Bullet Train Down (2022) Movie Script

[dramatic music playing]
Hey, Caruso.
What? I'm already clocked out.
Leavin' a bit early, are we?
Bite me, Johnston.
Why don't you
just worry about yourself?
If you forget to clock out
on time,
the boss
is going to chew your ass out.
How else am I supposed to get
that sweet, sweet overtime?
Yeah, yeah.
I'll see you tomorrow.
-Big day and all.
'Night, Caruso.
Hey, Caruso?
What the hell?
Where did this come from?
[grunts and groans]
[beeps; unlocks]
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you so much
for joining us
on today's inaugural ride
on the N800A Tiburon.
-MAN: What?
-WOMAN: Get off your phone.
-You're on it all day.
I can't help it.
You see any Wi-Fi this strong...
Thank you so much
for joining us
on today's inaugural ride
on the N800A Tiburon.
We are now boarding
all passengers.
[indistinct chatter]
You have only,
like, a hundred followers.
It doesn't even matter.
Look how much my portfolio
is worth. You see this?
-Are you sure this is right?
-Oh, my God.
-Are you just saying that?
Dude, everybody's
going the same way.
Why do you have to make
everything so difficult?
I'm looking forward
to being on a bullet train
for the first time.
I don't want to miss
the inaugural ride.
-Our trips to mom...
That's Jack Banta.
[indistinct chatter]
The guy in the suit?
Mm-hmm. I'm gonna get a photo.
No. Come on,
it's almost final boarding.
Only take a second, okay?
I don't want to miss
the train, either.
[girl laughs]
-I swear to God.
Sorry, that's far enough, guys.
Oh, you-you work for him--
Jack Banta?
Me and about a hundred thousand
other people, buddy.
Least he didn't spend it all
on a megayacht.
Say megayacht.
Nice. Got to post that.
Thank you for tuning in.
This is Joyce speaking.
And I'm with
the legendary Jack Banta.
Jack, today
is such a special day.
Tell us
how all of this happened.
So, levitation,
or more precisely,
electrodynamic suspension,
is possible
with electromagnets.
Now, those are coils
of superconductive wire
that are cooled
to cryogenic temperatures.
And that repels
the passive field of the rail.
-Final boarding
for the N800A Tiburon
northbound of San Francisco.
-All passengers...
-Hey, I told you. Come on.
And repel...
-We'll be fine.
- ...rail.
Absolutely fascinating, Jack.
I want to hear more.
It is fascinating,
but it gets better.
This is more reliable
than traditional rail.
Less friction.
Less maintenance and crew
to keep it running.
And a lot more automation.
But those are just bonuses.
What we're really doing
is using the latest technology
to better the lives
of regular people,
and they have more time
to decompress
without the stress of driving.
Isn't that right, Lou?
-Right, right, right.
-Hmm, right.
-So there you have it.
Good morning.
Dude, get off your phone.
I'm just telling you.
You see how many people...
-Good morning, ma'am.
I want the aisle.
-You're so annoying.
You're so stupid.
-How are you, sir?
-Thanks for joining us.
[fastens seatbelt]
-I guess this is me.
WOMAN: Thank you for choosing
Pacific High Speed Rail,
your safe
and hassle-free travel partner.
The train
will be departing shortly.
[indistinct chatter]
You know Stephen Crane
was only 24 years old
when he wrote that book?
-What's that?
-I didn't mean to bother you.
I was just saying...
you're reading a classic.
Oh, yeah.
-I teach high school.
I like to refresh my memory
every year.
I don't want to forget anything.
Oh, good for you. Yeah.
They say the human brain
forgets about 80%.
That's why I prefer
to work in digital storage.
Oh, so you're a computer guy.
Yeah. I work at a tech start-up
in Alameda.
-Ha ha ha ha ha.
Okay, tag me in that one.
I won't. I'm not. Yeah.
[overlapping chatter]
Cloud computing. It's boring.
It's got nothing to do
with trains, per se.
-But this is historic, isn't it?
-Yeah, it's cool.
As soon as they
made these seats available,
I just knew I had to be
one of the first
hundred and 40 onboard.
This is a monumental day
in the history
of transportation.
I mean, I'm sure
you're excited, right?
Oh, yeah.
I get to tell my students
I was on the first
bullet train in America.
Moving forward,
it's gonna be nice
to get on a train,
read a book for a couple hours,
and hop off in San Francisco.
Oh, man, I wish I could
just read for a living.
There's a little bit more to it
than that.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean,
like, that's all that you do,
-of course.
-That's okay. Yeah.
It's all good.
I'm Kessler, by the way.
-Frank. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you, too.
Yeah. Enjoy your ride.
You too. Yeah.
Our doors are closing.
As you know, they told me
it couldn't be done.
