Bullet for a Badman (1964) Movie Script

Brought him back from town
with me. He used to work
at the Griffin Bank.
Well, that ought to be useful.
Yeah. Helped me do
a layout of the town.
Mm-hmm. Well.
Is this the bank?Uh-huh.
Sheriff's office
on down the street.Over here, huh?
Does this alley
go all the way
out of town?
Well, you did
a good job, Ira.
I feel like
I live there.
After we hit that bank,
they'll be glad you don't, Sam.
- Sam Ward?
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, do we need him
I, uh--
I'll be goin' then.
All right, boys.
Get your horses.
Oh, uh, Ira,
did you find the, uh,
Keliher place?
Yeah. It's up at the head
of Clear Creek.
Oh, seven, eight hour
ride maybe.
You're sure
that Keliher's there?
he's there, all right.Good.
I'll just pay him
a little social visit
when the job's finished.
Meet you back
at the hideout, huh?
Oh, Sam.Yeah?
How long you gonna be?Just long enough
to kill Logan Keliher.
- Have you seen Sammy?
- He's helping me.
I think.
All right.
Here. Let me
give you a hand.
You seem
awfully anxious to help.
We're going to town,
aren't we?
Who said anything about we?
It's a long trip.
I could help you drive.
Well, did you talk
to your mother about it?
She doesn't really care.
But she did say
you couldn't go.
Did she say why?
She thought I'd be
a bother to you.
But I won't be.
I promise I won't.
Well, I tell you what.
You've, uh--
You've been a big help to me
getting ready and everything.
Maybe I'll just have
a little talk with your mother.
Thanks, Dad.
you know, I don't know if
I'm up to making this long drive
all by myself or not, and...
Sammy's offered to go.
Yes, we discussed it before.
He'd be a lot of help.
I thought you'd have
enough to worry about.
Hmm, town's such a treat
for a little kid.
Even Griffin, after living
out here all this time.
Looks like I'm outvoted.
All right, Sammy.
Put your jacket on.
We'll be back
sometime tomorrow.
Hope you don't mind
both your men
being gone overnight.
Somebody has to
hold down the fort.
I hope everything
goes all right in town.
We don't want to move again,
do we, Sammy?
Don't worry. We won't.
What about the money?
How can you raise--I'll manage.
Come on, Dad. Let's go.
Told you he'd be
a lot of help.
Now you be a good boy.
Let's go.
Come on.
Like to do
something for me?Yes, sir?
You take this list
over to Fishman's store
and ask him to fill it.
You wait for me there.All right, Dad.
Sammy.Yes, sir?
- Would you like to have
a licorice stick?
- Sure would!
Tell me Mr. Fishman
I said it'd be all right.
Sorry, mister.
Farmer's in town.
It's not even
Saturday night.
I'm looking for Goldie.Oh. She's upstairs.
Oh, hello, Keliher.
Ain't seen you in town
in some time.
Hello, Diggs.
Well, now that you're here,
maybe you'd like to have
a drink with me.
Are you buying?Oh. Well, no.
Well, I was kind of
hoping you would.
I'm sorry, old-timer.
I'm afraid farming hasn't
been much more profitable
than buffalo hunting.
Them two bumming
each other for drinks,
it's a good way
for both of 'em
to stay sober, eh, Pink?
Come on, farmer.
I'll buy you a drink.
Set 'em up.
There you are, Diggs..
You can have mine.
I'm not too proud.
Jeff said he wanted
to buy youa drink.
I didn't refuse him.Then drink it.
Pull in your horns, Pink.
Logan's drinking with me.
You will join me?
Well, as long as
you saved my hide, Goldie.
Pink doesn't know you
as well as I do.
He's the best gunhand
in Griffin, so I hire him.
It doesn't mean
I like him.
Kind of a pushy kid with him.
Jeff? When Pink's cold,
Jeff sneezes.
He'll learn better,
if he lives long enough.
