Bundles (2022) Movie Script

[exhaling hard]
[ebbing tones]
[heavy breathing continues]
[Morgan] What a mess we made.
[school bell ringing]
As a dark skinned girl,
sometimes I think society
wants me to feel ugly.
Not directly, I don't think,
but that doesn't make
it feel any less real.
For example,
in the ninth grade,
a boy I like
named Tyson Johnson
told me that I was
and I quote,
"Cute, for
a dark skinned girl."
and that two last name
ass nigga
was darker than me.
[sucks teeth] Bro.
I mean, it's hard to blame
niggas, honestly.
Society got them brainwashed
to prefer light skinned women.
What can I expect when
Hollywood's casting
yellow-ass Egyptians,
and all of the good rappers
put mostly light skinned girls
in their videos.
So at this point, I'm used
to it, but it still hurts.
So forgive me, but I don't
get many days like today.
Today I feel beautiful.
It's picture day, and for once
I'm actually prepared.
Jackie let me wear some of her
nice shit, Tiff beat my face
something serious, and Vic laid
her holy hands on these brows.
I feel good, and I look good.
Now all I have to do
is avoid bumping into--
[record scratching]
Oh! [giggling]
I'm so sorry.
I totally meant for that junk
to land on your tray.
I know you
don't have any food at home,
and I'm just trying
to do my part, you know?
Help a bitch in need.
[Morgan] You might be
wondering who this hater is.
Her name is Maria Sanchez.
We used to be best friends
in elementary school,
and most of middle school.
But I don't know what happened.
I guess we just grew up
and grew apart.
Now, for some reason,
she just hates on me
every chance she gets.
[tape rewinding]
[sarcastically] Oh, my God.
Thank you so much!
But you should keep it.
I mean, I'd hate for you to run
out of food to puke back up.
[students oohing]
I only puke when I see that
burnt gas face of yours,
looking like a... Like
a leather jacket with teeth.
[students oohing]
Bitch, please. Black is
beautiful, and, matter of fact,
ain't you supposed
to be picking up
your 13 cousins
in your little-ass Honda?
[students oohing]
And ain't you supposed
to be selling me oranges
from the corner as well?
Andale, ho.
[students oohing louder]
Or I could just be selling
you edges and new growth,
[students oohing loudly]
["School" by
Finding Neo playing]
Always uncomfortable,
always so damn unsure
Never know the answers
or the questions, no
[pencils clattering]
Always so insecure,
feels like I'm just a bore
Never know when to talk,
I just stare at the door
Tell me how
to stay in school
["Beat Rock" by Tabi Bonney]
Everywhere I go, yo, fans
be like, "Where you from?"
You know, whether it be
New York or the U.K.
and I be like, um...
I'm from D.C. (D.C.)
I'm from D.C. (D.C.)
I'm from D-- I'm from--
I'm from D.C. (D.C.)
I'm from D.C. (D.C.)
[R&B music]
Thanks, sir. Five stars.
[Morgan] That's Tiffany.
She and my older sister
Jackie have been besticles
since they were four,
always hanging together,
but Tiff has a boo thing
and a job now,
so we don't see her
as much as we used to.
-'Sup, blondie?
-Hey, what's good?
Nigga, please.
Had the week off
and a tablecloth headass,
and I know you ain't laughing.
Got cargo shorts with 18
pockets and not a dime in 'em.
[Morgan] That's my homegirl
We both had the same summer
job in the eighth grade
and been tight since.
She moved to Maryland,
but she still come down to
the city like every other day.
Hey, slim, ain't nobody
want your top ramen-headass.
-No way.
-Icon-living lookin' ass.
What the fuck, eh dog?
[indistinct] out here.
Bass, little waist,
take a flick
Yo, Tiff. I take it
Jackie sent you the same text?
Yeah. It just said
"Code red Morgan."
Any idea what she meant?
Nah, but I brought--
wait for it,
Jordy Sparks
with me just in case.
Somehow, I doubt
it's that serious, Vick.
Like the Good Book
says, Tiffany,
[clearing throat]
[gospel preaching] It's
better to have and not need,
than to need and not have.
[organ chord]
You don't read
no damn bible.
Bitch, you don't know
what's on my tablet.
Mm... dust?
Let's just go see
what this shit is about.
[ambient music]
Thank God you guys made it!
[Morgan] Now, that's
my older sister, Jackie.
She's always
the voice of reason.
Our own personal, moral compass.
I honestly don't know
where I'd be without her.
She's only two years older,
but it feel like
she got decades on me.
I appreciate y'all
for coming through.
Of course, but what's
the emergency, though?
Did she get rejected
by some boy again?
No, it's nothing like that.
Did she fail
a test or something?
'Cause I'mma be pissed
if it's some nerd shit.
No, it's nothing
like that at all. Look.
Oh, damn. Fix it, Jesus.
Yeah. This is bad.
Um, she looks a little--
She looks a little
like she got her ass whooped.
What? She does. Please
tell me they let her retake it.
I mean, yeah, but
they want another payment,
and we could barely
afford the first one.
Look, I can't
cover the whole cost,
but I'm definitely down to help,
'cause we got to fix this.
I cannot let my girl
go out like that.
I'll pitch in too, because
that is just unacceptable.
Was it some kind
of allergic reaction?
No. She was crying,
and I'm afraid she still is.
She locked herself
in the bathroom
and she won't even let me in.
Come on.
[Morgan sobbing]
Hey, Morgan. It's me,
your loving sister.
Oh. Tiff and Vick
are both here with me.
[Morgan] Oh, God.
Why would you call them?
Because we love you, girl.
[Morgan feebly]
Go the fuck away.
Damn it.
Let us love you!
I don't need this Sisterhood
of the Travelling Pants
shit right now. I just
want to cry in the mirror
like a regular teenager.
[sobbing] Oh, God.
I'm so ugly when I cry.
You mad ugly.
[Morgan] Yo' momma.
Girl, I left my boyfriend's
house to be here.
You better open the damn door.
-What? I did.
I was getting a foot rub
when I got your text.
I stopped mid-foot rub,
and if that ain't love--
What Tiff meant to say
was that we're all
here for you, girl.
[Tiffany] You know we love you,
Morgan. Open up.
Tell us what happened today.
Yeah. Come on, Morgan.
I put a pie in the oven
and rolled you up a J.
[door opening]
Did you say pie?
[soft guitar music]
-[lighter clicking]
[coughs] Wow.
"Baldhead?" Really?
Bitch. You ain't bald.
I'm bald, alright? [chuckling]
Yeah, your hair
isn't even that short.
Spanish girls act like
they never heard of shrinkage.
It's not even like that.
Most of them be chillin'.
It's just Maria and her
whack ass backup singers.
Wait a minute, Maria Sanchez?
Weren't you two, like,
butt buddies back in the day?
I don't know about the butt,
I mean, yeah, we were buddies.
-What happened?
-[Vick] coughing]
[Jackie] Vick happened.
You think I'm the reason
she switched up?
No doubt. After you
and Morgan got close,
she felt like you had taken
her spot or something.
She must be so insecure.
Facts. Now, all of a sudden,
she's my arch nemesis?
[sucks teeth]
She'd never tried
no shit like that
while Jackie and I were
still going there.
Look, I'm just
going to say this once,
then I'mma let it go.
But trust and believe, after
all that shit, she pulled today,
I would have
knocked her the fuck out.
[all chuckling]
You think I didn't want to?
The school don't rock
like it used to.
You heffers abandoned me--
Yeah, you heffers
abandoned me two years ago,
and everything just changed.
I mean, people get expelled
for the tiniest things now,
and I'm not about
to mess up my chance
of going to college
over Maria fucking Sanchez.
-[sucks teeth]
-Smart girl.
Vick, stop cising shit.
Always trying to wreck somebody.
Yeah. Don't listen to Vick.
But she's right, though.
Something needs to happen.
I can still hear her little
flunkies laughing.
I don't even want
to hurt nobody.
I just want to chop
her ponytail off, or something.
Teach her bony-ass
some humility.
Wait a minute. Oh, no, no.
That's too far, now.
You'da did the
same thing, sis.
No, don't throw me
in there,
I wouldn't have
did nothing like that.
-That's your sister.
-That I didn't get to choose.
[Morgan] Y'all don't understand.
