Bullet (2014) Movie Script

What's with the black, man?
Some kind of angel of
death or something?
Let's do some business.
From the looks of it,
I should be doing business
with you more often.
You got me the bread?
You like lasagna?
Alright, come on out of there.
Get your hands
where I can see 'em!
Put your hands where I can
see them. You're under arrest.
Come on. Slow. Come on out.
Out now!
Get on the ground!
Get on the ground.
You! Out now!
Holy shit! You fucking
shot the cops, man!
What are you doing?!
You just shot the cops, man!
Shut up. Get the money.
Get the money. Now!
You fucking shot the cops, man!
Fucking A!
Let's go. Get in the car.
Come here.
Get those two.
Because I got the gun.
That's why.
... Go.
Uh, what are...
Put it down over there.
Set the other one here.
Sit on it.
What the fuck for, man?
It's called a Mexican
Now sit on it, gringo.
Who knew about the buy?
I don't know, man. I thought
maybe they followed you here.
You know, I love assholes
like you. You know why?
NO. Why?
'Cause you make good targets.
What are you trying to do, man?
Why don't you just kill me now?
Sit down!
What are you doing?!
Now, I got two bodies
back at the trailer.
One more ain't gonna
make a difference.
Who knew about the buy?
If I tell you, he's
gonna kill me. Alright?
If I tell you,
he's gonna kill me.
Look, you gotta...
You gotta promise me you're
gonna get me somewhere safe.
Last chance.
One, two...
Ahh! Fuck This!
Fuck it! It was Carlito!
Carlito, man.
Carlito Kane. Fuck this!
See now, that wasn't
so hard, was it?
I didn't do it.
Where you going?
You're so bad.
Dinner's on me if you beat me.
I can think of better ways
to work up a sweat.
Later. But you gotta
catch me first.
Beat you.
Alright. You win.
Hey! Hey!
You're up next.
A thousand? You're playing
for the wrong team, Frank.
Take a dive. Make it easier
on yourself, you know?
You're running
six to one anyway.
Good odds.
Are you having a
good time tonight?
Here comes one
of your favorites.
You know him. You love him.
Make some noise for
the people's champ...
...Jake the Tank!
A real contender.
Make some noise!
Right now, here
comes the challenger.
Now, he looks a little
beat up, but I guarantee
he can still kick
some ass in the cage!
Let's hear it for
Frank "Bullet" Marasco!
I've been waiting a long
time for this, Bullet.
I got a little gift
from San Quentin for you.
Alright guys, I want a fair
and clean fight. Alright?
You know a good dentist, Tank?
That's why.
Get up!
Damn it.
Let's go. It's time.
Next time ain't gonna
be no six to one.
Let's not have a next time.
Don't come back.
I'm reporting outside of the
San Quentin State Prision,
where 40 year old Manuel Kane,
best known for being the only
son of suspected cartel leader
Carlito Kane, is being
prepared for execution.
Kane was convicted and sentenced
to death for the murder of
three Los Angeles
police officers who participated
in a coordinated raid on
one of the cartel's safe houses.
In a few moments, the state
of California will carry out
Manuel Kane's execution
by lethal injection.
Out of the van!
Get out of the truck.
Hey! Hey! Leave her alone!
Governor Johnson, may I
introduce you to Maria?
Governor, I wanted to thank you
so much for your support.
Could you excuse me one minute?
Hi, Jess. How's it going?
What happened?
...What's this?
... It's Jessie.
I'm going to be quick
because time is running out
for all of us.
Order a 72 hour stay of
execution for Manuel Kane now.
Who are you?
I've got no time for questions.
Order a 72 hour stay now.
I've got to have good reasons
to even stay a man's execution.
Hmm... Really?
Oh, God!
Is that
enough of a reason?
Do you think I'm joking?
Is that serious enough for you?
Do it now or your
daughter is next.
Craig, do what he says.
Do what he says.
The State of California
hereby sentences Manuel Kane
to death by lethal injection.
