Buck Breaking (2021) Movie Script

When we talk about buck breaking, we have to understand
that buck breaking is a show of power.
It's a show of dominance.
So we can't talk about buck breaking without
talking about power.
The dominant society, they spend a lot of money
and resources pushing different types of agendas
to black society because they try to confuse us sexually.
And if they can confuse you sexually, as our brother,
Neely Fuller said, they can confuse you in
any other type of way.
When we look at the domination of black people
by the dominant society, what we are in essence seeing is
that this society wants to ensure that we are not able to
actually meet out that thing that makes humans exist.
And that is creating families and procreating.
See, psychologically when we are talking about
the sexualizing of our people,
primarily from the dominant society
or the system of white supremacy, it had
to be established in a very impinging way from the mental
state, meaning everything that was done had
to have a sexual undertone.
Most of the time it was mostly direct.
So you had to enforce a level of dominance sexually in order
to destroy the mind and the spirit simultaneously.
So it was always, everything that I do, I'm going
to reinforce it sexually.
Everything that I say, I'm gonna reinforce it sexually.
Everything that I am going to manipulate
and use on you has to be done sexually in order for you
to understand that you are controlled.
You are my slave. You are
beneath me in every single way, shape, or form.
This whole notion that masculinity is somehow toxic
and detrimental to society is nothing
but an attempt to emasculate black manhood.
When you take away someone's right to deny sex,
your sex acts that go beyond norm, then you
violated the human being space of that person.
It's clearly an agenda.
If you have two eyes in your head
and you're able to see, you can see that it's an agenda,
and it's an agenda to, to decrease our population.
See, L-G-B-T-Q is like a political party,
like the Democrats or the Republicans.
So if you're black, doesn't necessarily mean
you're gonna be a Democrat.
You couldn't be an independent or a Republican.
It's always been about destroying the black family.
You, the, the family's, the foundation of the people.
You can't mistreat people if they're unified.
You need division.
You need all sorts of pathological behavior and conduct.
See, the first order beings on this planet,
people like us, we're first owners.
Why? Because we don't need anybody
else's energies except our own.
But second order entities need to feed on you
because they don't have a direct
connection to the wamo side.
The heterosexual black male
is last on the pecking order here in America.
If you just a, a heterosexual black man,
how are you gonna beat the case?
Because when you show up to court, when you show up
to the job interview, when you show up
to wherever you coming in here
as a heterosexual black man, you have no power.
When Mark Twain confessed, we white people ground
the manhood out of the Negro,
why ground the manhood out of the Negro?
Because it's the, it's black masculinity that most
exposes the fraud.
A white masculinity.
We as the progenitors of culture,
the ones who are the fathers
and mothers civilizations who taught all people
who people look to for social cues, whether they want to
realize it or not, I think they feel if they can get us
to adapt to it, they can get everybody to adapt to
It. If anybody
should have a problem with European males,
it should be the European female.
'cause everything the European male has ever learned to do
to us, he first practiced on his own woman.
We Need resources in education.
We need resources and labor. We need resources in politics.
We need resources in medical,
we need resources in so many things.
But they ignore that, and they put millions
and even billions of dollars to tell us that you need
to really embrace your LBGT side.
So these people have an agenda,
and it's up to us to understand what the agenda is.
In order for us to fully grasp the concept of buck breaking
and the historic sexual exploitation
of black people under the global system of white supremacy,
we first have to go back into the history of Europe,
and we have to understand what created this ideology
and the mindset of the white supremacists,
The European culture, have no history
of a civilizing educational process called
culture before they meet us.
So you dealing with someone that's moving from the level
of the animal, responding only to instincts and desires
and whatever it takes to fulfill that raping, murdering,
plundering, pillaging has been the history of Europe.
They created a perverted way of looking at nature.
And so it becomes important that when we look at them, it's,
it's not just what they do,
it's the perversion of what they do.
In an ice age, you're gonna create a certain mentality.
When you are in a sun age, you're going
to create a certain mentality.
So what is very natural becomes unnatural in the ice.
However, when you come back to the natural,
you bring your unnatural with you.
The European sexual culture operate at the level
of animal responding to physical urine
and physical stimulation, the sacredness
and the value that the African place on giving birth
with just the complete opposite in Europe.
And so that's why you find so many occasions of Europeans
involving themselves with the animals they were raising.
I mean, their past laws in Scandinavian
countries even today.
That said, having sex with sheeps is appropriate.
The Greeks had gods devoted to like pan,
pan, which is a freak, like a sadder,
which means like an animal that did people in animals
organic, the God that was bisexual.
If he showed up, you had to like give him some,
it was good if you didn't, you got in trouble.
I mean, you have, you have people who have a pantheon
where you have gods of the freaks
that come and screw people.
Some of 'em are almost animal-like you've got BCUs.
If you look at, I mean, I,
I don't know if you've ever seen pictures of BCUs,
but there's, I've seen a picture BCUs, what he used
to do kinda this big thing of wine with, uh,
hummingbirds or something with strings holding his penis up.
The big long penis, a big thing of booth.
That's your god, okay?
I mean, all that's off the table that it stops there. Right?
When the s the indoor arians ran up into black India,
not only did they savage the place, not only did they
brag and boast in their sacred literature
about playing the black gods, flee the black skin
of the gods, but they bragged about
sodomizing the black GOs.
As a matter of fact, as a part
of their culture, you have agreements.
This is how it was. If you had a boy that you were,
you know, having sexual relations with 12, 13, 14, 15,
you'd have to do a number of things.
One, you'd have to promise and protection.
Two, you'd have to promise that you would educate him.
Three, you'd have to make sure that you would always provide
for him, whatever that may be.
There were actual terms
and agreements when it came to you having sexual relations
with a little boy back in the ancient Greek and Rome
Professor Jane Ward, for example, in her book, not Gay
documents, that a critical element
of white male masculinity is the ability to have
gay sex as a straight white man.
She said, that's a critical element of white
male masculinity.
So the very concept
of white masculinity is predicated upon the ability
to sodomize, to have
A human being is only as great or as worse as his
or her environment.
In an ice age, where you are dealing
with these temperatures, your babies are freezing in your
arms to death, no mercy.
And so they have this mentality of just a viciousness
because they're reflecting their environment.
And so when the ice ages began to melt, give
or take about maybe 5,000, 7,000 years ago,
they came back across the mountains.
And when they came back across the mountains, they brought
that mentality with them.
When you are in the ice,
you're not really thinking about healthy relationships.
And quite frankly, when the urge hits you, any whole will do
Heterosexual sex for the white mans.
The only purpose of that is procreation.
In fact, hetero sex with a woman was a necessary evil
to white folks for pleasure.
Homosexual sex is preferred.
When Europeans ventured out
and first began to interact with black society,
there was a notable contrast of sexual behavior
between these two cultures.
Typically, when people talk about abrupt breaking,
they start on the plantation
and they begin with the sexual abuse that our ancestors
suffered on the plantation.
But that sexual abuse started in West Africa when the
Portuguese first encountered the West African men and women.
When we see all of the statues of naked Greeks
and Romans with their extremely small penises, I think
that we have to recognize that in some ways they are trying
to emulate the African comfort with our bodies.
But because this is not something that is native
to their cultural norm, it begins to be,
uh, misshapen.
What man from
what ethnic group can stand up against a black man toe
to toe in manhood?
Nobody, especially the European who was at the bottom
of the tote pole when it comes to genetic stability,
All the way back in Rome, in Greece, some of the rulers
were transgenders.
They would travel at night dressed as women
to go hang out at brothels and go mingle with the people.
As a woman, this is the king of the whole nation.
And he hanging out here looking like Betsy.
Remember reading an article many years ago about
Romans in the coliseum used to get giraffes
to have sex with the old horse,
and the giraffes had such large genitalia, you, you know,
women would bleed to death and their audiences loved it.
When white Arabs began to gain control over parts
of black society,
there was an immediate attack on black male sexuality
and an early form of buck breaking the castration
of black males and turning them into eunuchs began
to happen on a regular basis.
They said the eunuchs would be sometimes so close
to the king that they would have get so much information,
so they'd castrate 'em so that they couldn't start their own
dynasties, okay?
They couldn't go out and out impregnate somebody
with this knowledge, this king knowledge.
They Would castrate them by cutting off their testicles
and their penis completely
because of population control.
And due to them not wanting them to procreate,
this goes all the way back then.
And they did not want any spread of them
because they didn't consider them to be human beings.
So at that time, the castrating
and the creation of Unix was, we don't mind allowing you
to be around us,
but we have to make sure that you can't dominate us,
that you have no power drive,
that you have no interest whatsoever in our women,
because you're going to destroy our numbers
and you're going to increase in
yours, and you're going to spread.
And we don't want that to happen. So they wouldn't mind
having little black boys
or black men around them as long as they could not
actually be considered men
and do anything that would be of interest
to the women that they had.
Or you look at the ancient Greeks, you know,
the most feared fighters were the gay ones.
And what, what would they do?
They would tie two guys together at the ankle.
If you've ever ever heard the expression
that join at the ankle, that's
because they get two guys that liked each other,
tie their ankles together.
They, they die for each other. Put them up, they fight.
Anybody you can go touch my man. I'll kill you.
Don't look at my man. Yeah.
Well, why would anybody be shocked about a gay person in
Africa when you've got the Catholic church, which is, is,
is a, is a gay institution a continuation
of the Greco-Roman pedophilia and,
and homosexuality in Africa dominating these people
for two or 300 years.
It is the case that there is evidence
of homosexuality prior to the colonialism
of the 19th century.
But that pre-colonial homosexuality was brought
by white Muslims.
It instead, while its pre-European,
it's still foreign and white.
It was the Turks who brought in the malu
when the maloo, the slave soldiers of Islamic civilization,
poor turfs, when they ruled Egypt,
they brought homosexuality to Africa.
I think it's really interesting
that right in the center of St.
Peter Square, when the Pope opens the shades to his window,
he looks out at the structure that is often called the oiss.
Today, we should know that the OISS is the symbol
of the SARS erect penis.
So that while there are moving penises,
the Pope looks out at a large black penis every morning when
he opens his shades.
