Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) Movie Script

About 25 seconds.
Authorization for the launch.
- All ready. Twenty.
- Ten, nine, eight...
- seven, six, five...
- Internal management.
Four, three, two, one, zero.
In 1987, at the John F.
Kennedy Space Center...
NASA launched the latest US
interplanetary space probe.
In the payload of the warhead
of the huge rocket...
I was going a man's exploration ship.
The Ranger 3.
On board the compact
interstellar ship...
Captain William "Buck" Rogers...
He experienced cosmic forces
that were incomprehensible.
He saw death closely.
In the blink of an eye,
unimaginable temperatures froze...
Your life maintenance team.
Ranger 3 went out of its way...
and it entered into a thousand
times more extensive orbit...
same that returned the ship
to the starting point...
to Mother Earth...
not five months later,
but 500 years later.
For 500 years, Buck Rogers was
adrift in a world where...
reality and fantasy merged
into an eternal dream.
Alert!! Alert!
A hostile ship approaches.
Clear the platforms to attack.
There's something weird about that ship.
I had never seen one like that.
Prepare to tow it.
Embrace the alien ship
in a force field...
and prepare her to get
on board the Draconia.
- Transport of neurosystems.
- In transport.
Begin heart-lung procedure.
- Dilute a minor pressure agent.
- Transmitting.
Increase diogen and
crystalline in proportion.
The heart-lung response increased
0.2 and continues to rise.
We begin to receive positive
neurological signals.
Its alive.
What's so important about the
intruder that you could not wait?
The man is alive.
I'm not sure why.
Not sure why?
Do I have to decipher the riddle?
I must decipher it.
The ship is outdated like none
I've seen in the star system...
or outside the history books.
Kane, please.
They froze it with a
combination of gases.
Oxygen, cryogen, ozone, metal.
Balanced almost perfectly.
They are techniques used in the
galaxy for terminal diseases.
Yes, at present.
However, there is another issue.
The ship of man.
Kane, you have one more minute.
His instruments stopped...
frozen in the year 1987.
- Are you telling me...
- The man could be 500 years old.
- Are you serious.
- Yes.
Frozen by elements so
instantaneously and perfectly...
which is totally preserved and alive.
It is a fascinating idea.
- Preserved young or old?
- Very young.
Are you flawed by the hard experience?
Fortunately for him, we are
very advanced in cryogenics.
I have not met a man of 500 years.
Prepare it for a hearing.
I think it's possible
that he is not coherent.
I will be lenient.
- Where I am?
- We ask the questions.
Who are you?
Captain Buck Rogers, Air
Force of the United States.
- Who are you?
- What did he say?
Something about a united states.
Captain, where are you going?
- What's going on?
- My head.
- Does anyone have an aspirin?
- What does that mean?
It must be some kind of
drug to remove the pain.
Give him something for his annoyance.
What place is this?
Where I am?
Who are you?
It's in the Draconia,
the king's flagship...
under the command of the
royal princess Ardala.
- Who?
- Where are you from.?
Wait, wait, wait. Slower.
What did he say about a ship?
It is a fortress of the king on the
way to Earth on a mission of peace.
On the way to Earth?
Do you mean to say that you are not...
of the...
Do you mean we're not...
Are not we on Earth?
I will definitely need the aspirin.
- Give it to her.
- Just a moment.
Keep in mind that he is a prisoner...
of a dynasty that conquered
75% of the universe.
He will respond with care
if he values his life.
You. Is she a princess of real life?
I think we gave our captain
too much medicine.
No, no, I feel great.
The United States of America...
It was an empire of the planet
Earth a few centuries ago.
You took juice from those royal tutors.
You are from Earth, Kane.
You should know more than me.
The United States perished
almost 500 years ago.
That would explain his ship,
his clothes, the instruments.
I have a better explanation.
I think he's an infiltrator...
of the Federal Terrestrial Council.
- An infiltrator?
- Yes.
An Army spy put in our way.
They would not dare. I am a real
sent from my father's kingdom.
I am aware of his
father's purpose.
Guarantee trade between the
Earth and the draconians.
What reason would they have
to put a spy on board?
Check our ship.
- See if we are armed.
- I see.
- We could not allow that, could we?
- Do not.
Then, I suppose I can dispose
of Captain Rogers as he wishes.
How you take care of security
is your prerogative.
Follow me, Tiger Man.
Go design Heavens!
- How is he this morning?
- Fabulous.
What a coincidence.
I have a ship like this.
Disconnect the medication.
Oh, do not do that.
I really love it. But...
- Very soon he will leave.
- Great. Where we go?
- He'll go home.
- Great. Where is that?
- On earth.
- Oh, sure.
We repair and reprogram
your ship to take it home.
- Sure, he's anxious.
