Burden (2022) Movie Script

[Walkman clicks]
["Two For The Show"
by Trooper playing]
[upbeat guitar music playing]
Two for the show
And my mother wants to go
It'll break her heart
When I tell her
She's too old
I'm in my place
I got makeup
All over my face
I think I know my lines
But I dunno
One for the money
Two for the show
Three for the lady
On the radio
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Arnold house.
Oh, hey Ava.
What are you up to?
Just looking at--
[Matthew yelling indistinctly]
Um, I'm just looking
at my card collection.
[Ava] Cool.
Do you want
to come over
and we can
look at them together?
-[object smashing]
I don't-- I don't think
that'd be
such a good idea right now.
I mean, I'd like to,
but I just can't right now.
Are you not allowed
to stay out late again?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, that's it.
Well, I bet I can ask
my mom if you could stay over.
-Uh, no.
No, it's okay.
I'm pretty tired anyways.
Okay. Um...
what about tomorrow?
I'll be there.
Good night, David.
Good night, Ava.
[door clicking open]
[Matthew and Dianne arguing]
...please, please, please!
where is your brother?
[Matthew panting]
You got
what's coming to him next
if you don't fucking
tell me where he is now!
-[Dianne] Do not yell at him.
-Shut up, Dianne!
What are you doing?
-Where is he?
-He's not in here.
-[Matthew] Where is he?
-[Dianne] You're drunk
and you need
to calm down.
He's not in here!
[Dianne] Matthew?
No, no, no, no, no.
-[Jackson screaming]
-[Matthew] Come on!
Get out
from under there!
[Dianne] Please, you're
going to hurt him, Matthew.
Matthew, please.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, please, stop!
The boy needs to learn
to respect his parents, huh?
Going around school
telling parents and friends
that I'm a bad father, huh?
What kind of son
does that, huh?
-[Dianne] You're hurting him.
-Is that what family does?
-[Jackson screaming]
I can't hear you, boy.
Do you respect me now?
[groaning and screaming]
[Dianne screaming]
[Dianne] Oh, my God.
[muffled screaming]
[Dianne] No, no, no!
Matthew, careful!
Please don't hurt him!
I'll teach you.
Or you a big boy now?
Oh, a big tough
man are ya? Huh?
[Dianne] Oh, David.
Oh, David, no.
[Matthew bellowing]
[Dianne screaming]
[Dianne] That is it!
Matthew! No!
We are done!
We are through!
I want you out!
Is that
what you want?
[Matthew panting]
Good. [panting]
'Cause I don't care
about any of you!
In fact,
I hate all of you!
Is this what you want?
Is that what you want there?
Take it. Take it.
[Dianne wailing]
[door slamming]
[crying] Oh my God, baby boy.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God,
I'm so sorry.
Oh you mother fucker!
I will kill you!
Get out of my house!
-[door slamming]
-[David gasping]
[melancholic piano music]
[upbeat electric guitar music]
[Jackson] So let me
get this straight.
You're saying that
in a seven-game series,
you wouldn't use
the same pitcher twice
if he didn't
pitch well the first time?
Doesn't who's pitching
matter to you?
-Or is your answer the same?
-No, it doesn't matter.
So, what, if Nichols ends up
losing this game for us--
-Which he will.
-He shouldn't pitch
the rest of the series?
No, he had
his chance, he blew it.
Move onto the next guy,
it's that simple.
it's game one of the series.
The Majors
run a five-man rotation,
and Nichols
is arguably our best pitcher.
I don't know
what you want me to say, Jack.
Hey guys.
-[Jackson] Ava.
-What's up?
-[Jackson] Question.
-Fire away.
If your best pitcher
is pitching
game one of a series
and he doesn't do well
in his first game,
do you use
him again in the series?
Is he drunk?
Are you even
old enough to be in here?
Shh, I need you
to take this seriously.
To put it simply...
do you believe
in second chances?
If it's deserved,
then yeah, why not?
I think most people deserve
a second chance in life.
someone agrees with me.
'Cause David over here
doesn't think so.
Oh, tough guy, eh?
All right,
I'm going to take a leak.
You two... reconnect.
[upbeat rock music]
How are you?
-Good. How are you?
-[Ava] I'm good.
How's your mom?
she's seen better days.
She's all right. [sniffs]
We had dinner
before heading there.
-No way, Dylan's there.
-[David] Really?
Yeah, he's at the game.
Did you guys see him?
we must have missed him.
Anyway, uh, how is he?
[Ava] Dylan?
He's good.
He starts
kindergarten soon.
[David] Hoo.
[Ava] Yeah,
he's really excited
for baseball to start up.
Like, it's all
he's talking about.
Yeah, sure. He gonna be good?
maybe not as good as you,
but, yeah,
I think he'll be good.
He could learn
a thing or two about batting
if I'm being
completely honest.
-[David laughing]
-[Ava] It-- [laughing]
Oh, no.
What happened?
Coach Daniels just texted me.
[David] Oh?
I got cut.
[inhales deeply]
-I'm sorry, Jack.
-[Ava] Baseball?
Oh, that sucks.
Can we go?
Well, I guess--
[clearing throat]
I guess
we're leaving.
-[car engine rumbling]
[laughing] Oh, shit.
[car engine revving]
[Jackson] You know what?
Screw Coach Daniels anyways.
If he doesn't want me,
then I don't want
to be on the team.
Most Juniors don't make it
to varsity anyway.
-You did.
-I worked for it.
And what, I didn't?
Jack, you spend all your time
inside playing video games.
-What do you expect?
-I put in the work.
You just never see me.
I don't see you
'cause you don't practice.
-Yes, I do.
I worked my ass off
for that spot on the team!
Oh, and what
do you want me to do?
Text Coach.
[scoffing] And say what?
I'm your younger brother.
I come
from the same genes as you!
Tell him
to give me a spot on the team.
I'm not
going to do that, Jack.
Why not?
I'm telling you,
I'm as good
as any player on that team.
Coach just
has it out for me.
If you set him straight,
I'll be running laps
around those losers
by the end of the season.
-Watch the road.
-The one time I ask you
for a favor,
you let me down?
You don't think
I'm good enough, do you?
-Jackson, the road!
-What's a big brother for then?
Aren't you supposed
to watch out for me?
-Pull over!
in control
of everything!
[vehicle honking]
-[tires screeching]
-[metal crashing]
instrumental playing]
[Jackson] He hit the pole.
[car horn blaring]
[blaring continues]
Are they okay?
Everything all right?
[Jackson] We gotta go!
We gotta go, man.
Nobody saw anything.
We could just go.
The cops
will be here fast.
They'll be okay.
We gotta go!
orchestral music playing]
[Jackson] There's a kid?
It's Dylan.
It's Ava's kid.
And that's his dad,
dead in the driver's seat.
I can't--
The cops will come
with an ambulance.
They'll be fine.
[David] We're faster,
we're closer to the hospital.
We can get there
faster than they can get here.

