hold on to that?
You got it.
[Joe] This place
is weird, man.
Let's go.
[ominous humming]
Okay, we're here guys.
Be careful, it's slippery.
Frank, you got those
coordinates, right?
[Frank] Yeah, I got 'em.
Okay, cool.
[doors slamming]
Phew, it's hot, dude.
- What a hike.
- That's some weird stuff
to find out there, brother.
I'm a little concerned
about that hunter.
You know, yeah.
I'm just gonna call 911.
[Joe] Yeah, dude, has to.
Better get on it.
Sides running now.
Hey, this is, T.J. Biscardi
with Searching for Bigfoot.
Yeah, we were out in
the woods yesterday.
We met a hunter.
His name was Eric.
Don't know what
his last name was,
but today we went by his camp.
Found a lot of blood, his gun.
It was a shotgun, a Beretta.
Some chewing tobacco,
a lot of blood.
A stick with lots
of blood on it.
We looked all around for him.
We called for him.
We didn't...
yes, we were walking
out in an area.
I got Google Earth
coordinates for you.
That's what I have.
Frank, you got those
for me on your phone?
- Yes.
- Let me have them.
Let's see.
Right here.
They are
35.833314 -94.281447.
Yes, this was yesterday, ma'am.
Yeah, that's Google
Earth coordinates.
That's the only way we
knew how to track it.
we're far away.
I'll give you my phone number.
Five five five, one two one two.
Yup and you can give me a call
if we need to come back
and help you find it.
we probably can.
You'd think you'd be able
to do it without that?
We'll be available
for any questions.
I would get somebody out there.
There's a gun out there.
We just left it there.
So, you don't want no kids,
okay, you'll handle it.
Awesome, thank you.
Bye bye.
Well, they seem to be
a little bit concerned
but not too much.
- Okay.
- So, we did all we could do.
[Joe] Well, it's
in their hands.
- Yeah.
- It's in their hands.
Still sketchy, though.
Yeah, very sketchy.
[Joe] Another adventure.
All that blood, dude.
And no body.
Yeah, that's well,
I mean, God forbid.
He shot himself or
something happened to him.
You know, an animal could have...
- Drug him off.
- carried him off.
I know it's pretty macabre
stuff to think about.
- Okay.
- But that was
a pretty macabre
scene to come across.
Let's go.
[engine whirring]
[Joe] Ah, Jesus.
[Joe] My batteries
are draining.
Are you kidding me, dude?
[Joe] I did charge 'em.
What do you need to do?
Before we get any further
[Joe] Well, I better go back
and get some more.
Rob, you go with him.
[Joe] Somebody go with me.
We'll go up, take
the cameras, okay.
[Joe] You got the keys?
Alright, we'll meet you over
with the game camera
is then, okay?
Come on, alright.
[Joe] Dude, I don't get it.
I charged this thing last night.
It was charged on
the way over here.
One them said
this area is hot.
It's probably got
something to do with
the power draining
the batteries.
[Joe] Yeah.
Oh yeah, Pop mentioned
that, didn't he.
- Yeah.
- Alright.
That's alright, we're not far.
Put one back.
Right in that bag right there.
There should be
a couple of them.
Just grab the two
that are on top.
[Rob] Putting
them in your pocket.
[Joe] Alright, thanks man.
[Rob] I think I see
something up here.
[Joe] Oh yeah,
there's our pack.
[Rob] Yeah, but I don't
see anyone out here.
[Joe] I'm sure they're just
up around the bend there.
Frank's probably takin' a shit.
[Rob] Probably.
Well, there's the game cam.
- There's the backpack.
- Yeah.
[Joe] Yo, hey guys!
[Rob] T.J., Frank!
Hey, T.J., Frank!
[Joe] Really guys.
What the fuck.
Well, they didn't
get the game cam yet.
Why don't you grab that.
Get that back where...
[Rob] See what we got here.
I think we got
somethin' on there.
Won't be able to tell what it is
'til we get it back
to the lab, though.
Just take it with us.
They may have went
around the other way
and come back out.
[Joe] Why don't you
hand me that card.
I can play it
right on my camera.
Have a look while we're
waitin' for those guys.
Let's see here.
[ominous music]
[eerie vibrations]
[Echoing Voice]
Shut up and sit down.
[hard rock music]