Bunco Squad (1950) Movie Script

The oldest tricks in the world.
And yet with these tricks the Bunco
racketeer robbed the public of ..
200 million dollars every year.
There's an abundance of evidence
in the Police files that ..
Palm-reading and mind-reading
and the like are... rackets.
And the so-called
wheels-of-fortune are ..
Always manipulated by the
operator to bilk his victim.
And yet I don't imagine there is
one of you here who hasn't lost ..
Money on at least one of these Bunco
games at some time in your life.
The doorway peddler usually
starts by saying, uh ..
He found what he has for sale
when it fell off a delivery truck.
He always says he doesn't know the value
of what he has and asks what you'll offer.
The fur is genuine mink,
and the victim knows it.
His instant thought is take
advantage of the peddler's ignorance.
That's when he falls into the trap.
The sale is made... and the
peddler helpfully provides a bag.
And wonders if anyone is coming.
The victim obligingly turns his back
and the Bunco man makes the switch.
You can now see why the Bunco artists
are responsible for the expression -
"Left holding the bag."
Now you people make the law, and you
should help your Police enforce it.
As you know, I represent a section of the
Police Department called the "Bunco Squad".
It's our job to help you.
So won't you please help us. Thank you.
Steve, Steve! Captain
Edwards wants us right away.
I'm sorry folks. Excuse me.
Thanks for getting me off the hook.
Hey it's on the level. We're
wanted down at headquarters.
You know Rand of Homicide? Sure.
How are you Rand?
This came from covering a
suicide at the Gaymar hotel.
A retired mid-western
banker by the name of Burke.
He got taken for his life-savings
and a phony stock deal.
Going over some of his belongings I came
across these magazines about horoscopes ..
Astrology and fortune-telling.
I thought it might be an
angle for the Bunco Squad.
Well, if I can be any further help ..
Thanks Ray. See you later.
This suicide is the third tragedy caused
by a swindler in the last 3 months.
You know, people come out here
to retire, spend a vacation ..
And they get taken by these
con-men and Bunco artists.
Every time this happens, the
newspapers and the public raise a howl.
Do you suppose he was steered
into this by a fortune-teller?
We've certainly got all kinds out here.
I'm not sure, but this looks like
the work of a big-time operator.
So far he's been smart
enough to cover up his tracks.
But they all need an organization.
The stooges, the shills and the rest.
If the real brains is using any of the
phonies we have here in Los Angeles ..
That's the way we'll get to him.
I want you to case every faker in town.
If it looks suspicious, pull him in.
Warn them we mean business.
Never forget, it's the
head man we're after.
I don't know who, or where,
he is. But I do know one thing.
He's out there... some place.
It was very nice meeting you
Barbara. Will I see you again?
I certainly hope so Tony.
How about dinner tonight?
Oh I don't think we should until she ..
Oh yes, of course. Say in week
or so? Will you call me?
Mrs Royce, may I express
my deepest sympathies.
Thank you Mr Wells.
Hello Fred. Hello Tony.
Could you put the bags in
the back, please. Yes sir.
Did you have a good trip?
Very interesting.
Did you hear about our friend, Burt?
Yes, suicide huh? That's too bad.
Yeah, too bad. Who are those women?
Oh that's a Mrs Jessica Royce,
a widow with two million dollars.
And a very charming secretary who
happens to be penniless and lonesome.
Who are you interested
in? Both of them.
It's been a wonderful day, Tony.
Won't you change your mind and
have dinner with me tonight?
Oh you forget. I'm a working girl.
Is Mrs Royce complaining about my
taking up too much of your time?
Oh no. Neither have I.
Hello Barbara, I'm glad you're back.
Oh Mrs Royce, this is Tony
Mr Wells, the gentleman
we met on the train.
How do you do Mrs Royce. Nice to see
you again. You're looking extremely well.
I'm feeling very much better thank you.
Did you want me for
something Mrs Royce?
Just a few letters dear, there's
no hurry. Would you excuse me.
Surely. I have to be going myself.
Just a few weeks ago, she was the most
grief-stricken woman I've ever known.
What's happened to cause
this extraordinary change?
The gentleman who just left.
Dr Largo is responsible.
Dr Largo?
He must be a remarkable
physician. Is he a specialist?
Actually, he's neither a
physician nor a specialist.
I believe he's called a
Consulting Psychologist.
Consulting Psychologist?
Two visits a week. She never
makes a move without him.
Surely she doesn't believe
that that sort of ..
Completely! But as long as she's happy,
I don't care what she believes in.
I must go Tony, thanks
again. Call me soon.
