Bull (2021) Movie Script

(logo whooshing)
(soft piano music)
(wind whistling)
(shovel thuds)
(fire crackling)
(weighty music)
(opera music plays on radio)
- It's definitely him?
- Yeah, man.
- Where's the gun?
- [Driver] Where's my 300 quid?
Glove box.
- It's empty.
- Bullets are in there.
- There's only three.
- How many do you need?
- How far?
- Not far.
I bet you've confused
a few people, ain't ya,
coming back after 10 years?
Where've you been?
- [Bull] Hell.
- [Driver] Tell me about it.
- [Bull] That's it.
(opera music continues playing)
(gunshot pops)
- [Driver] Oh, fuck's sake.
Are you fuckin' serious?
- Drive, don't worry!
(tires squeal)
(tense music)
(rider squeals)
(seagulls calling)
(rides clattering)
(people chattering)
(plaintive music)
- Mate, you've gotta go.
- The best night.
When I grow up,
I am definitely gonna
work at the fair, 180%.
Things to do, my friend.
(dog barks)
- Ollie?
(Ollie grunting)
(TV chattering)
Ollie, it's 3:00.
(Ollie grunting)
Are you coming to bed?
(Ollie grunting)
Oh! Oh, Ollie!
Fuck! Fuckin' hell!
Ollie! Ollie--
- Hello, Cheryl.
(Cheryl gasps)
Long time, no see.
Where's Gemma?
(Ollie grunting)
- What are you doin' here, Bull?
- Where is she?
- What? I haven't seen her!
I haven't seen any of them!
(Ollie grunting)
(Ollie groaning)
Oh, god!
Oh, god! (screaming)
(Cheryl sobbing)
- Tell me what happened to
- I don't know! It's been years!
- Norm, he knows.
Your family, they know.
- No one talks to me.
I swear!
Please, Bull, come on.
Bull, get off!
- Aiden!
(Cheryl sobbing)
- I'm sorry.
(Bull grunts)
Ow! Fuck!
(sobbing) You're not right,
You're evil. There's
something wrong with you.
- You have no idea.
- [Cheryl] Bull!
(bluesy rock plays on radio)
(phone ringing)
(turns off radio)
(phone ringing)
- Hello.
- Gary, it's Jim.
- Alright, mate. You okay?
- No, not really, mate.
It's Ollie and Cheryl, mate,
they're dead.
- What?
- They've been killed.
- How?
- Butchered.
(Cheryl screaming)
- Have you called Norm?
- [Jim] No, I ain't gonna
tell him, you'll have to.
Can you go around?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I can go around,
(Cheryl screaming)
(Jim sighs)
Want me to drive down after?
- [Jim] No, what are you gonna
Look, just do me a favor,
just tell Norm, alright?
- [Sharon] She was never
mixed up in anything,
never involved.
- You don't know what
happened yet. (clears throat)
Could be a robbery.
Could be anything.
- She should never have moved
If she was still here, we
could have protected her.
- Protect her from what?
You just said she was
never mixed up in anything.
She made her own choices.
It was their problem.
- Oi, you watch what you're
saying, Gary.
It's my blood that was spilled.
You don't have to be doing
something wrong
to need protectin'.
(door opens)
In here!
(Cheryl sighs)
- Is this mine?
Okay, Gary.
Tell me.
- Cheryl's dead, Norm.
- You sure about this?
- Yeah.
And Ollie.
- Don't give a shit about him.
- She's not above death.
You want me to go down, see what
- No, I want you to leave us
- What are you gonna do about
this, eh?
My sister is dead!
Cheryl is dead!
She's fucking dead!
(pounding table)
What are you gonna do?
What do we do now?
What are you gonna do about it?
(plaintive music)
(man screaming)
(Aiden laughing)
(radio playing softly)
(kids chattering)
- Adam.
- Yeah?
- You're Marco's boy?
- Yeah.
- Go home and tell your dad
Bull's here.
- Alright.
(TV chattering)
- [Diane] Why would he
be at the Youth Centre?
It's been 10 years.
- [Marco] I don't know.
I'll have to have a look.
- [Diane] You need to
stay out of it, Marco.
And it can't be Bull,
"He's gone," you said,
unless you're lyin'.
- [Marco] I wasn't lying.
I don't know what the fuck's
going on.
- It was him, definitely.
- He doesn't know.
He doesn't know what he looks
What are you doing?