The irony cannot be lost.
By the time the plantation systems were created in the
Americas, the white supremacists learned how
to master more strategic
and insidious ways on how to buck break black men.
And by extension, they learn how to break the spirit
of black families.
Because in the patriarchal context, uh,
the male is considered the strength.
And so if you break the male,
then you break the woman and you break the children.
So when I think of buck breaking,
I don't solely think about just the male per se.
And we have to understand
that it also wasn't just sex either.
You know, when you breaking somebody,
you can break them
spiritually, you know, do different things.
It doesn't have to be just sodomy.
And so a lot of us will, when we focus on buck breaking,
we think about the African man
or the African captive being taken out, you know,
on a plantation being brought in front of, you know,
the women and children and sodomized in front of everybody.
But another part of buck breaking is not being able
to protect your children.
Being able to protect your women,
not being able to provide for them.
That's also breaking the man mentally and spiritually. On
Plantations like this, we know that a lot
of the black women
who were enslaved here were exploited sexually.
And we know this because of the offspring
and the children they had, the children were mulatto Octa.
So that was the evidence of the sexual exploitation.
But one thing that is not talked about is the sexual
exploitation that happened
to the black men on these plantations.
The whole European expansion
that was a homosexual enterprise.
Victorian expansion, British expansion.
Most of those Kers were homosexuals, in fact.
And a very important book, homosexuality
and colonization is documented that
European colonies were all seen
as homosexual playground.
Part of the whole buck breaking process
was the emasculation of the male slave.
And so they would take probably the strongest, most
resilient, most resistant, most outspoken of the enslaved
to make an example of him in front of everyone else.
And part of making that example of him, uh, was to go
through a process of complete
and total humiliation, which included public flogging,
which included, uh, actual rape as
Men. They would actually
tie our hands down, spread our hands,
spread our legs, and they would physically rape us.
Slave masters would, would rape black men in front
of his entire family,
sometimes in front of the whole plantation.
They'd bring 'em all out. The bigger the black man,
the stronger the black man, the more they would rape 'em,
the more they would buck 'em just to make sure that none
of them would be inspired to do anything to fight back.
There's a lot of evidence of the white slave owners
who were practicing sodomy against the black males.
You had people like Thomas Thistle wood in Jamaica
who talked about some of the black men
who were sodomized out there.
It comes with an omission on both sides.
You know, the black man didn't want it in,
doesn't really want to admit
that he was in such a weakened state that he was able to be,
you know, buck broken by,
um, the slave master
During antebellum slavery.
Around that time, homosexuality was still illegal,
but you had a lot of white men who would practice it,
especially on the enslaved people
that they had on their plantations.
And they would also have relations with each other
that was very covert and
a lot of people didn't know about it.
That was one white slave on a James Hammond.
Um, he had diaries that are infamous,
and there's a book about his diaries
and his life where he sent a letter to another slave owner,
um, Thomas Withers.
And they were having a gay relationship with each other.
And Hammond was a known pedophile at the time.
He molested some of his own nieces.
So we know some of the things that he was doing
to the black people, especially the black men
on those plantations.
It was continually a process of making sure
that there was no energy to do anything against me.
You're not gonna wanna fight me. Why?
Because I just destroyed your champion.
I just destroyed your man.
I just destroyed your father, your brother,
your uncle, your grandfather.
I destroyed him. And he's your protector
because you are consciously
and culturally imbued with the idea
that the man is the protector and the provider.
So if I destroy your protector, your provider,
you will become my slave by default.
The white LGBT community,
they've always had an anti-black sector of their society
that has always negatively targeted black people.
Lord Kornberg, going back into Antebellum slavery,
Kornberg was one of the first governors of the province
of New York and New Jersey.
He was a transgender.
This was a person who dressed like a woman.
And also this was the person who helped expand slavery
in the United States against black people.
The process of feminizing, the native culture was
to sodomize the male,
because the white man has a sick paradigm
that the only homosexual is a one
who's being sodomized,
but the Sodom miser retains his masculinity.
There's a sickness that they act like if you're not the
receiver, that it's not gay or some st like that.
But listen, if your dick is getting hard
for another man, you gay.
Even if you just thinking about it,
you don't even have to do the act.
Like if you think about it
and you get that little twinge, oh, you gay mr.
Like, make no mistake about it. They
Have whole farms that bug breaking
farms on multiple areas.
Jamaica's one, they had 'em in different other islands all
throughout America, of course, where they would make sure.
And a buck so we can understand is a male horse.
You know, you're dealing with male animals,
particularly a buck, male deer, et cetera.
But they refer to us as a buck
because we are like an animal.
A horse put us in stables.
They would actually take the horses out of the stables,
put black men in the stables,
and then bring women into each stable just
so we could have sex with them and get them pregnant
for a number of purposes to create more slaves.
I got some young man on the stand and I using man loosely
because that's a status.
How do you, how do you support yourself? Young man?
Yo Yanna, with due respect.
I got four ladies take care of me.
They give me anything I want. They think I need.
I got two of 'em with good jbs.
One, get a crazy check the other one, get a DC.
They takes care of me. See, well, what about what you do?
Well, I smooth them out. What do you do?
Well, that's what I do. That just sounds like gigo action.
But see, you've been programmed to think that way.
You're like a slave on a plantation.
The buck who gets rewarded for knocking up all
of the fillies on the plantation.
So master can have larger herds of livestock.
I literally have a branch of my family where the men,
you know, you put someone's testicles on the scale to see
how big they are and let that guy be a breeder
and give 'em a silver dollar
for every child at each time a woman gets pregnant.
Whereas I can get the unlimited sex being, I guess, sort
of fun if that man had any connection to any one
of those women or any of those children
that would come from a union.
He has to de personalized that because it's work. But
More than that, we were also, you know,
we couldn't be men, right?
And that dynamic in and of itself became a problem.
We were, we were perceived as cattle.
We had gender, we had male and female,
but we couldn't be men and women.
Those came with legal rights.
Those came with, you know,
with options in the society to express yourself.
You could vote, you could buy property, you could move
where you wanted to willingly.
That was not something we were able to do.
So this removal of man
and woman, this removal of the categories of gender, uh,
dehumanized us by letter of law.
There's one very familiar story
of an enslaved African woman who says that she is married
to an enslaved African man.
And as she is married to him, she tells the story
of him climbing in her bed, and she's prepared for him.
She kicks him out of the bed.
And as he attempts to get back in the bed,
she grabs the poker and slams it into his head.
Often that story of this man whose name is Rufuss, is told
as if he's a sexual exploiter, as if he's a rapist.
But we need to think more deeply about
how the system controlled black sexuality,
how it undermined black womanhood,
and even really undermined black manhood.
He did not marry her out of choice.
This was part of the crude slave breeding system.
He was being forced
to engage in relationships with this woman.
At one point, there were documents
where the US government took audio recordings
during the 1930s
and the 1940s of black people who were former slaves.
And a lot of them recalled during slavery.
They were degender to a certain degree, meaning that they,
they individual sexuality was not recognized.
The black boys and girls were all treated interchangeably.
And a lot of the black males when they were children,
they said that they had to wear dresses.
They would put everybody in dresses.
And that was the way to degender
and to dehumanize a group of people.
If you don't look at them as a gender
or what their gender is,
and you just make them interchangeable,
you can dehumanize them to a certain degree.
And that was a very common thing during slavery.
The de gendering of black people,
From what I've read, like the workloads
were, were the same.
Like, we had to still do the same thing. Regardless.
If I was a woman, if I was pregnant
or whatever the case may be,
I still had to do the same thing.
Like the work was still required, um,
if we were out in the field, you know, so the only times
my sexuality
or my femininity would be acknowledged would be
to fulfill the lust of the slave master.
So that's, that's what we, we become to, um,
base femininity too is sex,
because that's the only time we were able
to show any type of femininity.
Peter Swale was another black man who was buck broken
during the antebellum slavery time period.
He was up in New York, and he was a black man
who would cross dress, put on women's clothing,
women's wigs, and he would prostitute himself,
and he would also get white males and take 'em in alleys
and finesse them and pickpocket them.
And he went to trial out there.
There was another infamous case with him.
A lot of his victims didn't want to come forward
because they were embarrassed to find out that the person
who fines them and robbed him was a black man
pretending to be a woman.
The media at the time gave him the nickname Beef Steak,
Pete, because he had male genitalia,
and he was pretending to be a woman,
The white inized version of Christianity
that they had been taught.
And incidentally, religion was used as a process
of buck breaking because it was used
to basically make us more docile and more submissive.
They would, uh, they would basically cherry pick scriptures,
uh, and feed them to you.
They would create a slave bible that took out any references
to justice, uh, and to freedom.
Uh, and they would have these preachers go
and preach messages about slaves being obedient
to your masters, obeying masters.
That's how Nat Turner started out.
If you go to Bible museum, that's not far from, they used
to have the slave Bibles.
Black folks were taught that they needed to be broken
and slaves to white people.
They had a little perverse Bible.
The fundamentals of them allowing blacks to go
to church in America is accepting whatever bad happened
to them as God's will.
The speech given by Sojourner Truth, ain't I a woman
that was based on the, of the black man
and the black woman, she talked about how she had
to do the same type of work as a man.
Ain't I a woman? I gotta go out here
and pick the cotton like a man, ain't I a woman?
Because she was responding
to the white feminist talking about women's rights.
So she was being critical of the white feminist movement.
But the white feminist movement, they've taken that ain't I,
a woman speech and flipped that
as if she was talking poor women's rights.
And Sojourner Truth was talking about the rights
of all black people, and she was talking against the
engendering of black people,
White supremacy, a mom and pop operation, a white mom
and a white pop kick the rest of us in the ass.
They steal our labor.
They've, they've exploited us, and they do it together.
Now, how they get along, once they get the proceeds
and the big house sippy min jus and having affairs
and all, it's a different issue of
how they fight each other.
But ultimately, white lesbian feminism
and white male supremacy
are two wings on the same bird.
At some point, you had just as many female,
white female slave masters as white male slave masters,
and they were just as brutal as them.
