Buchanan Rides Alone (1958) Movie Script

Hey, Lew!
You want to check this one?
- LEW: He don't look like much. Hey mister!
LEW: Ride over here
and get off your horse.
He told you to get down.
- What for?
-l'll ask the questions.
Go ahead. I can hear you fine,
right from where I'm sitting.
Mister, I don't want to have
to shoot you off that horse.
And I sure wouldn't
want you to, Sheriff.
Check his saddle bags first.
Wasting your time.
Only thing I've got on me's worth
a hoot is this here gun belt.
Sheriff, give me the price of
a good meal and a night's lodging
and you can have this whole caboodle.
- What do you say?
Somebody chasing you, Roy?
You do that on purpose, Lafe.
Why don't you grow up, Roy?
What's the matter with him?
Same old thing, getting himself
in trouble across the line.
- Where you heading, mister?
-West Texas.
West Texas! Ha!
I should have knowed it!
You know one West Texan can
always spot another West Texan
by the way he sets his horse,
or walks down the street.
Or totes his gun.
I'm from West Texas. Name's Pecos.
- Glad to know you.
-This one ain't carrying nothing, Lew.
We get enough drifters coming across
the border with nothing in their pockets.
I wouldn't linger in Agry Town
if I was you.
I ain't gonna linger no place
until I get back where I belong.
You're the man to see.
I want to get a room.
Cost you ten dollars. In advance.
Well, I'm not staying a week,
I just want a room for the night.
Well, it will still
cost you ten dollars.
I know I've got some tens
in here somewhere. I...
I could change one of them
fifties for you, sir.
- You sure it wouldn't be too much trouble?
-Oh, not at all, sir.
- There you are, Mr, er...?
-The name's Buchanan.
Your room is the first one
at the head of the stairs, sir.
I'll use it later.
Where can I get something to eat?
They'll fix you up with a good
steak across at the saloon.
Oh, Mr Buchanan,
a border town ain't no place
to go walking around
carrying a lot of money on you.
I'd advise you to leave it
with me in the safe.
It's safe right where it is.
Be sure to tell Nacho
that Amos Agry sent you.
You related to him?
He's my brother.
The Sheriff's my brother too.
His name's Lew Agry.
Looks like you got
mighty high connections.
Morning, dad.
Don't you ever do that again!
WOMAN: I'll do it every time you go
chasing across the border.
-L'll settle for a lot but not another woman.
- What are you talking about?
- Where'd you get those scratches?
-I rode through some brush.
Looks like you tried to ride through
some Mexican wildcat.
Why, y0u...!
ROY: If you wanna live,
you get me that bottle of whiskey.
I can't do it, Roy, your father
gave me strict orders.
Get me that bottle or
I'll come back and take it!
- I can't do it, Roy.
-How about me?
I was told I could get some whiskey
and a good steak here.
You watch out who
you're pushing, mister.
Just looked like your arguing
wasn't getting you anywhere,
and I'm a mighty hungry man.
I don't want no steak
that's out and out raw,
I want the middle on the red side...
This ain't a very friendly town.
If I was you,
I'd get out of here quick.
That was Roy Agry
you just hit, mister.
Ain't there anybody in this town
that ain't an Agry?
Please go, sefior.
While I'm waiting for that steak,
I'll buy a bottle. Of that one.
What I don't drink I'll take with me.
- How much?
-Ten dollars.
- The steak?
-Ten dollars.
Good thing I'm only staying
over the night.
Sure is a ten dollar town.
Hey, kid! How about a shot of this?
Maybe you need it.
Hold it, son,
I built up a small hanker myself.
Nacho, you're fixing up
trouble for yourself.
Amos, I didn't give him the bottle.
He gave it to him.
Your son looked like
he could use a drink.
He ain't no son of mine.
I'd appreciate it if you'd
bring that bottle back here.
You know what I'm gonna do?
If you keep pulling on that bottle I do.
When I finish this,
I'm gonna kill you.
Now that's just Jim Dandy, son.
But in the meantime, would you
mind bringing me my steak?
What do you want?
- You've got to get over the saloon right away.
-What for?
Roy's been drinking and he says
he's gonna kill a fella.
Oh, Roy ain't got guts enough
to kill nobody.
Maybe not sober, but when he's been drinking
there just ain't nothing he ain't liable to do.
- Well, what's it to you what Roy does?
-Well, he's our nephew, ain't he?
Besides, that fella's carrying
a lot of money. I seen it.
Lew, if you ain't gonna try and stop him
I'm gonna go tell Simon.
- Stop worrying. Roy ain't gonna kill nobody.
-Lew, I tell you...
Shut up and get out of here.
"A lot of money."
What did we miss, Waldo?
