Bugso (2022) Movie Script

--== McEphie ==--
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- Available? How much?
- Five thousand. All in.
- Unlimited pops?
- Five thousand. All in.
What the heck! Slow down!
Just this?
Dado, let's go.
On it.
What are you doing?
He's such a cheapskate! Let's go now.
Hurry up!
I made mistakes
but definitely corruption
is not one of them.
I'm prepared to face the accusations.
God knows I didn't break the law.
[on the phone]
I told you many times but you're stubborn!
Why did you steal from the customer?!
Boss, we didn't.
He didn't conform with our deal.
We just took what we deserve.
Stop explaining yourself!
But, boss!
I protect and vouch for you
when you get in trouble with the police.
Return the money!
Don't call me boss.
Just transfer the money!
What? You have something to say?
Hello, Edward.
I don't know about Edward!
What about Edward?
I can't understand his words.
You know his condition.
But I think my aunt maltreated him.
My aunt is an asshole.
She neglects Edward
whenever I fail to send money.
Take some from your savings.
I don't see why boss
has to get the largest cut
when we're the ones
who work the hardest.
Fuck him!
He'd just take the money
instead of returning it to the customer!
Stella, we have no choice.
No choice?
What do you want to happen next?
He manages the page.
We could transfer.
Or create our own.
If we leave A-POPS, we'd become cheap.
Where would we get protection?
We'll leave this house?
Return the car?
We'll get away with the car.
We'll disassemble it!
For God's sake, it's a stolen car.
Boss just knows many people.
Are you going home?
I need to check on Edward.
I'll save up so I could take care of him.
We'll leave my aunt.
Wait. How about me?
What do you mean?
You're in it, stupid!
Do you want to come?
Stop beating around the bush.
Why are you so dirty?
Don't they take care of you here?
Are you alright, Edward?
I bought something for you.
Big sis, I don't want to be here anymore.
I don't want to!
I don't want!
Bring that inside!
I don't want!
Be careful! Those are expensive!
I don't want to be here
Edward, get inside!
Aunt, don't treat my brother like that!
I'm not hurting him!
That's how discipline works.
It's ridiculous!
Who are you to tell me what to do?
Who takes care of your brother?
You think it's easy when I have
five children of my own?
Your brother is equivalent to ten children!
Life is hard nowadays!
Your money is never enough
for my sacrifices!
Don't fret. Your sacrifices will end soon.
Let's go away, big sister.
Say goodbye to your sister.
- Sis!
- They will be late.
I will come back.
Edward, let's go. Stella, go now.
They will be late.
Wait for me here.
Will you be long?
I could get a ride first.
No! I'll be quick. Just wait here.
Hello, sir.
What are you doing here?!
I'm your booking from A-POPS.
What are you doing here?
You left me and then you came back?
Get the hell out of here!
If you love him, go with him!
Leave me alone!
You want drama. You should've said so.
What are you doing?!
Leave me now!
Alright. Game!
What are you doing?! Leave now!
[imitates acting]
Forgive me!
What is your name again?
You actually forgot my name?
Ishmael. Mael!
Please forgive me.
I didn't mean it.
Mael, forgive me, please.
I didn't mean it.
How could I forgive you if you betrayed me?
Please forgive me!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
He tempted me.
And you gave in!
He forced me.
What the hell!
Aren't you aroused?
I'm asking if you aren't aroused!
[moans] Yes, I'm aroused!
[moans louder]
Ah! You're so good! You do it better!
We haven't started yet!
Not yet!
Do you like that?
Bite me!
You act so well.
Of course, I was an actress.
Bit roles.
Until next time?
Next time, let's do action.
No more drama.
This is way better.
Ah, yes!
Ah, yes!
You like it?
It's not working.
What do you want?
Hurry up.
You will like this.
Ouch! Fuck, what's this?
Fuck you!
Fuck you! Come back here!
Fuck you!
Hey, what the heck!
Don't you have manners?!
Fuck you! Hey!
Come back here!
