Bunker (2022) Movie Script

Who wouldn't join the army?
That's what we all inquire
Don't we pity
the poor civilian
Sitting beside the fire
Oh, oh, oh
it's a lovely war...
Who wouldn't be a soldier,
Oh, it's a shame
to take the pay
As soon as reveille
has gone
We feel just as heavy
as lead
But we never get up
till the sergeant
Brings our breakfast
up to bed
Oh! Oh! Oh!
It's a lovely...
it's a lovely war
God damned chats.
Damn it Walker,
I was enjoying the tune.
-Ah, he sings like a wee girl.
Lay off the kid.
At least he's not covered
in nits.
Tribulation is communal in war,
You should know that.
Ah, you bloody scobberlotcher.
Lewis, hand me your nose rag.
Gray, would you mind
taking watch tonight?
Ah sorry, chap. Terribly busy.
-Doing what?
-Not having watch.
Oh, just a little bit
will take the edge off, huh?
Just trying to help.
It gets easier.
Fuck off.
If I see
you've left your post to groom
that damn mustache again,
I'll shave it myself.
Wouldn't be the first time
my looks fetched me
a reprimand.
Isn't one of you on watch?
Just finished, sir.
Can't imagine the view
from down here
does us any good.
-Off you go.
-Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.
Lieutenant Turner.
At ease, Captain Hall.
What business do you have here?
I brought you a new medic.
of Major General Allen.
- Lieutenant.
- Welcome, Private.
Segura. sir.
Try and take care of this one,
will you?
We're running low on spare.
Well thank you, Captain.
I'll have one of my men
show you off.
Actually, the Major General
would very much appreciate
a briefing on your situation
over here.
- The Major General?
- Sir.
Of course.
If you'd follow me Captain,
I'll bring you up to speed.
Stay put.
Play nice.
Oi, boy scout. Come here.
-How old are you?
Christ, we are fucked.
They're down
to sending us Buster Brown.
Aye, don't he look
like Buster Brown?
You want a drink?
Oh, what's the matter,
need to ask your mum?
Ah, it's all right, mate.
I've been told it gets easier.
Oye, Gloomy Gus,
you want a drink?
Oy, what's with him?
He know English?
I don't drink.
Dulls the intellect.
Eh, quite high and mighty
for a greaser.
Don't mind him,
he keeps to himself.
Don't wet yourself just yet,
Shells are more common
than rain these days.
It's nothing to fret about,
till they're...
...right above you.
But I'll tell you what ought
to give you a fright...
the ghouls of no man's land.
The what?
Countless trenches and tunnels
been abandoned around here.
Perfect homes
for gutless deserters
and poor bastards left
for dead.
Livin' in the dark,
becomin' less human by the day.
They dig deep and far
in the dirt,
like ants in the earth.
Why, they could be
under your very feet right now.
And they've lived there
for years,
only coming out on nights
like this
to scavenge among
the rotten remains
of no man's land.
If you listen close...
you can hear
their wretched cries
as they feast
on the flesh of the dead.
Tearing through
maggot-filled meat
like rabid dogs.
Bit of advice.
Sleep with one eye open.
They're not afraid
to spread into the trenches,
looking to fill their bellies
with the tastiest meat of all...
boys fresh off the boat.
Our stalemate has lasted
some time now.
Both of our numbers
and resources
are strained to say the least.
At this point,
we're just waiting
for the other to starve.
From the looks of it
that might not be that more.
I would just say
the morale vanish.
Is that your inquiry,
or of the Major General's?
Lieutenant, you have nothing
to worry about.
We just wanted
to make sure that
the lines before the fire
where they may have been weak.
Thank you for your generosity,
Give my best
to the Major General.
- Lieutenant?
- Yes?
I believe the Germans
have retreated, sir.
They've appeared
to have abandoned
their outpost, sir.
It's empty.
By what we can see from here
it appears the krauts
have fallen back.
Fortune is smiling upon us
with a bout of fog,
providing us an opportunity
to cross no man's land
under cover.
This is a window of opportunity
we must seize now.
You really think
that they haven't fallen back?
I say we hit 'em.