[car door shuts closed]
[metal door
clicks open and close]
[relaxing guitar music]
[music continues]
[door creaks open]
[Dianne breathing heavily]
Hey, welcome home, baby.

[Dianne whispering]
All right.
Don't! Sit.
I got it. [chuckling]
-[Dianne] You're welcome.
[David chuckling]
I see you kept the car.
Yeah, yeah,
what was I gonna do, sell it?
[both chuckling]
Jack couldn't make it?
[Dianne] Oh, I don't know
what your brother's doing.
[David] What do you mean?
Well, he hasn't been around
to see me in months.
Actually it's...
probably been
about a year now.
Now that I start
thinking about it.
I'll go see him.
[uplifting piano music]
[David knocking]
[Jackson] Who is it?
It's me, Jackson.
What do you want?
I'm back.
Do you want
to get lunch?
[Jackson] Nah. Can't.
[Jackson] I'm busy.
Jackson, open the door.
I'm not
talking to you like this.
You see me now.
What do you want?
I'm heading for lunch.
Do you want to come?
Why not?
I saw the
Chevelle's at home and...
you didn't take it.
You think Mom
would ever give it to me?
Yeah. She says you hadn't
been around in a while.
Why would I be?
Is something wrong?
You tell me.
[Dianne grunts]
You okay?
I-- I got
an interview today.
Well, I texted Coach.
I asked if I could
get a job doing something
at the field, you know?
Maybe coaching.
Hopefully coaching.
That's great, honey.
[knocking on door]
how have you been?
[David] Good.
How's the mom?
She's all right.
Thanks for asking.
what can I do for you?
Well, Coach, I need a--
I-- I--
I want a job.
You know, I'm thinking
I could make a great coach.
David, it's mid-season.
We ain't got any jobs.
And even if I did...
would that really be
the best thing?
Well, I've always been one
of your best players, you know,
and I think I could make
an excellent addition
to the coaching staff.
You know, I know
a lot of players go
-from player to coach--
-David. David.
I'm not denying
your talent.
Trust me.
I just-- [scoffs]
I just can't
do it right now, son.
The moms in these
leagues would kill me.
Maybe next season,
maybe some
father will drop out
of coaching
a Little League team.
And by that time,
the storm will blow over,
and it'll be
an afterthought in your life.
Here. How's this.
You know what?
You know what I got?
I got this umpire gig
for a Little League division.
The guy doing the job
doesn't show up on time.
You'd be
wearing a mask.
It'd be a solution
for everyone.
How does that sound?
[Dianne] So...
how did it go?
I got it.
Oh, honey,
I'm so proud of you!
What team?
What team
are you coaching?
it's a Little League team.
Good for you, David.
[Dianne] Look,
I'm going for a walk.
Do you want to come?
[indistinct chatter]
I just saw Jackson.
Oh, honey,
he's-- he's just--
he hasn't recovered
from the accident...
I don't think
he ever will, to be honest.
Most people handle
things differently.
He was always
the emotional one, David.
He will always have a bigger
and longer reaction to things.
He's so grateful
for what you did for him.
But he's just...
he suffered in a much
different way than you did.
One sec.
[uplifting orchestral
[punch on cabinet]
What the hell was that?
-Was that who I think it was?
-Yes, it was.
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
[Dianne] We remained
close over the years, David.
We were family friends before
it happened, you know that.
So, what, you're--
you're best friends now?
She's lonely, David.
I help her
when she needs help.
You help her?
She's renovating the house.
I help her paint.
Mom, do you know
what I did to them?
[Dianne] No.
She knows
what Jackson did to them.
-David, she needed to know.
-We talked about this.
That isn't
your place to do that.
No, that's your place
to do that.
that isn't anyone's place!
She's such
a good woman, David.
And Dylan,
Dylan is such a good kid.
He reminds me
so much of you.
And I just think--
I don't care!
I can't care!
[Dianne exhaling sharply]
It's just--
Why are you
doing this to me?
It's like
a constant reminder--
You won't have to deal
with it for much longer!
[gentle piano music]
[exhales sharply]
I am going...
I have something
I need to go and do.
And I'd
appreciate it very much
if when I see you
tomorrow morning...
you don't have
the same attitude.

