Bulldozer (2021) Movie Script

[tense electronic music]
[footsteps clack]
[gun fires]
[gun fires rapidly]
[footsteps clack]
[distant gun fires rapidly]
[suspenseful electronic music]
[distant gun fires]
[distant gun fires]
[gun fires rapidly]
[shotgun blasts]
[gun fires]
[gun fires rapidly]
[gun fires rapidly]
[shotgun blasts]
[guns fire rapidly]
[somber music]
[Valentine] We targeted
a drug trafficker
working with a paramilitary
group in Texas.
He had a girlfriend
with a case pending.
50 kilos of Bolivian cream.
We knew it wasn't hers.
Oh, he had her thinking she
would bust the case, but,
she knew she was looking at a
decade in dry storage, so...
I found her in two days
by tracking his phone.
Then I found her irresistible.
They call it killing two
birds with one stone, but um,
I call it de-railing
my fucking life.
I was making her promises I
was actually going to keep.
A bullet for me.
A fucking bullet meant for me.
[car door opens]
[keys clink]
[car door closes]
[Nick sighs]
Don't think they're gonna be
hiring anybody for a while.
That was nice last night.
I really enjoyed that.
[Tina] I love the food there.
But we shouldn't have
spent that much money.
Yeah, we have to
do that more often.
I mean, we don't get
out enough together.
All work, no play, right?
[Tina] You have to
run them, you know.
- Huh?
- See?
You forgot what you said,
when we first got together.
[Nick chuckles]
[Nick] No, I didn't forget.
[Tina] Okay, then tell me.
[Nick] "A beautiful
woman is like a Ferrari.
You can't worry about
where you park it,
or you're never
really gonna enjoy it.
They're like racehorses.
If you don't take 'em out
and run 'em, they get bored."
[Tina] Um, can I
be honest with you?
[Nick] Oh-oh.
No, I'd rather you
just lie to me.
[Tina] Oh, my god, I
can't talk to you because
you're gonna get mad.
Try me.
[Tina] How would you feel
if I went home for a while?
I miss my family.
[Nick] I thought you said
you were gonna be honest?
[Tina] I am!
You don't have to ask
me to go see your family.
I know what this is.
This is... It's the first
step in you leaving me.
[Tina] I didn't say that.
You didn't have to.
Look, I know that things have
not lived up to expectations.
You know, when we
first got together,
I had money to burn and I did,
but that does not last
for anybody, Tina.
I mean, everybody we
know is going through
hard times right now,
they're all under water.
[Tina] Look, I have
been good to you.
I've been patient with you
and I've been loyal to you.
As a matter of fact, I moved
to this desert to be with you.
This place has no culture,
no class, no future for me.
I mean, us.
[Nick] There she is.
[Tina] Okay, okay. Mostly me.
[Nick] Now you're
telling the truth.
[Tina] I don't apologize.
I wanna go somewhere where
people have roots or substance.
That's not too much to ask.
[Nick] I have
responsibilities here.
[Tina] Responsibilities?
You're a grease monkey, and
you smell like oil and gas.
[Nick] Tina. Stay.
[Tina] You could
do something else.
You could be so much more, baby.
[Nick] Look, I'll
think about it.
It's not like I don't wanna do
something else either, okay?
[Tina] Don't think.
Let's just do it.
If you really love me.
[Nick] Stay up
and wait for me.
[Tina] Hurry.
[keys clink]
[dark electronic music]
[car chimes]
[seatbelt clicks]
I intercepted his text to you.
Yeah, just be there early,
and I'll find you
through your phone.
Don't worry. You won't be alone.
- I'll be right there, okay?
- Okay.
Don't leave me hanging.
[distant plane engine hums]
Is everything good?
Yeah. What time are we gonna
meet to pick up the rest?
We gotta go soon.
Do they have the same
guys working all the time?
- No, it's a big operation.
- Okay, good.
What do you think?
All the cops are busy with
all that rioting and shit.
They're thinned out but I
have a spot, quiet, by the lake.
- [sighs] That's far.
- Nah, it's perfect.
It's industrial. All
this shit's closed down.
How much money?
I don't know. Why
are you whispering?
[Jacob] I don't know.
[blues rock music]
Hey, I'm seeing
jobs for drivers.
Trucks? Not
18-wheelers, right?
[chuckles] You
could drive a truck.
[chuckles] I can't drive
those kind of trucks.
[scoffs] Excuses.
[Nick] Hey, do you
think I like this?
Okay, so then
what're you doing?
What're you doing to fix this?
I'm selling my business?
Your business? [scoffs]
I'm getting rid of the
fucking business, Tina, okay?
You don't have
to curse, you know.
I'm selling my
equipment, okay?
I am dumping a lease
I'm responsible for.
And then, yeah, I'm gonna have
to go work for somebody else.
Okay, so make it happen.
[ominous music]
I'll be right there, okay?
All right.
[curtain rings scrape]
I'm making this recording
today, July 22nd.
I'm in Las Vegas.
In case I get killed or disappear,
I'm intercepting payment
from the Riva cartel
to the LEO group.
With the money I intercept,
I'll make the payment
for the weapons promised
to the Verde playa cartel.
[phone rings]
Paul, Paul, wait a second.
You're telling me
this guy can just...
Wait, I've got over
$2,000 just in parts.
That's not even counting labor.
And he come in and just
this car and drive away?
I'm the one that should
be doing bankruptcy.
You know what? Goodbye.
Hello, I need money.
- Today?
- Yeah, like right now!
