Bullet (1996) Movie Script

Stein, 84A1900,
report to "B"block.
Come on, Stein, move your ass.
And don't forget your stinking rat.
His name's Tony Curtis
to you, scumbag.
Watch your mouth, convict.
Youse will be back.
Not in this lifetime.
Take care. All right.
Look up Batches for me, man.
You take care.
Welcome to the free world, man.
Welcome back.
- What's this?
- You know.
Bullet, come on,
save it for the car.
Here. These are your favorite.
- How are you doing, big guy?
- l'm doing great.
Check it out. What do you think?
Not bad, huh?
Let's go get high.
lt's on the state.
Now you're talking.
Ruby, there's those
two faggots from the island.
l bet you they're going to cop.
Am l missing something here?
Every time me and Ruby come here,
we see these two punks.
Your girlfriend Tank's
making a fortune off them.
You got a piece, Lester?
What are you going to do with that?
Just shut the fuck up, Ruby.
Stop being such a dick.
Oh, man.
Ruby, you stay in the car.
Lester, come on.
What do youse need?
Where's Flaco?
Flaco had to take care
of some business.
Who the fuck are you?
Listen, punk,
you looking to cop something,
or you want to just stay here
in your mama's Jaguar?
Just chill out.
lt's all right.
Don't you tell me to chill out.
Come on.
- Just get up against the wall!
- What the fuck is this?
lt's your life!
Now shut your mouth!
Don't hurt us.
l can get anything you want.
My parents got
a shitload of money!
Punk, what we want,
money can't buy.
Take off your clothes.
Are we going to rob them
or fuck them?
What difference does it make?
What are you doing up here?
l told you to stay in the car.
Fucking crazy.
You just got out of jail, man.
Come on, Butch.
Get the hell out of here.
Ruby, stop being such a pussy
and wait in the car.
Lester, don't call my brother a pussy.
Don't ever say that to him again.
Getting high is one thing.
Ripping people off is another.
Man, there's no way
l'm upping the booty.
You're going to have to kill me.
You're real brave, huh?
l like that in a woman.
Now, you got about ten seconds
to take off your panties.
Fuck, Jamie, just do it, man!
Let's go, girls.
Give me that.
Fuck, man!
l can't fucking believe
he did that!
Shut up, Brian.
You're such a fucking pussy!
Motherfucker. Thought you was upstate,
you motherfucker.
l was. Now l'm downtown, Flaco.
You got a problem with that?
l hope you Jew clowns
ain't up to what l think you're up to.
Flaco, don't tell me that an educated spic
like yourself is an anti-Semite.
Fuck him, Bullet.
Come on.
There's your fucking spic,
you cocksucker.
Get the fuck out of here!
Come on, Butch! Please.
Get in the car!
Tell that nigger Tank...
Bullet's back.
Come on!
You out of your fucking mind?
Jesus Christ.
Tank's going to go ape shit.
l know.
Son of a bitch!
Go away!
l ain't buying nothing!
Let us just use your phone!
We've been mugged!
Look at this.
We don't need your kind
down here buying drugs.
Why don't you go back
to where you came from?
Why don't you go back
to where you came from?
Come on, lady, please.
We'll pay you whatever you want.
What are you going to pay me with--
that tiny thing between your legs?
What are you going to pay me with--
that tiny thing between your legs?
Move your fucking asses out of
this building before l blow your balls off!
l better not catch you
back here again!
Shit, man, she's crazy, too!
Bullet, take it easy
with that shit, will you?
Two bags of it will have you
sucking your own dick.
He's right.
Let's just have a little taste.
l'll bang up more
than both you put together.
Fire this up.
Lester. Lester, wake up.
Wake up, man.
- You're burning a hole in your chest.
- Fuck. Fuck!
l'm never, ever gonna stop
Not the way
l feel about you
Girl, l just can't live
without you
l'm never, ever
gonna quit 'cause
Quittin' just ain't my shtick
l'm gonna stay
right here with you
How you doing, honey?
- How you doing, baby?
- Want to party?
Listen, guys, l got to take care
of some business here.
Someone's getting it
in the ass hard.
How you doing?
- You're so stupid--
- Go fuck yourself.
You got the sweetest ass.
You got the sweetest ass.
You better straighten up
because Mom's home.
Dad's there.
He's going to start in with his shit
soon as l walk in the door.
Just take it easy.
So, Butch,
what are you going to do?
What plans have you made?
Just looking around.
You're looking around?
Sol, please,
tell Butchy about the job.
l got a building going up
in Williamsburg.
l can get you on the crew.
lt's up to $9 an hour.
l already got you on the payroll,
take care of your parole situation.
You'll come with me
in the morning.
l got some people l'm going to see
about some other kind of work.
Oh, yeah, Butch?
What kind of work is that?
Sol, please.
You're 35 goddamn years old!
When are you going to start
taking responsibility for your life?
You fucked up all those
baseball scholarships.
You could have made
something of yourself.