And as always,
I proved them wrong.
It's a great day
for California,
-and hopefully for the nation.
The N800A Tiburon
northbound to San Francisco
is now departing the station.
Estimated time of travel
is 95 minutes.
Well, we better get going.
Be sure to lead with the fact
that this is
going to transform society
and improve
people's lives, yes?
You got it. If there's
anything else you need,
anything you'd like to cover,
please call me.
-All right. You ready?
-Let's go.
-Thank you again.
My pleasure. Enjoy the ride.
Thank you.
-Hello, Mr. Banta.
-Nice to see you again, Lou.
-Good morning, Holly.
It's good to have you
as our engineer
on the inaugural ride, Holly.
Jack, let's get a photo of you
with engineer for social.
Good idea.
Make the caption
"Great Day
For The Future Of America."
[beep; train powers up]
N800A Tiburon to Control,
do you read me?
Loud and clear, Tiburon. We're
seeing an issue with the hatch
the underside of the train
in your compartment 1A.
Can you have a look? Over.
-Checking it now.
Confirm status.
Affirmative. Issue resolved.
All systems operational.
What was the problem?
As you said,
the hatch was not closed.
Interesting. Our records
show the hatch was closed
during last night's inspection.
Could an inspector
have left the hatch undone?
I suspect it broke open
with the pressure change
as I entered the car
this morning.
Okay. Well, I'll check in
with our inspectors.
You are all cleared.
Clearance to depart
as scheduled.
WOMAN: The train is departing.
Please keep clear of the doors.
Thank you for choosing
Pacific High Speed Rail,
your safe and hassle-free
travel partner.
The N800A Tiburon
northbound to San Francisco
is now departing the station.
Estimated time of travel
is 95 minutes.
[overlapping chatter]
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Jack Banta.
I'd like to personally
thank you for joining us
on the inaugural ride.
This technology
is California's future.
And that future starts today.
That was great.
Thank you.
Whoa-ho-ho. Triple digits.
That's nothing. I read it goes
up to, like, 300 miles an hour.
Ho ho. Three hundo, baby.
Let's go. Ha ha ha.
[clears throat]
Hey, you okay?
-Lookin' kind of pale.
I've got an open
bottle of water, if you need it.
No, no, no, no. It's fine.
It's just, uh...
I didn't expect the speed
to affect me this way.
You sure? You look really sick.
No. Thank you, though.
[clears throat]
Hey, you...
really sweating, man. I--
You know what?
Excuse me for a second.
"One ninety-five."
Two hundred. Oh, my God.
-It's so smooth.
You can't even feel it.
Joyce Nowak, L.A. Times.
Can I take a photo?
-It's for an article.
Of course.
-Perfect. Thank you.
Thank you.
Sir, departure scan.
New train, same regulations.
-So cool.
We're gettin' good feedback
about the Tiburon.
-Trendin' on Twitter.
Not number one? Let me see.
If we had a better caption...
Caption is fine.
Pocket square
might be the problem.
[cell phone rings]
-Ignore it.
-It's probably
just another reporter, right?
I'll do another interview.
Why not?
I can talk about
super-conducting magnets
all day.
-[distorted] Jack Banta.
-Congratulations, sir.
Two hundred and 50 tons,
24,000 horsepower.
Full speed
in under three minutes.
It's all very impressive.
How did you do it?
-Thank you. I--
-You made it all look easy.
May I ask who I'm talking to?
This connection's not very good.
I can't quite
make out your voice.
And all things considered,
it's a shame.
-What is?
-The bomb.
[hangs up]
What was that?
Some joker.
[cell phone ringing]
Unlisted number.
Don't answer it.
Give me Jack Banta.
It's for you.
Have OCC trace the call.
On it.
Trace the call
from the emergency phone?
Listen, psycho.
Finding my number is hard,
but not impossible.
The interesting thing
is that I can trace you.
Then you should listen
very carefully.
There is a powerful
explosive device
integrated into
the train's power system.
Eighteen megawatts.
If any part of the train
dips below 200 miles per hour,
the train will explode.
Who are you? What do you want?
Is this blackmail?
One hundred million dollars
paid in crypto,
to my wallet address.
You're serious. I can't just--
Jack Banta,
the billionaire railroad mogul,
can't afford
a measly hundred mil?
It's not like that.
The money's tied up.
But if you know me,
you know how I do business.
Let's make a deal.
You don't want to do this.
This isn't a negotiation.
Well, how do I know
you're telling the truth?
Why should I believe you?
I need something more.
I thought you might doubt me.
You know, you really shouldn't.
We checked three times.
Our sensors
did not pick up any bomb.
How about I show you
what your sensors are missing?
What are you saying?
Listen very carefully.
Everyone in car six
will be dead in 60 seconds.
Now you listen to me.
