Bubble (2022) Movie Script

Let's get it, BB!
- Show some hustle!
- Get the flag!
Yo, yo, I'm on your six.
Catch me if you can!
All right, gimme your best bet.
Who do you think is gonna win this?
Team BB.
They've won 37 out of 42 of these.
Still, you never really know.
They're on
the Denki Ninja's home turf.
If they screw up
and fall in an Antlion Pit,
it's game over.
Hey, um...
What is it, newbie?
I'm still not 100 percent
on how all these rules work.
All right, dude, try to keep up.
Tokyo Battlekour
is a five-on-five game
where teams bet
on the outcome of a parkour match.
You're out if you fall into the ocean.
But the lucky team
that captures the flag, wins.
But, um, isn't going all out like that
kinda dangerous, though?
- Hell yeah it's dangerous.
- Huh.
All the kids here are just idiots
whose only purpose is to play this game.
On the other hand, I guess you can argue
that all this brouhaha
keeps Tokyo a safe city.
I hope you like eating my dust,
slowpoke ninja!
Catch ya later!
Jammer! Block Route C.
Stop the short BB kid.
Oh, why thank you.
Where is Hibiki?
Where is he always?
Doing whatever the heck he wants.
Well, Tokyo Battlekour
does value independence.
And that's fine and all,
but this is a five-on-five game.
If one player is missing...
He's cornered at Pitch 14.
These guys just don't know when to quit.
Stray bubble challenge!
Oh! You idiot!
Usagi, hang on!
Oh, no! Antlion Pit!
BB fall! We need rescue.
Let's get going.
What? We won't make it. Whoa!
What were you thinking, Usagi?
The problem is, he wasn't thinking.
The only one who can hop
stray bubbles in an away game...
is that guy.
He's here.
What was that? He's awesome!
Don't leave me here!
You're kidding! Hell of a route!
He's so fast!
And the winner is, the Blue Blazes!
Damn it!
I can't believe they lost!
That was totally mind-blowing.
Oh, shit! Now they're gonna get our rice.
Looks like you guys need more training.
We'll be taking home our gasoline.
Hey, Hibiki!
Why did you leave me there like that?
That jump you did back there.
It just showed off your recklessness.
Uh... But I did it the other day!
- And it was only by chance.
- Uh...
You need more fear.
Come on. Let's do the usual.
Can't remember the last time
Hibiki joined in in one of these.
With our blue blazes...
We're gonna burn it all down!
I'm exhausted.
This game is totally murder to my heart.
Why do they pull all these stunts?
Well, that's the whole reason
we're here, isn't it?
That was a good decision,
not to jump the crack
on the Shohei bridge.
Thank you, sir!
You keep practicing hard now.
All right!
We got a whole
month's worth of rice, everyone!
And what have we here? It's beer, baby!
Yeah, you wish!
Maybe try a juice box, kiddo.
- I'll be taking that, if you don't mind.
- Oh.
Hey, Makoto, where are you going? Wait!
Let's have a drink together,
what do you say?
Give it up. Clearly, she's not into you.
We're just her research subjects.
He's right, you know.
She's here observing the gravity anomaly.
Oh, sweet! Calling dibs on this snack! Ah!
Hey! Didn't I say
don't open that box without asking?
I give up!
Where the heck are your manners, huh?
Didn't your parents teach you anything?
I didn't have parents!
Just like everyone else here!
- Would you knock it off already?
- Oh!
You startled me!
I guess surprising you is a non-starter.
Why were you even trying to?
Hey! Give those back! Not cool!
Forget it.
Why do you sulk out here
looking all gloomy?
Give 'em back.
So, what was that out there today?
What do you mean?
The move you rescued Usagi with.
If you had fallen into the Antlion Pit...
I wouldn't.
Keep up the dangerous moves,
and I'll have to report it to HQ.
Then you'd all be tossed out
on your butts.
Is that what you want?
I'm going to leave someday.