But you're weak,
you goddamn loser.
- Sol, please--
- Cookie, shut up.
You boys--
the three of youse--you're killing me.
Just chill out.
lt's his first night back.
Oh, listen.
Mr. Big Shot--sleeps all day,
runs around all night
with that fag Lester--
Lester's not a fag.
- Cookie, give me another martini.
- Yeah, Mom, make it a double.
Listen, schmuck,
nobody's talking to you.
Your brother's got an excuse--
he's a convict.
Your goddamn genius brother
over here thinks he's--
What the hell's that guy's name?
Salvatore Dali.
Pop, it's Salvador.
Salvador, Salvatore,
what the hell's the difference?
l break my ass to give you boys
all the opportunities l never had.
What do l get back in return?
A convict, a schmuck,
and a schizophrenic psychotic...
who thinks he's a G.l. Joe.
Michelangelo's old man considered art
a profession of social disgrace.
A lot of his art
is a projection of his own
emotional pain at home.
l think l can relate with that.
Don't break my balls.
Listen, Pop, there's worse things
than prison--your mind.
Yeah, right.
All three of you should be in jail,
where you don't have to work
for a living.
l don't think so.
You try watching some young cherry
from the neighborhood
getting his asshole reamed out
by a bunch of murderers and rapists.
You look at that.
lt don't matter how bad
you think you are.
lf these motherfuckers want you,
they're going to take you.
You try living with that.
Welcome home, convict.
You're a very touching story.
My hemorrhoids bleed for you.
Pop...now, why can't you
find me a job?
l think it's really funny
that the horrible convict over here
ain't out of jail for 24 hours
and you managed
to find him a fucking job.
Louis, are you going
to have dinner tonight?
What ever happened
to death before dishonor?
Louis, don't start.
Come, put your teeth in
and have some kasha varnishkes.
Ma, l don't know
where my teeth are.
Pop, are you wearing my teeth?
Can't you just feel
the love in this room?
l'm in no mood
for your shit tonight.
Do yourself a favor--
go back to your room.
l'm going back to my room,
and l'm going to make sure
that you do not enter it.
Louis, please change your underwears.
They're filthy.
l don't want to change
my underwear.
l won't be living here much longer, Ma.
l'm leaving the country.
l've signed up with an elite
Special Forces unit.
Don't ask me any information, see,
because even if l were to get caught,
l wouldn't tell them shit.
l see the shrinks
are making progress.
Kid, what up?
You're looking good.
Amigo, your ride's here.
- Don't give me any more of this.
- l'm not going to give you--
l don't need this aggravation.
Do you understand?
What up, Tank?
How you doing, man?
Don't give me that ''what up'' shit.
l hope you wasn't down
with that bagel-eating motherfucker.
What are you talking about?
Bullet just got out
of the penitentiary.
- Yeah, so?
- So?
He robbed two of my best customers,
stuck my man Flaco in the eye,
and took off
with my product and my cash, so!
Tank, no shit, this is
the first l heard of this.
l should have murdered that motherfucker
three years ago while we was up north.
Listen, Tank, what the fuck
you want from us, anyway?
What do l want?
l want you to find the motherfucker
and bring him to me!
Would you stop?
l'll find out what happened.
You do that, Paddy.
You do that, because if you don't,
me and you going to have problems.
You understand?
Why you got to jump
all over me like this?
Why can't you chill out?
l'll find out what happened.
You got my cash?
Yeah, l got your cash.
lt's all there--24 large.
Jesus Christ.
What's the matter,
you don't trust me anymore?
l don't trust no-motherfucking-body.
Until this shit is over
and l got
that motherfucker's head
on a platter, you cut off.
This is bullshit.
You want to do something
about it, little man?
Paddy, you tell Bullet l said
the only bullet he's going to see
is the one l'm going to put
in his fucking ass.
You got that?
- Yeah, l got it.
- Good.
Y'all get up from around me.
Y'all stinking up my car.
Smell like wet dogs
in this motherfucker.
Get out of here!
Top of the morning, fellas.
Let's go.
Suck my dick, you stupid nigger.
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fucking white boys, man.
What the fuck are we doing
in this spic joint?
Come on, man, look around.
Here, take a Spanish fly.
Excuse me.
Would you like to dance?
l like the way you move.
You look...
You look, like, really,
really hard, you know?.
Looks are deceiving.
l mean, come on,
you don't dance?
We could dance.
Why don't you dance?
l'll watch you.
Man, why don't you
loosen up a little, man?
Sit down.
Can't you enjoy yourself?
What's up, bro?
You got ability.
You could do something with this.
Get your head screwed on right,
you could make some money,
get away from all this bullshit.
Listen, l do what l do.
There ain't nothin' else to it.
You ever heard
of Pablo Picasso?
Yeah, l heard of him.
Picasso said that art
is the ultimate perpetration of fraud.
What he really meant was
this is all bullshit.
See, a piece of paper
or the canvas and the paint,
it all costs a few bucks.
