Bungou Stray Dogs: Dead Apple (2018) Movie Script

"The 88 days that produced the most corpses
in the history of the Yokohama underworld,
and the tumultuous event that dragged
many groups and organizations into itself...
The Dragon Head War"
"On the eve of its finale"
I've had enough of this sight.
Bodies strewn as far as the eye can see.
You've got some luck
to have survived all this.
Dazai, where are you?
I have an idea what you're up to
but get out of there ASAP.
Trouble is on its way.
Scram, flunkey!
Hey there Chuya,
you're within the firing line now
so eat a load of bullets and die.
Shut up!
Damn ability user!
I'll show you who's boss.
Would've been so much funnier
if that bolt did you in.
Zip it, Dazai you shitbag.
You're five minutes late.
That's three more fists than I had to take.
How about I add to that
number and finish you?
I'm not the one you have to kill.
Like vermin out of the woodwork.
Let's get this over with.
You would've seen this coming.
Right, I still have a bone to pick with you.
It will be mine.
It won't be mine.
It will be mine.
It won't be mine.
It will be mine.
It won't be mine.
It will be mine.
It won't be mine.
It will be mine.
It won't be mine.
It will be mine.
It won't be mine.
Those gems are real.
Could've made someone a very happy lady.
It won't be mine.
This cheap fortune-telling doesn't please me.
Forming an organization
didn't get me what I what.
Let my buddies go.
Welcome, my unimpressive guests.
I doubt you could grant me
that which I desire.
Hurry off to the afterlife,
as the ones before you have.
Your friends took their own lives.
Unimpressive people remain
unimpressive even in death.
You bastard...
Don't stop me.
Good gracious...
The extreme of dark corruption...
Such fun this is.
"Bungo Stray Dogs: DEAD APPLE"
"The world of day and world of night"
"In the twilight presides an armed group"
"An assembly of ability users,
The Armed Detective Agency"
"Atsushi Nakajima
Ability: Beast Beneath the Moonlight"
"Dazai Osamu
Ability: No Longer Human"
"Kyoka Izumi
Ability: Yasha Shirayuki"
"Doppo Kunikida
Ablity: Doppo Poetry"
"Kenji Miyazawa
Ability: Undampened"
"Ranpo Edogawa
Ability: Super Deduction"
"Akiko Yosano
Ability: Thou Shalt Not Die"
"Junichiro Tanizaki
Ability: Fine Snow"
"Yukichi Fukuzawa
Ability: All Men are Equal"
"Port Mafia"
"A heinous organization
"Port Mafia"
representing Yokohama's dark side.
They influence the city
politically and economically.
All who oppose them are shown no mercy."
"Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Ability: Rashomon"
"Chuya Nakahara
Ability: Soiled Sorrow"
"Ogai Mori
Ability: Vita Sexualis"
"Ango Sakaguchi
Ability: Discourse on Decadence"
"Fyodor D.
Ability: Crime and Punishment"
"Bungo Stray Dogs: DEAD APPLE"
"Six years later..."
Never knew Yokohama had a place like this.
Atsushi Nakajima-kun?
Do you know whose grave this is?
No, but it must be for someone dear to you.
What makes you say that?
Cause I've seen you visit a grave before.
Do I look like I'm paying my respects?
You do.
What should I do?
Be on the side that saves people.
If both sides are the same, be a good person.
Help the weak, and protect orphans.
I know good and evil means nothing to you,
but you'd be a better man that way.
How do you know that?
Of course I know. I know better than anyone.
I'm your friend.
Could it be that this belongs to your lover?
We'd have died together
if there was a woman I loved.
I guess that makes sense, for you.
Did you say something?
Oh, nothing.
He's a friend.
He's the man who made me leave
the Port Mafia and join the Detective Agency.
Without him I would still be in the mafia
and continue taking lives.
Just kidding.
You must be here looking for me
on Kunikida-kun's orders.
There's an important meeting.
I'll pass.
There's a new suicide method
I'm itching to try.
Not again...
I'm in for another earful from Kunida-san.
"Dihua Street, Taipei"
This is security cam footage
from three years ago in Taipei, Taiwan.
As you can see, in minutes it was enveloped
by a thick fog that promptly vanished.
This was no case of extreme weather.
Immediately afterwards
a suspicious body was found.
It was this charred corpse.
How awful.
This man was an ability user?