[beep; dial tone]
Damn it.
-Unable to triangulate?
He's obscured the signal.
Uh, everyone
in cars five and six
must evacuate now.
You have to evacuate
cars five and six right now.
Get down to the next car.
Everyone in cars five and six
must evacuate immediately.
Move to the next car now.
Now. They're not movin'.
Can they hear it?
Is this working?
Everyone in cars five and six
evacuate now.
Take cover!
[beep; explosion]
[passengers screaming]
-MAN: Oh, my God.
-What was that? What happened?
-My knee.
-What can I do?
My knee.
[grunts and moans] My knee.
I can't even bend it.
-Is that smoke?
-Oh, my God.
[muffled screaming and yelling]
[helicopter hovering
and battle noises]
[heart beating rapidly]
Hey, are you okay?
Please help us.
[steady heartbeat]
WOMAN: Please remain seated.
We will be heading...
We need to tape that window.
Right. Actually, I might have
some duct tape in my bag.
Yeah. Um...
this help?
All right, all right.
Aah. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Okay. All right, let's get away
from the window.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Don't touch the throttle.
It's too dangerous.
We need to stop
and assess the train.
-It's critical.
-Do what I say
-and don't go below 200.
It's Operation Center Control.
-Don't say anything.
-They're gonna tell us to stop.
I know what the protocols are,
but if we stop, we all die.
[beeping continues]
Copy that.
What should I say?
Just lie.
Control for N800A Tiburon.
Status report.
There has been an attack.
Car six is gone.
Immediately stop the train,
wait for authorities to arrive.
Stay inside the train
unless told otherwise.
Copy that.
-All right. Okay.
-I'll take the window.
-Here take a seat.
Let me look at that.
Let me look at that.
This is gonna hurt. Okay?
She's tough.
-Oh, God.
You're okay. You're okay.
Mom is gonna freak out
when she sees your arm.
I need you to keep pressure
on this okay?
-All right.
All right.
-W-What happened?
-The window broke back there,
-and it cut me.
-Was there an explosion?
It kind of sounded like a bomb.
Hey, we don't
know anything yet, all right?
-Let's not jump to conclusions.
-Did you hear that announcement?
Clearly there's something wrong
on this train.
-What do you mean?
-Look no need to freak out.
Look, panicking
doesn't do anything for anybody.
I'm sure it was a... problem
with an exploding power conduit.
Banta did say
there was an emergency up there.
Look, the train's
still moving, right?
I'm sure
we're past the worst of it.
We would've stopped
if it was something serious.
Oh, I am out of my element here.
Are you feeling okay?
Yeah. Um, yeah, I'm good.
Review the security footage
of the train.
-Anything suspicious.
-I'll pull it up.
The live feed
is on the main screen.
-Sir, car five.
Yeah, I see it.
Smoke, no fire.
Potentially low oxygen.
Keep an eye on the sensors.
The ventilation system
doesn't self-correct
in the next minute,
we need to move those passengers
to the next car.
Okay, you need to find out
who sent that text.
Use the facial recognition.
Make sure every passenger
is ticketed.
I'm on it.
I'm gonna call Scott Madison
at the FBI.
He's got to be runnin' it
by now.
He's the Executive
Assistant Director
-of National Security.
When's the last time you spoke?
He's an old friend.
You think he'll answer?
Everyone answers when I call.
[line ringing]
Jack, we just heard from OCC
there was an explosion
on the train.
-Are there injuries?
-We don't know.
We're checking the video feed,
but we were attacked.
All right, look.
Walk me through it.
A man threatened
to destroy the train
if we go below
200 miles an hour.
To prove he was serious,
he blew up car six.
The explosion must've destroyed
the coupling instantly.
I've already put out feelers
with the other agencies.
We'll see if they have
any leads.
He demanded that I transfer
a hundred million dollars
in an untraceable
No. Paying the attacker
is not how you handle this.
Under no circumstances
do you pay the guy, ever.
Lewis, give me eyes
on Jack Banta's bullet train
from Los Angeles.
Strong possibility there's
another explosive device.
-Copy that.
-Get on it.
Car five--
complete failure of ventilation.
It's cycling bad air.
So look, are you familiar
with the perpetrator?
Do you have his number?
Can you call him back?
No name, no number.
He was using a voice modulator.
All right.
We'll work to track him
from your phone records.
Now, Jack, do you have reason
to believe him?
I mean, the threat--
is it credible?
He already blew up one car.
I have to believe
he can do it again.
And we had an issue with
the security guard last night.
What issue?
I didn't want to bother you
with it,
but I was told a guard left
without clocking out.
I... thought it was nothing
at the time,
but I have to believe
that it's connected now.
-You should look into it.
-All right.
Acknowledged. We'll check
the security footage
and run background
on the guards,
but first,
I'll call the Air Force
to scramble jets immediately.