Real soon.
This is fine way to track
down a big-time Bunco operator.
You got any better ideas?
If I have to talk to one
more phony fortune-teller ..
Your future looks very gloomy.
The cards are not bright.
Yeah, well I've got news for you sister.
Your future don't look so bright either.
I see bars, and you behind them.
Very sorry... do not understand.
My English is not very good.
You'll catch on when you talk to the
Judge. 30 days is 30 days in any language ..
Why don't you lay off. You guys got nothing
on me. I'm running a clean place. See ..
See that you keep it that way.
Got a lot of class, hasn't she.
And so you see gentlemen.
The power of numbers has had a great
influence on men. Most of their lives.
Lay off will you. This is the oldest
numbers racket in the world, and you know it.
Numerology sir, is a great science.
Okay Professor, but
remember, one complaint ..
And we'll introduce you to the science
of making little ones out of big ones.
But Grace, I've been busy.
Well, you now... work.
Oh but ..
But Grace ..
Keep quiet Steve... just hold on.
Honey... are you alright?
Cut! Steve?
Of course I'm alright. That was just a
scene from the picture I'm working in.
Cut it short, will you.
I've got to go... I'll
pick you up tonight.
That's the trouble with being a cop.
You've have a legitimate excuse for your
wife, but they don't believe you anyhow.
I don't know about you, but win or lose,
I'm taking Grace for dinner tonight.
Who's next?
Annie Cobb.
I thought she was still writing
for the San Quentin Times.
Just a warning Annie.
Don't too clever with
your customer's signatures.
We don't want them showing
up on forged checks.
My profession is to judge a man's
character by his handwriting.
Especially when the
letters turn up in court.
Which is where we'll see you
Annie if you get ambitious.
Buffalo Bill.
Hello. Hello dearie.
The badge-boys are
on a sightseeing tour.
Thanks Annie, I have
a client waiting. Bye.
I'm sorry Miss Dilby, but we can do
no more today. I just can't go on.
But you were telling me ..
When I am forced to come out of a
trance, my powers are always weak.
We'll try again at your
regular time next Monday.
I'll be looking forward to it.
I am so anxious to know about Arthur.
Come in Sgt Johnson, Sgt McManus.
She's psychic.
Yeah, especially when the law's around.
Twenty bucks your regular fee, Liane?
I have no fee. I accept
only goodwill offerings.
Did you gentlemen wish something?
Just wanted to tell you not to steer
your clients into any phony deals.
Oh, I never advise my clients.
I only tell them what I
see in the crystal ball.
You tried that excuse on a
Denver Judge and got three years.
Or have you forgotten?
Is this a pitch?
No... just a warning.
You boys don't have to worry about me.
I wouldn't mind going into
a trance with her myself.
If I wasn't married of course.
Come in.
Hello Princess.
Been a long time, hasn't it?
Not long enough Mr Weldon.
Uhuh. Not Weldon. The name
is Wells. Anthony Wells.
What will it be tomorrow?
Do me a favor Mr Anthony Wells... blow!
Liane, I'm terribly sorry about
that little unpleasantness.
The time you had to go to prison.
You'll not that make friends and
influence people by discussing prison ..
With someone who's
recently been in one.
Especially since you
should have been there too.
I said I was sorry.
Don't be.
The prison diet agreed with me.
Everybody says I have
a lovely figure now.
Well... I see you've
finally made the big league.
Crooning over a crystal-ball, huh?
Playing around for
peanuts in a dingy walk-up
I make a living.
Oh, you're not really satisfied with
nickels and dimes. you deserve much better.
Listen, do you know
what I could do for you?
Alright, spill it. Let's
stop kidding each other.
I need your special talents.
I have a proposition that's worth a
great deal of money. Are you interested?
How much is a great deal? Sit down.
Two million dollars.
Alright... let's hear about it.
Good evening sir.
Table for two please.
Right this way, sir.
Say, what about the booth
in the corner? Surely.
May I start you with a cocktail?
Yeah, a couple of Martinis... very dry.
Thank you sir.
Do you realize this is the first date
you haven't broken in the past two weeks?
But what about all the dates you
broke, because of your "career"?
Are you still jealous of my career?
Oh, how could I be?
The last time I went to see you in
a picture, I went out for popcorn ..
And missed your entire performance.
Grace, honey.
If I can crack this case,
I'm a cinch for promotion.
Your salary has nothing to
do with our getting married,
If that's what you're driving at.
Oh I see.
You... you haven't time
for marriage right now.
There's something in
you that has to come out.
You have to express yourself.