Any last words?
I'll see you in hell.
What the hell?
How'd you like our performance?
I thought it was
pretty good, huh.
It was good.
Hey, don't feel bad.
You just got punked.
Which I think is a little
more pleasant than
what they're going
to do to you in prison.
Yeah, alright. Get your
Oscar speeches ready, boys.
Man, this shit is
freakin' illegal, man.
I want my lawyer now.
Look. I want details, Leroy.
Well, then
you must be crazy.
He'll kill me, you know.
You're out of your mind, man.
Kane will kill me.
Don't you guys know already?
Don't nobody mess with the Kane.
I want my lawyer.
Hey, your lawyer
has been notified.
Now let me tell you something,
okay. And you listen.
And you listen real good,
you worthless piece of shit.
You've got two alternatives.
Number one. You give us Kane.
And we put him
away for a long time.
Number two.
You don't give us Kane.
And we put the word
out you snitched.
Yeah. We put the word
out you snitched.
Gave us his whole pipeline.
And uh...
I'll give you... maybe...
...a week?
Yeah, maybe.
A week? A week?
A week, best, before he
finds you and kills you.
So your best bet...
option number one.
Man, you're bluffing, man.
People saw me come in here.
People know I'm here.
Yeah, you're right.
You're bluffing!
You're right. Only one
way to find out.
We're gonna go get coffee.
You do what you got to do.
Okay, okay, okay, okay-
I didn't mean that.
I didn't mean that.
I-I changed my mind.
I'll give you what you need.
My charge can get reduced,
right, if I do this?
You guys are gonna work
with me. That's what they say.
You're gonna work with me.
You start writing.
We'll see what we can do.
Yes, sir.
Lukas Kruger.
Kane's right-hand man.
Is he talking?
Eh... More like whining.
But he signed it.
How'd you get him to sign this?
You don't want to
know that, Captain.
You're right.
I don't want to know.
But Leroy said that uh...
Kane has something big
going down in the A.M.
So it looks like we'll
be doing an all-nighter.
Works out of a
art studio downtown.
Kruger. I want the
gorilla, not the monkey.
One animal at a time, Captain.
Man, you really had Leroy
snitchin' like a little bitch.
All day, brother.
Detective, I want to see
what my client just signed.
Wait a minute.
What'd you just say?
I said I want to see what
my client just signed.
Wow. Leroy must be doing
pretty well for himself.
Pricey lawyer like you...
Don't fuck with me, Marasco.
You had no business having
him sign an affidavit
without me there.
He signed it on his own.
Look, the affidavit is on file
at the clerk's office.
You want a copy, I'm sure
they'll give it to you.
But as for me...
I'm running late, sweetheart.
Special Agent Daehn.
So what can we do for you,
Special Agent Daehn?
I'm here to talk about
the ongoing investigation
of the Kane cartel.
What, the feds need our help?
Usually us local cops
are in the way.
Well, actually the Attorney
General wants to investigate
new evidence that might lead
to Manuel Kane's innocence.
You took him down, detective.
Do you have any idea what
this evidence could be?
I caught Kane red-handed.
He's guilty as hell.
And the men he killed...
were good cops and friends.
Okay, well, this could just be a
last-ditch legal effort, but...
...we'd still like to review any
files you may have on Kane.
All my files on Kane...
they're all up here. Heh.
And no psych in his right mind
would go in there unarmed.
Okay, well um...
Would you mind if I shadowed
him on the investigation?
I hear you have quite
the reputation, detective.
Look, shadow me all you want.
But when I turn a corner,
my shadow disappears.
And I ain't no
fuckin' babysitter.
So, we're on then at twelve.
Stay in your own lane, Agent.
Special Agent.
Is he always this grumpy?
Grumpy? He was
actually in a good mood.
Well, thank you.
I'd like to speak to
this man privately, please.
You listen to me clearly.
You can tell your father
that if anything
happens to my daughter,
I will personally
escort you both to hell.