- I'm calling Norm.
- To say what?
- To tell him.
(guns firing on TV)
Mate, can you turn it
down? I'm on the phone.
(turns TV off)
- Where are you going?
- Out.
- You are not.
- Why?
- [Diane] 'Cause I said so.
Go upstairs, Adam!
- Norm?
Listen, Adam says he's seen
Mate, if this--
(sighs) Yeah, mate, I'm goin'
- What?
- It's Ollie and Cheryl,
(sighs) dead.
- Dead?
What, murdered?
- I don't know. Yes!
- What for?
Where you going with that?
- Listen, just lock the doors.
(tense music)
(door closes)
(dogs barking in distance)
Fuck, I don't understand, Bull.
How can you even be here?
I don't get it.
- Neither do I, Marco.
Neither do I.
If you don't tell me
what happened to Aiden,
I'm gonna make you eat that
little knife you're holding.
- [Marco] I'm sorry, Bull.
I was just doing what I was
told, mate.
(gas splashing)
(flames crackling)
(phone ringing)
- What's goin' on? Can you come
- Diane.
- Who is it?
- [Bull] Careful, Diane.
I know you recognize my voice.
- Bull?
- I told you it was him.
- Shh! Fuckin' shut up!
Where's Marco?
- [Bull] I need you to
pass on a message for me.
- Bull?
- [Bull] Norm, Gary, the others.
- Bull, where's Marco?
Bull, where's Marco?
- [Bull] Diane, tell them I'm
I'm coming for all of 'em.
(line disconnects)
- Mum! Mum!
- Just stay in and lock the
door, okay? (breathing heavily)
And stay in your room!
(tense music)
(siren blaring in distance)
Oh, no!
No! Oh, fuck!
(wailing) Oh, no! Please!
(Diane sobbing)
(elegant classical music)
- Fuck! Shit!
Come here right now, you fuckin'
- No! Please, Dad, no!
- You're getting a soakin'!
- No!
- Believe me, you're givin' me
an excuse now.
- Hey, Dad, no.
Dad, no, no!
- [Bull] There's water on
your back of your neck.
- Dad!
- First time in six months.
- Dad, Dad!
- Bull!
Oh, Bull, stop that.
Come here.
- Shall we get mummy?
- No, no, no, pack it in.
- Dad, no!
- Alright, Bull! Bull!
I said pack it in!
(Aiden chuckling)
Aiden, go sit with your
nanny and Cheryl, yeah?
And no more water.
- Aww.
- You're a twat, Bull, I'm
soaking wet.
I'm covered in it.
- A bit of water, what's wrong
with you?
What's the matter with you?
- Ah, just watching you piss
- Well, I'm not on show am I?
- You've been muckin' about with
- What? Like a woman?
- Have you?
- No. What, Gemma tell you that?
She's a fucking liar.
(slams utensils)
- She's my daughter before your
Watch your fuckin' mouth, Son.
- You think I've got the time
and energy
to do anything but look after
No, I'm not muckin' about with
- I'm watchin' you, Bull.
- Yeah, he just said that.
- Yeah, well, just behave
I don't want her upset.
- She look upset to you?
(dramatic music)
(can clatters)
- [Colin] Oh yeah, about time.
- [Bull] You in a rush?
- You ever get stuff from there?
- No, it's muck.
- Not a pizza?
- No.
- [Gary] Yeah, mate, any garlic
- Oh, shut up, man.
- It's no good, is it?
- You can always leave this shit
for someone else to look after.
- Hey, remember who you're
talking to.
- Alright, man.
I've been working all day.
- Come on.
Norm will be there waiting for
- [Bull] Why aren't you coming?
- [Gary] I'm vegetarian, mate.
(saw buzzing)
- [Norm] All I'm asking you
to do is sign the contract
and then it's all sorted, yeah?
- [Alan] I can't sign it. No.
I'll lose everything if I'm
found out.
- (laughs) Alan, you'll
not be found out, Son.
You continue to work with the
you've already got in the books.
You just accept the animals I
send you,
you send the meat to where I
tell you.
It's a no-brainer.
It's not gonna fuck up anything
you're already involved in,
and you're not gonna be found
Sign it, Alan. Make it legal.
- Anything else, you know
I do things for you, Norm.
But you know, they'd close me
- You right-handed?
- No.
(Alan groaning)
(blood squelching)
- Now sign that.
Left hand.
