Buenos Aires 100 Km (2004) Movie Script

- There it is, it's coming!
- There it is, it's coming!
- Stop!
- Stop the bus!
- Sons of bitches!
- Catch them!
- My new shirt! Asshole!
- Catch that one!
Mom, let me in, please.
Mom, tell him
to let me in, please.
Mom, I don't wanna
sleep here again, please!
He's bound to release
his energy a little...
On tennis... not on buses.
If he keeps going to tennis, he's not
gonna feel like messing around.
Look, he embarrasses us...
Oh, please,
everything embarrasses you.
You only care about
what people say.
They brought him
to me by the ears...
after doing what he did...
- The boy's a saint!
- Now it's my fault.
Now it's my fault because
I lose my temper.
Calm down, Rubn, please...
it's always the same with you.
But not anymore.
Don't hit me, dad.
Don't hit me, please...
I swear I won't do that again...
Don't hit me, dad, please.
Oh, fuck!
This damn technical school!
- OK, how much do I owe you?
- Eight fifty, Mrs. Anita.
- You don't have anything smaller?
- No, no. I'm sorry, I don't.
- Mrs. Anita, this bill is counterfeit.
- No! Counterfeit?
I haven't seen your mother in a while.
Tell her that Nora said they're gonna
get together at the parish on Saturday.
Maybe Jos gave it to me
at the butcher shop.
Three things? Salami, cheese
and salami-type sausage.
Of course, since his
daughter screwed up...
he thinks he can screw
the whole world!
Mrs. Anita,
how can you say that?
I don't know...
Let me tell you something,
his daughter, sixteen years old,
there she is... pregnant!
What's up, grocer?!
They sent the miss
to do the shopping?
Shut up, idiot!
Don't mess with me!
Go gather beans, loser!
Mrs. Anita, don't do that.
I'll do it, I'll do it,
because this can't be.
Check whether you
have another one.
- I don't, I don't. Look!
- Check there.
- Here, no, there's nothing here.
- Look in the other...
Well, there... 10 pesos.
This is unbelievable!
Gypsy son of a bitch!
The pavement was nice,
wasn't it, asshole?
You were gonna
curse me too, prick?
Stop it, stop it!
Are you nuts?
I'm nuts... and I'm
gonna kick your butt!
Hey! What's going on here?
What's going on?!
Get in the car!
What's wrong, you old loon?!
- Mess with kids your age! Get lost!
- Why don't you get lost!
- Come on! Scram!
- Fuck off!
I'm gonna get you, pal!
I'm gonna get the five of you!
- Alejo, are you okay?
- Yes, I am, but look at the bike.
Come on, let's go.
You gotta teach me to fly!
Shut the fuck up!
I was getting home from work with
my old man, we'd just finished...
unloading all the boxes
we'd bought at the market...
Come on! Make it short, will you?
I wanna go home.
So my old man sent me to get him
cigarettes at the corner store.
- I went to the candy store but...
- Hurry up, Guido!
Well, freak, don't interrupt me!
I went back and said:
it's closed.
And he sent me to the
gas station on the road.
- At that time?
- Yeah, why?
- He's a piece of work, your dad...
- Don't you mess with my old man!
- Stop it! Cut the crap!
- Don't tease him!
I don't know if
I should tell you this...
- Now you're gonna tell us, loser!
- We've been here for an hour!
Come on. What happened?
When I was coming back from the shop,
it just hit me to take a shortcut...
and I passed by the deserted lot,
it was dark, but I saw her anyway...
- Who did you see?
- Alejo's mother.
- We see her every day!
- Wait, you saw Raquel? And...?
- She was in a truck.
- In a truck?
- This dork's dreaming with trucks!
- She was in the one-handed man's truck.
In the one-handed man's truck?
- Yeah! I'm telling you!
- You must've got it wrong, asshole!
- What could they be doing in a truck?
- What could they be doing?
They were there. You have no idea
how they were making out!
- But what were they doing?
- The one-handed has only one hand...
but he was sticking it all over her!
I saw Raquel's tits! They're huge!
The guy was sucking them.
That woman is a slut!
What the fuck are you saying?
You're talking about Alejo's mother!
