Bundy Manor (2023) Movie Script

(electricity whirring)
(electricity crackling)
(thunder rumbling)
(electricity powering down)
(rain pattering)
(victim panting)
(victim sobbing)
- [Rob] You chose to be here.
You signed your life away.
You volunteered (laughs).
For the next three
hours, there is nothing,
and I mean nothing that has prepared you
for the horrors you're
about to experience.
(sobbing continues)
(thunder rumbling)
There is no safe word.
There's no way to stop us once we start.
You are mine.
(ominous music)
Show me that you're worthy.
(music builds)
Bag 'em up!
(static crackling)
(energetic music)
(victim panting)
(victim laughs)
- No, please, no (laughs).
(victim screams)
(victim grunts)
- Hey! Get off of her!
She's claustrophobic, asshole!
- [Rob] Hey, you chose
to come here, right?
- (panting) Yes.
- [Rob] Good, 'cause I've
mixed up somethin' special
just for you,
and you're going to enjoy it, right?
Nod if you're going to enjoy it.
Good, lean back your head.
Open your mouth.
Do it!
(victim sputtering)
(victim coughs)
Don't puke on me!
- No!
- Don't you puke, you hear me?
(victim gasping)
(static crackling)
You still think this
is a game, little girl?
- No, yes, no.
I'm suffocating.
- [Rob] I think she
needs a little more time.
(victim screams)
(static crackling)
You guys did it.
- [Victims] Woo!
- [Rob] How do you feel?
- That was the most alive
I've probably ever felt.
- I'm so alive.
Fuck skydiving.
This was great.
Honestly, I didn't wanna do this,
but I would totally do it again.
- Seriously, Rob, thank you
so much for an amazing time.
We couldn't thank you enough.
- [Rob] Come back anytime.
(static crackling)
- Haunted house is called Bundy Manor.
- Go right now.
Stop what you're doing.
- Rob is an artiste.
- It's an extreme haunted house-
- Full of masked people,
psychos and monsters.
- If you go use caution.
- Going to Bundy Manor
is a dream come true.
(energetic music)
(pensive music)
- I feel like I've been looking
at the same flat desert for hours.
- Shh.
You're gonna wake up your dad
and then he's gonna want to drive.
- Does all of Arizona look like this?
- I don't know what
you're complaining about.
I mean, it's not that
much different than Vegas.
- Yeah, okay, but why did
it have to be Arizona?
No one ever says, "Oh my
God, we're going to Arizona."
- I'm sure there's lots to do.
You're just gonna have
to look hard for it.
- When was the last time you
talked to Grandma anyways?
- [Lyssa] It's been awhile.
- I never even met her.
- True, but she sent you
Christmas gifts every year.
- Certificates to Sizzler.
Did we even go?
- You know, I don't even know
if they existed to be honest.
I've never seen one in real life,
only on TV.
(Ash sighs)
- This is bullshit.
- Hey, watch your language.
Your sister's right there.
- [Lyssa] How long have you been awake?
- Long enough to hear you
two criticizing my driving.
(Ash laughs)
- What are you two laughing at?
- Nothing.
Go back to sleep and mind your business.
- Mom, Ash is being mean.
- Oh my God, Ash is being mean?
- No, Ash mean?
- Oh, there she is.
I'll be right back.
Thank you so much for
getting these together.
I am so sorry you've had to
handle most of everything.
- Never could stand the woman.
Even though she was my
sister, nothing was ever easy,
even in death.
I can't do much anymore, so
thank you for taking over.
- Oh, of course.
And we'll make sure to
stop by on our way back
and we'll say goodbye, okay?
- Lyssa?
The best thing she ever
did was letting you go.
(anticipatory music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- [Ash] Hey, what's that over there?
- Oh, I don't know, honey.
- [Eric] It looks like someone's
a little too excited for Halloween.
- It looks awesome.
Can I go check it out?
- Maybe after we get some dinner.
- Let us get settled in first, too.
- Come on, Ash.
Let's get inside.
(anticipatory music)
(music continues)
- (sighs) Okay.
- God, it's so empty.
Where is everything?
- Mom wasn't much for
holdin' on to things.
Oh, but on the plus
side, after the funeral,
we probably won't have too much to clean.
- There's not a family
picture on the wall.
I'm guessing she wasn't
that much into reminiscing.
- It smells bad.
Where are we sleeping?
- Well, I think it would be fun
for you guys to sleep in my old room.
All right?
It's just right up here.
You're gonna go up the stair...
Up the stairs to the left.
Do you want some help?
- [Ash] No.
(Eric sighs)
(Lyssa chuckles)
(drawer thuds)
- Damn, Ash.
Show that dresser who's boss.
- I'm not in the mood, Dad.
- Okay.
(chuckles) All right.
Hey, what's wrong?
- All I hear about Grandma growing up
are terrible things,
and now we're here to clean up after her.
Doesn't make sense.
- [Eric] Look, it's not that simple, Ash.
- Clearly.
- Hey, you know how your mom is.
Like, she doesn't like to
make anyone worry about her.
So the best thing we can do
is support her and be here
for her when she's ready.
- Well, maybe she should be the one
in therapy instead of you.
- Did your mother tell you
I was going to therapy?
- Ash is just upset 'cause
she misses her boyfriend.
- Oh my God!
Couldn't we have afforded a hotel?
Or you know, a place with more beds?
- Oh.
Yeah, we're poor, kids.
Very poor.
(door closes)
No, I'm not embarrassed.
It's just something I'm tryin'
to figure out if I like or not.
- You should have been
the one to tell her.
It's just she's asking
all these questions.
I want her to know it's normal.
- Yeah, well, not everyone
thinks it's normal, Lyssa.
- Eric, it's normal, okay?
In fact, everybody should be okay
with trying to make their lives better.
It's as normal as going to
the doctor when you're sick.
- Yeah, well, I don't like doctors either.
- God, why are you so annoying?
- I know, but I'm workin' on it.
- Remember, I did too.
I mean, everybody needs
it every once in awhile.
I can't imagine what my life
would be like if I woulda done it sooner.
Or what if my mom would've done it?
- Hey, I'm glad we're in this together.
- Oh.
- Remember though, if we get divorced,
you're takin' the kids and I get the PS5.
I play it way more than you.
- Yeah, but I was up all
night online to get it.
- Oh, I had like five open tabs.
(Rob knocks)
(foreboding music)
- Hi, I'm Robin.
My friends call me Rob.
This is my wife Leah, or Ms. Jorgensen.
- Nice to meet you.
- We haven't seen anybody at the house
since Susan passed away,
and we saw you bring your bags in.
I figured you must be the family.
- Yeah, that was my mother.
- (chuckles) I'm sorry to hear that.
- Well this is my husband Eric,
and my daughters, Lila and Ash.
- Oh!
Oh my goodness (chuckles).
Well, aren't you the most
gorgeous little things (chuckles)?
How old are you, dear?
- I'm eight.
- 16.
- You better keep an eye out.
I can tell Ash is a little
troublemaker (chuckles).
- She is.
Such a troublemaker.
- So what do you have
cooking for dinner tonight?
- Nothin' much since we just got here.
- Oh, I see.
(pensive music)
- Would you like to
come to dinner with us?
- We would love to.
(pensive music fades)
(eerie music)
So Ash, I couldn't help
but notice your t-shirt.
- Oh no, she's just goin'
through a horror phase.
- Okay.
Didn't know horror phases
could last nine years, but.
- You let your children watch
those kind of movies at that age?
- Well we didn't at first,
but Ash likes to sneak over
to her friend's house
and watch them anyway.
We figured she might as well
do it here under our own roof.
- Yeah, that reminds me.
Hey, no watchin' scary
movies with your sister.
You know what they do to her.
- But I'm fine, Dad.
I watched good ones and
I wasn't even scared.
- (laughs) I'm glad to
hear I'm not the only one.
My mother let me watch tons
of horror movies at your age.
When my friends went and saw "Superman,"
I was watching "The Evil Dead,"
"Poltergeist," "The Shining."
I started with Hitchcock,
but the '80s horror films,
those are my favorite.
- And you saw those in theaters?
- Yeah.
Okay, I'm aging myself here, but yeah.