What's the use, it's ..
It's just that creative
people have to ..
Well, they have to create, that's all.
Oh, that will look great in print.
Yeah, I can see it all now:
"Grace Bradshaw, rising young
screen-star says, quote..."
"Creative people have
to create." Unquote.
Thank you.
Advice on love, business
and personal problems?
Maybe we ought to ask the Swami?
That's all I need. Will set
back my promotion ten years.
Swami Kohlikhan. His real name
is Drake. Strictly a phony.
He's over there.
Well, get a load of that, will you.
One faker having her fortune told
by another. Now I've seen everything.
The change will be very soon.
Very soon... now?
Hey, what do you know?
Drake's leaving with her.
Maybe they have a
date? Is that illegal?
But I bet what they're
thinking about is.
Now that you've seen the place,
let's get down to business.
Our organization will be
known as the "Rama Society".
R-A-M-A. Devoted to the
science of the occult.
Liane here will be in charge.
You'll address her as "The Princess".
Where are you going to be?
Reed will know where to contact me.
What about the scenery? We're going to
have to dress this place up a little.
It's on its way.
Any suckers that you
trim are your own affair.
I'm only interested in Mrs
Jessica Royce. Do you understand?
And Drake... I want you
to be extremely careful.
What's the next move?
I have all the information I need on
Mrs Royce but not enough on her son.
So all of you get busy. We
already have competition.
Who? I'll tell you later.
Just a minute Tony
You haven't answered my question.
Where are you going to be?
Don't worry about me.
I'm not worried about you.
If anything goes wrong, I'm not going
to stand by and take another rap for you.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Aren't you a maid at
the Royce home? Yes.
Oh that poor woman. I read when they
finally brought her son's body home.
The paper said such
nice things about him.
And he deserved them. He
was such a wonderful boy.
Oh, you knew him?
I was his governess.
He was such a little doll. I can
remember as if it was only yesterday.
The first time he tried
to say his mother's name.
He couldn't say "Jessica". All he
could say was "Sicca". He was so cute.
No, that section is not for sale.
That belongs to Jessica
Royce. Jessica Royce?
Oh she must be the woman who's son
came home with some war decorations?
Mmm, that's right. That's Philip.
When he was killed at Normandy, a lot of
us felt like we'd lost a boy of our own.
Sounds like he was a
fine chap. Oh he was.
I remembered about the time
he started to go to school.
He... he used to ride his bike
down that hill right out there.
He hit a train once, and he wouldn't let
his mother watch the Doc's sew him up.
He said it would hurt her
worse than it hurt him.
And then I remember another time.
The day we heard he'd been killed we felt
as sad as if we'd known him personally.
Oh... then you really
didn't know Phillip Royce?
No, but Mrs Royce was so proud of him,
she told us everything he'd ever done.
Like the story of his first allowance.
He spent it buying ice-cream
for the neighborhood kids.
He told his mother that being
happy by yourself was no fun.
So he just bought a lot of
happiness and spread it around.
Then another time he ..
Fine... good work.
You have more information on Mrs Royce
and her son than she knows herself.
How do we steer her into coming here?
What about the competition
you said we had?
I'm working on both those items.
Our competition is Dr Largo.
Dr Largo? Who's he?
Well, here he's know as
a Consulting Psychologist.
In Cincinnati, St Louis and Points
West, he uses the name of Mike Finlayson.
The only psychology Mike Finlayson
knows, is how to evade the Police.
And Jessica Royce is
one of his best patients.
And he'll never let you
take a sucker away from him.
You're right Annie... that's
where you come in Reed.
Well Largo doesn't know you. You're
going to become a patient of Dr Largo.
Hello Doctor. I'm very glad you
were able to see me so quickly.
Sometimes, mental distress is more vital
to our well-being than physical ailments.
I'm glad you appreciate
that fact Doctor.
I know that what I'm about to say will
cause you considerable mental distress.
Oh, I'm used to hearing
all sorts of problems.
My problem concerns a patient
of yours. Jessica Royce.
I'm sorry Mr Reed, but I make
it a practice never to discuss ..
Alright Doc... I'd much rather
discuss a man named Mike Finlayson.
Alias Benjamin Lazetti. Alias Dr Largo.
Prison terms in Cincinnati and
Cleveland. Shall I continue?
No... no. That's enough.
What do you want?
All I want you to do is to send
Mrs Royce to one of our meetings.
And if I refuse?
Don't forget the address, and make
it soon. Tomorrow will be fine.
Yes Doctor? Call Mrs Royce.
You don't believe in this?