Let's finish the hand and go find out.
Put one of these on the wall right
above the bar, Nacho.
- Muy bien.
-You might put another one over here.
It's not my fault, Mr Carbo.
I did not serve Roy the whiskey.
Didn't say you did.
Roy is going to kill him.
He is?
- Mighty tasty steak.
-NACHO: Thank you, sefior.
Anybody wants me, I'll be over at
the hotel getting some shut-eye.
The name's Buchanan.
Quite a town!
Roy Agry!
Plck up your gun!
- Do not do this, boy.
-Take it easy son, he's drunk.
Stay where you are.
No, palito, no. Please!
Please go back home.
I will after I kill him.
If you kill him
you will never see your home again.
Stay out of there.
Take him over to the jail house
and wait for him to come to.
When I hang a man, I like him
to know what's going on.
So they got Roy.
I told you what was gonna happen.
You told me!
You couldn't have been more wrong.
- You said he was going to kill somebody.
- He was.
Nacho, tell the undertaker
to get his wagon over here.
I guess I better go tell Simon.
Don't be gone too long
or you'll miss the hanging.
You ain't never seen a double hanging,
have you, Amos?
You're gonna hang Mr Buchanan?
- That's right.
The way I figure, he and the Mex
were in this together.
- How much do you figure's in that purse, Lew?
-Well, it's hard to say.
If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have
known he was carrying all that money.
- Don't worry, Amos, I'll out you in for your share.
-How much?
This doesn't seem like a likely time
to be haggling over money,
especially when it doesn't
belong to you, Lew.
I guess I better go break
the sad news to Simon.
I'll take care of that, Amos.
Try to understand.
As soon as they hear us, they'll
swing us from the nearest tree.
I understand English, sefior.
I am grateful for what you did,
but I'm sorry I brought you trouble.
We both got trouble, big trouble.
For me it does not matter.
R03' Agry is dead.
Why did you kill him?
Cannot tell you, sefior.
The name's Buchanan, what's yours?
Sorry, but I would rather not say.
That's all right.
We ain't got much time
to get acquainted anyway.
- Come on!
-lt's high noon! What are we waiting for?
We're still waiting for 'em to wake up.
Here, go check on 'em.
Get up.
Morning, Nina. Where's the judge?
Anyone ever tell you
you're a mighty handsome woman?
Many times, sefior.
When are you gonna leave
the judge and work for me?
- The judge treats me very well.
-I can treat you better.
Why should I leave a man of Judge Agry's
position to work for you, sefior'?
That's for you to answer, beautiful.
Only remember, if you wait too long
I may not want you.
- Morning, Simon.
Nina! Bring another glass.
I already have it, sefior.
-L'm afraid I've got some bad news for you, Simon.
Yeah? What's happened now?
Roy has been... shot.
Roy, dead.
It was inevitable.
Who did it?
A young Mexican.
Looks like a man named Buchanan
helped him.
Did they get away?
Simon, you'd better get down to the
jail before they string 'em up.
Lew has everybody
primed for a lynching.
If you're smart, you'll stop it.
Why should I do that?
Because everybody in these parts
knows that Simon Agry
stands for law and order.
A lynching could cost you
a lot of votes, Simon.
Aside from the fact that the young
man's name just happens to be
Juan de la Vega.
Don Pedro's son?
Ask me, I'd say the old gentleman
might be willing
to part with a lot of pesos
to get his son back safe.
You're right.
Can't have no lynching
with me coming up for election.
Sheriff, you are making a big mistake!
You cannot hang Sefior Buchanan.
He had nothing to do with it.
I killed Roy Agry.
- Yeah, and he helped you.
-That's right, Lew.
No, you're wrong.
He had nothing to do with it.
Save your breath, kid.
Nobody's listening to you.
I am truly sorry, sefior.
So am I.
All right, string 'em up.
Wait! Lew!
Take those men back to jail!
Hey, Simon, I thought
you was at the cemetery.
Do as I say,
take those ropes off their necks.
Please listen to me.
My only son has been killed.
A son I held very dear to my heart.
Who among you has a better reason
for wanting to see those murderers hang?
None of you.
I personally would like to put
the noose about their neck,
but the law forbids it.
You all know that
I'm a law-abiding man.
It's my solemn duty to see
that they get a fair trial.
That's just what they're gonna get
tomorrow morning at nine o'clock.
Now the sheriff here is gonna
take these men back to jail.
And I want all of you to go home.
Please, gentlemen!
We must see that justice
takes its proper course.
And I shall personally
be forever grateful to you.
All right, take the ropes off.
Sefior Buchanan,
why did you help me?
Because you needed it.
I wish my father could meet you,
so he could thank you for what you did.
