Bundfald (1957) Movie Script

We thank the head of
Copenhagen Police Vice Unit,
Chief Superintendent Jens Jersild for
kind and competent supervision and help.
30.000 youngsters need apprentice places
- Good evening, Sren.
- 'evening.
- Two' with bread.
- And with ketchup?
- Yes of course.
- Hey, there's Krlle!
- He's good, huh?
- Hey, can't we use him?
- No.
- But come on...
- No, I said.
He is to well known.
I'll make sure to find the one we need.
- It's ten o'clock.
- Easy now, you'll make it.
- It's knocking-off time, gentlemen.
- Yeah, sure.
One' with bread.
We're closed.
Will you hand him that sausage, okay?
- Allright.
- You're not from this city, are you?
- No.
- Where do you come from?
- From Jutland.
- What are you doing here?
- Looking for work.
- That thing with uh...
- Okay, that's enough.
What do you say about drinking a beer?
It's on me.
- Yes, please.
You understand, one can't stand
living in such a little town.
Nothing ever happens.
I wanted to become an
apprentice in carpentry
but I could only get a job as delivery
boy at an old sick idiot of a grocer.
Three years as delivery boy, and no
chance of doing anything else.
No, thank you.
I ran away, gathered some money.
I thought it would be easier to find
an apprenticeship here in the city.
It wasn't.
- Where do you live?
- On the other side of South Harbour,
something they call Klondyke.
- Out there in the shanty houses?
What a goddamn place.
I once knew a girl out there.
That was some terrible
old barns to live in.
We were wading in rats, but
she was damn fine.
You know what she did?
- Allright, take it easy, will you?
How did you end up there?
- I met an old alcoholic.
He lived out there.
It's always better than the stairways.
- What are your plans now?
- I don't know.
I'm beginning to get tired of it all.
- How old are you, by the way?
- Why is that?
- No reason.
- Seventeen.
- That's great. Then we..
- Will you shut up, goddammit.
Maybe I could find you something...
Something that'll make
you lots of green.
Ingeborg, we're paying!
Six beers.
Four. Someone already
paid for that guy there.
- Me?
- Yes, that genteman over there.
- Why did he pay for me?
- He's got the hots for you.
You're just the type.
- What the hell do you mean with that?
- Calm down, fella'.
Most of the people who
come here are like that.
Well, let's buzz off.
Now that's something.
- Yeah, it's a harsh one.
How are you getting home?
- He'll swim.
- You can come along with me.
I live just around the corner.
- Thank you, but... - My old people are
in the hospital, there's plenty of room.
It's stupid to go all
the way out there, man.
Just come on.
- Allright, thank you.
- Bye bye, see you.
I live with my sister.
If you hear someone locking
themselves in, it's her.
She's out with some punter.
Will you be allright with that thing?
- Yes, thanks.
- Well, see you tomorrow.
- That was somehing, huh?
- Yes, it's like that every night.
Make yourself comfortable in the
living room, then I'll bring some beer.
- Rosa...
How about we go into your room?
Who are you?
- I'm Anton.
I was allowed to sleep her tonight.
- Well, why not?
If you want coffee you can
take it in the kitchen yourself.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Are you from the country?
- Yes.
- I thought so.
Why do you sleep here,
don't you have a place to live?
- I do, but it rained.
- My God, what a weather.
You should have seen me when I
got home. I was completely soaked.
There you go.
What do you do?
- Nothing yet. Looking for a job...
- Why did you travel here?
Didn't work with your old one?
- Never knew him.
No, it was more the place.
- You think it's better here?
- Well the chances must be better?
I mean, in such a big city...
I'd like to be an apprentice,
as a carpenter.
- Tell me, how long have you known Kaj?
- I met him yesterday.
He said he might be able
to provide me something.
- What kind of something?
- Well, he didn't say, but it was
something that made a lot of money.
- You should probably just return home.
- I can't do that.
- Suit yourself.
I warned you.
- Against who?
- Kaj, are you up?