You mustn't be so skeptical Barbara.
Anything that Dr Largo
recommends must be ..
Won't you come in please.
I'm Mrs ..
No names are given here, except in
the sanctity of the Sance Room.
This way please.
In the world of the occult,
we are advancing onward.
As in all other branches of science.
Mysterious powers and secrets that have
long been lost, are being rediscovered.
Princess Liane is gifted with powers
which enable her to penetrate ..
That land of mystery which
lies beyond material life ..
And yet is all about us.
As you presently will witness.
Please ..
Do you think she can contact, or
I mean, get in touch with the dead?
"Dead". ... We do not
recognize that word here.
Our loved ones are in another
world, as much alive as you and I.
If you believe that man has a soul,
then you must believe in Princess Liane.
Spirits of the outer world were...
they are, and they shall be.
Oh Rama... you are the
gate to the outer world.
Our past, present and future.
All are one... oh Rama.
Open the gate to me.
Ahko! be my guide.
We are not alone.
I feel the presence of
beings great and good.
We come in friendship... in love.
Fear us not.
But make your presence known.
I feel a cold breeze.
It's a sign. They are here.
Look! The candles.
Oh wonders of the
great terrestrial plane.
Speak to us... I implore you.
"Even as you implore, so do we answer."
Who are you?
"We are the multitude, that together,
make the spirit which put you forth."
There's someone bearing
a message for... Mary.
"Mary... do not weep.
You've been sad long enough."
"You know that by your love, you
can enter into communion with me."
Oh John!
"My message is as before."
"Let happiness fill your heart...
enjoy it. And grow with love."
Did you see it? Hear?
Maybe Phillip?
No, Mrs Royce, don't.
Shhh. You'll disturb them.
"Oh Robert, my new
world is so friendly."
"Stop! Let me alone."
Alice, what's wrong?
"Someone is pulling me
back... away from you."
Why do you force your way in here?
Who are you? ... Speak.
Let the spirits speak.
"Sicca... Sicca."
Let the spirits speak ..
"Sicca... Sicca."
Phillip, come back!
Barbara, it was Phillip. I
know. When he was a boy ..
Mrs Royce, it was just a trick.
It couldn't be. He called me "Sicca".
That was his name for
me when he was a child.
You should never cry out at a sance.
You might harm Princess Liane.
Oh Princess, I'm so sorry. Forgive me.
I didn't realize what I was doing.
An unexpected message
is always a shock.
Was it... was it someone you
knew? It was my son, Phillip.
He tried so hard to reach you.
I cannot understand
why he did not stay.
Oh! ... it was you. You do not believe.
We... we're accustomed to that.
The presence of an unbeliever,
often prevents a manifestation.
Barbara, will you wait for me
in the car. I'll be right out.
Excuse me please. It's been a strain.
I want to see her again. I must.
The Princess will be happy to have you
return. Our next service is on Wednesday.
Do I have to wait until next week? But
the sign outside mentions private sittings.
Yes, private sittings may be
arranged. Is that what you wish?
Oh, by all means... tomorrow?
Tomorrow at two?
Oh, thank you very much.
I'm Mrs Jessica Royce.
Mrs Jessica Royce. At two.
Oh, I forgot... What...?
How do I pay for this?
There is no fee. Our Society is supported
entirely by love-offerings from friends.
In the words of Rama "freely
we give, freely we receive."
Thank you.
Goodnight Mrs Royce.
What do you think of this, chief?
I was making my rounds and
found we lost a customer.
Annie Cobb's gone. She left a form
to sign, but no forwarding address.
I'd better call Liane. She and
Annie were pals. Maybe she'd know.
Get me Dunkirk, 2,1,1,9,9.
Right now, I want to know what
happened to all those phonies.
Thank you... disconnected.
Liane's quit too.
Maybe the warning we
gave them scared them off?
A routine talk never scared those two.
I'm getting curious. You'd
better follow this up.
Drake! ... Liane and Drake.
Where to? We're going to see Drake.
I'd rather see Liane.
Thank you Madame.
Hi boys.
Hi Swinson.
What happened to Drake?
Don't ask me. The job
was open, so I took it.
When did you start?
Yesterday. When Drake quit.
That makes three of them now.
You boys got a problem?
Maybe if I read your palm ..
You just keep your own palm clean and
we'll try to forget you're in town.
First Annie Cobb,
then Liane, now Drake.
Put three small racketeers
together and what have you got?
One big one.
You're brilliant.
Thanks. Now all we
have to do is find them.
Ever see this guy before? No.
How about this girl?
How about this one?