We hit 'em
with more artillery,
just to be sure.
If the outpost truly
is unoccupied
it would be in our best interest
not to blow it all to hell
before we claim it.
Imagine that,
an entire outpost
taken single-handedly
with no casualties.
I reckon we'd all be
recompensed handsomely.
Thank you for your visit,
My men will take it from here.
But you ain't shaking
this off now.
Major General would love
to hear about this.
On me.
I will lead the path across
with Private Gray.
Once we provide the signal,
Hall and Lewis will follow.
After their passage,
Baker and Segura
will guide Walker
as he lays down
the communication wire.
Are we clear?
-Yes, sir.
Saddle up.
Hold still. Hold still.
Just stay right behind me.
We'll be on the other side
in no time.
Come on!
Quiet him
or else he'll get us killed!
Kill him! Kill him!
Silence him.
What the bloody hell
was all that noise?
Were you trying
to give away our position?
No, sir.
Fortunately for you it seems
there's no one here
to have heard
all your bloody racket.
Otherwise, that'd be you
howling out there.
Men, let's go.
It's a ghost town.
-This can't be right.
Where is their damn dugout?
They sealed it up
from the outside.
Why would they do that?
Open it up.
Don't go!
My God!
What in God's...
-Get him down.
Seeing as how he's all
that's left
I'd say he's our best bet
to knowing
what in the hell happened here?
We're not gonna get anything
out of him.
Look at him.
Perhaps not.
But we very well
can't leave him like this.
Can't we?
Gonna have to agree, sir.
Something doesn't feel right.
He's dying.
Tends to his wounds
and see that he's sound enough
for questioning.
What happened down here?
That's what I intend
to find out.
We should be leaving.
How is he?
He's barely breathing, sir.
Get him topside.
Fresh air will do him
some good.
Spending another minute
in this kraut filth
won't help anyone.
Once we're above,
signal our outpost
that they're safe to move here.
I want to begin occupying
the area immediate...
Captain Hall, take...
Dig! Dig!
Gas! Get back!
Take him!
Come on!
Lewis, come on!
It's here.
- Come on!
- Lewis! We have to go!
Help me with this!
Help! Lewis!
Don't leave me!
Lewis, we've to go.
You, Baker, come with me.
Take over Walker's duties
on the radio
and contact our outpost.
-Yes, sir.
You will assist.
Once Walker is mended,
have the other yank see to it
that the chemicals are covered.
Put the Kraut
to work as well.
That ought to lift his spirits.
You are dismissed.
You alright?
Fine, I guess.
Where are you from?
America, er, New York.
Lovely. Lovely.
I'm from Newcastle, England.
Say, would you mind
if I offered a word of prayer?
I think it will help settle
our nerves.
Yeah, right. Thanks.
Dear Lord,
we thank thee for safely
guiding us from harm's way
and for Your bountiful mercy.
Please watch over Private Gray,
and our other fallen brethren,
as they find their way back
to Your loving embrace...
Walker has our frequency
in his jacket.
This is a--
this is Private Lewis
of the 11th Battalion.
Any units on this channel?
Finish up here
and begin preparations
to dig through to the trenches.
-What of our outpost, sir?
-What of it?
They can at least send us help.
I cannot call for aid
without sacrificing
our defenses.
Our only means
of escape is to dig.
You, come with me.
Let's have a gander at you.
You don't have any papers.
Do not take me for a fool.
I know you understand me.
Are you a deserter?
Is that why you were left
for the dead?
Why we found you hanging
by a wire
and a nail?
The way I see it,
you owe a great debt to us.
I would think it wise
to cooperate.
One who abandons his post
is worth no more
than the shit on my boot.
I expect more of a man,
even my enemy.
It may mean nothing to you,
but honor means a great deal
to me.
We may be down here
for some time,
maybe you'll learn something
about it.
I think you should see this.
They ordered a strike
on their own outpost...?
Surely, they couldn't have known
we'd be here,
they sealed the bloody place up!
In all my years...
this is madness.
This is Private Lewis
of the 11th Battalion. Come in.
You know the thing
about chats is...
...it's the eggs that do you in.
They lay their fucking eggs
in your seams.