I'm telling you what I saw, dork!
You saw shit, jerk!
You're making it all up as usual!
Let's go over there!
Let's see if I'm lying to you...
With everything you said,
there's no shit left now! Let's go!
There's nobody in that lot!
It's a lie!
Look what they say!
Your folks let you go out and
you're shitting your pants, asshole?
Shut up, jerk!
Wait, wait...
There they are!
See? You wouldn't believe me.
There they are.
What are you doing, loser?
There's someone out there.
- It's nothing, come here.
- Are you sure?
Sure. Come here.
There's the stupid
one-handed guy...
What if he's driving
and his ass itches?
Hey, Guido, that's the kind of truck
your old man wants to buy?
Actually he wants to
buy a bigger one...
because we're gonna be able
to buy more goods.
Have I told you my old man's gonna
buy a house in Buenos Aires?
A thousand times, Guido.
Well, I gotta go
pick up my brother. Bye.
Shove the house and
the trucks up your ass!
I gotta go too, bye.
Hang on, Alejo.
I'm leaving too.
- Why don't we go get an ice-cream?
- I can't, Matas, I gotta go home.
- Come on, it'll just take a second!
- I can't, I mean it.
I've got two left...
Would you like one?
Don't you think Alejo
may've been adopted?
What? What are you talking about?
Are you out of your mind?
Why? Didn't you see he
doesn't take after anyone?
So what?
You take after your old man.
Guido's mother
looked a lot like him.
But Alejo...
Oh, Damin, knock it off!
Isn't it enough for today?
Besides, I'd know if
I'd been adopted.
Yeah? Why?
Just because!
You know those things!
- Done.
- What do you mean done?
You've got the tangerines left,
Come on! Up!
Are we gonna stay here for good?
Watermelon, watermelon, ma'am.
We're still delivering
fresh watermelon, ma'am.
We're still delivering
fresh watermelon, ma'am.
Mom, I'm going out.
No, Esteban, it's three thirty.
You can't go out till four.
Come on, mom, please!
I don't want you to bother
people taking a nap.
There's no-one
on the street at this time.
Have we got a match today?
No, they backed out of it.
We're playing tomorrow.
Let's go for a ride then.
It's four o'clock!
Are you done?
You see? I don't have those problems.
I don't study. I don't have subjects...
What are you doing there?
Why don't you go
do that somewhere else?
Who's that?
She must be from the capital.
She's portea! They're all alike...
She's hot anyway.
Her name's Lorena.
How do you know?
Her father's here to
inspect my dad's factory.
Passenger Elsa...
San Martin and La Rioja.
Car Seven, do you copy?
Is the passenger on board?
Come over here, freckly sissy!
Come here, faggot! Come over here!
- Pass it!
- Kick!
Matas, your game sucked, asshole!
You're telling me?
You didn't catch a ball...
Why don't you catch one, moron!
- When are we playing the final?
- On Saturday.
No. I can't make it. I gotta
go load the truck with my old man.
- Then on Sunday.
- No, I can't either.
OK, sissies, you let us know
whenever you can... Bye.
We kicked their butts!
Did you see Matas' face?
Where are you going?
Leave him alone,
he missed almost four goals.
- You didn't play that well...
- What do you mean, idiot?
Stop it! Let's go.
I think Alejo's been adopted.
Where did you get that?
I don't know.
He doesn't take after anyone.
And what has that got
to do with anything?
And if that were the case, so what?
He'd be a son anyway, wouldn't he?
I don't know.
Besides, I remember seeing
Raquel pregnant.
You do remember, don't you?
Tell your father I went to your
aunt's the minute he gets home.
- Okay.
- Goodbye, Esteban.
And when Esteban leaves,
lock the door.
- Yes, mom...
- Bye, kiddo.
What's wrong, Esteban?
Why are you lying down?
I'm tired.
Tired of what?
Come on, get up!
Dad came to your bedroom before
and saw you weren't here.
If he finds you lying there,
you know how he's gonna get.
He's gonna get angry.
Come on, go do your drawings!
And take a shower,
you're filthy. Go!
- This time I'll beat you.
- Don't make me laugh.