Spot on, Ranpo-san.
He was well-known among the locals
for his fire manipulating ability.
This was a year ago in Singapore.
Another thick fog was reported
and once more an unnatural
death was left in its wake.
He had the ability to manipulate cards
and was a skilled assassin.
This was half a year ago in Detroit.
Yet another corpse discovered after the fog.
As you could guess,
her ability let her create ice.
In short,
after a mysterious fog,
ability users across the globe
were killed by their own powers.
Is that right?
Does the fog have something to do with it?
There have been at least 128
known incidents thought to be connected
from which over 500
ability users have lost their lives.
The Special Abilities Bureau calls this
the "Ability Users Serial Suicide Case".
Speaking of suicide...
Where's that idiot Dazai, Atsushi?
He said he'd rather try out
a new suicide method.
That blasted numbskull!
I see...
What are you doing, Ranpo-san?
I'm not telling.
Does contact with the fog
cause ability users to kill themselves?
Not on my watch!
I'll never let you die
and leave me all alone.
- You're killing me...
- So, what does this have to do with us?
I doubt it's a simple warning
because we have abilities?
We've been asked
to investigate by the Bureau.
A suspected person of interest
to these string of suicides
has reportedly infiltrated Yokohama.
They would like us to secure this man.
Tatsuhiko Shibusawa, 29.
All we know is he has an ability
and is known as the Collector.
Something catch your eye?
Nah, it's nothing.
The Armed Detective Agency accepts this job.
Not just because it
brings harm to ability users
and may endanger the Agency
and its employees too,
but because I suspect a far greater
disaster threatens the public at large.
The Detective Agency hereby devotes
all its resources into investigating this man!
What do you think, Kunikida-san?
About what?
Is this string of suicides even possible?
Hard to say.
Supposing the cause
is a mind control ability,
one as powerful as this would be known
to investigation agencies worldwide.
I hope the Bureau agent
we're about to meet can tell us more.
Right on time, not a second late.
It's the agent. He's dead.
What is it?
Did the culprit leave this?
An apple?
Kunikida-san, why an apple?
Hell if I know.
What are we toasting to?
Couldn't you wait for Ango?
How about a little chat then?
I heard something interesting recently.
Ever heard of suicide by apple?
Suicide by apple?
Yup, using an apple to die.
Oh, Cinderella.
Have to say even I didn't expect that.
Never a dull moment talking to you.
Just so you know, it was Snow White
who ate the poisoned apple
and she did not kill herself.
I see. I got it wrong.
Hold on.
Perhaps Snow White did commit suicide.
Did she bite the apple knowing it had poison?
What for?
Despair over her own mother
wanting to poison her.
Maybe it was despair over something
indiscernible in this world?
Wouldn't that be fascinating?
I met a fascinating ability user.
He can make people commit suicide by apple.
I sense a new fad coming to Yokohama.
Suicide? A fad?
Yep. Doesn't that sound great?
You're a funny guy.
Your thoughts are like clothes
in a washing machine.
I'm not as funny as you.
Ango sure is late.
He won't be coming.
Odasaku, everything you've said was right.
Being on the side that saves is great.
If you want to live, that is.
I'll be going now, Odasaku.
Oh Ango, you came.
Here for a drink?
No, I'm on duty.
Tatsuhiko Shibusawa.
Weren't you the one who called him here?
Are you trying to have ability users
throughout Yokohama kill themselves?
Do you think you could catch me?
Get out, you worthless parasite!
You are no longer welcome at the orphanage.
The world would be a better place
if you end up dead in a ditch!
- What's that?
- There isn't a single place
where you belong.
Was that... a dream?
May I come in?
Oh, sure...
Are you alright?
Why do you ask?
You were moaning in your sleep.
Yeah. I had a nightmare.
What're you... Kyoka-chan!?
Was there fog in your nightmare?
Is this...
There's no reception.
Mine too.
Could this be the fog that makes
ability users commit suicide?
Let's head to the Agency.
R-Right now?
T-The fog might lift in no...
Hey, Kyoka-chan?
How's the driver?
What's going on?
Silence befell the city.
It was as though every person had vanished.
Get out, you worthless parasite!
There isn't a single place where you belong.
I sense great enmity.
Is this suicide through an ability?
But there's no body...
Let's do this, Kyoka-chan!
Ability: Beast Beneath the Moonlight!