Well, I have to get going. I have to
be at the factory eight o'clock.
Take more if you want.
- You be careful what you're doing, okay?
You could easily get hurt.
So, what did you think now?
- Now? But why, I thought...
- That I would provide you
with an apprentice place?
You're not an idiot, right? You know
there are many up for the bid.
- Yes, there are many.
- Many? Right, there are goddamn many.
But you have connections, maybe?
- No, but...
- How long are planning to wait?
- Well, I don't know.
- So?
What will it be?
- But now that one wants to do it...
- Let me ask you about it.
It doesn't give a damn.
It's rotten to the core.
Making dough, on the other hand.
Then you are something. Otherwise...
I've got a trick.
And we are three on it.
Egon, mig...
...and you.
And we'll split it straight up.
Do you remember that guy,
down in the joint yesterday?
The one who paid your beer.
- Yes?
- There are plenty of that kind.
And they only want youngsters
they can find on streets and in bars.
One can look at it as one likes.
But we think it's a
filthy goddamn thing.
They could need to be taught a lesson.
You see, us three...
we go down to main square.
And you turn on one of those guys,
and take him with you home
and then Egon and I
slowly follow after you...
- Tell me, are you out of your mind?
What did you think of me?
- Calm down, allright.
Let me explain it first.
He won't even touch you at all. Before
anything happens, we'll be there.
You just need to make sure
the door is not locked.
- And then what?
- And then what? Well, then
he'll show you the green
before you've even said a word.
They are afraid, you understand.
The whole trick is that
you are under eighteen.
If the police find out,
then he'll be punished.
He'll shut up so he won't
be outed, don't worry.
what do you say?
- It's really filthy.
- They could just stop doing it.
You could try.
I tell you there's a
lot of dough to be made.
And you have to get money somehow...
Think about it.
Cheers, Anton!
Listen, you need another one.
As I said before...
one must learn to adapt. - Yes, what do
you think I was before meeting Kaj, huh?
On my way down there, buddy.
I tell you, Kaj he understands.
Cheers, buddy.
- Cheers.
Go over there and tap him to say hi.
Follow that car.
How did you get him to do it?
- It's always easier when people
can't take the strain, right?
- Do you think he'll handle it?
- He has got to.
But no trouble, buddy.
We should try not to scare him.
- Thank you sir, that'll be 66,-
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Come inside.
Come on in now.
Do you like music?
I have got a great deal of records,
if you want to hear something.
- Yes, please.
- Pour something for yourself,
I will be right back.
But why, you haven't taken anything?
There you go.
- That'll be enough!
So? You are starting to
collect minors, huh?
We'll have to see if we can
get you out of that habit then.
- What is this?
What do you want here?
- Just take it easy and
nothing will happen.
But we still have to take care of
our little brother here, right?
And then we should get
something for our inconvenience.
- It's in order?
- Everything's in order.
- Okay, let's beat it.
Thanks, darling.
- Why don't we drink a toast for Anton?
That was a good job, buddy.
- Look happy, man. Three
hundred strong ones for each,
that's a damn good hourly wage.
- It's a goddamn filth.
- I'd be damned if it is.
He learned his lesson,
it'll be a good long time
before he'll try that thing again.
- Yes, society should thank us.
We should be given a goddamn medal.
- What's that?
Where did you get that from?
- Oh, that? That was something
I found down at that guy's place.
- You stupid moron...
didn't I tell you to keep away
from those kind of things?
It's dangerous, man. They will
bust you if they find that on you.
And you're in the soup too
if you try to sell it.
Throw it in the harbour,
bury it, just get rid of it.
I'm beginning to get real' tired of you.
Can't you ever get it to
work, that head of yours?
- Hello, darling.
- Hello, flower.
- Did you forget we were
supposed to be together tonight?
- I had to be able
to afford it first, no?
See you.
That was Rita,
she's got the real hots for Kaj.
Drink up, man. I'll buy another round.
What's that, you're not at work?
- Kind off, but they're under
construction at the factory.
