Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1937) Movie Script

How much longer are we gonna wait?
He's coming now.
Mr Kalinsky,
can you tell us the reason
for your visit to this country?
Gentlemen, please.
Mr Kalinsky has not
statement to make at present.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Good morning, sir.
Thank you.
Mr Kalinsky.
We're delighted to have
you here with us again.
Your usual suite is ready.
I'm expecting a Mr Benson to call.
Have him sent up the moment
he arrives, will you please?
Certainly, see to that.
Very good, sir.
The gentleman to see you, sir.
Thank you.
Mr Kalinsky's waiting for you.
How are you, Carmen?
Very well, thank you, sir.
Am I disturbing you?
Oh my dear Gregoroff.
We meet again.
Profitably, I hope?
You're looking well.
No, thank you,
I'll give you something
really good to smoke.
Speaking of something good.
The deals and subscriptions
from the Key Club
this last year amounted to
just under 5,000 pounds.
Lucky for us there's so many
fools willing to give money
in the sacred cause of peace.
Present from a certain
South American president.
In appreciation of
your machine guns huh?
What death stealing
inventions have we bought lately
in the cause of peace?
Well, for one thing, we purchased a gun
which kills thousands.
Only it doesn't work.
Then we've acquired a newer
and deadlier poison gas.
But which isn't very affective.
Thank you.
The club members were very very pleased.
May I?
The sacred cause of peace, huh?
What about the Caldwell aeroplane?
We'll keep that for ourselves.
You're sure that works?
I've seen it.
It's perfect.
We can name our own price
to any foreign power.
Now, I'll have the plans
for you later this evening.
Then it won't be necessary
for me to go to Scotland tomorrow.
We've done all that's
necessary in Scotland.
The inventor went there for secrecy.
Which suited us perfectly.
I understand.
What time is the meeting tonight?
Eight o'clock.
At Hartley manor.
And the club members are
anxiously awaiting your speech.
I feel flattered.
By the way.
What is the subject of
your sermon tonight?
Finances applied to world peace.
Kalinsky in London!
All of London's enlightened!
All of London's investing!
Ha, Good morning, Grayson.
Seen the paper, Colonel?
I wonder why he arrived in such a blaze
of publicity this time.
Well, probably to put our minds at ease.
If I had my way, I'd lock
him up in a lunatic asylum.
That's where most of his
mystery finances ought to be.
What he wants is a firing squad.
What good would that do, Grayson?
Do you know what's wrong with you fellows
at the Intelligence department?
Well, what.
You will not realise, that
wherever there's trouble,
there will always be another Kalinsky.
Equally unscrupulous, ready to make war
a profitable business.
Yes, who is it?
All right, put him through.
Very interesting young fellow this.
Scotsman, got an idea
for a robot aeroplane.
Very hush hush.
Yes, put Mr Caldwell through.
Stay right where you are, Mr Caldwell.
Get him to the car.
He's been cut off.
Give me exchange again, will you please?
No, they cut me off.
Would you agree, Mr Caldwell?
I'm asking you a question, Mr Caldwell.
Mr Caldwell isn't answering questions.
He will.
Don't shoot, you fool, you'll kill him.
Quiet, Jocko, basket.
- Good evening.
- Evening.
How long have you been here?
Thirty year, come Christmas.
By the door.
Maybe five minutes.
- Seen anyone?
- hmm-mm.
Two men.
- Two men.
What were they like?
You should know, seen
as how you be the two men.
Mind me coming in?
Who did that?
Wish I knew.
And you saw nothing at all curious?
Not 'til you came.
Search upstairs.
Can you keep your mouth shut?
I can, sir.
Well, look here, the man who did that,
escaped from an asylum.
It's unpleasant and we
rather not have gossip.
I'll be too busy counting these.
Won't take me long though.
That's better.
Did you find something upstairs?
Gee, certainly they're long gone.
Come quick to the car.
Good for you, boy.
Well, Jocko, what do you make of it?
There he is, make it to the car.
Come out of there.
You're riding in the back this time.
I wonder if there was a note
wrapped around that stone
that went through the window.
Well, what do we do now, Jocko?
Walk four miles in the
fog to tell the police?
You're right.
We wait until morning.
What do you think of that, Jocko?
No, you wouldn't like him at all.
He's not your type.
Cranloch, history, Caldwell.
Aeroplanes, history.
Air ministry.
It's all right, Jocko.
Oh, forgive me,
but the door was open.
Can I be of any assistance?
My car's broken down.
I wonder if could use your phone?