You wanna beat me
with that box of fruit!
Give it back to your old man!
Come on, asshole!
I won! I beat you!
- I won! I beat you!
- You cheated! It doesn't count.
- What's wrong with you, dork?!
- You almost broke my cart, fool!
Do you want me to kill you?
Go load tomatoes, asshole!
And you go practice
those faggot sports!
Or your parents
don't let you go anymore?
- Son of a bitch, son of a bitch.
- No... you're wrong...
- You're the only son of a bitch here.
- Stop it, jackass!
- Grab the cart and piss off! Come on!
- Let go.
Watch your mouth!
Do you hear me, jerk?
- Excuse me.
- Hi, how are you?
There's a party!
At home on Saturday...
there's a party.
How nice.
Would you like to come?
You're invited...
Okay what?
Would you like to come?
Yeah, okay, I'll go.
But do you know where
my house is?
Yeah, around the corner,
next to the market.
And what time is it?
What time is the party?
At eight.
Okay, see you.
A party?
- And she said she was coming?
- Yes!
- How did she know where you live?
- I don't know.
Would you believe it?!
With that asshole face you've got!
And how are we gonna have a party?
You're crazy!
Why can't we? It's a piece of cake!
We can do it at my house.
You're not allowed to go out before four
and they're gonna let you have a party?
- Do you have a CD player?
- No, but you do!
You're pulling my leg, right?
- Is there gonna be any food?
- We could ask the girls to bring some.
And who are we gonna invite?
You can tell Nati to
bring over some friends.
- Terrific!
- No, stop it! You're nuts.
- Come on! Don't you chicken out now!
- I never chicken out, moron!
- That party thing is bullshit.
- No! Fuck!
Oh, well...
Look what we've got here.
Loser, what was wrong
with you the other day?
The faggot ran away...
He saw me and fled... He's a sissy...
A sissy, isn't he?
He can't just stand up so
we beat the shit out of each other.
Because he's scared of me! Isn't it
true that you're scared of me, prick?
Answer me when I talk to you!
Stand up, dork!
Can't you see
he doesn't wanna fight!
What's the matter with you, dork!
Do you have some sort of problem?
Hey, freak, does your girlfriend
know you're a fag?
That you're chickenshit?
Can you hear me talking
to you, you moron?
Faggot! Tell that slut girlfriend
of yours I say hi!
Esteban, I'm going to bed.
See you tomorrow.
What are you doing?
Nothing, I'm drawing.
What happened here?
What's that?
They're drawings. But you see,
I'm not that good at this.
Have you even begun to think
how much I pay for this stuff?
Look at me when
I'm talking to you.
So that you just
smash it all to pieces!
What's going on?
What did you do, Esteban?
What the fuck is wrong
with you, Esteban?
I don't wanna do this anymore!
I don't like it!
You don't like it... And who the hell
told you that you had to like it?
Do you think I like to get up at five
in the morning to go to the shop...
and be there behind
the counter the whole day?
And I gotta do it anyway.
You know what for?
To keep this house and feed you.
Esteban, don't be a pain in the ass,
got it? Don't fuck with me.
You don't wanna study? Alright.
You come to the store with me.
Esteban, we're doing this
for your sake.
We don't want you to wind up
working at the store.
What else would you like to do?
Let's see.
I don't know...
I like other things.
Hanging out with your friends,
on the street, doing nothing.
You can't just hang out
your whole life.
No, not that...
I like tales.
What tales?
Are you kidding me?
Who the hell do you think you are?
- What do you think you are?!
- Horacio, chill out.
Shut your mouth, Nora.
Shut up.
You can't do this to me.
Do you hear me?
Look at me, Esteban.
And you've got that test...
You wanna play the rebel?
Tomorrow, you're coming
to the store with me.
That's it.
And get that party out of your head.
There's gonna be no party here.
Got it?
You tidy everything up,
leave it very clean...
and you go to sleep.
Come on.
Let's go, Nora!
What did you do this time?
I didn't do anything.
Come on, Matas,
what did you do?
I told you I didn't do anything.
Don't you get it?
Alejo's bought a new ball.
That's good.
We're surely gonna
use it in the final.