They've come to the
department where I'll be going,
they're making it larger
and putting in more machines,
so we're only working until
twelve the next eight days.
- That's great, huh?
- They could have let us
off work all together,
but they are so darn
anxious about their green.
- To think that anyone
bothers to work at all...
- Well, what a lovely boy you are.
Where is Anton?
- He's out buying a new set of clothes.
We're taking it next level, you see.
He's slowly learning it.
- So he'll keep on staying here?
- That's right, I've sent him out
to the alcoholic to get his stuff.
Listen, you seem to be
awfully interested, huh?
- Yes, cause I think
it's a pity for him.
He's not your type at all.
- No, but he will be.
- Yes, you'll get him down
in the dirt soon enough.
It'll end up with him
just like it did to Axel.
- You shut up now.
You know it wasn't my fault.
- So?
- I wasn't the one who snitched him.
- It sure did suit you well.
- That'll be enough!
You better mind your own
business, you understand?
You're warned now.
- Skipper.
What, who is it?
- It's me, Anton.
- Oh, is it you my boy?
- You must be crazy to
sit here and sleep.
You could fall in, it's
deep here, you see.
I've just been here to get my suitcase.
- Where have you been?
It's been a while since a I saw you.
- I've stayed at some folks in the city.
- And new clothes, huh?
- I've got some work.
- Then maybe you have a
little something to spare...
- You bet I have.
- What kind of work is this?
- It's just something in the city.
- It doesn't sound good.
What kind of thing is it?
- Don't be so curious, Skipper.
It's all right.
Well, I'm off.
You take care of yourself okay?
I'll come back some other day.
You be careful what you do, my boy.
They always get us in the end.
Something of a place, huh?
Come, you should meet aunty.
He's real fun.
- Hello, aunty.
- Hello, hello.
- This is my friend, Anton.
- He's real cute, huh?
What do you want, port wine?
- Yes, that'll be allright.
Hand us two large ones, okay?
- I will get you that.
Tell me, you haven't
dumped Kaj or something?
- Kaj? No... we're meeting
him in just minute.
- I see...
- Cheers, buddy.
- Hello.
Yes, he's here.
Yes, I will do that.
Yes... yes, okay.
Good bye.
There's telephone for you.
Here's the address.
If it isn't the velvet boy.
- And?
- How's it going?
- Fine.
- Don't you want a glass of something?
- Some other time, buddy.
- There's Kaj.
- Did you order something for me?
- No, not yet. - Then drink up and
come with me over here.
Someone's waiting to buy
a couple of rounds there.
- No one's like Kaj to
take care of that of thing.
- So, it's you?
- What are you standing
around here glancing for anyway?
- Oh, I'm just amusing myself.
- You know...
I've been thinking about something.
They're under construction
out in the factory,
and there's a carpenter
there, a real funny ol' guy.
What if I asked him if he could
provide you with something?
- Be my guest.
It doesn't work.
- One could always try.
You got new shoes.
- Yes.
- They're good looking.
Must have been expensive, huh?
- Nah...
it wasn't that bad actually.
Are you on your way home?
- Yes.
- Then we can make company.
What was that?
- It's for Anton.
I'll be damned, it's from a bitch!
"My de-ar Anton"
"it... is..."
- Oh, come on.
"My dear Anton,"
"it is evening, I'm
sitting in my room"
"and writing to you."
"I miss you so."
Oh really.
"I'm so happy everything
is working out for you."
"I've been thinking
about visiting you."
- Now, what the hell is this?
He never told anything about her.
"Butcher Hansen is going to
Copenhagen in the end of the week.."
"and he told me I could
come along in his car."
"Write me, if you think I should do it."
"Everything is so empty
and sad without you."
- Bullshit.
- Oh, will you give it break.
- There he is.
Hey, Anton!
- Yes, what is it?
- Do you want a beer?
- Sure, thanks.
- Hey Rosa? That soldier
who's been here before...
- Oh, him. He's a real bore.
- Anyway, he sure
has a bad taste.
- We're going out tonight.
Welcome in.