Tell me, who is your father?
Well, who is he?
Don Pedro de la Vega.
I'm Juan de la Vega.
The whole of Mexico
thinks a lot of your dad.
You've heard of him?
Lots, all good.
He's a fine man.
And he has a fine son.
I saw those scratches on Roy's face.
Was she your wife?
I am not married.
Your sister, then?
Look, Johnny, you've gotta tell 'em.
Nobody would hang you for killing a
man who did a thing like that.
No-one must ever know, Buchanan.
All right, quiet everybody.
This here trial is about to start.
Now Jim here is going to pass
among you with a tray
and the judge wants me to have you
put all your glasses
in that tray, empty.
Judge don't want no more
liquored-up opinion
like he had in that last trial.
Now sit down some place
and take off your hats.
Come on, stand up for the judge.
Come on, Charlie!
Well, sit down.
All right, this here court is now in
session, Judge Simon Agry presiding.
Waldo, bring in the prisoners.
Bring in the prisoners!
Put that gavel down.
- Sit down.
-Sit down.
Sit down!
I see the defendants
have no legal representation.
We don't need no lawyer, Judge.
- What is your full name?
-Tom Buchanan.
What is your full name?
I killed Roy Agry,
that is all you have to know.
Your name is Juan de la Vega.
Stand up, Buchanan.
He had nothing to do with it.
Tad, sit him down.
Where do you hail from, Buchanan?
West Texas.
- Where are you headed?
-Back home.
What's your occupation?
Well, I'm trying to think.
It seems to be quite a chore.
I ain't much of a thinker, Judge.
I grew up chasing cows.
Whose cows?
My dad's. Until the drought
and the bank wiped us out.
- What then?
-I ramrodded some, a little border spread,
and then I got some ideas
about owning for my own,
so I crossed the line and tried
to stake myself some animals.
By rustling?
No, sir. Fighting.
- Oh, so you're a fighter?
-Yes, sir.
What kind of fighting?
Almost any kind,
provided there's money in it.
Ijoined General Campos in Mexico.
Then murder is nothing new
to you, Buchanan.
Ain't murder when you
kill in the revolution.
Why aren't you still there?
Revolution petered out.
Besides I... I got myself a stake.
I see.
According to this charge, you're an
accessory to the murder of Roy Agry.
How do you plead?
Your son getting shot
was no business of mine.
You got any questions, Lew?
Mister, wouldn't you say
you made your living as a gunman?
I've turned a dollar with a gun.
- And you put in a lot ofjail time?
-I've been in jail.
So the fact is you're just
another hard case on the dodge?
You could say that.
Tell the judge here about
the fight you picked with Roy
just before he was shot.
Nothing to tell.
Nothing to tell!
You knocked him down and when
he got up you got him drunk.
He was a man full-grown, I offered
him a drink, but he took the bottle.
He was still working on it when I left.
Isn't it a fact of the case
that you were the advance agent
in this killing?
Weren't you sent into town to
either goad Roy into a gunfight
or get him so drunk
he couldn't defend himself?
- No.
-But the plan misfired, didn't it?
You two did the killing all right,
but the Mex here
ran smack into the law
and you came and tried
to break him free.
I saw this boy here getting
a licking from this big ape,
so I dealt myself in.
I figured it was one thing
I could do in this town
-that wouldn't cost me ten bucks.
- Oh, you don't like this town.
-I don't like some of its people.
- Me included?
-You especially.
Oh, you'd like to kill me, maybe?
I'd like to give you
what you and your boys gave me.
- Take the law into your own hands, is that it?
-No. Just you.
Well, that's the case, judge.
He's a gunman that came
into town yesterday
to set it up for
this boy here to kill Roy.
I never saw this boy in my life
before yesterday.
I didn't have nothing to do
with the killing.
Anybody got any more to say?
You've all heard the evidence,
now you've got to decide
whether Buchanan was or was not an
accessory to the murder of Roy Agry.
You can go out to the back room
and talk it over.
You folks sit down
until they get out of here.
Have you reached your verdict?
Not guilty, Your Honour.
Since you've been found innocent,
your presence in this courtroom
will no longer be required.
Ivy, escort Mr Buchanan
back to the hotel.
I'm glad for you, Buchanan.
Juan de la Vega, stand up.
You are charged with
the murder of Roy Agry,
my son.
- How do you plead?
-I killed your son and I'm glad.
There ain't no point in
prolonging this trial, Simon.
He admits he killed him, so there
ain't nothin' we gotta prove.
You heard the defendant confess
that he killed Roy Agry.
As judge, I have no alternative
except to direct you to bring in
a verdict of guilty.
I don't think we have to go anyplace
to cast our vote, Judge.
We find him guilty.