Motherfucker! Come back!
- Why did you kick me?
- Let go of her!
- Let me go!
- Give me back my money!
Dado, stop it!
Fuck you!
Son of a bitch!
Dado, stop that!
You're hurting women?
You asshole!
- What? What?
- Dado, stop it!
Where should we drop you off?
I live with my daddy,
but he's not my father.
He's your what? Sugar daddy?
My pimp.
God knows what Daddy
could do to me once he finds out.
He always says,
"The customer is always right."
We have two rooms.
You can stay in one.
Thank you.
What's this, Stella?
You took in someone again.
Better than letting her
sleep on the streets.
It's dangerous.
We don't know that girl.
Baby. Her name's Baby, Dado.
Look at you. You didn't know me well
when you helped me.
That's different.
What's the difference?
You'll only help if you know the person?
Have these for now.
I'll look for other clothes that fit you.
Okay, thank you.
Don't you have anyone to go home to?
How about your family?
My mother is in the province.
Why don't you go home to your mother?
I don't want to live with my stepfather.
He's a policeman.
That bastard is a killer.
He hurts me.
Isn't your customer earlier a police?
No. He's a good-for-nothing.
I don't like being handcuffed.
Forget him. Just stay here.
Thanks again.
I thought your customer
did not give you money.
He did not give the money.
I stole it.
He's such an asshole!
Sit down. I cooked.
You want coffee?
Baby. You know how to cook?
Fried rice and egg only.
He likes hotdogs in the morning.
Let me handle that.
I'm an expert in hotdogs.
You see? Baby's just fine.
She does things voluntarily.
And her fried rice tastes good.
It's not a difficult task.
Look at you!
Have Dado told you? You have a booking.
Yes, he has.
Keep it cool. I don't want any problem.
Okay, boss.
Get dressed. We have a booking.
We'll leave? How about her?
You're leaving?
I can go out.
You can stay.
Here are the keys if you get bored.
Leave them by the window.
There's no stopping you!
You drink every night.
Baby! Baby!
Mister, did you see our companion here?
Look for the keys.
They're not here.
That's what I told you.
What if she stole from us?
Dado! Go break the door!
We've been waiting for so long, damn it!
I'll break the door?
Who will fix it afterwards?
- Just do it! We've been waiting!
- You're out of your mind.
Where did she go?
There are mosquitoes here.
Shit! Go on, just do it!
Damn it! Moan!
That girl!
Where did you go?
To the grocery store.
You don't need to do that.
We've been waiting. The keys!
Excuse me.
Good evening. Is Baby there?
- Oh?
- Someone's looking for you.
Ma. What are you doing here?
What happened?
I asked your friends about you.
Go home. Your father wants you home.
He's not my father.
And I won't come back to you.
What? You really have no shame!
Your father Bong raised you.
You have no sense of gratitude.
That Bong is the monster who raped me!
That's not true.
Your father loves you.
Why don't you believe me?
I've been telling you
but you won't believe me!
I'm your child but
all you believe is that man!
Yes! Because you're a liar!
You're so rude!
After I gave birth to you,
that's how you repay me?
- Stop it!
- You're ungrateful!
Stop it!
- Let her go!
- You're shameless!
The two of you! Fuck you!
In case you don't know,
my husband is a policeman!
Get yourselves ready! I'll rat you out!
Go ahead! Rat them out so I can
finally put your husband in jail!
Motherfucker! You're a worthless child!
You're a worthless mother!
- I'll come back!
- Fuck you!
Stop crying.
I'm sure your mother won't come back.
Why didn't you report your stepfather?
He's a policeman.
All the more you should have reported him.
That's one less hoodlum among the police.
Will they believe someone
who's a whore?
Why? Can't a whore be raped?
It's not worth the trouble.
They will just peel your skin
in front of the judge and lawyers.
That's another form of rape in public.
I understand.
That bastard will soon die.
Satan will see him in hell.
What hurts is that
my own mother doesn't believe me.