You could if we had one.
Oh dear, what a morning.
I've come out without my breakfast.
Would you care to share an egg?
I'd share anything.
Let's stick to an egg for the present.
Won't you come in.
Thank you.
Welcome to the castle.
I'll prepare the banquet.
Can the lady in distress help?
The lady in distress needs help.
Oh, I don't know.
I can boil water.
And I can burn toast.
I'm afraid I'm putting
you through a lot of bother.
Think nothing of it.
If there's one thing I
like more than another,
it's being bothered.
Living alone?
Oh, no, I have protection.
My housekeeper's returning this morning.
In the meantime, I'm headman.
Thank you, Jenkins.
Thank you, madam,
but the name is Jeeves.
Indian or China?
What are you having?
Indian, and you?
That's a versatile tea pot.
Quite, sugar?
Yes, please.
Oh gee.
I wonder what went wrong with your car.
What usually happens to a car
that refuses to go?
It stops.
Here we are.
Oh, sorry.
What an attractive bag.
It is, isn't it?
Sort of matches my gloves.
And your eyes.
Let's stick to the gloves.
Well, this is delightful.
It looks a bit strong.
It is strong.
Jeeves will remedy that.
I hope this isn't going to be
the end of our acquaintance.
Well, I've done my part.
And I've done mine.
Say when.
I do enjoy a good cup of tea, don't you?
Oh, yes, yes I do.
But you're not drinking yours.
It's cold.
Let me give you some hot water.
Oh hell.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
Careless of me.
I'll have to get out of
these if you'll excuse me.
I hope I didn't burn you.
Just a little.
Cranloch, air ministry, Caldwell.
Oh, come on me darling, come on Jocko.
Did you think I forgot ya?
Well, indeed I didn't.
Come on in with your mother
and see what I got for
you, there me child,
go on, got a lovely bit
of meat here for you,
so I have.
Good morning.
Who are you?
Heavens, will you look at the glass?
What's been going on here?
It's all right, Norah.
It's perfectly respectable.
We've only had breakfast together.
Well, this is Norah my housekeeper, Miss...
I'm Hugh Drummond.
Well, I want to know what's happened.
Yes, the window.
Oh, the window.
Well, that was a very
curious thing, Norah.
A stone came through the window last night
with a message wrapped around it.
Go on.
What sort of message?
It seemed to be for someone
named Ints in Mundesley.
How exciting.
Did you call the police, Mr Hugh?
Ah, that's the sad part of it.
Jocko ate the evidence.
What a pity.
Yes, isn't it?
Now, let's see if we can do
something about your car.
No, no, it's a messy job.
I've already spilled tea all over you.
Oh, what's a pair of
pants between friends?
I don't suppose there's
anything really wrong
with the car.
No, I don't suppose there is.
It just stopped.
They do sometimes.
But generally a reason, don't you think?
I suppose so.
It's a good point to start from.
You know I've found very few
women who can handle cars.
I found very few men
who can handle women.
Your starter works.
So I've heard.
You have no spark.
That's the first complaint I've had.
Please, I'm still talking about the car.
I think you'll find they run better
with the wires connected.
Oh, I'm sorry.
My hand slipped.
I hope that doesn't happen often.
Not very.
Thank you, Mr Drummond.
Don't mention it.
Good bye, Mr Drummond.
Oh, I hope you don't mind
running me into Cambridge.
I wanna collect my car.
After all you had one of my eggs.
So, I did.
I hope you're not nervous.
Oh, not a bit.
I've got to telephone my uncle.
All right.
You want any pennies?
No, thank you.
Ring up a good hospital for me
while you're about it.
That's an idea.
It's Doris.
You didn't get anything?
What the devil do you think
we send you there for?
Did you search the place?
Find any sort of message?
Says the fella told her
there was no message.
Did you get his name?
Captain Drummond.
Uncle all right?
He needed cheering up a bit.
He was a little worried.
Who isn't?
I'll drop you at my hotel.
Just stop, I'll get out.
Send the car to the garage.
I hope you enjoyed your ride.
Well, good bye, Mr Drummond.
Oh, I'm not leaving you yet.
I just remembered
I didn't finish my cup
of tea this morning.
You surely wouldn't leave
me to drink my tea alone.
After all...
- I know, the egg.
- Morning, Miss Thompson.
- Morning.
Tea for two please.
Oh, but I really ought to be going.
Remember the egg.
Will you excuse me a moment?
I have to telephone my aunt.
Dear old boy, is it serious?
What do you mean, drinking with a Bodger?