I have to pay bills, you know.
Okay, I'll get my magic wand.
I'll make some
money for us, okay?
[scoffs] Yeah, do that.
Hey, what're you doin'?
Yeah? Where are you goin'?
- "Why?"
- Yeah, why?
Because that's what people
say when they're together.
Oh, my god, why are you
trying to start shit with me?
[scoffs] You know what?
Forget about it, okay?
So annoying.
I'm gonna buy a boat.
30-footer, twin engines,
something with a cabin.
- We're in the desert.
- Lake, stupid.
Get the kids off the video
games and get in the water.
That's good.
You don't have to worry
about nothing on a lake.
You probably don't even
have to use the anchor.
I'm tired of this
delivery boy shit.
I wanna make some real money.
What do you wanna do?
Invest? I wanna put a few
kilos out on the street.
Do you think they're
cool with that?
They're getting
a police escort.
This is a good
fuckin' deal for them.
[brooding electronic music]
[chain rattles]
[padlock thuds]
[Reporter] Police say
protestors sent rocks, bottles
and explosives
raining down on them.
They responded with
force of their own
in the form of flash
grenades and pepper spray.
Police say that there
were at least 75 arrests
as the riots
continued until dawn.
There were 21 police
officers injured.
No count on how many
protestors were hurt.
He's gonna sell my equipment.
He put a lock on the place.
I needed to sell that stuff.
I'm counting on that
money to pay my own bills.
[sighs] Do me a favor.
Let me borrow your truck.
Yeah, sure. You
wanna get your shit?
I'll actually go out
there and help you.
Ah. I could do it.
I'm just gonna
cut his chain off.
I fuckin' hate this guy.
He can't give you a break
with all that's going on?
What a fuckin' dick!
We gotta get a side hustle.
I'm burning through my savings.
I'm way past that, man.
And let me tell you, Tina
couldn't be nicer about it.
[Charlie] Really?
No, not really. Not at all.
[brooding electronic music]
What happened?
Nothin'. I just gotta, you
know, pick up some stuff.
[chuckles] What is that, a
riddle? What does that mean?
I'm working on it.
You're getting mad at me?
Didn't I tell you you could
sell the company when you could?
Well, I couldn't, okay? I
couldn't sell the business.
Of course you
couldn't sell it,
'cause you don't own the
building, you don't own anything.
And you never will.
[sighs] Oh, my god.
[brooding electronic music]
Hey, what's up, guys?
You guys got the number?
Okay, you're gonna
go in there, pay them,
collect the product and just
get the hell outta there.
Copy that.
Can we talk about investing?
You guys wanna be managers
instead of laborers?
I mean, you guys are just
starting out with us.
We just don't think we
should take a backseat
to anyone in this shit.
Listen, 'cause we
don't need you guys.
You're only here because
it's convenient for us.
No disrespect, my friend.
We just think we have
a little more to offer
than your regular
fuckin' transportation.
Okay, listen.
Just go in there and make
this deal go nice and smooth,
and we'll talk about
expansion, later.
- Capice?
- That's all we're askin'.
We'll see you in
a couple of hours.
All right, guys.
It's a lot of money.
What would you do?
You mean after the party?
Life'd sure get sleepless.
I'd do a lot better
than that screw.
Yeah well, that screw points
his finger, your ass is dead.
I'll blow a fuckin'
tunnel through that guy.
[brooding electronic music]
[chain clinks]
[Nick sighs]
That's them.
Should I get out?
Man, they should
get in our car.
Fuck it.
You wanna get in?
What's up, guys?
What's up?
- You guys wanna do this here?
- Yeah, this is fine.
Pop the trunk.
Let me grab my bag.
[suspenseful music]
He's a cop.
You sure?
I don't like the
way this feels.
Steady, man. Steady.
Listen, just know, and
be ready to drive hard,
if I end up shootin'.
I ain't lyin' down.
Get your fuckin' hands up!
Hey! Get the hands up!
- Gus!
- Hey, shut up!
Let's go! Put your hands up!
Get your hands up!
Get your hands up!
Let's go!
You and your friends
are going to jail.
These guys aren't with me.
Shut up! Move!
[tense music]
Let's go! Let's go!
You guys are going to jail!
Yo, what the fuck?
- Get your fuckin' hands up!
- What?
Oh, shit!
[gun fires]
[guns fire rapidly]
[guns fire rapidly]
[guns fire]
[brooding electronic music]
[water splashes and patters]
[air blows]
[air blows]
How much is there?
A lot. Help me sell
it, you can have half.
Man, I don't even
know what it cost.
I don't, either. Well, Google?
Let me think. Let me think.
I mean, between the two of us,
there's gotta be
somebody we know.
Man, somebody's gonna
be looking for it.
What was I gonna
do, not take it?
Man, you should've
booked. You should've ran.
Just take the money and go.
I got the dope. We
gotta try to sell it.
That's money, man.
[traffic hums and whooshes]
You see the bag? You
see the bag I left?
[Tina] [chuckles]
What is this?
[Nick] "What is
this", with an attitude?
Come on, it's money. Do you
see how much money there is?
[Tina] You think because you
put a bag of money on the bed
you think you can
talk to me this way?
[Nick] Did you see
how much money there is?
[Tina] Well, where
did you get this money?
[Nick] I told you.
I sold the shop.
[Tina] Okay, so do you
see me wearing a clown suit?
[Nick] Listen, some guys
were doing a drug deal
in front of the shop,
I found the money.
[Tina] What did you do?
They're going to come looking
for it. It's your shop.