Ability: Yasha Shirayuki!
You're hurt!
Were you shot?
Don't worry, I removed the bullet.
More importantly, I know
what's causing these suicides.
Run for it!
Hurry, Kunikida-san!
You okay?
What happened?
I was attacked by my own ability.
Your own ability?
Yasha Shirayuki!
Hop in!
Run, Atsushi!
Kunikida-san, could the cause
you mentioned be...
The victims didn't kill themselves.
They were killed by their own abilities.
We have to hurry to the Agency.
What happened here?
To the president's office!
What is that?
We have a connection.
Please keep this frequency stable.
Can you hear me? Is this President Fukuzawa?
I'm Kunikida, an agent.
I take that you're with
the Special Abilities Bureau?
The Special Abilities Bureau?
I'm Ango Sakaguchi
from the Special Abilities Bureau.
Kunikida-san, what's the situation there?
I have Atsuhi Nakajima
and Kyoka Izumi with me.
All other Agency members are unaccounted for.
The line isn't stable so I'll keep it brief.
Yokohama has been met
with the fog phenomenon.
Fog of this scale is unprecedented.
It halted its expansion
after enveloping all of Yokohama,
separating it from the rest of the world.
The majority of Yokohama is either
missing or have vanished.
It seems only those with abilities remain.
In short, you are in danger.
We have seen it for ourselves.
In this fog, ability users
are divorced of their ability
which then sets out to kill them.
This doesn't look good.
Fortunately, we have
the location of the ability user
suspected of being the cause.
In the center of the Yokohama settlement
lies an abandoned high-rise
called the Corpse Fortress.
Is it Tatsuhiko Shibusawa?
I would like to submit a critical
request to the Detective Agency.
Please exterminate the mastermind,
Tatsuhiko Shibusawa.
Whichever method will do.
as an addendum, it appears
that Dazai-kun is with him.
Was he captured?
Yokohama is at risk
of being wiped off the map.
You're our only hope...
"Hand grenade"
It's here...
You two go ahead.
I'll hold it back.
But Kunikida-san...
You don't stand a chance
against your own ability.
It's not a matter of whether I can or cannot.
What matters is if I'm willing to fight.
I must surpass myself.
That's how I've always lived.
We are the Armed Detective Agency.
Take it.
I don't need one.
My ability can't create anything
larger than a notebook.
Escape from the back
while I have its attention.
Have you tracked down ability user No. A5158?
Please send a message.
What do I say?
Time to repay your debt to Prof. Glasses.
He'll be fine, right?
Our priority now is to eliminate
Tatsuhiko Shibusawa.
Tatsuhiko Shibusawa...
What sort of man is he?
You speak of eliminating him,
but no matter how bad he may be
there's no need to kill.
We just have to capture him.
Dazai-san can deal with him
once he's been rescued.
That's right,
we just have to save Dazai-san...
He'll be able to do it.
Do you not tire of that sight?
Indeed, such boredom.
The landscape white and empty.
A world filled with gravel.
All the abilities in Yokohama shall me mine.
Once more my intellect remains
unchallenged, my plans on course.
How unremarkable.
I too, once suffered
from the boredom you feel.
How did you overcome this wretched ailment?
A demonstration would be
better than a description.
See? My intentions remain a mystery to you.
Am I assisting you or will I betray you
for my own ends?
The only mystery here is why
you consider yourself unreadable.
It seems you are in need of salvation.
Who, pray tell, will deliver
this salvation you speak of?
Who knows?
It could be an angel...
or the devil.
As far as I'm concerned,
both your intentions are like an open book.
Such lies do not spin an engaging tale.
The audience would sooner leave their seats.
Demon Fyodor-kun.
I shall have you dance
on stage as a collaborator.
When he's most likely to betray?
There are no lies in that statement.
None have ever proven my predictions wrong.
I hope to see it happen.
I must say, the ability users of this city
have my deepest condolences.
Regardless of which one
of us comes out on top,
the only fate in store for them... is death.
What'll happen if our abilities don't return?
Are you sure it's safe
to drive this fast in a fog?
I have all of Yokohama's terrain memorized.
My skills as an assassin
are independent from my special ability.
When I first learned
that I rampaged as a tiger,
I wished for this power to disappear.
Who'd have though that very tiger
would be my enemy?
I have never once thought of Yasha
Shirayuki, my parents' killer, as an ally.