Let me turn on the light.
We're going in there,
you can go ahead.
- Thank you.
- The switch is on the right side.
- Thanks.
- Watch it, that's a valuable thing.
Do you want a cigaret?
Do you like turkish ones?
They are in the box.
- Yes, please.
- No, thanks.
I don't think...
I'm not completely myself tonight.
Take a seat if you want.
- Thank you.
- I've been to a grand dinner.
That's why I went home
to get some fresh air.
What is your name?
- Ove.
- Ove, I had a brother by that name.
Is your mother still alive?
- Yes.
- I lost my mother
when I was in your age.
She was the only one
who understood me.
Understood what it meant to...
That contempt one has to face.
People don't say anything,
but one can see it in their eyes.
I hate myself.
Here, take these.
And now go away.
Keep out of this stuff.
- Good evening.
- What are you doing?
- Ouch
- Stop it!
Stop it, god dammit.
- What's going on?
Are you out of your mind?
- That's enough.
See what he's got in his pockets.
- A measly fifty kroner.
How about we take
some things with us?
- No, it's too dangerous.
Pull yourself together now, idiot.
- What about that guy?
- He'll be allright.
- This ain't something to split,
how about we go out and
blast them on drinks, huh?
- I'm going home.
- Wimp.
You already came home?
- Turn off that light.
- Where are the others?
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- Something happened?
It's something about Kaj, right?
You're bleeding.
- It's nothing.
- Come, sit down here.
Did he hit you?
Why don't you go home?
It's not something for you this place.
I know Kaj.
It ends up bad.
- And so what? - Anton, you're
too good for that.
I don't mess with what it
is you're messing around with,
I just know when Kaj's
in it, it's not any good.
Anton, be careful.
Don't waste yourself.
You want to become a
carpenter, find a job...
I could see it on you out
there on the building site,
you want to learn something.
- What good is it,
nobody needs me.
- Don't say that, it's not true.
Don't you understand
I've come to like you?
Anton, for me...
Anton, I've got news you.
I talked with that old carpenter today,
and he said he might be able
to use you, you just needed to...
- What was that he just needed to?
- Nothing.
- You're not trying to
make any tricks, are you?
Now let me tell you some thing...
you can go to bed with
him, as much as you like,
but this other thing, that's
none of your business,
and if you tell Anton anything
at all about that place
then I won't answer to what will happen.
By the way, I have to
thank you for helping
I was just starting to think,
I'd have to give up on him.
but now he's staying.
Good job, buddy.
We'll get him used to spending
those money eventually, won't we?
- You low, filthy rat.
- If you try anything at
all concerning Anton,
I'll bash your pretty little face in,
so you won't recognize it.
Hello, boys.
So, what are you having?
- Schnaps.
- Yes, double.
- Are you paying?
- No, Anton's paying.
- How did it go with the pool coupon?
- Can you believe it?
It was a bummer.
Not a single one came right.
And I even got help
from a football player.
A handsome young man.
- Don't you want one?
- Oh no, my doctor told me to stay
away from booze and women.
- Cheers, buddy.
You wanna play dice for the next one?
- Sure, let's do that.
Do you want to join?
- No, not now.
- Then let's get the velvet boy with us,
he sure needs to lose.
- Yeah, okay.
- Kaj, there's something
I need to talk to about.
- Not now, I have to see the others.
Later, buddy.
Take a schnaps, it's on me.
A double for Anton.
He's getting weirder all the time.
- Yes...
But we got him in a tight spot.
He's been in it too long now.
- So, who's starting?
The cops are coming.
Shall we cut and run?
- No, it's too dangerous.
Good evening, Jarne.
We need to talk to you.
You know what it's about.
Look at that one at the bar.
- The one with the quilted jacket?
- Yes, he looks a bit too young.
It's the police, come with us
outside for a moment.
- Me? Why is that?
- We just need to talk a bit.
Just come on.
Dammit. - He'll rat on
us anyway, the old one.
- No, then we would've been
taken along too. - Then what?
