Buenas Chicas (2024) Movie Script

The moment has arrived.
Heavens, it's a disaster.
Dear Aunt Esmeralda,
we urgently need help.
Sweet girls.
Is this really the best you could find?
I'm sorry. These are fine.
Fine, we'll wait.
You can do this.
Focus, dignity, restraint.
Don't let them tempt you.
Just stick to your arguments.
Turn off your emotions.
Billie's going to kill it.
Her first closing argument. I'm so proud.
But that black tent...
That collar is way too tight.
- It's called a jabot.
- A what?
A jabot. And under that gown
you can do lots of things.
All rise.
Come on.
We'll proceed the case
Woon Welzijn Invest
versus owners' association Ooievaarsnest.
Ms. Doesburg, go ahead.
Your honour, the past two hours
Mr. Faber made his plea
about supposed irregularities
within this case.
Ooievaarsnest unlawfully claims
that Woonwelzijn Invest is responsible
for all costs deriving from the fire.
That awful fire.
But that fire...
That awful fire...
That's what we all think, right?
Of course.
In accordance with Article 24d, paragraph
3 of the Social Lease Agreement
- there's no reason to cease payment.
- You think that's reasonable?
We're talking about seventeen families
living below the poverty line.
Because of the fine print
you are forcing them to pay rent
for a home that's burnt to the ground.
Is Billie representing
the housing corporation?
That's what she's been doing.
Tenant and landlord are all obliged
to keep to what we've agreed to.
My client might be a successful investor...
In the end they don't give a rat's ass
about the people who are living there.
Ms. Doesburg, language.
It's not easy when you grew up
in a neighbourhood like that.
Get lost, Faber. You and your lawyer
family and your expensive homes
and that sad Bir parked on the sidewalk.
It's much easier
to represent the good guys.
Ms. Doesburg,
this is not how we do things here.
I just couldn't. Poor girl.
It's not normal that we...
- She had nothing to do with this case.
- What?
- He purposely asked her to come in late.
- I don't believe you.
It's the oldest trick in the book.
I messed up. You told me so many times.
You need to have a trump card. Or two.
And? Did you win?
Billie was great. She was on fire.
The client, the counterparty
and the judge were all impressed.
- Floris, did she win?
- No.
- She's a stain on our clean jacket.
- A stain.
She's not what we need.
She's not functioning properly.
Speaking about people
not functioning properly...
My son is a work in progress.
He's a semi-finished product
and he gets that.
And then... Bam.
That boomer said:
"That's not how we do things here."
Girl, I ain't gonna lie,
I saw the fire in you.
It really came from deep down.
That's sweet of you to say, L.
I just don't get you're on the side
of those liars.
Even a simple chick like me
can see they're not okay people.
Everyone has a right to be represented.
And you're not simple.
The next thing you're gonna say is that
you want to help everyone. World peace.
Just admit you want to be
a ruthless lawyer.
- Without a conscience or remorse.
- Without a student debt.
With a corner office.
A nice, sweet and handsome man
who takes care of you.
Deep, Coos. Very deep.
Do you still have dirty secret sex
with that cute Rogier?
What? As if she isn't your side chick.
Rogier and I
are just friends with benefits
without the friends part.
We're both fine with that.
You are. Rogier isn't.
He likes you.
No way. We're both on the same page.
She pulled a hammy.
She's doing stunts
for a new MeToo-themed web series.
She's doubling
for a woman who takes revenge.
I took out at least five men today.
- Like this.
- Oh, my God.
And then I think about Billie and Rogier
in bed. Will you play Billie?
- Sure. Oh, Rogier.
- Billie.
We won't stop until you tell us everything
about your love life.
Non existent. I live for my job.
This is Billie.
During the day she lives for her job.
But at night, this chick
sits proud on Rogier's dick.
during the day she lives for her job.
And at night she makes sure
someone shuts up in time.
Do you want me to continue?
My jaws hurt.
What are you thinking about?
About what I could have done
differently in court.
It's not your fault.
Because I'm the King, right?
We're already late.
Your mum doesn't like me and after
yesterday she even likes me less.
- Bil?
- Yes?
Can't we just tell my mum
we're together?
- What did you say?
- Why is that so weird?
You have a last name that works for you.
I don't.
But when you're with me,
my name works for you too.
That's not really my thing.
Don't you want people to want you
because you're good at what you do?
No, I don't.
- What do we do now?
- I want to break things off.
I never got the friends with benefits
without the friends part.
Are you breaking up with me?
...and then all documents
for the entire area are complete.
Nothing will stand in the way
of your new golf resort.
But what about section 33.9?
To be able to start building fast,
I thought we'd just work around it.
- Honey, isn't that where...
- My favourite hole needs to go. Hole 18.
Yours too, right?
It's our favourite hole.
Our absolute favourite.
Can't you get us that piece of land?
It really is a dealbreaker for us.
As your counsellor I only want the best.
But that piece of land...
One big rock field. Desolate,
deserted, golf balls will get lost,
buggies will get stuck,
you'll get many complaints.