- Oh, yes.
It seems I've been absent for weeks.
Oh. Oh.
I should have had a lot of fun with you.
You know? I will miss you.
I have a great idea.
- How about we all go down together?
- Come on. We will reach it.
Not if I wake up.
Goodbye. Oh, what an incredible dream.
In Houston you will be surprised
when you return with this story.
Prepare to launch
the alien ship.
Five seconds for the launch.
three two...
one. Launching.
It gave us the opportunity to test
the protective shield of the Earth.
How to prove it?
We know that anyone who enters...
without authorization they
incinerate it immediately.
But if our captain is a
spy, as I believe...
they will escort him through the shield...
along the channel that
only the military knows.
How can that help us?
I hid a microtransmitter
in Captain Rogers' ship...
who will send us a guided map.
When we give the signal...
your father's attack
forces will use the map...
to pierce his protective shield.
What if Captain Rogers is not a spy?
Then, it will burn.
I see.
It does not seem very pleased.
Of course I'm pleased.
But I have a strange feeling that
I will see Captain Rogers again.
Air control 1 to ship Able, Baker 4.
- Here location control.
- Approaching.
- What is your position and fuel?
- Confirmed.
Here Tartalia to air control Long.
We are approximately...
Houston control, here the 711 flight.
Answer, control of Houston.
Leave the cards and the backgammon.
Buck the lucky one came back.
Mr. Supervisor?
Supervisor ready. What position is it?
Delta sector, sir.
They do not know about me very often.
Yes, delta sector?
My scanners monitor the low
frequency direct band.
I'm getting some voices or something.
Sure you get pirate conversations.
There is no need to be alarmed.
Perhaps they are echoes of last
night's attack on the freighters.
Those signals will bounce all week.
Yes sir. I mean, no sir.
This is not an echo, sir.
It is a voice. It is a strong voice.
Is singing.
- Singing?
- Yes.
- Delta sector, did you say "singing"?
- Yes.
Operational control, I'm supervisor
14, give me the delta sector audio.
Answer, control of Houston.
Houston control, here the 711 flight.
Answer Do you receive me? Give me
instructions. I'm going to re-enter.
Answer, control of Houston.
Houston control, do you receive me?
Anden, papanatas, stop
slacking and give me "info".
It is practically a foreign language.
Is it a joke?
Goes directly to the protective shield.
Communicate me with interception.
With the interception squadron.
I'm Colonel Deering.
What are the coordinates?
Right. Back the shield 160 km.
Until checking the ship.
Alert, interceptors.
Alien ship position.
- Thats weird.
- What's weird?
The target moves very slowly
and irregularly to be a ship.
I have the target in sight.
What is it?
Hey, good.
I'm glad to see you...
Who are they?
What are they?
Attention, alien ship.
Do you listen me?
I am "alien"?
You are not familiar.
Who are they?
Limit your answers to "yes" and \ x22.
It is in serious danger.
Whose? Of you?
It crosses a narrow corridor
that leads to the inner cities.
Cities what? Look, miss...
Colonel Deering. Now, keep silent.
If you leave the indicated route...
It will become steam, do you understand?
In steam? Yes Yes, I understand.
What should I do?
- Can you handle the ship manually?
- Clear.
Then, follow me very closely.
I'm after you.
This time they won us.
It must be the Russians.
He's doing fine.
- How do you say?
- I'm just trying to be friendly.
Violating our airspace is an
act of war, not friendship.
Wait until the Cape
guys find out.
Buck Rogers will land in
the center of Red Square.
Air control 1 access.
Cleared in the 1-0 corridor
Able for the approaching ship.
Confirmed. Open exterior
barriers for approach...
in the 1-0 corridor Able
for the approaching ship.
Hey, baby, what a great deal.
I'm Colonel Deering, commander
of Terrestrial Defense.
- You. Are you in charge of all this?
- Right.
- If there are no more questions...
- Hey, Colonel, quiet.
I would fly with you whenever you want.
- Interrogate this barbarian.
- What?
Listen. Hey, wait a moment!
I waited!
What... What do they do?
Hey, wait a minute!
How are you, Captain Rogers?
I am Dr. Huer.
I am very happy to meet you.
What is happening?
Where am I and what do they do to me?
We are studying it.
Everything is electronic and painless.
But we are as astonished as you.
For what happened.
But his tests give
us phenomenal data.
Fabulous. What is happening?
If I'm dead, I did not go to heaven.
What planet is this?
What planet?
Oh, it's Earth, of course.
He returned as his mission demanded...
to almost the precise area of
scheduled landing on your ship.
Look, doctor.
I've been through a lot...
but in no way will you tell me...
that that city is Chicago.
No, it is not. There is nothing
left on Earth like Chicago.
Allow me to bring my administrator, Dr.