You think they're gone,
but then it starts
all over again.
And they spread
without any goddamn remorse.
Hello? Over.
We hear you, Lewis.
Oh, thank heavens.
We've been trapped
in a German dugout.
We need immediate assistance.
What's your exact location?
Ah. Ah.
Hey. Hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
Help him!
Aid kit. Go!
- What happened to him?
- I have no idea, sir.
He just started
cutting himself.
Walker? Walker?
-He's not responsive, sir.
-I can see that.
Christ. He did this to himself?
Baker? You okay?
What is this?
It's a mass grave.
Easier to pile the dead
into one hole
than to dig
God knows how many.
It takes some getting used to.
Are you... used to it.
My job is to keep people alive.
I try to focus on that.
What's on your mind?
I was just...
thinking about earlier.
The man I killed.
Look kid,
I know you're right
off the boat,
but this is war.
You'll have time
to wax poetic about this
if you make it back home,
but compassion is lost
in a conflict.
It's you or them.
You're full of shit.
Is that right?
And what the hell
do you even know about it?
Care to enlighten me?
I just...
it just shouldn't be
so thoughtless.
What? Did you think
this was gonna be
like summer camp?
You could just whistle
your way back home
to a medal and a parade?
This is survival.
You may be able
to twiddle your thumbs
and pass as a hero,
but I'll be lucky
to get a headstone out of this.
I shouldn't be hard on you.
We've all been there.
Besides, being stuck down here
with a bunch of Tommies,
I could use a Gringo
on my side.
This is Private Lewis.
Come in.
Hello? Come in?
I spoke to someone
on this channel.
-Private Lewis.
I thought you could use
some relieving.
Thank you, sir,
but I'll manage.
I insist.
How are you faring?
Hold fast, Lewis.
I need strong
and honorable men by my side.
If it were just me
and the Yanks
I'd bloody well lose it.
Sir, I...
I'm sorry
I couldn't save Private Gray.
Surely, you'd rather have him
here in my stead.
I don't... I don't belong here.
None of us belongs here.
But we are nonetheless called
during an hour of need.
And in this hour,
I need you to see us
out of here.
Can I count on your courage?
Good man.
Take your rest.
Walker, in God's name
please stop!
What's happening?
Hey, Walker. Walker.
I'm just walking past.
Jesus Christ defend us.
What's happening?
Private Lewis, come in?
Repeat, come in Private Lewis.
This is Private Segura
of the US 90th Infantry.
Hello, Private Segura.
I trust Private Lewis
has briefed you
on our situation.
Yes, but we seemed
to have been cut short.
What are your coordinates?
Our coordinates
are 50.1972, 3.2198.
It's a German bunker,
just west of the woods
at Bourlon Ridge.
Confirming your location.
We are situated--
across the river
and... ...west.
It looks like the area
is clear.
We're safe to move.
We'll get you out of there,
just sit tight.
Okay, okay.
How long until you arrive?
How many men are trapped
with you?
Now... now,
there are four of us.
And we have a prisoner.
Yes, a German.
What's his condition?
See to it that it stays
that way.
He's a priority.
Why is that?
I would consider your rank
before questioning authority,
Roger that.
-How are you doing, sir?
I'm sorry about Walker.
He was a good man.
Shame what happened to him.
-What did happen?
-Clear enough.
Walker suffered
from severe shell shock.
Sir, that wasn't--
Do you have a better
explanation, Private?
All we can do now
is keep our wits about.
We will not succumb
to hysteria on my watch.
I spoke to a unit
on the radio.
-They're on their way to--
-I instructed Lewis
to oversee communications!
-Yes sir,
but he wasn't at his post.
-I'll not have you meddling
with our transmission.
You are not to engage
in any dealings
of communication unless
under my direct supervision.
With all due respect sir,
I think that I--
I don't give a tinker's damn
what you think.
You're not here to think.
You're here to follow my orders.
Is that understood?
-Yes, sir.
I don't feel quite myself.
Could you relieve me?
Better yet,
bring that coward Kraut here.
Have him do it.
I can trust you with him,
can I not?
Of course, sir.
I'm putting my faith in you,
Prove your mettle.