- I don't know.
How old are you?
Are you eighteen yet?
- No.
- What's your name?
- Anton Hansen.
- Do you have a job?
- No, not at the time.
- Do you have any ID on you?
- No...?
- We better take him with us.
But you threatened him to
hand out the money?
- Yes.
- How many?
- A few grand.
- Mr. Nielsen says it's
a question of 4.600.
What did you know about him?
- Well... he had Little-Svend with
him home a couple of times.
- How old is Little-Svend?
- Sixteen.
- And Mr. Nielsen knew that already?
- Yes.
- It says in the files
from your first case that
Mr. Nielsen was among the men
you had been together with
when you were fifteen or
sixteen years old.
- Well, that's why he was
so easy to threaten.
- When is the last time you had a job?
- A couple of years ago.
- Well then, that's all.
Can you approve the report?
- I guess I have too.
- Then sign here.
Sit him down and let me
get the file on Anton Hansen.
show that YOU will give way
Will you finish it?
- Yes.
Here you go.
Please sit down.
You name is Anton Hansen?
When were you born?
- 4th of august 1930.
- Not yet eighteen then.
Do you have a permanent residency?
- Nikolajgade 5, first floor.
- Who do you live with?
- Some of my friends.
Kaj and Rosa Jensen.
- How long have you been town?
- A couple of weeks, at the most.
- Let's see what you've
got in your pockets.
Seventy kroner...
Where did you get those from?
- I uh...
got them with me from back home.
- Well, the address looks true.
But they were sent the 17th.,
that's almost three weeks ago,
and you only lived there two?
- Then... it must have been three.
- Can you tell me who sent this letter?
- My mother did.
- We found you in the sex bar. Do you
know what kind of place that is?
- No.
- Not at all?
- Well, maybe.
- How often have you come there?
- One or two-three times.
- That's not true.
We believe, that you have had
something to do with those men.
- I haven't.
Tell me, do you have
something on him?
- It's the first time we see him.
- Well...
we'll have to let him go then.
Let me tell you something.
You better stay away from that place.
It's bad company for you.
We know those guys hanging out there...
it goes wrong for most of them.
They become tough
and disinclined to work
and many of them end up as criminals.
You better find some work
as fast as possible.
If we meet you again, you won't
get away as easy as this time.
We know you now!
Half past nine.
I'm going to Riktor's place. I'm too
afraid to leave before he gets back.
- Do you think he'll rat on us?
- No, not Anton.
He probably need to give
up on living here though.
- So what? They
can't force him not to.
It's him.
- No god dammit, he's got his own key.
- Then who is it?
- Go and have a look.
Good morning, I'm sorry
to come by this early,
but I would like to
talk to Anton Hansen.
- He's not home.
- Oh, did he go out?
Then I assume it will take a
while before he gets back?
- No no, he's just out
fixing something...
- Can I wait for him here?
- Sure, be our guest.
- I have to tell you I came
all the way from Jutland.
- Yeah yeah, that's great.
- What's that?
- Good morning.
- She's an acquaintance of Anton's.
She'd like to wait for him here.
- Here? It could darn take a
while before he's coming.
We can tell him you've been here.
- Yes, but what am I to do...
I don't know anyone in this city.
- Oh come on, Kaj. She can
come in and get a pilsner.
- Egon...
Welcome in.
There will be no more for me, as of now.
I don't want to be in it any more.
Else? Are you here?
- I wrote that to you. Why
didn't you answer my letter?
- Your letter?
- Yes, that's why I decided
to come anyway.
- Where do you live?
- No place yet. I thought you
would know that kind of thing.
- There's a small hotel
down the street.
Let me follow you there.
Do you have more luggage than this one?
- No.
Good bye.
- Anton!
Shut the door.
Did they get anything out of you?
- Well, I had to give them the
address to this place. - Nothing else?
- No.
- I think I have to give
you a little warning.
All this boloney about you quitting and
not wanting to be in it any more...
...it's no good.
- I'll decide for myself, damn it.