Juan de la Vega,
you've been found guilty
by a jury of twelve freeholders
of Agry County, California.
At an hour before sunset this very
day, you will be hung by the neck
until you are dead.
Court is adjourned.
I don't care what you say, this
ain't no fair share and you know it.
- There was only three hundred, Amos.
-You're lying.
You shouldn't call
your brother a liar, Amos.
It's all the money the man had.
We all got a fair share.
Well, maybe you can fool Hamp and Ivy,
but you can't fool me.
If I don't get at least
ten more of these things,
Simon is gonna get an earful.
Amos, you start playing Simon and me
against each other,
you're gonna get a lot more
than just an earful.
Here comes Buchanan.
Sheriff, I'll make a deal with you.
You let the boy go and you can keep
that money of mine.
Hear that, Waldo?
He's trying to bribe me.
Yeah, he's a real bad one.
No respect at all for the law.
Want me to lock him up?
I'll forget what you just said,
Now get back on that horse of yours
and start riding out of town.
I'd like to see the boy first.
Hello, Johnny.
I'm very glad to
see you again, Buchanan.
I thought this might help.
Thank you.
It was an honour
knowing you, Buchanan.
It was an honour knowing you.
- Would you do something for me?
-If I can.
Would you ask them
to let my horse go?
Just let him loose at the bridge.
He'll find his way home.
We'll take care of the horse for you.
Well... so long, Johnny.
Goodbye, Buchanan.
Where's my gun?
A law-abiding citizen
like you don't need no gun.
- Give me my belt.
-You're getting it.
Now you saw the kid, git.
- Lafe and Pecos are going to ride north with you.
-I don't need an escort.
You're getting one anyway.
I'm making sure you don't
show up in Agry Town again.
Sheriff, I had $2,000...
LEW: We were voted out of
a double hanging, Buchanan.
Unless you get on that horse
and start riding,
we'll make up for it
with a double burying.
I'll be back.
Lafe, you and Pecos try real hard
to change his mind about that.
Don't you worry about it, Lew.
Waldo, you better go back to
the hotel and sit with Amos
until he simmers down a bit.
He might have heard something
that upset him.
I've been looking for you.
Hop in!
He can't. He's got some things
to do in the hotel.
Nothing that can't wait till tomorrow.
I think he ought to stop by
and talk to Simon.
A man likes to have his family around
at a time like this.
You might mention that to Lew.
Funeral's set for noon tomorrow.
Fine. What's he doing here?
A couple of Lew's guns just
rode out of town with Buchanan.
Thought maybe he could tell you why.
- Well, Amos, why?
Lew, how come you sent Buchanan
out of town under two guns?
You afraid of Buchanan, Lew?
There ain't a man in this world
I'm afraid of.
- Is that a fact?
-Yeah, that's a fact, Carbo.
Look, Lew, I don't mind you stealing
a few dollars from the trash
that comes across the border,
but don't get ambitious
and start trying to buck me.
Lew wouldn't try to buck you, Simon.
That star isn't permanent
on your chest.
- I put it there and I can take it off.
-You want it back now, Simon?
No. We haven't had
any real differences yet.
I want both of you to be
at the funeral tomorrow.
As Roy's uncles, a few tears
certainly wouldn't be out of place.
How are we going to work up
any tears over Roy?
Just be sure you rise to the occasion.
I didn't tell him nothing,
Lew, honest.
Carbo seen Buchanan
riding out of town.
He knows you got the money, too.
Lew, there was $2,000 in that purse.
Mr Buchanan said so.
- Did he?
-Sure he did.
He was standing right there on
the porch. You remember when he...
Por el pueblo, atrs de Ia iglesia,
la (mica casa grande.
Well, not many fathers feel about
their sons the way you did.
This trial could do you
a lot of good, Simon.
Might even make you
Governor of California some day.
Could be.
gEsta aqui el sefior Simon Agry?
Si, sefior.
gPuedo verlo, por favor?
NINA: Si, est en eljardin.
Por aqui, sefior.
Sefior AQW?
- MAN: You are Sefior Agry?
-Yes, who are you?
- Esteban Gomez.
-Won't you come in, please?
This is Mr Carbo, Sefior Gomez.
What can I do for you?
I've come to purchase the freedom
of Juan de la Vega.
That is impossible.
He's been convicted of murder.
His freedom is not for sale.
I'm sorry to hear that, sefior.
I will return to Don Pedro and tell him
his generous offer has been rejected.
Well, just a moment, sefior.
Since you've come such a long way,
I see no harm in discussing it.
Won't you sit down?
- Well?
-Don Pedro will deliver to you
thirty of his finest horses,
upon the release of his son.
How could I explain how
I came by these fine horses?