Tried to poison your tea?
I don't like the sound of it at all.
Well, naturally, of
course, I'll come at once
and in the meantime,
if you meet her again,
fool her, order coffee.
Aunt all right?
Trifle depressed.
I'm sure she needn't be.
This is cosy, isn't it?
Good bye.
Oh, good bye's so final.
Why not make it Au
revoir or auf Wiedersehen
or even so long?
Good bye, Mr Drummond.
The jury fail to agree.
- Yes sir.
How long has Miss
Thompson been staying here?
Three or four weeks, sir.
She and her uncle, Dr Belfrus.
- He's nuts.
- Nuts?
- Screwy.
- Screwy?
Do you mean batty?
Yes, balmy.
Thinks he can stop wars, sir.
Him and his friends hold
meetings about it, sir.
They call themselves the Key Club.
Key Club?
Yes, that's their badge, sir, a key.
The key what unlocks the door to peace.
Lot of hoo wee, sir.
What about your tea, sir?
What time is it?
Half past 11.
Bring me a beer.
Yes sir.
No, couldn't be the best
Indian tea at that price.
All right, lady, we
often meet people like you.
Now, here's a sample packet.
Make a cup now and judge for yourself.
Well, mind, if I don't
like it, I won't buy it.
All right, lady, I'll be coming back.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Norah, Norah.
Jocko, Jocko!
Come on out.
Feet first.
All right, Jocko.
I ain't done nothing, mister.
I swear, I ain't done nothing at all.
Nothing, where's my housekeeper?
How should I know?
That's what I'm gonna find out.
I don't know where she
is, I tell you, governor,
governor, I don't know where she is,
I don't know anything
about, I swear I don't.
We'll leave in a moment, Jocko.
Now, who sent you here?
So, that's it.
Perhaps this will put
some light on the subject.
Don't do it, governor,
don't do it, I'll tell you.
It's the Key Club.
Go on.
We take our orders from Dr Belfrus.
The club's a blind.
Oh, and who gives Belfrus his orders.
I can't tell you, oh, I can't tell you.
All right, all right.
The name of the man who gives
the doctor his orders is...
Now, we'll get down to serious business.
Oh dear.
I feel queer, I must be.
I must be getting old or something.
- Ringmond.
- Yes.
I tell you these things
don't happen in England.
Oh, don't they?
Are you sure the man is dead?
If he's not my name's not Drummond.
Well, you should know, Bulldog.
Where's the body?
He's obviously quite dead.
Just a formality.
Oh darling.
Oh, hello, Hugh.
Why the boy scouts?
There was a man in that chair.
There is.
Stop playing the fool.
Suppose you stop playing the fool, sir.
When he arrived there was a
man tied in that chair, dead.
Is this your idea of
a joke, Mr Drummond?
But I assure you.
I take this a very serious
matter at the moment.
Now, wait a moment.
What's going on here?
You all right, Norah?
Of course I'm all right.
D'you know, I must be
getting old or something,
I got a terrible headache,
then I fell asleep.
My goodness, look at
the state of the place.
Come along.
You know it's a serious
offence to lead police officers
on a wild goose chase?
Don't let it happen again.
I don't think
he likes you, old boy.
Oh, you're here, are you?
I might've known it.
Once you two get together,
there's sure to be trouble.
Ah, but darling, surely you love it.
Ah, go on, out with that, would you.
This is serious Algy.
Got you down, hey?
Got me going.
Good, after you telephoned me,
I got in touch with Grayson.
He'll meet us at the hotel at six.
You think of everything, don't you?
Well, one of us must, after
all, don't you think so?
Ah, here you are, waiter.
Oh, my mistake.
When Caldwell wasn't put through,
you suspected nothing?
No reason to.
I thought we were just cut off.
Does the name Cranloch
mean anything to you?
Caldwell's workshop,
it runs from a place
called Cranloch Head.
Cranloch Head.
And Jocko ate the Head.
And you believe this Key Club is mixed up
in this thing somehow?
I do.
I think it's at the
back of the whole thing.
Okay, Grayson, what are you smoking?
Sailors' socks?
The girl puzzles me.
After she tried to poison him.
Just a boy scout old fellow.
I say, waiter, what
about a little service?
Maybe I'm wrong.
Do you mind?
Certainly not.
A bit crowded.
Fearful, fearful.
You come here often?
Quite often, quite often.
I say, look here.
Excuse me, sir, what is that?
Member of the Key Club,
you know, the Key Club.
And what does the key represent?