They're gonna come
here, you idiot!
- Hey, watch your mouth.
- Watch my mouth?
You're no hero here. You
just put us all in danger.
[Nick] What should I do, Tina?
Should I just leave the money?
[Tina] Exactly, and call the
police like a normal person.
You're not gonna get
away with this, you know.
[Nick] We're getting
away with this, okay?
You start packing and
quit making this harder.
[Tina] Okay, so
what are you gonna do?
[Nick] I just
gotta go somewhere
and just drop something off.
[Tina] What?
[Nick] I got some
tools I gotta drop off.
[Tina] No, you're
not. You're lying.
[Nick] [sighs] I got
the drugs too, okay?
I gotta get rid of 'em.
[Tina] Oh! So now
you're a drug dealer?
[Nick] Would you
stop, okay? Stop!
You're supposed to be
with me, not against me.
[dark electronic music]
- Guess what.
- What?
He's done.
He's going straight,
he's gonna disappear,
but I have his money.
You have the money?
Fuck him. I hate quitters.
[traffic hums and whooshes]
[suspenseful music]
redemption, serving time."
They pump it in your head
like a fucking mantra.
You're the hero, the good side.
They wanna make you
into the honorable one.
I have the keys, the
title, the power to change.
Nah, I went behind that
curtain. I saw what was there.
The Wizard is a politician
who never took a punch
in the fuckin' mouth.
All I want is revenge.
Change your ways? Live
the straight and narrow?
Fuck You. You took
away my smile.
The only thing I want now
is your virtue on a plate.
[engine roars]
What if she's right? What if
they do come looking for us?
How would they? Gus
can't say nothin'.
He really shot at you?
[chuckles] He thought
I was one of them.
He came out there with
a head of steam, my man.
He's got a big gun.
[Charlie chuckles]
They're all big when the
barrel's pointed at you.
For sure.
Oh, my god. They
killed that old man.
Look, I was just feet away.
There was bullets
flying everywhere.
I cannot believe I didn't
get hit with anything.
Man, listen. It's not
as easy as you think.
You'd think that
these drug dealer types
would know what the fuck
they're doin', right?
Yeah, most of the
time, these fucking guys,
they get their guns out, they
shit their fuckin' pants, man.
They're just sprayin'
away and don't hit shit.
[brooding electronic music]
[Mako] Where is this from?
- Columbia?
- Columbia?
It's good shit!
You've seen these before?
The last time
I seen this shit,
a bunch of guys ended up dead.
- What're you talkin' about?
- Somebody didn't pay on time?
Look, you're
dealin' with big boys.
You can't buy one or two. You
at least have to purchase 50.
Who do you know?
I don't know anyone.
Look, I'm having a blowout sale.
You got a buyer, I'll
split it with you.
But it's gotta be tonight.
First you have
to rewrap these,
and even then, I don't
know if I wanna touch 'em.
Look, man, we'll rewrap
'em. Let's get this money.
Listen, I found these.
I don't do this shit.
Yeah, he did. He
didn't burn anyone.
Shit just fell into his lap.
Yo, check this out.
Steal a car, put
these in the trunk,
tell me where you parked
it and I will try.
Cool. That's
all I can ask for.
Yo, did you bring
somebody else?
[gun fires]
[guns fire rapidly]
You have to, [snaps
fingers] you...
- I know.
- Do you?
I can't hesitate like that.
Yeah, 'cause if you do,
you'll sit there and
watch yourself get shot.
What the fuck
was with the masks?
The masks?
They're smart. There's
cameras everywhere.
[phone vibrates]
[Valentine] You're
not a very good shot.
Well, maybe you're
the lucky one.
[Valentine] That wasn't
me. I was just watching.
You're the lucky ones.
Look, the dope, the
money, just take it back.
[Valentine] "The
dope"? [chuckles]
How old are you?
You fucking
entertaining yourself?
You want the shit back or not?
[Valentine] They've
never taken it back before.
Why would they start now?
'Cause I'm not a drug dealer.
[Valentine] Yet here we are.
Who is this? Who
are you speaking for?
- You have all the dope?
- That's right.
[Valentine] I'll tell
you where to bring it.
No. We'll call you
back with a place to go.
[Valentine] [chuckles]
Hold that thought.
[moody rock music]
[distant sirens wail]
[car starts]
[phone rings]
[Valentine] You still
wanna tell me what to do?
What's goin' on?
[Valentine] You got greedy.
You could've walked away.
These are the consequences
of being greedy, Nick.
What is this thing?
[Valentine] That's
what was in the money.
That's what lead
me to the money.
That thing is what
lead me to your wife.
Where do you want this stuff?
I'll bring it to you right now.
[Valentine] You just
wait for my call now.
Wait, hang on a...
How did it get to this, man?
They took the
money and the coke.
Transponder was
with the money.
Someone else sold the
coke. Where are they?
[sighs] Who fucking cares,
man? They've got my wife!
Take it easy, take a
breath. One minute at a time.
Look, I'm gonna get you in
deep water with this shit.
I'm just gonna go to the cops.
FBI, I'll go to the FBI.
They handle kidnappings.
Listen, listen. You
got bodies, coke and Gus.
All of that. How are you
gonna explain all of that?
I'll just tell
'em. I'll tell 'em-
- Tell 'em what? The truth?
Yeah, that keeps
everybody out of prison.
[Nick sighs]
[phone bleeps]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[Tina] Hey, this is Tina.
Please leave a message
after the beep.
[phone bleeps]
[Nick] Hey.