You've been mighty scarce
since you moved here
to Griffin.
Farm keeps a man busy.
Somehow that just doesn't
seem your style.
You've changed a lot
since the old days
down on the border.
Look different without
that .45 strapped to you.
I have to admit
I miss it now and then.
Got everybody
around here fooled.
Remember the last time
we had a drink together?
Del Rio.
You were with
the Texas Rangers then.
I thought you'd
come in to shut me down.
No, no.
I had other fish
to fry that night.
Another one?
This is not exactly
a social call, Goldie.
I'm flat broke.
I owe the bank $500
on that place of mine.
That's a lot of money,
I know that.
That's why I came to you.
Well, I don't carry
that much money with me.
It wouldn't--
Goldie, just tell me.
Yes or no?
You wouldn't say it,
would you?
Say what?
I haven't forgotten, Logan.
You did me a good turn once,
but you'd never mention it
when you're in trouble.
I expect to get this back.
I expect you will.
You're too late, mister.
The bank's closed.
I know they're closed,
but they're still in there.
We're closed!
Come back tomorrow.
I told ya. Them bankers
sure got it soft,
ain't they?
Most of us
have got to work till dark.
Idiot.Somebody looked
in the window.
- All right. Get goin'.
- Sheriff! Sheriff Moore!
Let them draw 'em off.
They're robbin' the bank!
Help! They're robbin' the bank!
Who wants to
ride in the posse?[ Chattering ]
Logan, is that you?
Where is he?
He's not here.
Let me take a good look
at you, Susan, girl.
It's been a long time,
hasn't it?
You haven't changed a bit.
You look even better
than ever.
- You're wounded.
- Oh, it's nothing.
Don't worry about it.
Let me bandage it for you.
Well, all right.
You always were
a good nurse, Susan.
A good wife too,
for that matter.
Our boy, uh--
Our son-- he's with Logan?
Six years.
I guess he's not
a baby anymore, is he?
No, he's a big boy now.[ Chuckles ]
I was hopin' to see him.
Sam, he doesn't know
you're his father.
Well, he will,
soon enough.
Try to understand, Sam.
Everything's different now.
Nothing's different, Susan.
Not with me.
So Logan left you
all alone, huh?
Well, he, uh--
He ought to know
better than that.
A beautiful woman like you
shouldn't be all by herself
like that. It's not safe.
I mean, that's how
I lost you, remember?
You can't really believe that.
Well, it's true, isn't it?
A little sweet talk
from Logan when my back
was turned,
and, well, you just got
a little mixed up, honey.
Sam, you went away
to prison-- for life.
You knew they weren't
gonna keep me there.
Couple years
and I'd had enough.
Came out looking for my wife.
Sam, I'm not your wife.
You knew
about the divorce.
Well, now,
we won't worry about that.
Look. I understand, honey.
This-This thing
with Logan was just a--
well, a handy way out...
for you while I was gone.
Logan had nothing
to do with it.[ Sighs ]
Sam, our marriage was through
when you first started
making your way with a gun.
Logan took you
when I was behind bars.
When I couldn't fight for you.
Well, I'm out now,
and I'm taking you back.
It's finished between us.
Is it, Susan?
Let's see if it is.
Logan's got a stronger
hold on you than I figured.
Too bad we don't have
more time.
There'll never be time.
Not for us.
You'll come around, Susan,
when Logan's dead.
I'll be back.
You can count on that, honey.
- He was here.
- Yes.
We drove all night.
I'll put him to bed.
He came here to kill you.
Somehow I never
really believed he'd try.
He said he'd be back.
We've got to move, Logan.
We've got to go someplace
where he'll never find us.
No use running.
I just paid the bank.
We can't stay here now.
He's coming back
to kill you...
and to take Sammy.
He found us here.
He'll find us anywhere.
Best chance
is to see he's caught
and sent back to prison.
Can't they get him
without you?
Who knows him
as well as I do?