You know, some of the, the males on the plantations,
they were forced to, they were raped by, uh,
white female masters.
And I know some people might think that, that's odd to say,
to hear that a man got raped,
but, you know, it was unconsensual sex, so it was rape.
And so that's a part of buck breaking as well.
Right now we are in the French Quarters area
of New Orleans, and we are right in front
of the Madam Lilie mansion.
Madam Lilie was a very infamous slave owner who was known
for torturing the enslaved
foundation of black Americans, right?
In this very mansion, she was known to chain some
of the enslaved people to stoves
and starve them for weeks on end.
She would keep enslaved people in cages
and do all of these crude experiments on them.
There was one situation where one
of the enslaved people had their bones broken
and then reconfigured to that of a crab.
So the person looked like a human crab.
This woman also conducted crude sex change operations on the
enslaved foundation of black Americans.
Here. Her torturous waves became so brutal.
There was a very young black girl
who was enslaved in this mansion.
She tried to escape Madame Lere,
and this little girl jumped out of that top window
behind us and killed herself.
Men could be the victims of rape as well.
And it was, it was a lot that happens.
And even with like some of these, um, white women, you know,
they like to put on this, this trope
that black men were just these savages, these brutes
who couldn't keep their hands off
of them when it was the opposite.
They were so much attracted to our men,
and the men were not able to turn them down
and refuse them, you know?
So it's, it goes both ways.
We were both basically objectified to the point where
masculinity and femininity at its core,
at its at its core, is just sex. At this point.
After the black girl jumped out of that window, the city
of New Orleans, and the people found out about the crimes
and the, the horrific torture chambers
that were going on in this house,
and they ended up running Madame Lre out of New Orleans.
Now, you have to be extremely horrific
that white people would run a slave owner out of the city
because of the cruelty to the enslaved black people.
But this mansion, people still say this is one
of the most haunted houses in New Orleans.
In many people for years did not wanna own this mansion.
Feminism wouldn't exist for it, not for black men, okay?
Frederick Douglass.
Martin Delaney, it was black men who were angry
that their mothers were raped by the masters, beat
by the masters, separated from their kids, black men
who were demanding fair treatment for women.
And they gave power to those old white lesbians
and the horses and buggies and so forth,
because the raping continues in the new plantations, child
and family services, public schools,
the weaponized depraved black church.
Yeah, I said it just like that.
And prisons, the raping of black men continues,
or for that matter, the music business or the military.
I mean, most people aren't aware.
Jeffrey Dahmer was raping black men in law before he,
and he got an honorable discharge raping black
men in the US military.
This is the reason why you could draw a straight line from
the image of the buck coming from, uh, the,
the Antebellum propaganda directly to images
that you see on television today.
That you can draw a straight line between the idea
of the Jezebel and images you see today.
The images aren't different. They've just been updated.
When black people got off the plantations
after formal slavery in America,
the buck breaking did not end there.
In fact, the buck breaking techniques became more systemic,
and they took on more violent forms.
Entering into the Jim Crow era,
The perception of black men in the dynamic
of the plantation family,
'cause of plantation was seen as a family.
The white man was considered the father, the white woman,
the mother and the enslaved were considered their children.
The image of black men at that time was
that we were grown children.
We were to be raised, you know,
by this white family structure.
The notion of the, the, the dangerous and, and,
and rapist oriented black male really doesn't gain traction
to really the early part of the 20th century
and middle part of the 20th century.
But earlier on, there was this idea that we were feminized,
we were less masculine, we were weak, we were childlike.
Well, a lot of us, prior to the work of Ida B, Wells
believed that black men were lynched
because of, they, they were sexual predators.
But give thanks to Ida B. Well's work.
She found out that most of these men were lynched
because they were black business owners.
The, they, you know, they were lynched
because of economic envy.
They were competing with white people economically.
And their castrating of us was the,
the final blow all the way.
That's the, the apex.
That's the climax of that orgasmic feeling.
Not only do I get pleasure out of removing his power,
but by me cating
and removing his procreative organ,
I actually now know that, guess what, if his is gone,
mine is the only one left.
So if his power is gone, his ability to be an individual,
a man, a ruler, a king is completely gone.
I have dethroned him. I have removed him from his godhood.
I removed him from his nature.
Now I'm the only one that exists
by default, I become the ruler.
I'm the king. I am the power source.
I'm the protecting the provider. I'm the master. There's
A reason 80% of the lynch victims were not just males,
young black males.
It derives from the
paracels corpse phenomenon
of Europe was a paracels corpse.
The Christians of Europe had this theology,
and this undergirds the phenomenon of lynching in America.
They had, the church had this theology
that every human life, that the lifespan was an energy.
And every human life is endowed
with a set amount of this spiritual energy.
If a human dies prematurely, he dies
before he or she.
But largely he can spend all
of his spiritual energy, the excess, the remaining
spiritual energy can be harvested.
And so, and they said that the greater
that if a young male in particular
died in immediate violent death, that's the best corpse
to harvest the spiritual energy.
They call this a paracels corpse.
There are stories of people
who still have jars containing the genitalia of black men.
There are stories of people who have the labia,
which has been removed of black women.
We are going to hear more about this as we move forward.
As lynchings
and castration became commonplace,
there were also symbolic castration of black people as well,
particularly when it came to cutting
and controlling black hair.
Well, from our very first contact with European
and Arab slave catchers
and masters, they would see our most ornate hairstyles.
And one of the first things that they did
to their new human cargo was to shave their hair.
So disconnecting them from African culture and the a dormant
The hair is the symbol of your essence.
It is your essence that frighten them.
That wearing that hair certain ways says
that you are aware of your essence.
You are aware of your strength, you are aware
of your beingness.
And he has done everything in his power
to destroy your consciousness of yourself,
to destroy your human being nest.
And so when you see somebody come up with natural hairdo
and, and, and sacred locks
and dressing in traditional clothing, first thing he sees is
that, that's not my slave anymore.
I must not be afraid of him
because the crimes I've made have been so atrocious.
Anybody in their right mind is gonna kill me
When they find out about the crime,
The symbolism behind anything dealing
with removing our power, they had to cut off anything.
So the penis, they cut that off
because that would hang the hair.
They cut that off because that hangs
everything dealing with power.
It stretches toward the sun, it stretches out.
It shows a level of extension or existence
or prolonging of its existence.
So they wanna make sure we destroy that. So
I think that hair has always been used as a form
of resistance, especially for African warrior hood.
So whether we look at the Messiah of, um, Kenya
and Tanzania, in order for them to be warriors,
they have to grow locks.
And so you can tell how long a man has been a warrior based
on the length of his hair.
I think that when you compare hair to virility, which is
what people often think hair is,
it's a connection to virility.
I think that we should expect to see
that European society has problems with black here.
This should be expected
because we don't talk about it enough.
We're not clear about its manifestations.
It was just last year that New York City made it illegal
to discriminate on workers based on wearing
African hairstyles.
White people have had control over our bodies.
They've been able to control where we go, what we do, um,
even what we do sexually, of course.
But in this day
and age, the slavery is not so much physical
as it is mental, you know?
So by telling us that having locks
or having our hair in an afro
or in its natural state is unprofessional,
this is now a mental slavery that has taken place.
There have been so many laws in the United States
that actually regulate black women's hair and appearance.
So even like the tenon laws in Louisiana,
where it was actually illegal for black women
to show their hair in public, some say
because the hair was seen as so ugly
and unattractive that it needed to be covered up.
But most say it was a way to prevent
white men from being attracted to the beauty of black women.
But considering, um, that black women had to wear head wraps
and we could create the most ery Badu style,
that it was still attracting, um, white men's attention
and white women could not mimic that head wrap style.
And so that it actually became a threat
because the white men were more interested in the black
women in Louisiana than the white women
Out here in Louisiana
during slavery on plantations just like this.
You know, the French was dominating this area.
And whenever there were black people
who ran away from the plantations, they would get branded
and the brand would be a logo of the French heraldry.
It's the Flo Delise.
And they would get branded on their shoulder,
or they would get branded on their cheek
with this Flo Dele logo.
And what's interesting about this logo, now, today,
this same logo, is the logo
for the New Orleans Saints football team.
So a football team dominated by black people
playing today of walking around with logos
of runaway slaves.
And it's so ironic that so much
of the brutality meted out against African men,
against black men is supposedly
because we are lusting for white women, something
that we have no record of happening whatsoever
In the Caucasian culture.
They have this sadistic type of mentality when it comes
to sex, where the more depraved, the more nasty,
the more disgusting, the more immoral you can get,
the more enticing and attractive it is.
They even choke themselves while they're masturbating,
while they're being, you know, involving themselves in sex
because they believe that
that increases the strength of the orgasm.
So that symbolically is something
that they were looking at when they were lynching black men.
They would lynch us
because that choking is something
so they could see his power leaving his body,
but they would get somewhat of this erotic type
of orgasmic feeling
About it. When
we talk about the white LGBT community trying
to make comparisons to their struggle
and black struggle, the white LGBT community,
they've never had a comparative struggle.
In fact, their whiteness has always saved them.
Where as the black LGBT people,
they've always been punished.
So there has never been a, a comparative struggle
As A-L-G-B-T person or whatever the letters are.
Like, I don't have to know that about you.
Like you don't have to wear your sexuality
on a, on your sleeve.
But there's no way that I, you can avoid seeing
that I'm an original man.
The dominant society is backing your movement,
then you're not really oppressed.
You know what I'm saying? It doesn't make sense.
Like, if, if I'm truly oppressed and I need freedom
and help so that I'm no longer disenfranchised, the people
who are oppressing me are not going to promote
my my freedom, they're not going to help me to get it.
You know what I'm saying? So the fact
that this is being pushed and there's so much money
and funding into it everywhere lets us know
that you're not on, you're really not honestly oppressed
During the colonization
of not just here in America, but over in Africa.
You had colonizers like Cecil Rose.
Cecil Rhode was LGBT. A lot of folks don't know that.
He was a closeted LGBand he was doing certain things to the people over there.
The Nazis a lot. They were Petra, Hitler and all his crew.
Yeah, there's a, there's a documentary
or a book called The Pink Swastika.