It's me.
I just want you to
know how sorry I am.
I love you.
[dark electronic music]
[Valentine] God bless
America, land of the free.
I found the land of the free.
It's a 24-hour neon vacuum.
Viva Las Vegas.
Home of the worker bees.
The place you make
it when you can't.
Cookie-cutter houses surrounded
by $50 hooker billboards.
[chuckles] Every Monday
is New Years Eve.
Sunday is church, otherwise
known as the sports book.
4 AM lobster, 10 AM happy hour.
If this is the end of the road,
then I've found Shangri La.
I'm right at home.
I'm just gonna go.
I'm just gonna go down
there. I gotta get her back.
Just in case they
try to burn you.
You don't gotta go.
It's okay, I'll go by
myself. I'll get her.
Listen, listen.
You can't go alone.
That's what they said.
They want me to go alone.
I'll go ahead of
you. I know the place.
I'll get there early,
lay low, just in case.
[brooding orchestral music]
[distant guns fire rapidly]
[guns fire rapidly]
[shotgun blasts rapidly]
[gun fires rapidly]
[gun fires]
[ominous tones]
[shotgun cocks and blasts]
[shotgun blasts]
[dark electronic music]
[car chimes]
[car door slams]
[car door opens]
[lighter flicks]
[Reporter] The dark
night has brought
everything but peace.
The entire metro police
force finds themselves
outnumbered by rioters that
have spread destruction
all over the city.
Protestors faced off with
police, throwing rocks,
setting cars on
fire and looting...
[engine hums]
[suspenseful music]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
You killed a good man today.
[Valentine] I don't
think there are any.
Oh, that's convenient.
[Valentine] Well,
that's my reality.
Yours is going to be short
if you don't look out.
You still have their
product. They are coming.
What do you care?
You got your money. Why
aren't you letting her go?
[Valentine] Because I see an
opportunity that you created.
You hesitate when
you're in danger,
but if it's someone you love,
then you are a bulldozer.
You want your wife
back? Be a bulldozer.
[moody rock music]
[phone rings]
Separate yourself from
emotions and just act.
If it's any consolation,
we're the good guys.
[Nick] You're supposed to
be some dangerous whatever.
You know what I think? I think
you're just a paper tiger.
[Valentine] I
stop time, asshole.
You don't wanna do it? Fuck
off and find your wife.
[Nick] I'll do it, okay?
I just hope you know
what you're doin',
because I am far away
from this kind of life.
[Valentine] They
play checkers.
I'm Bobby Fisher, and
you? You're the lone wolf.
[somber electronic music]
I'm gonna level with you.
I gave myself an extra
day to get things right.
I mean, things get fucked up
all the time but not like this.
Not like this.
- Who called you?
- I don't know.
Whoever called me said
the product would be there
and they would be there with it.
You guys got there and just
immediately got ambushed?
Pretty much.
We got ourselves a true
blue enemy here, don't we?
What did he say?
He said somebody come up
behind 'em and started shooting.
You end these cowboys'
parade, you understand?
Copy that.
[engine revs]
[gun fires]
[engine revs]
[Valentine] Go back
and get the other guy!
What the fuck?
Hey, fuck you!
[Valentine] No, fuck you!
Hey, he's coming.
He's following me, man.
[Valentine] I see him.
- How?
- Quiet.
He's staying back. Just drive.
I'm gonna tell you where to go.
Yeah, they just shot Doyle.
I need some guys out here
ASAP. We're on Trop and Russel.
Just pulling into this
parking lot. Yeah.
[shotgun cocks]
[shotgun blasts]
[shotgun cocks]
[Valentine] Don't move or I
will cut you in fuckin' half.
Get back in your fuckin' car
and get the fuck outta here,
thinking you're gonna
get the drop on me.
I wasn't gonna do anything.
I just wanted to
fuckin' talk to you.
Just don't leave me
in the dark, okay?
I just wanna know
what's goin'...
[brooding electronic music]
[phone rings]
[Valentine] You
pulled the trigger.
Well, that's nothing
to be proud of.
- It kept your wife alive.
- Who are these guys?
They don't look
like drug dealers.
[Valentine] And what does
a drug dealer look like?
Who are they?
[Valentine] They're
greedy people, like you.
People that wanna take
what's not theirs.
Riddles. Just a bunch
of cute riddles outta you.
[Valentine] They have no
interest in talking to you.
They want you dead.
Who are you and
who are you with?
'Cause I know you can't
be doing this alone.
[Valentine] I keep the order.
Yeah and I'm just a pawn you
like playin' around with huh?
[Valentine] Stop feeling
sorry for yourself.
I'm texting you an address.
Go stay there and
keep your phone on.
[aggressive electronic music]
[gun fires rapidly]
[gun fires rapidly]
[gun fires rapidly]
Hey, how's it goin'?
Can I help you?
Yeah, um... I hope so.
Um, what you looking for?
I'm not really
looking for anything.
I know that you're sellin'.
I'm lookin' to sell, too.
But not like a
competition. Listen.
I got somethin' I
gotta get rid of.
[chuckles] "Rid of"?
[Nick] I got a bunch of coke.
I'm lookin' to sell it at a
great price tonight to somebody.
All right, well,
how much you got?
I got a lot.
Okay, so why me?
You kinda got like a
drive-up window here.
[chuckles] No offense.
I was just thinking
maybe you could use it.
Well, you never
bought from me before,
and I never see you
around here, Officer.
[Nick chuckles]
I'm not a cop, I'm a mecha...
