Bukit Kepong (1981) Movie Script

We're being ambushed! Take cover! Quickly!
JANUARY 2, 1950
-Take the rope.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Watch your step.
Thank you.
How are you?
We're good.
-Thank you.
-Bring everything to the station.
How was the trip, sir?
We were ambushed on the way.
But luckily no one was hurt.
There have been reports
of Communists in this area, sir.
We should be more careful then.
-How are you, sir?
-I'm fine.
-Did your family accompany you, sir?
-No, they didn't.
Peace be upon you, Sergeant.
Peace be upon you too.
Welcome, Sergeant.
Thank you.
How are you, Corporal?
I'm Jamil Md Shah.
I'm Corporal 7068,
Mohd Yassin Bin Hj Wahab.
I'm Lance Corporal 7186, Jidin Bin Omar.
I'm PC 10533, Osman Bin Yusoff.
I'm PC 8600, Jaffar Hassan.
I'm PC 7493, Mohd Bin Jaffar.
I'm PC 7645 Yusoff Rono.
I'm EPC 3472, Ahmad Bin Khalid.
I'm PC 9136, Hassan Bin Osman.
I'm PC 3933, Hamzah Bin Ahmad.
I'm PC 5674, Abu Bin Md Ali.
I'm EPC 3795, Jaffar Bin Arshad.
I'm PC 7862, Abu Kadir Bin Jusoff.
I'm EPC 3475, Mohd Tap Bin Lajim.
I'm MPC 60, Ibrahim Bin Adam.
I'm MPC 68, Awang Bin Ali.
I'm MPC 181, Basiron Bin Adam.
I'm MPC 37, Abu Bakar Bin Daud.
I'm Chief Ali Bin Mustafa.
I'm AP 2127, Osman Bin Yahya.
I'm AP 1925, Ali Akob.
I'm AP 2130, Samad Bin Yatim.
How are things?
Not good. We lost them.
How did it happen?
-I'll go again.
-Bring your captain!
Yes, sir!
You guys get out of here.
Where are you going?
Why are you asking?
We just want to know.
You're not from around here.
Where are you going?
Wherever we like. What do you want?
Whatever we like.
I congratulate all of you.
For carrying out your duty of maintaining
the peace of this village.
Your bravery deserves to be complimented
as an example for all the villagers.
My friends and I
will always protect this village.
If we work together,
the Communists will not influence
the people of this village.
And here are the weapons
we have confiscated.
-Is this the weapon that he used?
-Yes, sir.
Jidin, log these weapons and arrange
for the bodies to be brought to Pagoh.
Yes, sir.
Given that Bukit Kepong is isolated,
far from the nearest communications,
and easily threatened,
I suggest to our AO, Mr. Davis,
and also our OCPD,
to set up an AP team in this area.
I agree with the Chief.
It seems that our village has been
abandoned by the Government.
Look at our headquarters,
no phones, not to mention roads!
We can't go on
with just a marine boat, sir.
Sir, is this place so unimportant
or have there been no improvements
because of the lack of foreign interest?
Unlike Pagoh,
where they have OCPD, army,
and a complete telephone system,
all because of the rubber plantations
owned by the British.
That's not the case.
The Government has deployed sufficient
police presence here.
And right now we're arranging
for safety measures in this area.
There are so few policemen here
compared to the numbers of villagers.
And they're not here for long term,
they change every three months.
Look at our Sergeant here,
he's just arrived even before
we got to know the previous Sergeant.
What the Chief said was right.
Up till now, the Government
hasn't done anything
to maintain the peace of this area.
The Communists were even able
to invade our village yesterday.
Luckily for us, the villagers are not
easily influenced by the Communists.
And I believe the Government also
does not want our village
to fall into Communist hands.
Sir, two days ago,
a Communist lackey came to my village.
He admitted to being a religious teacher.
Then he urged the villagers
to support the Communist agenda.
We have always supported the Government
in their fight against the Communists.