I couldn't.
It is a very generous offer, sefior.
Don Pedro's horses are blooded stock.
They are some of
the finest horses in the world.
Oh, I'm sure they are.
But the fact remains
that Juan de la Vega
will be hung this very day,
unless you meet my terms.
$50,000 in American money.
- Sefior...
-I have nothing more to say.
Judge, I think Sefior Gomez
should be allowed
to take the boy's body
back with him
so he can be buried
in his own country.
It's a very kind suggestion.
You will be permitted to do this.
I do not think Don Pedro can
raise that much money, sefior.
I'll give him 48 hours
to see if he can.
-48 hours.
You're a very difficult man, sefior.
Lew, the hanging's
temporarily postponed.
Because Simon wants it that way,
that's why.
If it's on again,
I'll let you know.
Well, I wonder what Simon's
got up his sleeve.
I don't know,
but whatever it is,
that kid's gonna get strung up
right on schedule.
You might be making
a big mistake, Lew.
Well, Simon never was one
to do anything without a reason.
If I was you,
I'd find out what it is.
Town crier always knows something.
How much further are you boys
going to ride along with me?
A ways.
That where you going to kill me?
What do you get paid
for a job like this?
Fifty? Not over a hundred.
Not much more than that.
For a West Texan,
you do killing awful cheap, Pecos.
Buchanan, what was you
planning to do with that $2,000?
You know that country
up around Endicott?
I sure do.
Well, I had my eye
on a spread up there,
but I never could get me a
big enough stake together until lately.
I'd love to have me
a spread back there.
Ain't no place like West Texas.
So how come you're in California?
Settle footed.
This country is so dang big,
a man just itches
to move around it.
So one day I got tired of
watching the sun go west
and I just followed it
on out here.
But I ain't itching no more.
Before long I'll follow the sun
right on back to where I come from.
Sound like you put a lot of
store in being a Texan.
A man's got to be loyal to something.
That's the same way I feel.
You come on back here.
Buchanan, I want you to know
I don't cotton none to this job.
A man oughtn't do a job
he don't cotton to, Pecos.
- Lafe?
-Forget it.
Right there, Buchanan.
Now step down.
Take its saddle off.
Put it down.
Don't turn around.
Who's going to do the shooting?
Both of us.
- Lafe, why don't we just...
-Shut up, Pecos.
I ain't got no more stomach
for this than you have.
We got a job to do.
Thanks, Pecos.
L-A-F-E, Lafe.
I sure hope old Lafe
ain't put out with us
for stashing him up this here tree.
With animals all around it seems the
only decent thing, don't you think?
Anyways, that hole you dug
is done run chock full of water.
Wouldn't hold nothing but a fish.
you and me worked for Lew Agry
for nigh on a year.
And though I don't guess
we was ever real buddies,
I'm sorry it was me
that stopped your clock.
You had your good side, Lafe,
but you had your bad side too.
Well, like cheating at stud,
and emptying my pockets
whenever I got drunk.
But I ain't holding
these things agin you.
And if you're holding
a grudge agin me, Lafe,
just remember that,
of when it come down to choosing
between you and Buchanan here,
I just had to choose Buchanan
on account of he's a West Texan.
Like I always say,
let bygones be bygones,
and I hope you're saying the same
wherever you are.
Well, so long, Lafe.
- You died real good.
I sure got myself in one of
them predicaments.
I don't know what
I'm gonna do now.
Pecos, how do you like to be
half owner in that spread of mine?
- You mean that?
-Sure do.
Yeah, but you ain't got
that $2,000 no more.
I'll get it back.
Huh! Waldo and Lew
shoot you on sight. Me too.
I'll take you in as partner whether you'll
ride back to Agry Town with me or not.
Would you?
Buchanan, that's real nice of you.
I know just the place
I can wait for you.
Why would I be making
a big mistake, Amos?
You mean about going ahead
with the hanging?
What's Simon up to?
- Why don't you ask him?
-l'm asking you, Amos.
You don't pay too good
for information, Lew.
Oh, how much do you want?
I ain't greedy, Lew, all I want's 10,000.
You can have all the rest.
All the rest?
- And how much would that be?
- Dollars?
Well, you've just got yourself
a deal, brother.
Now, how am I going to get
my hands on all this money?
Well, some time
in the next 48 hours,
a Mexican's going to bring
$50,000 to Simon
for the release of
Juan de la Vega.
Now all you have to do
is figure out some way
to keep that money
from getting to Simon.
Amos, you go over to the saloon,
and tell Hamp and Ivy
to get over here as fast as they can.
What you gonna do, Lew?
I'm going to spit
right in Simon's eye.
Yep, there's the shack.
Right behind it you find a trail
run you right into Agry Town.
