Budak Flat (2023) Movie Script

What kind of life is this?
Whether it's legal or illegal,
I don't care.
To hell with what everyone has to say.
Only God knows
what it feels like to live in my world.
Bikers, junkies...
- Robbers.
- Aman.
They are my friends.
They help me.
I help them.
Everything I do and everything I sell,
are useful here.
They want to live.
I want to live.
The way I know.
My name is Aman.
I'm a flat boy.
Do you know Flat Colombia, KL?
Here, good or bad has no meaning.
Because everyone has their good
and bad sides.
But as bad as I am,
I know to not be evil.
This is my gang.
I sell smuggled items.
Cigarettes, fake shoes...
I sell lots of things.
I sell illegal items.
But I don't ruin people's lives.
This is Riz.
He's the head pusher at this flat.
He's my brother.
But he's not in my gang.
he's the evil.
Ronaldo's heading there,
towards Gattuso, Del Piero, and Abate.
Escaping Nesta now.
He's getting away...
Buffon managed to catch the ball here.
Hey, boy!
Where have you been?
Where have you been?
You stole from me?
You stole from me?
I'm sorry. I'll pay it back.
Take this!
Is it hurt?
You took my stuff.
You have to pay, got it?
I've told you.
If you take it, then pay! Got it?
Come on. You're a gangster, huh?
Hey! What the hell?
Both of you,
come with me to the lab!
- Let's go!
- Enough!
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
I just wanted to help. Riz is a bully.
Was it necessary?
You shouldn't do it.
If you do things like that,
you're no different than Riz.
- Got it?
- Yes.
Go home.
Talk to you later.
Be careful. This is the new batch.
I modified it a bit
from the old formula in the USB.
But the effect remains the same.
I've been telling you since we started.
Rule number one,
don't sell this stuff in our flat.
But now look what's happened!
How many addicts are here now?
It's out of control.
I want to stop with this business.
I want to sell my formula,
and then I'll stop.
We can use the money
from the sale to maintain this flat.
It's getting serious.
Flat Sri Damai has become known
as a drug den.
The outsiders have been coming
to our area.
- They want to sell their trash here.
- They should try and see what happens.
- But...
- Everything's out of control.
They're looking to have our formula.
I don't want that to happen.
I'm going to talk them out of it.
But they refused.
They wanted to come
and meet with our leader.
Ask them to come and see me.
You're not our leader.
We asked you to be the leader,
but you refused.
If our flat had a leader,
we wouldn't be divided.
We always fight with one another.
If we don't want outsiders coming here,
both of you have to put a united front.
Then stop this drug business.
I don't want this flat to be a shithole.
Chief, you want me to stop?
Our drug is in high demand across KL
thanks to your formula.
That's right, Chief.
You were the one who started it.
Now you want us to stop?
We used to have it under control.
We're still in control.
Kumar's right.
It's for the sake of our flat.
Don't go overboard.
What's wrong with this place, huh?
We did lots of things here too.
The futsal court?
Where did the money come from?
This money.
Each time we had a blackout,
who supplied the generator?
Where was the money from? This drug money!
You think you were the only one?
Aman, your brother's right.
If you want to stop selling drugs,
I fully support it.
But if you want us to work together...
I'll never do it.
If there's nothing else,
please excuse me, gentlemen.
Like I said.
If we stop, we'll be broke.
You think someone else will help us?
I'm so tired, Pidah.
I can't fetch water like this every day.
The elevator is out of service.
If this continues,
my blood pressure
will go through the roof.
Not just that.
My knees have been hurting so bad
climbing the stairs with these pails.
You go first.
Right, but it's good for you though.
It'll help you to lose weight.
Hey! You're making fun of me, huh?
You should be our leader, Aman.
If I become your leader, then what?
Then you can get rid of Riz and his dogs.
He can find someplace else to mess around.
That's why I don't want to
become the leader.
I'm not getting involved with Riz.
What a bummer.