I will track you down using
my last penny to the last day.
Like the dogs that you are.
And I don't care if
they have to execute me.
I've accepted my fate.
Have you, Governor?
My daughter... is my
whole world to me.
It's a dangerous man,
whose very meaning for
existence is threatened.
Remember that.
Yes, Governor.
And you remember...
My father and I...
We're the only bloodline
left in this shit world.
You do your part;
we all get what we want.
Soon you'll get the information
you need to release me.
Guards! Get me out of here.
Great art claims
to understand death.
But, y'know...
It's not until you've looked
down the barrel of a gun...
...that you truly understand
the meaning of death.
This country was founded
by thieves and murderers,
religious fanatics...
social misfits.
But you know what those misfits
did, the first chance they got?
They dumped their Bible
and picked up a gun.
This country is built
on the barrel of a gun,
not a fucking constitution.
There shouldn't be stars on
the flag, there should be guns.
We are the poor with guns.
And you stand in our way
and we will fuck you up!
And when you steal from that,
you're not just fucking with me,
you're fucking with
the American dream.
Where is my fucking money?
Death before dishonor.
Now was that bravery...
...or just simply
freakin' stupidity?
As the man said,
where's the money?
Get him on his feet.
Now you crawl back to Finn
and you tell him
he has one week.
We've got cops.
Scheisse. All this freakin'
drama for nothing.
Tarvis, the door!
Too late, obviously.
Drop your weapons!
Lock down the back!
Lock down the back!
Go ahead.
I'll take care of them.
I'll take the back.
Die, you fucker!
Die, fucker!
Drop your weapon!
Oh, really, you little cunt?
Drop your weapon right now!
Put your weapon down now!
Right now!
Put your hands
on top of your head.
Hands on your head!
Don't fucking move!
Yeah, yeah. Fuck.
adieu, auf wiedersehen.
Should've shot him.
I didn't ask to get
bailed out, alright.
I was doing alright
by myself, okay.
Where's the cop?
Shouldn't have gone
against my counsel, Leroy.
I-I didn't go
against your counsel.
I had to call in a favor
from our new friend,
the governor...
...to get your
agreement revoked.
The governor?
Now what?
Get in, shitcake.
A-After you.
Press lobby.
You shoud've kept
your mouth shut.
Welcome, ratte.
Come, come, come.
Alright, take it easy.
I should be getting home.
I had no choice, Mr. Kane.
I swear to God!
This fucking cop,
he tricked me, alright.
He was gonna kill me, Mr. Kane.
Please listen to me.
Lie down.
Lie down.
What for?
Just lie down.
...am gonna need you to
lie very, very, very still.
Open your mouth.
Aw. You're moving, Leroy.
C'mon, hold still.
And did I tell you
to hold still, Leroy?
I heard you but
it-it dropped out.
I did. I told you to
hold still and you didn't.
You ruined my shot, Leroy.
You son of a bitch!
I told you...
...to hold still!
Welcome everyone to
Narcotics Anonymous.
This is a fellowship for us
to help encourage and share
our recovery experience
while supporting one another
and carrying our
message to others.
Let's start with
the Serenity Prayer.
God, grant us the serenity
to accept the things
we cannot change.
Sorry I'm late.
I don't want to hear it.
I asked you for one thing.
I thought you'd care
enough to put work aside.
I know it's important.
I'm really sorry.
We have a
very special birthday tonight
and it's for
someone that we've...
we've watched walk through
the steps this year.
And uh... is a shining example
of how to stay sober
one day at a time.
And that one year chip is
for Vanessa, for her birthday.
And it's going to be
given to her by Frank.
Come on up.
Um... Hi, my name is Vanessa.
I'm an addict.
Hi, Vanessa.
Uh, I don't have
much to say but um...
I really thankful for my
sobriety and... Keep coming back.
It works.
My name is Frank
and I'm an addict.
Hey, Frank.
And... tonight my daughter
is taking the one-year chip.