Look, doctor...
Twiki, could you bring Dr.
Theopolis, please?
- What is that?
- He is Twiki.
- It's your robot.
- My what?
During your report and determination...
Twiki will be your assistant.
And this...
This is Dr. Theopolis.
Good morning, Dr. Theopolis.
It is a beautiful day.
Thank you. I did my best.
Dr. Theopolis is a member
of the Computer Council.
And in addition to other
things, he is responsible...
of the environmental controls
of the Internal City.
This afternoon I will introduce
a touch of mauve at sunset.
Not as deep as an amethyst...
but a more subtle
texture like cinnamon.
That's good.
I hope the captain sees it with us.
It really will be lovely.
If it were you, I would talk to
the programmer about that thing.
Captain Rogers, it's
us, the Council...
those who do all the programming.
Please reserve your opinion.
Let's go to work.
Captain Rogers, I'll leave
you with some advice.
These androids were not
programmed by humans.
They have programmed each
other for generations.
You see, the mistakes we made...
in areas, then, as our environment...
they were totally in his hands.
And they saved the Earth
from a secure end.
Little by little we have recovered
to not depend totally...
from other planets in
terms of water and food.
Androids are not human, but...
You can hurt your feelings.
It is this sensitivity that
separates them from the machines.
I will see it again
in about 16 hours.
16 hours? Wait a moment!
Do you think I'll stay here and
talk with a box for 16 hours?
Sit down, captain. Let's try
to be as pleasant as possible.
That's. Be a good robot, Twiki,
and put me on the table...
where I can see the captain well while
you bring him something to drink.
- I do not need anything to drink.
- Of course.
You're dehydrated from your
terrible experience, Buck.
If you allow me to call you Buck.
Now bring your drink to
Captain Rogers, Twiki.
Wow, you're a very attractive
man, Captain Buck Rogers.
Look, I've been waiting 24 hours...
to find out where I am,
who I am, who you are.
Could you give me some answers?
Of course, Buck. That's why I'm
here, to answer your questions.
Great. Begins.
You are Captain Buck Rogers, and
according to your ship's diary...
You left Earth in 1987.
I already know that. Tell
me what I do not know.
If the preliminary data is valid,
it seems that you came back...
to Earth 504 years later.
Now you are in the XXV century.
Buck? Are you okay, Buck?
You heard me?
I think I'm going to drink now.
I assure.
He is a wonderful man. Trust me.
I think you think he's
a wonderful man...
but you do not risk lives...
of our surviving warriors
for their subterfuge.
He is only a man. How could
it endanger our people?
I could discredit the
treaty with Draconia.
He has not tried to do that.
He came to us bewildered.
I want the opportunity to
spend time with our captain.
If you look for a defect in
your testimony, you lose time.
Saving Earth is not
a waste of time...
despite supporting the
company of the captain.
Well, if Dr. Theopolis
has no objection...
I don't have any.
I have no objection.
The captain belongs to
me until I unmask him.
I had never seen
Colonel Deering...
so unusually emotional about something.
Nor about someone.
This part seems more a
dream than a nightmare.
Look, my behavior yesterday was
inappropriate. I want to apologize.
I accept your apology, captain.
Tell me about the holocaust.
I can not.
Well, it's not real until
you hear it and feel it.
I lost everything that
was important to me.
Mother, father, brothers,
sisters, a woman he loved.
If I do not hear something
that convinces me...
They will be waiting for me
somewhere in time and space.
- How is the exterior?
- From the city? I would not like it.
- Radiation?
- In some places.
The rest are ruins and scorched earth.
We depend on trade
with other planets.
Tell me about the trade agreement with
the draconians and with the princess.
The pirates who cut our transport
routes kill us with hunger.
The draconians promised
to keep them open...
in exchange for giving them
landing privileges on Earth.
I would like to see my ship.
It's possible?
Anything is possible, captain.
Those guards thought it was
crazy to come at this time.
I already slept an eternity.
Do you recognize those brands?
They are common in ships
that were in combat.
Well, I was not in combat.
You. They shot me?
- Of course not.
- Then who?
Maybe the pirates who attacked us.
And why am I still here?
Why did not they kill me?
Why did not they strip
her or open her?
The pirates are meticulous, they
would check an unarmed ship...
especially one that was shot.
He was in flight a long time.
Anything could happen.
Those brands are new.
Cordite has not oxidized.
I think Princess Ardala's
ships shot me...
before towing me inside his ship.
- Your ship is unarmed. Is the law.
- Well, it seems he's raping her.
What do you suggest, Captain?
Have them check their ship before letting
it go through its protective shield.
It would be an insult.
The alliance is based on good faith.
Good faith is for bureaucrats and
what gives them a protected city.
I would go armed to the teeth
or they will be easy prey.