I'm her daughter.
Why is she like that?
Not all mothers are the same.
I'm unlucky with my mother.
I will go for this now.
Maybe next time.
But this is Mr. Enriquez.
He's a regular. You're declining him?
It's up to you! Your call.
Boss might get mad.
Baby, you're going somewhere?
Eat first. I'll cook for you.
We can eat out. I earned a good deal.
That's another expense.
It's my birthday!
Dado, let's go!
You know, this is the first
time I'm celebrating my birthday
since I ran away from my family.
How old are you again?
You're a minor!
Not that! I'm 19 now.
I'm 18 yesterday
but I began getting bookings at 16.
You're still young!
Come on, my body
is the only thing young.
I'm not young anymore.
Turn on the light over there.
Don't put your weight on me!
Fix yourself!
Baby. Did you know? I met Dado
as a booking when I was 19.
There was this customer
who was pissing me off.
Dado beat him up for me.
He's troublesome, you know?
I was just protecting you.
That's why I fell for him
because he's my protector.
If only everyone gets the same protection!
You need to sleep!
You talk a lot!
You're drunk.
I'm not drunk.
No drunk admits she is drunk.
Baby got me drunk!
Happy birthday, Baby!
Thank you.
Do you need anything else, Kuya?
No, thanks. I can manage.
Are you sure there's nothing?
I'm pretty sure.
Get some sleep too. You're drunk.
Move, let me lie down.
Baby, we're not done yet.
Stop it. Lie down.
I'll sleep now.
Go get some sleep and lock the door.
You're naughty.
Is there a problem?
Dig in!
You must be hungry.
Did you get tired last night?
I'm good. All good.
Look at you. Too sensitive.
What do you like, coffee or juice?
What happened to you?
I don't feel well.
38C. You have a fever.
Did you take your meds?
How is she?
She has a high fever.
This is just a fever.
I can handle myself.
What do we do now?
We have a booking.
Boss has followed up already.
That's money, you know...
What can you do? You're sick.
Are you ready for me?
Stella, you've been calling. Why?
Nothing? You're checking on me?
Checking on you? Why should I?
Baby's not yet done.
How are you feeling?
I'm still feverish.
Take your meds!
Go home right after that.
Alright. I'll let you know. Take care.
This is Mike!
Mike the Jumbo?
Yes! How's life!
Just the same.
Long time!
- How are you?
- I'm good.
If you want more, just order.
It's on me. Everything!
Look at you! I almost didn't recognize you.
You look so different now.
You dress like a successful man!
Just got lucky.
Remember back then, we head
here to eat after our bookings.
- Yeah, right!
- Yeah.
Whatever happened to you!
You vanished.
Did that gay from the Customs
take you in his house?
He did! But it was all fucked up.
We didn't last.
He easily gets jealous with my friends.
He didn't want me to go out.
I left him!
I told him he has bought my dick
but not my entire being.
And then I studied welding.
I worked abroad, saved up.
I have my own family now.
How about you? Are you with your family?
I don't have my parents anymore.
I don't have siblings either.
What I meant to ask is
if you have a wife now.
I have.
You sound unsure.
You have or you will have?
We're not married.
That's okay. At least,
we're no longer for hire.
Both of us, we've graduated!
By the way, your car rocks!
Yours is cooler.
What matters is that you have one.
Those were the days!
We were just freeloaders.
We rode on jeepneys
and ran away without paying.
Remember those days?
Fuck, life!
We've gone through so much.
We're better off now.
Hey, Dado. I'm done.
Let's go.
Is that your wife?
Jackpot! She's young!
You've been sick for days.
Let me bring you to the doctor.
It's just the flu. I'll recover.
What if you don't?
Let's use your money.
Do you hear yourself?
We need my savings to go home.
That's more important for you?
Yes, it is.
Where are you going?
Did the two of you fight?
I can't understand that fool.
Maybe he's got a side job.
What if he doesn't return?
Why won't he?
If he doesn't, so be it!
I'll go ahead.