["Up Up" by Crank Lucas]
We going' up, up, up, yeah,
we going' up, up, up, yeah
We going' up, up, up, yeah,
we going' up, up, up, yeah
Go and do your lil' dance,
go and do your lil' dance
Morgan, I've been thinkin'
'bout what you said
for a while, and you could
totally do that shit.
Do what?
You could get that bitch Maria.
Wait, you mean, like,
chop off her ponytail?
[laughing] You lunchin'?
Yeah, are you high?
Yeah. Let that shit go.
She'll snitch on me
in a heartbeat.
Snitch? Shit,
only if she sees you
and President Hoebama
over there.
Hey! I was a damn good
student body president.
I will not be ashamed.
True. Plus that shit
looks good on a resume.
[Jackie] Okay?
Whatever. My point is,
I went
to a Maryland school,
and the three of us
never kicked it.
Facts. I remember
she would always cancel
at the last minute
with some bullshit excuse.
"My abuela needs me to help her
paint her living room," faceass.
"I have to go to my niece's
quinceaera," faceass.
Always some cultural shit,
so we couldn't question 'em.
They think we're
not hip to that bullshit?
So, basically, that bitch
might know of me,
but she don't know me.
I mean, that's true.
It's not like she recognized
you on the street.
But how exactly are we supposed
to hold her still long enough
to but her hair off, dummy?
I am so glad you asked.
I think I have a solid plan.
You guys just have
to do exactly what I say.
[woman 1] If you want
to add 20 pounds of hair
to any kid under 12,
then you need to take
their asses down
the street to [indistinct].
-[woman 2] Okay.
-[woman 1] All right? 'Cause
I'm not about to be in here,
torturing kids every day.
Exactly. I mean,
it's just too early.
That's what these damns kids
ain't got no edges now.
Excuse me.
Do y'all take walk ins?
I mean, we do, but I usually
close up early on hump day.
What did you need?
[eerie music]
Look, I've been going through
it! Like broke-broke.
But I finally got a callback
for a job interview,
so I'mma need somethin'
cute and cheap.
'cause I don't want to go
in there looking [indistinct].
I mean, I can't do it myself,
but my baby can.
And she's just as good
as I am, if not better.
Plus, she costs less
because she's trying to build
up that rsum,
you okay with that?
Yaaas! Thank you.
I'mma be right
here if you need me.
I'mma be right here.
And, uh, put
that back on, okay?
Oh-- Oh, okay.
You probably,
probably, probably
Don't know where you belong
mahogany, mahogany,
Mahogany, beautiful
Hey, you probably, probably
Probably don't know
where you belong
We got some little
braids back here.
Oh, I love it.
Glad you like it.
-Thank you so much.
-No problem. See you.
Looking good, ladies.
I'll be in
my office making some calls.
Tap on the door
when we're ready to lock up.
Oh. Hey, don't forget.
Vick said to make sure you grab
some scissors, okay?
They're called shears, booboo.
Step your vernacular up.
[mockingly] Okay [mumbling].
You think this crazy plan
is actually goin' work?
Yeah, I do. There's one thing
Vick is surprisingly good at,
it's revenge.
[Morgan] I knew what we were
doing was wrong,
and I knew it
was risky,
but just the thought
of seeing everyone call her
a baldheaded bitch for once,
I wanted
that fantasy to be real.
[crickets chirping]
Where the hell are they?
Are you sure
we didn't miss her?
Nah. She always come out
of practice around this time.
[Maria] But I was
like, why the fuck
was number six pushing
me like that?
Why do you
think I tripped her?
[other girls] Ay!
'Ight girl, my mom keep
blowing up my phone,
so I got to get going.
I'm sorry.
[kissing] Bye, be safe.
I will.
[friends] Text us.
Finally, she's alone.
This is dumb, y'all.
Let's just go.
No, we can't turn back now.
We came too far already.
All right, cool.
Y'all, stay close behind,
but don't let her see you.
I'm gonna circle 'round,
so wait for my signal.
[music playing
through headphones]
-[taser cracking]
-[Maria groaning]
[girl] Oh, sh--
[footsteps running]
Oh, my God.
That was your plan?
I can't believe you did that.
[scoffing] I'm sorry.
Did I... shock you?
Enough with the puns.
Nobody messes with our girl.
Now, let's hurry up
and do this shit.
All right. Jackie,
give me the scissors.
-Don't say her name, dummy.
-Oh, my bad.
[whispering] Shit.
Uh oh. What's wrong?
Please don't be
mad at me, guys.
Tell me you didn't forget
the fucking scissors.
[Morgan] Of course
she didn't, right?
Well, do you have them?
They're in my other bag.
I'm sorry, okay?
Are you serious right now?
Excuse me.
I'm not a professional
fucking criminal, Morgan.
Obviously. Stop
saying your names, damn!
[Maria groaning]
-[taser sparking]
-[Maria yelling softly]
-Jesus, Vick.
So now my name
has been said, too.
I swear to God,
the next hot motherfucker
to say a name
is getting zapped, too.
Haven't you zapped enough
people with that tonight?
Put that shit away.
Oh, what else do you propose?
You're the one who
forgot the damn scissors.
They're shears.
This is not the time.
Can't we just use this?
I mean, it's kind of dull,
but we can sharpen
it against a rock, or--
Ain't nobody 'bout
to be sharpening blades
on rocks, like some fucking
pirates, nigga.
It will have to do.
[light scraping]
I got it. I fucking got it.
Who's a baldheaded
bitch now, huh?
You had a baldheaded bitch.
[kick thumping]
[Morgan] I wish I could
say that I was perfect.
That I never did a wrong thing.
But I'm not, and I do.
Where I'm from, even the good
kids are bad sometimes.
[New Hair Who Dis Pt. 1" by
Reina C the Spicy Queen playing]
Glen D
I be like, new hair,
who this?
Reina C in this bitch
And I ride
through with my clique
Yeah, you know
it's time to get lit
Ha, ha, I got the strap,
coming at people necks
breaking bitch's necks
[floor creaking]
[soft piano music]


[school bell ringing]
I need all the bag,
run it back, send the cash,
Workin' nine to five ain't for
me, y'all can have that
Why I look so fine, I know
why, 'cause I'm all that
-You okay?
-Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?
No reason.
I'm just asking.
Nice haircut.
Thanks, I decided it was time
for something new.
Is that so?
Well, um, whoever cut it,
they did a damn good job.
Oh, my God. That's so savage.
What did she say?
Nothing. She just kind
of stood there.
-You think she knows?
No one would suspect I would
do some shit like that.
Hell, I would even suspect it.
I don't know, sis.
You'd be surprised what
people assume Black people
are capable of.
All I know is,
we need to get rid of that hair.
If she says something,
they'll believe her,
especially since
y'all two were beefing.
I say we just throw
that shit in the trash.
But what if Ma sees?
She's right. Throw it
in the neighbor's trash.
Or literally anywhere else.
Y'all are mad dumb, yo.
Why throw the hair away,
when you can just sell it?
Sell it? To who?
You two work in
a fucking salon, genius.
Use your imagination.
That's some long ass
Latina hair.
You better lie and say
it's Brazilian
or Peruvian or some shit,
I'm sure one of you bitches
knows how to make
that shit into a weave.
I do, and it's called
a weft, actually.
Jackie, don't start that shit.
All I'm saying is,
if we get at least $200,
it sounds like a win to me.
True. I mean,
Maria sounds horrible,
but she does have
some nice ass hair.
I'm sure someone will take it.
Yeah, you're right.
And besides, $200 is enough
for a fun girls night out.
I could use one.
-We all can.
Or some time with my man.
[other women moaning
and groaning]
That was a joke.
It was not a joke.
[overlapping complaints]
Yeah, I'm saving up,
they just be living up,
Buying out the mortgage
'cause I got tired of living
Thanks so much
for letting us
use your mom's old
sewing machine, Tiff.
Don't mention it.
Just been sitting here
collecting dust
ever since, uh...
Darling, can you hear me
now, God ain't--
It's okay, guys.
It was five years ago.
Damn. Sure
doesn't feel like it.
How's your dad been?
You know how men are,
they think they can just
work their feelings away.
You can't stop this train
Yeah, I'm focusing, you might
just have noticed it
Grinding every day, from
my youngest to my oldest day
I'm this old soul,
I'm just more than soul
Living my best life--
Wait, why did
you use blonde thread?
'Cause we're dying
the hair 613 blonde.
And why are we going
through all that trouble?