If she opposes me then I will take her down.
The safety.
This instant!
What a pitiful weapon.
Shame that peashooter does nothing to it.
Interesting. Shall we observe who triumphs?
Now's not the time for this.
There should be a hidden passage
for Mafia executives nearby.
Come, Weretiger.
Get going!
I'll catch up!
This is an evacuation route
built to withstand ability users.
The fog would not reach here.
What is that fog?
It is the dragon's breath.
Kyoka, as we are both without our abilities,
you could easily take me out.
Why the silence?
Do you not want to settle this score?
You don't mean anything to her now!
Would you rather we settle our
score before regaining our abilities?
Do you have a way to get them back?
I know how.
Defeating an ability returns it to its user.
Are you incapable of discovering this much?
What're you after?
The same thing as us, probably.
Which means...
I'll tear out his entrails and end his life.
Is there any other way to save Yokohama?
We won't kill.
That's not what a detective does!
How sheltered you are, Weretiger.
Kyoka understands what must be done.
For she was once with the Port Mafia.
I set out to live under the light.
I left the Port Mafia to join
the Detective Agency.
Killing for the Mafia and killing
for the Agency are different.
Had Dazai-san not taken the enemy's side,
stopping this fog without killing
would have been possible.
Dazai-san joined the enemy?
He stands by him of his own volition.
Dazai-san would never do that!
He has already betrayed the Port Mafia once.
I will be the one to kill him.
Can you really?
I can, if the alternative is
letting another do the deed.
I won't let you do it.
We're not going with you.
I will.
Behold, my collection room.
Welcome to Draconia.
Are these all crystalized abilities?
I'm impressed that you've gathered this many.
'Tis a fine hobby.
A collection worthy of the devil's envy.
Does that make you a rat of death,
here to sell knowledge to the devil?
I collected most of these using information
on ability users supplied by you.
As a result I was able to cover
the entire city in this massive foggy domain.
I do wonder how you were able
to procure said information?
You find rats in every corner of the city.
Here comes another one.
An ability user somewhere
in Yokohama has died.
And yet...
It remains pointless without
the one ability to adorn this altar.
No matter how many I gather...
Why are you sticking with this guy?
He has information.
He has access to this secret passage.
Above all, he'll be a valuable
combatant with his ability restored.
Our goal of eliminating Shibusawa
remains the same.
Even so...
Kyoka, I see that you still
cherish your mother's phone.
Her mother?
Have you not been told that?
I haven't...
What's the shortest route?
Makes sense that it can tell where I am.
I'll help.
To prove my own strength,
I wandered many a night
and slaughtered many a foe.
But I have been blind.
Blind to not have seen that
a worthy foe had been here all along.
He's so selfish...
We have our own problems to confront.
You must deal with your own matter.
To me, people are but simple,
easy to understand machines dressed in flesh.
All except for one.
Do you even have friends?
I find them unnecessary,
for I can read the hearts of others.
I shall traverse between the lines,
past the blank spaces of my story
where a world beyond lies waiting.
You wouldn't be spouting
all that if you actually had friends.
The hour approaches.
All of Yokohama's
abilities will soon be mine.
Do you think that anyone is capable
of overcoming their own ability?
Rashomon attacks by launching
its cloth turned to blades.
Therefore as long as I maintain my distance,
I remain out of reach.
How do I beat it?
Will breaking that do the trick?
Damn it!
It's impossible to beat your own ability.
Yasha Shirayuki killed my mother.
Even if I defeat her, she will return to me
and I become one with her.
Just as I planned.
Truly an ability worthy of me.
All is as should be.
This is where you belong.
Yasha Shirayuki
is the incarnation of slaughter.
Even so...
Despite that...
In spite of everything, I...
In spite of everything...
In spite of everything, you wish to use
that power for the sake of others?
Shatter the crystal on her forehead!
Here he comes.
Who is?
You've got guts to call me
like you're ordering takeaway.
Everyone, please leave us for a while.
This is a government facility.
Did you think you could barge in like this?
I play by my own rules. Not yours.
I believe you still owe me.
Don't you mean you owe me?
What are you talking about?
Quit playing dumb.
Did you think I wouldn't know?
I'm talking six years ago.
How are your wounds?
I'm fine. They should heal
once the tiger's power kicks in.
Corpse Fortress.
That's where Dazai-san is.