For someone whose expertise
is five centuries old...
You seem to be very inflexible.
Is right.
It's not my business how
they ruin your world.
My generation did not know
what I was doing either.
- Good evening, Colonel.
- Where are you going, Captain?
- I'll go around the city.
- He's under suspicion. Can not.
I have to find out what
changed in 500 years.
- That is forbidden.
- Is a free country. At least, it was.
He is arrested and is my prisoner.
I can not let him go.
He will have to shoot me to stop me.
It does not leave me an alternative.
You did not have to come with me.
I wanted to be with you.
I wish you listened to reasons.
This is nothing compared
to what awaits us.
- Why do not we spend the night here?
- Oh, we would die frozen.
The heat that you feel is
emanated by the Inner City.
Within a few hours, the energy
will be reduced by two thirds...
and the temperature here
will be below zero.
So, I guess we have to continue.
I'm sorry I brought them.
They assigned me to be with you.
No one forced me to be on your side.
I believed in you and I still do it.
What did he say?
- You do not want to know.
- Oh.
- What did he say now?
- You do not want to know.
Come back I can face
whatever is there...
if it helps me discover
what happened to my people.
I'll stay with you, Buck.
- What did he say?
- You do not want to know.
- Stop saying that! I want to know.
- He thinks they're watching us.
It's just your imagination. Walking.
- It is impossible. Totally impossible.
- We'll be fine.
- It's not you they want.
- What?
Do not be offended,
but they want us.
My gold circuits are worth
a lot in the black market.
And as for Twiki, well, I'd hate
to tell you how they'll use it.
Buck, where are you going?
STATE STREE It's here.
I do not want to question
your strategy, Buck...
but to stop in the middle
of the street is stupid...
Given the circumstances.
I do not know where he is going.
Just follow him.
I do not know what he does.
Just follow him, Twiki.
- Holy...
- I know, Twiki.
I see them. Just keep going.
Do not think about that.
Your batteries will be exhausted.
Here my parents are buried.
At least I already know a part.
We can not stay long, Buck.
They are following us.
What happened? There is only one
gravestone, it has no date.
They only buried some lucky ones.
It happened so fast that they
buried the families together.
The systems fell and the dates
stopped being important.
In the end, there were
no armies or fighting.
Only hunger, pollution
and prolonged death.
- I wish I had been with them.
- You can not go back, Buck.
The past is gone. But you can
help us with our future.
If there is a future.
I think it's too late.
Run, Twiki.
Watch out!
They are too many, Buck, it has no case.
If someone has some final words,
now it's time to say them.
Let's get out of here.
Go, Colonel. What brings you
here on a night like this?
Captain, I came to look for
you with great danger for me.
- Very courageous.
- Very what?
Forget it.
Well, do not expect a fanfare.
We were fine until you arrived.
Right, Theo?
- Well...
- Forget it, Theo.
Well, at least Twiki is on my side.
I like it here. It's a bit primitive,
but it's the south side of Chicago.
Captain, we waste our time. Let's move on.
I still do not finish.
So unless I'm going to shoot myself...
Captain, he escaped once, but not now.
What is the problem?
So, it does work for pirates.
- I still can not believe it.
- Well, you're the only one, Theo.
This microtransmitter was
on your navigation device.
Revealed our secret
access corridors.
This is not how an innocent man behaves.
At first I thought I was guilty.
And later...
They are subjective in their
evaluation of Buck Rogers.
I, on the other hand, support
it for practical reasons.
- And which are they?
- I'm convinced of something.
Our friend, Captain Rogers,
met Princess Ardala...
and was aboard the draconian ship.
Your descriptions
are too precise...
to be the conjectures of a pirate.
Maybe the pirates boarded that
ship and gave him the information.
Precious, they are the
deadliest enemies.
It is unlikely that a pirate
survived such a visit...
to tell it.
There's news from Captain Rogers.
They intercepted her
ship and escorted her...
as I expected.
The transmitter that we installed in your
ship gave us the necessary information...
so that my father crosses the shield?
Yes, but they discovered the transmitter.
- That bad.
- That does not change things.
When we enter, we will destroy
the shield from within.
The earthlings will not suspect...
when he tells you he was here?
They will not believe you. We can
give Captain Rogers for dead.
Stop worrying about the trial.
I am a member of the Council and
I will personally defend you.
Thanks, Theo.
It is good to have at least one friend.
Forgive me, Twiki. Two friends.
The Council is ready to
hear the final arguments...
in the case against
Captain Buck Rogers...
on charges of espionage and treason.
- Lawyer Apol.
- The case of the State is elementary.
The captain flew through
our defense network...
with a microtransmitter, revealing
the accesses of the shield.
What reward would you consider fair...
Captain Rogers for selling
to the human race?