(Alan whimpering)
- Good boy.
Okay, Alan, from here
on in if a cop is found
within a mile of this place, or
your home,
or wherever you are,
we'll burn this place down
with your staff inside it.
Then we'll move on to your home
and we'll burn it down with
Maureen and the kids in there.
Do you understand?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Good, man.
But you are fuckin' stupid.
You were always gonna sign it.
Why'd you push it this far?
(Alan sobbing)
Take it easy.
- How comes Gary ain't here?
He getting special treatment
(ominous music)
(dogs barking in distance)
- [Gary] You have any
heating? It's freezing!
- I told you to turn it
on, I'm normally in bed.
- You are a wiz at gabbing.
You should have a license.
- Shh!
- Mm.
- I'll leave with some gear.
- [Gary] I said I would, didn't
But don't let your dad find out.
If he does, he'll kill me.
- [Gemma] No, he won't do
that. You're with me now.
- Hey, you go easy on that.
- Mm-hmm.
Go on, get that.
(Gary snorting)
Alright, off. (moans)
(Gemma sniffles)
What the fuck?
Bull, what are you doin'?
(breathing heavily)
Have you been here the whole
- No, not the whole time, no.
- What the fuck?
Are you just gonna sit there,
- You do that with Aiden
- Yeah, he's still asleep. Yeah?
He's asleep.
Don't fuckin' walk away from me!
Oi, Bull, where are you going?
- Shut up.
- Where are you going?
- Gonna wake him.
- (sighs) Twat!
Bull, come on, out of here.
You'll fuckin' wake him,
just get out of here.
(dreamy music)
(bird squawking)
- [Bull] No, a bowl of
cereal, not two bowls.
Do you know how much sugar's in
- [Aiden] When did you tell me
one bowl?
Mum, come and take me to school!
- No, wait there, mate,
don't come in here.
- Why?
- Mum's asleep.
- [Aiden] Am I takin' the bus
- Brush your teeth, I'll drive
(soft music playing)
- You havin' that?
- Nah, go ahead.
- Good, lad.
- Has anyone been up to the
- Why do that?
- To check.
- He's in the ground, no need to
- Yeah, too fuckin' right.
No one goes up to the
fuckin' field. Understood?
- What does Gemma know?
- I spoke to Gemma, she
doesn't know anything.
- How is she?
She still bad?
- [Colin] Oi, DC Dickhead.
(door opens)
- Sorry about Cheryl.
- So am I.
Tea or something?
- I've got time.
- Marco?
- He put a knife through his
- He's a fuckin' madman.
- Bull?
- No, it ain't Bull,
it's someone else.
Bull's gone.
Have you found out if he's
got a long-lost brother,
a distant family or something?
- He's got no brother.
His mum still lives
local, so she's around.
- Okay, okay, we can
go and pay her a visit.
- I don't want you doing
(slams table)
- Don't fuckin' tell me,
Mike, please don't tell me.
Someone knows.
Someone knows something.
My people are dyin',
so we will go and visit her.
- I just want you to be careful.
People still ask about Aiden--
- Hey, Pedro, here's 40 quid on
the table.
Thanks, pal.
And you will talk to anyone
who was connected to Bull now.
And you better do something.
Don't let me do it myself.
(tense music)
(dogs barking in distance)
Margie, open the door!
- The back door's open.
- Yep.
- Go around the back.
- Yeah, you've locked it.
(Norm sighs)
No one mentions Bull.
- Oh.
- Hello, Marge.
No, don't get up, honey.
How are you, pet?
- What are you doing here?
- Well, we had something
to do on the coast,
so we just thought we'd
pop in and say hello.
- Oh, Gary, you're not in
(Gary and Norm chuckle)
- No, just good behavior.
- Should we put the kettle on,
- You'll have to do it, love.
There's too many of you.
- Colin, thanks, pal.
So are you still putting your
bets on?
- Mm, yeah. I never win
anything. (chuckles)
- Yeah, me neither, darling,
never win anything.
- No.
- [Gary] You can do your
bets on a computer now.
- [Marge] I haven't got a
- She's 83. What the hell is
she gonna do with a computer?
Aw, you've got some
memories up here, Marge.
God, Gemma looks young.
- She was happy.
- Aye, she was.
So how do you get out to put
your bets on?
- Oh, taxi Mel takes me in.
(Norm chuckles)
No, I've just had one. I'm
- Aye, go on.