Check it out. It's all about, um, the Petti
and the whole Hitler youth and all of that.
That's where they were getting them from and all of that,
and all Ava Braun and all of those, those were just beards.
Robert Baden Powell, who was an officer
with the British Army, he was over in Africa fighting
with a lot of the Aboriginal people there and dominating
and conquering and colonizing them.
Well, he was a closeted white LGBT.
And in fact, he was the person who started the Boy Scouts.
And the Boy Scouts were put together
to be a white supremacist, um, nationalist organization
to teach white boys about the importance
of white nationalism.
In fact, the Boy Scouts influence Hitler's youth.
So if you are controlling the media
and you're displaying black males, uh,
in an effeminate matter, it's still showing the dominance
and the power of European men.
Think about this. I can put him,
I can make him put on a dress.
And that's what they do. Did you notice in Hollywood,
you know, it seems like you can't get to the next level
unless you put on a dress.
There was a scene where I read
and I was worried about coming into work
because they had us in these, uh, these dresses, the,
I think they're called burkas burkas or something like that.
And I went straight to the director
and I was like, yo, man, I'm not trying
to mess up y'alls shot, but I'm not putting that on.
And, you know, they were like, oh, Corey's just a joke.
I'm like, well, I I, I don't joke like that.
I can't put on a dress 'cause this is tv
and a lot of people who pay to come see me
are counting on me, and I'm counting on me.
When people talk about black people in America
and our struggle being comparative to the struggle
of people in the LGBT community,
nothing could be farther from the truth
because a lot of people in the white LGBT community was
practicing the same anti-black racism
that we suffered in this country.
And no person exemplifies that more than j Edgar Hoover.
J Edgar Hoover, who was a white LGBT man,
waged war on black society.
J Edgar Hoover made it his mission to destroy
any black Messiah or any progressive black organization.
Robert Park, a famous sociologist from the University
of Chicago, died in 1944.
He authored the concept of the Negro
as the lady of the racists.
He said the Anglo-Saxon people were the man
of the racists, pioneering, industrious.
He said The Negro people were the lady of the racists.
They are polite, right? They don't want to offend anybody.
They are more inclined to the arts and expressiveness.
Roy Cohn was a, an infamous white LGBT lawyer
during the Jim Crow era.
And going into the seventies, he was a part
of the McCarty trials where
they were targeting black men like Paul Robeson,
calling them communists because of their views.
He also sued Dr. Martin Luther King for libel.
So when people try to talk about the white
LGBTs communities struggle is
comparative to the black struggle.
They were some of the ones antagonizing
and targeting black people like Dr. King Paul Robeson.
Also Roy Cohn was the lawyer
for Donald Trump when Donald Trump was being sued
for discriminating against black people
in the early seventies.
But yeah, it's nothing like being black in America.
Like I don't remember all these, you know,
gay people being put into slavery
and, you know, being lynched and you know what I mean?
Like, I mean, I'm sure there's anecdotal stories
of st happening like that.
I'm talking to the disproportionate
degree that it happened to us.
On one hand, they stand on a soapbox
and say, uh, black men are missing in the lives
of their children and they're missing in the home.
And the reason we have so much crime among black men is
because of the absence of black male role models.
But then on the other hand, when black men stand up as men,
then they say that we're toxic
and we're detrimental to society.
You can't have it both ways. So
Jim Jones up there in San Francisco, he was a,
a white LGBT cult leader.
A lot of folks don't know, but he was bisexual.
So he was having sex with some of those black men
that were following him.
But he was up there in San Francisco.
Um, he became a cult leader.
Many of his congregation, they were black people,
poor black people up there in San Francisco.
He was running like a finesse scheme
where he would get black people
to give him their welfare checks.
So black people were looking at him
as a white Jesus type of figure.
So he finessed everybody to go down there to Guyana.
Eventually he got people to do a mass suicide.
About 900 to a thousand black people, um, died in one day.
And some people say that that might've been some kind
of covert government operation.
Every negative in society, they're trying
to put a black face to it.
So, so whether it is pedophilia, um, regardless of the facts
that most pedophiles are white males, they will highlight
black men and put a black face to it.
When you talk about homophobia,
the reality is you can't get any more.
So-called homophobic than white evangelical Christians,
but yet, and still they try to put a black face on it.
They want to blame the black church.
They wanna blame black men.
Um, they wanna put a black face to everything.
Uh, and the reality is, there has been no one
who has been more tolerant
and supportive of homosexuals than black people.
After inflicting horrendous buck breaking atrocities on
black people during the slavery
and the early Jim Crow era, white supremacist society began
to refine their tactics.
And different sectors of the dominant society began
to co-opt the suffering
that they inflicted on black people in order
to push their own agendas.
Whenever we try to superimpose someone struggle upon the
black struggle, virtually everyone does it.
We are actually devaluing what Africans did,
and we are actually stealing what Africans are able
to do by saying that all of these stories are the same.
Black men sent the styles for
all young men all over the world,
because that's why hip hop, gangster, thug rap
and rap video sells so well around the world
and also why it's so stacked.
It has not changed in 30 years. Why?
Because those who put the money behind it,
for the most part, sell a lot of it in Japan, Sydney,
uh, Berlin, Paris, Rome, London,
uh, Liverpool,
and Japanese guys don't know how to dance.
They just jump up
and down, you know, with that offbeat stuff.
And they are familiar with the current rap genre.
So they don't want to change. Now, why are they interested?
Because like everybody in the industrialized world,
there is this L-G-B-T-Q influence
that has attempted to emasculate them.
So when they see the hip hop gangster, uh, rap video,
there is all of this masculine imagery
that they identify with.
So what black youth set is the image all
of the world's youth pick up.
So I thought it was utterly ridiculous
that we joined in the feminist movement.
And because our issue is not just, you know, I mean, yes,
sexism exists, we get that,
but with African women, we're dealing with racism, classism,
and then we can talk about sexism, right?
And so our priorities, we should prioritize race, class,
and then gender, not gender, and then everything else.
And I feel like with the feminist movement,
they prioritize gender, not so much race and class.
Gender feminism was the segway from, uh, regular feminism
that was supposed to be for the rights of women, equal pay
and so forth, which caused suffragette feminism.
But when Amazonian feminism came into play,
that would be gender feminism, that's what they called it.
When gender feminism came into play,
that became a more radical, uh, type of feminism that was
to attack every, uh, sanctified
structure of a community.
The white feminist movement has
not worked for black women.
It's not for us. You know, I will never
call myself a feminist because, um, it's a trap.
Like if we look at it historically,
the only reason why white women have ever included us in was
to pass their numbers and
to destroy whatever we had going on.
If you look back to the women's suffrage movement, you know,
Elizabeth Katy Stanton,
and, um, Susan B. Anthony,
they didn't care anything about black women.
The only reason why they wanted
to make sure they got the right to vote,
because black men may have
potentially had the right before them.
And they were quoted saying that black men, as v
as they are, they're not worthy of the vote.
A white evangelicalism is nothing
but white supremacy in drag.
White feminism is nothing but white supremacy in heels.
And so many of our sisters have joined with white feminists,
um, to try to emasculate black men.
And so we have to be able to stand up, uh, boldly
and strongly and say, listen, I'm a man and, and, and,
and I'm going to stand in my maleness
and in my manhood, regardless of
what society has to say about it.
And we are fighting against oppression.
And then here come white women saying,
oh, I'm oppressed too.
I'm a woman, I'm oppressed.
And then they pull black women out
of the civil rights movement
and turn us against our own men.
And we're seeing it happening now.
Everybody was protesting black lives.
And then here come white women say Me too.
The racist Caucasians thought attacking the woman,
telling her she was lazy, telling her
that she got bad people around her.
You know, it's this movie, Claudine.
I just, I just really think people should watch it
because it shows you how they used to things
that they do to the black men.
Now. That's what they used to do to the sisters.
They used to tell her something was wrong with her,
but they switched it up.
Now they're saying something is wrong with the man,
and they're turning the sisters against the man,
um, in every way.
So their power with the media
and things like that, it's real.
They pump up the women.
But it's, it's a trick
because on one hand they'll say how great the woman,
black woman is, but they'll say, well, she's fat.
She can't keep a man. She's not a good mother.
And, um, and she's the bottom of the barrel,
even though she's so strong.
So what they give, they're taking away. At the same time,
What we've seen, especially in the last few months,
are these magazine covers that have been coming out, uh,
time.com, so on
and so forth, that are championing the image
of the black woman, lone, survivor, lone,
you know, kind of hero.
She's the moral center of the movement,
the sacrificial lamb, so to speak.
And black men end up kind
of falling into the background if they're there at all.
This is not an accident.
This agenda, again, goes back to what I, you know, this idea
that black men really have no place.
We have no significance.
And our job is to follow the path that we're given won
by white society, but as filtered through black women. You
Know, there's a lot of people who say like,
I should understand intersectional feminism
because I'm a black woman.
But, um, I honestly believe
that intersectionality is a scapegoat.
I could say that I'm a feminist,
and by that way, I'm, I'm able
to absolve myself from my blackness.
And I could put this fact that I'm a woman
before that, you know, and,
and the fact that I'm black comes before all that.
That comes before the fact that I'm a woman.
Sexual orientation, religion, whatever, different things
that people have going on, the fact that I'm black comes
before all of that, you know?
And so I think
that in the sixties there was like, there was more choice.
You know, you had the, the, the ability to step away from
that and into something else.
Back during the times of slavery, there was no choice.
You couldn't step away from your blackness.
You were reminded of it every day.
And there was no other thing that you could run
and hide behind and call yourself
feminist over calling yourself a black woman.
They take all of these dead black males,
young black men, and they convert them to a bait
and switch thing to support black lesbianism
and the destruction of the black families.
Feminism became the, uh, battering ram that,
uh, broke in or crashed in the doors of Congress
and opened the way for homosexual rights.
Well, after, uh, Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation came out,
uh, which I thought was an excellent film, one
of the things I saw was a push by black feminists to remove
Nat Turner's name from his own rebellion
and suggest that it should just
be everyone that lived in the area.