But I can't right now.
I can hear it.
Wait! Hibiki!
- Got away, huh?
- Huh?
Hey, Shin, get this.
Hibiki said he could hear songs
from the tower again.
Five years ago...
bubbles fell all over the world.
The bubbles had mysterious powers,
and their arrival
brought about pandemonium.
Soon after...
A huge explosion of uncertain origin
occurred in the center of Tokyo.
Tokyo became ground zero,
and was enclosed in a gigantic bubble.
Even after the bubbles
stopped falling elsewhere in the world...
the phenomenon continued
solely in the center of Tokyo.
By the time the accumulated bubbles
surrounding the area
burst and turned into water...
Tokyo was no longer the capital of Japan.
Scientists from across the globe
came to do research in Tokyo,
but none were able to determine the cause
of the Bubble-fall Phenomenon.
Little by little, the people of Tokyo
left their home behind.
It now stands...
as a shell of its former self.
An abandoned city.
Tokyo became a residents prohibited zone.
Over time,
boys began illegally residing in the area.
They ignored countless orders to leave,
and started participating
in a dangerous game
that made use of the unique environment.
They're orphans who lost their loved ones
due to the Bubble-fall Phenomenon.
One of the boys...
claims he can hear the sound of songs
emanating from the tower.
The cloud that now covers the tower,
the center of the blast,
contains a complex gravity field.
Observations cannot be made
inside of the cloud,
regardless of equipment.
And there are constant
unscientific rumors,
such as that ghosts
exist inside the cloud.
This is the highest I can reach.
But I need to go further.
I can still hear it.
The sound of the bubbles.
I did it!
Who... who are you?
Oh, damn it! Hibiki's late.
It's Shin's ship!
Who is she?
She saved his life.
You heard me.
Hibiki here was about to meet his maker.
But he made it thanks to this one.
From the Antlion Pit?
You've gotta be kidding me?
What the hell!
Where did she even come from anyway?
Have you seen her before?
No way you'd forget someone
dressed like that.
How did she get over there?
She moves like a cat.
Ah! She's taking the ramen!
Hey! Don't go through our stuff!
- She bolted.
- Get back here!
- My ramen!
- Where'd she go?
I got a few choice words for her.
Ah! Hey, that's scalding!
Hey! What do you think you're doing?
We need something cold!
Yep, she's a cat-girl.
What a stupid thing to do.
- That's cold.
- Why would she do that?
Who knows?
She's like a rabbit, right?
Now, being eccentric
isn't the worst thing.
I'd like her to stay here on the Reiyo,
if we're all cool with that.
She might surprise us by becoming
a capable player in the Battlekour.
- Hibiki.
- Huh?
Play nice now.
And find a way to repay her.
You're gonna catch a cold.
What do you think?
Do you like it?
Have a good night.
Good morning!
It's a new day, filled with hope.
Up and at 'em. Go Blue Blazes!
- Huh?
- Huh?
Hibiki, that girl's waiting for ya.
Solo training is cool and all,
but you should come
to the deck sometimes, too.
Oh, he emerges at last.
Hey, you!
That weird looking girl
is actually pretty amazing.
She might do great
in a parkour game.
Hibiki is basically the reason
we keep winning.
We certainly could do with a talented
new team member, right boss?
What do you mean he's the reason?
As if. None of you understands
what it means to be a team player.
Wha... what are you do...
What is wrong with you? Knock it off?
Watch out!
Let's dig in!
Wow, this must be a special feast,
even Hibiki's decided to join.
What happened to your cheek, man?
Might need a bit more training.
Just so you know,
I'd never let a hen get the drop on me.
That's nice.
I even know how to operate the rail.
Not to brag.
By the way, have you seen
how much this girl eats?
Okay, you're gonna
have to shoot for this one.
- Seriously?
- But, I...
All right.
This is one of the eggs
you mercilessly crushed earlier.
Don't ever do that again, got it?