[Dianne sighing]
[Jackson] It was a kid?
[David] It's Dylan.
It's Ava's kid.
[David panting]
[gentle piano music]
[breathing heavily]

Knocked over the clock.
Sorry if I woke you.
I'm also...
sorry I overreacted yesterday.
I didn't...
I didn't mean to yell at you.
I just...
[David exhaling sharply]
I found
this photo of us.
Jackson, you, and me.
I'd never
seen it before.
I didn't even
know it existed.
look at--
look at that.

[David gasps]
Are we
waiting on anyone?
Let's get started then,
shall we?
This seems
pretty straightforward.
"All my belongings
I leave to David Arnold,
my eldest son."
Wait, hold on.
we have one more.
She made a final update
to her will a few days ago.
"There's a present
in my bedroom closet
which will be left
to Ava Williams's son,
Dylan Williams.
It is to be given
to Dylan by my son David."
[paper rattling]
[gentle guitar music]

[music continues]
[door creaking]
[box rattling]

[knocking on door]
[door creaking open]
[Ava] David.
[David] I didn't know
you were home.
I am.
I'm sorry
about your mom.
Um, mom left Dylan
a present before she, uh...
What is it?
[David] I don't know.
I didn't open it.
Dylan. Come here.
This is a gift
from Auntie Dianne.
This is Auntie
Dianne's son, David.
We used to be friends
when we were your age.
Hello, Mister.
All right.
Thank you.
[Dylan] Look, Mom!
[Eva laughing] Oh! Wow.
[David] That's my glove.
It-- it was my glove
when I was Dylan's age.
-[Ava] Oh.
-No, no. Keep it.
I didn't--
I didn't know she held onto it.
It's good,
it'll go to good use.
Okay, sweetheart,
what do you say?
Thank you, Mister.
Dylan left his last glove
out in the rain,
so I guess this saves us
from getting a new one, huh?
You play baseball?
Yup and I'm going to be
the best player ever.
Okay, go grab your ball.
We'll play catch after lunch.
All right.
Thank you, David. Here.
You teach it now?
I teach a night class to people
who want to learn how to paint.
It's mostly old people,
but, you know, I enjoy it.
I teach with Jessica
from high school.
-Remember her?
So, yeah, I don't know
why I gave you that,
but my number
is on the front.
If you ever find anything
of ours at your mother's place.
You were over?
Often, actually.
I'll see you
at the funeral.
You're coming?
If that's okay.
See ya there.
[phone buzzing]
[phone keeps buzzing]
You've reached Jackson.
I'll get back
to you when I do.
Hey, Jackson, it's me.
funeral's tomorrow.
Wondering if maybe you
could drive me, since I can't?
I don't know,
maybe you could, um,
take a bus over
and you could drive
Dad's car if you wanted to?
uh, let me know.
[melancholic orchestral
[Matthew sniffling]

-David, wait.
-Walk away.
David, why won't you
talk to me, please?
I've got nothing
to say to you!
I can't imagine
you have anything
-to say--
-[Ava] David.