Oh my God.
- Mrs Leha.
- Aman.
Oh my God.
How was your meeting earlier?
Did you discuss the elevator?
The water problem?
Did you?
We discussed another issue.
You're just going to watch?
Don't you want to be a gentleman
and help us with these pails?
What a bummer.
Here's another one.
You're really the nation's hope.
- Gosh, Pidah.
- Hey.
- We're here.
- Aman.
What are you doing?
Don't you have something better to do?
Shit. Even teenagers are doing drugs now.
What should we do?
Pidah, mark my words.
It's possible that one day,
our children will be working for Riz.
Tell me.
Isn't there any place else
for him to do his business?
I'm so peeved.
Riz doesn't want to sell it here.
I've been helping him to pack the drugs.
My income is three times higher
than when I was selling nasi lemak.
Your nasi lemak income was better.
It was legal and blessed by God.
- Right.
- Yes.
Thank you for helping me with those.
Where are you going?
You're still in your school uniform.
I've something to do.
What? Go home now. Your father is waiting.
- No!
- What a brat. Hey!
Oh my God.
Pidah, keep track of your son.
I once saw him hanging around
with Riz's gang.
Leha, what's the problem
if they hang around together?
We live together here in this flat, right?
Aman, your jacket needs to be patched.
- Huh?
- It needs to be patched.
There's only one person
who can mend Aman's jacket.
- Right, Mrs Leha?
- Yes.
She's not here.
You want to ask her to patch it?
You said she wasn't here?
She's not here at the front.
She's out the back.
- Jojo?
- It's fine.
I'll just pass it to you...
Am I so horrible
that you don't want to tell me yourself?
You don't like to see my face, right?
Why me?
Can you patch it?
When can it be done?
That's it?
If I'm not doing it?
- Are you doing it or not?
- Yes, because you came all the way here.
You're so fussy.
I'm fussy?
It'll be done tonight. Mandy will send it.
Why are you laughing?
You and Aman...
are so cute.
Gosh, your mouth...
Actually, I was so sad
when you broke up with Aman.
You really can't watch your mouth
when you're high.
How many times have I told you?
Don't take it while working.
If you're working someplace else,
you'll be fired.
Want to go on a date?
It's not good for you, Mandy.
It's not like I bought it
from some stranger.
I bought it from Riz.
- What are you talking about?
- Nothing.
Hey, what happened?
- Your face.
- It's fine.
Hey, I'm not coming back for dinner.
- I have some work to do.
- Really?
I heard there's a new stock, huh?
Darling, it's been a while
since we ate together at home.
Will you come back home tonight?
I'll cook for you.
I told you I have work to do, right?
It's for dinner, okay?
Mandy, be with her tonight, okay?
Nazri, whose son is this?
- Hey, don't step on it...
- Sorry.
Of all the people in this flat,
you're with Riz too, huh?
What's the matter?
You should have known better.
Drugs are bad. They're illegal.
Oh my God. Cigarettes are illegal too.
So, Aman does illegal things to.
Aman's different.
- Why?
- He's different.
Why is he different?
The brothers are the same.
Yes, they always help people around here.
But they do illegal things.
They will not work together.
Why are you here?
Open your eyes as wide as you can.
This flat is full of ruckus every day.
People fight and kill each other.
Even the police couldn't do anything.
So, if they work together,
it'll be good for us, right?
Why would it be good for us?
Your turn. Open your eyes.
Riz won't stop doing his business.
He's been selling the candy
because it made him rich.
And the police can't trace him.
But Mr Om's right.
Don't interrupt, Boboi.
He's not right.
You came here straight away after school?
Have you done your homework?
- Yes.
- When?
Later, after I eat.
After you eat, huh?
- Your turn.
- Where?
Come on. I made a move.
- Here.
- Take this.
I've given you a chance.
- Why didn't you take it?
- Gosh.
Aman, you need to see me tonight.
Chief, I've told you, I'm not doing it.