Only your pirate
friends can respond.
But I maintain that in my opinion...
what they seek at all costs is the
destruction of the treaty with Draconia.
Since its promulgation
means its downfall.
The State finished presenting its case.
Now we will hear the defense.
Dr. Theopolis.
Distinguished colleagues,
you heard the evidence...
and I challenge you to
find this man guilty.
There is no evidence to indicate
that he was born on this planet...
because we all know very well...
that there are no records
prior to the great holocaust.
He can not explain how the
transmitter came to his ship...
because it is not his work.
He is an innocent pawn in a great war.
I tell you, colleagues, if
you find this man guilty...
You must find me guilty.
My sensors tell me
that this man is good.
The defense finished presenting its case.
Thank you.
Captain Rogers, do you have any last
words before we give the ruling?
I'm just an innocent pawn, a
puppet, whatever they call me.
It was another who manipulated me.
They should worry less about
me and more about them.
Because I can not harm them anymore
no matter what the result is today.
But he or she...
I could destroy them.
Very good, Buck.
We do not have to worry.
Unanimously, the Council
rules in favor of the State.
Captain Rogers, the
Council finds you guilty.
Your life will end.
The execution will be
carried out immediately.
The session is over.
I can not believe it.
Will not say anything?
- Do not.
- That's ridiculous.
He was sentenced to death.
At the very least, he would think that
a man of his type would be furious...
that would attack me verbally,
that I would say something.
Buck, enough.
It is being unreasonable.
Am I being unreasonable?
It is almost as if he believed that
the sentence will not be carried out.
I do not think there is anyone
here who carries out the sentence.
I know that you will not be in charge.
He still clings to his story
that the Draconia is armed.
I can prove it.
What would you say if I said...
I came to give you that opportunity?
We will go to the Draconia
flagship to verify its history...
that they found it.
And will they investigate
while they are there?
No no. I...
I do not like that plan.
- It worries me.
- Why?
Well, you see, my
execution is scheduled.
If I do not show up,
I'll get in trouble.
You are impossible. Do I offer his
life and he answers me with jokes?
That's what it means.
Does it offer to end my
execution or just postpone it?
If he shows that his story is real...
Stay close to my ship.
The maneuvers will be simple.
Stay on automatic pilot.
It will only control the acceleration.
Thanks, colonel.
Can I look out the window?
This is no time for
frivolities, Captain.
The pirates destroyed a
third of our ships here.
When they attack, they attack fast.
It can not beat the computer.
It will take evasive measures
to evade its missiles.
If you try to fly, it
will only cost one ship.
I appreciate your concern.
I wish I had brought a book.
I have a goal in vector 401.
Aware, Colonel.
I see the target to port.
If you see it at this distance...
It must be giant.
Permit to board? Why?
He is a special envoy.
That's all I know.
This does not conform to the protocol.
- What do you think they're up to?
- I don't know.
But they warned us in advance.
And there will be nothing that betrays us.
I would like to know what they are up to.
Let's prepare them a
very special welcome.
Send our pirate ships.
And prepare a surprise for them.
Welcome aboard the
Draconia flagship...
sent from Draco,
conqueror of space...
leader of Astrium, ruler
of the draconian kingdom.
I present your daughter,
Princess Ardala.
This is an unexpected pleasure.
We can hardly receive
them properly.
Your time is an adequate reception.
I am Col. Deering, commander of the
3rd Terrestrial Council Force.
And I think you already
know Captain Rogers.
No. If I had met a young
and dashing captain...
I would surely remember it vividly.
I do not think we had the pleasure.
I think he's wrong, princess.
I never forget a knuckle.
- Captain.
- We want to get to the bottom of the matter.
Do I describe some of
the interior cameras?
What interior cameras are you referring to?
I do not find it memorable,
but I will never forget it.
I especially liked the
high neck dress and...
Colonel Deering, what's wrong?
Why you came?
Pirates are in this sector.
We came to make sure
they arrived safely.
Alert! Alert! Alert!
Hostile ships attack the Draconia.
And Captain Rogers...
All staff to their
defense posts.
- Men, to your ships!
- Alert to all posts!
This is how they offer us protection.
Go escort.
At least we will die together.
Clear launch channels to attack.
Alert!! Alert!
Care, greater. It is behind you.
Climb, I'll intercept it.
Not there! He goes to his sight!
Captain Rogers, I ordered
you not to interfere.
Colonel, you need all
the help available.
- Bandit at 12.00, up.
- At 12.00 what?
Lieutenant Wrather, ignore it.
Captain Rogers, shut up.
Computers are superior to you.
If your computers do not
do something fast...
they're going to eliminate
their lieutenant Wrather.
Be careful, Thornberry!
Colonel, you must change to manual flight.