Okay, who's next?
- Cool.
- Let's do it!
Here we go!
Rock, paper, scissors!
Let's go again!
You're a strange one.
Let's go again!
So, what's her name?
I dunno.
Didn't she save your life?
Rock, paper, scissors, let's go again!
Yeah! I win!
"Uta," then. On account of the singing.
You didn't put a lot of thought into it.
So, who was singing?
She was?
- Uta.
- Hm?
- Hibiki.
- Hm.
Look at that. I guess the name's a winner.
Since it's been decided,
nice to meet you, Uta.
Let's see...
"Mobile areas
from last gravity field shift."
"No observable changes at this point."
And it doesn't look like any other
periodic laws have changed either.
Next rationing arrangements
are on schedule.
We're all good. Okay. All done!
Hey, got a sec?
Oh. Uh...
Shin! I... wasn't expecting you.
Please, have a seat.
How is she?
Oh, she's doing great.
Hibiki ended up giving her the name Uta.
She's really taken a liking to him.
Has she? Maybe she'll take
to parkour just as quickly.
Have a drink.
Shin, aren't you
interested in parkour anymore?
I'm too old.
Besides, even if I wasn't...
I have this now.
That's from your tower run. Am I right?
I was rash and it cost me.
So now I stick around to keep them safe.
Like Hibiki, I survived a tower accident.
We should just
stop these games altogether.
It's too dangerous.
Frankly speaking, we're not supposed to
let them be here in the first place.
Well, they are doing it all
at their own risk.
The world outside of here
is just too suffocating for them.
What the hell was that?
Guess they started using some sort
of contraption since we last saw them.
But that can't be fair, can it?
The Mad Lobsters don't really have a shot!
Don't count them out yet.
They should be the team with more power.
R-5, move to Point N2.
Game set!
The winner of the match is,
The Under Takers!
We haven't lost yet, damn Morticians!
Actually, you did lose.
Screw those
stupid boots of yours!
Oh, I'm sorry,
I didn't quite catch that, Team Crawfish.
We're the Mad Lobsters!
My apologies, Team Hermit Crab.
I said, "We're Lobsters!"
Let's see,
which one should I choose for tonight...
The Little Mermaid.
It's a pretty sad story,
so it's not my favorite.
Why does the Little Mermaid,
who rescued the prince,
have to dissolve into foam anyway?
Oops, was that a spoiler?
- So, do you wanna read it?
- Hm.
It's getting late, so just one story.
"Deep under the sea,
on the bottom of the ocean,
was a kingdom of mermaids.
Their ruler, the mermaid king,
lived in a castle with his people."
"The youngest of the mermaids
possessed a truly beautiful,
crystal clear voice.
However, this young soul was also consumed
by an obsession with the world of humans."
"When she found her way to the surface,
the Little Mermaid's vision
was captivated by a prince on the ship.
She became entranced by him."
"The Little Mermaid couldn't take her eyes
off of her newfound prince.
It was as if she was madly,
deliriously in love with him."
When did you get here?
You're the prince.
I'm the Little Mermaid.
No way.
Hibiki. You're the prince.
No, you've got it all wrong.
Uta. Little Mermaid.
Hey, never mind that.
Did you speak just now?
Whoa! She's awesome!
They will be next.
- Hey, check it out.
- Huh?
Pull up with your underarm muscles.
Looking good.
Those two might make a good team.
Can we hurry up and finish here?
It's said that the world
repeatedly collapses and rebuilds.
Assembles. Bursts.
Scatters. Then, assembles again.
Our Milky Way galaxy.
It'll collide with Andromeda
in about 4.5 billion years.
Then it will burst.
And once again...
It's going to scatter apart?
And the elements
which make up our bodies,
will again come together,
to become materials for another star.
Huh. Gotcha.
Yes. Vortex.
The vortex appears in galaxies, typhoons
and biomolecule structures.
It's a pattern of life.
It came together...