Just come. Alone.
There's something you should know.
Our usual place.
At 8.00 p.m.
She hasn't delivered this jacket?
She couldn't wait
to go on a date with Ah Kit.
You've promised me, right?
Where's my stuff?
No way! You never pay.
You're so difficult.
I'll pay it later.
- Okay?
- Later my ass.
- Ayul, please. Please...
- What's your problem?
Why are you so noisy at this hour?
Hey, mind your own business, okay?
You're acting so big, huh?
Hey, if I punch you in the face,
you'll surely go mute, you know?
- Get off me!
- Hey!
You think I'm intimidated
just because you're Riz's pusher?
- If I break your hand...
- It hurts!
You'll be left with your left hand.
- Bastard! Fuck off!
- Get off me!
Fuck off.
Get lost.
Go and perform your prayer.
My smoke has gone to waste! Shit!
What are you looking at?
Come see me here if you want that stuff.
Ask Mandy for money.
We have a big delivery tomorrow.
Can you handle it?
How many times do I have to tell you?
No problem.
Tell me.
Where else can they get our stuff?
We control the market.
- Chief.
- Yes?
I'm leaving now.
- Take care, Mrs Pidah.
- Sure.
Let the guys know.
We're working overtime tonight.
New stock is coming in.
Lots of deliveries to make.
No pain, no gain. All right?
This formula has ruined the lives
of many people, Riz.
Your formula is the only one in the world.
Without the formula...
our business...
there would be countless things
that our people had to sacrifice.
Including our own lives?
What's the matter with him?
We shall leave in an hour.
Hold on.
Let's go and look for Ayul.
You need it, don't you?
No wonder you want to
borrow money from me.
Will you pay it back?
I'll pay it back later.
- So how?
- Give him the money.
No. I want to go to a movie.
Think carefully.
You need it as well.
I don't have time for your drama.
No. Give it to him.
Thank you.
It's mine.
Don't you love me anymore?
Don't you love your boyfriend anymore?
Give it to me.
- Give it to me! You want me to hit you?
- Stop it!
You want to hit me?
If you hit me, I'll tell Jojo.
Go ahead.
Tell her.
Go ahead! Tell her!
Hey, Aman.
You look troubled.
Relax. Your jacket will be mended.
It's not about that jacket.
Chief wants to see me tonight.
It's not like I don't trust him.
But I don't trust Riz.
So what now?
You can't let it be.
What can I do?
If the plan happens for real...
you want all of us working with Aman?
I still respect Chief.
We're all living well...
thanks to him.
I don't trust Riz either.
Just trust him
What's your problem, Gunting?
- Relax, Sotong. You're so serious.
- Hey.
People are coming to our place.
Riz thinks he's good enough
to be our leader.
He doesn't have what it takes.
Aman, if we don't act now,
it'd be a foolish mistake.
I'm sorry to say this.
I know he's your brother.
But your brother is dumb as shit.
- Just steal the formula from Chief.
- Huh?
He stores it in a flash drive, right?
Let's steal it without telling anyone,
and then we mind our own business.
That's all.
What did you say?
Relax, Riz.
No matter what Chief thinks...
for us to work together
with Aman and his dogs...
It's disgusting.
I'll never do it.
Where are you off to?
To deal with my shit.
If we don't do it,
we'll be the ones kissing their asses.
God damn it.
Hey, where are you going?
I want to settle everything
with Chief tonight.
What are you going to do? Hey, Aman!
Hey, Sotong.
Do you think Riz and Aman can get along?
- No.
- Why?
Aman hates drugs.
Have you forgotten
what happened to his father?
Come inside!
It's like not having a girlfriend.
It'd be better to not have one!
God damn it!
- Hey!
- Hey! What's your problem?
Because of you,
I have to climb the stairs.
Chief! Hey, Chief!
What happened?
Who did this? Chief?
Hey, Chief...
What the fuck did you do?
- It wasn't me!