(Marge sighing)
- Never hear from Gemma, Norm.
I'm still Aiden's gran.
Whatever's gone on?
- Ah, you know.
Things change, Margie.
- Look after the family
as a whole, Norman.
You could have done that.
You loved that boy.
- She won anything?
- Nothin'.
I can't find anything.
I don't know if it's even the
right date.
What date did you do these,
- I did them yesterday, I told
That's why I'm checking today.
- We haven't got nothin' in.
(ominous music)
- Stop it, Norm.
It's uncomfortable.
I don't like being stared
at. (breathes deeply)
- You heard about Cheryl?
She's dead.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Did you not hear anything
about it?
- Oh, she's in London, isn't
Why should I've heard anything?
- Marco, you know him?
- Only through Bull.
Well, I didn't know him.
- He's dead too.
You been talking about Aiden to
- No, who would I talk to?
- Wait for me to come out, boys.
- No one around here knows
anything about anything.
- You sure about this, Norm?
- Get out.
- (breath trembling) Why
are they leaving, Norm?
You're scaring me.
(whimpers) What are you doing?
- Do you know where Gemma lives?
- No, no, I don't think so.
- No?
You never tried to find out
where she is.
- No. Why?
I don't know where she is.
I haven't got a phone number.
- Margie, the people who are
are all connected to Bull.
And that means they're
all connected to you.
(knocking on window)
- Come on, Norm. Let's go.
- Let me have my glasses, Norm.
- Curse the fuckin'
day Gemma met your boy.
(Marge whimpering)
- Your family were put on
this earth to destroy mine,
and I'm not gonna allow it.
Someone you know or
who knows you is trying
to get to me and my blood.
And I'm gonna have to cut you
bad until you tell me who.
(Marge whimpering)
(dramatic music)
(door closes)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering)
(engine starts)
(dramatic music)
(thunder rumbling)
(Marge moans weakly)
- Mum. (sighs)
- I'm not dead, Bull.
Listen up, you, I'm not dead.
I can't see you properly.
I'm not dead, Bull.
(weighty music)
(whimpering) He hurt me.
- You want me to help you?
(mumbling weakly)
- What about you?
What about Aiden?
(thunder rumbling)
- Close your eyes, Mum.
(Marge struggling to breathe)
(thunder rumbling)
(glassware clinking)
- You want another one?
- She'll be openin' up, 15
- No one's stopping her.
- Oh, what, so you're gonna
clear up after yourself,
are you?
- What are we gonna do, Bull?
- What do you suggest?
- She doesn't want to be with
you anymore.
- You've known about that
for a while, have you?
- No. Honestly, I haven't.
- She can do what she
wants, Norm, grown up.
- She wants to be with Gary.
Look, Bull, I know she can
be a stubborn little mare,
but she wants you out the house.
- Fine.
- [Norm] I can get you
somewhere to stay, no problem.
- Look, Clive, what the
fuck are you doin' here?
- He's with me.
- Can't he speak?
Can't you speak?
- Don't blame me, Bull, I didn't
- Hey.
Cut it out you two, grow up.
Clive, get your arse somewhere
before you piss yourself.
Look, Son, I just want
to be very, very pleasant.
And I'm Aiden's granddad.
Whatever you're thinkin' about
- I don't care about Gary.
- That's good.
If anythin' happened to
him, I'd be really upset.
- I don't care about Gary.
Good, in that case--
- I want the boy.
- [Norm] That's not gonna
happen, Bull.
- [Bull] You know, she's
on the gear, don't you?
- You can see him whenever.
- Nope, I want him.
She can do what she wants.
She can have the money, the
she can let Gary fuck her.
Let everyone have a go--
- Careful.
- Is there something
you wanna add, Sharon?
She can have it all.
But she ain't havin' Aiden.
You can tell her that from me.
(glass shatters)
(dramatic music)
Done your bottom?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, with soap, not just your
No one likes a pooey bum.
No girl's comin' with a--
- Oh! It went into my eyes!
- Well, rinse it.
- Oh.
- Rinse it off. Look at the
- Dad, can you get me, ow!
- Here, come here, you.
Come here, wuss.
(Aiden groaning)
Look at that earhole.
How much wax there is in there?
You can get a candle outta that.
Is that hot?
- No, it's fine.
- Do the front.
- Dad, you're getting it in my
- Alright.