Hi Ava.
Nice to see you.
Hey, Matthew.
[Matthew] David.
I'm sober.
[David] Go, please.
[car engine rumbling]
You okay?
I'm fine.
Pull over.
[breathing heavily]
Where are you going?
Thanks for the ride, Ava.
I don't need it.
It's okay, David.
I know
what you're going through.
You have no clue.
[Ava] You don't think
I know, huh?
You don't think I've been
in this exact same spot?
I know exactly
what you're going through.
And if you give it any leeway,
David, it'll kill you.
It'll fucking kill you!
I forgot about that.
I found it while I was going
through some of my old stuff.
That's crazy to think
we went to prom together.
Or the first
part of prom, anyway.
It must have been
12 months later I had Dylan.
I'll always remember
prom was on the same day
as Dylan's birthday.
Does he know?
He doesn't.
He remembers
something happened, but...
he doesn't know what.
And I'd like
to keep it that way.
He doesn't remember
anything about his father.
And I know
he's curious.
But he's just
not ready yet.
I remember
when I first went in.
My mom
would visit every Monday.
She'd visit me
every Monday
for the first four
years I was there,
and she'd come with that week's
update on the Majors.
I swear,
she went to every game.
She knew all the players,
how they played,
even all their places
in the standings.
She was
a great woman.
Yeah, but that's the thing.
She didn't like baseball.
-[Ava] I thought she did.
my dad liked baseball.
She didn't-- she
didn't really care much for it.
Of course she came
to my games when I was a kid.
Jackson and my dad
did too, but...
She'd never go to a game
that didn't involve us.
She said
it was too boring.
Jackson and I went
to every Majors game we could.
We were
their biggest fans.
Absolute die hards.
And since
I couldn't go anymore...
she'd go for me.
She'd take
multiple nights off each week
just to go
to baseball games
that she didn't
give a shit about.
Just as an excuse
to be able to talk to me
about something on Monday.
Ended up
watching the games anyway.
[Ava chuckling]
I think she didn't think
we had TV in there,
but I never told her.
I just kind of liked hearing
her explain it, you know?
She'd come every Monday
and give me the rundown
on what happened
in each game and...
that's my mom.
[soft rock music]
You holding up?
Oh yeah, man.
Holding up so good.
You want
to talk about it?
Older bro checking up on
his younger, troubled brother.
-So touching.
-Yeah, where have you been?
I've been busy getting
none of Mom's inheritance.
Who told you that?
No one.
That's how I knew.
No call,
no inheritance.
I saw you
with Dad at the funeral.
He's been
helping me out lately.
I don't know,
he's just--
he's been helping me
back on my feet, you know?
You forgive him?
It's not like that.
He's been good for like
five years now or something.
I don't know,
that AA shit...
it works.
Is this part
of your program?
I'm not
in any program.
I don't need
no program.
[David] You sure?
I can quit
when I want to.
I just
don't want to.
You may be too young
to remember this, Jackson.
But the things that happened
in our household...
things he did
to you, to us...
were unforgivable.
I don't care if he's your
own blood, your own family.
A real father
doesn't beat their kids
with the fist
that wears their wedding ring.
I've been
with you my whole life
and I'm still
fucking here.
You know where I am.

[footsteps approaching]
[Ava] Do we have
any more paint out here?
-Uh, this one's empty, too.
-All right. Um, hmm--
[David] I can walk
to the store, pick some up.
It won't take me long.
I just have to grab my wallet.
Oh, no, that's okay.
I'll just drive and get some.
-You all right?
Yeah, Dylan is going to be
back from school any minute.
Do you mind just like,
waiting on the porch?
I just don't want
him to be...
-Yeah, sure.
I don't mean
anything by it.
No, I get it.
I'll be 10 minutes, tops.
I'll be here.
Hello Mister.
[footsteps thudding]
It's locked.
It's locked.
She just went to the store.
She'll be back.
[David] Hey.
[uplifting piano music]
[engine stops]
[door slams shut]
-Hey guys.
-[Dylan] Hey Mom.
What's up?
[Dylan] Mister and I
are playing catch.
I see that.
-[David] Can I help?
-No, it's okay. It's okay.
Dylan, did you forget
your key at school again?
I forgot it in my desk.
I should know about?
No, nothing.
Come on, sweetheart.
It's time for lunch.
I think
we're good for the day.
[Dylan] Bye, Mister.
for playing catch with me.
[door shutting]
[relaxing guitar music]
[phone buzzing]
What are you up to?
Um, nothing.
Uh, do you
need me to come--
come back over
and finish painting?
No, no.
Dylan and I are going
to East Park tomorrow.
It's supposed to be
a beautiful day outside,
so we're going
to make the best of it.
And, um,
Dylan was wondering
if you wanted to join?
You don't have to
if you don't want to.
But Dylan was quite
looking forward to it.
He says he needs someone
to ride the go-karts with.
He says
I'm too slow.
I don't know
how much faster I can go.
Hey, I'll be there.
[phone thudding on table]
[upbeat guitar and piano music]

[cheering & laughing]