Change your mind about going back?
I was thinking about young Juan.
Be sundown long before
you can get there.
Yes, bad luck all the way around.
Say, I got some coffee and bacon in my bag
if you've a mind to eat before you start back.
I could eat.
All right, Lew.
Hop in, kid.
Drive slow out of town, Ivy.
When you get to the shack, Waldo,
if everything looks all right,
you get back here as fast as you can.
All right, Mex, get out of there.
Ivy, you ride the kid's horse.
What's the matter?
Can't you handle him?
Sure you can?
Come on, get up.
Sefior, you hurt my horse again,
I swear one day I'll kill you.
There's supposed to be
nobody living in that old shack.
There's sure someone living there now.
Howdy, fellas, what in tarnation
brings you out here?
How come the kid's still alive?
I figured he'd be hung
and buried by now.
Lew told you how he wanted the job done.
Why didn't you do it that way?
Well, we done just like Lew said.
What's Buchanan's horse doing here?
Only thing you were supposed to
bring back with you was a saddle.
Well, after we killed him...
Ain't no sense in my lying to you, Waldo.
When it come down to
that poor dumb animal,
I just didn't have
the heart to do it.
What did you stop off here for?
Well, after all that riding,
we decided to stay out the night.
Where's Lafe?
Oh, he went out hunting a rabbit
or something to eat.
Be back any time now.
What did you bring him for?
Simon and the kid's pa
made a deal with Simon
that he'd pay him $50,000
to let the kid go free.
Lew figured it don't make no
difference to his pa
who he paid the money to,
so long as the kid went on living.
So Lew decided to go in
the ransom business.
PECOS: Looks like Lew's really
bucking the big men this time.
Oh, they was bound to have
a showdown sooner or later.
Yeah, like you said,
it was bound to happen.
- Lafe get a boot out of shooting Buchanan?
-Yeah, he got a kick out of it.
- Lafe never minded shooting nobody.
-Of course, that's his business.
Sit down, kid.
Any food leftover,
we'll give you something to eat.
You three stay like you was.
I never expected to see you
again today, Buchanan.
I didn't never expect to see you ever.
Cut him loose.
You three sit down.
Get the rope.
Throw me the rifle.
Johnny, you and Pecos tie 'em up,
except for Waldo.
Drag 'em off.
Stand up.
Waldo, I've been remembering
that fight we had out in the saloon.
How long were you supposed
to stay here with Johnny?
Till Lew comes.
Well, what are we gonna do now?
First, tie him up,
then fix us some food, then I...
I ain't sure.
When you figure Lew
will be showing up?
Ts k-ts k-ts k-ts k-tsk.
Ain't your toe sore yet?
Lew will be here as soon
as he gets the ransom money
-from a Mex named Gomez.
Who's this Gomez?
He's ranch foreman for my father.
Well, I hope he's smart enough
not to turn the money over
till after Lew turns you over.
- Gomez is very smart, Buchanan.
I'll ride with you as far
as the border. Come on.
Be seeing you.
Pecos, you cut us loose and I'll
forget about you siding with Buchanan.
Oh, you would
never forget that, Waldo.
Why, if you got the chance,
you'd cut my heart out
with your bare hand.
Well, like the man said,
be seeing you.
Didn't I just say goodbye to you?
Yes, sir, you did.
But you know something?
I've got to think about
what I'd do when Lew got here.
He's mighty handy with a gun.
Well, what do you want to do?
Well, I know a place where Juan can
cross the border
without no chance of
running into anybody.
And if you don't mind, I'd be much obliged
if I could ride along with you.
All right, Pecos.
But I still ain't going
back into Agry Town, ever.
Lew's going to kill us when
he finds out the kid got away.
We'll get him back.
Well, here we are,
that's your country.
Guess this is where
we part company, Johnny.
Please, do not return to Agry Town.
Come to the hagienda with me.
Meet my father.
He will be very happy to make up
your losses.
I'll make up my own losses.
I must do something to repay you
for all you have done.
If you must go back to Agry Town,
let me go with you.
- You really want to do something for me?
-Name it and it's done.
Start riding and don't stop
till you get home.
- He named it, kid.
-So long, Johnny.
Pecos, ride a ways to see that
he keeps going south.
I will be waiting right here
for you, Buchanan. Good luck.
What's the matter with you?
I couldn't have missed him from here.
Have the shot scare the kid away?
We'll get Buchanan later.
You know something, Johnny?
Looks like this time I let my big mouth
talk me into a real peck of trouble.
Tell Buchanan...
WALDO: All right, boy, mount up.
You're going back to town.
Lew, I want to know
what's holding up the hanging.
Simon's orders.