I worked at a beauty supply
store for two summers straight.
I distinctly
remember 613 blonde
being the most
sought after.
Girls are
pressed to dye their hair
and 613 blonde
is the easiest shit to color.
The lighter the hair,
the more vibrant the color.
Money, hey,
friends that never hate
Nothing's in my way,
you can't stop this train
I'm focused, you notice,
I'm focused, you notice
Damn, Jackie. This shit
looks fresh out the pack.
I can barely tell
it's been bleached.
You like a Houdini
with this hair shit, sis.
And you can roll the shit
out of a back wood.
Now that looks
good on a resume.
[chuckling] Okay.
Oh, okay. Genius.
[motor rumbling]
Girls, I'm gonna
get us some tigers
from down the street, okay?
I'll be right back.
Have and half iced tea.
We don't call them
Arnold Palmers,
we call them
tigers like Tiger Woods.
-Have brown--
-Half yellow!
And squeezed for all it's got.
[chuckling] Y'all are a trip.
So these bundles,
they're looking kinda, uh--
I was going to say
something a little less mean.
No, it's okay. You can say it.
Lord knows it's time
for some new ones,
but the place that I get
mine from has had my shit
on backorder for,
like, a month now.
Damn, a month?
-What's going on with him?
Well, I know the owner.
He told me straight up
that their hair connect
is in the process
of being deported.
I blame Trump.
Ugh. little orange bastard!
Well, Miss Ellis
it just so happens--
Call me El, baby.
Okay, El, it just so happens
that we have some.
For real?
Yeah, and I think they would
look really good on you.
Mm. I don't know.
I know you mean well,
and I don't want
to come across as rude,
but, you know I can't be seen
in just any old hair.
Oh, no.
Trust me, they are not cheap.
My uncle paid
top dollar for them.
It's just me and my sister,
we decided to go
with a more natural look.
Mm. More power to you. I know
I seem a little reserved,
but I've been going
to the same spot for years now.
And I'm the type, that once
I find something I like,
I don't like to mess
with the process.
I completely understand.
I didn't mean to offend you--
Look. Look, El.
Jackie here is being modest.
We have 24 inch,
613 blonde,
virgin Brazilian hair.
It's a three bundle deal
and an includes a frontal.
So, what's up?
You telling me you're
not interested in that?
-So you say 24 inches?
And that's with a frontal?
Yes, ma'am. With the frontal.
Shit! That sounds like a damn
good deal. Can I see 'em?
We got you now, don't worry.
[El] Alright, we'll see.
We'll see. I don't know.
-[bag crinkling]
See what we got here.
Now this is some good shit.
I mean, really good shit.
We've had offers already,
but we like--
I'll give you 1700 for it.
All right, manager.
Hold that one second, baby.
Let me get my purse.
Yeah, just wrap
that up for me. Mhmm.
Frontal better be nice too, now.
-Yes, it is. It is.
-All right.
[Morgan] None of us had ever
made so much money so quickly.
We couldn't believe it,
but as much as she deserved it,
part of me couldn't help
but think about Maria
and what we did to her.
Well, what I did to her.
I thought hurting her
would feel great,
I mean, sure it felt good
while it was happening,
but that faded fast.
Now I just feel guilty.
Fact is, I downplayed it,
but Maria and I was really close
at one point, like sisters.
And even though she'd always
go out of her way to hurt me,
I still feel bad
for hurting her.
Honestly, a small part of me
always thought we would
work it out someday.
But, I don't know now.
1,640, 1,660, 1,680--
1700 dollars. Damn, Tiff.
That's your third time counting.
I know. It's just I've never
seen this much money before.
No in cash, all at once.
Me neither. Except when I get
money order for rent for mom.
Spoken like a couple
of true broke bitches!
And one of these broke bitches
is putting a beatin'
on you, young.
I never knew people spent
this kind of money on hair.
Yep, especially the bougie
ones like Miss Ellis.
Bougie, my ass.
You know how Miss Ellis
got all that money, right?
-Well, the way I heard it,
her family used to wash money
for Rayfle.
Wait. You mean
the crack kingpin Rayfle?
Yes, Tiffany.
The crack kingpin Rayfle.
Have you ever heard of another
nigga named Rayfle?
-Never like shit, boy.
All of that was just
allegations, though.
The DEA investigated,
but they never found anything.
So don't you start
that gossiping shit, Vick.
Whatever. They
never found anything
because the nigga that was
supposed to rat got found
floating in the Anacostia River.
-I'm just saying.
Well, after spreading
this money out evenly four ways,
we all get $425.
Everybody good with that?
Uh, fuck, yeah.
I don't know, y'all.
What do you mean,
you don't know?
Yeah. Four ways is fair, Vick.
Everybody played a part.
Everybody took a risk.
No, nah. The split is fine.
I just don't understand
why we're stopping at only one.
What are you saying?
I'm saying, why don't
we just keep doing this?
Keep doing it? We only did that
one because Maria had it coming.
You just wanna be out here
shaving bitches'
heads for no reason?
It's not for no reason.
It's for money.
Look, I did some research
when I got home last night.
And did you know that per gram,
hair is worth
more than marijuana?
We could be,
like, drug dealer rich.
Are you out
of your damn mind, Vick?
Maybe, but damn.
Don't you have
at least one
ambitious bone in your body?
We made 1700 dollars
in one night
without stripping
or selling ass.
I know you bitches ain't
making that at the shop.
Hell, none of our parents make
that much in a day, combined.
I mean, come on, y'all. 1700
dollars off one fucking head?
We probably
could have made more
if you got cut that shit right,
like your mama taught you.
-Did you see that bitch's head?
She's still pretty.
Yeah, I saw her on Instagram.
She is working that bob.
Listen to yourself, Vick!
Right. You're trying to get us
locked the fuck up.
No, I'm trying to get us
leveled the fuck up.
I'm trying to get us paid.
I mean, this is a lot of money.
Come on, Tiff.
You can't honestly
be considering the idea
-of trying to do--
-I'm in.
Excuse me? Like hell you are.
Listen, I should have
never let this happen
in the first place.
I mean, I'm glad
we got away with it and all,
-from now on--
-Yo! I said I'm in!
We're not like
other girls, Jackie.
Both of our dads
left us with nothing.
Your dad got
lost in the streets
and leukemia took my dad
from us so fast,
we didn't even know what hit us.
There was no life insurance,
no last will and testament.
These people out here running
marathons and shit,
raising money to find a cure,
but that money's
not helping nobody.
No one is running a 10K
marathon to raise money
for two girls who don't
know how to move
on without their fucking daddy.
Look, sis, you're
the smartest person I know.
You damn near had perfect grades
and you always played it safe.
But when you was ready to start
life in a real world,
you had to do that shit alone
and you're
still struggling, sis.
I mean, yeah.
Well, you're different.
You got accepted to NYU, Morgan.
That's a big deal.
Yeah, I know. But my scholarship
barely covers tuition.
Where am I
supposed to live?
Did you know it's more
expensive to live in New York
than it is here?
What am I supposed to eat?
How am I supposed
to afford books?
Ain't gonna be no bat mitzvah
or no fucking quinceera for me.
Look, you're optimistic
and I love you for it.
But that is about
as useful as mom praying
to a white Jesus
to fix all our problems.
But this ship right here,
this shit can change things,
and not just for me.
For the both of us, sis.
She's right.
I mean, it's not like
we're harvesting organs, here.
It's just hair.
Exactly. The shit grows back,
and if we did, like,
50 of 'em, we'd be set
before the summer's over.
50 sounds like a lot.
Were you expecting
it to be easy?
Just imagine all
the shit we'll be able to do.
My man and I can finally
go on a euro tour.
I could actually
get an apartment in Harlem,
and actually go to NYU.
What about you, Jackie?
Get yourself a house?
Okay. Okay, but only 50.
[other women] Yes!
No, no. Wait, wait, wait.
If we're going to do this,
we're going to do it right.
There's going to be rules.
I say we doing our own thing,
writing our own plans
No more personal attacks.
If one of us gets named,
it's bad for all of us.
From now on, we only harvest
from strangers, okay?
-Got it?
-Got it.
Hitting the block, flooding
the streets with my own thing
Building our own team,
establish our own plan
All right. Rule number two,
no names on the job.
If there was a witness
last time, we'd all be fucked.
We come up
with names for each move.
That we know creates
a felon with real love
Rule number three,
-no shitting where we eat.