You know, it should just be named
after the area as opposed to honoring Nat Turner.
So this idea that, well, we like the sacrifice,
we like the rebellion,
but we just have to remove this black male face from it.
They did the same thing with Nat Turner.
You know, they tried, you know, they put, put the,
put the bone out that he was, um, that he was involved.
I think it was called Confessions of Nat Turner.
It was a white dude that went to, um, I guess the prison,
uh, right before he was hung.
And he, uh, he, he claims that Nat Turner confessed
to having same sex relationships.
But, um, you know, this is about population control.
We have to understand that.
I mean, it's about population control,
and it's also about destroying the
oldest institution in the world.
And that's the black family. You know,
black families are essential
to building a black nation, you know, you know.
And so if you wanna destroy a nation, well,
we had to destroy the family.
How do we destroy the family?
Well, we put a wedge between the fundamental building blocks
of a family, and that's the black man and black woman. So
The white LGBT community,
they used the incident at Stonewall Inn in New York
to create a lot of myths
and misconceptions about what happened there.
And they've used that.
The myths of what happened there as a part
of their civil rights history.
The Stonewall Inn was a gay club in New York in 1969,
in the, the 1960s in New York.
There were a lot of gay clubs.
The police just kinda looked the other way.
The mafia was controlling these clubs.
And the mafia had a lot
of criminal activity going on in these clubs.
The police knew about it, and the police were corrupt.
They would get paid off to look the other way.
Now, sometimes when the police wouldn't get their
payoffs, they would raid places.
And the Stonewall Inn was one of those places that was a lot
of illegal activity in there.
That's why it got raided.
It didn't get raided because there were gay people in there.
That's the lie that they like to tell.
That is not why it got raided.
It got raided because of the criminal activity.
What happened was, there happened to be black people at
that particular club partying with the white LGBT people.
The black people began to get beaten by the police.
They fought the police,
and that's what the Stonewall Riot was.
It was a lot of the black people fighting the police up
there in New York, the white LGBT community.
They flipped that into them getting abused
because of their sexuality.
They even made a movie where the main character
was a white man, and the white man didn't even exist.
So there were, are a lot of lies about the Stonewall
Inn. The police were
shaking these people up
for money, and they fought back.
And many of those people were black and Puerto Rican.
They're changing the history, not only when it comes
to the people, the movements,
but also the sexual orientation
of the people in the movements.
Brother Malcolm X, for example,
I heard this narrative from some
new documentary that came out.
Uh, Malcolm X, you know, a life of, uh, reinvention,
I believe was the name of the documentary.
Manny Maribel, who was a person, the primary individual
who was a part of that, who wrote a book
that took nearly 20 years to write, is the primary person.
And there were others who came up with this narrative
that Brother Malcolm was gay.
They also, not only have they taken our labor
or our music, they're also taking our legacy.
So, you know, they wanna make all our leaders gay.
I, I saw a book in the Library of Congress.
It's saying, Benjamin Bakker is gay.
So I guess maybe he made a d though along with the clocks
and stuff, we just don't know that.
We'll find out one day we'll find these papers. Right.
Our brother, Fred Hampton,
black Panther leader outta Chicago, he was the person
who had something called the Rainbow Coalition.
Um, that was the Black Panthers working
with different groups to have a coalition
and to have an allyship in order to fight against injustice.
After our brother was assassinated by, um, the government
and the COINTEL PRO program
that L-G-B-T-J Edgar Hoover put together,
that Rainbow Coalition got co-opted by some
of the older civil rights people like Jesse Jackson.
He had the Rainbow Coalition
and then the white LGBT community got a hold of
that Rainbow Coalition and wrote the coattails of that.
Yeah, they took that word essentially rainbow meaning, uh,
all different colors.
You have to see what it colors. That's the difference.
Now, they began to co-opt that the LGBT community
or the gay community, I'm just gonna call it that,
you're gonna just factor it down to the gay community.
They took the, uh, the rainbow color as their own,
uh, when Jesse Jackson's whole Rainbow Coalition came
up on an investigation. Anyway,
See, one of their problems is their homosexual same sex.
See, it used to be the male gender in the female gender had
sex together, but when it was male on male
or female on female, that was bad.
But see, they've taken that word gender over the last 20
years, 25 years, and they have converted it.
So now there is one long spectrum
with 58 genders on it.
So that gets rid of the onus
of same sex if there's only one sex.
There was an incident that happened in 1977
with Richard Pryor.
Richard Pryor did a charity event,
I think it was a charity event in Hollywood at the Hollywood
Bowl, and it was a white LGBT event.
And Richard, I don't think he knew the crux of
what was going on with it, but when he went up there
to do his routine, he kinda snapped on the audience.
He cursed the audience out
because he felt like the white LGBT community was using him
because he pointed out that they were talking about justice
for them, the white LGBT community,
and they were trying to compare their struggle
with black struggles, but some of the people
who were performing, who were black at that same event,
they were being discriminated against,
and Richard Pryor didn't like it.
So he went out there and just cussed the whole audience out.
He was telling them, if you're talking about justice,
where were all you people during the watch riots,
which happened just a decade before that event.
So he got, he called them out
and it was a very infamous incident where he cussed
that white LGBT audience out
In the school system.
You see that any like boys, um,
who show hyper-masculinity, what they will call,
or toxic masculinity, what they will call,
which is like boys being rambunctious, being themselves,
showing agency for themselves get punished,
they get sent out of class, they are hard to control,
you know, per white teachers, especially by white females,
these little boys are seen as threats.
Um, and so I believe that there's a concerted effort to
reward boys for being less masculine
or less dominant in the school environment.
Black boys are definitely targeted
and marginalized more than black girls.
I've experienced it. I remember being in school
and coming into class
and then seeing some of my black male classmates come in
and the teacher's like, go to detention.
I don't even wanna deal with you today.
And it's like the class hasn't even started yet
In the New York City Department of Education.
Um, if a child reports to a teacher that they want to,
they have changed their gender or identity
or their orientation or their name,
and they want to change their pronouns.
Let's say if a child, you know, if Sarah grows up
and by the time she gets into third grade, she says, Hey,
I don't, I'm not Sarah anymore.
I'm not a girl, I'm a boy. So you can call me Johnny. Right?
Use the pronouns. He, him and his for me. My name is Johnny.
Do not call me Sarah. I am not a girl. Now. It is policy.
If you look at the policies, it is actual policy
that the teachers
and adults in the school have to honor that child's choices.
As a part of that, you had someone by the name
of David Thorstad, who was the founder of Nambla.
So you had nambla, gay rights all coming together.
The founder of the gay rights movement used to wear a shirt
that on the front, he said, gay rights
for all equal rights, et cetera.
And on the back it said, NAMBLA walks with me.
So he even endorsed Nambla,
which was the North American Man boy Love Association,
which is men who love boys.
They had a combination
and a joint movement with the gay rights movement.
If someone says, I am transgender, my name is John,
whatever you think their gender identity is,
or their pronouns should be, you better
use their correct pronouns.
You better refer to that child by the pronouns
that they said that they want.
Or you could lose your job
or someone could possibly sue you for bullying, harassment
and the equivalence of like a hate crime.
Now the body develops before the mind does.
So the body starts to develop.
The mind isn't even there yet.
Why are we introducing these complex ideas
that the body isn't even gonna catch up to
for the next few decades, maybe the next couple decades?
You know? So in my opinion, it helps
to just add more confusion.
'cause not only do children have
to think about being children in their schoolwork,
but now there's this added factor of sexuality,
which is something that
they've never really had to think about.
It's something that was not even triggered yet in them.
Their, their body is not even at a place
where they should be on that topic, because
If you really look at it, the basis
of the civil rights movement was the church,
or the basis of the church was the black family.
And the only way you could dismantle an ongoing movement
like that is to dismantle the family structure.
Right? So once that family structure is dismantled,
you don't really see a significant protest movement in the
black community until, I mean,
I should say the last one I saw
after the civil rights movement was probably the, um,
south African, uh, anti-apartheid.
And then from there, 2015 rise of hands up Don't shoot,
which evolves into BLM.
And the agenda you're talking about,
that break is significant.
It speaks to the breaking down of the black family,
the disruption of any kind of gender norm.
And from there, everything is everything.
By the time you get to BLM, it's,
there is no nuclear family structure.
Men are not really important unless we're dying
and being used for other people's political advancement.
And from there, black men end up having
to chart their own path in a way we never had to before.
Well, we see a, a, a paradigm shift now
where we see a young group of activists
that are neither tied to the church,
nor affiliated with the NAACP
or any other civil rights organization
because we have abdicated our responsibility.
And far too many church leaders are more concerned
with being able to curry favor with white America.
Uh, they don't want to be viewed as being rabble-rousers
or bomb throwers or troublemakers.
Uh, they don't want to jeopardize, um, certain grants
and resources that they may be receiving.
In the nineties, the whole barrage, whole propaganda,
black people, a homophobic, that was part of a effort
to make the black community
and black culture gay friendly en route
to totally homosexual the black community.
You're talking about the church, which is supposed
to be the face of this homophobia.
Well, the face of the church is the pastor, right?
So I, the way I kind of always viewed that this notion
that black folk were homophobic was really a dig at really
heterosexual black men in positions of leadership
and how they are the bastions of homophobia.
And so the idea from there becomes the leadership should
transition to those who are more accepting
and those who are more accepting is
everybody. But black men
As black America moved from the Civil Rights movement
after we had made certain games,
after the Voting Rights Act,
after the Civil Rights Act was passed,
after the Fair Housing Act was passed,
after we began to desegregate our schools
and black people were now able
to move into certain neighborhoods
and go to certain schools, the church's focus shifted.
All of a sudden, instead of dealing with civil rights
and human rights, uh, they started focusing on economics
and which is a good thing in its place.
But they started with a health
and wealth doctrine with the name it
and claim it with a prosperity, uh, gospel.
And the church went off on a tangent
so far away from its roots.
It's having a difficult time getting back.
Black folks could be side pieces
and bed wenches to various white,
homosexual male
and lesbian females in these movements as well
as within the Communist Party.
So a lot of these far left circles, a way to integrate,
a way to get access to the white things in life was
to be sexually available even on the other side of the bed.