That is quite the journal.
It is important
to document our thoughts.
Our words will outlive us
by a great deal.
That's the idea.
And who is this record for?
Or is it to be found
with your corpse?
I don't intend
on dying down here.
This is for la raza.
A record of honor
and sacrifice
for our people to claim.
And what is your charge
among your people?
I taught medicine.
I would assume educators
would remain
in the homeland
instead of fighting.
I felt compelled to do my part.
For a country that would
not do the same for you?
May I?
-What is your name?
Well, Kurt,
did your spirit not burn
with patriotic passion
to enlist in the struggle?
I did not enlist,
I was drafted.
An orphanage is a rich source
for potential soldiers.
You were an orphan?
I was.
My upbringing was difficult
to say the least.
I also spent time
in an orphanage.
And were you chosen?
I stopped waiting to be chosen.
I chose to focus
on my community.
-No, sorry.
I suppose the air
is sour enough.
Kurt, you saw what came out
of Walker.
That wasn't warfare.
That wasn't human.
There is something sick
happening in here.
Something corrupt.
This happened before,
didn't it.
With the men that nailed you
to that cross.
Do you have any experience
herding sheep, Private?
Sheep have a habit of putting
themselves in harm's way.
They are unable to care
for themselves
without a shepherd.
Men are very similar.
You believe we're doing this
to ourselves?
In a way, you are.
Maybe we should keep an eye out
for the wolf in the herd.
But the wolf in sheepskin
pales before the devil
in shepherd's robe.
And what would a devil shepherd
want from the herd?
Uh, 15.
How's your leg?
It hurts. Thanks for asking.
-How's your head?
-Not bad.
All things considered...
You know, some time ago,
we were passing through
a village.
For 15 miles,
and all the way we kept passing
supply wagons.
At each one I thought,
I could throw myself
in front of it
Get out of the war,
but I couldn't.
Now, I might have an excuse
to go home.
God knows I'm of no help here.
Can't say I don't understand.
I keep going over it
in my head.
I'd like to think
I knew Walker rather well,
but I didn't know
he was capable of such behavior.
And that thing.
That horrible omen.
-What do you think it was?
-I don't even know what I saw.
-You mustn't deny it.
"The Spirit speaketh expressly,
that in the latter times
some shall depart
from the faith,
giving heed to seducing
and doctrines of devils.
-"Speaking lies in hypocrisy;
having their conscience seared
-with a hot iron."
-I don't want to--
You must not harden your heart,
We cannot stand
in unholy places.
Will you still deny it?
Jesus, Mary, Joseph.
-All of them?
-Sir, it is a sign.
We have trusted too long
in the flesh of man.
We must nourish ourselves
with the word of God.
Did you notice anyone else
in here
prior to finding the rations
like this?
No, sir.
Time truly is no longer
a luxury.
We must concentrate all efforts
on getting out.
And I'll have no more
of this gospel talk.
No amount of scripture
or holy rite
will have us any less fucked.
I apologize.
I've mistaken rashness
for candor.
I mustn't galvanize you
against your will,
but I need you with me Lewis.
Quite frankly, the Yanks
and the Kraut
seem a little too chummy
for my liking.
And I do not want Segura
on the radio again.
God only knows what he's up to.
Maybe he and the Kraut
aren't too unfamiliar
with each other...
-You don't think...
-I think our trust
is best suited
to remain between us.
And the angels which kept
not their first estate,
but left their own habitation,
he hath reserved
in everlasting chains
under darkness
unto the judgement
of that great day.
You! There's no gas breach.
What is your design here?
-Bollocks with the formality!
Why are you tormenting us?
Sir, I don't know
what you're talking about.
-You and the Kraut.
You lead us down here.
You nursed him back
to health.
You're conspiring together,
and I won't have it!
Lieutenant Turner!
I apologize.
Must be the air down here.
No one relieved you
of your duty.
Take him back to work.
I gave you an order,
Private Baker.
Maybe he'd be more at ease
if you put down your knife.
Frightfully sorry?
You're not well, sir.
I have been tolerant of you
out of respect for our alliance,
but if you attempt
to undermine me
so help me god
I will bury you in this hole.