[laughing] Come on.
You're telling me that
you never cheated on his test?
But you were
so busy with baseball.
Yeah, and?
Well, my mom would know
if I cheated.
Like, if I came home
with a 90 on a test
that she never
saw me study for,
she'd know
something was up.
Whatever happened with that?
-[David] What?
Why did you stop?
You want
to know the true story
or the one
I usually tell people?
[David] Well, when people
ask me this question,
I usually have this answer
built up in my mind.
I usually tell them
it's 'cause...
my dad left
when I was a kid
and I had to help
my mom pay the bills.
that's not true 'cause
my dad left and I was 14.
I didn't quit baseball
until after high school.
Then why?
After he left and stopped
coming to my games, I just...
guess I just
stopped caring, you know?
It's tough though,
'cause like,
I put so much time
into this one thing
for so long and...
it's just hard
to know when to...
let it go.
[inhales sharply]
Why do you teach painting?
Not paint paint?
Have you ever
seen my stuff?
[David] No.
This is
why I don't paint paint.
It's amazing.
it kind of
reminds me of um...
When I was a kid,
my dad used to take us
to the beach all the time.
We'd only go on windy days
because of the waves.
We'd race into the water
and see who could crash
into the biggest wave.
It's kind of...
one of the few
good memories I have of him.
Do you have any more?
[gentle piano music]
[David] Ooh.
Where's that?
I created it.
You don't have
to say anything.
If you don't like it,
you can be honest with me.
It's beautiful.
What's it doing
in a box?
What do you mean?
What are you doing?
This painting deserves more
than just to rot away in a box.
Right where it belongs.
Where will I put
the mirror then?
What do you need
a mirror for?

[line tone]
[David] Hello?
what are you doing?
I'm just
at Labatt Park right now.
The Majors are playing.
I'm about to head in.
[Jackson] Oh.
Can I come?
I'm actually-- I'm with some
people right now, actually.
Who are you going with?
You wouldn't know him.
[Jackson] Oh, okay.
Um, another time then.
Yeah. Definitely.
We got
to catch up soon.
I miss watching
these games with you.
Yeah, me too.
Okay well,
I got to go.
It was good
talking to you though.
You too.
[melancholic piano music]
You ready?
Okay, come on.
He's their best pitcher.
You can't just get
rid of them after one hit.
Well, maybe the manager knows
something we don't, right?
Maybe he thinks
his best pitcher
is better suited
for another game.
So, we'll pull him out
early to save his arm.
It's game one of the series.
You gotta
set the stage,
and you do that
with your best pitcher.
[David chuckling]
How do you know all this?
Know what?
All this stuff about baseball.
Aren't you like, eight?
Every night if I watch
the 6 p.m. news with my mom,
she'll let me stay up and watch
the late-night game on TV.
And you do?
You know, I used
to stay up late at night
and just listen on
my Walkman radio under the bed.
I never got
to watch the games on TV.
A radio?
You're old, Mister.
[David chuckling] Wow.
And they're pulling him?
Oh, my God.
How fast are you?
[upbeat guitar music]
Run, Dylan, run!
Woo! Go, go, go!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, Dylan!
Look at him go! Yeah!
Hey! Look at that.
You're on TV!
[David speaking indistinctly]
[dramatic bass
and percussion music]
[Ava] Beautiful [indistinct].
Okay everyone,
five more minutes
and then
we will show the class.
So, how are things?
I'm great.
[Jessica] And Dylan?
He is at
a baseball game right now,
so I assume
he's pretty happy as well.
I thought you always booked
off work because of the games.
No, not his.
He's at a Majors game.
Oh, that's cool.
Who'd he go with? A friend?
You could say that.
Yeah, he's there
with a friend of mine
where he's, um,
maybe a little bit more
than a friend
to the both of us.
But yes, a friend.
A friend.
And does this friend
happen to have a name?
Yes, Jessica.
He has a name.
Um, it's David.
From school.
-Like, "David" David?
Just to be clear, we're talking
about the one who killed Scott?
[Ava whispering]
Oh, my God. Yes.
Yes, Scott,
my ex-boyfriend,
thank you so much
for reminding me.
But he didn't
mean to do it.
I've explained this
to you already.
Yeah, he saved Dylan.
But how did Dylan get there?
Because of David.
I'm obviously
missing something here.
You wouldn't understand.
Ava, look at me.
Oh my God,
you're sleeping with him.
No. What?
I am not sleeping with him.
Keep your voice down.
Like, I knew
you always had a crush on him,
but I didn't
think you'd date him--
Okay, can you just
finish the class for me?
I didn't mean to upset you.
-I'm just looking out for you.
-I know.
I know.
[Jessica sighing]
what are we gonna do now?
-I don't know.
-I don't know either.
I guess we're going
to have to get ice cream.
-[Jackson] Hey!
[Jackson yelling]
Is that who I think it is?
Here, just go wait up at the
lights, I'll meet you up there.
[Jackson] Answer!
-Jackson, calm down.
-[Jackson] No.
What are you
doing with him?
Well, we just went
to the game, man.
I thought we were finally
putting this is behind us.
Now you're--
you told him, didn't you?
That-- that I did it.
That I'm the bad guy. Right?
They could
still press charges!
-What has this man told--
-[punch thuds]
-Get off of me!
-[David] Shut the fuck up, hey!
-[Jackson] Get off of me!
-Shut up!
[Dylan] Dad, stop!
[Jackson thumping onto ground]
Don't hurt him.
I'm okay.
[Jackson panting]
So, what?
You're a daddy figure now?
Does he know?
You never lose, do you?
-Get the fuck off me.
All right.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at my feet. Okay?
When you swing,
your front foot
should step forward
like that, okay?
And your back foot
should pivot.
That's right.
Now, full motion
should look like this.
-[David] Hey, Ave.
Dylan just wanted me
to help him with his swing.
can I talk
to you outside for a sec?
All right, line it up.
I'll be right back.
[crickets chirping]
What's up?
Dylan called me
"Dad" today.
I-- I don't know
how to respond to that.
What do you mean?
He thinks
you're his dad, David.
Ever since
you showed up.
I don't know if it's some
sense he believes he has.
It's why he wants
to see you all the time.
He's curious.
Just don't--
don't bring this up with him
and hopefully
he will just forget about it.
[laughing softly]
I cannot deal
with this right now.
Well, I can.
I can be there for him.
For you. I--
I can be
that person.
Good night, David.
[slow, dramatic
orchestral instrumental]
Strike three!
Batter, out.
Switch sides.