- It'll cost you members.
- That doesn't sound very nice.
And that land belongs to a senile crofter,
who once in a while produces wine
off of the last surviving vines.
First push, then pull.
- He's slow and he's got principles.
- People with principles.
Regarding the facts, I'd leave it.
I wouldn't take our foot
off the gas in this phase.
I say: put that senile crofter
in an understaffed nursing home,
blow up the rocks with dynamite
and the eighteenth hole is born.
Okay, will do.
Kiss my ass.
Kiss my big fat white ass.
I quit.
I'm happy you could find the time
to join us today, Floris.
Of course, Marly.
And I'd like to speak with you later.
- Are you okay?
- Sure. Never better.
Let's see. The HR honours are mine today.
- Madelon has a burn-out.
- Too bad for her.
Yeah, it's very unfortunate.
Alright, the first HR point
is that we won't extend your contract.
- I'm sorry?
- Your contract won't be extended.
Did I miss something?
You've been working here for a year
and we don't see any progress.
- So, I'm sorry.
- We're sorry.
You're a sweet kid,
but you're not carved from the right wood.
Too thin. The wood. The wood is too thin.
- Is it because I slept with Rogier?
- Pardon me?
Because if that's it,
you should know it's over.
I broke things off. My career comes first.
- But she stayed strong.
- Never shit where you eat.
Floris. Floris?
- Dead?
- Completely. That's what she said, right?
First he felt reborn and then suddenly...
I just don't get it.
I wouldn't be surprised
if Marly's message was the final straw.
That's what you hear, right?
People dying after getting bad news?
Marly is right.
I'm not carved from the right wood.
Do you see this?
This is what I'm going to do to Marly.
You know what I think?
Fuck the whole corrupt Zuidas crap.
I'm done.
To a new start. Wherever that might be.
Fuck Marly Roemer and Melvin Smit.
- To Floris Welling.
- To Floris Welling.
My name is on a sticky note.
Floris Welling wrote my name on a note
and stuck it on a file.
He wants me to take over the case.
Sweet Billie, we're in an important
meeting. Would you mind...
But I know Floris.
He doesn't do things without a reason.
This means something.
It's that Madjid Adnan case.
That arrogant fitness equipment importer,
who doesn't do fitness,
and that awful friend of his, who thinks
anyone and everything can be bought.
Floris wants me to bring it to a good end.
You're well-informed
about my business activities.
I'm sorry. I really am.
Our Billie took Floris' death a bit hard.
We all do. How are things coming along
with the eighteenth hole?
We want to close the deal this week.
- That hole is the only thing on our minds.
- The only thing.
Maybe we should look
at other options as well.
Okay, so they're in a hurry. The quickest
way is face to face. I'm going to Spain.
Why wouldn't I send Rogier to Spain?
It's a simple, marked out task.
He should be able to execute it perfectly.
I'm specialized in international law
and you never know what you come across.
But I know Salou like the back of my hand.
It's in Valencia.
- Okay, Billie.
- We could also go together.
Out of the question.
Your hormones aren't fully grown yet,
and your blood flows to the wrong parts.
And if I succeed,
you'll give me my job back.
You can do this.
Focus, dignity, restraint.
Don't let them tempt you
and turn off your emotions.
- Ms. Doesburg?
- Billie.
You look like you could use some rest.
Are you going on holiday?
No, it's a business trip.
Surprise. You didn't think we would
let you go alone, did you?
Seriously? This isn't a holiday.
We were with you when you first kissed,
first went to camp,
when you first smoked and drank.
Your first broken heart...
Which was your last as well.
Your first festival
and your first court case. So...
We're joining you
on your first trip abroad.
And Coosje says she's fluent in Spanish.
My besties. My buenas chicas.
There they are. The three musketeers.
- Coos, how's it going?
- Never better.
Girls, there's a small problem.
The name of the land owner was here.
We'll first drive past land registry.
But those municipal institutions
always are terrible slow.
I'll wrap them around my little finger.
I'm good at that.
Lying and deceiving.
But we don't mind.
- No?
- No.
That's why top lawyer Billie Doesburg
needs her two advisors
on this all-inclusive trip.
- Number?
- Fourteen.
- Ticket?
- Yeah, so... I don't really have fourteen.
- But it's an emergency.
- Of course. I can help you.
After the other 79 people before you.
I'm so sorry. I am a typical Dutch person.
I am so rude, I have no manners.
I have a very loud voice. I'm sorry.
Maybe we can arrange something?
You give me the name of the owner
of this piece of land here.
- Montesanco. And then I give you...
- You give me what?
You tourists coming here,
thinking you can just pay things of.
No, I'm not a tourist.
Here, I'm a lawyer.
And this is a very important case.
It's muy, muy, muy importante.
And the owner is very rich.
And it's your job to help me.
Yes? For the karma points.
We can cross fastlane, bribery
and karma points off of our planning list.
There's one thing we need to do.
We need to go there now.
Operation Buenas Chicas.
What the hell?
- Fill her up.
- Oh, my God.