I believe you have posts
to tend to.
Yes, sir.
Stick with me.
As many as I love,
I rebuke and chasten:
be zealous therefore,
and repent.
Behold, I stand at the door,
and knock:
if any man hear my voice,
and open the door,
I will come in to him,
and will sup with him,
and he with me.
Come in, 11th Battalion?
Yes, this is Private Lewis.
- Oh good.
- We thought we'd lost you.
Our unit has been held up
in the skirmish,
but we're fighting like hell
to get you.
How are you managing
down there?
I'm afraid I don't know
how much longer we can carry on.
Stay diligent, Private.
It in times such as these
that a soldier shows
his true strength.
I'm not a soldier.
I cannot bear this any longer.
Your strength
is your conviction,
and such a strength it is.
The others are in great peril,
is unrelenting.
They're being led astray.
You must be the beacon
of light,
that guides them to salvation.
You've felt it all your life.
As if you were called
by the Lord.
Well, many are called, Lewis,
but few are chosen.
Everything all right?
Just getting a second wind.
- Lewis?
- Sir.
-How are we getting on?
-Steadfast sir.
That's my boy. That's my boy.
What are you doing, sir?
Preparing our defenses.
For what sir?
Who do you think
will be waiting for us
once we've breached
the trench wall?
We need to be prepared.
I've a task for you.
Gather all the weapons we have.
Anything that can be used
in defense.
And don't let the Yanks
catch you.
Just as a precaution.
Right away, sir.
How are you holding up?
Not sure, to be honest.
-Trying my best.
Do you think we're really
trapped down here?
What do you mean?
It doesn't feel like
we're trapped,
it feels like we're...
Lewis says it's an omen.
I'd take what he says
with a grain of salt.
So, I mean you don't...
you don't think
there's anything wrong?
You don't feel it?
I think the last thing
we need to do
is to scare ourselves.
If we stay strong
and keep our heads together,
we can get through this.
I don't know.
Lewis and the lieutenant
seem to be losing it.
Maybe we're not far behind.
We need each other.
we're as good as dead.
Lieutenant Turner would like
to see us.
I've called us all together
in the spirit of brotherhood.
May whatever tension there was
between us be left in the past.
I'll not have our alliance
cankered with bitterness.
Now, we've no food.
We've no water.
We can feel the air grow
with every breath,
and a timely rescue
is uncertain.
But if this is
to be an English position
we will maintain order
under my judgment,
lest we descend into chaos.
For the sake of the lives
of the men in this room
that is not to be tested.
First order of business,
place your weapons
in the center of the room.
You see that
I've disarmed myself.
We will not carry on
until we can trust each other.
Very good.
Now, we've made great progress
with the tunnel,
and I know we are all eager
to be free of this damn pit,
but we must be prepared
for the enemy awaiting us
outside the bunker.
Clearly, they've been one step
ahead of us,
but as fate would see it...
We have a bargaining chip.
I appreciate the two of you
keeping an eye on him,
but going forward
he will be under
my direct supervision
at all times.
Take a seat in the corner.
If you've any concerns,
rather than quibble
amongst yourselves,
I urge you to bring them
to my attention.
Being the highest ranking
official here,
any and all deviations
from what I set forth
will be regarded
as the highest form of treason.
Is that understood?
Yes, sir.
I'm glad we've laid that matter
to rest.
You may return to your tasks.
It's all a damn shame.
All of it.
What would you have me do,
I've done what I can
to be fair to them.
You're an admirable leader, sir.
Thank you, Lewis.
You're a fine man.
There's no other man
I'd rather have by my side.
Whatever path lays before us,
we shall stride it together.
-How's it going?
-Can't say for sure,
but I think we're getting close
to the trench walls.
We're not out of the woods yet,
but we're getting there.
What happened?
We're gonna die down here,
aren't we?
And then we wanna trust
one another.
The great sword was given to me.
Stand down, Lewis.
You have no authority down here.
We answer to a higher power.
Oh, Angel of Christ,
my holy Guardian
and Protector...
Release me!
Forgive me of all my sins
and deliver me from the wiles
of the enemy.