It represents the unlocking of the door
to a more satisfactory world.
There's a meeting of the
local branch tonight.
Very large membership, very large.
What, a meeting here?
No, no.
Hartley Towers.
Local secretary's place.
And who's he?
Dr Belfrus.
Nice chap, nice chap.
And there.
What'll you have, sir.
Thanks very much, I'll have the same.
- There.
- Thanks very much.
- This is Mr...
- Portside, Reginald Portside.
Cheers, cheers.
Mr Portside is an important
member of the Key Club.
You were asking about
that only the other day.
Oh, was I?
Oh, so I was, what?
Can you take visitors?
With pleasure, with pleasure.
We welcome recruits.
There's your chance, Algy.
Mr Portside says the Key
Club welcomes new members.
If you'll be kind enough
to introduce my friend.
Please, please.
Oh, yes, but you've got
something else on tonight,
haven't you, Algy?
I'd be very interested.
Then come along, sir.
Come along.
We're leaving at 8:15, 8:15, excuse me.
I say, why does he have
to say everything twice?
Just doubly anxious, old boy.
I didn't
quite get your name, mr...
Davenport, Gerald Davenport.
Gerald Davenport, thank you.
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen.
It makes me very happy to see
such a representative gathering assembled
for our meeting this evening.
That's Dr Belfrus.
The occasion is doubly momentous.
Because we have with us tonight
a very distinguished guest
who has promised to address you on a topic
which is very near to all our hearts.
That of world peace.
The famous financier, Mr Ivan Kalinsky.
Members of the Key Club.
It is a great honour and privilege
to address you this evening.
Does your car always break down
just after it's been repaired?
No, it's usually repaired
just after it's broken down.
Why not have it repaired first?
Oh, oh dear, oh dear.
Not tired are you?
Oh, no, no, no, I got
beyond that miles back.
Oh, thanks, so much, old boy.
What did nature give
you two feet for anyway?
One for the clutch,
one for the accelerator.
And above
all, ladies and gentlemen,
simply if I can say...
Oh, Hugh, do you realise
all the people in there are sitting down?
But what is this Key Club,
a jamboree for locksmiths?
It's a blind.
You mean something crooked?
Here, old boy.
There it
is, ladies and gentlemen.
As simply as I can state it.
There can be no war without weapons.
And no weapons without money.
And the power of money,
my friends, is harnessed
on the side of sanity,
of progress and of peace.
Jolly good, jolly good.
Coffee and sandwiches now.
I hope.
There she is.
The waitress?
No, the second from the end.
Where do you think you are?
The Folly Bezier?
Who is she?
The woman I had tea with.
Oh, Mrs Bodger.
Oh, Mr Gregoroff, may I present Mr...
Glad to see you here.
Most interesting.
Excellent speech from Mr Kalinsky,
straight from the shoulders,
straight from the...
If you'll excuse me.
I'm glad you see it.
How old are these thing?
Fighting boss to give their cooperation.
Yes, I suppose that as for us all.
Excuse me.
Shut the door.
What's up?
There's a British Agent at
this meeting, named Grayson,
calls himself Davenport.
Are you sure?
I never forget a face.
They're up to something
and we've got to get Caldwell out of here.
Go upstairs, I'll join you presently.
Come on, let's get hold of Grayson,
he'll give us a lift.
My shoes are so full of feet.
Not yet.
But why not, everything's over.
Everything's just beginning.
What's happened?
I just met Gregoroff.
He's tumbled me.
Then we might as well go home.
I've got to go the
Inn with our fat friend.
But when I can get rid
of him, I'll wait for you
at the cottage.
Better stay at the
hotel, there's no phone
You sure you won't want me?
I got Algy.
And I got sore feet.
Well, I'll see you in a while.
I'm sorry I can't stay longer,
but I must get back to London.
Good night.
It's been a great honour, Mr Kalinsky.
Good night.
- Good night.
That was the only way
to get in that room.
Why not use the open window?
We'd better think of a
reason for being there.
Let me think.
I'll save you the trouble.
You've lost your hat.
Here, I say.
Come on, follow me and don't get lost.
I don't like my hair.
Down, Algy, down.
What are we looking for?
Your hat.
Hello, what are you looking for?
I have no idea, sir?
Splendid, fellow.
My friend has lost his hat.
Hat, sir?
Did you look in the cloak room?
Did you look in the cloak room, Algy?
Where is it?
Over there, sir.
Thank you very much.
We're expecting
you at the next meeting
of the Key Club.
Thank you, you're doing
wonderful work, Doctor.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Well that's the last of them.