She means
no action where we live.
Facts. We can't risk
anyone recognizing our voice.
Rule number four,
no one sees our faces.
Before each job,
we'll make disguises,
either with cosmetics
or cheap masks
that malls sell
way too often to be traced.
we burn everything.
That's some
Mission Impossible shit.
I'm going
to need all the practice
I can get if I'm ever
going to become
a big time Hollywood
makeup artist.
Okay. Smart.
Oh, and lastly.
Rule number five:
No getting greedy.
No working outside
of the group,
and no keeping
bundles to yourself.
We have a goal,
we stick to it.
-[all others] Deal.
[Morgan] Just like that,
four friends
become business partners.
It's not quite often
You can get together
such a duo
That make you fuck niggas
jump just for the fun of it
Hey, hey, hey!
90 be bringing 'em out
Ay, 100 be
bringing 'em out
Ay, north'll
be bringing 'em out
Ay, whoa, whoa, whoa,
100 bringing 'em out
Ay, 90 be bringing 'em out
ay, be bringing 'em out
Hey, whoa
Bringing 'em, bringing 'em,
bringing 'em out
Hey, and we be
bringing 'em out
Hey, heard
we be bringing 'em out
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, and
we be bringing 'em out, okay
And we be bringing 'em out,
and we be bringing 'em out
Bitch, bitch, bitch
Yeah, we be
bringing 'em out
Yeah, we be bringing 'em out,
Yeah, we be
bringing 'em out
100, hey, hey, yeah, we
be bringing 'em out, bitch
I said we bringing
'em out, bitch
So we be bringing 'em out
Sci-fi when
the lights flicker,
Bonsai, tie, tie-dye,
when I rise, we don't jump
Niggas set the plan, leave
a nigga's eyes wide shut
When we slump, niggas,
what's a pump to uppercut
Punch we clutch, niggas
Dynamo, I don't know
if you can get
The vital chord, m'kay,
a maki with the mic control,
I was told that I enrol
Froze cryptic acetone
that melts your bones
Cold like frostbite,
nights bring the metal
One foot at a time.
move that ass!
I'm going, I'm going.
Can't even move
their goddamn self.
Well, shit.
What do you say, ladies?
One more?
Ooh, we definitely gettin' that.
Hmm. Get set, Rose.
[taser buzzing]
[metal jingling]
Don't move me.
You're moving too damn slow.
Let me help you.
Oh, sure you can.
-[taser zaps]
-Now, Blanche.
-Get your ass up.
I'm coming, coming.
Hmm. Nice work, Rose.
Thanks, Dorothy.
You got the shears there,
Oh, guys, totally should
have seen it.
This bitch totally thought
I was old.
Blanche, you got
some skills, girl.
I tried to tell ya.
Can we jerk each other
off later?
Let's get this shit done
and get out of here.
Oh, sorry, Princess Jasmine.
You heard the boss.
All right now. Shit.
Mhm. She not gonna be getting up
all these [indistinct]
-and all these stairs.
-Just get the damn hair.
Well, ladies, we did better
than we thought.
Five full heads.
-We did a good job.
-I'm so proud of us.
-Hey, lil' sis?
-What's up?
That's how you cut some hair!
I learned from the best, like--
Yes, and we picked
some good ones, too.
I mean, that's
some good ass hair, y'all.
-You right.
Yeah, if I was
racially insecure,
I would totally want
this shit for myself.
[all laughing]
Man, y'all.
I'm gonna miss being old.
That shit was fun.
I started getting
back pains and knee pains.
Shoulda got a handicap sign.
-Getting into character my ass.
-Getting into character.
Okay, okay.
In all seriousness, y'all,
how are we supposed
to sell all this hair?
I mean, y'all bitches
got lucky last time.
What if no one comes into
the shop looking for hair?
Or worse, what if
they tell your mom?
Leave that part to me.
What do you mean
leave it to you, like--
I got a plan.
What do you mean
you got a plan?
It's getting worse and worse.
I don't know what happened.
I was walking home and there
was this old lady.
And after that,
everything is hazy.
And what about
after the assault?
Can you walk us through
what it was like
when you realized
you had been assaulted?
I woke up and...
I felt light.
I could feel the breeze
against my scalp.
And that's not the feeling
that I'm used to.
So it reached up to touch
my head and...
all my hair was gone!
I can't imagine
what that was like.
What advice do you have
for women while
the assailant
is still at large?
Just be careful.
I never thought
that something like this
could happen.
Not to me.
I keep to myself.
I mind my business.
I don't know why somebody
would do this to me,
or to anyone, really.
And judging from her scalp,
I'm sure we've all come to
that same conclusion.
I'm Luther Jenkins
for Channel 12 News.
See? This is why I don't like
watching the news.
It's always bad.
It's so depressing.
Then you got to take
that mess to work.
How you gon' start off
the day with bad news,
-all the time?
-And they always on the train,
wanting to talk about what's
going on on the--
Nobody don't want to hear that
when they go to work.
Ooh, but you not going
to believe who called me.
Don't tell me, because you
not supposed to be seeing
him anyway.
You don't even know
what I'm talking.
I already know what
you talkin' 'bout.
You said you weren't calling
him, and he wasn't calling you
and now, all of a sudden,
you smiling at me,
talkin' 'bout
who came to see me.
Okay, I'm just saying.
-Hey, girls.
-Hey, Mom.
-Hey, Aunt Tracy.
-[Tracy] Hey.
So, how did that
study session go?
Um, pretty good.
I'm not 100% where
I need to be,
but I know with Jackie helping,
I feel confident.
Okay, good. That's what I like
to hear. So did y'all eat?
Me and Tracy had
some pizza earlier,
should be about three
or four slices left.
You're welcome to have it.
I put the box
in the fridge.
-Oh, thanks.
-Thank you, Aunt Tracy.
[Mom] You're welcome.
Oh, hey, have you guys been
watching the news?
Um, the news?
No. Why?
It was crazy what happened
earlier today.
See, these two Arab women
who were walking home from
the metro, they got knocked
out, and when they woke up,
all their hair, gone!
Oh. Oh, God.
Like somebody cut it?
Oh, wow. Um,
did they catch who did it?
Oh, well,
see, that's the thing.
The victims can't even remember
what happened.
And the police think somebody
drugged 'em or something.
I don't know.
Yeah, they're trying to say it's
some hate crime or whatever,
but it's probably just some
white people still pissed off
about 9/11.
-Never forget.
-[Mom] Oh, please.
When are white people going
to finally accept that 9/11
was an inside job.
Oh, and don't
even get me started on Area 51.
Oh, my gosh, the aliens?
Now Trump has aliens.
I don't know but you won't
catch me going down there
to see no aliens.
I tell you that much.
I'm not going to no Mexico.
-Girl, it's not Mexico.
-It's Texas.
It's over there somewhere.
I think you
had too much to drink.
[Mom] Okay, first of all,
don't check me, okay?
-You're not old enough.
-Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.
Ah, there it is.
[purse contents rustle]
Hello, Miss Ellis.
I mean, El.
And who is this?
This is Jackie
from the salon.
I got your number
from my mom.
Oh, how you doing, sweetheart?
I'm doing well. I was just
calling to check in
and see how you like the hair.
I don't like it.
I love it! I love it,
I love it. I love it. Okay?
When I tell you I love it--
Child, all my friends
are so jealous.
They still waiting on
our guy to get back,
but I talked to him yesterday
and he is over
there sweatin' bullets
like this is the end
for him.
Well, it's funny
that you mention him.
I think I have a solution
to his problem.
A solution? Like what?
[Jackie] It's kind of
too sensitive to talk about
on the phone.
Do you think we can meet up
later on this week?
Sounds like
a business meeting.
Yes, ma'am. I heard your family
has a history in, uh, business.
Miss Ellis? Hello?
Uh, you know what?
You're right.
This is too sensitive.
Marvin Gaye Park,
tomorrow at noon.
Come along and don't be late.
If you're late,
I walk.
If you're even
a minute late, I walk.
-No, I'll be there.
So what is matriarchy?
Well, Webster's Dictionary
defines 'matriarchy'
as a social system unit
governed by a woman,
or a group of women.
It is often debated that
a true matriarchical society
has never actually existed,
so therefore, matriarchy
is normally treated
as an imaginative concept.
Morgan, what is it?
Um, is it okay if I step out
for a bathroom break?
-Sure. Go ahead.