It's an all-inclusive trip, right?
Do you want a FreeBee?
- Hello.
- Number one.
It'll be 33 euro.
Do you want a FreeBee?
Thanks. Bye.
Station three, please.
It'll be 44,56.
- And the FreeBee?
- I only have one left.
Well, one is enough.
- She can have it.
- No.
I want to give it to you.
Not to this panda here.
- You have...
- Pretty eyes?
I'm not falling for that.
Just because you gave me a compliment,
does not mean I give away my FreeBee.
Excuse me. I'm talking to the gentleman.
No, Patricia. I don't want it.
She can have it.
Bil. Today.
I'm sorry, L. That macho guy behind me
tries to steal my free thingy.
He's probably used to getting what he
wants because he has a cute face.
You take this wannabe macho, then
I'll take the chick behind the counter.
L, you're lucky
I'm in a sensible mood today.
Come on.
- Come here. Yes.
- I'm sorry.
Your FreeBee. Put it on your bike.
With your pretty eyes.
According to Google Maps,
this is Montesanco.
Wow, party village.
Hello, ladies.
Bil, you'll never guess
what seor Gomez does as well.
Nordic walking?
He's the mayor
of this nice little village.
Seor, tell my friend how you got the job.
I promised them three things.
Peace, love and harmony for everyone.
He promised the villagers three things.
Peace, love and ammonia.
- Ammonia?
- And then he got the job.
I wish you an unforgettable wine trip.
- He wishes us a very nice wine trip.
- Well, vamos, chicas.
I'm surprised. It's harvest time
and they could use some extra hands.
All owners of Montesanco
are hard at work.
The owners of Montesanco
don't have hands.
- Duolingo? Really?
- Otherwise I'll miss my streak.
- I'm already at day four.
- Jesus.
Did you say "owners"? Multiple?
First push, then pull.
First push and then pull.
Hello, Dutch girls.
- How does she know?
- We're such cheeseheads. Especially you.
Hello, madam.
Hello, madam.
You have a very, very beautiful place.
Muy, muy pretty.
We are looking for the...
Well, thank you, three musketeers.
I feel tired already.
- Who is that?
- A pretty boy with a wheelbarrow.
Hello, sir.
Just ignore us.
As if women aren't important. Sexist.
- Wildly attractive, silent men.
- Girls, focus.
Everyone could be the owner.
We have to focus on the right person.
Guys, this way. Come on.
Or persons.
Check. I'll take that chick.
She's the owner type. Nice and bossy.
I'll go after that guy
with the wheelbarrow.
Then I'll go question grandma.
Hello? Madam?
Can I help you?
Yes, I live here. What's your excuse
for licking my ice cubes?
I'm... We're on a wine trip.
Kind of a girls' trip.
And we'd like to taste some wine,
so I thought...
Do you know who the owner is?
Or are you the owner?
- As well.
- Of course, as well.
You wouldn't expect that. A Dutch owner.
- My mother is Spanish.
- Oh, nice. Ol.
So is it possible?
It's the busiest week of the year.
Harvest week.
I'm afraid we don't have time.
Okay, well...
Were you happy with your FreeBee?
Come on in, Paco. She doesn't bite.
Only in ice cubes.
It's mucho rude to use a language
I don't understand.
Dutch women
are more complicated than Spanish.
Fine, forget it.
But the most complicated grapes
give the best wine.
It's so quiet here. I come from the city.
So many noises.
Where I work,
on the cheese stall on the market...
Loud voices.
Nice and juicy oranges.
Only 2 euros.
But here... tranquilo.
A bit like you.
Oh, sorry.
You're deaf? You don't hear me at all?
Come on.
I hate this thing.
Guys, seriously. Get to work. Quickly.
- You're drowning it.
- What?
Are you crazy?
I needed to ignite it. The pressure
in the cylinder wasn't high enough.
- Allegra.
- Luna.
Can I help you? Are you lost?
We're on a wine trip and we were wondering
whose beautiful casa this is.
It's mine. Not just mine.
I'm sorry, I really need to get on.
So these three girls will help us
with the harvest this week.
I told them
you'll help us with the harvest.
We don't need help.
We do. Don't be so stubborn.
What do three Dutch chicks know
about harvesting? With all due respect.
Shouldn't all the owners decide together?
Bruno sometimes forgets Montesanco
is also Rodrigo's, Gitana's and mine.
- You are on a wine trip, right?
- Yes.
Where better to start
than at this beautiful casa?
Harvesting is hard work. It takes more
than just enjoying a nice glass of wine.
It takes passion, knowledge, skill.
Billie is a sommelier.
- She is?
- Yes, I am.
Wine is everything to me.
I live and breathe it.
It really is my passion.
And Allegra is a parttime stuntwoman.
Super strong. Never complains.
- She functions all day every day.
- And Coosje...
- Her favourite food is grapes.
- Yes.
Five women. I can't compete with that.
That went great, girls. Working our
asses off in a vineyard. I'm excited.
I don't think they're a close-knit family
that cares about their land.
- Why did you say I'm a sommelier?