Well, so long Joe. So long.
Cut... okay... print.
Hi. Hi, honey.
You know it isn't every man can lure
a young lady away from a movie set.
Why, I didn't know you detectives
took time to have lunch.
For all the detecting I've done in the last
few days, I could take all day for lunch.
No luck yet, huh?
Not a sign of any of them.
How's everything with you?
Oh, I spoke my three lines this morning
and took four steps backward in my career.
Maybe I can interest you in a little
more talk about career versus marriage?
I warn you my resistance
is very low today.
Well, they tell me the best time to
propose to a woman is in broad daylight.
Then she's got to believe you.
Well, what are we waiting for?
"Car 404. Calling car 404."
Steve Johnson... yeah?
Hillcrest Cleaners on Westwood Boulevard,
between Santa Monica and Picault. Right.
The laundry is ready to be picked up
any time after one o'clock today. Got it.
They traced Liane's laundry ticket.
And you to go to Hillcrest Cleaners
on Westward Boulevard right away.
That's right. Goodbye darling.
I knew it. I knew it.
I'll take a rain-check
on that proposal.
Thank you.
Well... real highbrow stuff, huh?
What can I do for you,
sir? Who are you?
I'm Frederick Green.
You, sir? Police.
Everyone is welcome here.
Whom do you wish to see?
Liane. You mean Princess Liane?
Okay, Princess Liane. Where is she?
Princess Liane, this
gentleman wishes ..
He doesn't need an introduction.
We've met before. Often.
Hello Steve.
Well, looks like old-home week.
Something on your mind, Sergeant?
Yeah... the Rama Society.
The Rama Society is a
religious organization.
Supported solely by love-offerings.
Which is entirely within the law.
Well, you certainly
know all the angles.
You in charge here?
Princess Liane is our leader.
You? Who are you trying to kid?
The three of you never had enough
cash for a layout like this.
Which brings me back to you
again. I just work here.
With who's check-book?
Mr Johnson, your intrusion into
a private home is unpardonable.
So unless you have a warrant ..
Oh, now you're not going
to get technical, are you?
Show him out.
Never mind, never mind.
I'll find my way out.
After you.
This way, please.
What's up?
We had a visitor from the
Bunco Squad. Anything wrong?
No, but Mrs Royce showed up as the
Cop left. He took her license number.
I warned you that if
anything went wrong ..
The cop didn't tell me he was coming.
It isn't my fault he knows Liane,
Drake and Annie. You picked them.
This deal is going through and nobody is
going to mess it up. You stay with him.
Hello Traffic... Steve Johnson.
Hey, what did you find on
that license number, Mike?
What address?
Right... get a load of this, will you.
Jessica Royce. She on her finals?
No. She's in "Who's
Who." And worth plenty.
Better have a talk with her. Right.
See you Mac. Bye.
But you've got to believe me.
I have definite proof that Princess
Liane... Has been in prison.
Is that what you were
going to say, Mr Johnson?
And that her friends Mrs Cobb and
Mr Drake also have Police records?
Well, if you already
know, there's no point ..
I do. Princess Liane told me.
She told you?
She told me of her
mistakes in the past.
Of how she prayed for
forgiveness in her prison cell.
And as, if in answer to prayer she
discovered her strange psychic power.
Well, certainly you don't
believe that Mrs Royce?
My belief in Princess Liane
is complete and unquestioning.
Nothing you can say can shake my
faith in her... or the Rama Society.
They're helping me.
And they're helping
themselves to your money.
I have made one contribute of $50
which the Society refused to accept.
They refused money? ...
Well this is a new switch.
I understand you have your
duty to perform Mr Johnson.
But the Rama Society has
given me the will to live.
Didn't get very far, did I?
I've tried to tell her too.
There are thousands like her. That's why
psychiatrists are doing such good business.
She goes to a Consulting
Psychologist, a "Dr Largo".
Dr Largo, huh?
Well, there's not much
more I can do around here.
She's happy... and it hasn't
cost her anything... yet.
Give me a ring if anything
comes up, will you?
Thank you. Goodbye.
I know you've been worrying when we begin
separating Mrs Royce from her bankroll.
We start today.
How much do we go after? All of it.
I happen to know she's very
grateful to our Society.
So, we'll allow her to mention us in
her will. Now start playing that angle.
Just hint at a will, without
mentioning it by name.
Play it so she believes
she thought of it herself.
And the Society will bring comfort and
consolation to humanity for years to come.
All because of her
and her contribution.
And most of all her son will
be very happy if she does it.
Now you've got it.