-Thank you.
Perhaps, we just lack
full understanding,
however, this reluctance
to accept
the existence of matriarchy
may be based on
a culturally biased notion
of how one defines matri--
[forcefully] Yes, Maria?
Sorry. Can I use the restroom?
I was gonna wait
for Morgan to get back,
but it's an emergency.
You best get a move on then.
That being said, there are
ancient communities that
historians cite...
[lecture continues muffled]
[Morgan] Any word from her yet?
God. I hope she shows.
We need her.
Exactly. And this won't work
if we can't sell the hair.
Okay. Okay, but just
text me when you're done.
I gotta get back to class.
You're early. I like that.
-My mom taught me to be---
-No, no, no. It's okay.
My mother, she taught me
to be punctual. How are you?
I'm good. I'm always good.
No, thank you.
Let's just get right
to it then.
So tell me, what is it
that you think you know
about me and my family,
and be honest.
You know, I still don't
understand why we gotta drive
all the way to Chantilly
just for a costume store.
Because, Victoria,
if the police get a tip
on the masks we used,
they'll check local sales.
So, we drive somewhere
that's not local.
We pay in cash,
so there's no paper trail.
It decreases our chance of
getting caught exponentially.
Damn, bitch. How much
Criminal Minds do you watch?
Laugh it up now,
but you never know.
I've even been scouting
for low surveillance areas.
Fuck that. I can't go to jail.
Have you seen my skin tone?
I look terrible in orange.
I heard you guys
used to wash money.
-Allegedly. Allegedly.
-[El inhaling, exhaling]
And what interests
would a young girl like
yourself have in that?
What if I told you I can get
my hands on more hair like what
I sold you? Do you think
you could sell it to your guy?
Hmm, I don't know.
It would have to be
a lot more than what
you sold me.
And there would be
some minimums,
and length requirements
and it couldn't be anything
that's over processed
or colored--
It's 25 full sets,
per week.
All variousness,
all great quality.
Brazilian, Peruvian,
Malaysian, you name it.
I just need
a fixed price of 20,000.
That's awfully low
for the quality you get.
Why not just sell it yourself?
I'm young.
I don't know the game.
People will be looking
to get over
with all kinds of
hookups and discounts,
but your guy,
he's used to selling
to people for top dollar.
And, say,
what exactly do I get
for being the middleman
in all of this?
I kept my cut low
so that you can take off
the top whatever you need
to feel satisfied.
And, of course, I will throw in
free hair
and free styling for you.
All I ask is
for your discretion.
My mom, she cannot know. Ever.
I like you, kid.
It's going to be
a good summer for us both.
Thank you so much.
Mhm. You have a good day.
Thank you, you too.
Holy shit. 20K?
I can't believe
you landed that deal, sis.
I know, I know.
But I was nervous as shit.
Like, I felt like I was
on an episode of
Shark Tank or something.
When I shook her hands,
my hands were sweaty as shit.
I don't blame you. Shit.
That's like some secret
politician baby hush money.
That's like NBA player
child support money.
[all laughing]
Nah. But in all seriousness,
though, y'all,
this just means
we have to be on our shit.
Like, the quality
has to be great.
Yeah, you're right.
And we can't fall short
of our quota.
If they want bundles,
let's give 'em bundles.
Yeah, let's give 'em bundles.
All right, all right.
[Luther] Almost 30 assaults
in a week's time
have left women
in the DMB area terrified.
Each attack leaving behind
another bald victim,
causing local women to take
whatever precautions they can.
Some wear hats,
some wear Bantu knots.
The fuck? They out here
scalping bitches and shit.
Man, fuck these bitches,
get this fucking bowtie off
the motherfucker, it's strange.
Scalp the damn bowtie,
that's what the fuck they need.
They need to. You ain't lie.
I'm standing here in front of
local headquarters, where--
Oh! Detective Mercer.
You made a name for yourself
cracking down on
Internet-based crimes
such as the flash mob looting
wave of 2016
and unsanctioned street fights.
Is the department taking
this scalping wave
just as seriously?
Absolutely, absolutely. I mean,
sure, these are pranks by kids.
Bored I'mmature kids who don't
realize how much trouble
they can get in
but cutting someone's hair
without consent,
it's a form of battery
and is punishable by law.
Just when I thought
I had seen it all.
What the hell is wrong
with this generation?
That's it.
I don't want you girls
going anywhere
by yourselves.
Oh, come on now, Mom.
You know we not dumb enough to
get caught out there slipping'.
Well, I'm sure that girl
thought she was smart, too.
All I'm saying is keep
your eyes open, okay?
You never know when the devil's
going to come knocking.
[knocking at door]
Hello, young lady.
How may I help you?
Hey, Miss Davis. I don't know
if you remember me,
but Morgan and I, we used to
hang out when we were kids.
Wait a minute.
I do remember you.
Marie, right?
It's Maria, actually.
Well, I was close.
Hardly recognized you without
all that pretty hair.
-How you been?
-I've been good.
I just wanted to stop by
and talk about
a school project with Morgan,
if that's okay.
Oh, um, I totally forgot
you was coming.
Give me a minute, ma.
I'mma finish sweeping.
All right.
Come on.
School project? What the fuck
are you doing here?
You know exactly why I'm here.
I finally put
two and two together,
and it all makes sense now.
I mean,
I knew you were smart,
but this plan of yours is
some next level genius shit.
Plan? What plan?
Wow. So you're really
gonna make me say it?
I know it's been
you and your girls
doing this whole scalping thing
on the news.
-Shh. Keep your voice down.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
Is that too loud for you?
Yo. You're tripping.
I don't know what
you've been smoking on lately,
but you really need
to go somewhere
-with that bullshit real lie.
-Really? I'm tripping?
I just heard you
in the stairwell last week
about selling hair.
Did you sell mine?
Ooh, you did, didn't you?
Was that the first one?
Guess I should consider
myself lucky.
Those other bitches
were all the way bald.
Not even I could pull that off.
Yeah, right.
I mean, the whole school would
call you brave or something.
I mean, you'd be the next
Amber Rose.
Oh yeah, and for the record,
I don't regret it.
Hey, I had it coming.
I can admit that.
Besides, I kind of always
knew it was you,
just didn't think
you had it in you.
Well, you got no proof.
Proof? Who says I'm here
to rat on you? Fuck that.
I want in on it.
Fuck that and fuck you.
I'm not letting you in on shit.
Well, maybe me and your mom
should have a little talk,
see how she feels about
the whole situation.
No. No, no, no, no, no.
Ooh, you seem so conflicted.
How about this?
I'll give you and your little
team until tomorrow
to talk about it. But you're
either going to let me in,
or I'm spilling the tea.
[doorbell trills]
You okay, baby?
Everything's perfect, Mom.
No worries.

I think
we should just kill her.
Whoa! No one said anything
about killing anybody.
Relax, Tiff.
Vic talks tough,
but she always cries
watchin' Lifetime movies.
[all oohing]
Bitch, I told you that
in confidence.
You know you're punk
and I love you.
-Fuck you.
-So what do we do?
Only two choices, really.
Either we cut her in or
we stop everything altogether
and say goodbye
to all this money.
Oh, my God. Is that--
No one's ready to say
goodbye to money like that.
Fuck that.
Tell that bitch she's in.
[balls thudding]
-Oh, that's what I thought.
Follow me.
[door thudding,
lock clicks]
What are you doing?
You backed us in a corner,
so we gon' let you be down.
But you and I have
some bad blood,
and if this is gonna work,
we gonna have to get past it.
So what?
I'm supposed to fight you?
See, we used to be friends,
then all of a sudden, I'm just
the dark-skinned girl
you like the pop
your little racist jokes onto,
and you think you not gon'
catch a face for it?
Bitch, take off your jacket
'fore I fuck up your good shit.
Fine. Don't tempt me
with a good time.
[fight din]
[rap music:
lyrics unclear]

Oh, you gon' pay for that.
[screaming] I'm gon'
pay for that?
Hey, Mom.
Is everything okay?
I got your text
and we came rushing over.
Yeah, it's okay.
She said it was
just some girl starting shit.
You know how this city can be.
Luckily, Maria was
with her to help her out.
I gave them both
some ice packs.
Is it bad?
I mean, they still have
all their teeth and hair,
so yeah, they're okay.
They've been upstairs laughing
and giggling this whole time,
so I assume they're all right.