I was praying
you'd never have to
use that gun again.
I know.
I hope you don't
have to kill him.
That's the last thing
I want to do.
Don't take any chances.
I don't want you
to kill him,
but if it has to be
you or him--
if it comes to that--
I want you to come back.
Oh, I want you to come back.
You fellas shoot,
then ask questions later, huh?
We was certain
you was Ward.
Well, I'm sorry
to disappoint you.
Say, I've had enough
of this anyway.
Let's head back for town.
What's the matter, Leach?
Beginning to wish
you were back at the saloon,
throwing out drunks?
You better lay off.
You must be part of
Sheriff Moore's
handpicked posse.
Yeah, we are,
but what are you doing
out here all alone?
Where's the rest
of the posse, Tucker?
We lost the trail.
The sheriff split us up
into bunches to cut sign.
This tracking's
supposed to be your long suit,
isn't it, Diggs?
I've tracked a sight of 'em,
but this fella Ward
is might tricky.
Did you know it was Sam Ward
we was after?
Yeah, I knew.
I'd like to come up
against him.
Maybe you'll get a chance.
Keliher, you never did say
what you was doing
way out here.
I was trailing Sam Ward.
- That ain't Ward's horse.
- Nope.
I'm ridin' Ward's horse.
He stole mine.
Funny thing he just happened
to stop by your place.
It isn't funny to me.
That's a good way
to get a bullet
in you, Lottie.
Something went wrong.
Well, not altogether.
What happened
to the others?
They won't be back.
My man, Ira--
What about him?
He got killed
in the getaway.
I want his share
of that money.
You sure do come right to
the point, don't you, baby, huh?
Well? How about it?
About what?About the money.
I want Ira's share.
It's mine now.
Well, you might be
selling out too cheap,
Lottie, girl.
You got something else
in mind?
Ah, maybe.
Just how much did you get?
Enough for you and me...
to blow the town of El Paso
wide open.
El Paso?
El Paso.
Yeah, I think
I'd like that just fine.
Won't take me
any time to get ready.
No, no, no.
Hold on. Hold on there.
Let's, uh--
Let's spend a couple of days
gettin' acquainted, hmm?
Yeah, you're not
a bad looking woman, Lottie.
Doll you up
a little bit there, why,
you could hold your own
with most any company.
Oh, I bet you know
how to spend money, Sam.
Well, now, I'll tell ya.
I never been able
to save any.
You know somethin'?
Ira told me I was gonna
like you when he talked me
into comin' up here.
Was he right?Mm-hmm.
Well, you didn't grieve
very long, did ya?[ Chuckles ]
About as long
as he would have
grieved for me.
Yeah, I like that.
You know,
a man will always know where
he stands with you, Lottie.
Couldn't trail a herd
of buffaloes through
this kind of goin'.
You think there's any point
in lookin' further?
As long as we've gone this far.
I say we're
wastin' our time.
Let's turn back.
How about
you and Jeff,
Well, town would look
pretty good to me
right about now.
Me too. I've had a bellyful
of this ridin' blind.
I'm afraid I'll have to agree.
We might as well call it quits.
you know this country
real well, don't ya?
Better than most.
All right.
Let's say you're
an outlaw on the run.
Where's the one place
you wouldn't go from here?
Right up there.
- Why not?
- 'Cause nothing there
but rocks and rattlesnakes.
Unless maybe you want to count
them murderin' Apaches.
They hole up back in there
after a raid.
Sounds like just the kind of
a place Ward would pick.
That'd be just
a wild goose chase.
Then why don't you go back?
'Cause you're too anxious.
Think I'll just string along,
just in case.
I wish they had gone back.
If they'd have left,
there'd have been
fewer of us to split the money.
Let's worry about the reward
after we catch him.
I wasn't thinkin'
about the reward.
I think I'll wear my hair
piled high. Mm-hmm.
Maybe an ostrich plume.
And a red satin dress.