[David grunting]
Excuse me, are you going
to keep calling the game?
Are you
who I think you are?
-Are you who I think you are?

-Let's go, buddy!
-Go Dylan.
Oh, that's okay, buddy.
That's okay.
Right back here.
Right back.
Aren't you that guy who killed
that dude in a car accident?
-[teenagers] Oh, yeah, yeah.
-Oh yeah, it is you.
How the hell
did you get this job?
Ma'am, it's a--
it's a minimum wage--
I don't care.
You shouldn't be
umping a kid's baseball game.
Who hired you?
Oh dude, my dad read about you
in the paper a few weeks ago.
You-- you must have
just gotten out.
Dude, you're a monster.
I'm going to call
the commissioner.
[chuckles] Hell,
maybe even the Free Press.
-It's okay.
I'm not mad at you.
It's just the kids.
I'm sorry.
I just need time.
I just need space.
Watch the game
and then we'll go.

[sighs] Listen, kid.
I don't want to do this.
But some parents
around the league
noticed you and complained.
I told you
not to take the mask off.
wasn't for you anyways.
Take the rest
of the season off.
We can talk about
a coaching job
later in the year.
When you're out
of the news more.
Things like this die down
quicker than you'd think.
There's going to be a bigger
and worse story next week.
Head up.
Don't let this
beat you down, kid.
You made a mistake.
Make up for it.
That's the best
you can do.
[knocking on door]
[cutlery clinking]
-What are you doing here?
-Let's go. Come on.
-Coming or what?
Come on,
I'll tell you on the way.
'Kay, just--
Okay, honey,
I'm going to go out
with David for a little bit.
I'll be
back soon, okay?
Can I watch the game,
what do I say?
Only if I
watch the news.
Good boy.
I love you.
Muah! Muah.
Be good.
I'll have Jessica
come check on you.
-Love you, sweetie.
-[door clicks shut]
[news reporter] Barrington's
two home runs last night
helped rally
the Majors to a 6-5,
bottom of the ninth
comeback win.
Putting them back
in first place
in the division.
[guitar jingle]
Breaking news.
Coming up tonight
on our 6 p.m. special.
Infamous David Arnold
of London, Ontario,
has resurfaced
at Labatt Park
after spending
nearly half a decade
in the Elgin-Middlesex
Detention Center.
[door squeaking]
I got you, I got you.
-[David laughing]
-Keep them closed.
-Are you going to rob me?
'Cause I'll kick your ass.
I swear I will.
-Keep them closed.
-I will.
Okay. You can open 'em.
What are we doing here?
I owe you a dance.
I got good tunes.
["Roll On" by Chilliwack]
You've been trying
Every night
To be a star
In the eyes
Of the world
From here
To the south seas
Jamaica and back
You've been working
So hard, girl
Every night
In a different town
Every night
In another world
From here
To the south seas
Jamaica and back
You've been working
So hard girl
So many years
So many tears
Have passed you by
So many miles
Of smiles
And still
You're reaching for the sky
As you roll on
Baby roll on
Roll on
Baby roll on
You're coming in, right?
Just give me a sec.
[crickets chirping faintly]
[floorboards creaking]
[emotional piano instrumental]
[Dylan yelling] Mom!
[doors slamming]

Why didn't you tell me?
[door slamming]
I know who Mister really is!
The lady
on the news told me!
You betrayed me!
I hate you,
I hate you, I hate you!
[David] What happened?
You lied to me!
orchestral instrumental]
[David sighing]
-[David] Don't come near me.
-I fucking mean it.
-I just want to talk.
I said,
don't fucking touch me!
All I'm asking for
is a conversation.
A second chance.
You want
a second chance, huh?
[Matthew] Yes. Please.
All right.
Go home.
Go home or wherever
the fuck you came from.
Build yourself
a time machine.
Are you with me so far?
Go back in time, okay?
Don't beat my mother.
Don't beat my brother.
Don't come home
drunk every night.
Can you do that?
[Matthew] I know I can't
change the past, David.
you're goddamn right you can't.
David, please.
[muffled] David.
if you can hear me...
Jackson is in jail.
He got into a fight
in a bar,
and he called me
to bail him out.
I think
it should be you.
I think you should
be the one to go get him.
orchestral instrumental]
[door creaking]
[handcuffs rattling]

You all right?