- I don't know whether I'm gonna go.
- They won't let you?
That's not it. I don't wanna go.
- Are you crazy? It's the final!
- So what if we win?
Who the fuck cares about
that damn match!
I wanna get the hell out of here.
And where are you gonna go?
I don't know,
but anything is better than this.
What are you doing here? Don't you
have to finish those blueprints?
They're drawings. I got bored.
What are you doing, freak?
You don't even know how to spit...
and you wanna hit on
that portea! Asshole!
Dick head!
Hey, Esteban...
What was that about the party?
- Damin, play some slow music.
- No, stop it, stop it. Not yet.
Come on, play it.
- What happened?
- Where's the music?
- What did he do?
- Let's go...
Will you come, Nati?
- I'll ask one of them.
- Okay, who?
I don't know...
Lorena. Yes.
No. Not Lorena.
Why not?
Because I was gonna ask her
to dance with me.
Okay, that's fine...
You go ahead.
No, you go.
No, why?
Who came up with the idea
of asking her to dance? I did.
So now you go, she'll certainly
turn down the first one.
And then I'll go.
She's not gonna give me
the cold shoulder then.
Come on. Go.
You're such an asshole!
- Lorena?
- Yes...
Would you like to dance with me?
Your folks are very nice.
My folks?
Yeah, I mean, they work together.
They let you have a party.
I think they're nice, am I wrong?
Sort of.
- Why?
- They're kinda tough.
All parents are tough.
Mine are fighting all the time.
I think they're gonna
split up someday.
Why are you saying that?
I don't know, it's just a thought.
And you don't care?
Yeah, a little.
But I'm already used to it.
Last time, my old man
left for two months.
And then?
When he came back,
everything was fine,
but then, the whole thing went
back to normal... same old shit.
My parents never quarrel
between them,
they always quarrel with me.
- Why?
- Because of the drawings.
- What drawings?
- The technical school drawings.
That sucks. I hate them.
Draw, draw and draw...
And why don't you do
something else?
If I do something else
they tell me off...
"You're gonna build this town",
my old man always says.
Who the hell wants
to build this damned town!
My parents take me from place
to place. I can't get rid of that yet...
But I'm gonna make it.
I always do whatever I want to.
I think it's okay.
Right, but don't touch it anymore.
- I'm gonna show you now.
- Okay, it's okay.
You're a demanding customer,
I want you to be satisfied.
Gorgeous! Look at it.
- Pretty well.
- Not even in magazines!
Yeah, that's true.
Let me take this off.
- Are you hot?
- A little.
You're uneasy...
...were left in the middle
of the cemetery.
Where else would they be?!
They're dead!
In the morning, the police arrived and
found the bodies covered in blood.
That's what I wrote so far.
What do you think of it?
Hey, look at that chick.
So? Did you like it or not?
Yeah, I don't know...
I think there's something missing.
- What's missing?
- I don't know. Something's missing.
- What's the title?
- I haven't thought about it yet.
- Excuse me!
- Okay!
Look at the old lady...
with those curls, she looks like Guido.
What's that, asshole?
Let's go to Nati's.
Her friends are coming over.
Come on, let's go.
Esteban, you coming?
Alejo, do you think
what I wrote is shit?
No, it's good!
What do I know anyway?
I don't get that stuff at all.
- Are you coming or not?
- No, I don't feel like it.
So are you gonna
come over tonight?
OK. See you.
- Hey, Esteban...
- What is it?
What is it?
No, nothing...
I think I like what you wrote.
It's good, yeah.
I gotta go help my mom. Bye.
- What are you doing?
- Come, I got something better.
- Wait, it was good.
- Come on, come with me!
Take this.
What's this?
They're porn magazines.
You've never seen one?
This is my favorite.
Look at the tits she's got...
They look like two watermelons!
- Whose are they?
- My folks! Whose else!
"Noelia: I like feeling men's sweat
when they make love to me."
What a slut!
How could she say that!
- Look at your sister when she grows up.
- Don't mess with my sister.
- Alejo, could you lend me one?
- Lend you one?
As long as you don't leave it
all sticky, yeah.
What's this?
What's that?
I don't know!