- Oh, really? Now let me tell
you something, my dear friend.
You're up to the neck in dirt.
What if Egon and I told a thing or
two to that piece outside, huh?
Other people could be interested too.
Your mother for example.
Else Nielsen.
I see.
Number 23, up the
stairs and take a right.
Can you believe it, I'm
here in Copenhagen.
How good looking you've become.
I can almost not recognize you.
How wonderful it is everything
is working out for you.
- How long will you stay?
- Well, at first I had thought
about a couple of days...
but if I tried to get a job over here,
we would be able to see each some more.
Du haven't told me what it is
you're working with, by the way.
- It's an evening job.
- You're off in day time then?
- Yes.
- Then you can show me the city.
Oh, how excited I am!
I can't believe it, I thought
she was much bigger.
- Come.
Come! Let's sit here so
we can look outside.
Oh! Just what I needed.
Good day, we would like to get
a couple of smrrebrd.
- Yes, with pleasure.
- Oh, how wonderful time we're having.
At which time are going
to work tonight?
- Don't think about that. I've
taken a couple of days off.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- What do you want?
Oh, how wonderful city this is.
And everyone looks so kind.
- It's good you came, Else.
Where are the others?
- Went. They were tired of waiting.
Where have you been?
- Here and there.
- Else, is that her name?
- Yes.
- You haven't told me anything about her.
- I didn't know she was coming.
- You tell me.
- I've known her for many years,
we were in the school.
- Oh, how touching!
will it be her or me?
- That's not something to ask about.
- Don't, I want you to answer me!
- Damn it, I don't know!
- Well, straighten up and find out!
Because if it's me, Anton,
it'll only be me.
- Didn't you bring Anton with you?
- No.
- One more beer.
- Two.
- Yes.
- He's really something, now we
haven't seen him for several days.
- He'll come when he needs the money.
- You bet, it was just starting to work.
- As long as he doesn't skip off.
- Go back home?
- Right! You don't know
what she's up to.
- Do you think she knows what
he's doing? - She knows shit.
- How about we use Rosa
to mess things up a bit?
She's real jealous on
that suburban slag.
- She doesn't want to. I've tried,
I don't know what's up with her.
- Rita! What about Rita?
- Me?
She doesn't know me.
- Oh, right.
- But she doesn't know Rosa either.
- Yeah, and so what?
- So what?
Let me tell you...
- I'll see you again.
- In an hour or so,
I've just got something I need to take
care of. - Well, good bye then.
Hurry up and get back.
Oh Anton, I'm so happy.
There's a young lady waiting for you.
Good evening, you wanted to talk to me?
- Well, you see, it's out now.
Why don't we go to your room?
- Okay.
- My name is Rosa, I'm Kaj's sister.
That one Anton lives with.
- What is this about?
- It's something about Anton...
- Oh.
I think it was a mighty scam.
Damn it, there he is!
- What did I tell you...
Get lost, we need to talk with Anton.
Hi there, Anton.
- Can you borrow me some money?
- Maybe... So, you've thought
a little about it, huh?
- You'll get them back as soon
as I've gotten a job.
- Ah, it's like that.
I was just about to think
you had pulled yourself together.
- You don't want to then?
- Go to hell.
Moster! Two schnaps.
- What now?
- He'll come...
Just wait... He'll come.
Hello there! Wait a minute...
- What is it?
- The young lade just left.
- Left?
- Yes, she came with her suitcase and
told me to get a cab for central station
She would try to catch
a train that left 22.15
Why are you leaving?
- You've been lying to me, Rosa has
told me everything...
- Rosa?
- Yes, all that with her and all that
other stuff. It's so dirty everything.
- Else, you have to listen to me.
- No! There's nothing more to talk
about. I'm going home.
Oh, I so believed you Anton.
How could you?
Are you rotten to the core
every single one of you?
Don't try to write me,
I'll burn your letters.
And now go! Go back to Rosa and
all your friends...
A double!
- The others are sitting over there.
- One more.
- So? You came after all, huh?
- There's a guy over there.