Yeah, I did.
That's when horror
movies were an art form.
My mom used to tell me,
"As long as you made time for the Lord,
you can always make
time for Michael Myers."
(Rob chuckles)
- Do you guys have kids?
- Oh, no.
We tried and never could.
- I always felt that the kids
that work our haunt are our kids.
Every teenager in this
town has worked our haunt.
Sometimes they even come
back as adults and help.
- Like, isn't it a little
early for that kind of thing?
- Well, we used to do it every
Halloween in my backyard,
but we had so many visitors
that we'd have a line
in the backyard waiting
to get in till three, four
o'clock in the morning.
So we started doing it once a week
at this theater that I inherited.
And you know, you could
say we got pretty famous
because now we have to do it three,
four times a week just to keep up.
- Famous?
- So if you hear screams, don't worry.
It's just Rob scaring a group
of thrill seekers (chuckles).
- So you both do this full-time?
- Well, yeah, I've
retired awhile back, so.
- So, what'd you both
do before you retired?
- Both?
Oh, yeah.
Well, Leah was fortunate enough
to be a stay-at-home
wife and I was a surgeon.
- Oh, well, shouldn't we
call you doctor, then?
- Oh no, please.
I'm retired now.
I really just prefer Rob.
- Fair enough.
So do people just walk through
like a normal haunted house?
- It's a haunt.
- [Lyssa] Excuse me?
- A haunt, not a haunted house.
And no, people can't just walk through it.
I actually have a very
intensive interview process.
- All right, so (chuckles),
so why do you interview people
before they go into your haunt?
- Several reasons, really.
I wanna make sure they're
of sound mind, sound body,
no history of violence.
I gotta protect my volunteers.
That and I really just have to make sure
that the people doing it know
what they're getting themselves into.
- What are they getting into?
- Oh, sweetie, that's probably something
that Rob shouldn't explain
while at the dinner table.
So, how long are you all in town for?
- Just for the funeral.
We have to do some cleaning up and...
So, maybe a couple months.
- Oh, again, we are so
very sorry for your loss.
- I haven't seen her in years.
To be honest, the only reason I'm here
is 'cause I don't want
someone else to have to do it.
- Well, she wasn't the easiest
woman to get along with.
- Leah!
Ash, you're about the age
that I usually ask kids
to start helpin' at the haunt.
If you're interested, maybe-
- [Ash] Yes!
Mom, Dad, come on, can I?
- Hey, hey, we'll talk about it later.
- Well, why not?
It's not like I'm gonna do
much around here anyways.
- Look, we're not saying no.
We will talk about it later.
- So, Jello, anyone?
- Hey, thank you for offering Ash
the opportunity to work
at your spook alley thing.
- It's a haunt.
- Sorry?
- A haunt.
It's common mistake (laughs).
- Oh, right.
My bad.
- It's called Bundy Manor.
- Oh, okay.
Actually, Rob, can I
talk to you for a sec?
Hey, so, between you and me,
since it's famous and all,
you must be makin' a
killin' off that place.
(chuckles) I mean like,
how much are you chargin' for admissions?
- It's free.
- (scoffs) Come on, really?
- Yeah.
All I ask is they bring a
reliable piece of clothing
so I can donate it to the
local homeless shelter.
- Okay, so how do you pay the bills?
- Well, it's not for profit
and we get a decent amount of donations
from our online fans.
Not to mention I have
a substantial savings
as a surgeon (chuckles).
- So I don't understand like,
how'd it become famous
in such a small town?
- Oh, well, I filmed them all
and then I upload them and
they started getting what?
And well, they got shared around,
and yeah (chuckles), it's
actually been a wild ride.
Look, I have another group coming in
in like 30 minutes and I've gotta prep.
So, thank you for dinner.
Have a good night.
(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)
(music continues)
- Cute old couple, huh?
- [Eric] Yeah, I guess so.
- Oh, you didn't like 'em?
- I never said that.
- Well, by saying, "I guess so,"
kind of implies you don't.
- No, I mean, but they
seem like a nice couple.
Like, do you know he
doesn't charge admission?
You just bring clothes
and he takes 'em to the homeless shelter.
- That sounds nice.
- [Eric] But what?
- Oh, I can tell when you're reading
into people way too much.
- It's just (sighs), he's what?
Pushin' late 50s,
mid 60s and he's still playin'
dress up with teenagers?
Like, I don't know.
Like, it just seems weird.
- Well, he said it's not only teenagers.
What do you think we should do about Ash?
- I don't know.
What do you think?
- I want her to have something fun to do.
I just, I think maybe we need
to get to know them a little bit better
before we allow her to do that.
- Yeah, I agree.
- Cool!
So, next time you guys go about deciding
my entire summer without me,
you wanna think about including me?
- Okay, we're not deciding
on your whole summer,
we just need to make
sure they're not crazies.
- Why?
Because they like horror movies like me?
Am I crazy, Mother?
- [Eric] You know that's
not what we're sayin'.
Ash, like you've been a pain all day.
- You know what?
You two have decided my whole summer
by making me move here anyways.
- Hey, we want you to go love.
Just give us some time.
- Asshole!
- Watch your mouth!
(door slams)
- (groans) She locked the door!
What an asshole!
(victims screaming)
(energetic music)
(screaming continues)
(music continues)
(static crackling)
- [Rob] Okay, let go, I've got this.
(victim exhales)
Okay, breathe.
Just remember to breathe.
(victim exhales)
I don't want you passing out.
(water splashing)
Okay, now tell me ladies, how was that?
- It was awesome (laughs).
I can't believe we
actually did it (laughs).
- [Rob] Now you can accomplish anything.
How 'bout you, Mayanna?
- It was all right.
Could have been scarier.
- [Rob] Oh (laughs).
Well, I guess I'll have
to try hard next time.
All right ladies, great job.
Our friends here are gonna
take you back to your cars.
Thanks for coming.
It means a lot.
Remember, look for yourselves online.
(women whispering)
Can I help you with somethin', Miss?
- I was wondering if you're not too busy
maybe you could take me back to my hotel?
I have burning questions and I don't know
when I'll get to see the
great Rob Jorgensen again.
- (laughs) You know,
when you put it that way,
let me load up and we'll go.
You know, you did really good tonight.
Not very many people
are as brave as you are.
- Well, I guess it's because
I've experienced horrors of
my own, in real life I mean.
- You know, I think
everyone has, more or less.
- Oh, so you have too?
- Well,
let's just say I haven't
had the greatest childhood.
(Rob chuckles)
- I get that.
I have a really strict stepdad.
He's always like, "Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Don't wear that if you're not offering."
(chuckles) It's so annoying.
But I don't live with them anymore, so.
(Mayanna sighs)
I kinda can't believe I'm talking to you.
I've watched all your videos.
I guess I'm kinda starstruck.
(Rob laughs)
(Mayanna chuckles)
- Yeah, I'm just an old man
who likes to scare people for fun.
(Mayanna chuckles)
Why don't we talk about
how to make the haunt scarier for you
on the ride back to the hotel?
(mellow music)
My love is like a song
That lingers on
Though the harmony's gone now
(car thuds)
Oh, damn it, not now.
- Did we blow a tire?
- I don't know.
I'll check.
Like night gives way to dawn
Just stay here.
- Okay.
Romance is gone
With it light hearted laughter
Leaving tears ever after
- Well, we (chuckles), we
definitely have a flat.
I don't suppose you know
how to change a tire?
- Oh, wow, old man.
I've changed plenty of tires.
Do you want some help?
- No, no, I'm good.
I got this.
You sit here and enjoy the view.
I'll be back in a minute.
We know our hearts belong
To that love song
Let's live it again
It's much too sweet
(hand thudding)
(Mayanna exclaims)
(Mayanna laughs)
- [Mayanna] What does this mean?
Oh (laughs).
(Rob laughs)
Jesus, you scared me.
- (chuckles) You should check this out.
To that love song
Let's live it again
I am so sorry, my sweet angel.
(music fades eerily)
(door creaks)
(Lyssa sighs)
- Mm, you too, huh?
- [Eric] What?
- Didn't get much sleep last night?
- Yeah, how could I?
- (sighs) Seriously, I don't
think I can get used to this.