You all saw how broken up
poor Simon was at the funeral.
What's that got to do with it?
Well, if your son was killed,
you'd want to see his murderer get
what's coming to him, wouldn't you?
Now you'll just have to wait until
Simon's feeling better.
Simon. Simon, wake up.
I know the funeral's been a chore, but
I think this might make you feel better.
Your money man's here.
I have fulfilled your wish, sefior.
Fine. Now if you'll just
turn over the money.
I will turn over the money
when you turn over Juan de la Vega.
- What's the matter, don't you trust me?
-No, sefior.
How do you know you can trust him?
We haven't seen the money.
How do we know he's got it with him?
I have the money.
And I believe you.
Carbo, bring the boy back here.
Sefior Gomez, as you say
in Spanish, mi casa es su casa.
Make yourself at home.
AMOS: Lew! Lew! Carbojust pulled up behind
the jail, I think he's looking for you.
- Well, I ain't hard to find.
-Yeah, but...
Amos, ever since
this thing has happened
you've been running around town
like a chicken with its head cut off.
-How about I buy you a drink?
What do you want, Garbo'?
Keys to the jail cells.
Oh, sure.
Lew, you just made
the biggest mistake of your life.
You'd better make it right
before it's too late.
I ain't made no mistake, Carbo.
I think so. Come on.
- I ain't goin' no place.
-We're going over to Simon's.
The two of you have got
some things to hash over.
Now, what would Simon and me
have to hash over?
Where's the kid?
Ah. Well, you just tell Sefior Gomez
that if he's got any trading to do
I'm the man to see, because
Simon ain't got nothing to trade.
You know, Carbo, now that I've gone
into business for myself
I might not have time
for this sheriff business any more.
You keep this up, Lew, you're going
to wind up in a box right alongside Roy.
Hah! Giddap!
Put your hands on top of the desk.
And, Sheriff, would you mind
opening up that safe?
You kill me, Buchanan, ain't
nobody going to open that safe.
You know something, Sheriff?
It just might be worth it.
Hand me my gun belt.
Haul out my money
and count it over here on the table.
Put it in stacks of five hundred.
It'll be quicker that way.
Lew! Lew! You gotta do something!
Everybody's getting all riled up, they're
going to come down here and - aah!
Hello, Amos. Give Lew a hand
counting up my money.
How much is there?
Seventeen hundred.
You'd better start digging.
Get out with that fifty, Amos.
-It's all that's left, Buchanan.
-Put it back in my belt.
Amos, you were saying
something when you came in.
What's everybody
so riled up about?
Because we ain't hung the kid yet.
They say if Lew don't, they will.
Lew, you'd better get on
back up to the saloon.
Looks like you're gonna have to
do some mighty fast talking.
Lew? Lew?
What do you think they're gonna do
when find out the kid ain't in jail?
They won't find out till
after I get that fifty thousand.
But what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna find Gomez.
It's time we started talking business.
- Well, how are you gonna find Gomez?
-Very simple, I'm going to look for him.
If he wants that kid back,
he just might be looking for me.
We've waited long enough.
Yeah, and we ain't
waiting any longer.
If you don't get on with it, the men
will just take care of it themselves.
Ah, take it easy, fellas.
That's what I come in here for.
You all know Simon won't like
missing the hanging, so we'll wait.
But if he don't show up soon,
we'll go ahead without him.
Whiskey for everybody on me, Nacho.
Drink up, fellas, I'll be back.
Set 'em up, Nacho.
Okay, drink up, everybody.
I thought I told you to go home.
I couldn't help it, Buchanan.
That's right, Buchanan.
He couldn't help it.
Now you can do one of two things.
You make a break for it and we
shoot you both in the back
or you can toss over them guns.
Go get the keys.
We're sure making progress.
they killed Pecos.
- Hey, what are you all doing here?
-We had a little trouble. Where's Lew?
Where's the kid?
He's in jail with Buchanan.
I asked you where Lew was.
Well, he...
he said he'd be right back.
Ain't he busy?
I cannot understand why you
do not deliver Juan to me, sefior.
We can't deliver the boy in broad
daylight. The town's all for a hanging.
I am impatient, sefior. I have
fulfilled my part of the contract.
I will leave now.
When you are ready to return
Juan to me,
you will discover
I am very easy to find.
Might as well face it, Simon.
You're going to have to kiss
the fifty thousand goodbye.
Lew's holding the trump card.
Lew never saw the day
he could outfox me.
And nobody ever saw me
kiss $50,000 goodbye.
-Come in.
- Well, Amos, what is it?
-Well, I was just looking for Lew.
You were?
You should have known better than
to get mixed up in this with Lew, Amos.
Mixed up in what?
I haven't got any time to waste.