Everything will be fine once we save him.
You got your ability back.
Why don't I have the tiger's
healing despite beating Byakko?
Did you get yours back too?
Why hasn't mine returned?
Fool! Do you still not understand?
What's that...
What is this shit!?
What do you mean!?
Your wounds are heavy.
Rest here.
I'm sorry for not telling you.
I didn't want you to know.
Know what?
That Yasha Shirayuki,
who I control with my phone,
was never someone I wanted to hate.
I will finish our mission.
Wait a sec...
That's why you're no good!
What's this about?
It's the government who involved Shibusawa
in the Dragon Head War six years ago.
All in the name of ending the strife
that dragged in all of Yokohama.
Except maintaining order
is an alien concept to him.
All he did was raise the body count.
Even so you government
shitheads kept protecting him
because he's a valuable
ability user capable of repelling
a nationwide uprising by other users.
Not only did you look the other way
to the corpses he continued to pile up
but also aided in sweeping them
under the rug.
Everything was to keep the country in peace.
Better watch your tongue, Prof. Glasses.
If it weren't for you bastards,
six of my friends would still be alive.
Will you kill me?
I don't care if you do.
I was prepared for this when I called you.
That settles it.
I'll take the job.
You'll pay me with your life.
All according to plan.
Sure is.
It wasn't easy.
Earning his trust to get in here, that is.
By the way, what's your
real reason for working with me?
I merely seek to see
the world as it should be.
Still, this party would be livelier
with more acts on display.
So it's a game of guessing who the clown is?
I'm not thrilled to join forces with you,
but it was necessary
to make Shibusawa the clown.
He has even the Japanese
government by the nose after all.
He would have summoned the fog in Yokohama
regardless of whether you lead him to or not.
Go on.
One crystal gathers all ability users
within sight to one place.
Another combines the powers
of ability users touched into one.
Both together will allow you
to take in this entire collection
and the fog will disappear
without energy to maintain it.
First you must free them from their
crystal prisons with your nullification
so that they may return
to their original states.
I hope Atsushi-kun
and the others are alright.
All that's left is to erase
that and it'll be over.
Did I not say that none have
proven my predictions wrong?
Wasn't the door... locked...
Oh, I see. This is where
your treachery comes in.
What did I say about having
more acts to liven the party?
Okay, then what's your next move?
There is no next move.
My goal has always been you.
I thought the best this fruit knife
could do was sting.
You poisoned it.
A lethal paralytic.
Enjoy it. It's the death you've longed for.
What have you done...
This is... rather... nice...
The ability leaves its user upon their death.
Oh, I've never felt this way before.
How my heart races.
It isn't the one!
What is...
Don't open that door.
Not that you have the resolve
or integrity to do it.
You're finally free from the tiger's power.
Carry on without it.
Don't worry, no one
expects a thing from you.
I won't listen to you.
There's no turning back once you know.
You'll find that the door isn't locked.
Proceed at your own discretion and then...
A fusion ability and a nullification ability.
Two opposing powers become one
to form a singularity.
Obtaining Dazai-kun's ability
still leaves what you seek,
the memories you've lost, out of reach.
Why do you know that!?
Worry not.
I will fill in the blanks that torment you.
That is death. Anything ring a bell?
I remember...
I know this sensation.
The warden misunderstands your ability.
Yours is a rarity in this world.
It's the one ability
other users would desire.
But perhaps due to age,
that ability remains tucked away
and not even my fog can draw it out.
Which is why...
Come, grant me the pleasure of a surprise.
This is...
That's right. It's coming back to me.
I brandished my claws that day.
I brandished my claws that day.
I brandished my claws that day.
I brandished my claws that day.
I brandished my claws that day.
- I pushed a button that day.
- I brandished my claws that day.
I brandished my claws that day.
I was told your ability
would be desired by all users.
By that Russian, Fyodor.
You undeniably died that day.
And your ability was inherited
by none other than yourself
as you parted your body.
You forgot your own death
and created a room with a collection
to manage and satisfy yourself with.
That is what you currently are.
I brandished my claws that day.
Indeed, you killed me that day.
With those very claws.
Of course I had my claws out!
I wanted to live!
The boy always brandishes
the tiger's claws in order to live!
It's the beginning of the end.
You're so greedy, Dazai-kun.
Even in death you seek
to watch the end of this city.