But see, that's why I tell you
girls to stick together,
so you can keep each other
out of trouble.
Yeah, I know.
Uh, we gon' go
check on them.
-What are you doing?
-[Maria mumbling]
Stop, stop, stop. What is that?
What is that?
You know, you made it seem like
you got the round oval--
The whole areola might be gone,
I'm sure of it.
That might be the whole areola?
Looks like you two finally
worked things out.
-[taser crackling]
-What's buzzin', cousin?
Yo, yo. Vic, it's cool,
it's good.
Uh, am I in The Twilight
Zone right now?
Right. I am so lost.
I just want to thank you guys
for having my girl's back.
I was a shitty, jealous friend,
and I had you all wrong.
I had everything all wrong.
And I want you guys to know
that you don't have to cut me
in if you don't want to.
I won't say shit,
and your secret
is safe with me.
Fuck that. You're in.
There's more than enough money
to go around.
And besides, it's the least we
can do for cutting your hair.
Believe it or not, I actually
like it better like this.
Wait. Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
So you two are friends again?
[both] Yeah.
But I thought she called you
a leather jacket with teeth.
[both laughing]
I mean. Yeah, no,
but in hindsight,
it was actually kind of funny.
Bitch, you called me a bulimic.
I bet you her bad ass
didn't tell you that part?
No, she did not.
So, you guys squashed it?
[both] Yeah.
It looks like they tried
to squash each other.
Sometimes friends just
need to fuck each other up.
Oh, she right about that.
Tiff and I fought twice
before being friends.
Well, I'm glad you two
worked things out,
because now guess what?
-What's up?
-We can get this money, okay?
[all cheering]
All right, look, I gotta let
you in on the plan.
Be down with me.
[high-pitched electronic
Racks today, all I want to
do is get some racks today
All I want to do
is get some racks today
All I want to do is get
some racks today
That's a bet,
that's a bet
That's a bet, that's a,
that's a bet
All I want to do is get
some racks today
All I want to do is get some
racks today, that's a bet
That's a plan
Your mother messed up, know
she shoulda took a Plan B
Hit after hit, that's why
they can't stand me
Ooh, guess
I'm speaking facts today
Through the check,
I got paper cuts
Got a plastic bitch
with a big old butt
She say something, something,
something racks today
That's a bet
'Cause I wanted racks today
All I want to do is get
some racks today
All I want to do
is get some racks today
All I want to do is
get some racks today
All I want to do is get
some racks today
That's a bet, that's a bet,
that's a bet
That's a bet,
that's a bet
All I want to do
is get some racks today
All I want to do is get
some racks today, G!
It is a crazy feeling
to have everyone
talking about you.
First the news
now everyone at school.
Not a feeling
I could get used to.
So, uh...
It's not weird to you?
Oh, you mean all the eyes.
No, not at all.
I'm used to it.
And besides, the people
who usually aren't doing shit
are always the ones talking so,
I try to think of it this way,
it doesn't really matter
what people here think
'cause it's only high school.
Chances are, after graduation,
I'm not going to see none
of these people again.
-That's true.
-Exactly. So, fuck 'em.
To new beginnings.
-To new beginnings.
-[Maria] Boop!
[Maria laughing]
It's always the nicest. Why?
[keyboard keys clacking]
- don't want to eat it...
-[jokingly] No, no, no.
Don't do that, no,
it came from the trash.
And it tastes like it.
Aw, shit.
Uh-oh. What's up?
Another obstacle, ugh. Looks
like we'll need another ride.
Wait, we have money. Why not
just use some to get a new car?
You know the rules.
No spending, it'll be too hot.
-[text tone blooping]
Okay. Whew.
Tiff has a plan,
so we're good.
Hey, Sloan, tell me y'all
seen shawty from Georgetown
on the news, Mo.
Kill, Mo.
You talking about shawty who
hot scalped the other night?
Kill. Ay,
I just seen it on IG, huh.
I just seen it, too, on TV, man.
It's trash.
But, ay, she looked good.
I'd have kissed her ass
if I had the chance.
She used to look good, shawty
look like a whole newborn now.
-Now that I thing about it,
She do look like the monk
from Dr. Strange,
lil' baldheaded ass.
[all laughing]
Professor X, your father?
Like shit, girl.
[all muttering]
Shit. Shawty look like a whole
Nazi out here, you know?
[mock German]
Y'all wild as shit.
All right, man. Get your ass up
out my chair, bruh.
See what you got going
on here anyway...
I don't even know why you
checking it,
you know I'm ice, young.
Still got to check.
Now, that'll be $500,
Mr. Big Time Rapper.
Five? Look, man, I got to go
meet my shawty right quick,
and, you know, I'm saying I'll
give you a dub out my pocket
and you can put the rest
on the tab.
-Nigga, tab me my $500.
-Yeah, 'ight.
Didn't you just do a feature
for Barack Obama?
How many found good love
How many found
a good home
How many found good sun
How many found
good water
Think we need to grow
This girl I'mma rose
She be quickly on my side
I think she know
I might let go
[Tiff] Wow.
Your hair looks really good.
Oh, thank you.
You know, fresh out the chair.
I see. Hey, do you have
plans for tonight?
Uh, no, not really.
Why, what's up?
Can I borrow your car?
Hey, come on now.
You know don't nobody drive
Bertha, but me.
I hate that you call
your car that.
Hey, hey. Sip on haterade
all you want,
Big B and I have been together
for a nice little minute,
and nobody else drives her,
But, I'd be more than happy
to take you
if you really need a ride.
Hm, that's okay.
Hey, you want to let me
know what's going on?
You've been busy, almost,
like, every other night
and now you need a ride
somewhere, but you can't go
if I take you.
Man, I ain't want to jump
to conclusions or nothing,
but you is starting to make me
a little bit nervous.
Oh, God.
You think there's someone else?
-Better not be.
-Of course not, crazy.
But I do have to tell you
something, though,
and you're probably
going to be mad.
-[brakes squealing]
-You what?
Please don't overreact.
Are you fucking serious
right now?
You and your goofy-ass friends?
I know it's crazy.
You damn right it's crazy.
Why would you even jump in
on some stupid ass prank?
Just because it's on TV?
Well, that's the thing.
There is no prank.
No one else is doing this.
All of it's been us.
Every last scalping.
Now, just keep it down, let's
just get back in the car.
Wait. What?
Are you even listening
to yourself right now?
And how is that even possible?
It's been over, like, 100
of 'em. That mean y'all
gotta be scalping like--
25 to 30 heads per week.
This is fucking crazy.
I'm sorry for bringing
you into it,
but we've been selling the hair
and making some serious money.
I did it for us.
I want to take us to Europe.
I just know they'd love
your music there.
Not like these hating ass
DC niggas
that just want to hear songs
about guns,
Gucci, drugs and fucking
another nigga's girl.
We were using Jackie's
mom's car to get around,
but it's in the shop now,
and we need wheels.
So, let me get you
Now y'all want to use my car
so y'all can drive around
scalping bitches?
Or guys, or whichever pronoun
they identify as, really.
We don't discriminate.
The money is really good.
We can pay you $1,000
just for the week.
Our car should be good by then.
So why not just wait
a week then, boo?
We can't just take
the week off,
we have a quota to meet.
A quota?
Yo. Who the fuck
is buying this hair?
I can't tell you that.
Of course.
She can't tell me that.
That's "classified," right?
I feel like I'm talking
to a fucking secret agent
right now.
Look, I just can't, okay? Hell,
I wasn't supposed to tell you
what I just told you.
Look, I don't know
what type of B613 shit
you don' got yourself into,
but just know
I got yo' back.
I just need you to understand
this one thing.
If you hurt Bertha, on mothers,
young, I swear to God,
we gon' have
some motherfucking issues.
Still looking into
this stupid prank?
I am. I am.
I'm telling you,
something about this
keeps reeling me back in, man.
Two creams, one sugar?
Yep. Same as every morning.
My man.
You know, with all the actual
crime we got going on
in this city,
I don't understand how
any of this even
warrants our attention.
Well, it's interesting.
If you look at each assault
it's so easy to look
at it as a prank.
None of the victims
are related,
and it's happened in various
locations all over the DMB.
I mean, how else would
you look at it?
Well, if you look at
it as a collective,
you could argue
that it's been one person.
You're shitting me.
You're saying one person scalped
almost 30 people in one week?
One person,
or maybe one group.