The finished product
goes for a million dollars!
What the fuck's wrong
with a million dollars?
Nothing's wrong with it.
The thing is,
is that all it means
is something
is wrong with the system.
l'll tell you something--people love
controlling other people, all right?
Bro, we're only here
for a cup of coffee.
You got to take care
of what you believe in.
Eight years l ain't busted a nut.
That spic broad over there--
l'm going to give it to her good tonight.
Don't worry about it.
lt happens to everybody.
You know?.
l like to be here with you anyway.
l can jerk it.
l can whack it.
l could smack it.
lt just don't work.
lt's dead.
lt's okay.
lt doesn't matter.
lt's okay.
lt doesn't matter.
- lt doesn't matter, okay?
- Yeah, whatever.
- l got to go, okay?
- Sure, baby, you go.
This is the not-to-be-missed story
of how air power helped win...
By September the 10th...
Close the fucking door!
Are you nuts?
Tell me about this little journey
you're about to take.
Sorry, brother.
That's confidential information.
- You talk to anybody about this?
- No!
But l will tell you this
because l trust you.
l am going to gather--
Ten-hut! Sit!
l am going to gather an army
of invisible warriors.
This time, l will have experienced,
well-trained troops.
Military force
is not constant at--fuck.
Victory in war
is not repetitious.
lt is constantly changing form.
l don't expect a civilian like you
to understand what l'm talking about...
But you know that.
Whatever form my enemy has,
me and my unit will kick
the living shit out of them
and attain total victory.
l love you.
There ain't no such thing
as lovers Over the Town,
not in this family, anyway, all right?
You got Butchy
to thank for that.
You're too young to remember,
but he robbed everybody
in this household.
He even stole your little piggy bank
for a couple lousy bags of dope.
Fuck him.
Let him live someplace else.
Nobody wants him here.
Where is he going to go?
He's got no place else to go.
War is war!
lt ain't fucking Monopoly!
l had simpleminded, pimple-faced,
inexperienced recruits
not much older than you guys.
Two thousand years ago,
Sun Tzu,
an ancient Chinese warrior,
left behind secret documents
on the art of war.
l happen to be in possession
of those documents.
- Can we see them?
- No, you cannot see them!
- You have to earn that right, private.
- Yes, sir.
Get your mama's titty out
of your mouth and talk, soldier!
Yes, sir!
Goddamn it!
God-fucking-damn it!
You needle-dicks don't know
what l'm talking about!
You ain't never been surrounded
by North Vietnamese regulars.
Seventh Cav, baby--
we was the best.
Now, that was a war!
l get a big pink boner
every time l think about that.
None of that limp-dick, Desert Storm,
puppy-shit, smart-weapons bullshit.
No, you're the only smart weapon.
Stanley, you're the smart weapon.
l want you to demonstrate
what we did last week.
Philly, up against the car.
Here you go.
Go ahead, Stanley.
Okay, first you jab
the knife in the throat.
When you feel you've hit the spine,
rip the blade to the right.
Make sure to cut
the two coronary arteries.
Good. That's good.
- Good job, Stanley.
- Thank you.
All right, Stanley.
Too sexy for my car,
too sexy by far
And l'm too sexy for my hat
on the catwalk
Come on!
Jesus Christ.
Nice sled, Lester.
Looks like a fucking
Hostess Sno Ball.
Just get in.
My mother's on vacation in Florida.
What's this garbage?
Sounds like a chipmunk with diarrhea.
l like that.
What are you doing?
Cost me $10.95 plus tax.
You call that music?
This is music.
Bro, how come Paddy
not making the drop, man?
He's a fucking punk--
will not take orders.
- You got a problem with that, Rico?
- l got no problem.
Watch out.
- Come see me, man!
- All right, man.
You do what l ask?
Yeah, l called that fucking Lester.
l told him we got a smoker.
Believe me, he'll be here.
Don't worry about it.
Look, give this to Pruitt.
When Bullet shows up,
make sure he gets that bundle.
lt's got a red rubber band around it
so you don't get confused.
lt's got a red rubber band around it
so you don't get confused.
Think you can handle that?
Yeah, man.
Some kind of problem, man?
Don't worry about that.
That's my business.
Now take this shit
and get away from my car.
Come on!
What's up?
Mazel Tuff! Where the hell
do you think you're going?
Get your ass back up that ladder
and finish the job!
Tom Thumb, listen,
go follow the Yellow Brick Road.
Screw you, wise-ass.
Fuck you, wise-ass!
l'll see you in hell!
You guys wait here.
l'm going to go in alone.
Fuck that shit.
l'm going in with you.
Hurry up.
This fucking place gives me the creeps.
Ruby, you stay in the car.
And it's smoking, motherfuckers.
We got the toilet.
Get back down here in line, man.
Get back in line.
Man, what you doing out?
What are you doing out?
- l thought you were at the state, man.
- l'm a free man, Willy.
How you doing, bro?