- Lewis, it's okay.
- Just calm down.
Goddammit Lewis, please!
That I may not anger my God
by any sin.
Pray for me,
sinful and unworthy servant.
Lewis, it's okay.
I'm just going to put the pin
back in.
That thou mayest present me
worthy of the kindness
and mercy
of the All-holy Trinity...
...and the Mother
of my Lord Jesus Christ,
and of all the Saints...
-It's okay, Lewis. It's okay.
Baker, get back!
Oh, oh, oh,
its a lovely war
Who wouldn't be a soldier,
Oh, it's a shame
to take the pay
S-sir? S-sir?
You're okay.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, sir.
Please forgive me, sir.
I only wanted to make you proud.
You're alright, Lewis.
I am proud of you.
- S-sir?
- Yes?
You'll honor me, won't you?
What devilry is this?
Oh, oh, oh,
it's a lovely war
Who wouldn't be a soldier,
Oh, it's a shame
to take the pay
Oh, oh, oh,
it's lovely war
Who wouldn't be a soldier,
Oh, it's a shame
to take the pay
Come in, Lewis. Come in.
We feel just as heavy
as lead
Come in, Private Lewis.
Come in, this is Private Segura
of the US 90th infantry.
Hello, Segura.
We need help.
We have men down.
We need immediate assistance!
Come in!
I regret to inform you
that all our resources
are tied up.
We won't get to you
for some time.
That is, unless you can
guarantee the prisoner's safety
upon rescue.
What does he have to do
with this?
- That information is classified
- I'm afraid,
need I remind you
of your rank?
Who the hell is this?
There's no one coming for us,
is there?
So, who am I speaking with?
You'll know soon enough.
You son of a bitch!
We need help!
And why fend for them?
You would be the first
they throw to the fire.
They would claim
your sacrifices
and deny you your achievements.
Why stand for those
who would keep you
beneath the soles
of their boots?
I'm sure you've never felt
more alone.
But you are wanted, Segura.
You have proven your worth.
You are chosen.
Give me the gun.
You need to talk.
What is this?
Why do you assume
I have any answers?
Let's call it a gut feeling.
What is this?
There is no time for this.
Kurt, please help us.
It is the Angel of War.
A dark guardian,
lifeless and deathless.
Damned and fallen.
A devil in shepherd's robe.
What does that make you?
It needs a vessel.
I am but its lamb.
Its ward and it's dependent,
cursed by its care.
What's it doing to us?
It can exist only in conflict,
and as with conflict
it exists only to consume.
How do we stop it?
It cannot be stopped.
Ever since you Yanks
entered my trench
it's all gone to hell.
All my men are dead.
My men.
Out of respect
I've been patient with you,
and look where that's gotten us.
-I've tried to reason with you,
but you've backed me
against the wall.
Look at you,
colluding with the enemy.
Lieutenant, please.
We can't turn
on each other now.
We can get out of here together.
As God is my witness,
I will honor
the lives of the men
whose blood was shed
under my care.
Know that I have not fallen mad.
I am merely bound by duty!
This is where you make
your stand?
With the enemy?
To be expected from the likes
of you.
Rot in hell.
Let it be buried with me.
Let... let this place be lost
to history.
- We're getting you out.
- No. No.
Leave me. And don't look back.
I'm coming back for you.
That would be the last thing
you do.
I killed the Lieutenant.
Thank you, Baker.
We're getting out of here.
We're almost there.
Keep going.
I know it's hard.
We gotta keep going.
-I shouldn't be here.
-I know, I know.
No, I lied to enlist.
I'm 16.
My mom,
she thinks I'm away working.
You have to find her.
You have to find her
and tell her I'm sorry.
Don't be, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
Baker? Baker?
Help! Help!
Help! Help! Help!
Easy now. You're alright.
Oh, don't worry, bud.
You're in good hands now.
Jesus Christ,
you two've been through it,
haven't ya?
- The stretcher.
- Get him on the stretcher.
Get him on.
Thank you.
I'll see you at home.
You coming?
No, there's one more.
Hey soldier, you just rest
easy now, you hear?
You got a warm
welcome waiting for you.