If a man's value, if a man wants to be
with a woman, right?
He what he may think or describe as a natural woman
and chooses not to have sex with kiss, interact with
or date a transgender person, a transgender woman,
then I'm seeing brothers in particular being gaslighted for,
oh, you are a homophobe because you wouldn't date
or have sex with or kiss this transgender person.
So once the government through its scientists declared
that black masculinity was a sickness,
it was to be medicated.
And if black masculinity is the disease,
black femininity is the cure.
If you take that combination where,
especially if you got a man
who brought up under his mother's tutelage,
and that doesn't mean it's bad,
but if you have men that haven't been brought up around men
that, that write a passage type of thing has never happened,
you're gonna see a lot of bh ass ns
and you going to see a whole bunch of bs
In the late seventies, there was a book
by an unknown black female author named Michelle Wallace
that was heavily promoted
by white society called Black Macho.
This book was the beginning
of the white funded black male bashing,
black gender war wave that took off in the eighties.
The main person pushing this book was a CIA affiliated white
feminist named Gloria Steinem.
So she kind of really objectified
and dehumanized black men in a particular way,
but it was a way that was popular
that gravitated people gravitated toward it.
And I often say from that to Oprah, right?
Oprah becomes a spigot, so to speak, a,
a faucet that opens that up.
'cause she introduces these fairly obscure black feminist
talking points to the mainstream.
And then from there it's being digested.
So now you have women
who will not call themselves feminists,
who've never read a feminist book,
but have feminist talking points
because they're coming outta that mainstream culture
that really starts with, uh, in shock and Williams
and filters through Oprah.
And so that dynamic creates this snowball of black feminism
that we're still seeing that's rooted in
what we call an anti-black xandra, a hatred,
a hatred really of black men.
Gloria Steinem worked
for the CIA while she was in college.
She was recruited in college,
and she was outed by a feminist group called Red Stockings.
Red stockings blew the lid off of that in the Village voice.
But even things like birth, uh,
birth control became an issue
because at the end of the day, even now, um, you know,
men still have the same options.
We really had in the fifties, you know, condoms,
abstinence, you know what I mean?
Women had, uh, over five different forms of birth control
and 30 different, you know, manifestations.
And that didn't even include abortion.
So she had complete control of her body
and her reproductive system
and could actually terminate a pregnancy before, during,
or after the sex act.
We're still talking about pulling out, you know what I mean?
That that alone kind of offset things.
And then we have to also look at the
impact of no fault divorce.
So if you're, if, if just having sex means
that she has complete control of the reproductive process,
and family court means that
whatever the court determines you have to pay,
whether you can afford it
or not, is imposed upon you by this, you know,
this apparatus, this court apparatus, it, all of those kind
of things position black men into a very vulnerable state.
And it left black men with really one, one option.
And that was the, a silent protest.
And that silent protest was to step back from formal
marriage and begin to actually engage in, you know,
non-formal kinds of relationships
because there were very few other avenues
By Reston clearly.
Uh, and this has come out as a CIA asset spied on
and worked against the black movement.
And, uh, before he died, he was one of the people
that claimed the gay movement was the real
movement of the time.
So he's absolutely not our guy. We don't need him.
The film color purple, that becomes a landmark text, so
to speak, for black men and how to see black men.
And somehow, you know,
Danny Glover represents all black men.
And from there, that is worse than slavery,
retroactively speaking.
So fiction begins to redefine history,
And they say, why don't you be more like Dr. King?
And I always remind them, why would you want me
to be more like Dr. King?
You put dogs on him, you, you, you sprayed him
with water hoses, you put him in jail
and eventually you murdered him.
So at the end of the day,
whether our resistance is nonviolent resistance like a
Dr. King or like a Colin Kaepernick,
or whether it is more aggressive combative resistance,
the end result is always the same.
White supremacy is always going to try to
quell black resistance in any way possible.
The white supremacists elite are becoming more
sophisticated with their bug breaking techniques.
They're now using more propaganda
and media for their sinister agendas.
And one way they use this propaganda is
to normalize pedophilia.
First of all, if you are able
to exploit someone's offspring,
you are in complete control of those people.
Because the one thing that human beings will do worldwide,
regardless of where they live, regardless of
what country they they are in, what municipality they're in,
what language they speak, what religion they practice,
they will protect their children.
So if you are able to exploit children,
you have dominance over an entire society.
A lot of white aristocrats would have paintings of them
with Morris children who were indentured
and enslaved to them.
And they would dress these Morris children up very
elaborately, and they would kind of parade them around
and they would do these very expensive paintings
with these black Morris children.
They would almost display them like they were pets.
And they kind of do that. Today, you see a lot
of white actors and,
and people in Hollywood parading these little black adopted
children around, and they dress them up like pets.
Charlize Deron, she kind of does that
with her black adopted children who were boys.
Then she turned into girls as, so that's another story.
But they would get these mor black children
and they would do these paintings with them,
and the paintings would have a very pedophile
type look to them.
It was very disturbing to see these paintings
with these mor children. You
Know, what should be offensive is that,
but it, it is probably very telling is
that there's a boys town here in Chicago, Boystown,
there's a gay community here in Chicago.
But what's telling is I have
to ask myself when I discovered it, why call it Boystown?
They have made it so easily obvious now, uh,
with people running for Congress, you know,
who are open pedophiles, people
who are being ousted as pedophiles.
They had a Ted talk recently in 2018, uh, in Germany,
I believe, where a young lady was promoting.
She said, well, what is pedophilia?
She said, it's a normal feeling.
Pedophilia iss normal, just like any
other sexual orientation.
She said, you know, we can't choose our feelings.
It is what it is. You know, we can simply choose how we act.
I saw actually recently one estimate that argues
that 75%
of the Nigerian immigrants in Europe are being used
for sexual exploitation.
I mean, I remember going to Nigeria,
this is the only time we've been a in Africa,
but we were out there for a week
and there was a young kid who lived in the village
that we were staying in,
and he would just come around every day
and, you know, like, they like
to hold your hand and stuff like that.
Like African men will hold each other's hands
and stuff like that walking around.
So he's, you're this little kid,
he's grabbing my hand, holding my hand.
And then he's like, he comes to me one day
and he's like, yo, I spoke to my mother and,
and she said, I can go to America
with you now.
I don't even have a child at this point.
Like, you know what I mean? And this kid is like 10.
Um, but it was just like, and
and it's not like his mother came to talk to me or anything
and he probably was dead ass serious
because maybe she thought it was a better life or some st.
So now imagine a real white millionaire pulling up
it is yacht or whatever,
the pulling off a private jet talking about, I want
to take your child for a better life.
And they just, here you go.
Before Epstein Island,
there was another white elitist pedophile ring off
the coast of South Africa.
It was reported that in the 1980s, high ranking members
of the white supremacist apartheid government were taking
black boys to Bird Island to sexually abuse them.
In 2018, a former officer
with the South African government named Mark Minnie wrote a
book exposing the Bird Island pedophile ring.
Within one week of the book's release, Minnie was found dead
and authorities ruled to the suicide.
And all copies of the book was taken outta circulation.
Bird Island was the precursor to Epstein Island.
So you might as well say that Bird Island
and Epstein Island were pretty much sisters and brothers,
or the, uh, bird island was the grandfather
or grandmother of Epstein Island.
And when we look in, in South Africa, during the period
where we see apartheid at its height, we see one
of the ministers, I believe he was the minister
of the interior, very high ranking person, a man by the name
of Magnus actually being one of the individuals
that was able to have this, uh, this bird island,
this pedophile island, um, as a place
that his closest friends, other wealthy Boers, other wealthy
Europeans in South Africa, could go
and have their way with South Africans.
And I almost said South African girls,
but you better to be clear that there were South
African boys there too.
These people actually marshaled military helicopters
to take young boys over to the island under the pretext
that they would be teaching them, uh, new skills, hunting,
fishing, uh, manhood training.
And the whole nine yards came to find out
that when they got there, they were trapped on the island
and they had to do all kind of perverse acts
with these people who were part of PW boaters upper echelon.
They go to Africa and to the Caribbean and to Asia
because they know that the forces
of the dominant culture will not attack them for that
they will attack them if it's European.
But what was interesting is that in this case,
Jeff Epstein used to take European girls
and bring them to the Caribbean to become part of it.
He took them to places that were
outside the United States of America, along
with the entire crew that was part of that.
We hear a lot less about the fact
that he literally had a private island
that many people called pedophile Island.
Many people call it pedophile island. This was no secret.
But the reason why he was able to get away with it is
because it was actually in the Caribbean.
We've heard about young girls
of European descent being taken there and raped.
But I truly believe that we're going
to hear more about people who live there,
who actually were also exploited.
See, there's no value for black women
and even less value for black girls.
So when are we going to hear about the full story
of what was happening there?
Jeffrey Epstein was an agent for Moosa.
Jeffrey Epstein engaged in what was used
to be called love traps.
His business was love traps for the moosa sexual black men.
So that's why all of these politicians
and European royalty
were scrambling when he got arrested.
And that's why of course he was suicidal.
He was killed in prison.
Epstein died in very, uh, peculiar circumstances.
He was being monitored every 45 minutes.
He virtually had none of the things that you would need
to have in order to, uh, commit suicide, yet
peculiarly he was able to commit suicide.
I think we should be clear that there are many people
who are afraid that he might try to cut a deal.
The minute you walk into Jeffrey Epstein's New York
mansion, there's this huge painting of President Clinton
in the blue Monica Leki dress
in red heels sitting in the chair giving you this look
as if to say, what's done here stays here.
Even though high ranking pedophile rings run
by the white supremacist, delete are being exposed,
people should still be more aware
of the pedophile propaganda
that's trickling down into the lives of the general masses.
They do the same things with the drag queen reading hour
where grown men dress up as women
and they read to little children in schools.
One of these circumstances in Texas was by a Mexican male
who dressed up as a female
who was a convicted child predator
In a project designed to combat
homo negativity in a black community.
Johns Hopkins University dogged out $400,000
to a project that assessed adolescent black boys
satisfaction with al penetration.