- You don't have courage tonight, or?
- Car dealer, dog drunk,
this kind of wallet.
- What do you say?
- Where is he?
- Oh hell... he's leaving now!
- Come, fast. Catch him outside.
We'll leave through the back door.
There he is.
- We're going to Trngade!
- Trngade, yes sir.
- Damn!
- What the hell should we do?
- We have to try down on main street.
- Isn't that a cab over there?
- It is! Come.
You can hang your jacket there.
Come on.
I don't see that many stairways.
We just have to take one side each and
find the door that's not locked.
Hurry up a bit!
There should be an opener on the table.
- I can't see any.
So, you're trying to pull tricks?
You better not, my friend!
I know that dirty trick, but you're
not going to fool me.
What happened?
- I killed him.
- Say what?
- Did anyone see you?
- No.
What should I do?
- Get lost and shut up!
You understand, the two of us...
we don't know anything about this thing,
we're not going to be messed up
in anything, you understand!?
- But...
- Now get lost!
Do you think it was up
there he came from?
God dammit, there must be
something to get...
Are you coming?
- Are you mad...
I'm leaving.
Murder - Auto mobile dealer at
Nrrebro found killed
ANOTHER MURDER TONIGH Terrible murder this night
40-year old murdered tonight
- found by a roomer
Auto mobile dealer killed
with a letter weight
- Killer's quilted jacket
left in apartment
- Can we get the finger prints now?
- No.
Yes, it is.
Yes, just a moment...
It's from the department. They've found
the cab that drove to that address.
Call Svendsen will you.
Do we have a description
of the other one?
And the jacket corresponds to
the one we found at the crime scene?
Yes, and where did he come from?
I see. Well, thank you.
Svendsen, a blond boy at the age of
seventeen or eighteen years old
from the sex bar, brown quilted jacket,
grey pants, chequered shirt...
does that ring a bell?
- Well, there was the one
we got that other day...
Anton Hansen...
down from Nikolajgade.
- Exactly. Get him!
- Yes.
- And Svendsen, remember to
look for the watch.
- You stay here and wait.
- Yes.
It's the police.
Is Anton Hansen there?
- Anton?
- Yes, he lives he right?
- Well, I haven't seen him
in a couple of days...
- We better take a look around.
- Hey hey, what the hell.
- Well, you do know why we
are looking for him?
- Nah...
- What's wrong?
- We need to talk with Anton Hansen.
- Where is his room?
- He slept in the living room.
- Over there?
- Yes.
- Hey hey, that's my room.
- Sure, that's fine.
- What has he done?
- Dammit, shut up!
Well, he's not here.
When was it you saw
Anton Hansen here the last time?
- Let me see, wasn't it Thursday?
- Yes.
- And since then you haven't seen him?
- No...
- Do you know anything of this?
What happened?
What did Anton do?
- He killed a guy.
- No...
Where is he now?
- I don't know.
- Not that...
Where could he have gone off to?
He doesn't know anyone...
- Well, there was that old
man he lived with before.
- He was called Skipper...
Why should he go down there...
I'll try.
It's me, Anton.
Do you hear?
- Did anything happen, Anton?
- I killed a man.
Skipper, I killed a man.
What should I do?
They will lock me up, maybe
for life sentence.
It wasn't my fault, they
won't get me...
- They'll get you, Anton.
They always get us.
I know, Anton... Sooner or
later, they will get us.
But you survive them.
I was locked up eight years.
- Did you also, Skipper?
- I guess it was something different.
Sooner or later, they get us.
It's a pity for you, Anton.
Have you seen a young man here?
Do you know where someone
called Skipper lives?
- Is it Anton?
- Yes.
- Anton...
- But have you seen him?
- He just went.
(They will get you, Anton)
(They always get us)
(I know, Anton)
(Sooner or later, they will get us)
KILLING of car dealer fully solved
Car dealer-killing now fully solved!
Wanted 17-year old Anton Hansen
found drowned in South Harbour
The tragic every day story
that led to the drama