Uptown? Downtown?
What's going on, Willy?
Yeah, it's the white dude
with the black hood.
Yeah, and the sweatpants.
He just walked in, okay?
You know l'm going to
get the money, right?
Bullet. What's up, man?
Got some cash?
- How you been?
- Good.
All right, all right.
Over against the wall.
He's okay. Let him in, man.
lt's all right.
Come on, hurry up.
Give me a bag of boy,
a bag of girl.
Everybody on the ground! Now!
What the hell is going on?
Shoot her!
Here he is!
Give it up, Bullet.
Let's move it!
Just give him the fucking dope!
- Give it to him!
- Come on!
Get out of here!
Stay down, motherfucker!
Don't move!
Let's go! Let's go!
Look out, man!
Look out!
Oh, shit!
- Motherfucker!
- Oh, shit!
Want to play?
Oh, my God!
My mother's fucking car!
Oh, shit.
My drawing hand!
Man, without this, l ain't got nothing!
l ain't got fucking nothing!
l know that.
l'm going to pull it out.
Take a deep breath.
You're all right.
Come on.
Wake up!
What up, Bernard?
Same old shit, Paddy.
lt's hanging, swinging.
Just give me the cash.
You don't look too good.
What's going on?
You going to be sick?
How much we got?
What are you doing?
You feeding my money to the roaches?
Get this fucking thing out of there.
We got a dead one over here.
What the fuck is this shit?
What are you doing?
l just thought he was enjoying himself.
Look at this piece of shit--
he's as blue as Elvis.
He fucking stinks.
Get him out of here.
Give me a hand.
Must have shit yourself.
What's up, Paddy?
That guy, he must have done something
to really piss off Tank.
That guy, he must have done something
to really piss off Tank.
- Mama, look.
- Mind your own business.
Stay close to me.
You want some of this?
l don't stick nothing up my nose
unless its legs
are wrapped around my neck.
Good. That's more for me.
Listen, l got another
job for us tonight.
Yeah? What kind of job?
l heard my ma talking
to the neighbor next door.
They're going down to Miami
for a couple of months.
They're rich.
Place is a gold mine.
ln and out in five seconds.
lt's a piece of cake.
Jesus Christ.
Your fucking neighbors?
That's cold.
Fuck them, man.
l never liked them anyway.
You know,
you've got a serious problem.
Are you going to wear that sweater?
The black sweater--
you going to wear it tonight?
l want to wear it.
Goes with my black pants. Do you mind?
What are you worrying about
what you're going to wear?
We're going to rob a house.
Man, you got any hair products?
You got any gel? Mousse? Anything?
You're starting to act
like an old whore.
l'll tell you something--
we go down, l want to look good.
Stop bitching.
Nothing's going to go down.
Nobody's going to get busted.
What do you think?
You know, Lester...
You know, Lester,
you're a very attractive man.
- You lose your nuts in jail?
- You don't want to know.
Thank your lucky stars, Lester.
You're just a pair of zebra pants.
Fucking pansies.
Fuck! l swear to God,
the country's going to shit!
You want to go for a walk?
Here, want to go for a walk?
Come here.
You should wear your coat tonight.
There's a little nip in the air tonight.
All right, we're in.
You're a disgrace.
You should see yourself.
Just shut the fuck up
and give me a hand.
Jesus Christ, Lester,
why don't you make a little more noise?
Let's just do this
and get the fuck out of here.
Stop being such a pussy, man.
lt's a cakewalk.
There's no such thing
as a cakewalk in Brooklyn.
Just chill out, man.
- Enjoy the free ride.
- All right.
Follow me.
Look at this shit.
Shit belongs in a Motel 6.
Your little brother Ruby
paints better than this.
You get the feeling
you're being followed?
Hey, Stein. Nice dog.
What's his name?
Captain Crunch.
Easy, easy.
Sit! Sit!
Seems real friendly.
He don't like cops.
Oh, he don't like cops.
Seems to run in the family.
What can l say--
pits have good instincts?
You know something?
You and your brothers,
you got a real attitude problem.
Holy shit.
Your psycho brother's outside
talking to a fucking cop.
Get away from the window.
Why are you breaking my balls?
Why aren't you out beating up
some innocent Afro-American?
Let me tell you something, wise guy--
l've got my eye on you.
You tell your fucking brother
l'm thrilled he's out.
Man, l think your brother's on to us.
Lester, stop being so paranoid.
He don't know shit.
You forget that l was with McGinty
in the Fourth Marines,
and he would personally stomp
a mudhole in your ass and march it dry
if he knew the way
that you was treating me.
What, you think that's funny?
How come he's always got
that weird smile on his face--
like he's got secrets
nobody else knows?
- Stein.
- What?
By the way, the war's
been over for 20 years.
l noticed.
Oh, do l miss
old Gurney Howard--
Gurney Howard, First Recon.
l saved his ass in '63.
lt was me that took
that Chi-Comm grenade...