So where did you go?
Where is this from?
Don't worry. It's my money.
You had a gig?
I won't earn that from driving around.
So you had a gig?
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong
but you didn't tell me.
Why should I tell you?
Yes, because we're partners.
We promised to be honest
with each other.
Why are you mad?
I'm not mad!
You know what's the problem?
You only see me as your driver,
who drops you off and picks you up.
Runner of errands, right?
That's not true.
You're my partner.
Right. Just your partner
In crime. Not in life.
What are you doing here?
Accompanying you. You need company.
You left Stella alone?
She doesn't need company.
I really love Stella.
I don't have any family but her.
Why is it hard?
It's a one-way love.
She's been planning to leave?
I wouldn't know if I hadn't asked.
What am I to her?
You're her partner, aren't you?
Just a partner. Fuck!
I could leave her anytime I want.
Any day I want!
I could earn by myself.
I know.
What do you know?
Why do you stay with someone
who doesn't love you?
Hello, Daddy?
I don't know with you.
Do you need water?
Is it true that you said that?
You know I get mad
perhaps because I'm jealous.
You're making a fool out of yourself.
Why are you jealous?
It's all work.
I won't get jealous.
No, it's fine. Do it sometimes.
There we go.
Can I join?
Yes, Edward.
We're almost done saving up.
We'll come home soon enough.
You'll meet Dado.
He's nice and caring.
He'll be your new brother.
I'll go ahead.
I'll call you again.
Take care.
I brought some food.
Let's eat!
Put it on the table.
We already ate.
She's insensitive, isn't she?
I've told her many times
to look for another place.
We will leave soon.
She might have no place yet.
We haven't even left.
What's up with you?
It's your decision to take her in.
That was then. Things have changed.
It's crazy she asked to join us
while we're in bed.
What's the problem?
This is old news for us.
We have done everything.
Threesome, foursome.
It's different when it's work.
She was just kidding?
It's a pretty bad joke.
This is our last booking,
then we're off to go.
What's the location?
Quezon province.
That's too far!
Discreet. VIP.
Who is that important person?
What is it?
You're wasting your beauty.
Why do you say so?
With small-time clients.
Come with us. We're PSP's.
Professional Sex Providers.
No one haggles here. Deals are easy.
I'll get your number. Look at that face!
I know!
Stop it! Stella might wake up!
She sleeps like a log. That's okay.
Leave! Get out of here.
You come first!
I need to pee.
What is it?
This is so far!
If not for the money
He's a VIP. He wants to be discreet.
Boss! We're here.
Yes, boss.
Go upstairs. I'll stay here.
I'm not a senator.
When I'm here, I'm not a senator.
I'm alone here.
Are you with someone?
No one but my driver.
He's outside waiting.
It's just the two of us here.
This house is all for ourselves.
Sir, it hurts!
I want this!
Sir, don't do that!
Not there!
Why did you do that?
He strangled me!
Is that something new?
There are customers like that!
I couldn't breathe!
Stella, he's a senator.
And so?
Just because he's a senator,
he has the right to kill me?
Dado, let's leave. Take the car.
Let's take it away from boss.
Let's come home to the province.
- Turn that off.
- And then?
- Dado!
- What if the senator died?
What's your plan?
[on the phone]
Where's Stella?
- She's right here.
- Let me talk to her.
Hello, boss.
I didn't mean it.
He strangled me!
Don't worry. He's still alive.
He was just unconscious.
That's good news.
Boss, will he send me to jail?
For what? Assault?
While he's having sex with you?
That would be a laughingstock.
Okay, boss. Thank you.
Don't thank me. We're not done.
You have a booking tomorrow.
A customer is requesting a threesome.
What? Threesome?
Not with the customer.
He wants to be a watcher.
Get a third person for your threesome.
But, boss
Let's just go away, Dado.
We'll go against boss?
Okay, this is the last time.
We'll leave after this.
What now? Who will we
get for the threesome?
Thank you, Baby, for accepting our offer.