A group that keeps getting
better and better.
Why the fuck would anyone
want to do that?
It's some
sort of internet sensation?
Perhaps, perhaps.
Maybe it's somebody that has a
grudge against people with hair.
Maybe it's somebody
who lost their hair.
You know what?
I think I'm going to see if
I can get in contact
with Steve Harvey,
see if I can get a--
See what he's been up to
the last couple weeks.
Yeah, and I'mma run over
to the Shaolin Temple.
I like it. I like it.
Ishmael, Ishmael
All right, Woody,
let me out right here.
All right, Dirty Dan.
[affected] You know it,
let's do it.
[woman groaning]
[woman grunting, body thudding]
She's down.
No, no, no, no, no, no. No.
What's wrong?
Yeah. Hold it
together, Ranger Mo.
You guys don't I understand,
we just fucked up.
What are you talking about?
That was a clean cut.
Fuck the cut. You don't
recognize this tattoo?
Uh, no. It's not
ringing a bell.
Of all the women in D.C.,
we had to fuck with
a mambo. We are fucked!
A mambo?
What the hell is that?
We got to get the hell
out of here, guys.
I'll tell you when we get back.
Well, let's go then.
Oh, my God.
Holy shit. That's some
cartel-level gore.
Yo. What the hell is
wrong with them?
I'm not looking at it any
more. That shit is gross.
Gross is an understatement.
It says here that
the Mamba's crime syndicate
has a savage code.
If you wrong them,
they will kill you and
everyone you love.
Holy shit.
That's a lot to process.
Why hasn't the
cops gotten involved?
Oh, they're involved,
all right. Courts have indicted
dozens of cops for taking
the bribes from
the Mambas over the years.
So, what? The lady we just
harvested is part of it?
She's a Mamba?
Yes. It's worse than that. That
tattoo on her neck has meaning.
Mira, all the
Mambas get tattoos.
Most of them have it
on their foot
to signify
they're merely foot soldiers,
their leader has one on his
fucking head to signify
he's the head of the Mambas.
[groaning softly]
Wait a minute. So the higher
up the tattoo,
the more important the person?
And this girl.
hers is on her neck.
So she's either a
decision maker,
or somebody's daughter,
or somebody's wife.
Either way, y'all,
we're fucked.
[phone keys tapping]
I need help.
I've been attacked.
Wait a minute. That's not
necessarily true.
She didn't see any of us.
I mean, how would she know?
That's true. There's no way for
her to find us.
Yeah, you-- Yeah,
you guys are right.
Let's just stay out of
Chinatown from now on.
Yeah. Definitely.
Hey. It's okay, right?
I guess so.
Jesus Christ.
Are you okay?
Miss, are you okay?
Let me help you up.
[woman mumbling]
Does it look like I need some
fucking help?
It kind of does. Come on.
Let me help you.
Get the fuck away from me!
I was trying to help you!
Fucking drunk ass
motherfucking bitch!
-[woman whimpering in distance]
-Don't start.
Your hair.
I said don't start.
What the hell happened?
I woke up and...
[sobbing] I woke up...
[swearing in Cantonese]
Find the one responsible.
I will not rest
until it's done.
[speaking Cantonese]
[woman sobbing]
[all mumbling excitedly]
Pour it out, pour it out.
Ay, dios mio.
[all moaning]
Somebody pinch me, mm!
I hate to say I told you so,
but I told you heffers.
How much money is this?
20,000 a week for 11 weeks.
This is $220,000.
And after tonight, we finish
the last of 12 weeks.
That's almost
a quarter million.
And I'm taking all of
this to El's friend.
He's converting it to Bitcoin.
He's sending
62.5 coins to my account.
At which point, I'm going
to give him the money
and then I'll wire you
all your cuts.
Oh, I get it.
That way all our money's
I'm down with that. Beats
stuffing money in a mattress.
Yeah, so after that,
if y'all want to keep going,
that's up to y'all. But I
reached my goal. I'm out.
Me too. Last night
was too close.
That's more than enough
for me. I'm out.
You guys are cool as fuck for
even giving me an even cut.
I wasn't even here the
first few weeks.
Stop. You're one of us.
This shit here,
this is bigger than money.
Now I know I can be greedy,
but I ain't dumb.
I'm not 'bout to get
decapitated by some baldheaded
samurai bitch. I'm out.
I'm glad you said it,
because I almost passed
the fuck out yesterday when
Maria showed me those photos.
[all mumbling in agreement]
[singing softly]
Jackie. Jackie, let me hear it.
-This was a-- this was a what?
-[sing-songy] Good idea.
Uh, that's what I thought.
That's what I thought.
Hey, we're out here with
the girls now.
They're going to let me know
if they see anything.
Yeah. All right.

I did exactly what you
asked, Feng.
I had our guys send out
another batch.
Good job. Pay them.
Do you think it'll really work?
I do.
But what if we get nothing?
Then you double the number
every day until you find them.
No action over here.
Nah. I don't see anything.
No sign of 'em here.
Yeah, I don't see them.

Last one, ladies.
Let's make it count.
it would be a shame to even cut
all that off.
[all snickering]
Aight. Let's get it,
you busted ass, bum ass,
crusty ass, dusty ass,
bitch ass crayons.
Damn, tell me how
you really feel.
Get yo' ass out the car.

Am I just daydreaming
When you mess with the Mamba,
the Mamba messes with you.
She's running
down Fifth street.
[spotlight clicking]
[tired squealing]

The Mambas are chasing me!
[women yelling]
Get her!

[women screaming]
[gun firing]
[glass shattering]
[all screaming]
-TIFFANY: Oh, God. They hit me.
-They what?
We have a license plate.
It's being traced by
one of our guys at
the department as we speak.
As soon as we have a hit,
I'll send it to you.
I didn't even do it.
I'm-- [whimpering]
No. No, no, no, no.
[choking on blood]
We're going to go figure out...
Oh, no. What's happening? No.
Please, please, please.
No, no, no. Open your eyes.
Open your eyes!
Please, please, you--
[sobbing, screaming]
Let's go.
Look, I hate to be
the one to say this,
but we have to get the fuck
out of here, all right?
I don't know about
the rest, y'all,
but I'm going to take
my money and get
as far away from here
as possible.
We all should.
I'm not leaving her like this.
We have to, Jackie. We gotta
ditch the car somewhere
they're not going to
find it so easily.
I mean, the Mambas saw us,
they're probably running
the plates right now.
Holy, shit. Chris.
What's up?
This is Chris' car. They gon'
trace the plates
back to his house.
Grab Tiffany's phone.
We gotta-- We have to call him.
[engine turning over]
[phone ringing]
FENG: Thought you said
there was no girl.
Care to explain?
Fuck you.
-[punch landing]
-[yelling in Cantonese]
[speaking in Cantonese]
-Hello? Chris?
Hey, it's Morgan Davis,
uh, Jackie's sister.
I'm calling from Tiff's phone
because she needs you to know,
things went bad tonight.
We got into a lot of trouble
with some very bad people.
They shot at your car.
Tiffany she's-- she's gone.
-[punch landing]
-[yelling in Cantonese]
It's nice to meet you,
Morgan Davis.
The Mamba has captured
your Chris,
and soon,
we will capture you all.

That was them.
-They have Chris.
Already? Shit.
And I said my whole name.
They're probably gonna look
for me eventually.
-I said my whole name.
I thought I was speaking
with Chris.
[Chris struggling]
[sword hitting bone]
Mom! We have to get home.
Oh, my God. Mom.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
Mom... Mom, pick up!
That's it, I'm calling an Uber.
Fuck no. If they
have Morgan's name,
they have yours too.
And the moment you
use your card,
they're going to know exactly
where you're at.
[phone vibrating]
Don't answer that.
I have to.
Hello. Is this Morgan
Davis by any chance?
You motherfuckers.
You killed our friend.
Calm yourself!
Insulting a Mamba is unwise.
I did kill your friend,
but I'm afraid the poor Black
boy had to go as well.
There's something really wrong
with you. You know that?
Chris had nothing to do with
this. Why take it so far?
It's just hair.
"Just hair?"
Just hair!
You don't know this, but when I
was a little girl, my father...
he used to keep my hair
in a boys' cut
because it kept boys from
being interested in me.
But most of all, because
he always wanted a son.
It was no secret, he used
to say all the time.
And when I left home,
I vowed that I would
never cut my hair again.
