Buick Riviera (2009) Movie Script

My mother...
My father...
My brother...
My mother...
My father...
My brother...
Are you one of ours?
What a small world!
I'm Vuko. -Small world, indeed.
I'm Hasan. Glad to meet you.
Let's see what's wrong
with that wreck of your car.
Do you have a towing cable?
No. Do you have it?
Come here. Let's check it out.
No, I don't have it.
What are we going to do?
Do you have phone?
- Sure I do.
Please, let me make a call.
Here you are.
- Thanks.
Where are you coming from?
- From Sarajevo.
Really... I'm from Doboy.
C'mon, I'll give you a lift.
- I wouldn't want to bother you...
Nonsense, we are countrymen.
- But...
May I make another
phone call, please?
Sure, and you don't have
to ask me again. -Thank you.
When did you immigrate here?
Oh, like... 17 years ago.
So, you went before the war.
Have you ever visited your
homeland since then? -No, never.
I didn't want to go during the war.
I was not afraid...
I just didn't want to feel the hate.
Now, I would like to go there.
To meet some people.
If they are still alive.
If they are still alive, you say...
And not to feel the hate, huh?
- That's right.
There was no hate before, and I
don't understand where it came from.
Our homeland is miserable,
and we are, as well.
What is your status here?
I've got a Green card
and Bosnian passport.
I used to have Yugoslavian
passport before. -See this...
I've got American passport.
If someone told me 20 years ago, that
I would to be an American citizen,
I wouldn't believe it.
And look at me now!
I'm doing fine in America.
It is like...
a country where men are feeling fine.
I can not even talk with those
fools in the homeland, anymore.
How long have you been here?
- Five years.
You've got a citizenship very fast.
My wife is an American.
And her father is in oil
business, loaded with money.
So, he employed some lawyers and
solved everything within a month.
You're doing fine in New World.
Were you talking with your
wife, back there? -Yes.
Is she an American?
- No.
But she has an American passport.
She was born in Berlin.
- A Kraut?
Where did you meet her?
Well, you know how it goes in life...
You never know... who are
you going to meet and marry.
Luck of the fucking draw,
as people use to say.
Do you have any problems with her?
- No.
Maybe some problems
like in any marriage.
But there are big problems,
and small problems.
Until a few days ago, I've had...
...a perfect marriage. You know?
We have never said a
harsh word, to each other.
And then, she started to bring
some stray dogs in the house.
Some ugly stray dogs, you know...
And I don't like dogs.
Fucking dogs!
And yesterday, I just snapped.
I picked up my things and left.
Not just because of it, but...
I was just fed up.
And I left for good.
It doesn't have to be so serious.
You get angry and leave.
Then you get over it and you return.
I'm not that kind of a man.
My father thought me:
"When you leave, don't come back."
So I did it.
End of story.
Don't misunderstand me, but in
those things, I'm a real Serb.
So, that's all I've got to say.
It's your turn now.
Well, I don't have
anything wise to say.
I have only slight problems.
I mean, regarding my marriage.
I like to hear about
those slight problems.
She works a lot.
She complains that she
works too much, huh?
When she complains like that,
than she's not sincere with you.
She doesn't complain.
But I can feel it.
She's always tired.
And she really works too much.
Is she nervous?
-No, she's not.
Amazing how American
women are so nervous.
I've just told you, she's not
nervous. -But you meant she was.
No, I didn't. Why would I mean that?
May I be frank with you? But
don't get angry. -Go ahead.
This conversation is a proof that
I'm a Serb and you are a Muslim.
Don't say... And how's that?
First, by our names.
-Names? -Yeah.
That's a good one.
Second thing... for example...
I speak frankly with you.
I've told you all about my worries
and you keep quite like a stone.
That's a sign who you really are.
Well then, who am I?!
You know very well who you are.
You mean a Muslim?
That's nonsense and it doesn't
matter. -What does matter, then?
You know what does matter?
I haven't left my home and
I'm going to pick up my wife.
And I've never have any
problems with my wife!
You've just told that you have
problems. -Me?! -Yes, you!
What if I just didn't want to talk about
it? -What if I didn't want it, as well?
Why did you speak about it, then?
-Because we are human beings!
Is something wrong about it?
I mean, fuck!
You want to be accepted as brothers,
but you don't want to accept others.
And then you will ask,
where does the hate come from?
This is why! I've been frank with you,
and you don't say anything about you.
And now you've got
angry like a pussy.
Why are you silent?
And I told you in the beginning,
not to get angry.
You told me that you
wouldn't get angry.
I should have expected
this from a Muslim.
If you really want to know,
I am not a Muslim?
Your name is Hasan, and you say you're
not a Muslim. What are you? A Swede?