What good is that gonna do?
We need to save
these people now.
Sir, Central Control again.
I'm a little busy
right now, Holly.
Saving these people
is the only priority.
We're gonna save
as many as we can.
We need to secure the airspace,
and we need visuals.
My team
is coordinating satellites
to get a live image
of the train.
We have to save everyone.
Our primary focus is getting you
and the other passengers
off the train safely.
We'll send choppers
for the passengers
once the jets have visuals.
One step at a time.
The passengers
are the only focus.
I'll call you back when we have
established the visuals.
Take care of yourself.
We'll figure this out.
[hangs up]
Coordinate with the Air Force
and scramble jets,
probably towards anything north
of the train's coordinates.
And choppers--Apaches, Osprey.
-Anything fast ASAP.
-Yes, sir.
Contact emergency services
in San Francisco.
We'll need immediate evacuation
blocks around the station.
We need to find
who's behind this.
Work with the phone company
to track the source
of Jack Banta's
most recent incoming call.
Monitor social media
for anything relevant.
Copy that.
And we need to run
preliminary background checks.
Provide me with the manifest
and staff list fast.
I pulled it up on console "A."
Good. We need as many
eyes on this as we can get.
MAN: Sir, Apaches are en route
while jets are being scrambled.
Hey. I'm gonna go
to the back of the train
to see if anybody needs help.
Frank, I need you
to check under the seats
for anything suspicious.
In case I'm wrong
about the power conduit.
Oh, shit.
[unlatches belt]
[console beeps]
Sir, it's Central Control again.
Answer it.
-Anybody hurt?
-WOMAN: No, no. We're fine.
Anyone need help?
Everyone okay?
[man, indistinct]
Control for N800A Tiburon.
Why haven't you
stopped the train?
You know what? Never mind.
Control, Jack Banta. We're aware
of the situation in five.
The ventilation system
is self-correcting.
-Give it time.
The system
has completely failed.
Evacuate immediately
and stop the train.
-All right. We're on top of it.
Passengers in car five...
Pa-- Shit.
Internal coms are shot.
Anyone need help?
That car is filled with smoke.
Why aren't they moving?
We got to get them out of there.
Wait, wait, wait.
I-I don't think we'll need to.
-Anyone hurt?
-No, no. We're fine.
Anybody need help?
Everyone okay?
Does anyone
require medical attention?
-GIRL: Thank God.
You have to help them
in-in the next car.
They can't get out.
The car smells of smoke.
-Hey, what happened?
It's reinforced glass.
I can't break it.
It's stuck.
Stand back.
[screaming continues]
What are they doing?
They're gonna slow us down.
Aces Henry, six-four-point-one,
push back.
Clear the airspace. Push back.
Damn it.
That news chopper just boned us.
The train is going too fast
to catch up now.
Damn it.
The Apaches--they're out.
They lost too much ground.
The top speed is barely 230.
There's no way
they're gonna catch up.
Why isn't the airspace clear?
-What are those jets doin'?
-I don't know.
This damn news chopper
ran interference on the Apaches.
MAN: Sir, jets and an Osprey
are in the air.
-ETA--13 minutes.
-It's the news crews.
They're desperate
for information.
Some of the passengers
have posted on social media
-about the explosions.
-Make sure we clear them out.
We can't have another problem
when the Osprey arrives.
I don't think
that's gonna be an issue.
There's no news helicopter
in the country
that can keep up
at these speeds.
We'll see.
Lift up.
Come on. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.
Let's go.
Let's go. All right.
Come on. Get out of here.
Who is that guy?
Let me see.
His name is Kessler Briggs.
-Mr. Banta...
-One second.
[dials phone]
Scott, yeah. I have
a priority name for you.
-Kessler Briggs.
You suspect he's the guy?
No. Well, I don't know.
He's walking into danger
and saving people, so...
Understood. Gimme a minute
to run background.
I'll call you back.
All right.
Mr. Banta, I have my concerns
about maintaining this speed.
There are tunnels up ahead.
-The train creates drag
as it pushes the air
in front of it aside, right?
In a tunnel,
the air can't go sideways,
so it has to be pushed forward.
We'll have to ramp up the power
to maintain this speed.
-It's more strain on the system.
-The more we push it,
the more likely
components will overheat,
and we're already
riding a little hot.
That means the magnets
are misaligned.
All right, keep an eye on it,
but keep pushing,
and don't even approach 200.
Copy that.
I can't just sit here and
watch everything I've worked for
-crumble to pieces.
-Jack, what are you doin'?
What I should've done
from the beginning--
[line ringing]
-solving this with money.
[women screaming]
-Come on. You got it.
WOMAN: Don't leave me here.
MAN: She needs help.