- Can I have some coffee?
- Aw, sweetie, come here.
- Good mornin'.
Excuse me.
Are we still goin' into town today?
Can I look around if we do?
(Eric scoffs)
(Ash laughs)
You guys good?
What are you lookin' at?
- Nothing, no.
Let me just get some coffee here.
Thanks, babe.
And we'll go ahead and go into town, okay?
- Okay.
- You coming, Dad?
- You know what?
I'm gonna go talk to
Rob about the screaming.
- Dad, don't say anything.
- Oh, I know, it's fine, okay?
Like, I'll be friendly.
- Well, you better.
You know, you can be such a Karen.
- Oh, I'm not a Karen.
- [Lyssa] Oh, you're totally a Karen.
- No.
- Bye, Karen.
- Get in your seat.
(pensive music)
(door slams)
- [Eric] Hey there, John Carpenter.
- Oh, hey neighbor.
How you doin'?
Are you okay?
You don't look so good.
Oh, did we keep you up last night?
- Well, it was a lotta things,
but the screaming definitely didn't help.
- I am so sorry.
You know, sometimes we
have screamers or yellers.
- Well, it's all good.
Just try to keep it down past 10.
- Yeah, no promises.
- Huh?
- I said no promises.
Look, I'm sorry, but
at the end of the day,
people come here expecting
us to scare them.
Their screams are like applause to me.
I can't tell 'em to be quiet
'cause the neighbor might hear them.
- Are you serious?
- I'm gonna be honest with you,
and it's gonna sound harsh,
but the fact of the matter
is, is you are a visitor here.
You can't just walk over here and tell me-
- Is everything all right, boys?
- Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
I'm sorry.
Tell you what,
I will give you more of a
heads up from now on, okay?
And now you can be the hero.
Go buy your family some ear
plugs or something (chuckles).
(Eric sighs)
Oh, Eric, did you have a chance
to talk about Ash comin' to help us?
We could use the help.
I just lost one of my main people.
- [Eric] Still thinkin' about it,
but we'll decide when they get back home.
- It's perfectly safe, you know?
You're welcome to come
try it out yourself.
- [Eric] Yeah, well,
I'll keep that in mind.
(light music)
(shop bells rings)
(music continues)
- Can I help you find anything?
- Oh, no thanks.
We're just looking.
- Are you just passing through?
I don't think I've seen you here before.
- We're actually here for the summer.
- Oh, well, welcome to our little town.
I'm Missy.
What brings you out this way?
- My mom passed, so we're
just out here working,
getting her property
and stuff taken care of.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
Who was your mother?
- Susan Boynton.
- Oh, with the yappy little dog?
- [Lyssa] Yes.
- I told her that dog
wasn't allowed in the store
and she never listened.
- That sounds about right (chuckles).
- Lord forgive me,
but I was so happy to hear
when that dog passed away.
Are you guys staying at her
old place on Springbrook?
- Yes, we are.
- Ah, well isn't that funny?
I'm just up there on Dixie.
Have you gotten used to the screams yet?
- Oh, no.
I mean, we've only been here
one night, but it wasn't great.
- Speak for yourself.
- Well, you'll get used to it.
It was rough for us at
first, but Rob is so nice.
He's always there when we need him,
plus he donates clothes
to the homeless, you know?
You'll get used to the screams, we all do.
So, what do you and your
husband do for work?
- Well, I have an online business
and I do some stock trades on the side.
My husband, he's a journalist.
- Oh, is he one of the good ones?
- I would like to think so.
This is my daughter, Ash.
And I have another one around here.
She's probably in the candy.
Her name's Lila.
- My, you must have started young.
- (laughs) I guess so.
- We all started young
around here (chuckles).
- Oh.
- I have one about your age.
What, 15, 16?
- I'm 16 (chuckles).
- My Johnnie is 16.
Let me get her. Johnnie?
Stop hiding behind the counter
and come meet this family.
Ash, this is Johnnie.
- Hello.
Like your shirt.
- Oh, thanks.
- Have you seen the "Babadook?"
- Yeah, it's one of my favorite actually.
- Yeah, it scared me so bad,
but I couldn't stop
watching it for a week.
Have you met Rob?
- Yeah, actually.
- Johnnie used to volunteer down there
until we got her grades back last year
and now she's grounded from Bundy Manor.
- Yeah, Rob wanted me to
work there, but my parents-
- Yeah, we are still deciding.
- Well, maybe you can
come over sometime, Ash.
- Maybe you could take your sister.
- Oh, where is your sister?
- Mom, you're not gonna believe this.
Some weird old lady
grabbed a handful of candy
and shoved it in my mouth.
I tried to stop her, I swear.
- Oh, God help me.
(eerie music)
- (chuckles) Hello, Ash.
- (chuckles) Hello.
- How you doin'?
- I'm fine, thanks.
You got another group comin' or?
- Not till tomorrow.
Did your parents ever decide
whether you can come and help out or not?
- No.
My parents take forever to
make these kinds of decisions.
- Yeah, they're probably just takin'
their time to figure it out.
- Yeah, and sometimes my
dad just makes the decision
without including my mom at all.
That's how they are.
- He is such a brash guy.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't talk
like that about your father.
- That's okay.
There's no need to sugarcoat it,
and he's seeing a therapist
about it anyways, so.
- A shrink? Really (chuckles)?
- You got a problem against shrinks?
- I mean, I might be old fashioned
and I hear it works great for some people,
but I've always just thought the power
of prayer works just as well.
- Hi, Mr. Jorgensen.
How are you doing?
- Hi.
I just came over to smooth
things over with your husband.
I'm afraid I handled things
rather badly this morning
when he started yelling at me and I just-
- Whoa, whoa, he yelled at you?
- Wow.
- I'm afraid I also got rather upset.
He started demanding that
I shut down the haunt.
- Are you serious?
- I'm sure it was some
type of miscommunication.
- I should have kept my
composure better, and I'm sorry.
- [Lyssa] Unfortunately,
he's asleep right now.
- That's okay.
I'll just come back later.
I promised him I'd give
him a heads up from now on,
and we do have people
coming tomorrow night,
so as a peace offering,
I bought your family earplugs (chuckles).
I'm not hurting anybody.
I'm just a man trying
to pursue his passion.
I hope you understand.
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- Hey, Rob?
I was goin' through the supplies
and we need some more essentials.
- I got 'em in HQ.
- Okay, I'll go grab 'em.
- Whoa, whoa.
You know the rules.
No one goes in there since the break-in.
- You're right, yeah.
Look, I've gotta touch a few things up,
so I'll have 'em up here before you leave.
- Okay.
- Oh, keep these guys workin'.
If I don't get you home before dinner,
your wife's gonna kill both of us.
- Yeah.
Don't cry now
Don't cry now
Don't cry now
Open your eyes
- What happened?
Where am I?
- [Rob] You're okay.
(Mayanna groans)
Just take it easy.
- My head hurts.
- [Rob] My sweet, sweet little angel,
I just, I'll give you somethin'
for the pain in just a minute.
- Rob, what's going on?
- Look, I've usually got this whole spiel
about what an honor it
is to be chosen and...
But I had to move your car
and I've got a group coming in
for like 30 minutes and I've
gotta get this batch mixed up
and it takes awhile, all right?
- What?
What you gonna do to me?
- All right (chuckles)...
(Rob sighs)
(Rob's throat clears)
Mayanna, I am going to give
you a very high, high honor.
One that not very many people get.
It's gonna take a little time.
I think you're gonna like it.
You might even come around
to enjoying it (chuckles).
- Enjoy what?
- Enjoy becoming part of the haunt, dear.
I'm gonna start with your blood
and then we will go from there.
(Mayanna screams)
- No! Help!
Somebody get me out of here!
(Mayanna screams)
(Rob laughs)
I'm sorry dear, but nobody can hear you.
You're not the first.
It is weird how everyone goes
through that same pattern.
Look, you will get used to this
but for now I will give
you a little something
to help you sleep.
- No, do not touch me with that.
- You are in for a long,
long journey.
- Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
(static crackling)
(dramatic music)
- No, no!
(music continues)
(victim screaming)
- Get back, get back.