And a lot of people died.
Uta! Where are you?
Hey, Usagi,
do you have any idea where Uta went?
I don't know.
She's probably with Hibiki, though.
I swear, they're just like
a hen and her chick.
What a joke. How could anyone
get attached to someone like that?
You mind not telling anyone
about this place?
'Cause they'll just laugh at me.
That's right.
It's a secret.
One day it randomly washed up.
Seashells are rare here.
So can you hear their sound too?
The sound of waves.
The sounds here...
they're always so peaceful.
To tell the truth...
since way back...
I've been scared of all the city noise.
I couldn't understand
how anyone could bear it.
I was like this all the time back then.
And it worried my mother.
I had to go see lots of doctors.
I wanted to try my best to get better.
When the bubbles fell,
I was at the tower
with kids from the center.
There was an explosion.
And when I came to,
I had already been rescued.
My memory about it is foggy at best.
I do recall...
that I heard something.
A song.
I don't wanna hate hearing sounds.
To be honest,
that's what I'm searching for.
That one sound.
I've never told anyone
this much about myself.
Hmm. This is strange.
The Gravitational Waves
appear to have been unstable
for quite a while.
When did this start?
Isn't that the day that Uta arrived?
Good morning to you.
Good morning to you.
They kidnapped Makoto?
Yeah, look.
Hey, knock it off! Stop it!
What are you doing to me?
Let me go!
What the hell is this about?
This was left behind.
Those damn Morticians!
If they wanna live, they better not
be doing any pervy shit to her!
Say what?
They've been live streaming
the Battlekour matches
to the outside world.
Apparently they've been calling it
"The Tokyo Death Game."
The boots they were wearing
were given to them by a sponsor.
So they kidnapped her just to
up their view count?
I'll crush those creeps!
I'll kill 'em!
- How lame.
- Huh?
I'll crush 'em.
Let's go.
This is Uta's first battle.
Hey! Over there!
Look at that! Below the flag!
There's someone up there!
This isn't funny!
Seriously, you big jerks!
This sucks!
Somebody! Help me!
Who do these damn punks think they are
using Makoto as some kind of war trophy?
What do those Morticians want?
They're gunning for Team BB's boat.
The Reiyo? And they agreed?
- But, what happens if they lose?
- Hmm...
We'll know soon enough
if it was a good idea
for them to respond
to the Morticians challenge.
We need to avoid direct fighting.
Let's focus on speed.
Isozaki, Usagi, play decoy.
And I'll go after the flag.
- Hibiki, you're with Uta.
- Hm.
Your job is to confuse the enemy.
Got it.
You can stream all you want!
Only thing you're gonna see is playback
of how pathetic you all are on loop!
Our views are sure to increase
during this month,
directly increasing
our financial gains as well.
The Blue Blazes
versus The Under Takers.
Ready... set...
Damn it! How is that even allowed?
Now, utilize line
formation from Point Alpha to Delta.
This way!
Number four and five, clear.
Damn those Morticians!
Team BB fall.
Three players remaining!
Did I hear him right?
We've lost two already?
Leave the kids to us, Team BB.
You guys have to take that flag.
Lead our opponents to Point Sigma.
Damn it.
We're being lured in!
And now,
I must bid you farewell.
Damn it all!
Wait, Hibiki!
Jump here,
and you'll be sucked into the Antlion Pit!
Do that and you play
right into their hands.
They play dirty.
They led us to a place where
it's impossible to jump without gear.
We don't have the tools
to jump over this vortex.
Their lead will grow even larger
if we don't think of something right now!
Where did Team BB get a player like that?
You might make it by yourself. Now jump!
Hibiki! Uta!
Do it! Do it!
Let's go, Uta!
Uta... Hibiki...
Amazing! You're amazing!
Come on!
Go and win!
- Oh.
- Oh.
Game set!
And the winners are, the Blue Blazes!
- Uta!
- Huh?
Are you all right?