[grunts and coughs]
[no audio]
-Are you guys okay?
-She needs help.
Uhh, it's my knee.
-Okay. Come on, let's go.
-I heard something snap.
-All right, be careful.
[Joyce coughs]
[Joyce screaming]
-It's all right.
-Carefully. Careful.
You guys saved my life.
What are your names?
Um, I'd rather
stay out of the media,
if it's all the same.
Fair enough.
Why are we still going?
Why haven't we stopped yet?
I don't know.
I'm about to find out.
-Go ahead, Scott.
-That name you gave us?
Yeah, Kessler Briggs.
He's an explosives expert,
an Army vet.
First Lieutenant,
720th EOD company.
Army discharge due to PTSD.
He had an incident
in... Sheberghan,
but checks out.
His bomb-defusing skills
could be useful,
if we locate the device.
What was the incident?
Unintentional death
to friendly personnel.
Friendly fire?
Faulty intelligence
led to tragedy.
One soldier
was able to get out alive
thanks to Kessler.
He was awarded a Silver Star.
Lou, bring him here.
We won't have to wait long.
He's already headed this way.
[girl, indistinct]
[whispers, indistinct]
Hey, what's going on?
We have to stop this train.
-Hey, look.
I know. I saw the aftermath.
I need to talk to Jack Banta.
Come inside.
[door closes]
[indistinct chatter]
-Can I take a look at that?
We're going viral.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, people are hurt.
The last car is completely gone.
You need to stop this train.
I... We can't.
The most important thing
was getting the people
off of car 5.
Now we're exploring
different solutions.
One hour.
-Mr. Briggs, Scott Madison, FBI.
We're aware
of your military background.
-We need your help.
-To what?
What's happening?
Those details
are on a need-to-know basis.
Don't the passengers
have a right to know?
Jack, we need to trust him.
Look, if our lives
are in danger, I want to know.
Is there a problem
with the electrical?
No. The explosion originated
from the small explosive device
placed in the coupling
between cars five and six
Took out some intercoms,
but all other electrical
is stable for now.
It's a warning shot.
What kind of warning shot
kills people?
You're fortunate
the rest of the train,
headed on forward momentum,
could neutralize
the rest of the blast.
Next time,
it won't be just one car.
If the train drops below
200 miles per hour,
a larger payload will detonate.
We can't stop.
Who would do this?
We don't know.
We're looking into it.
But you believe
he has more explosives?
He already blew up
one train car.
We have to believe
he'll blow up the rest
if we go below 200.
Not only that,
but the attacker
guaranteed to disarm the bomb
condition upon
the transfer of $100 million
in untraceable cryptocurrency,
all but confirm
there is another bomb onboard.
No, I think
he was lying about that.
I already paid him,
but he responded
with, "It was never
about the money."
Jack, you had specific orders
to pay him
under no circumstances.
Well, I couldn't just sit here
and watch people die.
I may have originally
developed this technology
for the government,
but I don't work for you.
No, but you need my help,
and now
you funded organized crime.
These people and their families
are set up for life.
Look, I don't know
what he wants,
but we can find the bomb
and disarm it.
We have to. We only have
about an hour to San Francisco.
He's right.
We don't have time to wait.
We're already
having a difficult time
staying smooth on the tracks.
If this train gets clipped
by the tunnel wall...
We're dead.
We'll have live visual
of the established in minutes,
but I need confirmation
there's not a device inside.
You've walked through the cars.
Did you see anything suspicious?
No. Maybe it's in
someone's luggage?
But if it's in a suitcase,
then it won't be able
to be integrated
into the train's GPS system.
And the GPS
won't be reliable enough.
One drop in service,
the whole thing's gonna blow.
Our baggage stand
uses advanced image recognition.
They wouldn't be able
to get it through.
got the first bomb through.
But where else
could they hide it?
Hey, I found it.
It's right underneath us.
There's a crawlspace
underneath the lead car.
The hatch was open
when I arrived this morning.
I need full disclosure.
Why am I hearing about this now?
I thought it was an oversight.
Assume nothing.
It's a tight squeeze.
Not a lot of room to maneuver.
[opens hatch]
I'll do it.
You sure? Clock's ticking.
I have to try.
Good luck.
Keep us posted.
You really did save my life.
Thank you.
I want to see that.
-Oh, ho ho.
Don't touch it.
HOLLY: He's using
the underbody maintenance beam
to support himself.
He's getting closer.
[train suddenly accelerates]
the magnetic disalignment.
[alarm beeping]
-The impact made it worse.
-We're up to point six percent.
-The higher it goes,
the more likely
we're gonna derail.
He's gotten to the bomb.
[cell phone ringing]
Son of a bitch.
It's him.
Every collision's
Russian roulette.
Then disable the bomb
before it detonates.