We've been putting out for weeks
Tony, but nothing is coming in.
We need cash right now.
What to you want me to do,
Liane? Paint you a picture?
I just told you how
we're going to get it.
But when? ... The old dame's
liable to live forever.
After she signs a will
in our favor? Uhuh.
But the minute we start to collect,
the cops will be on our necks.
That's been covered too. The Rama
Society is a registered co-operation.
Our names will never appear. All we have
to is be patient, sit back and collect.
Doctor, what about Mr
Johnson in room 102?
He's okay for discharge.
Steve. Hi honey.
What are you doing out of bed?
The Doctor says I'm okay.
I've got to get back to work.
But you've been in an
accident, a bad accident.
I know, I know dear. I was lucky.
Just when I was close to an answer to
this case, something happens to my brakes.
I just had them checked last week.
Steve, please be careful.
You would decide to
fall in love with a cop.
Hi Mac, I got news for you.
New York just reported on Reed.
For two years he worked with Tony Weldon,
alias Thomas Whilton, alias Wells Anthony.
Tony Weldon. he worked with Weldon in
Denver and got three years. He got away.
Why yeah. She worked with Weldon in
Denver and got 3 years. He got away!
He's still missing. Let's
go. I've got to talk to ..
All right, go have your
talk, but I'm going with you.
Yes dear.
And when you're through, I'm going
to see you go straight home to bed ..
Yes dear. I mean it.
I tell you it's a set up.
This guy Weldon has got a record
that goes back 15 years in 20 states.
And yet nobody has ever
been able to catch him. Why?
Because he's always been smart enough to
have someone front for him and take the rap.
This way we smoke him out and we get
Mrs Royce off the hook at the same time.
I tell you it will work
Captain. I don't know.
Who'd you get to do
it? A police woman.
She could be recognized.
Yeah, you're right.
Hey, wait a minute.
I got an idea.
Ready to leave?
Do you want to be an actress?
Do you want the chance of a lifetime?
Wait a minute. Are
you a cop or an agent?
Steve, I think I'd better get you
home. On the level darling.
The department wants your help.
And a detective by the name of
Steve Johnson needs it badly.
How can an actress help
the Police Department?
Don't ask questions now. All I
want to know is will you do it?
If it will help, I'll do
anything you say, Steve.
Ah, that's my girl.
No-one will take that for a police
car. Should be a good stake-out.
Pretty nice setting for your act, huh?
Hello Steve. Hi.
So this is the young lady.
Grace, this is Mr Dante.
Miss Bradshaw. You know Mac?
Sure, I know Mac... this way please.
Now, when you're ready, this
will be your Sance Room.
Your instruction starts below.
How did you get here?
A trade secret.
He's known professionally
as "Dante The Great".
A magician?
Retired now.
Now I only perform for friends,
and to help out the law.
Try to save people from criminals who use
tricks of my trade to fleece the public.
I consider it part of my work
to expose any impostor who ..
We're wasting time.
We've got a lot to do.
You have a record of
all that is set upstairs?
The microphones are concealed in
the foyer and the Sance Room.
Please sit Miss Bradshaw.
You've got a big job ahead of you.
You've got to learn all the
Medium's tricks in a very short time.
I had a crystal around here someplace.
You can't afford a single mistake.
So you must concentrate
on what you see and hear.
I said "concentrate".
Well, I didn't know
Phil Royce very well.
Well, just tell me anything
you remember about him.
You ought to get a
hold of Danny Bowman.
He was from Tulsa.
Danny Bowman? Yeah.
He and Royce were pals. They hit
the beach at Normandy together.
How's it going? Great.
She's wonderful. Working
very hard. Good.
At the moment of death
the soul leaves ..
Deeper in the throat!
A spirit is supposed to
be talking through you.
The... soul... leaves... the... body.
It... lives... for... a... time...
in... the... invisible... world.
The spirit at... this... time...
is able to... communicate... with ..
Oh, I can't remember the words.
Keep talking. Keep talking!
I can't. It's no use.
Take it easy, honey. I'm sorry.
Steve, Captain Edwards.
Thank you.
Yes sir.
Oh that's great!
Right away. Yes sir.
Honey, I've got to leave.
Stick with it will you.
Where you going?
They found Danny Bowman in Kansas City.
Sorry to interrupt our talk
Mr Johnson. I'm free now.
Well you know the story Bowman.
Mrs Royce is in trouble so, naturally
we need all the help we can get.
Well, I'll tell you
all I know. Good.
Phil Royce and I started
out as rookies together.
You seem so sad lately, dear.