They're teaching children all the way in middle school
and in certain kindergarten schools, how to have al sex,
having these adults teach this,
and then showing them how to put on condoms and all that.
In preschool, for some children
doing this little demonstration
In California, a new bill was passed called SB 1 45.
And many people have coined this, the pedophile bill.
This is because this law offers certain levels of protection
to some pedophiles.
SB 1 45, they, you can be an 18 or 19-year-old boy
and you can have sex with an 8-year-old boy.
As long as that 8-year-old boy feels that he is a girl
or he has A-L-G-B-T leanings,
We have to recognize that pedophiles
actually prey on the powerless.
And in most societies around the world,
the most powerless are the Africans
because of the remnants,
because of the, the reality
of the transatlantic enslavement trade
and the continuing systems of white supremacy
that are still working and are still alive
and well, so that when we see people who are powerless,
we're going to see we ripe conditions
for sexual abuse.
It's very important to understand the correlation
between the buck breaking techniques that were used
during slavery and the scientific buck breaking
and social engineering
and refine eugenics tactics
that are being used on black people today.
'cause a lot of black men after slavery, they would have
to work in this sex industry
because they would providing sexual favors in slavery.
So after slavery, a lot of them had to provide sexual favors
and get into the sex work industry outside of slavery.
And even today, a lot of black men who are, um, LGBT,
because they don't get any resources from the white LGBcommunity who uses them as mascots, they're reduced
to working into the sex industry.
Black men and black people get a bum rap
about being homophobic.
You would think we killed Matthew Shepherd.
You would think a black guy shot up the pulse nightclub down
in Orlando, these are either white people
or folks who are identified as honorary white
that do this kind of stuff.
The Jeffrey Dahmer and there's this mass killer.
Are you familiar with, uh,
Ronald Dominique white guy who's down in New Orleans and
or it was just killing black men, uh,
killed maybe 25 black men with rape and kill them.
You don't hear about it. And this,
I'm certain this happens like Ed Buckner,
when these things happen,
you can't kill black men and it matter.
It's white homosexual men killing black men.
That's not homophobic.
A black man saying he wants his son
to grow up straight like Kevin Hart. Now he's a monster.
There was a study done at UCLA to kind of, uh, assess just
what size the black LGBT population was.
It came out to be roughly about 4% right of Black America.
And yet out that population that was baby,
basically one black trans person killed per year some years
for black men, but most particularly heterosexual black men,
it was about two to 300 per year.
And that's being conservative based on
what's reported, right?
But you could see the kind of stratification of the data.
But notice that nobody presents the data
That stuff in Chicago that's supposed
to be black folks killing each other out on the streets.
Not really that idiot.
Lightfoot, also A-L-G-B-T-Q world.
She gave funds for community development directly
to Hispanic Street gang
that really displeased legitimate Hispanic leadership.
And what happens is they used it apparently
to buy guns from the broken in box cars that were filled
with arms armed up supplied up,
and Hispanic street gangs killing black kids.
So black street gangs are killing brown kids.
So the media puts it out
as black on black crime when actually
what it is is black on brown crime.
Brown on black crime.
19 65, 19 66,
the same Johns Hopkins University, they opened
secretly opened a sex change clinic,
a clinic that performed sex change operations.
But look, this is, this is the kicker.
Brother Tyre, the inaugural patient,
the first one who was
scientifically transgender was a black male
named Avon Wilson.
At one point, you know, they were trying to get brothers
to wear skirts in hip hop.
And I feel like I was on the forefront,
if not single handedly may have stopped
that st from happening.
'cause I started calling ms out.
I called out Kanye West, I called out all these dudes, uh,
Omar pps, anybody that was wearing skirts out here was like,
nah, that ain't cool.
And so that trend didn't pass.
It came real quick and then it's gone.
They'll probably try to bring it back at some time,
but not while I'm around.
White feminists looked upon poor black women
as their role models
because they say they're the only women in America
who are not trapped in the slavery of marriage.
So how do they handle their macho
super masculine black men?
We need to use that as a model to handle white men.
So if we start with them, we can make the process
so that young white boys wanting to be hip will try
to be like they see black men do.
So if we get black men jacked around self depreciated
with no respect
and glorifying this function, we can get the white boys
to do the same thing.
Dr. Henry Kissinger, who promoted this in 1974,
that homosexuality should be promoted as a strategy
or as an advantageous lifestyle in black communities.
As a way to go towards the population
that he quoted in his national security study,
memorandum 200, where he stated quote,
depopulation should be the highest priority
of US foreign policy towards the third world.
But he also meant that for it to be domestic and local.
But if you think about how much we reproduce
and then how much trouble they have reproducing, like
how many white couples do you know?
Oh, we're going to invitro.
We have to have, uh, shots and all this
because we having trouble having a baby.
So it's not just that we reproduce faster,
stronger offspring, they have trouble reproducing.
So because we have
so few black folk in the hood that are men,
it's fairly easy to get to them and condition them.
The negativity. See the thug, typical hood rat.
Thug is a lesbian in a boy's body.
Lesbians in the hood rat are raised like girls.
Black America is under an estrogen.
Salt through our food, through our water,
through the air we breathe.
Air in black zip codes is very different from air
in white zip code.
It's a fact, a dock,
I call it science of strategic extinction.
It's the way that you deal with exterminating people
or with a soft extermination.
So you have to deal with either hard extermination
where you just come right out and start killing everybody
and dealing with a complete pogrom as they used to call it.
Or you essentially do soft eliminations.
You deal with the food, you deal
with the water, you deal with the air.
In eugenics, the major overall idea is
to scientifically prove the inferiority of one gender, race
or population of a people
and to prove the superiority of another.
So primarily this was dealing with the blonde hair,
blue eyed as superior,
everybody else's inferior number one black.
They did tests on rats, they did tests on babies,
they did tests on children, grown men, et cetera.
This is what justified the annihilation
of people in Germany.
This is what justified the annihilation of our brothers
and sisters in the Congo, et cetera,
et cetera, et cetera. And
You could deal with eugenics by breaking down the
different components of eugenics.
How do you kill off people? How do you crop people?
How do you marginalize their existence?
You can do so by marginalizing their gender.
So eugenics is not just about killing off the population,
it's killing off the very means
by which the population for generates.
If I make you a transgender, um,
and, and you're doing man on man
or woman on woman, boom, that stops reproduction.
If I, if we talk about transhumanism,
which is basically we're now integrating with machines
and all of that type of stuff.
Well, I, if I'm integrated with a machine,
the machine can easily be programmed for me not
to reproduce.
And then eugenics itself is about being selective
About who you Let reproduce
The transgenderism.
The basic word is trans.
In other words, there are, uh, segueing you
from one structure into another.
And the more they segue you from transgenderism
to transhumanism,
the more they are putting you into control A control grid.
That control grid is ai, okay?
So that the end result of the beginning of any,
uh, transitioning process is
to place you into a whole new corridor,
a whole new paradigm of control.
Every single administration since Nixon
has engaged in curing a problem of
black masculine hostility through two means,
carceral solution and a chemical solution.
Carceral meaning mass incarceration.
Nixon initiated the process of mass incarceration,
which the black community suffers from today,
mass incarceration and mass drugging.
After World War ii, technology began to boom.
And the ideas behind advancing technology was
to eliminate human participation.
We are at a stage now where technology
and, uh, artificial intelligence can remove all necessary,
uh, human participation in pretty much about everything.
So the surplus humans are no longer necessary.
And the plan is to get rid of at least 5 billion people,
60% of the groceries
you would buy at a grocery store.
60% have been bio infused with soy isolate.
Why? Because they first piloted this in the prisons,
infused in prison food with soy
because they discovered soy is a great feminize.
Soy when ingested becomes estrogenic the female
hormone estrogen.
So you eat a lot of soy males start developing
man breasts or man boobs,
Incarceration. You have
a lot of brothers
and even sisters who go behind
what we call the G wall, right?
They go behind the wall and they don't come out the same.
You know, think about brothers
and sisters who've been locked up for 10 years, 20 years,
and the things that they witness from being inside.
You know, sometimes your cell might be raided
or if you get into it or you get on the wrong side
of the guard, you're in, uh, lockdown
where you can only come out for 20, uh, for one hour, right?
And then you're locked down for 23 hours.
Sometimes the entire jail is locked down.
So it's a lot of, um,
buck breaking happening right in the, uh, penal system.
The LGBT history narrative is a way to again,
promote the oversexualizing of men,
women, and primarily children.
It is a way to normalize everything from
sodomy to pedophilia.
It is a way again, to go towards the eventual
perfected maneuver, strategic calculated agenda,
which is depopulation.
In Baltimore,
John Hopkins University had an arrangement
with the local courts where in lieu
of prison or in lieu of jail, if a
criminal was caught instead of going to jail,
they would get a sex change.
If you read vaccination literature, uh,
when they were developing vaccinations back in the day,
and I don't know if they're still doing this,
but they would test the vaccines out on
the imprisoned population.
Nixon initiated chemically subduing the inner cities
through the methadone clinics passing out free methadone.
Methadone was more addictive,
not just more addictive than heroin,
but methadone was a more potent
anti testosterone.
Methadone was a more potent feminize than heroin.
So the Nixon administration put these methadone clinics
throughout the black community
where methadone was given away for free.
Well, if you want to deal with the prisons, there's a, um,
a substance called salt Peter.
Now salt Peter is actually a potassium nitrate,
and the brothers in the house
and the big house brothers in lockup,
they call it soft Peter,
The state by state legalization of marijuana
is one of the greatest contributors to
the gender neutering of black America.
Now that we understand how deep
and insidious the buck breaking agenda really is,
we now have to ask the question,
how do we combat the nonstop barrage
of buck breaking propaganda, miseducation, medical
and social attacks that we as black people are subjected
to on a daily basis?
There's a left wing white organization called the
Rainbow Railroad.
And the Rainbow Railroad,
it helps out black LGBT people
who live in Africa and the Caribbean.
It helps them get resources to come over here
to the United States.
Now look how they got the name Rainbow Railroad.
Remember the word, the rainbow term?