Where's Lew hiding the kid?
What are you talking about? I don't
know what the... I don't know nothing.
Now, where's the kid?
- In jail.
-Don't lie to me!
I'm not lying to you.
He's back in jail.
I'm telling you the truth.
I believe you, Amos.
Does Lew know he's back?
I don't think so.
He's looking for Gomez.
I was just looking for Lew.
Thank you, Amos.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
You sure kept us waiting
a long time, Simon.
Yeah, it's about time we
stretched that killer's neck.
Hold on, we can't have an official
hanging until the sheriff is there.
- Where is Lew?
-He's in the back room.
You won't be able to talk 'em
out of a hanging this time.
Probably not.
I don't intend to try.
After we get the money,
that's Lew's responsibility.
Well, I...
Sefior Gomez, you would be a very
foolish man
to believe anything
the sheriff has told you.
Gomez, don't let the judge here
smooth-talk you.
He don't know where the kid is,
He's in jail, where he's always been.
Now, if you'll just hand over
the saddle bag,
I promise you that nothing
will happen to Juan.
I will hand the money over to no-one
until the boy is handed over to me.
Come on, Simon,
what's keeping you and Lew?
How long do we have to wait, Lew?
Now, I don't blame you for being
impatient. We'll be right there.
Come on, give us the Mex!
If you believe me, you lose your
$50,000 and save the boy's life.
If you believe Lew, Juan dies.
Well, which Way's it gonna be?
I will believe you
only when I see the boy.
All right, Sefior Gomez.
Why don't you walk
with him over to the jail?
Incidentally, I've authorised
Mr Carbo to receive the money
when we deliver the boy.
Well, Lew, I wonder which one
of us is going to be right.
Seen Lew?
Lew, can I see you a minute?
Waldo, you're a fool!
Simon? Turns out that you were right.
- But I think we can change that.
-Let go of me, Lew!
Juan, I'm letting you go.
I didn't expect to find you here,
Buchanan. Come on.
We could use a gun.
Excuse me, sefior.
The carriage!
Get up!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot,
you'll hit Simon!
Buchanan, look.
- Lew, look, the saddle bag!
-I ain't blind.
Lew... bring out Gomez.
Gomez is all right.
Lew Ag ry?
I hear ya!
BUCHANAN: Tell everybody
to move back up the street,
and then let Gomez come on
across the bridge.
If you don't,
I'm gonna shoot the judge.
That ain't no loss.
You heard him!
He means it, Lew!
And if we do, you're releasing Simon?
You have my word on it.
All right, Gomez, beat it.
If he makes a move for that
saddle bag, shoot him.
Hold it.
Buchanan, he isn't going any
further until you let Simon go.
Tell him not to get nervous, Judge.
Let him keep on walking, Lew!
All right, Gomez, move on.
- Juan!
- Esteban! Ests bien?
Pues nada, nada.
Judge, now you go on out there,
pick up that saddle bag,
and bring it right back.
Pick it up and come right back!
Run this way, Simon! Come on!
Now, Lew, you got any more ideas
on how to get that saddle bag?
Yeah. A real good one.
Oh, no. Don't look my way, Lew.
Why not?
You can run faster than Simon.
You ought to be able to make it.
We'll give you good cover.
Just like you did the judge?
Oh, no.
No, Lew, not me either.
Suit yourself. But if you don't,
I'll kill you right here.
Now which way is it going to be?
Don't shoot, Buchanan!
Don't shoot!
That's far enough.
Now bend slow, pick up them bags,
and come on across.
I can't, Buchanan. Lew will kill me.
Do as I tell you or I will!
Hold it, Buchanan.
Drop that gun and stand up.
Get up!
You've just gone and saved us
the trouble of a hanging.
Lew, I can't let you do to Buchanan
what you did to Simon.
- LEW: What are you talking about?
-CARBO: Murder.
There were those on this side that
saw it, Lew, they'd swear to it.
- Drop your gun, Lew.
-My own brother?
Never should have crossed Simon.
- I'll take those.
-Not after all the trouble I've gone to.
Anyway, it looks like
this is your town now.
You wouldn't want to start out
making a big mistake.
There you are, Johnny.
Buchanan, when you have
a Mexican as a friend,
you must allow him to
repay you for all you have done.
My horse is your horse.
- No, Johnny.
-Please, Buchanan.
This time I promise
I will go straight home.
- Adic's.
I don't think anybody'll try to
stop him this time. Do you, Carbo?
Under the circumstances? No.
- Where do you think you're going?
-BUCHANAN: West Texas.
Good, I'd advise you not to stay here.
Like you say, this is my town now.
Mr Carbo... you can have it.
Don't just stand there, Amos.
Get a shovel.