Your brother's out there
talking to his dog.
l should have got
the Medal of Honor!
Ain't nobody else
going to talk to him.
l should have got
the Medal of Honor!
l got the Purple Heart...
and the damn crotch rot.
This ain't bad.
Not bad?
We hit the jackpot.
Oh, man.
- Could have been better.
- Can we get out of here?
Lester, you got to learn
how to relax, man.
lt's all that shit
you stick up your nose.
You know, if l remember
when l was a kid,
these people used to have Oreos.
How much do you think we got?
We got 25, 30 large.
We'll run it over
to Frankie Eyelashes tomorrow.
Frankie Eyelashes?
l don't understand why we got to use
those guineas instead of our own people.
You forget the last time
we did a piece of work?
Him and his old man
shaved 25 right off the top.
l ain't doing business with them.
You know what?
Bet you with a little bit of effort
l'd make one hell
of a second-story man.
Strictly high-class--
none of that nickel-dime shit.
Believe me, Lester,
you don't want to go to jail.
lt ain't a pretty place.
You'd end up
slitting your fucking wrists.
Yeah, right.
l could handle it.
Yeah, right.
l could handle it.
Fuck, man.
You'd be sucking every fucking
black dick in the joint.
Take your nose candy.
Let's go.
Butch is a grown man.
lt's out of our hands.
lt's like l don't even
recognize him anymore.
- Looks like a goddamn degenerate.
- lt's that damn prison.
l don't think he's ever
going to be normal again.
Cookeleh, how'd everything
get so screwed up?
l mean, what the hell
do they want from me?
Haven't l been a good provider?
Put the drink away, Sol.
Get some sleep.
Tomorrow's another day.
That's what l'm dreading.
l'm going to fix that fucking door.
Jesus. At least l ain't the only one
killing my parents.
Shut the fuck up, Lester.
What the fuck is that, Louis?
This is a little something
l've been working on.
Can stop a tank at 500 yards.
How'd your job go?
What are you talking about now?.
Twenty-five grand...
Frankie Eyelashes...black dicks...
Come on, all right?
Lester, stash this shit
at your house.
They still got Oreos over there?
He wouldn't rat us out, would he?
Louis is a lot of things,
but he ain't no rat.
Come on down from there!
Thought l'd find you here.
How you doing?
You know, l been thinking...
...about that rat-face
Frankie Eyelashes.
You think women find him attractive?
Women find me attractive.
See this? See that?
That's attractive.
Women find that attractive.
l've had chicks
wash their panties on that.
Have you ever looked at him?
Have you ever really looked at him?
That motherfucker wears makeup.
You ever see his eyelashes?
He uses that Maybelline shit.
Why do you think
they call him Frankie Eyelashes?
See, chicks dig me for me,
for Lester.
- You're a real piece of work.
- Come on, give me a shot, will you?
Come on,
you fucking machine.
This machine sucks.
l love you like a brother,
so l'm going to be straight-up with you.
And l don't lie.
l mean l lie, but l ain't
gonna lie to my friend.
You want me to tell you
what your problem is?
You're going to tell me
what my problem is?
All this shit you talk about--
all the pussy you get,
all the chicks you be banging...
lt's all a bunch of bullshit.
Lester, l know you.
l know you, man.
Deep down inside,
you hate women.
This shit's real deep.
lt goes all the way back
to your childhood.
You don't even know it's going on.
What, are you a fucking
proctologist now?.
lt's because of your mother.
When your father died,
who took care of you?
- What has that got to do with anything?
- Just answer the question.
My grandmother.
What's your point?
You're my best friend.
l want to be straight-up for you.
l'm going to be straight-up
and tell you as it is.
Deep down inside,
l think you're a latent homosexual.
l'm a what?
What are you trying to say?
You trying to say that l suck dick?
You don't have to suck dick
to be a queer.
You can honestly tell me that you never
saw another dude and thought about it?
You can honestly tell me that you never
saw another dude and thought about it?
Jesus, Ma, what stinks?
lt's schmaltz and grundel soup--
Butch and your father's favorite.
l thought it was
stuffed derma night tonight.
l'll never understand why you care
so much about that loser.
Louis, don't talk that way.
You know l don't like it.
l'm sorry, Ma.
But things were a lot better around here
when Butchy was in prison.
You know, you yourself said
that the only time
that you and Pop could sleep at night
is when he's locked up.
He's probably out right now
committing multiple heinous crimes.
Louis, shut up.
Okay, all right.
Ma, look at this baby.
Look at it.
Very nice, Louis.
This baby puts out
160,000 volts of pure dynamite!
lt'll knock the stool out of any perpetrator
that trips the wire in the backyard.
What a lovely thought, Louis.
How much are we talking about here?
$63. That's a steal, Ma.
That's an awful lot
of money right now.
l don't know if l could do it.
Right! Right!
No, right!
Butchy's home, right?
That's it. Butchy's home!
Whatever Butchy wants,
Butchy gets.