But it's difficult for us, sir.
We don't have weapons, only a strong will.
If these are the wishes and requests
from the villagers in this area,
I will consider setting up
an AP team here.
But with one condition,
and that is everyone must support
the British government.
The Bukit Kepong District is populated
with several villages,
namely Kampung Tui, Kampung Kecik,
Kampung Gek, Kampung Belatak,
and Kampung Mede, among others.
After this excursion, we will set up
an AP team in each village.
I would like to explain
the emergency signals for each village
using the kentung found in mosques.
In case of emergency,
such as a Communist attack,
the kentung has to be struck repeatedly
followed by one strike
for Kampung Tui,
two for Kampung Kecik,
three for Kampung Gek,
four for Kampung Belatak,
five for Kampung Mede.
And this does not include
the village's own emergency signals.
How are things?
We have received information
that they have joined the AP.
Useless! What were you doing?
If that's the case, then report on the AP.
Yes, sir.
Get Tuck Sai to monitor them.
-Ling, get Tuck Sai here.
-Yes, sir.
Mat, take note.
We want more Malays to join us,
not the AP!
Why do we need more?
It spells trouble for us.
You must remember this is Malay territory.
Only if we have more Malay supporters,
then we can win.
That's true, I know.
But it's difficult,
these Malays are too religious.
Then you must join them
and spread the word about our Party.
Read it well, Zamri.
Open the door! Open the door now!
Hurry! Where's Saibun?
I don't know.
Tell us!
I don't know, he's not in the house.
Hey, that's the direction of my house!
You tell the Chief! You guys follow me!
What's the matter?
Leave now!
It's good that you're safe.
Curse those Communists!
Are you all right?
Stop. I need to conduct a check.
What are you bringing?
Nothing, sir.
You may go.
-What's inside?
Stop right there.
-What are you bringing?
-Nothing, sir.
-You may go.
-Open it up.
Open it up.
-What's inside?
-I need to check. Open up.
-There's nothing here.
-Open it.
Clothes, just clothes.
-What's inside there?
-What's this?
-Just my personal stuff. It's just rice.
And what's this? Looks like pills.
It's medicine. And rice too.
Mat, bring him to the station.
I'm innocent!
Where's Ah Yau?
Where are the things I ordered him to get?
I don't know!
My husband's been taken by the police!
I don't care!
You need to hand the things over to me,
or else, I can't guarantee
you or your husband
will get out of this alive!
-Get down there. Hurry up.
-Get down there. Sit down!
-Shut up!
I beg you.
Something's already happened
to my husband.
Why do you still force me?
We're both Chinese, look at us!
Look at us!
Why are you doing this?
This is not an issue of race! Listen up!
I don't care about your problems,
just hand over my things tomorrow!
Please don't! Please, don't harm her!
Don't move!
-Mei Ling!
Why are you doing this to us?
Take their belongings!
And get them out of here!
Stay back! Show your tickets! Hurry up!
Show me your tickets!
You, you and you, hand over your things!
Hurry up!
Hey you!
Where are you going?
Show me your ticket!
Shut that up! Where's your ticket?
Show your tickets now! Hurry!
Get them to stop!
Stop now!
Get out of the car! Hurry!
Curse you, get over there!
Shoot the car!
Yes, sir! Shoot it!
Get down!
-Hurry up!
-Where are we?
-Where are we right now?
-Take your clothes off now!
Hey! Clothes off! Now!
Put your things there.
Take off your clothes!
Hand over your things now!
Hurry up!
Shoot the bus!
-What are all of you doing here?
We have news to report.
-Can we meet the Sergeant?
-Please come in.
-Sir, the Chief has come. Please.
-Thank you.
What happened?
Sergeant, I have received news
from the villagers
that the Communists burnt down
a bus near Lenga.
My nephew has probably been murdered
by those cursed Communists!
If they come here,
I'll be sure to teach them a lesson!
Please, calm down.
I'm trying to make a clear report
to the Sergeant.