"Because of the suffering I
feel all about me, mother."
"Earthly goods mean
nothing in my world."
"But the lack of it causes
so much pain in yours."
"Happiness should be shared."
You always felt that way, dear.
"But more than ever now..."
"I feel the suffering of others."
But I have no earthly
goods. I can do nothing.
"Nothing... nothing..."
Phillip seems so unhappy today.
He wants to bring others here to share the
peace and happiness he and I have found.
I am troubled also when I think
of the multitudes of such people.
I can help now... but when I am gone?
Who is going to carry on the
work we have started here?
Phillip keeps mentioning earthly goods.
I have so much. It
would have been Philip's.
I could use it to bring others here.
She's getting the idea now.
Princess... I think I know a way.
I want to speak to Phillip now.
My powers are too
weak to reach him now.
The spirits visit us
only when they wish.
It's your money, Jessica. Exactly.
But you can't leave it to an unknown
organization headed by a "Medium".
If you won't draw up the will,
John, I'll get a lawyer who can.
Very well. Good night.
He's right Mrs Royce,
you don't know them and ..
I've got a good reason for doing it.
It will make Phillip happy.
Will you need me any more tonight?
Bunco Squad. Sergeant Irvine speaking.
Detective Johnson please.
Please tell him that
Barbara Madison called.
Thank you.
Well, Barbara.
I'm so sorry I'm late Tony.
I understand. Sit down.
I've ordered for us.
You seem upset. Anything wrong?
You know, sometimes it
helps to talk to someone.
There's nothing you can do
Tony. Well I can try.
It's about Mrs Royce.
The Police warned her that those people
running the Rama Society are criminals.
And they were right.
Uh... what's all this about?
Criminals and the Rama Society?
Oh you know. It's in connection
with that Medium she's been seeing.
Don't you remember?
Oh yes, of course.
And you said they wouldn't
accept the donation.
Donation? They want everything she has!
They've tricked her into making a will
leaving her entire estate to their society.
Has she signed the will?
She's just having it drawn up. But
I'm doing everything I can to stop it.
Is there anything I can do to help?
No, I've already called
Detective Johnson.
He wasn't in. As a matter of
fact I think I'll call him again.
Oh Barbara... is your car outside?
Yes, why?
Well, I know how you feel
about Mrs Royce and ..
I think we ought to go to Police
Headquarters and not wait for the call.
I hate to bother you, Tony.
No bother. Will be a pleasure.
I just found a message on my desk
that she tried to reach me last night.
Maybe she was trying
to tell us something?
Get me Traffic.
Traffic, Steve Johnson.
That car that Barbara Madison
was killed in last night.
Have those brakes checked right
away and let me know will you.
Right. Good idea.
Now what did you find out from Bowman?
A most important letter that Phillip
wrote to his mother before he was killed.
Here's a copy of it.
Bowman found it when he was
collecting Royce's things to send home.
He figured it would only bring
more grief so he didn't mail it.
This will give Dante
and Grace a real angle.
Get it to them right away.
We're fighting against time.
And don't forget to see Mrs
Royce's phony psychologist.
I'll take it right over,
and I'll see Dr Largo.
Oh please come in Mr...
uh? The name is Johnson.
Detective Johnson.
Oh... what brings you here?
Well, I don't have a warrant in my
pocket if that is what's bothering you.
Just a few questions. About what?
You and Princess Liane.
I've never met her.
Okay... we'll play it your way.
Now look.
I didn't come over here
to cause you any trouble.
However, we have enough
in our files on you ..
What do you want to know?
Why did you send Mrs
Royce to the Rama Society?
I had to. What do you want me to do?
Not very much... we just want you to
send her to a new medium. That's all.
She took your advice once.
See that she takes it again.
I'll try.
But Doctor Largo ..
Princess Liane has helped me
so much. Why should I leave her?
My only wish is to add
to your present happiness.
To prepare you for the time when
Phillip ascends to a higher plane.
And it becomes more difficult
for him to reach you.
You mean ..
I couldn't see him?
Not talk to him any more?
You can if you are prepared.
New doors will be opened to you.
You will become the object of
special protection and guidance.
And that is why I urge you to visit ..
"Madame Bradshaw". 1209 Sunnydale.
Dr Largo recommended you very highly.
Doctor Largo is very gracious.
I hope you won't be disappointed.
You should be very happy.
I see an aura about you.
An aura of love.
It is someone who's love
is trying to reach you now.
I see writing... a letter.
A soldier.
Phillip was a soldier.
A letter reaching across the years.
To... to who?
"To my mother."