Oh, yeah. I look good in red.
Do you like red, Sam, hmm?
Oh, you'll be
proud of me.
Red satin, hair up
and silk.
Nothing but silk
next to my body.
Oh, I love
the feel of silk.Yeah, so do I.
- Hold it, Sam.
Ah, you took me
by surprise, Logan.
I didn't have that much luck
when I came lookin' for you.
About the unluckiest thing
you ever did.
Now stay over there.
It's all right, Lottie.
It's me he wants.
I'll make a deal
with you, Logan.
You're not exactly in
a position to make a deal.Give me my gun.
We'll settle this between us
right here and now.
- No.
- You owe me that much.
I don't owe you
anything, Sam.
Give me my gun!
Look. One of us will
walk out of here,
and that'll be the end of it.
That'd be easy for you.
You don't have anything to lose.
I do.
Turn around.
Lean your head
against the wall.
Let's see 'em.
What about me?
For now you might stir up
a pot of coffee.
Look. I didn't do anything.
I was just waiting here
for them to come back.
- Now that's no crime.
- We'll let the law decide that.
Watch that arm.
I took a slug in it.
I know. I put it there.You were in Griffin?
I wish I had seen you.
I saw you plain enough,
after my first bullet
dropped ya. Now sit down.
Why didn't you
shoot me again?
Ah, you felt guilty.
Sure. You felt guilty
about stealing
my wife and kid.
We were friends once, Sam.
It's not easy
to shoot an old friend.
That's a long way back, Logan,
and I've got one
big advantage over you.
You won't kill me
unless you have to.
I won't hesitate one second
about killing you.
So you got him
all by yourself.Good going, Keliher.
A man can't have
no privacy anywhere.
Hey, Pink.
Look what we got here.
Turn around, honey.
Let's have a look at ya.
I said turn around.
Ah. Say,
you're a looker, huh?
You can keep my share
of the reward, fellas.
I'll take this instead.
Take your hands off of me!
Leave her alone.
- What's it to you?
- I said leave her alone.
You giving the orders
from now on, Keliher?
I'm giving the orders.
How come?
After all,
he took Ward.
Yeah, that's right. He did.
All right, Jeff.
Leave her alone.
Did you find the money?
I didn't even look for it.
Figured I have
plenty of help.
Well, you found Ward
easy enough.
I'll make him tell
where it is.
You'llmake me tell?
You won't get it
out of him like that.
I'll bet she knows
where it's hid.
- No.
- She knows, all right.
Just give me
a minute with her.
What's the matter
with you fellas anyway,
talking about torturing people?
The money can't be
that hard to find.
Well, it ain't back there.
Maybe he hid it outside.
Let's start looking for it then.
Hey, old-timer. Come here.
You better protect
your interest, huh?
They're sure anxious
about that bank money.
Yeah. Too anxious.
I'm sure glad
you're along, Tucker.
I'll do what I can.
Have you got enough
to feed this bunch?
Well, start fixing.
I have to get wood.
Go ahead.
You're wasting
time, Sam.
Oh, I'm in no hurry.
My chances are looking better
by the minute.
I'd say your chances
are mighty slim, unless
you say where that money is.
You want them
to beat it out of you?
I'm not worried, Logan.
As long as I got you here
to protect me...
from those honest citizens.
No! No! N--
It's in the fireplace.
The fireplace!
I said I could
make her talk.
I see you found it.Uh, he almost got away.
How much did you get?I don't know yet.
Come on.
We'll give you a hand with it.
I was hoping that fight
out there would have lasted
a little longer.
So I noticed.That's a sweet bunch
you got there.
I didn't pick them.Well, maybe
you should have, boy.
More than 20,000!
I don't think I've ever seen
that much in one pile before.
This would buy
a high old time
back in Griffin.
Boys. Boys.
There's no reason
you shouldn't
keep that money.
Why, sure.
Let me go,
and nobody back in Griffin
ever need know that
you found me or the money.