[David] Hey!
Thanks for the bailout, bro.
Wouldn't be
the first time.
Is that
what this is about?
Is this about what?
It is, isn't it?
You're still mad
about what I did.
Do you know
who I did it for?
-I did it for you, Jackson.
-See, there.
That's the problem
right there.
Sure, yeah,
you went to prison for it.
For me.
Thank you,
Master David.
Thank you
for taking the fall.
I owe you my life.
But fuck you!
You caused that accident
way more than I did.
And then
you take the fall
and think
you're baptized or something?
I didn't cause the accident.
You drove the car.
You took me to the bar!
We took your car.
You chose to drink.
You chose
to make me drive home.
I was 18.
How is that fair?
You're not the angel
you think you are.
I don't think that.
I didn't say that.
that's what Mom thought.
Don't you dare
bring mom into this.
You're the oldest.
The athletic one.
The good-looking one.
The perfect son that saved us
from our abusive father.
Me, I'm the runt
she never gave two shits about.
She'd look at me
and feel like a failure.
-No, you listen.
That's all she said,
all the time.
You're perfect
and I'm not.
You saved me.
And I should have been
the one in jail.
Not you. Me.
She couldn't even
look me in the eye anymore.
you want me to apologize?
I killed someone!
[voice breaking]
I killed someone.
And I took the fall.
I didn't ask for it.
I didn't ask
for you to take the fall.
I've been suffering
for five fucking years.
I may not have
gone to jail,
but life on the outside
sure as hell felt like one.


[breathes shakily]
[Jackson] David,
just-- just slow down, man.
Just fucking
slow down, okay?
Let's just call Mom.
She'll know
what to do.
Let's just fucking call Mom.
-[phone clatters]
Grow up! Be a man!
You got us
into this mess.
I'm going to
get us out of it.
Mom can't
save you from this.
[Jackson] Fuck.
You all right, Dylan?
Stay with me, bud.
Stay with me.
[engine rumbling]
orchestral instrumental]
[door creaking
in the distance]
[footsteps approaching]
we've got David Arnold
and Jackson Arnold, correct?
You guys called
someone to let them know
you're down here
at the precinct tonight?
Our mother.
Now, David, you're 23.
-Jackson, you're--
I just have one more thing
I got to ask right now.
Who drove
the Chevelle tonight?

I did.

[officer's voice echoing]
David Reginald Arnold,
I'm placing you under arrest
for vehicular manslaughter.
You understand?
You have
the right to retain
and instruct counsel
without delay.
Do you understand?
You have the right...
to contact an attorney...
[voice fading]

Mom. Mom!
[Dianne wailing]

[door slamming]
[phone buzzing]
What are you up to?
Dylan doing all right?
Yeah, he's okay.
He's at a sleep over, so...
that'll cheer him up.
I think you should come over
and we should talk.
We should talk
about what happened.
I'll be there.

How'd you get here?
Is that your car?
Are you drunk?
-David, are you drunk?
Don't lie to me.
I can taste it
on your breath!
[David] I'm not drunk.
And you drove here?
You drove here in that car?
What the--
What is wrong with you?
You think
you know me?
You don't know me, Ava.
I fucked up.
I fucked up.
I'm suffocating here!
You don't have
anything to say?
Come on,
say something!
I ruin my mom's life.
I-- I ruined
my brother's life.
I'm ruining your life.
I don't know
why you tolerate me
after all I've done.
[gentle piano music]
Because I understand
what you did for your brother
and what you did
for my son.
What if it was me?
What if I did it?
[breathes shakily]
Did you?

[David yelling]
[glass shattering]
[David screaming]
[grunting, labored breathing]

orchestral instrumental]

Dad, come on.
Go, go, go, go.
Come on.
-I'm not going.
Come on.