"Mother. You never received the last letter
I wrote you before I left your world."
"You must get it."
But where?
"My friend Danny Bowman. He took it."
I hear voices.
I hear a roaring sound that shakes
the ground. I see a man... working.
In a uniform... an airport.
The name of the city is not clear.
I get the initials... K... C .
Kansas City.
I hope I've been helpful.
You have. Thank you.
Honey, you were swell.
Everything worked like magic.
Like a charm.
Does Bowman know what to do
when Mrs Bowman gets there?
He knows what to do. Now all we
have to do is keep her coming here.
She's so nice Steve, it's a
shame to trick her this way.
But we're only trying to protect her.
Once she believes in you, we'll
show her how she was taken in.
Don't you see?
The brakes on Barbara Madison's
car and mine were cut the same way.
We're up against killers.
Why not grab them now
and get it over with?
Not yet... we want to get the head man.
Relax. It's just a social call.
I've been trying to get you on the phone.
Why don't you tell me where you live?
What's on your mind? Bad news.
About what?
Mrs Royce called to
cancel another date.
Something is wrong.
Did you talk with her?
No. May just left a message.
Get her on the phone.
Oh no, Princess Liane...
you've been most helpful.
But the most amazing
thing has happened.
I have a letter.
A real letter from Phillip.
How wonderful for
you... tell me about it.
"Madame Bradshaw"... Oh yes,
I'd very much like to meet her.
Where does she live?
... 1209 Sunnydale.
Madame Bradshaw?
Yes, but I receive visitors
by appointment only.
It's very important
that I talk with you.
Very well.
Please be seated.
What is your problem?
Are you sure that no-one
else will hear what I say?
We are alone in the house.
Well, we can talk business.
I don't understand.
I'm telling you. Lay off of Mrs Royce.
But Mrs Royce is a client...
A client of the Rama Society.
You'll send her back to us fast
if you know what's good for you.
What happened to you?
Bradshaw's muscle-men worked me over.
She says she's hanging on to Mrs Royce.
Oh you ..
Who is that? It's
that Bunco cop, Johnson.
Drake, you keep him
here as long as you can.
You have a little accident?
A personal matter.
Is there something I can do for you?
Yeah... I'd like to
have a talk with you.
What do you want to talk about?
Why Sergeant, how nice to see you.
Where's your friend Reed?
Well I haven't ..
Would you like a cup of tea?
"I have so much. It would
have been Phillip's."
"I could use it to bring
others here, as he wishes."
Look at this.
It's a Police set up.
[ telephone rings ]
Hello? Oh Steve.
Everything alright?
Yeah, where are you?
The Rama Society. Oh I
get it. You followed Drake.
Did you find anything? -I'll tell
you later. Leave it right now.
Don't worry honey,
Steve will be here soon.
You're early Mrs Royce.
I know, I have so much to talk
about today. I hope you don't mind.
Of course not.
I must discuss something
very important with Phillip.
It's about my will. Your will?
Yes. You see Mr Bowman
gave me Phillip's letter.
And it was full of plans
for the future he never saw.
I want to make those plans come true.
But I've already made my will
leaving my estate to the Rama Society.
Spirits of the outer world ..
We seek... your... guidance.
Appear... and... speak.
Appear spirits... give us your counsel.
The spirits hesitate to appear.
They sense danger.
Danger to you because of your will.
But I made it to please Phillip.
And it's going to stay that way.
She's never change that will.
Give me your gun.
The... voices say... that
you must change your will.
Do you think Phillip will understand?
He understands.
It is his wish that you change ..
Oh! Mr Wells!
Stand up and turn around.
What about the two downstairs?
They didn't see us come in.
They don't know who we are?
They saw Drake.
He has the best alibi in the world. He
was miles away being watched by a cop.
Wells and Reed did
it. They got Mrs Royce.
Johnson. Bunco Squad.
Yes sir.
Looks like a case for the Coroner.
You take over from here, will you.
Hey Bill, call the Coroner.
And you'd better get a
tow-truck down here too.
"All suspects of the Rama Society
have been taken into custody."
"Sergeant Johnson,
return to headquarters."
I now pronounce you... man and wife.
Cut... okay... print it.
Very good. Thank you.
How was I? Like me?
You were terrific.
Wonderful, as a matter of
fact, you were so convincing ..
Do you think you can borrow
the dress for a few days?
Why Mr Johnson!
Mr Johnson? You mean
"Lieutenant" Johnson.
He's my press agent.
How wonderful!
Cut! .... Okay?
[ laughter ]
Subs for KG by "Targa".