Fuck me, right?
You have to keep your voice down.
You have to stay calm.
You want me to go back to Lebanon?
l'll go back to Lebanon
and chop up some fucking Arabs
if that's what you want!
ls that what you want?
Louis, let me scrounge around.
l'll see what l can come up with.
Thank you, Ma.
You want me to make you
something special?
No. l think the Putzkys left their cat out.
l'll nosh on that.
Come on.
She told me she's going to find you
and put your head in a toilet bowl.
- What's up, Butch?
- How you doing, Frankie?
He's back in the neighborhood.
You know Lester.
Lester the molester.
What's up, Lester?
Tony, take care of Lester at the bar.
Come on, let's take a walk.
How you doing?
You just got out?
- Heard you had a kid.
- Baby girl.
- What can l get you?
- Sex on the beach.
What happened with Carmine?
- Carmine's doing 12 years.
- Picked up for drugs?
- Watch the fucking hair, will you?
- l'm sorry.
Can you move
some merchandise for me?
- l see you're reformed, huh?
- Yeah, whatever.
Come on, let's go talk.
Lester, l'll meet you in the park.
Vinnie, sit down.
Carlos, could you get the door?
l don't want to be disturbed.
Yeah, this looks like three carats.
Pretty good score here.
We could chop this up.
How much are you looking for?
Twenty-five large.
Wrap it up.
l'll square with you later.
We'll have a drink.
l want to talk to you about that.
l'll give you five grand now.
Tuesday, you come back and get the rest.
What are you doing to yourself?
What have you got a fucking
sock on your head for?
l like you, but with my guys,
you got to do things right.
l ain't saying go out and get a suit,
but take a fucking bath.
You're walking around
like you're still inside.
You got a lot on the ball.
You're underestimating yourself.
You got to dress seriously
if you want people to respect you.
You got to dress seriously
if you want people to respect you.
What do you think, l'm blind?
You keep banging that shit in your arm,
ain't nobody going to take you serious.
What are you doing,
giving him any more?
He's whacked.
Bullet, been a long time, man.
- What's up, Paddy?
- How you doing, bro?
- What youse doing under here?
- Just waiting here for you.
l was going to
see you at the house,
but l'm still scared shitless
of your old man.
- You know Fingers and Big Balls.
- How's it going?
How you doing, Big Balls?
Now, Butch, we got to talk.
Tank, he's on the rampage.
He knows all about that fucking hit
down in the projects.
You're really fucking
with my shit now.
Then these wackos ripped off his
best spot and killed a bunch of people.
Yeah, l know.
What do you mean you know?.
You was there?
Yeah, l was there.
These guys,
they took your bundles?
He's trying to kill you
with a hot package, Bullet.
You understand this?
You should consider yourself lucky.
Fuck him.
l did six months in the hole
when l shanked that nigger's eye out.
Let me tell you something, Paddy.
lf that ape wants a piece of me,
he can find me.
l don't think you understand
what the fuck he's telling you.
Tank was coming after you,
and now you got our shit all fucked up!
- You're out of line.
- Fuck this fucking guy, all right?
Everything was cool
until this crazy Jew came back.
- Get over here!
- What the fuck are you doing?
Sit the fuck down!
Let me tell you something.
When you were still in juvy hall
for ripping off old ladies' pocketbooks,
that fucking crazy Jew over there
was doing an eight-year bid
for something he didn't even do!
What the fuck are you
talking about?
l robbed the old man's liquor store.
All Bullet did was drive the car.
So how come he did eight years
and you're standing here now?.
Because he kept his fucking mouth shut,
just like you should be doing.
Look at you two fucking assholes!
Look at this.
Bullet's right.
Fuck this fucking hamster.
Think about it, Paddy boy.
Now he's got us turning on each other.
l ain't scared of them fucking niggers.
All right.
All right, let's do it, then.
That's right.
Let's set it off.
Put that fucking gun away, will you?
You with the gun all the time.
You all right?
ls this what you want?
You do what you got to do.
All right.
All right.
Come on, Paddy boy.
Fronted me a nickel?
He fronted me a nickel.
What's this ''me'' bullshit?
Fronted us, Lester.
Feel better? Fronted us.
All right.
Now give me my half
because l've got some plans tonight.
l'll give you a yard.
l'm going to save the rest
and make a little investment.
An investment?
Your girlfriend Tank's here.
- Let's get out of here.
- Ruby, come on.
Let's get out of here.
Fucking pussies, man.
You know you fucked up, right?
lt's all right, though.
l ain't gonna kill your ass today.
You think you're nice
with your hands?
Did a little time in the joint,
big badass white boy.
You got something on your mind, Tank,
say what's on your mind.
Why the fuck you wasn't
born black, Bullet?
You got the balls.
You just ain't got the brains.
lt's cool, though.
l like a badass.
l got something
for you, though, Jew boy.
l brought one of my lugs down here,
and he's going to
beat the shit out of you.