If it does not stop
distracting our pilots...
Help the lieutenant.
There are a couple of pirates behind you.
I'll change to manual, Colonel.
Let's see if I can share
what we have been receiving.
Buck Rogers, I order
him to return to base.
Now let's see if they like to send
the defensive load to the old one.
I destroyed one. Six are missing.
I gave you!
- Lower and turn on the rear propellers!
- I can not!
It goes against the principles
of modern air combat.
That is called sending the
load with the linebackers.
I do not know what happened
to the combat computers...
but thanks.
Now, captain, let's go home.
- Mine or yours?
- What?
- What did he say?
- Just kidding.
Air control 1 access.
1-0 Runner Able cleared
for approaching ship.
Confirmed. Open exterior
barriers for approach...
in the 1-0 Able corridor
for the approaching ship.
Colonel Deering, have you
seen Captain Rogers?
Yes because?
The Council received a request
from Princess Ardala.
What does that have to do with the captain?
She thinks that he only saved...
to his unarmed ship of
the renegade pirates...
and he wants to thank you personally.
He alone?
Apparently, they almost
destroy your ship too.
If it was not for Captain
Rogers' ability...
and his quick reaction,
the princess thinks...
I do not care about the opinion of the
princess. I know what happened. I was there.
Tomorrow I will conquer Earth.
Tomorrow we will conquer
the Earth, your highness.
You look great, Buck.
Something bothers you?
Why did you invite me to this?
Nobody believes me.
Princess Ardala wants to thank you for
protecting her ship from pirates.
I would also like to tell you something...
In private.
I'm sure they will not allow it.
After all, you're just a captain.
And you do not even have
an officer's degree.
- Do you have something for the headache?
- You feel bad?
I guess I'm not fully
recovered from my trip.
Why did not you say something?
Twiki will bring you a relaxing one.
Well, it's time to enter.
Let's not wait for the
trade delegation.
The draconian trade delegation...
under the leadership of
his royal highness...
the princess of the kingdom. Ardala.
I bring you greetings on
this historic occasion.
My father, King Draco...
wants to give them their
flagship Draconia...
full of the latest technology.
It symbolizes a new glorious era...
of commerce and peace.
Let the celebration begin.
We brought you some pills, Buck.
For your headache.
It is a very strong relaxant.
Do not take more than one at a time.
Thanks guys.
I see that the dance has
advanced a lot in 500 years.
I will need something else. A rose.
- You said a rose?
- Yes, red.
- What do you need a rose for?
- Twiki, can you bring me a quick one?
Do you like our presentation,
Captain Rogers?
Is awesome.
Did this folkloric dance
come from your dad's world?
Excuse me, but I did not
understand what he said.
And I suggest you use a more
respectful reference than "dad".
Maybe he's the greatest
leader we know.
I'll give you a warning, Colonel.
- Beware of gifts from the Greeks.
- The Greeks?
That was before you were born.
A long time ago.
Tell me, do you know the
history of the Trojan horse?
Do not.
No, huh? Well, forget it.
I guess I'm from a time
that was paranoid.
See you.
- Your rose, Buck.
- How cute. Thanks, Twiki.
Buck, nobody gave flowers
to the princess.
You will make everyone look ridiculous.
Do not separate, friends.
We follow.
Go, Captain Rogers.
Congratulations and thanks.
We are grateful to you for saving
us from those horrible corsairs.
Not so strong. Here they believe
that I am a corsair, thanks to you.
To me? I wish I had not made
him go through much shame.
- Are you angry?
- From...
- The O!
- What a great body.
- From me to you.
- Who is your lovely little friend?
It's called Twiki.
Yes, and that thing hanging
from his neck is Theo...
Member of the Computer Council.
- Your Majesty.
- Do you want to dance with me?
- The princess does not...
- It does not bother me to dance.
I'm not up to date with these steps.
If you have a preference...
It's my party.
How about something old-fashioned?
Sir, excuse me. Do you know rock?
You know...
Try it, try it Ande.
No, no, that's not it. Just let yourself go. Let
go. Let yourself be carried away by the music.
That's. Right. Yes. That's. Yes.
That makes?
It's called juerguear.
It's old. If you scare her...
Nothing scares me.
Very good. Come stomping.
- It's expressive.
- It's nasty!
- What happens if we crash?
- Automatically we are husband and wife.
Great. A juerguear.
You are a special
man, Captain Rogers.
I think the earthlings
believed his story...
of having been frozen 500 years.
- It is not like this. They think I'm a spy.
- My own?
- They are not sure.
- Do you want to join me?
- Who do I talk to negotiate with?
- With me.
Tell me, is that building still
the communications center?
It is secret information.
Of course.
I will always be one of you, Dr. Huer.
Maybe I'll stay
here permanently.