And I'm really sorry I had to
put her through all the stuff
I put her through.
But I thank my
higher power that
I was here when she
was ready to get clean.
And remember, work the steps,
because the elevator is broken.
So now are we good?
We' re okay.
"Good" might be pushing it.
Hey, look. You're gonna
learn in the meetings
that just because somebody
gets sober and clean,
it doesn't mean
they're not assholes.
I'm a perfect example of that.
Yeah, well, you
are an asshole, but
you're the only
parent I got, so...
And I'm the only
grandparent that Mario's got.
Here, now this is for you.
No, no. Stop it, it's too much.
Don't be silly. Besides, what am
I gonna do, have lap dances?
Don't be silly. I love you.
Thank you.
This is gonna help a lot.
Now me and Mario are
still on for tomorrow?
Yes. Remember, noon.
Not 2:30. Not 1:39. Noon.
Thank you.
Come in.
Hey, hey-
Hey, Dad.
Hi, baby.
What's up, buddy?
Here. For you.
Hi. Hey.
Whoa! A Wikipad.
This so cool!
Wow. Can I see it?
This is really nice... No.
Dad, these gifts.
They have to stop, please.
This is the newest...
The biggest thing
there is right now.
We got a date
with the park, buddy.
Let's go.
Can I bring it?
No, you'll get it
all full of sand.
Thank you.
... Bye, Mom.
I told those boys
you're a policeman,
but they didn't believe me.
Come I show them your badge?
Sure, but don't lose it,
because my boss will fire me.
My god! I think that
woman is being attacked.
...fuck away from me!
Get off of me.
Fuck you! Get off of me! Fuck...
Help! Help! Help me!
Shut up!
Hold it! Hey!
Relax, relax.
Stay right there!
Just listen. Hey!
What the fuck
are you guys doing?
We ain't doing shit, man!
That's our homegirl.
We're just playing around, dog.
Alright? Calm down, homeboy.
Yeah, playing
around you gonna get
your head blown off.
Get the fuck outta here!
Alright, alright. Whoa.
Relax, dog. Shit...
C'mon guys!
The little boy in the blue and
gray shirt, have you seen him?
If you wish to
see your grandson alive,
meet me at the Third Street
bridge tonight. 9 PM.
No cops, just you.
You understand?
Look, whoever you are.
If you hurt that kid,
I will hunt you down
and I will kill you
in the worst way.
Heh, heh. Yeah. You remember.
Third Street bridge. 9 PM.
He was kidnapped.
I was distracted for a minute
and somebody took him.
One day. One lousy day
and this is what happens?
Explain, explain!
Please, please tell me how
you just leave my child.
Wh-What... How... What do you
mean bad guys took him?
What does that...
What does that fuckin' mean?
No, no.
These people, they're
bad people. They'll...
Hello, 911?
Don't you understand?
We can't. We have
to do what they say.
Now I will get him back.
I will get him back.
Thank you.
And thank you, Mr. Yung.
We'll see you next Thursday.
Let's get this...
Excuse me... please.
I heard about your little visit
to San Quentin this morning.
Was that part of
the instructions? No.
There are things a father
can imagine happening
to his daughter that
are worse than death.
And whatever the worst
you can imagine,
I make it happen everyday.
One more mistake...
and the worst happens.
God! How could I be so stupid?
Why do you think
they're doing this?
It's probably because I'm
the governor's daughter.
Your dad is the governor?
M)' grampa is a cop.
Here you go. Dinner's ready.
Get in.
You expecting someone else?
Where's my grandson?
Safe... for now.
But if my son is executed,
your baby boy is gonna join him.
Three years ago, your testimony
put my son in prison.
Your new testimony is
gonna get him released.
What's this?
A legal document.
Where you officially recant your
testimony against Manuel Kane.
Your son murdered three cops.
It's gonna be tough
covering that up.
Hmm... Look closer.
You want me
to say I killed 'em?
You were taking money
from Manuel Kane...