- I think she also looks like your sister.
- You have a crush on my sister, asshole!
- Stop, Esteban!
- Damin! What's the matter?
- I've got something to tell you.
- I can't. I have to finish a drawing.
You're never available!
What's wrong with you?
So Damin?
What is it? Come on!
Okay, asshole,
you can tell me later. Bye.
- I was adopted.
- What?
My parents never told me
a word about it.
I found some papers
and there it said...
Now I don't know what to do.
They don't know I already know.
Why did they lie to me?
Why didn't they say anything?
They didn't lie to you, Damin.
I'm sure they didn't know
how to tell you.
How come they didn't know
how to tell me?
They don't love me.
That's the whole point.
What do you mean
they don't love you?
They're always taking care of you,
they always help you with everything...
They've always pampered me,
they helped me with whatever I needed...
Can't you see, asshole?
They did it so I wouldn't find out.
Help me, Esteban!
What should I do?
Look, Damin...
If I found out I was adopted...
I'd tell my parents
that I adopted them.
I'm sure you changed their lives.
Come on, stop crying.
Come on, don't cry.
- Hi, Lorena.
- Hi.
Where are you going?
May I come along?
Okay, I'm on my way to the market.
Where were you going?
Check it out. This is the bill
you gave me yesterday.
The thing is I haven't got...
I haven't got more change.
Is this enough?
- That's just it.
- Okay.
My God!
Excuse me!
How are you doing, Esteban?
What are you looking for?
I'd like two notepads...
and three pens.
One blue, one black and one red.
Just a second.
I'll be right back.
I use a lot of paper.
Yeah? Why?
I'm writing a novel.
Really? A novel?
Yeah... a novel...
I don't know, a story...
a tale, I think...
That's cool!
And what's it about?
About a murderer that gets to
a town and starts killing people.
Terrific! May I read it?
I'm not done with it yet.
Here, Esteban.
It's five pesos.
- Bye.
- Bye.
And when you're done,
will you let me read it?
Yeah... I don't know...
What is it with you?
That's the way he looks
after so many drawings!
Damin told me he was adopted.
When did he say so?
And how did he find out?
He found some papers
that his mother kept.
Too bad!
And what did you tell him?
Nothing! What was I supposed
to tell him? I played the fool...
Sure, what was he
supposed to say...
What did I say now?
What is it?
Guido, didn't you know
that Damin was adopted?
No, how was I supposed to know?
You did?
What do you mean, Matas?
Where have you been, Guido? Here all of
us know everything about everybody.
Why didn't you tell him before?
Yeah, sure... Hi, Damin,
look, you were adopted,
the thing is, your parents
don't want you to know.
Not that way! But what is it
with you? Are you all queer?
What are we gonna do
now that he knows?
And you know... we pulled, pulled
and pulled! I swear. Pulled, pulled!
It seemed like the rod
was gonna break.
The fish was this big!
I swear to God. It was this big.
- I'm serious! You don't believe me?
- You don't fool me, Oscar!
But the fish was this big!
You like them this big, don't you!
How are we doing here?
- What do you want me to do?
- I'll unload it.
- You'll unload it?
- I'll unload it.
- I'll pay you next week.
- I know you're gonna pay me.
When you deliver next week,
I'll pay you this one.
You may always set up a boutique,
change your business!
- You know the ropes, buddy!
- Yeah, I know, I know...
What happened to your hand?
Put some kerosene on it, son.
You know what, Guidito?
Could you do something for me, son?
The box is very dirty...
Will you sweep it?
Come on...
I'll make you some mate later.
- Haven't you seen Damin today?
- No, I haven't.
- He didn't go out?
- I don't know.
Look! There is Guido. He just
came back from work. Guido!
My old man told me that if
we keep working like this...
we're gonna be able to buy a huge
truck, like a three-meter truck...
That'd be cool 'cause we
could buy more goods,
we could go to Buenos Aires
on weekends.
Everyone would buy from us...
we sell real cheap.
Yeah, Guido! If they keep
exploiting you for a few more years...
you're also gonna be able
to buy the central market!
And then, you're gonna
make your way right to the top!
Because you're gonna sleep
in a higher truck!