You can lock up now.
Very good, sir.
It's been one of the
most enjoyable evenings
I've ever had, Dr Belfrus.
I'm very glad, Miss Thompson.
Gregoroff wants to see you upstairs
as soon as the house is clear.
Anything wrong?
You're asking me?
You'd better be getting up there.
Come on, we're needed.
I don't want to hurt
you anymore, Caldwell.
But, I must have the plans.
You'll never learn anything
about life through a key hole.
Thanks, old boy.
Come along, Caldwell,
what did you do with them?
I destroyed them.
Do you expect me to believe that?
It's the truth, do you think
I'd keep plans like that?
Well, he can redraw them.
I won't.
I won't do it.
You hear me?
You can do what you
like to me, but I won't.
All right, sweetheart.
You've asked for it.
Do you wanna kill him?
A dead man can't talk.
You see, you're
getting nowhere this way?
Yeah, but we've got...
What do you suggest?
Get him back to Cranloch.
What for?
Then we can give him the works
just the way we want.
Perhaps you're right.
You stay here with him, Veight.
Veight, get a car for Miss Thompson.
Get in touch with Kalinsky and tell him,
we're compelled to take
Caldwell back to Cranloch,
but don't tell him why, understand?
Get him to think the
Scots express in the morning
and you go to Cranloch with him.
Who pays the fair?
Kalinsky of course.
Yeah, yeah.
I know those millionaires.
I'll take Caldwell up by
car tonight and wait for her.
And don't slip up on this.
I'll attend to everything,
including Kalinsky.
All clear.
You're not going in.
Why not?
But there may be a
gang of thugs in there.
That's what I'm gonna find out.
You can count me in, old boy.
Nothing doing.
On guard, Algy.
I shout, come in, if I don't stay out.
Look out!
What are you doing here?
Well, you see, it's like this.
If he calls me, I'm to go in.
If he doesn't I'm to stay out.
You'll stay out.
Meredith, bring in
Captain Drummond's Algy.
I don't know how you
and your friend got in here, Mr Drummond,
but you're gonna have a much
harder time getting out.
Did you enjoy your ride, Mr Drummond?
Shall we say so long?
Auf Wiedersehen?
Or just good bye?
I'll take that.
Put Caldwell in the car.
Help him, Meredith.
All right, Doctor.
Good night, Mr Drummond.
I'll be seeing you.
I wouldn't be too sure of that.
Sorry, you can't join
us, Captain Drummond.
That man's dangerous.
Not now.
My mother said I'd never
live to a ripe old age.
Who wants to?
These people do things well.
They certainly do.
My jaw aches.
You exercise it too much.
Peace, like war, needs sacrifice.
No, no killing.
We must kill, Doctor.
For as long as these two men are alive,
there can be no peace.
Now, have you forgotten our cause?
The Key Club?
Our sacred trust.
Don't you realise that these
men would ruin our plans?
The secret Caldwell is holding
from us must be revealed
for the sake of peace in Europe.
For the peace of the world.
I'd give my life for it.
Then why not theirs?
No, there must be no violence.
But gas isn't violent.
It's slow,
Look, Doctor, don't you remember
when we tested that last
gas formula the club bought?
How quiet everything was in the laboratory
when we came back?
How very quiet?
Huh, Doctor,
Oh, alcohol.
We're in a pretty tight fix, Algy.
It might be worse.
Stop twittering.
Twittering, I resent
that, I never twitter.
well, I'll be.
Lovebirds, very fond
of necking, aren't they?
They're happy.
At peace.
That's queer, he's dead.
Poor little fella.
Quiet and peaceful now, isn't it?
I tell you, Doctor, you
and I have struck a blow
for peace tonight, that'll
resound through history.
Let us hope now, that
nothing can hinder the cause.
Absolutely nothing.
Enjoy a good night's sleep, Doctor.
Good night.
I suppose the poor little blighters had
to peg out some time.
Look, another one.
And always from the lowest perch.
Gas, heavier than air and it's
rising steadily like water.
Dear old boy.
I'm sorry, Dr Belfrus has retired.
Good night.
Every inch airtight.
Tight, tight, who's tight?
What's that?
Cotton waste.
Oh, I know sailors wind
it round their big toes.
Were you ever at school?
The best in the country,
I've had them all.
Did you ever do stinks?
I say, really old boy.
Oh, you mean chemistry.
Did you ever make gun cotton?
Never made a thing in my life.
Well, you're gonna make some now.
Help me with this.