That's kind of
an interesting thought.
Yeah, it's worth considerin',
all right.
There's only one thing
wrong with it.
We can't trust you.
Now if you were dead,
we'd be home free.
We could tell them back
in Griffin that we had
to kill Ward...
and that we couldn't
find the money.
What about her?
She'd tell the whole thing.
We'll get rid of her too.
Hold on. Killin' Ward's
one thing. I ain't for
murderin' no woman.
You don't have to do it.
I'll take care of it.
I killed many
a squaw Indian fightin'.
'Tain't no different.
That money's
going back to Griffin.
These two are going with it.
I don't think you can stop us.
We've got Diggs.
Now Jeff here is a little
squeamish. But when it comes
right down to it, he'll back me.
You might have Tucker
on your side.
Of course
I stand behind Keliher.
That's cold-blooded murder
you're talkin' about.
Well, I kind of figured
you'd see it that way.
Leach, I don't imagine
you're quite so high-minded.
I sure ain't.
You like the odds?
We got callers.
Most likely scouts
for a raiding party.
We make a mighty tempting
target down here.
Let's get 'em
before they get away.No.
You shoot and there'll be
a war party down here
in no time.
We can't just wait
till they hit.
Afraid you're right.
They'd turn this place
into a graveyard.
I think we better just act
like we don't know
they're out there.
Till after dark,
then try to slip away.
Do you think
he's right about that
Apache war party?
When you go, leave me here.
I'd as soon take my chances
with those Apaches
as with this bunch.
Not a very good bet
either way, Sam.
Tie my hands
in front here, will you?
I can ride a lot better.
Yeah, and you can grab
a gun a lot better too,
couldn't you?
Why, Logan, you know me
better than that.
I'll take
my own horse back.
Well, I thought
it was a fair trade.
I didn't.
Leach, give him a hand.
Stick with me.
I'll look out for you.
Over against that ledge. Quick.
Come on, giddyap!
What did you see?Nothing.
The best thing
you could've seen.
They're probably hittin'
the cabin about now.
I wouldn't have given
a plugged nickel for
our chances last night.
How much you think they'll
be worth after them Indians
find out they've been tricked?
I'm plumb wore out.
When're you figurin'
on stoppin'?
Well, not here.That girl needs some rest.
Those Apaches catch up
with us, she'll get
a good long rest.
This will have to do.
That, uh, Keliher,
he, uh, sure pushes hard,
doesn't he?
Yeah. Too hard.
You want me to help you
find a place to bed down?No, thanks. I'll, uh--
All right.
All right, Sam.
Bail off.
You better
post a lookout.
I know them Apaches.
They ain't give up.
I'll take the first watch.
Whoever's on guard
keeps an eye on Ward.
You and Ward
seem uncommon friendly.
In case you get any ideas,
remember, I sleep lighter
than a night owl.
Stay awake all night
if you want to.
Tie these horses off.
No, no, no. Not now.
I'll come to you.
You got a strange
sense of humor, Sam.
But then
you always did have.
No, no.
I was just remembering
that night on the Concho...
when we were
in the Rangers together--
You remember that night?
Yeah, I remember it.[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, it was
Comanche country.
Just the two of us
on guard that night.
All those shadows out there.
Yeah, we were a little edgy.
Oh, Captain Roberts he-he
said, uh-- he said, uh,
"The Comanches never,
never strike at night."
Yeah, well, just when we were
getting a little comfort
from that thought,
those Comanches hit us.
Boy, they came hollerin' and
yellin' in out of the night.
Scared us half to death.
Yeah, we had quite a fight
on our hands that night.
Oh, Logan, Logan.
In those days, I thought
more of you than anybody
in the whole world.
I would have put my life
in your hands.
Matter of fact, I did.
Well, it just goes
to show you how wrong
you can be about people.
First time I get in a little
trouble, first time I get
on the wrong side of the law,
you turn against me.