[indistinct chatter]
[Matthew] Hey.
Thanks for seeing me.
-Are you hungry? It's on me.
Look, I'm not here
to forgive you.
What you did to my mother
and my brother is inexcusable.
I'll never
forgive you for that.
-I'm-- I'm not here for that.
-So, what do you want?
You just want to talk things
over now that Mom's dead?
You want to be friends?
It's not going to happen.
It's not that easy.
You think
you could do that with Jackson,
but he doesn't even know
half of the shit
that you did to him.
He doesn't realize.
You know
that he's drinking more
than he's ever drank before
because of you?
And he thinks that
that's okay.
He's an alcoholic
because of you.
Because you're an alcoholic.
And you made him that way.
No, I know!
[exhales sharply]
David, please.
Please, just listen to me.
That night.
Five years ago,
the night of the crash...
your mother called me.
And she said something to me
that I will never forget.
She said...
our boys
are in trouble...
and I need your help."
Your mother,
my wife of 16 years...
needed my help.
drunken, messed up...
ex-husband's help.
And I knew
she really needed it,
and I was wanted,
I was wanted...
for the first time
in a decade.
I was...
I was a real mess
after I left the family.
But from the night
of that phone call,
I haven't touched
a drop of alcohol.
Because I made
a promise to myself.
And I made a promise
to your mother,
the love
of my life...
that I would do right
by her children...
and I would do right by her.
And my drinking,
I know...
it took the family
to a dark place.
And I take that blame.
But I'm in AA now, David.
I'm sober five years.
And I know you wouldn't see me
while you were in prison.
I-- I understand that.
So, I waited and I waited
until you got out...
so that
I could see you...
and apologize
to you for the...
the horrible things...
that I did to you...
and your mother...
and Jackson.
I'm sorry.
And I'm trying here, David.
I'm-- I'm really,
really trying.
So, I'm just asking...
for a second chance.
Your mother's
dying wish to me
was to look
after our boys.
And that's exactly
what I want to try and do.
that's what family does.
orchestral instrumental]

I'm sorry, Jackson.
You're right.
We were both drinking.
I should never have
let you drive.
I'm your big brother,
I'm supposed to protect you.
I thought
I was doing that, but...
I realize now...
where that's put you.
I failed you
as a brother...
and a friend...
and I'm sorry.
[Jackson's breath shaking]
Come on, man.
-It's okay.
-[Jackson crying]
You're okay with me.
Come on, it's okay.
-[Jackson sobbing]
It's okay.
[David exhales sharply]
[Jackson continues sobbing]
It's okay.
-[David] Okay.
-[Jackson exhales shakily]
[gentle piano music]

What are you doing here?
I, uh, um...
I just came to talk.
I think
we're a bit beyond that.
Are you moving?
Yeah and actually,
we have to go soon.
[Dylan] Mom?
Where's my backpack?
Why'd you do it?
I'm so sorry.
God, I'm sorry.
I don't want to go.
It's going to be okay.
It'll be all right.
You got
a great mom here.
Don't you forget it.
You're going to meet
so many new friends.
No, this is yours now.
You take care
of this glove.
You wear it
every second of every day.
Don't leave it
in the rain, okay?
I want to hear
about your home run.
Are you going to come
to all my games?
Well, I mean,
I'll be able to--
Yeah. I'll be there.
Honey, go see if you left
anything in your room.
We gotta go.
Goodbye, Mister.
[emotional guitar music]

-Ava, I'm--
-I know.

[music fades]
[Matthew] Today,
I'm here with my two sons,
David and Jackson.
Welcome David and Jackson.
As some of you might remember
from my story...
you know that
I hurt these two boys very...
very badly.
And I haven't been
a part of their lives
for a very long time
because of my drinking.
And because of what
alcohol did to me and...
in the end, to them.
And it wasn't until
the last few months
that I've been able
to reconnect with them.
And they're
going to try and let me...
rebuild together.
I can't--
I can't take back
what I did to them.
All I can do is...
try to make up for it
in any way that I can.
[gentle guitar music]
[street din]
[door creaks]
I call this room.

[bicycle approaching]
Thought you'd be
getting tired of the good old
-heel toe express.
-[David laughing]
Holy shit, Jackson.
You can't afford that.
Don't worry about it.
-[David] No, take it back.
-[Jackson] It's yours.
Take it, bro.
Are you kidding me, man?
Can't have
my big bro bussing around.
[David chuckles]
Do you remember
how to bicycle?
It's one foot after the other,
okay bud?
[David laughing]
Yeah. Thanks.
[uplifting piano
and guitar music]

And now,
I'd like to call up
Jackson Arnold...
for surpassing
his 30-day-sober mark.
Congratulations, Jackson.
[man] Woo!
Come on, Dylan!

[Ava laughs]
Ball four.
Batter, take your base.
[David] Ump, time!
Hey. Head up.
All right.
It's four-three us.
Two outs.
They got the bases loaded.
And you just walked
three straight guys.
This kid on home plate
could win the game for them.
I should take you out.
[audience shouting
But I'm not
going to do that.
'Cause you're
our best pitcher.
We need you here, buddy.
All right, I'm going to go back
to the dugout.
I want you to throw
three strikes
straight down the middle
and win this game for us.
Can you do that?
All right, now fist-bump me.
Let's do this.
[uplifting guitar music]

[music fades]