That was Fred Hampton from the Black Panthers, the railroad.
That's a reference to the Underground Railroad.
Something that foundational Black Americans created.
So they got the Rainbow Railroad
where they get black LGBT people from other
countries and bring them here.
And what's interesting, the white media,
they will let these black LGBT people from African
and the Caribbean act as the defacto spokespersons
for foundational black American society.
Now why do they do that? Because when foundational black
Americans start talking about reparations,
when we start talking about tangibles,
when we start talking about getting resources that we need,
all of a sudden we get these people
who were on the Rainbow Railroad that nobody knows.
They just popped out nowhere.
All of a sudden they're talking about, well,
what about trans issues?
What about LGBT issues? What about women's issues?
They start talking about gender
and sexuality while they're winking to their white sponsors
who put them out there to do this.
So we have to understand when certain people have been put
in certain positions to be the spokespersons
for Black Foundational Society,
and we have to know how to reject
that when it's not conducive to the good of our community.
There are four major companies that control the media.
And so what, what we need to do
as a people is control our media
and also educate our own children.
Malcolm X said, you know,
only a fool would allow his enemies to educate his children.
Anything you get from mass media rejected.
And here's the other thing,
Man Up Is
About protecting womanhood and promoting manhood.
And as we are continually bombarded with images
of oversexualized black youth, bombarded with images
where we don't see holistic, healthy relationships
between black men
and women, we are gonna continue to fail
to see each other as human beings,
and we're actually going to be a liability to ourselves.
This is the reason why the propaganda continues.
I think media literacy is extremely important.
Starting from childhood. Again,
we're constantly consuming these images that are fed to us,
but if we have some sort of decoding system to frame,
why is this media given to us that I think
that can be a protective mechanism.
It is the quintessential, um, fruition of
what Karl Marx said, um, that religion is the opiate
of the people that somehow now instead
of being the revolutionaries, black preachers are being used
as a narcotic to put our people to sleep in a time
where they should be wide awake
and standing out in the streets and seeking justice.
We have to recognize that strong families,
strong relationships between particularly men
and women, is that which undergirds society.
And as long as we still have the remnants of the control
of our sexual relationships,
we cannot truly become a powerful self-sufficient people
That I believe that the strong, independent black woman,
uh, trope is something that is killing us as black women
because it creates this mentality
that we can do it on our own
and we can't, you know, independence is death.
Interdependence is what it's all about.
Like we can't do this by ourselves. We can't.
And, and the fact that we're trying to is, um,
we're having all sorts of different type of ailments,
all sorts of issues, and it's just,
it messes up the whole dynamic of
how things are supposed to be.
So it is a backend of compliment.
You know, it's, it's not something
that any other race of women get.
You don't hear strong, independent Asian woman
or strong, independent, uh, Hispanic woman
or white woman or anything like that.
We're the only ones who get that label.
And it's, um, a backhanded compliment
because it makes it seem like we can't rely on our men
to be strong for us and we can if we allow them to.
And if we do not have a, um, a plan in place
set aside through nutrition, through education,
not de education, through a reorganization of
what family means back to old school, what family is about
to raise the male in the society again to his purpose.
And that is to be the provider and the protector.
Masculinity is a set of behavioral protocols
that you input into a void.
So he is conditioned to be unable to deviate from
essentially that's duty, honor, obligation, responsibility,
accountability, dependability, work ethic, uh,
furthering his intelligence, his education making
where he lives a better, safer, more secure place build with
economic prosperity, uh, morality, ethics
and a sense of purpose.
All people have free sources of power, moral,
ethical, and cultural power is one
and it's the most important one.
Economic and political power. And third, military power.
Military is the lowest, weakest form of power.
Let me give you an example. You've got children.
If you tell your child do this for daddy, all you have
to do is say, daddy wants you to do this or that.
That's a good child. It just does
because you have that kind of rapport, right?
Or next thing is give 'em some money
or I'll give you some privileges.
Then if you have to beat or knock
or go upside that kid's head,
you don't have much of a relationship.
You're only in charge as long
as you're knocking them upside the head or punishing them
or assuring them that you can hurt them, okay?
That is the power of white people.
The only thing that they've got is
that they can beat up on people.
You do need to know when you out there
and you, uh, being pulled over by a cop
or something like that, man, understand that man is going
to beat whatever happened.
Sometimes they get a family a little shut the fk up money.
And we saw what happened with that last one.
It was embarrassing that one lawyer who lose every case,
if he, if he knock on my door, I'm slamming the door
and letting the pit bull lose on that mr.
We keep thinking we're gonna take power back.
No, we're not gonna take power back
'cause they don't have the power.
We have the power. All we have to do is assume our power
Elders respect youth, youth respect elders.
If we just loved and cared about each other, we would be
significantly in the position to handle this.
And if we can start with where you are, who thinks,
who gives a damn, we're not gonna save everybody.
But those that would be saved, work with them.
That's my suggestion.
Look at other groups of people.
I was told that here in uh, America, Asian people, right?
In Howard County, in um, Maryland,
Asian people send their children
to the public school system.
I always say the public school system,
but the public school system.
But then when they're finished, I was told that a bus
gets them and transports them to another school
where they learn their history,
their culture, and their language.
Our children don't have that.
They're totally at the mercy of the public school system.
And so we need to start educating our babies. That's a must.
We have to unite our own media outlines,
our own media sources,
our own media companies unite in efforts to promote
what it is to be a man, what it is
to be a woman in the standard way,
in the way that got us all here.
That's not a problem. If you can promote how gay you can be,
I should be able to promote how masculine
and natural I can be.
There's nothing to do with, I'm just fighting you.
No, I'm promoting me. I'm promoting us.
Everyone gets to promote their narrative,
but when we promote our narrative, it's demonized.
So we have to remove that idea that it's going
to be demonized, et cetera.
One of the key tenets of Christianity is forgiveness.
Um, in the Lord's Prayer, um, you know, uh,
forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
Uh, they use scripture like, uh, if,
if you don't forgive your brother here,
then your father will not forgive you in heaven.
Uh, and they use that, um, with the victims
of white supremacy, anti-black bigotry
and racism to tell them, in order to be a good Christian,
you've got to forgive.
It doesn't matter how heinous the crime against you
or your family was.
If you wanna make it to heaven, you've got to forgive.
Now, the ironic thing is this is a practice that whites
and evangelical Christians don't use themselves.
Um, they say when they feel like, uh,
they've been done wrong. Never forget
You learn your enemy,
but you don't stay so focused on your enemy
and what he's done to you, that you forget how to do it
to him or learn how to do it to him
or study him as a target, not as an oppressor,
but as a target.
I saw people forgiving for what happened in, uh, at
Emanuel Church down in Charleston.
I mean, the body's not even cold
and you forgave, you got a black family.
Do folks forgive when someone takes the, uh, Aretha Franklin
LPs outta mama's house when she dies?
People don't talk to each other. 20, 30 years over.
Who had the most pound cake at someone's funeral? Whatever.
I don't believe it. If black people
really had any forgiveness, we'd be using it on each other.
So if you don't forgive your own,
you can't forgive white people. It's a lie.
We need counseling, we have a lot of pain
and we're carrying it and we carry it in our homes
because the dominant culture may not allow us
to express it in the workplace.
So we bottle it up and we bring it home to our children
and to our wives, to our girlfriends, to our families.
We need counseling. We need to talk.
The White elite understands who we are.
We keep back like, oh, they're just
doing that 'cause they don't know who we are.
So we just tell 'em who we are. They'll treat us nice.
No, the white elite understand who you are.
And if you come into being as rulers of the world,
he will eventually not exist at all in the world.
Black people, ironically, don't have a military
have been denied having the kind of economic
or political base by which they could draw upon,
but they do have moral, ethical, cultural power.
It's the last thing we have. You,
You're charged with homophobia.
If all you do is say, I'm proud to be straight,
to take pride in being a heterosexual is offensive
is considered an offense.
We have to take control of the narrative
and post the things that we want to see
and let people know that these things
like successful black families
and just successful black people, period, exist.
Those are the type of things that we have
to promote and push forward.
We have to promote the successful black family.
We have to promote the successful black male.
And I say successful
because we continue to see the unsuccessful.
We continue to see the loser type of picture.
We have to promote successful black woman,
successful black men, successful black society,
self-sustaining, uplifting, loving, promoting
that which increases the unification between us as a people.
One of the things I'm doing, uh, with, you know,
a small group of black men in the academy is creating our
own curriculum and our own field
of study black male studies.
And it's directed at, at actually exposing
what has been happening in different contexts with black men
beyond stereotype, beyond other people's opinions.
Uh, and actually looking at the data as a starting point
and not, uh, anecdotes that people want
to give about black men.
That's the starting point for us
and that's the work we're trying to do as a collective
of black men producing information about
real black men's lives.
Enslavement didn't end because good white folk came
into their right minds.
Enslavement ended because Africans fought in the interior,
fought on the shores, fought on the ships,
fought on the plantation, and destroyed enslavement.
We got our own flavor, our own style, our own everything.
And I'm perfectly fine
with being a black heterosexual male from Compton
in America and an original man on the planet ain't got no
interest in no man outside
of just loving my brother, who you are.
Boom. But I want a woman and I want a black family
and that's perfectly fine.
We are the only danger to white false notion of supremacy.
Asians are not any danger.
They have want tobes, even though they have a
different cultural approach to it.
Latinos are known different.
They want tobes even though they are
African two to some degree.
The only group that endangers white supremacy
that endangers what the white man concept of a man is
that endangers what the white man concept of a woman is,
is the African group and particularly the African American.
We have to be the ones to lift up their stories
and to teach our children what happened on these plantations
and what happened, uh, to these resilient people
that came before us.
Not only do we tell their stories,
but we continue their legacy of struggle.
They never gave up regardless of what they went through.
They always continued the struggle for liberation
and it is on their shoulders that we stand today.
And so we would abdicate our responsibility
and desecrate their memory.
If we live this life
and we don't continue to fight against white supremacy,
racism, and anti-black bigotry, if we don't continue
to cry loud and spare not against injustice, that is
how we continue their legacy.
That is how we continue to honor them.