- That was cold.
Thanks to Coosje
it's not game-over for you.
"Your honour, the past two hours
Mr. Faber made his sad plea
and I'm getting very annoyed by that."
"Get lost, Faber. With your sad Bir
parked on the sidewalk."
- Did you see the look on this face.
- With his Bir.
"Colleague." Who speaks like that?
Bil, our great leader. What's the plan?
I say: make them a fat offer and done.
Bruno might be a man of principles.
Everyone has their price.
A man of principles as well.
Why would they sell their life's work
to some dumb cheeseheads?
We need to win them over.
We only make a chance if they trust us.
And that's got nothing to do
with that handsome deaf guy?
Yes, I swear.
- It's too early.
- Regret it already?
How long will the picking take?
It depends on how fast you are.
Normally one crate takes an hour.
And what's the record?
Because I'm setting a new one.
Be careful. It's super sharp.
It'll cut off your finger.
- Como abrazar a un ser querido.
- What?
- As if you're embracing a loved one.
- And
castrating him.
- L, how's it going?
- 53 minutes.
- The next one I'll keep under 50.
- I meant with...
As if you're embracing a loved one.
Where did you get that? That's mine.
- "As if you're embracing a loved one."
- Luna said it.
Of course, I'm sorry. Proceed.
- Como abrazar a un ser querido.
- And castrate.
- You're bleeding.
- Don't you need to get to work?
- No.
- Come here.
- Put some pressure on it.
- Thanks.
- Nice band aid.
- Maybe you should quit.
It's just a little cut.
We've got a deadline, right?
Tough girl.
Come on, just for a little bit.
How's it going over there?
I thought I'd check in.
- Are you done? Are you chilling?
- Rogier, it's the middle of the night.
I thought: maybe we could have
a little online... You know.
- Seriously?
- I...
Wait, who's that guy?
Why are you on your knees? Billie?
- I was looking for a paracetamol.
- Okay, come on.
Nice talk, or wasn't it?
- That's not a little cut.
- What?
That you're a strong one.
You sound cute when you speak Spanish.
- Not when I speak Dutch?
- It's different.
- Say something.
- What do you want me to say?
I don't know, just something random.
You've got beautiful eyes.
- What does that mean?
- That I'm almost done with your hand.
What are you doing?
I'm dressing her wound.
Normally he doesn't show his caring side.
Or are you dressing the wound
in your own heart?
Good night.
Take good care of yourself.
- Take care of yourself.
- You too. Ten cuidado.
- Okay. All done.
- Thanks. Ten cuidado.
Aye-aye, colleague Doesburg.
Hello... Dutch soulmate.
Did you sleep well?
I'll have the girls sort and press.
We're going to have to work fast today.
Tomorrow we'll have bad weather, so we
need to finish before it starts raining.
Okay, fine.
Are you happy with the extra hands?
Or are they distracting you too much?
I won't name any names.
Okay, guys. Finish your coffees
and cigarettes. Get to work.
Yes. Trabajar.
- You can't work with that hand.
- Of course I can.
Let me see.
You look familar.
Yeah, I have a very average face.
Of course. That must be it.
I don't understand you. Why didn't you
take her to a doctor sooner?
You probably forced here to work.
You're a tyrant.
Please hold still.
So you're available
for all your patients, even at night?
This is what you get
with cheap, unexperienced laborers.
So, you're from Holland.
I understand
why all those Dutchies come here.
I wouldn't be able to live in a country
where they have a cheese sandwich
and a glass of milk for lunch.
Such a lovely country.
- What's she saying?
- Nothing. She's worried.
And I never got used to the language.
- Like phlegm in the back of your throat.
- Just do your job.
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
By the way, you don't look well.
Okay, you need an injection, darling.
Tetanus, for disinfection.
- I'll wait in the hall.
- Stay. Please.
Sweetheart, why do you work for him?
Oh, because I love wine
and I love Spain.
And I just... I...
really want to work on a winery
and he's really nice to work with.
- Billie is a sommelier.
- Really?
Finally, the woman for you.
I knew you preferred women
with sturdy calves from all that biking.
I told him to take good care of you.
Nice lady, that doctor.
- Don't you agree?
- She only thinks about money.
Everyone does, a little bit. Don't you?
Do I look like I think money's important?
What if someone wants to buy your
vineyard. How much do you want for it?
- It isn't for sale.
- Anything is. For the right price.
You're image of the world is messed up.
- Not even five million?
- It's not for sale. It's priceless.
Oh, lord. Yes, I'm nearly there.
You stupid idiot.
How could you forget?
I'm sorry, we have to...
The picking is going to have to wait.
Your tempo almost gives me a seizure.
ADHD and time pressure. The ideal
combination when you want to go fast.
If something happens to me,
I want to donate my body to science.
Luna, where are you?
Get down.
Here's Crissy.
My ex sister-in-law. I missed you so much.
So good of you to also hire people
who have problems managing their weight.
I support body positivity.
- What did she say?
- That she's searching for her heart.
What are you doing here?