I already paid you!
He hung up.
Come on, come on.
We have to do
everything in our power
to keep this train
straight on the tracks.
He did it.
You okay? Did you see anything?
What the hell, Kessler?
Is this the bomb?
It's not a bomb.
It's a prototype.
A decoy.
I use 'em all the time
in the OD school
back in Virginia.
It's a closed-circuit
without any real explosives.
Person we're looking for
has a military background.
From the insignia...
this is someone
who trained at Fort Lee.
Why would someone plant that
underneath the train?
He's been hiding his identity.
Why would he leave a clue?
Ah, maybe he has a reference,
then he stashed it underneath.
Look, there's definitely
another bomb on this train.
Where's the FBI?
You said they're coming?
Fifty minutes. Fifty minutes
until we run out of track.
They need to know about this.
MAN: Rushmore,
visual on the train, 12:00.
Copy, 12:00.
Transmitting video feed now.
The F-16s have rendezvoused
with the train.
I have a live feed up here
if you want to see it.
-Okay, show me.
-Here we go.
There has to be
some indication.
[keyboard clacking]
Let me run a comparative scan
to the 3-D model
submitted by the patent office.
It's just gonna be a second.
Gimme a second.
Lori 11, confirm
a second object on the roof.
Confirming visual.
What is that?
One more discrepancy found.
-It's on the roof.
-That doesn't look right.
Magnify it.
I still can't make it out.
Train's moving too fast
to get a clear image.
Hey, get Jack on the phone.
Jack, we've been reviewing
a-a live feed of the train.
There's an object of interest
on top of that roof.
The train's moving too fast
to get a clear view.
Well, we found something, too.
-A decoy.
-How do you know it's a decoy?
It's a dummy
with a flashing light,
and on the back, there's
an insignia of a longhorn skull.
That unit comes from Fort Lee.
We'll take a picture of it
and send it to you now.
Did you get it?
Our team will analyze the photo.
Hey, what's the plan? I can
climb up and out right here.
There's a ladder.
No, negative.
Do not approach the device.
We can't put passengers
in more danger
without knowing
what we're getting into.
When the Osprey arrives,
they should be able
to rappel down
and attach a rescue ladder.
But Jack's right.
We can't just sit and wait.
No one's giving up.
We're calculating
and mitigating risk.
Jack, help me out here.
Yeah, he's right, Kessler.
We got to listen to the experts.
We can't screw this up.
It's too dangerous
to go on top of a train
at these speeds.
The Osprey will be there soon.
All right.
We'll keep searching inside.
What's your plan to get
the passengers onto the Osprey?
They'll extend a tether.
Passengers will be raised
into the Osprey
with a pneumatic lift.
I'll prepare the passengers.
[door opens]
What's going on?
Can't talk about that.
Oh, my God. I told you
it was a bomb.
-Oh, my God.
-I didn't say that.
What, so-so it's electrical?
-We have have to stop the train.
-Yeah, why haven't we?
Look, I need
to get on that roof.
-GIRL: Oh, my God...
There's no way you can do that.
People will die
if I don't do something.
This train's
going 250 miles per hour.
How do you expect
to be able to stay up there?
Look, I'm not asking for anyone
to risk their lives.
I'm asking for a boost.
Trust me.
-I can help.
I think there's a roof hatch
up here.
Fine. Fine.
Hey, actually, do you
still have that duct tape?
Yeah, I think so, yeah. Why?
Give it to me. I'll show you.
This should help
with some grip up there.
Here goes nothing.
A guy has just crawled out
onto the roof of the train.
Hey, you might want to see this.
Put me through to Jack now.
Jack, we're sending you
the jet feed.
What's going on?
What is he doing?
Should I stop him?
It's suicide.
How do you propose we stop him?
Are you gonna go up there?
Of course not.
I admire his bravery,
I'll tell you that for nothing.
Train is moving
more than 200 miles per hour,
and a low bridge
is located one mile ahead.
Even if he holds on, I don't
think he's gonna make it.
What's it say?
"Stay off the roof,
or you'll regret it."
Does he have a surveillance feed
or something?
How's he know so much?
That's a good question.
Holly, keep the train's speed
as steady as possible.
Kessler's gonna need
all the help we can give him.
-Yeah, Scott.
-What is he doin'?
One wrong move up there,
and you'll all end up dead.
This is all Kessler.
Who's in charge over there?
He's falling and nearly
took the bomb with him.
Is that Kessler?
-What is that?
I don't know.
He's hanging on, but the bridge
is just up ahead.
What's the clearance
on that tunnel?
You get about a foot
on either side.
These bullet-train tunnels
go wider than a standard tunnel,
but with steel wheels.
-Look, the attacker texted.
He seems to know
every move we're making.
He must have access
to our surveillance feed.