He's going to tap that fucking ass,
but he's going to do it real slow
so we can all see the pain
in your fucking heart.
And he ain't gonna stop,
so l'm seeing your punk-ass bleed.
Payback's a motherfucker.
You want your pound of flesh, nigger,
why don't you do it yourself?
How the fuck l'd look rolling around
in the dirt with your cracker ass?
That's why l got my lug here.
You're going to have
your hands plenty full.
Black Jack, l want to see this cracker
on the fucking cement!
Do you understand me?
Do what you do!
Knock this motherfucker out!
l don't want to fight you.
This ain't Montel.
We ain't come here to talk!
lt's too cold for that shit!
Shut the fuck up, Rerun.
Why don't you go break-dance with Raj?
You shut up!
Fuck your mama, man!
Don't say that.
Your mother is going to be sucking
this big old black dick
if you don't get out of my face!
Don't say that.
Fuck you, man!
Fuck you, white boy!
- Give me your fucking jacket.
- Let's go!
l want you to beat
this motherfucker's ass!
Come on, you little pussy!
let me see him go down!
- You're going to get yours now, boy!
- Bullet's going to get his ass kicked.
Punch him
in his fucking mouth, man!
Come on!
Come on, Bullet!
Come on, hit him!
Oh, fuck!
That's right!
Keep your hands in his face.
Come on, man!
Jack his motherfuckin' wig.
- Shut the fuck up, Oprah!
- You shut the fuck up!
Come on, Bullet!
Skip the fucking break dance.
- Hit him!
- No, no! Come on, Bullet!
That's right, baby!
See this? That's right, boy!
Hit the fucking stovepipe!
Come on, Bullet!
Hit him!
Hit him again.
Come on, man!
Hit that motherfucker!
Hit this motherfucker!
Come on! Hit him!
Yeah, you're knocking him out!
Bullet, get up, man.
He broke his fucking hand.
- Fuck!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Shit beat out of him.
- Knock this motherfucker out!
- Take him, Bullet!
- Knock this motherfucker out!
- Let's get the fuck out of here!
- You forgot your fucking nigger, man.
Pudgy, come on!
Fucking punk!
Oh, man.
Men love to hate.
That's what separates us
from the female of the species.
lt's a natural law...
in wild America.
Today already. Come on.
Sorry, you're beat.
Let me ask you guys something.
That guy Jesus, Juan,
whatever his name is?
- $800 he owes us.
- He paid you.
Where's the money?
l don't have the fucking money.
What, are you fucking guys
fucking me, too?
- Did you take your fucking medication?
- No, l didn't take my medication.
- You should take it!
- Bullet took my medication.
Where the fuck is this idiot?
Oh, my God!
What happened to your face?
You have got to stop
destroying yourself.
You know, it wasn't
always like this, Butch.
You were the most
wonderful children in the world.
Wasn't until you all got started
with those goddamn drugs.
Don't you know
how much potential you had?
Ma, l love you.
Don't cry.
l love him, too.
You know, l know things
ain't been easy for you.
Ma, it hurts to see
what happened to us.
l don't hate Louis.
l hate what he turned into.
And l hate myself
because l wasn't there for him.
Could you tell Louis one day
that l love him,
and that l'm sorry about things?
You know, Ma,
l want to see Ruby get the fuck out.
Ruby's special, Ma, you know?.
He's got a strong mind,
and one day,
you're going to be proud of him.
l got to go.
No, we settle.
lf she don't want to take the money,
then offer her more.
What do you mean you can't do that?
You're my fucking lawyer, right?
l got Shadow coming
with more cash.
l want you to fix it.
Can you do that? Can you fix it?
Wait, let me get
a soup bowl...
What are you talking about?
Disturb me while l'm eating?
l hope you got some good news.
Yeah. l got some good news for you.
l got this kind of good news.
Here you go.
There's your good news.
You know...
l hate when motherfuckers be trying
to get involved in my personal shit.
lf you was half as fucking smart
as l thought you was,
you'd be minding
your business right now.
You know what l fucking hate?
When you try and talk to me
like l'm one of your punk-ass niggers.
- You're a jerk-off.
- Yeah, your ass is fucking out.
Let me tell you, we know all about
your little hot-shot package.
Let me tell you, we know all about
your little hot-shot package.
You're fucked this time.
l'll see you around.
You're fucked this time.
l'll see you around.
What are you telling me, boy?
l'm trying to fucking tell you
l ain't gonna be your rat punk!
Get down, baby!
Get down!
Shit! Come on!
When are you animals going to stop?
There are children here!
- Get the fuck out of here.
- No! Don't take my baby!
Come on, motherfuckers!
lf you shoot him,
l'll fucking blow your head off!
Come on! Let's go!
You see this?
Your boys are dead.
High Top is dead.
Look at your boy Dallas.
He's fucking dead, too.
You know who did this?
You did this!
l didn't fucking do this!