We hope so.
Your Highness, some ministers
want to talk to you.
- Then, Kane.
- The affairs of the kingdom come first!
His father hopes that it serves
the interests of the kingdom.
If you do not...
He has another 29 daughters who will!
It was a pleasure, Captain
Rogers, but we must do our duty.
I'll leave on my private
ship at midnight.
I'll be there.
Captain Rogers.
I would like to know if it is
a good time to talk to you.
The princess left suddenly...
and it seems that the party was over.
He has no plans, do he?
- Well...
- Very good.
- There's something I want to say.
- Well I...
I thought he was a
spy, Captain Rogers.
I was wrong.
Do you want to go somewhere else?
I'm not ready for that yet.
I have not done it for a long time.
500 years.
My reintegration should be calm.
Do not worry.
Better listen to it, friend.
It is reasonable.
I asked Captain Rogers
to accompany us.
You're lucky not to fight with me.
We are almost there.
Where are you going?
I know it's cold, but
we have no choice.
We have orders to
stay close to Buck.
And maybe he needs us, so he
goes back to the refrigerator.
Twiki, I'm talking to you.
I freeze the ball bearings.
Captain Rogers does
not appear anywhere.
What did you expect from a primitive?
We will let you know if we
know anything about him.
You're a spy, Buck Rogers...
and I know exactly where you are.
They are better pets if you castrate them.
Let's get comfortable.
Serve us something to drink.
At last we are alone.
You will not say anything?
Until this moment I did not
know what I was missing.
I also have to confess something.
Is there a man waiting for you at home?
I had not realized
what I was missing.
You are different. You are arrogant.
You flagrantly ignore the orders.
And you're the kind of man who
could overthrow my father.
Overthrowing your father is
the last thing on my mind.
- I brought you here for a reason.
- I was counting on that.
I want you by my side.
That was not exactly
what I was thinking.
Consider it.
You have no idea what it is to be the
daughter of Draco the Conqueror.
29 sisters on your heels.
Cortesanos snitches like
Kane competing for power.
But with a man...
a true man like you...
I could challenge my father,
I could live my own life.
- Yes?
- A new magnificent dynasty.
Are not you getting ahead of the facts?
Now give me my drink.
- We have to be very careful.
- Oh yeah?
The moment is not the right one.
Things never change.
This has always been the case.
Why did not I meet you
before, Buck Rogers?
We have a lot of time, do not we?
Weapons personnel show up on the
platform to load the weapons.
Look, they're sleeping down there.
The fools will never know what happened.
I am very relaxed.
Can you turn off the lights?
If you are a spy, I will have to kill you.
If those are the things you say
in bed, I found your problem.
This is not good at all, Twiki.
There are soldiers everywhere...
and we do not even know where to
start looking for Captain Rogers.
Let's see if we can find your pajamas.
The pirate ships. This is how they could
attack us. It was his own people.
- Where is the Tiger Man?
- I do not know, sir.
Go away!
Did you wake up, my love?
Did you wake up, baby?
Shoot him!
Outside! Take it out!
Take it out! Execute it!
- No. Take him for questioning.
- Are you giving a counter order?
Under the circumstances, yes.
Obey me.
Take it.
You will have to give me explanations.
Do I have to explain?
Well, it's not a Gucci,
but what does it matter?
I do not want to be caught either.
But something is very wrong and
we must find out what it is.
I hope you know that this
violates my guarantee.
Obviously she has been... very worried.
Then I'll take care of
you for your insolence.
Give the order to attack now.
We can not attack without the
support of his father's forces.
Kane, how weak you are!
We do not need my father.
We have the element of surprise.
We will destroy the Inner City
and the protective shield.
When my father's
forces arrive...
we will be sitting on the
throne of the Earth.
At least I do, since obviously
you do not have the courage.
Very well, we will attack.
It's a wise decision, Kane.
Meanwhile, Captain Rogers
is loose on the ship.
Find them.
Alert!! Alert!
Intruder aboard the ship.
Alert! Alert! Alert!
It's Buck.
I see.
Bring on the enemy's uniform.
This will warm your tail.
They are warships.
It means that the treaty is a hoax.
But we can do a last
service to our country.
We can take care of Captain Rogers.
Six minutes to attack and count.
Five minutes to attack and count.
- Do not move, Captain Rogers.
- Theo, Twiki, what are you doing here?
- This will not be pleasing to anyone.
- Can you go? I have work to do.
- We realize, traitor.
- Do not you realize what's going on?
- I'd say they're going to bomb the Earth.
- Do you recognize the ships?
- No, but I do not see how...
- They are pirate ships.
Why would there be pirate ships
in the draconian flagship?
Forgives. You do not convince me.
Now join us.
- 4 minutes to attack and counting.
- Do not.