- Why did you kill Chief?
- It wasn't me!
- Why did you kill him?
You killed Chief!
- It wasn't me!
- Why did you kill him?
I didn't kill him!
- I didn't kill him!
- I saw it!
You held the knife!
Aman! What's going on?
- Hey!
- I didn't kill him!
- It wasn't me!
- Calm down, Aman!
I don't trust you!
You're my brother, asshole!
Have you forgotten who Chief was?
Enough, Riz!
- Hey!
- I'll kill you!
- I didn't kill Chief.
- Bullshit!
- I saw you kill him!
- Relax!
- Stay out of it!
- Chief is dead!
We should deal with it
before the police come.
Only one person can help us now.
I don't get it.
Why do we need to see Boss X?
Chief brought me to meet him once.
The whole of KL is in his hands.
Even our flat is in his control.
Have you ever met the Grim Reaper?
Why should I meet him?
I didn't kill Chief.
If you want to stay alive, do as he says.
It's difficult.
This is difficult.
This asshole killed Chief.
This knife is the proof. That's it, Boss.
It's not mine.
It doesn't matter. I saw you holding it.
What reason could I have?
You know how a dog acts?
A dog barks fiercely
when it's behind the gate.
But if we open the gate, it'll be quiet.
You can throw any food to it.
The dog will eat it.
That's how a dog acts.
Are you dogs?
When I got there...
I saw someone walking by.
Who was it?
I didn't see their face.
There wasn't anyone there.
- Only you were there.
- It's true.
Find the person responsible.
Find him, Boss?
This asshole killed Chief.
- Did you see him?
- Yes!
Did you see him stab Kumar?
Use your brain, Riz.
I'll give you three days.
If you fail to find him, you're dead.
An eye for an eye.
Got it?
He doesn't have to die.
He should work for me forever.
If that's what you want.
I'll handle Kumar.
The police won't know.
But Aman...
Even I do not have any issues with you...
I need to be fair.
Three days.
Tick tock.
Tick tock.
Tick tock.
Are you serious?
We'll have to work for Riz?
Do you think I killed Chief too?
We have to find the witness.
What? We're helping Aman?
No. We're trapping him.
I trust you.
Chief was my uncle.
I want to find the killer too.
If Aman finds the witness,
my plan will go down the drain.
Come to think of it,
it's good that Kumar died when he did.
Watch your mouth.
No matter what happens,
our plan has to go on.
Chief gave me this
before he died.
- Isn't this...?
- Yes.
On this flash drive...
is Riz's drug formula.
What are you going to do with it?
This is my insurance.
Make sure to find the witness before Aman.
Let's go to the place Chief died.
Get out of my way!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- What's your problem?
- Gosh.
Ah Kit!
You bastard!
Jo. Ouch!
You were the reason
Mandy didn't do her job, right?
What's going on?
Where is she?
Wait till I find her!
Don't tell me you went on a date.
You gave the stuff to her, right?
We were fighting.
Don't lie to me, Ah Kit.
I'm serious.
She might be high somewhere.
Hey, I'm not done yet!
Where did you last see her?
The Block A storeroom.
Where Kumar was killed.
You haven't heard about it?
Pidah, Chief...
Yes, Jo. He was killed.
Not just that. They said Aman killed him.
- It couldn't be.
- Riz found the body.
Aman was there.
Is it true?
About Chief? Aman?
Your ex is going back to jail soon.
It doesn't make sense.
Backing him up, huh?
I'm not backing him up.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Why are you emotional?
Relax, darling.
I saw Aman's jacket at your shop.
I didn't mind.
But why did you have to mend his jacket?
You missed his scent?
- Watch your mouth.
- Why?
I just want you to know.
Once Aman starts working for me...
you'll be able to smell
his armpits every day.
That doesn't prove anything.
Many people have been using it here.
It must be Riz's guys.
I don't think
Riz would kill his own mentor.
He used to have a problem with Chief.