Can you believe it? We came back
from the brink and actually won!
Isn't it awesome?
Oh, you guys!
Uta, Hibiki, you were great!
Makoto, calm down!
Oh, you were so great!
I couldn't believe what I was seeing!
Today, Team Blue Blazes
scorched the Morticians!
Those no-good bastards were no match
for our blue flames!
What's more, we were able to rescue Makoto
without so much as a scratch.
So give it up!
So sorry to worry you, everyone.
But I'm back in action
and ready for business.
Welcome back.
Right then, to all you lovable idiots,
I would like to wish you
nothing but the best of luck
as you strive for victory
in your endeavors!
Let's drink!
Let's drink!
Good job today.
- Wow.
- Dude, that was so cool!
This is to stop them
from doing anything stupid again.
I'm sure that thing smells good,
but could you maybe try to
lay off the sniffing when you're speaking?
Show my scented squishy a little respect.
With our blue blazes...
We're gonna burn it all down!
You were late, you dumbass.
How was I supposed to know?
He's right though!
You're the only one out of sync!
Oh, Hibiki. Are we being too loud?
You're just as loud as always.
We won because...
everybody in this room gave it their all.
Appreciate it.
Did Hibiki... just thank us?
Are you feeling all right, dude?
Did you bang your head?
You're so cute!
Hey, you! That is so not fair!
Huh? Would you get out of here?
I said stop that.
- Huh?
- Hm?
Hey, what's the matter?
"The Mermaid's sisters wanted her back."
"They wanted
the Little Mermaid to return home.
They told her...
You must return to the ocean.
Please, hurry.
If you do not return...
then you will..."
Thought this is where you'd be.
Got something for you.
To commemorate
your first victory.
That way, you can always
listen to the sound of the waves.
Today I realized something.
How should I say it?
The person that I thought I was before,
wasn't really me.
After meeting you, I...
became myself for the very first time.
It's all because of you.
Thank you.
when I'm with you I...
These bubbles...
What's going on?
The way those bubbles are falling...
It's the same as five years ago!
A second Bubble-fall Phenomenon!
We must leave Tokyo right away!
But Hibiki and Uta haven't come back yet!
Those two better not be there...
What's happening?
What in the world?
Wait, this song...
it's you?
"The Little Mermaid...
wanted to see the prince...
so she floated
to the surface of the ocean."
It was you all along.
What was that?
"The Little Mermaid's heart
was about to burst into pieces."
"It was the very last day...
that she would have to see the prince."
Are you saying... today is the last day?
They're calling.
I must stop them.
The Reiyo?
Hold onto this!
Opened up to 13!
It's turned to auto.
Is it okay to leave it now?
It's fine! Get back here!
Tokyo is sinking!
This is bad.
You guys should know, I can't swim.
As if they're being called by... the tower.
He's back!
So, this boat can move?
What? Did you think I was doing
all that maintenance for my health?
We happened to pick up
some drifting Morticians by the way.
20 degrees!
The water level just keeps rising!
The rescue request?
I sent it, along with data, to HQ.
The changes started
when Uta came to the Reiyo.
A song that only Hibiki and Uta can hear?
Are they hearing the same song?
The tower must be the source.
But if I tell him,
Hibiki will wanna go to the tower!
- Is everybody all right?
- Yeah.
Damn it! We're stuck!
Where are you going, Hibiki?
- To the tower.
- Huh?
You wanna run that by us again?
I'm going to the tower.
I know Uta's there.
So I'm going.
What? Are you trying to die?
It's too risky. Don't do it!
I don't have any choice.
The bubbles are in an active phase!
This is serious, man.
Are you really going out there?
I am.
And you're absolutely sure
Uta will be there?
Yes. Can you come with me?
Fine, I'll come. But just this once.
Huh? What are you talking about, Kai?
Let's go!
Wait, you can't go out there!
What the? You too?
Of course we're going.
BB's star player needs back-up.