Let me tell you something in light of
our wonderful new friendship.
Have you ever wondered why my ability
never manifested within this fog?
I am crime.
And I am punishment.
Did you know?
Crime and punishment go hand in hand.
Boundaries vanish...
The room awakens...
The personification of demise...
The ability-eating lord of the fog.
Run wild, feast and howl
as your instincts dictate.
This is no rampage nor a singularity.
The dragon is the original form
of the chaos these abilities hold.
Abnormal readings
from the singularity rising!
Five, five and a half times
the values from six years ago...
It won't stop climbing!
What's the status on A5158?
Get a grip, flunkey!
It's likely that Dazai-kun has been killed.
Do understand what this means?
Doesn't bother me.
Are you sure?
You have yet to claim
my life as your payment.
Get off your high horse.
Six years ago you were just some lowly mole.
No one would've listened to whatever
you had to say about Shibusawa, yeah?
Just some dude rambling.
That dumbass Dazai's in there somewhere.
No doubt about it.
I won't rest until I sock him.
We're counting on you...
We'll shortly be above the target.
You're that gal from before.
The name's Tsujimura.
Are you really going?
You won't make it!
You're still human despite your ability.
That's a monster beyond our understanding.
Your overconfidence
will only lead to your death.
That's no excuse to turn tail and run.
Do you know when you can?
I don't.
Never. There's no such time.
You are the extreme of dark corruption.
May you not wake me again!
Amazing, it's rising.
His ability controls gravity.
But once in that corrupted state
he is a graviton manipulating avatar,
unable to command or cancel it.
You mean he'll keep going until he dies?
Without Dazai-kun's nullification ability,
his fate is sealed.
That can't be...
You used Corruption
believing I'd bring you back?
I could almost cry.
Yeah I believed you.
You with your sickening
vitality and dirty tricks.
You're a rather violent
Prince to my Snow White.
Says the man who kept
an antidote in his mouth
knowing a punch to the face was coming.
Lemme go.
Stay still.
The fog hasn't disappeared.
Please spare me from having
to protect you from your own ability.
You mean it's not over?
Yeah. The battle has just begun.
Shit, I can't move... a finger.
Everything went as anticipated so far.
But now...
The rest is up to them.
You acted like you knew
everything when you knew nothing.
There's no stopping
this fog from spreading,
turning this world into
a fruit of death, a dead apple.
Here's a little present from me.
It's a fragment of the ability
gathering crystal.
This makes you the singularity.
I remember everything.
What I sought were not abilities
but the glimmer of life
that shines from defying your ability
and prevailing over fate.
You showed me that light.
Your soul that shone as you
tenaciously clung to life by killing me.
Let me admire that glimmer once more.
The fog has begun to expand
its area of influence!
Unable to calculate
the singularity's fluctuations!
Expanding at the speed of 120 kilometers.
At this rate all of the Kanto region
will be engulfed in 1 hour and 35 minutes.
12 hours and 36 minutes to cover Japan
and in 168 hours, the whole world.
This is...
Incoming call from the British
Special Abilities Bureau!
Esquires of the Clock Tower...
Good day to you all.
On behalf of the European countries,
we offer our sympathies in this pressing time.
With that said,
to prevent further spread of this fog,
we have deployed ability users
with the power of incineration.
Incineration abilities?
How much time do we have?
Precisely 30 minutes, at the crack of dawn.
Yokohama will be burnt to the ground...
You must be Shibusawa.
Are you both ability users?
Why are you here?
I want the one I care for
to live in the light.
I'll be the one to kill him.
Yasha Shirayuki!
To think there were two
who managed to regain their abilities.
We aren't the only ones!
Is this still within your
expectations, Dazai-kun?
Well, I'm in no position
to worry about others.
I love you, Rintaro.
You're too adorable, Elise-chan.
I can't slice you up.
Now then, what's the best course of action?
A swordsman on par with myself.
Your skills may be unmatched
but your honor dulls you.
A sword that lacks a shred
of cunning cannot beat me.
What a coincidence, Mori-sensei.
You appear to be in trouble.
The solution has just appeared before me.
This is where one's daily conduct
shows through.
It appears that scalpels
are not all that you wield.
I shall make note of that.
You show no mercy even to a lovable child.
Silver Wolf the lone swordsman,
your sins run deep.
What I slew was a wicked specter.
Dammit, Rintaro!