Get me the nitric acid.
Hardly my kind of beverage.
What are you doing, writing home?
The action of those two acids
on cotton waste gives us C6H702NO83.
Gun cotton.
Enough to blow our way out of here.
We're in time.
Are we to be present
during the fireworks?
We are.
I would prefer to die in one piece.
How's the tide, Algy?
Rising rapidly, old boy.
We may have to finish
this job out of our depth.
Pity we can't float on the stuff.
I'm so good at floating.
This will help in a pinch.
And yours old boy?
There's only one.
And you think I'd better use it?
You're jolly well mistaken.
Perhaps one of the lady
lovebirds will like it.
How do you tell which for which?
If we ever get out of here,
I'll tell you the facts of life.
Good evening, governor.
You remember me, Davenport?
Well, may I come in?
I'm tired.
Would you be good enough
to state your business?
Two of my friends came here this evening
and they haven't returned so I thought
perhaps they might have stayed on.
No, there's no one here.
Mind if I have a look?
Look, I told you
there's no one in the house.
Well, then you won't mind if
I have a look 'round do you?
Either you leave the house immediately
or I call the police.
Police, hey?
Yes, operator.
Give me the police.
What happens next?
We'll sit and wait for it to dry.
How's the tide?
Great scot, quick,
let's save the birdies.
We'll have to make a split for it.
Keep your head well up, Algy.
I should be all tiptoed in a minute.
Pity I'm not a ballet dancer.
And despite the fact
that there is no one here,
this man, Major Grayson,
Intelligence department.
If you have nothing to hide,
why not let us search the place?
Sorry, can't do that, sir,
we've not search warrant.
I'd welcome a search now
that authority is here.
You invite us to search your house?
Well by all means.
Come along.
We've gotta wait a while now.
Let's keep that mask handy.
I'll stand on the counter.
And by the way, in case of accident,
do you mind if I shake your hand?
Not at all.
Are you satisfied now, sir?
I demand an apology.
And let me tell you, sir,
I resent your attitude,
your interference, your suspicion,
I'm sorry, Doctor,
I must've been mistaken.
Well, then you...
But I'm still worried
about my friends, Drummond.
Did you say Drummond?
Yes, Captain Drummond.
Have I been looking for Drummond?
Well, that settles it.
Come on.
I don't want to hear
anymore, Captain Drummond.
Good night.
Nice and soothing, sir?
Morning, sir.
This going to be long?
Just finishing.
Too close a shave, sir?
Don't worry, I'm used to it.
I advise you to have a mudpack
put on that mug of yours.
Permanently for preference.
Hurry up, Joel.
On the way, madam.
Have you a cigarette?
If anyone had told
me I should've enjoyed
this journey to Scotland.
You dislike travelling?
It all depends upon my company.
Beer, Charlie.
Yes, sir.
And in flew a dead duck.
Well, good morning.
Mr Kalinsky, this is Captain Drummond.
How do you do?
Very pleased to meet you.
Will you join us in a drink?
No, thank you.
Just lately I've learned
to be very careful
about what I drink.
Your beer, sir.
Well, happy landing.
Do you go to Scotland often?
Not as often as I should like.
Grand place, thought I'd slip
out for a breath of fresh air.
I need it.
And a shooting?
I may have to do
quite a lot of shooting.
I hear the birds are in fine condition.
I've taken every care of it.
Oh, Charlie, my travelling companions.
They're a honeymoon couple.
So you're a bird
fancier, Captain Drummond.
In Scotland it's my firm intention
to kill two birds with one stone.
You're very ambitious.
Well, if you'll excuse
me I have a few matters
to attend to.
I hope to see you in a few minutes.
I'll come to your compartment.
Keep the change.
An amusing little playmate.
They're quite harmless.
Thanks, just the same.
But I have to be very
careful of what I smoke.
There's a gentleman,
named Drummond on the train.
Gentleman named Drummond
interfered with your plans
once before, I remember.
You must see to it
that he doesn't interfere
a third time, Conrad.
What do you suggest?
There's a short tunnel
further up the line.
Keep away from Kalinsky, please.
But we've only just met.
Oh, I'm not joking.
Don't try to follow him.
If he asks you to go to his carriage,
don't go, please.
Why this sudden
solicitude for my welfare.
Put it down to my
conscience anything you like.
But take what I say seriously.
I take you very seriously.
And Kalinsky takes you very seriously.
Well, it's arranged,
but I think it might be
safer if we took his gun away
from him first.
You'd better go to the bar
and buy yourself a drink.