Fucking don't, Paddy.
l'll take your fucking other eye out!
l'll open her neck right now.
l'll open her fucking neck right now!
l got him.
Let me take this motherfucker!
How can you do this?
We were fucking friends.
We fucking grew up together,
you motherfucker.
You want a war with me?
You want a fucking war with me?
- You want it?
- Please!
You got it.
You got it.
Don't let this bastard off the hook.
Let me fucking waste him!
That's right.
The children are the future.
Let's get out of here.
Come on!
When you see me again, motherfucker,
there's going to be gunfire.
See those two broads over there?
The one in pink and the other one?
Five bucks l nail both of them.
Watch this.
Come on, man.
Your package arrived, man.
That's right.
All right. Make sure the motherfuckers
don't break out.
They there.
lt's on.
Black Jack...
you and Pudgy go to the front
and flush them out the back.
Come on, Tank, man.
That's cold, man.
You know, me and Hot Top
been boys from day one.
l don't give a fuck about a Bullet.
Fuck a Bullet.
He ain't shit to me!
l don't see why you keep playing
games with this motherfucker.
He done took your eye.
What else you want him to take?
Had a chance to smoke him,
and you let him go.
Pudgy, l don't got time
for this bullshit with you.
Dig, man. l told you,
it's that lrish motherfucker l want.
l told you he was a no-good,
back-stabbing motherfucker!
Let me smoke his ass.
You can tear Paddy
out the frame...
...but Bullet is mine.
You understand that?
Bullet is mine.
Man, that motherfucker
got a destiny.
What destiny?
lt's a black thing, baby.
You wouldn't understand.
Oh, my God.
Why are you painting on the wall?
Because it's tacky.
Thought l'd give it a little class.
Who the hell
is that supposed to be?
Why don't you paint on a canvas
like a normal human being?
Well, l really can't explain it,
but, you know, ever since
l was a little kid, l couldn't help myself.
l used to paint on anything l saw
that l thought needed life.
Even now, l see an open space
and the angles are right,
l'm going to create
something on it.
- l think it's beautiful.
- You're weird.
Personally, l don't give a flying fuck
what anybody thinks about my work.
Well, excuse me for living.
What are you
going to do with that?
l don't know. Why don't we start
by carving my initials in your face?
You don't look
so tough now, cue ball.
Look, boys,
l don't want no trouble.
You should have thought about that
before you pulled that bullshit on us!
Don't hurt him!
- You didn't say this guy was crazy.
- We're out of here.
l'm going to show
you motherfuckers something.
You boys ain't gonna last
on the street.
You'd better take a good,
long look in that mirror,
and you'd better look
deep inside yourself,
and you see what the truth is.
Because once you
get in this game...
...there ain't no turning back.
Now get out of my face.
l love to know that, you know,
a child can see the color blue
at 8:00 in the morning,
and then some lonely old man
will see the same blue
differently at 12 noon.
You see, it's no longer mine.
lt's theirs.
What's your problem, man?
Fuck you!
What the fuck's
wrong with you, buddy?
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Come on!
Come on.
Who's the best-looking
motherfucker in this place?
- You are!
- Who?
- Lester!
- Right, baby.
Bullet, can we go?
Those fucking clowns
are right behind us!
You got a death wish?
Excuse me.
Let's go over the fucking fence.
Come on, Bullet.
Give me your hand.
- Give me your fucking hand!
- No. l ain't going.
Get the fuck out of here.
Take the gun!
Take the fucking gun!
Don't go out like a junkie.
Bullet! You fuck!
Why are you doing this?
Bullet! You fuck!
Why are you doing this?
Go ahead, motherfucker.
Pick it up! Make your move.
Babylonian code of law,
Book of Tank--
eye for an eye, motherfucker.
But you already
knew that, huh, Bullet?
You're a fucking waste.
Could have been a contender.
Save the fucking dialogue.
Pull the trigger, motherfucker.
Ruby, get out of here!
Go home!
Wait a minute.
Let my brother go, man.
- l'll pay you whatever he owes you.
- l don't fucking think so.
You can't pay me back what
this motherfucker owes me.
You motherfucker Tank.
You let my little brother go.
Let me smoke this nigger.
l got to smoke somebody!
Get your fucking hands
off my brother!
You're not in a position
to say who can or who can't go.
One thing for sure--
you on your motherfucking way out.
Tank, just let my brother go, man.
Let my brother go.
Let him go, Pudge.
l can't leave you!
l love you, man.
Go home.
- No. l can't--
- Ruby, go home!
Get the fuck out of here!
Go! Run!
Ain't this fucking sweet?
This brotherly love shit.
Fuck that.
We ain't letting nobody go.
That motherfucker going to
sit here and watch you die.
My business is with you.
l've been waiting for a long time.
Music over, motherfucker.
Don't die.
You fucking motherfuckers.
You fucking motherfuckers.
l love you, mein kind.
Open your pocket.
Your brother wanted you
to have that.
lf there's anything you need,
you call me.
Payback's a motherfucker.