Alejo, next time you say
my old man exploits me...
I'll beat the shit out of you
and whoever comes to defend you.
- Watch it!
- I'm so scared!
Nice truck!
Is it your old man's?
Yeah, it's ours.
Good for you!
It has a flat tire, you know.
And how fast can you go?
Sometimes my old man
drives at 55 m/h.
At 55 m/h? It races!
- Do you drive it too?
- Yeah, sometimes he lets me.
That's cool, isn't it?!
A thing like this...
With a chick in there, in a lot...
A bigger truck would be ideal,
wouldn't it?
Well, you may go now.
Can't you see we're talking, boy?
What is it with you, loser?
What is it, kid?
Nacho! A passenger
complained four times...
because you didn't pick him up!
Yesterday I saw Matas
sleeping on the street again.
I don't know what his
parents are thinking...
leaving him there, all alone.
Much worse is what they say
about Alejo's mother.
It appears she's fooling around
with a truck driver.
Poor Alejito, if he knew what
they're saying about his mother!
Do you happen to know
something, Dami?
Your mother is talking to you,
can't you hear her?
Yeah, I heard her.
Then, answer her,
is that true or is it a lie?
Do you think I know what's true
and what's a lie in this town?
- Hi, Esteban.
- Hi, daddy.
I'm almost done.
I'm done!
Look, daddy...
- Look at this!
- Show it to mommy...
This boy's gonna wind up making
all the buildings in this town!
Mark my words!
The long-haired murderer pulls
him out of the truck and kills him...
The girl screams.
The long-haired lad gets into
the truck and stares at her...
He comes closer and very slowly,
he starts to take off his clothes.
The girl keeps screaming...
he approaches her.
- Cool! Now it's right!
- And so? Does he rape her?
I told you something
was missing!
I liked it better before.
What do you mean, moron!
Esteban, you keep it up!
- It's cool. Have you chosen a title yet?
- I'll call it "Buenos Aires 100 Km."
And why's that?
Because it takes place at 100 km
from Buenos Aires, as if it were here.
- You had to screw it up!
- Why?
Who's gonna buy something
with such a title? It sucks.
Mom, I'm with Esteban...
Tell him to wait a second.
- Hi, dad...
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi, kiddo.
- Hi, Esteban.
- Hi.
Come on in, sit down.
What are you watching?
A movie. It's pretty good.
And in that town,
like any other,
people can no longer go out to the
street for a mate with their neighbors.
Neither can old people play bochas...
and not a single young couple would
hug under the shadow of a tree.
All of them live terrified.
- I like it a lot.
- You do?
You're the only one who likes it.
Why? It's really cool.
And what's next?
I don't know.
I haven't finished it yet.
What's wrong with you?
We're going back to Buenos Aires.
The inspection of Damin's father's
factory is over...
and my old man was sent to
another town.
I think after that we're going back to
Buenos Aires. I must start my classes.
You're very pretty.
So are you.
- Nora! I'm home, where are you?
- Coming!
So you finally did it with the portea!
Good for you...!
Get a grip.
What are you gonna do
now that she's leaving?
When my old man buys the new truck...
he'll drive you to Buenos Aires
so you can visit her.
Yeah, sure! Because your old man
is so cool, isn't he?
What do you have to say
about my old man, asshole?
Stop standing up for your old man!
The whole town knows what he's like.
- Yeah? And what's he like?
- Everyone says it, Guido!
What does everyone say?
That he's a son of a bitch.
People say that?
And how long have you known this?
I don't know, Guido!
It's not such a big deal!
And besides, you don't like
what he does either!
And so what?
He's my old man!
They leave you sleeping on the
street and I say nothing.
Why didn't you say something?
What am I? An asshole like Damin?
This town sucks!
- What else do people say?
- We don't know of anything else!
- No, come on, tell me, tell me!
- We don't know anything, Guido!
- Come on, tell me!
- We don't know anything else, Guido.
Then, I want you to swear something.
If you ever again know something
about me that I don't...
I want you to tell me.
I don't wanna be just another asshole.
Come on, swear.
Come on, swear!
I swear.