Look, pile of electronic nonsense, I do
not expect you to know everything...
But did you hear that the
bombs were in the tubes?
Silence, Twiki.
I'm getting confused
I'll help you clarify things. There are
no pirate ships, there never were.
They are draconian bombers
disguised as looters.
They interrupted the routes to
force them to sign the treaty.
Of course.
It's witty, if it's true.
Three minutes to attack and count.
You have ten seconds to decide
if you believe me or Kane.
- Go alternative.
- And you do you think?
- Can not you see I'm telling the truth?
- Yes.
If you do not want to become spare
parts, follow your instincts.
Well, but only if you help
us reach a communicator...
to be able to warn
the Inner City.
They will have to do it alone.
I have to make sure these
ships do not take off.
Commander Kane. There is an
unconscious guard on platform three.
- Two minutes to attack.
- Time is up, Theo.
- They found the guard I knocked out.
- Very good.
We will do our part.
Good luck, Buck.
Come to the console, Twiki.
Now, take the center panel.
- Ninety seconds to attack.
- Let it go.
Grab the circuits and pull them.
80 seconds to attack and count.
70 seconds to attack and count.
Come to the microphone.
60 seconds to attack and count.
Terrestrial Council, emergency channel.
Answer please.
Colonel Deering online.
I'm Dr. Theopolis.
Yes doctor. Where are you?
Why are you calling here?
I'm aboard the Draconia ship.
I followed Captain Rogers as
I was ordered. Listen out.
The Draconia is not...
I repeat, it is not an unarmed ship.
It's full of bombers
ready to launch...
a large-scale attack
on the Inner City.
Where did they come from?
His platform was empty.
- Send the fighter squadrons now!
- Thank you Doctor. Good luck.
Dr. Huer, permission
to send the fighters.
20 seconds to attack and count.
Battle positions.
Prepare for the launch!
- Ten seconds to attack.
- Prepare to attack.
Eight, seven, six...
five seconds for the launch.
Four three...
two one.
What's going on? What happens?
- Our ships simply exploded.
- It is impossible!
Here the Earth Council.
Attack the bombers;
Us, to the main ship.
There are no bombers.
They explode as soon as they come out.
That makes no sense.
Take out our warships!
Prepare to intercept.
Do not use combat computers.
I unplug it.
Ladate to the right!
I shot him!
Two come below.
I'll shoot the one above.
I go after the other.
Take that and that!
Oh, hell.
You will be responsible for the
damage suffered by this platform.
I am very sorry that you have come to this.
In the center and inside!
Preparation for transmission
with King Draco.
In the name of the kingdom,
what is happening?
Are they attacking when my
ships are still hours away?
I only obey orders.
And the orders of whom you obeyed?
Those of your daughter, sir.
Did he order our ships to
disintegrate upon entering combat?
If either of them survives the
greatest disaster in the kingdom...
They will give me accounts!
Stop fighting the fighters, we
will destroy the mothership.
Emergency.! Emergency!
This was his work, your highness.
I should leave her to
burn with the ship...
But I want her alive so she can
render an account to her father.
I have an emergency
ferry ready to go.
It will bring us close enough
to his father's ships.
Emergency.! Emergency!
Emergency.! Emergency!
The ship is going to explode.
Remove the ships from the impact area.
Theo, I'm going for you and Twiki.
Forget us. Save Buck - Buck?
Wilma, he destroyed the
entire fighter fleet alone.
- He sent us to warn you.
- See me on the flight deck.
We'll find Buck.
Emergency.! Emergency!
Theo, Twiki, over here!
I'm glad to see you again, Buck.
- This powder magazine is going to explode.
- Help is on the way.
- How do you help?
- Wilma will come to rescue us.
What? You can not land here. He will die.
Emergency.! Emergency!
- Will explode.
- Over here, Buck. Through the smoke.
Cab! Cab!
- Let's move on. The powder magazine is going to explode.
- I have the same opinion. Get up.
Very well done.
Thank you. But we are
not out of danger yet.
We would already be the
rulers of the Earth...
if Buck Rogers had not tackled!
He would not have been necessary
if you were more man.
We owe you more than an
apology, Buck, especially me.
I confess that I thought the
princess had coaxed you.
Well, I'll say that she had the
best pair of... horns in the dance.
Yes, it was an attractive hat.
You will never be as man as Buck Rogers.
We'll see when we see Mr.
Rogers again.
- And we will.
- I hope so.
I know I've been distant with you and cold.
I was afraid, afraid to get involved.
Now things will be
different between us.
I'm not just a professional.
I am as woman as the princess.
How good.
And, from now on, I'll show you.
Well, I guess we'll
never see Kane again...
nor the princess.
The eyes in front.
- You will get sick.
- Buck, I like you very much.