Bunnyman (2011) Movie Script

Aw, come on!
John just go around him.
I'll try, he's
all over the place.
Jeez you have to be fucking kidding me!
Come on.
He's picking up speed!
Oh my God.
Look I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
He let us pass.
John he's getting really close.
Yeah I see him.
Maybe he'll just go around.
Shit, never mind.
What does he want?
- What do we do?
- I don't know.
- John!
- Yeah I see him.
Oh what the fuck is going on?
All right we learned our lesson!
John just pull over.
Come on you bitch,
the road's wide open.
Maybe I can make him hit this car.
Seriously John,
we have to pull over now.
All right, all right.
So unless anyone else has anything to say,
or any suggestions, then
I'm gonna pull over.
I really hope
this is a good idea.
Someone needs
to get out and apologize.
- For what?
- I don't know,
clearly we pissed him off!
I'll take care of this.
No, you've already done plenty
but somebody does need to apologize!
- Alright fine I'll go.
- No, no, no,
wait, wait, wait, I think
we should send a girl.
- What?
- Excuse me?
Well I mean it's probably a guy driving
so if we send one of you girls
and you act sexy when you apologize...
I am not going,
- forget it!
- I'll go.
- What, no!
- No baby I'll be fine.
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Excuse me!
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Look I'm sorry if we pissed you off!
- What did she say?
- Shh, just shut up!
Look just,
just please leave us alone,
we didn't mean you any harm or disrespect!
Man pulled over.
What's she doing?
- What is she doing?
- Well I think she
pulled over to tell us that
he wasn't going to follow us!
Rachel, come back over here!
Dude you need to get your girl!
Oh no no, wait wait
wait, get back in man!
I don't think he wants you
getting out of the car!
No shit Mike,
but she could be hurt!
Look if I can just talk
to you for a minute...
- Oh my god!
- Dude no no no!
- What?
- Dude you need to
wait wait wait!
Out of the car man!
I know that Mike,
but she could be hurt!
- You okay?
- Yeah I'm fine,
I'm fine, I'm fine!
That's it we're getting out of here.
No man you can't try and outrun him
he'll just knock us off the road!
No shit Mike!
What do you suggest?
I don't know, I mean, we
can try and out wait him!
Any other suggestions?
No, apologize!
I say we make a run
for it and meet up on the
other side of the clearing.
Uh, no, I say we play it safe.
If we walk in this heat
we'll just get dehydrated.
- How much water do we have?
- We don't have any water!
All right, so we'll wait it out.
Help me!
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Jack, people are trying to sleep.
Yeah yeah yeah, whatever Jenn.
Since when are you a mechanic?
Since you started being a bitch.
- Hey what the...
- What the hell is,
- Mother fucker!
- is that?
Oh fuck!
Where's Jack?
What is it?
Jack wake up!
Jack wake up!
Hey Jack...
- Rachel.
- Jack went to fix the
car and, he was under the car
and then we got hit by the car,
Jack was under the car when we got hit!
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack...
I say we follow these
crosses, head up this path.
Because there's bound to be people or...
Obviously someone's been here Mike!
Come on dude it looks like
this shit's been here for ages.
Okay, Mike
what do you want to do?
You want to keep walking
along the highway?
No, I don't know, all right?
I just don't want to keep walking, I'm...
I say we go down this
road, I don't care anymore.
Well what's with all
the upside-down crosses?
Mike, what do they mean?
You don't want
to know, okay, believe me.
- Give me a minute.
- You okay?
Yeah I just need to catch my breath.
- Sure?
- Yeah...
- They're everywhere!
- That's, I'm sure
there's an explanation, okay?
No no John we need to
- go back!
- Sh!
Listen to me.
I'm sure there's an explanation,
try not to think about it, okay?
Go on.
How you doing?
Hi, how you doing?
We uh, we got a little lost.
And uh, our car broke down.
We were wondering if we
could use your, phone.
Do you have a phone we could use?
Um, I don't know if you know this,
but there's um, well I mean it looks like,
there's bags of bones
down the way a little.
Well it's not exactly the
proper burial procedure.
Well, you know whose bones they are?
Then don't worry about it.
Look do you have a
phone we can use here?
Do you have a phone that we can use?
Depends on how you ask.
And who asks.
Okay, do you have a phone
that we can use, please?