(victim panting)
(music continues)
(victims screaming)
(music continues)
- Hey, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, no.
Hold on.
(victim screaming)
(music continues)
(static crackling)
- No!
No, no, no!
(taser whirring)
(victim screaming)
- [Rob] Hold this.
Hey, hey?
You're okay, you're okay.
You with us, huh?
You with us?
Can you tell me where you are?
Who am I?
Where are you?
- Your name is Rob.
And this is Bundy Manor.
- [Rob] Yes!
Okay, let's go dunk her.
That will be great.
Round two.
- No!
No, come on, please, no.
(victims screaming)
- That's it.
- Babe, what are you doing?
- [Eric] Nothing.
- Come back and try and go to sleep.
I almost had it that time.
- [Eric] No, I'm callin' the cops.
- Ugh, hell yeah, yeah,
put 'em on speaker.
(crickets chirping)
- [Eric] Oh, hey, hey, hey,
hey, I think they're pullin' up.
(sighs) Nope, just another car.
- I don't think they're comin', babe.
- [Eric] (sighs) Damn it.
- Well, I can't go another
night without sleep.
I think we need to get a hotel.
You know, I gave Lila coffee today?
She's gonna be a full blown coffee addict.
- We're not gonna get a hotel.
- Well, what are you gonna do?
- Something I should have
done a long time ago.
- Well, I'm coming too.
- No, I can handle this.
- Stop, don't start this shit.
Let's face it, between the both of us,
I've won way more fights.
- Good point.
- [Worker] Sorry,
there's a haunt going on.
You guys can't get in there right now.
- I don't care what's goin' on.
I wanna talk to Rob now.
- [Worker] Look, lady, it's
not that big of a deal.
Just give it a second.
- No, you heard her, asshole.
Get Rob out here now.
- [Worker] Jesus, don't you
guys have anything better to do?
- You know, I haven't
gotten a good night's rest
in a long time, so you
don't wanna push me.
- (sighs) Oh, hey neighbors.
What can I do for ya?
- What can you do for me?
Hey, we're done, do you understand?
- Are the earplugs not working?
- No, God damn it.
The earplugs aren't working.
Hey, look, we're done, okay?
It's time my family gets
a good night's sleep.
- Look, Eric, I don't
know where you come from,
in this town we don't use that language
in front of the kids.
- I don't care about these freaks.
Yo, oh, I'm shuttin' this down.
- You don't scare me.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hold on, hold on.
- Whoa, whoa!
Stop, everyone.
(scoffs) You know, I would expect this
from a couple of the teenagers,
but you two, really (chuckles)?
Tell you what, I'll make you a deal.
- Yeah, I'm too tired to make a deal.
- No, hear me out, all right?
You go through the haunt.
If you survive it, I will shut
down until you leave town.
- Well, then I'm going too.
- No, this is only for Eric.
- Why?
Look, I'm not trying to be inconsiderate.
- Oh, the hell you are.
- I'll do it, I'll do,
I'll do it.
- What?
- Are you sure?
'Cause I want you to think about this,
and I mean really think about this.
If you don't survive the haunt,
and that means you don't cry,
you don't pass out, you don't even scream,
the haunt stays open and neither you
or your wife come back
as long as haunt is open,
you don't even talk to me about it.
- You got a deal.
- (chuckles) Perfect.
- Wait, what-
- Sign this.
- What is this?
- Just something to
protect me and yourselves.
(Rob chuckles)
Bag him up.
(Rob's voice echoing)
(static crackling)
(pensive music)
Don't resist.
(Rob's laugh echoing)
Drink it up, little boy.
(water gurgling)
(energetic music)
(static crackling)
Okay, hold his head down.
(static crackling)
Drink it.
(static crackling)
I want him unrecognizable
when he goes home.
Oh, he went down.
No, no, move, move.
(energetic music)
Hey, tighter, make it tighter.
What are you doin'?
You're pitiful.
- No, Rob, Rob.
- [Rob] You're not gonna
stop me till we're done.
(Eric groaning)
I thought you were a man.
(Rob mumbling)
(music slowing)
You're not a man.
(static crackling)
(beep echoes)
(pensive music)
(Rob gasping)
- Where's Ash? Where's Ash?
- Are you okay?
- Where, where is she?
- She's in her room.
- Where's Ash?
- I don't know!
- Hey, you're never ever to go over there.
- Over where?
- Don't play dumb!
Never go over there!
- Dad, you're hurting me.
- Ash, promise me.
- You're hurting me!
- Promise me!
- I Promise!
- It's all right, it's okay.
- I won't go over there, okay?
(all panting)
What a baby.
- Yeah.
(energetic music)
(music continues)
(music fades)
(eerie music)
- [Rob] Another successful haunt.
And a big part thanks to you.
- Can't you just kill me
and kidnap somebody else?
- No.
I told you it takes a special person
to become part of the haunt.
No, look, you can't
injure yourself like this.
I need you to look as
authentic as possible.
- (screams) Fuck you!
Why are you doing this?
You got all these props
that look just as good.
- Oh (chuckles), my dear angel,
so young, so innocent, so naive.
(pensive music)
Take a look around.
Do you really think
any of these are props?
(music builds)
(Mayanna screams)
(music fades)
(scream fades)
- Hey.
Whoa, what the hell was that?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
(Lyssa scoffs)
What happened last night?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- Well, is he gonna stop or not?
- No, Lyssa, he's gonna keep doin' it.
- All right.
(sighs) You know, I thought
we were making progress.
I thought with Dr. McLean,
we had gotten to a place
where we could start talking,
making decisions together.
We were a team.
But you're doin' it again, Eric.
- (sighs) Look, I don't
mean to be like this.
It's just last night was hard.
- Well, so you got scared,
like really scared,
but that doesn't mean
you can push me away.
- Yeah, okay, sure.
Okay? I got scared.
(scoffs) But something happened last night
that I wasn't expecting.
Okay, he's not...
I'm not as strong as I think I am.
And I'm embarrassed.
- What?
No, don't say that.
- No, because I'm the one
that almost broke this family apart.
Yeah, I'm the one who almost
made you walk out on me.
I'm the one seeing a damn therapist,
and I'm the one who couldn't...
I'm the one who couldn't handle
what happened last night.
(Eric sighs)
- You know, you forget
that the only reason
I've been able to handle the trauma
that my mother put me through
was because I also saw a therapist.
(Lyssa sighs)
So, I guess that means you didn't survive?
(chuckles) Sorry, I'm just
trying to lighten the mood.
- Yeah, sure.
- Well, I'm gonna take the
girls out to go see a movie.
Do you wanna come?
- No, I just need some time.
- Okay.
(pensive music)
(Eric sighs)
- [Rob] Drink it up little boy.
I want him unrecognizable
when he goes home.
No, no, move, move!
Oh, he went down (laughs).
Tighter, make it tighter.
Don't resist.
Ai thought you were a man?
Drink it!
(pizza guy knocks)
- For Eric?
- Man, you guys are fast.
- Yeah, we're right down the street.
So, that'll be 14.25.
So what's it like livin'
next to a celebrity?
- [Eric] What?
Oh, oh, you're talkin' about Rob?
- [Pizza Guy] Yeah, Rob.
Have you met him yet?
- Yeah, yeah.
How do you know him?
- I actually worked with him
in high school for three years.
- Oh, how long ago was that?
- I don't know, probably
about five years ago.
He actually helped me keep my grades up
and stay outta trouble.
He's a great guy.
- Oh, oh, okay.
- Anyways, enjoy those cheesy sticks.
- All right, yeah, thanks.
(keyboard keys clacking)
(message chimes)
- Hello?
- Yeah, sorry, this is so quick.
I just wanna get this story out fast.
Can you tell me about your experience?
- Yeah.
Oh, it was seriously messed up (laughs).
I mean, the craziest shit
that I have ever done.
- But like, now that I've done it,
I just feel so unstoppable.
I've stopped eating, stopped sleeping.
And I also scream every time
that I hear a sudden sound.
- Interesting.
And you didn't feel
uncomfortable or violated?
- Well, I mean, yeah,
but that was like the
whole point, you know?
I mean, we knew what we
were getting ourselves into.
We signed waivers and everything.
- We as in you went with friends?