We'll look for his access point.
In the meantime,
make sure you and the passengers
follow my orders.
Oh, God. Aah.
The train's in the tunnel.
We've lost visual of Kessler.
There's no way
anyone could've survived that.
There he is.
[grunts] He made it.
[beeping increases speed]
He did it.
Let me see.
the rest of the cars now.
That was the only bomb.
He did it.
The cars are all intact.
The passengers are safe.
That maniac. He did it.
Good work.
Where is he now?
-Up top.
-Okay. Champagne all around.
Have it ready
for when he gets back.
Comin' right up.
Holly, stop this train.
Yes, sir.
Oh, my God. They've gone dark.
-You feel that?
-Yeah. We're going a lot faster.
-I'm so scared, Davey.
-Hey, can we get off of here?
-Make it stop.
[reads] ...time goes faster.
What the hell does that mean?
Look. We lost time on the clock.
-What are you doing?
There's someone else
on the roof. Repeat--
someone else
is climbing out on the roof.
Hey. What are you doing?
Visual of two individuals
on the roof. Please confirm.
Copy you. I see them.
Get back down.
She disconnected the throttle.
-Jack, we saw.
-The attacker's the engineer,
Holly DeGraff.
She's on top of the train.
She disconnected the throttle.
Pull up everything you can find
on the engineer.
Copy that.
Lori, your left.
Do you see this?
Copy. Looks like one of them
is getting up to jump.
It's too late.
You've already lost.
Bogie in the sky
heading right for me.
Aah. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
I wonder if she's dead.
Yeah, she did.
I just saw a person die.
We just saw a person die.
How did you...
[closes hatch]
Why haven't you
stopped the train?
She disabled the throttle
and the navigation controls.
And we've picked up speed.
-Where'd she find a parachute?
-I don't know.
She must've brought it with her.
They're not standard issue.
One hell of an exit strategy.
There's one left.
She must've brought a spare.
People are still gonna die.
Can't we just decouple the cars?
Yeah. Yeah, there are
other controls on each car.
Right. By the doors.
Is it possible
to decouple them individually?
If we're not locked out,
each car can decouple itself
-from the one in front it.
-Hold on.
Hey, we can save lives
one car at a time.
Yeah, but they'd be
stuck on that car without power.
It could be deadly
to walk along the tracks
with the electric current.
If they're not aware of that...
Well, it's better
than the alternative.
-My access code failed.
She locked us out of these, too.
There's no way
we can stop this train now.
Even if central command
cuts the power to the line,
the hacked onboard megabattery
will keep it speeding
towards San Francisco.
Wait, unless...
One other possibility.
We have admin access, if we're
close enough to the console.
All right. Okay, let's go.
I'll tell Scott
what we're doing.
Jack, status update. Why have
you increased your speed?
You're exponentially increasing
your risk of derailing.
We're locked out
of the navigation panel.
-It's completely black.
I'll have to consult
with the team.
We'll get back to you
on a fix for the system, okay?
We have a plan. We can
individually decouple each car.
We'll continue with the choppers
and coordinate rescue.
Make sure you get yourself
on one of those cars.
Yeah, I will, once I know
every passenger is safe.
Hey, good luck.
Alert local emergency services
once they release the first car.
Copy that.
Wait, where are you going?
We're trying something.
I'll let you know if it works.
-Excuse me.
We've lost navigational control
of this train,
and we need you all
to get off of it.
[overlapping chatter]
Please. Don't panic.
But we can't slow down.
We think we can
decouple the train cars
one at a time
from these local control panels.
KESSLER: But we can't overload
each train car
before we release them,
so it'll have to be
a gradual evacuation
to distribute the weight.
We're gonna start
with the empty car in the back,
but this car will be next.
Once it's decoupled,
we need you all
to stay on the train
and wait for help.
The authorities
will arrive shortly.
-Are you serious?
-Look, this is our best chance.
But there is an Osprey en route
to airlift
the remaining passengers
if we can't decouple
all the train cars in time.
Please, can some of you
move down the train
to lighten the load of this car?
Come on.
Joyce, you and the other
passengers get ready.
[computer alert]
Are they decoupling the cars?
Next one?
Let's go.
Thank you for doing this.
Take care of yourself.
Twenty-three minutes.
Another one?
Let's do it.
[all screaming]
[screaming stops]
Let's go.
No, come on.
This is your last chance.
I want to reiterate
our situation.
The navigation control
is locked,
and we cannot stop the train.
Can you four
please move down the train
to car three
so we can release it safely?
We'll decouple it,
and the authorities
will be there shortly.
-Let's go.
-Are you sure?
[Davey fastens seatbelt]
[indistinct chatter]
-Are you scared?
-I'm going to live.
[shouting and screaming]
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God.
It stopped. Ho ho ho.