(doorbell rings)
Finish your chapter before
we put the telly on, yeah?
- What? I've done it!
- Yeah, bollocks.
(Aiden sighs)
- Do you wanna go to the fair?
- Aiden's dressed for bed, I
- Bring him.
- There'll be other nights,
boys. I can't do it.
- Norm wants to see you.
- Is he asking or telling?
Alright, I'll see you in a bit.
- He said we should take you.
- No chance.
If he wants me to come, I'll
but I'm driving meself.
Tell him I'll be an hour.
(Clive sighs)
- [Aiden] We going to bed?
(people chattering)
(rides clattering)
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I got a drop.
- Yeah. No, oh!
- Hey, you got at least one!
- I think so.
Nothing. See, you made a
noise and nothing's come out.
- Oh yeah?
- I'm coming for you.
I'm coming for you.
Oh, you got me.
- Five points.
You kidding me.
(guns clicking)
You gotta do the punch bag.
Oh, come on.
- I told you, it's fixed, pal.
- Oh, come on, it isn't.
I can do it.
Come on.
- It'll give you the same
number however hard you hit it.
(bag thuds)
(machine beeping)
Alright, excuse me, boys.
Little Mike Tyson wants to have
Alright, I'm paying for two
(machine whirs)
(gong crashes)
(machine beeping)
Ah, see?
- [Machine] You punch like a
- See, I told you, broken.
(machine whirs)
(gong crashes)
(machine beeping)
- You're well hard, Dad.
- [Machine] You're so mean,
you make grown men cry.
- I think you loosened it for
- Bull!
- Hey.
- How are you, mate?
- [Aiden] Yeah.
- Not been on the dodgems?
- No, we'll get to the dodgems.
What's going on?
- Nothing.
Just wanna talk some business
with you.
Alright, my boy?
- Hey, granddad.
- Guys, why don't you
take the kid for a ride?
What do you fancy, Aiden?
- The dodgems.
- Yeah.
- No, I'll take you on the
Take him on something else.
- Come on.
- Don't worry.
Nothing's gonna happen to him.
Let's go for a little
ride on the wheel, hey?
Thanks, Richie.
(ominous music)
Okay, we're just gonna
sit here for a wee while
and look at the view.
- You know, she can fuck
everything up, Norm.
It's not about Gary.
- I know, but she is my lassie.
- Hi, Mum.
- Hello.
- You fucking cunt, Norm.
- [Norm] I did ask you, Bull.
- In you go.
- You fucking cunt!
(cocks trigger)
- Don't tempt me.
I don't care who sees,
I'll split you wide open.
- Now take it down.
Take it down!
Take it down.
Take it down!
Take it down!
You cunts are dead.
- He'll be alright.
- Fuckin' dead.
- Yeah, they just do what
they're told.
- I've known Marco his whole
- Yeah, but you ain't payin'
- Where's the boy?
- With his mum.
You should have just left there.
- Do you reckon she thinks
anything of you, you thick twat?
- In the boot, Bull.
- She's probably fucked
every man you know.
(Bull groaning)
- You wash your fuckin' mouth
out, Son,
and never mention her name
(Bull grunting)
Get him in the boot!
Tie his hands!
- Sorry, Bull.
(children chattering)
I would like a dog as well.
That would be fun.
- Hello, Clive.
(gas splashing)
You knew I was coming. Why so
- Who are you?
- I'm the big bad wolf.
You must be the little piggies,
which makes you daddy pig.
(Bull blows)
Cat got your tongue?
- No.
- Get in the car.
- The kids are with me.
- We can all go together.
Would you like to come with me
and daddy pig to the funfair?
He told me he was gonna buy
eight bags of candy floss for
your dinner.
(tense music)
- I can't, Bull.
- If you don't come, I will
and I'll puff,
and I'll blow your house down.
Mummy pig won't like that, will
- What are you gonna do?
- We're gonna go on the rides,
Jump in.
(engine starts)
- It'll be alright.
(Clive quietly sobbing)
- What are you crying for?
- Their mum's gonna be
worryin' about them.
- Why? They're with their dad,
innit they?
We're all going to the funfair.
How are you two little piggies
getting on?
- Bull? Bull, you won't
do anything to me kids?
Please, Bull, please?
- I haven't decided yet.
Where is she?
- Gemma?
- No, Alanis Morissette!
- I've not seen her in about
Not since she left Gary.
- What about Aiden?