...to turn a blind eye from
some of his business affairs.
When the investigating
officers found out about it
you killed them and
blamed it on him.
A very selfish thing to do.
No one is gonna believe it.
Well for your grandson's sake,
you better hope they do.
And when that gets to the
governor and he pardons my son,
we'll turn Mario
over to his mother.
How do I know
you'll release him?
Trust me.
And thank you, Detective.
Oh. Oh, yes.
Um... There is one more thing.
This is awkward.
We should've told
Detective about this first.
We're going to need you
to sign this as well.
Kruger, here, will help
you with the execution.
"I have made a
terrible mistake. "
What the hell is this?
"I can no longer
live with my guilt. "
This is a suicide
note! Fuck you!
Marasco, I think you're
the one who's fucked.
You have a chance to offer up
your wretched existence
as a sacrifice
for your grandson.
You die. He lives.
That simple.
Gimmie the pen.
What's that they
say about revenge?
It's best served cold...
...like your soon-to-be corpse.
No, I was thinking
about that other one.
How's it go?
An eye for an eye.
You stop it!
You stop it! You turn around!
You go back and get him!
So, you wanna play chicken?
Get out of the car!
Get out of the car!
Show me your hands!
Hey, man. Fuck! I've got
to go to the hospital, man.
Yeah, I'm hurt, man.
I'm hurt, okay?
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
Show me your hands!
F-Fuck you, fucking asshole!
I'll kill you, asshole!
Fuck you.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Let's get out of here.
Hey, long time no see.
Yeah. Hey. Can I
just get my regular?
Just the regular.
Yeah. What you doin' tonight?
Wanna come play with us?
...No, I'm good.
... C'mon!
No, I'm good.
Vanessa, pick up.
Vanessa, I need to talk
to you. It's important.
Call me back.
Vanessa! Oh, shit!
911, I need a R.A. unit.
Yeah, drug overdose.
Yeah. At 2105 Walton Place.
Come on.
Come on, baby.
Yes. Connect me to
the Attorney General.
I know what time is
goddamn it. Just do it.
Let's hurry up. Hurry up.
She's fading on us.
Hurry up, hurry up.
We're losing her.
You need to see this.
It's from the
State Attorney General's office.
This can't be true.
It's a crock of shit.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we just received a direct
order from the governor
to apprehend Detective
Frank Marasco.
What? What the hell for?
There's evidence to indicate
that he was involved
in the murder of
three police officers.
Excuse me, Captain.
All due respect, but that's...
I mean that's bullshit.
There isn't a cop
in this precinct
that wouldn't put their
life in Frank's hands.
And you know it.
Yeah, that's right.
I understand that
this is difficult
for all of us to believe.
But we've got orders
from on high.
So bring Frank in and
let him clear his name.
Go get him. That's an order.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
Querida, if you can hear me...
Mario's alive. I'm gonna make
sure he stays that way.
How'd you know I was here?
I'm good at my job.
The governor
ordered your arrest.
You know that's bullshit.
If you have any explaining,
you can do it at the station.
Don't use white lies on me.
Raise your hands, Detective.
What're you gonna do, shoot me?
Don't move. Let's go to the station.
You're gonna have
to ask yourself...
Do I trust him?
it's not by the book.
It's not in your head,
it's in your gut.
Feel it.
Let's just go back
to the station.
This isn't the wild west.
Let me help you.
You can't.
Stay out of my way.
Bullet, come on.
Alright. Sorry, mister.
Sorry, sorry. Don't...
I know cops go bad
sometimes, but...
...it's bullshit.
Frank's no cop killer.
Yeah, there's no way.
And what the hell do
they even have on him?
Good day, Detective.
Have a seat.
You made my friend,
Kruger, very unhappy.
I didn't sign this last night,
and I'm not signing it now.
So if you came for a killing,
let's get to it.
Heh. We will.
I promised
Kruger here the honors.
It's the life you can save
that'll give you the
impetus to sign.