- Well, I mean, we met online,
just some other girls I met online,
like fans of Bundy Manor.
You know, I always wanted to go,
but no one ever wanted to go with me,
so we just met up and we went.
- Yeah, could you tell
me who you went with?
- Basira and Mayanna.
- Right.
Could you gimme the contact info also?
You know, so I can interview them as well?
- Oh yeah, Basira and I talk all the time
since we came back,
but Mayanna (chuckles),
she has been so hard to get ahold of,
so good luck with that one.
- Is that unusual for her?
- Well, I mean, I know she ran
away from her parents once,
and she can be a bit flaky,
but she probably just got
a new phone or something.
- Are you still there?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Yeah, might as well gimme
her contact info also
and I'll try and reach out as well.
- Okay.
Yeah, I'll just text you.
Oh, and if you do get
in touch with Mayanna,
tell her to check her TikTok.
Okay, I've sent her like
seven air fryer recipes.
- Yeah, yeah, okay.
- Oh, and when will this come out?
- Oh, hey, I'll let you know.
(message chimes)
Hi, this is Eric from the "Cedar Report."
I'm doing interviews on people
who went through Bundy Manor.
Gimme me a call back.
(keyboard keys clacking)
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.
Guess what?
- What?
- [Eric] I got some pizza.
- (gasps) Pizza!
- How are you feelin'?
- I'm feelin' much better.
It was nice to breathe and meditate.
Where's Ash?
- [Lyssa] Oh, she's havin'
a sleepover at Johnnie's.
- Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?
- Sure.
Are we gonna continue the
conversation from before?
- Yeah, we will.
We absolutely will.
But listen, something's
going on at that Bundy place.
- [Lyssa] What do you mean?
- I mean, something's not right.
I think he's doin' somethin' illegal.
- Are you kidding me?
You're tellin' me that one
haunted house scares you
and now you feel the need
to prove a conspiracy to make up for it?
(scoffs) Babe, we all get scared.
- No, it's not like that, okay?
He's not dressing up in sheets
and chasing 'em with chainsaws.
He's torturing people.
Like, this is gonna sound crazy,
but when I got blood poured in my mouth-
- Oh, Jesus.
- No, it tasted like blood, okay?
Real blood.
And I swear to you it was real.
So I wanted to see how other people felt
and I found someone who
went through his haunt.
Hey, look, I contacted this person
and she's only a couple hours away.
- Oh, you did what?
- Listen, okay?
Her mother says she ran away,
but she usually checks in
every other month or so
and she hasn't as of recently.
- Are you listening to what you're saying?
Someone ran away from their family
and now they're not
making contact with them.
Like, that's what happens
when people run away.
And why are you trying to be
this investigative journalist?
You do lifestyle pieces.
You're not some true crime podcaster.
- Yeah, but I have her cell phone number
and I've been calling.
- Okay, okay.
This needs to stop.
- No, you're not listening, okay?
We need to go to her mother's house
and see she's really gone.
- Just stop!
Eric, do you know what
it sounds like to me?
That after you had a
conversation with your wife
about including her in stuff,
you just went off and made a
buncha decisions without her.
(Lyssa sighs heavily)
I know things have been hard,
but if we can't work together,
then it's not gonna work.
(Lyssa scoffs)
I'm done.
If we can't make big decisions
together, then I'm gone.
- I understand.
I do.
(Lyssa sighs)
- I just think you're
trying to make something
out of Bundy Manor that isn't there.
- No, maybe you're right.
It's just Rob is so sick and twisted
and I'm trying to understand
who has a mind like that.
- You haven't showered since last night.
Why don't you go take a hot shower
and try and relax?
- And maybe you can give me a massage?
- Mm.
Did you get cheese pizza?
- Four different types.
- Oo, you know how much I love cheese.
Girl can't resist.
(Lyssa chuckles)
(Eric chuckles)
(pensive music)
(engine rumbling)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(garage door whirring)
(music continues)
Oh, hey Rob.
- Hey, is Eric here too?
- Oh, he's busy.
- Oh, I was hopin' to catch you both.
Need a hand?
- Oh, no, you don't have to.
- Actually, yeah, I kinda do.
- Really, it's all right.
My kids are going crazy,
and I just wanna get as much work done
as I can while they're busy.
- You know what? I don't mind.
I actually enjoy honest work (chuckles).
- All right.
Well, I'm just packing away my mom's stuff
so we can grab 'em quicker.
- So, you tell me what to
do and I'll do it, Ma'am.
- I mean, I guess you can start over here.
- Look, I can tell that
you and Eric wanna get
out of here quick and I can't help
but feel that I'm to blame.
- Well, it hasn't been
easy, that's for sure.
- Look, I want to
apologize for last night.
What happened was completely uncalled for.
Oh, on my part, not on yours.
My emotions get all over
the place when I do a haunt,
but still, I should have just ended things
and let your family rest in peace.
- Well, thank you, Rob.
I appreciate that.
It means a lot.
- And I've decided that
after this next haunt,
I'm gonna take a hiatus.
I mean, I can start and
stop anytime I want,
but my fun shouldn't
interfere with what's already
a very tough time for you and your family.
- Eric is gonna love that.
I mean, we all love that.
Thank you.
- You know, Susan passing away
in a strange town (chuckles),
crazy neighbor, Eric being in
therapy and all, it's just-
- How do you know about that?
- Oh, Ash told me.
Wait, don't get mad at her.
She was just blowing off steam.
You know how teenagers are.
- Yeah.
It's been especially hard for her,
but it seems to be getting a little better
with her new friend, Johnnie.
- (sighs) Look, I know I don't
have any right to ask this,
but is everything okay
between you and your husband?
- We're fine.
We don't need to talk about that.
- My wife and I have had
our share of ups and downs.
When I retired, in this woke age,
I thought when I came
home we would be equals,
but she doesn't like the change.
(Rob sighs)
I wanna cook,
(Lyssa chuckles)
and she's just stubborn and
she does what she wants.
- Oh, I can hear that (chuckles).
- How so?
What, he doesn't let you cook either?
- Try bringing home a
brand new car (smirks).
At first, I just, I thought
he was cheating on me.
Turns out he was taking vacations solo.
He just wants complete independence.
It almost ended, though.
He came home and he had
tickets for the whole family
just to move to Los Angeles.
And he didn't wanna talk about it.
He blew me off, or he told me
I wasn't being understanding.
So, I told him I was gonna leave,
and he agreed to go to therapy.
- (chuckles) And how is that working out?
- It seems to be getting better.
I want him to have the freedom he wants.
It's just, I wanna know
about it or even be included.
- I can tell he really loves you.
- My gosh.
I am just talking so much
about my personal life
with someone that probably
just wants to do enough work
so I won't hold a grudge.
- Well, my mother always said,
"Hard work always mends hearts."
- Oh, were are you and your mother close?
- (chuckles) We were,
but that was a complicated relationship.
- Oh, well, it looks like
we have that in common.
- When my mother passed,
there were so many just weird feelings.
I was angry and I was
so angry because I just-
- Because you were actually sad?
I thought at her funeral I
would be dancing on her grave
for the way she treated me.
But here I am, packing up
her life all neat and tidy.
She doesn't deserve it.
- I took all my mother's
possessions (chuckles),
and I burnt them.
(Lyssa laughs)
But even now, I still
feel guilty about it.
- You're a good guy, Rob.
I mean, you're stubborn,
but you're a good guy.
- Yeah, tell that to my wife next time
I leave severed fingers all
over her countertop somewhere.
- [Lyssa] Ew.
(Rob laughs)
- May I?
She was an interesting lady,
your mother (chuckles).
One night she'd call up
screaming at the top of her lungs
about the fact that some kid
parked in front of the house
and then the next night
she'd bring us dinner.
- [Lyssa] Did she ever talk about me?
- I'm afraid not.
At least not to me.
- No, it's okay.
I'm not surprised.
- To be honest though,
that friendship ended a long time ago.
Her and Leah got in some huge fight,
and I thought I would be better off
if I just kept my distance
and kept the peace.
- What was the fight about?
- I don't know.
Leah was always a very private person.
- Thanks for your help today, Rob.
- No problem.