Let's all swear that if any of us knows
something about someone...
he's gonna tell him.
I'm also tired of this
fuckin' gossiping town.
Come on, let's swear.
- Cut the crap, Alejo.
- It's not crap. Come on, let's swear.
Come on, Guido,
you came up with this.
What's the matter?
Why don't you swear?
Come on, let's swear.
What? You know something
about me too?
Do you know something about me?
Why are you looking at him?
Come on, talk!
You know something about me?
Spit it out, Guido!
You chicken now?!
What do you know?
I'm talking to you!
What do you know about me?
I know something about you that the
whole town knows, everyone but you.
- Would you like to know?
- What is it with you, jerk?
Tell me what you know or
I swear I'll tell him!
Back off!
What is it that you gotta tell me!
- Stop it, Alejo!
- Son of a bitch! What do you know?
- Back off, Alejo!
- Back off!
Tell me!
Sons of bitches, I hate you!
I hate this damn town!
And when did you
learn you were adopted?
You told them!
No. He didn't tell us anything.
We already knew.
But as everyone else in this
damn town, we never told you.
- Sons of bitches.
- And what do you know about me?
- You sure know the same as them.
- Sons of bitches.
Tell me! I already told you.
What do you know about me?
That! You're a son of a bitch!
You didn't hear me?
Your mom is a whore. She fucks with
the one-handed man!
Is that a lie?
That's a lie, isn't it?
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you tell me, Esteban?
You're a damn son of a bitch!
You're a son of a bitch!
You two are shit!
Have you heard me?
You're shit!
Come on, move it!
Damn it!
No, son, no!
What are you doing?
Why are you putting the apples
on top of the peaches?
Can't you see the
apples are heavier?
Arrange the load better!
Put some on the other side.
But what are you doing?!
What the fuck have you got
in your head?
Look what you've done.
Damn it!
Snotty little bastard!
You seem to be someone else's son.
What have you got in your head?
Get in the truck!
Come over here, Fernando!
You come and help me out.
Look and learn!
Pick up that stuff your brother dropped!
I gotta go pay, damn it!
What happened in the living-room?
Where the hell did you get
all those magazines from?
Listen to me, boy! You're not gonna
answer me? Have you gone nuts?
Answer me!
Did you have a good time
with my aunt?
They forgot the little dog
on the street again?
Bobby? Give me your leg!
Come on, Bobby!
I've got a horny bitch for you,
you know!
Her name's Raquel...
Do you know her?
Faggot gypsy!
I'm here to say goodbye.
Take this. It's for you.
I finished it yesterday.
Thanks, but how am I supposed
to give it back to you?
It's a present.
No. How come you're
giving it to me?
I want you to have it.
But, Esteban, this has taken you
a long time...
That's why.
I want you to have something
of mine.
Write me, okay?
Look, Esteban, when you leave,
you leave. Get it?
Chino! I don't think we're gonna play.
I came to let you know.
Okay, we're the
champions then, pal.
Chino, we're not gonna play.
Another one saying the same shit!
Fine, we're the champions.
What's he doing?
Are you all out of your minds?
Okay, if you're gonna play,
we'll get the ball rolling.
- What's the matter with you, jerk?
- What are you doing?
- Stop it, Chino! Back off!
- Stop it!
- What is it with you?
- Back off!
- Hey, that's a penalty shot.
- What penalty shot?!
- It wasn't a penalty shot.
- Stop it, Chino!
Come on, Esteban!
Chino, sissy!
Say it to my face!
Why don't you pass, fag?!
- Come on, damn it!
- Goal!
- Can't you catch one?!
- Can't you defend?
- Come on!
- Goal!
- Goal!
- Come on, damn it!
One more goal
and we'll win, loser!
Touch it!
Touch it! Come on!
Come on, jerk!
Over here, come on!
Send it back!
- Esteban! Here!
- Slowly, Esteban! Slowly!
Come on!
Change it!
Great, Guido!!
Great! Great!
Come on, jerk!
I'm alone, pass it over!
Pass it over!
Come on, Alejo!
- We won! Come on!
- Sons of bitches!
Great goal!
2004 Pablo Jos Meza.
2007 Condor Media, Inc.