Because Chief wanted to
stop the drug business.
Riz is capable of anything.
Drugs made him rich.
Do you think he wanted to stop
even if Chief asked him to?
Right, but I don't think he could do it.
Riz thinks he's the leader.
Like he owns everything here.
He'll take anything he wants, Aman.
We're just trash to him.
Do you know Riz and his dogs
wanted to start a war with us?
What now?
Who do you think you are? My father?
Even my father never raised his leg
in front of me like this.
Hey, not so fast.
Just so you know,
I'll be your father soon.
And you'll work for me, asshole.
Even if I have a father,
I'll make sure that my father...
doesn't stink like you.
What's your problem?
Don't you have something better to do?
You're fighting all the time.
Be useful and help me to carry this water.
Then God will reward you.
Excuse us, Mrs Leha.
- Excuse us, Mrs Leha.
- They didn't care to help me.
Help me with this.
God will reward you
for helping an old lady.
You should take both with you.
Okay, Mrs Leha.
Oh my God.
You shouldn't fight. It's not good.
You're living together here.
It's a sin to fight among yourselves.
Mrs Leha, Kayu...
Kayu is an asshole.
This is the bastard's car.
we'll wash this car!
Pour it!
More, more, more!
- Aman.
- Boboi.
It's late.
Aren't you going to school tomorrow?
I just came back from my extra class.
Ah, good then.
- What's the matter?
- I heard.
But I don't think you did it.
Who told you?
Just let me know.
I can help you with anything.
When I grow up,
I want to be just like you.
Hey, come here.
Don't be like me. All right?
Just go to school, study hard,
and climb the ivory tower.
Right, go home, Boboi.
Your mother might be worried.
Remember. Just let me know
if you need any help.
All right.
Fuck Riz!
What are you going to do, Aman?
Don't tell me you want to let it be.
He's messing with us.
Just let him be, okay?
We have a bigger problem to deal with.
Mandy, where are you?
Answer your phone!
You're welcome.
Gosh! It's so hard.
What happened to your arm?
I fell off my motorcycle.
There was a hole.
You fell off? There was a hole?
The hole in front there?
Lebai lodged a report, right?
Yes, but they didn't care.
They didn't care? They are so rude.
Anyway, I feel bad.
I was the one who asked Ayul
to go and buy some items.
Don't feel bad, Pidah. You're so kind.
It wasn't your fault.
They didn't patch the hole.
It's their fault.
- Calm down.
- Calm down? I am calm.
But for how long?
Today he fell.
Tomorrow, you might fall too.
I might fall. Lebai might fall.
Yes, and I don't have money.
The motorcycle needs to be repaired.
- It'll cost a lot.
- Chill, Ayul.
It's easy.
You're with Riz.
What's so hard? Just ask him for money.
- He's loaded. He's rich.
- Yes.
You never stop mentioning him.
Rich, huh? It's easy for you to say.
I'm sick of hearing his name.
- Hey.
- She's always pissed with Riz.
Did I say something wrong?
- I don't know.
- Then?
How many times do you have to
call me, asshole? Gosh.
Where are you?
- What the hell? Darling?
- Gosh.
Where have you been?
You were busy, right?
I'm looking for Mandy. Did you see her?
Why don't you look for her
at her place, the drain?
Ask them.
They might find something.
I'll ask around at the other blocks.
Ask them.
Aman. Do you have a minute?
I need to talk to you.
I'm busy, Mrs Leha.
People are talking, Aman.
What did they say?
- That you were...
- It wasn't me, Mrs Leha.
Yes, I believe you didn't do it.
But I feel sorry for Kumar.
I'll find the person responsible.
Now that Kumar is gone,
Riz will be out of control.
It's okay, Aman. Excuse me.
I called and texted you.
Why didn't you answer?
Are you sure Mandy's not sleeping
in some drain?
You and Riz are really brothers.
I don't know.
I think the witness
you're looking for is Mandy.