Actually, we have also received
a report on this matter.
My man may have been affected too.
Please remain calm.
Chief, can't we get a group of villagers
to Lenga to help those affected?
I feel it's better
to let the police handle this.
Thank you everyone
for placing your trust in the police.
Please, come in.
Sergeant, it's them.
They're back!
You're safe, son. Thank goodness.
I was imagining the worst.
Where are your clothes?
We have been lucky.
Only our things and our clothes
have been taken by the Communists.
Yes, but we've had to wear this cloth.
How did you get back here?
We took two boats.
It's good that everyone is safe.
The sun is setting, let's return.
-Jaffar, please make the report.
-Yes, sir.
Let's meet the person in charge.
Stand there.
Sir, I know it was my fault.
But if I don't follow their orders,
my family will be in trouble!
Is it true Kwan Ping and his men
are in this area?
Yes, sir, they always come after me.
It's alright.
The police will guard you
as well as all the other villagers.
I'll have to take you to Pagoh
to take a statement.
Monitor Ah Yau's house.
I'll send a team to clear this area.
Yes, sir.
JANUARY 22, 1950
Get ready!
Let's go!
They're here!
Get ready!
Bombs away!
What happened?
I don't know!
There's another car coming! Get ready now!
Bombs away!
Listen up, comrades!
This group of traitors are accused
of betraying the Communist Party.
They have been working
with the Government.
They are willful,
ignore orders from their superiors,
and are undisciplined!
Most importantly,
they have betrayed our trust
and have become the Government's lapdog!
And now we will hear
the decision of our Superior.
All evidence supports the accusations.
I agree to it.
Come here!
Shoot them!
Tie them up!
You, you, you, and you guys!
Make a sweep of this area! Now!
Team leader,
gather the bodies and the weapons.
FEBRUARY 17, 1950
You two leaders, come with me.
This is how we'll operate from now.
First, we need to go
and lure the police from the station,
and see what they're doing there.
Why do we have to go there?
You idiot!
That's the most important location!
Just 20 minutes and we can get rid of it!
What about the men?
Keep this to yourselves.
Because they're locals from there.
Now go carry out your orders.
Once you get there,
you'll receive further orders.
Go now!
How are you, Bakar?
You checked your bullets, Akob, Mad?
-Are you on the lookout today?
-Where are you going?
-Just going on our rounds.
See you guys.
Let's go, Bakar.
I heard a lot of our men were ambushed.
Yes, we should all be
more careful from now on.
You guys keep your eyes open too.
And yesterday
FEBRUARY 19, 1950
-Hey, you're late.
I need to report something important.
What is it?
While making our rounds,
I noticed some strange signs.
Strange signs?
What do you mean?
FEBRUARY 22, 1950
-Who's that? Halt!
-It's me, Hassan.
Oh, Hassan.
My wife is going into labor!
Please call the midwife!
I thought you were being pursued
by the enemy.
Alright, I'll call the midwife.
You should go.
Thank you.
FEBRUARY 23, 1950
I'll leave the reports here, Corporal.
-Thank you.
Corporal, anything to hand over?
No. I'll leave now.
Jidin, I'm leaving now.
-Be safe.
-I'll see you tomorrow.
Halt! Who's there?
Sir, it's me, Tuck Sai.
What's your business?
It's curfew now.
You're lucky I didn't shoot you!
I know. But there's an emergency.
It's our friend's son. Please, sir.
What happened?
He fell into the well. It's very deep.
Come in.
Come in, make a report in the station.
-Osman, bring them in.
-Yes, sir.
What's wrong, Osman?
These two guys want to make a report.
Go ahead.
This is my friend.
He's close like a brother.
His son fell into a well.
How did he manage to fall into the well?
He went for a pee and it was dark.
So he fell.
If it's his son,
then he has to make the report.
I don't think he's from around here.
He doesn't speak Malay well.
He's a really close friend.
He and his family have just arrived
at my house for a celebration.