Look, thank you for everything
and good bye. Drive on.
Please, forgive me.
C'mon, get in the car.
It's freezing out there.
It's cold out there. C'mon.
You're so easily offended,
like some pussy.
You know...
I was not pleased when you
said that my Buick was a wreck.
I admit, it's not much,
but from my point of view...
That Buick is my America.
I've been everywhere with it,
and I consider it as my second home.
Well said.
The car should be like a home.
But then she complained that
I spent too much for the gas.
Fuck! You made it up, didn't you?
No, I didn't. Why would I?
Do you know that fat black woman,
the one who runs that TV show?
If you said that on her TV show,
half of America would have
fallen in love with you.
C'mon give me a break!
You see now, it's better not
to speak about little problems.
It's a big problem, you know?
Not because of her,
but because of you.
You know what...
You cannot help it.
Just leave that wreck in the snow
and admit that you have no car.
But I can give you both a lift.
-No need for that.
Thank you for
everything and good bye.
I would like to hear a comment from
your wife. -No need for that.
All right.
I hope that we would meet again.
This is a small world.
-Yes it is.
Give my regards to your wife.
Eh, my Hasan...
German marks.
Howdy, buddy!
- Oh, howdy!
You left your wallet in my car.
I came to bring it back to you.
Check the content.
- Thank you.
Count the money.
I wouldn't know how
much was in it, anyway.
Take care not to loose it again.
Where is your car?
Fuck that car!
I don't need someone else's car.
Is that all your possession?
-Why would I need more?
I've got all my memories
and my things in it.
Where are you going now,
in this cold?
I'll be on my way.
Thank you and good luck.
They have towed your car here.
Are you glad?
Hear this, Hasan? An actor!
My English is horrible, huh?
Your English is fine. You explain
just what you wish to say.
Tell me my English is horrible.
- No. Why?
Because it's true.
Why would it be difficult
to say the truth?
We should be honest, huh?
Like a Turkish chimney, huh?
I don't understand, why don't
you confirm what I'm saying?
I don't understand what
are you talking about.
And I do not have any hobby.
-No hobby?
No things that you like?
What about your Buick?
Just a car?
-Yes, that's my car.
What else should it be?
What's it to you?
Listen you, bluffer...
You can sold your bullshit to her,
but not to me!
If I wanted such a bull,
I would have stayed in Yugoslavia!
Fuck, it doesn't exist any more.
You don't have $5,000.
Your own wife was fed up with
your bull and threw you out.
Private business my ass!
You've never been employed!
You just married a rich American hen.
But it's all over now.
You won't sell this fairy tale to me.
You could have got that money,
only if you robbed a bank.
And what have you got?
100 German marks in your wallet.
I had no doubts that
you searched my wallet.
Don't try to sell your lies to me.
$5,000. I wouldn't sell
it to you for a million!
You know why? I couldn't
stand the thought that you own
anything which belonged to me. You
cannot pay it with money. Got it!?
7,000. You don't have anything!
I'm not gonna play your false game.
Are you sure?
-Quite sure.
What would you do if
I've got the money?
In that case,
I'm gonna lick your ass.
But since I'm right, get out of
here, and never come back!
Got it!?
Regardless what she
have to say about it.
With, or without the car?
Just leave.
I asked you, with or without the car?
Whose is it?
Mine or yours?
A minute ago you said
you wouldn't sell,
but you didn't know that I had
the money. What do you think now?
So, without the car?
You just afraid to say that.
You cunt!
7,000 is a lot of money.
Pour soul, she's defending you.
No more clever thoughts from you?
You don't have anything, Hasan.
You married this poor woman and
you thought that you got something.
Air, Hasan.
You just got air in your hands.
I'm sick of you!
You and your washing.
You always speak of your clean ass.
What? You want to kill me?
Go ahead.
Now you've got a chance.
What is it?
You thought I didn't
have the money, huh?
Fuck, you were gambling...
and I am a professional.
And one more thing...
Either you have sick eyes,
cause I see the tears...
or your nerves are shattered,
so you are crying.
And neither is good for you.
My Hasan...
My son,
This is the only way
to send you a message.
This, what happened to us,
was done by a scum.
Neither your or mine friends did it.
Neither that drunken Slava who
pierced the tires on my car.
Neither that orthodox priest from
Sokolac who was telling people
that no one should shake
hands with Muslims.
He was forced to say that.
Evil people have done all of this.
So, don't hate or curse anyone,
because of this here.
Every harsh word you say, would get
back to you when you least expect it.
Be well, my son, and don't worry.
Send us another parcel, when you can,
but don't spend much money.
I'm happy you are having
a good life in America
and take good care
of your wife there.
your father
Translated to English,
for Karagarga,
by Quigley (09.2013)