Well, I haven't trusted
anybody since.
I didn't turn on you, Sam.
I even quit the Rangers so I
wouldn't have to go after you.
You quit the Rangers
so you could go after
my wife and kid.
That's not true.
Sam, you left that girl
broke and homeless
with a baby to raise.
Well, that don't give you
no license to go out,
uh, uh, stealin' 'em.
We didn't even think about
gettin' married at first.
I... felt a responsibility
because you were my friend.
A responsibility I don't
think you ever felt.
Logan, everything that
I ever did I did for them
and their sake.
Shootin' a man
and goin' to prison for life...
is not exactly the right way
to raise a family.
Well, I didn't mean
to shoot that man.
I mean,
not the first one anyway.
And then,
after I-I broke out,
well, I had no choice
but to go on makin' it
with my gun.
You didn't have to
come looking for me.
Oh, yes, I did, Logan.
That's the one thing
I did have to do.
There's something you
better get straight, Sam.
Susan's my wife now,
and I love her.
And Sammy's my son,
not yours.
Mm-hmm.He was only a baby
when you left.
All these years, he's had
my love and I've had his.
It's not enough just
to plant the seed, Sam.
The real father is the man
who gives his whole life
to a child.
I'm the father.
Sammy's my flesh
and he's my blood.
And I'm gonna kill you
for takin' him away from me.
No, no, not here.
Over there where
they can't see us.
Come on.
Hyah! Hyah! Giddyap!
All right,
let's get ready to ride.
Now Ward jumpin' you like
that kinda sets my mind at ease
about a couple of things.
Well, now you know.
Is this yours?
You tricked me,
you dirty little--No, I didn't!
Let me got! Oh!
You were supposed to be
guarding him.
Stop crowdin' me
or I'll make you wish you--
Turned west here.
He's headin' right back
the way he came.
Not anymore.
Hi, boys!
You must be gettin' to
like that horse of mine, Sam.
Nice of you to bring him
back this time.
Yeah, well, I figured
you'd appreciate that.
Brought back a mess
of Apaches to boot.
Thought you preferred
those Indians to us.
No, I changed my mind.
There's a place to
stand 'em off up ahead.
The rifle, Sam.
What's the matter, boy?
Don't you like the way
I shoot Apaches?
You shoot Apaches fine.
We did it!
We whipped 'em!
You don't know much
about Indians, do ya?Think they'll be back?
They'll be back, all right.
It's just a matter of
when and how.
Keep an eye on him.
Why don't we try
and get out of here
while we got the chance?
Yeah, sure. Those Apaches
would like that just fine.
I'll take my chances
right here.
Everything all right
back here?
Yeah, I guess so.
Are they gone?For now.
Look, I can use a gun
if I have to.
We may need you.
Do we have much chance?
We'll give 'em a fight.
I guess you're safe enough here.
I'm sorry about the knife.
That was last night.
I didn't know Sam was
gonna try to kill you.
You don't know Sam
very well, do you?
I do now.
He's just like
all other men.
Using me.
He sure made it
sound good, though.
Promised he'd
take me to El Paso,
dress me in silk,
stay at the best hotel.
Oh, yeah,
we had a lot of fine plans.
Now, if I even get
out of this alive,
probably wind up
going to prison.
Maybe not.
No one needs to know
about that knife.
Thanks, Logan.
You know, I've always
thought that all men
were the same.
But if I get
out of this alive
and get another chance,
I--[ Gunshot ]
Diggs, stay there!
Watch that ledge.
I'll try to draw him out.
I-I feel, uh-- I feel
sort of naked without my gun.
It won't take long
to dress you when
those Apaches hit.
You know, Logan,
I get the feelin'
that you don't trust me.
Should I?
We ought to get outta here
while we still got the time.
Well, we ought to!
We won't stand a chance in here
when they come back!
How much of a chance
you think we'll stand
out there?
Leach gettin'
a little edgy?