What makes you think so?
Because Ah Kit said
she was at the Block A storeroom.
Where Kumar died.
And now Mandy's gone.
If that's so, let's find Mandy.
We'll ask her properly.
But why should I believe Riz's wife?
- Do you want my help?
- You're messing with me, right?
- What's your problem?
- You betrayed me once.
- Aman!
- Jojo.
- Aman! Aman...
- Wait for me.
- Wait for me, Jojo.
- I promise I'll wait for you.
The defendant is found guilty
of theft and trespassing
under Section 379 and Section 447.
The court hereby orders the defendant
to be detained in jail
for five years immediately.
I was in jail for five years.
Did you care when I got out?
- Ouch! It hurts.
- What happened?
- Is it hurt?
- It hurts!
When I came to your shop...
I realised...
I no longer meant anything to you.
You broke your promise.
Did you regret it?
You know why I did that.
I needed to carry on with my life.
Right, Jojo.
You're always great at giving excuses.
You're so great.
If you want to die...
just go ahead.
Thank you.
It's fine, Boboi.
I have more.
- Thank you.
- Get well soon, Ayul.
Hey, wake up.
Wake up!
Tell me.
Did you hear anything about that night?
About what?
Chief Kumar.
- Did you hear me? Chief Kumar.
- I hear you.
It wasn't me. I didn't kill him.
Of course you didn't kill him.
I just want to know
if you heard anything about that night.
I don't know. Ayul...
- Ayul...
- Ayul what?
Ayul what? What?
Ayul was there that night.
What's going on?
Can you shut up?
I met with Mandy there that night.
To pass some stuff.
What stuff?
Your junkie stuff? Your high stuff?
- What then?
- Then I left.
someone saw Mandy
at the Block A storeroom.
Everyone's looking for Mandy now.
Do you know where she is?
- No.
- Fuck you. Where is she?
It hurts!
I don't know.
I don't know! Seriously!
But I heard someone say
she's hiding on the seventh floor.
The house in the middle.
Really? If she's not there,
you're a dead man, asshole!
All right. Go back to sleep.
I've told you many times.
Huh? Your shipment will arrive soon.
Yes. Just relax.
You're so irritating.
Hey, I'll call you back.
Open the door!
- What now?
- Break it.
Hey, Sotong. Where's Mandy?
She's not here, motherfucker!
I don't know where she is.
Hey, bastard. What are you doing here?
You're asking me, huh?
Are you sabotaging Aman?
What if I am?
- Motherfucker!
- Ouch!
Mandy? Mandy!
Mandy, where are you going?
Anywhere but here.
- You saw who killed Chief, right?
- No.
I was relaxing. I was chilling.
I was high.
I saw him coming.
He was talking to Chief.
But Chief seemed like he knew him.
- What did he say?
- I was high at that time.
They were talking about house 117.
- Mandy...
- Then...
I can help you.
- Mandy!
- Where are you going?
Yes, Gunting?
Aman, Mandy's up there.
Hey, Mandy. Where are you going, huh?
Hey, out of my way!
She's there, Sotong.
- Relax.
- Stay out of it.
- I'll fuck you up.
- You two...
- Fuck! Stay out of it.
- Shut the hell up!
- Mandy. Come here.
- Shut up!
Oh my God.
We'll continue tomorrow.
I've told you, officer.
I don't know who did it.
When I arrived, she was already there.
How many times have I dealt with you?
It's okay. I'll see you again later.
All right, sir. Thank you, sir.
No, sir. I didn't see anything.
What now, Aman?
I still have time
to prove that I'm innocent.
But the witness is dead.
This can be settled. I promise.
Do you need the gang's help?
Let's fight Riz.
No need.
We should do it the right way.
We've lost two friends already.
Thank you anyway.
You burned my car.
You killed Mandy.
You really want to fight, huh?
But I won't let you have your way.
Watch your mouth.
When did we want to fight?
Hey, we're relaxed here.