Uta is also an asset for the team.
I wish I had parents
who'd talk me out of things like this!
Hey! You guys get back here!
Shin, please!
We have to let them go.
There's something about the tower
only Hibiki and Uta know.
The kids already
have a feeling about that.
You said Tokyo Battlekour
values independence, right?
Would you like to purchase these?
Okay. Let's do it.
Yo, Hibiki, get in on this!
With our blue blazes...
We're gonna burn it all down!
Well, that doesn't look too good.
The red bubbles are dangerous.
Don't let them touch you.
This isn't our usual game.
Keep your guard up. Stay alert!
Copy that!
All right, get ready...
Good luck to you all.
Oh, these boots are awesome!
This ain't the time to goof around!
Pitch eight... nine... ten...
He's booking.
Bubbles incoming! Head in the game!
I'm falling!
Would somebody please tell me
what the hell's going on?
What? Two spiderwebs?
Their suction power is unreal.
Hibiki, what now?
I'm gonna try
reaching the Observatory
using the fragments of the Main Shaft.
But it's at least 30 meters
from the last fragment to the Observatory!
The boots won't be enough!
I'll take the lead!
What are you doing here?
I'd like to say that I came
to bring you guys home, but I know better.
So instead, I thought
you need an experienced leader.
We're glad you're here.
Is this really happening?
Shin's finally joining us!
What's your plan?
Listen up.
I'll show you the route
to the final fragment first.
Just follow me, Hibiki.
But, it'll be risky, Shin.
Hm. I've pushed myself here
far more than you.
Believe me when I say you can trust me.
Let's go!
Wow! That was insane!
He's busting out that legendary tricking!
Look out!
We can't hold it forever! Get moving!
Hurry! This way!
- Okay, go for it!
- Gotcha!
Get the flag, Hibiki!
We're bringing Uta home, you hear me!
He's in!
I tried, but never made it.
But you can do it. I know you can!
You're the one who will save her.
Is this... five years ago?
Why is everything the same as it was then?
Is that...
I remember.
This was the moment I...
Right then, I'll leave it to you.
- Bubbles!
- Huh?
- Huh?
- Huh?
Wha... what? What in the world?
Wait, this song...
it's you?
It's okay.
I can hear you just fine.
It was you all along.
This was the moment...
that I may have
unintentionally angered the bubbles.
But those bubbles...
it was her. Uta protected me.
Everyone okay?
- Where's Hibiki?
- The observatory!
He went to see the ghost on his own!
He did what?
Time's moving forward.
I hate to say it, but... it'll collapse.
Unless maybe...
"The Little Mermaid...
gazed upon her human prince...
...and then,
fell straight to the bottom of the sea."
Look, the tower!
Uta! Your body...
"The Little Mermaid...
was so happy just being there.
She cherished those days
more than anything.
Even more, she realized...
than her own life."
even though she fully understood
her body was rapidly
turning into seafoam...
fear was a complete stranger to her."
Uta... your body...
Don't go, Uta!
It's because... I met you...
So that I could be the me I wanted to be.
This is...
the human heart.
It's a heart that's able to feel...
A heart that feels...
happiness and pain...
and true love.
Where's... Uta?
It's you, isn't it?
The cycle of collapse
and rebirth continues.
From the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago...
the elements which make up our bodies
have reassembled again and again.
They become stars...
burn out, contract...
and shoot out into the universe.
Gathering in a vortex, they mix together...
and later, scatter apart.
Someday, when this world comes to an end
and the Earth ceases to exist...
perhaps we too, will once again
become part of a massive vortex.
Time will tell.
Let's meet again someday.
With our blue blazes...
We're gonna burn it all down!
It's still lame.
it's the numbnuts ninjas again!
Hey! Ready to get your ass kicked?
Oh, piss off!
We're gonna smoke you guys!
It's time, everybody!
Get ready...
And set...
Let's do it!
Kick some butt out there, Blue Blazes!