I'm bringing Paco's diabetes pills
and painkillers for your new colleague.
But I don't know her last name.
I see you've got more skipping around.
Well, skipping...
I thought I heard the devil.
So, where's your other Dutch friend,
with the hand?
- Who wants to know?
- I want to know.
- And who are you?
- Who are you?
I am Allegra Duval. Stuntwoman.
First of her name.
Queen of the buenas chicas.
And protector of the casa.
Jesus, you're all crazy.
And what is your friend's name?
She needs medication.
I'm a doctor.
She's not lying.
Doesburg. Billie Doesburg.
See? That wasn't so hard.
- Ciao, ciao.
- Ciao, ciao.
Hey, you can do this.
Can I do something?
- Yes, please. If you want to.
- Of course.
I'll just tell them you're a sommelier.
This feeling is magical.
I've always wanted to do this.
Am I the only one who sees
how much work we've still got to do?
The press is over there.
Rodrigo knows that.
The foot press is a relic from Gitana.
I don't know what you're saying,
but I fully agree.
And you have a beautiful smile.
Do you earn money with being strong?
I'm sorry. Billie, where are you?
Did they have to amputate your hand?
Bruno took me to a wine tasting
with wine growers and wine buyers
and now I have to sell his wine.
That's fun, isn't it?
I'm mashing grapes with Rodrigo.
Coosje? I don't know what I have to say.
I don't know anything about wine.
I know. Just talk about something totally
different you do know something about,
and pretend you're talking about the wine.
- Billie, they want your opinion.
- I'm coming.
- This bapal...
- Bobal.
Of course, that on-going discussion.
Bobal. Babol.
You just need to let it sit for a bit.
Then it'll show its true colours.
It's Spanish.
With a touch of Dutch groundedness.
Rugged, honest, tough.
But also kind and reliable, I think.
Sexy too. With a...
A light, salty smell.
I wouldn't call it sweaty.
Interesting. Nicely put. Sturdy too.
Muscular, I would say. With balls.
I couldn't have said it better, Billie.
- May we quote you in our brochure?
- "Muscular, with balls."
- Of course.
- Bruno, congratulations.
If it all goes well, your Bobal will be
in the supermarkets around Christmas time.
This is great, don't you think?
It could save us. Thank you.
Don't celebrate too soon.
They'll start with a small batch.
But if it sells well,
it could be our financial salvation.
Gotcha. You do care about money.
You haven't been honest either.
About your job.
- You haven't been a sommelier very long.
- You got me.
And to be completely honest...
That doctor, Cristina...
She's my ex wife.
It's fantastic. Great.
I told you.
So Bruno doesn't want to sell at all?
Honestly, I'm glad about that.
It's not okay to lie.
These people are so sweet.
Can't we just tell them who we are?
We can't, now.
But apart from Bruno,
the rest has to agree too.
I mean, Gitana doesn't care about money.
Luna's blood, sweat and tears
are in this vineyard and Rodrigo...
He does what he feels.
And my feeling about his felling is...
Mi casa es su casa.
This is their home.
If they take the money, they can start
a new vineyard someplace else.
Rodrigo told me some of the vines
are as old as 70 years old.
You can't just move them.
It's not easy, but we're on a mission.
Mission: Billie wants her job back,
at all cost.
- It's not just about me.
- No?
- No, about Floris too.
- Floris is history.
- Rodrigo told me...
- Rodrigo can't speak.
You know, I can only think: what happened
to the Billie who wholeheartedly said:
Fuck Marly Roemer and Melvin Smit.
Do you think Billie is over me?
Billie is influencing the owner.
It's a bit more difficult than we thought.
But this makes it a little better.
It's the owner.
Not my type, but I think any woman
would fall for a guy like that instantly.
Billie too?
No, she's got bad taste in men.
Don't worry.
Floris had very big shoes to fill.
- A lot of book, not so much cover.
- And this is all cover.
Let's not let our emotions
get in the way.
That never did anyone any good.
And Floris...
You know how it works, Marly. If one
thing fails, the rest follows soon after.
I need to find another firm
to handle my business.
I'd like to stress that Billie,
our best junior lawyer
and protge of our beloved Floris,
only left three days ago.
- I have complete faith in her.
- Complete faith.
I'll give you another 48 hours.
For Floris.
Wherever he may be.
- If the deal isn't closed by then...
- Our business is history.
Trouble in paradise?
- Do you have to move that much?
- I can't sleep.
- Let me guess. It starts with a B.
- Okay, good night.
And it ends with "uno".
I see the way you look at him.
You're in love.
- Yes, you're in love.
- I'm in love?
Yes, that's why you're so grumpy.
You feel guilty
and you take it out on us.
"Oh, Bruno. My sweet Bruno,
give me your juicy lips and kiss me."
"Billie, the way you pick the grapes...
So sexy."
Okay, maybe I do like him
a very tiny bit.
- Finally.
- But I can't.
Crap. What should I do?
Okay, we'll tell them
who we really are.
We'll tell Marly to go to hell
and you'll go and look for a new job.