Look, I'm a mechanic, okay?
Listen, I got a shop. Somebody
left this car inside my shop.
It's been there for
over two months.
Nobody has come around
lookin' for it. Nothin'.
I open up the trunk,
it's full of coke.
Let me just pull over here
and show you what I got.
Maybe you've got somebody
that'll buy some.
That's all I'm sayin'.
[sighs] All right, pull up.
[helicopter blades whir]
[suspenseful music]
Yo, is that real?
It better be.
I mean, how did you get
so... I mean, look at all this!
You know somebody?
[sighs] I mean, maybe.
I mean, but with
all this cream...
You definitely don't
look like Cartel.
What are Cartel
supposed to look like?
Well, they got a
wild look in they eyes,
and you definitely
don't have that.
[chuckles] Yeah,
I'm classy, okay?
[laughs] Yeah, me too.
So what do you think?
I mean, [sighs] you can give
me a couple of these and, uh,
I got a guy and, I mean, if the
price is cool, he'll buy it.
You set it up and I'll
give you five grand,
just for the introduction.
All right. [chuckles]
Call him.
[plane engines roar]
You know, I think I've
had enough of Vegas.
Just wanna...
Wanna go someplace where
people are more accountable.
Why don't you try Tampa?
- It's like that there?
- No, but it's got the beach.
[chuckles] Okay. Good enough.
Tell me about this guy.
He's, uh...
He's a thundercat,
but he's cool.
- What's makes him cool?
- He ain't cheap.
So if you're not
cheap, you're cool?
I mean, do you know
anybody that's cheap
that you thought was cool?
That's a good point.
So, what're you gonna tell him
where you got all this from?
I'll tell him I pitched
eggs in a basket and won it.
Good answer.
And, uh, how much
have you snorted?
I haven't touched it.
So you got tons of coke
and you didn't try it yet?
I don't like drugs,
man. I'm a light beer guy.
- What, like Coors Light?
- Coors Light!
- That's like water!
- From the tit of an angel.
Oh, [chuckles] wow.
That should actually
be in a commercial.
"Coors Light, from
the tit of an angel."
That's right. It'd make
a hell of a billboard, huh?
Yes, definitely. [chuckles]
So does your wife know
you a coke dealer?
Why don't you call this guy?
I mean, is that a
sore spot or somethin'?
Look, I'm just a guy
who's trying to make a
quick buck here, all right?
And that usually
doesn't work out.
So let's just see if we're
the lucky ones tonight.
[chuckles] All right.
[dark electronic music]
So, they left this behind,
huh? They must be dead.
I mean, that's
good for you, right?
[Nick] On what?
If you're tellin' the truth.
I've seen these markings before.
That's a LEO.
What's LEO?
It's the dark side
of the fucking moon.
Well, you wanna make a deal?
How many you got?
I counted 30, at 25 apiece?
I'll give you a half a
million for all of 'em.
That's a hell of
a discount, man.
You don't have to
play poker with me, man.
Shoot him!
[gun fires]
[phone vibrates]
[Valentine] Jesus,
that was close.
I almost fucking shot you.
You think it's easy
finding a major coke buyer?
Then why don't you set me up?
[Valentine] The drug business
doesn't recruit from MENSA.
Hey, fuck you! You
entertaining yourself?
Why don't you just watch
me take a shit, too?
[Valentine] [laughs]
Ah, you're embarrassed.
- Oh, that's funny.
- Don't worry.
Not a lot of guys
could play that game.
You know what?
It's a filthy fucking business,
and I want nothin'
to do with it.
[Valentine] Yeah, but
just like all the rest,
you found the bitch, so
you break all the rules-
- Hey, Hemingway, do me a favor.
Save me the lecture, okay?
When I am done with
this, I am gone forever.
[Valentine] For a while.
Then you'll be on your couch
for another night of network TV
wife and kids sleeping on
you, and she'll start calling.
You think you've
got me clocked, man.
I am not who you think I am.
[Valentine] I know
exactly who you are.
You're a killer now.
You know what? You're
the fuckin' devil.
[Valentine] Nah, I
just drink his wine.
[dark electronic music]
The playa verde cartel gave
me three million in cash
to pay off Nogalus DEA.
I marked all the bills, which,
mind you, took fucking days.
I delivered the cash
to Agent Martin Kemp.
He offered me $350,000,
which I took, marked,
and turned in to my
supervisor Jack Winston.
When I asked for a salary
advance for personal needs,
I was declined.
Next, I was transferred
to the Nova Scotia
office within a month.
Guess they sent me
to clean things up.
I guess I was too
clean for their liking.
[phone rings]
- How is she?
- Good.
Let me talk to her.
[Valentine] Finish the
mission, you get your wife.
The mission?
What are you, CIA?
[Valentine] Maybe.
Or, um, maybe I'm
just a rich citizen
with a hard-on for scumbags.
Great. Now you're Batman.
[brooding electronic music]
[phone rings]
[Valentine] Welcome
to the wild west.
Riots, protests,
keeping the cops busy.
Scared locals off the streets.
Only people left
are the players,
making for prime
killing conditions.
[Nick] You make it
sound like a sport.
[Valentine] There's
no sportsmanship.
But if that works for you.
[Nick] What works for
me is getting out of this.
[Valentine] You
follow my directions,
you walk away from this clean.
[Nick] Clean? You just got
me a front-row seat in hell.
[Valentine] You
bought the ticket, pal.
I'm just taking
you for the ride.
Now, pay attention. You've
got a busy night ahead of you.