Any gig will do. Work is work.
By the way, I've found a place
to move in to. I can move out soon.
Is that so? What a pity! This house
What about this house?
We're leaving too.
We want to stay away from boss.
He pays for this house.
And he would need someone new for A-POPS.
If you make it, you can live here.
What if we don't proceed
with the threesome?
What if you two just run away?
You said your boss is dangerous.
Don't worry. He doesn't
know our plan to exit.
Go in the car. Stella is taking so long
with her makeup.
Are you alright?
You wanted this.
This way, you don't need to hide.
You can't leave. He will hunt you down.
You know who.
We can leave. We can escape.
I can join you!
Wait! What are you saying?
I don't have any family left.
Neither do you.
Stella is my family.
But she doesn't love you!
How can you say that?
I know!
I can feel it!
Me! Me, Dado!
I love you! I will serve you!
- Anything for you!
- Baby, stop it!
Snap out of it! Let's just go.
Let's go away. Let's leave her.
Let's get away from all of this!
Dado Let's leave everything!
Fuck you!
Whore! Ungrateful bitch!
- Stella! Stop it!
- Fuck you!
- Stella!
- You too!
Fuck it!
Aren't you content with
having sex with gay men?
Why her?
It's not my fault!
Why are you lying?
You're caught in the act!
He did not do anything!
Stop making excuses!
- Stella, stop it!
- You're a flirt!
This is not just flirting.
I love him!
What now? What do we do?
After what I learned about the two of you,
we'll have a threesome?
Do it with her instead.
- She loves you
- Listen up.
To what? Your lies?
I don't love her!
She seduced me!
If you didn't let her,
you wouldn't get seduced.
Fine! I'll do this!
But after this, you won't see me anymore!
As it should be!
Baby will leave
but she'll do this for you.
It's all your fault.
If you didn't like her,
it wouldn't end up like this.
What's your real deal?
You have sex with everyone
and I don't say a thing.
That's not the same. That's work!
It's just my body, not my heart.
This is also work!
We're doing this because
of what happened with the senator.
If we don't do this now,
boss would come hunting us down.
He wouldn't leave a stone unturned.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
After this one, we can get your brother.
We'll have a better life.
Forgive me.
Fuck! Untie us!
Fuck it! Let us get out of here!
Pardon me. I'm just following orders.
You think the senator will let it slip?
If he files for a case,
it will just put him to shame.
Since I'm your boss, I'm your protector
I need to do this.
Fuck you! You're a monster!
You think I don't know your plan?
You want to exit!
You want to get away with my car!
Do you think I'm dumb?
Baby! Baby!
Fuck, stop calling me that,
I'm not your sister.
You may leave now.
You're a traitor, you bitch!
Leave now, Baby.
I said, leave!
When I found out you have met Baby,
I was overjoyed!
We'll go against boss?
Okay, this is the last time.
We'll leave after this.
It was a means to monitor you,
including your plans against me!
We don't have any plans against you.
You don't have any plans?
You're planning to leave me!
You know well I don't like traitors!
That's why Baby became my favorite.
Come hell or high water,
she will go for me!
Boss Boss, untie us!
How about senator?
- Boss!
- He would take it against me!
I'm easy to deal with.
I can let go of one of you.
Just one!
Boss! Boss!
Fuck! I allowed the two
of you to stay together.
I agreed that you live together
even if that means
I would hardly be with you.
But what?
She'll take you away from you?
You're crazy!
Call me crazy, whatever you want!
Boss! Fuck!
Stop it, bitch!
Boss! Boss!
Open your mouth.
Fuck you, boss!
Boss, boss!
Don't worry
I'm nice to you.
What now?
Who among you?
You or you?
How about this?
Come here.
Hold this!
Hold this!
Hold this.
Stop it!
If it doesn't fire, you're lucky.
You both get out alive.
But if it fires, better luck next time!
Fire it.
- Dado!
- Fire it!
Fire it!
Fire it!
Stop that.