Hey, why don't I take those bag
of clothes you're gonna throw away
and add it to the clothes I
give to the homeless shelter?
- Aw, okay.
That's a fantastic idea.
Thank you.
- You know, I've always thought
that the homeless could use
some more floral bouses.
(Lyssa chuckles)
- Rob?
(pensive music)
- It's the footage from the haunt.
I thought it'd be a fun souvenir.
- Oh, that was nice.
You didn't have to do that.
- To be honest I do it for all my victims.
It's just, this was special
and I wanted to have a personal copy.
- Oh.
- Maybe you can watch it with the girls
and they can all see just what
a wuss their father is (chuckles).
- I'll make sure he gets it.
We'll see ya.
- Thanks.
(knife thudding)
- Mm, what are you making?
- I'm makin' a parm.
- Oh, the kids don't like eggplant parm.
- That's right, but it's not for the kids.
It's for us.
- Oh, bribery, huh?
- Uh huh, that's exactly what it is.
- Oh, well, I fully accept
bribes, especially food.
How much longer till it's ready?
- About 30, 45 minutes.
- Okay.
Oh, I talked to Rob.
He apologized for everything.
He says he's gonna stop doing the haunt.
- Seriously?
- Yep.
- Okay, well, I could
use a good night's sleep.
- Okay, I'm gonna go get
a quick shower, okay?
- Okay.
(eerie music)
(knife thuds)
(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)
(music continues)
(music continues)
Hey, what are you doin'?
Rob, Rob, Rob!
(Eric grunting)
(Lyssa gasps)
(water gurgling)
(Eric sobbing)
(Rob mumbling)
Hey, dinner's ready.
Lyssa, is everything okay?
- [Lyssa] It's not a haunted
house, it's just insane.
- I don't understand it either,
but it's perfectly legal.
I looked up online what
he makes people sign
and it's very impressive.
Wait, how'd you get a
copy of what he did to me?
- Rob gave it to me when
he came over to apologize.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I didn't know that he made
"Saw" look like a Pixar movie.
Now I know why people...
Whoa, whoa.
- What?
- Like, stop, stop, stop.
Go back a little.
- What is it?
- When was this video taken?
- I don't know, about a month or so ago.
- Look, you see that girl?
She's got a tattoo on her arm, right?
- Yeah, sure.
- Look.
- There we go.
- Did you see it?
- See what?
- Look in the background.
(eerie music)
- Holy shit.
- We've gotta go to that girl's house.
If we're right...
Oh God, I hope we're not right.
(eerie music fades)
- Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Your job, your family.
Are you on any medications
I should be worried about?
- My name is Kris.
I'm 26, single and I'm
currently a waitress in Texas.
It's been a bit of a rough year.
My parents died not too long ago,
so I'm currently trying
to save enough money
to move to LA to be an actress.
Oh, and no meds, just antidepressants.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Can I be honest with you?
- The more honest you are with me,
the more sure I can be that you're ready
to come through the Manor.
- I am a huge fan.
Like, ever since I was 14 years old,
I've watched all of your videos
and I even have a Bundy Manor tattoo.
- Oh.
Oh, well, that's a first.
Yeah, so let's just go
over a few things here.
You're legal age, no medications,
just antidepressants,
nothing that I have to worry about
as far as like heart
conditions or something.
And no family to speak of?
- Yes, that's right.
Is family important?
- Oh, well, that's just
for the emergency contacts,
those type of things, just in case.
- Oh, well I don't really have anyone.
- That's okay.
We'll take care of that when you get here,
which is to say,
I think you're a perfect
candidate to come to the Manor.
- Are you serious?
- [Rob] Yeah.
- Oh my God!
Oh my God!
I get to come to my
favorite haunted house.
Oh my God, thank you so much.
- Yeah, no, it's a haunt.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
My favorite haunt.
- It's no problem.
It happens all the time.
(Kris chuckles)
I will see you next week.
(tape clicks)
(Rob sighs)
(Rob chuckles)
Well, it looks like we
found your replacement.
She reminds me a lot of
you when we first met.
So tell me a little bit about yourself.
- Well, I'm 20 years old.
I live on my own and I've been a huge fan
of Bundy Manor for like, ever (chuckles).
- How did you hear about us?
- Well, when I was 16,
one of my favorite YouTubers
did a video on you.
She went into detail
about how hard you worked
and she even did an interview with you.
I never really felt seen
until I saw horror movies, you know?
- That's something we can agree on.
So let me get some information
like emergency contacts.
- Well, my mom and I don't talk much,
so I guess I don't really
have anything to put down for that, but...
(Rob chuckles)
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(restraints clattering)
(music continues)
(Mayanna groans)
So you really gonna do it, huh?
You're really gonna do
it, you son of a bitch!
- God!
I thought you were tough.
It's interesting how everyone
eventually gets scared.
- So you're not gonna chop me up then?
- Oh, I'm definitely gonna chop you up.
The arm on the right side of
the haunt is startin' to smell.
Someone's gonna notice it, so...
It takes time, you know?
First I gotta crush the bone.
I had to file off the rough spots.
And of course, we gotta
seal off your nerves,
your blood vessels.
Of course, normally we
would shape the muscle
so you could have a better prosthetic,
but since I know what's
gonna happen with you,
I don't really see the point.
- You worthless prick!
- Am I?
Am I?
(panting) Am I?
Am I?
Am I?
(Mayanna screams)
Am I? Am I? Am I?
Am I? Am I?
(Rob yells)
(Mayanna groans)
(blood squirting)
look, I don't let anyone call me that.
Not anymore!
You were my last two victims for awhile.
(Rob panting)
(Rob chuckles)
Why can't I have some fun, huh?
(playful ringtone playing)
- [Leah] Rob, I've made you dinner.
Are you gonna come and walk home with me?
- Yeah, put it in the microwave.
I will...
I'm gonna be a minute.
- I walked all the way over here.
Just open the door.
- I'm busy, Leah.
- Rob, I know you're in there.
Dinner is getting cold.
- I said I'm busy, Leah.
- Open the damn door and
come and get your food.
(Rob chuckles)
- Okay, look, I'm sorry,
I'm just, I'm painting something
for the haunt and it's wet.
If I don't get the rest of
it done before it dries-
- [Leah] Dinner is getting cold.
I need you to come and answer the door.
(Rob panting)
- Fine.
(Rob groans)
(Leah gasps)
- What in Sam hell is all over your face?
- I already told you, dear.
I'm painting something for the haunt.
- Oh, it smells so bad in there.
Oh, what is that behind your back?
- What, this?
- I knew it.
I knew I smelled something gross.
You need to stop using that liquid plastic
and switch to something less nasty.
You could get brain damage
from that, you know?
- Oh, what's wrong?
Are you scared, huh?
Oo, oo!
- Knock it off.
Oh, come on, Rob, knock it off.
It looks so fake.
Now, are you coming home?
Dinner's getting cold.
- I'll get there when I get there.
(Leah scoffs)
- I just don't understand.
Why can't I babysit?
I've done it plenty of times before.
- Because we don't know anyone around here
besides Johnnie and her family,
and we want you to stay
with somebody that we know.
- We know the Jorgensens.
- [Lyssa and Eric] No!
- Excuse me.
- What is going on with you guys?
You have been acting so weird.
- (sighs) We're fine, sweetie, all right?
We just have to take care of
something for your dad's work.
We're only gonna be a couple hours away.
And I forgot to mention,
we finished the garage.
So after this and we get back,
we're gonna plan on going home, okay?
Does that sound good?
- Yeah, all right.
- Gimme a hug, babe.
- Hey, Lila's already over there,
so go on and meet her, okay?
- Okay.
I've got a movie I wanna
show Johnnie anyways.
- Hey, kiddo, we'll be back.
- Just be safe.
- All right.
(pensive music)
(music continues)
No, Lyssa, Lyssa, Lyssa,
no, it's over here.
No, she's over here.
(anticipatory music)
(Eric knocks)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- Can I help you?
- [Eric] Hi, are you Julie?
Mayanna's mom?
- Yes.
- [Eric] Oh, hi, I'm Eric Penrod.
We messaged for a bit.
You said we could come by.
- Who's this?
- This is-
- Oh, I'm Lyssa.