[phone clicks]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[Nick] Where am I going?
[Valentine] Take a left.
[Nick] Tell me
where I'm going.
[Valentine] You're
going to school.
Hookers are your entry
into the underworld.
You need a gun and you're in
a town you don't know anyone?
Find a hooker.
But drugs, volume
drugs? Strip club.
Five AM is prime time. It's
drug dealer happy hour.
[Nick] Everything is closed.
This city is shut down.
[Valentine] Business is
booming. So, where are they?
[Nick] I give up.
[Reporter] The situation
tonight is very fluid.
With looting underway, police
seem to have had enough.
The scene tonight opened
up with destruction.
Fires burned as first
responders struggled
to keep up with the
pace of the flames.
With tear gas choking the
streets, police battled protestors
to keep control of
their headquarters.
[elevator dings]
[phone rings]
- What am I getting into?
- It was Plan B.
This is Dom's operation.
- Who's Dom?
- Dom is a man with a plan.
- And you know him?
- I know what I need to know.
You ask for him. You
tell him Nero sent you.
- Nero, who's Nero?
- The Ghost of Vegas Past.
You gotta really get a
grip on that, you know?
The way you talk?
- He's a gangster.
- What is he, 100?
There haven't been
gangsters here in 50 years.
[Valentine] [chuckles] Jesus.
I could fill a stadium
with what you don't know.
[Dom] Who's that?
[Nick] It's
Nick. Nero sent me.
- Come in. Are you alone?
- Yeah.
[door closes]
I call Nero, what's
he gonna tell me?
Well, he's gonna tell you
to get ready to make the
best deal of your life.
[distant plane engines roar]
So what do you
think, 23 apiece?
Okay, but I was...
Look, I just don't
wanna go back and forth
all night with this.
- Then just say yes.
- Yes.
There we go.
So how's business?
Up is down. This virus
fucked the whole world up.
Everybody wants an escape.
People don't got a spaceship
to get off this planet
and the only other way is
through the end of that straw.
[Nick chuckles]
You got a hell of
a set up here, man.
We got it all. Girls,
gamblin', the whole floor.
Come by later and check it out.
[brooding electronic music]
So how do you know Nero?
Good, I don't want you talking
about me either. I like that.
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[Valentine] Now that
wasn't so hard, was it?
[Nick] Why was he
the second choice?
[Valentine] Because
of who he works for.
[Nick] So you don't
fuck with gangsters?
South of the border
are the most violent
gangsters in the world.
I fuck with them, day and night.
[Nick] What's the
difference between
their gangsters and these?
[Valentine] Here, they
use violence as a tool.
There, it's most
like an addiction.
[Nick] You think being a
monkey wrench in their world
makes you the good guy?
[Valentine] I lied.
About what?
[Valentine] Just
drinking the devil's wine.
[Nick chuckles]
[swelling ominous tones]
Well, hello.
[Valentine] It's nice to
finally meet you in person.
So, what's this good
deal you have for me?
I can make your
problems go away.
[Belle] [chuckles]
So you're a cop?
No, I'd say more
like the invisible man.
[laughs] All right, well I
don't have time for this shit.
[Valentine] Listen,
listen. Your boyfriend?
He has too much money.
Oh and I guess
you wanna take it?
Yeah, I do, and uh...
How do you feel about that?
Well, I guess I
feel really expensive.
[plane engines roar]
[phone rings]
Okay, I'm here.
What are we doin'?
[Valentine] They're
bringing in a heavy hitter
to clean your clock.
And what is that?
Some kind of mob shit?
[Valentine] Get the drop on
him before he gets in the car.
You gotta be fucking crazy.
I'm at an airport. There's
an army of cops here.
[Valentine] You're in
the fucking parking lot.
You can get away, as long
as you do what I say.
Yeah? And what
if he takes a cab?
[Valentine] He's
got a ride coming.
I'm reading his texts right now.
Yeah. You drop
this on me right now?
[Valentine] You know
what a carrot sounds like?
[phone clicks]
[plane engines roar]
[car door opens]
- What's up, man?
- What's up?
- How you doin'?
- How was the flight?
[Cooper sighs]
[Cooper] I haven't
been here in years.
Yeah, well, it's
a real city now.
Football team,
stadium, everything.
[Cooper] You go to a game?
No, man, they might as
well play on the moon.
That's such a fucking
shame. All that money.
So what're you, uh...
What're you doing?
What? Where I'm staying?
Well, no. Well,
yeah, that too.
But, uh, why are you here?
Oh, I'm here to work.
I came here to collect with you.
You know you're being
followed, right?
[chuckles] Yeah, I figured.
And as far as collecting,
we're not collecting.
We're taking. We
have to take it.
You really got this
guy turned around, huh?
[both laugh]
So, uh, have you heard
from, uh, "them"?
What would they say? They
got greedy, they're on the run.
[Cooper] Ah, we outgrew 'em.
Yes, yes. I like that.
Exactly. We outgrew 'em.
[Cooper] They
bought the ticket!
Right? I mean, it's cops
that wanna be gangsters.
Now they're nothin' and
they've got no home.
What is this guy
just taking heads?
Well, if you
take a man's wife,
you give him all the
motivation he needs.
He's doing things he
never thought he would do.
Kidnapping women?
Well, you've gone
ahead and taken this
to a whole another level.
I'm just doing
what I have to do.
[Cooper] You
deliver the goods!
I control information.
[phone rings]
- Yeah.
- Forget about him.
Can't do it now.
Get him tomorrow.