Man ought to learn to
face death without whimperin'.
Maybe it's the waitin'
that's gettin' to him.
Well, that's the hard part,
all right.
But when they do come,
then a man's really alive.
Diggs, you know,
I get the feeling
you kinda like this.
'Tain't that so much.
But life sort of passed us by.
Now fightin' Indians, well,
that makes us of some use again.
It's good to know
that old gun's on my side.
Well, you're not
a bad fella, Keliher.
The way they come nowadays,
Just a mite of education...
would straighten you right out.
Nobody's gun is ever on
anybody's side out of plain
kindness of heart.
A man's nature is too pure
cursed for that.
I can't give you an argument
about that just now.
The way I see it, everybody's
out after everybody else's hide,
one way or another.
Who are you lookin'
to skin out, Diggs?
unless he stands in my way.
Sort of what I figured.
Now, about that bank money.
Hey, Diggs, I'm glad
you brought that up.
You know, it's funny.
I'd all most forgotten
about the money.
You know, you didn't have
quite the right attitude...
when we talked about it
back at the cabin.
But then, your objection's
been taken care of.
Tucker, of course,
he was against killing Ward.
He won't care now.
Hey, Leach. You haven't
changed your mind, have you?
That's it, then.
We'll shoot Ward
and split the money.
Let's see.
There's five of us left.
Comes to $4,000 apiece.
Aren't you hurryin'
things a little bit?
Keliher hasn't agreed
to come in with us.
Oh, he'll come along with it,
won't you, Keliher?
There's four of us
against you.
You're damned if you do
and damned if you don't.
All right.
$4,000 looks pretty big
to me right now.
But we better hang onto Ward
for a while longer.
Came in handy this morning.
Oh, we'll leave him here
with them. He'd just be
dead weight for us.
Not if we run into
those Apaches again.
He's right.
We'll keep Ward until
we get out of Indian country.
So now the Indians
are savin' my life, huh?
In front.
All right, get down.
Without the rifle.
Carrying the two of us,
this horse will never make it
in to Griffin.
Griffin? We'd be
better off if we headed
in the opposite direction.
With that old fox Diggs
on our trail, it doesn't matter
which direction we hit.
If we make it to Griffin,
we'll be safe.
Safe, huh?
Well, that don't exactly
fit into my plans.
You know, Logan, you're such
a good friend, aren't you,
that you're gonna save me
for a hangin', hmm?
You made your own bed, Sam.
Well, what are you gonna do?
Lynch me?
Nope. Unless
you try to get away.
I'm gonna let you
lynch yourself.
Now move out.
Go on!
Hold up, Sam.
You ought to be played out
enough by now.
The rope's sawin' my head off.
Turn around.
Well, it looks like
we're on the same side again.
First things first,
for both of us.
We'll never be able to
stand them off here.
Work higher.
I was gonna kill ya.
You make up your mind
to do something,
you sure are bullheaded.
How bad is it?
Probably live to get
another chance at me.
I'll get the horse.
Leave me here!
You'll be takin'
a corpse back.
You can make it
as far as my place.
I'll fix up the wagon
and take you in from there.
Talk about bein' bullheaded.
I've got Sam out there.
He's alive?Just barely.
I didn't shoot him.
Dad! Dad!
Come here.
Come on, boy.
Sam might tell him.
Let me take
a look at you, son.
You don't know me,
do you, son?
Are you the man Dad
was after, Sam Ward?
My name is Sam too.
I know.
Is it true
you killed 20 men?
A kid in town said so.
How many, then?
Too many.
You bad hurt, mister?
Yeah, I'm bad hurt,
all right?
Could I help ya?
Could you get me
some water?
Thank you, Sam.
He's hurt, Dad.
Yeah, I know.
Fix a bed in the wagon.
Sammy, you help your mother.
You ready to travel?
Come on.I'll do it.
You're doin'
a good job, Logan,
with my--
uh... with your son.
With our son.