I'm his partner in journalism.
- Oh, I didn't know that was a thing.
Do journalists always come in groups?
- [Lyssa] Oh, well, you
can never be too safe
and you know, journalists,
they can be really stubborn,
so we like to keep each other in check.
- All right.
Well, come in.
(anticipatory music fades)
Mayanna was always a
very independent person,
just ever since I can remember.
She never liked her stepdad.
He's just very traditional
and old school and she's,
well, the opposite.
What did you say that this was...
You were doing a documentary or something?
- It's a podcast.
- What's a podcast?
- It's like a radio show
you can listen to whenever you want.
Everybody thinks they're important.
- Oh, like Joe Rogan?
- Yeah, somethin' like that.
- My husband listens to him all the time.
Did you say that you
have Mayanna's permission
to talk about her?
You said it was about runaways?
- Right, right.
And and we haven't found
her yet, but when we do,
we will ask her permission.
- She can be a very sensitive person.
- Can you tell us why she ran away?
- Well,
one night we caught her
sneaking out of the house
to do Lord knows what, and
my husband, her stepdad,
he felt like it was best to deal
with it in the old fashioned way.
I don't agree with all of his
methods, but he is my husband.
Well, the next morning she was gone.
- Do you know where she went?
- Like I mentioned earlier,
she'll reach out every once in awhile,
but she told me that she's
never coming back here
as long as I'm still
married to my husband.
- So when's the last time you talked?
- Oh, just this morning.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Could we maybe get her a number?
I must have the wrong one.
- Yeah, sure.
Let me just go find my phone.
I never remember where I put it,
let alone how to work it
half the time (chuckles).
- And also you mentioned you
left Mayanna's room untouched.
Could we take a look?
- Yeah, yeah, anything to
help bring Mayanna back,
and make sure she's safe.
Yeah, it's just right this way.
This was her room.
Feel free to look around,
but I'm afraid you can't stay much longer.
My husband will be home and
he doesn't like strangers.
- [Eric] Thank you.
- Mm hm.
- Hey, hey, look, I don't know
what we're hopin' to
find, but this is wrong.
We lied to this lady and it seems
like she's just missing her daughter.
- I know, I know, but
we need to wait and see.
And I still think we need to look around
and make sure there's
nothin' strange going on.
- No, I think we need to get outta here
before we guys even harm to this woman.
- Well, we should at
least see the messages.
- Look, sometimes as a journalist,
you have to use your intuition.
You would like to think
she know the difference
between her child and some 50
to 60 something year old man.
- I guess.
- But maybe we have to face the facts
that Rob is some creepy old man
who enjoys torturing people
who like to be tortured.
And I'm not sayin' it's right,
but it looks like that's
all there is here.
- All right, let's go.
- Thank you so much for the tea, Julie,
but we really should be going.
- Yeah, thanks for coming.
Sorry, I was mistaken.
- What do you mean?
- I just checked my phone
and my eyesight isn't good.
I was texting a friend
from church named Maya.
- Okay, so when's the last
time Mayanna texted you?
- About a month and a half ago.
- So is that normal?
- Yes, this is the longest,
but I can't say that it's suspicious.
- All right, well, when you
hear from her, let us know.
- Do you think you'll find her?
- If we do, Julie, we will let you know.
We promise.
- Oh, wait, wait.
(sighs) Mayanna is a great kid, smart,
but she had this tendency to lose things.
So, she set up this find
your phone feature thing.
It's just so that we could
find it when she lost it.
And I don't know how
to work the damn thing,
so maybe you do?
- It shows her phone
did die at some point.
And her last location was in Arizona.
- Yes, we know about two months ago she-
- Eric, look at that date.
- Oh my God.
(pensive music)
- Why can't I move?
- You're on paralytics.
I'm afraid I got a little
carried away last time.
But don't worry, you're
still very useful to me.
- You're an asshole.
- Women shouldn't talk like that.
You know what I did to a woman
that talked to me like
that at the hospital?
I would cut out their tongue.
- You're lying.
They'd never let you get away with that!
- Maybe not nowadays.
25, 30 years ago, who
are they gonna believe?
Some drugged up trailer trash horror
with a sixth grade education, or me?
Their new surgeon?
- Why are you doing this?
I haven't done anything to you.
- I thought you were a fan.
You should be thanking me.
As long as your body
doesn't give off a stench,
you will be part of my temple.
You should be honored.
You're my biggest fan.
- I was wrong.
- [Rob] What?
- I was wrong!
You are worthless!
- Men are worthless.
That's what she told me, my mother.
"Men are worthless and good for nothin'!"
The only kind thing that
woman ever did for me
was set me down in front of a television,
let me watch horror flicks.
(chuckles) I woulda killed sooner
if the neighbor lady hadn't
introduced me to God.
(chuckles) What a waste.
(Rob scoffs)
My mother would bring home guy after guy.
(chuckles) I can still hear her voice.
"Turn up the television, dear."
Oh, sometimes they'd be so drunk,
they'd just fall down right there
on the couch and just start
doing stuff (chuckles).
Like I would, I would never...
(Rob sobbing softly)
So I left town.
I left as soon as I could,
and I started building haunts
to help people get away
from what real horror is.
Horror movies aren't scary.
They're escapes.
They help to show people
what true horror really is.
(Mayanna sobbing softly)
And in every horror movie,
there is all was always one angel.
(Mayanna whimpers)
She was young,
and pretty,
She's not looking for sex.
- So that's what I am?
A final girl?
- Yeah.
(Mayanna sobbing softly)
Yeah, I guess you could say that.
But I'm giving you an
opportunity to be a part of it,
to help show people what's scary really is
so they can go home and
appreciate what they have!
(sobbing continues)
(pensive music)
What's this (smirks)?
Well, guess now we'll find out
if you're tellin' the truth,
that nobody cares about you.
(pensive music)
- No, Sir, you're not
listening to me, okay?
A girl that went missing two months ago
was last seen at Bundy Manor.
And now her phone tracker
says that her last location
was at the Jorgensen's Place weeks after.
But he has to know something about her.
And also there was a
tattoo on an arm, and...
Yes, I was the one who made a call
about the noise complaint awhile back.
Yes, I've heard about all
the nice things he's done
but can't you at least look into it?
Oh, great.
- What happened?
- Well, they think so highly of Rob
that they won't look into it.
Yeah, they said that maybe
she just left her phone
there or something.
- Honestly, I hope they're right.
- Hey, we gotta figure
something out, okay?
I'm gonna check on the girls.
- Hello Eric, how are you?
- Hey Missy, how's everything going?
- Oh, good.
We're just playing outside.
- Can I speak to my girls?
- Yeah, sure. One second.
It's your dad.
- Hello.
- Hey sweetheart, how are you?
- I'm good.
I'm just playing outside with Missy.
- Sounds nice.
You doin' okay?
- Yeah, but I could really
use a grilled cheese,
but I'll survive.
- Well, maybe ask Ash
and she'll make you one.
- I can't ask Ash.
- Why?
- 'Cause she's not here.
- Wait, where is she?
- She's at the haunted house.
(eerie music)
(singer vocalizing)
- Lila, I need to speak to Missy.
- [Lila] Fine.
- Hello?
- Hey, why is Ash at the haunt?
- Oh, I'm sorry, she said
she had your permission.
- No, no God damn it.
She's never had permission
to go to the haunt, okay?
She was just supposed
to come to your house
and sleep over like every other time.
- Well, I'm sorry, Eric,
but I think you're mistaken.
- What do you mean?
- This is the first time she's
ever slept over at my house.
(pensive music)
- [Lyssa] Eric, honey, what's wrong?
(Eric gasps)
(static crackling)
- Dad!
Mr. Jorgensen, is he gonna be okay?
- Sweet child, this happens all the time.
He'll be fine.
(Ash panting)
(energetic music)
(music continues)
(Rob chuckles)
- [Lyssa] Eric!
- Ash is at the haunt.
She's always been at the haunt.
- [Lyssa] What are you talking about?
- She's never slept over at Johnnie's.
- We've gotta go now.
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(Mayanna whimpers)
(camera clicks)
- Huh.
Only one voicemail?
(chuckles) That's a record.