I still have plenty of time.
And I will never work with you.
You brought a lot of problems here.
I knew you'd come here.
I'm sorry for earlier.
I shouldn't have reopened that old wound.
What's your plan now?
I don't even know, Jojo.
There's only one way.
Fight Riz.
But many people would be troubled.
Otherwise, I'll have to join Riz.
The drugs have ruined everyone's lives.
Before the drug business started,
do you remember
how close you and Riz were?
Hey, you're sailing happily, huh?
Are you having a honeymoon in there?
The ship must be luxurious,
you've become so chubby.
If you want to know how it feels,
come and join me.
I haven't spent enough time outside.
Are you okay, Aman?
I'm okay.
I miss you.
Hey, Jojo's mother...
She's sick, huh?
She was charged thousands
for her recent hospital bill.
please take good care of Jojo.
- Promise me.
- She's going to be my sister-in-law.
Of course I promise you.
Hey, I have something to tell you.
I joined Chief.
Are you out of your mind?
What's wrong with you?
Why are you mad?
You want us to stay poor at the shithole?
Are you dumb? What did you think, asshole?
Hey, don't tell me you've been selling...
What's your problem? Keep it down.
Leave Chief.
If you don't, you're no longer my brother.
What do you mean?
Hey, Aman!
I'll never forgive Riz.
He ruined the lives of so many.
He stole you from me.
Have you forgotten what you did to me?
If you've been taking Riz's
dirty money, just get lost.
Aman, listen. My mother...
I don't care whether it's
your mother or father...
What the fuck is wrong with you, bitch?
Why were you depending on Riz's money?
Go to hell with your drug money.
I don't care, bitch.
Get lost.
Get lost! What are you waiting for?
When will you stop blaming yourself, Jojo?
Don't worry about Aman.
Jojo, listen.
I've given my word to Aman
to care for you and your mother.
I'm sorry, Jojo.
I didn't care for you.
You helped me actually.
But in your own way.
Have you ever thought...
about leaving this place?
Because we're alike.
No matter how far we go...
we'll always come back here.
Whether this place is good or bad...
our lives...
and everyone who lives here...
They're like our own family, Aman.
Drugs have changed
the lives of the people here.
You need to do something.
What can I do, Jojo?
Now, people are accusing me
of killing Chief.
Everyone likes you.
They will listen to you.
We're all divided.
It's only you...
who can unite us all again.
If it's possible, don't let that drug
kill anyone anymore.
Poor boy.
What's going on? Let me pass.
How did this happen?
Oh my God.
He got some drugs
from Mrs Pidah's handbag.
Oh, God! Boboi...
This is Riz's fault.
We've talked about this.
We don't want to have
this poison around here.
Hey, Pidah. Are you still supporting him?
Huh? Look what happened.
My goodness, Om.
This is not the time to talk about it.
It's not appropriate.
Not the time? Do we still have time?
Huh? Just look.
He's dead. Do we still have time?
Hey, let's just burn the mill.
Hold on, Mr Om.
- Let me deal with it.
- Boboi...
Deal with it?
Hey, do you think Riz will listen to you?
I'll deal with it!
It wasn't me!
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
- It wasn't you?
- No.
- Then who?
- No.
Then who?
No. It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
I really hate anyone
that tries to cross me.
Are you admitting or not? Huh?
- It wasn't me...
- Hey, shut it.
I've been feeding you,
but you fucked with me.
How about the flat?
A boy died.
The flash drive?
Fucking fuck.
I don't care anymore.
Tonight, Riz will die.
I don't care even if I die.
God damn it.
Since Kumar died, it's been a mess.
It's because of the drugs.
If they're brawling, we have to join in.
We live here too, right?
Hey, Lebai. What are you looking at?
I heard Aman is going to
challenge Riz down there.
Boboi was a good boy, Om.
Everyone loves him.
The whole flat adores him.
If you were Aman...
what would you do if Riz burned your car?