- I don't know.
Norm doesn't say anything
about him or Gemma to us.
Well, not to me, anyway.
- To Gary?
- Look, you'll have to ask Gary.
- I'm asking you.
- (sighs) She was in a
pretty bad way when she left,
far gone with the heroin.
- Phone Gary. Get him to the
- Like how?
- I don't care how you do it,
daddy pig, just fucking do it.
(dramatic music)
(upbeat music playing)
(people chattering)
(buzzer rings)
That was fun, wasn't it?
- He's here.
- Where?
- Waltzers.
- Does he know I'm here?
- No. I swear.
God's me witness.
I swear, Bull.
- Well, then you can have your
candy floss back, daddy pig.
Goodnight, kids.
(ride clattering)
(sound effects zapping)
- Sick fuck.
- Gary, Gary, Gary.
- It's true.
- I'll cut you from bullock to
- Where's Clive?
- Safe and sound now you're
Come on, let's ride.
- How?
- Not how, why.
Hey, mate, how much is it?
- 8 quid for both.
- Here, this is for you and your
Spin it like you're tryin' to
kill us.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah, fast, don't stop.
You understand?
- [Man] You're the fucking boss,
- You're gonna love this!
(hydraulics hiss)
Where is she?
- Who?
- Don't fuck about, Gary.
It's gone past that.
- I haven't seen her, Bull.
I haven't seen her.
- You know where she is?
- She left me not long after
- After I what?
- I've been inside and I haven't
seen her.
- Do you know where she is?
Keep spinning, boys!
Faster! Faster!
(crowd screaming)
Where Gary? Where is she?
- Norm won't tell anyone.
Jesus, Bull!
- Keep spinning!
- Norm's often going to
She must be there!
I'm not cheatin'!
I'm sorry, Bull.
Really, I'm sorry.
(Gary grunts)
(Bull laughing)
(Gary whimpering)
(Gary shouts)
(Bull laughing hysterically)
- Yes!
(Gary screaming)
(dramatic music)
(brakes hiss)
(ominous music)
(electronic dance music
I'm bigger, and bolder,
and rougher, and tougher
In other words, sucker,
there is no other
I'm bigger, and bolder,
and rougher, and tougher
In other words, sucker,
there is no other
(both grunting)
- What the fuck?
What are you doing?
Wait! What the fuck?
(Trendy whimpering)
(Trendy screaming)
Can you get off him, you little
- Tell her to get out!
- Get off him!
- [Trendy] Get out, Sally! Take
her out!
- Stop fighting.
You're gonna hurt yourself.
- Who the fuck are you?
I don't fuckin' know you.
- What have you got?
- What?
- What have you got? What are
you selling?
- Well, I've just got pills and
You can have it, you can take
- I don't want it.
Who's got heroin??
- Well, I don't.
(bones crunching)
I haven't got any, I haven't got
I swear, I swear!
- Who? Who?
Someone in this shitty town,
- Okay, alright, alright.
I know a couple of people.
(grunts) You broke my
fuckin' fingers, man.
(sighs) Fuck's sake.
What am I sayin'?
- Tell him I wanna see him.
- He's not gonna come here
if he doesn't know you.
- He will if I'm buying.
- Dave, yeah, I've got
somebody who wants to meet.
Yeah, but he doesn't want what
I got, he wants what you got.
Alright, can we come over?
Has he got money? You got money?
Yeah, of course, he's got
fucking money!
Why else am I calling you?
Yes, okay, right.
Yeah, okay, okay.
Comin' over, right.
Would you need me to go?
(tense music)
Yeah, Dave, it's me. Can we come
(lock buzzes)
- Yeah, go through, sit down.
Yeah, shut the door, locks
(bluesy music playing on radio)
Do I know you?
- No, you don't.
- [Dave] What happened to your
- Nothing, trapped it.
- Bollocks.
You've been dickin' people,
haven't you?
Selling your shitty gear.
You keep fit. Cardio?
- No.
- You can be fat as a fuckin'
As long as you've got
cardio, it don't matter.
Eh, I hate runnin',
that's why I do football.
Here you are, have them.
Shin pads, socks, I've got
Top tip, always play with kids.
The kids don't run, but I do.
That's why I show 'em up.
That's why I drink this shit.
That's why I get 10
fucking goals a game, mate.
Let's see your money then.