Hey, hey, there's movement.
You think he slipped in
without us seeing?
One-teen-ninety to
dispatch. Be advised.
Marasco's in his apartment.
We're gonna need backup.
Respond code two.
Tell 'em to come easy.
Let's go.
You know, judging
by your actions last night,
you don't fully appreciate the
danger your grandson is in.
I'm not a nice man, Detective.
You've read my file.
I do horrible things to people.
Men, women, children.
Mario won't be an exception.
Get the kid.
Grampa, help please!
Mario! You be strong.
Go ahead.
Take his fingers off.
One, two...
No! No!
Wait, wait, wait!
Please, please!
Don't let them do this!
Now you listen to me, Detective.
I will take him apart
one piece at a time.
One finger at a time.
You sign it.
Thanks for signing.
Let's just try and see if
we can get him to come out.
We gotta try to
take him in easy.
Okay -
Any last words?
Just two...
"Fuck" and "you"!
Hey Frank.
Estes, Tarvis...
Come on out, man.
We just wanna talk to ya.
Come on out.
We just wanna talk.
Come on out, Frank.
It's Estes, Tarvis...
We just wanna talk.
Hey Frank, it's Tarvis, man.
We know you didn't do anything.
Come out and talk to us.
Whoa, whoa, hey.
What are you doing?
Easy. We told 'em to come easy.
They' re gettin ' away.
Frank, drop your gun.
Frank, drop your gun now!
They're gettin' the fuck away!
Drop your gun... now!
They' re gettin ' a...
Get him.
Get on the ground!
Get on the ground!
They' re gettin ' away!
Get their uniforms.
Governor Johnson.
I've got your confession.
I delivered you
your man to the cops.
Now let my son out.
Listen, the pardon is
still in a process.
It has to go through judicial...
No. Wait, wait, wait, stop.
You don't understand.
I don't want excuses.
You make it happen.
Don't be an asshole
for God's sake!
I'm just a governor.
I want it done just
as fast as you do.
I want my daughter back.
Then you better use all
the influence you have
on those judges.
Because if my son's not
released by noon tomorrow,
your baby girl is
worse than dead.
No, listen.
I just need some time!
We don't...
Goddamn it!
I've got to give
it to him. He's thorough.
Take a look at this.
What is it?
A suicide note.
He wanted to kill Marasco-
make it look like a suicide.
Insurance against
the confession.
Yeah, suicide note...
It's gotta be a stitch up.
I didn't even know
Marasco could write.
Let me tell you something.
I know Frank.
He's no cop killer.
You almost got it?
Almost there.
Just a little closer.
I'm trying
Princesa Durmiente!
Wake up!
Get the kids in the van.
We need to leave now.
I was awake.
Yeah, sure.
We're gonna take
a little journey.
Ah! Ow!
So how long have they had him?
Too long. 1:45 yesterday.
I'm sorry, Frank.
I should've known.
We all should've.
Well... shoot. That ain't
gonna get my grandson back.
We gotta do something.
Looks like the
governor is coming up
with the attorney general.
Kane is getting desperate.
He means what he
says, Mr. Governor.
I fear that if Manuel
Kane is executed,
the same will happen
to your daughter.
I'm betting Mario will be next.
Now, I've gotten
several of these in the last few days.
It doesn't excuse my actions.
Or lack of action.
I take full responsibilty for
the death of four good cops.
And detective...
I believe you have the right...
He's gonna kill her.
You know that, don't you?
I can't let that happen.
We have to do the right thing.
Well, you send in a posse,
you might as well put a gun
to both them kids' heads.
I know... So what do we do?
We don't do anything.
And what I'm gonna do...
you don't want to know.
I won't be needing
that, Captain.
Okay, pretty naked lady.
Where's Kane?
Get the fuck out of here
or I will have your badge.
You know, when people
wake up in the morning,
they see the sunshine.
I wake up, I see the
shit in the streets.
And I gotta clean it up
'cause it's my job.