If I were Aman, I'd take this knife.
I'll find Riz
and stab his neck, motherfucker!
Right, Lebai.
We don't know who else
will die because of the drugs.
Where are you? Let's meet.
Finish it once and for all!
Do you know why?
Because of the drugs that Riz sells.
Chief is dead now.
What happened to the plan
of putting an end to his business?
Gone just like that?
Riz only listens to Chief.
It's so difficult!
I'm heading there now.
Boboi is dead.
I want you to put an end
to your drug business right now.
- If I refuse?
- I'll make you go away.
Bullshit. Who do you think you are?
As your brother,
I'm asking you nicely for the last time.
As your brother...
I'm asking you...
to go fuck yourself!
- Mandy!
- House number 117.
You bastard!
- What's there inside?
- Gosh.
You freaked me out.
Aren't you supposed to be with Riz?
I have something to do.
Open the door.
Why me?
I told you! Get lost!
You have lost, Riz.
You and your gang can get lost!
Tell me, motherfucker.
Who killed Chief?
What the fuck, Sotong?
Your gang is now with me, Riz.
Who brought Aman and Riz's stuff here?
What a busybody.
I killed Chief.
Uncle, you're dead.
I know...
house 117...
You want me to replace Riz?
Kumar and Aman messed with me.
I've been losing money.
You're Kumar's nephew.
You should be the leader, not Riz.
I don't mind killing Riz.
- But Aman...
- I don't care about Aman.
Before you came here,
did you tell Aman first? Did you?
I should be the leader of this flat!
Out of my way!
Aman was stabbed.
Now, tell me where the flash drive is.
- Get him!
- He's running away!
Oh, God, Aman.
Boss, Sotong has started the take-over.
Send our boys.
- Easy.
- Easy.
Hold on.
Take off! Take off his jacket.
Hold on, Aman.
Give way! What happened?
- Who...
- Sotong.
Sotong fucked us up.
Why are you just standing there?
- Give it to him.
- Hold on.
Wrap it.
Hold on, Aman. You're strong.
To my beloved flat residents...
this is your lucky day.
Aman is dead!
And I'm your leader now.
As your leader,
I want you to prove your loyalty
to hand in those bastards,
Riz and Aman, to me!
Hey, I'm not a bad guy.
But if you'd like to mess with me...
go ahead.
Riz, don't act dumb.
You want him to own this place? Riz.
- Riz! Riz...
- Aman!
Find the flash drive.
Eh, where's your gang?
You're alone? Oh, I forgot!
Your gang is behind me.
Hey, your brother is dead, right?
Find it!
Come on! Let's go!
Pidah! Pidah, don't!
Don't do it, Pidah!
My son is dead because of me, Jojo!
Because of me!
There's another way
for you to atone for your sin, Pidah.
Get up!
Let's go!
Do you want to die?
If I die,
I'll die protecting my home.
My place.
My people...
we're the flat boys!
There, Jojo.
Pidah! Hey!
Let's go! Come on!
Come, Pidah!
Jojo! Run, Jojo!
Run, Jojo! Run!
Oh my God.
Hurry up, Jojo!
Where's Jojo? She's gone?
Hey, Jojo!
Hey, woman!
- Hey, Sotong.
- Aman!
Give me the flash drive or I'll kill her.
Okay, I'll give it to you.
You want this, right?
Let Jojo come to me.
Jojo, take this flash drive.
Don't mess with my family, bastard.
Go to hell!
Forgive me, Aman...
for I have failed to protect you.
I'm proud...
having a brother like you.
Hey, Riz!
- Hey!
- Riz!
You have me.
Hand the flash drive to me.
You want this, right?
You no longer have power here.
I can destroy you
and this place whenever I want, Aman.
It's our place.
Don't you dare come here again.
Get lost!
You want war, right?
We'll go to war.
What's your plan now?
Get ready.
We'll go to war.
Are you confident we can win?
We'll protect this place together.