Oh, is that so?
That's right.
Where's the Sergeant?
We want to report to him.
Can I go in?
Is he in?
You don't need to enter.
Make the report first.
IC, please.
My dear, I hope you
and the children are well.
I've been transferred to Bukit Kepong,
so I won't be able to return
and bring you back to Muar.
You should go with the children.
I send my love.
Hello, sir.
Sir, I have to make a report.
You must help us.
Hello, Tuck Sai.
What's the matter?
This is my friend.
His son fell into the well.
You must come, sir.
I'll come.
We'll go first.
Come on.
Are you going, sir?
There's something strange
about Tuck Sai's friend.
Everyone listen up.
Here's the plan.
This is the police station.
And here's the Village Chief's house.
Main gate. Hostels.
Surrounded by a fence.
First Team will be stationed here.
Second Team here. Third Team here.
And here's the Fourth.
We must surround this entire area.
Go now!
Regroup with Team One!
What's the matter?
-Where's the General?
-Over there.
Everything's ready.
Good. Put on your uniform.
We're leaving immediately!
Yes, sir!
-Osman, you check the back.
-Yes, sir.
What's wrong, Pon?
Oh, that's Osman. Come in.
Alright, Awang.
What's wrong, Awang?
Pon got scared.
Good Lord!
Who's that?
Jaffar! Take cover!
Jidin! Kadir!
We're under attack! Take cover!
Curse you! Who gave you the order?
Osman, Basiron, Hamzah, Jaffar! Get up!
The station's under attack! Get up now!
Take your weapons! Hurry!
Yasin, Yusof, Bangun!
The station's under attack!
Get up now! Take your weapons!
Get up now!
-What's wrong?
-The enemy's here.
Hide first and take care of the children.
Give the signal!
Quiet, child, quiet.
Oh Lord, please save us.
Protect us from any danger. Amen.
Dear, the shooting's
coming from the front.
Is the station under attack?
Don't come near, Pon. Get down!
Dear, we're surrounded!
-Pah, take cover somewhere.
-Yes, dear.
I'm going down. Give me a hand.
Be careful.
Awang, get up! Abu, hurry!
Samad, we're under attack! Hurry!
Hassan! Hurry!
One moment!
Hassan, I'm going to cover the back.
You cover me from the front.
Got it! Take care, Ibrahim!
Go now, Ibrahim!
Fall back, Ibrahim!
Thank goodness, Ibrahim.
-Yes, dear.
Get me the bullets just above you.
Alright, dear.
Here you go.
Go and take cover.
Yes, dear.
Hide yourself.
Yes, dear. Please, be safe.
Take care of the children.
I'm going to the station.
-Yes, please be careful.
Mat, hurry up!
Right, Abu.
How are you, Mat?
It's nothing, Abu. You cover there.
-Yes, dear.
Oh God, you've been shot!
Yam, bring me the rifle at the door.
-Be careful.
-Are you heavily injured?
-No, it's nothing.
Bring the bullets too.
Alright, dear.
Yam, hurry up.
Alright, I'm here.
Take it.
It's alright, darling. Quiet now.
Jaffar! Get into the fort!
Jidin, go turn off the lights.
Right. Curse you, Communists!
Good Lord!
-How's your injury, Bakar?
-Go, I'm fine. Go!
Usop, Amat.
You two make your rounds
at the fort below the station.
Usop, save your bullets.
Yes, Sergeant.
Mat, get the police to surrender.
Everyone listen up! Hey, police!
Put down your weapons!
You better surrender now!
The station has been surrounded!
You traitor!
We won't give up!
No matter what happens!
Putih. Do you hear that?
Putih! Do you hear that?
Oh, those Chinese are setting off
firecrackers again.
Do you hear that?
Are those cannons?
Whatever it is, let's tell the Chief.
Who knows?
There might be something bad going on.
Come on. You wait here.
Chief, did you hear anything?
I heard some explosions.