Dude, look, our friend was killed, okay?
There's a killer out
there and he's after us!
Kids, always so dramatic
about the smallest of things.
Look man our friend is dead okay?
He was murdered, literally
like 20 miles from here!
We just need your help!
Well if he's dead already,
why do you need the phone?
I reckon you can't help him much now.
Look, can we use your phone or not?
Why the fuck not?
'Cause I said no,
that's why the fuck not!
Okay, okay,
okay, we have money,
- Yeah!
- we can pay you.
Yeah look, we'll pay
you whatever you want!
- Look...
- So the sweet thing
talks now does it?
Look, all right...
Dude don't...
pay him money!
All right, I got $40, okay?
$40 to make a 30 second phone call.
You lying to me boy?
- What?
- You heard me you
piece of shit!
There ain't nobody who can
call nobody for 30 seconds!
Hell you can't even dial that fast!
Okay how much?
- Guys!
- I'm not paying
him any money man this is stupid!
- Okay, guys...
- I'm not
- paying him any money!
- Shut up Mike.
Okay, um,
- Jesus Christ...
- all right, we got,
okay, $100, okay, $100 to make one call!
Look around son, you see
anything I could spend $100 on?
- Stupid little shits!
- Then what do you want?
What I want,
is that sweet young thing
to bend over for me!
Oh I bet she's really tight!
I can smell from here in this
heat, if you know what I mean?
- Fuck you man!
- Stop!
You faster than a speeding bullet son?
They be watching.
So you best be leaving now.
Oh you don't think it's loaded?
Hey you come back when that fine young ass
needs a man with experience!
- What?
- Fuck you asshole!
I got something for you right now!
Whoo, come on baby!
What are, what are we
gonna tell Jack's parents?
We need to tell 'em something you know.
Ignoring me isn't going to shut me up!
Maybe this is all our fault for getting
ourselves into this situation.
Maybe it's karma, I don't really know,
but I knew we should
have never left the car
in the first place, and now Jack
is just sitting there rotting!
What the hell are we doing?
We have no fucking idea where we are,
there's no roads anywhere and nobody
can agree on one direction to go!
And we're all gonna just
- end up like Jack!
- All right shut
the fuck up, okay, seriously!
What you think any of us are happy that
we're stuck out here in
the, the ass end of nowhere,
butt-fucking Egypt?
Look we're all starving, we're all tired!
I mean seriously, you just got
to pull your shit together,
'cause you're starting to fucking lose it!
And this whole blame game it's
really not doing anything!
What are you trying to say Mike?
That none of us are
happy that Jack's dead!
Okay, and now is not the
time to talk about it,
I mean it's just making shit worse!
You know what Mike?
If this is the way that
you show compassion
in a relationship, then fuck you!
I don't need this!
What, you're just gonna walk off?
Seriously, what are you doing?
What the hell are you doing Tiffany?
Tiffany where the hell do
you think you're going?
Look you're not seriously
pulling this shit!
What are you doing?
Don't throw them, you better not fucking...
What the hell's wrong with you?
Real mature Tiff!
Okay I got the body.
Jacob, let's go!
Who the fuck are they?
They're gonna want a ride.
- Gimme your arm!
- Why?
- Just give it to me!
- Whoa whoa whoa whoa,
what are you doing?
But pop said no more playing with the
- bodies!
- Yeah yeah yeah,
I know what he said,
and I also know you were
feeling those girls up!
All right, so now listen to me!
I know pop's did you wrong and I know his
beatings have made you a little slow,
but so help me you fuck this up and
I will beat you into
next week, you got that?
Yes ma'am.
Are you getting this?
Now just let me do all
the talking, all right,
and just play along.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I love you, you know that.
So just wave when I point to you, okay?
- Hi!
- How's it going?
Uh, we had some car
trouble down the road
a little bit and we were wondering,
- maybe...
- It looks like you,
having a bit of car trouble.
Yeah well, damn thing
overheats and all you know.
Well no, I'm pretty good with cars,
I mean, maybe I could help you out?
Yeah um, you know
what don't worry about it,
you know it's cooled down, we'll be okay.
Looks like you guys had
a little bit of trouble.
Yeah, that's one way to put it.
Well, um,
since your car is working,
I was wondering, maybe
you could give us a ride,
uh, to the nearest gas station?