I reinvented myself.
I told myself that I would
never be a victim.
And you and your friends...
you took that from me.
Now I will take from you.
Haven't you taken enough?
I've only just begun.
Because after tonight ends,
you will have nothing left.
You will only know
pain and regret.
But just know that I take no
pleasure in what happens next.
What's next?

[guns firing]
[sirens wailing]
All right.
What do we got here?
[sighing] Okay.
What a waste. What a waste.
[sighing] I just don't
understand it.
Why would anyone want to gun
down some college kid
in the alley like this?
Look at the blood spatter.
I don't see it.
'Cause there
isn't any, genius.
So she wasn't shot here.
The body was dumped.
Look here.
Why'd they drop her here?
I don't know.
But the steps are
just random enough
to keep us two steps behind.
Something tells me
that this orchestra...
is coming to a crescendo.
Man, I hate to say it,
but I think you're right. It's
starting to spiral out.
Fucking right, I'm right.
-Can't let you go in there.
I can't let you go in there,
I can't let you go in there.
[sisters sobbing]
I'm sorry. She's gone.
I'm so sorry.
[women sobbing]
I heard gunshots
and I called the police.
They're on the way.
Shit. Shit, we can't stay.
Somebody has to,
so I'm staying.
Are you crazy?
We're not leaving you.
It's okay, it's okay.
Just [indistinct].
No, you're not.
Dre, take her to the car,
Maria, get this shit started.
[mumbling, sobbing]
This is all [indistinct].
I shouldn't have never
let this happen.
I'm telling
the cops everything,
that I acted alone and y'all
just got caught up in it.
No, come on, Jackie.
This shit was my idea.
You damn right it was.
You brought this shit to the
table and I stamped that shit.
As far as I'm concerned,
this is on me and you.
So we got to make it right.
Look, here's all the
information to the Bitcoin.
No, Jackie. I'm not taking--
Take it.
There's no time for arguing.
Just make sure my sister's
all right.
You owe her that much.

[sobbing continuing]
Jackie! No.
[Morgan sobbing]
Morgan, I'm-- I'm really sorry
about your mother.
She was like a second mom
to all of us. You know that.
I can't even begin to imagine
what you're going through
right now. I've just been
trying to stay two steps ahead
of it all 'cause it's all been
happened so damn fast.
I just-- I just want to live.
And if we're going to live,
we can't break down.
Not right now, not yet.
All right?
[softly] Okay.
Jackie says she's taking
care of everything.
So we just need
to get somewhere
where we can
lay low for a while.
Wait, taking care
of everything? How?
What do you mean?
She says she's going to tell
the cops everything.
What? Why? Fuck 12.
Well, yeah fuck 'em two times.
But they're the only chance
we have to keep
the Mambas off our asses.
Jackie says she's going to
tell the cops she did all
the scalpings and that
she acted alone.
Oh, hell, no. That's stupid.
Turn the car around.
We can't do that, Morgan.
You think I didn't
say the same thing to her?
Jackie's just so goddamn
But honestly,
this might be the only chance
we get to live
to see the morning.
You guys, I gotta be honest,
I don't trust the cops.
Any one of them could be
working with the Mambas.
I'm gonna go get my family.
Vic, can you
take over from there?
Yeah, of course.
I have a spare
to my aunt's car.
When we get there,
you guys should take it.
Thanks, but what
about you though?
We'll be okay. We'll take
my abuela 's truck.
But you guys can't keep driving
this shit, it's too hot.
So take the car,
ditch your phones
and just use the walkies.
Find somewhere
to ride out the storm.
A motel, somewhere that
takes just cash.
You guys should probably have
a chance if you do that.
Wait. How am I supposed
to get in contact with you?
How am I supposed to get
you your money?
Don't worry about that. I trust
you. We'll find each other.
Just be careful, okay?
Take care of yourself, girl.
You know me. I'll be okay.
So, go. Okay?
[Maria screaming]
[shoes thudding]
You did this to yourself.
[Maria yelling]
[shoes slapping floor]
[fabric cracking]
[shoes scraping]
MORGAN: What a mess we made.
I wish I could say that we
were able to make things even,
that the Mambas paid for
everything that they did,
but they didn't, and they
probably never will.
As far as I know,
they still run
the underground back in D.C.
Mercer didn't believe
Jackie one bit
when she said
she worked alone,
but he did agree to grant
Vic and I protective custody
in exchange
for our testimony.
It killed us to do it,
but it's what Jackie wanted.
The judge charged her
with 350 counts of battery.
Even after cooperating,
she was still sentenced
to 25 years in prison.
If she stay out of trouble,
she could be out in six
for good behavior.
Last I heard, she's like
a celebrity inside
and everyone get
their hair done by her.
As for me...
I'm not going to art school.
Not for now, anyway.
I don't feel much inspired
to create these days.
My life is never going
to be the same.
I made mistakes and
there's a lot that
I still have to learn
to live with.
This burden is mine to carry.
[footsteps on gravel]
But at least I don't have
to carry it alone.

Baby, I don' been a
few places, yeah
Tryna bundle up them
blue faces, yeah, yeah
I don' seen a lot of
dark nights, whoa
Falling victim to
the two faces, mm
The true racists
carry suitcases
Why they want to see me
where they confiscate
The shoelaces,
many see my flex
And they compare my
shit to Luke Cage's
Never judge a book just by
the cover, flip a few pages
These stars all in my head
got me all twisted up
But this ice all in my heart
make me not give a fuck
Ridin' around
with that game
Like there
ain't nowhere to go
But up, you down or what?
Look, stand to the
eyes of a lost past
got it all on demand
Turn two-face,
easy with the Batman
Looking out the window
where the light flash
Then you start to wonder
what the light is
Stay calm,
don't panic if it disappears
If you keep quiet,
you can still hear
Visions of a life
with enough cash
Holding on big bundles
up to both ears
No fear, strong peers,
we can all cheer
We don' said it all before,
but it's our year
Pedal to the metal,
grip tight, steer
We make it out alive,
we can buy less
Shit keep going wrong,
wanna drop tears
Won't catch me in a cell,
rather die here
If you fucking with the gang
get you out of there quick
Mask down, strapped up,
ain't robbery shit
Move swift, don't slip,
shit, gotta be slick
Said a dog's got his day,
nigga, gotta be big
On point, shoot at will,
for the stars we aim
Heart of gold, but it's
cold, help me numb the pain
If you on the same page,
then we one and the same
Standing on ten toes,
keep you ahead of the game
What you finna do when
there's nowhere to run to?
Everybody but the crew
try to judge you
Every single outsider's
screaming fuck you
All them church people
saying they love you
too many [indistinct] in the
currents make you stumble
Fists clenched, 'cause you
know it's time to rumble
Look in the mirror, now you
asking what it'd come to
But we ain't tripping when
we got into the bundles
These stars all in my head
got me all twisted up
This ice all in my heart
make me not give a fuck
Riding around with that
gang like it ain't no way to
Go but up, you down or what
(what, what, what)
These stars all in my head
got me all twisted up
This ice all in my heart
make me not give a fuck
Riding around with that
gang like it ain't no way to
Go but up,
you down or what?
Uh, screwed face
take some blue faces
I'm a
few paces out of step
Flip a few pages
to the new age
It's burning through phases,
catch your breath
Hold up, bundle flows
ten times a dosage
I can not control it,
you will not oppose it
See that hate on the face
that I do, expose it
Gotta mute the foe
I'm a nuke explosive,
flossing different
I'm a monster, vicious,
I am not contracted
That's facts
Heart cold as ice,
the flow so precise
You tryna roll
the dice, you need cap
I can walk around my
city with no strap
Nigga, I'd have found
a way with no map
I know that one day
I might
have pockets full of dough
Quick, before you go,
all I want to know
All I want to know is
if you're down, down
Down and out, but never
fold my hand
Mambas in the grass
when I'm around, 'round
'Round my window
by [indistinct]
Everybody's betting
on my downfall
Follow me into
the promised land
Yeah, I don't want to
be nobody else
This the shit I think
about by myself
These thoughts all in my
head got me all twisted up
This ice all in my heart
make me not give a fuck
Riding around
with that gang
Like it
ain't no way to go up
You down or what,
what, what, what
Ay, these thoughts all in my
head got me all twisted up
This ice all in my heart
make me not give a fuck
Riding around
with that gang
Like it ain't
no where to go but up
You down or what