So actually we're going back
to "fuck Roemer Smit without Welling".
I'll think of something.
I want this to work for everyone.
You can't. You have to choose.
- Shall we vote?
- Yes, I vote for Montesanco.
Okay, two votes for Montesanco,
one abstention.
In this democratic bedroom
that means that...
Okay, I'll decide tomorrow. Happy now?
- Bruno, I...
- Look.
- Do you know the movie Die Hard?
- With Bruce Willis?
The vine of the bobal
is the die-hard of the grapes.
The first years
it purposely gets too little water.
Only the strongest vines
survive this drought.
The die-hards.
And after a few years a grape will grow.
Which, despite the drought,
is so concentrated and aromatic
you just have to fall in love with it.
Yippie ki yay, motherfucker.
- Hello?
- Hi.
It's Cristina.
It is time I check your hand.
- My hand is okay.
- No, it is not.
I have interesting information for you,
Ms. Billie Doesburg.
Lawyer at RSW.
I will be there in ten minutes.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I have to go.
Today, I will make you very happy.
That's nice.
I will sell you Montesanco.
I'm 51 percent owner of that boring place.
So, I sell, you win, Bruno loses
and I win too.
So, two winners and one big fat loser.
- How does that sound?
- I don't understand.
I sold only 49 percent
of the property to them.
Now you understand.
But why didn't you sell everything
if you hate that place so much?
Because the poor people
couldn't afford to pay me enough.
Not even between the four of them.
The wine fanatic, the unstable sister,
the junkie grandmother and the deaf guy.
They will be better off
with a lot of money. Trust me.
But they will never leave Montesanco.
When the owner of the majority
of land, so me, wants to sell,
the others have no choice
as to sell as well.
Look, it says right there.
You are a really good lawyer.
You shouldn't let any man
stand in the way of your dreams.
Xenia, could you put me through to Marly?
I think the deal is closed.
What do you mean you're bored?
Archiving comes with the job, honey.
Just give me something.
Something I can put on my Linkedln
profile, something that generates likes.
It's Billie. The deal is closed.
Billie, darling. Tell me everything.
Wiggling room? I think
I have to talk to Madjid about that.
But I think that threating language
and a little bit of jargon...
- Mom.
- One moment. What is it?
Cash. She has to pay in cash.
That's how they roll in Spain.
Well done, Billie.
Good luck tomorrow and keep me posted.
In Casa de Papel
everyone pays cash. Real bills.
And how do you think she gets that?
Pull a million out of an ATM?
Let me get this straight. That brilliant
Floris worked on this for months.
Why hadn't he bought it from Cristina?
- I don't know. That's what bothers me.
- Cristina is lying.
I can feel it in my left toe.
It's tingling. She's jealous.
She's got it in writing.
- Now you can close the deal?
- And fulfil Floris' wish.
- And we can go home.
- So Montesanco will be a golf resort.
And Billie will get her job back.
you don't buy out Cristina
and you find a job with nice colleagues.
Nice. Then Bruno, Gitana,
Luna and Rodrigo can stay here.
My dream, my incredibly high
student loan. For what?
- I'm one big failure.
- You...
You're our best friend
and you're going to do the right thing,
because you're Billie.
Time for the truth.
And do it quickly, then it won't hurt
as much. Just like with a band aid.
Buenas Chicas.
We've done it. We're done harvesting.
Thank you. You came at the right moment.
Hey, diehard.
- Did I scare you away this morning?
- No.
It took long enough. Thanks.
Come, I want to show you something.
This is it.
Don't you wonder what I'm doing here?
You're on a wine trip
with your two best friends.
You secretly eat out of pans
and you're a bad worker.
And your wine knowledge
isn't sufficient for a sommelier.
You get irritated very quicky.
You can tell me anything.
I'm so proud we did it.
Our first harvest.
And I'm especially proud of you,
Billie Doesburg.
Because you told Bruno the truth.
Me too. I never thought you'd do it.
And he wasn't even angry.
He's such a sweetheart.
I would have punched you.
He must really love you, Bil.
You're so lucky.
Yes, I really am.
Okay, bitch. You're just going
to tell him. Just like a band aid.
Hello, beautiful.
Hey, about last night...
So? Are you sorry?
No, it was great.
The feeling was right, in that moment.
But I'm not who you think I am.
First push, then pull.
- A supplier?
- I'll go.
- What the fuck are you doing here?
- Funny you use that word.
- I'm not here to play games.
- I can see that.
You need to go.
I'm not going anywhere. Why else would
I have spent two ours and twenty minutes
packed together
with a bunch of smelly people.
- Please go away. Do it for me.
- But I came here for you.
I thought you could use my help.
- I'm sorry in advance.
- What for?
It's been a long time
since I found a man in the bushes.
Thank you.
Aunt Esmeralda, you didn't tell me
about a fourth musketeer coming to help.
- This one is like an old rag.
- Yes.
We don't need your fertilizers.
I'm sorry.
Aren't you going to introduce me?
Bruno, this is my colleague, Rogier.
Your fellow sommelier?