(Mayanna sniffles)
- [Eric] Hi, this is Eric
from the "Cedar Report."
I'm doin' interviews on people
who went through Bundy Manor.
Give me a call back.
(Rob yelling)
(objects clattering)
- What are you doing?
I swear I don't know who that is!
I don't know who that is.
- [Rob] Looks like we're gonna have
to speed things up a bit.
- No (wails)!
(anticipatory music)
(music continues)
- (sighs) God damn it, Ash, answer.
- Hey, I think I should have-
- No, we don't have have time
for your bullshit right now.
We need to go get our daughter
and just get the hell outta here.
Lyssa, I was gonna say I think
we should do this together.
Come on.
(anticipatory music)
(crickets chirping)
(music continues)
- Ash?
Ash, honey, are you here?
(eerie music)
(music continues)
(pensive music)
- Are you okay?
Can you hear me?
- Mom?
- Ash, Ash, are you all right?
- You let her go you son of a bitch!
- Women shouldn't use
that kind of language.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Jorgensen.
I couldn't stay in character.
- Mom, it's okay.
It's just part of the haunt.
- No Ash, Mr. Jorgensen's
a very dangerous man.
- No he's not, Dad.
- Aw, thanks my sweet girl.
You've done so much for me this summer.
- Go get your hands off my daughter!
- Oh, I like this side of you, Eric.
You know I've been disappointed
in you right from the start.
I let you go through the haunt.
I hoped you would prove yourself to me.
All you did is show everyone here
just how worthless you really are!
- Let her go, asshole!
- Easy.
- Look around you.
I will slit her throat
right here, right now!
- No.
(Lyssa screams)
(Ash sputtering)
(dramatic music)
(Lyssa screams)
(Rob laughs)
(Rob grunting)
- Dad, Dad, stop.
Mr. Jorgensen, are you okay?
- Ash?
- (chuckles) Yeah.
Yeah, I'm gonna need some
ice on this knee (laughs).
- You guys need to loosen up.
- Oh my God, honey.
- Oh, that was a close one everyone.
Good job!
(employees applauding)
- [Lyssa] What's happening?
- It's just a, it's a spooky prank
your daughter and I thought up.
You should be proud of her.
(chuckles) She has quite the imagination.
- Thank you, thank you.
- You know what?
I think I'm gonna add this
to the haunt from now on.
It took it to like a whole new level.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Dad, stop, stop, stop.
It's over.
I'm sorry.
- You made me think you
slit my daughter's throat.
What the hell is wrong with you?
- And it wouldn't have
been convincing at all
if it wasn't for the incredible
acting skills of Ash here.
Hey everyone, let's give her
a round of applause shall we?
Come on?
(employees applauding)
- Woo!
- Stop.
Hey, where's Mayanna?
- (chuckles) Okay, Eric.
That's the genius part.
She's in on it.
She wanted to be part of the haunt.
- Hey, really?
- Mayanna, dear, take off your mask.
(eerie music)
(employees applauding)
(music fades)
(shot firing)
(Eric panting)
(panting echoing)
(pensive music)
- Dad no!
Mr. Jorgensen, what the hell is going on?
(gasping) This is all
part of a game, right?
Supposed to be fun?
(panting) Dad, you got me, get up.
Dad, it's over.
Get up!
- Your father and I are
gonna go for a little drive.
Back before you know it.
- You stay away from him!
- Everything was fine until
you and your family showed up.
You just can't keep your
noses in your own business.
- (sobbing) What the hell is going on?
- You can ask anybody around here.
I am respectable.
I am a celebrity!
Now I gotta put an end to it all.
I'm adding all of you to the collection.
I'm starting with you.
- No, no!
- Ash, get out of the way.
- No, you can't do this.
- Why are you defending her, huh?
They don't respect you.
They made fun of you.
They called you a freak like me.
- They may not have understood me,
but at least they accepted me.
- What, you don't think I'll do it?
- Please.
- I will kill all of you!
- Please, please, please.
- Mr. Jorgensen-
- Back off!
- I'm just saying, Mr. Jorgensen,
he looks really hurt and they don't look
like they're having a very good time.
- (chuckles) Neither did
the rest of 'em, did they?
But at the end of the day,
they all felt pretty relieved, huh?
(Lyssa screams)
Now she has balls.
You know, I should have let
you go through the haunt.
How inconsiderate of me!
You're a guest now.
Put her in the tank.
- But Mr. Jorgensen-
- Do it!
(Rob panting)
- No, no, no, please,
please, help him, help him!
He's bleeding.
Somebody do something!
- Put her in!
- No!
- Help me!
Somebody please, please, please!
- Close it!
Close it!
- [Lyssa] No, please!
Somebody, help him!
Please! No!
(Lyssa sobbing)
(Ash whimpering)
- I am so sorry, my sweet angel.
I just, I never meant
for it to end like this.
If it was up to me I'd kill
a dozen nobodies a year.
No one would even care.
- Help me!
- Look at it this way,
(Lyssa yelling indistinctly)
you will always be part
of my haunted house.
- [Mayanna] It's called a
haunt, you son of a bitch!
(Mayanna screams)
(Rob exclaims)
How, how did you...
(anticipatory music)
How did you know the code?
- I thought it was my birthday,
and of course that wasn't it
and then I figured out it was hers.
I should have left you years ago.
You were never loyal!
Only to your haunt (sobs).
- You bitch.
You've ruined me.
You are worthless.
You hear me?
- You're worthless.
(Rob gasps)
You're just nothing.
(blood gushing)
You're a nobody, and
soon you'll be forgotten.
(Rob sputtering)
(anticipatory music)
(sputtering continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- If you remember awhile ago,
I recommended Bundy Manor on here.
Recently there have been like,
a lot of just absurd accusations
against my buddy Rob.
And I think it just comes from a place
that's really sad actually,
that people can't tell the difference
between fiction and reality.
Really just goes to show how hard
it is being a white dude today.
- It's not true, and I cannot believe
that anyone even thinks that.
How is it possible?
I looked up on the internet,
I did my own research.
I found a lot of really
interesting information
and there is an entire
group of people out there
who wanna make sure that everything
that he's done with Bundy
Manor can't keep happening.
And ask yourself,
who would want this to shut down?
- Stop reading the headlines
and actually talk to the
people that actually knew Rob.
This journalist doesn't know anything.
- I just wanna say that if
you're going to be mad at anyone,
I think that Eric Penrod has maybe
a little bit more of a dirty past
that might be worth exploring
if you're going to actually
start accusing people of things.
- If you've seen the news and you've seen
the Penrods on the news, they're
just looking for attention.
They want their little
time in the limelight
and they don't care who
they hurt to get it.
If you know Rob, you know
you should side with him.
The Penrods are just...
I don't know.
I don't know why they're
doing it, but honestly,
it's not worth it.
Like, just admit that you lied
and then everything can go
back and you can be okay.
- I see a lot of my friends saying
that Rob didn't do what he did,
but like, why would
the police be involved?
I don't know.
Maybe he actually did do something wrong.
Our love is like a
song that lingers on
Though the harmony's gone now
(victim banging)
Though the words don't belong now
Still it must play
(banging continues)
Like night gives way to dawn
Romance is gone
(victim groaning)
With it light hearted laughter
Leaving tears ever after fading away
- You know, it all started
when you showed up.
The night is like a symphony
Let's finish this nightmare.
(Mayanna's stepdad groaning)
We know our hearts
belong to that love song
Let's live it again
It's much too sweet to end
We know our hearts belong
To that love song
Let's live it again
It's much too sweet to end
(music fades)
Don't cry now
Don't cry now
Don't cry now
Open your eyes
Tears only blind you
Love could drop in
Not even find you
Open your eyes so you'll
know when love's near
You'll recognize it
the moment it's here
Open your heart
Let people know you
Learn of their dreams
Ask them to show you
Open your heart and believe what I say
True love will find you along the way
I'm in love with someone
And my love has been returned
Just you wait and see
There'll come one
Someone whom you've always yearned for
Open your arms
And when love has found you
Let it come in
Let it surround you
Warm in the arms of
a love all your own
You'll never, no nevermore be alone
(music ends)
(light music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music winds down)