Oh, no way.
No, let's do this right
now. Let's get it over with.
[Valentine] Listen, you
don't tell me. I tell you.
You told me. You said he goes
away and my wife goes home.
If you're not gonna
stand by that,
you're not gonna
stand by anything.
Let's do this.
[Valentine] Listen,
you heard me. I said-
- Oh, yeah. Hey, hey, you know
what a carrot sounds like?
[car starts]
[dark electronic music]
Whoa, whoa! Hang on, hang on!
- You got the wrong guy.
- Oh, no, I don't.
It's gonna be me
or you, right? Huh?
It's gonna be me or you?
That son of a
bitch. He lied to you.
Look, listen. He
don't have your wife.
[suspenseful music]
Look, all he told me was
that she was gonna leave you.
He was gonna use you until
you either found out,
or got killed.
He can lock, he can block,
he can change your number.
As long as you have a
phone, he can control you.
Prove it.
She left a note.
But if you call her from
any phone, he's gonna know.
Look, she's on the run,
and he's focusing on you.
So she's safer.
What did he tell you about me?
He said you were some
hitter they brought out
to kill me for the coke.
Oh, that fuckin' screw.
He wants it all for himself.
So you're telling me the two
of you are in this together?
We were.
He wanted me to
wait until tomorrow.
I'm the one that came
here to kill you tonight.
Because he found
out he needed me.
For what?
[dark electronic music]
[Reporter] Another night
of protest and riots.
Tonight, the governor says
he's calling on thousands
of soldiers to
quel the violence.
Early this evening,
police used tear gas
and rubber bullets
against protestors.
Police are at full alert,
working double shifts,
in an attempt to control
angry protestors.
We are only two hours
into the curfew,
and police are stating that
they are stretched thin.
[Nick] All just a
big fuckin' game, huh?
My wife, my life, my family.
Just a big fuckin'
joke to you guys.
Joke's on me.
I'm supposed to be
dead, right? [chuckles]
What'd your wife take
off on you for anyway?
I don't know, why? We
just weren't getting along.
She just...
Actually, nothing. It's
none of your fuckin' business.
Look, man! I don't know
what you got planned-
- I do. Yeah, you're gonna
take me over to him right now.
Oh, what, and act
like everything's cool
and just drop you into his lap?
Yeah, I can live with that.
Do you even know why
he wants you to kill me?
No, and I don't
give a shit why.
We were gonna be taking
a lot of money from
someone tomorrow.
He's cutting me out!
And then, he kills you.
[Nick chuckles]
That's nice.
You know what I'm thinkin'?
That me and you
take the money?
Well, that didn't burn a
whole lot of calories, but yeah.
How much?
Five million.
How about that?
We both act like we're
gonna call him, and...
Hey, where's your cell phone?
It's in my car.
He's clocking me right
now. I am sure of it.
He thinks I'm off
running around,
and you're waiting for
me back in the car.
So we keep it that way.
[suspenseful music]
As long as you have the code,
you're good anywhere
in the world.
Well, I'm gonna need
the code to verify.
If you don't mind.
That's part of
the deal we made.
I will give you the code,
as soon I have the
confirmation of the delivery.
What's this?
He's with me.
Delivery confirmed.
That was fast.
And payment in full.
[chuckles] Well, I guess
cash isn't king anymore.
[chuckles] People used
to think it was impossible
to make money out of thin
air, but here we are.
So what's the code?
[chuckles] I just gave
you the code, didn't I?
You're in my phone!
[gun fires rapidly]
[guns fire rapidly]
[traffic hums and whooshes]
[somber electronic music]
Come on, come on!
- Tell me you got it!
- I got it.
What the fuck are you doing?
[Nick grunts]
[gun fires]
[high-pitched tone rings]
[phone chirps and bleeps]
[somber music]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[Nick sighs]
I was thinking about what
you said about me being greedy.
[Valentine] Do you need
some closure, sweetheart?
You just fuck
with people's lives.
You don't have the decency
to admit it, do ya?
[Valentine] I have an ex-wife
for these kind of conversations.
You have an ex-wife 'cause
you're a piece of shit.
[Valentine] You digress.
Oh, I'm serious.
[Valentine] Yeah but I
don't take you serious.
Was I greedy, hm?
Was I greedy when I gave up
everything and changed my life?
Put everything into that
shop? Was I greedy then?
[Valentine] Is
there a point to this?
Yeah, you don't deserve this.
[Valentine] You're not greedy?
You're a born fuckin' loser.
You're that guy that quits
before the finish line
because his daddy's
not clapping.
You want something to cry about?
I'll show you the
meaning of regret.
Telephone tough guy.
[Valentine] Yeah, try me.
Your wife will be pulling
gang bangs at zoos in Mexico.
You're still trying
to pull that card, huh?
[Valentine] Oh,
make no mistake.
I'm always up for
some scorched earth.
Yeah, you like this, huh?
This high-stakes dance?
[Valentine] No more
than any other tango.
You can still be a rich man,
if you play your cards right.
You're right.
[Valentine] Yeah?
Yeah. We do need
each other, don't we?
But as soon as this is done,
we go our separate ways
and you stay the
fuck out of my life.
[Valentine] There was
always a plan for this to end,
and that is tomorrow.
Tomorrow it is.
[brooding electronic music]
So what do you need from me?
Can you get me the
keystrokes off of that?
I mean, it's a little advanced,
but I think I can do it.
[dark electronic music]
Okay, so let me
get this straight.
You go out and you cut
yourself a deal, using my name?