- Sommelier?
- Sommelier.
- Welcome, Rogier.
- Yes.
I thought I'd come and take a look.
She'd been gone for quite some time.
That wouldn't be a problemo, right?
No, no problemo.
Billie told me all about you.
- Good. I'd like a nice glass of wine.
- No.
You have a meeting
with another vineyard, right?
Monte del Frigio.
Frigio? Funny. Never heard of it.
No, me neither.
That vineyard is going to have to wait.
This is the Bobal. My pride and joy.
- You'll probably know it.
- Bruno picks everything by hand.
He only uses the best people
you can imagine.
There's so much love
and attention in these wines.
That Bruno.
It's a new method.
You don't taste and spit it out.
It's more like the pull-in method.
If you get my drift.
I think Rogier would really like to taste
the Gran Reserva.
Yes, of course.
Wow. We did it, baby. It's genius
to present yourself as a sommelier.
This is what my mother taught us.
Get to know your opponent
and then go for the kill.
It's genius, manipulative and pathetic.
You got me thinking you liked the guy.
Stop. I made a mistake.
Montesanco isn't for sale.
Pardon me?
- It doesn't feel right. I can't do it.
- It doesn't feel right?
- It's complicated.
- From my point of view it's very simple.
David Copperfield could learn from this.
Only he had an assistant playing along.
Montesanco means the world
to these people.
And he's got an ex with a majority share,
so a no-go.
- An ex?
- Yes. Cristina. She's pretty intense.
Rogier, promise me you won't tell him?
- I want to tell him who I am myself.
- So you like him.
Is it love?
Why don't I tell him the good news?
Billie is my colleague at law firm
Roemer, Smit and Welling.
She came to you at the request
of Madjid Adnan.
He wants to turn your vineyard
into a golf resort.
Wait, no... This is supposed to be
the eighteenth hole.
I brought a suitcase
with an offer you can't refuse.
Okay. How could I have been so stupid?
Our land isn't for sale.
It's priceless. Now leave.
Both of you.
How could you?
You were like family.
- I'm sorry.
- Me too. I'm sorry, Rodrigo.
With your ridiculous shoes. They're awful.
You told me you told him
and you said he was okay with it.
I lied. I'm sorry.
You're a good liar.
It's what you're trained to do.
That's what good lawyers do, right?
Lie until the other one breaks.
Rogier. You are like a...
How do you say it?
Like a magician.
That's what I said.
David Copperfield. You know him, right?
- Davy.
- I do not.
How are we going to persuade
the other shareholders?
- My name is Cristina.
- Yes, I am aware.
- That is enough.
- Because?
I have a Spanish temper.
Do you know a Spanish temper?
Have you ever shared a bed
with a Spanish woman?
Well, almost.
When I was on vacation in Salou.
Almost? Almost is nada.
- Well, I wouldn't say it was nothing.
- Take the spoon.
- Sorry?
- Take the spoon.
Now look. What do you see?
- Nothing.
- Exactly. Nothing.
Almost is nothing.
So what is the plan?
Tomorrow we will meet
with all the other shareholders.
I'm happy Montesanco
stays in the hands of Bruno.
That's the only good news.
No. Marly.
Rogier must have snitched on me.
She's going to be so mad.
- Karma.
- What she says.
Billie speaking.
I was convinced you didn't have it in you.
Always so clean,
always following the rules.
And look at you now.
Rogier and you can share Floris' office.
How would you like that?
Marly, what has Rogier told you?
That Cristina agreed
and the deal is sealed tomorrow.
- Cristina?
- Madjid and Willem will fly over tomorrow.
- They can't wait to demolish everything.
- Demolish? No, wait.
So Floris was right.
You're capable enough.
Billie, you'll get your dream.
A permanent contract at RSW.
Congratulations, colleague Doesburg.
This is such a mess.
Mentor gone, lover gone.
Vineyard demolished, angry friends.
And a job I don't want anymore.
Kiss my ass. Kiss my fat white ass.
I quit. Wow, that felt good.
Control alt delete types like
Madjid Adnan and Willem Koster
who want to chase away small businesses
with their megalomanic projects.
Billie, I am going to miss you.
Last piece of advice:
don't fall for the same trap as I did.
Not every case
needs to be won at all cost.
Being true to yourself
is more important than anything.
But I don't have to tell you that,
with your "get lost, Faber" speech.
You would have told them already where
they could put their eighteenth hole.
You know what?
You just let me know
when you want to play some golf.
I'll arrange a VIP date.
I'm very good with the owners.
Like very good. Close, like this.
Oh, and this is my lovely assistant.
What the fuck did you do?
So you spoke to Mum?
About our new office?
- Play together, share together.
- Are you crazy?
We finished Floris' case together.
You started it and I finished it.
Team Rogier-Billie.
- There is no team Rogier-Billie.
- Yes, there is. I am the king.
Right? A little king?
It's not too late.
We can file for an annulment.
Just say the client changed their minds.
Come on. I know you have a heart.
Maybe you can break my heart,
but you won't break my talent.