Latif, sound the emergency signals.
And Aziz, you gather
all the AP and the villagers.
Yes, Chief.
Sound the emergency signals! Hurry!
Listen up everyone. We have to split up.
In case there are
some obstacles on the way.
Uda, Johar, Hj Nawawi,
Putih, Mahmud, follow me.
The rest of you follow Saibun.
We'll meet up at the road to Kg. Kecik.
-Everyone move out.
-Yes, Chief.
Everyone follow me.
Gather round, everyone.
I believe there's an attack
at Bukit Kepong.
We must be careful.
-We'll be taking the back road to Meda.
-Yes, Chief.
Come on.
I'm leaving now, Father.
-Pray for our safety.
-God willing.
We'll leave first.
We're leaving now.
Dear God, please save them all.
What's wrong, Usop?
My rifle's overheating.
It's jammed.
You get back up. I'll cover you.
Let's group up. Everyone follow me.
Usop, save your bullets till daybreak.
Yes, sir.
Sergeant, Usop's been shot!
Jaffar, take Usop's place.
-Yes, sir.
Get down!
Get down now!
We'll take cover behind those trees.
Go in twos.
-Be careful. Go now.
-Yes, Chief.
Go now, and be careful!
-You go now. Be careful.
-Yes, Chief.
Follow them!
Oh, God!
My dear.
My dear.
My dear.
My dear.
Yes, dear.
Can you see if the bullets
near the wall are still there?
Alright, dear.
Is it there?
No, it's not.
Jamilah, get over there.
San, get over there.
My dear
Don't leave me, Mom! Daddy!
Curse those Communists!
What are we waiting for?
We're blocked off, Harun.
Take care of the men.
Don't be hasty. Stay calm.
-Yes, sir.
It doesn't look good for us.
Take the boat to Lenga
and get some backup.
Yes, sir.
I'll cover you.
-Be careful, Basiron.
-Yes, sir.
Move now!
You cover me.
Usop, Samad has been shot!
Say the Shahadah, Samad.
We're nearly out of bullets!
Please, send some!
Try to save
whatever bullets you have left.
-Yes, sir.
Kadir, throw some bullets over to me.
Yes, sir.
Oh, God!
Hey, police!
You better surrender
if you want your families to be safe!
We'll never give up!
We'll fight to the end!
Let's move forward.
Wait, Mahmud! Don't go! It's dangerous!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Give me the rifle.
Retreat for now.
-Mohd Tap, cover me.
-Yes, sir.
-Oh, God!
Pon, take cover over there.
Yes, dear.
Oh, God!
Don't come near, Pon.
No, Timah!
Say the Shahadah, dear.
Dear! I'll avenge your death!
Oh, God!
Help! Jaffar's been shot!
Oh, God!
-How are things?
Sergeant, Yusof's heavily injured.
We lost the Corporal and Jaffar.
-You take this position.
-Yes, sir.
Listen up! There's no use
wasting your lives!
Put your weapons down now! We've won!
Jidin, you guys guard this area.
Yes, sir.
Kadir, you guard in the front. Go now.
The police will never surrender!
We'll die here and Bukit Kepong
shall be our burial ground!
Mat, cover me from here.
I'm going to take a look at the barracks.
Be careful, Sergeant. It's dangerous.
Hang in there, Timah.
Fatimah, come in here.
I'll take care of Hassan later.
Yam, Hassan's gone
I'm sorry, Timah. It will be alright.
I'm going next door.
Fatimah, be careful with the rifle.
Where are you going, Fatimah?
I'm going to avenge my husband!
Sergeant, Awang's badly hurt.
Sergeant, let's go. I can still
Rest, you can't move yet.
Calm down and look after him.
I'm going next door.
Open the door!
-Is that you, Sergeant?
how's Ibrahim?
He's gone.
Stay calm, Pah.
Keep yourself hidden over there.
I'm moving next door.
Be careful.
Bakar, how is your family?
Mommy and brother are gone.