- I'll swap you, a swig of that
(Dave chuckles)
- Fuck! (whimpering)
- Stay where you are. Stay!
(Dave groaning)
(blood squelching)
(Dave screaming)
- Oh, God! What the fuck?
Who are you?
What have I done? (sobs)
- You've done enough, Dave.
Come on, let's fix it.
(Dave groaning)
Bite down on that.
- What? What are you doing?
- You don't want to bleed to
Bite down on it.
(Dave groaning)
You been in this flat before?
- Yeah.
- You know where he keeps
his money and stuff?
- Yeah.
- Go and get it.
He won't need it.
Oi, wake up now.
You get it?
What is it? Money and gear?
- Money, pills, and a few rings
and that.
- Leave the money, take
everything else.
If you see him again, tell him I
done it.
Hey. Hey.
- Dammit.
What did I do to you?
- Gemma Harris.
- What? (sniffles) What about
- Where is she?
- At home, probably.
- You know where that is?
- Yeah. Of course I do.
(ominous music)
- What number?
- (breathing heavily)
I only know the house.
- Tell me which one.
- [Dave] The last one, in the
- You wanna stay in here?
- I'll just lay here.
I think I'm bleeding on the
(ominous music)
(dogs barking in distance)
(TV chattering)
(footsteps approaching)
(Bull roaring)
(Gemma screaming)
(Bull grunting)
- Stand up.
(Bull breathing heavily)
- [Gary] I'm fuckin' struggling.
(Gary breathing heavily)
- Gary, get out.
- Why do I have to go?
- 'Cause it's your fuckin' fault
we're here in the first place.
Get out.
Bull, you want some of this?
- How long am I staying?
- I've honestly no idea.
Depends how long she takes to
get here,
but you've certainly pissed her
- No change there then.
(Norm chuckles)
- You guys want some of this?
So, where did it all go wrong,
- When I married your daughter.
- Probably.
- Anything happens to him...
- Nothing's gonna happen to him.
He's my grandson.
Why don't you drink your
whiskey, Bull?
It'll help.
(door opening)
Is that her?
- I can't see, there's
- Now, go and to take a look,
will you?
(footsteps stomping)
- You cunt, Bull!
Slimy little arsehole!
I should never have married you!
- Gemma, get off! What are you
Get off! Get off!
Get in the bedroom!
- Why?
- 'Cause I said so and
you're fuckin' drunk!
- Oh, bollock!
- Marco, get her in there!
- And you think she's gonna
look after Aiden, do you?
- [Gemma] I'll look after
him better than you!
- She gets what she wants,
Bull, you know that.
- Call your dad get him down
Tell him I'm outside.
- What? Why? (sobbing)
- Tell him I'm asleep
in the back of the car
parked directly outside your
- What do you want from him?
- Dial the number, tell him
you're scared.
- I am scared.
Please, I am scared, Bull.
- I will cut your throat
if you fuck it up.
- Dad? (sobbing) Dad, Bull's
He's outside in the car.
No, no, no, he's asleep.
How long?
- How long will he be?
- 25 minutes.
What are you gonna do, Bull?
Wait, no, no, no, no--
(tape ripping)
(car door closes)
(door opening)
- (sighs) I gotta ask you this,
What are you gonna do if
ever you got out of this?
- Honestly?
- Yeah, you're an honest guy.
- If I get out of this, I'll
fucking kill every one of you.
- (chuckles) Yeah, I thought so.
Gemma, sure?
- Yeah.
- Go get the petrol.
(glass shatters)
(Bull grunting)
Look at this drink, Bull! Yeah.
Come on, drink it up,
you won't feel a thing.
(Bull gagging)
(gas splashing)
Yeah. (grunting)
(Bull groaning)
Everybody out!
(Bull sighs)
(tense music)
(lighter flicking)
(fire crackling)
Wrap the gun in your coat.
- What? And shoot through the
- Unless the door's open.
(Gary sighs)
(gun firing)
- Done.
- Okay, take the body somewhere
dump it in the sea or something.
- Yeah.
(door opening)
- Gem?
(Bull grunts)
(Norm screaming)
(Norm groans)
(Norm groans)
- Guess who, Norman?
Looks like you're shot her.
(Gemma and Norm groaning)
If you'd had done that years
none of this would have
- How, Bull?
How the hell... (clears throat)
- It's a long story.
How long you got?
(Norm groaning)
Bite down on your hand, I'll sum
I'm gonna do it, so bite that.