I had to make that deal, man.
You had to make this deal.
And then you go out and
you sell a stolen load
that implicates me.
Look, I didn't...
You didn't what? [laughs]
You didn't what?
You didn't think?
And now you come
walking into my place,
and you're offering
me money for what?
For fucking me?
I'm here to give
you a way better deal.
[Nero laughs]
Listen, I don't
know you, all right?
But I do know that
you use my name.
Do you know how
that makes me feel?
It's five million dollars.
Five million?
Buddy, I seriously
don't know you.
I don't know if you're SI,
if you're the state police.
No. I'm a mechanic, okay?
- A mechanic?
- Yeah.
I got a shop over on
boulder highway, all right?
The other night, some
guys do a drug deal
in front of my
place, it goes south,
I ended up with
all of this stuff.
Okay, so you're
telling me that was you?
[Nick] Yeah.
[chuckles] Okay, well, now
that we know who you are,
let me ask you, how the
fuck did you know who I was?
I don't, somebody
just gave me your name
and I used it to make the deal.
That's not quite clearing
it up for me, buddy.
Look, I'm sure
people use your name
all the time to get shit.
This time, you're gonna
get something big for it.
This time, my
friend, I better.
[suspenseful music]
[lock clicks]
[Nick sighs]
[phone vibrates]
Hey. It's me, Nick.
So were you able to get the
keystrokes off of that phone?
That's great.
That's it? Just four numbers.
Oh, thank you very much.
So all you need is
the codes for this?
You have access to
that kind of cash, right?
Yeah, I do. I have
access to a lot of things.
But what I need to know is
whether or not this is real.
It's very real.
And out of this, all you
want is two million cash?
I get three million,
and why is this again?
Because you're gonna
inherit my enemy,
and I'm gonna take off
with my cash and disappear.
You're talkin' the hacker?
[Nick] Mm-hm.
Well, I think I
can handle a hacker,
but what I'm not sure
about is whether or not
I can believe and trust in you.
- Why?
- Well, why should I?
Remember, you went
out and lied about me.
What makes me think
you won't lie to me?
Well, you're still
talking to me, right?
[Nero chuckles]
That I am, but I have
my own vetting process.
[phone rings]
[suspenseful music]
Okay, I'm here.
[Nero] I'm gonna text you
the address. Just ask for Chic.
And what's that
got to do with me?
[Nero] I want you to
put a bullet in his head.
Forget it. Just forget
it, the deal's off.
[Nero] Listen, I
don't forget anything.
You kill him, or you
have a new enemy.
[Nick sighs]
No, I didn't find anything.
No, the place is clean.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
I'll get back to you. Okay.
You call that clean?
You mind pointing
that over here?
Don't worry about
where I point,
'cause I haven't shot
anybody in a few hours.
[Sam] Is this your friend?
That guy? I don't
think he has any friends.
How'd he end up like that?
I don't know, I
just found him dead.
I'm not a cop, and you sure
as fuck ain't no tourist.
You don't wanna
end up like that,
you're gonna tell me what
the hell's goin' on here.
[chuckles] I didn't
shoot anybody, okay?
This guy over here? He
owes a lot of people money.
I don't even know him.
You're a pro.
[chuckles] A pro? Me?
I'm no pro.
I'm a scout leader.
Yeah, and I'm
the fuckin' Pope.
Relax. Chill.
I don't wanna be involved
in any of this shit.
Just let me disappear.
I got a better idea for you.
[phone rings]
[Tina] How you doin'?
I'm different. I
just feel different.
[Tina] You remember what you
told me when we got married?
[Nick scoffs]
[Tina] If you meant it, then-
- Well, that's because I
wanted to share my life.
I didn't wanna be alone.
I thought it was sad to be
alone. I just didn't know.
I didn't know I was always
alone. Always gonna be.
[Tina] That's not
true. Don't say that.
I don't want to stop.
I don't want to now, man.
I have got only
so much life left,
and I don't wanna spend
it under a dirty car.
[Tina] That's crazy.
Take what you got and go.
You stick to your plan
and don't look back.
You didn't want
me before, anyway.
[Tina] No, stop.
Don't say that.
[Nick] Go be happy, T.
[Tina] Don't get blood
on your hands for money.
[Nick] Money's
more loyal than love.
[plane engines roar]
[suspenseful music]
[lighter flicks]
[suspenseful music]
[trunk slams]
[guns fire rapidly]
So, I hear, uh, auto shop
went out of business last night?
Caught fire?
Yeah, it wasn't a
bad location, either.
So, how is this business?
The pot business?
Well, if you've gotta ask,
then maybe you better
stick to brakes.
Let me see that thing.
You'll smell the money,
as soon as I know it's real.
It's time for you to
disappear, my friend.
[brooding electronic music]
[car engine revs]
[car door opens]
[suspenseful music]
Look at you. All grown up.
[Nick sighs]
You didn't really think I
was gonna let you ride off
into the sunset with
that, did you, Nick?
No, I figured you'd
be right up my ass.
Nicky. I can call
you Nicky, can't I?
Listen, Nicky,
contentment? Being content?
It's for cattle.
The auto body shop, the wife.
That's not for Nick.
That's for another breed.
I released you from
that. I set you free.
Now, you can be you.
You're telling me
that I'm gonna walk
away from this car alive?
Well, the devil offered
Jesus the world, didn't he?
[guns fire rapidly]
[fence clinks]
[Nick breathes heavily]
[gun fires]
[gun fires rapidly]
[moody electronic music]