- Will you order another drink?
- Sure.
I changed my mind. I'm off.
Okay. Wait.
Take it.
Come on, take it.
Do you trust me?
One hundred percent.
When it comes to bad decisions.
Coosje, I didn't know you had it in you.
It's fine. I deserved it.
I discovered something
and I need you guys.
You need us?
Let's take the time to discuss
how we get your life back on track.
I'll tell Rodrigo
you did it all for me.
And that you wanted
to tell the truth all along.
And that you're the sweetest
and most beautiful girl in the world.
- Really?
- Of course. You're my best friend.
You both are.
Sweet girls.
Let go of me.
- Something's not right.
- Yeah, my legs.
Our room at Montesanco
is a palace compared to this.
Just be glad seor Gomez
had a spot for us.
- It's his duty as a mayor.
- No, it isn't.
I know.
Here, hold this.
- What are you doing?
- Look.
- Damn, girl. You're good.
- Nice.
- Do you see it?
- No.
It took us five years
to get the land just right.
This was going to be the first year
we broke even.
That I could give the guys a little extra
for their hard work.
But what you said about my wine...
That was spot on.
Maybe we can stop the sale.
No, it's done. In an hour
the shareholders' meeting will start.
Everyone understands
Cristina can do whatever she wants.
She can't. But I need your help. Please.
I see you haven't forgiven the girl.
I can see it in your eyes.
Don't forget that everyone makes mistakes.
And forgiveness
cleanses your heart and your mind.
She thinks her career
is more important than your land.
I can't forgive her.
That's the advantage of being a gitana.
You can feel at home anywhere.
The world is my home. And yours.
We're all nomads.
Gitana, I need your help.
She needs your help.
Thank you, Aunt Esmeralda.
The three musketeers will finally do
what they came here for.
Hello, seora. Would you be so kind?
Even if Aunt Esmeralda rises from
her grave, I won't open the gate.
Let's give that senile crofter
a nice make-over.
Gentlemen, welcome.
Hi. I'm Cristina.
The owner of this wonderful property.
So good to meet two modern intelligent men
with such marvellous plans.
The pleasure is all ours.
Yeah, big ones.
Two is perfect. Gracias.
Welcome, welkom, bienvenido.
Today will be a great day.
Today will be a historic day.
Can you translate?
Because today we will hand over
this land to Madjid Adnan.
Philanthropist and golf lover.
And to his husband, Willem Koster-Adnan,
who will turn this into a dream resort.
Rogier's ego will make
buying time a lot easier.
And to make sure no illegal immigrants
or dead people will be voting today,
I have invited my dear friend,
mayor Gomez.
Make this clown stop.
Okay, Mr. Adnan already.
We're doing this together.
Your land, my dream. Progress is life.
Seor Gomez, the voting may commence.
The shareholders who are present
may vote on the matter
of the sale of Montesanco to Hole in One.
Sorry to interrupt.
What is it, darling?
I have to object. The voting process
cannot commence at this time.
Why not?
For one simple, but yet essential reason.
By law, the voting must be
by the majority vote.
I have the majority.
- We.
- No. I can prove it.
- What's going on here?
- Nothing to worry about.
Billie is a terrier. She can't let
this go. Not this case and not me.
As you all can see,
these two maps are identical.
Except for the fact that Cristina's map
has conveniently forgotten
about this piece of land here.
This is Gitana's property.
We can even see it from here.
In accordance with the legal documentation
it is unequivocally established
that Ms. Gitana, with no official
last name, owns this piece of land.
Therefore, my client
owns more land than Cristina.
That vixen won't give up that easily.
Nice try,
but your loophole isn't going to work.
Your objection is regarding farmland,
not inhabited land.
We can all see
there's a little house up there.
I'm sorry, but we can continue with
the voting. My colleague was wrong.
She was very wrong.
I'm sorry, Billie. Mr. Rogier is right.
I have a lot of mixed feelings
about Dutch people
but I have to admit,
you guys are efficient.
Raise your hand
if you're in favour of the sale.
All in favour of selling the place,
please raise your hand.
So funny. I'm still a winner.
Seor Gomez, the votes are known.
What are you waiting for?
What did you say? I got distracted.
Are we waiting for the bull fights to
be prohibited? Just hurry up, old man.
First push, then pull.
Can someone tell me what's so funny?
It's not inhabited land. It's farmland.
Not inhabited land. Farmland.
And that's her second trump card.
It's become farmland, now.
Which means that my ex colleague Rogier
and his client Cristina
now have 49 percent,
and therefore, cannot sell the land.
Bam, motherfuckers.
Oh my god. Billie won her first case.
Billie, Billie, Billie.
- Did you order those bulldozers?
- Si.
Dos excavadoras por favor.
Dos grandes.
But you need to make room
in your home for Gitana.
I thought you couldn't forgive me.
It was a lie. I learned from the best.
Dear ancestors, we can be happy.
Everything is as it should be.
The vines are ready for the new season.
The three musketeers can go home.
They'll stay for a little while.
But I have to get on with my journey.