Smart, governor.
And you'll need this.
My dear girl, nothing
on earth could stop me
going to Scotland.
I hope to see quite a lot of
you and your friends there.
We shall see.
Quite a lot of each other, I hope.
Watch out for yourself on the train.
Once you're off, I'll fix everything.
Good bye, Hugh.
Let's see those lovebirds, Charlie.
Yes sir.
Pretty little things, aren't they?
Lovebirds give me a pain
in the neck, I'm married.
- Gin and mix.
- Yes sir.
Funny how these folk dancers
seem to be catching on.
You're okay, sir?
You sure nothing can go wrong?
Pete'll deal with him.
Nothing will be heard.
There'll be plenty of noise in the tunnel.
Can he approach without
raising suspicion?
You leave it to Pete, he knows his job.
Arrangements are being made.
And we can look forward
to a quiet little holiday at Cranloch.
Look out, here he comes.
Your beer sir.
Give it over here.
Excuse me sir.
Give us his coat, quick!
Hurry up.
May I come in?
Why certainly.
Thank you.
I think there's a tunnel coming.
Only a very short one.
It may sound silly, but
they make me terribly afraid.
Won't you have a smoke?
Nothing like tobacco for the nerves.
That's right.
Afraid I haven't a match.
Here's the steward.
Oh, steward, give the
lady a light please.
Anything else, sir?
Not for the moment, thank you.
What are you reading?
My favourite fiction, crime.
Marches on.
hey what's the matter with you?
Help, help.
Help, help, help.
Are you crazy?
Hello, hello, hello,
another cow on the line.
Hello, she stopped.
That's not usual here is it?
No, sir.
No one's safe with a man like that.
He ought to be shot.
You said it, lady.
I shall have to detain you
until the police meet
the train at Edinburgh.
You can charge him there, Miss.
This is disgraceful.
You poor child.
Drummond, you ought to
be ashamed of yourself.
Will you come along, sir?
Now I'll come quietly.
Are you all right?
Yes, yes, I'm all right.
That was neat.
Very clever of you.
Getting him off the train.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
And to think he goes
around with lovebirds.
Looking forward to our
stay in Cranloch and you?
Very much.
Sorry we should be so numerous.
First time so many of my
assistants will be gathered
in one place.
I've given instructions
that will ensure privacy
for you and me.
Everyone enjoys privacy.
Except in prison.
Let me out of here.
It's urgent, vital.
You tell that to the
court in the morning.
But I've got to get to
Cranloch on important business.
Is everyone here?
You've obeyed my last instruction?
Pete's arranged everything.
And Caldwell?
He's upstairs.
All right, we see him first.
Come on.
So, you're Caldwell.
And he's very stubborn.
He's a Scotsman, I think I
can make him more reasonable.
Let me try.
I know it's tough, Caldwell.
Think it over, carefully.
They'll wait.
We'll give you ample time.
Miss Thompson knows that I can wait.
I don't care about myself.
You can kill me, but what are
you gonna do to my mother?
His mother's here?
We found it advisable
to detain Mrs Caldwell
and we occupied Cranloch
and took Caldwell away.
Send for her.
Leave me here with him
until his mother comes.
You know.
Yes, but look here.
A woman can talk to a woman.
He's our trump card.
If that fails,
he'd do anything rather than...
Rather than see her
put to any discomfort.
If I were you, I'd keep an eye
on our good friend, Gregoroff.
Just that.
Nevermind what's happened, Caldwell.
All I want you to know
is that you can trust me.
You know very
well that line's dead.
Is there any other way
of sending a message?
This way, madam.
Now, listen Mrs Caldwell.
Just a minute
What's the matter?
You're to keep out of this.
I'm to keep...
Kalinsky's orders.
Through you?
Through me.
Say, sweetheart, I just
had a little surprise.
Did you tell that girl to give me orders?
I did.
If you'll only do as I ask,
there'll be no more
trouble, I promise you.
Just stall for time, I'll
take care of the rest.
Looks like things are
changing around here.
They are, Gregoroff.
You've bundled this job
every inch of the way.
Now she's gonna take over, huh?
So, you fall for her
and try and throw me out.
You're getting pretty
big, aren't you, Kalinsky?
I'm big enough to give orders.
Well, don't get too big.
He's ready to talk,
and if you don't mind I
don't want to be present.
Neither of you have anything to fear.
Make him tell them what they want to know.
I leave them to you.
And don't bundle it this time.
So that was what he was charged with.
Ay, that was it.