Who let you neglect me to play around?
It's the real Elise-chan.
She remains wicked all the same.
What's this glimmer of life?
I have no such thing.
I was secretly relieved
to have lost the tiger's powers.
I was no longer a threat to those around me.
The scary tiger and I are separate beings.
Except, the tiger did save me before.
I have already met with death.
How do you kill one who is already dead?
Foul ghoul!
The tiger and me
are inseparable no matter where I run.
It's like how you can't escape
your own heartbeat.
That's because you are
my very will to survive.
I hear you clearly now.
I understand your words.
I know that.
The flame of their lives burns bright.
Right back at you.
Dawdle around and I'll leave you behind.
Come here!
I have seen your lives glimmer!
it isn't bright enough.
Whoever paired dragons with tigers was right.
The Russian who told me about you said thus.
The dragon is the original form
of the chaos these abilities hold.
You who represent the tiger,
are the foe of every ability there is.
About time you arrived, fool.
Are you going to kill me
once more, Atsushi Nakajima-kun?
I'm only returning you to where you belong.
Let me be clear.
I don't hold my death against you.
That's the spirit, Atsushi-kun!
You really are...
I am finally free of my boredom!
We'll never protect where we belong
unless we join forces.
Can you call Yasha Shirayuki again?
Kyoka... Weretiger...
I'm sure you know... what must be done.
Yeah, I do.
Yasha Shirayuki, who you didn't want
to hate, will surely respond to your call.
Even your innocence is beautiful.
Yasha Shirayuki!
Your efforts remain futile!
Don't order me around!
You're not going anywhere.
This is it... This is the one.
I am awash with delight.
Do you feel it too?
What's that?
Your glimmer that opposes all abilities...
Let me see it once more!
This is the ultimate ability.
You're wrong!
That's no ability...
It's myself!
I understand everything now.
Why I stand here, why you appeared before me,
and the words he told me.
It's you...
You're the angel that brings me salvation.
Disappearance of both
the singularity and fog confirmed.
The Clock Tower esquire ordered
for their mission to be aborted.
A shame...
The scent of a country in flames
goes so well with tea.
What're you doing here?
Dumbass Dazai's fine.
Lend me a shoulder.
The fact a regular person like me
is back means everything worked out.
Atsushi's gotten really good
at saving the day.
Right, Dazai?
Atsushi-kun, the things I did...
You tried to protect the city, didn't you?
Do I look like a good guy who'd do that?
You do.
I hope he spent his final moments
free from boredom or solitude.
Was this what you really want?
Much like how I sealed my
memory of killing him,
I can put that past behind me again.
It's for the best.
I can take pride in protecting
the city with everyone.
A life with with you and the Agency is
a more wonderful prospect.
You there!
You numbskulls still breathing?
Everyone made it.
Of course, we're the Armed Detective Agency.
That this large incident occurred
without a single civilian casualty
proved to be our silver lining.
Keep working, Tsujimura-kun.
We're only on our fourth all-nighter.
No way we can keep all this under wraps.
Even keeping it to Yokohama alone is hard
with all that destruction caused.
What was this whole case about in the end?
I don't know.
Three masterminds
each played their own complicated game.
It's still hard to have
a grasp of the ensuing mess.
Dazai-kun will tell us nothing
and we can forget about getting
a read on Demon Fyodor's mind.
But when you put aside
all plotting and trickery aside,
the core of the matter
may be surprisingly simple.
An intellect that leaves you
unable to sympathize with others.
How will Shibusawa, who was cursed
with such a mind, act and how will he end?
Perhaps he may even be saved...
The isolation and solitude those three
must feel is beyond my comprehension.
Did you figure out their plan, Boss?
If Dazai-kun acts alone
then he would require your help.
To set the stage, that is.
So I was the opening act?
It's him who casts the main performers.
So what do I get for my troubles?
The return of order in the city.
You're saying I protected the peace?
And I thank you for your efforts.
No need to.
I'm only doing my job.
Everything is for entertainment.
Still, it appears I will need
that book if I am to end this world
filled with crime and punishment.
The blank notebook that sleeps in this city.
Do not offend the client. Got it?
Kunikida-kun, you're like the Agency's mommy.
Don't overdo it you two.
Off you go.
Take care.
Well then, we're off.
"Armed Detective Agency"
"Bungo Stray Dogs: DEAD APPLE"