Uh, yeah you know I would but um,
we don't really have any
room in the car right now.
- Um...
- Are you serious?
Lady do you have any idea how long we've
been walking on these roads?
I don't know the last
time we had any food,
or water, we've been out here for hours!
All right, look,
look, maybe you could just give
one of us, a ride?
Just to the nearest town?
Okay like I was trying to tell you,
I would but we had a
little more car trouble,
we also had a flat tire and my friend,
hurt his hand so I gotta get him over
to the emergency room.
What I can do is come back for you guys
maybe in like 20 minutes, okay?
Yeah, yeah sure.
Um, look,
my girlfriend's a pre-med, okay?
So maybe she could help out your friend,
and you could help us out?
What is your fucking problem, huh?
What, I'm just trying to help!
No, you know what, I don't even know
what you're trying to do,
I'm trying to help you out here
but you just keep pushing me!
Lady I'm trying to make the best of
- the situation!
- No you, you know what?
I am this close to leaving your asses and
your shitty attitudes
out here in the middle
of the fucking forest, how
would you like that huh?
But I'm gonna be the better person here,
and forget we even talked about this.
So Like I said, I can come
back for you in 20 minutes.
Take it or leave it!
Productive chat there buddy.
Dude, shut up.
They buy it, you fool 'em?
I don't know.
Fuck, I should just run the
little shits over right now!
Shit I can't.
The little fuckers'll
splatter all over the road
and I don't want to get stuck
cleaning 'em up all night.
We'll come back.
What if, what if somebody
else comes by and picks 'em up?
I didn't mean to upset you,
- I didn't...
- You know just
shut up for a minute!
Hey listen, I'm sorry about back there,
I don't know what happened to me,
I'm just worried about my
friend, I got to get him
to the hospital but,
you know it's not really
safe for you guys out here, it's uh,
there's no lights, and there's a lot of
drunk drivers in this neighborhood, so,
if you guys go down the road a ways,
there's a path, take it, it'll go to this
old cabin, it's abandoned,
it's not much but
it'll be safe and warm and I'll
come pick you guys up there.
- Okay.
- All right?
Thanks, I appreciate it.
- You guys hungry?
- Yeah, we haven't eaten,
in god knows how long.
- Gimme that.
- It's mine!
I'll get you another one!
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Please hurry.
- Okay.
Feels like something's watching us.
What are you talking about?
I don't know.
Something's not right.
did anyone hear
a car go by last night?
Well I say we head to the
abandoned house anyway.
Wait out the heat.
If that bitch doesn't show up...
Keep walking along the highway at night.
I agree.
Jenn what are you doing, let's go!
I think I hear something.
No I'm serious, I think it's a cell phone!
I'm not gonna run around
the woods looking for
the secret cell phone
stash of the forest elves!
- I'm not gonna do it Jenn!
- Fucking bitch...
We'll wait here.
Jenn let's go!
- Asshole!
- What did I scare you?
Seriously, that's not funny!
- Okay...
- Back off!
- Well we need to get...
- Back the fuck off!
You need to chill out.
Okay, you know what, just-
I'm gonna wait for them,
I'm not gonna jut keep going without them!
Somebody's coming around,
there he is.
You guys, time to go!
- Jesus Christ!
- What the hell?
I don't know but he's
running from something.
- Mike!
- Let's go!
- Mike!
- Where the fuck
are you going?
- Oh my god...
- You guys there's
something out there, there's
something back there!
What about Jenn?
I mean she still alive?
No idea...
We need to block all the
doors, and block the windows.
Rachel, come here!
Help me block these windows.
- You okay?
- No Mike, I'm so fucking
- far from okay right now...
- All right all right
all right all right, calm down, calm down!
Look, it's gonna be all right, okay?
Come here.
You'll be okay, all right?
Let's just get the windows right now,
we're gonna get out of here, okay?
Go help out!
- Mike, Mike!
- Fuck!
- The floor is hollow.
- So what?
It means we could get
underneath the house!
What, dude...
Around the back let's go!
- Oh!
- Shit, hey!
When I say go, pull it forward!
Ready, go!
What now, huh mother fucker?
Yeah you fucking piece of shit!
Uh, guys!
We're not alone here!
Hey, get back!
Get back!