Well, I've always heard the air
in Scotland is very bracing
but by Jove.
The sergeant's just been
telling me, fie on you, fie.
Are you bailing me out?
There'll be no need for
that, Captain Drummond.
The charge has been withdrawn.
You got a car here?
Dear old boy, you don't think I walked.
Come on.
Where to?
Cranloch castle.
Hey, you're forgetting your lovebirds.
Let her go!
I'm afraid we'll need her.
Unless you talk.
Well, are you gonna tell us?
Well, and what happened then?
Well, we trailed him as far as Edinburgh
and then he vanished.
Come in.
There you are.
Cranloch Castle.
The whole lot of them.
Is that the home office?
Give me the emergency
department, Scottish division.
And what about Drummond.
Oh, don't worry about him,
he can take care of himself.
We're doing 90.
Step on it, old boy, don't loiter.
Good, Doris.
Do you mind?
I'll open a window.
That thing's likely to go off.
I got dizzy looking down there.
I thought I was dizzy enough.
In the old days people used to build
their houses high in the mountains
to protect them from their enemies.
Everyone has enemies.
Are you sure you've built
your house high enough?
Hm, I think so.
You only have one enemy to fear.
Well, as soon as Caldwell talks,
I shall have no use for Gregoroff.
There's plenty of time.
Here's how.
Time's up, Caldwell,
take his mother away.
What are you gonna do to her?
Stop, I'll tell you
what you want to know.
I haven't got any plans.
I destroyed them.
You what?
You see, when I built the plane...
Where is the plane?
Chateau Lafite 1920.
An incomparable wine soft as silk.
Exquisite bouquet.
A wine for lovers.
To the success of our venture.
I'll drink to that.
Listen, Kalinsky.
I shall have to teach
you manners one day.
I'm here on business.
Caldwell's come across.
- And?
The plane's down the
valley of Secret Hanger,
all tuned up and ready to go.
Let's be on our way, you can
have your tete-a-tete later.
I give orders, I don't take them.
You'd better remember that, Gregoroff.
I'm gonna learn to dislike you.
Come on, cut the girl and let's go.
Run the car undercover
and wait for me there.
If you see the girl,
try and keep everything
under control, old boy.
Why don't you get wise to yourself
and stop pushing me around?
You're not important to me.
This girl's kidding you and
she's not to be trusted.
I'll ask for your advice
when I want it, get out!
You think you can split with her
and cut me out of this racket?
You're crazy!
- Get out!
I'm not your dog, Kalinsky,
don't you order me around like one.
I've told you once, I'm
not gonna tell you again.
Go on, get out!
I'm not
so tough.
And now I guess, I'll settle with you.
You've already settled
for what I came for.
What's that?
Kalinsky and you know it.
The only thing I know is
I'm gonna take that plane
and you're coming with me, come on.
Oh, no, I'm not.
Then I guess I'll coax you.
All right, if you wanna stay, stay.
I think you'll find it warm enough.
Where's the key to the hanger?
Give it to him, mother.
Look after him, boys.
Where's the boss?
Taking a rest.
Wait here and keep your eyes skinned.
Sure, governor.
Where has he gone?
Caldwell's come across.
Gregoroff's gone to the hanger.
Where's the girl?
Look, I'm choking.
Help, help, let me out!
Get up.
Take me to the hanger and
keep your hands well up.
The whole place is alight.
You seen the girl?
Good, God, in the room beyond.
Where's Kalinsky?
He took the jump.
That's what I should've let you do.
You poor sap.
But you're awfully nice.
I wanted to keep you out of this.
Catch these birds myself.
But I'm so glad you came anyway.
Stand clear.
But where do I come in all this?
Go back and ask Kalinsky.
It's Gregoroff.
Then he wins.
He can't win, he can't win.
There's still one thing
I haven't told you.
Come on, quick.
You take care of his mother.
What the devil is this?
This is the really
secret of my invention.
Then the aeroplane just to bluff.
I'll use that third spin tactically.
When I tell you, throw it in.
Bring it down?
I'm gonna crash it
once I can get the range.
Well, Larry, looks as though
your invention's gonna be
a great success.
It was quite a simple idea really.
Don't be so secretive
about the next one.
Or you'll be getting very
unpopular with my department.
And what may I ask is your department?
In that case I have to
doubly congratulate you.
But I shall be very sorry to lose
such a brilliant and charming officer.
Thank you.
Where to, Captain?
London, important business.
Hey, Algy!
Don't tell me, don't tell me.
For once I'm ahead of you.
I bought you a wedding present.