Mila, just wait here, child.
Don't go anywhere.
-Yes, sir.
Please take care of the children.
Jamilah and her brother.
-I'm going to the station.
-Yes, Sergeant.
Please, cover me.
Yes, sir.
Be careful, Fatimah.
Guard from this position.
Yes, sir.
Take this!
-How are things out there?
-The police are still fighting.
They refuse to surrender.
How are our men?
We've lost many men.
How can this be?
Give this to the second team!
Hurry and go!
Yes, sir. Understood.
This is for you.
Go join the others.
Yes, sir!
-Get us some supplies!
-Yes, sir!
Alright, hang on! I'm coming!
-Open up!
-I'm coming!
Get out of the way!
Hurry up! Take everything.
Take this. Quickly!
Xiao Ling!
Xiao Ling!
What's happening?
Don't move!
Aren't you Tuck Sai from our village?
Don't say my name!
But I know you!
Shut up!
Hurry. Take the rest of the things.
I'm out of bullets, Yusof. What do we do?
Mine are all gone too.
Disassemble it and throw it away!
Move forward!
It hurts!
-Tie it up!
Move aside!
Ali Akob, where are you going?
-Curse you, Communist!
Ali Akob! Don't go!
Osman, the situation is getting worse.
We're almost out of chances.
And we don't have enough bullets.
Go to Lenga and get backup.
Sergeant, whatever happens,
let's stay here.
We'll defend Bukit Kepong
with all our lives.
We're all going to die
when our time comes anyway, Osman.
That's undeniable.
But at least let's die while protecting
our homeland from invasion.
Go at once!
How's Jidin? He's badly hurt.
I can still make it, Man.
Just follow our Sergeant's orders.
Go, Osman.
Let me take care of Jidin.
You go with Mohd Tap.
Move out now!
Yes, sir!
Give me that.
Mohd Tap!
No! Keep going, Osman!
To the station!
Move in!
Move in!
Light the torches! Set this place on fire!
Sergeant, the station's on fire!
Come on, let's get you out of here.
Get into the fort.
My dear!
My dear!
My dear! Please, help me!
Wait here.
Abu Bakar Oh, God!
Abu Bakar
Quiet, child, quiet.
Quiet, darling.
Burn it all.
Get out if you want to live!
Quickly child, don't cry. Quick.
My dear!
-My dear!
-My dear!
Oh, God
Yam, where are our children?
Here, everyone's here.
Here's Zainudin,
Abu Samah and Zaleha's here.
Yes, daddy.
What do you want to be
when you grow up, son?
When I grow up I want to be a policeman
and kill all the Communists!
Yam, take care of our children.
Oh, God
My dear!
Grab that woman!
Tell the police to surrender! Go!
Yes, sir!
You! Get up!
Come here, darling.
Move! Quickly!
Hey, police!
You better surrender now!
Or we'll kill them all!
The Communists
are ordering you to surrender.
If you do, we'll be safe!
Oh, no. I'm sorry, Yam.
The police will never surrender.
Go, save your children.
Yam, save yourself!
My dear!
Go! Quickly! Go!
Even the police station's on fire.
Chief, what are we waiting for?
Be patient, don't be hasty.
We move out now.
Yes, sir!
Tok Mat!
Let's go!
Usop! Ahmad!
Usop! Ahmad!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
They fell as warriors.
All for the sake of protecting
the sovereignty of their nation
to the very last drops of their blood.
Supported by the policemen's
immeasurable heroism,
the tenacity
of the Bukit Kepong villagers,
and fanned by the noble spirit
of their wives.
In line with the traditions of their time,
in order for our country
and our people to live in peaceful times,
their memories live in us.
May they be an inspiration
to all who inherit their spirit.
Their heroic services are symbolized
in the National Monument,
the symbol of splendor and of victory.
The drops of their blood
form the ink of our history.
May God shed blessings on their spirit.
Upon their loyalty
and sacrifice to the country,
comes democracy.