- Mike stop!
- Fuck off!
He's chained
up Mike just back off!
- John...
- Mike!
I know I know, I heard!
No no no no no, it's safer
in the house, it's safer.
You know, guys, let's just try to
get out over here, come on.
Oh fuck, babe, you okay?
- Babe...
- Shit!
- Oh shit!
- Hey!
- Come on!
- Dude let go!
- Mike!
- Let go man!
Come on Mike, get up!
Go, go go!
Go ahead, fucking kill
me you piece of shit!
Fuck you!
Take off your fucking mask!
Fuck you!
It-it, it's its good, good for you!
You'll never run away!
Please, please let me go!
girl, pretty blood...
Okay what do you want to do?
Okay, now's our chance.
We need to run in there, grab Tiffany,
run out the side door.
That's Tiffany's shirt.
Don't look at it, don't look at it.
Just keep a look out,
see if anybody's coming.
I'll try to find some
keys, drive out of...
- John.
- Oh shit, yeah.
What do you want to do?
Okay, okay, we're gonna hide, all right,
I'm gonna try to get her keys, okay?
You up for this?
Yeah, come on.
Come on let's hide, over here.
Oh boy!
Are you kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?
I don't want to go through
this with you again!
Take off that fucking mask right now!
Okay, now what, you're gonna start?
Go, go Rachel, front door, go!
I'll take them, go!
Rachel, go!
I trust you had a nice little nap.
I know, I know, I know,
judging by your reaction
you're a little bit worried
that we might hurt you.
Honestly, we probably will.
Sh, sh, sh!
It's okay, it's okay, if you'd
just calm down a little bit.
Really, I mean,
what do you think, you
think I'm beautiful, huh?
It's okay.
You can tell me, I don't mind.
Where shall we start
Shut the fuck up asshole, I'm
have a fucking moment here!
I know, I know, I have a little
bit of a temper.
But I'm working on it I really am!
And I think it helps that
I'm pretty don't you?
But I have to admit I'm getting
a little annoyed because uh,
you know I'm not really as
pretty as you are though.
But then again,
all the pretty ones die young.
You guys think it's fair that this cunt
is better looking than me, hmm?
What do you think we
should do about it, huh?
What, what, huh, what?
You want to try that again, hmm?
Does this hurt, huh?
I know what'll make you feel better.
And because I like you so much,
I'm gonna use my own stuff.
Seriously, what's with the crying?
I mean I know you're upset and all but
I'm playing this so you'll calm down!
Let's see what we have in here.
What do you guys think
of Rachel's face, huh?
I think she looks kind of slutty.
I mean are you a slut?
I mean, I know you probably
went out with a lot of boys.
Which means you probably
slept with a lot of 'em.
You can tell me, I don't mind.
You know what darling?
You really got to relax!
All going to be, okay.
You really, you
better learn to relax,
you're starting to put
me a little bit on edge!
Mmm, 'cause I don't want you to.
Rachel, Rachel!
Rachel, Rachel!
Rachel, listen to me,
listen to me, listen to me!
Rachel listen to me, listen!
Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel!
Go to the car, okay?
Here's the keys, here's the keys!
You should go to the car and, start it up,
I'll be right there!
Sh, hey!
Start the car, okay,
I'll be right there.
All right,
put the chainsaw down!
It's all a big misunderstanding!
- What, what the...
- Go ahead and ask Rachel,
we're like best friends now!
What the fuck is wrong
with you people, huh?
All of you have some
serious fucking issues!
You know what?
- Back off!
- Calm down, put the chainsaw
down, we'll talk like
normal, rational adults!
Let me drive.
Let me drive.
You okay?
Oh shit!
Oh shit, it's okay!
It's okay, don't worry, look,
look I have a plan, okay?
Look, we have to make a stand, all right,
we can't out-run him.
Okay if we...
We're safer outside the car,
more than we are inside the car.
If we head down the road he's just gonna
run us off again!
We might not be so lucky this time.
Sh, it's okay, it's okay!
I have a plan.
Do you trust me?
Okay, okay...
Jack off!
She's yours, huh!
She's dead too!
Are you happy?
Huh, are you fucking happy?
You took everyone, you took
everything away from me!
I have nothing to fight you with.
Fuck you asshole!
Let's go!
We're gonna need a lot of therapy.