And I like my job.
Now you're a beautiful
woman, Brook.
But to me you're
a piece of shit...
...that I gotta clean up.
Now, where's Kane?
I don't know.
Where's Kane?
I really don't know, I swear.
Look, we can bob
for apples all night.
But I know you're lying.
Where's Kane?
Where's Kane?
Okay, okay. Okay...
I guess... The safe house
in the desert. Four Aces.
Thank you for your
cooperation, counselor.
Goddamn this shit!
We're in America.
Speak Mexican, bitch.
Speedy, it's Bullet.
Yeah, holmes.
I'll be there in twenty.
I need some presents.
What's up, holmes?
I've got something for you.
I got you, holmes. C'mon.
Bye, ladies.
Bye, Speed)'-
Look here.
If you need me and the
fellas, we got you, homie.
Thank you, brother,
but it's a one-man job.
Help yourself, brother.
Frank, you can't do this alone.
Kane is a very desperate man.
Call me.
Ah, damn it.
Her father's a powerful man.
Let's just see how
far his love extends.
You ought to get some sleep.
Madison isn't answering.
I think we should
change locations.
She knows where we are.
You get the two kids ready.
And then we load up everything.
We could just leave them here.
Goddamn it! I said
get the kids ready.
We're on our way to Mexico.
Ow, ow!
You're hurting. Ow!
What's that?
Pop the trunk.
What the fuck?
What's he doing here?
Get outta there!
Hey boss! We got problems.
No, you got problems.
Look at that.
Shit, it's Bullet.
That a question
or a statement?
Take that as a request.
next card coming. Let's go.
Hey, what the fuck's up
with them eggs, huh?
Fuck, man! Went to the damn
grocery store or what!
Man, you guys can't do
anything for yourselves.
I'm out.
That's it? Heh.
Alright, next card coming, man.
Yo, what's up with
them eggs, huh?!
Do this, do that.
Where the fuck are the eggs?
Hey Sonny, where's the food?
Sonny, you okay?
Jesus Christ.
What the fuck are we paying
these stupid assholes for?
Hey, let's go.
You guys betting again, or what?
Who's riding?
Let's go.
Next card.
I wouldn't do
that if I were you.
It's all good, homie.
I was just doing my
job, man. You feel me?
I'm just doing mine.
Oh yeah?
What you here for, huh?
How much did he pay you
to kidnap my grandson?
That's what this is
about, or what, huh?
I tell you what, man.
First of all, you've
gotta relax, homeboy.
Let me tell you something, man.
We could help you out, but uh...
What's it worth to you?
Four bullets.
Is that right?
One, two, three, four.
Hey, monkey.
Yeah, yeah. I told
you it'd be all right.
Eye for an eye! Turn around!
Arschloch, arrest me.
You have the right to shut up.
Game over.
Heh, heh.
Not as smart as you thought.
Heh, heh.
Frank, I really like you.
You are so German.
Even when you are outnumbered,
you keep on fighting.
Very impressive...
...old man.
Now say your prayers.
Scheisse. Scheisse!
You know how we say
that in Mexican?
Grampa, help! Grampa!
Let my grandson
go and I won't kill you.
Always a funny line, Frank.
It's over. Let him go.
You drop the gun and
I won't shoot the kid.
I'm not leaving here
without my grandson.
I'll tell you what...
Let's make it a real
Mexican standoff, huh?
You might've made
one badass Mexican.
Grampa! Grampa!
Monkey, monkey.
Boy, you were so brave.
Come on.
I knew you
would come, Grampa.
See, I told you
he'd come back for us.
Thank you so much, Mr. Marasco.
I'm so glad you guys are okay.
Let's get you two home.
The state of California
hereby sentences Manuel Kane
to death by lethal injection.
Let the execution begin.
Hey, don't go too far!
I-I love you, Dad.
I love you too, baby.
Hey Mom, check this out!
What is it?
I don't know
but it's so cool.
Check this out, Grandpa.