-Oh, my God.
[indistinct chatter]
-It stopped.
-Oh, my God.
[sirens wailing]
You know computer systems,
Yeah, that's what I do.
-All right, come with us.
-Kessler, I don't know.
You got a better idea
to regain control?
You're right. Follow me.
Scott, we've decoupled cars
five through three.
Jack, the Osprey's arrived
from Northern California.
-Copy that.
-They'll lower a tow chain
before the pneumatic lift.
It should be able to offset
some of the power of the train.
Once the train is slow enough,
they'll engage the lift
for the remaining passengers.
But he's gonna need help
guiding the hook.
I'm on it.
I'm with you.
Hey, you good up there?
Yeah. I'm not sure
I'm getting anywhere with this,
but I'd like a few minutes
to try a thing or two.
Rover ahead to train.
Take your positions
and ready the tether.
You sentenced those people
to death.
They're going to die
on those cars.
Here. Here.
Here. Here.
Tether attached.
That was a close one.
Train's going too fast.
At this speed,
the risk is too great.
We've got one shot at this.
We're losing control.
We're going down.
We're ten minutes
from the city.
We have to stop this train.
Jack, I have some bad news.
Hey, Kessler.
-You don't still think
this idiot's
gonna save you, do you?
Why don't you tell them
why you were discharged
from the military, Kessler?
Why you teach high school now.
What does that have to do
with this train?
If we don't stop it now,
we're all gonna die, even you.
Answer me.
Do they know how many
American soldiers died
because of you?
The Army couldn't get rid of him
fast enough, could they?
Okay. All right, I'm listening.
What do you want?
I want everyone on this train
to die
so you can feel
the same kind of pain I felt.
You are a disgrace
to your country.
These people
have nothing to do with me.
They have everything
to do with this.
Banta couldn't
have built this train
his government contracts.
And if it wasn't
for the tax-funded military,
you and I
never would've wound up
in Afghanistan together.
Everyone is to blame.
You were...
you were in Sheberghan.
You remember now?
Your name isn't Frank.
It's Vigo.
But your face...
Don't you recognize me...
after I was blown to hell?
-What happened?
-What do you mean?
The government can classify
all the documents in the world,
but I was there, and I remember.
I lost my entire platoon.
My own brother died
all because of that airstrike
that you were a part of.
Okay. All right, I was there,
but it was a mistake.
They had the wrong coordinates.
I had nothin' to do with that.
You're a liar.
Come on, stop all of this.
You're all out of time.
Just stop. We're gonna crash
into San Francisco station.
Oh, you think
you know everything, don't you?
But we're not headed
to San Francisco anymore.
This train...
is going to Oakland.
There's not enough time
to evacuate.
Control to Oakland station.
Evacuate the station
The Oakland tracks
haven't been calibrated yet.
-We won't make it.
-Six minutes.
Evacuate the station now.
Hey, listen to me.
I get it.
I lost people, too.
-But you got to stop what you--
-Just shut up.
I am sick of your lies,
and I am not listening
to one more of them.
-Get off my train.
[siren wailing]
Are you hot?
We need to regain control
of the throttle.
We have a work-around.
Just sent the file.
It should automatic update
the train's software.
-Listen. Understand
it's gonna temporarily disable
the control panel.
You're gonna want to decouple
that last car before you do it.
Move quickly. It will take
minutes to go into effect.
Even with the FBI's best hackers
at our disposal,
we don't have time.
Bail. At least
we can save the passengers.
Even if they protest,
it's what's right.
Someone has to stay back
in car one.
Decouple car two.
I will.
No. It's my responsibility.
You guys are hurt.
I'll load the system update.
What about you?
I'm fine.
Remember the extra parachute?
That's your plan?
You just have to hit the button
that says "engage."
Thank you.
I'll see you
on the other side of this.
Free train rides
for the rest of you life.
I think I'll be taking a break
from trains for a while.
Fair enough,
but the offer still stands.
[dramatic music playing]
That's it. He did it.
I was right.
You are pathetic.
But you're gonna get
everything you deserve.
Smell that? Saltwater.
Have a great rest of your trip.
Aah. Ahh.
Hang on.
I got you.
Kessler, help me.
Hang on.
Please, don't let go.
I got you.
Hold on.
Don't let go.
[siren wailing]
[honks horn]
Come on.
[rapid beeping]
[siren wailing]
[dramatic music stops]
[siren wailing]
[indistinct radio chatter]
MAN: Is everyone okay?
We're here to help.
Thank God.
[radio chatter]
[overlapping muttering]
They were here. They're here.
[siren wailing]
They're comin'.
MAN: Check for survivors.
[sirens wailing]
[sputters and coughs]
Hey, can anyone hear me?
Oh, Jesus.
Holy sh--
[closing music playing]