(Norm whimpers)
(blood squelching)
(Norm screaming)
I know it hurts, you bastard.
It serves you fuckin' right.
(Norm groaning)
You got hell to look forward to
you, yeah?
(Gemma sobbing)
You can work that out without
- You prick!
- Come on.
- I wanna see it burn.
(dramatic music)
Oh shit!
- Mum?
- Aiden!
- What's going on?
- What the hell is he doing
- Where else am I gonna leave
- Mum, what's goin' on?
- Marco, get him
back in the car now!
- Get in the car, Aiden.
- It's burning up.
- Get back in the car, Aiden.
- Mum, what is going on?
- Are you out of your fucking
- Mum!
- Get back in the car.
- [Bull] Aiden! (screaming)
- Dad! Dad!
- Get in the car, Aiden.
- Mum, what's going on?
- In the car, Aiden!
- Dad!
(Bull screaming)
- Shoot him, Norm!
- Dad!
- Norm, he's fucking baking!
Shoot him!
- Dad! Dad!
(Aiden screams)
Dad, Dad!
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad!
(dramatic music)
- You can hear him can't you?
(Gemma sobbing)
You can hear him screaming.
Where is he? Where is he?
- No!
(head thuds)
- Look at me!
(Gemma sobbing)
Where is he?
Look in my eyes!
Look at 'em!
Where is he?
Where is he?
(head thuds)
- No, Bull, no.
(Norm groaning)
(Bull grunts)
- Where is he?
- No, no, no, no, no, no!
- Where is he?
- He's down at the broken
the broken bridge in town.
Dad! Get off him, please.
Get off him, Bull, please.
- You were supposed to look
after him.
(Norm grunting)
What the fuck did you do to him,
Why, Gemma?
- He deserved better!
He said he didn't want helping.
- How could you do that to our
- I don't know. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- You got him on the gear!
- Please, get off him, please!
(muffling Norm's cries)
Oh, no! Get off him!
(breathing heavily)
(Gemma sobbing)
(Norm moans weakly)
You've killed him!
Please! Please!
(Bull grunts)
No, please.
Please, no.
(dogs barking in distance)
(man coughing)
(people chattering)
(suspenseful music)
- Look at me.
Hey, look at me!
(sleepily moans)
Come here.
Come here.
Aiden, come on, Son.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's get you out of here. Come
(plaintive music)
(Aiden sighing)
- Where am I?
- You're with me, Son.
(water splashes)
Now, we wait. (chuckles)
- How long?
- How long's a piece of string?
- A meter?
(Aiden chuckling)
Are you happy, Dad?
- Yeah.
Sittin' here, fishing with you,
it's a lovely day, the birds are
I love you. (chuckles)
(plaintive music)
(birds chirping)
(door opens)
- Hello?
(Vicar gasps)
- He's alive.
(dramatic music)
(Vicar gasping)
- No. (whimpering)
How dare you enter here.
How dare you enter here!
This is a house of God!
(breath trembling) Please.
What do you want?
- Salvation.
- Impossible.
No. Never!
- For him.
My son.
Give him a chance.
(Vicar sobbing)
Help him spend this getting
- Please, please, please,
please, please.
- Thank you.
(dramatic music)
- You're not right, Bull.
You're evil. There's
something's wrong with you.
- You have no idea.
(Cheryl screaming)
- Where'd you go?
- Hell.
Phone Gary, get him to the
I don't care how you do it,
daddy pig, just fucking do it.
Look at my eyes!
(Gemma sobbing)
Look at 'em!
Look at me!
- How, Bull?
How the hell...
- It's a long story.
How long you got?
(dramatic music)
We've already said
Since you've got to go
Oh you'd better go now
Go now, go now
Go now
Before you see me cry
Why don't you to tell me
Just what you intend
to do now
How many times do I have to
tell you darling, darling
I'm still in love
with you now
We've already said
So long
I don't want to see you go
Oh you'd better go now
Go now, go now
Go now
Don't you even try
Telling me that you
really don't want me
To end this way
'Cause darling, darling
Can't you see I want
you to stay
Since you've got to go
Oh you'd better go now
Go now, go now
Go now
Before you see me cry
I want you to tell me just
what you intend to do now
'Cause how many times
Do I have to tell
you, darling, darling
I'm still in love, still
in love with you now
I don't want to see you go
But, darling, you'd
better go now